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Recent content by DragooKnight11

  1. DragooKnight11

    Abyssal Stays Home [KC SI]

    New Mascot Getto* (*on loan)
  2. DragooKnight11

    Built To Last

    Gaslight immediately makes me think of Neuro-sama, as such Project Gaslight essentially being making Bet-Neuro and plugging her storytelling software directly into shardspace lol. As an example;
  3. DragooKnight11

    Not Glueba? For Shame. SHAME!

    Not Glueba? For Shame. SHAME!
  4. DragooKnight11


  5. DragooKnight11

    Borne of Caution (Pokemon Isekai)

    You got your Threadmarks reversed somehow, reader mode currently starts with chapter 2.
  6. DragooKnight11


  7. DragooKnight11

    your current Mumei's mouth looks like SCP-173's face.

    your current Mumei's mouth looks like SCP-173's face.
  8. DragooKnight11

    Magic Knows No Boundaries But Those We Believe In (Harry Potter)

    Read somewhere recently that editing chapters can mess up the threadmarks, you might have to re-arrange them manually to fix it, however that works (haven't written a story myself yet).