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Absolute Divinity (JoJo DIO SI!)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by JBukharin, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Threadmarks: Giovinezza (1)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Capitolo Primo: Giovinezza (1)

    When I blinked myself out of the coat of shadows that had welcomed my mind during this slumber, I wouldn’t have thought to find myself dealing with quite the absurd predicament.

    ‘Bizarre’ would fit too, especially if some considered the circumstances that saw my sudden insertion within the strangest of times and worlds.

    My eyes had to squint and blink for some time, growing more and more accustomed with the dim light giving a bare display of my current setting, my previously-slumbering mind forced quickly out of its usual recovery and right on the panic-inducing predicament I was being part of.

    This wasn’t my room, nor was I sitting by my bed.

    The rumbling, the noises of horses, the voice of a man directing the animals right through the muddy path before him and…

    I was in a moving carriage directed Gods know where.

    It was a very old model, something I instantly picked up by the lack of proper comfy pillows as my buttock was starting to grow sore at merely relaxing upon that sturdy piece of cloth.

    There were Victorian decorations placed all over its inner wall, those were possibly there to try and give its interior some ‘elegance’, failing short as the stinging scent of the nature all around the vehicle, which managed to enter thanks to the small openings offered by the windows near the little door to the outside, diluted if not shattered the illusion of a pleasant trip into the unknown.

    Once I got a complete look of the setting, I found myself exploring something that shouldn’t have changed with this curious awakening and… yet it had.

    I was shorter, tinier and… younger.

    I glanced down, ignoring for just a moment the prim and proper dress that was known to many rich children back in the nineteenth century, my pair of eyes widening in slight confusion and nervousness as I saw how small my hands were compared to the previous day.

    Blinking at the hint that my body had somehow changed overnight, I was quickly rummaging at the little brown baggage set near to my seat, my main task trying to find a specific object that, possibly, was there to assist me in validate my new concerns.

    I found a little circular mirror, it was pretty small and quite ruined as its screen was filled with some dust and some mold, causing me to frown as… why would I be carrying something moldy in such an expensive vehicle.

    The answer to that silent query was presented when I finally glimpsed at the reflective texture of the tiny thing and… my mind suddenly brought an end to this mystery.

    A pair of orange orbs showed the same amount as my inner surprise, my sight scanning frantically and almost furiously at the mostly unfamiliar face as this couldn’t be reality.

    This had to be a dream, a pesky and perverted derivation of my delirious state of mind during a feverish night.

    There couldn’t be alternatives but… I brought my hand to my chin, the youthful figure on the other side of the mirror following my action and proceeding to copy my brief chin-scratching as I mourned the lack of my goatee.

    My face lacked any facial hair excluding my hair, something that even more confirmed that I was looking at my reflection.

    This young blond boy, this confused and so terrible individual…

    Why was I looking at Dio Brando?

    An ever-present threat within the Jojo series, the man that tried to become invincible before succumbing to a religious euphoria that drove him to seek the Heavens.

    A megalomaniac, but a resourceful and dangerous one with the intriguing mind that his narcissistic sanity had attached too.

    A monstrous individual, someone that came so close to achieve true victory even while rotting in hell thanks to the aide of his closest friend.

    And I was stuck in his youngest form known. I- I was Dio Brando!

    Everything came crashing down onto my poor soul, from the crime already committed by the murder of Dario Brando to the main objective the young ‘Invader’ had planned to go through by trying to ‘steal’ the Joestar’s riches.

    I was stuck in the mortal coils of the greatest antagonist in this universe, devoid of any of its true power and unleashed potentiality.

    There was no vampire-related abilities, nor I had a Stand capable like 「The World」 to fight off any menace that persisted to end my very existence.

    Time was essential for those that sought true dominance over the planet, in fact it was the prime element that reigned over everything and everyone.

    And I, a mere human with mere knowledge, was granted the chance of achieving the final reward of a glorious plan and much more if I was careful to take the proper decisions and actions to assure it all.

    I could do so much given proper peace and no distractions.

    I could create a better world to control and lead, to bring world-peace and prosperity without facing any threatening opposition… if I was careful enough to not warrant any of my future ‘fateful enemies’ to come and hunt me.

    It was all about carefulness and planning out the proper path to follow so that I could achieve the maximum reward with the minimum effort.

    It was a golden opportunity, truly a divine intervention that granted me the chance of bring forth a new era to this world!

    Just as I concluded those musings, I felt the carriage slowing down its pace and then… it came to a pause.

    My thoughts were smoothly drowned as I let my own state of masterful composure, born from experience and practice, to take over the expressions of my new face as I prepared for quite the encounter.

    I didn’t need to create issues with the one waiting just outside the vehicle, I didn’t certainly need to spark the Dio-Joestars rivalry that would see me failing horribly and painfully.

    I was too attached to life to consider falling onto the overly-childish attitude displayed by the younger Dio and his self-destructive anger toward rich people.

    But I couldn’t certainly behave too ‘kindly’ with the fellow, I needed to keep myself polite and ‘friendly’ before the gullible young man that was Jonathan Joestar.

    So I slowly stood up from my seat, ignoring my aching legs as I took hold of my baggage with both of my hands, and I moved to leave the limited place.

    The door opened calmly, part of my giddy self almost demanding to try and pull off the same dramatic stunt the blond achieved in Canon… but I wasn’t in the general mood to fail epicly thanks to my uncoordinated sense of mind-body.

    While my body had changed, my mind had remained untouched and… still prone to commit quite the awkward physical reactions when given the unique opportunities.

    Descending from the small height between the carriage’s room and the floor, I closed the door behind me and… I turned to see the approaching young man, blinking in minor surprise at how similar he was to the animated version.

    The only difference I could perceive was that his hair was much more darker than outright dark-blue, which was convenient considering that this period of time had yet to experience the full bizarre style that Araki is known for.

    “You are Dio Brando, right?” The young Joestar inquired in quite the blunt manner, slightly nervous but still showing some emotion over the need of portraying etiquette.

    One of the flaws that the boy was known for early on in his life, something that got him chided by his father numerous times… and for good reasons.

    Newspapers and textbooks about the Victorian Age displayed the strictness in which some wealthy family were living, far from the easy-going pace that many of the modern nobles were known for.

    And in a society where etiquette, money and social stature mattered over emotions and facts? People needed to adapt to conveniently survive any bad reaction to certain ‘wrong’ attitudes.

    So, while I showed a polite and regal smile at the brash Jojo, I felt some pity at how unfortunate life was going to be with me now around him.

    Not because I was going to create any chaotic circumstance to make him suffer, but rather I was sure George Joestar, his father would be blissfully dense enough to start some ‘nonexistent competition’ to try and push his son to achieve much more than mere laziness.

    “And you must be Jonathan Joestar,” I carefully replied, knowing full well how the discussion would escalate and, if I played my cards well, I could also get some starting point to influence the naive youth.

    “Everyone calls me JoJo. Nice to meet you too.” He seemed to gain confidence at the lack of negative connotations from my voice, but I was more interested over his nickname.

    I could understand Joseph and the other members of the Joestar family as it wouldn’t be difficult to see the context that drove family and friends to adopt such a nickname… but Jonathan?

    Why would someone call someone ‘Jojo’ in Victorian Britain? It wasn’t like his father had gone to India or Asia- Actually that might be the case as the mask had to have come from Asia, Africa or some other place away from Europe.

    Just as I concluded that line of thoughts, I felt something warm and wet reach for my fingers and I almost jumped in surprise when I saw a certain barking Great Dane trying to gain my attention and my reaction.

    Tail waggling excitedly at my arrival, I could help but have a smile appear on my face as I carefully tried to caress its fur.

    The pet seemed to notice the attempt, leaning on and letting my fingers cautiously scratch the top of its head, more than happy to accept the kind return.

    I had my fair share of experience with animals, both dogs and cats, so while Dio might have found the animal to be a pest, I was actually seeing this puppy to be nothing more than an adorable and playful thing to have around.

    A soft bark accentuated the appreciation for the gesture and I noticed a brief chuckle coming by the side.

    “See? He doesn’t bite?”

    But he used to bite you a lot, JoJo, in fact you were also keen to retaliate with rocks until he saved you from drowning in a river.

    I didn’t tell him that, my attention returned to the dog as Danny tried to stand on its hinder legs to try and give my face a lick or two, to which much to his dismay I was forced to back away from as I couldn’t certainly exaggerate with the planned meeting with the true owner of this mansion.

    Speaking of the devil, George Joestar decided to appear in that very moment, instead of the worried expression of dealing with some childish rivalry he was showing a mirthful smile at the interaction I was having with the family’s pet.

    “I see that you have made the acquaintance with JoJo and Danny, Dio,” The man commented happily, nodding at his son before giving me his full attention. “Please, do come inside.”

    I nodded back, following Jonathan inside while ignoring the giddy dog as he was taken by one of the servants outside to keep him busy.

    The entrance room of such a massive mansion proved to be powerful compared to the original scene as I was given the chance of looking around discretely over the various statues and artefacts that were there displayed for everyone to see.

    I merely glanced at the Stone Mask, a chill going down my spine at the mere power hidden behind such a seemingly-innocuous object, but I still kept my attention onto the conversation.

    I wasn’t going to slight anyone anytime soon… that is until I have a ‘reason’ and a backup plan to avoid dealing with any dangerous effects against me.

    “I welcome you to my home, Dio,” George continued, now in front of the rest of the servants working in this house, three butlers and three maids. “You will considered as part of our family.”

    The noble turned to look at the curious workers and nodded.

    “Everyone, I owe my life to this young man’s father. Treat him as you would JoJo.”

    “Yes, my lord,” The leading butler, possibly the head of the group, replied before bowing with the rest of the servants.

    “Dio, this is now going to be your home. Understand that I will treat you as you were my own son,” He concluded with a careful smile, trying to not appear nervous himself over the curious development in their lives.

    Still, I decided to bow at him. “I’m flattered and thankful of your hospitality, Lord Joestar.”

    “You and Jojo are both young men and I wish for you both to enjoy each other’s presence from now on,” The older Joestar patted his son’s shoulder. “But from what I’ve seen, I can already tell you two are going to be good friends.”

    Friends without much deception. I don’t want to get Hamon’d anytime soon after all.

    “This way, Dio. I’ll show you your room.”

    I nodded again at his words, this time giving attention to pick up my baggage instead of drawing Jonathan’s attention back on me and, as I walked up the stairs, I heard the young man speak.

    “I’ll show you the nearby river, Dio. It’s a nice place where to rest and read in peace.”

    If you ignore the constant presence of bullies and the chances of drowning there if its too agitated.

    I gave him a polite nod. “I will wait for that then,” I replied with a small smile before returning to follow George to where I was supposed to live for years… until the opportunity to truly strike would appear for me to grasp onto.

    Yes, a better plan for higher chances of success against my possible enemies.

    Once the old Joestar concluded his brief tour of the living quarters, I was granted some time to unload my baggage in the proper places prepared to hold my personal bearings.

    I was quick with this task, but instead of rushing to intervene in the lunch scene that was soon to happen, I decided to sit for a moment on my new bed, feeling tired and somewhat in need of some silence to think about my next few steps.

