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Absolute Divinity (JoJo DIO SI!)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by JBukharin, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. JBukharin

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    I don't think he would throw it so bluntly. While George is trying to push his son to be a real gentleman, the reason behind Dio's saving a woman was born from a mere walk in the park. It was based on luck rather than a certainty, Dio didn't certainly go for a walk to save a woman's life, but rather he saved a woman during said walk.
    Why is this important? Well, despite George being a prick by putting his son against his newest ward, the reasoning behind his foul behavior is more born from the mindset of the late 1800's nobleman. Everyone expect those born from the higher-class to have true class and the whole 'Noblesse Oblige' instilled in their brains.
    So while George is harsh, he isn't genuinely trying to make JoJo's life miserable and I will not add any extreme abuse because of it.
    P.S. The reason why both Manga/Anime shows the man being this much brutal with is son is actually connected to Dio's own manipulation. By antagonising JoJo in misbehaving, or rather 'appearing to be misbehaving', he ended up painting the young man in a dishonorable light.
    That is why, compared to the Anime at least, Jonathan will not be hounded so vehemently by his father.
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  2. Threadmarks: Giovinezza (5)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Capitolo Primo: Giovinezza (5)

    A full day had passed since that interesting day that saw me facing one of the greatest assassins in modern history.

    Jack the Ripper was a figure that was shrouded in mystery, negativity and outright uncertainty as his deeds were so brutal, so swift and… so difficult to decipher.

    He was never caught, even the full deployment of Scotland Yard got little results from the investigations born from the assassinations of the various prostitutes he would eventually hunt down even in this timeline.

    Araki had described him pretty much how many other authors would depict such a confusing murderer, an aimless killer that didn’t seem to have a real reason to go for his murder spree.

    He was a pitiful tool of malicious machinations.

    The result of some abuse that broke the human mind he had been bestowed since his natural birth that was quick to be seduced by the alluring chances of becoming more by surrendering his flawed humanity to a Dio recovering from his first battle as a vampire against Jonathan.

    I wasn’t certainly planning to recruit someone like him, knowing enough about his unpleasant specialization to be aware of the possible drawbacks of gaining his trust.

    He was too much of a chaotic presence, not enough subdued to become a pawn for me to manipulate to his complete exploitation.

    Especially now that he was younger and surely more emotional with this new passion of his, the modus operandi I was documented about from the various documentaries I had seen detailing the fine clues left around by his deeds failing to represent the younger version I had encountered.

    He was dangerous, even more now that he was so brash and possibly less-inclined to take a calm approach over the oddity I was to him.

    Odder than me~!

    His words kept me awake that very night, a few hours after that meeting, and his fascinated eyes would present themselves as the sole physical manifestation of the uneasy words I had so unfortunately burned in my brain.

    I wasn’t worried of making another encounter anytime soon, at least that would be the case until I kept close to the Joestar Manor.

    He knew of my face but even though he managed to snatch some more information over my whereabouts and my full name, trying to fell me while I was still enjoying the social protection of George Joestar would have seen him getting his own demise just after my kill.

    Assassinating prostitutes was a thing, killing the ward of a noble family?

    Any attempt at my life would see his own getting hunted down by both Scotland Yard AND the Royal Army considering the heinous ground he would be standing by committing such a noticeable crime.

    I was also careful to twist the tale of what happened at the park before JoJo’s father and the police officers taking notes for their reports, making sure to add in that he had ‘mentioned’ his name while preparing to murder the young woman I was just helping ‘with some water’.

    Hannah behaved shyly when the officers started to question her too, but surprisingly enough she ended up confirming the version I had decided to use to describe the ordeal.

    It had been a very abridged story which lacked any of the details that were best to be left out from anyone but just myself… and the other witnesses of the predicament itself.

    I was surprised when the brunette had refused to give out any of the bizarre abilities I had used before her eyes, seemingly adamant in getting herself out of this situation the quickest possible while also… giving some brief praises about my intervention.

    I was slightly initially stomped by her sweet tone as she continued with her use of some positive adjectives to tell how ‘kind and gentle’ I had been while making sure that she was well-cared by with the injury she had now cleaned, yet I was slowly realized why she seemed this much giddy about giving such a depiction of the narration.

    I was fairly sure that it was actually something related to the chivalrous idea of a ‘knight in shining armor coming to save any maiden in distress’ that JoJo was so keen to naively consider the true embodiment of being a gentleman, but her concept was twisted and adapted in a more romantic and desperate manner because of her current state of life.

    She was a young prostitute of London that lived in the late years of the Victorian Age, her chances of having a family, of having her own romantic pursues away from the painful life she is forced to deal as of now.

    It was a pitiful display of what Great Britain once was and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her current lifestyle.

    But ‘feeling sorry’ wasn’t enough to get me to try and face what was meant to be a losing fight against the sturdy concepts of this society.

    Offering her help after this? It would be superfluous if not dangerous for my current standing.

    George was chivalrous but he wouldn’t accept even thinking of hiring the young woman as a maid, the scandal that would explode by such endeavor an easy threat to the Joestars’ reputation as good nobles.

    It would end up badly for me if I decided to press on the subject, thus I merely let things resolve in the dreadfulness of neutrality, only to wonder if I could have actually done something more for the now safe lady.

    I didn’t have the position, the role, to command such a merciful attempt and I didn’t even try to put any effort in that senseless battle.

    Instead, my mind drifted back to Jack as the carriage started to make his way back home that very day, with Hannah having gone on her own way back to wherever she had been living, maybe to recover and skip any unpleasant session after this ordeal.

    It didn’t matter to me in that very instance, my brain bringing up the main issue of that encounter I had with Jack… or rather the lucky development that saw me victorious.

    Citing Dio’s own quotes from the future had been a hazardous gamble that could have easily failed if the enemy himself could have spotted the nervousness hiding behind my face.

    The Spin had failed me as, in a moment of need, I had been overtaken by the horrible hold of fear and despair, ruining my practical chances of winning any eventual fights from that very point.

    Once we were back to the manor, I found myself graced with some unexpected mercy in the form of a brief speech George had decided to give me right as we vaulted the main gates.

    “Dio, tomorrow I think you will be better skipping the usual tutoring lessons,” The nobleman said with a careful tone. “From my understanding, it would be best for you to get some proper rest after that close encounter with such a dreadful mongrel.”

    I blinked, surprise painted in my orange-colored eyes. “I- It’s not an issue for me to-”

    “I insist,” The old Joestar interjected firmly. “That was an ordeal someone of your age shouldn’t have been neither a witness, nor an active part of.”

    In the end I merely accepted the orders, finding them to be just what I wanted to have with what I had planned to do in the next few days.

    Jonathan was irritated at first, huffing at the fact that I was allowed to skip the homework, but stopping himself from actually protesting the legitimate offer as he was aware that what had happened had gone well-beyond the chances of normality.

    It put him in a surprisingly weird mood as, once we were permitted to return our rooms, he asked if he could come inside to talk about some topics about the day.

    During the narration I had provided to the police officers, the young Joestar had been fairly quiet and merely glancing between me and Hannah while the young woman was waiting for her turn for the questioning.

    His interrogation proceeded in a mix of pestering and childish curiosity taking over the topics brought up with the questions he would blurt out carefully and patiently.

    “B-But why would you want to skip some simple boxing?”

    “Other than the fact that I’m fairly slim and easy to pick up?” I asked sarcastically, but sadly the undertone failed to register in the young man’s mind, causing me to sigh. “I guess I just didn’t find myself interested in trying to punch people around for no major purpose.”

    “It’s not just ‘punching people’,” He huffed with an annoyed voice. “It’s about proving that you can actually fight to defend those that you care about, family.”

    Something I don’t have. I don’t have neither friends nor a family to believe myself into.

    I didn’t have any precious people… except the elevated figure of ambition raised from the unfortunate passing of a kind mother treated unfairly by this hideous era.

    Dario Brando might have been the direct cause of the death of Dio’s mother, but it was a large number of things that caused the poor woman to ultimately find her demise in such a saddening manner.

    It was only me now, even as a mere self-insert that didn’t know anything about the truest essence of Dio’s plight.

    I was alone in this unknown loneliness.

    “I suppose that some might see it as a mean to exert determination in those you love, but I find it just to be a mere punching session,” I replied with a flat tone, unwilling to expose the mind of someone still so young to the depravity that was my cynical perspective of the world as a whole. “Still, I think I will still pass trying it.”

    He shrugged. “You are free to be interested or not to activities,” JoJo admitted quietly. “But are you sure you don’t wish to at least train in case… that situation happen again?”

    Hmm? Was that concern I was feeling coming from his throat? Was that worry dripping from his words while he contemplated the repetition of such an absurd circumstance.

    I don’t think Jack will bother hanging around the park now that the police had reason to patrol the place even during the day, but the boy’s advice wasn’t one that lacked any true foundation.

    If I hadn’t managed to find a mean to gain Hamon training, my Plan B would have surely been training up my body enough to gain full confidence and control of a stronger self of me.

    But since I had the Ripple now to study and expand from, I decided to pass for now about developing my muscles.

    Maybe it will be integrated with my current training regime as I knew that stronger lungs could benefit me in the long-run if I planned to make continuous use of Hamon in any future fights.

    It was a strong possibility, thus I merely ignored the offer of training from the possibly less-experienced young man and found myself dealing with another topic, this time the subject itself getting a light blush out of me while the boy asked it so innocently and blissfully unaware.

    “A-Also, can you tell me more about that lady, Ms. Hannah?” He inquired with a little stutter, confused himself over some of the things he had seen with the young woman. “Dad said that I shouldn’t be asking but… why was she wearing something so revealing?”

    I almost snorted at the query, feeling some amusement rising from such a pure and non-corrupted perception of thing.

    I could say so much about the matter, possibly getting Jonathan overly-teased over what sex was and why it was connected to the young woman, but I merely settled to something far tamer and easy to explain without having to deal with a furious George over the ‘corruption’ of his first-born.

    “Hannah’s work entail something about intimacy and… quite the sinful kind of stuff,” I carefully began to explain, gaining his rapt attention. “Nothing truly horrible- but it’s considered by society as something fairly deplorable to commit with her own body. Said work requires her to wear revealing clothes-”

    “But what kind of job would need women dressed like that? Is it something like a maid or-”

    “No,” I interjected flatly before the mountain of questions could fall on me. He was curious over an incredibly delicate topic and I couldn’t certainly let him get any wrong idea by suggesting anything easy to misunderstand over the predicament. “Her work can be considered quite the detestable one for a woman, the practice committed with it being fairly unpleasant and sometime unfair.”

    “But if it’s that bad, then why couldn’t Dad just offer her work as a servant-”

    “Because your father would lose face by doing such thing,” I interrupted again while forcing a calm voice out, feeling fairly irritating by the constant interventions. “Her work would sully the reputation of the family if she was ever hired to work as a maid, your standing with other children would crumble dramatically.”

    “Why?” He finally asked once I was done with this answer. “Why would father just ignore a woman in need? Why would he-”

    “JoJo, do you know how many other women are working the same job as Hannah?” I asked curtly, eyeing him with a serious glint, causing him to shuffle a little nervously at my stare.

    “There are numerous women doing this kind of stuff, humiliating tasks for the sake of surviving in a city that is praised to be the beacon of prosperity and modernity,” I continued as I accepted the silence as a ‘no’. “The world is filled with good and nice things, but also some unpleasant truths that you best not learn about.”

    He blinked, confused about the allusion I had thrown at him without any connection to the subject.

    “B-But you are as young as I am, why wouldn’t I be wanting to know about-”

    “You are given a choice here, JoJo,” I jumped in with a tight tone. “You are allowed to decide to keep your childhood happy for a few more years or be cursed already with a glimpse of what adults are forced to look at every day.”

    I glanced away from him, feeling oddly unnerved by this line of thought.

    “I wasn’t given one, I was never offered the chance of having a pleasant life before being taken in as a ward of the Joestar Family,” I concluded with a sigh. “So when you ask me why I know more things about you, you should first think about how can I, a mere poor orphan, have learned about what is going on in the world so early in my life.”

