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Absolute Divinity (JoJo DIO SI!)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by JBukharin, Feb 14, 2020.

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    There's but only one solution. Put on the mask yourself. Join in the immortality and rejoice! With Jojo on your side, there is no obstacle in your path!

    Wow, Dio sure knows how to squat on a grudge.
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  2. Threadmarks: Giovinezza (10)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Capitolo Primo: Giovinezza (10)

    The forest near the Joestar’s manor… to think that I would’ve ended up spending so much time there.

    The limpid river was quite a calming element to what was the turbulent activity that would see me train for so long.

    Muddiburi hadn’t stopped with just some techniques. He had encouraged me to experiment under his attentive eyes, to expand my arsenal through sharpening my senses, my muscle and my specialization in Hamon.

    Heck, even the Spin had to be improved with what had happened when I had faced Wang Chan.

    The man was more dangerous than I had expected him to be. True to the older Hamon User, the villain wasn’t shying away from employing the most dangerous elements of his connection with dark magic.

    I reacted poorly, almost risking to get killed with the rest of my newest minions.

    And that was unacceptable.

    Once I was finally granted some time away from the theoretical bits regarding my education, I finally regained some free time to spend with Jojo up until a new professor decided to try and study my case.

    The situation itself wasn’t troublesome, not even in the least, as I knew that my first encounter with Professor Sill had left a particular bitter taste to a large majority of teachers that had known the ‘defeated man’.

    I expected to be spared by any other annoying instances for a couple of months, enough to allow for some other intellectuals to muster up their bravery at the challenge that I had presented to them by merely being.

    The real troublesome bit was how sluggish my capacity to develop new skills was compared to earlier on.

    The Spin was simple, but fairly limited to a single technique that expanded on various effects, and I was still far from achieving the Golden Spin.

    Hamon was simple… until I had to make some blind decisions over the development regarding it.

    I managed to try out my hands, literally, with the Scarlet Overdrive.

    The blazing results making up for the worrying requirements behind the creation of this powerful Overdrive, but I wasn’t certainly going to try and make use of it all the time, especially with how limiting the conditions of the ability were.

    And this is why I decided to try out two abilities that were greatly ignored by many users.

    The first one was the Afterimage. By training my legs to sustain the high-paced style connected to the Ripple, I knew that I could achieve something close to an illusion to confuse my own enemies.

    This was going to be crucial as it would easily boost my capacity to evade any dangerous attack thrown at my general direction.

    Then there was the Sticking Ripple, which would grant me a higher extent of movement compared to normal.

    Every surface, may it be solid or liquid, could be walked by with the use of the Hamon. I started slowly and with something particularly complicated.

    The river was continuously flowing, thus it wasn’t offering me a stable ‘floor’ where to walk into, but after the first few times I made some progress.

    Quick-paced stepping over the surface seemed to help in stabilizing the footing as my own feet were swiftly injecting the water with my own Ripple in an effort to keep afloat.

    Muddiburi was surprised by this very last ability and inquired how I had developed this very technique since the last time we’ve met.

    I decided to provide a faux answer, muttering how I had noticed that by applying the Ripple by my fingers and pressing those by a wall or a liquid, those would… stick.

    There was of course some skeptical response to this, but in the end this very topic ended up being ignored for the sake of more sparring.

    While I was allowed to experiment as calmly as I wanted, I knew that some battle experience was going to help me the most and so I continued regularly sparring with the powerful warrior.

    His size should’ve already proven that he was a difficult opponent, but the fact that Hamon was his main specialty meant that I had to pay extra attention to the fights.

    But it was during one of those matches that I finally managed to get one of my long-term objectives as I finally had another mean to attack my enemies with ranged attacks.

    While the Spin was still the most powerful thing in that department, my little thinking had brought up a very convenient element that I got through with.

    Water splashed by my fingers, and the friction generated… bubbles.

    Hamon was the sole cause of this unexpected element as I slowly but surely got hold of Caesar Zeppeli’s own ability, the Bubble Launcher.

    When one thinks of normal bubbles, they would see just some innocuous floating spheres that weren’t meant to be used as a weapon.

    The thing is that those born from Hamon weren’t normal. In fact, those were fairly dangerous because of how flexible they were.

    Muddiburi made that discovery early on when I had started to track him down with the use of the bubbles.

    Imprecise but powerful, I had to make all ‘bullets’ count before being forced to drop the barraging for the sake of not draining myself too much about it.

    It was a development, a good one, but still away from achieving the true might available with the two variants of the Bubble Cutters.

    I was far from refining the Bubble-making art to this degree, but I was sure of gaining mastery of this in due time.

    With the training regarding Hamon and the Spin continuing smoothly, I was also capable of offering even more opportunities for JoJo and Erina to bond deeper.

    The two were fairly close, but still in a state of mutual friendzone. None of the two was ready to make the proper step towards a serious commitment, either out of shyness or because they didn’t want to rush too quickly in a relationship.

    I could understand the latter logic, but I couldn’t accept the former.

    And this is why, despite their meek reluctance to try and go ahead with something a little more serious, I managed to make some ‘deal’ happen between George and Erina’s father.

    James Pendleton was more than honored to accept a visit for lunch, intrigued to understand what kind of situation was the one between his daughter and the young man that had took her heart with his mannerism and looks.

    The doctor was mildly-impressed by Jonathan, almost praising the young Joestar with his courteous attitude and his genuine caring nature.

    The compliments easily turned Jojo in a flustering mess, the same happening with Erina as her lone parent decided to tease a little about the future for these two.

    The conversation was pleasant, and I tried my best to offer just the minimum input to not steal the focus from these two, even though I had wanted to share some medical discussions with the man.

    There was no doubt in my heart that both George and James had understood the predicament quite clearly, and they both were seen sharing some words away from the two possible lovebirds.

    With the satisfaction lingering for the rest of the day, I was sure that I had just scored a new ally for the conception of this sweet couple.

    Time would be needed, but there was plenty of that to foster such a curious situation.

    Still, the pleasant lunch became a cornerstone for the fact that I actively started to ‘push’ both towards each other.

    They were clumsy, they were hesitant, and I granted them some mercy in the form of letting them interact without me influencing their words.

    It had to be natural, the love had to be genuine. Or I would set them up for a disastrous marriage and… that wasn’t convenient for anyone.

    But I would still keep some form of ‘watch’ over them. I wouldn’t creepily stare at them like someone that shipped two individuals madly… but I would keep nearby in case there was a scene worth of truly helping about.

    I was interested in their love, not obsessed to see it accomplished.

    And while I was happy with how things were setting up with the Joestar family, the mystery behind the Prophecy was still keeping me uneasily attached to continue with the translation of the tome.

    The book was mostly done with, and I was sure that the solution was just around the corner.

    The identity of 「Made in Heaven」‘s user, their motivations, their personality… and why they threw away absolute victory mere steps from conquering it.

    The alluring case had me spend plenty of my free time about it, those few situations that I wasn’t either writing letters to both Speedwagon and Hannah or training with Muddiburi.

    The new details concerning the lack of Stand Users got me confused as to why those were even mentioned.

    Unnamed heroes going through normal heroic deeds that lacked any correlation with the powers mentioned early on within the book, it should’ve been as important as the earlier predicaments.

    Or so I thought when I started to notice some strange patterns within some of the heroes.

    At first it was a mere suspect, then my attention was raptly given to study once more the new parts as I discovered something that was actually changing my perception of Stands and Hamon.

    While Stand Users ceased to be a common thing in the past, there was something of ‘fragments’ surviving within the few descendants of those superior beings.

    It was the energy many could attain by grasping at the potential of their souls, the energy that better described human morality in its pure form.

    Hamon wasn’t something that had been discovered by spiritual practitioners. It was something that was born from an unique event that I had forgotten about.

    The battle between 「Made in Heaven」 and 「Star Platinum」 ended with the losing Stand ‘sacrificing’ what was left of its spiritual form to offer a ‘newer hope’ to humanity as whole.

    And that power was the Ripple, the capacity for common humans to draw upon their own soul to aid themselves against the great menaces lurking Earth back in that time period.

    It was a detail that offered so many explanations, and yet brought up some curious questions over the ability of 「Star Platinum」 to actually bring Hamon to the entire planet.

    Absurd, almost ridiculous, but it would explain why both Stands and the Ripple were connected to the fighting soul of their users, or of why the Ripple itself was best achievable by those that had seen tragedy.

    From tragedy, you find strength to prosper and bring hope.

    And that’s what the dying Stand User that had last fought 「Made in Heaven」 had wanted.

    Hope to defeat the prime threat against mankind, to cease the problem created by such a powerful force against balance.

    It was an intriguing discovery that I was certainly going to investigate more about, especially with the possibility of Hamon being capable of bringing even more potential out of Stands themselves.

    I could imagine the boost that the Time-Stop would receive, and I remembered how much it had increased in its ‘capacity’ the very moment that DIO had drunk Joseph’s blood.

    I pondered over the infinite eventualities, and the chances of actually unlocking more of 「The World」 compared to what DIO was able to achieve because of his vampiric nature hindering with his growth.

    I thought that I would’ve been granted a simple and uneventful week after what had happened back at the warehouse with Wang Chan, that both Jack and the foolish Chinese man would’ve ignored to entertain me with any sudden attacks…

    But while I was happy that none of the two had decided to return to the spotlight in these last few days, my concerns were quick to rise up at some reports coming from both Hannah and Speedwagon.

    Something ‘odd’ was happening in the outskirts of London, something that was leaving Scotland Yard baffled and horrified at the crime scenes they had found there.

    The reports had been a little more detailed than I expected those to be, granting me a major outlook of the situation I was supposed to deal with.

    With this new issue starting to materialize as a threat I had to personally take care of, I managed to get hold of George to explain that I had some important business to take care in London.

    “I suppose this is about your little friend?” He inquired with a small hint of mirthfulness. “I guess that she had been missing your presence there.”

    I blinked at that, almost forgetting that the man was aware that there was someone in London that would send me letters quite frequently and… that he thought it was a young girl that I had made a positive impression on.

    “Yes,” I dryly replied. “She’s been asked for some advice over some unpleasant problems. I think bullies.”

    “She didn’t say this?” The old Joestar inquired. “I suppose it had to be a tough environment.”

    I nodded. “Perhaps… this is why I would prefer to be there to discuss this to her personally.”

    “It’s important to offer the younger generations some contributions. They are going to represent us older men in the new eras,” He commented with a pseudo-poetic tone.

    Yet I’m not that old. I’m barely… 14? Maybe 15 now that my birthday was coming soon.

    Yet I was more than happy to take that blessing, ignoring the fact that I was then teased over the fact I was ‘doting’ over this young girl.

    Which was technically bad to even think about, especially considering how Hannah was already obsessed with me despite the lack of direct interactions we had in the last few days.

    I was there near to where she was, but I wasn’t certainly wasting too much time in speaking about simple topics with the overly-enthusiastic young woman.

    Even considering trying some friendly-based situations with her would certainly see me dealing with far more interest from her than I really needed to deal with right now.

    Especially when there was a furry problem causing so much of a mess by the edges of the capital and I had to capture or kill as soon as I could.

    But seriously, how did Wang Chan manage to turn some moron into a werewolf?!


    Once I had reached the warehouse, I was met with quite the large group of people wandering around inside the building and browsing through the resources available to them.

    Women, men, and children. The vast majority was merely looking with just a handful picking stuff and certifying their picking by the counter near the main entrance.

    New workers, possible loyal members of my organization… I was careful enough to not entrust the guarding of the entrance to someone that had just joined the group.

    Speedwagon had set his own men to allow the transactions to proceed smoothly and without any problems that could put the entire operation in jeopardy.

    The situation was stable there, and so I didn’t waste too much time looking around as I reached to where my ‘office’ was.

    The little room that had been prepared to accommodate my own private office had just three chairs (one of which was mine) and a simple desk.

    I had yet to gain some libraries to fill with books I had taken from the Joestar Mansion, and I was wary of trying to steal too many tomes from the family’s reserve.

    Despite the spartan nature of the place, I was quite satisfied with the quality of both chairs and desk, as I could see those being made in high quality wood and being still in good shape despite the lack of use in the last couple of years.

    Speedwagon was sitting calmly by one of the two other chairs, giving me a quick nod as I entered inside the room… while Hannah stood up and gave a quick curtsie.

    “Lord Dio, it’s good to see you healthy and in good shape,” The young woman greeted politely and eccentrically, making me nod swiftly at her words.

    “I see that you’re well too, Hannah. I’m glad,” I returned, almost making her grin madly with my ‘praise’ as I went for my chair.

    I paused for a moment, growing accustomed once more to the dim light illuminating the room.

    Then I spoke up. “I’ve heard about your messages. The one connected to the monster haunting the outskirts of the city.”

    “We’ve been able to discover that it’s a wolf-like creature,” The blond started to explain with more details. “The agents from Scotland Yard assigned to the case had reported some claw-marks and pattern similar to a canine creature, but bigger than the common wolf.”

    “It sounds like a scary beast,” Hannah commented quietly. “But I’m sure that whatever it is, it will be properly put down by Lord Dio’s will.”

    I really wanted to dig the whole ‘worship’ ordeal I was subjected while having the woman around but… seriously, how do I get her to tune down a little bit these instances?

    “I think I’m aware of the monster lurking by the forest, but I will have to ask you both to keep quiet about it as it would be for the best to not cause any panic to the rest of the company,” I pointed out calmly, drawing some surprised look from both individuals, but then they quickly nodded at my warning.

    “Good,” I muttered before offering my thought over the subject. “I’ve reason to believe the creature is a werewolf.”

    Speedwagon’s eyes widened at the curt reply, while the former courtesan frowned in confusion at it.

    “A were...wolf? What is that, Lord Dio?”

    I glanced at the blond and nodded at him, granting at the man to answer in my stead.

    “A werewolf is a creature that is mostly human, except during the times when the full moon is up in the sky. The human would transform in something close to a wolf, but stronger and scarier.”

    “That sounds… odd,” Hannah commented with some confusion. “I mean, I don’t wish to offend Lord Dio’s deductive capacity… but...”

    “Speak up, Hannah,” I allowed with a sigh. “I will not punish you for bringing up anything that is important to this situation.”

    She gave a silent nod. “There hasn’t been any full moon in the last few days, Lord Dio.”

    I returned the nod. “Which would seemingly debunk my theory… but I’ve reason to believe this werewolf isn’t as normal as it might seem,” I replied with a careful voice. “I think we might be dealing with some meddling from Wang Chan.”

    Speedwagon frowned at the unpleasant reminder. “The strange man that attacked us? I know that he is a magician but-”

    “You’re surely thinking that he did something to the moon… but I think the magic is directed at the werewolf itself,” I interjected quickly. “While he’s powerful, he doesn’t have a grasp of magic that allows him to do such a feat. The issue is the werewolf and… it will have to be put down.”

    “That sounds… harsh,” Hannah hummed quietly.

    “Dio isn’t incorrect to see it as a threat. While it has yet to slay any innocents, the damage it’s leaving around is-”

    I held my hand up at this new development, stopping Speedwagon mid-sentence as I thought well about this very notion.

    The werewolf hadn’t attacked anyone? That was just preposterous considering the predator-like nature of wolves. Albeit there were some wild ones that would avoid attacking humans, werewolves had the means to actually attack a settlement and retreat unscathed.

    Victims were expected after two days of attacks. So why there wasn’t any?

    That very concerned thought got me thinking for a while, and thus I deemed the situation to be far more complex that we were all thinking it to be.

    What if the werewolf itself was just being forced by the magic itself? Up until now there had been no reports of attacks of this kind.

    The frequency might be helping with the spreading of this news, but I knew that there was also a limit to this very notion.

    So what was exactly going on by the outskirts? What was Wang Chan trying to gain from doing this?

    ...And was Wang Chan the culprit behind this?

    Maybe there were other dark magicians I was just ignoring because they were mentioned.

    Araki barely delved in magic as an element, but perhaps I should be wary of any surprises set along the way.

    I really needed to consult Muddiburi about this, but the timing imposed by the situation just wasn’t allowing me to even ponder over gaining some advice from the man.

    I had to make some tough decisions that needed to be implemented quickly enough to avoid any eventual victims.

    While the lack of any casualties was odd, I wasn’t going to test my luck and see how far it would take for a dead or two to finally happen.

    Thus I glanced at Speedwagon. “I think we have some untouched cutlery and other expensive objects that are made with silver in the warehouse. Please take a couple of those and bring them to the… Devell Brothers? Those two that said to have a small foundry-”

    “I remember, yes and… what I’m supposed to get from that?”

    “Lances,” I replied with a hint of self-disappointment. “I would’ve asked for bullets, but we need something ready for tonight and weapons aren’t something that we can recover this quickly.”

    The blond nodded slowly and moved out of the office, while I turned to look at Hannah and-

    “We are setting up an ambush tonight?!” She almost squeaked at that, making me flinch and groan.

    “Speedwagon and I will set up a perimeter where the werewolf usually attacks,” I corrected quietly, making quick note of the tension rising on the young woman’s body at being excluded from the main action.

    But I had a treat for her that she wouldn’t just refuse.

    “While you will have the important role of keeping an eye for anything strange happening in the warehouse while we’re away,” I continued with a nod. “There’s a possibility that we might get attacked while we’re away. While I’m still uncertain that Wang Chan is responsible for this, I need someone to stay there and keep a mindful watch.”

    She blinked. “But why me?”

    “You’ve the Spin, Hannah,” I reminded her. “And I know you’ve been training dutifully with it since I’ve provided you with the basis of the Golden Rectangle.”

    The girl nodded but then sighed with some reluctance. “But Lord Dio, I know I shouldn’t be whining but… I feel like I’m doing so little progress with the drawing. Are you sure that’s the only hint to reach the Golden Spin?”

    I sighed, thinking back at the time I had decided to actually offer the young woman some help in developing her talent.

    She had some easier time learning of the Spin, even using it around with a certain grasp over the complexity of timing and using the ability with moderation and caution.

    “If I had any other clues to help with it, I would’ve offered it,” I admitted with a sigh. “In fact, I think we can train together sometimes, if you want.”

    Her eyes widened at the proposal and her lips twitched in anticipation at such an offer. “L-Lord Dio, I- I’m not worthy of-”

    “Hannah,” I interrupted flatly. “I think we really need to talk about this situation. I think there are some things I wish to address for the sake of honesty and… for the sake of trust between us.”

    She looked confused. “W-What?”

    “I’m glad that you really care for me this much, I really do,” I explained with a hum. “But I think you should drop the formalities… and the worship.”

    The young woman was stomped by this. “B-But Lord Dio- You saved me from… from the worst, you’ve shown me the light and-”

    “I don’t fancy myself a Deity, Hannah,” I interrupted again. “While I aim to do something unquestionably beyond the divinity, I think that it should be clear that I too have duties for those that believes in me. You and Speedwagon, both of you’ve already proven to be loyal to my cause.”

    She didn’t reply, her surprise forcing her to silence as I continued with my speech.

    “I will not diminish the importance you’ve given to our meeting, nor I will say that I’m annoyed by how things have been up until now,” I said with a serious tone, my orange eyes still staring at the shocked girl. “But I’ve to say that I didn’t help you because I wanted to have a servant, a minion. I saved you because you were someone in need of assistance, you needed help.”

    “B-But I thought that-”

    “I saved you because you’ve a worth, Hannah,” I interjected with some determination, her eyes widening even more at that. “And from what I’ve been listening from your words, it seems like you don’t believe this. I ask you to dispel any foolish thoughts that could be dishonestly saying that you are lesser than me.”

    “I will ask you this because I know how much important it’s for you compared to Speedwagon,” I prepared to deliver my final query, the very evidence that will seal the deal with this important element to my operations. “Hannah… will you be my friend?”

    I waited, quietly gauging her silence as I waited for an answer and…

    One of her hands trailed up to her face, her palm trying to hide some tears already falling off her cheeks and I felt tensing up for any unneeded situation that could be happening from that very sight.

    She sobbed, her other hand reaching for her lips, but failing to contain the crying noises as I continued to stare at the scene with careful silence.

    “L-Lord Dio… I- Why are you- Why are you so kind!” She bawled, her sobbing increasing and my surprise intensifying at the route this conversation was taking right before my eyes.

