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[CYOA] Capes and Crawlers:Re [OoC]

Discussion in 'PbP OOC' started by Master of Squirrel-fu, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu Judging You Internally Moderator

    Feb 14, 2013
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    Welcome to the restart of The Cape Game, resetting everything back to square one and moving the story into a single location rather than an achronological mess spread across the globe.

    For those unfamiliar here is the previous thread. I will link more materials in later posts. For now the introduction:

    All you can remember is a sea of stars and a being of vast proportions turning it's attention upon you. The Thing had not face nor true body, and yet it existed on a scale so vast that you could no more comprehend it than you can grasp the sun in your hands. It's attention, it's interest is as a physical thing, almost crushing in it's weight. It attaches something onto you, an egg, a shard, a parasite? You do no know, it flaked from it's vast body and crafted into an giant organ made of flesh and crystal that it pins to your mind and soul. When the deed is done it's gaze shifts away from you and with the force holding you gone you find yourself falling towards the little blue and green ball far beneath you as the world goes black...

    You open your eyes on Earth Bet.

    Your goals are your own, your actions are free for you decide. The consequences, however, may be dire with the wrong choices, for while the being who has gifted you with power might have an interest in you it offers no protection. Should you die that will simply be it, the end of your story the same as anyone else.

    Do you seek Victory? A way home? Apologies then, there is no Victory condition to reality and no sudden ending anymore than what awaits everyone else. Though if you do well enough, prove yourself to your benifactor you might earn another chance.

    A bit of advice before to you before you go on your way - There is always someone stronger than you, no mater how great the gift you were granted you are no god. You are not invincible nor unbeatable. You are not safe from the follies of your rash or unthinking actions.

    Basic info:
    Q: What CYOA are you using?
    A: My own, based on the 3rd version. Here's a link.

    Q: How often does this story update?
    A: I'll try and keep working on this at least every 2-3 days with decent content or daily with small bits of content depending on the schedules of the players. With everyone concentrated and the story more focused this should hopefully speed it up over what came before. With things like weekends or holidays were more of the players are available at once being possible time to do google doc collab.

    Q: Are you accepting more submissions?
    A: Probably not at this time, I want to have a party of between 3-5 players and if all the slots are filled that's probably it. I may make requests for temporary players should the plot call for it but it is not a promise of eventually being promoted into a permanent cast member.

    Q: The group is full right now, should I just wait before creating a character?
    A: Only if you really want to, but I do appreciate seeing the system being used. I'll be looking through the thread regularly and if I need a new cape for a short session I may ask to use it or invite you for a temp spot. Of you could do it simply for the fun of it, or to ask for advice or thoughts on a build you may have for your own RP using the CYOA.

    Q: You did something wrong on the CYOA, where do I complain?
    A: The CYOA has it's own dedicated thread for discussing the mechanics, offering suggestions, post ideas for expansions, and call me a retarded crotch gobbling jizz stain when I get something wrong. Here.

    Q: You haven't responded to my post, are you ignoring me?
    A: Well, like any human I make mistakes and have limitations. Shocking, I know, but I only have so much time, and can only respond so fast to so many things. Hardware and IRL limitations abound as well. It's possible I might get to you in due time, it's also possible that I might have simply missed it or my planned response was forgotten as I was distracted by other more immediate things. Feel free to give a poke again if it takes more than a couple days, in that case it's probably the later.

    Q: Haha! You posted all these ideas for capes and powers online, I will steal them for myself! What do you say to that?
    Previous OoC thread
    First Recruitment Thread
    Previous IC thread
    Squirrelly's Worm CYOA Doc
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
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  2. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu Judging You Internally Moderator

    Feb 14, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Prone to change and revision.
    Puella Magi - Witch Expansion (Completed)
    Gamer Expansion - (Hiatus)
    Servant Expansion - Needs to be cleaned up
    Words of Power Expansion 0%
    Skyrim Expansion 0%
    Dragon Ball Expansion 10%
    Crisis of Infinite Taylors 0%

    Twins Power-Sovereign of the Fae: [Full power] 3 Points
    This power revolves around the harvesting, assimilation and control of the Shards of other parahumans. At a single glance you can identify a parahuman regardless of their acting ability, though some advantages or stranger powers may conceal this fact. You can also sense the general location of Shards with proximity increasing accuracy and detail. Shards can be collected from the recently dead in your general vicinity. Though with a touch you can rip them from the living. Doing so will kill the original host, and normally no powers of defense or protection will prevent this but there is some drawback to it.

    In addition to sensing Shards you have a limited ability to communicate with them and access their data. This allows you to instinctively know vaguely how a parahuman has used their power since gaining it, as well though not their motivations behind the actions.

    Harvested powers can be manifested as semi-solid phantoms that retain all the powers and skills of the original users but are under you complete control. Shards using physical powers such as strength or invulnerability will become solid while using such powers. Tinker and Thinker Shards will not transmit their knowledge or insights directly to your mind though you have some instinctive grasp of it details need to be stated. Should a phantom receive lethal damage it will ‘shatter’ and require a rest period of two hours before you can use it again. You have the minor natural ability to multitask in the control of your phantoms, but if you are rendered unconscious they will disappear, needing the Full unlock or the I'm Halping advantage to remain even while you are incapacitated.

    If you choose this power you can initially only manifest three phantoms at a time, however as you collect more your manifestation ability will increase over time. You will begin with no phantoms but quickly gain access to either five low level phantoms, 3 average phantoms, or 1 greater phantom as designed by the GM or otherwise randomly generated.

    Perks: (Sovereign of the Fae only)
    The Sovereign’s Mercy: Cost: 0-1 point
    You can pull the Shards out of your victims without killing them. If you are feeling really merciful and the Shard is at the correct stage of development you can pull out a bud instead. This power will initially be very weak, but in time your own power will feed it and it will grow to be of similar power to its parent Shard. Its powers will follow a similar theme, but be somewhat different. The phantom will be a child of the same gender as the victim and bear a striking resemblance to them. If this is your only means of stealing powers from the living than this perk costs 0

    Discernment of the Poor: Costs 1 Point
    You are a wise Sovereign and can see the truth behind your subjects and the plots of the courts. You know the inner workings of shards, their true potential and purposes are made clear before your eyes. No Parahuman can hide from your sight, no parahuman can hope to deceive you for their lies and intentions are as clear as day when you can see the workings of their soul. For an additional +1 point you can access additional information from their shard, reading memories, or thoughts.

    The Long Arm of the Sovereign: Costs 1 Point
    This perk extended the range at which you can forcefully claim Shards. No longer are you bound by the need to touch your victim, you can pull their powers out at a range of twenty feet and you must be able to accurately target the victim. By Default it can be done but at a greater cost than simply touching the victim. For +1 it can be done at the same cost as touching. for and additional +1 you increase your range to about a city block.

    Secret Knowledge: Costs 1 Point
    You possess an intrinsic knowledge of the actions, plans, mental structure, and motivations of the Entities (or entity like beings) that arrive on Earth beyond even that available to other SIs. This knowledge might become outdated over time, but to start with at least there is nobody on the planet that knows more about them than you. This knowledge grants a look into the inner workings of Entity-like beings as well, often able to get a read on them if not interact with them, they see you as something similar as well.

    Complications: (Sovereign of the Fae only)
    The Dreaded: Grants 2 Points
    As a thief of powers and a harvester of the dead you have a fearsome and possibly somewhat undeserved reputation as a monster that shows no mercy and leaves a trail of corpses behind you of both the good and the bad. Any parahuman you encounter that recognizes you will immediately be fearful or aggressive until you can overcome the impression your reputation creates.

    Lost in Wonderland : Grants 1 Point
    (Can only be taken in conjunction with the Secret Knowledge perk)
    The knowledge that you have on the Entities is garbled and distorted due to the sheer scale of it being too much for your human mind to handle. In order to preserve your sanity your subconscious has translated it into a metaphor such as fairy tales or some popular children’s fantasy tale. The ultimate upshot is that if you try to explain it to anyone else it will end up sounding like the delusions of a well intentioned lunatic.

    Jealous Queen: Grants 2 Points
    The Faery Queen has heard of your abilities and is not happy about it. Glaistig Uaine is currently in the Birdcage, so it will be a while before she hears about you, but when she does she will no longer be content to wait for the Cycle to follow its course. You and your powers are an affront to her, and as a Queen she will not tolerate such. Her escape from the inescapable Birdcage is a certainty, and once she’s out she’ll be coming for you. In regards to death touches and stealing Shards, both of you are immune to that aspect of each others powers, if you want to kill each other you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way, lasers, fire, blunt force trauma and massive amounts of property damage. It should be noted that while your power is the stronger hers it more mature and has literally hundreds of Shards already harvested, so any fight with her may be a difficult one. Also, though her ire is aroused, Glaistig Uaine may not necessarily seek your death. If she defeats you she may force you to follow whatever convoluted design her own mind has cooked up for you. Either way you have one of the most powerful parahumans in the world coming at you.

    Stirred Cauldron: Grants 2 Points
    Through means of their own Cauldron has become aware of you and the potential you possess. They are well aware that aside from Eidolon the only parahuma that has a hope in battle against Scion is Glaistig Uaine; unfortunately she is far too unreliable to be of use. Now here you are, a second chance for them to produce a weapon that might work. Cauldron will be in the shadows no matter where you go, their goal to force you into situations where you can ‘harvest’ as many dangerous and powerful Shards as fast as possible. In their normal way they are more than prepared to sacrifice some heroes if they feel it needed and will set up conditions where you need to kill in order to escape or live. Should you take the Blank perk they will still you mundane technology ad detective work to track you. Should you prove too uncontrollable they may well work to stick you in the Birdcage so you can go on a harvesting spree there and in the end harvest the Faery Queen herself.

    Twins Power-Echidna: 3 Points [Full Power]
    At will your body can swell and mutate into a huge inhuman monster upon optionally with your upper body rider centaur style. With a thought you can also revert back to a completely human form, but any clothes destroyed in the transformation will not come back, so it might be a good idea to carry some spare underpants and trousers about with you.

    In both your transformed and untransformed state you possess a healing and regeneration factor that surpasses all other such on the planet, with the possible exception of Crawler. Due to you possessing two ‘cores’, one in your brain and one in your lower abdomen, you can regenerate from any would that doesn’t destroy both cores simultaneously. Even total decapitation can’t kill you and a new head will take less than five seconds to grow back.

    In your transformed state, whose form you determine before beginning you game (though it must always fulfill the following parameters: Larger than a full grown elephants at the very least, completely inhuman and possessing at least one extra ‘face’ if you choose to ride atop it), you will possess immense endurance, strength and speed, though the proportions of such will be determined by the form you choose. In addition you may have mover powers appropriate to the chosen form, such as running, leaping burrowing or even flight though might be a little less strong, tough, or recover slower.

    But this power’s true strength can be found in its ability to produce clones. Every time you come into flesh to flesh contact with another individual you will automatically read their entire genetic structure and if you capture them inside yourself be given the option of creating a clone of them. All clones are completely loyal to you and lack any sense of self preservation or fear in following your orders.

    These clones come in three categories. Warped, which are distorted and mutated copies of the originals. If a parahuman is copied then their powers will also be warped and often weaker variations of the original. Mentally these clones can be anything from apathetic to flat out psychotic and need to be watched carefully. Perfect clones are exact copies, both in appearance, powers and mind. They are to all intents and purposes indistinguishable from the originals and possess all of their memories and skill. Idealized clones are clones that surpass the originals, they are stronger, smarter, better looking and, in the case of parahumans, possess stronger versions of the copied powers. The only down side is the time and effort it takes to create them, each rank up increasing the costs dramatically, and the fact that their lifespan decreases in equal measure. You can kill a captured parahuman to create a truly perfect copy of them that is loyal and will not disappear, though attempting to make greater version will require greater resources or greatly injure them in some subtle way.

    You are in no way limited in how many clones you can make, if you so wish you can have an entire army. However as numbers grow you may find problems in controlling the ranks increasing with the numbers. Clones also find themselves rapidly degenerating when outside your empowering range of 1 Km, but can sustain themselves by eating meat, fresh human meat being the best.