    There was silence, I accepted it without pursuing any other topics and… JoJo decided to conclude the interrogation there, walking by the half-open door and stopping a step before leaving the room.

    “I’m sorry for… being this-”

    “I know you mean well,” I interjected blankly. “But I would like to be left alone for today. I just… need some time to think.”

    He merely nodded, the saddened expression that highlighted his perspective over the matter, about the fact that he had been responsible for this sour conclusion, gave me quite the unpleasant sensation to the core.

    It was annoying, irritating even and… I realized almost too quickly what it was all about.

    The anger, the bubbling fury that stemmed from such behavior…

    Was this what Dio thought every single time Jonathan would try to emphasize with him?

    The sense of being ‘understood’ by someone that barely left his family manor, perfectly unaware of the troubled life many others were suffering through each day of their lives.

    I closed my eyes just for a moment as the door closed, letting my breathing reign as the sole sound of the room and… I blinked awake and away from that inner turmoil.

    Accepting this backtracking? Now that things were picking up a dreadful pace?

    Despite my irritation at the discussion that had just finished so bitterly, I managed to focus my attention right onto the tome I had managed to smuggle inside my room.

    The book that Muddiburi had given to me, a mean to begin my official training as a Hamon User.

    I lied on my bed, eyelids half-dropped as I read silently and carefully all the words and the descriptions given by such an enlightening text.

    It was so well-detailed, a practical diary that explained in quite the accurate way how Hamon originates within the lungs, how the energy was born from a mix of emotions, willpower and pure physical submission to the user’s mind.

    It was an intriguing read for sure, one that I proceeded to continue even later that night after dinner.

    The event itself was fairly forgettable as silence had domineered while I enjoyed some delicious steak, my attention being barely taken by the way Jonathan had managed to avoid making any major conversation during this time, his eyes fixed on his plate as he slowly and regally ate his share of food.

    It was an odd sight for sure, quite the curious development that confirmed the possibility that my words did leave some doubts within the ‘dreamy boy’ and his idea of proper life.

    Something that would surely give me issues in the distant future, but for that moment I merely enjoyed the food given to me before resuming my entertaining study of the Ripple, my mind already preparing for the following day.

    Hamon was at reach, the concept of the proper breathing degree now well-ingrained in my mind and…

    Maybe it was high time for I, Dio, to go for a solo swim in that lovely, but unfairly cold river.


    With both father and son busying themselves with the usual hours of tutoring by the grand study room in the second floor, I was perfectly free from proceeding with my plans for the day.

    Leaving the mansion by its main doors, I started to make my way right towards the section of the river nearby that JoJo had shown me a few days earlier, my giddiness almost bubbling up onto my expression as I found no obstacle to such commitment.

    I knew that Danny was sleeping at these hours of the day, providing me with just enough time to wander right where I needed to be to begin the training session I had planned to do here… in this body of water.

    I had brought my full-body swimsuit, quickly switching to it after I had given the usual thorough look around the general area as to see if I could catch anyone preparing to spy on me.

    The unpleasant thought of someone peeping on me, maybe for some malicious intents other than merely spying, was more than enough to drill this habit right onto my day ever since I started to consider the chances of having an intruder in the swimming sessions I had with JoJo.

    After making sure the coast was clear, I decided to hide my normal clothes by some bushes, away from any visitors’ sight and reach.

    Bullies were still a thing around the distinct region and I was fairly unwilling to be subjected to some mockery of annoyance.

    I needed some time alone to achieve such an important and essential training session, enough to gain some control over the most important bit of Hamon.

    While the Spin was easy to achieve and use in its base form, the Ripple was much more versatile in close-fighting and offered to its users the chance of expand their vitality and lifespan if practiced continuously and religiously.

    It was an ability that was best compared to the manipulation of energy close to the one coming from the sun, the prime enemy of supernatural monsters like vampires, zombies and Pillar Men.

    Given proper creativity, time and effort, such a power can also grant its user the opportunity to conceive skills that could easily defy the normal limits of mere humans.

    And this is why, instead of whining around once again at how horribly cold the water was, I let myself float up in that quiet river, keeping my body close to the land in fear of getting dragged along the flow.

    It was a strange experience, far different from the usual relaxing floating I used to do while I was younger.

    There was purpose in that peace, there was a reason in that simple activity.

    My breathing was soft, quiet and somehow well-timed despite my lack of major attention to it, my mind channeling a sense of sound deprivation, the lack of sight and… the true nature of peace.

    The deafening silent persisted for a couple of quiet minutes, my mind drowning in that sweet moment of nothingness.

    Soon, I found myself growing attuned with my body, my mind connecting in a way deeper than before to it as I started to get prepared for the next step.


    It was a simple noise, yet the meaning behind it was more than just a single release.

    I was slowly releasing the breath I had gained from the previous intake of air, I was letting out my emotional drive and… I was fueling my willpower in this word.

    I thought of my ambitions, of my dreams, of those that I had left behind, of those that Dio had lost, of those that were going to be lost without my intervention and…

    My mind burned at the thought of a young woman, crouching in front of me as to meet my eyes with her kind orbs. She was donning such a kind smile, such a tired smile and… an amount of love that defied anything I was aware of.

    My child, my little conqueror,” She said with a happiness in her tone. “Please… become something great. Someone that will never fear the darkness, that will never be bent by death itself.”

    She paused, her eyes shining as some tears had began forming at the edge of those.

    Go forth and… conquer the world if you can.”

    My mind broke free from that memory, my eyes already crying as I felt my entire core burning so fiercely and rightfully.

    It was like I was coaxed in fire, but instead of pain, I was met with a clarity of self, of mind and body.

    It wasn’t a visible effect at first, I felt this very warmth warmth coming right from my chest as it fluidly spread all thorough my limbs and…

    The water started to cackle, to bubble, as something similar to electric sparks rose from my skin and coating the rest of my body.

    Soon some fishes started to happily jump out of the water before diving back to it, like some dolphins and… I could feel their energy synching with mine.

    I blinked, my orange eyes going wide open as I realized that this reaction wasn’t meant to be the correct one.

    It was too strong- even Zeppeli had affirmed that Jonathan’s own potential was considered a rarity for sure and… it had been just a tree branch blossoming small flowers all over it.

    This… this couldn’t just be it.

    That means that Dio had the potential to surpass Jonathan if he had studied Hamon instead of becoming a vampire, he would have achieved victory in Phantom Blood instead off reject his humanity!

    My breathing grew irregular, disrupting the ripple’s effect that I was creating unconsciously.

    The water grew calm to how it was before I started this attempt, yet my body continued to feel pleasantly warmth.

    It felt like I had unlocked something deep within me, as if I had tapped into the most secret but fiercest part of me.

    I struggled a little to move away from the river, my body oddly drained but not even winded by the experience and it was just as I reached the shore that I heard something unexpected.

    The noise of a twig or a branch cracking under pressure and something like-


    My sight turned swiftly to track down the origin of the distinctly feminine voice, my orange eyes noticing right on time as a certain blonde-haired girl falling down from a broken tree branch and right into some bushes.

    Oh. That is-

    That would explain a lot, I guess.

    It wasn’t anyone malicious that had actively spied upon the swimming sessions, but someone that had decided to keep herself away from dealing with two boys at once.

    Erina Pendleton was still a shy girl with a sweet personality and a far more reserved attitude compared to Jonathan.

    Since JoJo had helped her face some bullies by episode 1 of the series, I suppose she had been trying to find the proper moment to approach him and apologize for the quick retreat she had gone with instead of thanking him for his help.

    My presence, which brought up the amount of males up to twice as she was initially planned, the blonde had to have waited for the right time where I wasn’t around to ‘stop her from thanking the Joestar’.

    I carefully approached where the girl had fallen but my pace increased as I heard her groan and yelp in minor pain while she was holding her left leg close.

    Face scrunched in suffering and her eyes half-closed at the sharp sensation coming from her lower limb, Erina seemed to just tense as I finally got close enough to her to crouch down and see what was wrong with her.

    The fall had to have left some damage, I was certain of it considering the height she had fallen from, but I still decided to ease her worries with some assurances.

    “I’m not angry,” I said with a calm voice. “Did you get hurt?”

    She didn’t answer at first, either embarrassed at the fact she had been caught doing something as indecent as peeping on me or that a young man was talking to her.

    “I understand you are confused and scared, but I wish to help you and I can’t do anything if you keep quiet.”

    My voice seemed to bring her to relax a little, her cyan eyes still wide open but seemingly regaining some focus on the predicament she was currently facing.

    “T-The leg,” She spoke curtly and nervously. “I-It hurts.”

    I nodded, carefully reaching for the limb she had been grasping at until now. “What’s your name?”

    My question surprised her but, differently from Hannah, she didn’t seem eager to answer that question.

    It would make things complicated if I have to address her differently than what her name was, especially since I was aware of it when technically I shouldn’t be.

    I sighed and nodded tiredly. “My name is Dio.”

    There was a pause, a quiet and slightly-annoying one at that, but finally the girl spoke again.

    “E-Erina. Erina Pendleton.”

    “Erina is a nice name,” I commented curtly as I slowly started to lift her skirt a little, just enough to see the extent of the injury and I felt relief entering my chest as I noticed that it was just some little cuts over exposed skin. Shallow cuts that were surely created by something thorny right where she had fallen by. “Can you tell me what is your favorite color?”

    Erina blinked, once again surprised by the sudden query, but this time her answer didn’t need any push and, while she was distracted with this, I started to use a little piece of her skirt that had been cut up by the fall to clean her little wound.

    “I- I think it’s… blue?”

    “Is that a question or an answer, Erina?” I politely pressed on, her eyes narrowing at the pressure.

    “I-It’s blue,” The girl replied with more sureness, drawing a little smile out of me.

    “That’s good to know,” I hummed positively, my orange eyes still staring at the issue instead of taking serious part to the simple conversation I had began as a distraction. “Mine’s Burgundy.”

    The blonde blinked. “T-That’s not a color.”

    “It’s a dark shade of red. It is also known as a Bordeaux,” I replied back. “It represented royalty and other kind of noble houses in France.”

    Her eyes showed some understanding behind the explanation, but then she hummed.

    “But we are in England.”

    “Indeed, we are and...” I nodded pulling my hands away from her now-clean leg, I decided to leave the wet cloth onto there, latching it carefully and praying it wouldn’t fall as she retreated back home. “Your injury has been cleaned properly.”

    Surprise surged in her face. “W-What?”

    Her attention snapped right at her leg and she moved her skirt to reveal the now bloodless spot.

    “Oh- You- You tricked me?”

    “Only to avoid to give you some more pain,” I admitted with a sigh. “When people focus on a wound, they tend to get more sensible when someone is tending to it.”

    “But- You- I-” She paused just for a moment, then the blonde huffed. “You are a mean man.”

    “I suppose not all the boys can be ‘gentlemen’ like Jonathan,” I shot back, getting an embarrassed blush resurfacing on her face.

    “T-That’s not why-”

    “You want to apologize to him for running away from him instead of thanking him when he helped you with the bullies,” I interjected with a small smile. “He told me that he had been trying to find you since that day. He thought he scared you by being too much direct-”

    “He- He didn’t,” Erina blurted nervously, pausing just a moment to realize what she had just said and… then the girl continued. “So he thinks that… he did something bad to me?”

    “It’s possible, but I guess I can tell him that this isn’t the case and-”

    “N-No, I- I have to tell him myself,” She pressed on before I could finish my sentence, her lovely cyan orbs steeling up in determination. “He was kind to me and… I should be the one to personally apologize.”

    I blinked at that odd instance of stubborn crushing. I knew how things were supposed to go from there, but I was certainly unsure how to pick around without ruining the pairing.

    And ruining the JoJoxErina ship was bad. Like really bad, something not even the worst of villains would try to break apart.

    I ultimately gave her a nod. “I suppose that is a legitimate request… and I might have a solution to help you out.”

    She tensed up a little, but seemed still interested on the matter as her eyes lit up at the chance of having an opportunity to speak with her ‘savior’.

    I started to explain to her my little plan, getting some uneasy comments over the general line of execution but… I knew exactly how to have her visit the manor without JoJo suspecting anything strange about it.