    I wasn’t certainly going to try and aim for the Joestar’s inheritance, knowing well enough that the gold of the family wasn’t enough to deal with the animosity any attempt of usurping the title of heir would create with JoJo.

    The young man was naive, not stupid. He might sound flawed, but he still had some inner strengths that were better kept away from being used on me.

    But while I didn’t sought the acquisition of that money, I was still interested in two things that George could entrust to me given the proper amount of time and influence that I could gain in those few years.

    I needed that mask.

    I wasn’t planning to use it, still wary of losing my logical sense of thought and humanity by accepting a vampiric body, but I still wanted to keep it around for me to study and possibly gain some minor ability from it without fully turning in a blood-sucker.

    I needed to have a mean to make a trip to the United States.

    If I was quick enough and used my limited knowledge of untapped sources of oil, I could have easily made millions out of little investment, maybe even become a proper replacement for Speedwagon considering I wanted to have little about the current criminal in Ogre Street.

    It was all out of respect, of course, as I didn’t want to even maim someone as intriguing as the fellow blond, but I couldn’t just ignore the opportunity of creating something of a more active Speedwagon Foundation.

    Huffing for just a moment, I stood up from my bed with my polite posture restored and my mind preparing for the little lunch event that was going to become another important step to influence JoJo in ‘not kill me when the time come’.

    What time and when? Now, that is a secret that I wouldn’t wish to give out so easily to anyone…

    Unless you are willing to give up「The World」 for me~.

    But while our ambiguous protagonist proceeded smoothly in what looked to be an easy beginning in a world ripe for his conquering, Fate had long decided to introduce a new contender to bring balance to the table.

    Who is the true antagonist of this story?



    This is born out of boredom, might be a oneshot considering my schedule. I will see by the attention it receives and…


    Still, before anyone ask, no. It will not be a story were the MC will steamroll his way to success (or at least not until much later on) so… NO ROADROLLER, but expect lots of twists and confusing turning points for the tale of Phantom Blood and so on.

    I also don’t plan to make it too lengthy as I know it would stretch too much the already limited material afforded by Part 1 and 2, so I might do something crazy after I’m done with this story… if I decide to continue.

    Write down a feedback, even a fart would do, so that I know if the idea is Gud or Not-Gud.

    Last edited: Feb 14, 2020
  2. Edifier

    Edifier Trusted within thoughts.

    Aug 31, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Dio, Dio, Dio!
    Will Dio seek to grasp the power of breath? It's uncertain if he would have the aptitude, fates may not be as kind. But aiming to get the power speedwagon had, get monopolies and more. It's impressive in its own right.
    Using the ambitions and greatness granted by his body, his mind. I am excited!
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  3. George Mathew

    George Mathew Getting out there.

    Jun 26, 2018
    Likes Received:
    I wonder. I truly wonder what you will do to the story.
    JBukharin likes this.
  4. Digsjin

    Digsjin Verified Spook

    Mar 2, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Several things I'd like to mention, he should start trying to learn Hamon as soon as possible OTL! Vampire Straizo was much stronger than Vampire Dio without a stand also, try to pick up Spin on your own, apparently its really easy to learn and hard to master but could end up being really helpful and just of curiosity what is your headcanon if a human uses the mask in conjunction with the Red Stone of Aja? I think they would become a Vampire that isn't harmed by the sun, something I'd be keen on doing along with getting a Stand as soon as possible and maybe finding Anubis as he's currently locked up in some museum in Egypt I belive.
  5. JBukharin

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Not exactly. While in the anime isn't mentioned, in the Manga it's stated that Dio did train up his form and became much stronger than fresh vampires. Straizo admitted that he didn't try to train or understand the full potential of his powers, rushing to try and kill Joseph and possibly hoping to train after killing Joseph.
    Considering also that his great advantage was crippled (eh, the puns) when he became a vampire, I would say that he would die against a Part 1 Dio.
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  6. Lady Godiva

    Lady Godiva Making the rounds.

    Feb 1, 2020
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    Jesus, please don't tell me you're adding another reincarnator.
  7. JBukharin

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Not truly. No.
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  8. XulaYuki

    XulaYuki Not too sore, are you?

    Nov 15, 2019
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    will dio learn hammon then since he not going vamp and in jojo other then stand hamon is basicly the other super power
  9. JBukharin

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Can't say much without bringing any spoilers, so I will just say that 'Dio learning Hamon' is a possibility.
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  10. NowaifuNolaifu

    NowaifuNolaifu Oh myyyyy...

    Nov 4, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Thing is Hamon might influence his stand. Tompeti's scrying is very much like Hermit Purple (How did that goof even got a support stand?) And iirc Araki said that if a stand user were to see Jonathan by the ind of Phantom Blood they might see the beginings of HP's-like vines.

    Is not bad but unless you plan on gathering arrowheads or corpse pieces it wouldnt be much help
  11. Skyfish

    Skyfish Making the rounds.

    May 9, 2019
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    Fucking up history would end up butterflying Lisa Lisa and Joseph Joestar away. And without Joseph, there's gonna be Straizo, Santana + Aztec Fitness Gods to fight.
  12. NowaifuNolaifu

    NowaifuNolaifu Oh myyyyy...

    Nov 4, 2015
    Likes Received:
    They are like over 50 years away, plenty of time to get a stand or even just do the convoluted heaven thing
  13. Threadmarks: Giovinezza (2)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Capitolo Primo: Giovinezza (2)

    JoJo was much worse that I had expected him to be.

    Of course I was referring in terms of manner as, despite considering himself a young gentleman, his early instance of informality when I first met him was… just the tip of a massive and troublesome iceberg.

    Albeit trying his best as usual, the issue behind his current state of misery wasn’t actually connected to an active intervention of mine against him… but his own father trying his best to create some competition between me and his son.

    While he sounded to mean well and I was fairly sure he was trying to be a proper father, his model of ‘proper’ was antiquate to what it should have been as it was flawed by the ideals imposed by the Victorian Age.

    Productivity born from discipline, refined by stern words and actions so that it could led to the ‘modern Englishman’.

    It was something that had become clear the moment the two of us were trying our first session together for home-schooling.

    There was no elementary school, or not a private one considering the wealth the Joestar family was known to have and… that was both a good thing and a terrible one.

    Both for me and JoJo.

    Textbooks were easy to understand and to complete in little time because of my advanced education and my excellent knowledge of ‘future details of the subjects’.

    I was quick, too much quick as I noticed while completing the first set of exercises and… I almost caught up with Jojo.

    Simple Math problems, I was expecting some easy tasks from this but to actually shrug off three to four pages in less than an hour was… overkill.

    I was glad that George didn’t think much of it, I was still behind to the topics Jonathan was currently dealing with and, knowing how the competition would rise from that instance, I decided to forcefully hinder my own pace for the sake of avoiding some unpleasant use of the whip the older Joestar had brought for the occasion.

    Corporal punishment wasn’t certainly somesight I wished to be granted as of now, knowing full well that the least I was turned into the ‘cause’ of JoJo’s suffering, the less I would have to deal with a suspicious and non-trusting young man in the near future.

    Instead of denigrating the dark-haired boy, I decided to act on the opposite spectrum and actually give him tips over some of the problems that were keeping him stuck.

    It was all done subtly, either when his father excused himself for some urgent meeting, some paperwork that required his attention or mere bathroom breaks.

    At first he was skeptical of my advice, rightfully so as I was still ‘far behind’ his current level of education, but the reckoning of my intervention would happen mere moments after.

    The moment he tried to apply those few instructions on paper and then patiently decided to wait for George’s correction, Jonathan quickly realized from the man’s praise over some of the simplified answers to the exercises assigned were more than a proof of my genuine capacity in doing this kind of homework.

    An inquiry ensued after two days of constant helping, about why I was giving him just suggestions and not complete solutions to the exercise.

    I snorted calmly at that blunt questioning, my mind so quick to remind me that I was still dealing with a naive young man that was still as pampered and spoiled as any rich boys in Great Britain.

    “You are meant to learn from those exercises,” I replied with a polite tone. “While I can give you some help, the rest is up to you. Do you wish to grow into a properly-educated man or just rely on everyone without growing out of your current state of mind?”

    I could have spared him some mercy over the complicated terms used, but I was gladly confirmed by the following days that he had indeed understood the message I wanted to send through.

    Innocent as he was, JoJo was still smart enough to catch up with any important details about his life and, by mentioning ‘a properly-educated man’, his mind took it as a rightful step to become a ‘true gentleman’.

    Something that offered me just an insight over his ideal future, his wishes for his adulthood, and I couldn’t help but mirthfully consider how he would certainly become one all because of me.

    In fact, his interest in keeping an attentive look over any suggestions of mine grew immensely by the time my second lunch here at the Joestar Mansion unfolded, my eyes constantly darting from the boy to his father… before repeating this loop in a more subtle and careful manner.

    The first experience was dreadful to look at for multiple reasons.

    When I said that JoJo didn’t have manners, I wasn’t trying to exaggerate or sound overly-pompous. I was trying to curtly summarize the little habit he had during eating, his attempt to rush the food without any care of the world…

    Which subsequently got his father to chide him multiple times because of the new circumstances.

    Albeit I was considered a ‘member of the Joestar Family’, my presence here on the first few days was seen more as a guest than that.

    I was a fresh spectator which knew about the intricate rules about being mindful by the table, to not act like a complete slob and keep a semi-formal and polite attitude around those times.

    Jonathan seemingly missed the memo, or at least he looked like that from the surprised look born from those lectures coming from George.

    After that very instance, I decided to give him a simple support in the form of curt instructions.

    “JoJo,” I muttered while we were retreating by our rooms, the young man that had been looking fairly distressed by the event but was still willing to look up at me. “Next time, I wish for you to follow these little directions. If you do this… your father will not chide you.”

    The dinner that came to conclude that first day at the mansion proved to be less annoying as the only irritating bits were the mere bantering between father and son.

    For being someone that was trying his best to promote friendship and some ‘equality’, the older Joestar sure knew how to make some poor boy feel even poorer by lightly musing over the ‘sad thoughts’ he had over the men living in the Rookeries.

    Little slums that were a thing in London, nasty places where sanitation didn’t exist and… where young boys were forced to accept back-breaking jobs to support their own families, the fiscal weight being far beyond what a miser wage could sustain alone.

    What was really infuriating about this was the blatant connection between this topic and me, the way he was so subtly trying to hide the fact that I was here to give him a reason to say around the other nobles about his ‘genuine’ support for the needy.

    And even though I was aware that the reason that got him to accept me in his ‘humble home’ was actually a legitimate sense of justice for Dio’s father saving him and his son, that didn’t exactly mean he was also restrained from flaunting such development to the elite.

    I didn’t blame him, the era I was currently living on promoting the ‘survival of the fittest’ and every detail or opportunity had to be exploited to the maximum effort.

    But to actually not mind it? That was a completely different thought.

    I could see why Dio disliked George, why he would be quite inclined to kill him the quickest time possible and why his anger was so intense against JoJo.

