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[CYOA] Capes and Crawlers:Re [IC]

Discussion in 'PbP IC' started by Master of Squirrel-fu, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu Huhuhu~ Moderator

    Feb 14, 2013
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    The city of Dallas Texas was a hive of activity, the same as ever. Day and night it was hard for one to find a moment of stillness or quiet in it’s busy streets or packed recreation centers. As the fourth most populated city in America it should come as no surprise the amount of life that could be found in even the most abandoned areas.

    With that in mind, given the festive season and the early hour, it was little wonder that even a moderately sized strip mall closer to the more suburban areas of the city could be so crowded. Hundreds of people wandering around the place, reasons varying from holiday shopping to simply spending some time with friends.

    The day is November 1 2010. Christmas fast approaching and Thanksgiving far sooner there’s a fair bit of cheer in the air, if only thanks to the decorations of the place as it prepares for the holiday season. Despite the lateness into the Fall season it the weather was still a bit warm, even for a Texas Autumn, many people wearing simple and few layers of clothing.


    The mall is “T” shaped. At each end is a major story, two clothing stores on the adjacent ends and a Sears on the intersecting branch. The center has the food court and a Bank, there are no exits except near the ends of the branches. An electronics store is near on the top of the T-shape near the food court. There is a spectacle in the center of a large Thanksgiving decorations piece which is a large cornucopia but also a car that’s being given away as part of a lottery.

    In the food court is a girl with very short dirty blond hair and a long sleeve sweater drinking coffee. She looks very tired with an air of tension about her.

    In the electronic entertainment store nearby is a young pigtailed red haired girl being dragged along by a slightly older redhead with short but messy hair.

    Elsewhere, admiring some jewelry in one of the stands is a tall and very attractive blonde woman holding a black cat.

    Garahs, Darkoda, Merior, OverReactionGuy
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    Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu Huhuhu~ Moderator

    Feb 14, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Master of Squirrel-fu, OverReactionGuy, Darkoda, Garahs, Merior

    The city of Dallas Texas was a hive of activity, the same as ever. Day and night it was hard for one to find a moment of stillness or quiet in it’s busy streets or packed recreation centers. As the fourth most populated city in America it should come as no surprise the amount of life that could be found in even the most abandoned areas.

    With that in mind, given the festive season and the early hour, it was little wonder that even a moderately sized strip mall closer to the more suburban areas of the city could be so crowded. Hundreds of people wandering around the place, reasons varying from holiday shopping to simply spending some time with friends.

    The day is November 1 2010. Christmas fast approaching and Thanksgiving far sooner there’s a fair bit of cheer in the air, if only thanks to the decorations of the place as it prepares for the holiday season. Despite the lateness into the Fall season it the weather was still a bit warm, even for a Texas Autumn, many people wearing simple and few layers of clothing.


    The mall is “T” shaped. At each end is a major story, two clothing stores on the adjacent ends and a Sears on the intersecting branch. The center has the food court and a Bank, there are no exits except near the ends of the branches. An electronics store is near on the top of the T-shape near the food court. There is a spectacle in the center of a large Thanksgiving decorations piece which is a large cornucopia but also a car that’s being given away as part of a lottery.

    In the food court is a girl with very short dirty blond hair and a long sleeve sweater drinking coffee. She looks very tired with an air of tension about her.

    In the electronic entertainment store nearby is a young pigtailed red haired girl being dragged along by a slightly older redhead with short but messy hair.

    Elsewhere, admiring some jewelry in one of the stands is a tall and very attractive blonde woman holding a black cat.



    Having separated from her rather strict aunt a young girl wandered the mall, lost but uncaring of her destination. She earned quite a bit of attention, dressed as she was in such dated looking cloths as to look like a child from a period novel.

    Aoife D’Ruad simply walked on, trying her best to ignore the glances. Every so often tugging on the collar of her her scratchy wool blouse and adjusting the waist of the dress. Even her hair was kept in an uncomfortable bun, tugging at her scalp in a way that just made the entire affair stretch into a prolonged bit of constant unpleasantness.

    She took a few deep breaths, reminding herself that at the very least she would be allowed to purchase her own cloths with the allowance given to her. She just needed to endure for a while longer until she could buy herself a pair of slacks and loose fit fop like she’d had before, in her wardrobe still packed away at her new home and unlikely to see the light of day for for at least a few more.

    At the age of 10, looking like a little girl playing dress up she made an adorable sight. Looking for all the world like a lost child as she wandered, something that held more than a grain of truth, she seemed to attract even more attention if no one was quite willing to approach. The number of eyes on her, if unaware of the reasons, only made the tiny celt all the more nervous.

    Not wanting to remain in the public eye for longer than necessary the girl dodged into the nearest clothing store she could find, one thankfully catering to children.


    Ayomide Avarette

    Today was so far incredibly slow. The entire place was still remarkably hot to the point that she was happy about not really needing to pay much attention to weather anymore, but that didn’t mean that she was going to ignore how the average person would dress in the heat; that way lay getting the wrong kind of attention.

    This didn’t stop her from trying to get any kind of attention though, and she could certainly feel the eyes on her as she stalked the food court, her light open jacket swaying with her movements as she proceeded with her goal to not pay for a single bit of food today, courtesy of some boys who were working with the wrong head right now.

    She gave one of her stalkers a faint smile and mentioned how much some caramel ice cream would be nice in this heat, and not even a good minute later, she had a cone of the stuff, the latest in a line of individually cheap treats as she happily abused the fact that she didn’t have to gain weight. Well that and kept an eye on the wandering hands as she enjoyed her ice cream, keeping them happy with idle chatter and some highly suggestive means of eating her foods that was probably the reason why they kept buying them in the first place.

    Well, no skin off her back if getting teased was their price for free food.


    Sayuri Hayabara

    Sayuri was seated alone in a booth at one of the most well-respected japanese restaurants in Dallas, incidentally located within the mall. Sayuri browsed PHO on her smart phone in between taking bites of sushi or sipping her miso soup.

    Every so often, she glanced at herself in the classy mirrored wall at the bar, to make sure her distinctive fox ears and other inhuman features were still hidden by the henge she had placed upon herself. Perhaps it was partially due to the memories, but more traditional dresses fit her style for casual wear than form-fitting jeans and blouses. They were also more practical if the spell started to slip.

    This location was one of the few she could relax at without being spotted by the american boys of her class as almost none of her classmates had any opinion of sushi different from being disgusted at the idea of raw fish. Perhaps their interest would wane if they were aware of her actual form, but realistically just being a heroic leaning cape would cause her popularity to soar.


    Annabel Thomas

    My it was sure packed in here. Was my thought as Sally May and I pushed through the crowd. We sure picked a fine day to go to the mall for Mrs. May’s gift.I didn’t know why Sally thought I would know what to get her better than her though. She’s her daughter and all. Still it was just nice hanging out with her instead of being back home at the ranch...huh.

    A bit of sparkling light caught my eye and I pulled on my friends sleeve to get her to stop. I saw the jewelry and a lightbulb just turned on in my noggin. Seeing a rather attractive blond admiring them only solidified the idea. So with a big smiled I grabbed my friend’s arm and started pulling her with me. She only gave a minor protest to the sudden shift in direction before I showed her my smile.

    “Think your Mom will like something shiney Sal?” I asked cheekily as I continued pulling her towards the nearest jewelry store. This is going to be such a fun day.

    “I don’t know An,” Sally said, “she does have a jewelry box but I don’t think she especially likes them.”

    “Well, let’s just check it out then and see if anything clicks.” I let go of her arm and we started to walk together at a more sedate pace.

    Sally gave me a smirk.

    “You just want to look at the “shiny things” again don’t you?”

    I blushed a little at the tease. Mom said it was one of my few feminine qualities or that I was related to one of them crows.

    “I swear it’s just to get your mom’s present,” I stopped walking and put a hand over my heart, “I cross my heart and hope to die.”

    Sally just raised her eyebrow and stared me directly in the eyes. I started to sweat nervously under her scrutiny and broke first.

