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Absolute Divinity (JoJo DIO SI!)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by JBukharin, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. JBukharin

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Quoting Gyro Zeppeli, it's easy to learn but incredibly difficult to master. The Golden Rectangle is necessary to properly master it and unleash its full potential. Johnny in fact merely spent a day with much of a hint to learn how to use the base form.
    I can't draw and I didn't use any reference. So yeah, no picture for Hannah. Maybe in the future.
  2. Deamon

    Deamon Not too sore, are you?

    Aug 4, 2018
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    I think there is a few threads for requests for artwork so if you want a drawing you can try those.
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  3. JBukharin

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    I will give a look there. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Edifier

    Edifier Trusted within thoughts.

    Aug 31, 2017
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    I was thinking that she was Lisa Lisa but she is born 20 years after Jonathans birth.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2020
  5. JBukharin

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    After Dio's birth (clarification is actually needed since I first thought you were referring as "after Dio's passing". Still yes, she ain't Lisa Lisa.
  6. Extras: Omake 4: Early Victory for the Heavens(?)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Omake 4: Early Victory for the Heavens(?)

    Original Idea from: HappyFox (SB)

    There are many things that still confuses me when I think about JoJo’s logic, but this one was seriously making me look like a mumbling moron.

    It all started while I was training with Muddiburi, the Tibetan monk having left for a moment to recover some fallen branches to explain how I could turn anything in a weapon with Hamon if I needed to fight against dark creatures and being.

    Alone in that section of the forest, I started to boringly muse randomly over what I could try to experiment with Hamon now that I was without supervision.

    Boredom was a terrible driving force for making steps toward new techniques, and I was certainly not going to stay idle for the time being.

    I picked one of the branches that the tall man had left nearby and I tried to play around with it with some of the energy from the Ripple.

    Bright-red roses grew in its surface, blossoming prettily on it as I glanced at them with quiet curiosity and constant pondering over what I should try to do next.

    I picked another branch, this time looking at it thoroughly before contemplating what to try out now.

    What if I tried to replicate the Arrow with the Spin?

    I blinked, the thought coming in my mind like a blurt, a silly brain fart that shouldn’t even be thought about for how flimsy and silly it was as an idea.

    While I was perfectly aware what the Arrow did and what form it had, I wasn’t aware of the complete functionality it had over the process to create Stands.

    People can get killed by it if those lacked the willpower to sustain a Stand, and that was incredibly bad considering that it was rare in this period for people capable of surviving the tricky operation of giving out the embodiment of their fighting souls.

    Yet the curiosity to try out and see if I can create something that at least looked as cool at the real thing was more than enough to get me to try and replicate its appearance with this tree’s branch.

    The steel ball was already spinning at an acceptable pace, the energy ready to be set to be used for this little experiment.

    The plan was as simple as usual, the modification of the prime object starting quite slowly but steadily as the body of the arrow attained its slim nature while the tip started to grow into the design I was accustomed with.

    The golden design expanded beautifully and soon… it was done.

    I blinked in surprise at how gorgeous the little thing looked to be. I had gone by thought, inspiring myself with some of the details I wasn’t sure about and it just looked so perfect.

    I glanced all over the tip, endeared by the precise curves, the refined design of the meteor-born material and how strangely it felt to hold.

    I blinked again, this time surprise turning in confusion as I tightly kept the object from falling off from my hold, and my orange eyes widened when my hand started to twitch at the stubborn resistance it was meeting against the newly-created Arrow.

    I pushed more strength into it, putting more effort in keeping it from falling- no, moving out of my grasp.

    The weight suddenly shifted away from going to the ground and right… t-towards me?

    My free hand reached out to grasp into my tense hold, to increase my attempts to keep the object at bay.

    At first I was confused over the sudden phenomenon, but slowly enough a cold realization had started to settle in my mind that I might have gone a little more than just make a perfectly harmless replica of the dangerous Stand-making tool.

    I tried my best to keep it from moving out of my hold but the more I struggled against it, the more my hands started to sweat at the pressure they were put against and… it slipped out.

    It was a sudden action, so sudden that I felt the sharp pain erupting in my chest at the Arrow plunging deeply in my chest only mere moments after it happened.

    My eyes went wide in fright and hurt, a yelp burned down as I felt my lungs aching atrociously at the horrible and intense sensation paralyzing them.

    “N-No-” I fell on on my knees, my legs wobbling at the unexpected mortal injury already draining of my energy. “I-I can’t just-”

    I needed to move quickly, before my brain truly went in shock for what had just happened.

    I was already bleeding a lot, the wound having grazed some important organs and leaving me with little space to maneuver around.

    The first thing I did was to use the Spin to neutralize the Arrow’s energy from continuing to delve deeper in my chest, the steel ball pressing on the body of the projectile and denting into the wood in the process.

    I felt another sharp round of pain explode in my chest and I felt my heartbeat growing more erratic the more I continued to shatter the tool.

    Desperation is a terrible driving force considering that it makes people do some crazy things that most of the time can result in utter fails… and deaths.

    I didn’t plan to die here, not now that I was just starting with my ambitions.

    I crouched even more as I pushed more strength to the spin, intensifying its activity despite my knowledge that it could explode without some proper stability and attention given to the process.

    But in that moment of distress, what truly mattered was survived.

    My body tensed, my Hamon quivered in a moment of instinctual scare as it flooded through my body and tried to heal the damage that I was suffering…

    But just as I started to lose consciousness over the futility of removing the stubborn Arrow out of my chest, something odd happened.

    First a loud word, then a sharp pain of something sturdy slamming through my back.


    Tears formed, I felt a new wave of pain, but instead of finding death out of that sudden shocking blow, I actually felt instantly better.

    The Arrow shattered against the unknown attack, and the hole it had created was closed up while the inner damage was fixed instantly.

    I blinked, my tears still staining my cheeks as I slowly turned around in a moment of adrenaline-driven panic and… I saw it floating above me and staring down with a calm look.

    The humanoid looked bulky, his muscles easy to see on his figure were as massive as those I knew from 「The World」 and 「Star Platinum」.

    I was awed, I was confused, and I felt… complete.

    The sense of shock intensified as it tilted its head in what I could feel to be curiosity, mystification over the sudden emergence of the Stand before me.

    But before I could have given more thoughts about it, I noticed footsteps approaching my proximity.

    “I’m back,” Muddiburri announced as he dropped several dozens of branches by the nearby ground, his stare turning back at me and… he froze as he looked up to notice the figure behind me.


    “It’s not an issue,” I blurted, my brain failing to shape up any composure after what I had to deal with. “It’s not dangerous.”

    He blinked, his eyes narrowing back at me. “What is that?

    I gulped nervously at the serious tone in his voice, feeling some pressure erupting from him and… I nodded.

    “T-That’s my- my Stand,” I muttered nervously. “A-And it’s-”

    “How did you unlock it?” He ignored my explanation, taking a few steps towards me. “Your knowledge is-” He stopped talking himself, his frown softening and he looked down at the bloodstain still present to the ground. “What happened?”

    “C-Can’t you just read it on my mind?” I shot back, stuttering a little as I was almost there to regain my bearings.

    “Not anymore.”

    These two words tensed me up immensely. I glanced back at the Stand behind me, the white-colored being staring back at me with a frown and I gulped again.

    “I-I think that is going to be a long explanation-”

    “We have plenty of time left,” The Tibetan Monk interjected curtly. “I suppose we will skip this training session for this.”

    His words didn’t put me at ease and… I nodded.

    How was I supposed to tell him that I, Dio, have somehow unlocked the absurd and not-canon 「The World Over Heaven」?!



    I can already tell that people are going to flip at this as it shouldn’t make sense (which is why this is a… Omake?) but surprisingly enough I have something of an explanation.

    Hamon’s healing work as a mean to accelerate the processes of the body to recover from an injury or a wound, but sometimes it can also speed up other bodily processes such as the Arrow’s operation of bringing out the user’s Stand.

    What happened her was stupidly silly, incredibly bizarre, and, of course, totally impossible to achieve: Not only Dio accelerated the process to unlock the Stand, but he also speeded up the one to Evolve it to its last form.

    The idea is crackish, that’s why I found it worth of writing it down as an omake.

    Next time I will do the second part for Maria the Ripper… so stay tuned for more!

    P.S. More ideas, more madness, more WRYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
  7. Edifier

    Edifier Trusted within thoughts.

    Aug 31, 2017
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    Tho crackish you wrote it in a believable way.
  8. pandada14

    pandada14 Getting out there.

    Jul 5, 2019
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    this is very broken
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  9. Threadmarks: Giovinezza (8)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Capitolo Primo: Giovinezza (8)

    The moment I was led inside the abandoned warehouse that had been turned in the hideout for Hannah’s gang, I felt a brief shiver of self-disappointment over what I was looking at.

    I suppose I should have expected to see this happening. Somehow.

    I couldn’t certainly magic some clairvoyance from utter nothingness. With my current abilities being far from accomplishing such a deed, I still had to rely on logical ramifications born from simple but deep events.

    Hannah was one of the various inhabitants of the British Isles, but like the majority she was incredibly bent by the nature of the present state of society. The United Kingdom didn’t offer means for low-borns to truly rise up from the dust, leaving many broken and left succumbing to the horrible truth of the stagnating situation of the world.

    People that were so desperate for a chance out of this deplorable hellhole they had been thrown into not because of their actions, but because of their unlucky upbringing.