    By seeing how the father behaved around with people with his half-snobbish behavior, the blond couldn’t help but seek retribution by targeting aggressively his son and thus, by proxy, attacking George right where his wealth and clout couldn’t cover.

    His faulty capacity to deal with his own family.

    By having him admonish his own son, the old Joestar would find a constant enemy at one, someone that nothing couldn’t stop but his own thoughts.

    Himself and his grave duties as a British nobleman in 19th century draining out much-needed time to groom his heir in a fine and proper gentleman.

    But with me now replacing Dio, I was granted the chance of trying a completely different approach, something that wasn’t born out of spite and actually would serve well in my future plans.

    With Jonathan starting to latch onto me for help, for him slowly realize that I had answers to questions he didn’t know to have, I was trying my best to not only create a possible powerful ally to have here in London, but also someone that wouldn’t definitively hunt me if I decided to try the Stone Mask.

    If he doesn’t suffer a tragic event, like the murder of his father, his chances of developing Hamon would be nigh-impossible.

    Yes, the Hamon, or the Ripple, was still a frightening concept that gave me some issues over the contingencies I could adopt against it.

    I knew the weaknesses, I also had an inkling of his true extent… but I was unsure what to do about it.

    Training would be interesting, but I was presented with a simple dilemma that could have seriously tampered with any attempt.

    While young Dio did have the ‘tragic event’ in the form of his mother’s death that ended up ‘refining his willpower’ into becoming the greatest possible, I wasn’t someone with such predisposition.

    Would I still have a chance of practicing the mystical art?

    It was something I couldn’t certainly try without harming myself, the skill requiring a proper mental and physical preparation to keep up a certain degree of breathing which was best known to be acquired through meditation.

    Yet I decided to go with an unorthodox but seemingly better method, especially with the opportunity granted me by JoJo himself.

    When he first referenced the small section of river near the mansion, I had thought of it as an excellent place where to read any important tome alone and in relative peace, but then I ended up thinking of an interesting idea over the river itself.

    By the third day of my stay at the mansion, I finally decided to take his offer to visit the local river and… play around.

    As a young Dio Brando, my body was incredibly slim, if not frail compared to the healthy appearance of Jonathan’s, something that was best highlighted when we decided to go for a swim.

    The swimwear was actually pretty awkward, the little half-sleeved suit proving to be incredibly uncomfortable to use around and it offered little defense against the cold but peaceful stream of this small river.

    JoJo was elated when I offered him some swimming lessons, something else to do instead of waddling around with Danny and maybe learn something important that could help him in any accident.

    The ‘drowning’ episode seemingly urging him to try and master swimming to the fullest, thus making my offer the most enticing possible for this desire of his.

    The first day was… interesting.

    Since he knew how to stay afloat and knew the basis behind the Front Crawl, I decided to give him some minor clues how to perfect his current capacity with the freestyle before giving him the first instructions to try Backstroke.

    It was a mirthful experience that was augmented by the presence of the Great Dane, Danny joining those sessions without being too much of a pest.

    The playful pup keeping himself from interrupting the boy as he went through some important tasks, but would jump in action to try and get some attention from the two of us when we were done with our respective training.

    Of course these sessions were supposed to happen under my supervision and there was no budging from that very position.

    I had to pester the Joestar intensively over this very detail as I certainly didn’t want to be responsible for killing the heir of a wealthy nobleman because I was too reckless over the safety for this simple swimming lessons.

    The river itself, even though calm most of the time, has already been known to have turned dangerous during rainy days and I didn’t want for Jonathan to stupidly walk into his early grave.

    Funny to consider that I, Dio, would have to keep a careful watch over the dark-haired boy to avoid his premature death.

    Kind of ironic.

    Still, despite the little progress accomplished with JoJo, I was more than relieved when my own body responded well to three days of swimming in that cold river.

    I was still shivering, but I could start to grow more accustomed to the size of my limbs and my weaker stamina, this last bit slowly increasing each sessions as I focused more and more about it.

    My lungs were starting to improve under the careful strain, but my journey to even start to aspire for some Hamon ability was sure a far one considering the high requirements imposed by such a helpful skill.

    It was also curious that, while I would always make sure that we were alone during those moments, I could distinctly feel like if someone was spying on us.

    I couldn’t perceive any malicious intent and… yet the intense staring was starting to get me on edge at how repetitive this occurrence was.

    By the second session I had also given a thorough look of the surroundings of the area we were using for the swimming training, but the mysterious figure either disappeared much before or didn’t even exist to begin with.

    Confusing, suspicious and incredibly annoying as I didn’t want to deal with any of the little bullies lingering around that were stealing from those few individuals wandering by the nearby bridge.

    Still, I finally managed to get some much-needed rest by the fifth day as we weren’t allowed to leave the warm walls of the mansion.

    When morning struck there was a loud and foggy rain persevering over these lands and George, albeit interested in this new hobby taken by both his son and me, was rightfully concerned over the possibility of seeing one of us, or both, fall ill if we even decided to spend wandering under this rainy day.

    So we were both forced to spend the day indoors, with JoJo deciding to spend most of the day after lunch continuing to train with Math problems and Literature constructs from Shakespeare on his own, and thus leaving me to do whatever I wanted for the rest of the day… until dinner.

    This little window of opportunity was important for my current thoughts as I finally decided to consider what I could do to improve my current fighting capacity.

    I needed to have a proper mean to defend myself, especially if one of my first objectives once we were allowed to leave for London was to explore Ogre Street and see what Wang Chan was selling in his shop other than rare poisons.

    For some reason, I felt like the content of that emporium, ignoring the cursed and dangerous trinkets lying there for unfortunate clients to buy, still had some interesting objects that I could use in my little rise to the greatest pedestal.

    Lying on my new bed, my sore back enjoying the pleasant sensation offered by the comfy mattress and pillows, I started to think endlessly over what I was really trying to accomplish here with my mission.

    Conquering the world? That was a must considering the opportunities granted by the circumstance… but why was I truly trying to attain something this high?

    Why not stop to a lower step-

    No, I couldn’t even think of besmirching the essential chances of dominating the politics, the minds of this reckless world.

    Was it a dormant desire of this body? Was I influenced by the fact I was now Dio Brando?

    No, it was more. It had to be more.

    Beyond my JoJo’s knowledge, I was also aware of the world as a whole, about the World Wars, about the horrible war crimes committed by corrupt or insane dictators and politicians; the dreadful deaths caused by the greedy desires of fools deigned with some unfair clout over some major landmasses.

    Was I dreaming about world-peace?

    Can I stomach the costs of such horrible burden, to become the monster for some and the God for others?

    The question itself proved to be without answers- no, it was the very query which I had the answer but for some reason not even in my thoughts I could grant.

    I felt numb as I quietly stared at the ceiling of this room of mine, but not tired enough to contemplate any possible rest as things were right now.

    I was restless and… bored.

    I needed to do something instead of losing my minds in those thoughts, to aspire to something a little more important and unquestionable.

    I needed something simple but… essential.

    Standing up from the mattress, my back already aching a little at being moved out of the pleasant texture of the pure white sheets, my orange-eyed stare was soon fixed on the lone pen put there on my little wooden desk.

    I blinked, thinking about the chances of writing something or maybe even draw something out of my currently-dull mind

    To what sense and to what purpose?

    I felt clueless over any possible activities and then… I had the little pen on my fingers.

    It was clean, no ink loaded in it as I slowly twisted and turned the tiny object around… and around.

    For some reason the mindless act was mesmerizing, something that caught my attention in that endless spinning and-

    I blinked, something curious finally clicking in my mind and I stopped the pen just for a moment, my eyes widening as I started to swiftly elaborate what I could try to accomplish with this little suggestion born from curiosity and intrigue.

    Would it work? This trick was, after all, conceived by Araki as a replacement to Hamon, a reference to it and… what if?

    I hummed quietly, my eyes scanning over the surface of the elaborate pen and… I had my fingers over a spherical detail on its design.

    Detaching it proved to be fairly easy and I was granted a little specimen to try and use for this little experiment of mine, something that could easily fail but… technically I had no reason to not give it a try.

    But before I give it a first try, I decided to give myself a little advantage by trying to get the representation of what I was trying to achieve down on paper.

    Drawing something that required that much precision with just a piece of paper and old ink pen, without rulers or other precision tools, took me almost an hour of constant failing to ultimately obtain and… this wasn’t even the real first step.

    With a calm breath, I slowly began spinning the sphere on my palm and… nothing was happening during the first two hours of constant trying.

    I wasn’t actively pursuing anything out of it, the Spin being something that was far more confusing and complicated to obtain during the first few times.

    It wasn’t Hamon, it wasn’t born out of something truly mystical, but by the rules of science applied in a bizarre method of capacity.

    The Spin was the creation of energy through rotation to a degree close to the Golden Rectangle, the culmination being the Golden Spin.

    The complex nature of mastering such ability was… actually worth of facing against as the results it would yield would immensely improve my chances of success.

    The Golden Spin not only granted the ability of using the infinite energy gained from the perfect rotation, but it also materialized the user’s stands, if not evolving it if there was one already within the user.

    So, despite the multiple failures registered until dinner, this little activity became an interesting one to try out during the next two days, the rain lasting for that much and… it finally happened.

    By the seventh day spent here at the Joestar Mansion, I, Dio, managed to finally gain my own mean to defend myself against any foe that wished for my demise.

    The little steel sphere I had recovered from the pen was spinning and… emitting some little light.

    Like a barrier, it was coating the proximity of it, portraying the might held within such a simple activity while the object kept with its rotation.

    I slowly moved out of the chair, the Spin energy maintaining its hovering state over my open palms as I made my way by the window and I carefully pried open the little piece of glass.

    The rain had softened its banging just now, only a few drops of water continuing with its natural fall but the sight was clear as I glanced at the tree growing just outside my room.

    The steel ball seemed unfazed by my maneuvering and it properly slipped away from my palms and onto my right index and middle fingers as I took aim at one of the numerous tree branches onto said tree.

    There was no one around to see this scene and I carefully glanced at the target with accuracy and-

    Before I could finish with the preparations, I felt the sphere blast away from my fingertips, causing a little cut on my index finger, flying straight towards the tree.

    I had taken too much time admiring the complex nature of such phenomenon to actually consider the need of stabilizing its form with more spinning, but my surprise turned in dreadful shock when I noticed where it was directed towards.

    It wasn’t the branch I was aiming for, no, it was the little section of the tree from which the branches were coming from.

    The powerful attack slammed onto the upper area of the trunk, wooden splinters exploding from the impact as a brief smokeless explosion tore onto two of the branches’ connection, forcing them to come down to the cold and muddy ground below.

    My jaws dropped at the sight, my mind going blank for just a moment as I realized that… the steel ball had been a small one.

    It’s diameter was more or less 2mm and… that was the damage I had achieved with such a tiny sphere?!

    I closed the window, my stunned expression persisting even after I had calmly returned to lie onto my bed and… I blinked twice.

    What I just saw was… powerful- no, overpowered considering the current degree of danger I was now facing.

    There were no Zombies, no Vampires and no Stands just yet, I was facing mere humans.

    I… I think I made a positive mistake, a mistake for… the best.

    Was it even possible? To make a good mistake?

