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Conquest In The Name Of Advancement (Plannetary Annihilation Self Insert Multicross)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Flameal15k, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Threadmarks: 1. Activation

    Flameal15k The Traitor Commander

    Aug 27, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Based on the works of Battleship_Fusou , Faith, Blackhole1, and Drich.

    They got me interested in this kind of multi-crossover, so here's my entrance to the band wagon.

    Civilization:Beyond Earth (With Rising Tide and Starships)
    —>XCOM (fused with Civilization:Beyond Earth)
    Galactic Civilizations

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel
    Grey Goo
    Warhammer 40k
    Mass Effect
    Sins of a Solar Empire
    Evolution: Battle for Utopia
    Implosion: Never Lose Hope
    Call of Duty
    Gears of War
    Civilization: Beyond Earth
    Supreme Commander
    Planetary Annihilation
    Tales Series (several times)
    From Spore: Matter and energy conversion equipment, advanced repair, extreme terraforming technology, antimatter weaponry, gravitic weapons, planet buster, Staff of Life.
    From Darkspore: EDNA and various derivative technologies, including advanced nano-robotics exceeding the tech level of baseline Spore
    From Civilization:Beyond Earth: Firaxite, Floatstone and xenomass synthesis, advanced satellite research, sonic weaponry, various civic technologies
    * Technology acquired from XCOM forces in Civilization:Beyond Earth: Plasma Weapons, Handheld Laser Weapons, Gauss Weapons, Sonic Weapons, Fusion Lance, Pulse Wave Torpedo, Psionics and Molecular Control, Alien Alloys, Aqua Plastics

    Dramatis Personae:
    Commander Flame: Commander and Main Protagonist of the story, male
    R.O.B.: Gender unknown, Random Omnipotent Being who placed Flame within a Xenosentry commander
    Rory: Full name Rourke, commander Flame's son (while mostly created from a stock amount of human DNA, Rory contains genetic material both from Flame's current avatar and his original human self)

    At last!

    After a rough semester, buggy computers, and a few (surprisingly easy) odd finals, IT WAS TIME! I could finally run Planetary Annihilation and its expansion! AND I HAD A MONTH TO SPARE! Truly, nothing could go wrong.

    If you are at all familiar with the rules of narratives, and literary common sense, you should know how DEAD WRONG I was......


    I booted up the game on my laptop. My old computer was unable to run the game (probably ran out of CPU), and I wasn't supposed to use my laptop for anything other than school work, so I was sincerely hoping my parents wouldn't come home soon.

    First thing that came up was the menu, followed by the standard 'verify you game key code' pop ups. They were annoying, and I'd lost the usage of a few games forever because of them (looking at you, Universe at War), but I'd rather not have my game pirated.

    Then, I received a new pop-up.

    'Thank you for purchasing Plantary Annihilation and its Titans expansion. We're testing out a new update that can only be installed in game, but will make the experience much more enjoyable. Just click accept to get started.'

    'Yours Truly'


    My thoughts on this were as followed:

    1. Okay that was odd.

    2. Who's ROB?

    3. Why do I feel that something bad is about to happen?


    So, without thinking, I clicked the button.

    Then everything went black.












    Next thing I knew, I was in darkness. Then, I noticed a screen come online. With nothing else to look at, and trying to find some sense of normalcy in the ABSOLUTE CHAOS I was in, I read it:


    Two things ran through my head:

    1. Wasn't that the line thye showed on Planetary Annihilation when your commander was first dropped in? (I watched youtube videos, okay?)

    2. I'm falling. I'm falling I'm fallingI'mfalling I'm FALLING!

    I tried banging my head around to see if I could escape my impending arrival with, well, whatever I was falling toward. All I did was discover that I could dent things by hitting them with my head and that this didn't cause me any pain. Curious, I decided to turn my thoughts inward for a moment and couldn't believe what I found.

    I was in a Xenosentry.

    I was in a commander from Planetary Annihilation.

    NO, I WAS a commander from Planetary Annihilation.

    Well, figured it out, now, have you?

    What? Who's there? Are you psychic?

    Call me ROB, and yes.

    ROB? The guy who sent me the pop up? But why would he.....

    Wait. Rob. ROB. R.O.B. Random Omnipotent Being RANDOM OMNIPOTENT BASTARD


    Well you're certainly annoying.


    Well, this is part of an experiment. You've been inserted into a Planetary Annihilation commander, something I know you have experience with, and besides, you're a Supreme Commander fan anyways. You see, a friend of mine started an experiment where someone received a fully teched up commander and had the power to travel across universes. It was so amusing, and impressive, I must add, that I decided to have a few experiments of my own. The focus was on integrating all of the absolutely broken bullshit technology together, but you can take that focus anywhere you want it, if I'm being honest.

    Yeah, yeah, tell me what I'm up against.

    I'm sorry?

    I really doubt you'd just let me jump into a commander with all of the obtainable tech from PA and its expansion and not give me a challenge to fight against. Also, I have the desire to destroy something, and I can't hit you, I die if this commander is destroyed, and I will die if this pod explodes.

    ....killjoy. Well, I think you be wary about the native wildlife on the planet, since you will be hitting the planet with the force of a nuke.

    Note to self: start making a kaiju killing machine.