    “Okay, okay…” I said and sighed. “ I want to look at the shiny things.”

    She nodded her head in triumph, looking mighty pleased with herself.

    “Honesty is for the best,” Sally said trying to sound wise beyond her years.

    We started walking again after my defeat. My shoulders sagging just a tad before I smirked to myself.

    “At least I’m not recommending you to get a giant Teddy bear,” I teased receiving a light shoulder punch in response.

    “Your mother loved that damn bear and you know it.”


    Rias Gremory

    In comparison to many of the others in the mall, Rias was wandering it listlessly. Her looks were catching a degree of attention though with bright crimson hair, a chest which was 'exaggerated', and a strange uniform competing for what the passing eye would most easily latch onto.

    For most of the onlookers, especially the men, it was her chest.

    Passing a travel agent she paused, frowning at the sign outside, then sighing when the exchange rate for yen to dollars shows just how badly the Japanese currency was doing. Her stomach rumbled and she moved on... then stopped stock still as though something had caught her eye.

    Her expression slowly turned into one of joy and relief before she hurried through the crowd, trying to reach whatever or whoever she had just spotted.


    The day went on as normal, with shoppers meandering about the mall and more people arriving and stands opening. As the afternoon began to roll around a crowd began gathering in the heart of the building the large circular chamber at which the three branches met. In the center of it gathered together a stage had been built in preperation of something.

    “Dong! Dong! Dong!”

    The large decorative clock that hung high above began to ring to signal the hour and a man in an immaculate magician’s suit and mask walked out from behind the curtains followed by two woman in similar suits and masks. The three waved cheerfully to the crowd of onlookers who in turn offered some polite applause as they took their positions on the stage. The man in the center and the woman retreating to the edges to fetch two large wheeled boxes. The three posed for the crowd.

    “Ladies and gentlemen,” Called a voice over the intercom, “Hope Springs mall would like to present The Great Amazo!”

    Smiling the man, with a flick of his wrist, conjured a bouquet he then threw into the air, the flora quickly bursting into confetti that fell onto the crowd.


    Having finished eating, Sayuri wandered the mall, checking stores and browsing for clothes and games. There was a store that dealt in board and card games and magic nostalgia swept through her as she peered at the cards within the glass case before moving on.

    The intercom came alive and curious, the disguised foxgirl decided to investigate what was going on.

    An illusionist was performing? Sayuri thought it was amusingly bland. Sleight of hand could be a clever mind puzzle, but it rather paled in comparison to true magic.

    Still, there was an upper floor to the mall where she could overlook, and it wasn’t like she was pressed for time. Crowds in general weren’t particularly welcoming to her, so she swiftly climbed a nearby staircase. There were few people watching from this floor and the distance meant nothing to her, so she cushioned her breasts over her arm and leaned on the railing to watch the show.


    Eventually, Ayomide got bored enough of her stalkers to override the fact that they were acting as her wallets and managed to get away from the main mass, promptly shifting direction once she was out of sight and moving deeper into the mall to get some space. Well she hit her limit on people, but she got to sample most of the food court for free, letting her skip one of the more annoying bits of exploring new areas.

    Now came the more boring part of marking down good places to visit later. Clothing store there, expensive version over there, a tool shop - she knew of a magical girl who could make anything once she understood how it was supposed to work, she might be able to copy that with enough practice. But first, she spied a stall that was selling some kind of pastry involving waffles and cream and she was there.
    New treat in hand, roamed the area again, the announcement for the show in of itself not quite getting her interest but she was bored enough to at least give it a shot. In a place where she could leave easily, which meant that she was going upstairs for a bit. At least up here there were far less people, just some girl who stood out mostly because she looked far too familiar to a certain game character. Hopefully that wasn’t an omen of something.

    Bouquet into confetti? Sure it’s not like he’s a parahuman but that’s a bit lame.


    Dong! Dong! Dong!

    There was a shift in the crowd, children pulled on their parents clothes and told them in their childish way to hurry up. I had no idea what to think about it and didn’t get a chance as a jerkwad nearly bowled me over, hitting me on the side. I let out an angry cry, not falling over because I have a good sense of balance, but the jerkwad just ignored me. I stuck my middle finger out at his back for a slight revenge before I realised how stupid that was and stopped with a sigh.

    “You okay An?” Sally asked and I gave her a somewhat hesitant smile.

    “Haahha,” I chuckled a bit. “It’ll take more than one asshole to ruin my day so don’t worry.”

    Sally raised one of her eyebrows. “If you say so.”

    “Well!” I said loudly, unsubtly changing the topic. “Jewel shop is right there so let’s go!”

    I grabbed onto Sal’s arm again and pulled her towards the jewel shop. She sighed in exasperation at being manhandled again, but I saw her fond smile.

    “So, what do you think got the kids all in a tizzy?” Sally asked after a bit.

    “Who knows, probably something lame,” I opened the glass door to the jewel shop and my breath caught in awe. Rubies, sapphires diamonds of all cuts, gem encrusted gold and silver rings, necklaces, and all sorts of objects that would be fashionable and not gaudy all laid out stylishly showing of their unique charms. Even simple plain rings made my heart leap out with glee.

    “An, earth to An… are you in there?”

    The prices weren’t bad either, ah if only it was my birthday, I could get something nice that I can admire though not wear around the ranch because that’ll be a sure fire way to lose it and-


    I rubbed my head where Sally hit hit me and glared at her.

    “Glad to see you back with me An,” Sally said and then smirked, “Now come along, other people will want to enter the shop too ya know?”

    I felt my cheeks heat up a bit but mostly I just entered the store and pouted.



    "Ah, hello?" Rias said to Sayuri, or perhaps asked her, rather breathlessly as she approached the sole source of magic she'd seen so far in this strangely foreign city. Ironically the other girl was looking at a 'magic' show that someone was putting on. "I'm sorry to bother you, I mean, I don't mean to bother you, but I've got a... Well, I can't find anyone or anything I know and you're the first one that I saw who has any..."

    As the redhead spoke her words sped up, more of her inner panic and uncertainty leaking through into her tone and body language. The devil might have prefered a quieter place to bring up matters with the 'magic touched' girl, but given the way that both of the girls looked attention was something which would be hard to avoid for either let alone both.

    "...and my phone isn't working properly, it can't get at any of the Underworld servers, and there's nobody with- with anything around." She continued, barely resisting the urge to hug the other. "I can't remember everything and even my Pieces aren't right and I'm sure my family, my brother, would be grateful but there's things missing and can you... please?"

    Sayuri turned and blinked at frantic girl’s babbling. As she continued to talk, the fox girl grew concerned. The redhead did look rather familiar when she thought about it.

    “Slow down and take a deep breath. One thing at a time. What’s wrong?” The currently black-haired girl asked the redhead.

    Rias took a deep breath, a somewhat impressive sight, and tried to do as she was bade, "I... I fell through the Gap and now everything is wrong. I can't get hold of anybody, I can't remember everybody, and I saw someone flying in public."

    ‘Gap? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me’, thought Sayuri as she processed what the other girl said. ‘Perhaps she’s someone who fell through a portal like the Travelers did? There’s a way to find out.’

    “The person you saw flying was most likely a cape.” Stated the fox girl carefully. “You said your phone wasn’t working correctly. May I see it?”

    Rias dug about then passed over her phone with a hopeful expression on her face. The phone looked to be an elegant and slimline model, one which seemed to scream 'expensive!' to even the casual eye, but the screen was showing some sort of error message albeit one where the text was in a jagged and unnatural font with a few Japanese characters added to the mix.

    For those who could understand such things it was complaining that the "Underworld Main Server" could not be connected to and the "Kuoh Academy Backup", that name being the Japanese text, could also not be contacted. It was retrying in 5... 4... 3...

    Kuoh Academy and Underworld Main Server? That would make her Rias Gremory with her hair that color. If this phone wasn’t connecting, then that meant she wasn’t from this dimension. Which meant that she would have to break the news to her. Rias was someone who rolled with new developments, right?

