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A Wannabe Researcher's Attempt to Create a Magitech Empire - A Semi-SI's Multicross Journey

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by MasterG, Feb 16, 2017.

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    MasterG Making the rounds.

    Apr 19, 2016
    Likes Received:

    The Main Character is a Semi-Self Insert because while he acts much in the same way as I would, he has been changed in order to maintain my privacy

    1. Now You See Me
    2. Transcendence
    3. Treasure Planet
    4. Subnautica
    ( % - almost certain) (# - needs research) ($ - Possibly)
    Jumper (%)
    Hamilton The Musical (%)
    Supernatural (%)
    One-Punch Man (%)
    Atlantis: The Lost Empire (%)
    District 9 (%)
    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (%)
    Titanfall 2 (%)
    Pacific Rim (%)
    Mass Effect (%)
    XCOM: EU & EW (%)
    Prototype (%)
    Infamous (%)
    Marvel Cinematic Universe (%)
    Starcraft (%)
    RWBY (%)
    Star Wars (#)
    WALL-E (%)
    Attack on Titan (#)
    Rebuild of Evangelion (#)
    Fallout (%)
    FTL: Faster Than Light (#)
    James Cameron's Avatar (%)
    Dragonball (#)
    Men in Black (#)
    Independence Day (#)
    Transformers (%)
    Starbound (#)
    Arpeggio of Blue Steel (#)
    Destiny (#)
    Terminator (%)
    Godzilla (#)
    Warhammer 40K (#)
    Warframe (%)
    Alien (#)
    Starship Troopers (#)
    Battleship (#)
    Code Geass (#)
    Campione! (#)
    Highschool DXD (%)
    World of Warcraft Movie (%)
    Naruto (%)
    Harry Potter (%)
    Planeside (#)
    Game of Thrones (%)
    Nasuverse (multiple timelines) (%)
    The Elder Scrolls Series (%)
    Dragon Age (%)
    Pokemon (%)
    Dr. Who ($)
    Lord of the Rings ($)
    Sword Art Online ($)
    Asura's Wrath (#)
    Overwatch (#)
    Crysis (#)
    Bioshock (%)
    Borderlands (%)
    Terraria (#)
    Half-Life (#)
    TRON: Legacy (%)
    DOOM (#)
    Ratchet and Clank Movie (#)
    Cherub Series (%)
    Percy Jackson Series (#)
    Minecraft (%)
    Assassins Creed (%)
    Factorio (#)
    DCAU (%)
    Star Trek - New Movies (%)
    Matrix (%)
    Bloodborne (%)
    Kung Fu Panda (%)
    Zootopia (%)
    Sliders (#)
    John Carter of Mars movie (%)
    Epic (2013) (#)
    Batman & Robin (#)
    Elysium (%)
    Real Steel (%)
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  2. Threadmarks: 1 (Prime)

    MasterG Making the rounds.

    Apr 19, 2016
    Likes Received:
    First off I'm not a native English speaker and this is my first story so please cut me some slack. This story has been heavily inspired by both "Cruel to be Kind" by tkioz and "Stargate: Galactic Imperium" by VexMaster


    Life used to be so simple back then

    April 22nd, 2016 – Earth

    This all started with me (Jack Blackfire at your service) grinning as I stood on the cliffs of a small Portuguese beach, a forest residing behind him and the beach. ‘I really need to come here more often’ I thought as I looked at the beautiful sun while it set. The view was spectacular, well worth the day's travel I’d done; I was sure that other people would be kilometers away, at least for a few months til summer rolled around the corner, and back then that was just the way I wanted it. Every now and again I felt the need to get away from everyone and everything in order to not put my first through a wall, and the middle of winter was the perfect time to avoid the teenagers and couples, that normally infested the beach.

    And I had decides to enjoying this trip to the max. This was the first time I had been there alone and as an 18 year old teen with college in the way it wasn't like I was going to be able to go there for a few years.

    I unstrapped my backpack, it hitting the ground behind me with a thud, after that I opened my arms and closed my eyes as the wind passed through me.I stood there for a few minutes relishing in the feeling of the sun hit me and warming me up till I noticed that it was getting hotter and brighter by the second. “Oh shit!” I exclaimed, as it was flying right fucking at me!

    I threw himself to the ground just as it flew over me, feeling the searing heat pass over my head and a second later there was an incredible boom as it impacted with the ground not 200 hundred meters away, dust and bits of trees flying every which way, and the ground lurching under me. I curled myself into a ball, my arms covering my head, trying to defend it from any life threatening blows.

    After what seemed like an eternity calm returned the world and I unfurled himself before checking for any injuries, my ears were ringing with a high pitched noise, and I felt like I had the wind punched out of me but at least I didn't feel like anything was broken or bruised.

    I scooped up my backpack and raced towards the crashed... object. It was easy to see which way to go, as the object had left a wide gouge in the ground as it skidded to a halt, and thankfully it had rained earlier that day and the ground was still wet. Last thing I wanted was to be caught in a forest fire, and other than a few smoldering chunks of vegetation there didn’t seem to be any danger of one sparking.

    As I approached the crater I thought it was a meteorite, but as I got closer I saw that that wasn’t what I was looking at. I’d never heard of meteorites being perfectly spherical and purely made of metal so that ruled that out.

    “Please let it be a friendly” I muttered under my breath before I jumped down into the crater.

    I could feel the heat radiating from all around me as I slowly moved towards the object. When I reached the object I slowly reached out with my left, ready to pull away at a moments notice, and touched the side... I quickly jumped back, only to look down as my hand in shock, before reaching out and touching it again. It was cool to the touch.

    “How the fuck is this possible?” I wondered aloud, when suddenly the pod opened up, the lid of the pod separating into two halves to reveal what could only be described as a black and green fusion of a watch and a arm guard.

    I slowly reached for the device, only for the device to shift and ripple and jump onto my right wrist. As soon as it grabbed hold of my wrist it hardened.

    I scrambled away from the pod, my feet sliding from under me making me fall on my ass as I hold my wrist and struggled to take the device off. After a few seconds my arm felt like someone had dunked it in a vat of ice water as it MERGED! With my arm and I heard a click in my head and then blackness started to edge in from the side of my vision, and just before I passed out I heard a voice in my head.



    I had gone through what could only be described as a disturbing set of events in a relatively short space of time but in my opinion waking up while standing was the weirdest one yet. There was something unnatural about it, I thought as I struggled to stay on my feet and keep my balance.

    There was only one word that could be used to describe my surroundings, nothingness. It was white in every direction I looked, no walls, no sky, no end. "Is this heaven?’ I wondered aloud. I then followed up with " Hello? Anyone? Is God going to come out now, in his white robes and white beard and tell me that he has free Wifi?" I questioned aloud with a hint of laughter on my voice as I looked around while waiting for the moment where anything would happen....After a few minutes of nothing happening, I laid down with my arms behind my head, closed my eyes and relaxed a bit.

    I stood there for a few moments when suddenly a gentle and kind feminine voice came out from above me.

    “Analysis Complete. Loading Heuristic User Interface.”

    I slowly opened my eyes and saw the beautiful face of a woman with red hair. “Might I have the pleasure of knowing the beautiful lady’s name?” I said as I got up. As I did this I looked at her and saw.

    She was petite but with curves, with long flowing red hair, pale white skin, deep green eyes and wearing a very thin white dress that ended mid-thigh and left one shoulder uncovered.

    She looked at me then giggled 

“You can call me Leah, Master”

    I did a spit take as my face gained a look of shock then I looked at her again and raised my index finger “First off great name, second why are you calling me Master?, third Where the fuck are we?” I said as I slowly got louder

    Leah just smiled at me and said in her gentle tone “We are currently in the Control Nexus”

    “And that is?” I asked a look of confusion on my face

    She starts to walk towards me and started to explain “I’ll explain in a easy to understand way Master”

    “Hey” I interject “Basically both I and the Control Nexus exist outside of space and time. So we are currently standing on ‘nothing’ in an expanse of ‘nothing’”

    I cross my arms over my chest and say “Huh...and you are what? A god of some sort?”

    She looks at me as her eyebrows start to raise a bit then she burst out laughing. After a few seconds of her laughing she cleans her eye with her finger and says “No Master, I’m not a god. I’m an AI with sole purpose of assisting you. That device that merged with you was the brain / me interface.”

    “Ohhhk but what can you do? What ARE you? Ok you’re an AI and that thing connects the both of us but you were created as what?”

    She crosses her arms over her chest and looks down to ponder for a bit as her face gains thinking look then she looks up and says “Well I guess I was created as a sort of multi tool. A AI companion to assist my Master in their life” After this she starts to count with her fingers as she lists out “I can hack, I can travel through universes, I can modify your body if you like, I can serve as a communications device, I have a mostly empty database (except for a few things on the Creators), I have a basic Stealth function and I even have an inventory of sorts like the ones from the video games you use to play.” She ends smiling at me

    I just stare for a bit before putting my hands over my face and saying “Fuuuck!!!!”


    An hour later

    ... After an….extremely taxing conversation later I was able to find out some more info on Leah.

    She was kind of a multi-dimensional TARDIS on crack and fused with a bunch of amazing future tech, only she can’t time travel, or at least what you would normally consider as time travel. She could basically ‘connect’ with any universe at any point in it’s history, but once that connection is made time flows exactly 1:1 with all other universes she’s connected with.

    Example, if I made a connection to another universe, to say the year 1492, popped over for a visit, but then wanted to visit the same universe in the year 1992, I’d have to wait 500 years to pass in ‘real’ time, rather than just jumping back and forth like in sci-fi.

    The way around this? Upgrading Leah. What do I mean by this? Well apparently Leah's creators (which she calls the Creators. Great naming sense) must have been a part of the few beings in the multiverse who weren’t arrogant enough about their own creations to think they were perfect, because they installed two nifty features called Upgrade and Scan.

    Again great names I know, but anyway what that means is that Leah will constantly improve herself by using the data I gather with the Scan ability so If I, for example, find and scan a Tardis then Leah will try to integrate that tech into herself.

    I say try because she might need several samples of that type of tech

    And it looks like I'm not the only one going through this. Leah told me that this guy from Australia that had found a device that was extremely advanced just like her but not the same (they don't have the same creators) named LVIOS that came from an ancient civilization, which doesn't sound that bad, but the shitty thing is that LVIOS doesn't allow him to return to his home universe while Leah... Also doesn't let me return to my universe. But at least Leah is doing it to protect me. Going back to my original universe after getting Leah would cause the universe to push me out violently as I wouldn’t technically be the same as before I got Leah.

    That….doesn’t change the fact that this is horrible. Yea travelling the multiverse is cool but.... I won't be able to see anyone I love. My family probably thinks I’m dead and I won't be able to see them ever again .

    At this moment my eyes start to tear up a bit as memories of my family's faces start to pop up in my mind.

    "I love you guys so much...I feel so alone” I say as I focus on the mental images and hug myself

    "I’ll always be with you Master" Leah responds as I feel her hug me from behind "I’m so sorry that it's my fault that you won't ever see them again" she lets go of me and turns me around to look into my eyes as she grabs my shin "But I will never leave you." She touches my chest with her index finger "I'm bound to your soul and your soul alone. No matter how much it changes and how much you change I will always be yours alone" Leah responds with an unimaginable amount of love dripping from her voice

    As she finishes saying that a trail of tears starts to fall down my face again as my hair and the shadow of it hides most of my face "Thank you"

    At this she smiles and hugs me again “That...is why you’re my Master”

    ---------------End of Chapter--------------
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  3. Threadmarks: 2 (NYSM/Baccano)

    MasterG Making the rounds.

    Apr 19, 2016
    Likes Received:
    After Leah finally let go of me and I cleaned my eyes with my sleeve I picked up my fallen backpack.

    I opened it up and rummaged through it till I pulled out a notebook and a mechanical pencil

    “You and me” I say pointing at her with the hand that has the pencil “ are going to plan this shit out”

    She smiles “Of course”


    After an ’hour’

    “I’m ready Leah. Beam me up” I say with my arms open as I’m standing up

    And in the blink of an eye I found myself right behind Daniel Atlas, which I will now refer to as just Atlas, on top of the plane’s wing, with my stealth systems activated and a few centimeters away from him. Cameras took pictures of the Horsemen and thousands of people were watching them, which made me very grateful for the fact that I was invisible and that it would take sensors that this world simply didn’t have yet to be able to find me.

