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B'Wana Be A Hero! (DC B'Wana Beast SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by YiteWrite, Oct 9, 2022.

  1. Threadmarks: 01- Origin Story!

    YiteWrite :3

    Jul 9, 2019
    Likes Received:
    I opened my eyes, and found myself in some strange… ethereal room.

    The walls, floor, and roof were all some strange ghostly blue. And there was a… humanoid figure, androgynous in nature seemingly staring at me.

    "Ah, you've finally awoken" The figure said, a flighty tone to its voce, as a pair of sharp teeth were revealed as it spoke, before it tilted its head towards me, "Good. Now, we can get STARTED!"

    With that, a massive gameshow-esque roulette wheel appeared beside it.

    "You may have passed before your prime, but now… you get a one time offer. To have your very own isekai adventure!" The figure said as it extended its hand towards me, "What do you say, pal?"

    "I-... okay?" I said instinctively, "Wait. I'm dead? How did I die?"

    "Oh, the roof caved in on you while you were sleeping. You died instantly" The figure said with a toothy grin, "You're lucky. If you slept a few inches to the left, you would have had a slow, painful death… though, a few inches to the right and you would have survived with some pretty bad injuries. But would have eventually healed, and even found the love of your life in that hospital bed… but alas, you didn't, and will never meet them. But hey, them's the breaks, kid… life's not always fun and games"

    "Love of my life? What… alright, fuck it. Let's do this" I said, not wanting to wallow on what could have been… I'm getting isekai'd after all.

    "Alright! First things first… the wheel of worlds!" The figure said, as it began to spin the wheel, "This will be the world you shall be isekai'd into! It could be Fictional or entirely Original… who knows?"

    The wheel spun, and spun…

    Before it began to slow down, and I saw a few of the options…

    My Hero Academia. Could be fun to get a Quirk and be a Hero…

    RWBY. Which could be neat, even if it is an absolute death world.

    Ben 10. That could have honestly been really interesting.

    But, it finally ended on… DC.

    "Oh…" I said, as the words 'DC' lit up, and the wheel disappeared, "Well… at least I know the setting?"

    "That you do! Now… let's see exactly who you will be isekai'd into!" The figure said, causing me to frown in confusion, as another wheel appeared, "Oh. Did you think you were going in your original body? I may be a bastard… but I'm not sadistic. You wouldn't survive a week with that body"

    Okay, that was just mean…

    The figure's grin somehow managed to grow wider, as it spun the wheel.

    It spun, and spun, and… spun.

    Until it began to slow down, and I saw some of the options.

    Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze.

    Dick Grayson/Nightwing.

    …But it eventually ended on… Michael Maxwell/B'Wana Beast.

    "Wait, B'Wana Beast? The animal fusing guy?" I asked in shock.

    "Yup" The figure said before waving, "Bye~"

    "What do you mean, 'byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" I said, before I started to… fall.

    And fall… and fall…

    I spent what felt like eternity just falling.

    Until I ended up in some… cave. With a strange gorilla handing a helmet towards me.

    I recognized the helmet as the one that B'Wana Beast wore…

    "Mike... his attitude. It's docile... no, humble. And what's that he's got? A strange looking helmet?" My... friend of many years, Rupert Zambesi Kenboya said.

    I... remembered all of Michael Maxwell's… no, my life, all at once.

    I remembered my father, a millionaire who was always... pressuring me into the family business, meeting and befriending Ken in college. Where we tied in everything... football, the classroom, always matching each other both physically and mentally.

    I was getting a degree in Zoology, wanting to work with animals...

    ...And I remembered Ken's offer of me becoming a ranger after we graduated, I accepted. I was to become a ranger for Zambesi's new national animal preserves.

    Then I remembered our plane getting hit over the Atlantic, struck by lightning of all things, as we crashed into Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in all of Africa.

    There was a red ape... that had stalked us into the mountain. As I was delirious from damage sustained during the crash.

    Ken had given me some water, from a strange… grail, mentioning that it was probably rainwater that was dripping from the cave walls. Which I drank around… half of, before the gorilla attacked him.