    You sure it's kaiju sized?

    No, but giant robots fighting monsters is awesome.

    Though I should also prepare something for dealing with a swarm of killer bugs. And maybe make a mind control device. These beasts could make good pets.

    You're a control freak. You know that, right?

    Guilty as charged. Now, would you shut up and let me prepare myself for battle?

    Okay, little man. Just a final word, though.


    You're not the only one involved in this experiment. There are others. Some will probably be friendly to you, but others..... well, you should watch your back.

    Thank you.

    With that, I took a look at the screen in my pod. Now, it showed me my destination: a rather large world, with big oceans. Surprisingly, unlike most PA worlds, it had multiple biomes: deserts, ice caps, forests, even coral reefs.

    That just means more things out there to kill me.

    I decided to feel through the systems in the pod. It turned out I could control the speed of the pod, as well as other maneuvering stuff. I thought about adjusting the speed, or maybe changing my landing site, but then I decided against it: The landing sight I had was coastal and had plenty of metal deposits, and if I went any faster, I might get buried so deep that I'd be under attack the minute I escaped the crater I'd just made.

    So, I just decided to brace for impact.


    Looking back, I was glad that, of all things, I remembered that line about the other participants in the experiment. Because trust me, it was WAY more important than anything else ROB had told me.


    AN: Finally got around to posting this on Questionable Questing. Welcome to my entry into the Commander Self Insert Genre!

    Just a heads up, I have over two hundred chapters already written for this story, so expect a lot of updates within the next few days.

    Read and Review! This is Flameal15k, signing off!
  2. Threadmarks: 2. Landfall

    Flameal15k The Traitor Commander

    Aug 27, 2018
    Likes Received:
    After what seemed like an eternity, I finally made landfall. It was, surprisingly, a rather boring affair. Maybe that had to do with fact that the landing didn't involve a giant quake, but rather, a low thud. Or maybe it was because I was still coming to terms with the fact I was a plaything for R.O.B.

    Oh well.

    When the dust settled, I took in my surroundings. I'd landed in a forest on the coastline of one of the planet's continents (there were 3 in total). Most of the trees around my LZ had just ceased to exist, and a few that had survived were on fire. I would've put them out, but I had nothing to put them out with at the moment, so I just decided to let them burn.

    Anyways, on to building. I doubted the wildlife would attack me immediately, even if it was programmed to kill me. The explosion probably scared them. So, with at least five minutes free of violence, I got to work setting up my base.

    I started with my usual Supreme Commander setup: one extractor, adjacent power plant, then an adjacent factory (vehicle one, in this case). I repeated this process until I had every single factory except for an orbital one, because I needed fabbers for that.

    That was why the first thing to role off the factory assembly lines were fabbers, followed by a few ants, some doxes, a grenadier trio, and a stitch. I set the fabbers to start building defenses, while my commander started building radar. This was probably pointless, considering that most living things aren't radar emitters, but I just wanted to be safe.

    And it looked like this planet had life that was an exception to the rule, because as soon as the radar came online, I saw a huge number of blips heading toward me from the south. Okay, that's a problem. I sent my small army south, while my factories began churning out new units to replace them, because seriously, I didn't expect to be able to curbstomp these things right off the bat. R.O.B. isn't the kind of person to send bugs at you that can easily be beaten with a boot.

    Incidentally, a lot of the unknown blips turned out to be giant bugs. A few looked like reptiles, and there was a least one that looked like a killer shrew, but most of them looked like termites and bed bugs.

    Well then, time to break out the bug bombs.

    My initial strike force did a lot better than expected at utterly crushed the bugs, with only one ant and two doxes as casulaties. I was proud of my victory, but I wasn't going to bask in it. Already, I had started setting up a naval fleet and a couple more land factories to reinforce my army, because I doubted that I'd just be fighting weak little bugs.

    I regretted being right about that fact.

    Another set of blips showed up on the radar, only this time, one of the was a lot bigger than the others. It revealed itself to be some kind of rock-ape-THING that looked like an Earth Elemental from ARK. It promptly threw a giant rock at my army, destroying three tanks and five doxes. The ensuing battle ended in my victory, but all I had left was a dox pair, one pillar, my trio of grenadiers and my stitch.

    I immediately started moving in some replacement units to reinforce my depleted army: more ofwhat I already had, along with a few flame tanks and mobile bombs, plus some slammers. Just in time too, because the next wave included a bunch of bat like creatures that spit acid (really, acid bats? That's the best flying creature you could come up with, R.O.B.?).

    The following battle really wasn't different from before, and I didn't take too many losses, but again, I didn't think this was over. I started building a few fighters and bombers, along with a small fleet. I also started building a few advanced factories, so that I could start fielding the bigger guns soon.

    By the time that the fourth wave showed up, I'd got a fleet moved in to provide fire support for my army. Bring it on, bug beasts.

    Then a giant shark emerged from the water and ate a destroyer. It promptly got torpedoed to death, but still....

    A GIANT SHARK? This was going to be a problem.

    Back at base, I'd begun building an orbital factory. The minute it came online, I set it to produce a fabber and a bunch of fighters, because I needed orbital superiority. Raining death from above was also very amusing.