    Dio’s charisma proved to be as divine as I remembered it to be, but the peak of this unique trait was reached when he first mastered the beastly nature of vampires, when he become a cruel and cynical being that could easily strip humans of their hopes, turning them in puppets ready to be manipulated by him.

    It was natural for him. No empathy for individuals, only some inner lust to see blood being spilled by people, may those be his foes or his allies.

    Before he took the mask? There had been some subconscious manipulation from his part to worm himself into his minions’ hearts, then he would offer them guidance, trust, and utmost pride in a glorious future.

    In this period, these three things were something that many poor people didn’t have, thus turning easy to mold under his perspective of humanity.

    But there was something of a flaw in his ingenious charisma, and that was the inability of manipulating multiple people at once to the maximum effort.

    Chaos helped him well in having none rebel against him, only a few eventually seeing his true self and bailing from his plans… but this was all after meeting with the Joestar family one way or another.

    Part 3 showed this issue masterfully. While he recovered, while he prepared to make his glorious victory to be his ultimate one… he also failed to notice that one couldn’t just brush away someone as dastardly strong as his fateful opponent.

    Fate was a strong element in the story, where the Joestars became its champions against the group of villains trying to conquer the world or just let it burn even more as it was now.

    But the true problem about my current predicament wasn’t truly Dio’s charisma. It was the fact that I had pretty much stumbled in the creation of something much more meaningful than just a young man’s ambitious plan to become rich.

    The British Empire was starting to reach its Zenith, completing the final expansion of the Colonial holdings.

    The death of Queen Victoria was going to make the social issues within the grandiose Great Power crash down on everyone, shaking the political boat more than many contemporary politicians could have foreseen.

    From poor people being left without guarantees to succeed in life only to be thrown into factories or into the trenches, to the nobility starting to see that their usual petty plays around the traditional parties wasn’t going to work any longer with the growing chorus of reform.

    Communism never truly entrenched in the country until much later in the twentieth century, but there was already something that was going to pave the road for some unpleasant circumstances to deal as a single individual. Or even a big organization.

    The Labour Party was still far from becoming worrisome for them all hiding in their mansions, but the moment the Great War was going to come in and sweep generations off entire nations, things were going to take an ugly turn.

    I could see already the lines of the deformed webs already contorting and, despite Dio’s interest in making the world is to rule by improving it from the dust, he failed to notice that there was just too much to do on his own.

    The world was far too big and corrupt to be ruled so instantly. The takeover has to be subtle and decisive instead of some bloody war to unify everything up.

    Control has to be coaxed into the people’s minds, it has to be rendered a must and a need for them to accept in their normal lives as an alternative to the current time’s squalor.

    Make them feel easy in their cage, so that the captor can go ahead and mold the bright lights of a properly-made future.

    The mere sight of the well-cared warehouse, with the numerous boxes filled with food and resources currently littering all over the inner section of the building, was enough to give me a glimpse of what a single action, may it be out of kindness or for something else, was capable of achieving so suddenly and without much notice.

    After leaving the box with the dress to the closest place I could reach, I proceeded to carefully comply to the former prostitute’s request.

    Hannah was still smiling eye-to-eye as she started to give me a tour around the place, the rest of the group having taken seat by some of the tables prepared in the crates-free area of the warehouse, to stare and try to understand how I was their ‘inspiration’.

    Legitimate as a concern, appearances can be quite the mirror that fools people about one’s limits and potential. A true deed of power was necessary, but not one done so quickly and without a deep reasoning behind.

    I could grow flowers on the wood of some of these boxes, but that display of ‘magic’ was only going to get them disappointed over my own means to create changes.

    I needed something bigger. Something that was a must to accomplish, like an important mission of sort.

    Something that would have to wait for now as I continued with the tour, quite unwilling to show any major displeasing actions before the young woman.

    Hannah was capable of using the Spin, not truly something worrying if I had her set a couple of meters away from me… but she was attached to be like glue.

    The moment she decided to snap, either for me being too uncaring or for some misunderstanding during our interaction, I was going to find a way to dodge or manipulate some Spin’s attack.

    And that wasn’t something I could easily accomplish in a state of stress. Not yet at least.

    “I hope that there have been no major attacks against the police,” I muttered quietly mid-discussion, gaining quickly the dark-haired woman’s attention.

    “Not truly, no,” The former courtesan admitted calmly, her smile faltering a little at the serious topic. “But we have managed to steer them off with some appeasing bribes.”

    I nodded at the action, knowing that it was best to avoid having to deal with some officers snooping around for criminal deeds.

    “That’s good to know, Hannah,” I calmly commented, the girl almost squealing to the praise. “I hope you will continue this once an opportunity for us to act about it will happen.”

    “Kind words from you, Lord Dio,” The young woman replied kindly at my words. “But, if it’s not too much to ask about, I would like to know if you have… any plans that we could go through with together.”

    If she had been a puppy, I bet she would have waggled her tail madly at the possibility of standing close to me for that much long.

    “Albeit I can’t offer any grandiose plans just yet considering the surprising revelation of this circumstance,” I started to answer her implicit query, noticing almost suddenly her deflating at my early words. “I can offer some minor guidance for the time being. Just enough to give you all something to do while I make some proper plans that can offer you some real action without dangers.”

    Her blue eyes shone brightly at this. “You mean like giving us some tests to prove our worth?”

    ...Not truly what I was referring to. But I still gave a solid nod at that, the girl smiling in response as she paced quietly back towards the trio of man that was still looking at us talking.

    But it was just as she eagerly made her way back to the rest of the gang that something odd caught my attention.

    It was a mere instant, a blink within time that didn’t match up with the previous seconds as I saw a darker shadow obscuring the frame of the young woman and I felt tension as I recognized that something was descending quickly towards her.

    It was a box. Someone had moved it towards her, ready to have the wood-made crate collide with Hannah’s skull.

    The Spin wouldn’t have been quick enough, the gravity dragging the object quickly down showing no limitation in its fall and… I moved quickly, Hamon pumping rapidly in my legs.


    My voice ripped through the silence and mute scene, the woman reacting instantly as she swiftly turned around to see what was going on with me, but then her eyes noticed the approaching brown-colored box falling upon her.

    Her jaws gawked at the incoming pain, but…

    I moved her just in time.

    After pushing her away and making her trip on her butt, I moved backward to avoid the crate myself, the timing just perfect to avoid any unwanted splinters to reach out for my unarmored body.

    I felt adrenaline rushing and giving me a new degree of awareness of the situation, being far too sure that the predicament hadn’t been a coincidence and… I felt someone moving behind me.

    With the Ripple still coating my body in new energy, my reaction time was in its best shape as I mindfully started to dodge around two- no, three knives being used to get a solid hit on my chest.

    Sweat rolling from my forehead, I managed to counter this assault with a quick kick at my attacker’s ribs.


    It was a pleasant noise to hear considering that the one maimed was this figure, the aggressor backing away instantly at the sudden counterattack, with one of his hands now reaching by his aching chest.

    My aggressor groaned and snarled, a mix of wounded person and furious animal as he tried to bring some balance to his footing.

    I had my eyes narrowed on the man’s face, almost snarling back his name at the ridiculous ambush he had set up for me.

    “To think that you would be the one to find me, Jack.”

    My words pierced like thousands of dagger right back at the murderer, the young man displaying a mirthful grin at my words.

    “It’s you, Dio~!” He chuckled in a moment of lucid craziness, then his stare focused back on me, his hold over his monstrous knife tightening as he took a step towards me. “It’s you. It’s YOU! He was RIGHT!”

    I grimaced at the loud outburst, the psychopath clearly unable to restrain the amusement at having found me. Rather ‘unflattering’ considering the kind of bastard I was supposed to kill now.

    “Oh? Was it Wang Chan that told you?” I took a step forward myself, causing him to blink in a mix of childish wonder and awe. “I suppose that you got a little bird to tell you.”

    “A strange bird,” He muttered with a hint of surprise. “Why, we know the same birds too then~!”

    He jumped, his smile widening at the fact that I hadn’t moved yet as I carefully waited for him to get close enough for me to retaliate.

    One of the things that truly made Jack a horrible killer was that his main flaw was the very strength that got him so famous both in the original timeline and this one.

    His preys were weak, too prone to get scared of sudden attacks, making his job of stabbing them to death easier to accomplish.

    He had never fought against someone lacking fear, someone that knew how to defend themselves.

    I waited just at the last moment as I saw the knife ready to plunge on my neck, my head moving swiftly away from its trajectory as I proceeded to land a punch to the injured part of his chest.

    The moment my fist landed on the skin, I could feel the entire body tense up in pain as the Ripper tripped to the side, rolling away as he tried but failed to stand up from the previous blow.

    “Weren’t you going to kill me, Jack?” I inquired dryly as I started to walk towards him. “Knives ready, you were there, prepared to gut me… but now, you will be the one to perish by my hands!”

    I lunged over him, ready to conclude this madman’s career here and now, but just as I leaped forward-


    I felt something metallic wrap around my right leg. Surprise turned in panic as I felt yanked away from Jack and into the wall, my face making the acquaintance of the barrier first thing first.

    I groaned, my entire body burning at the sudden attack and… I heard a familiar chuckling.

    “To think that this ‘strange bird’ did right by following around the curious child,” Wang Chan mirthfully commented while standing a few meters away from where I was.

