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Crawl like a Worm (Nasuverse SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by JBukharin, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. Threadmarks: Prologue: Blood, Pain and Worm

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Prologue: Blood, Pain and Worm

    Life is a painful reminder of the word 'harsh'.

    This little poetic detachment doesn't come of some boring tome of old English but from my very tired mind.

    Tired, tired and tired. PAIN!

    I sighed and got up from my bare bed, putting on some old-fashioned clothes as I gave a quick glance to the small luggage that had been prepared for the travel, I felt the quivering sense of nervousness plaguing my mind.

    When I opened my eyes to stare at an uncomfortable ceiling, I certainly wasn't expecting to wake up fully thanks to the sharp bastards lingering even now within my body.

    I coughed a little as I tried to restrain myself from collapsing at another sudden burst of torture from the crest worms.

    The first two weeks could be easily be called the worst period of my newest life, trying to fit in the macabre lifestyle of the Matou Family.

    'Mom' was dead, 'dad' was 24/7 drunk and 'uncle' Kariya wasted his remaining time helping little, emotionless Sakura with her insane burden.

    It was scary to know that every single day there was a little girl, getting killed in her soul by the bastard's plays.

    I pulled the small bag in my back and walked out of my new room to find a familiar, wrinkling old man that I would have preferred to met only once today.


    Zouken Matou, or Zolgen Makiri, was scarier than how it had been potrayed in the FSN Visual Novel and games. If I had to find a fitting visual depiction of the old timer, I would say he looked quite the shorter, creepier version of Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies.

    A disgusting corpse sustained by his descendants' life force, forcefully stolen thanks to his disgusting mascots.

    "Grandfather, I see that you are up earlier than usual."

    The wrinkly smile widened and his pitch black holes he had for eyes glowed in dark amusement. "Of coure, dear grandson, why should I miss the opportunity to bid you a good voyage?"

    Hoping for me to die already, aren't you?

    I would have died if I had broken facade in that circumstance as I had picked up quite the interesting flaw in Zouken's foul monitoring means. They couldn't truly read anyone's mind.

    The worms would just pick up the unusual emotions, sending the relay back to their main hive (Zouken) whom would then deliver a fitting 'punishment' to the unwanted behavior.

    "I am flattered by your kindness, grandfather." His smile was next to decay under my lack of reaction.

    It had been something quite amusing and annoying of the old worm that I partly knew from initial knowledge but the real experience helped to fully understand.

    It could have been senility because of the fool's ancient age, but the man seemed to have a 'villanous' kink when dealing with everyone. Everyone needed to suffer once in a while to please his next-to-useless mind.

    "Oh, I almost forgot.." His grin turned in quite the shit-eating one as I knew what he was going to use to push my buttons. "Sakura-chan is currently in an intensive training session. She wanted to come to see you one last time but.. her training is very important."

    It was a sliver of rage to broke my little composure, further increasing the glee in the bastard's face. "I.. see."

    I proceeded to walk towards the entrance of the mansion and stopped just to the handle of the door.


    The quiet Zouken blinked. "Yes, Shinji-kun?"

    I took a large breath. "The Matou are going to rise back to power."

    .... A cackle ruptured the momentary silence as the elder glowed with amusement as he stared at me. "Foolish boy! We are always going to be in power."

    The deplorable denial of a traditional fool, just like I had expected.

    My lips turned in a thin line as I nodded. "I am quite dumb, grandfather..."

    I didn't wait to hear the full reply, but I kept my blank expression going until I reached the car prepared to take me to the airport, the muffled cackles reaching my sensitive ears.

    The Matou are going to rise back to power once more..

    The flight was as tiring as I had expected, nothing too much unusual from the classic Tokyo-London trips but still I had some uncertainity about my only gamble to take revenge on Zouken.

    The man that had been taken to be my bodyguards was inexperienced, probably someone more adept to guard VIPs than babysit children and I was glad he was this uncapable.

    It did help further in my little 'escape' that the Heathrow Airport was one of the greatest maze ever created by mankind, giving me more than enough of a chance to get myself out of the worm's clutches.

    Trusting the shady lore, Kariya had been able to avoid being reached by Zouken until his return because of the long distance between the host and the hivemind, making it impossible to suffer 'punishments' anymore.

    I decided to leave the airport the quickest possible, walking for a hour or two in random directions while trying to get myself to a safe distance from the zone I was last spotted.
    God bless for abandoned churches just being in the area.

    As I sat in one of the several, intact benches, I started to think about what to do next with my newfound freedom and peace.

    I was quite glad of this opportunity. Now in this circumstance I would try to gain some mean to attain magecraft and... I wouldn't be truly wrong in considering to turn some of my nerves in Circuits.

    Maybe those will not be enough to make me turn in some blue-haired Shirou Emiya but it was a good way to start to get in some good state... plus I had to remove or sterilise the worms from within- or maybe do both at the same time.

    With a grin plastered on my face, I skipped merrily towards where I had planned to go first, the very place I shouldn't be approaching so soon but I had to.

    Sited within the British Museum, it wasn't hard to find the correct entrance to Clock Tower.