    “Ok, I think I understand your situation. Let’s get away from where people could possibly overhear.” Sayuri replied with concern as she led the older girl across the walkway so they could speak with some amount of privacy.

    She guided Rias to the corner of the Macy’s path before turning to the redhead and spoke quietly. “I believe you’re in a different dimension. A distant parallel world not connected to where you originate. Over here, humans will seemingly spontaneously develop a specific power, like from american comic books. They then don masks to hide their identities and usually become heroes or villains. Sometimes the line blurs between the two, but often villains are the worst sorts of people. The government here in the US is involved and they’re not making it better.”

    Sayuri looked at Rias expectantly as she waited for her reaction, but offered her arms up to accept a hug if the devil girl required one.

    The redhead had allowed herself to be lead away, privacy for conversations about the supernaturally being something she expected. Her face went oddly blank but remained attentive as she listened to Sayuri's words then slowly nodded.

    "I remember falling into the Dimensional Gap." She said slowly, "I thought that I might not survive but instead things happened. I lost bits of myself. And now I'm in an American manga?"

    After a hesitation she hugged Sayuri, desperation tangible in the way she clutched at the other girl, and in a quietly horrified voice she continued, "I... I can understand that. But I can't accept that I can't remember my darling Peerage. Not even their names! I... I had a Queen. And... There was a Rook? What was my brother's name? What was oniichan's name?"

    Sayuri’s shoulder’s slumped as she supported the other girl. She hated to see others in distress when she could help, and it’s not like it would really hurt anything if she knew. Maybe once she came to grips with her new situation. As it was, this was a bad place for that kind of revelation.


    As discussions and the crowd continued about around them the show went on, the magician going through his routine as normal with great fanfare much to the excitement of the younger members of the crowd. With the beat of the music syncing his actions he made a wave of his cape, revealing a large box somehow appearing from within it, despite being larger than the man himself.

    He beckoned a member of the crowd to join him, eventually choosing a short brunet girl wearing a thick pair of glasses. He lead the girl into the box, closing it and spinning it around before gesturing for his assistants to run it through with swords one by one. Once the final blade was inserted the door was dramatically opened to show a lack of young girl inside.

    With a grin he closed the door and spun it again, faster and faster quickly plucking out the swords as they passed before stopping the box. With a snap of his fingers the box collapsed revealing…


    There was a moment of silence as the magician looked a bit confused. The crowd politely clapped, assuming this to part of the act, something that quickly died as the Magician didn’t continue on and rather inspected the floor of the box.

    In flash a mechanical arm rose out of the floor, grabbing the man’s by his collar before a girl rose out of it like she had been hiding under the surface of a pool. She quickly locked the man in a headlock as even more people began climbing their way out of the floor, or walking out of walls like ghosts. The majority of these men were armed, wearing balaclavas and thick military vests.

    However what drew the most attention were the less threateningly dressed individuals who simply walked out from behind the curtains of the stage. A tall, well built, and handsome man in an immaculate suit, a stylized helix on his chest, was the first to appear. Followed soon after by a blonde woman in a cat suit and a familiar looking brunette in thick black robes. Behind them came another man, wearing a full body suit that covered his entire body including his head and was an ugly fleshy color with the only decorations being a large belt and metal covering over his crotch.

    “Hey, look what I caught!” The mechanical woman currently pinning the magician down shouted to her comrades, “Ya think this means I get a wish or is that just genies?”

    The apparent leader just seemed to ignore her, signalling to the armed men who were holding the crowd hostage. Quickly 10 of the 20 or so criminals separated and began to fan out.

    “Salutations Dallas shoppers,” He spoke his voice carrying over the whole area clearly despite him not raising his voice much, “I regret to inform you that your regularly scheduled excursion here at the Hope Springs mall has been interrupted by myself and my comrades. Please lay down on your stomachs and do not attempt to resist or my employees will be forced to retaliate. I hope you understand, if you all cooperate this ordeal will be over with quickly, disobedience will be… extinguished with swift efficiency. I’m sure even you lot are intelligent enough to value your life over a few bits of coin.”

    As if to prove his statement there were already several civilians lying on the floor nursing their stomachs and faces where they’d been brutally smashed in the face by their attackers. A few had tried to run but had quickly been stopped by other thugs or simply fell to the ground upon hearing one of the thugs open fire into the air. Very quickly the commotion stopped.

    Round 1

    From above on the second floor two girls, both redheads noticed the commotion. The taller of the two puffed up her chest and took a step forward only to be grabbed from behind by her younger friend who covered her mouth.

    “Dammit, Natali, we’re not dressed for this,” Red, the appropriately named girl hissed into her friend's ear as she snuck them back into the dark gothic themed clothing store they were passing, “You can’t just jump in right now!”

    With a puff and a pout the taller girl complied after a moment of resistance. It was a fair point even if it rubbed the self-styled Magical girl the wrong way.

    “Fine, but we need to be quick, I don’t want to miss my entrance!” She answered before pulling herself out of Red’s grip and rushed towards the changing rooms in the back, “C’mon Red, those villains ain’t gonna stop themselves!”

    Elsewhere another young girl, a tall brunette blinked where she was in the sporting goods section of the Sears, having noticed the commotion quickly from the open area. With a frown she too began to sneak away, snatching up a few items as she made her way deeper inside the store.

    In the food court a dour looking young woman simply vanished from sight where she was sitting, completely ignored in the panic, while not far away a mousy looking petite girl pulled out her phone and ducked into one of the backdoors reserved for staff.

    Rias blinked in confusion, still holding onto Sayuri even as she tried to wrap her mind around what the voice had announced. Uncertain as to what to do, or what might be expected to do, she frowned at the sight of people being hurt then quietly asked the woman who she was embracing, "Should we do something or is this when the heroes arrive with a dramatic entrance...?"

    Sayuri grit her teeth as the villains made their demands. “We are the heroes, if you want a dramatic entrance, we should get you some kind of mask.”

    Taking Sayuri's advice as golden, Rias ducked into the nearby store and looked for something to use as a makeshift mask. And possibly a coat, or other long garment, to conceal her body given the distinctiveness of her uniform.

    The closest store happened to be very nearby, just adjacent to the quart around the corner and Rias was able to quickly enter even while taking steps to avoid being spotted. However her caution was for naught. Below her the watchful eye of a certain parahuman was able to quickly spy her actions. With a glare he found another of his men and pointed, similarly catching the attention of the brunet by his side with a heavy hand laid on her shoulder. Quickly the thug disappeared into a nearby wall exiting the floor above to follow the redheaded girl out of sight into the store.

    The man entered the shop, gun raised, trying to look through it quickly and spot the target. Seeing a mop of redhair peeking above one of the clothing stands he advanced quickly. With a charge he rushed the person gun raised to act as club.

    “The boss said to get on the ground!” He called as he smashed downward.
    “Not my boss,” The man blinked as seeing a small red-haired girl staring back at him with a sour look, her off hand gripping the stock of the rifle casually before it could reach her head, “And that was rude, how would you like if I did that to you?”

    Instead of waiting for an answer she simply forced the gun back smacking the man in the face and knocking him out.

    With a parting kick into the man’s ribs she turned to where the other redhead had snuck into the changing stalls.

    With Rias running inside to change, and one of the thugs following to catch her, Sayuri decided to follow suit. Instead of looking for a costume, she instead crawled under one of the round racks of clothes being displayed and dove into a gap where her Ran outfit was gathered. One of the nice things about dresses was that they were easy to slip on and off at least.

    Ayomide didn’t know what to make of the comedy skit that she ended up seeing. First there’s a Reimu lookalike, and then some busty far too attractive girl in a school uniform jumped onto her and went on about getting Gapped before the Reimu took the two away. Then like all bad comedies, it stopped being funny quickly when the show below got a case of Villainous Interruptus.