    It was genial, it was optimal and… it lessened the chances of Jonathan becoming an enemy in the near future.

    With him focusing in developing a bond with Erina much earlier, given some time and effort, he wouldn’t have a reason to interest himself on the Stone Mask, he wouldn’t try to study Archeology and try to settle for something a little more quick to allow him some income to stay here and… he wouldn’t have a reason to pester me around with unneeded questions.

    With the young girl making her slow return back home alone but with resolution over the chances of meeting the young Joestar, I proceeded to make my own return to the mansion after changing my clothes, my mind burning actively in the effort of combining two successes in a single sentence.

    I, Dio, managed to unlock my rightful potential… and now I shall make sure to unite two future loverbirds early on in the series. For those two were… a match Made in Heaven!

    -To be continued…



    For those that remember or have seen recently Part 1, I don’t think I need to explain that merely unlocking the Hamon potential doesn’t equate to being able to make the absurd feat Jonathan was known for.

    Dio has higher chances as his fortitude is born from tragedies far greater than JoJo’s, his ambitions tempering the power to reach a new height and…

    The idea of having Dio be a Hamon prodigy is based on the fact that his Vampiric head shouldn’t have been able to assimilate with Jonathan’s body… yet it did partially. And that tells a lot about missed chances.

    Lastly, please read this in Dio’s voice: Have you ever kissed JoJo before? Guess not… that means your first kiss will be with him! For it is Dio’s newest ambition, WRYYY!
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    Digsjin Verified Spook

    Mar 2, 2019
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    I like where this is going!
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  4. daimahou

    daimahou Gentleman Tentacle(s)

    Sep 19, 2014
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    Except for Dio!

    ... But in this case he would do it inadvertedly by doing everything to make sure Erina and Jonathan get together, but Erina won't get the memo that Dio is shipping making the match Made in Heaven.
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  5. the_taken

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    There is a tragedy to be found in Dio's story. Anything he was gifted he took advantage of in the wrong way, and all of his achievements were done with stolen power.

    • He stole the favour Mr.Joestar felt obliged to give through murder.
    • He tried to take advantage of his fostering by destroying Jonathan's will.
    • The stone mask wasn't his, technically.
    • Then he feasted on almost a whole town.
    • He stole Jonathan's body after decapitating himself.
    • The magical sexual energy he had after the time skip I'm pretty sure was being stolen from Jotaro, though you may argue that Jotaro was unknowingly stealing it from him.
    • He then used that boosted charisma to form some sort of cult around himself, which he used to scam gold and concubines from the cities of Egypt.
    • That got him access to the magic arrows that unlocked his Stand, and create a small army of Stand using minions.
    • When his magically enhanced charisma wasn't enough, he used his freaky vampire magic to implant brain eating parasites to control people.
    • He was also able to copy Hermit Purple's divination.
    • Now that I think about it, I am starting to believe that Za Waldo didn't itself have the ability to perform Time Stop. He was merely, again, steeling a Joestar's ability. In that case, what was his stand special ability? The brain bugs? I am pretty sure those are vampire magic created brain bugs, not Stand magic brain bugs.
    The only things Dio actually earned himself was his expert brawling from his youth, his vampiric ice magic and flight, and possibly his invention of the brain bugs if it wasn't his Stand's true special ability.

    Fuck this guy. Great villain. 10/10. Would vanquish again.
  6. NowaifuNolaifu

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    From this Dio's point of view is like seeing a deluded person with God Complex trying to justify himself.

    Dio is in fact, everything wrong with his father, but wearing a nicer face, which might explain his ridiculously high ego. For example, after Jonathan found out about the "medicine" he went and got drunk before finding out what the mask did. That time he caught a mother and child and the mother sacrified herself if he let her son go and he went "Well I, Dio, said I, Dio, would not harm you, but I, Dio, said nothing about anyone else". Then there's the philandering.

    The only thing that prevents him from winning his his enormous ego. Like when he flexed on Polnalef at the stairs.

    The chance with the Joestar would have settle him for life even without "stealing the fortune". He went to college, had prestige out the ass, natural charisma, and was being included in the goddamn will. He was sure that the joestar were honestly letting him into the family yet still calls them gulible; Bitches when they are nice, throws a fit when they stop, drama queen.

    Actually, a theory is that ZAWARUDO's hability is just to up his speed rating to A or above for a few seconds, but likes to believe he contros a fundamental force of reality. Stat by stat, The World is weaker than Star Platinum but can drag Dio's body and perception (which can endure because he's a vampire) into hypertime.

    The flesh buds are a vampiric hability he developed. Since the body is Jonathan's he cannot pull some of his tricks like flash-freezing or the laser eyes, or so goes the theory.

    And the freezing thing was some pseudoscience about evaporating the sweat fromhis arms instantly to reduce their tempertature into sub-zero degrees
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    Well... since he managed to mimic HP's divination as well, there's is a none zero chance of Za Warudo's true ability, being the ability to channel the stand abilities of the Joestar bloodline. This matches with his fixation with JoJos. DIO's true desire is to be DioDio.
  8. Extras: Omake 2: Maria the Ripper

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    Omake 2: Maria the Ripper

    Original Idea from: KingAllen (FFN)

    There was an uneven line of blood trailing on the floor, away from the tracks and deep in the foliage.

    I was forced me to turn and approach carefully as I felt I was getting closer to the criminal deed happening nearby.

    I could have gotten out to find some of the guards and send them there, I could have avoided putting myself on the front of a surely-dangerous ordeal but… the blood was enough to drive me to intervene considering how deadly this predicament looked to be.

    I wandered through the bushes with the intention of doing whatever I could to stop any aggressor, I was so certain of my bravery about the matter and… then I found myself paling at the scene I was introduced to.

    The woman was alive, she was leaning on some tree while she continued to try begging her attacker to stop with his murderous intentions.

    She had long black hair that reached down below her shoulders but just above her lower back, those were left untied and free. Her clothes were actually quite ‘freer’ than the conservative standard.

    She was donning a frilly white dress, its skirt reaching just below her knees while her upper body was mostly covered… leaving only a particularly noticeable opening that gave a proper sight over her cleavage.

    A prostitute.

    “P-Please- No! I-I don’t want to die!”

    But the silver haired young girl seemed to mind little about the cries of mercy, her posture showing relaxation and eagerness to commit to the final act.

    I felt my mind blanking out just for a moment, her appearance suddenly clicking on my head.

    Cloaked in a ragged, dark mantle, only her head was visible as she prepared to proceed with the final blow and… she stopped.

    The child tensed a little without any particular reason and soon she started to turn her body around to glance right at…


    Emerald eyes were wide open as she continued to silently stare right at my frame, her knives slowly easing over the previous murderous attempt as her attention was taken elsewhere.

    She blinked, pondering over what she should be doing with the intruder to the scene, and I merely stared back as I didn’t have the means to produce the Spin in time for any attacks.

    The girl took a step towards me, then another and I felt petrified at the predator-like attention I was receiving from her.

    She crouched, preparing to lunge against me and I took a step back.

    I had to do something before I get cleaved in half- ANYTHING!

    There were some ideas in my brain, but most of those were things that I knew only thanks to the series she came from-

    How did Assassin of Black get in the JoJoverse!?

    Where was the insane dark-haired man with just a scary, odd knife and why the wraith was here to begin with?!

    I gulped nervously and I finally spoke.

    “Stop.” Her body was still tense despite my call. “I-I said stop… Jack.”

    It was there, in that very moment, that the girl actually tensed up even more and disrupted her preparation to rush me up.

    Her eyes were now sporting some recognition, some surprise over the absurdity of my knowledge over her real name.

    She stood up, knives at ease once again. “Who are you?”

    I found myself impressed by the sudden mood swing and glad that I wasn’t subjected to that tensions she was creating with her mere expressions.

    Still, I didn’t let myself falter in that important predicament and nodded.

    “M-My name is Dio, Jack,” I stated while pressing my left hand on my chest. “A-And I know what you are.”

    Jackie looked confused, tilting her head at the cryptic words I decided to use. I knew well enough that I was talking to a child, a very smart one that could easily gut me at the wrong step taken, but still a child that I can talk out of trying to kill me.

    “You hear voices, don’t you?” I continued, deciding to cut the chase to avoid any other hesitation. “Laments of those victims of the horrible nature of the rookeries.”

    She took a step towards me.

    “We are Jack and… we are angry.”

    But the girl didn’t seem angry at me, her head slightly turning to furiously glare at the still trembling young woman.

    “They hurt us, they don’t love us-” Her tone started to take a higher pitch. “They hate us and-”

    “You wouldn’t be better than them.”

    Jackie stopped, tension rising up again within her posture as she returned her attention right back at me.


    Oh Lord, the commonest query a little kid could give to an older individual.

    “Because it wouldn’t satisfy your anger,” I replied with a stronger voice. “It wouldn’t fill the void.”

    An uneasy frown appeared on her face and her green orbs seemed to lose some of their ominous glow.


    I stared away for a moment and… I imagined the irony of the situation.

    I, Dio, was trying to restrain a furious wraith made by numerous children’s souls from murdering one of their possible parents… while I had so eagerly organized the homicide of Dario Brando to avenge my own mother’s passing.

    “Because the glee of the murder wouldn’t give you the joy of peace,” I answered quietly. “It wouldn’t bring back the happiness of having a real life.”

    The young Assassin took another step, then another and soon… she was standing right in front of me with her knife hanging low at the edges of her fingers.

    “You are hurt too?”

    I flinched, it was enough to get her to silently lean her head onto my chest, her chin pressing onto the cloth and her eyes still directed up at my face.

    A blink, then two and… I felt drawn to try something from this closeness.

    She tensed a little as my right hand carefully lifted up to her hair and started to caress her locks softly.

    A soft pleased hum started to form in her throat as she slowly succumbed to the kind gesture, completely melting into my chest.

    Two thuds dignified the fall of her knives as her hand were carefully wrapping around my waist while her head nuzzled close to it.

    For a brief moment, I forgot who I was… for I, Dio, was reminded that there was a hint of connection with this unfortunate spirit.

    “Jack,” I called her in a half-whisper. “I think we should be going now… before you catch a cold.”

    Servants weren’t capable of getting sick with proper Masters, but this Jack wasn’t a Servant, just a Wraith that still was quick to get a cold without some proper warmth.

    She gave a slow nod and I carefully lifted her up.

    It was in this very instance that I remembered how skinny this child war as I could feel her rib through the little cloak she had.

    With the girl’s head resting upon my shoulder, my orange eyes turned to the now calming down young woman while she continued to try and keep a hold of her wounded leg.

    I slowly approached her, causing her to tense a little at me but she seemed less threatened by my presence and the sudden docile nature of her assailant, yet still unsure about what I wanted to do with her.

    Can you walk with your other leg?”



    Little depiction of Assassin of Black/Jack the Ripper from Fate Apocrypha/Fate Grand Order: 'Jack' is a conglomeration of at least ten-thousand souls of children killed by their mothers (prostitutes) before they could have ever had the chance of drawing their first breath in the world. A wraith, a spirit of vengeance that brutally passed justice over the sex workers of Whitechapel (London) as an attempt to punish those that had brought an early end to so many young lives. She might be childish and quite naive over some things in the world, but her peculiar intelligence (quite contrasting to her youthful nature) and inherent cruelty makes her capacity to decide who has to die from who should be spared quite blunt and lacking of any morality (those were deprived by the lack of common sense in the children making her turbulent mind).
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    Its actually Assassin of black red is that vampire looking girl who's noble phantasm is the hanging gardens of Babylon. I think that's how you spell that correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Links broken
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    It should load now. I uploaded the image in a static website for image uploads.
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    Yep it's working really wish this was cannon though.
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    This was nice, I kinda wanted to see the Joestars reaction with Dio bringing in a child.
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  14. Threadmarks: Giovinezza (6)

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    Capitolo Primo: Giovinezza (6)

    It was early in the morning, Jonathan was still sleeping and George had just recently started to go through his daily stack of paperwork from his society, leaving the gentleman stuck in his study room until at least breakfast.

    Two hours, it was always that much.

    It was the first time I found myself waking up at this stage of the way and, despite my careful attempts to have a healthy sleep schedule, I had been so unprepared for the little nightmare I was provided with the night before.