    Soon, I had a giant horde of machines ready for battle, along with some advanced units to back them up. Considering that I'd gone through at least half a thousand beasts on land, and few sharks in the water while I'd waited for the army to finish building, I didn't think I'd have much left to deal with. I mean, yes, there were probably more things left to kill, but it's not like there were any new surprises left out there.

    "Warning, abnormally large entity detected from the south. Size comparable to Atlas titan."

    Oh. There was that.

    "Warning: large fleet of unidentified composition coming from the west."

    And that.

    Me and my big mouth.


    AN: Going to upload until the start of the first story arc, then take a break for tonight. That should give you....seven chapters to read. So please, enjoy!

    Read and Review! this is Flameal15k, signing off!
  3. Threadmarks: 3. Dealing with the Natives

    Flameal15k The Traitor Commander

    Aug 27, 2018
    Likes Received:
    I started setting all of my factories to produce as many units as possible. Bombers, fighters, tanks, gunships, frigates, grenadiers, ANYTHING that could repel the incoming forces. I even started building an Atlas titan, even though the odds of it finishing in time for me to use it against whatever was headed my way were not in my favor (shut up, Haymitch). Still, if it did finish before then, it would be a nice addition to my army.


    The fleet of sea creatures headed my way were the first things to hit me. It turned out they were a mix of fish, squid, and the occasional giant crab. A few artillery emplacements I'd set up early on thinned their numbers out, but there was still a sizable number of them left to smash into my fleet and base defenses. I think I saw some giant things resembling archer fish shoot water jets at my army, but most of the creatures just attacked with jaws, claws and tentacles. As a side of effect of this, only the giant seafood specials were able to attack my land defenses. They were unbelievably tough, but they had trouble turning, so I just surrounded them and gunned them down with doxes.

    Suck it, ROB.

    Anyways, I didn't get the chance to totally annihilate the seafood fleet before the army of beasts from the south hit my base. Owing to the fact that the giant blip appeared to be the size of an Atlas, the first things to attack me were more of the bugs, reptiles and mammals that I'd seen earlier, but now with the aid of several giant birds and what looked like giant frogs.

    Something to put on devinantart when I get home, I guess.

    Anyway, the weird animal alliance faced some of the same problems their marine friends had: artillery killed a fair number of them, and the base defenses and guard army quickly started inflicting heavy casualties. Problem was, these creatures were exponentially more numerous then their aquatic allies, so they could afford to take the losses. Plus, they had a lot more ranged units then the sea monsters, some of which could shoot back at the artillery. I had to get some mends and stitches fixing my artillery, and I still lost a few emplacements.

    Meanwhile, the giant blip was still getting closer.

    Looking over my forces, I noticed that most of the enemy fliers had been destroyed. Seizing the one chance I had, I launched a few air scouts at the blip, so that I could see what I was up against.

    I really did not like what I saw.

    The thing I was fighting against could best be described as the unholy union of the monsters Hedorah and Destoroyah, because it looked like a giant demon made out of slime. It had giant wings, but since it was walking, I assumed that it was too heavy to fly, or the wings were too weak, or something like that. It also had way more eyes than normal, as well as a giant mouth on its chest.

    It stared at my scout for a moment, before flapping its wings. The resulting gusts were, according to sensors that I didn't even know the scout had, were comparable to hurricanes. My poor air scout was flattened into the ground so hard that it practically disintegrated. There wasn't even an explosion, it just seemed to cease to exist.

    I immediately threw everything I had at the giant and aimed all of my artillery at it, even if it was out of range. I made a point of trying to destroy any smaller beasts that were still supporting it, because their was no way I was going to let it have backup when it attacked my base.

    The monster just stared at my army before grabbing and throwing some of its allies into my forces, obliterating a couple dozen units with each throw.

    Really? This was an OP beast, please nerf.

    Still, it was taking hits. Wounds started appearing all over the slimy titan (you know what, I'll just call it the slime demon from here on out, because it looked a lot like one), and it seemed to be getting tired.

    Aww, and I thought it would be tougher.

    The slime demon responded by roaring. Loudly.

    As in, the roar generated a sonic shockwave that completely annihilated my army. Only my navy (which was busy chasing off the rest of the sea monsters) and the robots that I kept back at base survived the attack.

    And unfortunately for me, neither was enough to hurt this thing.

    Without any fear of reprisal, the slime demon continued on its path toward my base. In fact, I think it knew that I wouldn't be able to generate any real defense against it, because it seemed to be going a lot slower than it had been earlier and, if I was looking at it right, it was SMILING.

    How the hell was I supposed to defeat it now?

    "Atlas Titan online."



    AN: Read and Review! This is Flameal15k, signing off!
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  4. Threadmarks: 4. Behemoth Battle

    Flameal15k The Traitor Commander

    Aug 27, 2018
    Likes Received:
    I'd love to say that the Atlas looked at the slime demon, reared up, and obliterated it with one of its shockwave stomps.

    I'd be lying.

    Also, what actually ended up happening was much cooler than that.


    The slime demon roared loudly as soon as I heard the report telling me my titan had finished construction. Apparently, it had heard it too, or figured out that it had come online some other way, because it changed direction and put itself on a collision course with the titan. As it did so, it released a loud roar that caused my radar to screw up and generate blips that didn't exist. Somehow, it was jamming my radar.