    On the better side, no one was dead yet. She was noting the faces of a few thugs that she was going to make sure to hurt though. Not particularly wanting to expose herself doing so though, she took advantage of the red head and Reimu drawing attention to make a better show of sneaking her way to the bathroom.

    Once inside and making sure she was alone, a flash of twisted light and a darkly amused magical girl stood in front of the mirror, suppressing the flinch from how oddly different she looked. She had time to simply prepare and charge out in a surprise attack…..but these idiots had already shown themselves to leap to violence far too quickly.

    Well fine, those other two were clearly up to something, she could at least get those thugs focused on something else for a bit. The things I do…….

    The bathroom door wasn’t so much opened as kicked in, one magical girl Thema walking out like she owned the place. “Okay idiots, I can guess your answer but I’ll try anyway. Drop the guns and get on the floor and you get to leave without broken bones.”

    The thugs, three total, turned their heads to the commotion, one of which violently grabbing the purse off a particularly irate looking woman.

    Notice the cape they tense.

    Down below with the waiting villains one was not quite so patient nor content to just sit and wait while nameless thugs went about making money for them.

    With a wolf like howl the most outrageous of the lot, dressed in a body stocking matching his skin tone, Codpiece jumped to the front of the stage clapping his hands above his head.

    “Awooooooo!” He bellowed while gyrating his hips, “Yeah baby lets get this party started!”

    With a lewd grin he placed his hands behind his head and punctuated his announcement with powerful thrust of his hips, firing a white beam from his crotch over the crowd and smashing into one of the pillars.

    “Aw, honey there’s no need to be shy, I don’t bite~” He called out, “But if you like it rough I’m more than ready babe!”

    He readied his hips to fire another beam at the pillar as a woman in a rather form fitting flight suit rushed out from behind her cover.

    The woman’s entire costume covered her body entirely, an opaque glass hiding her face. Her petite form made it hard to even guess her gender at a glance, only the pink and white color scheme serving as an obvious gender indicator.

    “Please,” She spoke, her voice young and accented, “I’ve seen enough of commenters like you to know you can’t handle me in 1v1. IF you want a piece of me you need to get good!”

    Quickly she pulled her pistol from her side, aiming and firing before rushing away from the crowd further back into the area under the food court hoping to lure in the villain.

    She grinned as watched her handywork as the man collapsed on his knees, hands holding his crotch where the Kinetic Energy bolt had struck.

    “I’m not into this kind of play,” He mumbled as he tried to get his bearings back.

    “From the way you’re dressed I would have guessed the exact opposite, Dick!” Chirped a cheerful robot as she came up to pat the man on the back. Her earlier catch having been handed off to her blond accomplice who simply sat on the magicians back as he wiggled about, “Sure she got away from you but look on the bright side, she was a real ball buster ey?”

    With a chuckle she jumped off the stage in pursuit, somersaulting over the crowd to close the gap.

    “Don’t go yet Mechy! Don’t you think a fan deserves an autograph?” The grinning cyborg landed in front of the fleeing woman reaching out and grabbing her arm, “Well then how about a hug?”

    She smirked as she pulled the struggling young hero into her, wrapping her arms around the girl to restrain her.


    Having a clear view of most of the action right from the start two young girls were helpless to do much as a pair of thugs entered the jewelry store they’d been unlucky enough to have been in prior to the incident. One, a vicious looking man with a scared face and bright red hair gelled into spikes went to work and with a remarkable amount of professionalism he went about collecting the precious items. Surprisingly rather than simply breaking the glass he chose to grab from the open case first.

    “Oi, old man the rest better be open by the time I finish or things will be getting messy,” He said.

    Meanwhile the other man didn’t do much, simply keeping his gun held at read before spotting a certain young girl, a girl wearing some expensive jewelery and holding some more. With a grin he shoved his way past several cowering people to snatch a ring out of the girls hand, while grabbing her by the back of her shirt and pulling her upwards painfully.

    “Yo, hand over the goods you little bitch,” He spat and threw her back against the counter, “I aint asking twice!”

    The brunette didn’t react at first causing the man to growl and grab her hair, manhandling her.

    “Did I stutter, I want dat necklace,” He shoved his face into hers, “Take it off now if ya know what’s good fo you!”

    “Let her go!” Annabel shouted despite the fear she felt. Her friend was in trouble and her mother didn’t raise her to let that go unanswered. So, likely running more on adrenaline than anything else, she tried to punch the thug so he would let go of Sal.

    To Annabel’s surprise the blow actually hit the thug right on the face causing him to let out a grunt but he didn’t let go of her friend. If anything the punch just pissed him off further.

    With an angry scowl he stood up to his full height, towering over the young girl. And with one mighty motion threw most of his weight into a back hand, landing square in the girls jaw. Annabel was through to the ground stunned.

    “Well fuck you too girlie,” the man said as he began to advance, his heavy boots thudding ominously, “Ya think you can just g-”

    He was cut off as a glass jewlery case smashed into the back of his head from behind actually staggering him to the ground and causing his head to bleed. He turned backwards to see a scared girl behind him, the only person who could have struck him so cleanly.

    He didn’t bother with words, instead taking a step forward and throwing a hard punch right into her face, smashing the girl into the glass display cases behind her. He didn’t let up, rushing forward to stomp hard on the girls unprotected sides as she wriggled on the ground in pain. Even as she cried the man kept stomping even as his partner rushed his way over towards the commotion.

    Annabel sat there in a daze as she watched her friend try to save her ass. She watched as her friend was smashed into the glass case. She watched on as the thug stomped her, trying to kill her. She didn’t register the other thug rushing in the scene. Even as blood dripped down her chin and her vision blurred as she started to black out… she had but one wish. The power to save her friend.

    Two very different souls found themselves the only light in an impossible void of darkness, and despite the great vast eternity they collided and merged, forming a new being of unfathomable potential from the pieces.

    When she woke up, she had a new perspective. She was confused as to why she was on the floor, so she sat up in a daze. She blinked her eyes to clear up her vision, vision that was much better than before as she saw clearly two grown men standing over a girl’s body. Her heart ached at the sight but she didn’t know why. Annabel focussed on the girl on the ground, trying to figure out who she was. But it was a loss cause, though something else did happen.

    The girl wasn’t moving, Annabel thought as she slowly got up from the ground, There’s blood everywhere...even on me.

    Annabel wobbled as she stood up straight, a hatred burned in her chest greater than anything she experienced before. She narrowed her eyes and words came to her that promised a swift vengeance.

    “Include; Berserker,” The words uttered with an eery calm before the everything went began to blur together. Thoughts and emotions swirling together and becoming less clear, leaving just instinct. And rage. Her entire body tensed, muscles flexing and preparing to spring forth a fountain of unstoppable destruction. She threw her head back, “▂▂▃▃▄▄▅▅!”

    What came forth from the girl’s throat could not be classified as a scream, or even a roar. It was bellowing noise that shook anyone hearing it down to their core, a pitch so deep and powerful that one’s very bones felt rattled by the vibrations.

    “Dammit Tony you can’t ju-” The spikey haired punk was cut off by the paralyzing wave of fear that washed over him as he heard the terrifying noise, barely having enough time to glance at the source before the thing was on them. He didn’t hesitate for a moment, years of instinct taking over as he did one last desperate act.

    Tony was too shocked to react as his friend shoved him to the ground, only able to watch in shocked horror as the man he knew seemed to explode into a cloud of gore, the middle of his body simply vanishing as his legs and upper torso flew away.

    “Rey!” He shouted, desperately reaching out to where the man had stood just moments before. He didn’t get a chance to act further as a giant stone ax, a massive thing more resembling a sharpened club than any real weapon, dropped with titanic force and pulped the shocked man.

    In the quiet of it all, as the smoke began to settle those left were able to see the cause.

    Beside the crater stood a thing, only human in the most basic of appearance. Stone grey skin covered toned muscles. And on it’s head was long map black hair, tangled and unclean. Its face was the worst, twisted horribly in a vicious snarl with lips pulled back painfully far over animalistically jagged teeth. It’s eyes however, it’s eyes held not even the intelligence of a beast. Rather the only thing that filled those eyes was a cold hateful rage, burning in it’s own right but ultimately lightless.