    I hadn’t expected this level of… shock from the young woman.

    I had suspected that she had been deeming herself worthless because of society standards. Not because she was a woman, but because of the situation that saw her living in a brothel.

    She was seen as a simple tool for pleasure, nothing more.

    Perhaps I should’ve addressed this very issue early on but… I sighed, standing up from my chair and walking right in front of the girl.

    Hannah paused for a moment, noticing me as I slowly opened my arms to her.

    She sniffled, her mind trying to fight back a little the urge to comply to my implicit request… but she was soon rushing for the hug, grasping tightly while she cried even harder than before.

    I was surprised by her strength at first, forgetting just like usual how mighty her embraces were, but I didn’t lament the closeness as I started to pat her back softly.

    “L-Lord Dio-”

    “Dio, Hannah,” I interrupted, whispering to her quietly. “I don’t think I need to explain that friends don’t use formal titles.”

    She sobbed at that remark, her hold tightening even more much to my immense sighing.

    I waited for some time, letting her get everything out. The sorrow, the pain… all that has been bottled up until now.

    Then I noticed that five minutes had passed… just like that.

    “Since I’ve some more time before I return back home, how about I start giving you some lessons about reading?” I inquired softly, drawing her attention quite suddenly. “I think it would be proper to finally offer you the chance of writing and reading, wouldn’t want you to stay so clueless for so long.”

    She snorted quietly. “I-It would be nice.”

    “I’m glad then,” I caressed her upper back. “And Hannah?”

    … “Yes?”

    I sighed. “That hand should go a little above where it is now.”

    Her face heated up a little, but I felt the palm moving away from my lower back. “Good.”

    Once we were done with that embrace, I would actually spend some time to rigorously start her with some lessons about writing and reading.

    There was determination from her part, and I wasn’t going to offer anything meek out of my knowledge of the English grammar.

    Much to my genuine relief she was old enough to be able to grasp the first few lessons easily and we smoothly dealt with some simple rules about writing. Reading was easier, especially with how many complicated words she had heard and how easily she was able to associate those with the tags I had presented to her.

    But much to our mutual sadness, I was on a very stingy curfew and I found myself offering to her some homework to do before I started making my way back to the carriage directed back home.

    She was waving, a bright smile on her face but even Speedwagon noticed that there was a change on her expression.

    It wasn’t too forceful, it was a genuine sense of happiness that was there for everyone to see on her beautiful features.

    And while I, Dio, prepared to face quite an unexpected battle with a presumed werewolf, I couldn’t help but wonder how much this new development will change my relation with the young woman.



    Dio, mah boy, we need to talk about seriously avoiding to make any passionate discussions with pretty ladies while trying to avoid any misunderstandings. Because you know… there is no way that she is going to let you go now.

    P.S. I’ve seen some people melting down on the FFN page of Crawl like a Worm, and I’ve to say that I’m quite disappointed by the fact that some have just ignored the last line in that chapter about the situation going on there.

    Why is this important in the context of Absolute Divinity? Well, Dio (a future version of our protagonist) has been ‘ordered’ to warn the protagonist of that story to be warned since things will be happening… in a mega xover new story that will happen in several months from now. He is staying there the second half of the latest chapter and the first half of the next one… before going back home.

    Be warned that I literally wrote (or will write) these parts so that no spoilers for what I’ve planned for this story are mentioned. Dio’s Stand is barely mentioned in fact.

    Will this happen in this story too? Only at the very end. And I mean at the very epilogue so… yes, this mega xover story will not happen for a very long time.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2020
  3. Extras: Omake 7: Life is a silly thing

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Omake 7: Life is a silly thing

    Original Idea from: Guest 4 from Giovinezza (8)

    ~From Hannah’s Perspective~

    The silence of one will always be taken as a tacit consent.

    I can remember hearing these strange words from one of the women that tried to dote on me as I was slowly coaxed into accepting the unfairness of the situation. It was kind of saddening how my presence back to that squalid place wasn’t something that could be correlated from a person in particular, but to a variety of issues converging to the breaking point.

    The fact that I was ‘adopted’ by Madame Lovely stemmed from numerous events within my early life. Some being carefully greeted with a smile, while some were met with scorn and scowls.

    Life can be cruel, but to some it was the worst possible.

    The smell of the brothel was unforgettable. I could remember my nostrils flaring in disgust the first time I entered that simple building.

    I was hopeful at first when I first saw it in the distance. I thought that it was one of those mansions that were used by noblemen and noblewomen as their own homes.

    From the horror of poverty, to the brilliance of the elite. It was idyllic back then, my mind failing to contain the joy rising from within my features as I followed the old woman that was Madame Lovely.

    A nice lady, I could remember her like one of those ‘grandmothers’ that were mentioned by many of the children I had met in the last few years as source of wisdom, of refined kindness.

    Madame Lovely resembled all of that, she had this sweet tone and simple manners that were just endearing to anyone that didn’t know much about her true self.

    It was the perfect lure for silly girls that were so desperate for warmth, for food, for shelter.

    The beautiful dream born with a sight, and then alive for a couple of steps, shattered right as I realized what was truly happening within the place.

    It had stung, painfully so, but never enough to match the stinging sensation of a strong slap from the ‘kind lady’.

    The Madame was kind to those who complied, but quickly proved to be stern and unforgiving when the first note of her protests reached her mind.

    The ground was cold, but not as cold as the ‘sleeping section’ of the brothel was.

    Nights spent trying to understand why God was being so unforgiving had been with only silence.

    Did that mean that God agreed to me? Or perhaps the Lord Almighty cared little about the weak, and absently bestowed immunity to those that committed the heinous deed?

    The shock had waned just a week after being taken in, and much of this time was spent ‘learning’ more about the ‘grand work’ I was now supposed to be part of.

    It was all in the name of pleasure, all in the name of satisfaction. But both far from the subjective sense of these words, and more related to those that brought coin to the establishment.

    I wasn’t smart there, and maybe I’m still far from properly understand the nature of that dark aspect within society, but I was perfectly aware that there was a heinous distaste in being forced into that role.

    Visions of women ‘happily’ offering themselves to old man, people that were rich, that still wanted more and beyond the limits of a wedlock.

    The horror of daily sessions that ended up with my mind trying and failing to grasp the fact that it would’ve eventually been my turn for that kind of disgusting actions.

    Sure, thieving my way for survival had destroyed any semblance of normal morality within my soul, yet my inner purity had persisted through the despicable deeds I had to go through for the sake of staying alive in these trying times.

    Hannah. That was the only certainty that had driven me through the worst of instances I was subjected to.

    I hadn’t expected for some stable life. I had wanted to be cuddled away from the pain.

    But it would’ve been just alright to have another certainty other than just a name.

    A guarantee that my tomorrow wasn’t going to end up with my unfortunate passing.

    Everything was possible, and being ‘taken’ in a brothel was perhaps the least problematic for a fair amount of reasons.

    But my meager pride had simply refused to accept the unwanted cards. A refusal that was rekindled for numerous days.

    With weeks turning into months, worry became a stable guest within my mind.

    It was during an effort to be granted some relief away from that horrible situation, knowing that it was now a matter of days before the true commitment of my stay in the brothel was finally imposed upon me.

    I needed to breathe, away from the disgusting scent of deplorable men.

    The nearby park had sounded like a perfect idea. Then I had realized that the current state of my clothes wouldn’t just do to avoid any attention from people.

    While I was glad that she had been given something else to the tattered robes I had been using for several years now, the skimpy nature of my new style hardly matched with the normalcy I was just seeking.

    Thus I rushed away from the entrance, away from any clear sights and deep in that peaceful place domineered by nature.

    A stubborn attempt to resist to the gritty reality of London, where nature thrived against the advance of the city’s society.

    Wandering around in utter and complete silence, I finally took a moment to rest away from the main routes.

    Loneliness was quick to receive me through my implicit yearning. I was distracted, so blissfully immersed in that bountiful peace that just was as endless as it was kind.

    And in that unawareness… I was touched by Death.

    Maybe it was wrong to consider someone as foul as Jack as something connected to the Ultimate Demise, and yet the sight of a lanky figure with a horrid knife standing in the shadows was enough to give me shivers.

    The shadows dreadfully and masterfully hid his face, making it seem to my eyes that I wasn’t staring at a lone individual.

    It was the world deeming her finished. I wasn’t needed to live any longer.

    There had been no chance to avoid it. The situation had happened so suddenly and so furiously that I almost failed to notice the blood drawn by the swift murderer.

    No hope painted me a way out from that case. I was frozen, I was done, and despite my best efforts to not show any emotions… I couldn’t help but show some absurd gratefulness.

    Death sounded like mercy. It sounded so natural and so undeniable.

    It was there, and I knew that the alternative would’ve been to try and survive a horrible life.

    Bad life or swift death?

    So many thoughts, most of those transcending within the malicious reasoning of the life here in the capital.

    Then He had arrived.

    At first I thought him to be one mere child that had gotten lost. Someone that was going to follow my same road to the afterlife.

    Instead I was proven wrong… but with a pleasant surprise too.

    The young man had blond hair, his eyes were a vibrant orange that was all directed to the malicious killer.

    There had been some minor fear, but it was a speck of dust compared to the scene that ensured.

    Lord Dio spoke with incredibly bravery and cold logic. There was no attempt in my mind to deny it, especially when ‘Death’ was stripped of its clothes and names.

    Jack lost his anonymity, and he was finally exposed out of the shadows that had shrouded his identity.

    The inevitable had sounded so different, and so fake.

    The exchange that had then ensued further proved that Dio was beyond the simple.

    Mere words drove the criminal away from the scene, the threatening and absolute tone of the blond’s voice tearing apart the resolve of the mad man to continue with his attempted kill.

    And with Jack being sent away, I was left alone to Him.

    Lord Dio was serious, mature, wise and… kind.

    The kindness that sounded so close to what I had felt while around Madame Lovely, and yet this beautiful emotion was then associated with a genuine act of help.

    Her wounds were fixed through the use of something beyond human.

    Magic, I had thought back then in an awed stare. The power to bend and mold the world at the will of some.

    It was absurd, yet it happened.

    Dio had used this immense ability to heal me, giving me importance through that simple act of altruism.

    There was no reward behind that deed, but only for him to be glad with her good health and safety away from danger.

    With my heart quivering at the warm note of the odd encounter, the world seemed to become so easy after that situation.

    There was bad, but there was also good.

    I had seen the worst and now, in the lowest point of my life, I was granted the luxury of being cared for.

    The warmth survived as I was brought back to the brothel, yet my dreamy self was snapped back to reality when Madame Lovely decided that it was ‘time for me to shine’.

    I merely blinked as I found myself thrown into one of the ‘service room’ and left to wait for my first client.

    Archibald Curzon was an old gentleman with an unpleasant neutral stare permanently fixed on his face.

    A former captain during the English campaign in Crimea, he had retired when things were getting unhappy with his already-unruly behavior.

    Curt and rude, he merely muttered a word as he started to unfasten his belt.


    A simple order, devoid of emotion or interest to whom he was talking to.

    I could feel my anger rising at the sight. It was the breaking point and… I had to do something strong to make myself stand up before the unfairness.

    My mind skimmed over the various thoughts that could’ve helped my in that moment and-

    I remembered Lord Dio’s power. When he first injured Jack, and when he used it to heal me.

    Could I do it?

    I can remember thinking this in a fit of nervousness, of panic.

    Thinking back about how the young man had accomplished that powerful spell, she reached for anything that could be used as… spheres.

    It had to be spherical.

    My ears itched at the noise of the belt having some trouble to get removed, reminding me that I had little time to truly act.

    I moved quickly through the nearby furniture to find anything… a wooden ball.

    I stared at it for a while… and then started to swirl it in my hands.

    It had to rotate, it had to spin and-

    My eyes widened mere seconds later as I saw the pretty light appear in my palms.

    It shone so beautifully, so unrestrained. It was untamed, and it wanted to already act on my command.

    A smile twitched on my face, it had been so empowering when I turned around with the spinning sphere, letting it trail up to my fingertips and-

    Archibald Curzon just had some seconds to notice that something was wrong before the spinning wooden ball slammed on his belly and pushed him on the wall.

    The impact was devastating, and the wood shards that exploded there proved to be fatal for the unfaithful elder.

    The loud noise also proved to be enough to garner most of the brothel’s occupants.

    Numerous women and confused clients rushed to the hallways that led to the room, but only one mustered enough courage to open the door.

    It was Madame Lovely and… she didn’t seem to reflect her namesake with the ugly expression ruining her grandmotherly complex.

    “What have you-!!” The old woman stopped, her eyes widening in shock and fright as she spotted the dying corpse of the client. “Y-You-”

    I knew that I had to act as I couldn’t allow the old lady to recover from the fright. It was now or never!

    “I will take my permanent leave from this disgusting place.” My voice didn’t tremble, and all of the frustration broke the dam of nervousness that had kept me quiet up until now. “And you shall never mess with me, insufferable hag!”

    Panic swelled in the Madame, the shock and the panic- all stressing her in a state of silence.

    Enough to allow me to leave, but not quickly enough to miss the woman crumbling down on the floor because of that deadly standoff.

    From there… things would become awkward, insane and…

    Then I found Dio again!

    He saved me, he blessed me with his acceptance, with his wisdom and…

    And then the world spun around in a completely unexpected manner.

    With it all coming to sanity once more when a few words were pronounced by her Lord and Savior.

    Hannah… will you be my friend?”



    A little backstory for Hannah. I think it was long overdue and… some stuff had been left purposely unknown within the story.

    I understand that there are some odd things about Hannah, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s one of her main quirks.

    She does stuff, and some of this stuff can’t make sense in the world of logic and purpose.
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    So, Dio's discovered how to use Hamon-infused bubbles. What would happen if he made them Spin?
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    The pale half-moon was up in the sky, shining brightly as the group concluded the last tasks of the ambush.

    The area picked was one set right by the entrance of town, just enough to make it ‘logical’ for some fruit stands to be around. The food had been prepared with utmost caution, enough to not be taken as a hint for any suspicious activity aloof.

    Whatever the creature was a werewolf or not, I still decided to take precautions to avoid any unexpected development as I knew that the monster had to still be strong and fast enough to avoid the previous capture attempts prepared by the local police force.

    The only thing that I wasn’t truly certain about was succeeding at the first try. The beast could easily decide that tonight wasn’t just going to be a good day to visit, its limited mind certainly sensing trouble at striking so frequently with this much vehemence.

    But while I really wanted to close my eyes even for just a moment, I knew that I couldn’t just afford this kind of luxury. I had to stay awake, to offer my utmost best to avoid the failure of this delicate mission.

    One of the keys of success in many situations was patient, and stupidly whine about the lack of action in the first two hours of watch wouldn’t just do well for the morale of the rest of the group. Everyone was waiting patiently, silently. They knew that the creature was going to come soon, and they needed to be prepared to act as one to avoid any casualties in the process.

    The long spears that were bladed with silver had been carefully hidden to avoid any reflection from those from alerting the monster in case it decided to come. Speedwagon had taken a seat beside mine, keeping a clear eyesight over his trusted companions which had been put to command the various sections of the little army.

    I could see some tension in the fellow blond’s expression. His eyes showing some nervousness at the mere thought of the kind of monstrosity that was supposed to strike anytime now. The man had seen some crazy stuff happening in the capital, with Ogre Street being main location for most of the worst cases within the nation. But this was the first time he was supposed to face someone this… threatening.

    A single bite from a werewolf would’ve been enough to turn a mere human in another monster. Thus death wasn’t truly the ugliest scenario available for those taking part in this skirmish.

    Midnight had struck sometime ago now, and none of the usual daylight inhabitants had lingered as long as normally, presumably frightened by the prospect of any encounters with the creature that had reportedly attacked the area various times.

    There was silence. But the unnerving quietness was doing the opposite than attract peacefulness to the hears and minds of those standing by their hideouts. I was tapping my fingers by my arm, orange eyes staring without distractions at what was supposedly to become a dangerous battlefield.

    I stared hardly, and very tensely as I noticed something move quietly through the ‘empty’ square. The figure was short, with a tiny frame, but I could see the face and hair.

    A little girl, her light-brown hair ran down a little below her shoulders. Her petite face was displaying some uneasiness, and from the rags she was using as clothes, it was a certainty within my mind that I was looking at some silly orphan that had taken notice of the free food and was making a break for the little stand filled with the fruits.

    She looked to be not much older than seven.

    “Dio-” Speedwagon had noticed the child too, glancing me with a panicked look, but I was already standing up from my chair.

    “I will take care of this,” I assured calmly, making my way down the little roof which we had been using as I slowly wandered downstairs and toward where the girl was happily trying to get as many apples as she could get.

    I stopped behind her, a sigh pending by my lips as I prepared to interact with her.

    “It’s quite late, isn’t it?”

    The sudden query interrupted the little orphan in her activity, the girl freezing up and almost dropping the apples. I waited for a couple of moment, enough for the child to recover from my unexpected presence.

    Slowly turning around, her brown eyes stared up at my own orbs, a surprised glint held within her chocolate pools. More silence, I knew that talking now that she was this nervous would’ve only made her panic.

    While on a normal instance that would’ve been alright, I had slowly come to understand that this wasn’t a mere orphan. Despite the fact her clothes were made by rags at best, her hair and skin looked hardly influenced by the grime and dust within the dirty streets of the rookeries.

    Something about her was… off.

    “The moon is up, people are sleeping,” I finally muttered once I was sure her tension had lessened to an acceptable level. “And the fruits of this stand are for free.”

    She blinked, surprise swelling within her mind and face as she seemed slightly relieved by the confirmation. Yet, instead of merely nodding this off, she decided to frown.

    “But why?”

    Her quiet voice gained a curious look from me as I quietly reached around the stand and settled by the lone chair behind the table.

    “My stand. My world,” I replied with a hint of amusement. “I suppose that… I just want to offer help more than sell simple things.”

    Another blink, this time her surprise fully turned in curiosity. Curiosity which I would need to keep up this necessary conversation.

    “But… isn’t that silly?”

    I cracked a small smile. “I suppose it can be seen like that. But I’m just someone that wishes to… bring happiness to people.”

    Awe appeared on her features, endearing the girl even more to take part in that unexpected discussion.

    “That sounds like a nice thing,” She blurted out happily, her smile blossoming within her face.

    “I’m glad to hear that,” I replied with a nod, then I blinked, faking a forgetful expression as I prepared to finally introduce myself. “Before I forget it… my name is Dio, Dio Brando.”

    She nodded. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Brando.”

    I almost flinched at the use of the last name. Perhaps I should really switch it instead of keeping it, especially with how distasteful it felt to even think about it. The name Brando was… just a synonym of horrible things happening all at once.

    “Please, do call me Dio,” I returned with the same politeness, drawing a surprised look from the child. “I’m not that old. And I would prefer to be called by my first name.”

    Another nod, then her eyes lit up at the fact that she had yet to introduce herself.

    Looking quietly shyly, she huffed. “I’m- I’m Sarah.”

    I offered a bigger smile. “Nice to meet you, Sarah.”

    She giggled, her entire nervousness fading as she was left with even more curiosity at the ‘endearing figure’ I was presenting myself like.

    “You know, it’s pretty late,” I muttered again. “And… I know it might sound a little bit strange to ask, but is there any reason why you’re still up, pretty girl?”

    Her cheeks reddened a little at the compliment, and the embarrassed girl smiled even more at that, seemingly ignoring the ‘big question’ I had given her.

    “I’m… I was just a little bit hungry,” She confessed without hesitation, making me frown at her genuine tone. “It’s been a while since I’ve tried apples.”

    “Then do give it a bite,” I replied kindly, the girl quickly complying and taking a tiny bite out of the delicious-looking fruit. She munched on it a little, her smile growing happier as she enjoyed the food.

    “It’s so good~.”

    I almost chuckled at her cute reaction, but restrained myself as I needed to offer the least of noises as of now. I was dealing with a theory. A theory that could easily prove wrong and bring an innocent in the crossfire if my suspicions ends up failing to match up with the truth.

    I needed to be careful, but I was making some good progress with this effort.

    “I suppose it has to be tough. To be living in the streets,” I commented quietly, drawing a nod from the girl.

