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Collector (Worm x Heroes)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Mrouz, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Index: Index (contains some info!)

    Mrouz Not too sore, are you?

    Aug 10, 2015
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    Taylor (Worm) x Sylar (Heroes)

    Note / Disclaimer
    • The fic is heavily inspired by Her Name Is Death, Impulse and several other fics.
    • Taylor Hebert will be out of character. Sorry.
    • The 3d renders / art I put up on the threadmarks should be mobile friendly, as they are 720p. I can downscale them to 420p if requested.
    • Please do not re-upload the artwork without my permission.
    All 3D Artwork (4K resolution)

    Click here to see the whole album, or view specific images below! Keep in mind that I might forget to update the thread starter.

    Coverpage No Text/Blood
    Talent 1
    Taylor Hebert - Street Clothes - Face
    Taylor Hebert - Street Clothes - Upper body
    Taylor Hebert - Street Clothes - Full
    Talent 1.A
    Ruth - Home - Face
    Ruth - Home - Full
    Talent 1.B
    Daniel Hebert - Work - Face
    Daniel Hebert - Work - Full
    Taylor Hebert - Home Focused - Face
    Taylor Hebert - Home Focused - Full

    I used a software called Daz 3d. You may contact me via a private message regarding this topic. Please do not post about it on this thread, I will ignore you.

    Release Schedule

    Expect updates every week. The art I post should be considered as a bonus.
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  2. Threadmarks: Talent 1

    Mrouz Not too sore, are you?

    Aug 10, 2015
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    Talent 1


    Once in a while life just liked to put you in its mouth and just chew you out, as if you didn't mean much to it. Finding out that one of her bullies at school was secretly a cape had come up as a surprise. There were the normal stages of grief, but she didn't let herself go past the second one, anger. Deeming it her duty as rogue Hero, she went off to track the other girl's movements. Taylor just wanted to see what her disgusting bully was up to in her free time and to gather some intel on who she worked for.

    Taylor had secretly been hoping for the girl to be a villain so that she could deal with them accordingly. Most would say that what she had done was considered stalking, and some others would even dare say that she had done something illegal. Personally, she didn't give a damn about the rules, deeming it as a necessary exercise, an essential type of work that no one else cared enough to do.

    It wasn't as if she had the money to throw bricks of cash at a private eye. Her bank account barely had enough money to buy a tootsie roll. Even if she had the funds to get a capable joe-schmo to do her dirty work, they would have figured out that her abuser was a cape. Which would result in either a lie or land her in hot water with the local government. The joe would want to keep themselves out of federal prison for outing a cape after all.

    Unfortunately, it wasn't to be, as Taylor found out that Sophia was Shadow Stalker, a well-known Hero that went out to stop criminals like the Empire. While Taylor was glad to have had the caution to keep her powers to herself, she was frustrated with the Heroes.

    The steadfastness that Taylor had for so long, the foundation that she had used to convince herself to do nothing about the trio had crumbled to nothingness. Before the locker, she had contemplated their deaths but had never gone through with it. Taylor had fooled herself into thinking that she was better than them. That she was a better human being than the trio, that she would be rewarded for being such a good person in the end. Taylor had been willing to let go of all her frustrations towards her calamity, to be a Hero. To show everyone what it really meant to be a hero.

    Now though? She was considering her options.

    It wasn't as if her morality hinged upon the Heroes of the Brockton Bay, or that her sense of justice was reliant towards the governmental system that supported Sophia. Taylor was rightfully upset with the way she had been treated so far by everyone surrounding her.

    Her father at home barely acknowledged her existence, unless she made an effort to interact with him. She didn't have any friends at school, and those that had been interested before had decided to keep their distance.

    Getting lectured by the principal for the umpteenth time for having no legitimate evidence had cemented her heart further, breaking whatever trust she had with the justice system.

    The bowl cut haired bitch even had the gall to threaten her. As if recording students at school was a criminal offence and that she had done her a major favour by not reporting Taylor to the police. Blackwell had done nothing to help her but take away the ten-dollar voice recorder that she'd bought from some vendor at The Lord's Market.

    It wasn't as if what Taylor had done was anything new either, she had at one point given Blackwell emails she received directly from the trio’s accounts at school, and nothing had happened. Hateful words, all about Taylor killing herself or not showing up the school ever again.

    None of it ever had been sufficient, and after finding out who Sophia really was, it all made sense. Why the school had done nothing to help her, even after the locker and why Blackwell kept trying to make her feel as if her problems didn't matter.

    Apparently, it didn't take her too long to figure out that the PRT and Protectorate were allowing Sophia's behaviour to continue. Something that had her decide on a new path in life.

    It wasn't as if her powers were anything spectacular, but someone in Brockton Bay thought that she was special. After creating a new anonymous account at home, using her old rust bucket of a computer, she got in contact with someone who thought could help her.

    They didn't think that her thinker power was useless, just that Taylor needed some help figuring out how her powers worked. A different perspective, at least that's what the online stranger said.

    It wasn't as if she was naive enough to follow instructions from a random stranger on the internet, but after some more communication, the person sent some videos. The stranger apparently had their own powers, a sort of water manipulator. The person's powers seemed much more useful than what she had been gifted. Taylor wondered why the cape wasn't going out to help people but decided that the person probably had their own reasons. She hadn't ever heard of a water manipulator sort of cape in the city before.

    Jealousy wasn't an emotion that she wanted to feel with a potential ally or friend, so she made sure to clear her thoughts. After a few more days of chatting and ridiculousness at school, Taylor decided enough was enough. Something had to be done, and it wasn't going to happen at school or at home.

    Going to the local PRT department would have only landed her into trouble, and she wasn't even sure she had enough skill to anonymously send information about Shadow Stalkers antagonist behaviour at school without getting caught. That and she wasn't even sure that if she did reveal the ugly information, that they would act on it. She had a high suspicion that the PRT would try to do their best to shove everyone involved under a heavy figurative rug. Her father would probably get shoved down there with her too, just for extra measure.