    Perks: (Echidna only)
    Overlord of the Army: Costs 2 Points
    Every clone you create is directly under your mental control in much the same way that Skitter’s insects are under hers. The range of this control is vast, easily 10 kilometres in every direction from you. Should a clone leave this area you will be able to sense their location, even if they are on the other side of the planet but the accuracy decreases with range. As with Skitter you cannot be overloaded in how many clones you control but have no true multitasking instead just quickly giving orders to groups over a network In addition this power overrules any Master effect that might be used on your clones.

    Creator of Life: Costs 2 Points
    This Perk allows your clones to go one step further. Rather than simple drones you can now create true copies if you so choose. These duplicates have their own thoughts and feelings. Lesser Clones are no longer insane though may still be distorted, perfect clones are true copies mentally and may or may not be aware of their nature, Ideal Copies are similar. There are some feelings of loyalty towards you, but if they are so inclined they can overcome this. Clones also need less meat to maintain themselves, Lesser Clones need almost none when in your area, perfect clones lasting weeks, and Ideal Clones lasting days.

    Chimeric Creation: Costs 2 Points
    You can alter your clones far more than normal having great, if imprecise, control over their form. You might give them another appearance, or fuse them with animals to create case 53s. For +1 point you can alter parahuman powers directly rather than just warp them chaotically, but again it's imprecise. For anther +1 you can fuse Parahuman powers together if you have more than one captured.

    Out of Context Problemsolver: Costs 1 Point
    You're ability to clone powers isn't simply limited to parahumans, if the creature you subsumed is considered "Alive", at least as far as the Manton Effect is concerned, than you can clone them with their powers. Out of Context Problem, shardless, and Special Snowflake powers can be copied.

    Complications: (Echidna only)
    S-class Threat: Grants 2 Points
    The PRT is aware of you power and just how dangerous it can be. Exactly how this has happened is as up to you, they can have been told by a powerful Thinker, one of your enemies might have leaked the information to them, some random civilian might have seen your power at work and then rushed to tell them. Whatever the case, cool heads have NOT prevailed in regards to you. The top brass has panicked and slapped you with and S-class threat designation. During any meeting you have with lawful capes with any connection to the Protectorate or PRT they will start off thinking you to be a monster on par with Nilbog or the entire Slaughterhouse Nine and will attack you with lethal force straight off the bat. It is possible for you to overcome this impression, with time and effort, but until you do the heroes will not be your friends.

    Adorifying: Grants 2 Points
    As with S-class Threat information on you has been leaked, however instead of the authorities getting hold of it somehow the Slaughterhouse Nine were the recipients. Bonesaw has read the data and positively fallen in love with you. She has declared that you will be her special pet, and she will hug you and squeeze you and feed you and call you Nibbles. And she will have you provide her with an endless supply of subjects to ‘play’ with, along with the various organs she can cut out of you only for them to regenerate a few seconds later. The rest of the S9 are less interested in you, though Crawler thinks you might make for a good fight and Jack is curious about just how much he can mess with you. The Siberian is only interested in keeping Bonesaw happy and Mannequin will only target you if you have in some way tried to improve the world. Unlike the Slaughterhouse is Recruiting you won’t have to deal with the whole S9 in one go, Bonesaw and the Siberian will show up alone first as part of a ‘field trip’ that is one of Jack’s experiments. Later Crawler and another two random members will show up and the rest will arrive with Jack some days after that.

    Wayward Child: Grants 1 Point Per Rank
    One of your clones has gone rogue. At some point early in your adventures you create a clone of some type of a powerful parahuman. That clone has stopped obeying your commands and has gone rogue to fulfill an agenda that you know nothing about. It’s your job to track the clone down and either bring it back into the fold, work out some agreement with it or kill it depending on its mental state. This clones action will be held as your responsibility by everyone that knows how your powers work, so it’s not something you can ignore. This complication can be taken as many times as you like, but each time you take it the number of clones you need to deal with increases. Each point is equal to 2 points for use by the Rogue, or to create another clone of equal level.

    Expansion Packs:
    Setting Specific Rules:
    Puella Magi (Mahou Shoujo):
    Puella Magi are from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, a Magical Girl Seinen anime directed by Gen Urabuchi, aka The Ura-butcher. Imagine Narutaru or Bokurano but with Magical Girls and you get a general feel for the series. Namely it kinda fits right into Worm, albeit with a smidgen more Grimdark.

    Puella Magi are young girls contracted by Kyuubey, a fluffy white squirrel-cat mascot, to fight evil witches. To get girls to contract he offers a wish in exchange for putting on a frilly dress and hunting monsters, the wish being necessary as it determines the Puella's magical girl powers. While you can wish for anything, what you get is based on your level of karma, some wishes going better for those with better Karma and some being outright impossible to grant without enough of it. Likewise Puella with Higher Karma tend to be stronger or have greater powers than those with lower Karma. Karma is the potential significance of the person in relation to the world, so by becoming a magical girl you essentially sell your potential future as a human.

    Wishes are magic, their limits and what they may do are a mystery even to those who grant them. A true Miracle. Or perhaps a nightmare. Wishes have a tendency to backfire in some manner, not spectacularly mind you, but often later circumstances negate it's meaning or perhaps you regret making such a hasty wish and wasting it. In the end it has it's risks, the bigger you go the larger the chance for failure and the more dire the consequences. And if it does fail... The results might not be pretty for the Puella.

    Grief, Magic and Soul Gems:
    These are very important things to know about. Let's start with the most important one; Soul Gems. When you are granted a wish you are given a Soul Gem, a pretty little stone in a piece of jewelery. Protect this item with your life, as it literally is your life. Should the Soul Gem break, or become corrupted by grief, then your life is forfeit. But so long as your Soul Gem exists so to will you, any wounds will eventually heal and you can fight on past your normally frail mortal body's limits. The second most important aspect of being a Puella Magi is Grief. Grief is the poison that taints your soul gem, and should your Soul Gem ever turn black... Well, you just shouldn't let that happen! Grief Corruption happens two ways, the most common being the use of your Magic, be they simple spells or the use of your own Powers, the more magic you use the more you corrupt your gem. Second is negative emotion corrupts your gem, perhaps not the petty ones but great despair or hatred can quickly darken it's shine. Lastly simply existing slightly corrupts the soul gem over time, taking your Puella form speeds this up a bit.

    Normally the only way to Clean your gem is via Grief Seeds, an item attained by slaying witches. But there are no Witches in Worm... But don't despair, really don't do that just yet! For The Powers That Be have seen fit to correct this minor error of Puella Magi, ever so slowly your gem will clean itself when inactive. The rate of which completely restores it from nearly black to untainted over the course of 8 hours. Should you happen across a Grief Seed somehow, well then you have a bit of wriggle room in a fight to really let loose. A Grief Seed's cleaning capacity varies with the power of the witch, and each witch only drops one if any at all.

    Character Creation:
    You're character makes a wish based on their Karma level. By default you only have average Karma for a Magical Girl, thus your wish is ultimately meaningless in it's impact on the story. For higher ranks of Karma you may gain a small Innate ability your Puella can use while untransformed. After you make a wish the GM will create a magical girl weapon that suits you, all Puella Magi use an item of some sort to channel their powers. Usually it's a simple item that can be created at will in a multitude of volumes and occasionally sizes as well, though some items with special properties are singular and can't be mass produced by the power. Generally most Puella have something unique about their powers, even if their weapons aren't impressive they have some Innate Talent or power.

    Witches (Majo):
    Witches are the enemies of Magical Girls who pray on humanity. Invisible monsters that they are unable to defend themselves against. They are born of the negative impulse that is called anxiety or suspicion, or excessive wrath or hatred, beings that spread the seeds of disaster across the world. Normally, they conceal themselves behind the barriers of their Labyrinth, rarely if ever leaving it's safety preferring to send familiars out when needed. Witches are inhuman and chaotic, madness given form and their bodies and lairs not bound by the worlds sensibilities but the logical nonsense of their insanity. They long to devour all light and life, to make everything as cold and empty as they are themselves. They have no truly common form or motive, though most are large it is not a rule, while many are strong it is not a rule, while the majority is violent there are a few that wish to suffer in solitude unseen for eternity. Each witch is unique, a singular existence that shall never again occur or be seen.

    Witch Traits:
    Common traits held to witches. A Labyrinth, something almost omnipresent, a labyrinth is almost as much a part of the witch as it's own body. It is a hidden dimension formed from their madness in which the creature dwells, it's door invisible and only detectable by Magical Girls. Should a human wander in they would have not means of escape. The entrance is mobile though most don't bother to change it lest pray become scarce. Familiars, Lesser monsters divided out of the essence of a witch. Though normally assigned the task of maintaining and defending their mistress' barrier, it seems that they can eventually gain independence and stray to form their own barriers. By feeding on humans they will eventually become lesser witches themselves. Witch Kisses, the marks of Witches placed upon humans to drive them mad and feed on their life and soul.

    Kyuubey doesn't exist in the Worm setting unless you spend a point to allow him (as one of the external forces aka Powers That Be of the Madoka-verse) into the setting where he is bound by the same rules as other Powers that be. Depending on when you appear his involvement won't change enough to need to involve others or charge for the Crossover perk. And great news, all Puella Magi get the same default advantage you do so no need to fight witches to live, even though you probably don't want them running around. In fact Kyuubey is very grateful to you for opening up the multiverse to him and the other incubators. So there's that. ...You monster.

    Magical Girl Advantages:
    Advantage - Increase Karma: Costs 1 point
    Every Magical Girl is born of a wish, and those wishes are fueled by Karma. Normally, as you're wish was made before becoming a Self Insert, your Karma is perfectly average as far as Puella go. Your wish would have either been petty or granted in a petty manner, either way not truly affecting anything of note. For every rank you take in this advantage you increase your Karma, thus increasing the strength of your wish and your eventual Magical Girl ability. For One rank of this advantage you increase your Karma to Minor Karma and your powers or your wish strength increase slightly, perhaps you may have grown up to be famous or influential? For two ranks it is increased to Greater Karma and the power of your wish and magic increase moderately, you would have grown up to be one of the most important people alive had you not made your wish. For three ranks you increase it to Epic Karma and the power of your wish and powers is increased significantly, had you not made that wish you would have been one of the greatest woman to ever live, a legend in modern day.
    Karma affects wishes and how they are handled. Generally it can be said that the bigger the wish the less dense the Karma and thus the less satisfactory the result. Similar to how you can water down a drink, you can water down your wish. If you wish too small than while it is accomplished in a much more magical manner after a certain point it's just superfluous.
    At 0 ranks you can make a petty wish that accomplishes a petty objective, in a petty but efficient manner, such as wishing to be popular and then gaining some small bit of charisma.
    At rank 1 you can make a petty wish to accomplish a petty objective in a significant manner. The same wish might give you charm powers.
    At rank 2 you can make a petty wish accomplish a significant objective in a significant manner. You might wish to become a cult leader to thousands, or make some event no mater how unlikely come to pass.
    At rank 3 you can make a significant wish to accomplish a significant objective in a significant Manner. You can actually alter the world at large if you wanted.
    If you don't make full use of your wish, the left over magic is chanelled into your Magical transformation, increasing it's power in someway, though usually the stamina of your Soul Gem.

    Advantage - Contracting: Cost 1 Point
    Normally only Kyuubey or other Incubators are needed to create contracts with this advantage you can create Puella Magi yourself via the contract system that the Incubators use. You can add +1 to add 2 points of Puella Benefits to your new Puella, you can make that +0 if you balance out the Advantages you give them with Disadvantages but have no control how it balances out. You can unconsciously determine a girls future potential as a magical girl in a vague sense.
    You cannot lie about the contract but you can withhold information. You cannot suggest wishes, though you can assist others in refining their own. You cannot affect the wish in any way nor will you know what the results may be. You cannot refuse a wish that is possible for you to grant after entering a negotiation. Once the deal is sealed it cannot be undone.
    For the Karma levels of characters:
    Most Unnamed characters and NPCs naturally have very weak Karma, possibly not even enough to get a decent power.
    Unnamed characters with tragic back-stories might have some okay but weak Karma and be able to reach the default.
    Named but unimportant characters have the same.
    Named but unimportant characters with a tragic backstory reach +1 rank in karma.
    Named and semi important characters like parahumans or NPCs made by PCs reach +1 Karma
    Important characters like other PCs reach +2 Karma
    Very Important Characters (Taylor, Triumvirate, Fletchet) get +3 Karma ranks.
    This does not take into account special cases or the risk of a fuck up turning the wish into a monkey's paw. In fact for higher Karma MGs you might run into a bigger risk of things going pear shaped from the wish. If you try and grant powers to a PC, unless they have spare points, either from after generation or by achieving certain goals then the Wish is assumed to screw them over in some way to balance the points to 0.

