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Control through Compassion - MCU/Lantern Corps

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by JeckJack, May 26, 2020.

  1. Index: Lantern Color Abilities

    JeckJack Mask Seller

    May 11, 2017
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    All of them have a handful of unique abilities. Besides the default lantern abilities of making constructs, teleporting, force-fields, translation, etc. which all colors have.

    Red: Hatred/Anger/Disgust/Judgement
    • Empathy/the power to detect the emotions of others.
    • Conversion of the Lantern's blood into boiling-hot acidic destructive energy, and giving them the ability to vomit up that energy as an extremely powerful weapon.
    • If not properly controlled, it will lodge itself in the heart of a Red Lantern so that the ring can't be removed, and then drive the Red Lantern into a feral rage where they will mindlessly hunt down whatever they hate.
    • Constructs are extremely simple, but extremely powerful.
    • The ability to disrupt and decay the constructs of other colors.
    Orange: Avarice/Greed/Desire/Hunger/Jealousy/Want
    • The ability to assimilate/enslave things. Orange Lanterns can 'infect' something with orange light to transform it into a permanent construct. This ranges from objects, to constructs created by other lanterns, to living creatures.
    • The ability to brand something as belonging to the Orange Lantern, so that if anyone else touches it, the lantern will know. When used on a living thing, acts as a form of mind control, so that they want what the Orange lantern wants them to want.
    • If not properly controlled, it will drive the Orange Lantern into a state of super-paranoia and absolute greed, where they want everything to belong to them, and are constantly worried of having something stolen, where they will act to take anything they want.
    • Constructs made from assimilated people or objects are extremely difficult to permanently destroy, as they simply return to the ring when destroyed, but besides coming back again and again aren't especially durable or strong.
    Yellow: Fear/Paranoia/Respect/Awe/Intimidation
    • The ability to be fueled by not only the Yellow lantern's fear, but by other's fear of the Yellow Lantern.
    • The ability to create constructs that automatically take the shape of the worst fears of those it's used against.
    • Doesn't try to brainwash its Lanterns. (That much)
    • Constructs depend on how scary the Yellow Lantern is, and how scared their opponent is of the particular construct.
    Green: Willpower/Determination/Creativity/Focus
    • Doesn't try to brainwash its Lanterns much at all.
    • Easiest and most effective color to make constructs with. Constructs are as strong as the Lantern is determined.
    Blue: Hope/Faith
    • The power to heal and restore. Able to undo the effects of age, deterioration, illness, injury, etc.
    • The power to reinforce and super-charge Green Lanterns.
    • The power to weaken and counteract the bad effects of Red, Orange, and Yellow Lanterns.
    • Doesn't try to brainwash its Lanterns. (That much.)
    • Constructs tend to be very weak. Best used in support.
    Indigo: Compassion/Kindness/Mercy/Guilt
    • The power to heal slowly with the effect of making the person receiving healing relive everything bad they've ever done.
    • The power to emulate the other colors of the Emotional Spectrum (besides white, black and ultraviolet). This means that they can channel the effects of other colors of light without being controlled by them. This requires that there be a source of that particular emotion nearby. Either the presence of constructs of that color, or simply people, or even the Lantern, feeling the emotions connected to that color.
    • The power to teleport longer distances than Lanterns of other colors, and being able to do so in a way that cannot be tracked or traced.
    • Tries to compel Indigo Lanterns to always act compassionately, to the point where they ignore their other emotions.
    • Costructs tend to be relatively weak.
    Violet: Love/Care/Devotion/Possessiveness/Protectiveness/Attraction
    • The power to crystallize the violet light of love. These nearly-indestructible crystals will put living things that are encased in them in a state of suspended animation where they are bombarded with brainwashing to make them into loving and caring people when they come out. These crystals will convert encased power rings of other colors into more Violet rings. (One of the few ways to free a Red Lantern from their ring's clutches.)
    • Extremely effective at counteracting the toxic effects of Red light.
    • If not properly controlled, it will compel Violet Lanterns into becoming extremely possessive of their loved ones. To the point where they will try to hunt down, capture, and then encase their loved one in violet crystal in order to better protect and preserve them.
    • If not properly controlled, it can also makes them extremely jealous and defensive, to the point where they will try to destroy those who broke up with them or rejected their love in the past, or try and destroy those who could threaten or create obstacles to their relationships.
    • Constructs tend to be relatively strong.
    White: Life/Togetherness/Empathy/Enlightenment/Peace/Self-preservation
    • The power to bring people who are dead back to life with no real repercussions or costs.
    • The power to create constructs that are, in themselves, living, breathing, things that will continue to exist even without additional ring power.
    • The power to overwhelm and override any other color of constructs.
    • Cannot be emulated by the indigo light.
    • Will push the White Lantern towards feelings of peace.
    • Constructs tend to be extremely strong.
    Black: Despair/Emptiness/Loss/Apathy/Nihilism
    • The power to raise people from the dead as undead zombies.
    • The power to sense the emotions of others.
    • The black light will prevent Black Lanterns from feeling anything at all except when killing.
    • Cannot be emulated by the indigo light.
    • Compels Black Lanterns to seek out those who feel strong emotions, and kill them, in order to feel those emotions for themselves, and create even more Black Lanterns.
    • Constructs tend to be very strong.
    Ultraviolet: Negativity/Shame/Meanness/Self-destructiveness/Cruelty/Envy/Lust
    • The power to create incredibly destructive blasts.
    • The power to fuel construct creation with ambient negative feelings of anyone nearby, not just the UV Lantern.
    • Cannot be emulated by the indigo light.
    • Compels UV Lanterns to act out on all their worst impulses and primal instincts.
    • Constructs tend to be extremely strong.
    Last edited: May 28, 2020