    She doubted that this figurative rug would be so comfy and warm as most were. Taylor now knew that most of the PRT and Protectorate were no less than legal criminals.

    Taylor wasn't delusional to think that every cape that claimed to be a Hero that worked with the Protectorate was a baddie, such as New Wave and Parian. Even so, there was corruption deeply rooted within the government-sponsored gang, and she wasn't strong enough to fix it. Not until she figured out how her powers worked.

    "Next stop, George Street."

    After taking a deep breath to make sure that she wanted to go through with her decision, she got off the bus. The neighbourhood was decent, clean and much more respectable than where she lived. Some would consider the area to be on the high end of Brockton Bay, but it was more middle class than anything.

    It didn't take long to get to her final destination, a twenty-four Green Burrow Road. Coming up close to the dark red door, she paused once to make sure that she was presentable. Nodding her head in acceptance, she knocked on the door.
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  3. Threadmarks: Talent 1.A - Ruth Herren (Rune, E88)

    Mrouz Not too sore, are you?

    Aug 10, 2015
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    Talent 1.A - Ruth Herren (Rune, E88)


    When she opened the door, she hadn't been expecting a tall, lanky brunette wearing what most would consider as poor clothes. A dirtied dark blue jean with a grey shirt that seemed to thankfully be stain free. Ruth didn't want to make her distaste known to the other girl, so she just smiled and looked straight ahead. Not one to be rude, she asked who the teenager was.

    "Umm… I'm Taylor… you know from the forums. You said that I could come over today at around one to three…"

    The girl seemed much more reserved than she acted online, but that was to be expected. Ruth had made sure to wear her most conservative clothing, a dull cropped blue shirt with traditional blue jeans. She didn't want to make her recruit feel out of place, and it appeared as if she was correct with her assessment. Brockton Bay citizens were starving, an unfortunate reality that would get resolved once Kaiser took over the city.

    "Yeah, I did. Name's Ruth," she said holding her hand out.

    The other teen shook her hand awkwardly before Ruth waved for her guest to come on in. Taylor took off her black sneakers and followed her to the living room. Thankfully Ruth's overbearing parents went out to some party and her little sister, Leah, had decided to check up on her boyfriend. Ruth didn't particularly enjoy Trevor's presence, but he was from an old money European family, and to their parents, that was good enough. It would have been better if her boyfriend was part of the Empire, but their parents were patient. They could wait for Trevor to get introduced to their world. Ruth didn’t have the time to go looking for boys, nor did she care enough to accept their advances.

    "Do you want tea or coffee?" she asked, wondering what type of person her guest was.

    "Tea is fine. Thanks."

    Noticing the girl lingering around her, she could only smile. The other teen shifted her eyes around the room, a nervous tick that Ruth found adorable.

    "Why don't you take a seat while I put the kettle on," she said as she guided her guest towards the comfy white leather couch.

    Ruth went off to pour some water into the electric kettle that Uncle Keith had got them last Christmas. It was a dainty thing that looked as if it would break in two, but her mother loved the damn thing. She turned it on before heading back to the living room.

    "Uh… where's the rest of your family?"

    Raising her eyebrows at the strange question, Ruth decided to answer somewhat truthfully. It wasn't as if the girl could overpower her in any case, especially with what appeared as thinker powers. If she had felt the need for protection, Ruth would have invited the girl over at some coffee joint.

    "My parents are both out at some party and my younger sister is handing out with her friends. They won't be back for a few hours, so we have more than enough time to chat."

    Taylor seemed to relax, her shoulders slouching, which was definitely a good thing. Ruth was on a mission, and she wasn't one to fail. Especially not after informing Kaiser about the potential recruit that was about to introduce.

    "Aren't you a little afraid of telling someone online your address and stuff…," Taylor muttered, squirming in her seat as if unsure how to proceed.

    Ruth had wondered why the question about her family had come from. Now she realized that Taylor didn't understand the rules.

    "No, there are rules in place. Rules that go back to the beginning where capes started. Capes aren't allowed to attack other capes in their home." There were exceptions of course, where assholes like the Slaughter House existed, and in those scenarios, the rules didn't apply. Specifically, however, Ruth would kill anyone who decided to target her in her home, but she didn't want to scare the girl.

    "Really… huh… how come no one ever talks about… these unwritten rules?"

    Taylor's face devolved into something strange, it was quite tricky to place how she was feeling. It was as if the girl was constipated in frustration but at the same time trying to act like it was no big deal.

    "All of the capes know about the unwritten rules, or if they don't, someone explains it to them. No one targets another cape in their civilian identity. If someone ever breaks it, all the capes go after them, the PRT included."

    There wasn't any point in letting her in on who she was just yet. Taylor's face twisted into confusion, as if not fully comprehending what she had been told. Ruth struggled to keep herself calm. It became even more challenging to prevent herself from chuckling as Taylor's nose scrunched up in distaste. Although the two were the same age, or close enough, it felt as if Ruth could easily read the other girl. Taylor wasn't a confident sort of person from a poverty-driven home, which meant that Ruth could easily control her. Some displays of affection, possibly some minor gifts and the girl would look up to her.

    Hearing the kettle's beeping noise, she excused herself for a moment. She put one earl grey bag in the cups, poured some hot water and waited for a minute before taking the bags out. While she had waited, she had put some sugar cubes on top of a small plate. Ruth disliked sweets, or sugar specifically, it was an addictive drug that the masses thought harmless.

    Soon enough she was back in the living room, placing down a silver tray on the coffee table. Taylor seemed to have been concentrating on something, and while it was usually distasteful to interrupt someone while they were thinking, this was going to be an exception. It wasn't as if Ruth didn't have other things to do after this scheduled meet.

    "I'm sure you're wondering how I can help you."

    The other teen shook before realizing where she was. As her dark brown eyes laid looked at me, Ruth could tell the girl was blushing in embarrassment.

