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Chaldean Brain Trust (Fate/Grand Order "Comics")

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#001 the Agartha Experience

David gave a 3 star review

I've decided to follow in the steps...
#001 the Agartha Experience

Seth Vatamaris

Hentai Will Save the World
Aug 25, 2017
Likes received
#001 the Agartha Experience

David gave a 3 star review

I've decided to follow in the steps of my sensei OroJuice and his hilarious work and start my own. Let me tell you my computer literacy made this more difficult than it should've been.

If you're familiar with his work like him I edit the assets from the game Fate Grand Order and place characters in differing situations, you can expect some laughter, tearjerking, and heartwarming moments. Some knowledge of the game and franchise is needed to understand what's happening, but thankfully I'm not an expert so I'm not going too deep.

And today is my Guinea Pig Kichi's second birthday so this was a special occasion

I have multiple ideas in the works that I hope to share soon

Design notes

  • There were several ideas I originally had to make a start, in fact I had planned to post in October 2020 but life and difficulty understanding how to make this got in the way .
  • Out of all the Servants who could have some interesting moments in Agartha, Teach and Medb are at the top because of their respective personalities but Medb in particular given her history
  • There was going to be a larger crowd and I had the square at first but the palace lights were more visibly interesting to me.
  • I edited Teach multiple times to get a face I labeled as "Perv Blush" which combines two different faces and used his grabby hands portrait he gets in Summer 4 to appear like Master Roshi, the pixel meme glasses are a cherry on top
  • Emiya was always intended given his Interlude but the problem was who to put, I had Amazons, Penth, Megalos, but I settled with him being waist deep in poison while Torturers' (called Atrocious Officers in JP) wail on him while Kiyohime peeps
  • I love how out of place the scandalized French woman is
  • Another idea was from a standard Japanese Gag 2 koma where Emiya would be in the same exact position as Teach but it didn't feel right so I went with the destroyed background
  • David was going to be a part 3 but the joke lasted long enough

On the name.

Brain Trust was a holdover from a fic that I am reworking. I originally got the title from the BLEACH fanfic Uninvited Guests where Kenpachi expected his officers to do the thinking for him, calling them the title, only to realize that was a terrible mistake
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Nice one.
Are you gonna post it over on reddit?
Nice one.
Are you gonna post it over on reddit?
Already there, should've expected this level of activity given how late I'm posting but work and last minute sets backs had me

And yes Emiya is getting his crotch bludgeoned
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I love Orojuice's comics, and I have a feeling these are going to be just as fun!
#002 Godwin Strikes Again
#002 Godwin Strikes Again

The next time he's back you all fail, this is the Archaeology Department.

Already at the second comic and Hitler shows up.

I thought of this one rather quickly after looking at Lev's profile, in fairness he's more of the ethnic group but they've not that distinct enough to say you are one, especially if you're German. Some unfortunate implications.

I'm still learning how to make comics and I am proud of my second one. Managed to find one of the secret lab backgrounds from Halloween 3 and I thought that it would be a good ridiculous place for the Clocktower to have. And why is he of all people being repeatedly cloned? Mages. Lev was going to be pissed but I settled with unsurprised contempt of his students.

Still new but getting better and trying to set a good pace at making these.
#000 Baby's First
#000 Baby's First

Hey it was my first time

Something witty

An extra treat for you all is my first comic, where I misspelled decrepit.

Here from OroJuice I learned all about GIMP, more than what the tutorials taught me. What you see is the result of my work, its a test run but I love it. This was going to be the Sitonai comic I was trying to make in October, though I prefer her baked face. He even edited the Cafeteria which I found, and as it turns out there are a lot of hard to find backgrounds.

I admit I feel that my first issue didn't get the joke across and I will make a revision but keep the original for posterity.

I'll probably follow Sensei's method of MWF. No one gets early access except for Sensei, editors, or the moderators and that's to check my work.

While it is one issue per selected day I might include free issues which are different versions that I felt should be out, but I don't want to get burned out.