    My lips twitched, a mirthful noise groaning in my throat and I quickly had my hand pressing on my lips.

    It was a fruitless effort, my lips parting as a muffled chuckle started to turn in a full-blown laugh.

    I- I managed to do something that immense and… so little.

    I, Dio, was now capable of defending myself!

    This realization kept me amused for some few more minutes and then my mind decided to ruin my fun by reminding me of two distinct issues:

    1) I could have exploded if I hadn’t the ball by my fingertips, the sphere would have propelled upwards and… into my face if I hadn’t moved quickly;

    2) My aim had been completely off my a large margin, the section damage way too far from where I was trying to hit.

    Even with these rightful thoughts that were pointing out the flaws of my first ‘successful’ attempt, I had also to consider that I was way behind Johnny when he achieved the Spin for the first time.

    He had spent just a day to get it going and… mastering it was going to take much more than just a handful of days.

    I didn’t have a Stand that worked with this specific kind of powers, nor I expected 「The World」 to be able to achieve such a degree of compatibility with the Spin.

    But despite that, a certain content smile managed to almost appear even during dinner, my concentration over my current expressions faltering for a moment at the mere mentioning in my brain over what had just happened.

    JoJo noticed the smile, I could see some surprise in his face, while his father merely nodded at himself, smiling as he went through his own share of the food.

    A week has passed since Dio has arrived to the Joestar Mansion, his role now of a guide than an invader, of a guardian than a mockingbird.

    But tomorrow is a new day and George Joestar has planned to visit London for that very morning, unaware that his son and Dio will have to face quite the interesting encounters…

    With good people and terrible enemies.

    -To be continued…



    I’ve promised a second chapter if the feedback ended up positive and… here it is!

    Dio grows accustomed in his first week at the Joestar Mansion, his main objective of gaining strength, wealth and influence by actually keeping himself ‘away from suspicion’.

    But the danger is around the corner and… sometimes the series never mentioned some details over the obstacles for Dio to destroy to become top-dog in these first few years in the series.

    Beware of the unknown… and of the known.

    Lastly, the spin. No, Dio has not achieved the level of control to use it during a fight, the level of concentration he currently requires to make use of it being far too fragile to hold against the pressure of a battle. So no, we ain’t overpowering him just yet and… he is just euphoric up above with his thoughts.

    Ultimately, I have to say this as I think it will be cool…

    Do you believe in Gravity, my dear readers? Also, what about Cake?
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    will mc even still have THE WARUDO since he technically isnt Dio anymore and with differ Personality and ambition

    the spin was confusing when i read it in wiki. but its like store enegery and then release right
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    I don't know. I might keep the World, but I can say already that if that's the Stand he is getting, then Dio will have to deal with the fact its ability is much less that he could hope so. Even lesser than Jotaro's Star Platinum: The World.
    It's more like the spinning itself generates energy, then said energy can be manipulated in various ways. The one used by Dio in this chapter was concentration, shot and then release (which prompted the smokeless explosion), but it can also be used to alter some objects and living creatures if the user has a complete knowledge of the target. The Golden Spin is technically a perfect batter with incredible stability and endless capacity of use: Example, it can be used to hit a target that hides through a dimensional veil or barrier.
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    I was going to say that clearly he's super Dio still, including the desire to rule the world. Except this gives me jojolion vibes. Mystery intrigue, family life. It's not the same, far from it, yet it still gives me vibes of that nature.

    Ps, the spin was something I didn't expect at all, very fitting.
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    Didnt DIO have two stands in OTL? [The World] and the hermit purple variant he probably took from Jonathan.

    edit : Just a blind guess but maybe his watcher is a certain Zeppeli chasing after a stone mask.
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    In Part 3, Dio had his own Stand (The World) and Jonathan's from the body he took over. There is also the Beyond Stand, but that is a Jorge Joestar-only thing (so kind of non-canon).
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    Spin is just nerfed Spiral Energy from Gurren Lagann... Wait... What if the two are connected?
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    When George announced that today we were all going for a brief trip in central London, I felt incredibly nervous and confused over the sudden decision.

    While I could understand the need of someone of his standing having to visit regularly the capital for whatever tasks would require his own presence, I was quite perplexed by the necessity of having both me and JoJo to join him in this endeavor.

    I could see why Jonathan needed to go as he was his heir, but I was a completely unimportant element for any instances requiring the Joestar Family out of their home as I didn’t truly matter in the big chessboard of nobility.

    But maybe I was looking at this predicament from a far too cynical and logical scheme, ignoring that JoJo’s father was also a parent with a hint of friendliness to everyone that was little and innocent, just like ‘I was’. Even if I was close to achieve fourteen years old.

    Albeit awkward, I wouldn’t deny this kind of reasoning as it was the closest to give me a proper insight upon this situation I was forced to deal with.

    Donning my ‘good clothes’ and a little hat that the man had decided to gift me earlier that day, we were all quick to enter the carriage set to reach London, Jonathan and I picking one of the sides while his father was seated in front of us.

    Once again my nose was greeted with the pungent scent of mud, musk and the humidity created by the last few days of rain, giving me a sense of annoyance over the state of transports for this time period.

    Cars technically existed, but these were mostly prototypes and, while I would lose myself over whom was the true inventor of the modern vehicle, I was certainly sure that it would take at best another decade or two to see a functioning car around in England.

    So there wasn’t any hope to avoid the unpleasant sensations of these necessary trips, finding this development to be as saddening as interesting.

    My mind was quick to consider ‘doing something about it’, but then again I didn’t have the ‘means’ to just convince people I just ‘stumbled over those theories’.

    Yes, theories. The construction of a proper car needed some basis over the engine, the chassis, the handling and other minor elements that would take me too long to describe, each needing various formulas to make intellectuals understand where I was going with it.

    And while I was unquestionably Dio, I wasn’t a glorified Wikipedia with a solution to everything and I was also lacked of the proper charisma to ‘hypnotize’ my public without getting some unneeded questions from them.

    This little pondering added with the greater conversation I entertained in my mind, trying to give the least interactions with both JoJo and George as to not show how much irked I was of my current predicament.

    It was the Spin that got me from not going insane in this very unique situation, my mind granting me the silence of thought to start and consider what I could do with this new ability.

    Not much with what I currently knew about the world around me, maybe the trip could offer the opportunity to have me wandering in one of the various libraries in the city and see if I could recover some books about humans’ and animals’ anatomy, at least a base version to get me started over the full potential of the Spin.

    It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the original purpose of the skill was to maim people, the first users being war-knights from medieval ages, but it would be a massive misunderstanding to limit its real prowess to just aggressive attacking.

    Gregorio Zeppeli had been the prime example of medic capable of using medicine in conjunction with the Spin as a mean to guarantee a peaceful demise for the death row prisoners that needed to be executed.

    A brutal usage of the energy, but that didn’t certainly denied the possibility of using it actually to heal people.

    It was a crude consideration with the lack of proper study from my part; a mere theory born from curiosity and ingenuity from the first approach at the unique skill, but given time and some effort over it, I was sure going to get around the means to use the energy created by the Spin for such important topics.

    Yet the Spin wasn’t my only priority. Hamon was still something I needed to somehow gain control of, the capacity offered by the ‘original’ ability would grant me the opportunity to not only heal myself and others, but also boost my overall physical capacities.

    That is ignoring the already beneficial increase of my lifespan if I continued to train rigorously with the Ripple.

    Still, without proper instructions, the only thing I could achieve right now is a control over my breath, over my lungs, and I would require a teacher to give me the proper means to achieve the rest of the requirements to unlock the real deal.

    But how was I supposed to find a teacher here in England? Tompetty and his apprentices were still in India as of now and… they would only come here if a report of the Stone Mask was ever to reach them.

    An incredible dilemma that was sadly and abruptly interrupted in that very moment while I was lost in my thoughts.

    “Dio,” George spoke with a curious tone, his blue eyes were displaying little intrigue over my lack of reaction to the discussion he had been enjoying with his son, even JoJo looking interested at me. “Is there something that worries you?”

    That was a pretty direct question coming from him, incredibly blunt and enough to garner a surprised look by orange eyes.

    “I was just thinking about London,” I said, shuffling nervously as I tried my best to shift my ‘nervousness’ over to the first time in the city. I couldn’t certainly deny my uneasiness, thus I merely ‘turned it’ in some ‘childish excitement’. “I’ve never visited the central districts.”

    “Truly? Your father never-”

    “J-Jojo!” The older Joestar chided with a light stutter, seemingly stunned by his son’s blunt attempt to inquire over the matter. “You know better than bringing up this kind of subjects!”

    There was a brief moment of silence, a wide-eyed Jonathan looking mortified and embarrassed by this restrained outburst, then he stared at his feet and blinked with a saddened look in his eyes.

    “It’s alright,” I stated with a calm but not completely unfazed tone. “I think I can stomach hearing about my father. I shouldn’t be tied down to the past and stop because of a… mentioning.”

    I couldn’t certainly look disinterested by the memory of Dario Brando, despite the ‘deserved’ demise of the man, everyone still knew that it had been an illness that took the ‘good fellow’ out of his misery.

    I nodded, gaining a surprised but worried look from George, the man ultimately sighing before I continued.

    “The reason why I never visited was because I spent most of the time nearby home while father was out working,” I decided to answer with a slightly more normal tone, still hinting at some uneasiness at discussing about this with my careful voice. “At first it was to help mother, then when she… passed away, I had to take on the various chores while father wasn’t there.”

    “If I remember correctly, there was a time when… your father wasn’t capable of working before he passed away,” George threaded carefully with this specific query. “I hope the good man had saved some money to help you while he was stuck in bed.”

    I actually blinked at that, not because I was trying to imagine the ugly mug of that bastard as he lied on his deathbed, but because I thought about a very curious question about it.

    If Dario had been spending most of the money in booze, how did Dio secure enough coin to buy some poison from Wang Chan when-

    I blinked again, actually forcing myself to appear relaxed as I leaned back on the stiff pillow of the carriage. “Father had some money saved up. It was enough to keep up even after his passing.”

    There was in fact some money within the baggage that I had when I woke up a week ago, just enough to keep me fed for three days of small eating, but it was still considerable considering the heavy-spending in alcohol imposed by the now-deceased Dario Brando.

    But still not enough to mention the buying of some poison from the Asian shop-keeper.

    I had a theory and, while the two Joestars accepted the end of such conversation in an awkward tone, I deemed it fit to contemplate in that very moment about this very peculiarity.

    The poison hadn’t been bought by coin or favors, no… it had been sympathy.

    I had forgotten until now that Wang Chan didn’t follow Dio out of awe or for the boy’s charisma, but rather the similarity to a ‘horrible man’ he had met back in China.

    Someone that lived a harsh life, but managed up until 183 years of existence.

    A malicious individual, I certainly needed to find where the fool kept his little lair, where he was keeping his more important objects and hopefully kill him before he could poise a problem for my plans.

    I wasn’t certainly letting someone as slimy as the man avoid some proper ‘justice’, or better- some proper ‘retribution’ for his own evil nature.

    Pondering over this subject also brought up some interesting concepts I had ignored up until now, the most important being the fact I should technically be able to enter Ogre Street.