    "Yes, you did say that… but you never explained how exactly."

    "I need you to help yourself by telling me what your power is telling you. Anything, even the littlest of details can help. You mentioned that you can read other people nearby, right?"

    Taylor nodded and then froze during a mid-nod, looking directly at her. A dead-eye cow look, which for a moment frightened Ruth. Thankfully, with years of experience under her belt, she didn't let her contrary emotion show. She hoped nothing had shown on her face, especially something that could influence the other girl's trust towards Ruth.

    A few moments later, Taylor tilted her head to the right, not even blinking. Taylor moved closer to Ruth, but she stayed still, trying to let the girl's power do her thing. As Taylor rose her hand up towards Ruth's forehead, the girl blinked a few times before paling.

    "Sorry about that," Taylor mumbled, looking down on the floor, placing her hands on her lap.

    Ruth wasn't sure what the girl had been trying to do, but that didn't matter to her.

    "Don't worry about it, powers work differently for everyone," she said as calmly as possible before grabbing her cup of tea. It was still hot but not scalding hot, which made drinking the tea that much more enjoyable experience.

    Without pressuring or telling the girl to continue, Taylor decided to speak up.

    "My powers… they're strange. The closer I… got to you… the louder I could hear this strange ticking noise… and It's as if I could understand how your powers work. You can move water around… but you can do more than that. How come you... never mind."

    Ruth drank her tea trying to collect her thoughts. As far as she understood it, the other girl had some form of thinker power that could identify how other capes worked, with a capability of determining its limitations. Personally, she didn't find the ability to be that useful in any combat situation, but that didn't mean much.

    Kaiser would always welcome any cape into their roster, as long as they were approved of. While having a combat-related powerset would have been great, such was life. Sometimes you received lemons, sometimes you got trash. There wasn't anything to do but accept it and move on.

    Ruth was pretty sure that Kaiser would spend the money to hire a private Think Tank to figure out how her powers worked, especially if the girl joined up, which didn't seem that hard to do. Worst case she would follow her discreetly and figure out where she lived. Then she would report the encounter to her Uncle or Kaiser, which would result in a much more heavy-handed introduction to the Empire. Just because the Empire didn't go to people's houses, that didn't mean anything. Workplaces, schools, anywhere else but a civilian’s home was free game. Realizing that she'd spent too long to think, she coughed and continued the discussion.

    "You have a thinker power that has something to do with understanding how capes work. Most likely in a deeper way than capes usually would, but the strange part is that you can't use your powers on yourself. That's why you're having a difficult time figuring out how your powers work."

    It must have been evident to the girl but apparently not, as she nodded her head. Ruth looked down to see that Taylor's cup of tea was still untouched, but she didn't want to appear rude, so she didn't say anything.

    Ruth needed to hook the girl in, to get her interested, so she followed with a simple line.

    "I have friends that can help you, more than I can. They can help you figure out how your powers work exactly. We would help you and you… would help us."

    The other girl's expression lit up as if excited to hear the prospect before it twisted into a deep frown. Ruth for a moment wondered if the girl understood who she was, but it had been a necessary step in their introduction. Already Ruth could see the girl have some sort of inner turmoil, trying to come up with a decision. She knew that most of the people who were Empire, didn't really believe, but that didn't matter too much to her. Ruth, for the most part, didn't care as well. But she needed to show a particular image to people she didn't trust. If Taylor did join up and informed Kaiser about her being 'anti-Empire,' even just a bit, she wasn't sure what type of punishment she would receive.

    "I see… and what will it cost me?" Taylor asked, scanning her surroundings.

    "Nothing really, my friends are always willing to help a sister out."

    Apparently, Taylor was meek but not foolish enough not to understand who she was. Ruth had, after all, hid her true power on the clips she sent to Taylor. She didn't want to scare her recruit away before getting the chance to meet.

    Ruth knew it was risky to let someone else acknowledge that she was part of the Empire, but it wasn't as if she could hide it forever in this case. Either the girl would be interested, or she would leave, the latter being the more annoying part for Ruth. It would result in her homework being accomplished later, which would result in a rush job. Thankfully it didn't seem like she needed to worry too much, since Taylor hadn't called her out as a racist or said something stupid enough that she would regret.

    Her face, however, went red, which was interesting to see. After mumbling something to herself, the other girl nodded to herself. Ruth wasn't sure what the other girl had said or why her face was back to the strange constipated look.

    "Okay. I'm already in the game and I can't back out now… so I'm going to have to play this out until the very end."

    She didn't understand what had come out of the girl's mouth, but it didn't appear to mean anything negative, as Taylor went to grab her tea. It seemed as if Taylor was interested, which relieved Ruth. Another girl her age would be a welcome sight, even if she did dress up as a vagrant.

    "Look, the Empire's not as bad as it sounds. The news usually likes to oversell what we do, and it's not like we're going out and abducting women off the streets like the Asians are."

    Once Taylor finished her cup, she put it back on the tray. Ruth decided to let Taylor collect her thoughts, so she put her cup back on the tray as well.

    "Do you want some more tea?"

    "No... I'm fine but thank you, Ruth. You've helped me so much."

    As Ruth walked back to the kitchen, she couldn't stop herself from smiling. She turned on the kitchen faucet to put some water on the unclean cups. When she turned around to wipe her hands, she saw Taylor behind her holding something. Before she could ask herself why the girl had snuck up behind her, Ruth's vision went black.
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  4. lackofgravitas

    lackofgravitas Getting out there.

    Mar 30, 2015
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  5. Mkaius

    Mkaius I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Dec 16, 2016
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    First kill?
    I wonder how many she will get before everyone starts hunting her.
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  6. Threadmarks: Talent 1.B - Daniel Hebert (Union Leader, Brockton Bay)

    Mrouz Not too sore, are you?