    Also, I noticed that it was emitting a different signal from its radar jamming roar, but it didn't seem important, so I ignored it.

    Not wanting to wait for the giant slime demon to destroy my titan, I sent the Atlas on a collision course with the slime demon. It started meandering through the wall of factories, turrets, and actual walls I'd set up to protect it from the onslaught of angry wildlife, but it was slow going.

    Note to self: make Atlas faster, that thing is way too slow.

    Anyways, just as the Atlas managed to get past the last set of defenses, the slime demon arrived to meet it. The creature stared at its opponent for a moment, then roared as loud as it could. This one had no special effects tied to it, so I assumed this was just meant for intimidation.

    Either way, it made for a really cool sight.

    Now I wish I had music.


    Wait, this thing had a music library?

    I wonder if the have rock songs.


    Oh. Wow, the progenitors really did think of everything. All of the rock songs that I saw were names I recognized. Going off the sample sections I listened too, they were the real deal, and not alien songs that just ended up having the same names as ones on Earth.

    I looked at them for a moment, before making my selection.


    What?! It's a good song!

    The slime demon roared one more time, before charging at my titan. My titan responded with a stomp attack, sending out a giant blast wave toward the demon. Somehow, it didn't harm my forces. Cool.

    Unfortunately, it did only minor damage to the demon. To be fair, it obliterated it's escorts, including a few flying creatures that made the mistake of flying too low.

    Unfortunately, the ones that did survive immediately ascended and started shooting acid at the Atlas. Being an Atlas titan, it couldn't hit them back.

    I really needed to fix that. I mean, the Seraphim fixed that problem for the Ythona.

    Anyways, I sent in a few fighters to deal with the enemy ones. The ensuing dogfight was awesome to behold, but it paled in comparison to the behemoth battle that was taking place on the ground.

    The Slime Demon had collided with that Atlas, which responded by kicking it with its front legs. And no I don't mean it tried to use its stomp attack on the demon, it actually used the legs to kick it. Who would have known it could do that?

    Unfortunately, the demon adapted and started hitting it back with punches. It even used a head-butt to stun it, which I didn't know was possible, nor that it would be effective against a titan. THEN, it started kneeing the titan in the gut. The machine seemed to be sagging forward and, going by my sensors, was at about 50% health, which dropped by 5% every hit it.

    When it was down to 25%, the demon pulled back its left arm, which started glowing. Oh great, it was going to hit me with a burning punch. This was it, GG, end of the line for me.


    Huh? What?

    The slime demon unleashed its finishing blow....

    Only for my Atlas to catch the punch with its right hand.

    Then it responded with a punch of its own to the demon's chest. The blow knocked the monster over, giving my titan a chance to get back on its legs.

    The demon soon righted itself and let out another ear-splitting roar...

    Only to be silenced when my Atlas leapt on top of it.

    Which ended up reducing its health to 15%. Ouch.

    THe demon manged to free itself, then began punching my titan. This time, though, the Atlas fought back and gave as good as it got. Unlike before, the demon actually seemed to be weakening from this onslaught, because it seemed to grow more sluggish and was losing a lot of blood.

    Said blood was bright purple of all colors. Now I wanted the beast dead even more than before for shaming the Cat in the Hat.

    The fight finally ended when my titan was at 5% health. At that point, the demon simply collapsed, unable to get back up. It certainly wasn't out of the fight though: it tried to chew on my titan's legs.

    The Atlas responded with its usual attack, only this time, it was aimed right at the monster's head.

    The giant goresplosion that followed (yes I'm calling it a goresplosion, don't judge me) was more than enough evidence that the thing was dead and never coming back.




    I turned my titan to face the oncoming army of bugs. It wasn't in the best shape, but it might be able to by me time to build a new army.

    But, to mu surprise, the beasts seemed confused. They looked around, in a manner almost as if they were waking up from a dream.

    They stared at my titan for a moment.

    Then they ran.

    Huh. Why'd they do that?

    Then my attention turned back toward the utterly demolished corpse of the slime demon.

    An idea began to formulate in my head.

    Time to start studying my enemy.


    AN: Read and Review! This is Flameal15k, signing off!
  5. Threadmarks: 5. Analysis and Innovation

    Flameal15k The Traitor Commander

    Aug 27, 2018
    Likes Received:
    The minute that the Slime demon died, I started entrenching my base even further, just in case its death didn't stop the horde attacking me. After all, there was a non-zero chance that all I'd done by killing the monster was make everything else angry at me, and I did not want to get killed by mooks just after I'd killed the meanest one around.

    Fortunately, it seemed that the death of the demon had indeed broken the monsters' will to fight. In fact, some of them had decided to take a lunch break, feasting on either the plants that hadn't been demolished by the kill-fest that had happened earlier or on the many carcass that had resulted from said kill-fest.

    Deciding that it was safe, I sent out several fabbers to the corpse of the demon and began examining the body. I wasn't surprised that the fabbers had bio-scanners onboard, since they could convert trees into usable resources. Anyways, most of the results were mundane things, at least in regards to the monster I'd just fought, but then one of the fabbers examined a chunk of flesh lying nearby the Atlas' legs and things got interesting. It turned out it was a piece of the demon's brain and that it was designed to emit some kind of signal. I found it relatively easy to copy the signal, so I did just that and started shooting it out of my radar.