    Advantage - Infinite Magica Well: Costs 1 point
    You have a seemingly have sidestepped the most dangerous part of being a Magical girl, no mater how much magic you use your soul gem does not darken. This however does not protect it from the alternate means of being corrupted but it's one still great and a major weakness. Though it's not all sugar and sunshine, while it doesn't darken your gem that energy isn't free, using magic is still limited to how much you can normally used, it just turns off the Kill Switch that normally triggers when MP reaches zero.

    Advantage - Puella Magic: Costs 1 point
    Magical Girls naturally have an ability to channel Magic into objects to allow them to affect Witchs, for this 1 point advantage you are slightly better at it than the usual. You can control unmanned machines you've charged with magic, increase the damage or accuracy of weapons, Self enhancement, And preform other minor spells. For 2 points you are very capable with Puella Magic, it being a useful power in it's own right.

    Advantage - Puer Magi/Mahou Shounen: Costs 0-1 Point
    Who says that that Magical powers and fighting evil requires XX chromosomes!? That's discrimination! Even if you have something between your legs doesn't make you any less viable an option. While normally only girls can be contracted with this advantage boys have the option to sell their souls as well. If it's limited to just you then the advantage costs 0 points. You can choose to either have a boys outfit, be a boy but still have the normal Puella costumes, or contracting changes the gender of the contracted. Which ever you choose is how the contract forms for all Males who contract.

    Puella Complications:
    Become Meguca: Grants 2 points
    You're gem corrupts normally and does not recover over time, only through using grief seeds can it be cleaned. This complication should only be taken if there is some means of obtaining grief seeds such as other magical girls being available and witching.

    No Maduka! Grants 1-2 Points
    Can only be taken with Greater Karma or higher
    Wish's are risky business, and you didn't beat the odds. For one rank your wish effectively negates itself ending neutrally, or is granted in such a way that is completely unsatisfactory. For an additional -1 it ends very badly for you, A wish to heal someone leads to you loosing them, a wish for wealth renders you effectively impoverished, a wish to help only causes them to suffer. This naturally leads to despair.

    Being Meguca is Suffering Grants 2 points
    Yeah, being a Magical girl is a grim dark job. Only even worse when you're universe is controlled by the Urobutcher. Things have a habit of ending badly for you, at the end of every hill is a cliff with sharp rocks at the bottom. That's not to say that good things don't happen, it's just that without hard work and some genre savvy they tend to sour very quickly.

    Be cautious when continuing, what is learned cannot be unlearned.

    Witches are the enemies of humanity, praying upon them from their lairs. Puella are their natural enemy, the predator that feeds on them as they feed on humans. How sadly ironic, in more ways than one. The witch, the Majo, is the adult form and eventual fate of any magical girl, Mahou Shoujo, whom has not met their end in battle. Just as Magical Girls are born of the Hope of little girls, a witch is born of the Despair that eventually hope becomes. The taint of the witch cannot be fully eradicated, so long as a magical lives the threat remains. Should the Puella's grief seed ever become fully corrupt the witch shall be born from the tainted soul, and not even a wish can return them to what they once were.

    If in the event that you do become a witch feel free to rebuild your character as the witch, as a witch you are not quite sane nor have any memories of your past life. +1 point to retain your sanity and memories as a Puella Magi. You're Witch is based on your own starting power tier, the powers can be retained from your previous life or changed altogether. You retain your basic appearance in life if with some subtle inhuman alterations.

    Witch Traits: Costs 2-5 points
    Mandatory Advantage.
    Despite becoming a witch you have retained some sanity and sense of self, a miraculous occurrence. You gain witch-like traits and a few additional abilities, you also gain access to a Witch Form that is physically much stronger than your humanoid form and contains most of your power similarly to how your Puella form once did, the difference being you can dynamically shift into the Witch Form.

    Witches have access to a Labyrinth which is a pocket dimension that is modeled after their desires in life. Witches are also capable of minor shape shifting, the greater the deviation from the base form the harder it is to alter and maintain. Witches are capable of killing living creatures and turning them into subservient if unintelligent and weak familiars, which in turn can eventually become other witches by killing humans. Witches are capable of recovering from any injury so long as their Grief Seed remains, the speed of the regeneration however is not great normally but increases by devouring either souls or grief. Witches are capable of either draining from or filling a soul gems with grief while touching it, the grief can be used to empower the witch or can be shaped into simple object of miasma. Lastly Witches are naturally capable of creating contracts with humans though of a different kind. For +1 point your witch traits are stronger, making you an upper tier witch another, for another +1 you increase it further still, rivaling Walpurgis Nacht in size and toughness. For +1 you have full access your magic outside of your witch form, though it is still physically stronger than you.

    Witch Magic: Costs 1 point
    Witches have their own brand of magic, while all witches have some minor feats or prestidigitation you are exceptional in this regard. You create solid and complex objects from grief, shapeshift into others with little trouble, alter your Labyrinth and it's door easily, and enhance yourself in many ways.

    Sock Puppet: Costs 1 Point
    You actually have a real body and a separate Witch Body you control. So long as your real form is alive and you have the grief you can recreate the witch body from it's remains. If you wish you can even hide yourself inside the puppet, regardless of size differences, and be impervious to most attacks even should the body be destroyed.

    Insanity: -1 to -3 points
    You didn't come out of the ordeal quite so unscathed it seems, you're mind did not come back right. While even the sanest of witches are a bit... off by default you're a bit further down the rabbit holeFor a 1 point discount you are mostly in control but prone to bouts of madness or passion. For 2 points your sanity is mostly gone, and your thought process is fairly alien to what it once was and what humans consider normal. For an additional -1 you're moral compass is also missing, you find it hard to empathize with humans or care about their suffering.

    Amnesia -1 Point
    Whelp, there goes all your progress so far. You're new self no longer remembers you're old self or even ever being human in the first place, guess you're really dead after all. In fact you don't even know what you are, when you wake up the only knowledge you posses is that of your True Name.

    Monstrous -1 - -2 points
    You don't have a human form, well sorta it's so obviously inhuman that no-one is fooled anyway. Seriously, you look like some sort of Monmusu cosplayer, What the fuck? For an additional -1 you don't even have that Case-53 form, just a giant witch body for you.

    Basic Servant advantages, alpha draft:
    Historical Upgrade - 0-1 point: create your own servant OC. Price depends on power.
    Living Legend 1 point each - No longer just flesh, No longer ages, no need for food or water, and has Eirei traits such as Astral form, Gaea Req. Info downloading.
    A Crystallized Legend/Authority 1 point - Destroyed or used up NPs return the next day, resting restores Mana and heals most injuries.

    Tragic Hero - -1: Hero's mental/emotional issues affect you as well.
    The Cycle of Fate -1: You do not gain the Hero's memories. The skills are innate but you don't fully understand them, similar to a tinker. You cannot teach, you are unskilled but talented.
    Cursed Fate -2: You don't regenerate Mana, reaching 0 is death. You can regain it by Tantric Rituals, Eating people, general magical skills, etc.
    The Hero's Journey -1: You don't start off super powerful but train your way up.

    Dragon Ball (Xenoverse) Expansion
    What you get: Enhanced strength, access to Ki and it's tricks, general combat skills. You can make your own fighting style or rip off some moves from the show/games barring the more magicy ones. You start off knowing how to fly and some ki attacks of your choice. -1 nets no flight or ki moves you learn from scratch. In terms of power you're about as strong as Goku post Roshi's training. +2 to reach general DBZ early levels, +4 to reach DBZ post Freeza levels and half cost if you must train to reach them.

    Races: Get to be another race with their traits all for +1. Saiyans get Zenkai boost (limits to be elaborated on at another time) and optional ability to become weremonkies. Namekians have super stretching, regeneration, and breed asexually. Majin are super regenorators and amorphous. Freeza race are fast, have strong ki, and really resilient.

    Items: Capsule Corp tech, power pole, Nimbus, scouters, space ships.
    Legendary Items: Dragon Balls, Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Android producing tech.
    Powers that be: Kais, Dragon Balls, Otherworld, Omniverse

    Perks and such are constantly under revision to be kept up to date and useful.
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    Malkavian's SI - Alice
    Navrin's SI - Asima Cooper
    Bailey Matutine's SI - Drew Cooper
    Radiant Knight's SI - Ken Harper
    OverReactionGuy's SI - Mary Anne Jones
    OverReactionGuy's - Cindey May Thompson
    OverReactionGuy's - Ralts
    OverReactionGuy's - Minato Arisato / Designated Arcana
    OverReactionGuy's - Amelia O'Connor | Alias: Alchemist
    OverReactionGuy's - Marabel
    OverReactionGuy's - Cure Black and Cure White
    OverReactionGuy's - Julia Roberts
    OverReactionGuy's - Nameless White Mage
    OverReactionGuy's - Annabel Thomas
    The Shadowmind's SI - Spell Fang
    Dubious' SI - Freya
    Merior's SI - Hiromi Mitsu
    Merior's SI - Rias Gremory
    Bloodshifter's SI - Matthias DeWitt
    Marthis' SI - Jean Labastille
    Marthis' - Gorger and Doll
    Whumbly's SI - Madison Clements
    Lord Sia's SI - Mikael Rozenberg
    Lord Sia's - Maito Gai
    Garahs' SI - Sayuri Hayabara
    Seru's SI - Peter Emile
    NorthSouthGorem's Friedrich Holmgardt - Blitz
    burningclaw2's SI Godou Kusanagi - Verethragna
    Joebobjoe's SI - Joseph Robertson - Sepulcher
    Darkoda's SI - Ayomide Avarette - Thema
    WyldCard4's SI - Ryan - Wildcard
    Wildcard4's Ned - Watchman
    runeblue360's SI - Theo Anders - Blue Mage
    Albeus Leo's SI - Name: David Patterson | Alias: Agent X And V.2
    Joebobjoe's SI - George Friday | Alias: Atlas
    kinglugia's SI - Name: Ethan Greene | Alias: Enigma
    Thief of Words's SI - Name: Anna Clay? | Alias: Euryale [V.2]
    HeWhoWasMarduk's SI - Name: John Mitchel | Alias: Changeling
    Justin Bedard's SI - Name: Ultra Nobel | Alias: Metatron
    Avther's SI - Name: Allen Graham
    loneangel's SI - Name: Alex Reed | Alias: Automata

    Active Players
    Garahs as Sayuri Hayabara
    Darkoda's SI - Ayomide Avarette - Thema

    Natali McRemittz - Magistra Mina
    Alexandra "Ann" Tylor - Catharsis
    Aoife Rúad - Macha
    Skitter Mode 0 +10
    Powers: -7
    Apprentice:Teachable All Bending -4
    Twins: Lesser Fairy Queen -3 (Starts with no Phantoms, Number of Summons depends on their power level)
    Power Perk: Able to implant shards in others.​

    Advantages: -3
    Badass Normal -1
    Charles Atlas Powers -1
    Out of Context Powers (Shardless Bending) -1

    Complications: -10
    Cape Complications - Mental Fuckery -1
    Cape Complications - Power at a Cost (Unaging) -1
    Geas - Fear of Isolation -1
    Pint-sized -1
    Reincarnation Amnesia -1
    Reincarnation Bad Karma (Simurgh Survivor) -2
    Wanted: ABB -1
    Wildbow? -2

    Originally: Squirrelly after making the character.
    Name: Aoife Rúad (Ee-fa Rlahd) | Alias: Lolimental Macha
    Affiliation: Rogue | Alignment: Selfish Rogue
    Gender: F | Age: 10? | Build: Petite, Athletic
    Ethnicity: Asian-Irish mix | Hair: Red | Eyes: Grey
    Class: Brute, Mover, Shaker, (Master)
    Power: Ability to, via gestures, telekinetically manipulate certain substances (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Metal) with various degrees of power and finesse.
    Impossible physical conditioning and martial Skill.
    Ability to commune with and control spirits.
    Ability to Kill and eat Spirits.
    Ability to grant Powers from existing Spirits or plant the seeds of dead spirits into humans.
    Ability to Steal Powers, extremely painful and traumatizing but not lethal, requires great force of will to overpower a shard and the user while they live.
    Greater Spirit of The World Warper: Spirit was terminated and seed implanted in Kate Winslett. Current condition unknown.
    The Voracious Eater: Spirit was terminated, the seed has yet to be planted.

