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"Am I an Artist Now?" PrinceArjuna's Art Thread


Nov 7, 2014
Likes received
So, after a while, I decide to make my own art thread. I want to draw things, because I love drawing things. I also want to improve along the way, or something along the lines.

Currently, I'm still working on improving my skills, so... well, let's just say the quality of my arts varies, from 'mediocre' to 'acceptable'. :oops:

Here are the samples of my arts:


The shading's kinda shitty, but, meh...


Actually, I'm rather proud of this one. Still, there's definitely a room for improvement.


Another one. Like the one above, I'm also proud of this one, though improvement seems like a good idea.

Also, I also do this:

Prince Arjuna's Commissions

I can draw things in exchange of moneh. Yah, moneh. Just PM me if you want me to draw you a few stuff.

About payment, it can be made after I've done the art, because I'd rather not take the moneh if the art's not finished. Generally, it'll take me 5 days to 1 week to finish one simple commission art, though there may be time when I need at least 2 weeks to complete it, especially if the art is complicated one.

We can negotiate the price, of course, but generally, it's like this:

$8 - $10 for sketches

$12 - $15 for linearts

$15 - $20 for black and white arts (1 character)

$22 - $30 for colored arts (1 character)

$25+ for black and white arts (more than 1 character)

$30+ for colored arts (more than 1 character)

FYI, I'm not into furry and mecha, so I won't draw them. Guns are acceptable, though they may take a while to draw. Also, no p0rn, fetish arts and guro.

If you guys are interested, just PM me. Also I'm in desperate need for moneh, so please ask away. JK.

PS: Is this thread allowed here? Just asking.
Here are another samples, as well as a sketch.


Shading is so hard... :cry:


Huh. Well, still definitely needs improvements.


Well, will you look at that. A rough sketch. A bit dirty, but that's how I draw things before I do the clean lineart.
Do you draw men at all?

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