    “It’s… not nice- but I got someone that cares for me a lot,” The child replied slowly, still enjoying her apple.

    I blinked. “It’s good to never be alone, right?” I inquired back.

    Another nod, this one with more eagerness. “My big brother is always there for me? He is my hero!”

    I sighed at that response, feeling some perplexity rise up at the mention of this older sibling.

    “Truly? I bet he has to be strong.”

    “He’s super-strong!” Sarah agreed and reinforced. “He is fast, he’s nice and...”

    She stopped, her sight dropping to the wooden table and with it her happy mood.

    I gave her a concerned look. “Is something wrong with your big brother?”

    The girl looked up, a surprisingly-serious tone on her face. An unexpected change from her previous giddy self.

    “He’s… he has been feeling sick,” She admitted with some uneasiness. “He is… not at home when it’s nighttime and, and I think he got meaner too.”

    Oh no.

    I blinked, trying to hide the little realization from flashing through my face as I slowly came to understand the identity of the possible monster attacking this area at night. I felt ready to press for a little more, to inquire about any distinctive details of this sibling but-

    My body tensed up as I felt something jump right above me through the roof of the building behind me. A lessened growl, it was just enough to get me moving as I pushed Hamon through my legs and quickened my pace.

    Sliding through the table, I didn’t waste time nor words in lifting Sarah in my hold, dodging just in time the descending assault of the dark-furred fiend snarling at the table.

    The girl eeped in surprise, her entire body shivering both at the suddenness of my action and the appearance of such a scary creature.

    “Don’t worry, Sarah,” I guaranteed with a serious voice. “For I, Dio, shall protect you.”

    Just as I pronounced these words, the four-legged creature sported its canine teeth before reeling a little bit to let out a challenging howl.

    Now, that was the signal that was needed to trigger the arrival of support. In mere moments, numerous men flocked through the streets, all armed with their lances and prepared to rush to my aid.

    Despite the quick presence of my little army, my worries about the werewolf were far from waning as the beast approached me. While it looked incredibly unnerved by so many people rushing towards us, the creature was staring at me intensely… and the reason for this attention was the child in my arms.

    Gritting my teeth, I backed away to quickly dodge a sudden rush from the monster. Red eyes keeping track of my actions as the swift creature kept up with my pace… which was troublesome considering that I was supposed to fight it with my arms busied by Sarah.

    I backed away one last time, deciding to finally focus my entire attention on the main threat. Once we had gained plenty of distance from the werewolf, I carefully dropped Sarah off my hold, the girl staring at me.

    “I need you to run away from here, Sarah. Get to a safer place.”

    I was curt with my order, enough to make her take a few steps away already as I turned my sight back on the approaching beast. It lunged forward, trying to pounce at me with its maws open and ready to take a bite at me.

    But just as it seemed so close to reach out for my shoulder- I vanished in thin air.

    Surprise painted its ugly mug, but soon that very surprise turned into fear as something bright rushed towards him.

    The impact was decisive and I roared as I pushed him away with my standard Overdrive. The attack was one of the basic ones, which meant that it was quick to muster up and use in a stressful situation like this one. I recoiled my fist, reducing the hamon pumping into the punch as I stared at the recovering fiend.

    It whined, a mix of pain and anger as it slowly got up and rushed at me. I could see a slight difference in it’s dark fur- the color having grown lighter than before. Now it looked like a dark shade of brown.

    My hamon was fighting back the effects of the spell that had cursed him like this. I needed to act before my own men got too close and killed the possible innocent under that transformation.

    The armed men were approaching fairly quickly, Speedwagon having left our little hideout to order around the formations to slowly encroach on our position. A little window of opportunity to avoid a tragedy.

    It stood up, staring at me with incredible hatred, then it rushed with the same speed as before. My reaction time was at peak despite my sleep-deprivation, with the Ripple itself soothing the effects of my tiredness down to nothing.

    I stood my ground firmly, cocking both of my fists for something quick and hasty. I could feel the Hamon surging in preparation for something that was surely going to bring the creature down and save the poor guy.

    It lunged again, its maws trying to slowly open to prepare for another attempt at biting me up. I didn’t flinch, nor falter as I delivered another overdrive… this one being far stronger than the one before.

    A barrage of punches, I felt close to achieve the same galore only a Close-Range Stand would achieve as I pummeled the wolf into stillness.

    Sunlight Yellow Overdrive!

    Its skin was tough, but I could see the hamon crackling against the curse, destroying it piece by piece.

    The moment turned in a couple of seconds, then in two full minutes.

    I stopped out of tiredness, staring at the creature slowly morphing back to a more humanoid form, the original owner of that body. A boy around my age, he was naked as no clothes had survived the previous transformation. He had a slightly tanned skin, and his hair reached down by his lower back.

    He looked quite… wild with that ‘haircut’, yet my musing wasn’t just going to be allowed to continue as little Sarah decided to intervene now. With the young man now barely conscious, she rushed for a high-speed bear-hug, trying to talk with her brother while also pleading at the approaching men to stop.

    She was afraid, enough to make me ease up my guard and gesture at my workers to stop. Some looked surprised, but Speedwagon’s loud voice seemed to draw them to comply as I slowly approached the two siblings.

    I expected the barely-conscious guy to be incapable of going through a discussion, and I was so certain that the fight had been concluded like this, without much of a dangerous threat poised from the werewolf.

    My training had made me so… over-prepared. Not only that, but I had so many contingencies planned for any sudden surprises that I could feel the need of be calm before such a singular scene.

    Yet, while I made a few steps towards them, I noticed something strange with the older sibling, as his red eyes were open and staring intensely at his sister. It didn’t look neither a loving glance nor a worried one.

    It was intense, it was raw… it was hunger.

    I panicked, running as I saw his hand suddenly lifting up and showing… that it was still a dark-furred claw. The curse hadn’t been defeated completely.

    It was a swift action. I saw the claws fall towards the unsuspecting child, with the brunette clinging protectively with her brother as I tried and failed to warn her of the danger.

    I felt my… my existence questioned. I had just gloated, and I felt successful so easily and without any confirmation. I should’ve been careful- No, I can’t just surrender like this.

    Up until now I had been able to achieve the impossible. I had learned the basics of the Spin, I was learning how to make use of Hamon, and I had started to make progress in the elimination of the threats that were Jack the Ripper and Wang Chan.

    I was so close to achieve a complete victory, a bloodless one. I was so close and… I had to intervene quickly.

    The spin wouldn’t taken too much time, and even the Zoom Punch was out of question with how long the distance was right now, just a little less than two meters. I wasn’t risking any chances of hitting Sarah with how faulty my aim with the Bubble Launcher was and… I was out of practical options about long-ranged means to stop the killing from happening.

    Something. Something had to happen.

    It had to happen. I wanted it to happen. I demanded it! I REFUSED TO ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!

    I will not tolerate a world that doesn’t bend to wishes! I will conquer it, turn it and make it mine!

    In that furious mindset, I could feel something of a burden… snapping out from my back. I felt lighter, as something semi-transparent soared towards the inbound claw and… smacked it away, almost breaking the dark-haired boy’s arm.

    It was surprising and I noticed that even the pseudo-werewolf had noticed something off about it.

    His red eyes widened in shock, just a moment before his consciousness slipped away and he crumbled towards his sister. The hit had defeated the last ditch effort of the curse.

    I stopped, shock filling my stare as my mind was frozen and forced to repeat in a loop what I had heard while the punch had made contact.


    There was no doubt about it. Yet my mind just failed to accept the evident scene just happening in front of me.

    I, Dio, had somehow tapped into my own Stand.


    My hasty return to the Joestar Manor ended the interesting night that saw so many new variables enter the large game of hearts and minds that I was a player to.

    Speedwagon had voiced his reluctance in bringing both Sarah and her brother back to the main headquarters, but he had complied as I had offered him some guarantees over the boy. He knew that the little brunette was harmless, and that the only real issue was the chance of the young man turning in a furred machine of doom right on their ‘home’.

    With this little situation wrapped up in the safest way possible, and with the other men being sworn up to not mention anything about the situation that had happened that very night, I found myself dealing with the fact that I had pull a successful all-nighter and… I wasn’t feeling any of that.

    I knew that the Hamon was known to heal and help with any soreness, but to see it act to heal my state of sleep-deprivation? Now I had a reason to consider avoiding coffee altogether. The fact that it was also the main tool that allowed me to make my way back to the house without risking the chance of getting caught.

    To be fair, I had planned hours earlier the whole ‘Spider-man’ skit to get back in my room by the wall and through the still-open window, but this was the first time I climbed up a solid surface that wasn’t a simple tree.

    Truly a fun experience, one that was mostly ruined by some thoughts over the impending death below me if I failed to keep up the proper Hamon input with my hands and feet. Once I was back inside the building, I proceeded to close the window and lie down on the bed.

    I had so much to ponder about. So much to think over… why did I get an infuriating ‘teaser’ for my Stand?!

    I was slightly irked by the fact that I, Dio, had managed to pull just a fraction of my Stand out and I can’t yet bring it up again. It had been the rush of the moment, the adrenaline and the willpower mustered in that specific deadly situation.

    It had been so… majestic, but also so teasing. It had been like receiving a caress and then being slapped without an apparent reason.

    Yet the bad part didn’t come any closer to the kind of confusion I had over the ‘bizarre bit’ of that development. I was still failing to make theories over why my Stand hadn’t gone with ‘Muda’, but with ‘Wryyy’.

    It didn’t make any sense. I knew within myself that 「The World」 was still going to be mine. There was no reason to doubt it as I felt it. And yet the battlecry didn’t match with the one that the bulky humanoid would usually make during the use of its infamous punch barrage.

    W-Was it because I preferred Wryyying to Mudaing? Is there something wrong with me? Maybe I should step up my Dio game?

    The torturous trail of thoughts persisted for two whole hours… enough to get me to stand up to the bed and go to enjoy some proper breakfast.

    I was still having some trouble digesting the fact that I had skipped my usual few hours of rest and I wasn’t feeling any of that, but with my mind still driven crazy by the fact that I had a glimpse over my future Stand… I really wasn’t paying attention to the miraculous effects of the Ripple.

    At least, not right now.

    I greeted a couple of servants along the way as I reached for the dining room.

    George was distracted by some newspaper, while Jonathan smiled and greeted me with a nod, which I returned without hesitation.

    I took my usual seat, humming quietly as I scanned carefully what had been prepared for breakfast. Waffles would surely do well with my depressed state of mind.

    Just as I started to munch at my first prey, my attention slowly turned at the newspaper that had distracted the older Joestar from greeting me. A couple of the titles there gaining my interest almost instantly.

    A breath of air? The monster misses his date’

    Seems like the media had noticed that the yesterday had been a ‘quiet night’. While I had some doubts about everyone working under me keeping that a secret, it would seem that Speedwagon’s persuasion and capacity to bribe the more reluctant members had worked wonders.

    I almost nodded at this development, feeling glad that there wasn’t any unexpected backlash coming from that fight’s aftermath. Yet my eyes didn’t fail to notice the umpteenth title dedicated to the newest victim of ‘Jack the Ripper’.

    Once again the unfortunate guy that had stepped right into Jack’s path had been given a blond-like color to his hair and… there were some different engraved words on his torso.

    Shine Brighter.

    Truly an unnerving sight. I could feel my blood boil at this obsession the man had over me. I should intensify my efforts to try and hunt down the bastard now that he had left anonymity again to resume with his spree.

    Maybe that would be the perfect next step now that I had most of the stability in my turf assured, with only a couple of minor issues left to deal with.

    Returning my attention to my share of the breakfast, I finally saw George folding down the paper and take notice of my presence. He seemed genuinely surprised when he saw me already seated and eating.

    “Oh Dio, I hadn’t- I forgot to greet you-”

    “It’s alright, Lord Joestar,” I interrupted politely, showing a small understanding smile. “I suppose there has been quite the situation with the recent events.”

    The lone father nodded, easing at my reassuring words. “These last few days had been quite difficult to handle. But I think I got mostly everything under control.”

    He leaned a little on his chair, turning his sight to his waiting waffle. Soon, he took a moment to enjoy one of the three pieces on his plate.

    “Dad,” Jonathan muttered with some giddiness, almost instantly gaining my interest as the man sighed and smiled at his son’s enthusiasm.

    “I almost forgot this too,” The man mused with a tired sigh. “But JoJo just received a letter confirming his apprenticeship with a well-known teacher for History. He has expressed some wishes to become an archaeologist and I’m sure that knowledge will come handy in administering the family business.”

    I nodded, smiling proudly at the happy-looking young man before returning my attention back to George, as I realized that he wasn’t done yet.

    “And since my son has been finally accepted by a teacher, I decided that it was best to try a different approach with you,” The nobleman continued with a serious tone. “Which is… I want you to pick the professor you think would best benefit you.”

    He was joking- there was no way that he was actually offering me, a fourteen years old teen, the chance of picking his ‘favorite teacher’ out of the roster of people available in this era.

    There were plenty of people that I wanted to know, but the list of those that I actually wished to become an apprentice to was incredibly shorter than the previous one.

    Good people, bad people, influential people… crazy people. There were so many of those and just a couple actually worth of considering for as proper mentors for me to ask about.

    It was seriously going to be one of the toughest choices possible considering it had to do with my main cover. Any teacher that was distant from London was surely going to urge me to either come and visit out of the region, or even adopt some unpleasant times to give lessons for the sake of keeping up with other responsibilities.

    I frowned at this little leeway I was offered. “Can I have some time to… ponder over this decision? I’m currently unprepared to afford a name.”

    “You may take some weeks to decide. But I wish to remind you that you will need to continue with your education,” George replied kindly, just a hint of stern joining his complex. “Both you and Jonathan have displayed a prowess with your studies that I don’t wish to see wasted. Jojo has already settled with this specific teacher, and now it’s your turn to do the same.”

    I nodded. “I shall consider this situation with the utmost importance and seriousness, Lord Joestar.”

    He seemed pleased with the answer and soon breakfast resumed with a pleasant silence which I was quick to paint with my thoughts.

    This new situation was kind of annoying. While I was glad to have been offered the chance of actually choosing the one that I will ask to become my mentor, I sure hadn’t made any plans about pursuing a serious education-related career with the kind of plans and schedules I had in mind for the distant future.

    I had my mind set in a precise path of success, one that had a general line that I wasn’t going to stray from for any silly reasons. It was going to be a tough road, but one with good rewards and a promise of world-wide dominance.

    With breakfast coming to an end, I expected for the rest of the day to be a ‘simple one’ to my usual weekly schedule. I had some plans, but nothing too big considering the recent issue that I had been forced to deal with.

    Now I had two more possible recruits to confirm. People that would require attention, charisma, and, most of it all, actions to prove my good intentions.

    It wasn’t going to be an easy task, but I certainly wasn’t going to stray away from it now that I had the capacity to make some huge steps around. That and… maybe I could use the ‘teacher card’ to start thinking about the chances of going as far as starting to influence London’s politics with some careful manipulation.

    I wanted to grin, to cackle, to Wryyy- but then I was reminded of something that I had been ignoring for days now and that required some of my attention to be finished.

    The translation was mostly over, I was close to understand the true origins of the protagonist and the ‘antagonist’ of the Prophecy of the Sagittarius. I would know about his identity and… confirm some strong suspicions that I had been harboring since I stopped translating at the last ten pages.

    I wondered if it would end up being ‘him’, or if this was just a silly theory of mine that lacked any logical basis.

    But then this is Jojo, and things were meant to be logically bizarre from time to time.

    So, while I, Dio, hummed quietly as I made my way back to my own room, I failed to notice that a certain Stone Mask was no longer fixed by the wall were George had left it.



    ...Not much to say.

    Actually, there is something! I did start a story about Worm (Web Serial) called ‘Metempsychosis’. Expects lot of crazy stuff for Taylor.


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    Now, where is that stone mask? Who's going to use it?
  7. Extras: Omake 8: My Bizarre Stalker... 2?

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    Omake 8: My Bizarre Stalker… 2?

    Original Idea from: Dyliokhan (SB)

    When I imagine a monster that I would genuinely be afraid of encountering in my dreams… I would think about Freddy Krueger.

    The crass and insane killer was something that I had developed a temporary fear when I had decided to ‘test my bravery’ and watch Nightmare on Elm Street when I was a little older than ten.

    A being capable of becoming your worst fear and kill you with it? Truly terrifying for a child to be even thinking about. But the truest fright didn’t come from the creativity of the disfigured murderer. No, it came from his capacity to deny one the chances of leaving the dreamworld and actively avoid getting killed by the limited bastard.

    Now, the issue here as to why I’m referencing to this seemingly unrelated topic is… the nightmare I was currently trying to run away from. Sure, a female and cute Jonathan Joestar might appear endearing and lovely to a clueless spectator’s eye, but there were two things that made her adorable disposition vanish at those bestowed with a peculiar sight.

    The first one… was the immense plant-like creature that was her Stand, which quickly reminded me of the overly-absurd and thankfully non-canon ability that the ‘first’ Joestar was capable of mustering thanks to the Arrow.

    The second things was-

    “Dio~! This isn’t the proper time for a fun chase~,” The girl shrieked in the middle of her giggles, sending numerous shivers down my spine. “I got the priest, Papa has accepted after some persuasion, and now we can proceed and become more than mere brother and sister~!!”

    I was running, paying no attention of the madness unfolding behind me as Hamon continued to pump through my legs as to bolster my speed to inhuman level. I wasn’t even paying attention to the people nearby, knowing that nothing could save them from the monstrosity giving chase.

    Too big, too strong- I knew that nothing in my current arsenal of impressive abilities could’ve disabled 「Ultimate Hermit Purple」 from continuing with its pursuit. The degree of destruction coming close behind me was enough to prompt me to intensify with my efforts to get away from that fucking thing!

    I was already starting to freak out at the fact that I was supposed to find a way out of that maddening rush. The monstrous Stand and its crazy user weren’t relenting, and nothing here in London could technically damage such a humongous threat.

    Note for the future: get some artillery pieces as soon as my economic and social capacity allows me to. Big cannons at that.

    Just as I mused over this last detail, I saw a large green tendril slam into the building by my right side. The construction exploded in smoke and falling bricks which forced me to make a leap forward while holding my arms close and protecting my face and head.

    The cloud of gray covered the sight the girl had over me, giving me the chance to take a sharp turn to the nearby alley and bolt as quickly as possible. The place was just too tight to accommodate that Stand and I was hoping that Yandere JoJo hadn’t noticed where I had gone after that attempt.

    Silence was interrupted only by my steps as I made my way through the shadows and the puddles of dirty water. My heartbeat rumbled by my ears and throat as I finally slowed down at the lack of massive trashing happening close behind me.

    It took me a while to actually trust the fact I had managed to shake off the crazy girl off my back. I paused, bending down to stare at the ground as I tried my best to recover from that insane marathon.

    But just as I felt safe and away from danger, my panic swelled again the moment a soft hand reached me from behind, effectively shutting me from yelling at the situation, while another individual joined to bring me away from the alley and inside a building through the nearby backdoor.

    Soon I was released, but not before I was pushed inside the large room there. The dim light forced me to adapt to the new situation, but my guard didn’t lower… until I noticed Hannah’s smiling face.

    I blinked, my tension failing to lessen at the mere idea that there could’ve been more people with the same disposition as my former pursuer. “Hannah-” I addressed curtly, turning quickly to grace the second individual. Only to stop at the familiar/unfamiliar face I was bestowed with.

    Her clothes- those almost made me blurt out a ‘Speedwagon’ at how closely those seemed to be the trustworthy blond gentleman’s… but the slimmer figure, the petite face and the skirt replacing his pants…

    The scar was precise to an absurd degree.


    Her brown eyes lit at the address. “Yes, Dio?”

    Oh fuck. This- This makes things a lot more… interesting.

    I, Dio, felt that the world was trying to balance Jojo’s crazy yandere tendencies with a Genderbent Speedwagon.

    “W-What’s the situation?” I finally asked, drawing both women’s attention on me.

    “Well, the city is being destroyed by some plant-like monster led by a girl wanting you for… something,” Hannah summarized as curtly as possible. “Actually, why is she trying to capture you, Lor- Dio?”