    Aug 10, 2015
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    Talent 1.B - Daniel Hebert (Union Leader, Brockton Bay)


    Daniel would have preferred to have spent the morning with his beautiful daughter. It wasn't as if he favored going out to work on a Saturday, but it was his duty as Union Leader to be on call. Well, until five in the afternoon every day, which included the weekends. His sweet, caring and usually understanding daughter hadn't reacted well to the change in his availability. A week ago, he had foolishly promised her that they would be able to visit the mall. The request had come as a surprise, a pleasant one to be sure, especially when all Taylor ever wanted to do was avoid him and do things on her own. It was normal really; teenagers were all rebellious at some point or another, so he tried to be understanding.

    Even though Taylor hadn't appeared to be listening to him, Daniel still gave it his all. It hurt him as he saw her drown out his words, even more, when she increased the volume of the TV by two bars. She was on what appeared to be the usual teenage rebellious stage, so he tried to be as understanding as possible.

    He could even remember when he had pissed off his own father by dating some apparent 'nobody' that came from poverty. It had taken him until senior year to figure out that his father had been right, and that Fiona hadn't been anything but a manipulative bitch. By the time he had got a chance to introduce his new girlfriend, Annette his father had passed away due to a stroke. Regardless, the past was the past, and the now was much more relevant.

    He'd told Taylor about how some new up and coming employer, a Fortress Constructions required some Union guys to come to clean up a series of factories near the east side of the Docks. The factories in question were closer to where the current commercial businesses were. It wouldn't take a genius to figure out that the construction company was trying to help the city tremendously. Everyone but the Mayor and several of his cronies, however, couldn't comprehend that fact. All they publicly talked about was how these factories being renovated would hurt the economy. To him, it smelled like a stinky load of horse shit; the Mayor obviously wanted a cut, a piece of the pie.

    The gods were with Daniel though, as several city lawyers, and the Mayor's primary opponent challenged the claim. The local newspapers were smearing the Mayor and his choice of words. Now after weeks of heated debates, the Union had been given the go ahead. It wasn't like that Fortress Constructions even needed the Union, they had their own people, but the owner wanted to use 'local people' for 'local work.' Whoever the elusive owner was, Daniel would do anything to help them. The man or woman, he wasn't sure which, was practically a hero. Much more than the actual heroes in the city. Especially when the city's overall health had been on a steady decline for the last few years. Whoever the local director for the PRT was, they had allowed the criminals to run amok.

    Being the key figure in getting everything rolling didn't sway Taylor's negative attitude towards his departure. She seemed to be in one of her contemplative moods as if something was on her mind. He couldn't directly ask her what she was thinking about. Well, he could have, but he was a coward when it came towards speaking to his daughter about said daughter. He had practically ignored her for six months and by the time he looked at her, truly looked at her, he saw a darker girl. Someone who didn't frequently smile, laugh at his jokes and quite enjoy the good things in life. He had continued to question her about school, about what had happened, but she would always go on the defensive and act as if everything was fine.

    That didn't mean he wasn't trying his best. He had to practically pull Taylor's teeth to get her out of the house. Usually, they went out to his office or grab some delicious burgers at his favorite burger joint, Fuglys. Activities helped her mood, he was sure of it. Every time they went out and spent time together, even if it technically was work-related, her attitude brightened up.

    Though he did have to force her to come whenever she was in one of her moods. She never said no to him, or act as if he was wasting her time.

    Something had changed though, he could see her become much more secluded. It probably had something to do with her request to go to the mall. Now with him backing out of said promise, he would keep his pestering mouth shut. He didn't need to give her any reasons to get frustrated with him.

    Thankfully the contract between the city and the construction company was fair, and nothing substantial had changed since he last received the initial draft. There were a few dates altered to allow the Union some more time in the case of an accident, but it wasn't that big of a deal.

    The factories would first be checked for general work safety by the city inspectors, to gauge their zoning clearance level and then his Dockworkers would come in and clear out all the junk. The only detail that had him worried was at what level the zone would be set at. He wouldn't get the answer for that pickle for another few days, which did make him anxious. If the clearance level was set to a relatively low, then the work could be done at a steady but quick pace. However, if the level were set to its maximum safety level, then the crews would need to be observed by the firefighters in the case of an incident. That and they would need to set up reinforcement barriers in the case of a collapse. The pay wouldn't get affected, but Daniel feared that if the Mayor got involved, he would discretely manipulate the results, which would force the safety issue to its maximum level. Fortress Constructions would get ticked off, and then they possibly wouldn't want to get involved with the city again. Which in turn meant that they wouldn't be asking for Dockworkers for help.

    In any case, Daniel could gauge the factories himself and would do his best to communicate his findings with the inspectors. If the city inspectors decided to ignore him and follow perhaps a much more Mayor stance, then he could do his damndest to get them exposed. That wasn't to say that he knew exactly how safe the factories were. If Daniel thought the places were dangerous, then he would allow the inspectors to fill out whatever they deemed fit. But by his estimation, the factories had been abandoned by international organizations, rather than due to it being dangerous to work in or too costly to repair.

    Fortress Constructions were footing the bill for everything, even the firefights, which meant the job was practically smooth sailing. They were sending out their trucks with their own guys to collect all the garbage left outside. All our Union guys had to do was the heavy lifting and cleaning up. It seemed like a straightforward job, a blessing that many of Dockworkers needed. The city was hungry for work, and with every passing day, hardworking Union folk drifted away from honest work. Some went to other cities, a few even back to countries that they had relatives in. Most though joined one of the gangs. It apparently paid well to be working at a grunt. Not that much if he had to make a wild guess but most likely more than what the temperamental contract work did. Some of the gang recruited had come to his workplace a few years back, but after calling the police every single time, the gangs got the message.

    If the city council wasn't so bullheaded with the issues near the docks, some of the ships could get cleared out. The opportunity would allow a form of trade with the rest of the world. Brockton Bay could import and export resources more conveniently, which would increase the number of jobs all around the city. But the Mayor had different ideas, different goals, that had nothing to do with helping the people. It pained Daniel every time to see his proposals for clearing up the docks and bay denied, all with their own colorful reasons. He didn't even bother submitting the plan for a ferry either.