Also I will be making adaptions of works I like, some might be a section of a fate fic, a few are from short stories, for instance I'll adapt a few Sherlock Holmes works as few characters are needed, most are under novel length and we have Holmes.

Eventually I seek to adapt my work as I've been thinking of an extensive story.

I don't do requests and I'm too new and not audacious enough to be open for commission.

And as a I share in my success with others I will recommend other works like this one Missing in Action (Halo) | SpaceBattles Forums which keeps me entertained at work when I'm not thinking of the next comic.

And I'll share my other avatar.

Bache from Azur Lane

Never played it and she hasn't appeared in the anime but this one with her gap moe motherly personality to contrast her smug meme face while dressed for culinary arts is why I love this picture.


From top left to right my first edits. I'm proud of Teach being his degenerate self.
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#003 Flauros vs Master-D

The animation department had to cut corners for the fight budget.

Third one and you won't see Hitler for a while.

Another planned one as I made them all in advance but I find it funny for Hitler to fight a Jewish Demon. Yes a jerk like Flauros has standards.

It would be funnier if Flauros had his cat form


Design Notes

I had to search for the Solomon Flauros to make this feel right, but no good ones exist online so I took a screenshot of the cutscene, I do prefer the design of Arcade Flauros though.

For the Saiyan Aura I had to redo the entire first page because I forgot to put it in, the shadow aura is the Monster3 where they are shadow like and I placed the red eyes behind Lev, flipped and resized them, after the fact I wanted to put one forward like the game does but I didn't want to stay on this any longer

I had to put the explosion of Castle Romeo last minute as the end as ridiculous as it was, felt too abrupt.

Hitler comes from the 2009 Wolfenstein promotion series that plays a bit fast and loose with retelling events, he's Mecha Hitler but dies in a few hits due to lacking armor.

The name Master-D came from the American version of Bionic Commando but Hitler still appears at the end, Lev's one liner is exactly what Spencer says.
#004 Short Version - Skadi Salt Whale vs F2P
#004 Short Version - Skadi Salt Whale vs F2P

True Story

I'm proud of how this turned out, the Skadi Banner was added last minute for extra context, I wish we could see Red Chaldeas but Nameless Master was too big, I did think of changing to a 4th Wall Break where she has a head shot as if screaming into the camera. The greyed out SQ is a cherry on top.

Male Ritsuka is using a custom expression I made and he has my exact thoughts as I didn't want Skadi as at the time my Quick AOE was lacking, I used 1 maybe 2 tickets on the London Banner for kicks and got her. Now while I do have Parvati and Berserkalot they are both at NP1.

A regret for comic 002 is that I found a better discontent Lev expression after the fact

The Short Version is for a Quick meme that's true to my experience but there's a more ridiculous one for later
#005 Strange Bedfellows
#005 Strange Bedfellows

Chiron has refused to comment

An easy one I got from the newest Carnival Phantasm. I got Red Hare in the same roll as Qin Shi Haung.

You have not idea how much trouble I went thought to get Red Hare and Xiang Yu to make their very subtle expressions work.

Special Thanks to Reign from Tumblr for the first two panels.

I am in need of certain sprites and backgrounds if I can be pointed in the right direction.
#006 Cu Likes Mondays
#006 Cu Likes Mondays

Kiara has since opened up therapy sessions

This is my largest so far at 13 panels and an unnecessary load of accurate materials.

Cu hits the Archers 9 times which is the same amount of times he died in Carnival Phantasm without extra episodes.

Mash and Ritsuka were really holding hands in the dark, how lewd.

Ritsuka's shocked face and Cu's new smile are custom expressions done by me.

I had always wondered what Cu would think about beating his least favorite people about every Monday, actually Sunday at 7-8 PM depending on daylight savings to Monday 7-8 PM.

Yes it was a pain to look up, crop, and copy all the Archer Daily Mats.

And it was in fact absolutely unnecessary for Cu to interrupt them, he didn't need to drag Ritsuka in the first place.
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#007 Edison's America - Inauguration Day
#007 Edison's America - Inauguration Day

The Office of the Presi-King is not liable for any injuries.