    Strange, I wouldn’t have expected the dream version of my second second-in-command could’ve been so faithful for the real individual. Still, I didn’t linger further on that topic as I knew that there was something a little more important than this detail.

    “She is my step-sister and… she’s trying to force me into marriage.” I dropped the revelation quickly, letting them experience some surprise for a little amount of time as I wasn’t done talking. “This is why, one way or another, we need to stop her.”

    The girls recovered shortly after, with Speedwaif-Speedwagon taking the lead over the current state of orders. “What do we need to do? Surely, you’ve a plan to deal with her.”

    The urgency of her tone was met with a nod as I pondered over what I was supposed to do to defeat something like 「Ultimate Hermit Purple」 in a normal situation. Fire was the first thing that came to mind, but there wasn’t a mean to produce that much fire in a short amount of fire.

    Heck, even boosting the process through the Spin and Hamon would still take too much time to build up the flames, and I didn’t have the means to keep the girl and her Stand still enough for that long.

    The next idea was… actually sound.

    Considering the streets I’ve been forced to run thorough, I knew that we were close to the Thames. The river had a few bridges connecting parts of London together and… some bridges were older than others, which meant that those weren’t capable of holding well against a powerful blast.

    “Do we have some explosives?” I asked quietly and half-distractedly.

    Speedwagon nodded. “I think we have something there,” She stated resolutely. “Any reason why?”

    I merely smiled, explaining what my ambitious plan to take down the vine monster was.

    Two hours later and an immense amount of dread forming at the fact I had to be the bait for this time-sensible plan, I found myself standing in front of the bridge.

    Then the earth started to shake as from the other side of the river, a kilometer away from where I was, I could see something big, crazy and murderously in need to dispense some loving making its way toward me.

    I tensed up a little bit, my orange eyes widening as I started to see the small speck that was JoJo rushing quickly and relentlessly.

    I couldn’t hear much through that massive noise, but by the time I could see her lips and the strange repeated word being uttered by the Yandere.


    I shivered again, but I felt a sliver of confidence form as I saw Hannah waving in my direction and alerting me that the preparations were done. The bridge was primed to explode quite soon. It was now a matter of luck and dumb dream variables.

    This was a dream, or rather a nightmare. Everything was now pointing at that and, hoping to be correct over this matter, I braced for an eventual failure in case my hopes had been misplaced on this plan.

    Still, Jojo didn’t seem to notice anything. In fact, the moment my frame became more visible to her, her speed picked up in an absurd manner.

    I wanted to really run at this point, but considering the situation I was betting on, I couldn’t afford to leave my trusted and loyal followers behind like this. I would need to cover for their escape if things went south really hard.

    Surprise exploded within me the same way the bridge did as the mad Stand User was half-way to cross the bridge. Blue eyes widened in shock at the sudden conflagration tearing apart the ground below her feet. She ‘eeped’, but the smoke covered for her fall as I started to approach, knowing that things weren’t going to be over with that mere fall on the river.

    As cold as the Thames was, Jojo should be now capable of swimming and thus avoid drowning at this fall. Speedwagon and Hannah were already on the scene of the ‘crime’, prepared to subdue the girl in case she was still hanging somewhere in there.

    Once I was there, I got sight over the situation and… frowned. Jojo was… bawling. Her arms were tied close to her waist thanks to a rope employed by the blonde, trying to shake the stronger woman off from her body. It looked like a hug from the distance, but it seemed more of a forceful grasp to keep the younger female from mustering her Stand once again.

    “D-Dio! Get her off! She is groping me- pervert- crazy pervert!”

    I could easily see that it wasn’t the case. Speedwagon’s hands were perfectly meeting by Jojo’s upper shoulder, and the only thing I could barely consider as ‘groping’ was the fact the blonde was forced to keep herself close to the struggling woman.

    Despite the fact the accusations were false, the former gang leader couldn’t help but blush as she gave me a serious but embarrassed look.

    “T-This is false! D-Dio, I’m not-”

    “I’m aware that you’re not molesting her, Speedwagon,” I interjected calmly, while my brain was putting utmost care to suppress the need to groan at both girls’ cute expressions. Jojo was easier considering the rampage she had just executed through London, the blonde was a little more difficult to think less about.

    “Still, I think it’s time to address the disappointing thing you just did here, Jojo,” I muttered dryly, gaining the blue-haired teen’s attention.

    “W-What disappointment? I did nothing-”

    “Look around, dammit!” I exclaimed with barely-veiled fury, aiming my open palm over the destruction left on her wake. “Don’t you see the kind of damage you’ve done in the capital? The lives lost? The fact you did things to your father- and I don’t even want to know how you convinced a sane priest to wed two underage individuals-”

    “I-I think he knew about you- Kind of strange since he started to muse loudly about you-”

    “As I’ve said, I don’t care,” I rebuked irritated, unwilling to even accept the fact that a certain priest was actually on the loose now of all times. I don’t need to deal with Pucci after the bullshit I had to go through. “You’ve still hurt people, Jojo. You said you wanted to be a gentlelady, and yet you can’t help but try to accuse someone like Speedwagon of such heinous claims.”

    The yandere flinched, while the blonde blushed again, this time at the implicit compliment thrown her way.

    “J-Just, don’t try anything now,” I concluded with a resolute tone. “I will think about your proper punishment-” While also planning out my way out of this nightmare.

    I sighed, unwilling to be influenced by the downtrodden state the blue-haired girl appeared to be as I looked away from her and… right at a nervous-looking Hannah.

    “Is everything alright, Hannah?” I inquired quietly, still draining the fury that was bubbling in my chest.

    “Just a little… shaken by the explosion,” The young woman confessed softly, and now I noticed that she was trembling a little bit. “I’m fine.”

    “Do you need a hug? You seem paler and-”

    “I don’t want to ask that much. It wouldn’t be right for me to ask that since… this happened,” She indicated the depressed-looking Jojo.

    “You wouldn’t be asking for too much. We’re friends and… You need to hold on something,” I pressed on with legitimate concerns. This was the first time she had seen this big of an explosion and perhaps an embrace would also help me find a balance through that anger inside my body.

    She didn’t protest any further, but just as I felt her arms wrap around my neck while I had mine around her waist- I felt the world twisting as London disappeared from my sight.

    I blinked awake and I, Dio, found myself staring at the familiar ceiling of my room.

    I stared at it for a while, getting my entire mind collected and stabilized now that the crazy dream was done for. I felt my body tense and sweaty… but also, I could feel that there was some pressure down below my waist and… within my pants.

    I frowned, then face-palmed.

    I, Dio, refused to call that madness a convoluted wet dream just to experience a simple hug from Hannah.



    Hannah! She is so cute- early plan had Speedwaifu to come in and ensnare Dio, but I found it more ridiculous and amusing to have someone as cute as Hannah to get in and win a hug.

    About 「Ultimate Hermit Purple」… yeah, that’s a thing from Jojo’s Bizarre Summer Break (Which is a Part 3 Sequel to Dio’s Bizarre Adventure); Both are written and drawn by artist Utano.

    Also, I'm currently writing the next chapter, so I might not be available to answer any comment. Godspeed, I've four hours to get 5+k words out !!
  8. Threadmarks: Giovinezza (12)

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    Capitolo Primo: Giovinezza (12)

    The werewolf boy. He was close to wake up.

    It’s been a full week that had gone by without much of a big issue. Except for the fact that the Stone Mask had been removed from its earlier spot.

    To be fair, I wasn’t the one to discover this novelty. It had been a confused George to ask around if anyone had noticed the object being taken, or perhaps if anyone had picked it for themselves at the idea it was something that needed to be thrown away.

    The piece itself didn’t look to be precious, so to expect someone to pick it and consider it thrash wasn’t truly a wrong thought. The real issue was that with how my situation was over a certain dark magician, I wasn’t putting it beyond him that Wang Chan had decided to finally employ vampires to bolster his current situation.

    Magic on its own can do so much until you really need cannon fodders to throw around.

    Which is why the first thing I did when Muddiburi presented himself for our regular training session and with the hopes of knowing more about the aftermath about werewolf’s situation was to address this very issues. The lecture that ensued created two distinct problems that I was meant to be prepared about.

    The first and maybe the worst thing was that Zeppeli was going to get contacted since he was the closest to Britain and could arrive there to ‘aid’ with the entire ordeal. The second and perhaps the one I was most unsure about was that even the monk’s brother had been sent a letter to.

    It was curious to know that the Tibetan man wasn’t trying to take cheap chances at the possibility of facing a full-fledged army of vampires. The mere thought of it was enough to put me in a state of mental unease, but I wasn’t certainly going to hesitate now that I knew that things were going to get spicier.

    I could recognize a subtle challenge within Muddiburi’s tone. He wanted me to actually try and get things done properly before the group of Hamon users arrived. Before things got to a point where keeping the Ripple a secret was going to be incredibly difficult.

    Thus I had to speed up any plan I had thought up to this point so that I could start formulating new ones. The world wasn’t waiting for anyone, and time was running tight on me.

    But for now, plans would’ve to wait as I dealt with this very concern. The young werewolf, the one that had sow dread in the minds of those living by the outskirts, was now starting to wake up after days of comatose rest.

    I considered the lengthy slumber to be one of the many aftereffects from the fact he was purged of any dark magics in his body, leaving his body and mind to recover from that malicious influence driving him to the point of harming people.

    The little girl, Sarah, hadn’t left his side during the entire time he was slumbering. She would accept food and the child was happy when I had some of my workers put a bed beside her brother’s.

    I would visit the headquarters as usual, stopping by to chat with the young brunette about how her day had been. Hannah was ecstatic at having someone to dote, especially with how adorable and socially-active Sarah was with people she deemed kind.

    I decided to also offer her some lessons of reading, something that was aided by the fact that the former courtesan was eager to offer help and support whenever the child would find an obstacle in the way of her learning. The scenes were… highly-saccharine. The sweetness just helped making paperwork easy to digest and go through in those few days.

    When I first received a message from Speedwagon that the long-haired teen had finally awakened, I decided to take the opportunity presented by the fact I had other business in London to visit and check onto the matter.

    The building which housed the headquarters had long started to get a bigger crowd of people wandering around since the lessening of the situation by the outskirts.

    Many trustworthy merchants that had been informed of what had actually happened (minus the fact that the werewolf was still alive) were quick to jump at the opportunity to open up deals with my group. Some saw with interest the fact I was available to offer a safe service within the capital that allowed them to purchase expensive objects at a discount.

    This was a good news since it meant that money was finally flowing inside and that it was now possible to start quickening some of the more distant projects… like the ‘acquisition’ of new abandoned warehouses in this section of the city.

    Legal papers were going to be a pain in the arse to go through, but the rewards that this action was going to were well worth the straining efforts. I was almost giddy at the prospect of having actually succeeded in creating something from little nothing, but I wasn’t certainly planning to get lazier now that things were going to get more difficult.

    Police, bureaucracy… rival gangs.

    Speedwagon had made some progress in getting some trusted contact within the Forty Elephants, but he had yet to secure a meeting with representatives from that gang. It was a step forward, but an uncertain one at best considering the trustworthiness of this organization.

    Once I was by the doorstep that led within the room assigned to the two ‘siblings’, I paused at the noise of something crashing down within the place. I opened the door, preparing for some altercation happening inside… only to be bestowed with quite a sight.

    Speedwagon looked nervous as he stared at the growling wolf-like creature that was safely nestling a nervous-looking Sarah close to it. I recognized the beast, but differently from last time I fought it, there was no genuine note of evilness exuding from its form.

    As of now, it seemed more of a feral animal than else.

    I stared back at the blond, just now noticing that he was holding a plate with a full bread and two turned teacups that probably had some milk filling those… before tipping and making the content fall by the floor.

    “You know, you shouldn’t be afraid of where you are,” I stated calmly, embracing my inner mask to hide away my current uneasiness over the standoff. “Especially when you’re among friends.”

    My voice broke the intense growling, with the werewolf turning its attention right onto me. Feral eyes keeping contact with my frame as I took a couple of steps inside the room, but I was already staring at the unnerved Speedwagon.

    “Robert, place the plate by the table and leave us alone.”

    He looked surprised at the quiet order, but after a few seconds of silent inquiry, I gave him a nod, gesturing him to hasten his thought process. He nodded back, complying to the request and closing the door behind himself once he was out.

    I took a few more steps, making sure that I was following a simple path well away from coming too close to the bed occupied by the wolf and the child.

    “That’s quite a mess,” I commented quietly, eyeing the stain of white left by the wasted milk. “But I guess you’re not interested in breakfast… yet you should.”

    I was met with silence, but the posture adopted by the ‘big brother’ was less threatening than the one he had adopted with the older blond.

    “Sleeping for a full week surely has left you debilitated. And the effects of the dark magic that had corrupted you got you weakened even more than a comatose patient,” I continued to speak, glancing back at the bed. “But I’m surprised you’re not growling at me.”

    I almost asked him why, but I let my stare play that question for him. He seemed to spot this on pretty quickly, but he hesitated to answer, feral eyes moving away in a moment of thought.

    “You… you saved Sarah.”

    I blinked at that, feeling surprised at the fact even in his furred form he could still speak a humane tongue. Quite impressive, you never stop learning about the wonders of magic.

    “From your other self.”

    The addition of that detail seemed to get a frown out of the wolf. It was easy to perceive that it was connected to the fact he believed himself to be the culprit of that heinous deed that was stopped before full execution.

    “I… I almost-”

    “Not by your own volition,” I interrupted calmly, my attention switching back to the table as I stared at the bread. “Dark magic. The malicious influence that had you attack innocent people, that is to blame.”

    “B-But-” He seemed reluctant to accept this very explanation. “I- I felt like I was enjoying it. I- I liked it.”

    “Then you’re severely misinterpreting the effects of that kind of magic,” I chided quietly, but holding back too much edge to avoid sounding too stern with my words. “Dark Magics play on the fact that influences your mind, it twists it to enable parts of it that aren’t generally meant to be your true personality. And to do that, the magic makes sure that something you would generally despise is actually ‘lovely’ in your mind. That it makes sense.”

    He looked confused at this, yet he seemed to ponder well about it as he tried to summarize it in a few words.

    “It’s like… mind-control?”

    “On the loose sense of the term, yes. You were controlled, manipulated, by having those parts that made you malicious, that made you enjoy doing horrible things.”

    The wolf seemed to slowly realize what I was referring to and the more we talked, the more his form started to morph back to his human self.

    I patiently waited as I saw the bare-chested young man blinking at the thoughts storming his poor mind. He just woke up and he was supposed to face quite the ordeal. I was relieved that the pants had survived the transformation as I didn’t have to try and pry the girl away from a naked werewolf guy.

    Still, despite the few moments of silence, I wasn’t done with this interaction and I had something in mind to keep it going for a little more. Just enough to get some answers of my own out of the mystery in front of me. Turning my attention at the bread and splitting it in two perfect halves, I turned towards the two siblings and sighed.

    “Which one do you want?”

    Sarah looked confused at the question directed at her big brother, but I found my theory proven correct the moment I saw the tanned boy flinch at the comment. He seemed unwilling to answer to that and I sighed.

    I took a bite at both halves, munching quietly and waiting as the long-haired young man kept staring at my actions. Surprise swelled behind his eyes at the action, yet he seemed to notice that I was studying his own reaction at it.


    “I had suspected that you would’ve been against being served food by people you don’t know much about,” I interrupted again, feeling quite entitled by the cosmic element that was dryness to pry and interject as much as I could. “You might be resilient and quick, but poison is something that you fear.”

    He didn’t confirm nor reply to this very suggestion, letting me finish munching what was left of the bread in my mouth. Sarah looked confused, and a little bit nervous at what I was mentioning like this… but the moment she spotted her brother easing up at my actions, she followed his example.

    “Now, which one do you want?” I asked again while lifting up both halves for him to pick.


    I smiled. “I suppose you need all the food we can offer you now,” I pointed out as I finally approached both siblings with the bread. I passed the food to the waiting hands of the brother, retreating my own palms away from him… but not backing away from the closeness.

    The werewolf regarded it with some uneasiness, but he carefully started to eat the bread… before literally wolfing down the halves in mere instants. He gave me a hungry look and I blinked in surprise at the pace which saw that much food devoured.

    “I will see for someone to bring more food… but I hope you can forgive me if I would like to ask you some more questions before doing so,” I proposed slowly, careful enough to not make it appear like is was some interrogation. “I will have to leave soon for some important businesses and… I wish to address a few points that I wish to get cleared quickly enough.”

    He frowned at the request, but he seemed still calm about it. Enough to inquire back about it.

    “What kind of ‘points’?”

    I blinked at that, deciding to ease things up by starting with something incredibly simple and light.

    “Before I ask about this first thing, I wish to introduce myself,” I stated before giving a small bow towards the two, making the girl smile and let out a brief giggle at my little theatrics. “My name is Dio Brando. May I know to whom I’m speaking to?”

    Before saying anything about this, the young man seemed to contemplate about my name, mouthing it as to get accustomed to it. Still, after some time had passed by in the calmest of silences, he decided to address my question.

    “It’s a pleasure to… make your acquaintances, Dio,” He started to greet back. “I’m Bhediya… and I suppose you’re already acquaintance with my young sister.”

    I nodded, giving a small smile to the happy-looking girl. With the conflict-like atmosphere dispersing, the child seemed to have recovered from her nervous state of mind.

    “I’m glad that we solved this little issue early on, Bhediya,” I said while putting some efforts in not butchering that foreign name. “And I hope that you will find yourself at home during your stay here.”

    He nodded. “If the owner of this place is happy about it, and we’re not imposing with our presence… I don’t see why we should refuse this offer,” The tanned boy commented, but then he showed a confused look. “By the way, can I… talk to him? I know he has to be a busy individual but-”

    “He will surely agree to a meeting. In fact, please consider my words as his,” I commented with a hint of smug. “Actually, do think of my presence as his.”

    While he had failed to pick up at the full trick being played, Bhediya seemed to spot on that something odd was afoot. He tilted his head to the side, intensifying his curiosity and suspicions as he finally asked about this situation.

    “How much are you close to the owner of this place?” He asked bluntly and I smiled even more.

    “Well, the owner and I share the same appearance, the same voice and, surprisingly enough, the same name,” I finally replied with a nod. “In fact, you’re speaking to him right now.”

    He snorted. “As if I would believe that someone as young as I am owns this-”

    The little refusal was interrupted by the mere sight of me seemingly looking unfazed by this skeptical tone.

    “I- you’re kidding right. There’s no way that-”

    “Yes way, I own this place. In fact, I’m the leader of the organization owning this building,” I interjected. “Sarah knows that it’s true, especially since she got a glimpse at the paperwork I’ve to go through.”

    At the mere mention of the dreadful tower of ink and paper, the girl groaned and seek refuge on a hug with her brother. The boy frowned at the sight before giving me a confused look.

    “I let her take a read at the paper.”

    “But- But she can’t read,” Bhediya mentioned with a frown.

    “Yes, which is why when she saw fifteen lines of words she deemed it… what did you call the paperwork, sweetheart?”

    A huff came from the brunette.


    I shook my head at the child-like voice of the truth, while the werewolf snorted in amusement at the unexpected comment.

    “Still… if you’re the owner then does that means that-”

    “You’re free to stay how much you need to,” I assured calmly. “The reason that saw me accepting you both in my group wasn’t one of exploitation of your talents, but rather because it was the right thing to do and I was capable of taking you both in.”

    “Can you read my mind?” The tanned boy inquired with some interest, making me sigh at the slightly-unexpected comment.

    “I don’t, no. It’s just that I can predict how you will behave by your predatorial instincts,” I answered without hesitation. “That and the fact that we both share a similar past. We both survived the streets and we both know how unfair things can be when someone kind ‘suddenly’ appears to tend a supportive hand.”

    “You don’t seem to have been in the streets,” He commented back, to which I gave a slow nod.

    “I was blessed by luck about a month ago,” I confessed, my orange eyes staring away from the two siblings as I prepared to let out a good speech to finally buy their loyalty. I knew that Sarah was now trusting of me, but the same wasn’t for her brother. And that could already change now. “My father, albeit an abusive and dishonest man, had in the past ‘saved’ a noble and his baby, thus warranting a favor from him in case of need.”