    The minute it went out, all of the creatures within range ceased whatever they were doing and looked toward my base, as if asking for orders.

    Huh, so that's how it commanded them. Maybe I should use it later.

    Anyways, now onto the next problem: it turned out that the demon's death had only removed the threat of terrestrial attacks; the sea beasties were still after me. Right now, they were dying in droves at the hands of my base defenses, but I had a feeling that if I waited too long, whatever was controlling them would come after me, and I did not want t o deal with a giant sea monster, so I started to drawing up plans to deal with it.

    First, I modified my sonar to search for the signal used to control the creature. To my surprise, it found two sources of that signal.

    Looks like I had two monsters to deal with.

    Well, time to start innovating.

    First, I pulled out my submarine design and modified it, adding in a sensor to detect the signal I was looking for. I also made it's torpedoes able to target the signal as well.

    Then, I began working on my bombers. I still didn't get why they didn't need to refuel and rearm after a while (I was used to building air staging facilities from Supreme Commander, so this wouldn't have been a problem for me), but I wasn't complaining. That just let me focus on my modifications; namely, giving them depth charges. Since the signal I was getting was coming rom extreme depths, I made the charges have a massive depth limit, so that I'd actually be able to reach their targets before exploding.

    Finally, I decided to add in a signal emitter to my frigates, which was tuned to emit the same signal that the slime demon emitted. Hopefully, this would confuse any monsters that the demon used against me, and let me focus on the boss monster.

    I also gave my sub torpedoes IFF systems, just so I could avoid having my torpedoes hit my frigates. I WAS GOING TO BE HOISTED BY MY OWN PETARD.

    Anyways, once the changes were made, I saved the designs separately from the originals, since I'd like to use the original designs as starting points for other advances. Also, I liked thee originals and didn't really want to part with them.

    With all of the changes set, I started building up a new fleet. Time to go deep sea fishing.


    AN: Originally, five creatures were planed to be controlling the sea monsters, but then I decided I wanted to give the monsters a bigger fight scene, so I just shortened the amount to two. Next chapter will be the second to last before we finally end up in another universe.

    Now, Read and Review! This is Flameal15k, signing off!
  6. Threadmarks: 6. The Wolf Pack, Preparations and An Amazing discovery

    Flameal15k The Traitor Commander

    Aug 27, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Well, let me say this now: I REALLY didn't expect what happened when I went after those signals underwater.

    But I think I should show you what actually happened down there first.


    My subs travelled deeper into the depths, things getting darker as they progressed. As it turned out, the sources were within a pair of ocean trenches, so I was worried I'd actually have my subs implode before I reached the targets. Now that would be a humiliating way to lose my army.

    Fortunately, my subs were able to reach the appropriate depth and still remain functional. Whew. Considering my depth charges had the same pressure limits as my subs, that meant they'd still work down here as well. Nice.

    With my subs ready, I began exploring the trenches. A few creatures showed up on the sonar and on my sub cameras, but they just ignored me. They looked as if they were stoned, but some looked really confused. Probably had to do with my counter signal. Hopefully, they would stay that way until after I killed whatever was controlling them.

    And frankly, some of them looked weird. Oh sure, some were realistic, such as giant sharks, mega-anglers, colossal squid, even the occasional overgrown woodlouse (yes they exist on Earth), but then there were fish with shrimp legs and huge barnacles that could crawl around the ocean floor. Seriously, WTF ROB?

    Anyways, it was about this time that I noticed that the subs were approaching their targets. I began shutting off their camera lights, because I was really betting on this thing having bioluminescence. I mean, a lot of deep sea creatures had bioluminescence, plus it looked cool, so I doubted ROB would pass up on that chance.

    Now, let's see, what should I expect these creatures to have.

    The only tings I could think of were atomic breath or something similar, cause Godzilla, and giant parasites, like Clover.

    Oh well, guess I was going in really blind.

    Then, I noticed that lights had started appearing before my subs. According to my sensors, there were the source of the signal.

    I activated the torpedoes and locked onto the signals. Time to end this. I knew one volley would probably just make them angry, but that'd probably give me a good idea of how much damage these torpedoes would do against these things.

    To my surprise, the first volley went through without a hitch. After the blast lights faded, I found the water filling with bioluminescent blood. Then, to my surprise, more bioluminescent patches lit up on the creatures' bodies, which were really friggin' big. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out what they looked like.

    Then each of the bodies split into a set of four smaller bodies.

    Wait, what.

    I checked my sensors. Yep, the eight smaller bodies were emitting the same signal as the bigger two.

    This was just fucking PERFECT!

    I quickly set my subs to scatter, then fired another volley of torpedoes. I also set the depth bombers to start dropping the charges, along with the torpedoes. Finally, I activated the lights, revealing my foes to be weird.....arthropod...fish.....things.


    My foes quickly scattered, forcing my subs to split into smaller sub groups to chase them. The sea devils (because that's any easy name, okay) began shaking around, releasing a bunch of flecks into the water. Which suddenly began charging me. Turns out they were human sized isopods, some of which I'd seen earlier.

    Called it, ROB!