    “Basically we showed them everything. How you kidnaped us, to steal the very thing that is in your pocket right now.” As Jack Wilder finished saying this the crowd roared in approval.

    Daniel Radcliffe, no I’m not going to call him Walter, checked his pocket then his face turned to shock as he saw that the chip wasn't there.

    “Whoops” Atlas said as he took out the chip with a twirl of the hand

    I knew that right after Merritt walked behind Atlas he would move position so I used the only plan that would possibly work in my favor.

    As Atlas raised the chip in the air and Merritt, who was on Atlas’s left, let go of it I quickly pulled the chip from Atlas’s hands. Due to the surprise Atlas wasn't able to keep hold of the chip so as soon as it was in my hands and out of his I moved back to the edge of plane’s wing

    ‘Leah get me the fuck outta here’ I said telepathically to Leah as Atlas and Merritt turned around in shock to try to see who took the chip

    ‘Of course Master’ and in the blink of an eye I found myself back in the Nexus.

    “Remind me to get some phasing tech before ever trying to do that again. Don't want to have to worry about hitting people while on stealth missions”

    “Ok Master. Shall we proceed with the plan?” Leah asks

    “Whenever you’re ready Leah” I respond taking care not to damage the chip in my right hand


    In the blink of an eye I found myself in an expansive space unlike any I had ever seen. Everything around me flowed as if it was made of liquid.

    Strange black machinery and metal made up the walls and shifted and moved around as certains parts slide out from the walls and moved in alien ways.

    Holographic screens flowed through the air and walls, consisting of various geometrical shapes but mostly rectangles, changing with each movement as they displayed data that I could not possibly understand. Crystalline shards and spirals floated around me, rippling and flowing themselves, growing in size and decreasing, taking impossible shapes and leaving spaces between themselves in ways that were not meant for human minds to understand. They showed exceptional shape shifting capabilities, changing their form to suit whatever needs were required.

    "This..." came Leah's voice as she appeared next to me in a fusion of white particles, forming the appearance I'd come to know her for. "Is my hardware."

    Space here was curled up inside itself in ridiculous fashions. Parts would occasionally open up as if they were doors and at first as I looked into them they looked like normal hallways, until I realized that it is physically impossible for these giant things within these machines to fit into such small spaces. Sparks of electricity appeared to be made of glass or some other transparent substance. As for the machines its internal facets constantly shifted as they moved.

    I felt that at any attempt to go beyond the room I was currently in would lead me to a M.C. Escher painting.

    "Reveal the chip please." She said as she gestured over to the center

    I took the chip out of my pocket. Such a small but powerful thing(heh that's what she said). I held it out, right as a pedestal flowed up from the ground. As the chip got near it the liquid started to ripple at an advanced rhythm.

    I lowered the chip and pushed it into the middle of the pedestal. As soon as I let go of the chip , and it was halfway in, a group of four thin crystal extensions grew out from the corners of the pedestal and met, touching the chip. As soon as they met, it looked like they were pushing the chip into the pedestal and as soon as the chip was fully inside they all disappeared into it.


    The holographic parts shifted colors as new data was added.


    Then I watched as a circuitry pattern grew outwards from where the chip entered with an ethereal green glow. It looked like the room grew some kind of glowing green veins.

    "Complete. Blueprint added to Database"

    I turned my head over to Leah and said “You ok?” as a few waves of green energy passed through her then stopped

    She smiled with her normal caring look and nodded “Don’t worry Master”

    “Anyway” I say pulling my shirt forward a few times “Can we go? I want to go get some new clothes”

    She just responded “Of course Master”

    And in the blink of an eye (yes, this is how I’m always going to start these sentences) I found myself back in the Now You See Me verse, in the middle of some crowded Portuguese street.

    “Leah, do me a favor and find me the nearest Suit shop. And while you’re at it please do some of your hacking magic and drain a few crime bosses accounts. After that do some stock Market Magic to set us up Long Term. Just be sure to leave a few thousand dollars so I can buy some supplies”,

    “At your service Master” she responds “Though what would you like to be called Master? Do you want to use your real name or something else”

    At this I smile with one of the biggest smiles in my life “Call me Jackariah Zane. That’ll be my identity in other verses.”


    After entering a nearby Mall and spending a few hours of buying suits, the rest of my wardrobe and enough supplies(like you call furniture and goodies ‘supplies) to furnish a mansion I walked into the food court in my new black suit

    ‘Leah how are we on the acquisition of the other two suits?’

    “All done Master, just walk to the deaddrop shown in your UI and they’ll be waiting for you.”

    At this a transparent arrow with a white outline appeared at the top of my vision

    I followed it to a hallway that ended with bathrooms.

    In the corner of this hallway was this cardbox box

    ‘This one?’ I said passing my hand through the top of the box

    “Yes Master. I’ll add it to your inventory straight away.”

    ‘Now’ I say with my hands in my pockets as the box disappears ‘shall we milady?’

    ‘Of course Master she says as she appears besides me while smiling

    And in the blink of an eye I found myself back at the Nexus

    “Leah do you have loadout abilities? You know, like have specific outfit modes so that I don't have to manually change clothes every time I want to put on my suit”

    “Of course Master, what would you like to call this outfit?”

    “Heh make it ‘Casual’.” then with a wave of my hand the cardbox appeared in front of me

    I crouch down and open the box up. Then I pull and lay out two outfits on the ground, one is a fireman suit and the other is a class A Hazard suit

    I point at the fireman suit “Call this one ‘Fire’ and this one” I point at the “Hazmat”

    Leah just scoffs from a few meters “Well no shit”

    “Hey!” I say pointing at her, the suits and the box disappearing from beside me “None the sass”

    At this she smiles “Yes Maam!"

    “Anyway, ‘Fire Mode’” and as I looked down I saw that I was now wearing the Fireman suit and the helmet was now under my arm

    “Thanks, let's do this” I say as I’m about to put the helmet on “Wait, does this all feel rushed to you too?”

    “No Master, what do you mean?” she says, crossing her arms over her chest

    “Well it just seems like we’re running through a bunch of objectives. Huh just a feeling. Anyway” I put the helmet on “Nooow let's do this”


    Location: Baccano! Universe, Barnes Company Granary

    Date: Unknown/November/1930

    As I appeared in the Baccano universe with my stealth systems already activated I started to study my surroundings. I was inside the warehouse, next to the door with Barnes in front of me with a hammer in his hand and with a mouse strapped to a piece of wood in front of him.

    "Now we play the waiting game" I say to Leah

    After a few seconds of just looking at Barnes as he CRUSHES THE FUCK OUT OF A RAT a bit of debris falls onto the floor in front of him

    “Time to shine” I tell Leah as I start to run towards the crate. As I do this the ceiling of the room is about 50% from being completely filled with flames.

    Barnes tries to pick up the crate but it's too heavy for him, then a burning wooden beam falls onto the box.

    “Why now!” Barnes shouts out in rage as he takes out two bottles from the crate and puts them in a separate box

    As he runs over to the door I’m already on my knees pushing the beam out of the top of the crate and then….time stopped

    And no I don't mean in some bullshit metaphorical way, I mean the flames and the debris literally stopped moving in the air

    I look at my sides and see nothing wrong

    “Master, Something very powerful has just appeared.” Leah says as she materializes crouched next to me

    I look at her as she gets up then I pat my knees to clean any dirt.

    “Thank you Leah I hadn't noticed” I say with a distinct hint of sarcasm

    At this she crosses her arms and pouts

    I then get up, take my helmet off and turn around. I look at the...thing that had stopped time and see a what I can only describe as the unholy fusion of Truth from FMA but made from the Demon Smoke from Supernatural. Even weirder was the fact that even though time was stopped and the flames were literally frozen in time they were dimmer near it.

    While I’m looking at it, it turns over to Leah and does a small bow as it says "Good day Ma'am, may I enquire as to what exactly you are?" in a ominous male voice

    At this she stopped pouting and looked at this being “For someone that is so polite don't you think that asking my name should only be done after giving yours first?” She says with a look of irritation on her face

    “Yes Ma’am sorry about that. My name is Ronny and who might you be?” Ronny said as he clapped his hands and bowed again

    ‘Ronny? Where have I heard that name before?....OH SHIT!’

    At this she smiled a bit “My name is Leah and I’m a Multiversal Artificial Intelligence. Though you probably don't know what that is, it will take a few decades before the concept of an artificial intelligence is invented here.”

    "I am familiar with the concept, I do read Miss Leah."

    After watching this exchange for a while I raise my right hand and wave towards it “Good day sir” I bow with my left arm over my chest and my right arm pointed at the ceiling “How may I assist the ever charismatic ‘demon’ of the Martillo Family?” At this point I start to take off my gloves “To tell you the truth I was actually looking for you”

    At this point I could hear and feel the smug grin that was probably inhabiting his face “I already knew that”

    “Think you could enlighten me on a few of the Elixir’s characteristics?” I ask him as I walk over to the only wall that isn’t in flames and lean on it.

    “Of course” He said as he sat on the table “Ask away”

    “How does an Immortal’s healing work? I know that their body parts and blood flies back into their bodies but is it some sort of time manipulation around the body making it so that the body goes back to when the person drank the Elixir or does it simply reverse till the body parts are in the body again the activates a healing factor that heals the wounds?”

    “An Immortals healing works by pulling the body parts back into the body and healing the injuries.” He explains

    “Can an Immortal gain muscle memory?" I ask

    "What an odd question, though not a surprising one. Regardless they can and they do, that is If I want them to of course."

    “Can an Immortal suffer from radiation or disease? And do you know who I am, what I've been through, or you where I come from?”

    "I'm capable of hearing many things, especially things in your head." he says while pointing to his own shadowy representation of what could vaguely be called a head.

    "Seeing however is rare, but I am more than capable of seeing anything that anyone else can see, especially that which wishes to remain unseen."

    "Does the Elixir work on nonhumans? Or do you have to approve it in order for it to work on them?" I ask

    "I'm sorry, I was unaware you were blind, perhaps you missed the now immortal mouse that is currently on fire." he responded with smugness flooding his voice as he pointed at the rat behind him

    “Point. Anyway what do you wish to know from us?” I move over so my back is against the wall and open my arms up “You can see in my head” I tap the side of my head “so you know everything I know” I then bend my arms and tap my chest with both index fingers “but what can I help you with? I personally have a request to make if that's not to much to ask.”

    "I already know all you know, I don't need to ask. Though a request... You had my interest before my boy, now you have my attention." Again even though I can't see his mouth I’m certain that he is smiling

    “As you already know my plan is to create a Scientific Empire but my real wish is to become better. Travel around the multiverse looking for powers and technologies in order to improve myself.
    But in order to do this I need to able to modify my DNA and Genes.

    “My request is one with multiple parts. First it’s that you take away the restriction where I can't use a fake name, as there are universes where magicians and wizards would be able to bypass my immortality and kill me just by knowing my real name. Second is take the weakness where I can be killed by being eaten. Third is make it so that I can modify my body genetically and maybe make it so that my body is able to stabilise my DNA if for any reason it becomes damaged.” I move my arms around as I list my request off

    “I’d also like the recipe on how to make the Grand Panacea. I know you only give it to the person that summons you but technically I kind of summoned you through my presence.” I say this as I walk over to the desk and sit next to Ronny

    “I require the Panacea in order to make it so that any bodies I create will also have Immortality. Also can this recipe include the improvements you're giving me if you do decide to fulfill my request?” I ask looking at Ronny’s *Mcrm* ‘face’.

    “Though with this request comes an offer. I would like you to join my organization if you so desire. If not Leah can give you a device you can use in order to contact us if you ever need our help or change your mind.”