    He had his claws already unfolded, yet the other end of the chain was on his right hand.

    “A pity that it wasn’t a true fight to understand what went wrong,” The Chinese man commented darkly as he started to approach me. “A pity that your demise is so sudden and meaningless.”

    Before he could take any other steps, the malicious shopkeeper was forced to back away to dodge a…. Spinning ball.

    The sphere of energy rushed for a little longer before slamming and exploding a couple of seconds later.

    We both glanced right at the origin of the attack and… I was stunned by the sight I was presented with.

    I had gone through the hour trying to keep Hannah from snapping in such a furious state, yet now she was sporting quite the incensed expression in her petite face.

    “Y-You! How dare you attack Lord Dio!!” The outburst was met with a giggle by the dark magician.

    It was in that moment that I tried to get out of that lock that kept me chained up, but-

    “As if you can ever come close to even injure me, little brat,” Wang Chan commented, whistling happily as he yanked at my chain a little, disrupting my efforts to get out of my restrictions. “And as if I would let you faker get out of my hold, filthy scum.”

    I groaned at the circumstance, knowing that I couldn’t act accordingly until I was out of that chains.

    Yet, as I felt my hopes of winning this battle started to dwindle a little at the unpleasant developments, I saw some sparks erupting from the bastard’s claws.

    Something was distracting him, the subsequent snarl giving me more hints that something was happening that I couldn’t see properly from my current disposition.

    I saw something little, something that was spinning and… was creating sparkles out of its continuous impact.

    “But I shall make sure that you are banished in the deepest part of hell, you cur,” A certain blond-haired man stood beside his boss. “For I, Robert E.O. Speedwagon, shan’t allow you to harm this gentleman!”

    ...I feel a little bit better now that I had this quote repeated towards me.

    With the magician distracted, I moved my hands back to the chain, thinking how to get out of there without alerting the man of my activity.

    I blinked, the solution easy to come up with as I reached for one of the steel balls in my pocket and I worked to accomplish two manipulations for the chain.

    The first one was the main issue, opening up the chains binding my right leg up and the process was particularly quick to accomplish.

    It was the second and final one that proved to be much more complicated than I remember it being, as the idea was generally easy to understand.

    I had to meld the metal to latch onto Wang Chan’s palm, to bond to it as if glued to it.

    This took me sometime, the distraction almost close to end as the hat was finally pushed away from the annoyed shopkeeper…

    But it was already too late!

    The magician realized suddenly that there was something wrong with the chain, but the very moment he stared back at me, his realization struck as I let out the first spark of Hamon through the metal.

    With no means to break away from the chain now connected to his skin, my understanding of his nature was validated when the Ripple actually damaged the ‘simple human’.

    I had long suspected that there was something wrong about the man, something inhuman. And now I was proven correct when the Energy of Light burned into the bastard.

    Yet, much to my dissatisfaction, the effect weren’t as deadly as I had wished them to be.

    The Hamon’s electric-like path was interrupted as I quickly noticed Wang Chan getting out somehow from his new binding. My eyes moved quickly, spotting a little bit of flesh still attached to the chain… and the bloody spot on the man’s palm as he dropped his metallic claws.

    “Y-You- YouyouyouyouyouyouyouyouYOUYOUYOUYOUYOU!!”

    He trembled furiously, pain exuding from his shivering body and his crazed wide eyes glared at me with utmost hatred.


    But not now, it seems.

    Just as he concluded this proclamation, the man suddenly jumped right up to the roof section and into the large window above the entrance, rushing into the glass as he made his quick escape away from that horrible situation for him.

    There was silence, my body slowly healing thanks to Hamon after making a close encounter with a concrete wall. I glanced around, unsure that things were truly fine as I went to look to see if I could see Jack around and…

    He wasn’t there anymore. Wang Chan’s sudden attack had screwed my chances of killing Jack now before he could really turn in a serious problem and… I was pissed.

    “L-Lord Dio, is everything alright?”

    I could recognize Hannah’s worried tone, but the moment I tried to reply that I was fine, I ended up scooped up in what I could confuse easily as the greatest of traps.

    My face was pushed on her chest again, her arms tightly pulling deep in that bosom as I tried to keep afloat.

    “I’m so sorry for endangering you, Lord Dio- If only I had been more careful with the situation Jack wouldn’t have been able to-”

    I-It’s alright,” I managed to interject with a muffled voice, managing to pull my lips away from that situation I was facing. “N-No need to worry. I’m alright, Hannah.”

    It took her a couple of quiet moments to finally ease up her tight hold, giving me some means to breath without having to force my body through the odd predicament.

    “Still, are you alright?” I inquired back before turning to the rest of the gang. “Same for you, Speedwagon and-”

    But before I could finish with my honest attempt to sound emphatic with what had just happened, there the girl squealed and giggled.

    “Lord Dio, to receive so much attention and considerations~!”

    Another giggle and I bit down a groan at that reaction.

    Despite the fact that Hannah was proving to be stable and incredibly capable with her ability with the Spin, I still have to keep an eye on her volatile personality.

    Once I had made sure to leave the group with the simple tasks of expanding with new members and avoid causing any major issues with the authorities, I proceeded to make my way quickly back to where the carriage was waiting to me and… I just made it barely for the curfew.

    I sighed nervously while holding the box with the dress within it close to my chest, my eyes distracted as my mind wandered at the implication of this absurd encounter.

    While I could see Jack coming to track me down so suddenly, I hadn’t expected Wang Chan to be as brutal as the serial killer.

    It was worrying, incredibly so, but I didn’t plan to back away from the purpose of killing them both as quickly as fate allowed.

    I had to just find a mean to deal with them individually… then things would go favorably for me.

    But for now, it was time for me, Dio, to make my way back home and rest from this unexpected encounter.


    “I hope that your trip was successful, Dio.”

    Once I was back to the Joestar’s Mansion, I had swiftly made my way to George’s office to report with what had happened with my solo endeavor.

    The man had been busy with some paperwork when I knocked at his door, but he was quick to receive me with a note of curiosity and kindness as I entered while bringing the box with him.

    Nodding at his curt comment, I presented him with the content of the box, his eyes slightly widening in a mix of genuine happiness and surprise at my victorious trip.

    “I found it right where I thought it to be,” I replied calmly, setting the box right by one of the unused chairs as I focused my full attention to the man. “But I’m actually troubled by some of the words I’ve heard from the one that had it.”

    Curiosity stirred at my last sentence, causing the man to pause in his work to give some proper focus at my words. “Is that so? Can you elaborate?”

    I sighed, prepared to make some careful maneuvering to have the image of Dario Brando stained now that he was dead. Nothing truly wrong, I was actually bringing up part of the horrible truth behind the man’s passing.

    “The man that had it, was the bartender of a pub close to where I lived,” I mentioned with a sigh. “And the man was quick to confirm the identity of the… one responsible for the dress to happen in his ownership.”

    Interest swelled even more at my enticing comments, and soon I revealed ‘what I knew’.

    I took a heavy sigh, this one filled with faux uncertainty and distress. “It was… It was my father, Dario Brando.”

    I could see shock replace the intrigue in the Joestar’s face, the skin paling at the realization and I suddenly stared down at the carpet while I carefully picked what was left of the money that George had given me to buy back the dress and… settled the coins right onto his desk, backing two steps away from it.

    “Mr. Joestar… I wish to apologize if this seems like a horrible discovery- I knew that father had some drinking problem but… I never thought it to be so bad and-”

    “Dio, stop-”

    I closed my eyes, ready to continue with the little act I had planned to go through while on my way back to the carriage.

    “I-I’m not a thief.” Yet I am. A shameless one if push comes to shove.

    “A-And I don’t wish to hurt Jonathan.” If he becomes an obstacle, he shall be removed swiftly and without hesitation.

    “Dio,” This time the Joestar’s voice felt closer and stronger, and I felt my body tense up as I failed to notice the man had moved out of his chair and now was close enough for a hug.

    Which he went for. His arms pulled calmly close, trying to make the embrace as warm, but also as half-formal, as possible.

    “You are not your father, Dio,” George started to say. “While you might be related to him, you are your own person.”

    “...” I was silent, ready to bask a little in the comforting words of the fatherly figure as I thought how smoothly this was turning out to be.

    By dirtying Dario’s name, I was also making myself appear as an innocent young man that just ended up scattered by the unpleasant nature of my former home’s life.

    I was made a good guy, one that could be trusted, one that lacked ‘enough’ backbone to try and do anything even so remotely bad.

    I had my eternal alibi with this man, and now I was granted the immunity I needed to step up my games with what I achieved from that visit.

    “Dario Brando… I thought of him to be a blunt, rude simpleton, but still someone that cared for his family,” The Joestar continued calmly. “I suppose my thought was a mistaken one… yet I think that my idea of you isn’t wrong. Actually, I think I considered you far less than you actually are.”


    “When I first took you in, I expected you to be as blunt and brash as your father,” The nobleman started to explain. “I thought you to be in need of guidance, yet you proved me wrong by becoming a guide for Jojo. By becoming his proper older brother.”

    I was surprised by this detail as… did George actually mention this in the Canon? Was this is first assumption of Dio’s character?

    Perhaps, deep down, he always thought that there was something wrong about the blond but- what if he missed entirely the fact that this wasn’t a simple case of ‘misunderstood child’?

