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Chaldea on Fire (Fate/Grand Order SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Silver W. King, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. Extras: Small Announcement & Omake: Going too far with protecting innocence
    Silver W. King

    Silver W. King King of Adventures

    Feb 19, 2013
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    Yeah, this is not something I expect to update anytime soon. I had a burst of inspiration and thought to get it out of the way. Next chapter at the earliest will be next month.

    This really should have been a Silly Crazy Awesome Crack Fic, but it kept moving into serious parts here and there. So, meh, it's an experience.

    Don't worry, I'm going back to focusing on "Can Adventures Last Forever?" after this.

    Also here's a written part that I deleted because it just didn't feel like it fit.


    Omake: Going too far with protecting innocence

    S-Senpai was k-k-kissing the Director!

    He’s using tongue! Isn’t that what they call a Deep Kiss!?

    The Director fainted.

    “Miss Olga!” I went to catch her but Senpai had already did.

    “Don’t worry, she’s fine. The stress and shock of everything just got to her.” He carried and set her down in a small pocket behind a stone pillar. I don’t think I would have noticed that place on first look.

    “S-Senpai,” I said firmly to get his attention, locking my gaze with him as he turned. “What you did was very wrong! What are you gonna do if the Director ends up pregnant!” How could Senpai do something this deprived, reckless and now of all times?! Was my Senpai a wrecked deviant lusting for the body of innocent maidens?

    Michael-senpai blinked a few times, and tilted his head slowly while staring incredulously at me. Why is he looking at me like that?

    “Mash, I...that’s...new.” I kept very effective glaring, as I could see how thrown off he was by it. “Mash, can you please elaborate what you mean with specific clarity?” Senpai asked gesturing with his finger.

    I blinked in confusion. Could it be that...Senpai is ignorant of human sexual reproduction?

    “Senpai, if you kiss someone deeply while laying naked in bed, you end up having a baby. Clothes can mitigate such event but it’s still ricky. You need to apologize to Miss Olga and prepare for the consequences.” I explain calmly.

    Senpai closed his eyes and pinched his nose. What? Why does he look like someone told him something so profoundly wrong that his brain short circuited?

    “Mash, who told you that?”

    “Big sis-I mean Miss Fujimaru.” I said, unsure on why Senpai looks more exasperated.

    “Of course it was her.” Senpai shook his head. “When this is over, we’re gonna have a long talk, and then another one with Gudako on why misinformation is wrong!”

    “What! So kissing is for people to exchange bodies? Is that you Director!?”

    Miss Olga in Senpai’s body sighed heavily.

    “A very long talk.”
  2. Extras: Servants Informational
    Silver W. King

    Silver W. King King of Adventures

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Michael Chaser Servants:

    True Name: Mysterious Heroine X (Secretly *Gasp* Artoria Pendragon!)
    Alias: Space Heroine from Another Dimension


    Class: Assassin No really, it’s Saber. Totally not Assassin.
    Alternate Classes: Rider, Saber She’s already Seiba!


    Strength: B
    Endurance: C
    Agility: A+
    Mana: B
    Luck: D
    Noble Phantasm: A++

    Class Skills

    Cosmo Reactor: A
    A cosmic reactor allowed only to the multiplying Sabers. It is reacting to various things. Settings, for example.

    Riding: EX
    Riding ability. She can't ride every possible rideable object, but when it comes to managing ordinary spaceships, this skill displays a terrific effect. To the point where she can warp even using a ship with no warp function.

    Presence Concealment: N/A (In truth EX)
    “Why the hell do you think a Saber would have that!?” It's actually EX, but it is sealed due the user herself completely denying it.

    Personal Skills

    Back-up Fire: EX
    Due to a mysterious communication device, the Du Stallion II can automatically provide back-up fire. In a one-on-one fight between fellow swordsmen, there are no unexplored territories nor soulful tactics.

    Instinct: C+
    Her instincts are considerably lower than the normal Artoria's, but only when facing a Saber, her instincts rank-up to A.

    Galactic Meteor Sword: C
    A power given to Saber that can destroy even stars. Also known as the sword that absolutely kills Sabers. Its attack is super effective against Sabers, so would it be an exaggeration to say that she is the greatest Saber of all?

    Noble Phantasm

    Secret-Calibur: Sword of Unsigned Victory
    Type: Anti-Unit | Rank: A+  

    The holy swords that boast tremendous power against Sabers. They don't shoot beams, but they are clad on beams. After activating it, every time she swings them, they make a neat low-register ‘woooom woooom’ noise. … “Hey, I feel like I've already heard this before somewhere.” Normally, dual-wielding swords of opposing attributes would cause a tremendous power suppression in both of them, so certainly this could be proof of how the Heroine X is out of the ordinary. She even looks like she is the strongest when mixing light and darkness.

