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Sep 17, 2017
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Getting sticky.

    1. tabron89
      Are you still running your spider diety quest?
      1. Bre Karn likes this.
      2. Nobody_here
        I like to think I am. I've been trying to focus on other projects lately, which has not been helped by a bit of a slump I've been in recently, so the progress on the next update has been slow. Maybe I'll post what I have done so far in a few days/once I figure out what kind of a poll I can attach to it.
        Aug 13, 2018
        Bre Karn likes this.
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    Currently active quests:
    Descendant of a Demon Lord: Celes of Mortality and Sickness, a demon raised by a priest, journeys around the Demon Realms to claim the throne of the Demon King. [Runs 2-3 times a week on Fiction.live]
    Best Friends ForEvil: The story of a lonely (evil) magical girl on her quest to make true friends who see the world as she does... or at least won't run away at the first sign of a flayed corpse. [Runs 2-3 times a week on Fiction.live]
    Arachnoapotheosis: Loosely Greek mythology-based story about a spider's rise to godhood--or becoming a tragedy. [Updates on QQ whenever I have the time]
    The Ring of Beasts: A smut-heavy quest about a futa gnoll's life as a gladiatorial slave with focus on intrigue and preparation. [Runs 3-5 times every two weeks on Fiction.live]