    “And I ended up discovering of this when he kicked the bucket,” I continued with a nod. “Convincing the noble that I just wanted a normal life as his ward was simple and… from there, I was freed from the shackles of the street-life.”

    “But if you’re free… then why bother? Why not-”

    “Wallow in my happiness? Enjoy the cozy life that a piece of paper had granted me?” I suggested rhetorically. “It sounds idyllic, but I’m… I’m angry at the world.”

    Bhediya kept quiet and the little brunette sitting beside him listened carefully and in surprise. This was the first time I addressed why I did what I was doing here to her.

    “My father was a drunkard. He lived by the moment, he despised the past and the present. But I blame society for having allowed someone like him to continue to exist and fester like a parasite up until he croaked his last breath,” I ranted quietly, restraining my genuine anger at the topic. “It was a twisted society that got us honest people, those that don’t deserve the brutality of the street, to suffer on a daily basis. It’s unfair, I hate it.”

    The werewolf blinked, mesmerized by the words. “You… want to change this? Is… that why you’re doing this?”

    “That’s correct, Bhediya. You’re correct in saying that I could’ve easily lived away from worries. But then again, it would be so dishonest and wasteful of me to ditch my morality for a warm bed,” I replied strongly. “I know that things can be changed in due time. It wouldn’t take a couple of years- heck, I know that multiple decades will hardly influence the world as a whole. But I know that the world will surrender at my will, I know it. Because I, Dio, want to bring the change and I will not rest until I’ve truly won.”

    There was silence, I blamed the intensity of the speech for that. I felt nervous as now that this discussion was mostly wrapped up, I needed to prepare for the next situation I needed to be present by.

    I nodded, silently walking by the doorstep and stopping there. I glanced back at the bed, with Sarah looking distracted, with her mind trying to grasp at the might of the words I had just delivered, while the werewolf tried to actually suppress the awe at understanding those.

    It was alluring, to just accept the truth and my passionate craving for reform in this sad, unforgiving world. He stared back at me and I sighed before nodding again, this time at him.

    “I will take my leave,” I stated curtly. “I’ve… plenty of affairs to deal today and I will be back the day after tomorrow for some more chatting. I will be there for much longer than now and… I hope you will find it easy to approach those I’ve assigned to keep care of you.”

    Bhediya nodded slowly at the affirmations, but I wasn’t done just yet.

    “That means no growling at Speedwagon, Bhediya,” I mentioned, drawing a snort and a frown from the long-haired boy.

    Without further ado, I, Dio, walked out of the headquarters once I had given new dispositions to the fellow blond about handling the two siblings. Ready to take on the ‘school’ I’ve decided to approach as per George’s request.


    The carriage came to a solid halt as we finally arrived by the middle section of Woodside, Wimbledon. The street was mostly desolate, if not for a couple of ignorant passerby that avoided approaching the part of the sidewalk which I left the carriage from.

    The charioteer was given proper instructions to wait until further notice from my part, giving me the opportunity to wait a little more over the building which I was supposed to go into. Two floors, the builder hadn’t been precise with the proportions as bits of the roof were dented and curving down to the left.

    The place looked fairly abandoned, yet I could see lights coming from the windows. I’m still surprised that George hadn’t inquired some more about where I was going to ‘study’ to, or else he would’ve forbidden me from ever approaching this part of London.

    To be fair, it took me a while to remember a place that would’ve served both as a mean to expand my contacts and to have some info about ‘bizarre’ situations happening within London or even within the British Empire.

    And that place turned out to be the Ghost Club, the oldest paranormal investigation and research organization in the world. It was created back in 1862 by some fellows at Trinity College, and it counted numerous important characters in British literature and governance.

    The first one that would come up to my mind was already waiting by the door, patiently so. I didn’t recognize him before approaching, but as soon as I got a better look from his appearance, I was quick to recognize the slimmer and younger form of one Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

    Yes, the famous writer that was known for his Sherlock Holmes works was part of this club, just not an active one. Actually, the group itself wasn’t even meant to be ‘alive’ after their leading member, Charles Dickens, passed away. With my letter directed at some of the main members still working on the Club’s resurrection, I managed to reanimate the group a year earlier than in the ‘normal’ timeline.

    While the claims I had forwarded in that paper should’ve been regarded with strict scrutiny from the leading members of the association, the fact that these people just wanted a purpose to reconvene proved to be too much intense to actually throw away my letter at a first glance.

    The man spared me a surprised look, still failing to digest how young I was, but still giving me a nod and leading me inside the large house, taking just a moment to exchange introductions and pleasantries.

    He was still a resourceful medic in this time period, quite nervous and still tentative over starting a writing career out of the various issues correlated to the job. Yet Arthur proved to be capable of offering a pleasant conversationalist with his own perception of the paranormal.

    Still, my real problem was manifested by the two figures that represented the leadership of the Ghost Club: Stainton Moses and Alaric Alfred Watts.

    Both men were… experienced in the occult. To be fair, I wasn’t much trusting of these two specific individuals, knowing perfectly that they weren’t the true founders of the Club as they’ve stated multiple times in their own circles. There was also something that I found uneasy over the strange way they had both replied to my letters.

    Quite curt, terribly polite, but, worst of it all, desperate for something to help their efforts to revitalize the group. Real-politick is nice until I’m the one giving orders rather than receiving them.

    And this is why, with some careful planning, I decided to limit my ‘claims’ to just a single element I knew they would’ve never been able to use against me. Or at least, not without incurring in my wrath and dying by trying any sneaky move on me.

    The two elders were sitting one beside another, while the rest of the Club looked… dull. Everyone was bored and discouraged from the fact that the ‘grand reunion’ had yet to begin. The moment I entered their sight, some looked incredibly irritated at the fact a ‘young boy’ was here at this important gathering.

    I didn’t spare this minority much of a simple glance, with my attention quickly fixing at the men that were the most important. I approached the table and Stainton sported a quick smile.

    “I suppose you’re the one that sent us the letter detailing quite the impressive study on a possible paranormal energy,” The old man mentioned with a nod. “Please, do come closer.”

    I blinked at the tone, feeling rather unnerved by the attention I was receiving, but still sporting a strong outlook as I knew that the moment I displayed any weakness, I was going to get exploited by these dangerous individuals.

    They were all for the ‘good cause’ of spiritualism and paranormal, but they weren’t certainly going to step up their level to talk to me with a proper intellectual tone because of my age and height. They didn’t know better and they had yet to experience what I’m truly made of.

    “That’s correct,” I politely remarked. “And I suppose I’m talking to Stainton Moses.”

    The elder nodded, his smile barely changing as he turned to address the man sitting beside him. “Yes and… this is my associate-”

    “Alaric Alfred Watts,” The fellow old man interjected coolly, his stare setting on me. “I’ve read your letter with certain interest, young Dio. And I find it ironic that your name is… correlated to the figure of God.”

    I nodded. “My mother believed in the Lord. And her belief was fueled by the truth within this world. That things are beyond what they seem to be.”

    He blinked. “Is that so? Then please, do enlighten us about this… truth,” Watts pressed on with some insistence. “You mentioned this energy, but surely you understand we can’t believe at some baseless claims.”

    “I’m sure you’ve also received the drawing attached to my letter. The one which would help understand the process behind the production of such an energy.”

    A nod, and then he placed by the table the precise drawing of the golden rectangle. At this point, some of the members were sparing interest over this development. I knew that some had some scientific basis, and they were aware of what the ‘golden ratio’ was.

    Without offering any other words about the matter, I proceeded to bring out from my jacket’s left pocket a small wooden ball. I showed it to the rest of the group around, gaining their attention as… I started to spin it.

    At first there was silence, then some individuals tensed up as the effects of the Spin entered in motion. Shock reigned supreme within the minds of those assisting at this spectacle of light.

    The two leaders were both stomped at the sight, with Stainton having lost his smile as his jaws dropped low at the scene. His associate was digesting the situation better, with only his eyes widening at the revelation unfolding before him.

    Soon, I could feel the power of controlling the room where I was. No one moved, silently staring as the sphere finally ended with its Spin. I blinked, a small smile spreading on my face as I regarded everyone in that room with a sigh.

    “I hope that this was a good enough proof,” I inquired calmly. “For I too believe that proof should be manifested with this kind of claims, as only with proof we can know for sure what is true from what if wrong.”

    They were mesmerized- no, they were allured by my speech because of the shocking sight I have given them. I could see it in their eyes, in their souls. I could see some already praising me quietly as their Lord reincarnated.

    It would’ve been nice to let them profess me as God reborn… but I wasn’t really hoping for that. Fanatics weren’t what I was searching there, or at least not the ones of the religious kind. I needed servants, faithful and trusted minions that could influence society thanks to their own circles.

    Instead of letting the confusion dwindle out in a moment of spiritual zealotry, I merely sighed.

    “Of course, I think it’s best for me to not let a thought manipulate you to think me the wrong way,” I confessed quietly, giving another look around as to make them understand I was talking to all of them. “For it would be wrong to label me as the Lord, or even Jesus Christ. I’m neither of them… but I feel close to their message.”

    Their moment of religious stupor was dashed away with these words, but they still listened as I was yet to finish and… because I was being honest in a moment of genuine honesty.

    “I believe that the world can be better. That we can make it better,” I continued with a sigh. “A world were war is a distant memory, where hate can be resolved through talk rather than with violence. That the word shouldn’t be shied away from because of how soft it sounds like,” I said, pausing just a moment to check on their fascination over my words. I had them hooked up. “And I understand those that find my words idealistic, foolishly so, and I respect them for being this much distrustful. People can abuse trust in the worst of way, because in this world we’re implicitly taught to exploit emotions, manipulate minds...”

    I made a sharp turn, looking on the opposite direction. I needed to masterfully use all theatrical gestures I could muster up ‘without sounding too fake’. And I was succeeding by the way things looked like.

    “But I don’t care about people as tools. I can see their worth, I can understand their concerns, but I would never go further than using my own body, my own mind, to deal with my own problems,” I commented, feeling my heartbeat picking up a little at how much I was winding out this speech. “Which is why I believe it’s about time, now that the entire world is known to mankind as a whole, to start taking steps towards the heavens. A just world to match with God’s ultimate design.”

    “World peace,” Someone muttered in a whisper.

    “Equality,” Another whisperer added.

    “Justice,” A third man echoed from behind some of his colleagues.

    I felt the collective thought resonating with my speech with just a handful still looking skeptical. But I was glad of the results as… I knew that words weren’t going to be the only thing that were going to prove my vision as the proper one.

    It could always get better, but for now the one I actually yearned for was enough to satisfy the occupants of this very room. I could already feel it in the air, as people soon started to ‘crave’ for answers to their own questions.

    My smile widened as I was more than willing to offer them my wisdom, and to show them the right way to follow. While I hadn’t gained some cult with the same undying loyalty as Dio’s original one, mine was already shaping to be a decent one with the positive reactions I was getting from the all.

    For I, Dio, had but just taken the first step in influencing not only the capital, but also the nation as a whole. And my job here was far from done…



    Werewolf boy and occult. The surreal and the madness.

    Behdiya (भेड़िया) is Hindi for Wolf. Kind of straightforward, but there will be more about the wolf-boy. The name, and the first taste of personality will be just the tip of a massive iceberg dedicated to him.

    Now yes, I did just make a sharp turn to give our lovely Lord Dio-Sama a cult filled with notable people.

    And before you ask, no. I didn’t exaggerate with the ‘easiness’ this people were manipulated. Some of these individuals were influenced by ‘mediums’ and other spiritual readers. Religion was the key of success, especially when Dio represents the ‘divine alternative’ devoid of any scam or fakeness.

    Also… why not Hamon? People will surely ask, but I know some already have made this connection. People that learn Hamon can live for a long time and… some individuals there don’t deserve that kind of power… yet.

    Quick remainder: Capitolo Primo will probably end by Chapter 20. Once there, things will take a drastic change from the classic Bizarre Adventure as I plan to mashup some elements from various parts of Jojo to create Dio’s unique adventure from that point onward. Expect lots of developments beyond the standards!
  9. Extras: Special Omake 1: Dio's Bizarre Tree Incident...

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    Little surprise omake that isn't actually mine. Still, I like the concept and gave it some polishing before deciding to post it.

    Here is the first Special Omake!

    Special Omake 1: Dio's Bizarre Tree Incident...

    [Main Writer: Master Blaster (SpaceBattles)]

    Experiment #40, Golden Spin Overdrive

    […] My second attempt was a little more ‘brazen’ considering that I focused to spin the ball of steel some more before throwing it against the tree and… this time something more happened.

    A blossomed daisy popping resolutely and suddenly from the bark of the tree, this time my smile widening at the better result.

    I continued with my experiments for twenty minutes, maybe thirty, before deciding that it was time to return back to where JoJo was before getting in trouble about my unexpected disappearance-

    But before I was really gone, I thought about how my progress with The Spin were showing some admirable results. It was interesting how flexible of an ability the Spin was and… I decided to make one last test before going.

    On a whim, I decided to see if it'd be possible to infuse both the Spin, and Hamon at the same time. Both mystical forces dictated on a similar level, but both worked on two different sets of rules, with the Ripple being more magical in nature while the rotation-induced power followed logical laws of nature.

    Initially, the experiment proved to be a bit frustrating. I started by infusing hamon into a small metallic sphere as the Spin started to appear around the rotating object. After coming close to get pincushioned by metallic shards from the exploding balls, I ultimately replaced these with a wooden replica for the ultimate experiment..

    Perhaps it was the metal since I knew that it wasn’t a good conduit for hamon, and that getting it to work well with the best medium to utilize the Spin would take some time.

    A small experiment started to slowly take more time that I had planned for… but the results were undeniably satisfying.

    It was tough early on, and it took me about a dozen tries before I had some positive aftermaths. This time the sphere didn’t came to explode, and I started to get rough grasps of how to infuse hamon within and around a metal, which was already a good thing whatever or not my experiment was going to work.

    A couple more of minutes passed but soon I felt confident that I would be able to merge the The Spin with Hamon.

    It was time to give it a serious time… and I planned for a 'tree blooming' exercise.

    For awhile, I felt the Spin cycle through the ball, coating it in energy. Soon I started to focus my breath and channel hamon into the Sphere until I felt the life energy, the Ripple itself through the sphere, starting to increase the pace of the rotation to endless momentu

    It was brilliant, and I could feel something about the Spin starting to ‘click’ properly within my mind and soul. It took all of my concentration just to avoid losing control over either forces.

    I waited, patiently drawing stability within that sudden intensification before I could launch the orb comfortably at a crown from where a section of branches slit into that I had selected as my target. I needed precision, I needed accuracy.

    Just as I felt the timing being right, I felt enticed to speak and… to try something interesting I felt the need to say. A new technique… it needed a proper name after all.

    "Golden Spiral OVERDRIVE!" I half-shouted, remembering that some passing servants could’ve noticed my little act, and then I launched the hamon-infused, rotating sphere at the tree.

    The metal soared, my orange-eyed stare keeping locked onto the flying object with modest fascination and glee.

    Now, let’s see how a tree branch would fare against a hamon infused sphere...


    At first, nothing happened as the projectile collided onto its target. But then I noticed the branches twisting, starting to shake suddenly and abruptly.

    Soon flowers started to sprout in those, blooming from within the tree’s core and essence. It wasn’t a specific kind of flower, but a wide variety that just felt mesmerizing to stare at as it slowly began to reach beyond the branches.

    It was a fascinating success that got my jaws dropping in pleasant awe.

    Still, I couldn't help but notice that wealth of flowers continued to bloom under my stare, the process reaching down to the base trunk of the tree itself. While I noticed the branches themselves creaking and still twisting. No, it was somehow shaking, as if trying to rotate on itself...

    SSLL... SSLL... SSLL...

    I stood on guard at the surprising sight. I began to notice that vines were starting to sprout from these flowers and that those too began to slowly spin.

    There was a rumbling seemingly coming from the ground itself. I was confused as I kept staring at the tree as it continued to blossom beyond my previous attempts.

    Did I, Dio, somehow create a bizarre tree, one mutated by a harmonious approach of both Hamon and Spin energies?

    A weird development, that left me perplexed at the curious scene. But one that I had yet to check on a more technical level. I stabilized my breath again, crouching down as I tapped at the land in an effort to sense what was happening ‘internally’ within my specimen.

    It was life-force that greeted me, but it wasn’t the usual reading I would get from a common tree. The energy, it was still spiraling from within that tree, and it was burning brighter as it kept rotating. I opened my eyes in visible shock, only just now realized that the trunks are beginning to brow slowly, as if it's expanding outward.

    New vines grew from the ‘hollowed’ trunk. It didn’t have wood inside, but flowers. So many flowers.

    Feeling intrigued by the bizarre pattern, I decided to walk closer and observe better what was changing with the tree.

    It was only after a couple of steps toward it that I noticed that the pattern of the rotating flowers just resembled that of the golden ratio. And on closer look, the branches were not breaking under the duress of the constantly rotating.

    It's as if the Hamon… was repairing the damage caused by the Spin, soothing the pain too in the process, while being further fueled by the Rotation itself in an infinite process of activities.

    While I was mesmerized by the massive success, my attention was stripped away by the tree itself as I felt something creep closer to where I was.

    I jumped away just in time as I noticed that some of the vines had sneaked around and had been close to latch onto me. I was annoyed by the sudden attack from my creation… but then I realized that tree wasn’t only slowly gaining more life-force. The retracting vines gave off a degree of understanding, of perception that I was now aware of that attempt to take hold of me.

    It was… becoming intelligent. And it wanted… me?


    I could feel the ground starting to shake, and I was forced to take a few steps back as multiple objects suddenly grew from within out of the dirt floor, shredding some of the grass in the process.

    Roots, that were wriggling upwards-!!

    Those were following the same spinning manner akin to the tree’s flowers, but soon their pace seemed to hasten within their rippling rotations...

    The vines returned to approach me, this time displaying new flowers… and stopping by the flowers growing within the roots.

    I noticed that all of the tree's leaves were covered in nothing, but rotating flowers, that began to shed away from the branches and fly towards the sky…

    I blinked in utter shock at the fact that those leaves weren’t the previous green. But a suave and mellow pink.

    ... Did I, Dio, managed to create an ever blooming [Sakura Tree] nearby the Joestar manor?
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    Yes, I will accept anyone's offer their own omakes to the story. I don't see any problem to that and I will be more to happy to offer some grammar polishing/spell-checking if any of those needs it.

    Still, some minor rules:
    - The Content of the omake shouldn't be too gruesome;
    - Snippets? Do offer those even if those sound silly or amusingly stupid. Just give it a try!;
    - No NSFW stuff, I don't think I need to bring up the Forum Rules here;
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    is this cannon
  12. Extras: Omake 9: Maria the Ripper (3)

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    Omake 9: Maria the Ripper (3)

    Original Idea from: KingAllen (FFN)

    A week passed since Maria Jacqueline Brando entered my large scheme of things and… my life.

    Things hadn’t been as smooth I planned those to be… especially when Muddiburi decided to tutor me at the simple condition of not seeing ‘the foul creature’ hanging around me.

    Which was kind of sad since I had plans to help Jackie learn how to swim, and to help her face the slight fear she had over water bodies.

    It was a legitimate concern of hers that stemmed from the fact that the souls that made her essence were all killed by drowning. All those unwanted children… thrown into the darkness of the Thames.

    I was careful to not sound too pushy over this matter. I could see that she was having already some issues in merely thinking about that topic and I didn’t want to shove her too hard against her Aquaphobia.

    Still, with Muddiburi visiting on a regular basis for my training sessions, I managed to finally get some insight over what Jack truly was.

    My first idea that she was a mere Wraith proved to be correct… but the idea itself about what Wraiths were from what was known in the Nasuverse’s lore ended up falling down as a false assumption on my part.

    Jack wasn’t the Jack I had thought her being. Or rather, this Jack wasn’t attached to the madness that was the Nasuverse.

    No Magecraft, no Alaya, no Gaia, and, most of all, no need to worry about a certain white-haired tanned Archer passing by to kill me for manipulating the current state of things.

    Clocktower didn’t exist. I had to check thoroughly and make a stupid rush to check onto where the entrance to the association was. That very part didn’t exist in the British Museum and I even looked around the basement within the building, where the entrance was meant to be, to confirm this.