    Normally wielding just Excalibur in her right hand, X summons Excalibur Morgan into her left hand and causes both to surge with power. She utilizes them as a rocket boost that blasts her towards the opponent. She slashes them repeatedly with both swords and then jumps into the air. As she descends, she shouts X-Calibur, slashes with both swords in an overhead swing, and creates an X-shaped beam as she hits the opponent. Upon Ascension, both Excaliburs take on a new, glowing, futuristic look.

    Dun Stallion II: The Unrecognized Heroine’s Companion Across the Stars
    Type: Anti-Army | Rank: B- (EX)


    Heroine X’s favorite ship and partner that she uses to travel through space. It has FTL travel, warp capabilities, variable adaptive system, an AI that can play the triangle, make your coffee, fix your receding hairline and save your marriage.

    Truly is the ship of the future.

    While it has an AI that is sentient, it doesn’t like to communicate with “meatbags” or anyone else for that matter. It’s extremely anti-social. It only likes Heroine X but even then would rather communicate with her through psychic emoting waves, causing Heroine X to get a “feel” of what her ship is saying.

    True Name: Mash Kyrielight
    Installed Servant: Galahad
    Alias: Best Kouhai


    Same as canon. (You want me to copy paste the sheet from the wiki?)


    Olga Marie Servants:

    True Name: Olga Marie Animusphere
    Installed Servant: Cu Chulainn
    Alias: The Panicking Druid Tsundere

    Class: Caster
    Alternate Classes: Lancer, Rider, Berserker


    Strength: E
    Endurance: D
    Agility: C
    Mana: B
    Luck: D
    Noble Phantasm: B

    Class Skills

    Territory Creation: B
    Creation of a 'Workshop' becomes possible. Cu Chulainn could create a territory that simulates Scáthach's gate Noble Phantasm, although that is a secret, even to Scáthach. That is because if his childish mentor ever found out, she would have assaulted him while shouting "You copier—!" Therefore, he refrains from using it.

    For Olga, she seem this skill as the pride of a magus.

    Divinity: B
    Cú Chulainn is a demigod whose father was an almighty god who possessed every skill: Lugh, the god who governed over the sun and a member of the Danann divine family, and his mother was Deichtine, younger sister of King Conchobar.

    Olga has not made the mental connection, that she now has divine blood.

    Possession Inheritance: ?
    A unique Skill that Demi-Servants possess. A Succeed Phantasm. One of the Skills that the possessing Heroic Spirit owns is inherited and sublimated in a self-taught manner.

    In Olga’s case it is Rune Magic. She a much greater and deeper understanding of Runecraft as it was used in the past, yet feels there is much more hidden underneath the surface of her new Skill. (Hint: Primordial Runes)

    Personal Skills

    Rune Magic: A (Reminder Interlude can Upgrade Skill to Primordial Rune)
    Cú Chulainn had the capacity to use the 18 original Runes (Norse Runes), granted by his mentor Scáthach from his studies with her. Because he has manifested as a Caster, it has a higher rank than when summoned as a Lancer. Other than attacks, this is mainly employed for effects corresponding to the Skills Magic Resistance, Clairvoyance, for raising parameters to Rank A, etc. All of these applications are merely temporary and he cannot employ multiples of those simultaneously.

    Olga says this is very favorite skill, and it probably is out of combat. In combat, she tends to overthink which combination of Runes to use and get stumped. Although she does utilize this skill to it's potential when panicking.

    Protection from Arrows: A
    This is a power Cú Chulainn was born with. It's said that it's possible for him to avoid any long range attack if he has made visual confirmation of his opponent, tracking down ranged weapons with his eyes and defend against them. He can deal with most projectiles even in conditions where the opponent cannot be visually seen. As long as the attack is a thrown type, he can avoid even Noble Phantasms, but he can't gain the effects of this protection with respect to wide range attack types where the attack range of the weapon explodes on impact, or a direct attack by a weapon that has simply long reach.

    At Rank A, even when ranged attacks are made with extreme speed from super long range, with surprise at extreme close range, or with great area of effect, it is possible to defend against or dodge the projectiles.

    Olga's favorite skill. Yes, with this she never has to worry about being sniped, now if only archer-type enemies would stop targeting her.

    Disengage: C
    At this rank, one can reliably break off from heated combat. Also has the ability to return an unfavourable battle to the first turn and return technique stats to their defaults.

    Olga's second favorite skill, she's extremely glad she has it to fall back on, but sadly due to a certain grinning Master, she nearly never gets to use it.