    The reasons always led to funding cuts and how the city couldn't afford any frivolous expenditures. The projects were considered 'high risk with minimal to no reward.' Even some of the Union people agreed with the Mayor, which made getting approval impossible. The people in the city were depressed, as he had been with the loss of his loving wife. That didn't mean he wasn't trying his hardest to get his home, his people revitalized. Daniel knew that if the Bay were cleared just enough to allow a small ship through, it would create the opportunity for a global shipping company to contemplate building a dock. Unfortunately, his goals were going to continue to keep getting denied until someone with significant clout and funding could convince them in this city council otherwise.

    Coming back home after a long day of busy work, speaking to inspectors and crew leaders, left him tired and hungry. With the scent of fresh pizza hitting his nostrils, his stomach couldn't stop itself from leaping in joy. Taylor had cooked some dinner for him, something that usually didn't happen unless she was happy. A rare event, something that happened once in an old blue moon. He had been expecting to make some of his famous tuna sandwich with mayo. Considering it was a Saturday he wasn't sure what could have elated his rebellious daughter so much. Especially after breaking the promise with her.

    "Hey Taylor, I'm home," he shouted as he took off his worn work shoes, an old set that had been with him for almost a decade. As he entered the dining room, which was basically their kitchen with a table, he spotted Taylor pull out the freshly baked cheese pizza.

    "Taylor…" he half muttered, half drooled. The cheese on top was sizzled to perfection while the sauce looked like it was bubbling in joy. Taking one more sniff, his stomach practically begged him to tear out a slice.

    "Oh, hey Dad, just give me a minute."

    Daniel couldn't hold back the stupid smile on his face as he went to wash his hands in the sink. Once he felt as if his hands were clean and shinier than Mr. Clean's bald head, he sat down, awaiting his meal. Taylor brought two plates worth of slices, one for him and one for her. His plate had two extra slices, and looking at the countertop, he noticed that a third of the pizza was still left.

    They sat there eating for a few minutes in silence, not uttering a word. Once Daniel's stomach had settled down, his hunger sated enough for him to think clearly, he asked his daughter about her day.

    Instead of getting a response, Taylor instead had to think about it. Daniel didn't think the simple question would have been trying to answer. He suspected that she was going to lie to him, and before he could question himself about her further internally, she spoke up.

    "I went out to meet a potential friend… found out that she wasn't a good person, but that's alright. She helped me figure some things out and even helped me out with something important."

    He sat in his seat with a half-eaten pizza in hand, wondering where the good part of this long epic was. When Taylor went back to eating her food, Daniel could only sit there and wonder why Taylor was so happy. There usually was a good ending to most stories, especially ones that made people smile. Blinking a few times in confusion, he could only non-verbally groan.

    Instead of continuing his questions, making it appear as if he was interrogating her, Daniel just shrugged and kept eating. If Taylor didn't want to tell him about why she was excited or about the mysterious friend that wasn't really a friend, then there wasn't anything he could do to sway her mind. Taylor was stubborn like that, and her bullying at school had only cemented her behavior towards speaking her mind. When he asked her about what had happened, she had initially told him about some people bullying her. Soon enough though, as the questions came from him and the police officer in charge of her case, she clammed up. Seeing as she wasn't speaking to him, the detective closed her case.

    Daniel decided to wash the two dishes after they finished eating, which Taylor was pleased to find out. He frowned at the idea that he didn't do his fair share of chores at home, but Daniel didn't say anything. Taylor was already on the defensive, he didn't need to get her even more upset. Ten minutes later, he went upstairs to change out of his work clothes and into something comfy. By the time he entered the living room, he had noticed her watching the local news. Taylor usually didn't watch the local news, as she was more interested in action shows. Often, she spent her time reading, but whenever she was watching the television, it wasn't about what insane prank Uber & Leet had done.

    Turning towards her, he saw Taylor mesmerized, not even blinking once. It was a bit odd to see her act so out of it, more than usual.


    Giving her an overall look, he spotted a splash of dry pizza sauce on her white shirt. He knew that he wasn't the best father in the world, but that didn't mean that he couldn't provide Taylor with clean clothing. Daniel knew that she was a neat freak, just as Annette had been, which was one of the reasons why she did laundry twice or even three times a week. She was conservative with her load times, deeming to do washes only after eight.

    "Taylor you've got a bit of sauce on your shirt."

    Blinking twice, his daughter looked down for her to only get confused. She swiped a finger on the dry spot and then stuck her finger in her mouth as if to enjoy the remnants of the pizza.

    "Hmm…," she muttered in a weird tone before completely standing up rigidly. Without acknowledging his presence, she whispered something about changing her clothes.

    She was acting peculiar today, weirder than usual. Not that Daniel's daughter was an oddball, but she had her moments. While he wasn't one to chalk up her problems as her girl issues, there wasn't any sort of explanation that he could think of. He was being sexist, but he was too afraid to talk to her. Daniel hadn't even given her the talk, and now with his wife gone, he might have to. He shook in fear as if dreading the thought.

    Putting that off for a bit, he turned back to the news anchor. Apparently, another person had been killed in the bay and while people dying weren't anything new, the victim had been attacked in their home. He knew the neighborhood, a place where a couple of his guys had recently gone off to work on some residential flooding’s. It was a safe area, with practically no crime and if he had to make an educated guess, the neighborhood was protected by the Empire.

    Daniel could only shake his head in distaste before switching the channel to something much friendlier. He didn't want Taylor to see this type of news, especially ones showing graphic pictures of people's skulls being caved in. He could only shake his head in distaste. The local news must have lost their minds to show that type of content on a Saturday afternoon.