    The Magus Association wasn’t there, and I could already breathe a relieved sigh at the lack of possible new enemies so early on.

    I couldn’t find any other elements from the Fateverse existing within this world much to my growing ease. I tried by checking for any correlation to the Einzbern Family, or even about the Tohsaka clan from the various books about Japan that were available in the Joestar’s library.

    I even thought that this was more of a Tsukihimeverse and went around to see if I could find anything about Zelretch.

    Zelretch was the main element that truly would confirm or not if this was a full-fledged mix with an alternate Nasuverse.

    ...But I couldn’t find anything about him, nor I knew how to catch his attention.

    I was stuck in that doubt that maybe things were just terribly different from what I had thought those being… but then again, Muddiburi would’ve mentioned about ‘strange blue lines’ in everyone’s body if there was such a thing like Magic Circuits.

    With that theory debunked on a large scale, my worry shifted back to Jack.

    A coincidence, that’s how I had worded out that curious ‘cameo’ from such a recently renowned individual.

    Jackie was an anomaly. A cute one, but still an unexpected element within this world.

    More words from Muddiburi highlighted the unexpected element that was Jack’s existence. Wraiths were meant to be monstrous, as those generally formed by mixing the various aspects of war victims’ appearances. Skeletal, deformed, hooded, mindless, and horrible.

    But Jack was none of that, and I quickly realized that the reason why she looked as such was the souls that made her… her.

    Drowned children, with a striking majority of girls, that had all a youthful and childish appearance.

    Prostitutes were already horrified by the nature of their jobs, but it was the fact that they were conceiving bastard children to their clients that truly made them shiver in self-hatred.

    The girls were the one that hit them the worst because they surely could see another batch of sex workers that wouldn’t have any choice on the future choices about any possible jobs.

    It was unpleasant to think about this, but the more I looked at Jack and… how much earnest she was in her embraces, the more I was being reminded of the starvation of affection that the children had to endure.

    Jack represented the main entity, but the desire was intense because of how connecting it was to all those souls part of that conglomerate.

    Another thing that truly left me perplexed was a warning that my Hamon teacher decided to level on me.

    Jack was still a Wraith. While many would easily call those creatures akin to zombies, there were major differences between a monster and another.

    Zombies and Vampires were by nature weak to Sunlight/Ripple. The mystical ability worked as a mean to ‘reanimate’ the undead element and… force those to die right as the monstrous nature clashed against the past humane one.

    But Wraiths? They were completely the opposite. Lifeforce was something they needed to consume on a constant basis to survive, and Jack wasn’t an exception to that rule.

    Being around other human beings, the girl was always before an abundant presence of life energy that not only sustained her… but also helped her ‘stabilize’.

    Wraiths were anomalies within the scale of existence. Their presence was similar to Ghost in the plane of existence, but their conditions those to turn into something a little more material.

    More energy equaled to a stabler body. A stabler body meant that the wraith would eventually be able to produce life energy on its own.

    Which meant that eventually Jackie was going to turn in a human with a single soul… or that’s how things seemed to allude to.

    It was still difficult to assess from an early look if her body was going to keep the unnatural magical power within her core, or if her soul was going to become a single thing or still a collective of multiple ‘hiveminded’ souls.

    But… I was sure of one thing in particular over the matter.

    Jack was loyal to me, and only me.

    Sure, she had been quite affectionate towards me and… she had kept a good attitude towards Jojo and Jonathan. Heck, she even started to play around with Danny after the dog had decided to finally approach her and see if she was nice or not despite her inhuman nature.

    But the final testament of her familial love manifested when she acted when Wang Chan struck for a second time.

    There had been so much happening in that day. From finding out that Hannah, the young woman I had ‘saved’ from Jack, was now leading a gang and happily relinquishing it to my command, to the large warehouse filled with various goods that was now mine to organize and use.

    The young woman was, of course, unnerved by the fact that Jackie was now a ‘friend’, but she seemed to melt away in a cute spree when the white-haired child apologized with a genuine tone for what had happened and accepted some heavy petting from the former courtesan.

    Then the mad Chinese man attacked, getting a surprise attack on me and tying my hands through some magical chains. It was just as I started to feel a concussion at being slammed on the nearby wall that I saw a white and black blur move towards the dark magician.

    He survived the single rush, but the same couldn’t be said about his now missing left hand. That precise strike was meant to free me from the shackles, but it also forced the crazy bastard in a swift retreat before I had the chance to coordinate a response.

    Jackie was… inconsolable when she first took notice of my injuries. I hadn’t seen her this much… shaken. It was kind of saddening, but also the ultimate proof of her devotion.

    My ease in offering hugs and headpats was increased to a normal stance as I was now aware of her genuine commitment in my cause, and I kept her in an embrace until we were back… home.

    It was odd to think that the murderous thing that was Fate’s Jack the Killer was happily nestling her head on my shoulder, her semi-limp arms wrapped around my waist and… snoring softly by my hear.

    With that responsibility now confirmed as a must to protect, my ambitions were unchanged… if not improved by Jack’s presence in the big picture.

    The world needed a childish perspective once in a while. So why don’t give an understanding child a job in the new order around the corner?



    New Jackie’s omake and… next one will have some bits of a chapter. I had some difficulty to pick a proper scene from the many chapters available, but I can assure ya all that next one will have cute Jackie being absurdly helpful… and adorable.

    Yes. This is my ambition!

    Also, quick notice: The reason why I'm not piling any other Nasuverse element is because I don't want to pack everything in a single series of Omake. Like, I've plans for other Nasuverse characters to appear in other Omakes, but I just want those to stand alone to the 'Maria the Ripper' series.
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    “T-This is horrible!” Jonathan half-yelled while slamming a certain tome I had the chance of reading just briefly in my past life.

    George looked particularly irritated by the loud tone adopted by his son, but his eyes showed some conflicting thoughts over his reaction at that outburst so early in the morning.

    It took me a mere glance in the situation to see that my interference would only escalate things beyond an acceptable level. So I focused on sipping at my cup and think about what I was supposed with my new income thanks to the recent donations of some wealthy men interested in my notions of world order.


    “Father, you always told me to be respectful of everyone around me, may them be rich or not.. but this- this paper suggest so many horrible things,” The young man continued, sounded even more appalled over the matter he was bringing up.

    To be fair, I should’ve expected his teacher bringing up some pro-imperialist tomes for him to study. Archaeology was still a subject that well depended on colonies, especially with the swift mood swings between the Empires in Europe.

    A moment the Russians were the big threat to the Pacific, the next day they were the UK’s best friends against any issues in continental Europe. Same for other nations.

    I wasn’t much surprised to see his outburst after merely glancing to one of the few imperialist books that will be forsaken by science in about less than two centuries from now.

    “Return to your seat and… heed my words, Jonathan,” The nobleman ordered calmly, restraining himself from lashing out at that brash voice he was being subjected to. “The argument is sensible, and shouldn’t be discussed in such a simplistic manner.”

    Partly correct, but not in the way you would want to, George.

    Imperialism was… a necessary evil. Not one that I could wholeheartedly support considering the heinous deeds some colonial governors were going to commit once the Berlin Conference happened.

    But I could still see a determined interest in ‘capturing’ these territories all for the sake of sustaining the stupidly-draining upkeep of the current industrial power within the isles. It was all pragmatism in full display, and I don’t have a reason to ‘justify’ the fact it was all done in a cold and cynical perspective.

    Sure, if I had the chance of controlling the colonial policies, I would’ve put some interest in helping the natives survive the aggressive expansionism, and perhaps integrate their tribes in modern society as new generations of a growing empire.

    But right now there was no mean for me to sway anything about the current state of things. The Berlin Conference was meant to be convened in three years from now, and I was completely unprepared to make an attempt to sway that international reunion in a different direction.

    Too many dangerous elements to keep an eye for, and so little time to muster up enough international influence and political weight to get things done my way. It was unpleasant, but I had no choice other than patiently prepare for the best opportunity to strike.

    “Father...” Jojo looked incredibly reluctant over the words coming from his remaining parent, but a quick stare in my direction got him to finally comply. I gave him the usual nod to dignify the fact that I was going to talk to him about it and… I really wanted to have a discussion with him about the subject.

    The reason? It was the strange explanation that George mustered for the occasion. The very one trying to highlight only the ‘importance’ of civilized nations have in ‘bringing culture and order’ in uncivilized countries.

    Uncivilized… what a silly concept to denigrate obsolete civilizations. Obsolete was… better, but not the best term to depict a society which moral degradation has yet to become a variable in everyday’s life.

    Just as expected Jonathan gave it some attention, but ultimately failed to genuinely grasp at the main theme that his father was trying to bring out for him to understand. I could see George himself having some trouble believing what he was saying, but the older Joestar decided to take his son’s silence as good motivation to keep quiet for the reminder of the breakfast.

    I wasn’t in the mood to quip for other conversations, as I knew that the opportunity that I was being offered in a golden plate just couldn’t be refused. I had been working so much to get Jojo in a good situation where I could’ve finally approached him over my secret workings… but now I was ready to take a dangerous step and see how much trust existed between him and me.

    A couple of minutes passed smoothly, but soon the two of us were talking about this matter right in my room. I was sitting by my bed as I looked at the young Joestar walking back and forth while he ranted about his displeasure over these discoveries.

    “This is rubbish, Dio. This shouldn’t be condoned. It’s amoral- it’s evil.”

    “It is,” I muttered calmly, keeping my presence in that discussion to a minimum. I needed him to drain his current irritation before I could endear him with a proper intervention, or else I risked in incurring in some loud and unneeded detours in my explanation.

    “But then why father support this? Why would he defend something so wrong?”

    “Because… it’s not convenient to fight it directly, Jojo.”

    “What? But-”

    “And before I let you continue, please understand that I’m not saying that fighting it is impossible. Rather, I think that headbutting into such an issue would only result in a terrible ordeal for either you or your father,” I started to say with a sigh. “We both know that words matter a lot to many high-class citizens in Britain. A ‘wrong’ opinion can easily end in some unpleasant aftermath.”

    His shoulder sagged a little at my words. “But then, what are we supposed to do?”

    So desperate for a genuine good answer. A pity that I didn’t have a quick one to offer back.

    “Considering the circumstances, or better, how limited our shared reach is… nothing,” I replied calmly. “For now, we can only bid our time and get some-”

    “I-It can’t be it. I know that people can protest and-”

    “Either be shot, arrested or exiled for high treason,” I interjected, forcing him to stay quiet. He really was moving with his romantic heroism… but there was no smartiness in that thought. No finesse. “Albeit a terrible practice, imperialism is entrenched within the monarchy’s mindset. It’s a must to compete with other nations to either have ‘model colonies’ or even get resources to sustain a mighty industry power.”

    “Still...” He didn’t continue, his shoulders sagging even more as he took a seat by the bed right beside me. “Why?”

    … “Hmm?”

    “Why do you look this calm?” The young man inquired with some confusion. “You too consider it bad, but you didn’t say nothing at the table and… even now you’re quiet about it.”

    I blinked, understanding what he was implying to. “You think I stopped caring about the plight of people beyond our nation, Jojo?”

    He didn’t answer that, but I noticed his head tilting up and almost coming down to complete a nod.

    Sighing, I shook my head at his misunderstanding of my silence. It wasn’t outright stupid, but I swiftly deemed it rather silly from his part.

    “I’m not unfazed by the common people suffering. May them be white, black, or Asians,” I began talking. “But I’ve long learned that sprouting left and right about my opposition to the known rules is not going to help any of those that are constantly stepped upon. The only thing you get from doing that is bad attention from those that ‘truly matter’.”

    “So… you hate it but… don’t talk about it?”

    “Not in public. Not so vehemently,” I answered with a nod. “But with those you think you can talk about it without ever so incurring in any unpleasant ramification? That’s up to you to decide.”

    “Just like with… you?”

    “Erina would probably accept that kind of conversation too if you moderate yourself about it. Just don’t expect the same fascination from her father,” I admitted with a sigh, thinking that someone that works in India as a doctor for nobles couldn’t be much interested about the topic. Especially if it threatened his line of work. “Still, from what I can see on your face, the real issue is that you wish to bring change to it, and not just discuss it. Am I correct?”

    He looked surprised, but my words had him coaxed to an awed calm. A nod followed and… I sighed.

    “Then I don’t see any reason to keep this secret from you any longer… as I see that you and I can discuss about my own plans about a change since we both share the same desire.”

    I stood up from the bed and carefully turned to stare at Jojo once I was right in front of him.

    “Dio? What are you talking about? A secret?”

    Jonathan looked confused, slightly surprised by the sudden twist to the conversation but… I just knew what to say to him to get the best outcome out of this.

    “Not a secret kept away for ill intents. It was all for fear of being misunderstood with my intentions and… labeled a villain,” I started with a nod. “You can say that the circumstances that led me to this situation are… odd. Bizarre even.”

    “What?” He blurted out even more confused.

    “Do you remember when I requested your father for a trip to the capital alone the first time around?”

    There was a pause at this, just enough to get an answer from the quiet Joestar. Jojo offered a slow nod and I sighed.

    “While I had told the truth about my main interest being finding my mother’s wedding dress for that circumstance, that wasn’t the only thing that happened that very day, Jonathan,” I muttered calmly. “There’s much more to that day than just that.”

    And from that very point, I started to reveal most of the truth.

    It sounds stupid from an outsider’s perspective to have a villain reveal his plans to their enemies, the heroes. But there was a reason why I was more than happy to drop as much genuineness than I could.

    Jonathan’s main trait in the series was that he sought the truth from Dio from the very beginning, and while it was directed at the malicious intents of the character I was impersonating, the reality was well mirrored in this very situation.

    I was an enigma, but one that held a degree of positive rewards for the Joestar to unravel that it made the efforts the more interesting for him.

    If Jojo was a bear, then my truthful words were the sweet honey he had been pursuing since that moment. He was a gentleman that thrived for moral goodness, and I had been his model to refine that code of honor. He was a hero, but one that was born in an age that didn’t accept true knights any longer.

    Still, the young man looked rather surprised and uneasy at the words coming out of my mouth. He would stop me once in a while to inquire for more details from a specific situation, and I would offer those without any restriction.

    Despite Jojo’s persisting nervousness about my revelation, the situation was tending favorably for me. He didn’t seem angry, and his uneasiness was mostly directed at the insanity that were things like the mask, Wang Chan, and Jack the Ripper.

    But while I had a strong hunch that things were working well for my plans, there was still something that managed to get me a little panicky at the end of that conversation.

    “But still, why would this ‘Wang Chan’ be trying to hunt you down? Why would he go so far to steal the mask?”

    ...Dammit. Now that was the kind of query I had some trouble to truly reply to. And I couldn’t certainly bail or deflect that question without sounding suspicious.

    There was only one way out of that awkward setup. I needed to improvise with ‘my’ emotions.

    Thus I let out a heavy sight, this time having my stare diverted from Jojo and to the only window in the room. I was quiet as I calmly walked up to it and stared outside with an unfocused look.

    “This… is something that I’m troubled to mention. I didn’t even have the strength to tell to your father despite he knows part of the truth about this topic.”

    I turned around and sported a melancholic expression. “My father, the man that George might have depicted as a strange good man… was a liar.”

    “A liar? And why is your father-”

    “Let me finish, I beg you,” I muttered with a sour tone, closing my eyes for a moment as I channeled my saddest look possible. A mix of serious mourning and complicated acting, I needed to appear legitimate with these memories. “It’s… correlated to something heinous I did. A sin that I will always bear with pride, but that will still keep me in the greatest shame for being the worst man.”

    I blinked, almost imagining myself in that scene before the old drunkard.

    “Dario Brando… he was a terrible person,” I started with a quiet tone. “Not just because of his unhealthy correlation with alcohol. He was a violent man even without being influenced by the booze. At first… it was my mother that took the brunt of his anger.”


    “When my mother died by… stress and overworking herself to the bone, I was the only one remaining in his proximity,” I muttered, ignoring Jojo’s attempt to stop me from going forward with the story. “I was quiet, never bother. I never saw a reason to bother but… you can say that I’m but just a human being and I too have a limit with my patience.”

    I took a step away from the window, then I stopped. It was all staged to appear the most serious possible. I couldn’t certainly bring out authenticity without having been in that setting, but I could remember the lore and the scenes depicting Dio’s last interaction with his father.

    “Dario was a lazy man. He barely worked, and what money he would get was quickly spent at the nearby pub,” I prepared for the big truth bomb. I needed to be ready, to stand up and shine before my small audience. “But one day the coin wasn’t enough. And he still needed to drink despite the lack of means to afford a mere beer.”

    “My mother’s wedding dress was something that I had treasured for years. It was the last thing I had for her and… he didn’t care,” I let my shoulders sag as I said this. “Or if he did, it wasn’t enough to keep him from buying more booze. And it was in that very situation that I knew that I had to something to change everything.”

    Jonathan looked uncomfortable, but he still asked. “W-What did you do, Dio?”

    Ah, to think that I was meant to appear sad before such a terrified young man. Truly unpleasant, but there was no coming back out of that melancholic drama.

    “Wang Chan owns a shop in Ogre Street. His products are mysterious, but rare and… effective,” I went to answer. “I didn’t bother inquiring about the vial I bought with some of the money I had gained doing various miserable jobs. I had a single intent and… it worked.”

    “Dio...” At this I finally stopped. He had realized, and I could see it in his widening eyes. “You… You killed your father.”

    “I did,” I confessed calmly, still tensing up as I thought about what to say next. “But I will not hide myself behind my ideals of justice. This case doesn’t justify, nor I will try to hide away the fact that it was personal revenge driven by my hatred for the man. I detested my father for being a bastard, Jojo. A bastard that killed my mother, that demeaned her to the point that she couldn’t help but consider herself only a tool, and not a human being.”

    “B-But surely- There’s no way that-”

    “I will not hide myself in lies, Jojo. If there’s something that I aim for, it’s moral truth. The absolute good that one should always fight for,” I interjected. “And this is why, I will not lament if you reject me as a brother. I did something terrible and I will receive proper judgment for-!!”

    I didn’t have time to conclude that very sentence that something I had not expected unfolded. Jonathan… stood up quickly from the bed and, sporting a furious look, pulled me in a tight hug.

    Confusion swelled at that point as there was silence after this sudden action. With my eyes wide open, I tried to understand the thought of the one that started the hug. I couldn’t get anything, or at least that was until he finally decided to speak.

    “I refuse to consider you a terrible person, Dio,” Jojo mused while squeezing a little more. “You’re my brother. Someone I trust and care as part of my family and… while you did something dreadful, it wasn’t without reason.”

    He pulled back for a moment. “I can’t say that I will not condemn what you did to your father, but I will not vilify you for doing what you thought it was the best you could’ve done,” The young man commented. “I will say what you’re now. You, Dio, are perhaps one of the few people I know that I can trust my life to. You… are my brother, and you helped me ever since you joined my family. I will condemn your past, but I will accept your current and future merits as due redemption for that villainous act.”


    “But I want one thing about this. Something that I wish to know by person now that you mentioned it to me,” He grasped at my shoulders quite tightly, a small smile appeared on his face as he prepared for the proper request. “You’ve… befriended a werewolf.”

    I blinked. “Yes?”

    “Show him to me!”

    ...Oh right, Jonathan is still a childish dog-loving dummy when he wants to. I almost facepalmed at that sudden question but… I merely nodded.

    I mean, I don’t see why Bhediya would’ve a problem with some headpats. He sure does seem to like it when it’s either Sarah or me approaching him with such offer.

    And I know that Jojo will not risk his life for some headpatting.


    “It’s… rather chilly. Isn’t it?”

    I blinked at Jojo’s little whine, glancing to the side as we both departed away from the chariot that had left us to this part of London.

    Convincing George to just let his son come with me for a ‘safe trip’ in the city ended up being a child’s play. The man was still bothered by how he was supposed to properly address his son’s strong opposition to Imperialism and any mean to delay that unavoidable private talk was taken as a blessing.

    “It’s barely winter’s time, Jojo,” I mused back. “I told you to put on something warmer instead of that little jacket.”

    He blushed a little, remembering way too well that I’ve brought up the fact he needed a heavier set of clothes now that December was around the corner.