    Noble Phantasm

    Wicker Man: Cage of Scorching, Consuming Flames
    Type: Anti-Army | Rank: B

    Tthe Noble Phantasm of Cú Chulainn in his Caster form. When used, Caster summons a sacrifice-seeking flame giant. A giant composed by countless tree branches makes his appearance. Said giant wears flames on his body and applies intense heat and flame damage by rushing in on the target. This giant's torso is a cage, and it is primarily there to imprison a sacrifice. However, the storage of the cage on the giant's torso that appeared as a Noble Phantasm is empty, hence the giant rages while primarily seeking a sacrifice to make an offering to the gods. This is not a secret art of the Runes, but a Noble Phantasm of the Celtic druids, given to the Child of Light who manifested as a "Celt magus" that manipulates sweltering heat.

    Olga is hesitant to use it's sacrifice cage for some reason, so she just has the giant pummel people with giant flaming fists.

    Ochd Deug Odin: Great God Carved Seal
    Type: Anti-Fortress | Rank: A
    (Sealed for now)

    At the moment, this Noble Phantasm is beyond Olga’s ability to process and use.


    Gudako Fujimaru Servants:

    Coming Soon.


    Hakuno Kishinami Servants:

    Coming Soon.


    Enemy Servants:


    True Name: Kiyohime (Alter)
    Alias: The Forever Grieving Dragon Maiden


    Servant Class: Caster
    Alternate Classes: Berserker, Assassin


    Strength: C
    Endurance: C
    Agility: B
    Mana: A++
    Luck: E
    Noble Phantasm: EX

    Class Skills

    Territory Creation: C
    Her Noble Phantasm act as a “territory” for her. She can recreate the Dōjō-ji Monastery that she burned down with Anchin. Should she do that the self-damaging part of her Noble Phantasm would be removed, but she doesn’t as she wants to be punished for killing the one she loved.

    Item Construction: C
    Can create items to slow down and hold back her dragon transformation. These items would need to be remade after a set of time however. Although at the end, it is a temporarily measure.

    Personal Skills

    Dragonic Transfiguration: B--
    Kiyohime Alter is already half-way to becoming a dragon. The iron stakes, chains, ofudas and other miscellaneous items were made to restrain this Skill, and need to be constantly remade and reapplied to hold this Skill back. Under normal circumstances this Skill would be Rank EX where Kiyohime would be transformed into a dragon within a few minutes, to a few hours at most, of her summoning.

    Breath of the Dragon: C
    This skill was suppose to be Rank A. Kiyohime Alter can release a torrent of blue flames that can destroy buildings and cause burns even through magical defenses. However Kiyohime uses this skill sparingly as the more she uses it, the more her Rank in Dragonic Transfiguration rises.

    Agony of the Heart: A+++
    Pain of the body and torment of the heart. Kiyohime Alter is in constant pain from trying to hold back her dragon transformation, and from the methods used to hold back said transformation. But even beyond her physical pain, her heart is in constant ache as a reminder of her crime. She never listened, she never tried to understand, and in nothing but a haze of rage, she burned the one she loved. In the end, she was left with nothing but grief that stabs down to her very soul.

    “I killed Anchin-sama. That can never be forgiven. I deserve this.”

    Blazing Embrace: A
    The silent wish within Kiyohime Alter’s heart. Be it for her Anchin to come back and forgive her, or for someone to make her pain end, she isn’t sure. It would have been more merciful for her to die together with her Anchin, but she survived. Yet despite pain being with her in every moment in every way, she can do nothing but hope. Hope for…

    “Please Anchin-sama, stop me. Please someone, anyone…#̸̕͠҉%#̶҉ me...”

    Noble Phantasm

    Penance Immolation to Achieve Yamas
    Type: Anti-Unit (Self) | Rank: EX

    The act of Kiyohime Alter changing into a dragon like in her legend. However this is different than her normal self, as her transformation causes her flames to go out of control causing a wave and aura of heat and fire that burns not just her but her surroundings. Her flames would burn her enemies but also harm her as her desire to be punished for killing Anchin causes her flames to be self-damaging as well. Rebuilding the Dōjō-ji Monastery with her Territory Creation would, yet it would take a Command Seal to force her to do that. Yet for as long as the sorrow in her heart continues, her dragonic regeneration will persist to keep her alive, as the pain is her penance. She wants for love to be extinguish so the pain she feels would end, thus for as long as she has prana, her aura of fire-tainted mana would continue to expand in range.

    As the saying goes misery loves company. Kiyohime Alter in her dragon form sees other dragons or being of reptilian nature as “companions who suffer the same aches of love as me” thus her flames would empower them, giving them stronger constitutions and an aura of flames to help “end the sufferings of love faster”, till they can no longer hold that power and burn up from within “gaining peace from the heart’s agony”.

    In the end, it is her grief that keeps her alive in a perpetual state of suffering, so if she felt peace her flames would finally consume her, bringing her story to the fateful end it’s been delayed from.
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