    While Ken was trying to fight the gorilla, I groaned as I felt myself gaining immense strength, the feeling of it being somewhat… euphoric, even as my shirt was destroyed from the gained mass.

    I then regained my senses, and tried to pay attention to the fight, and watched in horror as the gorilla went to snap him in half... I got back up and rushed in to help Ken, knocking the gorilla, and Ken to the ground before descending onto the ape.

    After a few moments of wrestling with the gorilla, and elbowing it in the face, I managed to overpower the gorilla, my newfound super strength enhancing me greatly.

    I was strengthened to the point that I managed to defeat the gorilla in hand to hand combat... and now, it was acting all... docile.

    The gorilla then... placed the helmet onto my head, and I felt a strange connection to it.

    I could feel the gorilla's mind... its feelings.

    I even learned its name... Djuba.


    "Hello there... Djuba" I said, as I looked at the newly subservient red gorilla. It simply looked at the two of us, "Bow"

    It took a moment, before bowing to me in a subservient manner.

    "Michael... is this some sort of animal controlling device? It's brilliant" Ken said, as he looked at the gorilla, "Mike. You can control animals with your mind... what a marvelous power"

    "Yes it is, Ken... but I just know that this isn't the full extent of its power... I can't find a way to explain it. But I can just tell that there's something... more to it" I said, as I looked around, to see a few small insects scattering the walls, and even a lizard.

    I looked to the lizard, a Mabuya varia, or Variable Skink, and one of the insects, an ant, specifically a Lepisiota incisa, an African Sugar Ant... and mentally ordered them to... fuse together.

    What it resulted in, was a three foot tall lizard with six legs, hexagonal insectoid eyes, along with a pair of antennae, and it was covered head to claw in the chitin of the Lepisiota incisa. Making for quite an intimidating sight.

    "Michael... you just... my goodness" Ken said, as he looked at the creature I had made, "You created some sort of chimera. Just what is this helmet?"

    Leaning down, I extended my arm, and it... climbed onto it, eventually perching itself on my shoulder.

    "I don't know, Ken. But... the powers of this helmet are incredibly fascinating. And it can't fall into the wrong hands" I said, as I thought of just what I wanted to do with this helmet.

    I mean… I've always wanted to be a superhero.

    "Perhaps you could become a Superhero, Mike. Maybe even a member of the Justice League?" Ken said with an excited tone of voice, he'd always loved superheroes.

    I distinctly remember him having books about the Justice Society, and obsessively following mentions of other new superheroes, like The Batman, and Superman, whenever they came out.

    He was especially a fan of the Green Lantern, apparently the superhero had saved his life during his commute to college.

    "I don't know, Ken… could I really be a hero?" I said, feeling a sense of doubt well up within me.

    "Of course you can Mike! Look at you, you managed to overwhelm a gorilla with sheer strength alone… I still don't know how you managed to do that" Ken said, "And the powers of that helmet. You could really help people"

    "Alright, Ken… I'll do it" I said, as I looked at the half-drunk grail full of the water that seemed to have enhanced me, as I extended it out to him, "Only if you'll join me"

    "What?" Ken asked, sounding honestly confused.

    "Well, it has to be the water, right? That's the only thing that could have enhanced me to such levels of strength… and I only had half. And there's nobody I'd trust more to have my back, than you Ken" I said with a smile, as I handed the grail to him.

    "I… thank you, Mike" Ken said with a smile, knowing not to argue with me about something like this, as he drank the water.

    I watched as his muscles swelled up, and his clothes ripped from the sheer strength he had gained.

    "That was… that was…" Ken said, as if lost for words.

    "Exhilarating, right?... I mean, what a rush!" I said with a grin, knowing exactly what he had just gone through.

    "If we have these powers now… what are we going to call ourselves?" Ken said, "I mean… every superhero has some sort of name they go by"

    "I was thinking B'Wana Beast, due to the bestial nature of my abilities" I said, as I honestly liked the campy name of the hero.