I was saving this one for this particular day for a while, I only get a chance for this joke once every 4 years.

I wondered how Edison got all those people to pilot his mecha but I guess it's handwaved?

Yes Gramps and Carter were present but left before the fireworks. Morgan Freeman was along for the ride but since he has the abilities of Morgan Freeman, he crashed.

Yes Edisonmantium, tempered Edisonmantium. And he did trademark the name Mechanized Infantry.

I tried to use JFK's speech in Black Ops but this kinda worked.

Update due to work draining me at 50 hours a week and I noticed to spelling mistakes despite using all me free time on this, for the sake of quality, sanity, and my health I'm doing a Tuesday-Thursday schedule, and Fridays if I feel like it. Holidays and Birthdays are subject to change the set schedule, revisions and alternates are still free days.

Yes I was frustrated with all the mistakes made that I did a revision, I thank the comments and my editor.

Other easter eggs.

The scream of America was from Matt of Two Best Friends Play

What does this button do is from Dexter's Lab

The scream of YEAH while universal was a MLP:FiM reference

My Leg is from Sponge Bob

Edison was meant to have a speech similar to Black Ops JFK and a few other Presidents but I'm trying to keep a two line maximum, I've seen other comics go 4 lines.

We didn't vote for you came from Monty Python, but is far more true in this context.

100 regular men is from the Prince Ali song from Disney Aladdin "stronger than ten regular men"

Edison also channels Billy Mays in his speech.

Edisonmantium is his version of Adamantium, since tempered steel is currently the 5th strongest metal I added the term for his metal. Plus the question of why it needs to be tempered.

The Mechanized Infantry are kinda meant to enter like how the Atleasian Knights are in RWBY Volume 2
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#008 Happy Birthday Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
#008 Happy Birthday Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Amadeus proceeded to put Chaldea in debt

Expect many more birthday comics as I'm doing them all, except for Edison that's for Sensei. Thankfully a good majority of characters don't have birthdays, funny enough Jeanne who's birthday is unknown has January 6th as her canonical Birthday same as Holmes' alleged birthday, as his has not made Nasu canon yet.

Anyways Mozart, what a short but spectacular life.

This particular bit was from a few facts I found of him being a avid spender and he would strut around in the fanciest of clothes, spending more money than he made. I'm reminded of Michael Jackson in that regard especially with their stage fathers. These two would get along.

Yes Goredolf did not learn his lesson in eating mysterious cake.

Salieri is containing his murderous rage in a image I titled "must resist", that book behind him might be important

Sanson and d'Eon are not that excited to be there.

I originally had called him Mozart but decided to keep to the game canon and label him by his middle name which hinted at him being a candidate for Amdusias (who performs concerts and such), in F/GO he sold his soul to music and his bloodline died out, in Arcade he apparently didn't because this other version never met Marie and he became a Demon God, from what I've read.

Plus I think he prefers his middle name as Amadeus may have been a fictional pseudo-Latin name he gave himself because he liked it.

Expect a Bonus comic soon

Fanfic recommendation as I had forgotten United we Stand: (Halo/Mass Effect crossover) | SpaceBattles Forums are rare crossover that takes place during the Human-Covenant War, the Turians are saving humans in the opening and the Citadel Council are reasonable authority figures in regards to the blatant evidence of the war
#008 Happy Birthday Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart BONUS
#008 Happy Birthday Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart BONUS

Much to the distress of Chaldea

Yep Mozart loved poop jokes and playing with toy soldiers well into his 30s.

And Antonio gave Wolfgang the book as you see.

Expect a few bonus joke one shots and I forgot to sign my name.

Well more on me. #005 Strange Bedfellows got a Reddit Silver and #006 Cu Loves Mondays got a Wholesome Award for the first two panels, that wasn't in the original plan but I loved it. My favorite joke is Skadi Salt. Goredolf might keep crashing birthday parties.