    I could see why he would be so protective of Dio, why he would even be so vehement with Jonathan in certain circumstances that saw his son being the one to initiate any brash assault against the fellow young man.

    It was all fitting well in that puzzle that was George Joestar I, but it still wasn’t enough to redeem him from some of the stern approaches he had adopted against his son.

    Albeit a good man, he still failed to notice the danger until a dagger was plunged in him.

    Jonathan had tried his best, from being a child to being an adult, the results still being the same despite the tenacity and the proof given to the older Joestar.

    I was flattered by the nobleman’s words right now, but none forgave him from the mistakes he would have committed if I had been the real Dio.

    “W-What if I’m like a mockingbird, sir?”

    George blinked. “You are aware of the typology of bird?”

    “I’ve- I’ve read it in the library,” I replied quickly, holding down a false sad hum. “I’ve read that- that the youngest are meant to ruin other families, pushing eggs and other birds off the nest-”

    “Stop, Dio.”

    I flinched a little and the embrace eased as he finally let go, the man looking as sad as irked by bringing up such a depressive topic.

    “You are not a mockingbird, you will never be one. Of that, I am sure of,” The nobleman confirmed determinedly. “I know that you are laborious, incredibly determined to prove your worth, but you also have a genuine light in your eyes when you help Jonathan. You care for him, and you strive to make him succeed as highly as you usually do.”

    There was a pause, one that saw me sponging up all the words that I’ve listened to.

    “Some servants have… reported me that you have helped him early on with his homework when you first arrived,” He mentioned quietly, making me tense up again in a real moment of sheer panic.

    I had completely forgotten that there was still a couple of butlers hanging around the study room while the older Joestar was out for some work reasons.

    To think that they would have reported of my little sneaky efforts…

    I have completely underestimated the capacity of some of them to actually show some initiative with some instances.

    “I-I was only trying to-”

    “Help him around so that he wouldn’t face the whip,” He interrupted me curtly, drawing a surprised look on my face as he sighed and continued. “I’ve seen you staring at it for some time now and… I think you understand why I might have to ask you if your father… puts his hands on you.”

    More silence, I felt uneasy about talking about abuse when I wasn’t the victim about.

    This body? Probably. I was certain that Dario had some chances to land some hits once Dio’s mother was dead but… I didn’t have much of a proof other than one final punch showed by the first episode.

    So, instead of making this a big lie and risk inflating things beyond my capacity to contain it all, I decided to keep telling some of the truth.

    “I wasn’t… much. There was just an instance of a slap a year ago...” I paused, drawing a tired sigh before continuing. “But- But I think my mother… she didn’t like being near to father.”

    This time it was the man’s turn to tense up at my allusion.

    Despite having kept some calm over the instance, the mere idea that my mother herself had taken the brunt of such violence was enough to finally tap at the Joestar’s rare anger.

    An uneasy sigh left his lips before he gave a brief ruffle to my hair. “Dio, perhaps it’s best for you to reach your room and make yourself presentable for lunch.”

    There was so much left unsaid in that simple sentence. So much I could pick up with a mere thought or two about it, but I decided to not indulge too much the current patience of the man as I swiftly paced out of the room with the box in my hands.

    A small smile on my face as I felt that I had indeed been successful with my efforts even with this situation.

    Not only was George going to investigate himself about Dario and discover the massive bastard the man had been, but I was also going to pass like a misunderstood child that would never try to create any unnecessary troubles for anyone in this mansion.

    A double win that saw me actually standing close to achieve the greatest position achievable in my current role in this family, just enough to prepare me to make big plans here in London before thinking about my next big step in this world.

    Once Wang Chan and Jack the Ripper were crushed, the bits of resistance formed by criminals within the capital will be easy to dismantle or even ‘reform’ to become pawns of my ultimate vision.

    As I reached my room and jumped face-first on my bed, ready to finally get some brief rest from what had happened an hour or so earlier today, I found myself freezing at a sudden eep coming from…

    My desk.

    My sight snapped right to the origin of the noise, my orange eyes matching up with cerulean ones.

    Erina blinked back, still sitting calmly on my chair while beside her there was a nervous-looking Jonathan that was failing to bring up his stare to look up at my face.

    The book with the translation was open, and it didn’t take me too long to realize what was going on.

    I, Dio, forgot that curious teenagers will always be curious teenagers… and I seriously need to lock the door to my room when I’m not around the mansion.

    -To be continued...



    Don’t you just like when two villains pop up randomly at once? Don’t you also like that Speedwaifu can drop one of his best-known quotes when needed?
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    I hope Jonathan joins Dio in his Hamon training. It’ll be like the Jospeh and Caesar team but better.
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    As of now, Jonathan doesn't fit the requirements to unlock Hamon. Reason? Zepelli mentioned that Hamon can be unlocked only by those that have experienced serious tragedies in their lives (in Canon, it was his father's death) and JoJo right now doesn't have that. So... dunno?
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    Wait, what's in the book? I forgot.
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    fates a bitch(hint) though also he is a jostar it is in his blood and for Harmon is it not an incredible will to do it and tragedy helps refine ones will but jojo either way had incredible will either way
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    The Story about Stands and the Arrows.
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    "Bizarre abilities and where to acquire them".
  16. nick012000

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    And George Joestar is exactly the sort of person who'd go out looking to get the Stand Arrows once he finds out about their existence. I mean, he got his hands on the Stone Mask, after all, and all he did with it was hang it on the wall of his living room.
  17. Extras: Omake 5: Maria the Ripper (2)

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    Omake 5: Maria the Ripper (2)

    Original Idea from: KingAllen (FFN)

    Managing to convince George to actually accept ‘Maria’ in her home ended up being quite the frustrating and complicated predicament to go through.

    The man was skeptical, and for good reasons as there was just a sense of maliciousness that Jack was unconsciously releasing with her simple stare.

    The mix of unnatural silver-hair and ominous green eyes was enough to put everyone in a state of unease, even JoJo failing to hold within his mind the fact that he was scared by the little girl.

    Still, despite the dread originating by the mere stare at the ‘orphan’, the lack of aggressiveness and outright maliciousness from Jack was enough to fuel my argument that she was just a misunderstood child that was abandoned without logical purpose.

    In the end, after spending some grueling words over the matter, I got George to see my point as leaving the discovered orphan there without proper guidance might end up creating a new tragedy.

    A tragedy he would be indirect responsible for refusing to take her in his humble abode as an extra mouth to feed wouldn’t be too much of a drain on his finances.

    Jonathan would eventually pipe in by inquiring more about the child, and Jack would offer some curt responses as I had asked her to.

    With her cloak hiding both her scandalous clothes and blades, the only thing that could seriously put a wrench in my plans was the possibility of the girl actually blurting out anything that might incriminate her and spark any sort of suspect from the two Joestar.

    I was playing a dangerous game by keeping Jack close to me, to let her live despite the horrible nature of her existence.

    The little Wraith seemed to be blissfully unaware of my dreadful thoughts as she kept her arms wrapped around my waist, or at least she was trying her best to keep latched onto me with how short her arms were.

    With her eyes half-closed in a dazed state, she enjoyed the mixed warmth coming from my proximity and from the inside of the carriage leading us back to the Joestar Mansion.

    Mary was going to be a Ward to George Joestar I, but her prime guardian was supposedly going to be me.

    It was a test, albeit an irritating one by the way it was presented to me as. I was meant to keep a close watch over her, to see to her basic needs fulfilled, and to make sure she was properly educated the best way possible.

    And it just sounded as if I had been given the responsibility of cleaning up after a mutt than taking care of a sentient human being.

    It was a subject worth of some anger, but I decided to rein in my furious state by distractedly relax in this hug that lasted up until we were back ‘home’.

    From there, before returning to my room, I had to take a couple of detours to prepare Jack for her new life there.

    Starting from a quick bath to make sure that all the grime and dirt that had been present on her skin was removed, to get some proper clothes for her to wear for the time being.

    The girl was a little reluctant to let go of her skimpy clothes, but she was easy to convince when I mentioned that those weren’t going to be thrown away, only that those were to be put aside for the time being because they were uncomfortable for her to wear.

    She accepted with some hesitation, yet her eyes glowed happily when I presented her with a petite white dress with a little red ribbon.

    It was similar to the one she was given by her Master back in Apocrypha, the design having just the minor difference that it wasn’t sleeveless, keeping it to a simple half-sleeved point that was meant to hide the tattoo-like insignia that was in her right arm.

    Happily trying it out, the girl let out an unrestrained and joyous giggle, the raw state of genuine happiness surprising me in a moment of stunned silence.

    She gave a twirl, looking as the skirt lifted a little at the rotation, causing another round of giggles to leave her lips.

    “This is so nice, we like it!” Jack stated with a grand note of amusement, her vibrant green eyes returning to me. “Thank you, brother!”

    I was caught in a frown at that last word, surprised that I hadn’t been labeled as either ‘Mommy’ or ‘Daddy’, taking under consideration the fact that I wasn’t aware that Jack could stray away from those two terms when addressing people.

    It was so surprising, yet so endearing, and I gifted her with a headpat that would then offer me more of her giggles.

    Dinner was somewhat a quiet affair, with both the Joestars preferring to keep silence as they watched as I tried to moderate the girl’s interest over the food in her plate.

    Her stomach was rumbling with desire, and there was no denying in seeing that this was her first time eating something so delicious and that wasn’t as dangerous as the things she would find by the streets.