    Albeit it’s been a week since I’ve moved in with the Joestars, however Dio managed to be considered worth of no issues in that distraught piece of the capital, I should still be able to have a ‘safe’ access to it.

    I just needed time and some more trust from George before trying to give it a lone exploration.

    After spending so much time alone with my own thoughts, I was granted some relief in the form of the carriage coming to a halt and… we were here.

    The old Joestar was the first one to leave, leading both me and JoJo out to see the less-advanced version of…

    I blinked as I took a moment to admire the familiar building visible from the distance, realizing that we were in Westminster, precisely on the road of Whitehall.

    Having studied intensively the English Parliament back home, I was familiar with the general area of Central London, but to be this close to the place where the main branch of the government was set, I couldn’t help but partially muse over the politicians currently sitting there.

    It was 1881, so it had to be… the second Gladstone cabinet’s era.

    Very interesting, this was the first time I pondered over the politics of where I was since I came here.

    Why is it important? Well, let’s just say that what ensued from leaving the carriage could be considered as connection to the national government as George’s destination was the Colonial Office.

    It was odd as a place to for him to visit as I was fairly sure that the Joestar family didn’t have any major ranks attached to politics, only with trade, but then I connected this to the fact that the British Empire’s trade was regulated by that specific branch of the government and… I wasn’t allowed to visit its insides.

    Jojo’s father was keen to point out that the place wasn't meant for ‘children’ and that his duty required him and only him, thus bringing anyone else would bring no little issue over the formal request he had planned to get through with.

    Something about South Africa, the various colonies with base at Cape Town still far from being a sole entity in the rising years of the British’s colonial empire.

    But that didn’t matter much for me right now, especially since I was deprived of the chance of seeing some of the historical figures working in this major building and… it wasn’t only about the Colonial Office.

    This headquarters was also the site where India Office, the Home Office and the Foreign Office have been all instated, so that made the place even more an endearing place to visit and look around in.

    Sadly, this opportunity was killed before it could have been requested to the man, thus leaving both me and JoJo to stay by the carriage while he went to deal with this arduous bureaucratic mess for his next work.

    We were allowed to stay outside of the vehicle, but we were bluntly ordered to not wander away from the proximity of the carriage itself.

    A little annoying, but considering the state of London right now, I wasn’t going to mind to wait for a better opportunity to buy some books.

    Considering the fact he had brought JoJo for the occasion even though he wasn’t meant to be there with him, that didn’t exactly mean George hadn’t planned to do something else for the both of us.

    Not only to make it worth for Jonathan, but to also see what kind of objects I could seriously take into consideration as ‘gifts’.

    But while I was keen to keep myself from breaking the simple but terribly-limiting rules, my dark-haired and naive peer was completely irritated by the waiting time that was meant to pass for his father to return.

    Even though he was a nobleman, George wasn’t someone with a connection with politics and it was correct to say that he wouldn’t be returning any moment before two to three hours from that instance.

    Which then sparked even more boredom-induced annoyance from the young Joestar, causing me to start to regret having directly refused to join this slow torture.

    I was fine with the waiting, that was something I had already said more than enough, but Glorious Heavens I was starting to regret the whining coming from Jonathan.

    It was an unpleasant puppy-like whining that persisted even when the boy decided to retreat back inside the carriage, deciding to try and rest considering the long time needed to see his father return, and leaving me alone outside to… do nothing in particular.

    Actually part of me had wanted to enter inside the carriage too, maybe defusing JoJo’s irritating comments by presenting him with some simple game like Rock, Paper and Scissors, maybe something else and… I stopped when I heard a loud noise coming from my proximity.

    It was a loud thud, something muffled by a door, this one left half-open and… I glanced momentarily up to the banner above the entrance.

    Oriental Mysteries and Tomes

    I blinked confusedly at the words, confused by the fact something like this… shop existed in this important part of the city.

    Since when the government allowed this kind of situations to exist, especially with how harsh some of the rules currently were with non-British people?

    I finally looked inside and… I froze when I saw quite the big knife resting onto the wooden counter of the shop, the owner of such blade engaging in a furious spiel directed at the calm shop-keeper looking at him.

    The owner of this establishment had a tanned skin, a few wrinkles on his face and… he looked incredibly familiar with his exotic clothes.

    In fact, it looked like someone… I knew about from the series.

    Still, despite the curious development, I didn’t certainly try to step inside the building that was the current scene of a robbery.

    Keeping myself close to the carriage as I looked at the unfolding of the situation from afar, while also thinking about trying to find any police officer nearby.

    Sadly, this very thought was dashed when I looked around and there were just too many people by the Whitehall headquarters for the guards standing there to notice the situation that was happening just nearby.

    The nervousness of the robber seemed to turn into anger, the partially-visible face of the younger man sporting some furious red as he started to raise his voice with the shop-owner, the Indian man seemingly unfazed by this outburst and… proceeded to display quite the unexpected conclusion to this sight.

    The foreigner lifted his hand over the knife’s hilt with shocking speed, touching it with the his index fingertip and… I could see the tip glowing.

    It was faint, but the effect was so surreal that it was a clear explanation of the subsequent blade being flung so suddenly away from the counter and away from sight, deeper in the shop.

    Leaving the robber defenseless to deal with the stronger-looking man in front of him, the British man paling at the scene as his anger was replaced by shock and fear.

    No more words were muttered, the criminal turned tail and rushed outside from the shop, barely noticing my presence outside as he ran the fastest his legs could allow him too and… leaving me to face quite the odd aftermath.

    Once the robber had left my proximity and my sight, I slowly returned to stare at the shop-keeper and… the owner was looking back at me with a calm expression.

    I felt a shivers, maybe two, going down my spine as I returned the glance with a surprised and perplexed look, feeling almost compelled to take steps inside the shop, mesmerized by the very possible solution to my current main issues.

    The energy he used, the yellow-like glow, it had to be it. It had to be Hamon.

    I gulped nervously, despite my best efforts to keep calm while entering inside the building, my own mind had little means to defend against the piercing look displayed by the Indian man, my orange eyes fixed on his own orbs and… I stopped by the counter.

    “Do you wish to buy something?” The deep voice coming from the owner asked, getting me out from that hypnotic step and back to reality.

    I didn’t reply at his question at first, frowning at him with a suspicious look.

    “What did you use to… move that knife?” I asked carefully, trying my best to keep my queries curt and cautious enough to-

    “My fingers.”

    The reply partially stunned me on the spot, my eyes widening as I felt tricked by the stone-looking expression on his face.

    “That… glow was only your fingers?”

    “Yes,” He commented quietly. “Do you have any other questions?”

    He was testing me. There was no way in Unholy Hell that this wasn’t just a test to gauge my interest with the way he was ‘joking around the matter’, maybe to evaluate what kind of moral code I was abiding before reacting.

    But what was the solution of such general exam? What kind of answers was he seeking from me?

    I blinked, looking up again from my thoughts and back to him. “What if I have an ability similar to yours?”

    It was mostly a lie, but I didn’t need to make it look like I had Hamon, only that I had my own ‘special’ skill to display.

    Curiosity glinted from his eyes, but he didn’t reply at this, letting some moments of quiet passing before I decided that words were no longer needed.

    Slowly I pulled a small steel sphere I had recovered earlier that day from another pen in my room, a mean to use the Spin in case of self-defense or… to display such an ability to this man.

    At this point, there was no doubt about it, my certainty to display this little secret born out from more than a mere suspicion, I was in fact looking at someone that closely resembled Tonpetty, the Tibetan Monk that was teaching Zeppeli, Straizo and Dire.

    Another Hamon-user monk? Considering the decades-old close contacts the British Empire had with Tibet, I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more monks had decided to leave their country to search more disciples.

    Without wasting too much time over my thoughts, I finally started to spin the little sphere and, after just a minute or two, the energy was indeed forming around the little steel object, this time my attention mostly directed at the phenomenon to not cause any unnecessary explosive reaction at this demonstration.

    Much to my delight, I managed to subdue the spinning quickly enough to avoid any dangerous escalations, ready to see his surprise at such situation and-

    I blinked at the hand the Indian man was holding up, the open palm was tense as yellow electricity seemed to be coursing around his fingertips, a certain mysterious golden aura coating the entire hand.

    “It’s not the Ripple,” He mused loudly enough for me to hear, his thoughts dripping out as he noticed my staring. “What’s the name of that technique, young man?”

    His voice displayed some intrigue, enough to get me stunned by the unexpected voice before I finally delivered a quick answer.

    “I-It’s called the Spin,” I replied half-surprised. “I-I learned about this from a tome my father brought from his f-family in Italy.”

    A half-lie, something mixed between the lie of the Spin being a Brando’s family secret but also honest when saying it was from Italy.

    If the man had been convinced or not, he didn’t give any sign of it as he was already going forward with his inquiry.

    “And you wish to learn about my own technique, the Ripple,” He mentioned with an interested look on his face. “Even though you have this ‘Spin’?”

    I blinked, I could see the ambush he was lying here for me, yet I was already prepared to deal with this.

    “I-It’s ineffective, it requires a sphere and the time and precision needed to finalize even the basic use is-”

    “The Ripple is dangerous if the user isn’t capable of keeping up with the training regiment for the rest of his life,” The foreigner quickly interjected. “You ask from me to give trust, yet I can see resemblances of multiple masks, each with familiar yet different names.”

    I tensed up at this final comment, terrified by the possibility that, somehow, the Ripple was capable of reading thoughts away from the man’s physical reach.

    It was nigh-impossible to believe such a feat, yet… I was also aware that Caesar did use the Hamon to manipulate a living being to attack Joseph, so maybe it wasn’t truly far-fetched as an idea.

    Then… was he aware of my circumstances? Not yet, or at least not at the fullest from the lack of shock considering my unique predicament.

    But what was I supposed to do from this point? If he knew even a sliver of what I was made of, what I planned to do, then what hope did I have to actually leave that discussion with a satisfactory result?


    I sighed, my eyes and face steeling altogether before the intrigued man and I prepared myself for what I had to do.

    “I wish to conquer the Heavens, to become one with divinity,” I proclaimed with a serious voice, my soul rocking in chorus with my determination. “For I believe myself the harbinger of true peace and justice in this world.”

    There was silence, the shop-keeper looked uncaring at my words.

    “I don’t care at this point if you will accept my genuine offer of friendship or not,” I continued without hesitation. “But if you wish to waste my time by playing the fool, then do so without me in your proximity.”

    More silence, yet this time the man leaned on the counter and… smiled.

    “This… was an honest reply,” He judged with a nod, seemingly pleased by the development while he ignored my irritated expression now deepening even more. “Despite the immense task you are trying to burden yourself with, I fail to see any malicious intent, nor I see… any outstanding good in you.”

    What was he talking about?

    I was half-tempted to speak out once again about this maddening cryptic tone, yet he beat me by speaking once again.

    “You wish to bring novelty, to bring prosperity but it’s not out of good from your heart, nor greed or any important driving force that got many great men and women to go through their obstacles,” He commented with a growing sense of elation. “You- You have a certain light within you, something that is not at the service of good nor you are succumbing to evil.”