    The thing stood there for a moment, soaked in the gore of the two men it had just killed and all around it too fearful to react. And then it raised it’s ax.


    The weapon was smashed back down into what little remained of Tony spraying even more of the blood that remained about. And again it raised it’s ax before smashing it down with earth shaking force. Harder and harder, faster and faster, the shockwaves alone beginning to tear apart the store around it.

    Outside its presence was not missed, quickly picked up on by a brunet villain. With a frown she snapped her fingers, not bothering to wait for orders lest she miss her one chance to nip a possible catastrophe in the bud.

    Inside the shop the creature had it’s fill turning towards the glass, somewhere in what was left of it’s mind it remembered these people that they were the cause of its anger and it launched itself forward with enough force to shatter the floor around it. It met the glass in less than the blink of an eye.


    The creature flew out of the ceiling of the little shop down into the floor with all the force of it’s jump.

    “Well,” the brunet stated as she watched the creature try again through one of the other walls to the same result, “That escalated quickly.”
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    ROUND 2

    “Yeah, that’s not really something you see everyday,” The blonde woman said as she picked herself off the magician to take a more defensive stance, “And more than a bit outside of our pay grade. Cap?”

    She called to the apparent leader of the group.

    “What say you? We have our own little roid beast waiting for the perfect chance to splatter us, and it doesn’t seem to mind collateral damage,” She gave a sad look towards the destroyed interior of the shop in which it was trapped, a handful of people tossed around like puppets, “Jesus, it’s like watching a toddler play with bugs in a jar. This seems like a lot more heat then you were saying we’d be getting. In a variety of ways.”

    The man could tell the woman was upset, worried and angry even if she was hiding it rather well. He frowned in thought, picking his words well since he knew that a misspoken phrase could mean being abandoned by the pair as they beat a hasty getaway like the honorless little guttersnipes they were.

    “The creature was not anticipated,” He replied, giving the thing a glance as it continued to try and brute force it’s way out, “But it doesn’t appear to be a problem anymore thanks to your partner. You shouldn’t bother worrying about retaliation, the creature's actions are it’s own, if anyone is to blame for this bit of misfortune it lies squarely on it’s shoulders.”

    The blonde frowned, but nodded and turned back to where the mass of sinue and rage was currently trying to punch it’s way through another wall futily. She was aware that Breach’s trap wasn’t perfect, there were limits and even if it wasn’t clever enough to find a way out Breach would need to drop the effect to be able to let them escape.

    The man turned back to watching the Mall with a sigh. Then, surprised, his eyes widened and he made an abruptly interrupted attempt to jump back as a fireball smashed down onto his position. Unfortunately he acted a bit late and grunted as the flaming ball exploded across his chest leaving a few painful burns.

    “Wha-” Be bit off his words as he saw something quickly approaching from his side and braced himself. A young redhaired cape dashed into his guard with a stabbing palm strike to his kidneys, only to curse as the precise attack failed to achieve anything of note in the face of his evolved biology. She pulled back as the man retaliated, the heavy fist intersecting the space her head had been moments prior.

    “Villain!” Came the shout from above, “Prepare yourself to be devastated!”

    A young girl in a mismatched stood on the railing of the floor above, her arms crossed and a pink toy wand clutched in her hand. She grinned widely and pointed down at him fiercely.

    “For today you face the might of the Lovely warriors of Truth and Justice! Get ready to taste our greatness!”

    Ubermench was a calm man, a rational man who had lived through many battles and seen many horrible things. A non-insignificant amount of which he was responsible for. Yet even he couldn’t stop the dumbfounded look from reaching his face at the sight of his opposition. He turned a doubtful look onto his other opponent.

    “...I’m not with her.”

    Ubermench felt a bit of worry leave him, at least one of them had some sense of shame.

    Sayuri finished dressing and dropped the transformation to be completely clothed in the tabard and dress Yakumo Ran wore in the Touhou games. Had those games existed in this dimension then she might have been a bit more concerned about being identified as such. Instead, she simply borrowed the costume design without worry. Nodding to herself in satisfaction, she gapped to the deck in front of Macy’s and took stock of the situation.

    There were more hostages than she wished to see, but also luckily more heroes, including two actual magical girls, were appearing. Hopefully, she could draw all of their attention to her and drag out the confrontation to allow even more help to arrive and overwhelm them with numbers. Seriously, who would try to rob a packed mall when anyone could be a cape?

    “Wow, villains are trying to hold a mall hostage and already there are magical girls on the scene? This reminds me of home. I suppose I should be polite and offer you the chance to surrender before we… chastise you. Any takers?” Sayuri called out loudly as she leaned over the railing with her tails flared out behind, her eyes and ears sharp for the inevitable attempts to attack her.

    Further down the way a group of men who had been moving into the area came to a stop on spotting a another girl making a similar declaration.

    “Cape!” One shouted pointing towards Thema, the closest target, the men quickly picked up their guns and took aim spraying bullets at the girl with their rifles.

    Well it wasn’t as if she didn’t see this coming. At least this way, she didn’t have to worry about anyone else getting shot, just herself and well she wasn’t about to let herself get fulled of bullets via a bunch of morons. She waved and grinned and made the group look like a bunch of untrained children via cartwheeling along the wall and out of the way of the bullet rain that was coming a bit too close to hitting - mental note, guns are the tools of the untrained for a reason.
    “Well that was pointless. Just keep in mind for when you wake up; I warned you.” She clapped her hands, keeping their attention as she showed them a real magic trick, flicking a wrist and sending a thick ring at the lead goon. The chakram smashed into his head and bounced into the one next to him, before going for the hat trick and clubbing the last one before he could think of running.

    “Everyone here okay? Okay, just stay low and keep their guns in case someone else comes by or they somehow wake up.” For their sakes, they’d better not before the police showed up, she’d hit them harder next time. Her magical spinning ring bounced down and shoved the rifles to her in less than stellar condition - they probably weren’t going to fire properly anymore.

    Now for the actual villains here, she couldn’t see what’s been going on since but she could see one ‘Magical girl’ on the railings. Given this, she took a far more sedate pace back over, quite happy to not draw too much attention while she took stock of the battlefield.

    It was...something. In one corner, that starter villain Selfie holding down some girl with a gun, one Nazi - and oh she had her next target - and…..

    Yeesh, don’t know what happened there, but that is going to be ugly.

    Some kind of roided out monster that was turning a store into a horror show. And how was that guy still alive with only half of him? Well, at least said monster couldn’t actually leave the store….and Thema remembered seeing that guy amongst the goons. Great, one of these idiots probably made someone trigger and all hell broke loose. At least that portal girl was out of the way while the berserker was stuck.

    For now, she’d focus on what she could deal with now, trying to hit Selfie while she was holding someone else was probably not that wise, she wasn’t sure of her control that much but the Nazi? That was different.


    Rey Rodriguez was a simple man, in his late teens he was really more of a boy in the eyes of most people who knew him. Not very bright but certainly not dim, he was often left alone simply due to his appearance. Tall, naturally broad, and pinched squinty eyes he was often considered a criminal or a punk. And as it was, after being unable to get work due to this profiling he turned to something a bit less reputable in order to feed himself.

    And that was how a 17 year old Rey and his friend Tony had ended up becoming Professional henches. It was decent money, it needed to be to get people to willingly and blatantly break the law and bring down the attention of local heroes. He’d been eating fairly well recently, got himself a new jacket, and a new game he was planning on schooling Tony at when they got back from a quick snatch and grab.

    And then everything went to shit.

    Rey could blame a lot of people for where he was right now. Lying gasping in a puddle of his own gore as some freakish mutant started crushing pulling out his various organs. Something that was shockingly less painful than he would have assumed, but he chalked that up to shock. He could have blamed his rather morbid circumstances on the girl who was currently trying to play doctor in the worst way possible. He could perhaps blame Tony for once again being an fuckwit and ruining a good thing. He could even blame the Aryan Asshole for setting everything up and not doing the goddamned research.