    Soon enough he heard his daughter stomping down the stairs like a damn t-rex. He would need to talk to her soon, about the birds and the bee's and the fact that she needed to not run down the stairs like a stampede of elephants.
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    One thing I have to say is Taylor isn't that large chested, I'm pretty sure she is supposed to be like borderline flat chested.

    Loving the premise and the art style.
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    Nice beginning, I like it.
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    Talent 2

    Taylor was special, she knew it a certainty. Not even the serpent who sought out man's destruction could deny her strength now. All it had taken was a lying racist to reveal that fact to her. It wasn't as if Taylor needed some deceitful worm to teach her anything. Rune had simply uttered trash and Taylor had been able to read between the filth to understand what the blonde bitch was truly saying. The whole meet and greet had been a recruitment pitch. What made it even more disgusting was the fact that Rune had been trying to honeypot her. Rune was a parasite that had thought she was some fragile flower that could be manipulated and spoiled. Taylor would show everyone who underestimated her, show them exactly who they were dealing with, she wasn't to be trifled with. Taylor would show the world, show them all how strong she was. She wasn't some bug to be crushed or brushed off, a puppet meant to be used and abused. Taylor had control of her own fate and that meant the strings that moved her, was hers alone.

    Taylor understood that killing other human beings was an unforgivable sin, something that she wasn't supposed to forget, but that didn't mean much. Had the one who saved the Hebrews from their destruction not murdered in God's name? Rune was a parahuman that had a duty to help the sheep. Taylor was simply a Judge, just that her people didn't know of her yet. A leader that would help lead the way towards greatness. She could sleep easy knowing that the city had been disinfected. That there was one less evil on this planet. The dice had been cast, the choice made, and she wasn't going to play the cops and robbers game. It was rigged, a nonsensical game that had no winners. She was going to break the chain of destruction with or without the help of the other Heroes in the city. If that meant taking away the power from the unjust, she would continue doing so. Taylor wasn't religious per se, but the stories in the past reassured her. That the path she was going on, was a path of righteousness.

    Even with her conviction, or zealousness, that didn't mean she was wise. She wasn't born a genius or a tactician of some sort. She would need to be much more careful from now on, as she wasn't strong enough yet. Taylor knew that she had been reckless and that she had been bold on her assumptions regarding her actions. Relying on true crime novels and television hadn't been something she wanted to do in the future.

    With her not comprehending who Ruth was, reminded her that she would need to have plans for any circumstance. It hadn't clicked in that the girl was Rune until she had mentioned the recruitment pitch. Then again, the criminal had lied to her from the very beginning. Practically fed her sweet lies the whole time, making her believe that in falsehoods. No human could have prepared for that unless they had some sort of thinker power to detect lies. She had been naive to have faith in others goodwill, yet again falling for other people's deceptions. Like a foolhardy child, she had let someone manipulate her, just like the time Emma had acted as if she wanted to be friends again. To go back to the good old times, the times that Taylor remembered to be honest fun. Rune hadn't been a water manipulator but a telekinetic and that very fact had confused her. Taylors power had been practically yelling at her, telling her that the girl's power worked differently. Now with her understanding just how Rune's power functions, she wasn't going to doubt them again. If her power told her that a person had the ability to burn people, she was going to believe it. Her power would never lie to her because it was hers alone.

    And what made Taylor even more nauseous was the fact that Rune had been a rotten piece of filth. All that power and what did she do? Use it to hurt others that had a different skin color. Instead of going out to be an honest to god Hero, a Samaritan, the girl had joined the Empire. The number of people she killed to prove her loyalty to her cause had been displayed on the racist forums. Even the Parahuman Boards had a list of known and suspected victims. The people had no one to help them, they needed Taylor.

    She knew that letting the girl live would have had significant consequences. Not only for her personally but for everyone in the city that hoped for a brighter future. She knew that taking Rune out helped her more than the city, but Taylor didn't see it that way. She would have been forced to join the gang, something that Taylor would never allow to happen. No gang would ever control her or her true power, no matter what petty reasons they desired to conjure.

    When she had knocked Rune from behind as if in a mesmerized trace, Taylor had been able to crack open the girl's skull. Once she had done so, she could finally comprehend how everything worked, how it all made sense. But there was some sort of block to keep on understanding it. As she reached out towards the truth, her power guided her to the part that mattered. Taylor didn't want to think about the disgusting feeling of brain matter that slid down her throat, but it was the only way. She wasn't going to doubt her power, never again.

    Taylor obtained Rune's telekinetic power and realized that Rune had limited herself even more than she had previously thought. So much so that Taylor had suspected that the girl had been a complete and utter idiot. As far as Taylor and everyone in the world was aware, Rune hadn't ever moved people, only objects with a line of sight. Taylor understood how to use the telekinesis without eyesight and could even affect flesh. The small little cut on the tip of her index finger was proof of that. Then again, Taylor was pleased with the epiphany. No one would connect her use of the power and Rune as easily as she had thought. If Taylor was careful enough, no one could ever accuse her of stealing Rune's power. Not that she thought of it as stealing, but perception mattered.

    Thankfully for her, Rune had informed her about the missing family. Since they wouldn't be back home for a few hours, she had more than enough time to cover her tracks. Taylor didn't want to leave any evidence of her presence behind, so she made sure to use liberal amounts of bleach on anything she touched or assumed to have come close to contact with. She wasn't a criminology expert, but she had enough crime novel and shows under her belt. There was a pattern of with the use of household chemicals, such as bleach to get rid of evidence. She had read one murder mystery about how that statement was actually false, but Taylor wasn't that knowledgeable in the subject. Once she had deemed the area clean and obscure enough, she bleached her hands allowing the pieces of brain matter and blood drip down the kitchen sink. She made sure to use a napkin to open the front door before leaving.

    Instead of taking the same mode of transportation back home, Taylor decided a calm walk towards the park nearby was necessary. With no one around, she quickly jogged down the street to only use the alleyways and side roads back home. She didn't want anyone to recognize her or spot a fleeing suspect just minutes after death. It wasn't as if she had prepared and brought something to cover her face. She had been tempted to use her new telekinesis to fly over the city but that brought upon its own problems.