    Anyways, these guys were hard to kill. I mean, they took out 10 subs before I gave one sub group per sea devil horde orders to directly attack them. Even if I was playing Supreme Commander, that would have been a giant loss.

    Fortunately, I'd made sure to use a few hundred subs against each devil pack. I was not going to come this far only to lose to a pair of wolf pack bosses!

    Anyways, back to the fighting. One of my sub groups was right on the tail of one of the devils. I'd made sure to use three other packs to focus on its pack mates, because otherwise they wer going to tear me apart. I quickly readied a second set of torpedoes. Time to cook these fish!

    Then, it turned around as the lights on its body started getting brighter and brighter. Then, it opened its mouth and shot a giant beam of light its pursuers, cutting the sub pack following it in half.

    Atomic Breath. Again, CALLED IT ROB!

    Anyways, I ordered the subs that were still following that particular devil to split into two groups and start firing torpedoes as fast as possible.

    One of them was promptly eaten by another devil. Oh well.

    I decided to turn my attention back to the other group of subs, to see how they were doing.

    It turns out that they were reduced to just one sub per sea devil while I was focused on the other pack.

    And said subs were now being eaten by the devils.

    Well, screw you too! I promptly fired the torpedoes in the subs. If these guys were gonna cost me all my subs, I might as well give them some stomach aches before they came after my commander.

    So I was pretty surprised when they, in synch, spit out my subs, vomited up a huge amount of blood, began writhing in pain for a few moments, then went stiff and began sinking.

    I checked my sensors. The signal had halted from them. They were dead.

    OH YES!!!!! TAKE THAT!!!!

    I really wanted to enjoy my victory, but I still had one more pack to deal with. Plus, I didn't really have a body to enjoy it with.

    Anyways, back with the other pack. My subs were still doing much better than their partners, as there were no parasites in the water, barring a few fragments of exoskeleton and flesh. There was also a lot of blood pouring into the water from the devils. Oh yeah.

    That was when the devils got serious. They turned to face the subs, and opened their mouths really wide.

    Then, suddenly, half of my subs flew into the open mouths, were swallowed and destroyed.

    Great, suction mouths.

    Also, where were those depth charges?!?!

    I checked my sub numbers and was unnerved by the results: I only had four left. The remainder had gone offline.

    Time to bail.

    I set my subs to begin retreating. Once I was far enough away, I'd start having them rise up, but right now they were too close to the devils for that to work. If they did, they'd show the devils right up to my doorstep, an I did not want to deal with that.

    Unfortunately, the devils wised up and opened their mouths as wide as possible. I soon found my subs facing an immense amount of force pulling them toward those open maws.


    Then, to my surprise, several hundred glowing lights floated down in front of the sea devils, before being sucked into their maws. I quickly checked ,y sensors.

    Those lights were my depth charges.

    And the sea devils had just swallowed them.

    I cannot describe in words how satisfying it was to watch the devils disappear into blinding light. I mean, one minute their eyes widened, seemingly realizing exactly what they swallowed, and then they just ceased to exist. I couldn't even find a single piece of any of their boides, there was just nothing left to work with.



    Anyways, things really calmed down after that. With nothing controlling them, the wildlife went back to normal. I saw some of the eating each other, or feeding on ocean vent smoke, but most just scattered. I briefly considered wiping the planet clan of life, but decided against it; I'd rather study them and see if I could glean any advances out of them. Maybe I'd even turn some into livestock.

    With all of the possible threats dealt with, I decided it was time to start working on expansion. I began setting bases up all over planet, along with a few on the other ones in the system.

    In fact, my biggest focus right now was investigating the worlds in my system. What I found surprised me.

    Most of the system was rather standard, including a lava world, an ice ball, a desert planet, a forest world, an ocean one, a gas giant and a... wait, is that a metal planet?

    I have an annihilaser? YES!

    Then I noticed an odd signal coming from the desert world. I sent a fabber to investigate and was stunned with what I found.

    It was an Osiris Commander. And it was still functional.

    I wasn't sure what to do. Should I repair it? Destroy it? Enslave it? So many choices-I repaired him

    Or at least, started to. According to my fabber, it would take at least a week to fix him and that's using A LOT of fabbers. Oh well.

    It was then that I noticed that I had received a message from ROB

    I opened it, and here is what it said:

    Dear Flame

    Here's the blueprint for the dimension gate. Time to prove yourself, kid. IF you succeed, great. IF you fail...... I'm putting you in for a Raspberry.

    Sincerely, Rob.

    p.s. The incoming drop is also from me. Consider my one good deed for the millennia.

    I wondered what he meant when a loud scream turned my attention to the sky. I watched as a pod fell out of the sky. Cautious, I sent in a fabber vehicle to examine it.

    To my surprise, It was filled with gifts. And they were all addressed to me.

    But why-Wait.

    Now that I wasn't under constant threat, I started counting how many days I'd been here. The resulting number confirmed my thoughts.

    Today was Christmas Eve.

    Tomorrow was Christmas.

    I can't remember if I laughed or cried (I think I did both), but a part of me went really cold when the realization hit me that I'd spend Christmas alone for god knows how long. On the other had, I actually felt happy that ROB decided to let me have all of the gifts I was supposed to get. It wouldn't be too hard to make a system capable of playing them using my body (if they were games or movies) and I was looking forward to reading any books I got.