    Her manners were lacking since she had never needed to have some class within her craving for food, thus I had to be there to constantly chide her about the way some of the food was supposed to be eaten.

    Teaching her about cutlery in that first predicament gave off some mixed results, with her mind quickly accepting knives as important tools to properly divide large object in tiny bits for her to enjoy individually, but outright failing to understand the true need of using the fork to pick up the cut parts.

    The disastrous event didn’t lack some chuckles coming from both George and Jonathan, both finding the scene of my panicked self to be worth of some amused thoughts.

    But for me? I found it to be quite the straining experience to go by.

    Jack was stubborn, almost as much as I was, and thus headbutting over this matter caused no little friction early on.

    By the time we were done with the food, I found out that the servants had prepared a new room for Jack to make hers to use.

    The mansion had plenty of unused rooms for people to take, and Jack had hers just around the corner by the corridor where mine was.

    The mere news caused the girl to tense up a little as she realized that she would have to sleep alone and without supervision, but instead of saying anything about this, she decided to let her little irritation still present from the conclusion of dinner keep her quiet.

    I decided to not press her on the matter, deciding to just wait and see where things would evolve from there.

    Once Jojo and I had gone to our respective rooms, I wasted an hour reading some more the book about Hamon that I had yet to read from.

    The subject was interesting, but the lack of practical exercise rendered it just a feeble understanding of the subject, which my grasp over it wasn’t even good enough to allow to have some proper usage of the techniques that were listed on it.

    Soon after, I was resting softly and without any major distractions creating me any sort of nightmares.

    It was a blissful sleep that was contended among numerous pleasant dreams, something that was rare considering the lack of positive novelties that would give me reason to make actual dreams and not think about Part 3.

    Yet this little slumber proved to be temporary if not… partial.

    I felt my bed’s cover shuffling quietly as a small, but warm object snuggled its way right onto my chest, and then started to snore quietly there.

    It was a cute snoring, so soft and yet still present enough for me to open my eyes and stare down.

    Jack was donning her new sleepwear, a particularly conservative dark-blue nightgown, with her head resting right over my chest, eyes closed in a state of what looked to be calm happiness.

    And to think that she had tried to appear annoyed at me.

    I almost snorted at the idea.

    I, Dio, was sure going to make sure that this little girl was protected as if she was part of my real family, and groomed to become a proper ally to my mission of absolute justice.

    But for now, the only thing I had in my mind was… how did Jack came to be?

    She was a Wraith, there was no doubt about this classification as she did address herself as a plurality with a feminine majority.

    A union of various unborn children’s souls that was now lying there and away from its original purpose.

    Speaking of which, it was odd that she didn’t refuse to stray away from her original task, knowing that her existence was tied to this saddening purpose.

    ...And that is why I, Dio, was confused as to why she had yet to show any sign of disappearing, almost declining the nature of what a Wraith was.

    I needed to do more checking over the existence of Clocktower, to verify if somehow there was much more about the Nasuverse than just Jack.

    But just as Dio lost more time trying to ponder over the true nature and purpose of the child now there in his proximity, Jack’s mind was lost in the unconscious but determined thought of one thing.

    Always stay close to brother. Never leave his side.



    I’m still debating if her name should be ‘Jackie Maria Brando’ or ‘Maria Jack Brando’. Any suggestions about it?

    Also remind to leave some suggestions about Omake!
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    Personally, I prefer Jackie Maria brando, And i can imagine canon Johnathan or the crusaders reaction to THIS Dio and his "sister" or even DIO himself at the same time. Is this Jackie as strong as her servant self?
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    I think her body isn't as strong and resilient as her Servant version. Yet she is still dangerous enough with her knives and her resilience still above human.
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    Would be cool if Dio gets transported into Londinium by a bunch of mages and become crowned as their king.
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    I think Maria Jack Brando would be a better name for her.
    Does she have her Nobel Phantasm?
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    No. Jack is one of the few Servants which NP is actually a cristallization of their being and their past actions. So no, she can't conjure magical mist, but London does have some spooky mist alright in this time period.
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    It would be an instant win. The Spin and Hamon can be thought to everyone, literally creating some advance in magecraft beyond Gaia's limitations. It would mean killing Magic faster, but replacing it with a new one.

    One born from the sublime mind of Lord Dio-sama. xD
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    Tho you've said Hamon has a limit to it. The sacrifice of personal tragedy, a great loss. MMmh, I can see the clocktower mages being quite willing to go to sublime lengths.
    Hamon, spin, stands. They're an application of magecraft not in common use either from ignorance or from being impractical and weak for most.
    The masks, relics from the age of heroes, they turn you into vampires.
    I'm going nowhere with these thoughts.
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  25. Threadmarks: Giovinezza (9)

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    Capitolo Primo: Giovinezza (9)

    Of all things that could have put me in a very complicated situation, it had to be my inability to find means to hide away the journal containing certain sensible information I would’ve preferred to keep hidden away from the rest of the world.

    I should’ve suspected that Jonathan’s curiosity, mixed and intensified by the presence of Erina’s own thirst of knowledge, would have ended up with them studying more about me through the things that were within my room.

    It was wrong, their faces were already showing that they knew about that, yet the childish curiosity that led them there had already done me no little trouble.

    There was no way that someone as young and uncultured as the two lovebirds-in-the-making would have understood clearly that what was there in that paper was beyond the mere fantasy, beyond the mere fairy tale.

    Instead of lashing out brutally as the original Dio would have at the sight of someone intruding in his possessions, thus increasing the suspect about his goodwill towards the Joestar’s family, I decided to take a more moderate approach.

    “Jojo, Erina,” I started to say with a stern and unflinching tone, gaining even more tension from the two. “I hope you’ve some apology to offer me for intruding in my room without my permission.”

    There was some silence, both shared some looks as if trying to decide how to properly solve this situation without risking getting in an even worse predicament.

    “It’s- it was my fault, Dio,” Erina replied nervously, mustering up plenty of courage to spurn the boy beside her to look surprised and mortified. “I did ask Jonathan about you, since he said that you were taken in by his family and-”

    “The fault is all mine, Dio,” The young Joestar interjected with a stronger voice, his face showing some embarrassed red at the prospect of having a lady take all the blame on herself.

    It wasn’t just… a gentleman’s behavior.

    The mentality of the young man was just… easy to predict. Far too easy. It was just lazy work.

    “I suppose I shall be the impartial judge in this matter and say the fault of this odd development is shared equally,” I continued with a tired sigh leaving my lips. “In fact, I guess you both will face the same punishment over the matter.”

    “It was-”

    “Jojo, I’ve already said this was the case and I will punish you both,” I interjected coldly, my arms wrapping by my chest as I stared hardly at him, his face twitching in a mix of surprise and embarrassment. I looked at Erina with a softer look, the blonde blinking nervously back.

    “Would it be a problem if you were to share this burden with Jojo?” I inquired quietly, surprising her with the lack of harshness. “Would it make him ungentlemanly if I was the one that imposed him to not press the subject any further?”

    There was a moment of silence that was used by the girl to ponder properly over the matter and… she shook her head.

    I smiled. “Thank you, Erina,” I replied with a nod. “And now, you two retake the seats by the desk. I will take the bed.”

    They complied slowly while I reached for the soft mattress, taking a seat there while staring at the two.

    “Now, I want to know ‘why’ you two have decided to barge into my room to try and find anything there,” I started this grueling session of interrogation, albeit my mind wasn’t in there to properly survive a long one considering how draining the day had already been. “And no, I don’t want to know ‘who’ did this, I want to know ‘why’.”

    Jojo coughed nervously. “We just wanted to know how your room looked like. We were talking about the fact that you seems so polite and respectful-”

    “And we just wanted to see if that was the same with your room,” Erina continued for the young man, a shy smile on her face. “Your room is well-cared and neat, Dio.”

    I nodded at the compliment. “As any room should be.”

    This comment drew a flinch off from Jonathan, as I was well-aware that he was always late in fixing his room properly. Always at the last minute, when his father planned to pass around and check it.

    “Still, why would you put so much effort in doing this?” The young man tried to divert the embarrassment away with this question. “I know that father does this to his room because it’s proper as he is a lord… but why would you do-”

    “Jojo,” The blonde gave a light slap at the boy’s arm, prompting him to stop. “Cleaning your own room has nothing to do with social standing.”

    I nodded again, the ghost of a smile emerging at the sight of the girl showing a little bit of backbone around her love interest.

    “Erina is correct with this statement, Jonathan. Cleaning your own room has to do over a degree of maturity… that is actually easy to achieve.”

    My words sparked confusion within Jojo, as the young Joestar seemed to contemplate over those for a couple of seconds.

    “But… why?”

    “If you had the chance of deciding to do homework in the morning or by night, which one would you pick?” I inquired back with a sigh.

    “Well… I guess in the morning. So I wouldn’t have any reason to actually worrying about those.”

    “And if you had the chance of choosing between fixing your room in the morning or by night, which one would you pick?” I asked again, this time a small smile resurfacing on my face.

    He blinked, his eyes widening at the realization. “In the… morning.”

    “Exactly,” I said while nodding at his response. “Both examples are burden in our lives, and so those should be regarded more as duties than superfluous details.”

    “So I should fix my room-”

    “Because you would make your own life easier,” Erina interjected with a huff. “Jojo, you shouldn’t be reluctant about this.”

    “It’s just that...”