    "B'Wana Beast, huh?... Definitely an interesting name, Michael. Hmm… how about I become… The Huntsman?" Ken said with a grin, "For I shall hunt down the villains that plague this world"

    "Nice!" I said, as I gave my best friend a high five, knowing that he'd had that name tucked away on the off chance that he'd ever gained superpowers, "Now… how do we get out of this mountain?"

    At that, Djuba, the gorilla grabbed my arm, and led the two of us to a staircase, hidden within the mountain… Apparently, this was the only way out of the mountain.

    It had taken quite a few hours of walking, which was made a lot easier due to our enhanced bodies, but eventually, we managed to get out of Mount Kilimanjaro.

    And now… well, the world was our oyster. I wonder what sort of hijinks we'd get up to…

    Hey, maybe I could meet Vixen? That could be pretty neat.


    Hello all, and welcome to my new SI.

    B'Wana Be A Hero!

    An SI into B'Wana Beast. One of my favorite, underrated DC Heroes.

    Now, I'm going to mention some limits to the SI's Bio-Fusion Power.

    It can only fuse three things at once. Hard Limit.

    Tardigrades cannot be fused into other animals. This is due to the SI being unable to see them.

    The SI cannot fuse animals into himself, but he can easily fuse animals with humans.

    Only Living beings can be fused into a Chimera.

    The Chimeras are loyal to the SI, unless there is prior mind control to one of the creatures fused. There is the exception of Humans being fused, where they retain the human's mind, and loyalties.

    And this is specifically to AnonTheWEEB on Discord. No. B'Wana Beast cannot fuse a pregnant woman with her fetus. What the actual fuck is wrong with you?
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2022
  2. Papi Chulo

    Papi Chulo Not too sore, are you?

    Jun 11, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Interesting start , excited to see where this goes . Also bio fusion is a cool power
    RazielofSecrets likes this.
  3. CmirDarthanna

    CmirDarthanna Well worn.

    Nov 25, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Bro, can he perform the Fusion Dance with his buddy and Djuba? Will he look like a SSJ4?

    What will happen if he fuses Superman with a type of animal capable of photosynthesis?

    Spotted Salamander for photosynthesis and regeneration plus a Horned Dung Beetle (Onthophagus tauru) for x1,141 strength boost and protective exoskeleton.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2022
  4. AnonTheWEEB

    AnonTheWEEB Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Sep 13, 2021
    Likes Received:
  5. Redblood2222

    Redblood2222 Making the rounds.

    Jan 6, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Powers and abilities
    B'wana Beast drinks an elixir that gives him great strength, speed, hunting and tracking abilities. He also wears an ancient helmet that allows him to communicate with animals, and to merge up to four animals together to form a chimera. Straight from the wiki
  6. Composer

    Composer Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Nov 3, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Is he able to defuse as well as fuse? I am thinking about Cheetah.
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  7. Threadmarks: 02- Chimerexperimentation.

    YiteWrite :3

    Jul 9, 2019
    Likes Received:
    It had been a couple of days since we had left Mount Kilimanjaro, leaving Djuba there.

    And now… the two of us were currently residing with Ken’s people, a tribe that was living within the outskirts of Zambesi.

    They had welcomed me warmly, after Ken had told them all the story of how I had saved his life from the red ape, Djuba.

    They were more than happy to have me around, when I managed to ward off a lion that was on the prowl. I simply telepathically told it to leave… and it did.

    So that was pretty damn cool. I could really get used to these powers, after all.

    I’d even been experimenting with my powers, as I had fused a Giraffe and a common African House Snake, also known as the Boaedon fuliginosus together.

    What it resulted in was a fairly interesting mixture of both animals.

    While it retained the lower body of an average giraffe, its neck was elongated even further, and became more snake-like, capable of slithering around.

    Its head was also changed, gaining a snake-like snout, two pairs of eyes, a snake-like tongue, along with a pair of wicked looking fangs.

    It was definitely a force to be reckoned with, and had managed to both scare and impress Ken’s people quite a bit, they had begun to call me some sort of Shaman.

    The newly made… Snaraffe? I’ll come up with a better name later, was incredibly tame, and omnivorous. Probably due to being a fusion of a simple giraffe, and a relatively harmless snake breed.