Planned Series

Detective Bradamante
Kamen Rider Kintoki
Gaul & Legionary
Kadoc's Inferno
Judge Solomon
Round Table Shenanigans
Insane Gudako
Edison's America
Nursery Rhyme Storytime

Lots of TBA as any small joke can expand into a larger series


Ghost Map


Trust Sign
Before Grand Order
#009 Happy Birthday Ryuunosuke Uryuu
#009 Happy Birthday Ryuunosuke Uryuu

Should've had that candy.

Design notes

I decided to give this love to hate serial killer the respect he deserves
The Abby custom sprite comes from my new editor Bloo

I've originally had this idea for a gag in a fanfiction but it only involved Jack.

That's the best I could do for Uryuu

Generic stranger offering candy though I do hope to adapt the version from Joshdub one day

The tape is an unintentional shout out to 428: Shibuya Scramble shout out which TYPE MOON had a hand in.

Fanfic of the day Dust and Echoes (Halo/RWBY Crossover) which is an excellent crossover and I love the First Contact. Sometimes I hope that a writer would ask me to clear up the mess of the Covenant military in the games as they do too many major changes.
#010 Happy Birthday Irisviel
#010 Happy Birthday Irisviel

It was at that moment Goredolf realized, the Shadow Border doesn't have keys.

I spent a while on this and added many last minute changes, and I had to do this without an editor as I found many grammatical errors.

I like how EMIYA and Saber came out, and Kerry's custom tranquil fury face.

Goredolf eating cake is going to be a meme. And I learned how to use blur.

I personally didn't feel that Edgemiya would be there and I got tired of having so many characters there.

I had wanted Chloe's comment have a curved line like I see in some comics here but would you believe how difficult it is to make or even download one?

Oh and now I see an issue that didn't come up but I'm too tired to fix it, my background defaults to red for some reason to fill up blank spaces and some images have those regardless of how I change them. You don't see it unless you're here

SOB now I'm angry that Reddit doesn't have the better version, see this is what happens when my editors aren't with me

I changed Goredolf saying is to was as the past tense makes the joke better, and I got rid of the bottom filler line in the last panel and a few other corrections

Fanfic of the day Secret War (Warhammer 40,000) | SpaceBattles Forums
#010 Revision Happy Birthday Irisviel BONUS
#010 Revision Happy Birthday Irisviel BONUS

Iri got a splatter overkill and lost all points on her license. SUNDAY DRIVER.

Design Notes

Been meaning to do a follow up to many of my comics. Thought of this one recently.

I will be getting the others out but events in real life made me want to quit, not that I get much support anyways.

I do thank Bloo for being my editor, Orojuice for teaching me, and the new Discord I joined for creators.

It's also easier to edit here as I kept having a spelling mistake pointed out on Reddit, I did make adjustments to characters that I felt appropriate.

Originally I was going to have all the unlikable people from Matthew Hopkins, Osborn (the guy who go Mata Hari hanged for not sleeping with him), Uryuu, Hitler, Zolgen Makiri, and a few others but I decided for a simple shot of recognizable faces.

Beryl is a custom one that I had trouble with getting that lens to be opaque while not covering up the rest of his expression.
#011 Happy Birthday Rin
#011 Happy Birthday Rin

They went to the aquarium I swear.

Design Notes

A bit belated here as hers was on February 3rd, but was on the day of for Reddit.

I've been feeling not so good and it's hard to keep on this schedule, also lacking in Shirou sprites.

Decided to post the ones I've only posted on Reddit, this was approved by Amicus, well I'm letting you all know not all my comics will make it here.

Used Fate Stay Night assets which are all in Japanese.
#012 Prisma Family Feud
#012 Prisma Family Feud

And in spite of it all she still got invited to dinner

Design Notes

Decided to do this based on the old challenge now the easy mode challenge in how screwed up it was given how ridiculous after the heartwarming ending we beat up Illya and her family originally I was going to have Chloe in place of Ishtar but the comedy potential of Ishtar made me change it.