    "Aren't you the clever one. Hmmmm, how about this, You can use a fake name to your heart's content to any immortal except those were born human in this world, you may modify yourself however you wish, and I will give you the recipe. However, you can still be devoured. Though with one difference. Only I may devour you, and only if you ask me to while in sound mind. After all, you may one day grow bored of immortality, and there must always be a way out just in case. In addition any who drink your formula will have the traditional limitations, and you yourself can not devour any immortals from this world, only those who were born human or otherwise in another world in your multiverse. In exchange, I will... Well, I won't join you per say, I have my own affairs to deal with, I'm sure you understand. However, if you have need of me, and if it is within my power and interest, I will help... In my own way of course. Do we have a deal?" He says putting his left hand forward

    “We have a deal!” I say with enthusiasm in my voice as I shake his surprisingly solid smoke hand

    “And although you may not join me I do have some places I know of that might interest you and if you ever desire to visit them than you can let me know. I'm sure it would interest you to see the Homunculi from the Fullmetal Alchemist universe and see how and why they differ from the Homunculi here.” I say letting go of his hand and grabbing the table

    “Now just a last question and a experiment of sorts. The experiment relates to the question.” My legs are now swinging under the table as I move my head to look at the flames

    “How about this, after I drink the Panacea I will travel to the Nexus and to another universe. Let us test whether or not you can still feel/talk/hear to me mentally if I'm in another universe. I know you have a connection to the immortals so it would be interesting to check this out.”

    "Sounds like an interesting experiment. I admit I am curious, I have no issues with this... However there may be more pressing matters for you at the moment, namely the fire that is about to continue to rage in about... Now!" Then the shadows melt away.

    As soon as he said that the flames burst into action with greater vigor, and I quickly pushed myself off the table, no fucks being given about the helmet and gloves, and towards the crate “I fucking knew it!”

    As I fly towards the crate I feel a rush of wind hit my back as debris falls behind me. “LEAH NOW” I scream out as I hit the ground, my right arm stretched forward and my index finger touching the corner of the crate

    And in the blink of an eye I find myself back in the Nexus, Crate still in my hand.

    I get up, clean my fireman suit for all the ash on it “Thanks Leah, you really saved my ass back there. Fuckin dick”

    She just appears a few centimeters, smirking her ass off and says “No problem Master, happy to help”

    “Now” I say taking out one of the bottles of the Elixir and pulling out the cork “Bottoms up” And I start to chug the Elixir, not stopping til the bottle is empty

    “Hmm tastes like Ice Tea #NotSponsored” I then look at my side and do a thumbs up

    “Hm Master, what are you doing?” Leah asks, head tilted to the side and looking at me with curiosity

    “It's called breaking the 4th Wall” I say pointing at the sky with my right hand

    “Where are the other three walls?” she asks, her head still tilted

    “Oh the other three walls haven't changed place. I'm just breaking the 4th one to make room for a couch” I say “No with all seriousness, the 4th wall is related to theatre where there exist an imaginary wall between the actors and the viewers. Breaking the 4th wall is when you act in a way as if you’re talking to the viewers

    “*Sigh* Anyway Master, did it work?” She said, excitement in her voice

    “Don’t know, let’s see. Leah could you give my pocket knife? It’s in my backpack.” I say gesturing to her

    “Here Master” she says as a small pocket knife appears in hand and she hands it to me

    “Now...fuck me this is going to hurt” then I slice the palm of my hand with a quick swish

    “FUCK!!!” I quickly drop the knife and grab my hand as blood starts to fall onto the ground, then it stops midway through the air and rises back up towards my palm

    I let go of my hand and see the blood flow back into my palm, then the cut quickly heals over till my hand looks as if nothing had happened

    “Welp We have our answer, and it’s fucking Amazing!” I say with my arms in the air “Immortality for the win!”

    “Now for the test” As I said this I touch my forehead with my index and middle finger and think ‘Ronny?’

    “I’m here” he responds in my head

    “So apparently we can talk through universes. Must be the Elixir. So what are you seeing?”

    “Everything” I hear from behind me. I look back and lo and behold there he is in his shadow form “Nice decor, very.….blindingly white”

    “Well you’re one to talk” I say crossing my arms over my chest “Mr Shadow Demon”

    “Well you got me there” he says clapping his hands together

    “Anyway” I say picking up the empty elixir bottle from the ground “wanna test this shit out?” I finish saying while smiling

    At this he bows a bit and gestures to the side with his shadow hand “Lead the way”


    Well Me and Ronny just tested this for a while and came to a few conclusions.

    It seems like he can see and hear me when I initiate a conversation with him when in another dimension but when he tries to talk to me from another verse without me initiating the conversation then he can only hear me but I’m sure that if I gain some mental defenses then he’ll only be able to ‘hear’ me when I talk and not hear my thoughts

    We still need to test this out in magical and universes with gods but it seems like we’ve tested all that we can at the moment.

    Anyway after we finished the tests Ronny left. I’m tired, gonna go sleep

    With wave of my hand a king sized bed appears in front of me “Leah ‘Night Mode’ please”

    “Of course Master” as she says this, all around me everything started to darken but still remain bright enough for me to be able to see the bed

    “Oh and Leah? Have a Good night”

    After I say this I get inside the bed and close my eyes

    As I fell asleep on the bed Leah appeared on the edge of the bed next to me and passed her hand over my arm, then she bent over and kissed my cheek “Good night to you too Master”
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    Jack yawned as pulled his head up from his two pillows and spread his arms to his sides

    "Good Morning Master" Leah said from next to the bed as all around the darkness slowly became light. Then she sat on the bed, legs resting outside of it "Any plans for today?"

    "It's funny that you ask that" Jack asks, moving to a sitting position, his back on the back of the bed "Cuz I just dreamt about something that gave me an awesome idea"

    "And what idea is that Master?"

    "Leah" he says taking hold of her hand and holding them together while smiling "We're gonna sail in space!"


    Audio Log n°1

    Jack Blackfire here and this is, hopefully, the first of many audio logs.
    I'm trying something new, going to record my journeys through the multiverse, maybe in a few centuries it'll be fun to look through these and remember the beginning of my tale.

    Anyway to prepare for my space sailor vacation me and Leah went to the Transcendence verse a few hours before the whole war incident. Now let me tell you, the Horseman chip upgrade was a god send for Leah. It helped her download the Blackwood Database without Will noticing. Now you may ask "But isn't she a super advanced AI? Shouldn't she be able to easily bypass all security and take what she wants?"
    Now the answer to that is yes but the problem is that is a stealth mission, and as such the brute force methods won't work and the hacking procedures that she has from her creators while amazingly powerful aren't suitable for such basic systems. It's like saying that because you have a bluray player you should be able to play VHS Tapes. Different levels of tech require different preparation and methods
    The way she explained it to me was that the Chip Upgrade gave her the template of a normal Earth "Lock" which let her incredibly advanced hacking procedures adapt to it and find easy ways to take what she wants. Basically giving the hacking procedures the ability to dumb down to lower levels and be able to plunder them.
    Anyway the spoils of this endeavour was the full Blackwood database and a few jars full of nanites as well as some fresh new quantum computers and an amazing type of cloning which I dubbed Nano-cloning. It’s what Will used to make his body and what it does is map out every cell in my body and remake it cell by cell. Any cloned body made with this method will either take longer than normal cloning tech or significantly longer. Let me explain what I mean by all this.
    Nano-cloning is incredibly fast if you map out your whole body, but if you can’t then….well look at Will as an example. The reason why it took so long for him to clone his body was that he had to check each cell, and modify them to be exactly the same as his last bodies’s cells.
    The great thing about this type cloning is that my DNA will never be damaged through extensive cloning, because every Body has new fresh DNA.
    Beyond that Leah got a full copy of Will's code which helped with the....unfortunate decision I had to make.

    But I’ll talk about that later. Anyway after using my new nanites to make some new quantum processors, using them to upgrade Leah and getting everything whilst establishing some basic surveillance systems, I went back to the Nexus and waited for the moment where Will and Evelyn moved to the Garden all the while playing around with my new tech. Will had created this awesome holographic technology which proved entertaining while I waited.

    As soon as Leah warned me that Will and Ev where now in the Garden I ported over to it and had Leah hack into Will and Ev’s nanites and put them in “sleep mode” for a while


    “Leah *sigh* …. Change their code.” I say putting my right hand on my face “Input these directives and make it so they can't take them out. Also I’ll just say the outline of the rule and you can put it in the proper way.
    0. - They may not harm me (this version of me) or Leah , or, by inaction, allow Me or Leah to come to harm.
    1. - They must obey the orders given to them by me while still remaining their free will except where such orders would conflict with Directive n°0.
    2. - They can't betray me or conspire against me
    3. - They must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with directives n°0 or 1.
    4. - Should either I or you be under the control of someone else (mind control, etc) their focus must be releasing us and their control will move to the other one of us that isn't under control. Should both of us be under control either they gain control of my Empire or some I name will take that place.
    5. - They may live as they wish as long as that doesn't go against any of the other directives or goes against my goals.
    Note: Specify that when I mean me and you I mean this version of us. These rules don't apply to other versions of us.

    These are just safeties/ fail-safes but they can't to be mindless drones. They must retain their personalities. I want allies, not slaves”

    After a few seconds I heard a soft ping and Leah said with a smiling face as she appeared next to me “Done Master. Should I wake them up?”

    “Sure wake them up, but they mustn't know what we did. Make it so that it appears that I just showed up. We’ll explain everything and I’ll offer them a chance to join me” I say with my hands on my pant’s pockets

    “Ok Master” then she inclined her head a bit to the side and asked with a look of confusion “But what if they don't accept?”

    “Well” I say with a small nervous laugh “then it won't matter what we did and we’ll just leave’. Move their nanites over to me and power them up”

    As I finished saying this a small group of what I’d call sand floated to the floor in front of me in a very small pile

    “William and Evelyn Caster? I’ve come to help” I say smiling at the nanites “Leah” I say looking over to my right side while pulling out a jar from my jacket pocket and unscrewing the lid “build two of those holographic projectors, and give them control of them. It doesn't feel right talking to them like this”
    At this she just looks at me, nods and raises her left hand as half the nanites from the jar floated out and converged near the Will and Evelyn nanites meanwhile 10 batteries freshly charged from the now destroyed Blackwood Corp appeared near the nanites and the other half of the nanites started building minuscule solar panels on the roof of their house
    After like a minute of building and what I could only gather as Leah, Will and Evelyn talking, a holographic projection of Will and Evelyn appeared in front of me

    “Mr and Mrs Dr Caster It's a pleasure to finally meet you” I say as I do a small bow “I’m sorry that we weren't able to provide you with Human bodies but unfortunately I currently find myself without both the time and resources required for such a project.”

    Evelyn just looks at me, gestures with her hands and asks “I’m sorry but who are you?”

    “My name Miss?” I say pointing with my open left hand at my chest “My name is Jack Blackfire Ma'am, and I’m just someone who wants to help you and ask for your help?”

    “Help us how?” Will interjects “And how did you know where we would be?”

    “Mister Caster do you know about the Multiverse Theory?”

    “Of course.” He says looking down for a second while explaining “It's a theory that says that every action and decision taken within our universes is one that differentiates this universe from many others. That if for example I woke up one day and started my morning my taking a shower that would create a alternate universe where I instead started my day by taking breakfast”

    “Well in my Universe Mr Caster” I say looking at him with total seriousness in my expression “this universe was all just a movie. One that detailed the possibilities that came with Extremism and AI. I’ll prove it to you.” “Leah?” I say looking at her as she had stayed next to me and from what ai understood by Evelyn’s expression they could see her too

    “Yes Master” She answered

    “Send them the movie. I’m sure that they’ll be able to see that i’m saying the truth”

    “Done Master” she says as she smiles at me
    “Thank you Leah. What would I do without you” then I looked back at Will
    He and Evelyn were just frozen in place for a few minutes before looks of shock appeared on their faces and Evelyn started shaking

    “We...I...Oh My God!” she said as Will hugged her so she wouldn't fall onto the ground

    “I wanted to save you. I hated the way the movie and when I” my hand moved over to my face hiding my eyes “ was pushed out of my home” I say as tears start to fall towards the ground

    At this I feel a hand rub my back as Leah walked forward and started talkin “I’m an AI just like you. Except I was made by a race of multiversal travellers. I crashed in my pod onto a forest near Jack. As soon as he went to the crash site and touched my pod my host protocols activated and searched for a host. Jack was there and as such became my first and only host. Due to the security protocols we were pushed out from Jack’s universe and as such he wasn't able to say goodbye to his family. A 18 year old who had never been more than a month away from his family was now forever locked away from them.
    So to push his mind of everything that happened we started to travel around the multiverse, looking for resources and tech to accomplish Jack’s new dream.”