    Dinner had been quite delicious and carefully studied as usual before being consumed, thus denying the chances of any external influence to cause this bad dream.

    Yet it was easy to know that there was nothing natural within that curious circumstance, especially with what I faced in that sequence.

    I was sitting on a well-decorated blue chair, another chair standing right the opposite to mine and a dark-yellow table between the two seats.

    We were all floating in unknown darkness that seemed to best represent the true face of nothingness.

    I was feeling… numb, unwilling to display any emotion to the figure sitting right in that second chair.

    His face was shrouded in shadows, yet I could see his golden locks combed in a spiky style.

    He was donning just a pair of yellow pants with green hearts placed by his kneecaps and some pointy shoes going up.

    He was humming quietly, his lack of activity urging me to study appearance, his shirtless self as his ripped body just looked far too unnatural to be his own.

    There was a white scar by his neck, right to show where Jonathan’s body has been connected to Dio’s head.

    I held myself from flinching, it was far too clear who I was looking at.


    My lips parted to dispatch the query, unsure of the chances of getting a reply of this grim figure, of one of the greatest fears I had over my plans.

    “Incorrect,” DIO replied with a soothing voice. “Truly a wrong question. Far too predictable.”

    There was silence, and his smile widened at the confusion finally breaching through my composure, gloating in his quiet amusement over my restrained squirming.

    “What do you want?” I asked once again, this time adding more sternness to my words.

    He blinked. “What an unruly fool. Do you seriously think that because you were blessed with the ownership of my youthful body, you could just childishly play the part of the rightful beholder of the Heavens?”

    My orange eyes narrowed over the glimmering golden orbs finally reducing the effects of the shadows.

    “Yes,” I stated firmly, mustering every inch of my inner bravery to stand up to this mockery of a dream.

    There was no chance that this was a real situation.

    If it had been DIO Over Heaven, then yes I would have been genuinely feared the worst considering his immense hold over dimensional-hopping, but I knew for a fact that this wasn’t the case.

    This… whatever it was, it wasn’t something that was happening for real.

    “Yet your left foot is twitching,” The vampire pointed out dully, his smile dropping to a little scowl. “Your toes are wriggling in what could easily be seen as fear.”

    I didn’t back down from this, having noticed myself just a moment ago about the situation and… I was prepared to reply in kind.

    “I guess that I still need to train my body to better resist the dreadful air you have around yourself,” I managed to state with some difficulty. “In fact, I think my soul is far from quivering at your irritating presence.”

    He blinked. “Ho ho? You think that you can hide your emotions from me?” DIO mused with some fascination. “I’m easily perceiving your fear through that shallow thing you call courage.”

    “Heh-” I smiled madly at his comment, causing him to give a curious look right at my reaction. “Then you truly have steeped so low in recognizing the magnitude of emotions, about what truly courage is.”

    “And you have taken the annoying habit of mocking your betters, you pathetic mongrel,” He said, his hold over the right armchair causing the bit to crack and shatter at his strength. “Maybe you should-”

    “Did losing your soul to the Mask truly affect your capacity to think?” I interjected with a morbid tone of voice.

    He blinked, dropping his irritated look to show some surprise at my bravado.

    “You think you can afford to make these remarks? Do you think you can challenge me, DIO, with your rebellious effort?” The vampire pressed on, trying to gain my fear with his intense stare. “The Stone Mask was an instrument to accelerate the means to attain victory over my foes-”

    “But it failed to give you the same perspective as a mere human,” I pointed out snidely. “You were literally going blind with every decision after donning that hideous tool from the Pillar Men, failing to grasp the stupidity you would then commit on multiple occasions.”

    “There’s no such thing as-”

    “First you decided to fight Jonathan when you could have gotten him kill in any other fashion instead of personally,” I continued with a bored gaze directed at his growing scowl. “Then you decided to play around with Jotaro.”

    “JoJo was my foe! As if I would have deprived myself of the delicious sight of seeing him fall before my brutality-”

    “Yet I recall he had you beat thrice before dying.”

    DIO snarled at the interjection but he seemed to hold himself well enough to try again.

    “Hamon had been a cheap trick that proved to be complicated without proper preparation.”

    “Which you would have countered if you had considered it way beyond a simple ‘trick’,” I chided lightly, staring for a moment at my hands while remembering the power flowing in my veins as I first awakened the Ripple. “You could have beaten him by being serious, yet you had to become emotional over killing the last obstacle to world domination-”

    “SHUT UP!” The vampire shouted while slamming his closed fist on the table, creating some cracks onto it but giving me just some minor nervousness as… he was still not attacking me.

    My theory that this was all a fake moment in my mind giving me more strength with my initiative in roast the hell out of this faux blond.

    “But I suppose your fight with Jotaro has to have some serious reason to see you lose to a mere seventeen years old with a weaker Stand than 「The World」,” I mused with a giddy smile on my face, enjoying way too much seeing the now-red face of the effeminate vampire… I sure was not going to turn into. “It certainly has nothing to do with the fact you literally played around with him until he surprisingly ‘won’ because of the ‘Same-Stand’ bullshit that got him to learn 「The World」’s ability. Heck, even someone as ‘mere mortal’ like Pucci managed to kill a more experienced Jotaro!”

    “He shouldn’t have developed a connection with me! He should have perished like he did against Pucci and yet-”

    “You still decided to be a fucking moron about it all, Mr. Gasper Vladi, by delaying your ultimate victory until you were defeated-”



    My commentary was interrupted abruptly when I saw a certain yellow-colored humanoid appear right in front of the table, its cold eyes fixed onto my face as 「The World」 stared down at me.

    DIO looked incredibly livid after the verbal beating he had sustained, possibly far more incensed than any brutal beating either Jonathan or Jotaro could have given him in his past life.

    “I’ve given you plenty of space to bring around this mockery of a speech,” The fellow blond quietly and furiously commented. “An insane spiel, one that only someone that has failed to grasp the reality of his possible demise.”

    I tensed as I saw the Stand close its right hand in a fist, cocking it a little and… prompting me to search right by my little blue jacket.

    I grasped the steel ball, the sensation giving me a certain degree of relief over the chances offered at this range.

    “But you are correct with this statement.”

    I blinked at the sudden disappearance of 「The World」 and my attention subsequently returned to DIO- No, wait!

    The smug smirk that was now present on my interlocutor’s face was associated with a shorter and slimmer figure, he was wearing the same clothes as mine and my orange eyes were matched with his own pair.

    “DIO failed to reach the Heavens, only Pucci formally attaining that state of omnipotence for so little time, and now you are stuck in dealing with the newer odds for your very attempt,” My doppelganger mirthfully summarized. “Facing new odds, new problems and… the pity of keeping our morality intact.”

    I frowned at the last bit. “Becoming a vampire wouldn’t-”

    “We could become the Ultimate Being, if we try well enough we-”

    “Would die because of sunlight and Hamon Users.” I concluded with an angry whisper.

    There was a pause and he sighed. “I think you are merely afraid of the costs-”

    “Considering how self-destructive that road is with DIO’s example, I think there are other means to achieve control over the Heavens.”

    “Then why aren’t you trying to search more about her lullaby?” The clone inquired with the same infuriating smile on his face.

    “What are you-”

    “The ritual,” He interrupted again. “Giotto, Fig Tart, Ghost Town…-”

    I wonder what is the secret key.

    My hand rushed to my mouth, eyes widening as I parroted his last sentence without even thinking about it.

    A chuckle rising from the other Dio sending me in a bout of shivers.

    “We both would want to know that,” The doppelganger stood out of his chair and crouched beside me. “No, you only want to know that.”

    A blink, I was alone and unseated while I fell towards the abyss below me.

    My sight failing me for several moments, my panic surging exponentially at the closure of this dream before my eyes were…

    Blinking back to the real world, finding myself drawn back to my bedroom with my body sweating profusely at that horrible nightmare.

    What did I face there? It had to be something from within.

    A lingering spirit of the former owner? Some hallucination over the circumstances that took me there?

    No, it would have happened much earlier and… not this suddenly.

    I was confused- no, I was floored over the predicament itself, feeling fairly defenseless over the possible recurring visions I might be experiencing.

    A message? It had to be a sign, but what was that and why it was important now?

    It was connected to the lullaby somehow, something about that very period of time awakening a ‘need’ to pursuit the non-negligible queries shrouding the Lullaby’s mystery.

    Why did Dio’s mother use these incomprehensible words to compose a soothing song for her child?

    Some words were even beyond her time or even beyond her illiterate knowledge, so how did she even attain the capacity to muster them so eagerly and so certain of its meaning as proper part of a lullaby?

    I had to make some serious research over the matter and that is why, despite the little nagging craving for some more sleep, I decided to pursue an early trip to the library of the Joestar Mansion.

    Knowing about George’s passion to recover artifacts and tomes detailing supernatural beings and circumstances from the various corners of the known world, I decided to lose myself in the search of any book that could have even so remotely been connected to the fourteen words.

    I browsed for any references for the Bow and Arrow first and foremost, contemplating any quick correlation between the two topics as Stands were important for the ritual and I found nothing about it.

    I found some fragments contemplating the existence of the objects somewhere in Egypt, which I was already aware of and thus making the little news barely important in that precise moment, but soon I ended up reading a particularly thick-volume detailing a mythological tale I had been unaware about.

    This was already odd.

    While I couldn’t say that I knew the entire world’s mythologies, I made a major focus of studies over the religions developing in the Mediterranean cultures and the story itself was something that I’ve never heard during my studies.

    Still, I decided to religiously give attention to all details of the various pages and I quickly noticed that the tome was all written in Latin, thus rendering the lecture of the text fairly slow.

    It was possibly the copy of the original masterwork, created by one of the priests assigned to the translation and corrections of ancient tomes from the former Roman Empire during the medieval ages.

    I spent the two hours of peace I had in translating the first two pages and a half from the book, getting just a glimpse at the introduction allowed by the mysterious author.

    The ‘Mystery of the Sagittarius’ revolved around a major prophecy proclaimed by the ‘beholder of the mystical weapons’, tools used to bring forth the ‘mythical nature of men’s souls’ and that were of interest for many important characters before the birth of Christ.

    The introduction was just a summary of the tale, lacking anything about the full content of the prophecy itself or about the ‘happening of some grand war among men of various countries’.

    Just as I closed the book, ready to make my way to the dining room, I turned my attention to my right and… I was bestowed with a close-up of a smiling Jonathan.

    The sight was enough to get me to jump off my chair and fall on the floor. “Gah, why did you-!!”

    I stopped carefully trying to push my concentration over standing up before giving the greatest of glares at JoJo… only to see the teen having taken several steps back while also giving me a sheepish smile at the development.

    “I wanted to tell you that breakfast is ready and father got us a chocolate cake to share-”

    He tensed up as I took a step towards him, my face dignifying some anger at the sudden jumpscare and…

    He turned around and ran away.

    I didn’t mean to scare you, Dio!!” JoJo yelled while giving himself a futile advantage for the ensuing chase.

    It seems like I would have to continue to traduce this tome on a latter date, maybe after I was done making Jonathan’s existence a hell of teases and funny verbal probing once I was done with the plans I had for today about Erina.


    “What? Why can’t we go for the next lesson?”

    I sighed as I tried to drown away the whines coming from Jonathan.

    We were once again by the little river section that we had been using for some time now as a place to practice some swimming, and this time I had in mind some peculiar escalations that not even JoJo could have thought about.

    I was waiting to commence the proper lesson, yet it wasn’t going to be a new one as the young Joestar had expected as I was waiting for someone else before starting.

    “Can you at least tell me why aren’t we even doing anything right now?” He whined again, causing me to suppress once more the need to reprimand him harshly.

    While George’s antiquate attitude in punishing his son for misbehaving might be wrong, Jonathan sure wasn’t making a good case for himself with how much of an infuriating moron he could be when he wanted to.

    I was seriously tempted to remind him that the whip was still a tool I knew the location about, just to make him back down with his annoying attempts of distract me, but then I saw her finally approaching from the distance.

    The blonde was donning the same swimsuit that she had back during the little montage of scenes she spent together with Jojo in the anime, the little purple-white one that had a little skirt-like frilly detail by her stomach.