    But no, the one he blamed was himself.

    “Should have…,” he grunted as his lungs started to grow back, “Taken that plumbing job.”

    He didn’t resist as the thing lifted him up again grabing his exposed spine and welding him like a demented club.

    At least then I’d only smell like shit instead of look like it.

    Rey closed his eyes as the creature reared back and once again tried to use him like a squishy rock to break the window.


    Koyare Daze looked upon the scene she found herself in. A real life magical girl knocked out some goons that were planning on robbing everyone here, a brunette is gaining a minor revenge on the one who took her purse by kicking him in the side while he was down and there were more of the villainous minions out there. Just nowhere near her.

    Koyare sighed, her shoulders sagging a little.

    Well, this mall trip went to hell, she thought and shook her head before looking at the downed goons.

    Koyare was here for only a few reasons, both of them equally embarrassing. One was to just maybe, maybe find someone worth her time and the other was to secretly try on some more feminine clothes far away from the people who actually knew her. All of this was ruined the moment some villains decided to show up and crash the place.

    So with that in mind, she decided that she didn’t really want these people getting off scot free and leaving the thugs just laying around was just asking for them to escape when the dust is all settled.
    Filled with determination and just a little spite to see that not happen, Koyare started walking up towards the goons. Along the way she thought about how she was going to do this.

    Strip off their shirts and use that to tie their hands? Take off their belts and use them to tie their feet together?

    Koyare didn’t really know what would be the most effective for restraining them and wished there was a convenient rope just lying around somewhere for her to use, or maybe that she brought her chain with her despite everything… she realised she was going to need to invest in some zip ties or something after this.

    So my options are stripping them of their shirts which I won’t do, not that I cared or anything… just seems wrong, she thought with a shudder, That leaves…

    Koyare smiled as she got to the thugs, ignoring the brunette’s confused glance, and got to work. First she took off the gun straps and used them to bind the thugs arm’s together behind their backs. Second she stripped them of their belts and did her best to bind their legs together. And lastly, she started to tie their shoelaces together for the hell of it.

    Whipping her forehead's imaginary sweat with a self satisfied smile plastered on her face, Koyare proceeded to get to the important part now that all the thugs were successfully bound but not gagged, as she didn’t have anything to use as a gag near by, looting. She started to pat the thugs down one by one, finding some sidearms the magical girl missed and taking them away from the thugs. She decided to keep one with her just in case she would need to use it to defend herself.

    It was then she came to regret her decision to loot.

    “What the…” She muttered as she took out a magazine. Opening it up without looking at the cover, Koyare quickly dropped the magazine like it was on fire. She then looked at the thug who brought a damn porn mag to a heist in disbelief.

    “Give me a break…”


    "You should be more careful," Aoife said flatly to Rias, gesturing to the now fallen thug where he lay sprawled on the floor, "You actions can affect more than just yourself."

    She stared at the devil for a long moment then asked blandly, "But, for now, I assume you plan to do something about all this?"

    "I could take him outside, although I don't know many places to take him," Rias admitted, her voice somewhat muffled by her makeshift 'mask', "However it might be better to find as many innocent people in a group as I can and take them away instead though."

    Aoife narrowed her eyes in thought.

    "I'd prefer to let this sort itself out but I think things may have escalated beyond the point were this can be settled with everyone getting out without a scratch," She gestures out the door to the area bellow, "Careful, keep low so they don't see you. We will need to move quickly and not interfere, there is a demon trapped below by the enemy, I fear that they may release it if they feel cornered."

    Rias started to nod then looked visibly startled at the mention of a demon. However she steeled herself and ducked down, pulling more of the scarf over her head to minimise the visibility of her attention grabbing crimson hair. Softly she murmured, "If you know the way then I'll follow."

    Aoife nodded and hurried the older redhead along, making sure to hug the wall to remain out of sight of those below. The two quickly made it to the food court to see the area most filled with people and even a few thugs knocked unconscious.

    "Well, that makes my job easier," She says, "wait in the centre and prepare to move them but don't call out there's more enemies about, I'll gather up the stragglers while you spirit away those you can."

    "When I leave, if I'm not just going by myself, then it is rather indiscriminate." Rias warned as she kept close by, "And I definitely wouldn't call the departure 'subtle'."

    Aoife frowned and stared at her, "Fine then the point of avoiding conflict is moot, take as many as you can and return once able. I will work to defend this position. It is unlikely we will be able to release any significant fraction of the hostages but any amount is better than none."

    "I thought it better to warn you rather than leave you thinking that I could ferry groups out quietly," Rias explained then frowned as she peek out towards the food court. "...I might be able to get to the middle if I stay down below the level of the tables."

    "There's no longer a point in remaining hidden so I will make this quicker," She said standing up, "Everyone, if you wish to escape gather in the center of the court!"

    Once done she turned back to her ally, "There you go, that should let you remove them all in one go. Just be sure to hurry back."

    Rias nodded and stood up, straightening her shoulders and giving a show of calm confidence as she moved to the centre of the open space.

    "Everyone, please, come closer to me!" The redhead called out, her voice still slightly muffled but her open body language speaking of her honesty, "I can get us out, I can get us to safety, but I need you to get close enough to me."

    Despite the fear, the panic, and the imminent dangers offered by the presence of the villains and their thugs there was something about Rias which seemed to reassure and call to those who had been trapped in the mall by the attack. Slowly and first, but then with more confidence as others stepped forward, they gathered towards and around Rias as she had asked.

    Watching the elder girl move forward Aoife stared at her back. The young woman had a sense of power about her that could be felt as a tangible thing, an innate sense of knowing of “Strength” in a perception that she couldn’t accurately describe. She couldn’t say how strong the girl was, only that she was capable.

    Aoife found this confusing in a way, to her senses, or rather to her second sight the girl was nothing more than an ordinary person. Not even a hibernating spirit waiting on her shoulder for a chance to awaken and yet she knew this person was anything but a normal person. Despite her caution however Aoife did find herself offering an olive branch of sorts, a small amount of trust to be able to do as she claimed despite seeing what appeared to evidence to the contrary.

    If it turned out she had been deceived she’d be annoyed but ultimately she doubted too great a cost would be taken from her. The older girl on the other hand, well while Aoife would make no move to attack she would not protect the girl from those she offered a fake salvation, she was not one to divert rightful punishment of those wronged.

    With yet another sigh she sagged her shoulders in a slump in preparation of what was to come.

    Then, like a snake, Aoife whipped her hand out to the side and grabbed what appears to be the empty air beside her.

    "Not so fast," She stared at where she's grabbing, "I do not need my eyes to see you trying to sneak away like a thief in the night. Show yourself or best pray you can fly."

    There was a moment of silence before a young and tired looking girl materialized in her grip hands raised, "Ugh, there's always at least one of you in every fight. Look, I promise I'm on your side."

    "And which would that be?" Aoife asked tightening her grip and starting the lift the admittedly taller girl in the air.

    "Mine," Aoife jumped as a ...girl? Someone, in a tweed suit and mouse ears snuck up behind her, A reflexive strike met nothing but air only to whip her head around as she felt her had being forced down, and there in her blindspot stood the cape again, resting her cane on the redhead’s wrist. She took off her hat and took a bow, "Mighty Mouse, Leader of the Dallas Wards at your service. Now I'd like to kindly ask you to let go my friend. While I'm always glad to see someone so eager to protect others I'm rather protective of my dear partner, she's a rather delicate sort."

    Seeing the girl and realizing just who it was Aoife bit her lip but complied. She could recognize the girl from her appearances, even the advertisements, it would have been difficult to not know who she was given her posterchild status.

    “Outstanding,” The girl, yes Aoife could more clearly see that now with a closer look as her hips and posture were definitely feminine, smiled and helped her partner up sympathetically, “Now that we’ve reached a civl understanding I believe we can cooperate since the three. Ah, no I suppose it’s four, of us have a common goal.”