    “You find it a boring task to do,” I guessed for him, drawing a nod from him. “Something that just feels an unimportant necessity to go through.”

    “It’s still something that you should do,” The blonde added with a pretty smile. “After all, I know you are a proper gentleman, so it will not be difficult for you.”

    Jonathan burned an amusing red, almost trying to look away and hide the shade his face had gained at the encouraging words. “I-I will try to do that, yes.”

    I nodded at that. “That’s good to know, but still, there are a couple of questions I would like to ask you both.”

    Both nodded calmly, having noticed that I wasn’t sounding menacing anymore.

    “Okay. Did you open the journal is there on the desk?” I finally asked, hoping for the answer to be one of the acceptable ones.

    “It looked important,” Erina commented with a curious tone. “There were so many notes about various versions of the same translated piece.”

    Jonathan nodded at her words. “I’ve heard from father that there are some important men working for him which roles are to translate from other languages back to British proper. Yet, I didn’t think that this was so much-”

    “Complicated,” I concluded for him, my orange eyes half-closed as I realized that they did read a fair bit for having found the small annotations over the different variants I had for a couple of sentences.

    “Still, it seems to me as a good work,” The girl complimented again. “I’ve seen father having trouble translating from Indian, but he also mentioned that it’s even worse to try with Latin in certain instances.”

    “It all depends on the antiquity of the piece. Both languages are complicated,” I replied kindly. “But Latin is somewhat easier to understand because most of the European languages derive from Roman Latin.”

    “Yet you did make a lot of confusing words out of it,” Jojo admitted with a hint of curiosity. “There were some terms that just were off about-”

    “It’s just a fairy tale, Jonathan,” Erina chided softly, drawing the young man to a calm ease. “Of course some terms need to sounds ‘off’.”

    Another nod, and with that revelation I was granted some more relief over the matter.

    They were blissfully unaware of the fact that everything there was the truth, but I suppose the logic of Stand Users was just beyond the mentality of this age.

    People barely believed in ‘magic’, and not many liked to stray afar from the rules of natural science as it was just recorded as the undeniable law that ruled the world.

    Yet the universe worked differently from what humanity was trying to make it seems, beyond the sense of rationality and common sense.

    The world was just a bizarre place fitted with pathological liars, and I, Dio, was the only one that could see the truth as it was.

    The poor fools they were to believe in a simple denomination for nature.

    “Actually, there is something that I wanted to ask you about, Dio,” Erina resumed the topic once more, drawing my attention out of that inner monologue. “In one of the pages I’ve read with Jojo… there was a strange mention of someone ruling over the Stars… and the mentioned sign for that was a mark right by his back.”

    Jonathan frowned at this. “You mean like my-”

    “Your birthmark,” I hummed quietly, having forgotten that I had translated that bit.

    The Joestars… they had existed way before the noblemen that ruled her near London.

    There was a family member that appeared multiple times within the story, hailing what looked to be a copy of what sounded to be Jotaro’s 「Star Platinum」. The resemblance was striking, but differently from the future counterpart, the Star-based Stand did have quite the powerful ability of moving through space.

    Similar to 「The Hand」 but instead of deleting matter through its ability to move so quickly, the Stand would actively move through the fabric of space without being noticed by 「Made in Heaven」.

    It was a surreal ability that reminded me that 「Star Platinum」 never developed its own ability despite the pressure exerted on Jotaro in various circumstances.

    And no, I wasn’t going to consider ‘Star Finger’ its main capacity to fighting, that would be just limiting of such a formidable Stand.

    Perhaps there was indeed something that made 「The World」 and 「Star Platinum」 equal in terms of abilities, but where DIO’s 「The World」 was capable of moving through time itself… 「Star Platinum」 moved through the space within the stopped time.

    This is why Time-Stop never became a complete ability for the Stand, as it just ‘stole’ DIO’s ability to use the Time-Stop.

    It wasn’t anything about ‘similar Stands’. It was all about two Stands meant to match against one another and… DIO couldn’t just return the favor by gaining that degree of power with his lack of proper understanding about this reality.

    Jotaro’s win wasn’t one of understanding, but rather one born from DIO’s own misunderstanding of the situation that he was going through during the fight.

    And just like what would have happened in Egypt by 1987, so a clash between titans occurred between the Joestar ancestor and the first holder of 「Made in Heaven」.

    The brawl was brutal, even more than any Stand-limited battles I had the chance of studying about… and the result was actually stark clear from the very beginning.

    Despite the early disadvantage, 「Made in Heaven」 was far stronger and flexible compared to its opponent. A swift defeat for the Joestar ancestor saw also the conclusion of the mentioning about 「Made in Heaven」 altogether.

    It was something that eluded me, as of why the First User would just cease with its Stand-killing spree, why its abilities would never been used after that singular event and… I knew that the rest of the pages had the key about this massive question.

    The conversation didn’t continue from there as I saw them leaving out of my room with the good promise that they would never return there without my permission.

    I had killed any interest or curiosity by providing them plenty of understanding over the ‘secrecy’ within my room, demolishing the need of inquiring for more as that case was now solved within their minds.

    By the time I was done with dealing with them, I started to plan out where to hide the journal after this unwanted discovery, feeling rather unwilling to provide this kind of material to George too.

    The man was a resourceful individual with more than enough experience to draw his own conclusion over this source.

    And sometimes myth weren’t just fairy tales, this rule being one of the commonest for those that knew about the importance of seeking out treasures and advantages from the past.

    This debacle persisted even a particularly calm dinner, with Jojo seeming fairly tense at the chances of me giving out what had happened earlier on, but the boy calmed down when I didn’t say anything about the matter.

    I didn’t saw a reason to become a jerk, and so I just accepted the subject as a closed one myself.

    Finally, just as I was about to go to sleep, I found the best place where to hide the notebook, having forgotten that Dio himself had some tricks to hide objects within his own possessions.

    The large baggage that had been settled by the feet of the bed was now empty and providing enough space to house both the book and the journal, and hiding those by the secret compartment within the bag offered me absolute relief about the subject.

    Nobody in the mansion, not even the servants, were keen to approach the bag, seemingly giving a willing front to preserve my current state of privacy within the house.

    I was glad of this little safe spot, even elated at the chance of not having to deal with any future surprise about JoJo coming to snoop around the room with what happened early on.

    With a clearer mind, a tired body, and a ton of sensible subjects that still needed to be dealt with, I went to sleep with the sole thought that the next couple of days were going to be quite the busy ones for me to go through on my own.

    And in the end, I, Dio, was correct about this very notion.


    Three days passed calmly after that, with my schedule taking a radical change compared to the previous days as I had to take into account the fact that I now had… a literal gang under my control.

    While I let a full day pass so that I could clear my mind even more and plan out a proper strategy over several new subjects while also informing Muddiburi of this new development (something that got a mixed response from the man), I still decided to visit once more with the excuse that I wanted to see a nearby library for some new books.

    George was surprised by the request, but much more lenient over the fact I hadn’t showed any reason to doubt about me.

    The very discussion we had shared back when I had returned to the mansion once I had recovered my mother’s wedding dress seemed to stick around and build up a good impression of me and… I used it to properly discuss the current predicament with Hannah.

    The young woman was ecstatic that I had returned ‘so soon’ to their headquarter, but her demeanor had turned docile when I asked for more information over the current state of things.

    A day offered little chances for some proper recruitment efforts, but two young boys were quickly taken in by Speedwagon, the blond mentioning how good the two were as thieves.

    I was surprised by the praise, yet the two individuals in question were both ten and eleven.

    Fairly young, terribly so considering the inhuman system we were all forced to abide for now, but their minds were as peculiar as I had thought those to be at the man’s praise.

    I needed just a couple of seconds spent chatting in a friendly manner with the two to spot some genuine intelligence that just was surprising for someone their ages.

    In the end, I provided them with a completely unexpected job, getting some annoyed huffs from both before I had the chance of explaining why the idea was actually a sound one.

    It wasn’t much of a surprising element to spot on many children working around to support their families, and so, instead of continuing such a dangerous activity that wouldn’t always provide them with a good gain, I offered them the humble role of couriers meant to deliver the resources that I considered my own investments for the future.

    The work itself looked stupid and ‘unneeded’, yet I was the one that could see the advantage of bolstering the current recruitment, by pushing for the acquisition of properly-trained men and women that would be then driven to their correct vocations.

    It would still take time to gain progress out of this annoying operation, but by showing kindness to many poor family men lingering in London by just providing concrete solutions for the primary needs of their wives and children, I knew I would have ended up getting their unquestionable interest and loyalty.

    I had well thought about trying to expand via illegal means, but I was unsure about the pros of such an activity since it would only end up creating more issues with the police the bigger the activity would end up getting.

    So that’s why I had plans to focus mostly on making proper, legal jobs for good people to be hired to work for.

    It wouldn’t be an organization born with inner bribery and recommendations like the ones that currently existed, but one of merits and experience that would be seen as the best choice by the people.

    It was going to sound ‘absurd’ to the societal standards of the current time, but there wouldn’t be no denial that such avant-garde would only lift up everything towards a quick-paced progress for everyone.

    And those that weren’t ready for it or that refused the change? Either submission or death by their own traditional mistakes.

    By starting with moderate mercy directed at those in need of food and shelter, I was aspiring to gain the trust of those that had long lost hopes from having a future thanks to common means that offered a good income.

    The decline was already there for me to take over, and the royal court was just packed with morons that wouldn’t give a dime about it all.

