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  1. With This Ring (Young Justice SI) (Thread Fourteen)

    Is mini-Mercury still hiding in OLs shadow? I would think Cernunnos would notice her there.
  2. With This Ring (Young Justice SI) (Thread Fourteen)

    I wonder if Mistress could be M’gann? Match says she used to be a good person. Maybe she got overwhelmed by the anti-life. Being invisible and intangible would make it pretty hard to find her. She’s even called Mistress Martian in the comics at times.
  3. With This Ring (Young Justice SI) (Thread Fourteen)

    Oh, trippy! Time for Paul to put those ring-enhanced muscles to work.
  4. With This Ring (Young Justice SI) (Thread Fourteen)

    Just put Vaermina on ignore. Makes reading a lot easier.
  5. With This Ring (Young Justice SI) (Thread Fourteen)

    This is another example about how alien Paragon’s thought processes have become. He used to enjoy cooking and eating, and now he only eats to keep in practice. Interesting.
  6. With This Ring (Young Justice SI) (Thread Fourteen)

    Well, you have to give it to Kalman. He knows his mind and what he wants.
  7. With This Ring (Young Justice SI) (Thread Fourteen)

    Also, the Martians know Dream as Lord L’zoril.
  8. With This Ring (Young Justice SI) (Thread Fourteen)

    It was her grandmother's, so my wife wants to keep it as is as a memory, but it is also ugly as heck, since it was never maintained by her grandmother (she had developed Alzheimer's for the last few years of her life).
  9. With This Ring (Young Justice SI) (Thread Fourteen)

    Arguing with Vaermina is like continuing to check the time on a broken clock with frozen hands hanging on your wall. While it may be correct once in a while, it will usually be wrong, and will continue to frustrate you since it won't show you the right time, and can't be fixed. The best thing...
  10. With This Ring (Young Justice SI) (Thread Fourteen)

    Mr. Zoat. the problem is a ton is a ton, no matter what it’s made out of. It would be better if he said 1,000,000 m³ of neutronium, since that would weigh about the same as the earth, with the same gravitational effect.
  11. With This Ring (Young Justice SI) (Thread Fourteen)

    It would be interesting if the anti-ponies attack Grayven and begin to pull him under, making him relive the first time the ALE fragment overwhelmed him. He then honestly admits to being afraid of losing his daughter, his friends, everything he has worked towards, which gives him the final...
  12. With This Ring (Young Justice SI) (Thread Fourteen)

    Age of menopause seems to be at least in part genetically determined, although earlier menopause occurs with toxic factors to the ovaries, such as smoking and surgery to the ovaries and uterus. Part of perimenopause seems to be the aging of the ovaries, so it can not respond to follicle...