    She was holding a little basket with some clothes in them and I waved at her in the distance, causing the girl to blush a little while trying to wave back in quite the shy manner.

    Once she was close enough, I greeted her properly. “Good afternoon, Erina.”

    “G-Good afternoon, Dio and...” She bowed a little in Jonathan’s direction, the boy looking quite surprised by the planned intrusion and was silent as she nodded right at him.

    But that silence? I couldn’t afford the moron to lose chances now so early.

    “JoJo, can you please stop staring at Erina and greet her back?” I huffed as I concluded the little pressure, noticing the blonde now blushing a little more at the comment while the young Joestar nodded and made a few steps toward the two of us.

    “I’m sorry for not greeting you early on,” He said while giving a sheepish look at the still-embarrassed. “I was just not expecting-”

    “I-It’s alright,” She jumped in quickly, shaking her head at his apologetic tone. “I- Dio told me that it would have been alright for me-”

    I sighed as I was seeing quite a plane crash before my eyes and now I was sure where Joseph got his gig in crashing airplanes.

    “I met Erina yesterday while I had gone for that early swim I talked you about,” I intervened, getting a quick nod from Jonathan. “By the way, how is your leg?”

    Her mouth formed a thin line about being interrupted so suddenly but she gave a little smile at the concern I was showing about that subject.

    “It’s fine,” She said with a stabler tone. “I told Papa that one of the workers helped me with cleaning the little wound and he himself applied some ointment to get it properly fixed by the morning.”

    Jojo blinked. “You were wounded?” He asked with what I could describe as the prelude of some gentleman-ish attitude.

    “I-I tripped while trying to climb a tree,” The girl blurted nervously, glancing at me in surprise as she wasn’t supposed to tell him but I merely nodded her.

    “She was trying to get some acorns from one of the tree’s branches,” I continued for her, drawing the boy’s attention back at me. “But she slipped and fell on some thorny bush, getting some shallow injury on her leg that is now fixed.

    I looked down at the spot and it was indeed mostly invisible to my eyes, only some little lines on her skin remaining as a sign of the wound.

    “B-But weren’t you afraid of slipping and hurting yourself while climbing the tree?” Jonathan pressed on with a hint of awe, almost endeared by this whole situation and-

    Oh right, I almost forgot that Joestars do love strong women in their lives.

    “A little,” Erina admitted shyly. “But Papa told me that fear of the maybe shouldn’t stop me from still giving a try to things.”

    “That sounds like a good life advice,” I commented positively. “There are some hefty obstacles created just by fear along our lives and we need to be just brave in those occasions to find happiness.”

    The two teens nodded at my words and I smiled.

    “A-Also, I wanted to apologize for running away last time and… I have your handkerchief here.”

    She took the small piece of cloth from the folded dress she had in her basket, handing it to the boy as he gave her a thankful smile at the little gesture.

    The two smiled at each other, with Jojo clueless about the inner turmoil within Erina and the blonde appearing a little elated about concluding this little tense situation that had been going for some days now.

    Without wasting further time, I decided to interrupt this little moment they were sharing together to begin the second step of my simple plan.

    “And now we shall move to the reason why there will be no new reason today, JoJo.”

    The Joestar nodded again, this time showing some confusion as I indicated at the girl.

    “Erina here has asked me if it could be possible for me to teach her how to swim,” I explained with a careful tone. “But since I feel like you have yet to master the basic lessons after so long, I think it would be nice if you were the one teaching her just the first two lessons.”

    His blue eyes widened in surprise and the girl’s entire face was flaring a lovely red at the little situation I had created for them to experience on their own.

    “Y-You mean that I’ve to help her with-”

    “You need to help her about the basics of swimming, and I expect a gentleman-like attitude from you, Jojo,” I interjected with a serious voice. “I don’t think it would be fair for a fair maiden like Erina to be subjected to any behavior I think you know could be considered childish.”

    The little lecture managed to get the boy to straighten up his posture and nod diligently as he carefully helped the blonde in the water and… looked at me with an odd look.

    “What about you, Dio?” He asked confused. “Aren’t you going to enter the water?”

    I shook my head. “I think I will leave you two alone for a while so that you get accustomed with each other’s company,” I replied with a serious nod, hiding the little smug smirk at the fact I was helping the two grow closer to each other by leaving them alone for a while. “I will be back in about two minutes from now and I hope I don’t find you making anything that could get me to chide you, Jojo.”

    I had yet to seriously condemn the young Joestar, only a few times did I have to point out some of his flaws but I had never gotten as far as to resemble the tone his father would use while punishing him.

    He seemed to recognize the silent message I was sending him and Erina merely nodded, sporting the ghost of a smirk at the little chance she got to spend alone with the young man.

    I proceeded to walk deeper in the foliage, realizing just a little after leaving their eyesight that I was starting to get cold at the fact… I was wearing just my swimsuit.

    Once I was enough away from the lovebirds-in-progress, I decided to try my hand in creating a little fire without getting this little forest burned in the process.

    Placing some pebbles in a circle and some fallen branches inside the little shape, I tried to ignite the resulting structure with two unused branches and, after about twenty minutes of trials, it started to work properly.

    The limited flame was well-contained by the pebbles and I was offered some warmth by the new heat source, giving me the chance to take a seat by the ground and enjoy some peace in my loneliness.

    I meditated, my objective being reaching the core of my energy, the Ripple burning from within my soul and waiting to be used properly.

    I felt the energy accumulate all over my arms, my breathing becoming almost non-existing as the weird noise accustomed to the ability turned suave and easy to ignore as I stared with limited attention at the crackles of electricity passing through my limbs.

    The strange sensation those were creating, bringing vitality to my sleepy body and nullifying the effects of the little sleep I had yesterday, while also warming my entire body a little more than what the flame could have given me.

    Just as I started to get better in manipulating the various electric particles between my fingertips, I was tempted to try and attempt to manipulate fire with the Hamon.

    It was possible, only difficult to master without particular attention.

    I knew that it was tempting fate now by ‘skipping grades’ to get some interesting ability going with the Ripple, but since I was nearby a river I felt like I could give it a try.

    I hovered three fingers of my left hand over the fire, starting to approach it closer as I prepared for some early failure which could result in some minor but treatable burns.

    Before I could give it a true attempt, I noticed the flame bending a little down as if it was receiving some wind from above directed downward…

    But there was no wind!!

    I acted on instinct, pushing some hamon in my legs and jumping to the side as I felt a little pressure from above trying to descend onto me.

    As I dodged the intruder, I noticed the short figure plunging down near the fire and… starting to get some flames spreading over his exotic dress.

    I tensed up, forcing myself to stand and adopt some guarded posture as I continued to stare at the unexpected attacker recovering from the fire on his clothes.

    “Hehehehe...” The figure chuckled dementedly, adjusting his claws properly before taking a stare at me, part of his dress still smoking a little from the close encounter with a fiery and stupid death.

    A befitting death for someone like Wang Chan.

    The short Chinese man grinned eye to eye at me and nodded. “Dio! Look at you, you… were quick!”

    I frowned as the figure, trying to appear friendly after trying to cleave me in half with the crazy claws of his.

    “S-Spare me the pleasantries, Wang Chan,” I snarled at him, trying to hide the fact I just stutter. “Why did you come here to attack me?”

    The shopkeeper hummed quietly, staring up and faking a pondering face before nodding. “Oh yes, I think you are not Dio.”


    “What madness are you talking-”

    “Oh, there is no need to lie,” The Chinese man muttered with a smug tone. “I realize that it must be surprising to know that your identify has been revealed. In fact, I was surprised myself when I noticed that your aura was different.”

    I took a step back. “You are raving, you pathetic-”

    “Not only can’t I perceive the degree of delightful evil little Dio was so keen to sport from the bottom of his heart,” Wang Chan interrupted, ignoring the insult I was throwing at him. “But you also have a level of resolution in your actions that makes you even more disgusting.”

    What was he talking about?

    While in the show he did have the means to measure the evilness or the goodness of people, he shouldn’t have been able to discern this truth out of such a flimsy ‘test’.

    “Evil matters little if there isn’t chaos to temperate it in the bloody shows that I aspire to see,” The man stated while giving a quick stroke of his mustaches. “You are too ‘stiff’, too stuck in those petty moral rules that-”

    He stopped and suddenly jumped in action with his claws poised to lunge towards me.

    Makes me feel sick inside!

    I didn’t have any steel balls on me and Hamon couldn’t be used to harm humans, putting me in quite the difficult circumstance since he was approaching very quickly.

    With little time to think, I tried to find any technique that I could use to at least deflect the attack or dodge in time and… I blinked.

    How could I be this much forgetful about that.

    It was a risky maneuver, but one that could be pulled with accurate attention and focus, something that I got from training with the Spin.

    I cocked my left arm, closing my fist and throwing a punch towards the man’s undefended face, still far away for his claws to come and hinder my attempt.

    As my arm stretched fully, I forced it to rotate a little and-


    -got it dislocated.

    A smile appeared on Wang Chan’s face, the shopkeeper thinking I had failed whatever defensive move I had planned to use but… failing to notice that I was already pumping the Ripple into my damaged arm.






    Surprise was painted on the attacker’s expression mere moments before my fist slammed on his exposed head, my arm having lengthened its reach by making use of Zeppeli’s own Zoom Punch.

    The sudden impact was enough to get the malicious bastard to get sent away from pursuing another attack, slamming his back on the ground with wide eyes staring up at the sky and a bloody nose.

    Meanwhile, my arm retracted back to its original position, the Hamon quickly healing the self-inflicted damage and leaving just some minor pain after concluding its action.

    My orange eyes were upon the unmoving Wang Chang, having felt quite the loud crack from the impact and slightly hoping that the counter had broken his neck.

    I tried to take a step closer to see if this was the case but, just as I tried to lift my right foot, I felt it restrained to the ground.

    I glanced down and my eyes widened in shock at the strange shadow-like substance locking my feet stuck.

    “Hehehehehehehehe!!” The shopkeeper started to laugh maniacally, jumping and standing up while fixing his nose. “Truly a brilliant and unexpected attempt. Sadly, you are not the only one capable of making use of ‘special spells’.”

    I tried to shake my feet away from the substance, but I couldn’t get it moving as the Chinese man started to approach once more, this time calmly.

    “Still, fair play, your little resistance will make it more pleasurable for me to murder you before slaughtering the boy and girl nearby.”

    I tensed up, vigor urging me to crack through this limitation.

    But before I could try to make use of my own Ripple, I felt a golden shockwave rush the floor where I was standing and shattering the little shadow-like mud around my feet.

    I felt someone looming over me and I glanced behind to see a certain Tibetan man staring down at Wang Chan.

    Muddiburi glared fiercely at the now uneasy-looking bastard, the shorter man taking a step back and chuckling nervously. “W-Would you look at that, you have a very strong friend too!”

    He giggled and nodded. “I guess my attempt is a fluke… well, at least I gave it an effort.”

    He turned around and waved at the two of us. “Bye bye, Dio and tall man. Next time I will slaughter you, boy~.”

    A blink and… he was gone.

    “W-What?” I blurted in shock at the sudden disappearance, my composure finally breaking now that the threat was gone.

    “He is a dangerous fool,” Muddiburi muttered with a disdained tone, then he glanced down at me with a softened stare, one of his big hands reaching the top of my hand. “That was an interesting application of the Ripple.”

    I blinked and gave a quick nod, a little relieved that he wasn’t suspicious over it. “I-I had it developed yesterday while I was practicing.”

    “But it isn’t enough to keep up with this powerful opponent,” He replied with some uncertainty. “He used foul magic and it’s imperative to see him killed the next time you find yourself dealing with him.”

    I nodded but he squeezed at my head a little to stop.

    “This means that you will have to train more seriously and with me,” The Tibetan shopkeeper ordered with a sterner voice. “Your current abilities, albeit fascinating for a novice, are not enough to allow you a fight against such a foe.”

    “But how-”

    “Here,” He bluntly interrupted. “At this specific time of the day, I will find myself there. It shouldn’t be difficult to find an excuse to leave the young Mr. Joestar with young Ms. Pendleton.”