    He paused again, this time his eyes narrowing intensively at me.

    What are you, Dio Brando?

    I should have tensed, I should have submitted at the pressure, far greater than anything I’ve ever felt… but my body didn’t bent nor broke before it.

    I felt standing strong, I felt my heart drumming right onto my ears as I continued to return the stare with the same intensity.

    Was this the determination that made the Joestar family so strong against the adversities, was this what is driving me right now?

    For I, Dio, was finding an excellent fire within this to spark my unwavering strength and willpower!

    “I am the one that will bring true change to this world,” I affirmed with undeniable might in my words, giving emphasis to each syllables and enforcing my will onto my voice. “I am Dio.”

    The silent staring returned for some more moments, the man staring mirthfully at me as his lips twitched upwards while increasing the wide of his current smile.

    “You… you are indeed Dio, young man,” He admitted without hesitation, almost relieved by this. Before he could continued, his left hand wandered down below his side of the counter and… then brought up a large book.

    It was old, there were strings of leather keeping it shut close and… I couldn’t help but stare at the curious inner warmth born from merely staring at this tome.

    It was a nice kind of warmth, it was one that promised me hopes of success and… self-realization.

    “You will do as my new apprentice, Dio Brando,” The shop-keeper announced with a calm tone. “Your mission of peace and justice… shall make my efforts spent teaching you worth if not more.”

    I approached the book, the man now offering it with a certain urgency and I took it quickly in my palms.

    It was heavy, quite the burden for my young arms but I was still well-capable of holding it close to my chest.

    “There will be numerous obstacles, as many as possible to make the final reward as just as possible for you and I will watch over your growth from now on,” He stated resolutely. “Continue down this road, young man, I wish to see you succeed in this great road to a brighter world.”

    I felt… endeared by the positive words, making me nod back at the man as I found myself smiling at this.

    “I- I will do this, I will achieve the ultimate success!”

    A final smile appeared on his face, the man already gesturing me to leave the shop as I turned around and reached back to the entrance.

    I stopped for a moment, my head turning to look at him one last time.

    “What is your name, teacher?” I asked quietly, feeling a little drained from this bizarre encounter. “How should I refer you as?”

    The smile slightly faded and he sighed. “My name, young man, is… Muddiburi.”

    I nodded as the door closed behind me, my head spinning right back to the carriage as I slowly made my way inside and… entered it, glad to find a sleeping Jonathan as my first sight inside.

    With a soft hum building up, I slowly placed the tome behind the little back-pillow that I had to use for the way of return from this trip, hopefully going to happen quite quickly once JoJo was done with buying his own stuff.

    Staring at the sleeping JoJo, I couldn’t help but let myself rest for a while, knowing that it would take some more time to see George return to the Carriage.

    And for some reason, my dreams were ruled by a dominant factor. It was a sphere spinning so quickly and brightly, but… it was immaterial and it was… heavenly to look at.

    But while Dio was convinced that this day had been turned memorable by this encounter, Fate had long set the first few obstacles before his journey, some familiar… others not.

    Sometimes your worst enemy is the one stuck at your same class.

    -To be continued…



    I decided to not stray too much with Muddiburi’s name. The origin of the name is an alteration of a nickname Tom Petty (the singer that was used as a reference for Tonpetty) which is Muddy Wilbury.

    Quick replies so no one will have trouble- Nah, I know someone will still ask because some people just skip the AN so, for those that still looks here, here are some quick answers:

    Q: Is Dio a prodigy of using the Spin?

    A: No, the display of stopping the spinning is fairly easy since he used little spinning energy. It’s more difficult to actually use the Spin in its better-known and explosive capacity than merely spinning something to generate some energy.

    Q: Is the Antagonist another Self-Insert?

    A: No. While I thought about putting an antagonistic SI before writing the first chapter, I decided to settle with numerous enemies that will appear around the story. Some are known, either from the series or from history, while others will be born out from the little things we know about Dio’s early life.

    And after this, some simple question about your daily life: How many breads have you eaten in your life?

    P.S. Next chapter might take a while. I think I will have the next update going by this Saturday (February 22), which is why this chapter was posted so quickly after the second.
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    Holy Shit! This is good, was Muddiburi a Muddy Monk reference? By the way, I'm guessing Jack the Ripper is going to be a big antagonist right? Probably around the time SI!Dio runs into Speedwagon too.
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    For Dio's stand, when he gets Hamon going he will get a clarivoyant stand. Could he collect the Corpse?Does it exist in this universe?

    He could also had a allowance from the Joestar. Also, Dio had his way of making cash. If he bet on chess for meals why not on cards for cash? Or take out his frustrations on drunkards and sweep some cash
    canon Dio proably just waited untill he was older and just never told the joestars he took trips there
    according to my gut, way too many
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    I will probably write some JoJoXErina bits, but I don't feel like the MC will get a stable relationship. Considering 'who' he is right now and what I've planned for him, I think the best romance he will get is some flirting and some fascinations that don't escalate from close friendship.
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    I was already starting to get tired after spending these hours to rest in that uncomfortable seat.

    Waking up just in time to notice George boarding the carriage, I blinked swiftly as I gave a nod to the man while he took his previous seat in the vehicle.

    The nobleman gave a little smile as I carefully moved to shake Jojo off from his own sleep.

    The young man was snoring fairly loudly, but seemed to react accordingly as I grasped his arm and carefully pulled at it as he almost jumped in surprise, blue eyes going wide open as he realized what was going on.

    “F-Father, I-” He bowed his head, a little embarrassed at being caught in such a manner. “I’m sorry.”

    George merely smiled and nodded.

    “There is nothing wrong in catching some rest considering the long time you both had to wait,” He said with a calm tone.

    The boy adjusted himself on his little seat, nodding thankful about those words as the carriage began to move, horses neighing as they started to pull the vehicle out of the important street and back inside the maze of streets that was Central London.

    I blinked away from Jonathan and back to George as I felt particularly curious about his trip at the Colonial Office, my mind drawing multiple possible trade routes that the man could have drawn from that visit.

    “Lord Joestar, I hope your efforts resulted in a success,” I began to say with a polite tone, knowing well-enough to not blurt anything that could ruin the current respectful image I was trying to built for myself to the man’s eyes.

    The noble blinked in what looked to be a sign of being caught off-guard by my words, possibly surprised by the partial interest I was showing over the particularly-’boring’ subject.

    “Quite so, Dio. In fact, I can say that it concluded in the best positive outcome,” He mentioned with a hum. “Albeit not every trade points have been recognized as legitimately under the family’s control, we got some of the main sections by Rangoon, just like I had hoped to get.”

    Burma? An interesting choice.

    The colony within the British Raj had the main purpose as a ‘gate’ between China and India, trade was almost as strong as it was in Calcutta, Bombay and Ceylon.

    I nodded. “I’m happy to hear this, then.”

    I had hoped for the discussion to die there as I just wanted to give some words before quietly resuming my glancing by the little window near where I was sitting.

    Sadly, I had almost forgotten that George wouldn’t certainly waste this opportunity to take a shot at his own son, especially since, as far as I was aware of, Jojo had never displayed any interest in the trading business captained by his father.

    “Are you perhaps interested in learning some more about the group I’ve created, Dio?” The man proposed with a hint of genuine eagerness about the possibility. “Given some time and effort, I can see you working as one of the higher officers for the organization.”

    Can you truly see me ending up like that?

    Accepting such a limiting job because of mercy rather than true merit just felt like he had given me an unplanned punch right onto my stomach.

    I was unsure how much ‘naive’ the man truly was about the ‘dignity’ of having a job, mostly because I knew that this very idea wasn’t much known in these years.

    The concept of workers having some ‘pride’ over their labors was still far from entering the English mindset and the only ones in Europe that were just aware of it were the Germans after Karl Marx started to preach about it with the Communist Manifesto.

    So I merely blinked. “It’s… a flattering offer, Lord Joestar,” I started with a smooth but soft voice. “But if it isn’t too much asking, I would like to have some time to think about it as I don’t feel much comfortable to think about this important decision so… suddenly.”

    Once again I decided to rely on the fact I was a ‘simple child’ before the man’s eyes, knowing full well that hesitation and doubts were something entrenched in young mindsets and thus leaving me to weaponize my appearance for such reasonable point.

    He nodded kindly, showing some understanding behind my logic.

    “It’s not something you need to decide now, and I don’t think you will have to for at least a couple more of years,” The noble assured with a fatherly tone, then glancing at the curious look on Jonathan’s face. “Just like I’ve said to JoJo back when I first brought him to see the Colonial Office.”

    The young man nodded in response as to confirm this and I found myself relaxing at this lax pressure over the matter itself.

    I didn’t certainly need to be pushed to take a job as restricting as that one, especially if it wasn’t one where I had a large control over things.

    I was destined for greatness, but that kind of work, albeit filled with unquestionable benefits for those living in this era, was still too ‘small’ for what I had planned to do with my future.

    My future lied out of England, out of the zenith years of the British Empire and elsewhere.

    Europe was filled with possibilities, but so was Asia and the Americas. Only time will tell which of the continents would best fit with what I was trying to achieve out of this world.

    After just twenty minutes of traveling through London, I was partly surprised as I noticed that the carriage had started to slow down before coming to a full stop.

    George looked quite calm about it and Jonathan didn’t hold back his surprise at this unexpected pause, but before he could ask about this situation, it was his father that spoke.

    “Since your last trip here in London was two months ago, I think it’s proper for me to leave you do something to spend some time here and enjoy the city,” The noble started to explain to his son, leading out of the carriage and in the street, right in front of…

    A park?

    “This is why I will let you enjoy some time here with the other boys while I conclude some minor commissions,” He concluded with a small smile, getting happy at seeing the joy growing within Jonathan’s face. “And don’t forget to show Dio around.”

    “Thanks father!” The young man replied giddily with a quick nod before literally yanking me away from the street and through the gates of the park, ignoring the signs of discomfort I was showing at being man-handled without any warning.

    Still, I managed to restrain myself from berating the eager display of excitement and decided to see where this was going as I couldn’t exactly remember how this was supposed to go.

    Was this a new event?


    The answer appeared as suddenly as the realization of this familiar scene did, my orange eyes swiftly spotting the familiar river and the small section of the park that was currently occupied by numerous teens of various classes.

    They were all looking at at certain triangle-like area where a boxing match was slowly escalating, the two fighters punching each other without any hesitation, nor restrain in what looked to be quite the intense brawl unfolding before some jubilant spectators.

    Truly a tragic display that brutal sports, still rudimentary and lacking any of the rules that made them at least ‘non-deadly’ in modern times, seemed to bring everyone together to enjoy some blood flying out of mouths and some teeth-falling.

    While the original Dio would have been eager of making use of this event to antagonize JoJo even further than normal, I had no reason to take part in such a blatant display of aggressiveness, at least not until a proper reason that I could capitalize it with.

    Thus, while the young Joestar decided to eagerly prepare to bash some heads, something I was fairly sure was going to happen fairly-frequently considering his already above-average frame, I decided to slowly slip out of that section of the park once the young man had entered the fray to enjoy a walk around to think about my next few steps.