    The Magus Association was something I had thought about multiple times before my journey in England, but I found myself always denying going inside it anytime close to my little 'escapade'.

    But there was no choice and... I had to venture inside the lair of the Dragon-

    Octavia Leyland was... bland.

    A woman with brown, shoulder-short hair, young and fit... quite annoyed if I had to deduce her current reaction to the insufferable blonde girl that was whining at her.

    I had hoped to see Bazzett first, curious to see how a younger version of the Enforcer would look like and... I was gifted with the (not yet) arch-nemesis of one Rin Tohsaka.

    Luviagelita Edelfelt was as abrasive as I would have expected her childish self to be but my mind was hardly keeping my patience to dwindle away at the incessant rant coming from the pint-sized brat preceding me in the small line to the secretary.

    I stopped listening to whatever Luvia was lamenting about the moment she moved the topic back to her family, a subject I was quite knowing about and... Oh God, I just recognized the dark irony there.

    The Tohsaka had to give up Sakura because Magecraft families can have just a heir while... the Edelfelt that had the blasted Ore Scales trait just had Luvia as the single heiress.

    ...Nasu, thou are an arse. A good gamer but still an arse.

    Once my mind returned back to the never-ending situation in front of me, I decided that drastic predicaments required drastic actions.

    So, giving the greatest uncaring expression I could muster, I walked forward and shoved lightly the blonde aside as I had no time to waste there. "I am sorry but I have quite the urgent thing to get done and-"

    I paused, trying and failing to get some dramatic effect to add to my sudden intrusion.
    "I need to speak with Zelretch."

    The brunette blinked several times before stating quite the loud response. "No."

    ... "It is important-"

    "The Wizard Marshall is hardly someone that would accept being disturbed in busy moments from a simple child-" "Kaleido Ruby and Kaleido Sapphire."

    The woman narrowed her eyes in confusion at the curious names. "Tell him this and he will receive me."

    She gave me a long look before sighing tiredly, clearly not paid enough for this shit, and picking the phone in her desk, calling for.. someone.

    "Lord Zelretch, I have a little nuisance here that wish to- Yes sir, I have already told him but-"

    I didn't have time for this! I was already waddling in hot waters and like hell the old man was going to ignore this plight.

    The secretary was unprepared as I snatched the phone out of her hands and brought it close to my face and-...

    "Are you playing at Super Mario Bros.!?"

    The familiar menu theme was faintly reaching from the other side of the call and the gruft tone paused there, silent. "I... can explain-" "Yeah, but I would like to have a chat, sir, something about Kaleido Ruby and Sapphire-Argh!"

    Tragically enough I couldn't speak further as two men rushed towards me and happily decided to turn me in some punching bag.

    At least the beating wasn't as bad as the worms were...

    The cup of tea sitting in the small stool in front of me was warm to the touch, something that didn't help with my whole bruised self.

    The room was dark as the only source of illuminations where few lightbulbs spread in the corners.

    There was a small globe made of wood on the side of the mahogany desk as a certain Dead Apostle grimaced towards me as we stared at each other.

    "Matou Shinji, a little boy with no magical potential." He whistled softly and grinned widely, showing his elongated canines. "How may I help you?"

    I tried to blink through the pain and somehow managed to croak a reply to the bastard.

    "I... need your help with the Grail War."

    The old man rested his back on the chair and hummed quietly, thinking about the proposal.

    "I... will not help you."

    I froze on my seat at those words. I had thought that Zelretch had some limits within the Magus Association, that Gaia would have been a bigger obstacle to face that could have stopped him early on...

    "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T WAN-" Red eyes glowed murderously for a moment and I paled instantly as my childish body was ill-prepared to the Killing Intent the Apostle had just thrown at me.

    "An annoying youth you are, little Shinji. One that should remember that this is not a playground for kids." He turned to stare at the side and I followed his line of sight, blinking the moment I remembered we weren't alone in his office.

    For some unmentioned reason, Luvia was there, sitting on the other chair the opposite to the Wizard Marshal, her eyes distractedly looking quickly at the various artifacts and jars lying around the room. "The same applies to you to, young Edelfelt."

    Hearing her name being called up so sternly was what it took to return the blonde's attention back to the real thing of the office.

    "I-I'm sorry, Lord Schweinorg. I didn't mean to be disrespectfu-" "Yet you were annoying that dear Olivia with your whining, showing quite the unbecoming behavior for a noble Magus."

    The girl had the decency to appear ashamed at the rightful accusations, preferring to keep quiet right now as the vampire returned his attention back at me.

    "Apart from this desperate need of yours to 'fix' the Grail War, the reason why I wish to not meddle with this situation is... it would be troublesome."


    "It is always the same. Everyone expects me to be something like a God because of my control over the Second Magic."

    I flinched at his annoyed tone as it sounded similar to his stern one, letting the man rant more about himself.

    "That was the case before I had to fight Type-Moon and before being left an undead being, literally crippling my hold over the Kaleidoscope."