    “I’m… I’m fine, then.”

    I sighed. “If you catch a cold, I will not cover for your silliness.”

    “I don’t mind!” The young man reiterated with more determination. It was now his pride on the line.

    “I think Erina will if she is denied the chances of catching up with you,” I muttered teasingly. “Unless… you plan to have her work as your nurse-”

    “T-That’s a lie!” Jonathan shouted back, his blush becoming a full-fledged tomato face. “I mean, it would be nice but I would never ask her to do that?”

    “I bet she would be quite eager to do that for you,” I pressed on with a smug tone. “In fact, I think she would rush at the chance at the mere mention of such circumstance.”

    “...” He fell silent at that last hit, and I smiled all the way as we walked inside Ogre Street.

    What once had been a dangerous quarter for someone our age, now the place was a little haven for people close to me.

    “If it isn’t Lord Dio,” An old hag mentioned as she stopped in the middle of her stroll. “I bid you a good day, young child.”

    “Likewise, Madam Wingtown,” I greeted back with a polite smile. Instead of resuming with her wandering, the old lady reached out for Jojo. The blue-haired youth tensed as a hand cupped his left cheek.

    “And what a handsome young man. You look so much like my little Andrew...”

    Jonathan spared me a confused look and I sighed. “Are there still some problem with letters from him, Madam?”

    The hag hummed sadly and nodded. “I think it’s the war. Crazy one at that, so sudden, so unexpected.”

    “I’m sure that the issue will be solved soon,” I commented with a friendly tone.

    She finally let go of the young Joestar and happily returned to her strolling around.

    “W-What was that?” Jojo inquired in utter shock.

    I sighed. “Madam Wingtown’s son, Andrew, was a soldier during the Crimean War about thirty years ago.”

    “H-He is-”

    “I think she received a post-mortem medal and a telegram detailing the events that saw his death in battle,” I interjected quickly. “At this age, she is completely senile. Which is why there are people that had been sent to take care of her during these trying times.”

    He glanced at me with surprise. “You… you’re helping her?”

    “Why shouldn’t I?” I found myself ask. “I think everyone is deserving of a serene and happy ending if they’ve lived a simple but good life. Especially those that have been torn apart by wars like that one.”

    The young man nodded, and soon we were back on track to reach the warehouse.

    More people stopped to greet me, and I offered curt replies and nods as we passed near to them.

    Jonathan watched, quietly witnessing this strange sense of calm and peace in what looked to be a dreadful-looking slum within the city.

    Soon we found ourselves standing in front of the entrance to our destination. The reason why we had yet to enter was the blond man that was obstructing the way while playing around with his ‘flying hat’. Children had rallied to watch the interesting sight, and Speedwagon looked incredibly giddy as he completed several quick tricks without missing a beat.

    “W-Who is that?” Jojo inquired with some interest.

    “That’s Speedwagon. He’s quite the tough guy with a good heart. A true gentleman through and through,” I answered, almost cracking a smile at the intrigued look on the boy’s face at hearing the word ‘Gentleman’.

    It took the blond a couple of seconds to finally get his spectacle concluded, with him speeding up the moment he noticed that I was staring at him quite closely and waiting with a new person beside me.

    “Dio, we weren’t expecting you to pass around for today,” The man said while nodding at me. “And you’ve brought a guest with you?”

    I nodded back. “This is Jonathan Joestar, my brother,” I muttered, letting Jojo bow a little in front of the fascinating stranger. “While this is-”

    “Robert E. O. Speedwagon,” The blond concluded for me with a more theatrical bow. “And I can tell from your scent that you’re a good fellow.”

    “My… what?”

    “Do you remember when I mentioned that friend that could determine good people from bad one with a single sniff from his nose?”

    Jojo nodded and… his eyes widened. “You’re- But I thought that it was an overestimation.”

    “Many believe that when I mention my strange skill. But I can assure you it’s real and… I developed it after spending years here in Ogre Street,” Speedwagon commented mirthfully. “By the way, Dio, I think Hannah had mentioned about sending you a letter earlier today about some developments with the donations.”

    My eyes widened in surprise, remembering that I had left the reading of the various messages with the money to the young woman. Hopefully nothing bad had happened during my absence.

    “Then I better not keep her waiting,” I hummed with a small smile. “Keep up with the good work, and see you around soon.”

    “Likewise, Dio,” The blond saluted back. “Same for you, young Joestar.”

    “It was a pleasure meeting you, Mr. Speedwagon.”

    He sighed. “Robert or Speedwagon work the same. I’m no Mister.”

    The young man merely nodded at that, his smile surviving as we entered the warehouse. The place was bustling with activity just like usual, but there were quite some interesting visitors for today.

    One in particular stood out because of his unusual height and… I decided to stop by and approach Muddiburi.

    The Tibetan man looked distracted as he was discussing with another individual I hadn’t seen for some time now. Bhedyia looked slightly irritated, but he merely stared at the older man as he listened to his words.

    Before I had the chance to interrupt that conversation, I noticed a brown-haired missile giggling and rushing towards me. I caught Sarah just in time with a quick hug, and the little girl’s giggles intensified in a hysterical mess as I lifted her up in to my chest.

    “Hello there, Sarah,” I greeted with a big smile.

    “Dio! You’re back!”

    I almost chuckled at her adorable squeal, offering a little kiss on her forehead before bringing her down and out of my hold.

    “I see that you’re having fun around. Did something amusing happen while I was away?”

    “Hmm,” She hummed excitedly. “Hannah was saying strange things to some paper. She looked angry… but it was funny to look at.”

    Ignoring that innocent look at what looked to be a total meltdown, I felt a little more worried now that I was hearing about ‘funny words’ being thrown against letters. I really hoped that the woman had yet to think about burning any strange messages.

    “That sounds… quite hilarious. In fact, I should go and check if she has yet to summon some scary flames against the poor paper.”

    She giggled at the childish undertone I had used for that last part, but before I could leave I remembered about Jonathan. The young man looked puzzled by my sudden need to talk in private with this woman and… I had a brilliant idea.

    “By the way, Sarah, I think I forgot to present you my little brother,” I made way to show Jojo, the Joestar looking fairly surprised at the sudden presentation. “His name is Jonathan Joestar, but friends call him ‘Jojo’.”

    She ‘ohh’ed at the interesting discovery and her wide eyes regarded in awe the slightly-nervous boy.

    “I’m Sarah!”

    “N-Nice to meet you, Sarah,” He muttered back, surprised by how lively the child was.

    “Can I call you ‘Jojo’?” She quickly asked. “I like it. It’s super-nice.”

    Jojo might be impervious to romantic attempts through his denseness, but cute girl like Sarah? That seemed to be kryptonite as he swiftly offered a nod.

    “I don’t see why not- Uh?”

    “Can I show Jojo my brother, Dio?”

    For a moment, I thought that the girl was addressing the poor Jonathan like a puppy or another animal with how she was asking me about this.

    “I don’t see any issues with that. Just do tell both your brother that he is part of my family.”

    Sarah smiled and nodded, reaching for Jojo’s unprotected right hand and starting to pull him away from me and right into the ‘menacing’ Tibetan monk and long-haired young man.

    “D-Dio- Don’t just leave me to-”

    “Sarah’s brother, Bhediya, is the werewolf you were interested into,” I interjected, my sudden interruption getting a fascinated glint out of the Joestar. “I will be in the office for a while and then I will bring you to it. I thought you wanted to meet him first.”

    “Bu-But what about-” He said while eyeing the towering man now looking back at him. “Him?”

    “That’s Muddiburi. He’s a peaceful monk despite his stature. Don’t be afraid of him.”

    That was the last words I offered to Jojo as he was yanked right into the wolf’s den by the happy-looking brunette. Truly a curious and amusing sight, but one that didn’t distract me for long as I had pressing issues to face at once.

    Quickly pacing to reach the office, I pushed the door open to find… Hannah slowly trying to throw the first letter in the now-lit fireside. She froze, eyes going wide as she turned to look at me with an embarrassed look.

    “Dio,” The woman muttered with an awkward tone. “I didn’t… expect a visit from you.”

    “Let’s just say that I brought someone new that I wanted to introduce to everyone here,” I answered calmly. “But first, do pass me that letter.”

    She retracted the paper away from the close flames but… she didn’t comply. “I- I can’t do that, Dio.”


    “I swear it’s not something you wish to read,” Hannah plead with some nervousness in her lips. “It’s… it’s crass.”

    “I can assure you that I’ve read far worse than anything within that paper,” I retorted with a huff. “I will not ask again, pass me the paper.”

    With her shoulders sagging in defeat, she walked up to me and offered me the letter she had been about to throw in the hot fire. I gave it a read with a disinterest look… but then I felt tensing up the more I continued to read the content of that heinous poetry.

    I’ve heard of lewd literature in this strange period, but this was possibly the first time I read one directed specifically to me.

    I coughed nervously, reaching for the desk and writing down the name of this ‘esteemed gentleman’ that had sent me this crass thing and then I proceeded to throw the filth into the cleansing flame.

    “From now on, you’re to write down the names of the people that have written things like the one I’ve read about,” I commented quietly. “Once you’re done with that, then you can purge this… degrading trash.”

    Hannah’s eyes lit in eagerness at such an order. “I-It shall be done. But… why you need their names?”

    “I think we can do something about these… harassers. But it will take some coordination with Scotland Yard and… some bribery too.”

    “Jail time for them?”


    And hopefully enough, it will be Big Bubba the one waiting for them in their newest room. There are limits and what I just read went beyond that and far more.

    Hannah giggled, and I proceeded to leave her alone for a while as she went through with her new task. Once I was out of the office, I gave a look where I had left Jonathan and… frowned at the scene I was bestowed with.

    Bhediya had his wolf-like ears exposed, learning towards Jojo as he happily let the fellow young man scratch his animal ears. Sarah was giggling, while Muddiburi was staring at the sight with mild amusement.

    What made the entire scene the most endearing and amusing? The tanned young man had also his fluffy tail uncovered and… it was wagging left and right, a clear sign of enjoying that treatment.

    I snorted, shaking my head at the entertaining sight.

    And in that moment, I, Dio, saw how genuinely good my decision had been. For I had responsibly created a steel-like friendship between a dog-lover and someone with a furry problem.



    Last bit? It was a reference to Harry Potter.

    Now, I think everyone can be happy with the fact that next chapter will have some progress Stand-wise. Some more hints, some more clues and… Some more Wryyy!
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    This worries me because the universe of JoJo HATES dogs living.
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  17. Extras: Omake 10: The hassle of being a loving leader

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    Omake 10: The hassle of being a loving leader

    It was a slow day at the headquarters, and I was happily taking my time in reading through the endless tower of paper that was supposedly my paperwork.

    Delegating this much hard work had sounded like a good idea the first time around, but then the paperwork tripled overnight and I still found myself drowning in so many reports, letters from admirers, and business efforts.

    The office was relatively quiet, with just a handful of the noises happening outside reaching through the walls, only to be barely perceived with how muffled the sound was.

    Scribbling left and right, either approving and dismissing the documents occupying a large section of my desk, I barely noticed that the door was being slowly opened by someone.

    I blinked calmly, turning just a moment away from the papers when I finally saw the familiar figure that was Hannah making her way towards me.

    In a normal circumstance, the young woman would have a tired, but still cheerful smile plastered on her face. It was just her usual way to show that while the work was tough, she was still managing through with little to no issues thanks to her determination.

    But now her face was displaying a perplexed look as she delved deeper in the office. She stopped right in front of the desk, her eyes alternating between me and a little lower, and I could see that she was trying to visualize beyond the stack of documents on the desk.

    “Dio,” Hannah muttered with a cautious tone. “I wish to speak with you… privately.”

    Sporting a surprised look, I frowned at the woman. “Did something bad happen?”

    She shook her head. “Not truly. No,” The girl admitted with a tight voice. “But I wish to talk about a situation that I think is… problematic.”

    My confusion was increasing the more she was speaking, and I gave a quick blink before slowly nodding at her.

    “Sure, I suppose we can talk about this if you truly think it’s a concern-”

    “In private,” She interjected with an unexpected degree of vehemence. “I wish to speak about this in private.”

    It took me a couple of seconds to realize what she was implying with her comment. I stared down, right on my lap… and right to where a certain ‘dog’ was happily resting all curled and asking for more head-scratching.

    “You don’t want Bhediya to stay here for this conversation?”

    The werewolf quickly understood what was happening, his head tilting to glance at the woman with a confused look as she let out a sigh and a nod.

    “It’s quite urgent and...” There was a pause, then an irked huff and… Hannah looked partially annoyed. “Dio, I wish to speak about the fact you’ve been treating Bhediya as a pet.”

    “Beg your pardon, Hannah, but what do you mean?” I inquired with immense confusion. “What are you talking about?”

    “Right now you’re treating him like a domesticated dog,” The woman pointed out dryly. “And while I understand that you’re not by any mean selfish or trying to do anything devious with any of us, I feel like this turn of events might be… a tad bit creepy.”

    I leaned back, and Bhediya’s furred frame moved out of my lap. “Do you truly think so?”

    She nodded and I found myself sighing.

    “I mean, I can see your point. I guess it’s quite awkward to see someone getting treated like that but...” I turned to look at the werewolf, now morphing back in his human form while sporting quite the annoyed look. “It was Bhediya that asked me for this.”

    “Beg your pardon, Dio… but what?”

    I sighed again, but it was the other boy to speak.

    “I asked Dio if I could’ve stayed in his office while Sarah is sleeping,” He explained curtly. “I just decided to ask him if he would’ve minded if I decided to rest by his lap. I know it’s odd but… it wasn’t like he was planning to treat me like a dog.”

    I nodded in agreement to his words. “I wasn’t doing anything that would have him dehumanized, I know that it is quite the strong issue with him.”

    He smiled at my kindness, but Hannah didn’t allow for silence to finally return.

    “But… But isn’t that too much?” She asked with a frown. “I know that you’ve mentioned multiple times that you care for us as close friends but… isn’t that exaggerating?”

    “How so?”


    “It’s just… do the others know about this?” She pressed on the topic and I nodded.

    “Speedwagon is aware. In fact, he noticed Bhediya almost too instantly during our daily chess game,” I pointed out while turning to the long-haired teen. The boy had a scowl on his face at the mere mentioning of the blond. “Still haven’t figured out a way to get these two to actually treat each other neutrally.”

    “He says I smell odd, and he keeps saying that his hat tricks aren’t cheap. But they are and-”

    “Daily chess game?”

    We both stared at the young woman, her eyes widening once again at this detail.

    “Yes, Robert and I do take some of our free time to play chess in the office,” I commented calmly. “I think it’s just a little before Sarah wakes up from her nap, because I would usually take her around the district to teach her a little bit about London.”

    There was a questionable degree of shock, confusion, irritation, understanding, and even more confusion.

    “You… you actually spend time with people other than during work and… the lessons?”

    I nodded, and she closed her eyes. Was she trying to calm down by adjusting her breathing? It looked to be the case and… why did she look this much angry?

    “So, does that mean that, if you were free and I asked you for a walk to the bar you wouldn’t-”

    “I wouldn’t mind if I’m free,” I concluded for her, answering her query in the process.

    Her irritation melted in genuine fascination at this variable and I felt the need to shiver a little at the big smile enveloping her face.

    “Are you… free today?” She finally asked and I sighed.

    “I guess I can spare an hour-”

    I stopped the moment I saw her blur out of the room, slamming the door closed while her happy and rambunctious blitz across the headquarters could be heard despite the newly-created distance.

    I glanced at Bhediya and the boy shrugged. “I think you’ve made a mistake.”

    A mistake?

    While I knew that Hannah could become rather excited when she spends time with me, I don’t see much of a reason to brace for any unexpected escalations other than hugging and giggling.

    Maybe I hadn’t noticed something new about her? Or maybe the circumstances that were bringing her this much giddiness were enough to warrant a greater reaction out of her?

    So many questions and… so little time to spare to those with how much paper had yet to be checked upon.

    With silence slowly returning to the room, Bhediya saw it fit to finally switch back to his wolf form and return to my lap.

    Humming quietly as I resumed with my initial tasks, I failed to terribly understand the full spectrum of damage I might have inflicted to my free time that I would get while in there.

    And I, Dio, would also learn that Hannah would become quite chatty in what I had miserably labeled ‘friendly hangouts’.



    Lord Dio-Sama can be so considerate, and so dense. But it’s Dio, and Hannah might have much to learn from fighting the denseness this early on in her ambitions.

    May she find success in her road, and that nothing wrong happen to her or to her Lord Dio-Sama!
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    Dio has truly made a huge blunder... Press F for Dio

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    Little announcement: Dio’s Stand is revealed in this chapter. I’ve no drawing about it, but I’ve a description to it. If anyone is interested in making a proper fanart, I would be happy to listen up to anyone willing to do anything about it. (All of this through DMs/PMs.)

    Capitolo Primo: Giovinezza (14)

    “So you think you’ve come close to unleash something from within. Something that is meant to represent your fighting spirit,” Muddiburi summarized calmly, sitting by the patch of grass close to the river.

    We were not alone in that clearing as Jonathan was currently trying to unlock his Hamon together with Bhediya. I had expected for the young Joestar to be interested in the fascinating technique meant to save lives, but I was surprised when the werewolf had decided to join in with this endeavor.

    Bringing him there proved to be easy with Muddiburi literally taking detours to pick him off from the headquarters.

    The long-haired teen was eager to learn about this skill, having heard just a few tidbits from the monk, but having no clue of how he was supposed to spark the process.

    I had offered both boys the book containing the instructions to follow for their first step in the sublime art of the Ripple, and both were trying their own ways to do that.

    With Jonathan trying to meditate, but failing miserably as he couldn’t help but shiver whenever a sudden gust of wind would hit his barely-dressed body (the swimsuit offered plenty of openings right to his skin).

    Bhediya had adopted a stranger approach, but one close to the one I had tried out to unlock my own reserves.

    Waddling against the flow of the river, a certain dog was trying his best to not get dragged away from the non-negligible power of the stream, while also trying to tap in his inner self and unleash the Hamon within himself.

    Two days had gone by since I’ve first introduced Jonathan to the rest of the group I was forming. He was positively impressed by what he had seen the first day around, and he had showed some interest in visiting once again whenever he had free time to spare for the trip.

    I was happy that my efforts about the matter had returned quite the huge gain by making sure that JoJo knew that, while I was doing something technically bad, I was doing it to create a condition of good for many of those that shouldn’t be capable of having a safe and happy life.

    But what truly enveloped him to the cause was the story offered by Bhediya about the reason why an Indian boy like him was living here in London of all possible places.

    Bhediya was taken care about only by his father. The man was himself a werewolf, the head of the family that for generations had to deal with this ‘connection’ to nature itself.

    Living in an isolated village, the boy lived the first ten years of his life without facing any issues with the world around him.

    Trouble rose when the British started to make sweeping controls over the region where the small family of two lived after a couple of minor revolts had sparked in the area, and the soldiers started to question the village for any suspicious characters to be wary about.

    Bhediya’s father was instantly considered a possible threat, but not because of his transformation being revealed (it wasn’t, and that makes the whole situation even the most disappointing), but because of how much of a hermit he had turned into after his wife had died by childbirth.

    His father sacrificed his chances of survival to see younger werewolf to be hauled to the closest main port and sent away from India. While it sounded so odd for it to be a good reason to exile so far away a young child, the real motivation behind the sudden trip was related to the last wish from the man.

    He had wanted to see his son grow away from the place that gave him the most pain, and to be sent in a place where he would become a good man.

    Great Britain was the viable destination, mostly because it would’ve been easier to explain why an Indian boy had ended up in such a place so suddenly.

    Two years went by and the long-haired teen learned much from the streets of London. It was around this period of time that he ended up meeting with Sarah.

    The story from this point onward is quite… fuzzy. Or rather, it wasn’t left to many details as the previous bits because Bhediya didn’t feel sure about giving up this much important information to a ‘stranger’.

    While Jojo and him hit it off pretty well, there was still a lingering sense of distrust born from living in poverty. I didn’t push him to talk, as I couldn’t see a reason to do that.

    I didn’t need to rush him or anything, and I knew that pressing my luck around him now that he was in the headquarters could create some unneeded tension between my other workers.