    First, though, I made a dox that could grasp a twig firmly without breaking it. I'd need that to use half the stuff I had asked for.

    In spite of the other insanity I'd had to deal with, the simple fact that I'd be able to enjoy a part of Christmas gave me some reassurance that, ultimately, things would turn out okay.


    AN: I started writing this story in December 2016, give me some slack for having an early Christmas episode!

    Also, Read and Review! This is Flameal15k, signing off!
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  7. Threadmarks: 7. The Final Countdown, and an Unexpected Destination (Begin Spore)

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    Honestly, what happened when I exited the dimension gate was something that I don't think anyone R.O.B. has ever dealt with before. I mean ,it's not everyday you receive that kind of surprise when you go somewhere.


    I started assembling the portal as soon as I got the schematics, but it took a long time to build. How was I supposed to know that it would take 12 hours to build the thing?

    Still, that gave me time to open my gifts. Most were clothes, but a few were steam gift cards and video games, plus a copy of A Game of Thrones. I was looking forward to reading that book on my travels, but that isn't really important.

    While the portal was still under construction, I started building as many fabbers as I could. I also built a few doxes and orbital units, in case I ended up in space when the portal opened. Soon, I had a small army ready for the portal. With nothing else to do, I decided to, for lack of better choice, go to sleep. I was still surprised that the commander had a sleep mode.

    So, after giving my best wishes to my family, I powered down.


    When I awakened, I saw that the portal was almost finished. I decided to start moving my army toward it. I also mentally slapped myself after I realized that, since the portal was on the ground, I wouldn't be able to fit my orbital units inside of it. Oh well.

    I examined the progress on it and noticed that I was 10 seconds from finishing.

    I quickly started counting down, because I porbably wouldn't get another chance like this any time soon.


    "Dimension gate complete."

    I looked at it for a moment as my army gathered behind me, then, stealing myself, charged through, my army quick to follow.


    After a short moment of teleportation, which somehow made me feel as though I was turned inside out, I found myself in a strange forest. THe trees looked recognizable.

    As I moved around, I looked for sings of life. Maybe there was a sentient race nearby?

    I soon found a quaint little city, with structures that were very familiar.

    As I approached it, though, a group of airships approached me, armed with weapons that looked somewhat deadly and... familiar?

    Somewhere, these designs registered as being unique, but not in a way that I knew.

    Then, I saw a walker headed toward me, stop, and release a tiny reptilian being, who pointed some kind of device at me. I armed my weapons, but soon found it was some kind of scanner. I felt my body and processor being examined (which made me nervous), and started taking aim, but something kept me from firing.

    Maybe it was the fact that I recognized the being, in a friendly sort of way.

    Then I noticed that the being in question seemed to appear puzzled, before going stiff, then jumping into the air.

    Then, suddenly, it signaled to me, on a channel that had no encryption. I answered, rather confused.

    "Hello-" I began.

    "Greeting, oh great and exalted one! We have long awaited your return!"

    Wait, what?

    "I'm sorry, but you must have me mistaken with another being."


    I did? But how-


    Terminite. Naverosaurs. Heart of the galaxy. Tiny cell to galactic empire?!

    Now I remembered where I knew these guys from.

    I had led these beings to all of this.

    For I had made.

    They were my first great creations.

    Back when I played Spore.........


    AN: Yes, the very first universe I'm visiting is the Spore Universe. You may praise or insult me as you see fit.

    Read and Review! This is Flameal15k, signing off!
  8. Threadmarks: 8. Meeting My Loyal Followers

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    Out of all the other commanders I met, I have yet to find one who had the luck I did with their first universe.

    I mean, seriously, what are the odds of ending up in a universe where the first beings you encounter ae ones you made and guided from a single cell to a galactic empire?

    Or that they formed a coalition with other races who you'd done the same toward to discover who made them?


    Even after overcoming the shock of realizing what these guys had said was true, I wasn't exactly sure how to respond to these guys actions. I was pretty sure that they would want me to join in feasts and parties, which seeing as I didn't have a body, would pose quite a few problems.

    "Oh noble creator, how long we have waited for this day, at last, where we may meet you. We have prepared a feast in your honor, as well as many festivities. We hope that you will join in these festivities-"

    "Well, that would be nice, but I'm afraid that I will not be able to do so at the moment."

    "......Why, oh great and triumphant one?"

    "Well, erm....."

    "Did another being imprison you in the form that we now see before us?"

    "....Yes, actually." How the hell did he know that?

    "Ah. So it seems the zealous ones were right."


    "Some of our philosophers have suggested that there are other beings like you, who they have said may be stronger than you. Though I wish they were incorrect, it appears that they are."

    Okay, time to put on my god guise.

    "....Well, sorry for confirming your fears. Anyways, the being that trapped me in this form has also robbed me of much of my power. All I am able to do this limited, though still powerful, form is create an army of robotic entities obedient to my will. While still impressive, it is only a fraction of my true potential."

    "....ah, I see. Now, tell me, mighty one, is there any way we can help you regain your power and true form?"


    "Indeed, there is. You see, the one who imprisoned me in this form is offered a way for me to not only regain my power, but even exceed my former limits. He says that I most travel across existence itself, to other universes, and improve the lives of those that I encounter. It appears that he decided this will be my first test."