    Synopsis: Woke up in a mental institution in London Briton in 2004, after the Simurgh's attack on the city. She was labeled a person of interest by the Protectorate.
    She had no memories prior to waking up nor knowledge of the world at large. Given the circumstances, and the whispers that never ceased she questioned her sanity.
    She was released into the custody of Mr and Mrs Granger in 2008, and moved to the states in 2011. Her age is unknown, she appears no older than when she was first admitted.

    She only passed release by faking sanity, and is fearful of any relapse and being sent back to the sanitarium even after years away.

    Ken Harpers Enemy - Diva Veldyme | Impact
    Drop Bear
    Name: Shiina Karkov | Alias: Tabula Rasa
    Name: Kakashi | Alias: Ku(zu)ebiko
    Name: Kaguya Kasugano | Alias: Hitsuzen
    Name: Zoey Kurtis | Alias: The Alchemist

    Whumbly's Enemy - Tsubaki Kanno | TOPLESS/Wrath
    Rubal Rayleigh - Psychogenesis
    Name: Miranda Arkham - Queen
    Name: Rus Kaf | Alias: Adamant
    Name: Lunette Lebelle | Alias: Flamme/Ember

    NorthSouthGorem's Enemy - Emilya
    Name: Sasha Ellen Fiore | Alias: 53LF13 (SELFIE)
    Name: Richard Ritchter | Alias: Litchenstein / Dr. Litchter
    Name: Anya Stalina | Alias: Kortic V
    Name: Jinbei | Alias: Li Shuwen
    Name: Unknown | Name: Nightshade
    Name: Rasa Ahmed-Kharim | Alias: Lambda​
    Name: Anita Gretchov | Alias: Asura/Creeper
    Dallas Capes [Part 1] [Part 2]
    Name: Priscilla Testarossa | Alias: Chimera
    Name: Carmilla Vande | Alias: Vore/Chiropteran
    Name: Lori Bolton | Alias: The Magnificent Mr. Id (Changeling's Enemy)
    Name: Misaya Reiroukan | Alias: Scathach (Demiurge's Enemy)

    Name: [NA] | Alias: Alcestis
    Name: Atyana Tikof | Alias: Duo

    Name: Tomoe Ran | Alias: Amanozako
    Name: NA | Alias: Suzumebachi
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    Dallas Capes
    • Protectorate
      • Minerva - Leader of the group. Mover who can travel at light speed but only in straight lines or reflections.
      • Mouse Protector - Mover who can tag people to teleport to. Enhanced balance and dexterity
      • Pluto Starblast - "Zerust" style tinker, a large pool of hardy inventions but their all very inefficient, clunky, and/or faulty.
      • Mr. Smith - No one knows if he even has a power, but no one questions his ability to kick ass.
      • White Pantera - A hero from south of the border, he is Brute/mover combo that focuses on his legs.
    • Wards
      • Mighty Mouse - A dapper young heroine. Has a Pseudo teleport power that works by bending space.
      • Cheshire - Longest serving but weakest Ward. Very Jaded. She can turn things invisible, however it doesn't work right if the target is moved too far away
      • Artemis - Brash and serious heroine. She is a very powerful combat Thinker.
      • Flicker - a young girl wanting to prove herself. She has the ability to stop time.
      • Siege - A flamboyant cape of indeterminate gender and horrible flirt. Siege can Danmaku with any item they are holding.
      • El Tigre - A tinker who specializes in wearable augments. A normal young boy isn't quite sure about being a hero.
      • Sienna - A perfectly normal girl, nothing about really stands out.
    • Foxhead - more of a rogue group.
      • Anima - Leader. All around nice guy. A sort of shapeshifting based on his tribal tattoos. Has a healing ability that only works on Case-53s.
      • Renard - Stoic and mute humanoid fox person. Renard has fire abilities and is a strong brute with high combat skill. Considered in Dallas' top 5 capes.
      • Grimmalkin - Really cool, sounds like Jamieson Pierce. Is a talking cat. WTF?
    • Lost Girls
      • Justiza de Von Liebe The Wondrous Weaver Magical Mina! - Crazy Magical Girl otaku, her power is spes magik.
      • Crimson Comet - Pridfeful and obnoxious combat lover. She has a fairly weak telekinesis ability but is ludicrously competent in close combat.
      • Asura the Creeper - Super creepy and kinda sadistic. She's a shaggoth made of hands.
      • Psychogenesis - 110% done with everyone's bullshit. Can make magic crystals.
    • Co-Op
      • Admin - Wheelchair bound leader. She is stated to be able to grant her team an ability to coordinate and communicate.
      • Yuusha - Uncontested strongest heroine in the city and generally a bitch. Often called the secret love child of the Triumvirate.
      • Caster - very serious and youngest teammate. He is a powerful Blaster/Trump and is believed to have some form of power copying.
      • Miles - Friendly rough and tumble cape and oldest. She is a powerful Brute and a Blaster, with her ranged attacks based on her physical ones.
      • Gypsy - A pretty, playful, and seductive young lady. Has not demonstrated a clear ability but appears to be a Master Stranger.
    • Independents
      • Chimera - Little blond girl, pretty cute and happy. Can turn into giant super powerful monsters based on real animals.
      • Ember - Nice, shy girl. Literally made of fire.
      • The Alchemist - a Sponsored Hero working for a local pharmaceutical company. Tinker/Striker.
      • MechTech Rider! - An Idol Hero, famous both as a performer and cape. Is a Tinker who specializes in technology requiring manual control.
      • Fenghua - Jerk healer, hates his power. has Perfect immortality and regeneration but it causes him to spontaneously and painfully combust.
      • Hooded Justice - Neo-nazi Super Hero, oldest and longest serving Hero in Dallas. Celebrated as one of the Defenders of Dallas in the Mexican Invasion. Openly gay.
      • White Knight - Claims not to be a nazi despite being decked out in Nazi related paraphernalia. Likely a troll. He has shapable and semisolid firelike energy constructs.
      • Praelia - A friendly girl with some anger issues. Her power is punching things.
      • Scarlet - PG-13 cape. Brute/Breaker inertia manipulation the power is strongest around her torso and weaker near her limbs.
      • Mincemeat - An unfortunate Hero who looks very villainous. His ability is powerful regeneration.
      • Boneka - A rogue who acts a performer. Her ability is touch based telekinesis.
    • Arsene - a group of gentleman thieves
      • Lupin - charismatic and greedy thief. He likes both the challenge and the loot. Tinker of unknown specialization
      • Crush - Pretty, friendly, pretty friendly. Outside of robbing people she's pretty cool. Breaker who can alter her weight.
      • Breach - Crush's partner, kinda snooty. Mover/Shaker who can set up invisible portals on flat surfaces.
      • Little Rock - Rather laid back old dude. Striker that can give objects a certain polarity.
    • independents
      • Lovelace - A classy asshole, a classhole if you will. A Shaker who can make ribbons that can drain or inflict emotions or sensations.
      • TikTok - Crazy ass mofo, dresses in a suit and is very willing to shoot to kill. His power is mystery but appears to be some sort of cloning.
      • Redstreak - Artemis' friend and designated Edgy anti-hero vigilante. She has hemokinesis.
      • Genoscyth the Eye Raper - One crazy bitch, has biokinesis, a limited form of power copying based on cannibalism. Uses a scythe made out of people.
      • Impact - Mercenary, usually stoic but gets an a perverse pleasure out of brutalizing others. Stupidly powerful TK punches, considered in the top 5 capes in Dallas.
      • Cod Piece - Villain who can shoot lasers from his pelvis.
      • 531F13 - Self titled starter villain, is the criminal version of Mouse Protector. Is a tinker with a Self Augmentation lean.
      • The Chicken Man - An insane brute, weak but fast and sneaky. Fear the Chicken Man.
      • Captain Ubermench - A brute thinker, his abilities are levels above even the peak of human performance.
      • Diabella De la Rosa - Another Brute, with great coordination and dexterity. She's a mercenary of great infamy.
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    Notes to the Players:
    1) Discord will be the main place for chat between players regarding quick planning, plotting, and general conspiracy for IC content. Discord can be found here, you can use the App or the webpage version.
    2) In order to make sure that conflicts and contests can be solved swiftly and fairly MnM will be used to build a version of the character to use when something needs to be rolled for and to have a way to measure the ability of the characters. This can be created personally and submitted or I can do so on your behalf if you aren't familiar with the system.
    3) In character posts that require OoC information, such making conditioned responses or rolls, should have the OoC portion separated at the end of the IC post and in a different format. Of course most information regarding rolls, conditioned responses, and questions about the scene can be quickly answered on the Discord channel without needing to clutter up an IC post.
    I jump forward over the gap between buildings, aiming for the villain holding Alice hostage. I try my twist my body to avoid his blasts, aiming myself to land near him and attempt to grab Alice to try and pull her free.
    Aoife uses Perfect Balance to get 5 Leap, and clears the 30 feet easily.
    She has 1d20+10 to land the grab and 2 Strength to overpower Dr. Light.
    If she succeeds Aoife will use the rest of her Movement to leap away with Alice, if not she will use Martial Bending power to attack with 1d20+5 to hit and dealing 1d20+10 damage.
    4) If you need to take time off or need to leave the game please let me know beforehand so your character can organically be taken out of the story, hopefully with some amount of a satisfying conclusion.
    5) Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the game.
  7. Index: Active Character Build - Annabel Thomas

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    Name: Annabel Thomas | Alias: To be decided
    Affiliation: Probationary Ward| Alignment: Good
    Gender: F | Age: 16| Build: An athletic lean build with sun kissed skin
    Ethnicity: White | Hair: Blond | Eyes: Blue

    Classification: Trump

    Power: Has the ability to include cards that gives powers based on mythological figures. Can get a new "card" once everyday and with a greater value if she sacrifices something of personal value to her.

    Synopsis: Was an average everyday Texan girl before the incident that lead to her having powers. Daughter of a Rancher and veteran of the Mexican invasion, Adam Thomas, and a stay at home no nonsense mother, Samantha Thomas, she was expected to take over the ranch one day. Sadly it is to believed that without meaning to when she first activated her power, she sacrificed her memories to get one of the most potent draws she could and proceeded to kill her assailants before being talked down and brought into the PRT. Her future is up in the air now.

    Heracles- Berserker- 4 star
    Medusa-Rider-3 star
    Mata Hari- Assassin- 1 star

    Prisma Buster? - PL 10

    Strength 5, Stamina 5, Agility 4, Dexterity 5, Fighting 4, Intellect 0, Awareness 5, Presence 2

    Attractive 2, Extraordinary Effort, Fascinate (Deception), Fearless, Luck (Recover) 2, Ultimate Effort: Will Save

    Deception 5 (+7), Persuasion 5 (+7)

    Class Card Include: Variable 14 (gatcha servants; Limited: Prepared Forms)

    Second Wind: Healing 5 (Action 3: reaction, Stabilize; Limited: To Self, Uncontrolled)

    Power Settings (Gatcha Servants)
    • Berserker Mode (Powers: Ax Blade [Strength Damage +5], God Hand: Protection 5 [Impervious 15], Growth: Density Growth 5, Regeneration: Regeneration 10 [Persistant], Speed: Speed 5 [AE: Leaping 5], Close Combat: Unarmed +6 (+10), Advantages: Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Holding Back, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Smash, Improvised Weapon, Takedown)
    • Gorgan Rider Mode (Powers: Chains [Elongation 5], Noble Phantasms: Bellerophon [Burst Area Damage 10, Increased Range (Ranged), Tiring], Mystic Eyes: Affliction 10 Perception Area Sight Required; Agility +6 (+10), Fighting +6 (+10), Acrobatics +2 (+6), Strength +5 (+10), Stamina +4 (+9), Advantages: Agile Feint, Skill Mastery, Uncanny Dodge)
    • Mata Hari Include (Powers: Seductive Dance: Perception Area Affliction 10, Distracting; Acrobatics +6 (+10), Agility +5 (+9), Presence +10 (+12), Expertise (PRE) +6 (+8), Close Combat +6 (+10), Dodge +5 (+10), Ranged Combat +2 (+7), Advantages: Agile Feint, Benefit: Great Allure - Attractive affects both genders, Daze (Deception), Fascinate (Expertise), Favored Foe: Soldiers, Improved Disarm, Improvised Weapon, Move-by Action, Prone Fighting, Redirect, Set-up, Skill Mastery, Taunt, Throwing Mastery, Weapon Bind)

    Initiative +4
    Bellerophon: Burst Area Damage 10 (DC 25)
    Damage: Damage 5, +4 (DC 20)
    Grab, +9 (DC Spec 20)
    Petrifying Gaze: Affliction 10 (DC Fort 20)
    Seductive Dance: Perception Area Affliction 10 (DC Will 20)
    Throw, +5 (DC 20)
    Unarmed, +4 (DC 20)

    Native Language

    Dodge 5, Parry 5, Fortitude 5, Toughness 5, Will 10

    Power Points
    Abilities 60 + Powers 100 + Advantages 8 + Skills 5 (10 ranks) + Defenses 7 = 180

    Validation: Complications: At least 2 Complications are required

    Hero Lab and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at http://www.wolflair.com
    Mutants & Masterminds, Third Edition is ©2010-2017 Green Ronin Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.