    "B-But Lord Schweinorg, what do you mean that your form is-" "Because I am a corpse stuck within a single reality in infinite, parallel worlds."

    Luvia's eyes widened in shock as he lashed verbally at her half-question, surprising even me in the process.

    His words literally shattered the idea that the Dead Apostle was capable of dealing with almost everything in the world but just... ignored it.

    But I had a clear sight now on the issue, I knew what was going on now with the vampire and why he refused the request.

    "The Second Magic is requires its user to not be tied to a specific reality."

    Zelretch paused, his mouth open to continue as his eyes widened at the explanation.
    "When you were turned in a vampire-" "My existance was splintered from a single entity into the multiple parallel beings that existed prior to my acquisition of the Second Magic."

    His voice was softer, impressed even as he turned his attention once more at me, his red eyes glowing in intrigue. "You.. you are the second Magus to reach this conclusion."

    "A-And you created Ruby and Sapphire to try and replicate the phenomenon without the need of being once more a single being."

    A little smile reached his face as the Wizard Marshal nodded at me. "Truly marvellous."

    He commented as he turned to pick some old book. "To think that a Matou would be the one that understood this after Nagato." A sad sigh as he mentioned his first apprentice. "Truly a shame you don't have any possibility to-" "I want to banter."

    ... "What?"

    "I... want to help you with something with the Kaleidoscope as I know you still help around when possible when one of your other selves require it." He frowned at my words, humming once more before asking.

    "And you would want to have me deal with the Grail War in exchange of that?" I nodded quickly and the man snorted. "That sounds like gibberish but.. I think I know a good place where to send you."

    I was grimacing inside as I started to count the numerous possibilities that would be thrown against me and- "But I cannot throw you aloooo-ne." His eyes zeroed on Luvia, the girl having been quiet until that moment as she tried to understand whatever we were talking about.

    "Young Edelfelt, from what I understand your family has tried multiple time to reach out for an apprenticeship from me, correct?"

    The blonde seemed to be revived by that question as she smiled eagerly. "Y-Yes! It would be an honor if-"

    "Only one condition." He held an index up and then pointed it right onto me, blue eyes following it dutifully. "This little guy is quite a pest but.. I wish for him to not die where I am going to send him into. That is why I will entrust you with the life of your fellow apprentice, Luviagelita Edelfelt."

    ... "What do you mean I'm an apprentice too?"

    "I will be honest, I should have you two killed by now." Cue both Luvia's and my faces paling rapidly at the horrible outcome. "But I see that you both might have some uses after all."

    He pulled out a blue box out of his desk and moved it towards the girl. "This will help you along the way."

    I knew exactly what was inside but I was quite amused when Luvia picked the container and opened it, expecting some grand and powerful artifact to boost her chances and... getting it in a very confusing way.

    Sapphire stood still and I felt Luvia glancing my direction, clearly trying to get some hint about what she was now holding in her hands.

    "That is Sapphire." I said quietly as I stood up and walked towards her. "She is a Mystic-Code, a Kaleidostick and... possibly your best friend from now on."

    She frowned at my words as I got my eyes fixed on the unmoving Sapphire. "A.. stick is going to be my 'best friend'?"

    Her skeptical expression was quite entertaining but I decided to cut short the comic relief as I spoke directly at the Mystic Code. "Shouldn't you have been the one to introduce yourself, Sapphire?"

    At first she didn't react at my input but soon Luvia's confusion turned into shock when the very object the girl had considered until that moment inanimate started to freely float and fly around her head before settling in front of me.

    "I am surprised that you know about me, Shinji-san. This development is indeed unexpected but still a good one to smooth out the best mutual relationship between me and..?"

    The blonde blinked, realising that Sapphire was asking her name. "M-My name is Luviagelita Edelfelt, heiress to the Edelfelt family."

    The stick nodded, bending a little as if it was bowing her direction. "Nice to meet you, Lady Luvia."

    Yet Luvia's face showed some pain as she turned her attention to the hand the stick had approached, noticing it now bleeding a little. "And now the contract is done."

    "Uh?" Her confusion was soon drowned by the blinding light coming from a seal in the floor beneath her, the same happening to me as I turned to the Dead Apostle, seeing him smile widely.

    "Your mission is to assist those that stands against the calamity of the Earth I am sending you into. Good luck, brats!"

    The light continued to intensify and I felt my body get warm as.. I wasn't touching ground anymore, finding myself falling for few moments before truly crashing on the floor.

    The texture was the same as dirt to my touch while I tried to stand up to find-



    -pain from above as I brought forcefully back on the floor, a new weight now sitting on my back.

    Luvia blinked twice as she realized she was not falling anymore and she looked down on the soft object that had cushioned her fall.

    "G-Get off!"

    The Edelfelt yelped before getting up from my poor back. I am seven for crying aloud, I shouldn't be suffering this much!

    Was this Karma? Was this because I was stuck in Shinji Matou's body?

    I groaned as I got once more up as dusted my clothes, trying to recollect my thoughts and see where we were left.

    We were in a clearing, a familiar one and... I facepalmed as I realized where we were.