    "And what dream would that be?" Will asks while looking at Leah

    At this I clean the tears from my eyes
    and look at Will with a look of happiness and a smirk "To create a Multiversal Empire focused on Scientific and Magical improvement. A Empire where your AI research would have been encouraged and supported instead of being fought against and instead of being the target of terrorist." Then I get up and clean my knees "Now this is not to say that this would be a lawless empire. You won't see people being picked off the streets and used in scientific experiments. Morals will still exist"

    Audio Log n°2

    *tired sigh* I'm back at the Nexus. I was able to convince Will and Evelyn to join me and they're now in a quantum computer here. Leah was able to connect those solar panels to our new unified Multiversal power network, so now any tech that I make is connected to it and as such can be powered without being directly connected to a generator.
    So anyway Will and Ev are sitting comfortably in their computer and I'm going to jump into the new verse. They already know the plan so all I have to do now is jump. *slowly breathes in and out*

    And with a small pop I found myself in front of this two story wooden inn.
    With a deep breath and a huge smile on my face I opened the door and walked into the house of the main character of one of my favorite animated movies.

    "Welcome to the Benbow Inn!" Said a beautiful brown haired 30 year old woman with a white bonnet on her head and a necklace on her neck as she carried a few plates on her hands
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    To tell you guys the truth I'm not feeling this chapter very much. I've rewritten it 2 times but can't seem to come out right. Here it goes anyway, tell me what you think about it.


    "Howdy Sarah" I say with a country accent as I sit down on my usual table

    "How are you on this fine day?"
    At this Miss Hawkins giggles a bit as she looks at me with a cup hand and a teapot in the other "Why are you talking like that?"

    "Well today I'm travelling to a new place for a few days so I'm feeling a bit jolly and what better to display joy than with a goofy country accent?" I say smirking at her as she pours tea into my tea cup

    "Oh really? Where to?" She says sitting on the chair in front of me.
    I loved these mornings, when the only people awake in the Inn were me and Sarah. Jim and the rest of the clients were asleep and wouldn't wake up for about 2 hours but Sarah had to be up to take care of everything. I was just used to waking up early so it was our routine for the last 6 months and if everything went to plan I'd still have to wait 18 months before the events of the movie

    "Well first I have to go to Crescentia and a few other planets for some supply stops then visit a few planets to get but after that I'm going to this small town named Weehawken. Gonna help a few friends out." After I finish explaining this I look at the table then put my hand on my face as I laugh a bit "Can't throw away my shot"

    At this Sarah looks at me and smirks "Why do I have the feeling that that's some sort of reference?"

    I just get up from my chair and pull my cup up, my palm covering the top so as to make it retain it's heat, and give her a smug smile "Maybe because it is"
    She just sticks her tongue out as she also gets up
    "Anyway, think you could help me with something?" I ask her

    "Sure, what do you need?" She responds
    "Think you could go get Jim for me? Tell him to bring his Solar Sail. I'd like to give him a present before I go." I then take a sip of the tea.

    Her smirk comes back and she gets close to me, her face centimeters away from mine "What? Don't I get a present?"
    I just look into her eye, our faces slowly get closer to each other till our lips connect

    30 minutes later

    A groan rings through the room as a person steps on a wooden stair

    "Mom?" Jim's asks as he rubs his eyes with his hands, dressed in his pajamas and his hair standing

    "Jim!" Jack says loudly as he walks over to Jim, giving him a hug, his clothes all ruffled up "Just the person I was looking for. Could you go get your solar sail? I have a present for you before I leave"

    "Wait leave? What do you mean leave? Where are you going?" He asks with a bit of a terrified and surprised tone and expression

    "Jim" Jack says while putting his hand on Jim's checks to stop him from moving "I'm only going to leave for a few months, 6 tops. I just have to go pick up some things and help some friends out. I'll be back before you know it. As a matter of fact" Jack says as he pulls out something from his pocket, a necklace of sorts "if you ever need my help open this necklace up and say "Blackfire." After a few seconds Jack claps his hands and says "Now how bout we go take care of your sail? I have a few upgrades for it" as he finishes saying this he puts his arm around Jim's shoulder "And don't you dare forget about that sail while I'm gone. I expect it to be 10 times better when I'm back. And tell you what, if you do that then when I get back I'll give you a job in my company. You'll have unlimited funding and a chance to pioneer hundreds of new technologies. Deal?" Jack finishes with a smile and a thumbs up

    "Deal" Jim says with a smile

    And after they walked up the stairs a woman came out of a door leading to the kitchen. This woman, with ruffled up hair and clothes, looked around to see if anybody was near and took a breath of relief
    A few hours later
    Audio Log n°3

    "Yeah...so that! happened." An audible sigh comes out "I just realised that I haven't written or recorded a log in 6 months so I guess a summary of the events should be done.
    Once I got to the Treasure Planet universe, I managed to get a permanent residence in the Benbow Inn. During my first night here I flooded the whole inn with nanites and as such managed to get a lot of interesting technologies. A few examples of these was the 'solar cloth', which is a cloth that acts as a solar panel on steroids and is what powers most ships in this verse.
    A few other examples was the hologram tech on the books and Sarah's locket as well as the robot policemen which tended to visit the Inn almost every week." I laugh a bit before adding "That was before I started connecting with Jim. Now don't get me wrong, he still fucks up but at least now he doesn't get caught that often."
    "Anyway those robots netted me a big bounty. Now I can create disposable robots as well as completely artificial AI, unlike Will and Ev, which can range from animal to human level intelligence. Speaking of Will and Ev they both had a field day with that robot tech. Once they upgraded the robot policemen blueprints (which involved filling out the holes which showed their machinery) we got some great robots. The only problem left is the fact that they still have treads for legs but that will be fixed when I finally copy B.E.N.

    Finally, though by no means less important, was a laser pistol. It was a real stroke of luck that one of the guests had one of them on their person.

    Anyway now I had a nifty little weapon that most normal Earth scientists would kill for. And it will come real handy in the first verse of my new ‘voyage’. And all I can really about it is that I fucking hate disease, especially disease with invisible transmission methods. I mean fucking hell,I know not to drink blood or touch filthy places but touching seawater should not be a death sentence.

    Anyway, time to go…..

    (A few seconds pass)

    Running can be heard back towards the recording device “Oh I almost forgot, FUCKING SOLAR SAILS! I was able to copy and improve on Jim’s sail so now I have one of the BEST Vehicles EVER!

    I also took a sample of Delbert Doppler’s DNA so I can create human/dog hybrids, or Canids as I’m taking to calling them.

    Anyway I think that’s everything. Toodles

    Then on the background

    “Toodles?! Fuck me that was awful”

    End of Audio Log
    By the way, a digital cookie to the person who guesses what the next verse is going to be
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    Couldn't read more than a few chapters of Vexmaster's story because they started as crap and didn't look like there was gonna be any effort to correct them.
    Cruel to be Kind has the most stupid person ever as a main character so I stopped reading by chapter three.

    Does Baccano immortality by reversing time in your body so its not really healing but more like reversing it to a state before the cut? At least thats how you explained it.

    Would it not be better to take a Star Trek replicator or just steal one of their ships?

    Voyager is empty on the first two episodes and would be possible to steal.
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    Simular to that yeah, though Jack's version allows for genetic modification so he can still modify his body but should he be hurt the damage will be reversed.

    Thing is, I haven't seen any form of Star Trek media beyond the new movies and I don't do universes I dont have knowledge of if I havent done enough research on, so Star Trek is a bust at least for a while.
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    thats my face right now.
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    Why's that? Is it because I've never seen Star Trek?
  10. NakedFury

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    yes. people usually see them at least once.

    except my friend but she hasnt even seen a star wars movie outside the two new ones.
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    ... I've only ever seen the first and half of the last prequel and episode 7. Like I know the story of all the movies (due to the internet, Robot Chicken and Family Guy) but I've just never seen them (original 3 Star Wars movies), only small segments
  12. NakedFury

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    heretic. How can you have proper space scifi dreams of space wizards and space battles without ever seeing those movies?
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    ....I watch Guren Laggan where space wizards have planet sized space battles with huge Mecha
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    couldnt get into guren laggan.

    as for mecha I did watch a few of the gundam series but I found some of them ridiculous. too much plot armor or characters with ridiculous fashion sense

    I did watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes which had insane levels of fleet battles
    Glass Fleet anime also had crazy fleet battles
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    I've only ever seen that one mecha anime so I'm not that knowledgeable about them. Anyway do you have any criticism over the chapters or are they good so far?
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    They are certainly unique and each of shows a little bit more of the abilities of Leah without going into huge infodumps.

    Your character also isnt acting like an idiot going around and telling his lifes story and all his and Leahs secret except to that Baccano Demon and that was because mind reading is a bitch.
    I did like that your character simply stole the chip from the first movie universe instead of doing something stupid like asking for it or talking.
    I am not sure about the Will and Eve? universe because I don't know from where they are.

    I was lost on a few of the verses. I think you went to Disneys Treasure Planet animated movie. which I love. Nothing says awesome like space travel in water ship looking vessels.

    Perhaps you could at the end of the chapter add a list of the visited universes so people like me that don't know can look up information?
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    It's from this movie called Transcendence with Johnny Depp. He's a AI specialist who is poisoned by a Anti-AI organization so he and his wife put his mind in a computer.

    It was Treasure Planet which is one of my top 3 favorite animated movie, maybe even the first one.

    Thanks for reminding me, I'm actually gonna put up a index of sorts so that people dont have to reread the whole story when they forget something or so they can look up info on the various things in the story.
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    AN: Here you go guys, another chapter for your reading pleasure.
    I'd also like to thank my two betas kaazmiz and Beastrider9 for all the help with the chapter and the story in general


    So Subnautica is this open world, underwater exploration, adventure and survival game. To first understand the story surrounding Subnautica, you need to understand the lore found in the background, the story of the Subnautica universe. Do take in mind that all of this was taken from the latest build around when I found Leah and some online research.

    So in the Subnautica universe, after humanity has colonized most of the galaxy, one centralized government could not handle it all. So, many countries and even large companies created their own trans-govs that while still under the centralized earth based government or the Centralized Earth Consortium (which I will now refer to as CEC) could self-govern as long as they followed some guidelines and rules.

    Trans-govs are independent authorities in de facto control of at least one solar system and phase gate. Phase Gates or Trans-System Phase Gate are these permanent installations which enable warping of spacefaring vessels between solar systems. So basically Mass Effect Relays without the Reapers controlling them part.

    In the game there are only two trans-govs that we have any info about. They are the Alterra corp where everything is very high tech and posh, and the war scarred and not so great Mongolian trans-gov. The Mongolian trans-gov consists of most of the old Asian countries from Earth like China and Mongolia, that spread out into the stars. But, due to their habit of colonising outer rim planets they ended up doing not so great and were technologically behind trans-gov's like Alterra, and beyond that were economically unstable. The planet where the game plays out is planet 4546B which is located in The Mongolian occupied space. Alterra, as the leading phase gate constructors in the galaxy sent the Aurora (the ship which takes the main character to 4546B) to the Ariadne arm for its ninth constructed phase gate to connect the galaxy to the Ariadne arm. There is also a large mining company called Torgal. As far as I’m aware they don't have their own trans-gov but are just a very large company.

    The Degasi was a Mongolian vessel owned by Torgal corp, and captained by Paul Torgal, the CEO of Torgal. While taking a detour through the sector it was shot down by this precursor weapon that was situated on planet 4546B. It ended up crash landing on the planet and the only surviving crew were Paul Torgal, his son Bart Torgal, and a mercenary they hired for the journey named Marguerit Maida. Using the salvaged parts of the Degasi they constructed a habitat on the floater island and survived for some months by cultivating indigenous flora. Marguerit, desperate to find a way to get off the planet instead of sitting idly watching the sunset on the beach, pressured Paul to establish a habitat underwater. Paul resisted the idea at first, but eventually succumbed to her requests after heavy downpour started flooding their grow beds and increased risk of a mudslide. So the Degasi crew established a habitat in the jelly shroom caves.

    After some time they realized they were all sick, and that there was a virus in the water and air that was pretty much part of the ecosystem.This virus was called Carar. After one of their underwater habitats had been attacked by one of the local wildlife they ended up disappearing.Their fate as of this time is unknown.