    "I understand. Well, then may we help you in completing this journey?"

    "Yes, I would."

    "Very well. What would like us to do first."

    Uh oh. I hadn't thought of that.

    Then I realized there was one thing I really did want. One thing that would be really easy for them to provide me with, assuming they had all of the normal Spore tech on hand.

    "Would you provide me with a genetic engineering facility? I would like to assume a form able to... interact with you more freely."

    "....Very well. Would you like to join the festivities we have planned for your arrival?"

    "Yes, okay. Though, I assume there will be some time needed to prepare them?"

    "Yes, indeed. We must also inform the others of your arrival."

    "Yeah, sure... wait, others?"

    "Yes. We are aware that you also guided other races to the stars, such as the gralos and draconians. They desire to meet with you as well and will be overjoyed with this discovery.

    They know that?!

    "AH, well, sure. Let them kow that I have arrived. I hope that they share your happiness with my arrival."

    "It is likely. So, do you have any other requests for the moment?"

    "......Just one: what is your name?"

    "....AH. I never told you that, and had forgotten that, with you limited powers, you may not be able to use your mind to determine it. You may call me Tylos."

    "Good to know, Tylos. Tell those who have awaited my arrival that I am here, but tell them not to try to talk with me, for I need time preparing mortal form."

    "Very well, great one. I will execute your will."


    After that, things went on more smoothly. I was easily able to link up to a lab in the capital city and start working on a physical body.

    While being a giant killer robot was cool, I really missed all of the senses a fleshy body had.

    I still wasn't sure what to do about the festivities, nor was I sure how to fix this universe.

    Then I remembered what guarded the galactic core. Along with what was at the core.

    Well, that was a starting point.


    AN: I’m not dead!

    This story is going to be way behind the versions on Spacebattles and Sufficient Velocity for at least a few days, so sorry about that.

    Anyway, Read and Review! This is Flameal15k, signing off!
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    Well, I couldn't help but feel rather awkward in the presence of my creations.

    Even after the initial encounter, things were...weird with them.

    See, while having a bunch of followers that will be completely loyal to you sounds cool, but when you actually have servants who would die on command for you out of loyalty, you really end up caring for them. Not that they minded.

    I can't believe that I actually found some that were both loyal and willing to tell me when I was wrong, but that was beside the point.

    Anyways, back to making my body.


    I'm not ashamed to say that I missed the feelings that came with an organic body, even if it was vulnerable to many things that a machine could easily resist. I think I would have gone insane if I was in the Xenosentry forever.

    But, first, I had to grow one.

    Luckily, I was in the one universe where you could easily create everything.

    I wasn't sure what to go with, at first. Should I go with one of the alien creatures I designed? Should I choose my normal human form? Maybe a new form made from the spore editors?

    Eventually, I decided on a fourth option: go human, but not like my normal body.

    Well, I used my normal body as a base, then I added in some unique traits: hair color that was impossible for humans (Black with red and blue), bioluminescent patches like the Na'vi, and a few stripes for good measure.

    I also made sure to order a bunch of fabric to make into clothes, because I didn't want a draft between my legs. I'm pretty sure it would also have turned my followers into an empire of nudists.

    As I waited for my body to grow (it turned out that this would take a few hours), I decided to check up on my followers.

    I think I almost had a heart attack when I learned what had happened.

    IT turned out that every single sapient race I'd created in Spore had become an Empire in this universe. Apparently, they'd met each other and united as allies; in some cases, after nearly going to the brink of war. This gave me an empire of well over a dozen races to work with, with at least one example of each archetype in this federation. These guys had been united by one goal: find me.

    Now, I'm not going to describe what these races looked like; they're already in a set of spore casts that I'd made a while ago, and you would save yourself a fair amount of time by just looking at them.

    Any ways, these guys were from pretty much every single part of the morality spectrum: diplomats, entertainers, eco-nuts, warmongers, zealots, EVERYTHING. The only archetype not present was the Wander, which required you to start in the space age, which I never did (everyone needed a history, and starting in the space age leaves you without any nice bonuses to use). Somehow, though, they'd united to find me.

    Well, better make sure they stay together.

    Anyways, back to body building.

    With my host body underway, I started adding in cybernetics: skeletal reinforcement, backup nerves, and a neural link to my commander chassis. If it weren't for the fact that there was a bots part pack released for Spore, I'd have been surprised I could add cyborg parts. Luckily, I wasn't.

    Anyways, by the time my body was finished growing, I also had several set of clothes ready for it. I decided to try out a fashionable suit that I'd ordered, because party. It fit well, along with a set of shoes and socks I'd also ordered. Once everything was ready, I decided to make my grand entrance.

    To say my followers were shocked by my appearance was an understatement. I think some of them were going to have heart attacks.

    So, to ease things, I decided to speak.

    "Thank you for waiting for me."

    Then everyone exploded into applause and worship.

    I wondered what I was supposed to do at the party. Then I realized it was New Years back home. So, I did the one things I could do:

    Enjoy the celebrations!


    In case it wasn’t obvious, this version of the story is VERY out of date.

    That being said, Read and Review! This is Flameal15k, signing off!
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