    This... This was Fuyuki and-


    Dread surged within my chest as I saw a pink and red blur rush towards us and was suddenly tackled on the floor.

    "My back..." Yet my pain become unimportant as I found myself staring at a pink-haired, tanned version of Illyasviel von Einzbern, her face slowly lowering towards mine and I truly knew where and WHEN we were.

    We were in Illya's Route: Dark Soul Edition and I am going to suffer one of the fan services of the whole series.



    Shinji is hate, Shinji is dead. Thank God, we ain't that poor bistard!

    Update Schedule and Why this exists? Boredom, this idea was buzzing in my mind for a while and I decided to fully move Easy Way in SB forum. Sadly, no regular updating as I wish to make this a long experience as I am trying to do with FPO.

    Why Shinji? Cause other than Shirou, Shinji starts the crappiest of start and has to do a lot to get to acceptable levels. Plus everyone need to be redemeed one way or another, in his case it is thanks to OCI-way.

    Why Prillya? Because the series is quite unfinished even through it might be completed anytime soon now that the Manga version of 3rei is reaching its grand finale.

    But what about the 4th War: Since Shinji is here with Loli-Luvia things are going to be finished much quicker than in Canon. Just to clarify something: Yes, I've read the Manga and I found the suspence a right level of deadly to my poor heart because... cliffhangers everywhere!

    How will this develop? A secret for now, I've decided to keep quiet about this but I can assure you now that it will not go to repeat stuff from the other stories I am writing. I prefer to keep thing unique in everystory, where I can at least.

    Pairings? Dunno, maybe I have one in mind but... S E C R E T !

    AN for QQ readers: This story is already advanced to Chapter 16, so I will update twice a day until we get up to that number and then I will switch to the regular updating, which is on Saturday bi-weekly.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2020
  2. Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Copy, Angsty and Worm

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Chapter 1: Copy, Angsty and Worm

    I know well enough that the Nasuverse is a place filled with the worst thing an Anime could require. Fan Service.

    It could be good if it was moderated and didn't touch the limits between Ecchi and Hentai, but Prillyaverse was a stark example of perverted moments lingering every single episode, may it be 'comic' ones or HF-level of dark shit.

    But the pressing issue was the one girl, three years 'older' than me, pressing her face toward mine, her lips positioned and ready to catch mine. A low growl, a muffled 'no' managed to reach her ears as her brows narrowed but she continued.

    It wasn't anything perverted, I do reckon as I considered 'why' she was doing so. Condemned to have an imperfect body that couldn't produce enough prana to sustain itself with the world deteriorating it moment by moment.

    It wasn't lust that forced her into this, the sinful tease being just a secondary thing to her mind as only one thing roared within her mind, something that was quite visible from the closeup.

    Survival. She needed to receive mana from the quickest way possible, saliva and... I was scared.

    Seeing this from the point of view of a seven years old, this was scary because unwanted, while from the point of view of a 20ish young man, this was scary because unwanted AND because jail was terrifying.

    This was not alright! I shrieked in my head but my mouth was closed, trying to defend itself from the incoming unrequited kiss.

    I braced myself for the seemingly unavoidable fate that was now few millimeters from me, my eyes narrowing as I tried to push my head further on the ground, hoping to gain some relief from the distance.

    It was a single fleeting moment, but I was quite surprised when Kuro's eyes widened in panic and she jumped away, dodging a thunderous blast of blue coming from... Luvia.

    ...I had totally forgot about her. The blonde was now donning the Kaleido Sapphire attire, cat ears and tail included.

    But I felt the need to voice a 'small' issue with her intervention...


    She 'eeped' at my outburst and her full-face blush became evident to my glare, making me understand that... I went a bit too far.

    I forgot that the girl shared my 'age' and that she was quite the sheltered brat, naive about part of the world.

    Maybe she had heard about perverted men but to see a female being the aggressor was... surprising.

    "Net! Make a net!" Apologies needed to wait as I noticed that the snarling pseudo-Servant had yet to project EMIYA's favoured blades.

    The blonde paused for a moment and seemed to panic until a blue light formed a small bundle of reinforced rope in my waiting hands, my legs already moving towards Kuro.

    "A net? Do you think it will work, Matou." I let a faux scowl at my surname being mentioned but I replaced it quickly with a smile as I knew what I needed to say to stop her from acting up against me.

    "Fancy words coming from someone in your predicament, Illyasviel von Einzbern."

    I think the extra attention I put in the correct pronunciation was what truly made her surprised as her attempted projection, the familiar prana configuration to recreate copies of EMIYA's UBW, collapsed due to her distraction. I jumped onto her, net unbundled as the struggle began.

    Few punches passed through the simple barrier as I tried to close it around her, landing right to some sore spots of my skin, still recovering from the quite recent beating I took thanks to Clock Tower's security.

    I gritted my teeth in pain at the brutality and the flurry of physical attacks the girl decided to throw while trying to shake away the net but... I did it. With an angry Kuro secured away, I turned on the ground and felt my legs aching.