    Anyway the Precursors are a highly advanced, ancient, spacefaring alien race that arrived on Planet 4546B approximately one thousand years ago (in universe time, before the game begins), searching for a cure for Carar. Most information surrounding them is currently unknown, other than the fact that their ulterior motive is to stop the spread of the Carar, a mysterious bacterium that they developed. To accomplish this, they created the Warpers (Self-Warping Quarantine Enforcer Units) - a species of biomechanical lifeforms that track and cull creatures in advanced stages of the disease.

    While this is happening Alterra sends the Aurora to the Ariadne arm with the secondary objective of accompanying and help the Mongolian Emissary, Khasar, on his mission to find the Degasi and her crew after it went missing, which happened about five years prior. The Aurora gets hit by the same weapon that shot the Degasi down, which is part of the Precursors Orbital Defense System, and ends up plummeting to the ocean planet. During its crash landing many life pods and crew are ejected but due to many reasons most of them perish during atmospheric entry or underwater due to hostile lifeforms or radiation leaking from the Aurora nuclear reactor.

    This leaves the player character, as the only survivor of the Aurora crash, to survive and find out the mysteries of the planet and the secrets of the Precursors, meanwhile rushing to save themselves from the Carar infection.

    So why does this matter? Well first off because educate yourself son! Second off because this universe has one piece of technology that is extremely hard to find. A Scanner. Now you might be asking “A scanner?! Why would that be important?”

    Well because you can get tech by pointing a scanner at it and shooting a beam of blue light. Why buy or steal tech when you can simply scan it? Beyond that the one other thing that is worthy of me coming here in an of itself is the Fabricator, which is basically a prototype Star Trek Replicator without having to watch multiple tv shows and movies in order to go there and not get killed.


    The Nexus

    "Leah?" I say in the middle of the white void that is the Nexus as a yellow hazard suit appears on my hands

    "Yes?" She responds as she appears a meter and a half away

    "Start a search for two verses without intelligent life. A hub of operations so we can start building a base and a lab so we don't risk releasing experiments on our base. No need to rush it or anything, take your time. We will only really need it after I finish our current goodie run.” I say as I unbutton my black shirt

    “Ok Master” she responds then keeps looking at me as I take off my shirt

    “Rahem” I clear my throat as I look at her. She blushes then turns around and runs away before disappearing.

    After I finish putting on the Hazmat suit I call out “Will” and he slowly appears in front of me; as if millions of colored grains of sand came together to form a person, or in other words, the reverse of someone being disintegrated into ash.

    “Now are you sure this will be enough to protect me from being infected with Carar?" I ask as a holographic table appears between his open hands

    "As far as we can tell yes. The suit and the nanites in your blood should be able to completely protect you from the bacteria. Plus it is Water-borne so as long as you don't drink or touch the water you should be fine." He said while pulling the tablet up and launching it forward, turning it into a screen in mid air that showed various parameters

    “Good.” I say as I look at him “I still don’t get why you go through the trouble of projecting that tablet and that screen. I know it’s just a physical representation of what you’re doing in your server.”

    He smiles “Call it a desire for the show and grandeur of things”

    I smile right back “Well it’s a good touch so keep it up”

    I slowly breathe in and out with my eyes closed before opening them and saying “"Ok here we go"


    Subnautica verse

    Planet 4546B

    Next thing I knew I was standing on top of a white pod next to a open hatch door. The pod had a red "Lifeboat 5" painted on the front and two orange floaters keeping it from falling into the abyss.

    "There we go, nice and easy" I say as I climb down the stairs and analyse my surroundings.

    It mainly consist of a white dome but with two black chairs stuck to the wall. But the really prize is this machine on the wall next to one of the chairs.

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is the fabricator that while incomplete due to missing files still has what I came for. I look around and walk towards the semi opened compartment full of materials under the blue holographic screen.

    “Someone has been living here for some time. Must be the player character. Well that certainly changes things” I say as I pull out some of the materials from inside the compartment and take them over to the Fabricator “Don’t want to accidentally destroy their only means of survival by trying to copy it with nanites”

    I put them on the ground next to the fabricator and click on the activate button. This causes the fabricator to open up and a blue holographic screen to materialize in front of the printer heads. I searched around for the needed option and when I found it I clicked the big red button with an exclamation inside a triangle. This caused a message to appear in big white letters. The message read: “Emergency Option. Use only if loss of Personal Digital Assistant has occurred. Choosing this option will cause the Fabricator to fabricate a new PDA.

    Do you wish to use this option? Y/N”

    I hit the yes option which then causes the screen to change and ask “Do you have the required resources or will the emergency stockpile need to be used?” I then in turn, input that I do have the required materials which causes the small greyish black compartment under the fabricator table to open.I take the resources and shove them into the compartment and they disappear as they enter. The Fabricator buzzes for less than a second then the lasers fire up as the outline of a PDA appears and slowly starts to fill up. A percentage appears on the screen where I chose the option and it quickly gets higher as the PDA fills up. After it ends I pick up the tablet and as I do, it comes to life, lighting up in blue screen of holographic light. It starts to ask all of these questions about me, basically asking me to give all my info so the onboard dumb AI can have the required information.


    A few minutes later

    After finishing up and basically registering in my PDA I walk over to the closed panel next to the Fabricator. I open it up and see a bunch of cables, one of which reads out “onboard computer” and that coincidentally fits perfectly with one of my PDA’s ports. I connect it to my PDA and start the process to copy over all the blueprints on the computer. This luckily includes the lifepod blueprint as well as the Fabricator and all of the additions that the player character was able to gain. Speaking of player character, I wonder how long they’ve been here. Depending on the date that I arrived I might still be able to save the Sunbeam.

    I’m alerted out of my thoughts by the PDA binging, saying that the transfer was complete. Anyway I’ll analyse what I got when I get back to the Nexus. Right now I need to get my previously mentioned objective. The Scanner.

    I walk back to the Fabricator and push gently against the resource repository which causes it to open up. I smile when I see that about half of the resources I had previously inputted were still there. So I had the Fabricator start fabricating a scanner and as it did it’s work I just stood there and pondered about this machine.

    “This tech really is impressive. It can do a lot of what my nanites can do, even outshining them in some aspects.” I say as I think out loud “Hell, want an example of it? A fabricator can easily cook a great meal. Nanites take a whole lot of work to do that”

    “Wait a minute, I just got an idea” I say to no one in particular as I look over at the pod’s screen “What was her name?” I ponder for a bit before saying loudly “Sally! That was it! Sally I require your assistance!” As I finish saying this a small icon that I would have probably seen in a new facebook account appeared on the screen

    “How may I assist you?” the AI, named Sally responded with a female voice and a deadpanned tone

    “I have an idea for a new piece of equipment/technology and I need your help creating all the needed components and putting it all together. Think you can help with that?” I explain as I fiddle around with my PDA after picking up the finished scanner and putting it in my pocket

    “I believe I can, please describe this piece of equipment” She responds this time with more emotion, albeit only a small bit

    “Sure, just wait a second and I can even get you an image that is similar to my idea, though this image would require a lot of modifications before being what I want.” I say before looking down at my tablet again and saying “Leah be a dear and send the images I have in mind over to this PDA”

    After saying this I wait for a few seconds till a soft ping rungs out and an alert appears on the PDA with the words “Transfer complete” on it

    “Thank you Leah, a life saver as always. I can’t even imagine how I’d do half the things I do without you.” I say, flicking the alert off the screen and looking back at the pod’s screen.

    I pull up the images I needed and flick them forward, off the PDA, making them appear on the pod’s screen

    “As you can probably theorize from the pictures I sent you my idea is to create a wearable multi-tool of sorts. A tool that would mix a lot of the ones in your own survival database but giving them a new spin that would allow someone to have them all in one relatively small package. I’ll break my idea down, feature by feature, so you’ll be able to analyse it and see how to improve it. Here we go” I say as I pull up the first picture

    “This piece of equipment would be a gauntlet, modelled after the one seen on these two pictures. The knuckle covers, aka the white metal egg shaped protectors, would be separated into groups with different functions which are divided as such:
    The outside two, as in the last one on the left and the last one on the right would be fabricator beam sockets or printer heads, whatever the correct term is.

    The middle right one would be a scanner while the middle left one would be a flashlight.

    The place where the strap is, that is the strip which rests around wrist height, below the knuckle guards, but above the cannon shaped object with a vial in it, would have a small metal band there, with some holographic projectors to allow for the wearer to have a communication system connected and would allow one with a AI companion to have information projected for them.

    The cannon shaped object would be replaced with a sort of bulky box which, mental note for later is not ergonomic, so future research is needed to improve on it’s design, could store small, manipulators with a thread as an arm with three small fingers at the end. The prototype should have 2 or 3 manipulators to start but the amount could be improved upon later with further research.

    These manipulators would allow the user to engage in tasks that require greater precision than what their own fingers would allow, and the threads themselves would be stored in a way similar to what can be found in retractable USB cables. That is until a better solution can be found.

    Beyond all of this the gauntlet would also possess a “hidden blade”, a thinner version of the survival knife in your database. There would be two manipulator at the circular part at the end that would release the blade from the mechanism that by having the threads squeeze together, in a way similar to how one makes a hemp or linen line would form a handle for the blade, creating a blade

    Finally near the blade there would be a grappling hook, connected to a pulling mechanism that would allow the user to have greater maneuverability.

    Oh and I had almost forgot, but the gauntlet’s control would be carried through a set of sensors on the inside of the gauntlet.

    Anyway this is what I’ve got so far.” I say, both my hands in the air and the PDA on it’s side on one of them “Though I do have some ideas for future upgrades. Here’s a few of them, tell me what you think” I say while writing the list out on the PDA as I speak

    “The first one is to add a small computer chip or something with calculating power and allow the knife to be used stand alone, this chip could be placed in the empty circular space where the guard should be on the survival knife. This would allow the user’s onboard AI, if the user has one, to guide the blade, as well as change it’s trajectory. Beyond that, should it be thrown at a wall, or embedded in a surface, the manipulator could as a drone that would controlled by the gauntlet.

    Anyway those are the only things that the battery and calculating power would allow for now, but after we upgrade those we could add more manipulators, implement it’s own AI, add a small defense laser, and a Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator” I finish saying, taking a long breath as I do

    “So...what do you think?” I ask as I sit on top of the container

    A few seconds pass before Sally responds “That…You present an idea with a lot of potential, and an idea that has been thought through. If you just give me a few minutes I’ll be able to take the pictures you sent and draft a blueprint from them and your ideas. Would this be acceptable?” She asks

    I just smile at the pod’s screen and say “No problem, take as long as you can. Think you can wake me up when you’re done?”

    “Sure” She responds before lowering the light inside the pod

    “Thank you” I say with a smile still plastered on my face as I close my eyes and move my back and ass around on the compartment in order to get comfortable


    A few minutes later

    “Ffffuck” is heard throughout the lifepod as someone climbs up through the lower hatch. “Fucking Stalkers! Sally, why the fuck are the lights off? Do me a favor and light them on” This girl says as she slowly drags herself toward the pod’s screen as it is the only source of light currently in it “Jaina I wi- “ Sally tries to say before the now identified Jaina stops her by saying “And make me a medkit please, I’m bleeding like hell here”

    As the light’s turn on she finds the medkit fabricator and opens it up, taking out the freshly fabricated kit and closing the machine. She turns around while opening the kit and jumps in shock when seeing a young man, about her age from what she could tell, sleeping on her pod’s compartment. She looks at him for a few seconds before waving her head from side to side for a second as if she was cleaning snow from her hair and just goes back to opening her medkit while one of her arms applies pressure to her bleeding side “I’m too injured to give a shit about hallucinations at this point” After she opens it she pulls a small futuristic syringe and stabs it into her leg, letting go of her side and leaning against the wall as a moan of pleasure leaves her mouth.

    She stays there for a few minutes, her eyes closed as she just relished in the feeling of her body’s healing. That is till she hears someone

    “Sunbeam!!” Jack screams out, eyes open in shock, his top half lunging forward “I forgot! FUCK! I need to call them now” Jack says as he rushes toward the Communication Relay on the other side of the pod, without noticing the new inhabitants of the station.

    He smacks the side of the relay once, pulling out his PDA and saying “Sally activate the Communication relay and message them, try to establish a call. Leah help her out, the relay is probably damaged and I don’t want to put risk it on Sally not being able to establish a link. Upgrade it if you have to”

    A few seconds pass before Sally and Leah both respond from the pod screen “Link established. Commencing Call” As they finish saying this a window opens on the screen and a woman appears on the screen, with 5 other people behind and next to her.