    This place was meant to be a safe haven for children of all ages and social statuses, so I was pretty much certain that there was no reason to worry for any unpleasant escalation from this moment I was spending alone and at peace.

    I delved in a small part of the woods just away from the muddy path that interconnected the various areas to the main entrance, my interest piqued when I slowly came to realize how I could exploit this silence and lack of eyewitnesses to start practicing some more the Spin.

    I took a little wood branch that had fallen off from some tree and started to carefully draw the golden rectangle which I was trying to use to obtain the Golden Spin.

    I wasn’t arrogant enough to consider achieving such a glorious power in so little time, nor I was so foolish to neglect the opportunity presented in the chance of training some more.

    Hamon would have been also a good idea too, but considering how little I had given attention to the newly-acquired book about the Ripple and how I was uneasy from entering a meditative state outdoors and in ‘uncharted territory’.

    I merely accepted the idea of keeping Hamon-training outdoors until I had some grasp over basic breathing control.

    I started my training session by controlling the spinning of the steel ball I still had with me, my efforts of improving my control over the spin first with both hands and then with a single one proved to be a tiring and long process.

    One that was still coming along pretty excellently considering how handling the sphere with only a palm seemed to come to me fairly easier than I had initially expected it to be.

    Soon I was moving to some bigger pebbles, instantly taking notice of some issues with the uneven texture of the little stones and why the spherical perfection was a must for the proper usage of the spin.

    The first thing I realized from my early attempts was how the previously-circular manipulation of energy seemed to grow unstable as soon as it was started, forcing me to be incredibly mindful of not letting myself distracted while handling the unnatural spinning.

    After just ten minutes of trying, I decided to concede myself away from testing this dangerous task as I moved on another detail of the Spin I had yet to verify.

    While the ‘main’ purpose of the Spin is to explode, maim or cut anything in its origin’s path, the energy created by it could be easily manipulated to create certain effects on the target of the object if the User is aware of the target’s biology and nature.

    In layman’s terms, since I knew well enough about the composition of trees and their ‘natural adjectives’, I decided to try and see what I could do by using the Spin with some variation to the energy-manipulation.

    The first thing I decided to test was trying to make some flowers blossom by its trunk, the absurd phenomenon possible thanks to the Spin and not by natural means, thus I decided to think about this very detail before throwing the steel ball and…

    It impacted with a calm thud on the body of the tree, creating none of the partly-expected explosion and…

    Nothing else happened once the sphere fell on the ground.

    I approached the specimen, my hand carefully caressing the area where the steel ball had hit and I tried to find at least just an uneven spot in the trunk and…

    I blinked, I looked closer at a curious sensation developing from the tree as I glanced by this part, meticulously trying to find the cause of this odd development.

    I tensed up, a small smile forming as my orange eyes caught the cause of this strange sensation, a snort leaving my lips as I indeed succeeded in my first attempt.

    Why couldn’t I just see it from afar and had to come closer to notice it? It was a little immature flower.

    Incredibly tiny, so much that I had to get so close to the trunk to see it.

    A success, but one that also confirmed one of my growing concerns over a flaw of my current ability of using the Spin.

    I was too detached from the nature of the Spin itself, the ‘full potential’, because of my worry of the sphere exploding in my hands.

    My second attempt was a little more ‘brazen’ considering that I focused to spin the ball of steel some more before throwing it against the tree and… this time something more happened.

    A blossomed daisy popping resolutely and suddenly from the bark of the tree, this time my smile widening at the better result.

    I continued with my experiments for twenty minutes, maybe thirty, before deciding that it was time to return back to where JoJo was before getting in trouble about my unexpected disappearance.

    Just as I returned back on the tracks, I found myself stopping at a strange loud voice giving a pained yell, the noise forcing me to snap my attention away from my steps back to where Jonathan was and… a little deeper in the park.

    My guard mustered up and my left arm already grasping the steel ball softly lying within my jacket’s pocket, I slowly walked to see what was happening and whom had throw that cry for help.

    A robber? It was broad daylight, what were they expecting to do by attacking someone in a well-guarded park.

    Still, it was fairly deep and away from the listening ears of any officer garrisoning the entrance of the place and maybe this wasn’t… a robbery at all.

    My suspicions were weak, but then I spotted a glaring clue of what I was going to face if I proceeded down that path to see who was being attacked.

    There was an uneven line of blood trailing on the floor, away from the tracks and deep in the foliage.

    I was forced me to turn and approach carefully as I felt I was getting closer to the criminal deed happening nearby.

    I could have gotten out to find some of the guards and send them there, I could have avoided putting myself on the front of a surely-dangerous ordeal but… the blood was enough to drive me to intervene considering how deadly this predicament looked to be.

    I wandered through the bushes with the intention of doing whatever I could to stop any aggressor, I was so certain of my bravery about the matter and… then I found myself paling at the scene I was introduced to.

    The woman was alive, she was leaning on some tree while she continued to try begging her attacker to stop with his murderous intentions.

    She had long black hair that reached down below her shoulders but just above her lower back, those were left untied and free. Her clothes were actually quite ‘freer’ than the conservative standard.

    She was donning a frilly white dress, its skirt reaching just below her knees while her upper body was mostly covered… leaving only a particularly noticeable opening that gave a proper sight over her cleavage.

    A prostitute.

    “P-Please- No! I-I don’t want to die!”

    But the dark-haired man seemed to mind little about the cries of mercy, his posture showing relaxation and eagerness to commit to the final act.

    “Shhh-” He had his free index pressing by his lips as to emphasize his order, causing the scantly-dressed woman to whimper at his calm posture in such a dreadful display. “Can’t have to deal with some unneeded distractions now. I just want to… get to know you better.”

    I gulped nervously at the sense of peace that was within the lulling voice of this killer, I felt panic rising from within my chest as I realized whom I was looking at.

    He was younger, much younger than the murderer Dio met in Canon, but the monstrous knife he was holding in his right hand was so unique to not recognize it.

    This… this was Jack the Ripper.

    Too early. My incredulous mind was screeching at the early entry of this dangerous assassin, his murdering spree had to begin in a few years from now and…

    What if he had began earlier?

    Jack the Ripper became known only when he went on with killing numerous women in a short span of time, but what if he had ‘experimented’ before going for the ‘grander deed’?

    A grimace was on on my face but I didn’t hesitate any longer since learning of this development.

    Pulling the steel sphere out of my pocket, I was already creating the Spin with it and, the moment I finally got it charged and ready, prepared to launch an explosive greeting at the young murderer.

    Much to my instant horror, my aim proved to be incredibly unbalanced considering my now-visible trembling going through my arms and, while I had planned to hit him squarely on his back… but the flying projectile exploded by his right tight.

    The sudden attack caught him off-guard, enough to force him to drop his knife to the floor and turn around to glance at me, his aggressor.

    He looked more surprised, a sense of wonder hiding in those annoyed eyes as he silently studied me from afar.

    The woman’s eyes were still wide-open as she continued to press her hands onto her wounded upper-leg, her attention too directed at me.

    “H-How peculiar,” He stated with a fascinated tone, taking a slow step towards me while I continued to look at his younger appearance. “A child… with some pretty tricks.”

    His hair and beard were shorter, his overall frame much reduced compared to his older, more experienced self. This was the making of a legendary killer… one that was slowly approaching me.

    The ball of steel was far too hidden in the foliage for me to recover and trying to move to get some pebbles would spring him to rush me.

    This is bad, my aim shouldn’t have failed me this terrible and… now I was going to pay for my little moment of weakness.

    He was moving slowly, as if trying to impose some control over this unexpected development, trying to enforce his dominance over my ‘apparently weaker’ frame.

    Despite his wound, now bleeding profusely even with a hand pressing on the injury, Jack looked quite calm and collected, so sure and certain of victory even before this painful hindrance.

    I had to think quickly, I had to elaborate something that could work against the approaching killer before-


    My memory was quick to bring up the scene I needed, I had to just rehearse it in a proper manner to fit this eventuality without sounding too cocky nor too afraid.

    While I was unsure if this act would have worked on a normal person, I was keen to notice the little tension enveloping the pained form of the Ripper, the man was trying his best from not making anyone notice… but I did.

    I assumed the posture, a little lessened as to reduce the oddity it had on a normal spectator.

    “Oh? You are approaching me?” I asked with a certain sense of factual determination, holding myself from over-emphasizing with some of the words. “Instead of running away, you’re coming right to me?”

    He paused, his eyes widening just a fraction as if not expecting this sudden bout of bravado.

    “What are you talking about, child?” He asked with a curious tone, almost in childish wonder.

    I smirked. “Even though the guards have been alerted, even though you are bleeding profusely and despite the fact I could easily maim you more, you decide to approach me instead of surviving this quite difficult ordeal?”

    There was a pause, his silence confirming that the little act had got him to ponder over the matter.

    I was slightly unnerved by the quiet, but considering how difficult to enforce such a psychological assault, I steeled my resolve over the matter as he sighed.

    “What if I’m fast enough to finish her and kill you?” He took a step closer, trying to cause a squirm out of me. “What if you are bluffing about the police-”

    “Then we will see if fate is truly that merciful to you, Jack,” I interjected with a smirk, enjoying the little panic at the mentioning of his name. “But I don’t think the Heavens will be kind to you once you fail. For I think you have forfeited any chance of salvation the moment you succumbed to your own demons.”

    I took a step closer.

    “Please, do try and shatter my theory; rush to me and show me your brilliant speed!” I exclaimed louder, forcing him to tense up in visible fear at the certainty held within my tone.

    He stood still, so did I with my own amused expression and relaxed posture.

    “Interesting,” He muttered with some awe in his tone. “You… You are odd-”

    He swiftly moved out of the foliage to the side, running away with his impressive speed while concluding his comment.

    Odder than me~!

    I stared in surprise at the retreated figure, caught off-guard by this last comment as I felt shaken to the core by this correlation.

    N-no, I shouldn’t be wasting too much time musing over some rabid fool’s half-thought, my orange eyes returning to the now calming down young woman while she continued to try and keep a hold of her wounded leg.

    I slowly approached her, causing her to tense a little at me but she seemed less threatened by my presence, especially since I had been the one that got her assaulter to leave her before he could hurt her more.

    Once I was close enough, I crouched in front of her and gave a closer look to her injury.

    The cut was enough to cause her to lose this much blood, but not enough to sound threatening… if I considered the basis of modern medicine.

    I didn’t have any water with me to clean the wound, nor I had any first aid kit to use to bandage it up right where we were.

    Instead of keeping still and just look at the bloody thing, I went to pull my light-green handkerchief from my pocket and started to carefully clean it a little.

    I didn’t have any medical alcohol to properly clean it, the risk of infections were high considering how long it would take to get hold of a proper doctor. And that was ignoring the lack of free medical care in this age.

    Gritting my teeth, my brain felt burning as I felt that I had to adopt a simpler approach to the matter. I recovered the steel ball before returning to the suffering young woman and spoke.

    “Can you walk with your other leg?”

    She seemed surprised at my question, possibly because the bravado was now gone and there was just serious concern over the blatant wound.