    I was pretty sure that they wouldn’t even care if the entire nation looked to be mere moments to come crashing down upon their silly heads.

    Debtor’s prisons and child labor were hideous practices, the signs of a corruption within modern civilization.

    Those needed to disappear as quickly as possible and with the plans I had laid down for the foundation of my group, I knew that it was going to be a matter of a couple of years for this to happen.

    It would take time and effort, attention in large quantity for the administration and the guarantees to the workers, but most of it all… well-made investments.

    Money tended to be what truly drive the people to take on the challenges of the workplace in these modern and trying times.

    To break their backs over their humiliating jobs, to send their own children to either become thugs or easy casualties in harsh lives spent in factories, or even mothers to sell their own babes for the sake of offering them a better future instead with the ugly household they were born into.

    And yet I was also quite aware of the state of the economy to know that money could be easily be forgotten by the commoners for the sake of immediate food and resources.

    The greatest example was one of the first main events of the French Revolution, when the peasantry was given no chances of buying bread because of a drought killing much of the grain needed to sustain their survival.

    Money wasn’t truly an issue back then, but food was.

    And I had plenty of food to give, I had plenty of wool to provide for women to create warm clothes to their children, and I even had paper and ink to write.

    Give the common man money when due, and he will respect you for the rest of your life. Give the common man food and other important resources, and he will respect you for the rest of his life.

    That’s what I was planning to accomplish from so little.

    I wanted to gain an acceptable workforce that would accept food and other stuff as first wages and thus making it possible for the new organization to gain as much money to start the activity properly.

    But not just by remaining with only the single warehouse that was currently under my control.

    Perhaps there were even more unused warehouses that could be silently taken away from their original owners and rendered ours via legal means.

    The legal system was still far from implement some protections for those declining societies and with the state of the government hindering any chances of reforming that, I just needed to act accordingly to the situation to truly achieve a series of good victories for my plans with the loopholes waiting to be exploited by me.

    And it all started from ingratiating the needy.

    I needed the mass to rise up but not against the system itself, but to work carefully to subvert it via normal means.

    Revolution? Too bloody, too expensive and… easy to be misinterpreted by certain individuals on latter years.

    Violence was going to be essential in some circumstances around the growth of the company, both Hannah and Speedwagon were aware of this detail and were accepting of it, but I was happy to learn they were cultured about the nature of… diplomacy beyond mindless violence.

    Aggressive diplomacy, to be correct.

    The art of entering the lair of various monsters at once, to find the biggest, worst one in there, and to see it publicly humiliated before its allies.

    To teach a lesson, to bring an order within the disorder and anarchy of the underworld.

    In this case, London’s most notable gang was the Forty Elephants, an all-female crime syndicate that was the lengthiest and most resilient of the old gangs that ended up surviving until the closure of the first half of the twentieth century.

    They weren’t the most violent, but their influence in the capital was as notable as dangerous to deal with without some proper precautions from my part to secure my own bases.

    Eliminating them would maybe be considered the worst mistake possible to make,

    Removing the leading gang would just create an unpleasant power vacuum that our group wasn’t ready to face just yet, and it would cripple my means to even do anything else in life.

    It would be a bloody civil war if any of that happened, and I didn’t wish for this to be the case as I needed that kind of blood to be delivered into the workforce than to die in battles.

    And this is why, instead of pursuing a violent approach with this group, I was keen to try and gain the loyalty of the leader of the group with my own words.

    It was a gamble, but one I was well-aware that it was possible to commit to with proper attention.

    I was uncertain of their leader’s identity, and I knew that Alice Diamond had yet to be even conceived to be around and leading her girls through the streets, thus making waddling in that direction… quite the dangerous tip-toeing for my little organization.

    Searching for a mean to have a nice chat with their leadership was going to take a while, but with the current pace of things I was happy with how the situation was unfolding.

    Speedwagon proved to be as resourceful as I remembered him being from the Canon, his time spent in Ogre Street having made him the best broker that I could trust into.

    He had numerous contacts, but to verify if any had even just a connection with the gang would take some non-negligible amount of time spent in that endeavor.

    Something that I authorized him to do as the fastest I dealt with the gang, the safer my efforts within London will end up becoming for the next decades.

    With that second day spent dealing with this predicament, I decided to set up a letter-exchange with Hannah, and I had the young woman sign her letters as Annie.

    The reason behind that name was connected to the fact that I had mentioned to George that I had met a young girl during my errand of finding my mother’s dress that was capable of writing letters and had inquired about doing so towards me.

    Some more questions had ensued as to why the letter-exchange was important, ending up with me admitting that I just pitied the child a little about it.

    Making their priority so little, I forced the interest that the nobleman might have had over the papers to nothingness, rendering the exchange a safe activity for me to go through without some more snooping.

    Yet things at home soon proved to be far from idyllic as I had initially thought them to be as I soon realized that Lord Joestar had some plans for me that I hadn’t considered up until the moment I was ‘slammed’ with those.

    While I had thought that schools weren’t something just yet for children to go to as… there was no real basic education in the Great Britain, I had technically forgotten that there was something similar to it that just would work with my instance.

    Apprenticeship with important professors of major subjects wasn’t a novelty for rich people during these people before actually having their children sent to some universities, but I had expected for George to just limit me to pursuit session back at the mansion and do this only with Jonathan instead of forcing me to deal with some old-style professor.

    In fact, before being actually ‘accepted’ by whom was supposedly going to become my newest tutor, I had to pass a normal test of sharing some words with the man in question.

    I had to be incredibly polite and respectful, but also show all of my knowledge over the subject that the professor was best accustomed to.

    Professor Archibald Sill was a firm believer of the British Legal System, a strong supporter of the Conservative Party, and a proud student of the Economic school based from John Stuart Mill’s works.

    He looked a little pompous, but not overly arrogant to warrant my utmost wrath with what would become one of the best example of why I wasn’t to be trifled in certain occasions with sudden developments.

    Especially if those developments were antiquate before the state of my mind and integrity.

    After about five hours of conversation, with some proper pauses and some tea being delivered by the servants in the mansion, I ended up escorting a rather confused man to the door.

    His beliefs over the Legal System were shattered by mentioning the chaotic state of the current territorial division, which didn’t present a unitary system but several Acts that in the end would only favor the English Region.

    The support for the Conservative Party wavered at the truthful mention that the party itself survived only thanks to the support from the unionist and the presence of two strong candidates that, once gone, would spell the end of the Tories’ dominance.

    Killing his passion for Mill’s economic thought was the easiest, especially since the man’s idea, which had been revolutionary back during the early bits of the 1800, where now tragically obsolete and deadly to the current state of the economy.

    In the end, I wasn’t the one being hauled with some unknown element, but the professor to be sent packing back home.

    George thought I had failed, but even Sill had to admit that the situation was-

    “I-I can’t teach him anything. He knows plenty already a-and I think I need to retire myself for some self-study.”

    I hadn’t planned to kill the man’s career, nor I had wanted to drive him to doubt his own line of thoughts… but I have to admit that I felt quite vengeful when I felt forced to deal with this unwanted circumstances.

    I didn’t need anyone to teach me anything, for I was Dio and I knew enough to make the world mine already.

    Or that was the early thought I had up until the Joestar Mansion received another visit from an illustrious character.

    It wasn’t an elderly figure, nor a legitimate professor meant to be able to taught anyone just yet, but the man himself was nothing to scoff at because of his pedigree.

    Having acquired legal education at the Birkbeck Literary and Scientific Institution for a degree of the University of London, the bespectacled man with short dark-hair and thick black-beard had arrived to the home without much notice.

    George still opened to him, having been presented with a recommendation letter from Sill himself about this event.

    I was tense when I first saw him, the mere sight offering me a sense of familiarity with this figure, as if I had already seen him before from somewhere important.

    Despite the fact the young intellectual in his twenties had yet to conclude his studies at the King’s College London, he was still praised by the failing candidate to tutorship as someone that would work well with me.

    I was confused at the lack of mentioning from any tutorship, but soon I was driven to have a lengthy conversation with this curious fellow.

    Time passed slowly, but soon I felt drained of exchanging strong words for three hours of intense chatting about macroeconomics and legal advancements.

    We both looked tired from that verbal spar, yet I couldn’t help but have to admit that I hadn’t gained a victory out of that discussion.

    None of his convictions had been dented too much, but neither he came close to graze at my own beliefs.

    And so a stalemate had breed the weirdest of draws I could’ve ever been forced to accept.

    But while the man was leaving, biding a curt goodbye to both me and the owner of the house, I decided to inquire more about his identity as it was still eluding me after that lengthy of a conversation.

    “Lord Joestar,” I muttered quietly, my throat still aching a little at the stressful predicament. “Who… who did I just speak to?”

    There was some silence at first, then the man sighed. “Professor Sill had suggested this young man because he was quite the rebellious fellow in his class. He tried to see what would happen when two stubborn eggs crashed into each other.”

    A very bizarre omelette, considering that I felt my mind ready to collapse any moment now.

    “But his name?” George hummed quietly, pondering a little about it. “I think the name brought up is something like… Webb something.”

    I blinked, then again… and once more as I slowly realized what had just happened.

    “Oh right, his name is Sydney. So Sydney Webb,” The nobleman nodded once, ignoring the shocked expression as I continued to stare at the retreating form of one of the greatest figures of the Labour Party’s golden age.