Waver and Merlin had to switch positions as Waver next to Ishtar made some, awkward positioning didn't feel right.

Ko-Gil is sitting on Herc's arm and while you can't see it everyone is at their proper ascensions for the challenge.

I think this would've been better with Nameless Master but not enough troll expressions.

I'm getting you all caught up today and I'll have the Valentines Comics up

I've been forgetting fanfic recommendations that keep me occupied at work. [Star Wars]Wilhuff Tarkin, Hero of the Rebellion | SpaceBattles Forums , if Tarkin was a sociopathical hero who doesn't like serving under the tyranny of a Sith Lord, composite Star Wars canon, digs deep into the obscure.
#013 Version 1 Anastasia's Preferred Temperature
#013 Version 1 Anastasia's Preferred Temperature

The AC most definitely did not live happily ever after.

Still rebounding from IRL events decided to do a short and sweet one, well it was more mean spirited before I did an edit but that's why this is version 1, I need to get the others out. Version 2 is delayed as this is my highest rated comic on Reddit for wholesomeness and 4 awards as of this post.

If you notice she's in the same lava cave for the second panel but its frozen, she really let it go. I'm not sorry.

So other than her meme about the location being too hot, and that one time in Saber Wars 2 where it was too cold I of course did a Goldilocks and the 3 Bears set up.

I wish male Ritsuka in arctic uniform had more expressions available but his Kiritsugu suit fits in well especially considering how one of my favorite sprite comics has him and Anastasia as spiritual successors to Kerry and Iri.

Found them





#014 Happy Birthday Okada Izo
#014 Happy Birthday Okada Izo

Oi Master, ya think you could summon the rest of the Hitokiri some time, be nice to see 'em again?

Design Notes

It was a good day.

So I went wholesome and kinda did a shot in the dark of what I think Izo was like inside, not much is known about him personally, though you could say he's an unreliable narrator. He did have a brother named Keikichi who joined him in the Kinnoto aka Tosa Imperialist Party (pro Emperor anti Foreigner, his true political stance is unknown) under Takechi Hanpeita - Wikipedia who trained Izo to be one of the renowned Four Hitokiri of the Bakumatsu - Wikipedia. And Takechi was faithful to his wife until he died.

Iwamura is his hometown which is pretty small but in the Ghost of Tosa panel I accurately have the fog which is common in his prefecture. Blood splatter came from the new Discord I'm in. Originally it was white but black had more impact.

What I did find on Izo was that he loved women and booze but his escapes with the police (he however did kill police as a Manslayer), and relationship with Takechi are made up by me as once again, not much is known about him personally, just entries of where he was and what he did.

EDIT, failure on my part but Takechi for unknown reasons kicked Izo out, I just saw his Valentine but seeing how he only left that fact out when he was drunk and sad I still have some of his characterization down.

The revolver you see in his sprite was a gift from Ryouma Sakamoto in real life.

He calls himself a dog as there is a breed called the Tosa, about as bad as a Pit Bull.

Udō Jin-e | Rurouni Kenshin Wiki | Fandom was stated to be VERY LOOSLEY inspired by Izo, funny enough Udo's live action version pretended to be Battosai the Manslayer with Kenshin's original sword. In a similar connection Izo in the GudaGuda comics and Fate/Type Redline would wear an officer's cap and pretend to be Ryouma Sakamoto but the latter story took a darker turn.

I based the end on how he was the most Grailed Servant in his debut year, and while rolling for Okita Alter I got 8 of him. He was meant to be swimming in Grails like I saw in one comic but having 9 which is the amount for him to be Level 100 was enough.

Ghost of Tosa is a nickname I do not believe he had in real life, thus a Nasuverse creation.

Also want to say the last lines aren't out of character for him as he's in Chaldea with much stronger and well heroic individuals who did much more than he ever could, being singled out for Grailing was a surprise.

An old favorite of mine for those who like old 40k jokes Lord Drake Misadventures Chapter 1: Episode 1: The Pilot, a warhammer fanfic | FanFiction
#015 Artemis and Her Arrows of Love
#015 Artemis and Her Arrows of Love

She means "fix" in the other way.