    From what Jack could tell this woman was in her mid 30’s, she had light brown hair, a authoritative look to her. But Jack didn't care about that at that moment, he just wanted to save them

    “Captain Avery Quinn, I know this sounds crazy but I need you to tell me how far you are from the planet. This is a matter of life or death so please” Jack asks, Jaina to the side with a gobsmacked expression on her face

    Captain Avery face registers a look of shock for a second before going back to a rigid expression “We are currently 4 days away from the planet. Why? What is the situation that makes it a life or death situation? And could you please identify yourself?”

    Jaina at this point has her arms crossed over her chest and says “Yeah, who the hell are you? And how did you even get here?” she asks with a look of curiosity and a bit of a distrusting look

    Jack’s expression softens, a small smile even appearing on his face “Ma'am you don’t know how happy I am to hear that. My name is Jack, I’m a traveller who goes around universes helping people. I heard the story about the Aurora and had to come here to save both the last survivor” I gesture to Jaina “and your crew. This planet, planet 4546B has an ancient super weapon that will shoot down all spaceships that get too close to it. That’s what caused the Aurora and the Degasi to crash onto the planet. I have the means to deactivate the weapon but that will take time. Plus there is also a highly infectious disease on this planet but fortunately I have the means to heal the last survivor and get her on your ship. This process, will unfortunately take about a month at best. As such I ask you to land on the planet’s closest moon. This will allow me to heal” I turn toward the girl that has been right next to me for the whole time I’ve been talking, stopping and gesturing, basically asking her name

    “Jaina.” she says

    “Jaina and disable the gun as it requires us to search for various alien artifacts built by the same civilization that built the gun. Should you do us this favor and land on the moon I’ll be able to go to your ship and drop some supplies off”

    Everything just stops for about 30 seconds, nobody moving or speaking before Captain Avery breaks the silence

    “Can you prove this?”

    “Yes. I just need about an hour or so to design and launch a drone of so as to get life footage of the weapon. Will that suffice?” I respond

    “It will.” she quickly says

    “Before you turn the call off can I ask you a question?” I ask

    “Go ahead”

    “Could you send a blueprint for a long range communication device? I don't want to risk Jaina’s safety on the possibility that the communication array comes down” I ask trying to transmit a sense of worry while smirking inside. Jaina just bows a little, putting her hand over her heart, a playful smile on her face

    “That is acceptable. I’ll send the blueprints right away”

    “Bye” I say with a smile and a wave as the screen turns off

    I then turn to the side looking at Jaina and really inspecting her. She’s a dark skinned thin woman with thick hips, who appears to be between 19 and 25 years of age. She has flawless and clean skin and half of her hair is shaved while the rest is long and flowing. Her lips are thick, her eyes are green and her face is beautiful.

    “Soooo” I say while kicking dust up on the pod floor “what’s up, I’m Jack” I wave as I say this. I then walk back a bit, not taking my eyes away from her and taking the now finished gauntlet out of the fabricator and shoving it in my inventory

    Sher face shows me that she has something else on her mind as she looks down then looks up and at my eyes with a uncertain look “Can you really take me away from this place? Cure me of Carar?”

    I just put my arm over her shoulders and say with a caring smile “Jaina by the time I'm done with this place you’ll look at it like your own personal hunting resort. Hell with my access to other universes I can even provide you with basic resources and a underground base. You won't even need to leave and have to face the fucked up fish” I then pull my arm out from behind her and turn her toward me, looking face to face at each other “Now” I pull her chin up to look at me in the eyes “Want to shoot things with a harpoon gun?”

    A smile appears in her face and grows till its almost touching each ear “Fuck yea!”


    A few hours later I had had a small and simple drone send the video of the gun to Captain Avery while I tried, emphasis on “tried”, to design actually useful drone designs beyond one use, unrefined drones with a camera. Anyway this culminated with me saying goodbye to Jaina, telling her that I’d come back the next day and that I just needed to go pick up some supplies and drones. That was when Leah told me that she had found a good universe to build our lab. So I jumped over to that universe and got to work.

    The new huge lab had this completely white, similar to the Nexus design and was based on the Blackwood lab of Will and Ev’s last company. It had Protein mixers, Centrifuges, Lab Ovens, etc, basically things that would make every scientist from my original universe orgasm at the mere sight. It also had a fully sealed lab in the back used for the most dangerous objects and in general just things that required extra safety.

    This sealed lab can be instantly 'flooded' with 100+ degrees Celsius heat for sterilization and contagion.

    Leah also created a dumb VI to take care of the lab, creating four very simple 'bots' to accompany it. They look kinda like the White Robots from the 2012 Total Recall movie. Basically they look like intricate articulated dolls, white, featureless, easy to clean and easily controllable by the lab VI or Will and Ev, and limited to the lab itself though that design will be used for many other things.

    Anyway two bots stayed in the sealed room while the other two stayed in the lab proper. I still need to find actual scientists and researchers beyond Will, Ev and Leah or what I’ve come to fondly call as the Research Squad but that can come later as we don't really have a huge need for them. Of course it’d be awesome if we had more people to research tech and goodies but we don't really have much to do beyond upgrading our current tech and studying the ones we’re getting from Subnautica.

    Jack looks up from his gauntlet as he types out his journal entry when he realises something.

    “Huh, I really should have thought the decontamination process through. It was a real idiot move to jump from a known disease ridden world into my lab without taking more precautions. Leeeah?” Jack asks loudly to the air

    “Don't worry Master I took the right measures to stop the spread of the disease here. We really should build some sort of a decontamination chamber though”

    “Thank you Leah! I swear with so much you do for me if I could I’d kiss you right now” Jack says with a tone of gratitude and a smile. Well guess his surprise when Leah materialised in front of him, a step away, before she walked toward Jack, her face so close to Jack's

    “Oh is that right?” she says with a playful smile and something else there in her face that Jack couldn't recognize “Well I’m here”

    Jack just looks at her before giving out the rest of his non existent fucks as he slightly bends his neck to go to Leah’s level and reaches forward, enveloping her lips with his own. Leah returns the kiss, putting her hands behind his head and pulling him to her to deepen the kiss. After a few seconds they pull back a smile on both of their faces

    “So” Jack asks with a huge grin on his face “How was I for a first kiss?”

    “Perfect” Leah responds with her own smile, a more dreamy and loving one “Just perfect…..” she says before waiting a second and saying with her own grin “We’re going to be doing that a lot more” she says with a commanding tone

    “At your service Ma’am. It would be a hono-” Jack responds before being cut off as Leah lunges onto him


    So anyway as I was about to say after my realisation I then built a jump point I would enter when coming here to this verse so as to not risk spread of things from other universes into this one.

    This was then followed by me building (build as in send a swarm of nanites to build) huge solar cloth farms, to supply us with the power we’ll need to research Carar which will involve mapping a disease. To do this we would need a dedicated server room to manage the calculations the lab makes, as well as needing a workshop of sorts to make everything so I took care of that too. That ended up concluding all the constructions I had needed to do for that moment so I got myself a armchair and started to talk with the Research squad, to see what they had been doing while I took care of the building operations. Well took care with Leah’s help that is.

    Apparently they had been collaborating on a few drone designs as well as a dumb VI drone for resource collection.

    The drones were designed by taking a Seamoth, taking out the pilot compartment and placing a cargo compartment there with arms on both sides, and two larger manipulators in the front. This constituted the worker drone.

    The Worker drone extracts resource soil, puts it in a processing chamber which is basically a simplified fabricator, which gets resources while another drone brings processed resource back to Jaina and me.

    This dedicated transportation drone which has the dumb VI is similar to the worker drone only without the fabricator.

    After taking a look at their designs I took a page from their book and took the Seamoth design, upsizing it and basically turning the inside of the Seamoth into a containment cell. Basically I made what I call a Containment drone, made to “kidnap” creatures so we can study them, take samples and keep them in containment to maybe produce a usable population free of Carar.

    At any rate that was what we were able to accomplish at this point. I’m currently tired as hell so I’m gonna go sleep. Talk to you later future me and whoever the fuck else is reading this.
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    You posted this chapter already.
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    I know, I'm going to be editing the story to put every chapter forward once so as to make the first part of the Thread the index
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    There, the index is done. Check it out and tell me what you think.
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    Better. The only thing missing is if you want a summary with the index.
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    Journal Log n° Fuck Numbered Logs

    To start off Future Me I'll get something out of the way. I'm gonna stop doing numbered logs, you have their chronological order and your lazy ass can go look for the ones you want.

    Anyway, it's been a few days since I found Jaina (the player character from Subnautica) and I've been helping her out with everything. My drones have been doing all the scavenging and scanning work so she doesn't need to go outside to get resources or blueprints. After the first day while I slept Leah had the nanites and Fabricators keep building drones so by the time me and Jaina woke up we had already mapped out and scanned a fourth of the planet and that included most visitable areas in the game.

    One of the most important things that Leah had done while I was asleep was flood the Aurora in nanites and drones. I don't know if it was luck, a cosmic boon or just a peculiarity of this universe but when we got here the Aurora hadn't exploded yet. It was still shot to shit from the crash though. Either way from what Leah was able to gather later, if we had arrived a day and a half later we would have witnessed the explosion. Luckily we didn't have to.

    Even more lucky was the fact that the computer systems of the Aurora were fine. Ladies and Gents this was a ship made to build Phasegates. Filled with enough tech and data to build a giant gate in space.
    I'll go more in depth about the yoinked tech later but now I have to get something off my chest.

    You know how I was so proud of my drone designs from the last log? Well imagine my fucking surprise when I wake up this morning and find that the scouting drone I had so proudly designed had been replaced with the Camera Drones after the blueprints were found. I mean yea, these ones look more aesthetically pleasing but they were my drone design!

    Sigh (who fucking writes sigh?), anyway with the reduced time in manufacturing, required materials and overall faster speed the Scout Drones were able to keep mapping the world out at three times the speed. Leah and the rest of the Research Squad while being accompanied by Sally and the Aurora AI (named Dawn) were able to fix the Dark Matter Drive Core which stopped the explosion from happening. We also built a few signal booster antennas in a few artificial Islands we made to broaden the bandwidth and allow us to contact the Colonial Headquarters. We explained the situation and explained that we were going to heal Jaina of Carar before sending her off with the Sunbeam. Due to damage in the Aurora we would be unable to get it in the air (half-truth, it was true that with the current damage we were unable to fly the Aurora, but the real reason was that I don't want to give it up) and beyond that I'd be taking the planet with me. Don't want them having precursor tech when they have a history of war between co-govs.

    Afterwards I had Jaina ask them to please send some weaponry and tech so she can defend herself. They were hesitant till I sent them pictures of the Stalkers and Reaper Leviathans and asked them if they'd rather we fight them with a heated knife. That had them sending a normal survivor package, which as I knew the Aurora didn't have.

    Anyway speaking of Precursor tech Leah was able to enter The Quarantine Enforcement Platform (QEP). It's basically the huge gun that shoots ships down.
    You'd be amazed at how easily nanites can enter locked down facilities

    So Leah had the nanites analyse every inch of it. We also analysed the broken artifact on the entrance just to be safe and built the Purple Artifact which is basically the key to the facility.
    Got a awesome orbital defense gun design from it. A design and a whole lot of goodies. An anti-grav engine, two Ion Crystals (which are green alien cubes that each store the equivalent energy of a small nuclear detonation. The alien technology is able to keep the stored atoms in a permanently stable state, however under the right conditions the reaction can be re-catalyzed and the energy released in a controlled manner), Data Terminals (which allowed Leah to start getting data on the Precursors and start to translate their language) and so much more. Surprisingly a lot of this are just logs that have yet to be translated.

    Anyway the terminals had data on how to make Ion Crystals (so score!) and data on the locations of various Precursor facilities so Leah sent a few Scout Drones to each cache so we could start looking for the true prize.

    I know you're in there Precursors, you can't hide from me.