    It was even friendly to the children, giving them rides on its back. Which was honestly really nice to see.

    I had spent the next few days, acclimating with the tribe, learning the true extent of my powers. Mainly combining small rodents and insects together, and… as it turns out they breed like crazy.

    So, now there were a literal swarm of insectoid rodents… Brodents? running around the tribe… at least they didn't taste all that bad.

    After you got past the chitinous shell, they tasted kind of like chicken… if you squint, and don’t think about it too much.

    Though, it was more horrifying to learn that they could… interbreed with different types of insectoid rodents. They eventually became relatively normalized amongst the tribe, even becoming akin to pets to some of the children.

    Thankfully, I had made a few more Bug Lizards… Blizards? That had enjoyed hunting the Brodents, for their food.

    Though, the flying ones were a bit of a hassle for the Blizards to catch… so, I just fused a few of them with flying insects. And now there was a whole new problem with the Flying Blizards catching actual birds from the air, alongside the Flying Brodents.

    The most common Brodent, by far. Was a mixture of both a rat and a common beetle. It had some incredible durability, was two feet tall, and just loved to eat anything it could get its grubby little paws on.

    I even had one of them as my own pet, alongside my Blizard. Though, I hadn’t come up with names for them, though…

    But they were all fairly docile. And surprisingly enough, fiercely protective of the people that I had “claimed” as my own. Their words, not mine.

    The Tribe Leader, and Ken’s father, Known as "Old" Kilo Kenboya, had been fairly kind towards me, and was incredibly interested in the chimeras that I had made.

    So, it wasn’t a surprise to me, when I saw the elderly man walking over to me, though the look on his face was cause for concern.

    He looked somewhat… fearful, yet angered.

    “Michael, my friend” Old Kilo said with a frown marring his usually merry features.

    “What’s wrong, Chief?” I asked, as I tended to one of the chimeras, a fusion between a lion and a monkey.

    “It seems that we have… poachers on our land. They’re after our Elephants and Rhinos, wishing to take their tusks and horn for their… ivory trade. I understand that you could help with this?” Old Kilo asked, with a certain sense of seriousness that he usually didn't have.

    The fucking ivory trade… where poachers would kill innocent elephants and rhinos, take their tusks and horns, and sell them off to people in other countries, to sate their fucking greed.

    Sure, they could also hunt the hippopotamus, though that’s tantamount to suicide, with how dangerous those beasts are… never underestimate a hippo’s sheer strength. I’d have better cages with a crocodile in the water, than a hippo. But that was beside the point…

    “Of course, Chief. Will Ken be joining me?” I asked, as I prepared to set off and take down these damn dirty poachers. Ken would be pretty useful in helping to take down the poachers, after all. He knows the land better than I do.

    “No. My son will be here, to make sure that our people are safe. I don’t want them to come back and harm our people in retaliation” Old Kilo said, which made some semblance of sense to me. If I did fail… it’d be better to at least have a protector within the tribe to keep them safe.

    Sure, they had Mondoko, the Witch Doctor. But he was more of a glorified elder, than anything truly substantial. Ken’s sheer strength was already a great boon to the tribe.

    “Alright then” I said, as I got the directions from Old Kilo, and set off on a fusion of a Buffalo and a Lion, while taking some of the Brodent’s with me as backup, to take down some poachers.

    This was going to be… fun. I could just tell.

    So, another chapter of B’Wana Be a Hero has come and passed. On a bit of a cliffhanger.

    Now… I have a question for you, dear readers.

    Well, a few questions, actually.

    1: What animal fusions would you like to see in the future?

    2: What should some of the Animal Fusion names be? As you can see with both the Blizard and Brodent… I’m not all that good with hybrid names.

    3: What are your opinions on OC villains in the future, as it’s somewhat… hard to find smaller African villains. The Poachers here, for instance. They’re going to be OC’s, alongside their leader. Who I’ve already figured out the character of. So, no matter your opinion, there’s at least one OC Villain in the works.
  8. Papi Chulo

    Papi Chulo Not too sore, are you?