    When she got home safe and sound, she took a minute to catch her breath. She patted herself on the back for being calm and took a long shower to get rid of any evidence lingering on her nails or body. She went to wash her clothes with as much detergent as possible and even added a cup of bleach. Daniel wouldn't notice the extra load of laundry she was doing, so nothing would seem strange. No questions would be asked. Her father was at work and wouldn't be back until the afternoon, so he might not even notice the laundry being done. As long as she kept her mouth shut, her Freudian slips checked, no one would be the wiser of what had happened. If her father did ask, she would make sure to tell him something close to the truth. It wouldn't do well to make up lies to only get caught up on them.

    Now all she had to do was make sure to use her powers for the people that needed her help. She couldn't stop a small chuckle from escaping, realizing the long road ahead of her. There would be many obstacles to stop her from achieving the end. She wasn't going to let it all go to waste, not as Rune had. She would clean up the scum once and for all. once she was strong enough, she would stop taking their powers and simply send them to prison. It was the right thing to do after all, and she knew that the Judge and Executioner shouldn't be the same person. That didn't mean right now, it couldn't be. Just that it couldn't last forever, not unless she had someone to check up on her. And that wasn't ever going to happen, because Taylor couldn't trust anyone. Not with what she was planning to do. Later when she had some sort of power to keep her identity secure, she would inform the Heroes of who Shadow Stalker truly was. If they deemed her evidence invalid, then that meant that the PRT and Protectorate as a whole were irredeemable. Another Sodom and Gomorrah would need to happen, with her being the one to burn it all down. There wasn't any room in her city for corrupt villainous backstabbing capes, not with her around, not anymore. Taylor was going to be the change, the vaccine that the city desperately needed.

    Deeming that she was clean enough and that her clothes were stain free, Taylor went off to do some early spring cleaning. Lots of chemicals and sweat were involved and a bit of blood too with her testing her powers on herself. By the time she was satisfied with her cleaning, she decided another shower was in order. Only this time, a colder one to soothe her overactive mind. Feeling good about herself, she went downstairs to make an Italian pie for dinner. Her father would be pleased, and it was a good distraction. It would help him, and if that was needed to happen, that was what was going to happen.


    Taylor spent the next few days watching the news and looking up potential targets. The local news respectively had run a segment on Ruth's death, but the details were kept sparse. The boards online spoke about Rune being transferred to Gesellschaft, a European neo-Nazi group. Everyone who wasn't in a gang had praised her, even if they didn't know it. Taylor felt relieved to know that people in the city approved of Rune's transfer. Every day that passed, the more relaxed Taylor got, the more confident she was with her cleanup job. She had been expecting the cops to come to her home or at school. She promised herself that she would be prepared next time. It wasn't as if she wanted to advertise to the world that a cape killer existed in the city. All of the criminals would be much more defensive, paranoid and worried about everything. And that simply wouldn't just do.

    By the time she had completed her research, Taylor realized that there were so many capes that had been allowed to wander around the city. They had abused their powers for their own benefit. The cockroaches were practically asking for her to come to squash them, even if they didn't know it. She wasn't strong enough to take the Kaiser's or Lungs in the city or even a second in command like Oni-Lee. That left her with the C and D listers, the ones that had limited power sets. Powers that were weaker than the above average around the world. Their powers weren't that special, not that any power could ever compare to hers. She was anointed as a Judge after all.

    With her report, there were over a hundred capes at her disposal. It wasn't as if she was going to go and kill every suspected criminal cape, especially on hearsay. Rune had been a special case, as she was well known, well documented. There was no room for sympathy for anyone in a known criminal organization. With that being said, she would need to do her own check on the unknown capes. She would need to make sure the ones she targeted were actually criminals, and that required hard work. No one else was willing to clean the city up, especially after finding out the truth about capes. It was if the Heroes and Villains were all playing a good ol' joke on everyone.

    Finding out that the Heroes were practically letting the Villains go free due to this game had made Taylor even more furious. Even more than finding out about Sophia, because the implication was huge. Taylor knew that Rune hadn't been lying to her about the supposed 'unwritten rules.' One of the main reasons she hadn't gone off to take Sophia's power away was because Shadow Stalker was actually doing what was necessary. Taylor had seen it with her own eyes, and the forums all praised Shadow Stalker's tendency to be aggressive towards Villains. That didn't mean that she didn't deserve to be punished, but the scale of her punishment was less criminal and more civil. If Sophia ever let a Villain go, or perverted justice, then that was a different matter completely. Seeing as no one had accused Shadow Stalker of such, and knowing who she truly was as a civilian, Taylor doubted it. Sophia was a hardcore bitch that needed mental help, but she was at least a true Hero.

    People were dying on the streets, getting robbed in their homes and kidnappings happened on a daily. Slaves were being sold, most in the ABB territories. All the while the PRT and Protectorate were having a laugh at their expense. It wasn't as if Taylor was all-knowing, so unless she saw some sort of evidence of this, she would bite her lips and keep her mouth shut. Or to put it more literally, not go after the supposed Heroes in their homes. However, if she ever caught a Hero letting a Villain go, she would do what was necessary. It wasn't as if turning the villains to the police would do anything either. The "Heroes" would be let go and the "Villains" would just escape, and that just wouldn't do. Until the government got better at holding onto criminal capes, with the combination of Taylor needing more power, Taylor would do what was necessary.

    Why else had the Empire and ABB been allowed to grow out of control? It was as if there was an external threat controlling the lives within Brockton Bay.

    After another week of strange events at school, most of them bullshit recruitment pitches from the gangs, Taylor had finally decided to start. She would start with a small list of targets, people that were well known and had been identified. Crimes that weren't Bird Cage worthy but a crime in her eyes, nonetheless. If Taylor knew how bullies worked, or most likely deduced from personal experience, she knew without a doubt that old habits die hard.