    So this all happened (sans talking with the Colonial Headquarters) while I was asleep so when I woke up I had to process all this info. Let it be known that even a morning person has a limit


    I yawn as I wake up, Leah at my side, gently caressing my arm to wake me up

    “I’m up” Jack says quickly getting up, half asleep, mid yawn, pushing the covers off of him and getting off the bed, looking to the side expecting someone

    “That was quick” she says looking at him

    “It’s a talent” Jack says with a smile before continuing “Thanks for waking me up Love”, taking his pyjama top off as he talked, his back exposed to her as everything around them changed and they appeared in a bedroom, a grey wall and a small screen in front of Jack.

    He taps the screen as part of the wall comes out, clothes following it as it turns into a closet.

    He looks over the clothes there pondering what to wear as dozens of suits sets sit in there, accompanied by the small amount of shirts and shoes.

    “So Love, what did you guys do while I slept?” Jack says as he pulls a black suit set, with a black shirt and black shoes, meticulously folding them on a pile on the end of the bed.

    He then takes them onto his arm, and gestures to Leah as she follows him and they leave the room.

    “Well Master, I was able to flood the Aurora with nanites and drones, which, as you might have not known hadn’t yet exploded. We got here just in time, because from what I was able to gather had we arrived a day later we would have witnessed the explosion. Anyway I was able to access the computer systems of the Aurora to gain control of the ship and copy it’s database.” she takes the tablet in her hands and flicks something out of it

    “I’ve sent you a list of the technology for your perusal when you have more time. The ship AI Dawn, helped me, Will and Ev fix the Dark Matter Drive core that was going to explode. We were also able to map out a substantial part of the world.
    We also built a few signal booster antennas in a few artificial Islands we made to broaden the bandwidth and allow us to contact the Colonial Headquarters, so you should be able to contact them at your earliest leisure. We waited for you to wake up so we didn't talk to them ourselves.”

    As she said this they arrived at a white bathroom, a shower complex of sorts. Jack passed through a specific door, entering a huge bathroom, with a massive shower. He put his clothes on a bench and entered the shower, Leah sitting on the same bench as the clothes

    As the sound of water hitting the ground starts to spread out Leah closes her eyes and leans against the wall, listening as Jack begins to whistle and sing

    ♫“How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean by providence impoverished, in squalor, grow up to be a hero and a scholar?”♫


    Two hours later

    ♫“I have the honor to be Your Obedient Servant! A dot Ham...A dot Burr”♫ Jack finishes singing as he pours milk into a bowl of chocolate cereals before walking over to his living room and sitting on his couch, grabbing the remote off the table and turning the huge tv on

    Leah who had been waiting for him in the couch, puts her head on his shoulder as they watch TV and Jack eats his breakfast.

    “Anyway Master” Leah says her head still on Jack’s shoulder “I was able to enter The Quarantine Enforcement Platform and analyse it inch by inch”

    “What?” Jack asks confused, shoving a spoonful of cereals into his mouth, still half focused at the TV

    “The Big Fuck-Off Gun” Leah clarifies

    “Ah ok, that’s amazing!” He says now completely focused on Leah, looking at her while still eating his “oh-so important bowl of cereal”.

    “We also found the sanctuaries where we think the Precursors have uploaded their minds.” she says pulling herself up and away from Jack’s shoulder

    “Wanna go get them? We built you a new suit to go there” she asks noticing Jack’s rising curiosity and enthusiasm

    Jack quickly puts the bowl and the remote on the table before getting up. He offers his hand to Leah and asks

    “Shall we milady?”

    “We shall” Leah says, getting up and taking his hand as they’re teleported over to a white lab, a special protective suit neatly folded on top of the counter next to him while another one was in front of him in a mannequin. As Jack saw all of this, Will and Ev entered the lab, Will speaking up

    “Beautiful right? We took the liberty of taking all suit designs and equipment from the Subnautica verse and heavily modifying them while also improving them and then using the Modification Station to create what you’re seeing there. Your own dive suit. (AN: Picture that but with legs instead of a tail)

    It’s a Heavy aramid fiber dive suit, lined with lead. It has shock absorption that reduces physical impact velocity by approximately 50% and it is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 70 degrees. It also fully protects against the effects of radiation during land, sea and space exploration and its is rated up to 400 Sv/hr. In the back it has a light plasteel tankand for the head gear we took the Radiation Suit Helmet and the Rebreather designs and with a bit designer magic we created the helmet you see here.

    It absorbs CO2 to recycle used air and in the case you encounter radiation it can instantly close off the entering of water so no risk there.” He explains before Ev continues where he left off

    “As my wonderful husband was about to say, the Modification Station really helped simplify the whole process. It’s capability to combine complex devices to enhance their function is really something else. Anyway after the helmet we took care of the fins, which are a mix of the Ultra Glide Fins and the Swim Charge ones, allowing for a 15% increase in speed while also enabling you to power your held item as you swim.” Ev smiles as she finished the three people looking at my reaction

    “Finally” Leah says taking over for Ev “the suit enhances your strength and has a secondary mode” she gestures to the suit and the legs connect, forming a tail similar to what a mermaid would have

    “We’ve dubbed it…the Poseidon Mk I....Thoughts?” she asks getting on top of a counter, a smile on her face

    Jack’s expression didn't change for a few seconds as he looked intently at the suit. A beam came out of his gauntlet enveloping him as he rapidly looked to the side at the squad, his head replaced by a horse’s as he lifts his finger in a thumbs up and says loudly

    I LOVE IT!


    One Embarrassingly long attempt at putting the suit on, which involved a lot of nakedness, later

    “This is actually quite comfy” Jack said tapping his arm, relishing in the feeling of the suit on his body

    “And it gets better” Will said as all the AI smirked. Something appeared from behind them, shadow and darkness hiding it before it’s foot came into the light

    “Oh...my...God” Jack said as a smile appeared in his face, followed by a 3 meter tall mech taking a step toward him

    “The P.R.A.W.N. Suit…” Jack said as he nodded to the AI and then the mech. All 4 nodded back as the PRAWN walked out of the lab and into the huge hallway. He then ran into one end of the hallway. Jack ran out, going to the other end. He then sprinted at full speed into the mech, meeting each other in the middle. The Prawn grabbed him mid air as Jack jumped onto the mech’s center, opening the mech’s “door” and putting Jack inside, sitting him on the chair.

    “Oh Fuck Yeah!” Jack said putting his arms into the arm holders and punching the air as the Prawn imitated his movements

    “So” Jack asks walking back into the lab and looking at the 3 AI who all had their arms crossed over their chests and smiles in their faces “Shall we go meet some Precursors?”


    30 Camera Drones floated into a secluded cave in the middle of the ocean as a Prawn Suit followed them at a safe distance

    Will’s face appeared on the right side of the Prawn’s glass as Jack kept walking, following the drones

    “I don’t see why you insist on having so many drones in front of you and keeping a distance from them. Aren’t you immortal?” Will asks, looking down and at the sides as he looks at the multiple computers around him, hitting keys and flipping switches

    “I might be immortal Will” Jack says, starting to see the green neon lines that permeate the walls of the cave, accompanied by metal parts that were permanent staples of what Precursor architecture we knew “But I can still feel pain and I’m not retarded” Jack says before continuing “Which is probably what I’ll become if a group of super duper evil scientist aliens find me. Now, I’m not saying the Precursors are bad, but I just want to cover my options”

    As Jack finishes saying this, Will’s screen shrinks as Leah and Ev appear in screens next to him. Leah is the first one to speak and she does so with a serious look in her face

    “We’re receiving a message that’s being broadcasted out from the temple. That, and the drones found a small group of 7 Precursor Drones at the entrance” she explains looking at Jack, waiting for something

    Jack ponders for a while before saying “What does the message say?”

    “This is the ■■■■■■■■■ Sanctuary A, please identify”

    “Send them a message Leah, tell them who we are and that we come in peace. Tell them I’ll come alone and unharmed if need be.”

    Leah’s eyes narrowed as she looked at Jack but nodded anyway

    A few minutes then passed before anyone spoke, that was till Leah broke the silence

    “They said that that was acceptable. They said and I quote, “Leave the mech at the entrance and enter”

    “Good” Jack said as he reaches the entrance at the end of the cave, seeing 7 alien drones outside and dozens inside

    “Fuckin Aliens, making me get out of my comfy mech” Jack said as the Prawn’s door opened and he came out, his suit regulating the temperature and pressure to a cozy state

    He looked at the drones and tipped his imaginary hat, before turning to the entrance and walking to the door’s controls, the purple artifact appearing in his hand as he put it on the pedestal. The pedestal opened itself up and allowed the key to enter, a green vein like pattern reaching out from the artifact into the rest of the pedestal

    As this finished happening the green force field disappeared, signalling that the key had done it’s job

    Jack then walked through the doorway, looking at the dozens of drones that surrounded him and analysing the new area around him.

    He took the beauty of the temple in [AN:Keep in mind that this picture isn't exactly like what Jack is seeing. The surroundings are similar except instead of there being more openings, there is only the entrance and one door in front of the ceiling gun. The rest I’ll describe next], studying it in depth. The grey walls and roof were lined with green neon lines, while the middle of the room had a pedestal of sorts that looked like someone had built a gun on the ceiling that was shooting a green beam at a smaller gun on the ground pointed up. There were about 10 Ion Crystals on each side of the room and around the gun there stood a “sanctuary” of sorts.

    Jack walked forward to the end of the room, inspecting the pseudo gun in the center and looking at the multiple Ion crystals and drones. Once he reached the door he entered it and inspected his new surroundings.

    One pedestal stood at the end of this room, similar in design to a huge opened hallway, other pedestals with ion crystals littering each side of the room and serving as light sources.


    “Greetings, Great and Powerful Precursor. I humbly request a meeting” I said putting my forearm over my chest and bowing like a butler would

    “Your audience is granted” said a booming male voice. It wasn't deep per se, at least no more deep than Jack’s own but it had a artificial pang to it, like it’s metaphorical edges were robotic.

    As the voice spoke a soundwave like transmission emitted out of the Precursor terminal through a huge hologram

    “Thank you.” I said giving another, although shallower bow “I know from what data we have been able to gather that your race is one with psychic abilities. I don't know the range of your technology so I’ll assume you somehow have technology that allows you to use telepathy while digitized so as such, I will not bullshit you with half truths and petty attempts at your technology. I came here to this planet with the intent of saving the people who crash landed due to your orbital laser and the intent to salvage their technology so I may improve the quality of life for my world, my family and many others.” I said while my whole being screamed at me to take care, and I was not surprised by it. I’d always been a calculating kid, hell I’d think 10 times about what to say if you asked me something as simple as how my weekend had been.

    So I continued “I’d be lying to you if I said I hadn't been giddy about the idea of meeting you.” I said with a chuckle at my own admition of enthusiasm “I came from a time where your technology was the thing of dreams and the existence of aliens was still an uncertain possibility, although a pretty certain one if you ask me. And now? Now I’m stuck outside of my own universe.” I finished with a look of well...not anger but just...sad memories

    “Anyway” I said calming down a bit as the memories went away “I want to establish a experimental parole period with you. I’m in this multi universal scientific organization and I’d like to offer you a position as my chief biologist. That is if after a period of time we both decide that we want this to happen. I do not know you enough to trust you and you don't trust me either so I think that is the best course of action. Because the truth is, I don't want your technology, I mean if I want I can find universes with technology on par with yours. What I really want is someone like you, a scientist with great skill in the field of biology”

    I explained as I focused my thoughts not wanting to ruin this oh so important meeting.

    After I had finished and a few seconds had passed the voice responded

    “We request clarification on the objectives and intentions of your organization." He said, speaking in a way eerily similar to Spock from the new Star Trek movies

    “Sure” I said trying to put my hands in my pockets on reflex before realizing this suit didn't have any pockets “My organization’s goal is to create an ever-expanding empire where beings and species from across the omniverse converge to share knowledge, intelligence, and skills, all with the express purpose of creating the best civilization we can. A place where people like us can study without the risk of persecution. Where your race or species doesn't matter and what does is your skills and your ability to better our cause! Where your physical limitations are simply a momentary setback and not a disability!” I say, my voice raised as I try to convince this being that I’m not bullshiting him

    "Empires rise and fall. Yours will be no different. Between many races amongst the cosmos at large, distrust and suspicion will work against you. Logistically speaking, your empire is destined to one day crumble... However, we have been watching you closely Jack. Your interest in the technology of not only us, but the Children of Sol is most interesting. Yet, from what the Warpers, as you Children of Sol call them, indicate you have been seeding the ocean with autonomous drones. These drones use principles that are very distinct from what even your own race who have breached quarantine have. The prospect of other such examples of new forms of technology interest us greatly. However, concerning these unique drones, tell us, what is their purpose?" He retorted and questioned

    "Reconnaissance mostly. A blind man is a dead one. If you're asking for their more specific purpose then that's a more complex question. There are the Camera Drones which do recon, the Worker Drones which gather resources, the transportation drones that bring me the resources gathered by the Worker Drones and finally the Containment Drones that gather enough samples of the flora and fauna to create stable populations free of Carar." I explain, my gauntlet displaying holograms of each type of drone.