    “I’m not going to fight,” was the fast reply of Aoife cutting of the girl, “Not unless I have to.”

    There were a multitude of reasons for this, not the least of which being her lack of costume. Aoife’s eyes grazed the crowd gathering around her new ally desperately.

    “Yes of course,” rather than disappointed the grey haired cape sounded proud, confusing her conversation partner and leaving her actual partner looking rather exasperated, “I understand your sentiments completely, in fact that’s why suggest we team up. Your friend isn’t the only as you can see, love. In fact I was making some respectable progress on the evacuation efforts prior to spying your unfortunate tussle with our little Cheshire. All I ask is for a bit of cooperation and protection should we not prove fully up to the task.”

    As this was occurring the rest of the combatants did not sit idly. Across the way two of the gunmen had managed to make it up to the second floor, taking aim and rushing forth to restrain a certain boastful and gaudily dressed cape still making speeches to the embarrassed fighters below. The two quickly rushed forward arms outstretched only to meet empty air blinking in surprise.

    “Ho? A dastardly attempt to catch me unawares?” Boasted the young girl who’d leapt backwards a step having noticed their approach and dodged with ease, “Ha, as if such cowardly tricks can overcome a lovely warrior of justice!”

    On the stage below the man known as Codpiece managed to get himself back onto his feet, eternally grateful for the protective plating he had on his costume to secure his most precious appendage. Painful, but not debilitating, that described his situation.

    He took a moment to survey what had occurred while he ensured he had not taken a loss he could not recover from. To his right he saw the carnage that was the room keeping the creature trapped, coated in blood and currently using what appeared to be a screaming man as a club to break a window that looped back into a wall behind them. Scary but strangely sexy with how her hair hair stuck to body and how it made the very small amounts of clothing she wore cling to her curves and muscles. Still, he knew his limits and didn’t think he’d survive an attempt at her in either instance. Not a girl to be trifled with, perhaps fantasized about later that night when he was enjoying the spoils of his work but not trifled with.

    Above him he saw the alterations taking place between various young girls, all very attractive and most of which having some nice curves. He’d certain love to be up there, but sadly it seemed the boss’s hired transporter was preoccupied keeping all of them unfucked, in the best of ways, by the scarousing creature that was getting more creative in it’s attempts to escape. He didn’t really want to walk so far in his condition.

    He turned his attention back to what was before him, the cute little robot restraining the resisting woman in a tight suit that did all sorts of interesting things as she struggled. He’d have to see about following up with the hot bot to see if he could get a copy of the recordings she was no doubt making of this.

    And just before him was his boss currently in a fight with a cute little redheaded girl, both of which appearing surprisingly matched, even if the girl was doing very little in the way of damage on any strikes she was able to land.

    He considered for a moment assisting his boss against her, to hopefully get in a surprise attack from behind as redhead seemed to have forgotten his existence. He considered hard as the girl landed smoothly facing away from him entirely focused on the boss. A single thrust and....

    ...No. No, even he had some standards after all.

    Abandoning the motion and feeling a bit better about himself he moved around the fight to where his favorite rogue was pinning her unlucky opponent.

    Yusin Kim, better known to the world as MechTech Rider, growled as the grinning villain tightened the grip on her neck restraining the hero. She wasn’t used to fighting outside of her suit, admittedly she trained for such scenarios but more often than not it was not something that came up fortunately. Or perhaps unfortunately as she had misjudged her opponent's strength and was locked in this unpleasant position. She really hoped no one was recording this, her pride couldn’t handle people seeing her make such a newbie mistake as attempting to wrestle a robot.

    Still, she was no stranger to bad situations and had the skills to pay the bills. With a grin she went limp in the villain's grasp throwing her opponent off balance. Taking up a grin matching the challenger’s own she twisted around in the slackened grasp, planting a firm boot in the bot’s gut to push herself away into a roll.

    Springing back to her feet she turned back around around in a ready stance.

    “Counter Success!” She cheered, ““Mech-Tech Rider Rejoins the fight!”

    “Nice turnaround!” Far from upset Selfie was smiling harder as she bounced on the balls of her feet, “Guess you do have some skillz after all, and here I was worried you were all bluff and bluster. Well I’m about to knock you off that winning streak of yours, hows about a little 1v1!”

    There was little warning as the woman simply shot forward in a powerful leap fist cocked back covering the distance with ease.

    “PAWNCH!” with that delightful epitaph the villain smashed through the recovering hero’s guard with her enhanced strength striking her square in the jaw of her mask staggering her back and causing the girl to sway from from sense of dizziness that having her head knocked about so instilled.

    “Owned!” Selfie cheered, “That will definitely be the highlight of the stream for sure!”

    Seeing an opportunity one of the men guarding the hostages lifted his gun and opened fire on the distracted hero.

    “Yeep!” The girl dodged back out of the way of the stream of bullets, her pilot suit could withstand it but it’d hurt none the less, “No fair! You don’t bring back up to a duel!”

    “Think of them as stage hazards!” Selfie smiled, “Keeps you on your toes!”

    On the stage the brunet cape began to take in her surroundings feeling confident that the monster she had managed to trap was secured for the moment. With a glare she was able to spot the ruckus that occurred above having heard a certain redhead’s declaration and spying another of unfortunately present meddlers.

    “I feel in the future we should be more picky on who we subcontract too,” She groaned, “Definitely going to ask for a bonus, Mr Eugenics over there is really going to owe us after this fiasco.”

    She snapped her fingers and four people fell into the floor. High above a surprised magical girl found herself falling from ceiling some 15 meters above the ground.

    And on the floor above two thugs found themselves popping out of some overturned tables mildly confused. Seeing the situation they’d arrived too they lifted their guns towards the group.

    “Down on the ground or we’ll shoot!”

    Crimson lines of light and glowing symbols spun out from beneath Rias in an instant, sliding along the floor but looking as though they were part of that surface despite their motion. In an instant the design had grown large enough to encompass the civilians who Rias had gathered around her then it ceased expanding, sections moving around and against each other as though being spun by some eldritch form of clockwork.

    Rias smirked, “Too late.”

    And in a flash the girl and the civilians surrounding her disappeared in a flash of light leaving the two men alone in the empty food court.


    Meanwhile, Thema found herself suddenly airborne and having to do some quick midair twisting to make sure that she landed properly instead of on her face. Right, portal girl could make as many as she wanted, something to note. Also, she was going to knock that girl silly - well, after the rampaging thing in the store was no longer an issue. Still. “You really want to end up leaving here black and blue.”
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    Round 3

    “I’ll have to object to that,” Came a voice from above. Crush floated high above holding onto her open parasol with a grin, having been sent high into the air by her partner, “Breach is more of a autumn, but I wouldn’t expect you to understand proper fashion. Whelp, down you go!”

    Closing her umbrella the woman dropped like a stone, far faster than she she should have, holding her accessory like a club to smash down on the girl below.

    “Not so fast!” Came a shout as a red and blue blur streaked through the air at the woman, “Counter Hip Strike!”

    Crush moved her weapon in place just in time to intercept an attack by a young woman, a simple mask on her face and clad in a swimsuit. The woman twisted in the air, the speed and force causing a visible distortion as she slammed her hip into the parasol and knocking the villain off course. The two landed with grace, even if one seemed far more bemused at the oddity of the situation.

    “Ah, Love, I believe you may have left your hiding place a bit prematurely,” Came the reply from the blonde, “It seems you forgot to finish dressing yourself. If you want I can put a pin in this until you’re finished.”

    “What sort of hero would I be to be inconvenienced by something that petty,” Scarlet declared pointing at the older woman, “If anyone should change it’s you, at least I don’t look like I stepped out of ‘70 London, even if you’re feeling nostalgic you’re just showing your age you Mad Mod fashion disaster!”