    And I wouldn’t want to make my own chances of success slimmer because of that.

    Still, the most important bit was that Jonathan was growing more accepting of this reality. He looked fairly influenced by the encounters, having become a good friend with the ‘children-beloved’ Speedwagon.

    I was still surprised that the blond was actually someone that had a good way to entertain kids, but I guess that’s part of his jovial charisma. He is a good man with rough manners and a blunt personality.

    He was very far from becoming Part 2’s Speedwagon, and I sure as hell was going to keep the memories of ‘young upstart Speedwagon’ saved up for some future teasing.

    And while Jojo had kept particularly tense while speaking with his father about the usual topics, he seemed to have realized that keeping up some open opposition at the imperialistic tendencies of the British Empire was going to do more harm than good to him and his cause. Especially with his own father barring him the chances to make a stand for himself over the matter.

    Quite dreadful that he was literally having rebellious ideas that could easily screw George’s contracts with other merchants if news got out. Hopefully the old Joestar knows how to bribe people to keep quiet.

    I don’t know if Jonathan had also managed to speak with Erina about this very topic. The young Joestar had been keeping quiet about that front as of now, and I really wasn’t sure if that should be a good thing or not.

    Maybe he hadn’t told her, but considering how close they were and how many times they would meet each week, I wouldn’t be surprised that the girl was now aware of this and much more.

    But if Mr. Pendleton had yet to knock at our door and demand explanations about his daughter’s mind getting polluted by some ‘silly gentlemanish fool’, then there was a high chance she hadn’t told her father anything.

    Still, while I knew that the blonde was way more careful in keeping sensible topics away from conversations with specific people, I would imagine that the love she had for her father would hold her from lying to him under enough pressure.

    But the real issue now wasn’t Jojo, Erina, or anyone else. In fact, while I knew that I had to keep an eye for any attacks from Wang Chan, I wasn’t certainly allow myself to slack over my chances of improving my combat prowess.

    Now that I had gained a decent mastery of the imperfect Spin and an adequate level of Hamon training, I saw it important to finally focus on something I had tried to avoid up until now.

    I needed to bring out my Stand and get my capacity to fight in close quarters heightened by the ‘assisting spirit’.

    Muddiburi was initially perplexed when I first brought up the existence of Stands. He started mentioning how it all reminded him of possessions and malicious spirits, things that were terrible and bad in his limited death list. He was hard to convince at first, but after listening to my assurances that it wasn’t such a thing and that Hamon would’ve worked to purge any evil entity already, the man seemed to grow more accepting of this concept.

    And even more interested on the matter by the various questions he had given for me to answer back quickly and readily.

    Still, the problem persisted.

    Even with the fact that I had someone as experienced in the world of the spiritual as Muddiburi, the task before us was a tedious and difficult one. How was I supposed to bring out something that wasn’t known to anyone but… me?

    I wasn’t sure if the Monk could’ve actually see the Stand if it ended up revealed, and there wasn’t much told about ‘how to bring out a Stand’ in the Jojo lore.

    “Simple meditation will not do,” Muddiburi confirmed with a sigh. “What you’re describing is something that transcend the enlightenment many Masters would be capable of attaining through devoted predication to the Buddha.”

    I blinked at his comment, and frowned at the way he had phrased this analysis. “Do you have something that could help?”

    A smile replaced the thin line made by his lips, and he nodded as he brought out from his bag several ingredients and tools to create… something.

    I stared as the tall man went through quite the interesting process, quietly waiting for him to be done as I watched over the careful but still quick-paced operation.

    The end result was quite… unexpected.

    The possible solution manifested in the form of a potion created by the Tibetan Monk.

    A concoction created with ancient herbs and other spices coming from his shop, either among the items sold by him or even kept from public eye for important circumstances. I wasn’t sure if this counted as a drug or not, but then again I wasn’t going to reach deep within myself by merely drinking water.

    Taking a brief sigh while grasping carefully at the steamy cup filled with the dark-brown liquid, I tried my best to hide my grimace at whatever monstrosity was bubbling in that container.

    The smell was already getting me a little bit dizzy, and I quickly realized that what I was holding was one of the most powerful sedative one could’ve asked from antiquity.

    Gulping nervously, I mustered up my cynical bravery to lift up the cup… only to be stopped by Muddiburi.

    The man regaled me with a serious look. “Before you go, you need to know that what you’re searching for might be guarded,” He explained with a calm tone. “Many men had gone through the trial imposed by this potion, but only a handful had returned in a single piece… both mentally and physically.”

    I wonder how many individuals actually died through this ‘trial’. Muddiburi didn’t say anything about deaths, but to lose my mind or even suffer through some physical crippling wasn’t just acceptable.

    And while I had my own reservations about going through with this challenge, I knew that this was the best way to unlock my Stand at the moment. And whatever will come out of it, may it be 「The World」 or even something inferior, I still needed to try.

    I couldn’t falter now that I could make more steps toward my final objective. Not now.

    “I will not back away from the chances of bringing out my potential,” I replied with a sense of pride. “It might sound like greed, but I’m fairly certain of my aim. I will not step away from this trial.”

    “You might lose yourself,” The monk continued to explain, his hold over my right hand tightening a little bit. “Would you risk it all for the chance of finding your secret ability.”

    I was tense, a little paler on my already-pale complex… but I wasn’t showing anything that could suggest reluctance over my current decision.

    It was now or never. I will probably face worse odds that these, and I couldn’t certainly bow down at the first hint of deadly danger.

    “I would. My world for 「The World」,” I rebuked earnestly. “That’s the truest exchange one would commit to for the step meant to bring the best in their life.”

    He shook his head, but instead of a scowl, the man gave me a tired smile.

    “Once again, you remind me that you’re not the normal person,” He pointed out with a sigh. “Truly impressive. I would dare to say you’re the most bizarre Hamon user just yet. I wonder what height will you reach once you truly find what you’re searching for.”

    “I find those words… flattering,” I admitted with a hint of smug, and soon I was diving my head down to the cup to sip by its edge.

    Just as I had expected, the liquid was unpleasant to drink, and the presence of unknown herbs influenced my mind into finding more disgust in that uncertainty. Still, I did it and I drank all of it without breaking a single moment away from the cup.

    Blinking as I retreated my lips away from the cup, I found myself frowning over the fact that I wasn’t feeling sleepy. In fact, I felt the most awake in a long time. Even more than I had been thanks to constant Hamon usage.

    I turned to look at Muddiburi, showing utter confusion at the opposite reaction I had expected from drinking that concoction, and I was half convinced that he had switched it with some odd-flavored coffee.

    But before I had the chance to speak up about this suspicion, I found my legs going numb. The feeling was sudden, and it was growing the more I looked at it.

    It continued to spread across above my knee, above my thighs, and right in my arms and back. I crumbled backward, my wide eyes struggling to keep awake and stable but… then it was the turn of my head and mind to fall before the potion.

    Darkness enveloped me, and I found my consciousness faltering into nothingness…

    And then I, Dio, blinked awake while standing on a flight of stairs.


    It took me just a moment to realize that this wasn’t real and that I was currently staying in what I could depict only as my mindscape.


    Glancing around, I tried to make sense of my surroundings and I couldn’t help but feel clueless about where the heck I ended up into. A small light barely illuminated the paths that led upstairs and downstairs, but it wasn’t enough to provide me with proper hints of where I ended up into.

    Why would I be thinking of this place when connecting to my inner self? Why was this place important to me? And why I was feeling this much… tense.

    Something was staring at me, and I finally took notice of the smoke trails descending from a couple of steps above me. And my eyes followed those back right to the lone individual standing there, watching from above with an unflinching stare directed at me.

    Even with his visage half-shadowed, I knew exactly what I was going to face to unlock my Stand and… I snorted.

    “Seriously? You’re the one that is guarding my full potential?” I inquired dryly. “You know, I would’ve expected… Jotaro. Heck, even Jonathan would’ve made sense with the whole fact I’m supposed to be the main villain to this story.”

    “You’re nothing but a bunch of senseless lies,” DIO commented back with a calm tone. “Something unworthy of my presence, but sadly enough, someone needs to be there to make sure you don’t usurp what isn’t yours to take.”

    I frowned at his words, but my smile didn’t falter. “Is that so? Then please, enlighten me- Do you feel happy that in the end you had to steal Jonathan’s body to become what you are now?”

    “A tragic development, but one that I don’t see reason to explain right at you, impostor,” The blond stated coldly. “In fact, the only thing you deserve is utter silence. You’ve defiled the true essence of heaven to promote a ‘reformation’ of a long-gone world.”

    I tilted my head to the side. “Oh oh? Already accepting defeat before a challenge? Are you sure that you’re something beyond my consciousness playing trick at me?”

    “It depends on your impudence. If you keep up with this annoying travesty, I shall show you my mercy by shattering your jaws,” DIO responded quickly. “But instead, let’s indulge for a moment about your pitiful plans- the things you wish to bring forth thanks to my charisma and power.”

    “Those are no longer yours to begin with,” I rebuked fiercely. “If you hadn’t noticed, my name is Dio Brando, not DIO. I’m not the megalomaniac that wished to take everything from everyone.”

    “A flimsy excuse to reject the reality of your situation,” He commented sternly. “I know we’re both above making this kind of mistakes during a dialogue- just like you should merely accept the fact that the true driving force is DIO, not the farce you wish was real.”

    “Hard to call me a leech when you yourself deny the fact that you’re one,” I shot back, hinting once more at Jonathan’s body. “At least I didn’t spent the first few days with this body staring aimlessly at my new naked appearance.”

    “And I really feel the need to ask- did you stare at JoJo’s body because you were trying to cope with the fact you hijacked the body of the man that smacked you left and right even as a vampire, or are you perhaps harboring more than just tha-”

    I blinked in surprise as I noticed that I had ‘somehow’ taken a few steps closer to DIO. The blond was now sitting by a chair that had ‘mysteriously’ appeared right at the end of the stairs, a familiar book resting by his lap.

    He was staring harshly at me, but I could notice a sliver of amusement bathing his features. He was waiting for a reaction and- that shouldn’t be something my consciousness would just allow.

    I sighed, my amusement simmering down as I got a clear look of what was going on.

    This wasn’t an obstacle created by my mind. It was way too advanced for it to be born from my subconscious.

    “Fun trick, but I really have this question now,” I hummed quietly. “Who put you in here to stop me from acquiring 「The World」?”

    He blinked, a hint of surprise painting his face. “That sounds interesting… how did you realize?”

    “There are details that my mind can’t replicate about the original DIO,” I confessed without hesitation. “And you’re just too unique to copy to this flawless degree.”

    “Flattering words but-” He paused, his frown deepening as I turned around and started to walk downstairs. “Where do you think you’re going? Are you already disrespecting me even though you’re aware of my true presence?”

    “Of course not, Lord DIO,” I muttered sarcastically. “It’s not like I could ever be disrespectful towards you. And it’s not like I’m actually walking downstairs so I can bring down down the entire palace and reveal your pathetic self before the scorching sun waiting outside… just as I willed it to be beyond these walls.”

    He stood up, a snarl replacing his scowl and I finally saw it. 「The World」 was bulkier than I expected it to be. I guess Part 3 DIO remained unchanged in the ‘retconned’ appearances in Part 5 for the Stand to be this… thickly-muscled.

    “Is this what you did to Polnareff back then?” I inquired giddily, hoping that my little plan to unlock my own Stand would work. “You made him bow his head despite his hatred for you. He was a chewtoy for the mutt you are… and now you’re but a playtoy for the little puppy that I am.”

    “You will regret this and much more, counterfeit!” DIO exclaimed furiously. “Take a strike from my Stand!”

    I turned swiftly bringing up my hands to intercept the swift punch rushing right at me. The emotionless figure let out a furious ‘MUDA’ and I felt my entire body rock despite how much Hamon was coursing thorough my being. But I wasn’t trying to block the unquestionably strong fist, but to get a ‘taste’ of what I was supposed to fight and… make mine.

    Something resonated as the power behind the attack threw me backward and into the wall behind me and… just as dust and smoke exploded in the small crater I had created with my impact, I realized that I hadn’t suffered any damage.

    This sensation was just the same I had felt back when I had stopped Bhediya from attacking his own sister and… it was more intense than back then. It was burning, almost quivering eagerly at being finally primed out of my body.

    And I saw it take form starting from two arms that matched with my own. With a frame matching up with mine, its body was made of a mix of metal, roots and vines, creating a contrast of gray and green. Its face was hidden in a gray mask with golden details and… orange GE-like eyes burning brightly through the darkness.

    The figure finally passed through my body and manifested in front of me in a defensive manner.

    I smiled, at the full materialization, but my eagerness was cut short as I saw DIO staring at us from quite close.

    “You called upon your Stand by matching the effect of 「The World」’s punch to your previous taste with its manifestation,” He analyzed quietly, a hint of fascination drowning away his hatred just for a moment. “Interesting- but hardly something that will wash away the taint your mere existence bring to my name.”

    Sighing, I shrugged. “I guess it will be… a game of tag!”

    He looked perplexed, but my Stand was already on the move.

    Slamming its elbow by the wall behind me, more dust exploded between me and DIO, and I quickly took this chance to dive down and avoid a barrage of swift ‘MUDA’s from 「The World」.

    “Cheap tricks will hardly save you from my wrath!” The Vampire snarled, giving me chase as I proceeded to rush away down that flight of stairs and into the multiple hallways that made up this entire building.

    It was only the two of us, and I knew I had to capitalize on the lack of DIO’s servants to put an end to the bastard. I wasn’t Jotaro, and I was well aware that my new Stand couldn’t match with the in terms of raw power.

    But just like any other humanoid Stands, mine had something that DIO was forgetting. And said forgetfulness was soon going to manifest in his downfall.

    He could easily wait and reach up to me considering that had to have a speed higher than mine… but the chances of gloating were endless and-

    「The World」! Stop Time!

    And I froze up in the middle of my escape. But not entirely.

    My mind had somehow resisted the effects of DIO’S Stand, and I was perfectly aware of what was happening around me. Maybe my Stand had indeed an affinity about time and I was immune to the full effects of 「The World」.

    I listened to the approaching footsteps, the noise echoing across the empty halls of this mansion.

    “What a childish attempt, I would’ve thought you beyond this little dilly-dallying,” DIO commented placidly. “But I guess discovering your Stand might have dulled your mind to the point you ended up like this. So useless...”

    He hummed, drawing closer before walking beyond me and standing right in front of me.

    “How do I dispose of you and take over?” He pondered out loud. “I could break your neck, or I could drink your blood… but then would that kill you properly? Or would it just send you back in the land of the living?”

    I need to move. He’s close and… distracted. I can throw a single punch, I know I can and… that wouldn’t be enough. He’s not in my proper range for me to reach his weak points.

    “I suppose we will settle this the same way I ended Joseph. Maybe I should make sure the knife plunges deep in your throat and render any chances of deflecting it.”

    I saw the silver of the dagger soaring, aiming at below my chin before it stopped in the immobile time. The closeup of the dangerous approach was enough to lock my attention onto it.

    If I hit it in time, I could get a distraction at DIO by throwing it back at him. Just a small window of opportunity to land a single hit.

    “Three, two, one and-”


    I reached for the dagger, grasping at its hilt as the Time-Stop ended. Quickly throwing at DIO, I rushed at him, my hands crackling in hamon as I prepared to deliver another trick at him.

    But this one isn’t as cheap as the previous one. Of that I could guarantee without hesitation.

    “A frontal assault? I suppose your desperation doesn’t have any limits,” The blonde shook his head as he casually slammed the dagger away and 「The World」 brought in front of him to cover himself.

    “WRYYYyyyy!!!” My Stand cry roared furiously as the figure barraged 「The World」 with multiple quick punches. It wasn’t anything compared to 「Star Platinum」’s beating, but it was enough to distract DIO for the real attack.

    “Pathetic. Useless. Mudamudamuda-gah!!” He was preparing to deliver his counterattack, but his attention was caught on another front that had been left untouched.

    Numerous bubbles had slammed by his right leg, the one that had still resisted him despite his best efforts to fully assimilate Jonathan’s body.


    His breath was drove short as I used the opportunity to finally defeat him in a single blow.

    It was something I had always thought about back when I saw Joseph trying to fight DIO. The vampire had shown the weary protagonist that he was still afraid of Hamon, but his fright was lessened by the fact that 「The World」 seemed to be immune to it.

    But right now that he was exposed for me to attack with trying to 「The World」 fix his wounds by pushing his leg together? I had the perfect idea to end him without much of an effort.

    Gut punching DIO’s with my little finger raised up, I pressed deep enough to reach his diaphragm.

    My smile widened at the confused look on DIO’s face.

    “This, Lord DIO, is how your rival activated his Hamon,” I explained as I started to pour my energy through the opening. “And now, it’s time for you to learn about the Ripple a little more than just a couple of punches and sword’s hits.”

    He reached out for me, panic swelled in his face but it was too late for him to do anything to me.

    The sudden rush of Hamon activated Jonathan’s damaged and dormant reserves, ‘awakening’ the body temporarily as to disrupt DIO’s control over it.

    “NononoNONONONONONONO!!” His entire self was cracking in a bright light and I chuckled at the sight. “I-I’M DIO-”

    “And I’m Dio Brando, the true claimant to the Heavens,” I stated furiously, unleashing my Stand one last time. Bravely standing over my defeated opponent, I went on to claim true victory! “It’s time to end him once and for all. Go, 「The World」!

    But just as I pronounced its name and the beating began, I couldn’t help but feel like I had called him the wrong way. No, it was something like I was forgetting about something and… this troubled me once more.

    Why, why didn’t it like its proper name? Why I felt refused just for how I formulated it?


    DIO was decimated before my eyes, the combination of punches and degradation brought him to his ultimate demise. I stared as his body shattered like grains of fine dust.

    My eyes were at my Stand, the figure turning to look at me… looking slightly annoyed and confused.

    And in that stare… I found clarity. I found a name and… I found new confusion.

    “You are… 「The World… ACT1」?

    The beginning of a long evolutionary chain. The first step of the mightiest Stand ever. One that could probably become more powerful than the original, than 「The World」 and more than 「The World: Over Heaven」.

    “WRYYYyyy!!” He roared, this time in a display of pure happiness and agreement.

    I blinked, confused if not mesmerized by the reaction I was being given by my Stand. Sure it looks more active than 「The World」 but… then again, it wasn’t bad to have a highly-receptive Stand.

    “Do you mind if I call you 「ACT1」 for short? We need to be active on the battlefield, and the full name is quite mouthful.”

    It shook his head and… I smiled at the positive response. “Then I guess we’re whole once again.”

    A final nod and soon the entire place was engulfed in bright white light.

    I felt the need to wake up and… I did.

    The world started to make sense as I wake up and… I felt a strange weight on my chest caused by a whining dog now settled over my poor chest and a concerned Jonathan looking down at me with a concerned look.

    “D-Dio- you’re alive?!”

    I sighed at the comment before glancing around, stopping only to settle my stare on Muddiburi as the monk looked back at me with some surprise and… admiration. Despite the positive reaction, I gave him a solid glare as I quickly realized what was going on.

    “You didn’t tell them.”

    It wasn’t a question, but an affirmation that I knew was true.

    The man didn’t speak back and rather settled with quite the unusual but most infuriating reply.

    The Tibetan Monk offered a shrug.

    I, Dio, groaned for what was going to be a painful explanation session and several minutes to try and get the two boys to calm down.

    ...At least, now I had 「ACT1」 to rely on.




    While I understand many are going to throw some critical comment at how ‘easily’ DIO was disposed, I wish to remind you all that the reason why he proved to be troublesome to the Joestar group was:
    1) Nobody knew what was his Stand (it was discovered later on in the adventure);
    2) Nobody knew about his Stand’s power (only thanks to Kakyoin’s sacrifice they realized which it was);
    3) Jotaro fought only with 「Star Platinum」, and if he had been trained in Hamon, DIO would’ve been killed earlier on;
    4) DIO is arrogant, and he needs to be punched with a reality check to understand if a situation is bad or not.

    And now… some stats!

    「The World: ACT1」

    Destructive Power: B
    Speed: B
    Range: E (Two Meters)
    Durability: D
    Precision: C
    Potential: B
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