    I gave a nod myself, but this time, instead of pursuing some more conversation with the Joestar, I merely decided to walk back to my room as the situation had indeed changed for the oddest.

    At least this is just a singular meeting. Hopefully.

    And with that thought, I, Dio, decided it was about time to find my bed and get myself some proper sleep after the mess I had to go through in the last few days.



    I hadn’t expected to have to write more than 10k+ words for two different stories. I’m deadly tired, tomorrow there will be some Economy exam at Uni (It’s more of a test to see if they got the written part of the exams right by PC or not) and then I will have to write some more.

    I wish to apologize if this chapter contains more mistakes than usual (especially the second part of it), but I’ve been feeling a little distracted. So if anyone catches any grammar issues and brings them up, eternal kudos to them.

    Hurrah! *Collapses to the floor*

    P.S. I’ve been developing plans for a little spinoff that will become a thing… about by the time I will be done with ‘Giovinezza’. It will all become clear about why there will be a need for a spinoff once I’m done with this first ‘Capitolo’, and the only thing that I can say is that it will revolve with a semi-obscure Xovers that I found matching with this period of the Jojoverse. Little early, early warning: It might have some horror-based elements.
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    During these times wasn't getting away with crime a lot easier?
    Well, not easier, but it was far more difficult to get caught due to the cops lacking propper skullduggery techniques.
    Yet spite me ignorantly thinking that you could abuse and use laws and their loopholes to get lots of profit, land and cheat into money and power...

    I would not know where to even begin, alas, I'm not Dio.
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    I'm sort of surprised that the SI isn't spilling the beans about magic to Joestar the Elder in the hopes that he'll pull strings to get his hands on one of the Stand Arrows.
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    The Stand Arrows are in Egypt and, in this time period, it is under Ottoman rule. Why is this actually important? Great Britain and the Ottoman Empire are at odds over the region, and sending a mission to recover stuff wouldn't be an easy deed.
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    They might object to an expedition run by the British government, but expeditions by private Egyptologists wouldn’t be unknown. Take a look at the work of Flinders Petrie, for instance.
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    Omake 6: Till you breathe again (1?)

    I coughed a little, droplets of blood falling off the edge of my lips as I scrambled around my desk to try and find some of the journals I had found about the Mask.

    The situation was bad. No, it was horrible.

    With my breathing growing erratic the more I tried to scavenge any worthwhile paper to aid me in this shocking development, I could feel the individual I had tied up in my bed finally struggling against the restraint I had applied to him.

    Some chains, some mere ribbons forcing the young man to keep still in the bed while I swiftly tried to see how I was supposed to fix something like this.

    You can’t.

    I gulped nervously while trying to find any notes, any memories, that would’ve been able to help me in this dreadful predicament.

    I should’ve acted before this had happened. I should’ve made that blasted mask disappear when I had the first chance.

    And yet I hadn’t, my foolish past self having ignored the troublesome danger until it was too late.

    I should’ve expected for something unusual to happen, but I had been shocked by the magnitude of the calamity I was facing alone.

    I glared at the stone mask, now active and still dripping some of the leftover blood that had remained by its claws.

    Jonathan’s blood.

    With my heartbeat growing frantic, I spared a quick glance behind to check on my current time limit.

    Jojo was struggling like a madman. The restrains were barely enough to keep him stuck and I was glad that ‘newborn’ vampires just hadn’t the same strength as Dio and Straizo.

    My orange eyes peered at the disheartening sight that was the corruption of the canonic hero of this series, the fall of one of the greatest gentlemen in this universe.

    But while I blamed myself for this problem, I couldn’t help but groan at the fact that every single plan I had developed out from my current circumstances were now happily thrown in the nearest trashbin.

    Jojo becoming a vampire. It was an atrocious element that threatened everything I had been creating up until now, and there was no one to blame but myself and George.


    I was getting angrier, my hands were shaking as I tried to elaborate a new plan of action.

    Hyperventilating, my heart was drumming so loudly by my ears as I continued through that seemingly futile research.

    It shouldn’t have happened. I should’ve been this much clumsy.

    I, Dio- no, a fool, had failed to avoid the worst case scenario. I didn’t deserve the heavens, especially when I couldn’t even make sure that someone as crucial as Jonathan was out of my way for world domination.

    I had messed up to a degree that just shattered any hopes of success.

    And nothing in my arsenal could help with what I was dealing with.

    Hamon? Killing Jonathan was my final plan if nothing else could be used to deal with this situation.

    The Spin? I didn’t have a clear understanding of vampiric biology, nor I knew how to exactly create blood out of water without making some experiments early on.

    The struggle was unfair, but cathartic. I had missed a single contingency, and now I was going to have a hard-time trying to avoid a complete fallout.

    My thoughts died down when I felt some quiet whining, and my attention snapped back by the bedside of the riotting vampire.

    Danny. I had forgotten that the dog had followed us up to my room before I had the chance of closing the door.

    The puppy had been with Jojo when the disaster had struck, he had been there to see his young master stumbling by the wall with mask on it, making the sharp-edged artifact cut the youth’s arm just a little.

    Pain was Jonathan’s own flaw in that situation, the one that sealed his fate as the mask snapped right in action and took hold of his head.

    The process had happened before I had the chance of intervening, as my attention was gained by the frightened dog with some of its loud barking.

    I had been the closest, I had noticed what was going on, but instead of waiting some servants to rush and see what had happened to the young Joestar, I had moved quickly to bring the barely-conscious Jonathan to my room.

    Tied down and rendered unable to pose a threat even more than he was right now, the vampire’s continuous struggle was pushing me to actually skip many of the more time-consuming tests I could’ve tried out and-

    I could already hear footsteps.

    The door was closed shut. I had also placed both of the chairs and some of the furniture to block entrance to anyone that had wanted to check inside my room.

    Words being muttered by the hall just outside, my ears twitched as I glared again at the Mask before I finally gave my utmost attention to Jojo.

    He was staring at me with a feral expression. His humanity forfeited, and none of the common anger was there to give me hopes of a different transformation than what I knew about.

    I flinched, I tensed up and I took a couple of steps towards him.

    The sight of an approaching prey was enough to intensify his furious actions, and I prepared to counter any assault if he ended up breaking from his bonds.

    I stared at him with a mix of morbid curiosity, dread, and infinite regret over how everything had gone wrong so suddenly and unexpectedly.

    I was above him, his intense glance sending chills down my spine as I pondered over the only solution remaining in this instance.

    Glancing just for a moment at my right hand I had it hover over his forehead, the young man staring rabidly at it as it tried to bite it through the restraint around his lower head.

    My heartbeat intensified even more, almost making me wonder if I was actually experiencing a heart attack with how intense the pain in my chest was.

    I blinked as I noticed my sight panning up while I felt pushed towards the conclusive steps of what was going to be a horrible part of my new life.

    I had to do it, and yet the tears weren’t stopping to flow down.

    Stop, I- I couldn’t stop.

    If I let him survive now-


    My sight snapped to the door, I saw the chairs groaning together with the rest of the furniture I had disposed at the door.

    A familiar voice was on the other side and I felt my panic rising more and more.

    George? He was already there?

    I didn’t expect him to arrive so soon. I had even less time than I expected!

    I needed to be quick- I had to do it.

    I pressed my palm by his forehead, my hand covering his brutal yellow eyes as I prepared to fry his head.

    Hamon was the only way out of this madness. I had to cut the string, I had to kill Fate’s former champion.

    I had to break away from Dio’s own limits.

    But can I truly do this?


    I tensed up, the chains stopping with the rattling as the struggling vampire seemed to suddenly cease with its rabid activity.

    I blinked. “J-Jojo?”

    “I’m… I feeling odd. Bad odd,” The young man muttered with an uneasy tone. “I’m hungry, Dio. I’m hungry.”

    I braced for any attack… but nothing came and I continued to stare at him.

    “J-Jojo. Are you… are you fighting the impulse?”

    He gulped nervously. “I’m… trying. It’s strong. I’m tired.”

    “How much can you hold?”



    “A-Are you… are you helping me?”

    The question put a squeeze at my chest, and I felt my eyes widening at the trust.

    “I’m… I’m trying my best, Jojo.”

    I could only see his lips. There was a serene smile on there.

    “I’m glad then… brother.”

    I… I cannot do this. I, Dio, couldn’t kill Jonathan Joestar.

    I’m a pathetic failure. This- This should come easy to me, and while I had no remorse in killing monsters-


    I just couldn’t bring myself to end my young sibling.

    I removed my palm from his forehead silently moving to the desk to take hold of the mask.

    Another glare, this one even briefer than the last one. Then I stared at Jonathan and...

    I made my decision.

    When George Joestar finally managed to breach into Dio’s room, to try and understand what had happened by the entrance of his mansion and why his servants had found fresh blood staining the floor, the poor man would only find an empty place with a strong gust of cold wind coming from… the now broken window.

    I, Dio, continued to move as quickly as possible through the muddy road with a sleeping vampire wearing a big coat over his body on my back and a troublesome mask busying my hands. My destination? I needed to reach the warehouse. I needed to make newer plans.



    This omake is born after reading the full fan-manga called ‘Till We Eternally Rest’. Truly a tragic take over the ‘What if Jonathan was the one to become a vampire?’ spin.

    If this is continued it would be 5 chapters, each spread out to make reference to the arcs planned for this story.
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