    Crush was silent for a moment, staring calmly at the young girl. After a moment she reached up to her ear before reaching for the other. In a smooth motion she stuck her hand out to the side and dropped something that quickly fell through the floor.

    “Breach,” She said, “Hold my earrings, I’m about to mess this bitch up.”

    Meanwhile others were having their own battles. Up above a young girl was busy blasting a few unlucky thugs while opposite and below her another redheaded child was fighting a much more menacing opponent.

    With shout she launched forward striking hard towards the man’s wrists in to open his guard, gritting her teeth as the man was quick enough knock aside her own strike. She was getting frustrated at her own effectiveness and in a bid to gain some form of upper hand she pushed her body even further.

    Legs strained as she ducked around the man cautious follow up, grabbing onto his wrist to stabilize herself and hopefully keep him from escaping.

    “Eat this!” She cried pushing herself into the air, “Meteor Kicks!”

    Her legs shot out kicking him over a dozen times in the span of a second, the blows hitting him all over not only his chest but striking his vulnerable neck and face, the cumulative force being enough to knock up back a few steps and out of her grip. She landed on the floor with a grin, breathing heavy from the exertion of the effort.

    “Lets see you shrug that off you freak of nature,” she taunted as the man tilted back.

    “...Honestly I expected better,” was the calm reply as Ubermench straightened up, barely looking bruised from the tremendous assault, “I have to say I’m disappointed, but what else can I expect from dealing with inferior creatures.”

    Cracking his neck he smiled down at the shocked and paling girl.

    “Now, let me show you how to properly attack.”

    He rushed forward one arm outstretched in a singular burst of motion.

    Comet barely had enough time realize what was happening before her body reacted instinctively and she pushed herself as hard as she could out of the way. As the leading hand barely missed her head.

    She was sa-
    “Where were your eyes watching girl?”

    Comet yelped as she was lifted up by her leg, caught in the grip of the man’s off-hand. A detail she had missed, too focused on the more obvious attack. She didn’t even get the chance to brace herself he brought the arm, and her as well, back down.

    There was a sickening crack as she smashed into the concrete floor. The stone breaking under the force of her impact and the girl bounced a few feet into the air and rolling some distance away when the man had released his grip.

    The small and still body lay there limply, completely unresponsive.

    Captain Ubermench simply turned away didn’t even bother to watch the aftermath of his finisher, knowing full well the outcome. The child was no brute after all, and he’d felt the force of the impact though her limb as he smashed her into the ground like a club. He was honestly a bit disgusted in himself for resorting to such a brutish resolution, much preferring more civilized means of fighting. However the current situation necessitated such brutality.

    Absently he took a out a hankerchief he kept in his breast pocket to clean the dirt from his face and suit left from the girl’s boot. He gave a mental groan, he’d likely have to have it replaced, the damage both from the dirt and the force both stained and ripped the fabric. An impressive feat given he’d had it made from a tough material specifically to avoid needing to replace so many of them.

    “You were a credit to your kind at the very least,” He complimented, walking away back to the stage, “But in the end trash will alway only be trash.”

    Koyare blinked as two thugs appeared before the redhead teleported people away from the scene. They were completely not paying attention to her and seemed to be cursing, leaving their backs wide open. The delinquent girl looked down at the thugs she restrained and their side arms she took from them and then back to the two who have yet to notice her.

    In for a penny… Koyare thought as she started advancing as quietly as she could to the unaware minions. She was thankful that they were rather caught up cursing the empty air but she knew she only had one shot for a clean knockout on the both of them. She didn’t really fancy her chances at getting shot otherwise.

    So Koyare reached into her pockets as she moved and took out her trusty brass knuckles and put them on. She held her breath right when she was upon them and then…


    One of the minions goes down as Koyare’s fist met the back of his skull. The other turned in surprise as his friend went down but then…


    Koyare quickly cold clocked him in the jaw before he even knew what exactly hit him.

    Nodding her head at her handy work, Koyare wiped the dust from her hands and then took off her brass knuckles, putting them back into her pockets.

    “Well, the hard part’s over…” Koyare said softly as she bent down over the bodies. “Time to restrain and loot~”

    Thema watched the scene play out, some reject dressed in the black and white picture era talking to her or anyone else about clothing choices? “Wow, the old prude of a woman complaining about other people wearing outfits she’d never be able to pull off. Shock and awe. Do you need a wheelchair there Grandma? Maybe the 1800’s still has one of those old timey ones for your aged sensibilities.”

    She’d like to really go to town on this upstart little bitch, but seeing what the Nazi reject just did gave her a different priority. One who she would not fight in close quarters at all - fortunately, she was well suited to the game of keep away. That and she needed to make sure that she didn’t get warped again. With that in mind, she chose to take a page from the other magical girl and leap back up to the second floor, landing on the thin railing as casually as walking and flipping back further, the same motion sending rings flying from her legs and on a direct path to Ubermench.

    She saw him duck and weave but ultimately get clipped a few times and she once again made a mental note to train her magic enough to be able to at least sense it - this having to guess thing was not fun. “Hey Hitler Youth! You look bored and far too smug, and I’m going to fix both of those for you.”

    And game on.

    Ubermench scoffed.

    “Hitler Youth? Please, those scum wish they could be this perfect. Don't belittle me with comparisons to lesser beings like yourself.”

    Across the intersection the young korean hero was having her own issues.

    “Damn it!” Yusin yelped as she ducked out of the way of another spray of bullets all while trying to keep an eye on her bouncy robotic opponent, “You are just the worst sort of opponent!”

    “Aw, don’t be like that Mechy!” Yusin jumped to the side to avoid a fist to the back of the head, “I would have thought a pro like you could appreciate the challenge!”

    “Pft, Challenge?” Yusin scoffed and pulled out her gun, firing it at the villainess, “This is easy mode.”

    The gynoid stepsided.

    “Ooh, a swing and a miss.”

    “Gah!” Selfie blinked and turned behind her to see her accomplice shout in surprise as his gun blew up in his face, the barrel having deformed greatly under the impact of the bolt of plasma striking it’s opening. He collapsed clutching his injured hands to his chest as Selfie blinked and turned back to the Tinker who took the moment to blow some smoke from the end of her gun.

    With the rest of the brawl happening around her without even bothering to look her way, Sayuri decided to focus on the leader after how easily he took out another cape. Two magic circles weaved into existence with pink light over the fox girl’s shoulders and expanded as large yellow orbs grew, condensing the power before blasting out straight at Ubermench.

    The man, to his credit, while unable to dodge the wide spread attack was able to put up a defense against it blocking his head behind raised arm as the blasts peppered both him and the stage rendering much of it into little more than kindling. A few of the hostages shouted in surprise at the sudden and powerful attack happening so close.

    After about a second the the barrage stopped and the handsome villain lowered his arms looking not much worse for the wear. His suit was tattered, and his hair a was out of place but the man didn’t appear to have much more than a few scratches on his forearms to show for attack. He gave a lazy look to the fox girl above him even as he straightened himself out.

    Ubermench cracked his jaw and shook his hands looking unimpressed at the hero above him.
    "You know, at first I'd dismissed you as unimportant since I thought you were just a child."

    He smirked. "I guess I was correct."
    Sayuri glanced down at her breasts before returning his gaze and rolled her eyes at the pitiful reply. “Ouch. Such a harsh burn. I guess I’ll have to try harder then,” she deadpanned.

    Lillinette Blanche, known to the world as Breach while acting in costume, groaned as yet more heroes popped out of the woodwork.

    “Ugh, where are all these rugrats coming from?” She complained, “I did not sign up to play baby sitter to a bunch of uppity brats.”

    She snapped her fingers and Ubermench disappeared into the floor.

    “If you aren’t going to settle down children then you’re gonna get Daddy’s belt.”

    She turned to the men standing among the civilians.

    “And you lot, either earn your pay or won’t get one at all!” She pointed to the girls above. Not bothering to give any acknowledgement when they opened a sustained fire onto the children, “I really need a smoke, stupid Val and her stupid healthy living.”
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