    I was extending myself too much, I reckoned as I failed to get up. I turned to see Luvia approaching us with a concerned look towards me. "J-Just tired and a bit- a bit bruised."

    She nodded but her worry was still there. "I-I need to you create a sweet treat filled with some prana. S-Sapphire, can you help her with the task?"
    "Yes." The Mystic Code replied as she instructed the newfound magical girl in the creation of the small piece of food.

    It was a big cookie, something that made me frown at the texture as it was almost too white but I took it out of the blonde's hand and moved it right above the snarling Einzbern, the girl didn't skip a beat in biting an acceptable chunk out of the treat and.. she munched at it calmly. Her eyes widened a little as the prana invigorated her body while the sweet taste soothed her mind and she stared at the cookie hungrily.

    "I can give you the rest of it.." I started, biting down the pain running in my limbs. "If- If you promise us to not do anything drastic. W-We don't want to hurt you, Illya."

    She blinked as I muttered her name once more. "H-How do you know who I am?"

    "I know lots of things and... my arm here is going sore with the shenanigans I've been through. I will explain later."

    She stared hardly at me for few moments before nodding. "B-But you are not friend with.. her?"

    Luvia looked confused and I sighed tiredly. "No, we are not allied with your other self."

    Another surprised look but she finally nodded once more and I lowered the cookie close to her face, letting her munch at the treat a little longer as I tried to keep an amiable stance in front of the distrusting pseudo-Servant.

    This was going to be a long day.

    We had settled to sit in circle in a small hiding spot between the deep foliage.

    I was lying on the ground while the two girls were chatting together as I tried to catch some rest.

    "So you are... from a parallel universe?" Kuro had seemingly accepted our goodwill and was engaged in quite the Q&A with Luvia.

    "That is correct." The blonde was quite enjoying being away from the previous action-filled, insane moments, the relaxed expression on her face showing this much.

    "And you are here for... the cards?"

    Blue eyes narrowed as the Edelfelt thought about it. What was her mission her?

    She turned to stare at my resting body. "Why are we here?"

    I blinked at the question and sighed, hoping to give enough stuff for them to not ask further. "We are here to make sure the Cards are secured in a safe place AND deal with the one that put them in this universe."

    Her tongue clicked in her teeth. "Truly? Is the situation really demanding this much of a following."

    "A following?"

    I grimaced as my mind was not up to answer everything now. "This universe is set in 2004, 10 years from where we come from, and its main quality is the fact the Holy Grail was dismantled before the Fourth War."

    Kuro blinked at the answer. "1994? Isn't that the time the Fourth Heaven Feel was supposed to happen?"

    "T-Then why you want the Grail dismantled?"

    My hands were on my face as I groaned loudly before the two staring at me. "I have... reasons! Reasons I know that Illya will be eager to tell you about in regard of the Grail's sacrifice."

    The blonde frowned. "Sacrifice?"

    "Despite the competition being mostly known for the battle between 7 Heroic Spirits led by 7 Masters, the truth is that the Grail existed to facilitate a clear path to the Root. The means for this to happen was the Einzbern's unique talent in Wishcraft."

    "They overpower a conduit tuned to Wishcraft with the souls of the Heroic Spirits and the one from the Homunculus used to channel the spirits to stabilise the process."

    "But then why everyone says that it is any possible wish if it is just calibrated to reach the Root?"

    This time I... didn't have an answer and we both turned to Kuro, the tanned girl fidgeting in her seat before realising that she was being stared at. She flinched a little but ended up answering our little dilemma.

    "It... was manpower."

    ... "W-What?"

    "Seven Servants is the least amount of energy required to permit a connection to the Akashic Records and there were only three Masters ready to share a single wish. Other influencial individuals were greedy at the time and so the founders set a lure for their desires."

    "The Holy Grail, catfishing Magi since 1814."

    Kuro blushed at those words. "I-It wasn't that bad. I- I mean- Sure, Nagato had warned both Justeaze and Zolken that it would have been a bad idea but how should have they known that the mess that were the 2nd and 3rd War were going to happen?!"

    ..."I think I will take a nap. Please don't try anything on me, Illya."

    "W-What about the ones that are searching for me?" Her concern wasn't misplaced and I groaned, giving a glance to the currently floating Kaleidostick.

    "Sapphire, from what I remember you should be able to contact Ruby. Could you try and send a message to this universe's countepart of your sister to prepare a meeting in two hours by the Edelfelt mansion?"

    "Why?" I blinked tiredly at the panicked question.

    "Because we need to settle down the 'feud' you have with the other Illya without you being killed one way or another."

    She opened her mouth again to protest but paused, closing it quietly and deciding to think about my words.

    Sapphire nodded my direction as she tried to get hold of Prillya Ruby's prana pattern, no more questions being asked as I finally let the stress of this long day take hold over his consciousness. Slowly I was lulled in a state of sleep, my mind fending off against the nightmares of the life I had at the Matou mansion as I tried to achieve a good rest.

    It was unnerving that I had just an hour to nap as I still had so much to do before the mind-blowing encounter.