    She would make these thugs, racist hillbillies and bullies pay for what they have done to her home. There were so many irredeemable crooks that just couldn't stop themselves from partaking in some illegal act. It was like an addiction for them, unable to stop from hurting others.

    Once she was strong enough, once she could take on the likes of the Lung's on this planet, that's when she could finally be happy. She would have enough aptitude to control the narrative, to finally be able to get rid of the disease within the world. No one would be able to stop her. And if anyone got in her way, any obstacle, any Judas, she would do what was necessary. Just like how she had dealt with Rune.
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    Talent 2.A - Max Anders (Kaiser, E88)

    It wasn't every day that Max went out of his comfort zone to deal with matters that needed his direct attention, especially ones that were in his civilian persona. That wasn't to say his people did not matter to him. There were people around him knew who he was and what he represented. Some even genuinely cared for their leader’s wellbeing. Generally, however, the only times he was introduced to someone, was only when they had been vetted thoroughly by the Gesellschaft and his own security detail. All it would take would one feeble peasant drunk on the promises of his enemies.

    That didn't mean he could prevent random strangers, influential sorts, to come up to him during a public event. Thus, a strange conundrum existed; how could he allow anyone to seek him out without knowing them? One of his soldiers, a true follower, had been brutally killed in her home. Killed like a dog on the streets, as if she had not mattered. The death of capes in their private lives was unacceptable. The death of one of his own unpowered soldiers was a testament to how much Kaiser believed in that idea. He could even remember the fools face as if expecting some sort of grand reward. He hadn't even had to look at Brad for him to figure out what he had wanted to be done.

    Max was the leader of the Empire, and that required a certain attitude in front of the public. He wasn't allowed to be frustrated or sorrowful, and his many years as a leader had proved that. With that all said, it didn't mean he couldn't show resolution, or be bitter with the whole ordeal.

    Those that had come to the private event were close, so close that he could name each and every person's name, their relatives and who their families were. There would be a time for retaliation, but that wasn't it right now. Right now, the people needed to hear his confidence, to hear about the loss and the bright future ahead of them. Lifting up his empty wine glass, he tapped it twice, allowing some time for the room to quiet down to an acceptable level. It didn't take that long for the dozen or so, friends and family of Ruth to quiet down their personal discussions.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, I stand before you today, a godfather to the family in grief. Standing before you all, I wish to say farewell to Ruth. She may not hear me, but she would know what I would have done for her. Words cannot describe the sorrow and loss that I am feeling right now, but I will try my best.

    Ruth was a wonderful and sweet girl. Even as a child, she had a calm temperament and as she grew into a lovely woman, she always took things in stride. I remember the first time she showed initiative within the clan. I still remember when she asked to help at the Medhall foundation."

    Most of the crowd understood, but there were a few that were left a bit lost. Most of her direct family were sobbing.

    "Being the oldest of two, Ruth had always wanted the best for her family. She wanted to help. That's what she had been and will always be remembered by. A good-hearted woman that wanted to help the world. Some may disagree with what I am saying and that is fine, as everyone has the right to believe in whatever they wish. That doesn't mean what I've said is false, far from it.

    Ruth, I know you are no longer on our plane, but I know in my heart that you would not want us to grieve far too long. Rather, Ruth would want us all to remember the good times we had shared with her. And to look into the prosperous future.

    Goodbye, my… goddaughter. You will live in our hearts forever."

    Leah and her family appeared to have been moved by the speech, and that was enough for the rest of the people to clap. A minimal one that was kept short, as it was to be respectful.

    Wanting to give some personal solace towards the family, he walked up to Leah, the younger sister. She was already in the organization but that didn't mean too much. The girl looked sad but at the same time angry, and her grief was impacting her stability. Resting a hand on her shoulder, he only looked into her eyes and gave her a hard frown. Her father looked at the two but did not say anything. Taking his hand away, planning to leave, he felt his suit being tugged from behind.

    "Yes?" he asked, wondering what the grief-stricken girl wanted.

    "I… want to be there when you... when you get them."

    He simply nodded before looking towards his assistant, Jessica. Max was not sure if he would allow the girl to see the death of the killer, but only God could predict the future on what he decides upon. She got the memo and walked in front of him as they left through the exit of the funeral home.

    Max had reserved the space and had paid for all of the fees, it was the least he could do. He would make sure that the family received small lumps of payments over the next few months to ensure that they were well taken care of. He knew that the family wasn't in any financial trouble, but a bit of breathing room would help them.

    As Nessa drove him and Jessica back to Medhall, he loosened up his black tie. A futile attempt to relax for a moment before getting back to what needed to be done. Grabbing his second cell, the one that mattered, he called his lieutenants. One by one, they had been told that a meeting was adjourned for the afternoon.

    The time for retaliation was going to come, but right now he needed to reassure his men. Someone was going to pay with their life; he wasn't sure who yet, but he would find out soon enough. Ruth had revealed to him that she had a recruit and considering the fact that she was dead, he was going to find out just who this person was. He had told this relevant piece of information to those that mattered, those that needed that information. Using another phone, a much more personal one, he called up his agent at the police department. Hopefully, the man had figured out who had performed the murder and had been able to suppress the information from the rest of the department.

    Max wasn't going to let the psycho who had killed Ruth rot in prison, or even get their fifteen minutes of fame with the media. No, he was going to make them regret their ill decision and bring their family with them along the ride. An example would be made, one that would preferably be better sooner than later.
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    Huh, heroic Sylar. That ironically works since this is Worm.
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    Yes, another sylar worm fic!
    And I like what is there so far.
    i do hope though that you don’t go the same direction as “her name is death”.
    The prt instantly vilifying her and her own constant “need more power” addiction was what ended up ruining that fic for me, making it another “artificial conflict to keep the plot interesting“ fic.
    I do hope you continue making this an interesting story.
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