    My mouth now closed at hearing the comment, I had a confused frown as I stared up at him once again.

    “Are you… reading my mind?”

    He blinked, looking to be particularly serious in that moment and-


    I felt some relief at the discovery but just as he removed his hand from my head and started to retreat, Muddiburi hummed. “But maybe yes.”

    He jumped, rushing away from the foliage and back on the road directed away from the mansion and back to London, leaving me to stare at his retreating form with my jaws close to drop at the floor.

    I, Dio, might have been trolled by a Tibetan Hamon User with a penchant for mind-reading after all.

    -To be continued…
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    While Hamon is most deadly against Vamipires and the like, can’t it also strengthen the human body? It helped Jonathan surpass Tarkus in raw strength when charged enough, ripping through three steel bars clutching his neck. And the SI seems to have greater potential here.
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    SI has only had it for 2-3 days (please correct me if I'm wrong Author-Sama) so he's not quite up to that level he doesn't have instant mastery over hamon just cause he has more potential.
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    Specifically, two days.
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    That's how long I thought but I put 2-3 just in case
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    Just talking about the possibility, I don’t expect him to suddenly go around burning people with it like Kars.
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    I'm an infidel I've never watched jojo just some memes some fanfics and wikipedia/fandom entries so idk who Kars is.
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    Part 2's main antagonist.
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    Dio has this weird sense of pride where people must know Dio is screwing them over, and Dio must be sure they know.

    Actually, all of Dio's pride gives me the feel of tackyness. Like a plastic victorian-style decoration painted with cheap gold paint bound to flake off by the end of the month. He can yell out an act and put some drama into it but under everything, he's still cheap garbage trying too hard to look classy. When he loses his cool he just lashes out like a pissed off drunk.

    Missing the "any" before fashion, but grammar aside. It would be more like Dio had no reason to antagnize Jojo at all. Even if he planned to kill him eventually being disturbing was just asking for suspicion. Even then, Hamon users wouldn't have a way to defent against actual guns.

    Even before Jotaro, he could have killed Polnaref, but instead pranked him by moving him down the stairs. Dio could have ended everyone and crippled the Joestar at any moment. But his aesthetics and pride wouldnt let him.

    "Well no, but actually yes"
  24. Extras: Omake 3: My Bizarre Stalker... 1?

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    Omake 3: My Bizarre Stalker...1?

    Original Idea from: Dyliokhan (SB)

    Waking up with this dreadful headache sure was starting to put me in a bad mood this early in the morning.

    There was silence and yet the sickness was still there to put me in a state of major distraction, enough to make me slow down in my efforts of getting up.

    As my stretched arms slowly sunk back to the mattress, I felt something oddly soft standing beside me and covered by the sheets.

    The open palm of my left hand was pressing on it, but not squeezing it as I was aware that until I was sure about what was going on, it was best to not trifle with fate itself.

    I could recognize the texture of skin beyond the feeble fabric, enough to put me in quite the alarmed state.

    Panic rushed right into my mind as I considered the circumstance, my brain picking the various possibilities that might have happened to me.

    I had eaten normally like usual yesterday by dinnertime and the Hamon training with Muddiburi hadn’t left me overly-drained as the first times.

    I had been drugged and… someone was sleeping beside me.

    A woman, if the clue of this discovery was actually what I think it was, and that dreadfully brought me some scenarios that weren’t even close to good.

    There were servants in the mansion, young women that were stuck in the social ladder and that were possibly endeared by the possibility of engaging in some romantic relationships with young lords with high chances of having a more than comfortable life.

    I gulped nervously, my lips twitching in grand displeasure as I seriously hoped that I hadn’t been taken advantage about as that would have been… a horrible development for me, Dio, to actually consider.

    But it couldn’t be possible, it just couldn’t!

    In Canon, Dio and Jonathan never had to face this kind of issue, nor I expected George to not keep a mindful watch over any leeches trying to worm their way in his family’s home.

    Yet, while these trail of thoughts were meant to reassure me that nothing fool was afoot, the more I dismissed these theories, the more I felt like I was starting to be left with no actual clue about what was going on here.

    Just as I planned to make a quick rush towards the door, hoping to alert the owner of the mansion about this situation, I felt the warm body beside me stir a little.

    A soft hum, one born from some happy sleeping, was the prelude for a the stranger to finally move out of the covers and reveal her identity.

    A dark-haired head slowly pushed out of the warmth of the fabric, bright blue eyes starting to calmly open and stare right into my face.

    There was a smile, her lips twitching in quiet amusement as she greeted with a small sigh.

    “Good morning, brother.”


    No, there was no way that- she has the same length of hair as JoJo and- but he- she- Oh God!

    The one I was staring at was what many could consider the genderbent version of someone I knew about, someone that wasn’t meant to be in my bed right now and… not as a girl at least.

    I sweated cold, as the dread that had until now waited for the omen to unfold was already grasping over my panic and squeezing me for a reaction.

    I, Dio, was starting to feel a little bit confused but immensely horrified by this discovery.

    “Oh?” She hummed in minor surprise, her eyes landing right at my still hand as it was cupping not-so conspicuously part of her chest.

    I forgot to move the hand. Now this is going to end poorly for me, with me either getting killed, exiled or maybe tortured by the Joestar Patriarch.

    She blinked, her smile still there now increasing its intensity.

    “Oh… my~.”

    Did she just ‘Ara Ara’ in English?

    N-No, I can’t just let this happen! I need to move before something else can happen in there.

    “I didn’t mean to-”

    “It’s alright,” JoJo mumbled giddily. “I trust you, big brother. I know you didn’t mean to sully my innocent flesh.”

    The emphasis was more than enough to put me on the edge, urging me to release my hold over her and retract my hand away from doing more harm.

    What is going on? Some attack from one of my enemies? Was this the result of Wang Chan’s dark magic?

    My mind was incredibly riddled by the frightened state I was, but the young woman beside me merely yawned cutely and snuggled closer.

    “J-Jojo, you shouldn’t be-”

    “Hmm, but it’s alright for siblings to share the bed,” She interjected with a huff, glancing up with a pouty look. “Plus, I proved you wrong about what you were saying about you liking more sleeping alone.”


    “I mean, I had to dose your cup yesterday with something Papa is using with his sleeping problems and-”


    The girl blinked, but she accepted the interruption with a stride. “Yes, brother?”

    “Was this something perhaps called… Barbiturate, or Chloral hydrate?”

    There weren’t many sleeping drugs/hypnotics that were available in this era and the ones that were there… I was sure couldn’t be used to induce sleep.

    Both were deadly, with the latter having been rejected as a proper medical to use in any circumstance.

    I was seriously hoping that it was the former since it didn’t have the same rate of deadliness as the latter.

    “I… I think it was some herbs dad brought from some store in India,” She replied with a hint of uncertainty. “The shopkeeper said that it was fine to make use of those to reduce sleep problems, but that it had to be taken with some moderation. This is why I decided to use very little to merely have you sleep better… with me.”

    So I was subjected to some mysterious drug that got me to sleep deeply enough for the girl to enter my room and get inside my bed.

    I was starting to slowly calm down at the fact that I was still clothed in my sleepwear and that everything was there on me… but then I realized something I should have noticed way before this.

    “Jojo… why are you wearing nothing?”

    A little blush spread on her cheeks, as she still smiled giddily at the newest discovery I made.

    “There was so much warmth and… I decided to merely remove some of my clothes so I could stay close to you… big brother.”

    For as much as she was trying to make it sound like a normal thing, I was fairly sure, especially for this century’s standard, that what she was doing could be considered incredibly scandalous to deal with and…

    I almost forgot that JoJo wasn’t much of a rule-follower of the 19th century’s etiquette.


    “JoJo, there is a limit to the affection a brother and a sister can have,” I tried to bring some sense to this insanity. “While you are correct that some siblings, at least until they are younger at the age of 10, can share the bed, it’s improper for a boy and a girl of our age to consider such an endeavor.”

    There was a pause, her face now sporting a blank look and her eyes almost glowing with a strong hint of… something close to… anger?

    Yet she didn’t speak, nor she tried to do anything in this pause, merely staring me intensively right at my face and… finally she smiled.

    “I-I see,” JoJo admitted with a calm sigh. “I understand what you are trying to say.”

    ...Why she was still smiling so mischievously when- UH?!

    I tensed up as she suddenly wrapped her arms around my neck and brought my face closer to hers.

    “Then I guess… we will have to be much more than siblings~.”

    I flushed red, my brain blanking out for a moment as the closeness was just too much to me at this point.

    My hamon crackled, coating my body in new energy as I felt my tiredness I had been experiencing until now draining to nothing and soon I was left with a more attentive mind-

    And then I woke up back in my room, alone and without any major noises rupturing the quiet of the place.

    I blinked as I noticed the little sweat on my face, the blush on my face and… the lack of a certain gender-bent woman trying to do some stuff that are best keep unsaid.

    Moments passed, I stared up at the ceiling in an effort to calm down and…

    I sighed.

    “I guess I should be more careful with Hamon Training… maybe something did happen there,” I whispered to myself as I started to prepare myself for what was going to be a long day… like usual.

    Hopefully, I wasn’t going to face this kind of nightmares again…

    I, Dio, wasn’t going to deal with that kind of developments. Especially not with a female version of Jonathan.



    So there were two people that suggested this in SB and the reason why I didn’t put Speedwagon in this Omake, Stugary1, is that I prefer to present characters in the main story first and then they will be available in an omake.

    Still, he will be there for a continuation of this odd story so yeah, your idea has been saved and you will credited when due.

    Also, am I the only one that just can see female Jonathan become incredibly clingy onto Dio out of her efforts to befriend him? And Canon Dio wouldn’t have even been able to reject her since he has a soft spot for kind women.

    Lastly, I don’t actually like the ship cause… I don’t feel it as a ‘serious ship’ but more of a ‘crack ship’ if I have to be honest.
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    It would become a serious relationship if Dio saw her, been subjected to her kindness and decide: You will be the wife of DIO! For him to court her instead.
    If Dio was presented with this scenario he'd think of how to use her affection to get ahead, or alternatively thinking back to the original relationship be mean to her and shut the relationship down, HARD. Tho on the shutting down that raises the rivalry flag, instead, now it's Dio being outdone by Jojo's seduction attempts. Courting escalating in audacity, bit by bit he is being won over but he can't let himself be beaten. But the twist being that when the mask comes to play he decides to use it as revenge on her, the one to get masked will be Jojo, becoming the most enchanting vampiress, using her hypnotic powers to truly charm Dio. Help him reciprocate and be honest to himself. Then together conquer the world as eternals.
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    I think someone made four novels with the same genre... plus movies.
  27. Threadmarks: Giovinezza (7)

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    Capitolo Primo: Giovinezza (7)

    While I had thought well that training with Hamon would have taken more than a couple of days, I was completely surprised when I was forced to stay put and train for two full weeks.

    Muddiburi was a mix of strict and lenient with his early approach seeing me take some careful steps to see where my current limits were.

    No major development for me during the first week as the seven days became a mix of gauging my potential and fleshing out some of the little confusion I still had over Hamon.

    The Tibetan monk was well-versed in the art, giving a lengthier depiction of how a user was supposed to keep a constant degree of ‘healing breathing’ going within their lungs.

    It was a difficult situation that took me four days to properly get down with and… the results were already endearing.

    While Hamon was something I knew best for its offensive purpose, the non-combat abilities that it bestowed to the users of such a mystical technique defied many of the rules I had set to limit its potential.

    The first doubt that was shattered during these two weeks was about the power to heal those that weren’t capable of normally practice the Ripple.

    I was aware that there was a method to force someone to unconsciously produce enough Hamon to heal quickly from any wounds, but that was extremely limited by the chances of success since it wasn’t a sure win for the user.

    And Muddiburi was more than happy to display another healing technique that I soon learned how to use.

    During physical training to attain a proper understanding of my body, I had unfortunately sprained my ankle while trying to jump through the obstacles that the shopkeeper had sent thorough the small clearing where we would be usually exercising.

    What followed next left me not only baffled, but somewhat surprised that none of the other Hamon users had ever used this efficient technique.