    We had moved to a nice café on the edge of the city, knowing that going in the more inner sections could increase the chances of encountering some people that would mistake the tanned Einzbern with the fair-skinned one.

    The first thing being making sure I could trust Kuro to not murder Prillya.

    I started the debate with a simple topic, weather, and proceeded to make some simple demands over where we were going.

    "B-But she took my place!"

    I sighed at the loud rebuttal. "She didn't do anything, it was mostly your parents' decision at that point."

    She snorted, crossed her arms close to her chest as she tried some pouting.

    "From what I understand.. you wish to 'slay' your counterpart and.. then what?"

    Luvia's question was a legitimate one as the Einzbern looked surprised at that specific query to something she hardly considered in her initial plans.

    "I... getting along with Papa and Mama would be difficult if I.. killed her." I nodded with a smile but she still huffed disgruntled. "B-But I am the real one."

    "Technically you are wrong about that." Thank God I had some paper in my backpack as I started to write down things I was going to say. "You are the Einzbern-created personality that is usually active in a Justeaze-model homunculus, which was sealed away from Kerry and Iri and then got out of 'your' body."

    Truly a confusing but fascinating topic. "You could be considered a Pseudo-Servant. Your main body is Illyasviel von Einzbern but the 'clay' used to build it up is from Counter-Guardian EMIYA's Heroic Spirit."

    She flinched at the name and I paused a moment to try and remember if Kuro knew or not about the Archer Card's identity.

    "H-how do you know that?"

    I opened my mouth to answer when Luvia slammed her hands on the small metallic table. "No excuses, no lies!"

    I blinked in surprise at the outburst. That was the very situation I had wanted to avoid, knowing full well that this was not ideal for my survival plans.
    But then again I needed to have the Edelfelt's loyalty to avoid any possible issue with her.

    "I will say that... I know many things of the Moonlit World." I looked at Luvia and then back at Kuro. "About the past, the present... and the future."

    "Preposterous!" Seriously? A seven years old girl capable of using that word? That reminds me so much about the strictness of the Magus families and the early education they give to their children. "Such a capacity w-wouldn't be keep unknown, especially because it would-" "Warrant a Seal Designation?"

    She closed her mouth, paling a little as she now noticed my dry expression at that horrible fate. "I-I didn't mean-" "I know you didn't mean it. I know that you are a good person."

    "But?" I glanced at the Einzbern, the tanned girl recognising that I had something that needed to be said.

    "The reason I am concerned about this meeting is that... you might not like how you behave around some people."

    The blonde frowned. "How I behave? What would my older version be doing to be given such accusation-"

    "You are daily engaged in a petty competition with the second apprentice of Zelretch, which is not me in this timeline, about trying to win the heart of a red-head boy that frankly doesn't have much charisma to start with-" "H-Hey! Oniichan isn't that bad!"

    I paused, the dreadful words piling up inside my throat as I delivered a really harsh truth about Kuro. "You mean your biological Oniichan?"

    She frowned. "He is adopted-" "But you share now a pattern similar to his own. Biologically speaking, thinking of him that way is incestuous."

    "B-But my other self-"
    "Is her adoptive sister and that would also be immoral before the laws of... the entire world!"

    She pouted a little and I decided to add some extra salt to the open injury. "You should also not contemplate engage in 'activities' with Miyu."

    ..."You mean Edelfelt's younger sister?" At this Luvia looked confused at the news that she had a younger sibling.

    "Yes but also no. Her 'adoption' is something related to this whole 'Cards' Debacle and her real name is.... Emiya Miyu."


    I sighed once more as I decided to give a full explanation of this timeline, without going to touch too much about the future section of it and getting some truthful oaths to not speak about anything I was telling them.

    An hour passed quickly and soon we were on our merry to reach the Edelfelt Mansion.

    I bet it was a shocking sight from the two morons to see two 7yos and a tanned Illya enter the office room they were waiting us for the meeting.

    Rin was pale, her mind already imagining the chaos that would be created by two Luvias, while her blonde colleague was confused at best.

    "Good morning and thank you for accepting the offer for negotiations regarding some issue my newest minion- Owh!" Even without her Class Card Installed, Kuro's punches stug like mad to my poor skin.

    "S-She is the one that tried to hurt me!"

    It was an interesting sight to see Prillya's funny reactions from this persepctive, the girl was exaggerating the whole outburst but it wasn't... that horrible to see from a simple elementary-grade school girl being thrown in this magical girl plot without any instructions for the use.

    At least this wasn't Madoka I was speaking with!

    "Indeed and she is quite ready to-" I blinked her direction, Kuro trying to appear unaware of my stare. "To?" She pouted and I sighed and gave a nod to chibi-Luvia, the girl materialising another mana-filled cookie in my hand.

    "I can give some compromise but-" She didn't let me finish as she stole the treat out of my hands and munched at it quickly, gulping and then bowing in front of a confused Miyu and Illya.

    "I'm sorry for... trying to hurt you."


    "There is a lot to say and..." I grimaced as I was prepping myself to remind everyone about two present threats in the near future. "And it is not all that funny."


    The meeting will continue next chapter as... there is a LOT TO SAY AND AVOID!