Design Notes

Just taken from Carnival Phantasm and keeping a simple joke. I have others planned but too many comics, not counting the ones I owed my fans, for one day.

I loved Fou even more in that scene for defending Mashu, even after what happened to him he's still protecting her.

I simply don't mean to push the limited of the site in a bad way but if I get dinged for this then hold up other threads to the standard, seriously this is about what I'd seen on the Nasuverse image thread (or several others that I'd seen the mods let though), even Sensei uses risky sprites that I wouldn't touch.

And this is rather appropriate given the bloody history of this holiday.

While I should've added a scene with Orion, I thought to keep it vague as we only have Artemis' word on what he's doing off panel.

Unfortunately the Medb Valentine was not approved look to Reddit or QQ when I update that one to see what you're missing.

Currently reading I'm Not a Regular Mom (FGO OC) on SV which follows Mash's brother Matthew who has an alternate Morgan connected to him with all the ups and downs you'd expect.
Ghost of Tosa Black and White

Design Notes

I was making this for the Izo comic but thought it deserved its own separate post.

I have plans to make a silent comic of Izo's exploits, maybe a splash of Red for a Sin City version, perhaps I can get his "eye" and hair to stick out.

It's never explained how Izo's hair changes, pretty sure Ascension 2 is based off of Kenshin
#016 Happy Birthday Charles-Henri Sanson
#016 Happy Birthday Charles-Henri Sanson

Sanson will remember that.

Design Notes

Didn't want to make separate comics for today so I combined them, they both happen to be on the same day this year.

I loved All Might's Final Move that I just had to incorporate it into Edison, hope Sensei appreciates it.

If I hadn't said it before it's not a weeb thing, I'm actually part Japanese and I call him Sensei as a sign of respect as a teacher and content creator.

Felt mean spirited but I was being lazy, did a Tell Tale joke which will be followed up.

Yes Jeanne Lily gave Sanson a present.

If I count President's Day there are a total of 8 Birthdays this week. Afterwards I will hopefully get to my other promises.


Didn't want to be too specific given the timeframe and don't know if Cleveland counts twice or the 14 Continental Congress Presidents before Washington

I now see where I could've added a comma to the run on sentence at the end, I didn't have the best English teachers.
#017 Happy Birthday Shiki and Wu
#017 Happy Birthday Shiki and Wu

Shiki decided not to question why there were two of her.

While Shiki gets the lion's share of birthday cards let's not forget Lil' Wu, yeah bet most of you didn't know that.

This was planned for a while ever since I found out about their shared day, Skadi was there because ice cream, Goredolf has still not learned his lesson.

Edit 2 awards on Reddit

Edit 3 minor revision.
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#018 Happy Birthday Qin Shi Huang, Nagao Kagetora & Hajime Saito
#018 Happy Birthday Qin Shi Huang, Nagao Kagetora & Hajime Saito

Da Vinci had to revive Goredolf again.

Design Notes

Yeah surprise 3 birthdays in a day and I barely know any of them. Managed to get the proper reactions to the contest at the end though.

Yes Qin Shi Huang rigged the game from the start.

Forgot to bring a fanfic of the day but I'm tired here's a little known channel Daggertail100 - YouTube, I know them for doing animations of Persona 4 and 5 in hilarious abridged like fashion.
It's never explained how Izo's hair changes, pretty sure Ascension 2 is based off of Kenshin

Theres a bit of a famous book written in japanese that basically details his life, which is more or less our primary source for him.

Its called 正伝岡田以蔵 /Shōden Okada Izō, its a historical account of his exploits, though it was published around eighty years after Okada died. Theres a big ole section where he flat out called a demon/Oni with the penchant to consume blood and basically terrified everyone that saw him. Its also the reason the keep calling him the divine wrath in his FGO profile I believe.

If you can read Japanese, highly recommend the reason, very much worth it.
#019 Short Version Astolfo's Advertisement
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