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Recent content by Jsyrin

  1. Jsyrin

    Unity, Duty, Destiny

    Unity, Duty, Destiny
  2. Jsyrin

    Boom goes the dynamite

    Boom goes the dynamite
  3. Jsyrin

    Spiders, Depression, and Acid Falls (Worm/Bionicle)
    Threadmarks: 34

    Chapter 34 “So….” “So….” Alexandria sighed and rubbed her forehead, motioning for Contessa to go first. It really wasn’t worth the effort of saying something only for the precog to immediately refute her and prove her wrong moments later. “I need you to leave Toa alone,” Contessa...
  4. Jsyrin

    Spiders, Depression, and Acid Falls (Worm/Bionicle)
    Threadmarks: 33

    Chapter 33 Emily Piggot groaned quietly in the aftermath of what people were already beginning to call inane nicknames like “Spider Day” and some other such trivial nonsense. Sure, she’d managed to get Toa to promise that she would never unleash a force of that size on the city again unless...
  5. Jsyrin

    Spiders, Depression, and Acid Falls (Worm/Bionicle)

    It should be fixed by now
  6. Jsyrin

    Spiders, Depression, and Acid Falls (Worm/Bionicle)
    Threadmarks: 32

    Chapter 32 “OH YES~!” the newly reborn Simurgh shouted, cackling wildly as she dragged herself from the pool, her voice husky and sensuous, hissing and echoing with the sound of a snake’s rattle with every word. She shook out her feathers, her wings now only numbered two, and attached to her-...
  7. Jsyrin

    Spiders, Depression, and Acid Falls (Worm/Bionicle)
    Threadmarks: 31

    Chapter 31 Fortunately for Brian’s nerves, the people on the other side of the door weren’t Uber and Leet, whom Lisa had kindly informed him were still paralyzed in the middle of the Boardwalk and posed in hilarious positions that made it look like they were ballroom dancing. Unfortunately...
  8. Jsyrin

    Spiders, Depression, and Acid Falls (Worm/Bionicle)
    Threadmarks: 30

    Chapter 30 “I… can’t imagine the PRT is gonna be happy about us harboring two quote unquote ‘ex-Nazis’ when we’re also technically still villains,” Brian muttered awkwardly at the sight of Rune and Purity- Cassie Herren and Kayden Anders, respectively, as they stood outside the door to the...
  9. Jsyrin

    Spiders, Depression, and Acid Falls (Worm/Bionicle)
    Threadmarks: 29

    Chapter 29 The way that Visorak hunted was nothing like the way Rahkshi hunted. This was known- they were two completely different kinds of existences despite their shared love of murder, and thus had different methods. But it was one thing to know it intellectually, and another to see it...
  10. Jsyrin

    Spiders, Depression, and Acid Falls (Worm/Bionicle)
    Threadmarks: 28

    Chapter 28 They prowled the streets as one, slithering and slinking, three Rahkshi hissing and clicking, whistling to each other as they spoke in the Matoran language, chattering nonstop even as their horde followed along behind them, the Visorak all screeching and crying out in their own...
  11. Jsyrin

    Spiders, Depression, and Acid Falls (Worm/Bionicle)
    Threadmarks: 27

    Finally got around to drawing some art of Taylor in her Toa form. Chapter 27 “I’m gonna keep it level with you: I think I just about pissed myself,” Assault spoke up from the end of the table, his voice heard clearly throughout the otherwise silent room as the assembled heroes and PRT...
  12. Jsyrin

    Spiders, Depression, and Acid Falls (Worm/Bionicle)
    Threadmarks: 26

    Chapter 26 Skittering and writhing, the shadows of the Makuta. Clicking and screeching, the stealers of life. They spilled out into the streets, those forty two Rahkshi and uncountable Visorak, enforcing her will, protecting the citizens, destroying the villains that plagued the streets of...
  13. Jsyrin

    Spiders, Depression, and Acid Falls (Worm/Bionicle)
    Threadmarks: 25

    Chapter 25 “This is a fucking disaster waiting to happen,” Piggot groaned, dropping her face into her hands and sighing as she tried very hard to not pop a blood vessel and/or require parahuman healing any more than she probably did. She pointedly did not look at the goddamn report sitting in...
  14. Jsyrin

    Spiders, Depression, and Acid Falls (Worm/Bionicle)
    Threadmarks: 24

    Chapter 24 “Okay, so, I know I’ve said this before,” Clockblocker- or, since he was unmasked at the moment, Dennis- said, his hands held up in surrender as everyone else at the table groaned. “But does anyone else-” “-find it completely horrifying that we have an S+ class threat living five...
  15. Jsyrin

    Spiders, Depression, and Acid Falls (Worm/Bionicle)
    Threadmarks: 23

    Chapter 23 “... Where are the other mercenaries?” Miss Militia suddenly asked, looking away from the screen and over to where Taylor was sitting calmly in the air, waiting for Miss Militia to finish reading the reports that Coil had compiled- some hundreds of excessively complicated PDFs full...