    If I had grown in this period of time, I would have probably called a guard and let him sort out this situation, but knowing of the possible outcomes from this untreated wound, I couldn’t help but decide to give her some aid.

    She gave a nervous nod, slowly understanding that we had to move out of here and she cautiously accepted my hands in hers as I pulled her up.

    I was quite slim, I have stressed this fairly enough, and thus the effort was… quite straining on my own body, the adrenaline giving me plenty of energy to keep up with the activity.

    Once I had her standing and one of her arms on my shoulders, I started to carefully walk the two of us out of that deep section of the park and back to the muddy path where I came from.

    From there, I began making the way right to the nearby area of the park that was close to the Thames.

    I needed to try something drastic, even though I felt fairly winded by what had happened today, I needed to strive for a miraculous attempt.

    I started to storm my brain with thoughts how Gyro Zeppeli did manage to use the spin with water, having just a theory of what I was actually going to do to help the woman in distress.

    Once we were near the river, I had her sit by the ground while telling her to wait as I went to take some waters to clean the wound, a swift nod confirming that she wasn’t too distracted from the matter and giving me the time to rush near the body of water and prepare to try and accomplish a divine intervention.

    Placing the used handkerchief to the side, I knelt before near the putrid water, perfectly aware that this wasn’t going to do anything to clean injuries, possibly the contrary from what I knew from History lessons.

    But my plan wasn’t to use the water itself, but something I had to ‘create’ out of it.

    Rolling up my sleeves, I dived my hands onto the cold liquid and carefully started the correct rotation to enact the Spin on some particles of water.

    The process was painstakingly slow as the water was muddy enough to hinder my capacity to see if I could already pull the hoped bubble of transparent liquid or not.

    Ultimately I started to lift my hands out of the river and I had in fact managed to get a rather unstable water-filled bubble in my palm, the spin still in motion as to keep it from collapsing.

    And now onto the very grand scheme I had in mind.

    Since the Spin can alter the composition of an object/being’s self if the User is aware of their composition, then the User should also be capable of altering the epicenter of the Spin with proper concentration.

    This first step was mostly done, the sufficient result offering me the opportunity to pass on to the second step, the one that could be considered the ‘real miracle’.

    I breathed calmly, my mind trying its best to impose two major rules upon the bubble of water.

    The first rule was that the bubble itself had to be modified as to be only water, my brain repeating fiercely the ‘H2O’ composition forcing the spinning energy to adapt as the muddy bubble slowly turned transparent and lacking of any other impurities.

    I felt my breathing getting a little labored, my concentration faltering as the spin energy was getting even more unstable the more I let it continue.


    The second step was mostly done, I just needed to make the last change before concluding this draining experience.

    The highest zenith of absurdity, the one thing that made the Spin unique compared to Hamon itself.

    I took a large breath intake and… began changing the pure water into a variant with its composition.


    The bubble tensed, close to burst open, but holding just enough for the final alteration to happen and for me to move the floating bubble just above the handkerchief.

    I could smell the result already, my nose scrunching at the familiar odor of Ethanol.

    Once the process was over I let the spinning die down, moving away from the bubble just in time to see it fall swiftly on the piece of cloth while also staining the ground nearby.

    Quickly pulling up the little wet thing, I was glad to see that none of the dirt had managed to attach itself to it, leaving a mostly stainless handkerchief imbued with medical alcohol.

    I slowly made my way back to where the woman was sitting, she looked surprised to see me returning after so long but her attention was suddenly taken by the pungent smell coming from the handkerchief.

    Before she could ask anything I was already close to her wounded leg. “This might sting a little,” I warned before cautiously pressing the cloth onto her injury.

    Her open mouth let out a yelp while she whimpered at the sudden bout of pain coming from the contact, but she surprisingly managed to not scream at this.

    I was done moments later as I gave her a calming nod. “The wound is now properly cleaned.”

    There was a pause at first, then she nodded again. “I… Thank you?”

    I blinked at her meek reaction, but returned the nod nonetheless.

    “You are welcome.” I commented back, giving her a curious look. “By the way what is your name?”

    I mean, courtesy is still a thing…

    I think even for prostitutes.

    She looked a little surprised about the matter but blurted out something.


    Before I could say anything more about this, I felt some people approaching the area where we were, forcing me to look around and see…

    George Joestar, Jojo and two police officer making their way towards us.

    Oh right, I did forget that I didn’t tell anyone about where I had gone.

    JoJo looked surprised, while his father looked confused but particularly suspicious of the young woman in front of me.

    I have a feeling that I, Dio, might have created some immense mess.

    And while our young protagonist deal with the situation at hand by assuring the innocence of young Hannah while also explaining what had happened after entering the park, a certain shadow with malicious looked at the scene with a certain wonder.

    For his interest has been peaked by the curious blond and his peculiar ability. His thirst renewed, his target now set in his mind.

    -To be continued…



    Dio-sama’s mercy is beyond heavenly, but so is his vengeful mood when irked!

    So many questions, so many complications born from a little act of kindness… and improvement.

    Not only Dio helped a woman in need, but also slowly realized more of the early potential of the Spin, the chances born from manipulating such a grand power and… Hamon.

    Hamon will be essential, Hamon will be the key to the Heavens.

    But alas, no more hints! The key has been revealed, but the ritual is intricate but simpler than the original one that granted the 「The World Over Heaven」 and 「Made in Heaven」. Stay tuned to know some more!

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    Also little rule. Considering that I'm usual keen to write Omakes/Snippetes. I'm open to threadmark some independent Omakes/Snippetes, which would be properly credited in other sites too.
    Seems odd to say, but I know that many tends to remain unaware of this possibility when I write stories and I prefer to keep this known to my readers.
  28. Extras: Omake 1: Where the Spin goes Bizarre

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    Omake 1: Where the Spin goes Bizarre

    Original Idea from: Legendar-NOT (Space Battles)

    It was late at night, just an hour after dinner, and I was enjoying some rest by lying over my bed.

    I was feeling particularly tired after a day spent training the Hamon by the local river, my entire body feeling sore and in need of some sleep after this long day.

    A yawn left my lips, but my mind was far from tired enough to contemplate some early slumber, my brain still active after such the lack of interesting things to do.

    Humming quietly, I glanced by my bedside and noticed with a certain interest the steel balls I’ve started to accumulate in the last few days, the need of having those perfectly-shaped spheres for the usage of the Spin giving me a certain addiction.

    It wasn’t anything bad to my body, my health or even something that was dangerous in general.

    I took one in my fingers and, without thinking too much about it, started to apply some spinning to it.

    The familiar energy started to flow, the curious hue coming from it lulling me in a state of peace and relax.

    I yawned again, my eyes moving away from the spinning ball and up to the ceiling as I started to slowly lose myself in my thoughts.

    I started to think about earlier that morning, right by the beginning of breakfast.

    We were all enjoying our own peace and quiet, once or twice the patriarch of the Joestar family giving some words about his current state of things, maybe while also putting pressure on his son about my achievements and urging some more efforts from him, to which Jonathan couldn’t help but just nod at.

    I was carefully drinking some tea, thinking about how I should have trained for the planned Hamon session, when I glanced right at George and… noticed the curious shape of his mustache.

    I had realized since the first day that the man was used to drop some milk in his tea, maybe as a mean to wake up quicker instead of having more than one cup considering how sweet and warm the milk was.

    This morning, much to my immense surprise and hidden amusement, after just taking a long sip from his cup, the nobleman had been blissfully unaware that the milk that had remained on top of the liquid had somehow managed to reach his mustache, tainting it with white and… making is fluffy at the same time.

    JoJo realized what was going on with his father moments later but, differently than how I reacted to it, he didn’t spare himself from chuckling at the scene much to the confused look coming from the older Joestar.

    George looked immensely confused about it all and remained so until one of the older butlers decided to point out the issue in question while also providing him some mirror to look at himself.

    The man blinked twice before snorting himself and shaking his head in minor mirthfulness.

    “I just look like Santa.”

    “T-That’s what I was thinking about, father,” Jonathan added with an entertained tone before being forced to lift his hands to his mouth to keep himself from laughing at the scene, much to his father’s growing embarrassment.

    In that very moment, the old man turned his attention to me and blinked.

    “What do you think of this, Dio?”

    The query was partly-expected and I was ready to say that he did indeed look like Santa but just as I opened my lips to say this… I found my brain giving me another picture of someone that now seemed fairly similar in terms of beards.


    N-No, I refuse to accept that there can be this stark resemblance between George and Joseph.

    Double no!

    “I-It looks like Santa- I’m sorry if-”

    “No, no, it’s alright.”

    The scene ended before it could turn awkward, the day ensued in a smooth and uneventful manner, concluding with me lying on my bed and thinking about beards.

    I had some before being inserted here. Something left untouched as it was fairly short and I didn’t have any reason to style it in any specific versions.

    I could also remember scratching at the bit below my chin as a relaxing action while thinking deeply about something and… I guess I was starting to miss it after just some time without those.

    I sighed tiredly, leaning deeper in my pillow while trying to move my hands away-

    While forgetting that I had the Spin still ongoing during my brief trail of thoughts.

    The accumulated energy didn’t dissipate by the moment I removed my hands away from it, the sudden development causing the pent-up stress to imbue into the sphere before exploding in numerous shards that seemed to shatter the window nearby.

    I almost gave out a frightened whimper at the sudden loud noise and the destruction of the window, my hands rushing to my face to see if any of the metal splinters had reached there, maybe cutting somewhere without me noticing.

    Instead of feeling any cut, I felt my lower face rather… fluffy compared to how I had left it just mere hours ago.

    I glanced down, my orange eyes noticing in dread the noticeable amount of blond hair appearing right near my mouth-

    Oh NO!

    Before I could have thought more about it, I felt footsteps rapidly approaching the door of the room and then… this happened.

    “Dio! What’s wrong? I’ve heard a loud noise and-” Jonathan stopped, his entire posture tensing up in shock at the sight he was presented with.

    I don’t know if it was the golden beard, or maybe because I looked fairly shell-shocked myself, but the boy blinked and… looked happy.

    “Y-You are Santa!”

    NO, I’M NOT!

    “Jonathan,” I said with my most stern of voices, catching the young man from continuing with this madness as I was already regretting having taken this stupid addiction. “You will now return to your room, get yourself a good rest and this has never happened.”

    Not dangerous my new beard!

    “B-But what about-”

    “If you don’t want to have coal for next Christmas, you better be behaving well, young man-”

    The door slammed shut at that as the boy rushed out in a fearful state, a muffled I’m Sorry still reaching my ears while I prepared some more Spin energy to fix this madness.

    I, Dio, reject the aspect of a beard for the Greater Good!
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    Dio is an amazing protagonist, reading the narration, his actions. It's deeply profounding.
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    I can kinda see this blowing up in Dio’s face, as unobjectionable him Saving Hannah from Jack the Ripper is I could Totally See George using This as another way to put Jonathan and Dio against each other, just think about it, while Jonathan was out “rough housing” with the common folk Dio Literally saved a life and While it wasn’t as celebrated as it was during the dark ages I imagine Saving a young woman’s life from a murderer would be considered the height of chivalry and being a true gentleman, something that George expects Jonathan to be.
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