    Lastly, Just to let me know if you have suggestions I might use for the plot, maybe even something that Prillya doesn't truly show in the canon series like..

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    Nice to see this here! I like the story over on sv so its nice to see thos reaching a larger audience
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    Nice to see the story here.
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    More the West then the East (and that is due to Christianity inheriting the Hebrew Bible, and thus the record of Hebrew Law), which typically qualifies sexual relations between family members as incest, even if their is no blood relation. It is still legal for actual blood cousins to marry in several Asian States, thus I would be surprised if marrying an adopted sibling actually be a crime in those nations (of which Japan is one, IIRC).

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    Chapter 2: Girls, Cards and Worm

    This is... a terrible predicament.

    I had expected that things would have been far more different than what I knew of the Kaleidverse but... Kiritsugu and Irisviel were in Fuyuki right now and they were already suspecting about Illya's little magical adventure.

    I had hoped that the changes would have been minimal at best, like the Tohsakas still living in Fuyuki for some reason or that Shirou had not been adopted... but the mere idea that the Magus Killer was there, quite close to find about the whole 'magical girl' debacle was something chilling.

    And that was the first of the infinite issues that were there in Fuyuki that the series has never touched nor hinted.

    The second problem, a personal one, was that the Matou existed just... not in the way I had expected.

    It would seem that Zouken had perished few months after the dismantling of the Grail, the proud bastard deciding against trying to tickle the ever-attentive Zelretch about a Dark Grail and had decided that there wasn't anything worthwile to do in his life.

    The worms had all been removed but at the cost of the family losing their noble title for the horrible practice being brought to attention to the major individuals in Clock Tower. Byakuya had lived happily with his wife and a little child that was conceived two years after Zouken's death.

    It stung a little that there was no Shinji in this part of the Kaleidverse, that I was pretty much like Miyu at this point but I was hardly happy that the old worm had died mysteriously, something in the back of my head demanding real evidence of his passing.

    Maybe I was paranoid but.. I am not willing to deal with two old bastards and their habit to cheat for some stupid Wish. The Grail was stupid like the ones that believed it to be some blessing from the past.

    It is a curse and... I will destroy any single one I will find in my path.

    But let us pause for a moment. Let us return to a real problem that was going to be a hassle to deal with. Where was I supposed to live while staying in this dimension?

    The 'kindness' from the older version of Luvia was refused on the basis her mansion was right in front of the home of a man capable of killing me if he caught me in some shady situations, plus my mind was not ready to deal with the Rin-Luvia shenanigans in an usual basis.

    The Matou Mansion was now in ruins and it would take too much coin and effort to restore it to acceptable conditions and the former home of the Tohsakas was in a worse situations.

    I was kind of touched when Prillya, red-faced and quite embarrassed, expressed her hospitality if there was no other places that could house us all. I declined again but this time I explained that the reasons was more about her father's and mother's reactions to two unknown Magus asking for two rooms for free.

    I could already imagine two Origin Bullets being rapidly fired, the first one between my eyes and the last one between my legs.

    It was actually Kuro that pointed out something I had totally forgotten about this universe. There was the Einzbern Castle still sitting by the end of the town's forest, with fully operational Homunculi working day and night to make sure the fortress was optimal to live in.

    But I should explain the logic behind this acceptable option: when the Greater Grail was dismantled and the Einzberns decided to let Irisviel and Kiritsugu go and live their merry life away from the strict family, the group had pushed for two simple demands. A) Illya's memory regarding the Grail's working and the ones related Justeaze were to be sealed away and B) Irisviel would have to forfeit her rights as heiress to the family.

    Both clauses were accepted and Illya's mother was Einzbern only nominally at best, leaving the castle's inheritance to... Kuro.

    Now things turn tricky as the pseudo-servant's claim was stronger than anything Illya herself could muster legally. Being the direct part from Illyasviel that is related to Justeaze and now a independent individual, Kuro/Chloe was the sole heiress to the old Magus family from Germany.

    The idea was instantly approved by the girl herself much to Prillya's dismay. Maybe it was disappointment because she wanted a 'younger' sibling or maybe she just wanted to accomplish her little 'Oneesama' kink she had long harbored in secret.

    I almost wanted to pinch those adorable cheeks but then it would become weird. It would become quite awkard and if I have to be honest, the FBI is still a tangible threat to fear for a small Magus like me.

    It was utterly hilarious when I had to explain how to beat Bazzett in the quickest and craziest way possible. Let Miyu install the Cu Chulainn Card and let the Irish woman fawn over the Lancer Loli.

    And in the middle of that embarrassing moment, the 'adopted' Edelfelt made it clear with her gestures that she had a question she wished to ask me.

    'Did I know about her predicament?'

    It was subtle but I could clearly see her nervous about it all and I decided to be today. "He is alive."

    Surprise ruled in that maelstrom of emotions hidden within the quiet girl's visage but a small brave smile showed gratitude. What a delightful response, I mused as I found amusing Prillya's confusion over my words.