    Jun 11, 2020
    Likes Received:
    For animal fusion ideas: hippopotamus with crocodile, water buffalo with rhino , cockroach with mosquito for maximum warcrimes and pandemics, zebras with anteloppes for speed.
    Oc villains are good , it will let you do some world building and expand your writing a bit since you won't be stuck with only using the villains from dc
    Thanks for the chapters btw
  9. CmirDarthanna

    CmirDarthanna Well worn.

    Nov 25, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Elephant gorilla hybrid?

    Jaguar/Leopard Pangolin hybrids?

    Cheetah Sloth hybrids?

    Triple threat Elephant Rhino Hippo hybrid?

    Blue Whale Python Piranha hybrid?

    Ironclad Beetle Leech Whale hybrid?

    Whale Octopus Cockroach hybrid?

    Jellyfish* Ironclad Beetle Badger hybrid?

    Jellyfish Cockroach Badger hybrid?

    * jellyfish contain millions of microscopic polyps, that eventually grow into multiple clone jellies, that gets released even if you kill them. If you let the dead body to rot it will instead reaggregate into more clone jellies.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2022
  10. inck

    inck Getting out there.

    Sep 20, 2019
    Likes Received:
    He should make flying horses for himself and his friend.
  11. MuchCod1414

    MuchCod1414 Getting sticky.

    Aug 18, 2022
    Likes Received:
    I have a question, if you fuse water animals with other animals, does aquaman control them or are they still loyal to the SI?
    Do mythical creatures count on being able to fuse?

    For fusions
    -ShoutOut: Dolphin, electric eel, and octopus
    -Killer Octopod: Praying mantis, octopus
    -PunchOut: Mantis shrimp, kangaroo
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  12. BJJPanda

    BJJPanda Not too sore, are you?

    Aug 18, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Will he ever become stronger? Because right now he is quite weak. Also, exactly what are his physical limits? Could he throw or pick up a car? A bus?
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  13. Threadmarks: 03- Poacher Punishment.

    YiteWrite :3

    Jul 9, 2019
    Likes Received:
    It took a couple of hours to get to where the poachers were last located. But, I managed to get there… and saw that they had set up a camp.

    Once I got there, I saw that there were a few tents set up, various animals either in cages far too small for their sizes, or being killed for their pelts, claws, or whatever the poachers wanted from them.

    I could see around five people, all armed with guns around the camp. But there were definitely more inside of the tents.

    Annoyingly, they were already somewhat alerted to my presence.

    The Lion Buffalo… Lyfallon, and the swarm of Brodents weren’t exactly subtle.

    Especially since the Lyfallon was the size of a truck, with bright orange fur, a neon green mane, and a pair of wicked horns, each reminiscent of a pitch black corkscrew. Yeah it was an eyesore, and more importantly… I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of that. Sadly for these people, they’re going to be.

    And so, it didn't come to a surprise to me, when the guards started shouting about the swarms of ‘locusts’ and a man on a giant monster, causing four more men to come out of the tents.

    I wasn’t even surprised when they began to shoot at me and my chimera with what I believe are AK47’s, though I may be wrong about that.

    But it did make it easier to feel a lot less guilty about what I was about to do to them.

    I telepathically ordered the Brodent Swarm to… well, swarm the men, and keep them distracted while the Lyfallon I was riding on descended upon them.

    They fired wildly into the swarm of skittering and flying Brodent’s, but they were eventually overwhelmed, getting vicious scratches and bug bites from the various Brodents. All of which, I made sure were venomous. But not deadly.

    Just a lot of irritation. And hopefully some weeks or months of hospitalization.

    Meanwhile, me and my Lyfallon were working in tandem, to absolutely destroy the cages that previously held the animals.

    The Lyfallon was breaking them apart by ramming into the steel cages, while I was ripping them apart with my bare hands. My new super strength was honestly really growing on me.

    Then the newly freed animals had started to attack the poachers, and I could feel the sheer rage they were feeling at their captors.

    There were elephants, lions, zebras, rhinos, giraffes, monkeys, snakes, gorillas, and even a hippopotamus.

    And they were pissed.

    They started to stampede into the poachers, the Brodents buzzing out of the way before they did so.

