[Council] Escape for Survival (sci-fi)

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    So a council game that starts off with an Exodus style flavoring with the ships chosen by me, the GM, with a BSG tech base. The first part of the game will be getting acquainted with your ships and then trying to save as many people as you can. The ships will have a crew capable of running them but nowhere near their full capacity. The problem is that not all the governments will cooperate, if they believe the incoming disaster that will wipe out life on earth exists in the first place. Different countries and areas of the world will either help or hinder you varying amounts.

    I will be taking up to five(5) players who will be assigned a specific position in the fleet, they will form a council to make decisions for the fleet as a whole and have individual control of their respective departments.


    All computers and communications systems the world over suddenly flicker and change, even non-networked standalone systems, their displays now showing a strange being slamming as hard as possible into the uncanny valley. “Greetings people of Earth, you may refer to me as The Benefactor. I have been studying your species for some time due to simple curiosity after I became aware of you.

    “While planning for the next steps in my studies of you I detected the approach of something worrying to this star system. That being a Gamma Ray Burst as your science knows it. Once I realized it was approaching I calculated that it would intercept your planet and that while life, potentially even human life, may survive the chances are very slim.

    “Now while I have a lot of power at my disposal, I’m capable of doing things that many of you would consider outright act of god scale magic, but protecting your planet from a GRB is not within my power. What is within my power is to arrange for a few small portions of your species to survive.

    “In order to do this I will be creating a small fleet of FTL capable ships which will be fully crewed and maintained by those who are aboard the fleet. In order to be able to use and maintain them all crew members will be given a quick neural training download which, while not capable of making them all true experts, will allow them to use and maintain the equipment perhaps even improve it after they learn more through experience and research.

    “Now I will not be putting your current governments in charge of this exodus. So whether or not they cooperate is up to them, hopefully they do but its possible they may try to take control by force. I will not prevent them from doing so however the fleet I will be providing will be fully capable of defending themselves and if anyone who tries to take over fails all they will have really done is delay and cause loss of lives of those trying to save humanity. It is their choice.

    “Now I will make a choice of who will lead the fleet and those required to run it based on forms filled out through a web site I have set up on your internet at <website>, and yes I am making sure any communication system on the planet can connect and fill out the forum without being blocked. My choices will be for the command and minimal crew of the ships. Once they are in command and have familiarized themselves with the ships they will be capable of saving more through several methods that I will not be going into here.

    “Thank you for your time, have a pleasant day.”

    The world is basically still for a few moments before the site is hit with a massive number of connections.

    Sign up

    Age (<30)
    Personality and Discription (keep it short)

    Skills (rank highest to lowest interest for the player)
    Spaceship/Weapons engineering and construction

    Meta – signup options

    Startup Difficulty (your opinion on all options- affects number of ships and potential earth government resistance)
    Easy y/n
    Medium y/n
    Hard y/n

    Long term Difficulty (affects the galaxy the game takes place in)
    Normal y/n
    Challenging y/n

    Not everyone believes it is real of course, decrying it a hoax even though the strange being even transmitted to standalone systems and managed to wake people up in order for them to receive the message. But you believe it, which is why you have already filled out an application.
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    Well I'm interested, But I assume this is long gone?
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    If a bunch of people were suddenly interested I might try to run it. Though Its doubtful people would.

    Also You shouldn't post in old threads and instead just use a PM.