    By carefully applying pressure at the damaged part, what seemed to be a normal massage started to slowly siphon the energy of the Ripple in my tendons and muscle with the purpose of carefully fix the injury my leg had suffered.

    It took the monk about a full minute of silence and patience to get the technique to truly mend the damage I had suffered, but I was ultimately restored to good shape and urged to resume the training session.

    I was barely ‘taught’ about the Overdrives and how to properly attain those with Hamon, but this early knowledge of the powerful attacks was more than enough to give me the presumption that I was finally ready to explore Ogre Street.

    Announcing to Muddiburi that I would be trying to search for any clues about Wang Chan’s whereabouts, the Tibet monk had given me some cautious words about my eagerness of trying out my abilities.

    “You might have improved slightly from when we first started the training, but you are far from being able to face alone a Dark-Magic user as that foul man,” He had sternly pointed out. “You might be capable of fending off against many supernatural creatures, but I ask of you to not pursue anything more than just clues-seeking.”

    I was swift to accept the restriction, being perfectly aware that I was going to venture quite close where the lair of the deviant was and I was certainly not going to face him in his own turf.

    No, the main reason that got me interested in visiting that dangerous quarter of London wasn’t Wang Chan. But the growing issues reported by the local newspapers.

    A spree of murders had started to happen around London, all of them seemingly unconnected and done by different murderers.

    Yet the curious element that made those jump to my attention was the pattern adopted by the ‘killers’.

    The victims had all ‘Not Odd’ carved in their chests, and some of their legs were either cut off or mangled in a gruesome mean.

    The message was clear, and I found myself groaning inwardly when I noticed the numerous newspaper that George would bring to the table detailing the kills.

    Young people, young men… they were all blond-haired.

    Of course I would get a murderous killer with an obsession with me.

    It was irritating- no, infuriating that someone like Jack the Ripper was still wandering and committing his crimes so early on in his lives.

    But while I had been unwilling to pursue a direct involvement in putting down that mad dog, now I had the capacity to give it a shot and maybe mortally wound the man before he could try to make more dead people in the near future.

    The morning after explaining what I had planned to do to Muddiburi, I was quick to dress up and reach for the dining room for breakfast.

    Before leaving my room, I glanced briefly at the desk containing the notes of my recent developments with the ancient tome, finding myself fascinated by the curious content held within the pages.

    There were some interesting descriptions of what sounded to be Stand users that existed centuries ago, most of those having perished in numbers in direct confrontations for different reasons.

    Some labeled them as the product of evil rituals, forcing entire communities to attack the men and women having these abilities, while some were just assassinated by fellow greedy Stand users.

    Reaching up to translate more than half the book, I was also provided with some clues over what the lullaby could truly be referencing about.

    Despite the senseless fighting drawing some tumultuous times back when Stands were a thing in the past, there was a changing element presented by some mysterious being influencing history itself by outright purging the Stand Users still alive at the precise moment he arrived.

    Someone so powerful and with a Stand so immensely strong that he made people disappear out of thin air.

    It didn’t take much for me to understand that the one responsible for such an absurd action was the very owner of a Stand I had failed to see as truly independent.

    The author was surprisingly highly-descriptive of the odd ‘spirit’, calling it a mix of a horse and a man, where the world broke to make way to a newer path.

    [Made in Heaven].

    It was shocking enough when I first translated the very paragraph that explained its appearance and I was forced to take a moment to ponder over this little development.

    The complex ritual that DIO and Pucci used certainly defied some logical purpose, even more than what a normal JoJo’s plot twist was meant to do.

    Every adventure had its most bizarre element to drive out the concept of odd and strangeness within the story, yet never I had been more confused by the sudden illogical plan elaborated by DIO from… literally nothing.

    Even the official Diary published by Araki failed to explain how did the man gain such a fantastically insane idea from just a lullaby.

    It was just… so out-of-character. Dio was still logical, he still had to abide to some natural rules that forced him to take a more careful approach before his opponents.

    Pure madness couldn’t be taken as the sole reasoning behind this mysterious plot, and I was sure that there was something that had to do with the lullaby.

    Something that I would only learn once I was done with the translation of the book.

    There was a brief allusion to the words of the ritual by the last translation I had got through, but the full reason behind those were still away from my understanding.

    Another good reason to find whoever had given this book to Dio’s mother with a proper translation.

    Returning back to the present, my mind was quick to notice that I had finally reached for the dining room, and that Jonathan and George were already consuming the content of their plates.

    With a quiet but polite greeting, I joined them as I started to carefully eat the simple food offered while sparing just some brief glances towards the youngest Joestar.

    JoJo… was less unruly that he had been in the last two weeks.

    The result of my manipulations was starting to slowly get him to best behave around George and other people.

    The one I had to thank for having given me the chance of finally improve some of the spoiled mannerism displayed by Jonathan was Erina.

    The blonde had been clueless that her crush was ill-mannered back in a familiar situation, something that had gotten the young JoJo to actually focus on trying to keep up with the etiquette.

    With a legitimate purpose and my advice pushing him in the right direction, I was sure smiling at the fact that the young man was starting to slowly gain more consciousness over his actions.

    No more he was driven by pure curiosity and naivety, instead those two emotions were carefully subsided for the seeking of maintaining the proper image of a gentleman.

    His homework started to appear less riddled with mistakes and the whip he long detested seemed to disappear after starting with this strong approach.

    George was positively surprised by this sudden growth, almost growing suspicious as much as proud when he concluded that his son had finally steered to a proper course.

    And just like any normal single parent with some suspicions behind their children’s moment of unexpected maturity, the man decided to interrogate the only individual that would know about the matter on a closer degree.

    I was more than happy to give him what he wanted to hear, but I was also keen to not sound far too much lax over my knowledge of the subject.

    He was fascinated by the fact that his son had actually met someone that he felt more than just friendship about, but his early happiness was partly superseded by his worry over Erina’s status in society.

    While the Canon itself had never delved too much about the girl’s backstory, it was explained that Erina’s father was sent to work in India with his daughter some time after the early bits of Part 1.

    I felt it strange for a ‘simple doctor’ to be sent to work in the conglomerate of countries in Asia, so my good understanding of the situation itself made me consider the chances of the man being a wealthy medic.

    George felt at ease when I mentioned that the girl wasn’t a peasant or a lowborn, something that partly ruffled me since I was still miffed by society’s current standards, and that I was certain that her father was possibly rich.

    The old Joestar was careful to probe more about the matter with his contacts, and I was relieved when he confirmed my loose claims.

    James Pendleton was an influential doctor that had graded excellently in Cambridge and had pursued a stellar career in the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries.

    The pedigree was undeniably good, and more than enough to see Jonathan continue to meet with Erina.

    Of course, I withheld ‘how’ they had met up with each other and I keep myself from telling anything about the talks I had shared with the concerned father back to the two young people, but I was quick to tease if the circumstances back at the swim lessons allowed me to.

    And there were plenty of chances to mirthfully poke at the two lovebirds-in-the-making.

    With a calm sigh, I took the last bite from the food available on my plate and I decided to calmly address the situation with George about my plans for today.

    “Lord Joestar,” I said with a faux-nervous, but mostly-calm tone, drawing the attention of the man almost instantly. “I wish to make a request about today, if it’s possible.”

    The old Joestar frowned in surprise at my voice, but he gave a nod. “Sure, Dio. What do you need to ask?”

    I sighed. “Before leaving my home to be housed by you, Lord Joestar, I had tried to find an object that is dear to me and… I would like to request permission to try and find it in a place I’m sure that it could be located,” I explained calmly, trying my best to not point out too early on what I was really searching for. “It wasn’t in my family’s house just a day before I left it and… I think it was stolen without my knowledge.”

    The careful wording managed to get the reaction I was trying to get out of the man, George frowning in curiosity at my words.

    “What kind of object would see you this much distressed, Dio? Is it something I can buy back for you or-”

    “My mother’s wedding dress, sir.”

    My interjection was swift, curt and somewhat impertinent because of the timing, but the shock at my answer was more than enough to get the man to forget about my ‘lack of manners’.

    A grim look appeared on his face, possibly connecting Dio’s mother to his wife and… seeing how dreadful it would be for a child to lose the last regalia of one of his parents.

    “I-I see,” He briefly stuttered, sobering up from his mournful state pretty quickly to not give too much away about his own sadness. “And you think that it was stolen? Do you wish for me to ask the police to search for it or-”

    “If it isn’t too much to ask about, Lord Joestar,” I interrupted once more, this time making sure to appear as polite as possible. “I wish to personally see in a possible location where it could be, a shop that is known to sell robbed goods.”

    Which would be Wang Chan’s shop, and I wasn’t going to even come close to despite how much curious I was about browsing its contents.

    I, Dio, preferred to live smartly instead of dying because of stupid fascination. I needed some more time of training but… maybe in a few more weeks, I could try something about it.

    “It would be dangerous for someone as young as you are,” George pointed out with some concern. “I’m sure that the area where you lived-”

    “Was incredibly harsh against ‘intruders’,” I muttered nervously. “I understand the worry, Lord Joestar, but I’ve wandered the place for most of my life and… I know how to avoid any trouble there.”

    I wasn’t even sure if Dio had been conceived in Ogre Street, but considering that he had visited it enough to not be considered an ‘easy target’, I can only guess that I could exert some influence over part of its inhabitants.

    Or at least, avoid getting suddenly stabbed and mugged during the walk.

    There was some uneasiness over George’s mind whatever he should have allowed me to go or not, his face displaying this turmoil for everyone to see and… I felt relieved when the nobleman decided to sigh in defeat.

    “I will see to… have a carriage prepared, then,” The man grumbled quietly. “But I hope you understand that I want you to return back to the mansion in two-hours time after you have left.”

    A little curfew, quite limiting to be honest, but something I was happy to comply about.

    Jonathan merely stared at the conversation in pure silence, unsure if it would be correct of him to intercede within the discussion because of the topic.

    If there was something that JoJo was quite deterred from speaking about was his mother.

    It had been a revelation that got me surprised and confused, but the childish explanation that he offered at my pressure was more than enough to get me to not ask for too much about it.

    He was awed by the image his father had built over the woman, mesmerized even. But JoJo was also saddened the more he heard about her as he never had the chance of meeting her on his own accords.

    He had only his only parent’s recounting of her personality, of her stories, of her appearance and about the love she had for him.

    It was enough to make me back away from asking, to get me to think about Dio’s mother and what she would think of this situation.

    I wasn’t her son, but I was inhabiting Dio’s body and that would probably get her angry if she had been alive. Confused, enraged and sad.

    Terribly sad for losing her child like this, even though the horrible deeds he would have committed.

    As if I hadn’t planned to do my own bad deeds…

    Once breakfast was over, I reached once more for my room to pick up my jacket with all the equipment I had planned to take on with me.

    I had ten steel balls on me, the Spin having been trained as religiously as Hamon was during those last two weeks and, while I felt still far from achieving the Gold Spin, I felt more accustomed to the nature of the bizarre ability.

    Deciding to not waste more time thinking about the past and the future, I channeled my thoughts to the present as I waited patiently outside of the mansion for the carriage to move close to the entrance.

    Bidding some last words to George and Jonathan, I proceeded to board the carriage, giving the place where I wanted to be left.

    It wasn’t Ogre Street that I planned to be dropped by, but the street just beside it.

    I didn’t need some panicking rider to blurt out my plans so suddenly and I needed to be dealing this at once instead of wasting too much time soothing people’s worries.

    After all, I had a murderer to catch.


    Ogre Street was as horrible as the anime had displayed it to be.

    The worst Rookery, a cursed place in London that has been considered the most dreadful street of the city for the last century.

    The titles weren’t overstating the cold chills going down my spine when I first looked at it as I turned the corner to enter it.

    I had seen some ugly places in my former life, areas with known-criminals living around and having their own fiefs within the district, but this one was surprisingly much different than I had initially thought it to be.

    Expecting to be received with the same ‘warm welcome’ that Jonathan had received back in Part 1, I was surprised to be actually ignored by a large majority of the people wandering that cold street.

    Orphans, beggars, and prostitutes were occupying just small sections of the street to offer their own services.