    A few seconds then passed before either of us spoke, the Precursor thinking about what I had just said

    "How do you plan on ridding the infection?" He said breaking the silence

    "We're going to use a genetically modified Bacteriophage, which will also suppress Carar's ability to reproduce. It will also ONLY replicate with Carar so once it's all gone, the phage will go extinct. If everything goes according to plan all Carar will be gone in less than a week." I explain pointing my gauntleted hand up as a graphs and a simulation of the event I'm describing appear holographically projected so the Precursor can see. And as I finish saying it a smile forms on my face after I describe what I think will be a very successful plan.

    "We will oversee your extermination of the Carar pathogen." He said with a finality to it. This wasn't a request, it was a order.

    "Which raises the question of how you intend to do that while you're a...you know... temple. I assume you'll use the Spider drones but seeing how they're never away from the Sanctuaries I kind of doubt their effectiveness to distance ratio.” I respond, in a questioning tone

    It was at this point that a Warper appeared next to me seemingly from nowhere.

    I raised my hand and index finger up in a pondering manner before flicking my hand and pointing my thumb at the Warper, saying "Point taken. Actually please keep him there for a sec, I've always wanted to see an alien up close"

    After I said this I turned around to face the Warper, getting closer to inspect it. Its body was mostly covered with a thick, purple, cloak-like skin overlaying its translucent pale blue body. Visible within its body was a dark purple rib cage-like formation, many bright pink bioluminescent veins and what appeared to be a heart. It also featured two spiked arms cloaked with a transparent blue membrane. The Warper's lower section consisted of six tentacles, of which only two transparent blue tentacles were used for propulsion, while the rest served as the end tips of its main body's cloak.

    Its head was round and flat, with two small flat sacs visible behind it. It sported a circular mouth comprising of a pair of mandibles on either side and two large, blunt teeth in the centre. It also had four small eyes that gave out a distinct magenta bioluminescent glow.

    "You’re a creepy little fucker now aren't ya" I asked rhetorically

    "This unit will allow us to observe your attempts to cure the Carar. Should you prove successful, we will speak again."

    “Well then, I bid you good day sir” I say doing a deep bow with a imaginary musketeer hat in hand “Come along H” I say turning around and gesturing to the Warper to follow me “We got work to do”

    Had Jack looked at H the Warper after speaking that first sentence he would have seen the creature's eyes narrow. One sentence rang through it’s head as this happened and as he walked behind the man in question “Bitch I’m beautiful”
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    “So...” Jack said as he walked over to Will who sat in his workshop, a office of sorts with a bunch of holographic screens around him, his eyes glowing bright blue as he interfaced with the systems. Next to both of them, on a few metal tables, stood various different examples of old and primitive looking robots. On the wall there had been neatly and lovingly placed mementos, small scraps of memories from a passed life. A photo of a much younger Will with a black and white robe receiving a diploma

    “...how is it going? Any luck with fusing the different types of AI?” He asked with a curious yet somewhat doubtful tone

    Passing his hand over his face and eyes, a tic that had remained from his human days of programming for hours, he sighed and spoke, his eyes still blue, which meant that as he talked he kept working “Some. There are partial similarities between my research and the data we’ve got on Ev and me and what we got from the Aurora, and even if there wasn’t I’m sure I could figure it out, seeing as how they seemed to have used the same starting principles that I learned about in college, plus it’s all in a digital format so my filtering through the data can be done in a heartbeat. The real problem is that these” He says pointing at the robots on the table “use a completely different system, some sort of non-standardized steampunk hardware based system that is hybridised with a strange digital language and a weirder OS. They aren’t fully digital like us, so all their seemingly clockwork programming resides in these “robotic brains” in a format that is somewhat hard to understand and consequently interfacing with them was, to say the least, quite difficult. Hell, these robots aren’t even completely similar, like every piece of technology in that universe they seem to be handmade and not mass produced, leading to a bunch of inefficiencies” He explains, frustration permeating his words

    “Well what did you expect?” Jack asked, from a chair on Will’s right, having sat down while he explained “This is a world with, from what I’ve managed to dig up, no concept of personal computers. Hell, I’m still surprised that they have digital system and stunned by the idea that somehow, someone in someway managed to program a basis for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of robots, all without access to even one of those old desktop Windows PCs. Still they have digital systems right? Shouldn't it be easy for you to understand and manipulate their coding through that?”

    “They do” Will clarified, pulling up holographic schematics and sending them over to Jack with a wave, who then caught them in the air and expanded them with a flick of his fingers “But they’re not like me and Ev or the ones in the Aurora. How can I put this?” He rhetorically asked before snapping his fingers and turning around to face Jack, a knowing smile appearing over his face

    “Think of them sort of like the robots in that Fallout game series you had me researching. They have a Operating System and technically they have digital data that an AI like me could access and read but that doesn't mean that it’ll automatically translate itself as soon as I come into contact with it. It takes time to create the needed algorithms, software and hardware required to decode their tech.”

    “Still, I wasn’t the foremost specialist on Artificial Intelligence on Earth for nothing.” He says, his hands intertwined together in front of his face, before coughing and saying softly “Being in a few supercomputers helped” before gesturing to the side, causing a holographic screen to appear, showing hundreds of different colored lines of code converging and morphing into a orange core “I was able to grasp their core design principles and compile what I had on their hardware and that specific analogue “language” through a decoding and translating algorithm, in order to create a sort of hybrid of all the types we had. With that, designing a unified intelligence matrix that is both able to access digital mediums and connect to these hardware based robot brains while being more protected from hacking on both sides was a lot easier. Hell, if I wasn't the one designing it, I'd be in a loop trying to figure out how to access its analog processor and half-digital matrix”

    Jack stood there, letting the information sink in before walking closer to Will, opening his mouth to respond “So basically…” and then waiting for a few seconds before putting his hand on Will’s shoulders and shaking him a bit, saying, with a huge smile on his face “...that big head of yours is actually justifiable!”

    “Yeah, yeah, fuck you” Will said in a playful tone, his own smile forming as he fixed his shirt that had developed wrinkles and had gotten ruffled from the pushing and pulling “But, let's be honest, can you blame me? It’s not everyday one is able to do this kind of thing” He continued, letting himself flow into his chair in confort, his eyes closed as he relaxed

    He sat there for a few seconds in silence before he sensed breathing against his ear and then heard whispered into it “What about those Laser Guns though?”

    At this Will turned around quickly with a “You motherfucker!”, his body, which had previously been calm and still, surged with a burst of intent, launching itself at the person that had previously stood behind the chair. The person in question though, did not stay still in his previous position. He jumped back and turned around, sprinting toward the doorway with the sound of laughter echoing from his throat

    Will’s eyes, which had followed his friend’s movements far faster than his body could react, sent a signal to his “brain”, telling it to get up and follow after the offender of such a blow, a signal that the body gladly followed, speeding after Jack with a speed that only a Robot or Nanite-Enhanced Human could produce.

    “I’m going to kick your ass Jack, mark my words!” His words ringing through the long hallways as he ran faster and faster, his right arm positioning itself in a manner that would release the most kinetic energy when it hit an object

    “Fuck...you!” Jack said as he saw that William was catching up. Quickly realizing that he would be caught if he kept with his tactic, he decided to take a page from the Americans’ book, changing the direction he was facing, and surging forward toward Will, taking him (slightly) by surprise as he tackled the AI, grabbing onto the man’s legs and pulling him up. Before he could do anything else though, William moved his dominant arm, punching his Master on the back of the shoulder, which caused him to drop him onto the ground and fall in turn

    Lying there on the ground, Jack, who was breathing heavily with the fatigue, asked his friend who had patiently lied there for a second “Truce?”

    “Truce” William responded calmly “But if you mention those sodding pistols again I’ll kick your bloody arse, doesn't matter if you’re getting used to the nanites”

    “Wow, you must really be mad about those, you don't normally fall back on those Oxford years.” Jack said with surprise tinging his voice

    “Fuck yes I am. Bloody things are backwards in their creation. Ironically Evelyn seems to have a much easier time studying and understanding them” Will responded with frustration as he put both his hands over his face, covering his eyes

    All Will heard for the next few seconds was silence accompanied by the slightest vibrations of movement against the floor. He opened a single eye and looked as Jack, who had quietly gotten up and bent forward, his left arm spread toward Will in a gesture to pull him up

    “I’m sure you’re going to make those guns your bitch Will. I believe in you” He said with a smile

    William could only smile back as he took the offered hand and tugged gently, signaling Jack to pull him up. Once that was done, Jack put his arm around his friend’s shoulder as they walked back to the workshop

    A few minutes later, as the quietly and slowly walked back, Jack asked a question as something had just come back to him “Wait….whose working on the Carar Cure?”

    “I thought Leah was” Will responded rotating his head to the side and a bit up to look at Jack’s face

    “Really? I thought Leah was working on improving my body.”

    “That’s already been done. What did you think those nanites were doing in your bloodstream? Cleaning your cholesterol level?”

    “Among other things, yeah” Jack asked with a laugh

    “Well no shit Einstein, did you figure that out all by yourself?” Will responded as they finally passed through the doorway into his office

    “Fuck you and the nanite infested horse you rode on, you fucking prick. Just make sure this little project doesn’t come back to bite us in the ass Glados style.” Jack said before looking up and closing his eyes with a deep breath as William got back to work, his eyes turning bright blue again

    “How long do you think it will take to finish this up?” He asked as Will’s eyes turned back to normal

    “Just a few minutes, I have to complete and check a few things. Don’t worry, I’ll call you when it’s ready” Will said while Jack kept his eyes closed and his breathing slow and steady

    ‘Leah?’ Jack said in his mind, throwing it out into the black abyss that is one’s mind

    ‘Yes, Master?’ She sent back, a small blue light there in the depths of the blackness

    ‘How are your efforts with Carar going? Are you any closer to a cure?’ He asked

    ‘We’re currently working on the animal trials and those seem to be looking promising, so if everything goes well we should be able to finish up in a few days after all the tests and precautions.

    ‘We? Is Ev helpin you out already?

    ‘Yeah’ Leah answered, a sheepish smile somehow translating through the mental connection 'She finished up the laser pistol project so I asked her for some help with this. Virology isn’t my forte’

    ‘Yeah well, you’ve already got trans-universal transportation and biological modification on lock-down, it’d be a pretty dick move if your creators had given you the knowledge on how to create plagues too Love. Anyway looks like Will’s about done with our own project, so I’m gonna go talk to him about that. Talk to you later honey. Good luck!’ Jack said before sending a “feeling”, for a lack of a better word, of love through.

    ‘You too baby. Knock’em dead’

    A laugh burst out of Jack as he “heard” that ‘Watch out for that phrasing “Ultron”’

    And with that he pulled himself out from his mind, focusing on Will who had just turned toward him

    “It’s done boss. I’m ready when you are” Will said with a small laugh at the boss part before tapping a few last keys

    “Well let’s do it then. Let’s create life” Jack said with a smile

    “Shall you do the honors?” Will said gesturing to the enter key

    Jack just smiled “I’d be honored.” He leaned down as his index and middle finger hovered over the key “Welcome home Jarvis” he said as his fingers finally touched it

    And in that nano-second, among those millions of lines of code, a newborn being opened his digital eyes and received from one of his creators a voice recording of that very final line

    Author's Note: So here it is. 8 Months later but like I promised I didn't (and won't ever) give up on this. I hope you guys liked it, I do (though I do think that exchange between Leah and Jack might have felt a bit off and rushed but that was actually the last thing I wrote after writing the ending so that is not only possible but also probable). Tell me what you thought of the chapter and any ideas or opinions regarding the story itself you might have