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  1. Pyrion

    What are your most hated fanfic tropes

    There is a trope that applies to basically destroy this mindset, if only more writers were aware of it: Death of the Author. Not like literal death, but the implication that the author doesn't have the right to dictate to their readers how their works are to be interpreted, just as the reader...
  2. Pyrion

    Everyone from QQ wake up as their Avatar, what's the first thing we do in real life?

    Chuckle. Once. "Heh, cool." See if I can shapeshift afterward. If I can, it gets really fun, but otherwise? Meh.
  3. Pyrion

    You get power-ups based on your username.

    The fun thing about my username is that I got it out of a fantasy name generator. Tolkien male elf style, so presumably all I'd really get out of it are pointed ears and several hundred more years of life provided I don't die in a car crash. *shrugs* Bonus realization: I already live in the...
  4. Pyrion

    It's a crying shame it's never permanent. That'd otherwise be straight-up "good deed for the...

    It's a crying shame it's never permanent. That'd otherwise be straight-up "good deed for the world" stuff.