    -fate/gacha order
    -class card include!+0

    Charles Atlas Superpowers-1

    Comic book pretty-1

    Heroic Resolve-1

    out of context power-1, shardless

    Wildbow what's a wilbow? +1

    Cape complications+1 (Probationary ward and a very lethal power set)

    Could be a potential situation I have to deal with-


    That leads to me taking over someone else's body who would have died in a situation that amnesia is a possible explanation to everyone else.

    The mask, it does nothing!+1

    Which in turn leads to a semi public outing

    bad publicity+1

    which goes bad as I kill a few people accidentally because heroic spirits are hilariously lethal and I don't have exactly fine control over the force I deal with.

    This can also be explained away as a misunderstanding but still leaves mistrust and all of that.
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  8. Index: Active Character Build - Rias Gremory

    Merior Untested Adventurer

    Feb 22, 2013
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    Name: "Rias Gremory"
    Alias: <None Yet>
    Affiliation: <None Yet>
    Alignment: Chaotic with Good Intentions
    Gender: Female
    Age: Appears 16-18
    Build: Eye-catchingly busty
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair: Crimson Red
    Eyes: Blue-green

    Some people are lucky. They're forgettable, easily overlooked, or simply have a build where they can play it up or play it down as they wish. Then there are people like Rias with bright crimson hair, enough charisma to light up a room if she doesn't tone it down, and a figure which (to mangle a quote) makes people wonder where her stripper pole has gotten to.

    (And all without any backache...)

    Rias has just literally dropped into a strange English speaking city and is not feeling too happy about this. There are holes in her memory, holes filled in by some else's life as a human man, and before the biggest hole is an unpleasant snatch of memory concerning the Dimensional Gap and Big Red.

    She wants very much to get home to the Underworld (or was it Scotland? Or Japan?), but she can't seem to transport herself there or even back to Kuoh Academy! And did someone just fly by in cosplay with nobody seeming to think it was more unusual then seeing a local celebrity?

    At the moment she wants to find somewhere that takes yen, drink some tea (...didn't she have a Queen who liked tea? Why couldn't she remember about that rather than the lyrics to Doki Doki Heart?) and try to sort out the splitting headache he was suffering. And possibly figure out the gender and identity crisis she was now having too...

    (Yes. Her name definitely started with 'Ri' but Rias didn't seem quite right anymore...")
    • Rias has no idea where she is although she has gotten the idea that she is in a world where powers aren't as secret as the world that she remembers being in. People may try taking advantage of this attractive, and apparently vulnerable, woman wandering about Dallas.
    • The mental confusion that Rias is suffering is unlikely to stop her doing acting if she sees something 'wrong' going on. If there is an incident in the immediate area then she might step in and that would attract attention of another kind.
    • If threatened enough Rias might fall back on her Power of Destruction. Unfortunately she has no idea about how her control of it is far worse than she remember it being and so the collateral damage may be enough to gain her significant bad PR.
    • Getting home is a priority so it could be a hook for someone trying to recruit Rias if they could show something with the potential to let her go home.
    • At heart Rias is a rather social and sociable person with a soft spot for those who seem hurt or damaged. Given that this covers far too many parahumans it's likely that she will latch onto a few to help.
    • Once she starts to settle down Rias will want to start performing 'contracts' even if the power gain is, for her, negligible. It is something familiar to her and a way to build connections... but what will whatever group she ends up associated with think of this habit?
    • While she is able to heal people, others might take things the wrong way given that her method involves both parties being naked for maximum skin contact...
    • Devil Powers is immensely flexible, but it isn't always efficient, effective, nor work properly the first time. It would only take one incident of an attempt at Dress Break backfiring for people to start commenting let alone, if she joins the Wards, Youth Guard.
    • When Rias first makes a Demonic Blade people might desire them for their powers, but will they listen when she mentions the potential side effects especially for those who are lacking in the power required to wield them?
    • While she managed to be a student in high school without too many problems Devils are nocturnal by nature and it would be easy for her to accidentally keep others up far later than they intended. Would this be just a quirk or would it cause an issue with those who she becomes friends with?
    • With how positive she may come across as it will probably shock people the first time her "Daymares" occur. Would people pry or leave her be?

    +5 Mode: Standard
     4 Greater Power : Crossover (Rias Gremory)
     1 Perk : Charisma
     1 Perk : Heroic Resolve
     2 Perk : Plot Armour
     1 Perk : Resources
     1 Perk : Power Perk (Tinker)
    +1 Disadvantage : Geas (Daymares)
    +1 Disadvantage : One Who Knows Too Little
    +1 Disadvantage : Power Complication (Collateral Destruction)
    +1 Disadvantage : The Mask, It Does Nothing!
    +1 Disadvantage : Without a Map
    This build assumes that you can opt to gain the body/looks of whoever you 'Crossover' with. "The Mask, It Does Nothing!" was also taken based on the idea that her sort of attractiveness is going to be hard to hide and not something that I'd naturally find myself concealing.

    While Rias seemingly had very good charisma according to the series it was more of an informed ability so the perk was purchased separately. "One Who Knows Too Little" seemed to fit a tendency to get into situations which are very amusing... from the outside and may also include a few too many fan service moments which results in internet images plus a reputation'.

    "Plot Armor" as added to fit in with the idea that I find my life leaning a bit more towards my 'origin' than the normal horrible situations on Earth Bet. "Heroic Resolve" seemed to fit in with that too.

    "Resources" is tied in with her "Plot Armour" perk and represents good fortune at making money rather than having somehow brought her family wealth across.

    "Power Perk (Tinker)" represents a talent for artificing beyond that she recalls having. There are a wide range of things: simple summoning contracts, faux Phoenix Tears, Demonic Blades, etc. Items on par with Evil Pieces and Sacred Gears are theoretically possible for her to create, but doing so would require somewhere between decades to a century of practice, experimentation, and 'making the tools to make the tools'. (i.e. Rias could technically make them. Practically though, she can't manage it within the boundaries of the RP.)

    "Power Complication (Collateral Destruction)" was added to make the "Power of Destruction" more of a final option than something to be used casually. Basically, the merged mind(s) are having issues keeping it under control when used and it tends to run a little out of control.

    "Geas (Daymares)" is more about having issues with my fused mind. About once a week (rolling a 1d7 for any given night seems fair) I'd sleep terribly as I suffered through a collage of the worst moments from both my lives put together into a horrible whole.

    "Without a Map" was taken to represent being literally dropped into the middle of some strange American city (which is OOCly Dallas) without knowing it and having to cope. If you prefer I'll look for something more appropriate.

    (Depending on where she ends up it is worth noting that "All Devil possess a passive ability, called "Language", where people listening to them will hear it in the language they are most familiar with; and vice versa.", but the ability specifically doesn't apply to written language.)
    "Wildbow? What Wildbow?" was specifically not taken as it seemed amusing if both Rias and 'I' had read the series. OTOH, if I need to swap disadvantages around, she might have read a version of things which was a yaoi light novel focusing on the three way relationship between Legend, Eidolon, and Legend's trap of a husband...

    EDIT: Tidied up a couple of sections, corrected a few mistakes, and removed some redundant text .
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  9. Index: Active Character Build - Sayuri Hayabara

    Garahs Soil Surveyor

    Feb 19, 2013
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    Sayuri Hayabara - PL 10

    Strength 2, Stamina 6/2, Agility 8/4, Dexterity 2, Fighting 4/2, Intellect 4, Awareness 8/6, Presence 4

    Accurate Attack, Agile Feint, Attractive, Defensive Attack, Eidetic Memory, Evasion 2, Extraordinary Effort, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Ritualist, Uncanny Dodge

    Acrobatics 2 (+10), Close Combat: Unarmed 1 (+5), Deception 1 (+5), Expertise: Magic 6 (+10), Persuasion 4 (+8), Ranged Combat: Gap 8 (+10)

    Gap Attacks
    Danmaku: Damage 10 (DC 25; Increased Range: ranged, Multiattack)
    Hammer Space: Create 10 (Volume: 1000 cft., DC 20; Innate, Subtle: look natural)
    Healing: Healing 10 (Persistent, Restorative, Stabilize)
    Portal Reflector: Deflect 12 (Redirection, Reflect)
    Teleport: Teleport 6 (1800 feet in a move action, carrying 50 lbs.; Accurate, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Portal, Stacks with: Teleport: Teleport 1+6)
    Gap Witch
    Border of Contact: Enhanced Trait 6 (Traits: Dodge +4 (+12), Parry +2 (+8))
    Border of Languages: Comprehend 2 (Languages - Understand All, Languages - You're Understood)
    Border Sense: Senses 5 (Acute: Border Sense, Analytical: Border Sense, Awareness: Boundaries, Extended: Border Sense 1: x10, Rapid: Border Sense 1)
    Flight: Flight 4 (Speed: 30 miles/hour, 500 feet/round)
    Teleport: Teleport 1+6 (Alternate; [Stacking ranks: +6], 0.5 miles in a move action, carrying 50 lbs.; Accurate, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Portal, Turnabout)
    Portal Spam (Indirect 4: any point, any direction, Variable Descriptor 2: broad group - Gap Attacks)
    Enhanced Trait: Enhanced Trait 26 (Traits: Agility +4 (+8), Fighting +2 (+4), Stamina +4 (+6), Toughness +2 (+8), Awareness +2 (+8))
    Fox Senses: Senses 2 (Low-light Vision, Ultra-hearing)

    Initiative +8
    Danmaku: Damage 10, +2 (DC 25)
    Grab, +4 (DC Spec 12)
    Throw, +2 (DC 17)
    Unarmed, +5 (DC 17)

    Japanese, English

    Dodge 12/8, Parry 8/6, Fortitude 8, Toughness 8/6, Will 10

    Power Points
    Abilities 52 + Powers 99 + Advantages 12 + Skills 11 (22 ranks) + Defenses 6 = 180
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    Revised Sheet


    Name: Allen Graham | Alias: None
    Affiliation: None | Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: M | Age: 19 | Build: Tall, lightly lean build with fair skin
    Ethnicity: Asian | Hair: Black | Eyes: Brown

    Synopsis: An former orphan raised by a family in Dallas, Allen has lived a normal life until he had an incident. Back there, Allen knew he was supposed to be dead, yet he's still here. How is that possible? Did he 'triggered' from the event? Allen already got the answers to those questions, and he's not sure he like it. Because on the day of his death, Allen became bounded by an entity that end up saving his life, but that entity isn't a Good Samaritan. Somehow, he knows that it is called the Spirit of Vengeance, a being that bonds with individuals who bear desperation and a desire for vengeance, changing them into Ghost Rider themselves.

    Difficulty: Standard

    The Outsider(-2): Ghost Rider/Spirit of Vengeance(Marvel)
    • Powers That Be (-1)

    Powers and Abilities: Allen has the ability to transform into Ghost Rider who posses a variety of supernatural powers at his disposal such as super-strength, hellfire manipulation and more...