    It wasn’t a pretty sight, but from the moans and groans, I could tell that they were still alive. If only barely hanging on.

    So, after the justifiably pissed off animals had their fill, I had sent most of them off… except for nine.

    I wanted to make sure that these poachers were punished for what they had done, after all.

    So, with the animals' express permission after I explained what I wanted to do to the men. I fused them with the men.

    There were now three snake men, two giraffe men, a lion man, a rhino man, a monkey man, and an elephant man in front of me. All delirious from the pain they were going through.

    I wanted these men to be permanently reminded of their crimes, and exactly why they shouldn’t poach. Even if being granted the abilities of these animals may initially seem to be a boon to them.

    They’ll never be able to reacclimate into society with their newfound appearances. So, until they either truly repent for their crimes, or serve their time within prison. I wouldn’t be defusing them.

    It would also act as a fairly terrifying warning to other poachers. To never step foot within Zambesi again, when it comes to their criminal ways.

    And finally… I honestly wanted to see if I could do it. And now that I know that I can fuse humans and animals together… well, that unlocks a whole new avenue of power usage. Maybe Ken would like being fused with a lion or something like that? At least, on a temporary basis if he doesn’t like it… that is, if he accepts the idea.

    After waiting a while for the men to stop groaning in pain, and actually get a sense for their surroundings, I grabbed one of the giraffe men by his now long neck.

    “You’re going to tell me everything about your operations” I said with a growl, hopefully doing a good imitation of Batman, and it seems that I did, as the sheer fear in the man's eyes told me everything I needed to know.

    “I-I” The man stuttered as he looked around, his eyes widening in horror as he saw his colleagues, before looking down to see his now brown and yellow spotted skin, “What did you do to me!? Who are you!?”

    “I am the B’Wana Beast. The Protector of Africa and its inhabitants. Which includes its indigenous wildlife… and what I have done to you, is something that may be undone if I get my answers. So speak!” I demanded, as I shook him by the neck ever so slightly.

    The giraffe man started to babble about a man named Zakari Ivor’i, the largest Ivory Poacher within Africa. He had apparently hired them to ‘do the grunt work’ and get him some ivory. They got the other animals, purely because they were there, and they wanted more money.

    The other animal men had started to regain their senses at this point, so I decided that I had enough information, and got on the back of the Lyfallon.

    “W-wait!” The giraffe man shouted as he saw me beginning to leave, “W-what about fixing this!?”

    “Hey, I said it may be done. Not that it will be done! Maybe’s not a definitive yes!” I said with a grin, as I rode off, returning to the Zambesi Tribe, the Brodents following behind me, but not before I gave the newly-made animal men the middle finger, “Au revoir, assholes!”

    And with that, another chapter ends.

    Hope you all enjoyed the action of the chapter.

    And before anyone says anything about it. Yes, the SI fusing the poachers with animals as a punishment is a dumb idea. That’s the point. The SI isn’t the smartest person around, sure, he’s smart. But he’s not god. He does dumb shit in the heat of the moment.

    He just has to grow from it.

    Anyway, the next chapter’s going to be an interlude. And will hopefully be done tomorrow.
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  14. Venyr4434

    Venyr4434 Experienced.

    Nov 4, 2020
    Likes Received:

    Can he fuse animals to himself? Or maybe take on a few animal traits?
    Also, it says in the wiki that he's got-
    Like, how strong? How fast?
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  15. transhumansage

    transhumansage I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Nov 12, 2016
    Likes Received:
    alright so i absolutely love the munchkining of powers, so i want to see where you take this. the set of rules on what he cant do is a good solid start. i only know bwana beast from the cartoons so i want to see how SI achieves godhood with this.
  16. LandWhale172

    LandWhale172 Not too sore, are you?

    Mar 21, 2019
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    I’m just going to assume a faster version of Captain America XD
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  17. Mastersgt

    Mastersgt Experienced.

    Dec 26, 2019
    Likes Received:
    • Once more, do not necro. This is against Rule 7.
    Can he further improve himself if he refills the grail and drinks more? I mean... I am hopeful that he finds ways to further improve/enhance himself.
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