    Thieves, assassins, and even the black market was there in its true glory.

    The beggars here weren’t even trying to ask for pennies from the people there, already-knowing that only a few individuals could afford to support them.

    Truly a sorry state for a district of one of the greatest capitals in Europe.

    I didn’t waste too much time lingering in the main street, unwilling to get noticed by some unpleasant groups lurking around for some quick hit-and-run.

    My eyes narrowed at the open door that led inside what looked to be a pub, my instincts tensing up as I decided to enter inside and find some refuge from the cold weather persisting in this part of London.

    The moment I stepped inside the building, the chilling cold was replaced with some pleasant warmth.

    It was an odd switch of temperature, to be so sudden and so… well-calibrated.

    I didn’t stay by the entrance as I kept walking, my anonymous state mattering more than genuine awe over the unexpected swing from cold to hot.

    I reached for the counter since all the tables were mostly occupied and I needed to have some private chat with someone that had to know plenty of rumors born from this part of the city.

    Ignoring the immediate creaking of the wood, I leaned on the counter while waiting for the host to finish discussing something with some clients, the burly-looking man frowning at my sight but he seemed quick to conclude the conversation he had been engaged me so that he could interact with me.

    “It’s been a while since we saw you around, Dio,” The bartender grumbled quietly while starting to clean some empty mugs. “Almost a month I would say.”

    “There has been circumstances that saw me leaving my former home,” I mused carefully, unsure of the nature of the relationship Dio held with this mysterious individual. “My father passed away peacefully.”

    He snorted. “The old fart croaked his last breath? What a tragic day for the income he was creating for me.”

    Ah. Dario was a frequent client of this place, possibly making Dio come here to buy him the booze once he was forced to bed.

    “Truly,” I replied tightly. “But I’m here to find some solutions to a few of my questions.”

    “Do you have the means to find these ‘solutions’?”

    I dropped five pounds on the counter, the man scooping the coins quickly and away from everyone’s sight.

    “I see that you are prepared indeed,” He said while giving a nod. “So please, do ask.”

    I hummed quietly at the bribed compliance, but I continued.

    “Three questions,” I muttered quietly. “The first one is… did my father leave a wedding dress a few months ago?”

    The bartender blinked. “That pretty thing? If I remember correctly, it was your mother’s right?”

    I tensed a little at the comment, but I nodded slowly at him.

    “I still have it, never had a reason to truly trash such a gorgeous dress and…” He sighed, giving me a serious look. “Your mother did help me a couple of years ago. She offered me some food and some blankets to use when I was robbed of my bed and most of my reserves.”

    I eased up in relief at that comment and I sighed. “Can I have it back? I can spend money for-”

    “Oh no, it’s yours alright,” The host admitted quickly. “I ain’t keeping that thing around and, to be fair, I hated your father for making his wife’s life a horrible one.”

    With my eyes widening, I waited just a couple of seconds to see the man return to the counter with a small brown box with him.

    As he offered it to me, I decided to steal a quick glance from its content and… it was a wedding dress alright.

    All white, filled with frilly details and… it was hers.

    Closing the box, I nodded back at him. “Thank you.”

    “Nah. Nothing to thank about, just dealing with this little debt and,” He paused a moment and sighed. “What else do you need to know?”

    “Do you know Wang Chan, the shop owner in-”

    “The creepy freak?” The man huffed with a shake of his head. “He is a nasty bugger, quite the annoying prick to be fair and… what do you need to know about him?”

    “Has he moved away from his shop?”

    “Not that I know, at least not in the last few days,” The bartender replied with a nod. “He had gotten madder as a bat in the last few weeks, saying stuff like ‘annoying imperso-something’ and stuff like that.”

    ...Dammit, why couldn’t that bastard keep quiet?!

    It means that killing him was going to be more of a priority than hunt down Jack, but then again who knows how many would take the crazy man’s word for truth.

    “Last question, what is it, brat?”

    I sighed at the comment but I nodded at his pressure.

    “There has been some murders happening in London in the last month,” I started to explain with a more serious voice. “All blond young men, the writings on their chest and-”

    “Oh, you are searching for him too, aren’t you?” The host inquired with some curiosity, making me frown in confusion.


    “You ain’t the first guy to ask about ‘Jack’, and I would even dare to say that the very individual is a client right now.”


    Before I could push for more answers, I felt someone rest their hand over my left shoulder.

    “I admit I wasn’t expecting someone to ask about this guy, young man,” A strangely-familiar voice piped in from behind me. “Yet, the thing I can’t just make sense about is… your strange smell.”

    I tensed up, nervousness rising from my chest as I slowly turned around and I was greeted with quite the familiar face.

    It was the ‘Gentlemen protector’, the JJBA’s best Waifu and only holder of the ‘Best Best Friend’ award in the series.

    A younger Robert E. O. Speedwagon was looking at me with a fascinated look while two other individuals were staring at the scene from a few meters away from us.

    I could recognize… the Kenpo Master and Tattoo, both being thugs working for Speedwagon and…

    Why where these three here and now of all times and places?!

    “My… smell?” I blurted out without thinking about it and I found myself chiding out my decision to speak so suddenly.

    The fellow blonde blinked, adjusting his bowler hat and he nodded.

    “After having been around for some time here in this entertaining part of town, I have acquired quite the capacity to smell people’s morality,” Speedwagon explained with a polite tone. “Kind of an important ability since people here can get pretty feisty when someone isn’t looking properly- but I think the issue is about your odd morality. You are good, but bad and… also good.”

    I blinked at that last, confused particle and I frowned.

    “Maybe I’m just into the gray-side of things?”

    “Oh? So you aren’t a goody two-shoes?” He asked back with some surprise.

    “Not much, no,” I admitted calmly. “What about you?”

    The man frowned again. “What?”

    “Is your smell ‘good’ or is it a strange mix itself?”

    There was a pause at my pressure, but he managed to get an amused snort out of his mouth.

    “What if I have a ‘bad’ smell?”

    I felt my lips twitching at that opportunity for a joke, but I bit down the need of pressing on.

    “You haven’t attacked me yet,” I pointed out calmly.

    “That’s because you don’t seem much,” The man retorted calmly. “Plus, the boss wouldn’t like if I picked on brats. Am I right, boys?”

    The other two thugs nodded together at this comment and I felt perplexed by this answer.

    A boss? Wasn’t Speedwagon supposed to be top dog of his own group already? Was there a detail that I was missing.

    “Yeah, she wouldn’t want to see some kid getting his ass handled by a proper thief,” He concluded with a tired sigh. “So how about we skip the pleasantries now and we focus on why you are trying to find Jack?”

    I blinked and nodded. “I’ve reason to believe that he is actively hunting me down. I wish to end him before he becomes a problem.”

    “Really? I mean, I understand he’s searching for people that are young and blond-haired, but I’m quite sure he is searching for someone else,” He replied with a confused tone. “I mean, I’ve heard he is searching for someone older, with stronger posture and quite the authoritative air to himself.”


    “That wouldn’t explain why he’s targeting kids tho,” The Kenpo Master muttered quietly. “Still, the boss was fairly sure that the target is older and she is quite serious about it.”


    Just as my brain continued to fail to grasp the full extent of this ludicrous conversation, the entire chatty nature of the pub seemed to cease down to silence the moment someone else entered the establishment and… I was forced to stare at quite the development.

    Wearing what looked to be an expensive dark-blue dress that was accentuating her figure a little better while also covering a little more her chest and stretching down below her kneecaps.

    Her blue eyes sported some confidence, which in the last encounter I’ve seen her wasn’t there and… she froze when she noticed me.

    She was surprised and for good reasons, maybe even more than how shocked I was in finding her here of all places.

    Then, the young woman’s lips turned in a small but determined smile as she literally rushed towards me, arms wide open as she went to scoop me for a quick hug.

    “Lord Dio!”

    Oh no. God, Heavens, please don’t make this a thing.


    The dark-haired beauty giggled, squeezing my face close to her abundant bosom and I was subjected to the unpleasant and quite drowning sensation of being deprived of any means to draw some air.

    “To think you would be visiting here, Lord Dio,” She exclaimed quickly. “I wasn’t even prepared. To think that I would have been granted such a miracle.”

    ...Okay, what is going on here? Why is everyone in this bar clearly threatened by this courtesan and… why was she wearing such an expensive dress?

    “M-Madam, I think you are suffocating him,” Speedwagon pointed out with a light stutter, making the woman tense up a little as she noticed that it was indeed the case.

    A quick gasp and I was soon freed from that horrible hold. “I-I’m so sorry, Lord Dio. I was just overjoyed and- and-!”

    “H-Hannah, you can calm down,” I swiftly interjected, trying my best to not appear that much air-deprived. “I’m not angry and- what is going on?”

    Her panicked expression to reveal quite the pretty look on her face. “Oh, so much has happened since I’ve last seen you, Lord Dio.”

    I nodded, gesturing her to continue.

    “You see, when you saved me from that horrible man, I thought well about your merciful intervention, and about your good heart to protect me from Jack,” She almost spit poison at that name, but then she continued. “And I decided that I should indeed strive to become the best possible, learning from your teachings as much as I could and… I ditched the brothel.”

    ...That is kind of good but immensely bad considering she was referring to ‘teachings’. And there was only one thing that I could have ‘taught’ her without thinking too much about it.

    “Hannah,” I tried to keep calm while replying to her. “Please, tell me that you didn’t-”

    “That’s why, instead of pursuing that disgusting career, I decided to preserve my purity while trying to do more, much more by using your gift,” She paused a moment to reach out something from one of the pockets in her dress, causing everyone to tense up and duck behind some covers.

    Orange eyes stared fixedly at the small sphere-like object.

    It looked like a well-shaped pebble, but then I noticed something happening.

    It started to rotate, it was spinning and… I noticed the familiar pattern.

    Color drained from my face in full recognition and proof that I had indeed made something incredibly odd and worrying out from a mere saving.

    Hannah here, a simple ex-courtesan, was happily displaying how well-versed she was with the Spin and… I gulped nervously.

    “T-That’s good, but what made you think that-”

    “Noblemen are usually frowning down on the plight of us poor people,” The young woman interjected with her explanation. “Yet when I thought I was going to die, ignored by the grand majority of this city, I was granted the peace of my mind when you broke me away from that silly mindset. The world is now brighter that there is someone like you around, Lord Dio.”

    The way she sounded so over-zealous over my title and role within her rescue effort, I was being reminded of a certain crazy servant of DIO.

    At least this one isn’t a crazy-looking man with a scarier Stand.

    I gave her a slow nod. “I-I see. It’s good to know that… you are thriving now.”

    “Those are flattering words, Lord Dio,” The girl almost vibrated as I concluded this comment, her smile widening in quite the cute and scary manner.

    Is that even possible? No, I shouldn’t be even asking at this point.

    “It was nice to see you here, Hannah,” I said with a calm tone, ready to get out and just ask about Jack on another day, but just as I said those words, she tensed up and took hold of my hands, putting them together with hers.

    “Lord Dio, please. I wish to show you my headquarters and… I will also show you how useful Speedy and his comrades are.”

    I didn’t need to glance back to the trio to know that they had to look so embarrassed by how they were cowering for someone that sounded incredibly-nice but also absurdly-dangerous to have around as a leader.

    Instead I was trying to find a way out of that pleading, only getting more horrible scenarios that could develop from refusing her ‘kind offer’.

    How should I’ve seen this one coming?

    I gave her a patient sigh, or something close to that, and I nodded. “I will accept your humble offer, Hannah.”

    She giggled and nodded. “Then let us go. I don’t wish to inopportune Lord Dio for too long.”

    Oh that is nice and- W-WAIT, HOLD A MOMENT!!

    Panic surged as I was suddenly yanked out of the pub, my free hand managing to take hold of the brown box containing my- Dio’s mother’s dress as I was forced to deal with the quite highly-paced rush through Ogre Street.

    And while I could hear Speedwagon and his two friends following behind, I couldn’t help but think how horrible this situation was going to end like.

    I, Dio, wasn’t certainly in the mood to deal with a case of the Yukako-kind.

    -To be continued...



    Lord Dio-sama just got his first loyal follower! Rejoice!
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