    Note: Compared to the other Ghost Riders, Allen is by far the weakest Ghost Rider of all, however with the 'Power Perk', Allen has the potential to became one of the most powerful Ghost Rider of all, if he survives long enough.

    Comic Book Pretty (-1) [People often wonder what his biologically parents look like, given his appearance tends to make a lot of girls turns their heads.]

    Badass Normal (-1) [While Dallas is more safer than Brockton Bay, it has faced its own horror as well. His parents teach what they could for his own safety, which helps him in the long run.]

    Heroic Resolve (-1) [Honestly, after seeing so many things, Allen hardly flinch upon seeing nasty things like mutilated corpses or Crawler himself.]

    Power Perks (-1) [Like most human hosts, Allen himself acts as a "built-in safety lock" to prevent the Spirit from exacting it's full potential. With the perk, however, Allen has the potential to reach a higher level than any Ghost Riders, therefore removing his upper limits.]

    Outside Context Power (-1) [Due to his powers being different from Parahumans, he is shardless and cannot suffer from effects that target other Capes.]

    Man of Mystery (-1) [Since Allen is bound by a powerful demonic entity that is never seen or even understood by the Entities themselves, thinkers can't use their powers to find information on him without taking big risks.]

    Plot Armor (-2)

    Band-aids Fix Everything (-1)

    Wildbow? What's a Wildbow?(+2)

    Cape Complications (+1) [Allen is currently attending college. Since he's keeping his powers a secret and not part of the New Wave, there is little he could do without taking big risks.]

    Power Complications (+1) [Like most Ghost Riders, Allen cannot control his powers well at the beginning. Whenever an innocent blood is spilled, or in the presence of evil, Allen would automatically transform into Ghost Rider. It is possible to gain control over his transformations, but it will take time for that to happen.]

    The Windmill Turns Both Ways (+1) [While Allen has resistance, if not immunity, to Capes that effects powers like Trumps and conventional weapons, Allen will find that he take more damage from other types of power like Striker and Blaster directly than most conventional weapons and brute force do.]

    Wanted: PRT Dallas Protectorate and Independent Villains (+2) [Considering that Ghost Rider is an antihero, it is only a matter of time before he is considered too risky to be left alone.]

    Reincarnation (-0)

    Edit: Done some editing again. Felt the last version lacking to me.
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  11. Extras: World Building - Dallas Protectorate Indepth
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    Protectorate Dallas - Indepth

    Minerva - Born Elizabeth Rikki, Minerva is a veteran cape and current leader of the Dallas Protectorate. She is a tall woman of Mediterranean decent in her mid 30s, though she has aged gracefully. Her features are rather strong, handsome even, with medium length curly black hair and grey eyes. Her costume is Greek in appearance, reminiscent of the Legionnaire armor, complete with a mirror like shield and gladius. Her mask is a stylized diadem mask combination.

    Minerva has the ability to move at light speed in a single direction, during this movement she is made of light and completely invulnerable, able to move through transparent objects and be reflected off shiny surfaces. She has to remain moving at full speed during this state and can only exit it by contacting an object she cannot pass through. When she makes contact she can control her momentum, though due to being made of flesh once again there is an upper limit her power allows to prevent self injury. While moving she is able to adjust her position as she wants, landing in different poses or in the middle of an action, this is often used to catch herself at the end of a "jump" to allow her to stop herself without having to impact a wall. She also has a secondary sensory power that grants her the ability to see clearly regardless of distance.

    Minerva the leader of the Dallas Protectorate team. She's a serious and hardworking hero, a woman of few words in or out of uniform. She often prefers to use short or clipped replies that usually do not stretch more than a handful of words, or simply stays silent if she feels she doesn't need to speak. She is very direct, and while she is aware of tact she often does tend to have her intentions misunderstood due to her tone and naturally sharp expression.

    Minerva is the second most experienced member of the team after Mouse Protector, and the two often share responsibilities and power as leader even if Minerva is the official captain. The two often contrast each other, Minerva the more serious and stalwart hero and Mouse Protector being the more affable and approachable variety. The two often act in sync, having a good understanding of the other, and while the they do often split up to have leaders on multiple teams the two make a devastating combination.

    Minerva is rather earnest in her ideals regarding justice and selflessness, her views on such when summarized can often be confused with being foolish in their simplicity, or too idealistic. Everyone is deserving of a chance and trust, and that it is the duty of one with the ability to do so to help others. She is an advocate of reform programs, and believes that real good is the prevention of crime rather than the punishment of a criminal. She does not hold grudges nor judge one for the crimes they committed, though will prevent said crimes if needed. Despite this she is extremely pragmatic and acts without hesitation, where others may freeze from moral conflict or personal attachment she is capable of ignoring such things to complete her goals.
    Mouse Protector - Maevis "Minnie-Mae" Travis. The second in command of the Dallas Protectorate. She is an incredibly short and petite woman, barely reaching 155cm. Despite being older than Minerva at 36 appears young enough to pass for the woman's daughter. Maevis, or Minnie as she's more often called, is a petite woman of fair skin and very drab short and light brown hair, her face is heart-shaped with brown eyes and a rather prominent front teeth and a wide mouth, often being called mousy when described. Her costume has changed many times over the years, often consisting of either armor or stylized casual cloths. The current rendition was fitted more to the theme of her partner, consisting of a a simple leather vest and skirt over a cotton shirt and pants as well as a pithy broad-brimmed hat which has mouse ears on them. She also carries a sword and shield like Minerva however they are a buckler and estoc combo.

    Mouse Protector's power is very diverse, a grab bag of various extras centered around her most well known one, teleportation. She is capable of teleporting near anything she has touched and "marked" in the last day and within about a mile. She is also able to track those that she has marked as well. In addition to this ability she also has increased dexterity, stamina, and agility. The combination of these ability leads to a cape who can constantly harass her who cannot escape.

    Mouse Protector is the second in command of the Dallas Protectorate, after Minerva. This is despite of her longer career as a cape and her being one of the original Wards, though Mouse Protector has no arguments against the decision. The two often split the responsibility, usually taking charge of separate teams while on the field. Mouse Protector, or rather Minnie, is a very cheerful person with a great "Joie de vivre." She's very playful and joking at all times with little care and often can be very crude and childish. She cares greatly for her younger sister, Jerri, who is in the wards.

    As a member of the original wards team, and thus one of the most experienced Heroes around, Mouse Protector has a lot of contacts and friends among the Protectorate through various bases. Even after she had gone independent once graduating from the Wards she had kept in contact with her friends, most notably Miss Militia and Chevalier whom she insists are the perfect couple.She is a braggart when it comes to her past, and very obviously embellishes her stories. She was independent during the mid 90s to mid 2000s, only rejoining the Protectorate after learning her younger sister was one of the Wards and wanting to be closer to her.

    Minnie dotes very heavily on your younger half-sister Jerri, looking to make up for lost time as she very rarely interacted with her due to previously living and working in Illinois where she was born while her mother had moved to Texas when she she was pregnant with Jerri. Minnie tries to act like a good role model, and preens under the adoration her sister gives her, though finds the younger girl far to straitlaced. A lot of effort is spent trying to get the girl to act more rebelliously or improper which often fails.

    Her sense of morality is strong, a tried and true hero. However she's not one for rules and regulations, a big reason for her going independent. She considers the law very much secondary to the health and happiness of the people and is willing to overlook victimless crimes when she can. She rather ironically has a fascination with snakes, keeping one as a pet.
    Pluto Starblast, real name Jack Bastian, is the tinker of the Dallas Protectorate. He is a rather normal looking man, short black hair, brown eyes, and wearing glasses having nothing in the way of distinguishing features. His costume is a rather bulky and retro looking armored space suit. Pluto has themed his tech around very old interpretations of the Future.

    Starblast is a Tinker who's specialization is rather unclear. All his creations tend to be rather haphazard and clumsy, some incredibly inefficient, and a few simply falling apart soon after being built. However where his craftsmanship on the mechanical level may be shoddy the components he's able to build are incredibly resilient, requiring little to no repair unless damaged and the materials often being very sturdy as well. The way he's able to build his machines, being so simple also leads to the benefit of requiring no Tinker supervision for most people to be able to make repairs to his devices when they break down, as it is usually a matter of reattaching wires or replacing simple mechanical parts that have come loose.

    Pluto is a jolly, if shy fellow. He has a hard time dealing with people and often speaks softly with a stutter and built his suit with a means to compensate, the voice coming out clear, strong, and masculine as well as completely hiding his face and body language. This leads to two very different seeming personalities when in and out of costume, one of a strong and powerful hero and the other of an awkward and well meaning but forgettable everyman.

    Pluto doesn't take too many patrols, often only doing the minimum outings needed and spending most of his time Tinkering in his lab. This is generally allowed as he is one of the few suppliers of reliable tinker equipment the PRT has access to. As such he's rarely seen around the base. He has an assistant that is often seen with him, Juniper, who is studying for a degree in engineering and acts as his intern.
    Mr. Smith, Hercules Rockefeller out of costume, is one of the odder members of the Dallas Protectorate. He's a rugged older man in his 60s with a sharp beard and distinguishing scar covering the right half of his face. He also has a well trimmed mustache and his hair is starting to grey. He is well built but not overly bulky.

    Mr. Smith is a somewhat controversial figure due to his powers, or rather his apparent lack of powers. He is extremely fit and coordinated though not appearing to be beyond the abilities a human can achieve with dedicated training. Physically he's about as fit and athletic as a person can be expected to reach through training alone. He has shown no incredible insight or mental abilities even if he's not a genius he has perfectible intellect. Yet despite his comparatively mundane nature he is able to match, and even in some cases outperform his clearly empowered peers.

    Smith is a rather grandfatherly type of man when off the clock, and generally a bit goofy. However he is a retired soldier, well decorated as well, and is very disciplined and expects similar professionalism from his peers. He's considered one of the more popular members of the team after Mouse Protector.

    Smith is a very well known figure, even outside of Dallas. There are endless debates over his status as a cape and what it means that a normal human can be seen to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. He has a well documented "Achievement List" online of all his most notable actions. It archives many things, to his debut as a hero when he was able to box a robot to death and even extends into past actions such as news clippings regarding a story of him wrestling a bear into unconsciousness to save a child before scions appearance.
    White Pantera, hero by night and single father Rodolfo Rivera by day, White Pantera is a Mexican hero who immigrated to Texas for personal reasons. He's a man in his 40s, rugged and handsome. His costume consists of a white suit combined with a red and gold Luchador mask.

    White Pantere's abilities are those of a simple brute and mover, tough, fast, and well coordinated. However the majority of his strength is focused in his legs. The difference is great enough that while he is unable to lift more than a couple hundred pounds easily he was able to destroy an armored vehicle with a single kick.

    White Pantera is a divorcee, having custody of his son and works as a hero to support them both. He a very moral and upstanding citizen, being the only other member of the team besides Mighty Mouse who fully believes in classical golden age interpretations of heroism and justice. He does not lie, he upholds all the laws gladly, and happily embraces helping others. He tries his best to bond with his son, though the two often do have some friction due to Manny's rebellious nature.

    Born in Mexico prior to the introduction of heroes White Pantera recalls fondly the days before open villains were able to control cities and the government. He was the son of an established cartel boss, who then became a villain upon gaining powers. He did not know of his father's business at the time but slowly grew to understand it. He eventually gained powers in his teens and became a Hero of Mexico City and trying to keep the city safe, both from the cartels and from the government they eventually seized control of. His father eventually retired, and despite his normal moral obligations he did end up building back up their broken relationship and even naming him as Manny's Godfather.

    White Pantera moved from Mexico after learning of his son being a parahuman, something of a villain or at least a delinquent. Fearing for the boy's safety as well as his moral compass he took his son and moved them to Texas, believing the more stable environment as well as distance from the rest of White Pantera's family would keep him both safe and on the road to being a Hero.
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  12. Extras: World Building - Dallas Wards Mighty Mouse Indepth
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    Mighty Mouse - Leader of the local Wards team, Jerri Travis of Dallas and despite being a Ward is one of the most experienced capes in the city, having an 8 year long career at the age of 19. She is a mousy young girl of short stature and petite build coming in at about 160 cm. She has freckles on her face and light brown hair she dyes gray while in costume. Her outfit consists of a Victorian style tweed jacket and pants with a capelet and dear stalker hat with attached mouse ears. It should be noted that her round face, husky voice and petite build confuse some of her actual gender despite her making no denial of being a girl.

    Jerri's ability is a type of teleportation that works by bending space around her to propel herself forward as a sort of alcubierre drive.Providing there is contiguous open space between herself and her target she could reasonably squeeze through in ideal circumstances she can appear between locations over a mile apart in a single step. She is also able to bring along passengers and items however the distance shortens significantly based on the increased mass. Using this ability she is also able to pick up large and heavy objects by warping the space around them to make them move so long as she is in constant contact. Due to the nature of her Mover ability Jerri has to physically transverse the location between two points and thus can theoretically be interrupted before reaching her destination.

    Mighty Mouse, even before becoming a Parahuman was a gifted girl, and despite her increased abilities she remains capable even without them. Her most prominent skill is her incredible aptitude for investigation and deduction. Her mystery solving ability being enough that internal files tag her as an Thinker, albeit without a rank. She is both capable of cold deduction as well as reading peoples intentions and thoughts from their unconscious actions. Often she's called in on investigations to assist in determining the facts.

    Jerri Travis is the younger sister of Maevis "Minnie-Mae" Travis, better known as mouse Protector. Jerri is an energetic and boisterous person who often acts in a larger than life manner in costume, and generally friendly and outgoing outside of it. Despite her silly antics she's incredibly perceptive and often hides subtle signals and actions behind her flamboyance. Because of both her gregariousness and her intelligence she was pointed as the leader of her Wards team over her more experienced if younger teammate Cheshire.

    From a young age, having idolized her sister whom she believed was a PRT agent at the time, Jerri had a love of Heroes and cape culture. And from this her enjoyment of mysteries and detective work grew. Having a natural talent for investigation and wanting to be closer to her sister she considered faking being a cape, claiming Thinker status. The likeliness of this working would not be answered as she eventually triggered as a Mover before attempting it.

    As a hero and the leader of the wards Jerri does her best to act as a good example of what a hero should be. She has an idealized image of hero in her head, being someone who inspires others to act and uphold justice and low by their own actions. Despite her fun-loving attitude she is a stickler for the rules, especially those concerning capes. Because of this she often acts like a mother hen and tends to pressure her subordinates to act appropriately. She firmly believes in the system, and while she can see it has it's faults shes convinced it is the best option and ultimately a force for good.

    • Mouse Protector: Jerri's older half sister, the two were raised separately and Jerri was unaware of her sister's career until shortly after joining the Wards and Mouse Protector moving to Dallas and rejoining the Protectorate. The two are very close despite living separately and it was Maevis who inspired Jerri to be a hero. Jerri idolizes her sister.
    • Cheshire: Alice Margas, being Dallas's longest serving Ward is the closest person to Jerri who has had a similarly long career. Having known each other for nearly 8 years the two have formed a very strong friendship in spite of their their age difference and drastically different world views. The catalyst of this being an incident in Jerri's early career where she was captured by a villain, having been abandoned by one of the then Wards who fled without her on orders that Jerri disobeyed at the time. Cheshire, despite their antagonistic start had willingly remained behind and risked herself to remain with her and break her out once the villain was distracted. When Jerri had asked why Cheshire had replied with "Trust" that despite their differences that in any situations Jerri can trust someone will have her back. The two were close every since, to the point that there is some speculation on nature of their relationship.
    • Artemis: Jerri often has to act as a mediator and exercise more of her authority with her prideful teammate Artemis and her more aggressive tendencies. The two are capable of being professional though often but heads pretty heavily. Most recently Jerri has objected to the other girl's recent choice of company, a local Anti-hero with a history of overly vicious take downs who is believed to not be entirely stable.
    • Siege: The youngest member of the group whom often causes Jerri no end of headaches dealing with their antics. Despite their troublesome nature the two are friendly and playfully banter with Jerri occasionally humoring Siege's flirting. Jerri acts as a sort of big sister to the troubled child and generally tries her best to help them get along with people despite their normally aggravating behavior. She has succeeded to some degree as unlike most other teams Siege has been a part of the group hasn't demanded the child be transferred nor has Siege requested the same.
    • Flicker: The newest member and one who seems to most often act up even they're able to get along. Flicker's need to prove herself and show her maturity often leads to insubordination at the worst times and many times she reacts very negatively to the older girl's protective and somewhat busybody nature seeing it as patronizing and even getting annoyed with her more childish moments at how someone older than her and is leader could intentionally do things like get her face painted or wear bunny pajamas.
    • Anima: A vigilante who started just before herself, he's often hanging around both her and Cheshire with them most often being a trio. The three are close enough to socialize outside of their costumes. Jerri, as the oldest, often tries to be the one giving the worldly advice to both though occasionally has to get a reality check by the two more experienced capes. However where she has the most experience to meddle is in matters of Love, at least in her opinion even when confronted with the fact that none of the three has ever so much as gone on a date. She enjoys meddling Anima's messed up love life, most often doing her best to steer the boy towards Cheshire even as she teases him for strange situations he finds himself in. She usually seeks Anima's advice for a neutral point of view compared to her optimism and Cheshire's pessimism and he often goes to her for advice for social maters.
    • Renard: Anima's Case 53 partner who lives in his apartment. Despite the common belief Renard is in fact female. The two, despite meeting often for numerous years aren't very close. There is no bad blood, and both considers the other in a positive light there was simply nothing to click together the two simply finding the other's thought process too alien. In Jerri's case she often has trouble reading Renard who is not simply just serious but has trouble understanding concepts like humor and teasing which led to quite a few misunderstandings and unfortunate events when one acts towards the other without thinking.
    • Yuusha: The de facto leader of the other main hero team she often interacts with. The twos' interaction often ends up with Jerri getting under the other girl's skin, many times intentionally, and getting very aggressive. Jerri hopes to worm her way into Yuusha's guard and get her to open up while Yuusha has a problem with authority figures and has a short temper. Usually there's a lot of one sided bickering and teasing. Thankfully there's not real bad blood between the two as the Wards are often able to cooperate with Co-Op both in training and on the field.
    • Redstreak: The interaction between the two is very confrontational. they have such incompatible world views and methodologies that they often butt heads just after exchanging greetings. Where Jerri sees heroism as a means to help people Redstreak sees heroism as the means to punish the wicked. Redstreak is one of the few people Jerri not only dislikes interacting with but often attempts to avoid. She discourages Artemis' interactions with the vigilante though doesn't actively forbid it. She often butchers the blood controlling cape's name as a petty way to nettle her or Artemis. However despite their negative opinions and interactions Jerri doesn't consider her an enemy so much as a very unpleasant acquaintance.
    • Despite being relatives and similar in both builds and theme most of the public don't believe Mighty Mouse and Mouse Protector are related, instead thinking that Jerri was one of many young children who were a fan of hers and after becoming a cape was lucky enough to meet her. The most commonly used "proof" is that that Mouse Protector was only ever active in Chicago or the northwest prior to Jerri's debut and never had any ties to Texas.
    • Jerri originally wanted to be called the Mouse Detective, however the name was under trademark from Aleph's Disney whom had managed to subsume their lesser Earth Bet counterpart and extend their copyrights interdemensionally. She had gone with Mighty Mouse, which while still under trademark by CBS they were willing to license the name to the Protectorate for use.
    • Jerri had triggered during a home invasion that occurred shortly after a holiday visit with her family in Chicago.
    • The ears and tail Jerri has as part of her costume are capable of moving and feeling and the ears are able to hear. They were specially made augments provided by a local tinker rogue that often works with the Protectorate, said rogue had provided the devices free of charge stating they would be great publicity and for all the jobs she'd been given already.
    • Jerri was born November 11th 1991 and her blood type is B.
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    OverReactionGuy Merior, Darkoda, Garahs
    Since it is the weekend I'd like to have another session to complete another few rounds and if all goes well complete the Mall scene. Merior the section regarding rias is still in need of some touch ups before I can post the second section and since you aren't on discord as often I thought to tag you here to let you know. I've copied the discussion into the doc to use.

    In other news I am still willing to answer questions regarding the world building provided it does not spoil what may come.
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    Actually a bit sick to my stomach right now but I should be okay later tonight... or not. Though I'll need to ask a few things on discord since it's my temporary character's turn right?

    Also I'll be building a new character and posting it here as a just in case my main character ever dies... or just go with my like 10 other builds I have besides the Puella I guess. >.> <.<

    Not that I'm expecting my main character to die or anything, I just like creating character builds and I have an itch to create one more at least.
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    ...Umm..can you guys send me the link for the discord? I'm kinda lost....
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    Well Discord's currently down right now anyways so...
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    Weird, I'm on it right now. I also see your name.

    But I've been on it for hours so it might've fucked up and is only showing me the past and the present as it crashed or something.


    Huh, my text in the chat is red.

    Damn, I had something to ask regarding gameplay.
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    consider the forum a back up.
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    Name: Elizabeth | Alias: Arison
    Affiliation: Independent | Alignment: Neutral
    Gender: F | Age: 27| Build: An athletic build born from running and combat. About 5 "7"
    Ethnicity: White | Hair: Brunette | Eyes: Green

    Power classification: Trump? Brute/mover/shaker/striker


    standard mode +5


    The chosen hero-6
    powers that be-0

    Charles Atlas superpowers-1
    -The hero walked all across a single continent in order to place port stones so she could fast travel. Also killed several monsters with various techniques and ability's as well as a tentacle summoning god arrow.

    comic book pretty-1
    -the hero is a video game character.

    Heroic resolve-1
    -The hero not only had enough willpower to go from a simple village girl to picking up a sword and charging a dragon, she also went on a journey to hunt down the dragon that stole her heart, kill said dragon, kill the god that was the boss of the dragon, and then hold her entire world together with sheer willpower alone. To say her will is unbreakable is an understatement.

    Power perks-1
    -Over the course of the journey the hero's power continued to grow until she could tackle all foes and adversaries. That trend will continue!


    The mask it does nothing+2
    -The hero does not care for secret identities.

    Geas(100% OCD completionist)+2
    -The hero generally accepts mostly any task given to them, no sidequest too small no sidequest too big. From searching for small little gold medallions spread across the continent to stabbing hell chimera's in the face, the hero simply can't refuse the urge to complete the tasks she accepts and is given.

    Wilbow? What's a wilbow?+1
    The hero has no idea what worm is.

    power synopsis: This is basically my 100% complete Dragon's dogma dark arison character with all of the items, all the best gear, all the vocations maxed, everything... before I accidentally erased the data when I was moving files around. :(
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    OverReactionGuy Merior Garahs Darkoda
    Since it's saturday where I am I was planning to do another session later tonight. Given its about 7am here It'll probably be about 12 or so hours after this post.
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    I'll try to get home at a reasonable hour. If I'm not here when my turn comes up, just use me as a healer. I'll want every hero who's down to be able to help first.
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    Okay, so after some time some news.
    IF things go well I wll be getting stable and more importantly reliable income. And as such will be able to continue the RP without having to be distracted by major IRL issues. News should be coming back in Monday for sure but things are looking up and the RP should be able to continue then.
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    OverReactionGuy Merior Garahs Darkoda
    Okay things have stabilized IRL for me to continue reliably putting out content and doing sessions. I'll try to finish up the rest of the Mall encounter tonight since most of those involved are right now available and since ORG's character is currently out of his control due to reasons if ORG doesn't show up before the encounter ends she will just wake up in PRT custody, if ORG shows up she will wake up and have a choice of what to do.
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    Merior if you're around, we're doing a group thing.
  26. Garahs

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    Merior if you're around, you can actually join in immediately this time. Only a few of us at the moment, but we're here.
  27. Extras: World Building - Japan
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    World Building - The Japanese Islands

    In the wake of parahuman's Japan's culture underwent various radical shifts in very short and rapid bursts. The two major categories are often divided into before and after Kyushuu's sinking in November of 1999, though most often the division date is listed simply as being in 2000 both for ease of reference as well as being nearly all the post Leviathan shifts began. Of note is that there are a number of different names given to the event due to the social fracturing caused by the disaster. Names include: Impact, Lost Christmas, The Fall, and The Great Sink.

    Pre-Impact Japan
    At the start of the 1980s Japan was still in the middle of the Economic Miracle, with a steadily rising economy despite recent downturns. The two drastic increases in oil prices occurring so close together shook them though was something that could be weathered as the nation started to shift it's interests away from oil costly productions and more towards technology focused programs. It was during this pivotal time that Parahumans entered the scene. With the official disclosure of Parahumans occurring in 1987 the initial waves that were created were subtle but not minor, laying foundations for what was to come. During this time Parahuman's actions were in the shadows or often dismissed publicly even if in small communities there existed those who witnessed such first hand, in an era before wide spread surveillance even in the urban areas recounting such things often ended up only having word of mouth as proof. Beginning parahumans in japan were influenced by the media at the time and during their youths, and being the first few had any idea what was in store seeking any source of information even in the realms of fiction.

    The first Parahumans, born before such things as Magical Girls and Sentai could really be popularized or codified, often acted on their own and forming small teams of like similar individuals. Popular media for the youth of the time painted a grim look of modern society, the more idealistic alternatives more often taking place in fantastical settings or not featuring empowered individuals, causing the majority to use caution. Villains of course were more obvious, uncaring, and so conflicts often times ventured into more observed areas until such time that it was quietly accepted that Parahumans existed even if such events were often played down or dismissed by media outlets as such things violated the "common sense" of a world that up until them had already dismissed such fantastical things. The first parahumans were ill prepared, often going out clad in thrown together outfits or striking fashions with their identities usually protected simply due to the sheer population and lack of omnipresent threat of recording devices that exists in the present. This in turn influenced media of the time, jumpstarting the Magical Girl genre's growth though changing it drastically from how it evolved on Aleph. During this time things were relatively peaceful though this would not last long.

    Towards the middle of the 80's, after the Plaza Accord was signed and the economy started it's down turn, things began to change. Parahumans were out in the open and acted as vigilante's as they'd always had but faced government resistance as well as that by Yakuza and other criminals who did not like their existence. The Era of the lone hero was over, as most were found and arrested by the police or killed by the Yakuza. At the same time there was a large increase in parahuman crime as the economy started to collapse earlier than on Aleph. Many parahumans were snatched up by the government, pressured or enticed into joining the side of the law and so began the era of Sentai heroes, teams of uniformed masked parahuman police forces that acted not simply as guardians against villains but also to act in various emergencies as needed. It was considered to be the Golden Age of japans parahuman scene even if it was generally a bloodier one that managed to persist only slightly better than the nation itself as it soon found itself in an economic depression.

    With the Sentai era underway the earlier acceptance of lone parahumans waned, most seen as a nuisance and tolerance for them only declined over time. A combination of the increase in more selfish or villainous parahumans, the lack of culpability for their actions, and the existence of a better alternative spelled their end towards the beginning of the 90s, with their vigilantism no longer being so handily tolerated forcing them back into the shadows. However the Sentai began to face their own problems as the depression affected their funding which drastically cut their effectiveness and the publics patience was being tried, stretched thin from various factors. Schisms formed and alternatives were created, sponsored Heroes started to make the scene towards the end of the 90s. These groups began to draw attention from the Sentai teams of the government lowering their funding more, but these new groups also had to compete with a resurgence of the lone hero in a new form of Idol Heroes, popular individuals whom ended up sponsoring their own heroics and often subsidized by fans or the area that had adopted them.

    This came to an abrupt end soon after after Leviathan's attack.

    Post Impact Japan
    In the immediate aftermath of the Endbringer attack a large percentage of Japans population was lost, a substantially larger percentage of their parahumans among those casualties. The nation was broken, dying, and abandoned by the international community as a lost cause. While aid was given it often came at a heavy price, parahuman hunting from China or powerful political favor from the united states. This bred a heavily nationalistic lean in the population who were not blind to this. Parahumans roamed about in the devastated land, the laws of civility lost as everyone had to fend for themselves to survive and once beloved heroes often becoming ruthless dictators of small fiefdoms in the ruins of the cities they previously protected. It is often said that the aftermath cost more than twice the lives as the initial collapse did, and is colloquially called "The Red Year" due to the amount of blood that was shed, and is the first year of the Lost Decade during which Japan tried and nearly failed to piece itself back together.

    Many events occurred during the Red Year that would set the stage for the future tragedies to come; The rise of Black Kaze and the disappearance of Masamune which marked inglorious end of the Sentai heroes as the last two Members (Black and Silver) of the Sentai Elite were seen as traitors for their actions in the wake of the cataclysm. The Island Nation of Yamatai was formed in the ruins of Kyushuu and soon collapsed causing many powerful parahumans groups to wander the ruined nation. Black Alice's first recorded sighting in the ruins of Old Tokyo which caused the death of thousands of the survivors in in a scant few days. The CUI were allowed to hunt the nation for parahumans both for national aid and to stop the widespread parahuman subjugation of the unpowered populace. Rumored resurgences in Youkai as small settlements vanished into the night or monstrous creatures being seen wandering about the ruined landscape. And the ghost fleet that began to circle the nation further discouraging trade and disrupting international aid especially from the CUI. This rapid fire of horrid disasters, all caused by parahumans bred an incredible animosity in the majority of the populace that only grew over time. The fiscal and political abuses by foreign powers bred similar hatred for the rest of the world as well.

    Towards the middle of the 2000s things began to settle, 4 great powers emerging from the dust. To the South in Kyushuu Chugoku and Shikoku was Makai, the area controlled by Black Alice and devoid of human life and inhabited by monstrous shadow demons that devour any who enter. To the north in Hokkaido was New Yamatai and home to the Tenkai which is lead by a cape called Amaterasu who was a monstrously powerful shaker and revered as living Goddess, while the nation accepts those seeking asylum few are allowed to leave. In the West is The Greater Republic of Japan occupying much of more intact urban areas and technically is considered to own the entirety of the island though isn't able to enforce such in practice, they are military dictatorship and are ultra-nationalists. The rest of the nation, while considered under the control of The Japanese Republic is mostly just uncontested lawless territories where those who live would need to fend for themselves which lead to to the fourth party; The Ruin Kings. Rather than a unified power the title is simply given to Parahumans who have claimed some community or another as their own and act as individual micro-nations under the powers and sole authority and protection of the parahuman leadership.

    Over the course of the decade Japan had closed itself off from the world as it tried to rebuild itself, rejecting the aid of foreign nations as it became a more obvious poison and the peoples patience finally ended. The new nation, the Republic, cut all ties with outside nations and became isolationists. The public's hatred for parahumans lead to a convenient partnership with the CUI as many were captured and sold to china or placed in a similar program for the Republic. Only Tinkers and Thinkers were considered "safe", a class of parahuman the people could tolerate enough for the government to make use of. This, along with the remaining technology of Masamune lead to a stronger technological base for the military, combined with other technological advancements from Tinkers lead to the creation of the FRAME (Fast Response Armored Mobile Exoskeleton), GEAR (Ground Effective Armored Reinforcements), and SLAVE (Standing Locomotion Autonomous Vehicle) systems which were extremely mobile and effective war machines. Giant mechs of varying size, shape, and effectiveness.

    Parahumans of note:
    Amaterasu - The Strongest Shaker. The specifics of her shaker effect are mystery, what is known it covers the whole of her territory which is the island of Hokkaido, the closer one ventures the heart of it the more control she has, effectively becoming godlike withing a few miles of the center of it.
    Black Alice - A parahuman who can both warp the area around her into a nightmarish hell scape and summon shadowy intangible monsters that pray on humans.
    Ho'oh Satsuki - One of the Shinten'oh. A powerful Pyrokinetic trump, able to alter her fire to achieve a variety of effects that borders on magical.
    Kageri Kurona - One of the Shinten'oh. A Shaker Brute with control over a shadowlike substance capable of self enhancement, said shadow is alive.
    Queen Azami - One of the Shinten'oh. A Blaster/Striker/Trump able to copy attacks that have struck her, some effects are altered to be striker or blaster.
    Yakura Ranka - One of the Shinten'oh. A Trump Brute, Incredibly strong, tough, and able to bypass or nullify other powers on contact.
  28. Extras: Character Profile - Gremlynn (Aiowenobe Hjoltlhi)
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    Name: Aiowenobe Hjoltlhi (Eye-oh-wen-oh-bee Hee-yoht-lee)
    Alias: Gremlynn
    Affiliations: Hero - Fort Worth Wards
    Threat Rank: D+
    Class: Stranger 4; Striker 2; Tinker 5
    Powers: A Grab-bag Case 53, the main power is a combination of several Specialized Tinker abilities. One is an intrinsic and instinctive knowledge of Technology without a limiting specialization but lacks the ability to create devices herself. The second is the ability to connect to electronics or other suitably complicated technology and communicate with them while in contact with them, and lastly the ability to instantly take control of any electronic she has touched. Her other powers are purely physical or skillful, her body being incredibly strong and agile for her size. She has a prehensile tail, claws, sharp teeth, and horns as a means of enhancing her combative abilities. She can mimic sounds she hears near perfectly and is able to easily evade notice even from capes with enhanced senses.
    Summary: A young street urchin Case 53. She spent over 5 years wandering both the wilds and the inner city streets before she was taken in by the Protectorate. She's was almost entirely feral when discovered, though in the past 2 years she advanced quite a bit, even if she is still very wild. Prior to joining the Wards she spent time with her partner cape Young Blood, the two are inseparable even after joining the Wards and often patrol together. This is both a concession and a matter of convenience as Gremlynn is unable to properly communicate, a complication brought on by both her severe lack of education and the inhuman shape of her teeth and tongue, while capable of speaking without resorting to her vocal mimicry it is often slurred or hissed and more often then not she communicates by gestures and chirps. The girl tends to be fairly simple, almost animal-like in her intentions and thought process. She has a weakness for food and physical affection from her teammates and can often be bribed with either, similarly she is easily tricked and has trouble even with basic problem solving when under stress.
  29. Extras: Character Profile - Young Blood
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    Name: Unknown
    Alias: Young Blood
    Affiliations: Hero - Fort Worth Wards
    Threat Rank: D
    Class: Brute 3, Thinker 3, Stranger 3
    Powers: A very low grade brute, the power specializes in enhanced senses and his ability to avoid detection. There is a minor calming effect on animals, the cape is able to instinctively understand their intentions.
    Summary: A young cape who grew up alongside Gremlynn on the streets and cares for the girl deeply, the two often being inseparable. He is heavily scared and wears a tribal style mask and armor with his skin painted gray or brown. Young Blood, despite his name and appearance is a very calm, intelligent, and a kind child who does not enjoy violence. Despite his expertise in hunting he does not enjoy the act beyond the challenge of catching an animal and dislikes the need to kill them for food. However his power had altered his physiology slightly, altering his dietary requirements to be purely carnivore. The boy is mute, only able to grunt though makes strange clicking or croaking sounds at times.
  30. Extras: Character Profile - Selene (Sangrea Perez)
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    Name: Sangrea Perez
    Alias: Selene
    Affiliations: Hero - Dallas Wards
    Threat Rank: B
    Class: Master 8, Stranger 6
    Powers: Selene has the ability to incite temporary bouts of insanity in anyone who locks eyes with her. This ability can be directed or manipulated to allow her to have some level of control over her victims or alter their perceptions and memories. Notable uses include hiding her presence, causing groups of people to erupt into a violent rage, and convincing someone they were their dead child. However despite this control she cannot turn her power off, any eye contact will always cause loss of sanity and hypnotism to occur in the victim that grows with exposure.
    Summary: A meek young girl who was often bullied. She triggered with a tremendously powerful ability during one of these incidents causing a large crowd of people to engage in a riot, killing several of her bullies and civilians and further injuring herself in the chaos. She is a loner and prefers to observe things instead of act, due to the constant use of her abilities even her teammates often forget about her existence. Because her strongest abilities require eye contact and can be triggered unintentionally she often wears a thick pair of specially treated glasses to prevent accidents.

    Selene is a rather strange and creepy girl, even her appearance is unsettling with unnaturally white skin, pale blonde hair, and red eyes. She has a strange fascination with horror, mythology, death, and knives. She is often paired up with Cheshire with the duo being called "The Creeper Couple" (or Creepershipping for those into that sort of thing.)

    Her costume consists of a normal suit and skirt combo with a pure white mask that is capable of allowing her see through it and trigger her powers. She also has a pair of Rabbit ear shaped headphones.