    As the meeting was concluded I was surprised the moment I was stopped by Chibi-Luvia. The blonde took hold of my arm, keeping me stuck and confused. Her eyes were directed to the floor but there was once in a while a flicker my direction. "Are you okay?"

    She started to tremble a little and my free hand went to pull her in a small hug.

    Maybe I should have picked better words to address the fact the young version of the 'Ohohohoh' was quite distressed by the overwhelming situation, something that looked so endless in her logic to solve and.. yet I could see it so clearly.

    But the problem lingered far away from mere present circumnstances and hovered over a terrible realisation I had time and time again come to forget.
    Luvia was 7, my own age, and she had two doting but loving parents. Sure, becoming Zelretch's apprentice was enough of a treat to coat the growing anxiety but it vanished the moment reality reared its ugly face.

    She was stuck in a place with familiar faces that barely give her the same comfort that gave before being thrown here. Like a castaway stuck in a city, one that had long forgotten its past familiarity to assume a better concept that alienates the very exiled man that had sought for so long to make a return to it.

    Luvia was stuck in the water that is the unknown to her and... I was the small boat, that she had grown accustomed to, that could help her from drowning in the nothingness.

    See? I can be quite the poetic trash once in a while.

    "Do you want to come with us?" Maybe I should have said 'with me' but then I would have to face double the trouble that rose out of that question.

    "Little Luvia is an Edelfelt and she will live here, foolish Matou." Cold, political and quite extravagant. If I was to compare chibi-Luvia with the older one I would say those were the adjective she would have acquired if she had stayed within the walls of Clock Towers, where only politics and powerplays made Magi capable of gaining some important standing within the Moonlit World.

    "She has the right to decide where to stay and..." I turned to look at a frowning Kuro. "I suppose one person will not 'burden' the Castle too much?"

    She knew I was joking about it, the servitude being as plentiful as the rooms available in the fortress, but she nodded nonetheless. Her eyes were glowing a curious light, craving to.. ask something.

    Hopefully nothing that saw me going to jail one way or another, I stated within the safety of my mind.

    In the end, Chibi-Luvia accepted the proposal, continuing to hold my arm even after we stepped over the gates of the mansion and I decided to not mind it over too much as my glance was stolen by another sight. One far scarier than I had thought possible.

    Caring for some small flowers growing in some of the pots near his house's entrance, Kiritsugu Emiya glanced up and in my direction, giving me a long look that managed to send a multitude of shivers down my little spine before returning to his gardening.

    What an annoying Hero of Justice.

    The insides of the Castle were far warmer than I had expected. I contemplated if it was something like some special magecraft applied there or this was the result of a modernisation led by the last generation of Einzberns.

    Maybe both, I deduced without much proof, maybe both.

    The reason I was staring so hard to try and focus on things so flimsy was because I was unnerved by the Homunculi. The realistic touch to the emotionless being was something I had hoped wouldn't have been as impactful as it was being to my mind.

    Those are not real people. That is what I was trying to repeat like a mantra the more I saw the ever-so-similar maids around the castle's halls. Those are not real people.

    It sounded cruel but... the sight was inhumane. To consider those models humans would be like saying that Illumi from Hunter x Hunter was one of the most cheerful characters ever existed.

    The emotion, or lack thereof, was something that added more to the dreadful lullaby those individuals made while walking. The pattern was always the same, the steps being so perfect that sounded so dull to my ears.

    Maybe challenging myself to not get killed by the Magus Killer would have been a funnier exercise for my mind than dealing with this psychological torture.

    At least the worms are not hurting.

    "I wonder if there is still some gold from the Grail within the Castle..." I paled a little as Kuro mused outloud those very words. "Maybe we could sell it to have something to use." Her glowing eyes turned my direction and I felt addressed by the girl.

    Sell Fafnir's cursed gold? It would be a good way to get rid of the bad luck this place has if there was any lying around. I nodded at her and Kuro looked pleased by my approval. I was doubtful that this wasn't out of mere friendship but.. that it was because I proved to be a stable crutch in her current instability and had been the very first individual that didn't considered her a.. mistake.

    I wonder what Irisviel actually thought when she first saw that part of her daughter she had hoped she would have never see until the very end of her life. Maybe regret, the knowledge that she had been sentient must have been terrible to deal.. and yet she hadn't showed much reaction about it.

    Was I rambling now? Maybe this world was just as cotton-candyish as I had expected or maybe the world is dumb enough to ignore the chaos and terror it was still suffering everyday.

    I mean, does the Magus Killer even do missions? I could remember that his job was something that he accomplished oversea, in foreign countries. Like assassinations were supposed to be.

    Today was truly a good day to consider gloomy fates but maybe it was in my DNA as a member of the Matou family. We are edgy and tragic. We are tragedgey.

    I wonder if puns are truly the first sign of depression in people...

    Ignoring this insignificant monologue, I returned back to stare at the door that led to a simple room. The main feature, a large bed (which looked a little smaller than Queen-size) looked quite soft to my tired eyes, but I was far too much experienced with deceptive looks to know that this wasn't the case.
    I wonder when was the last time the Einzberns had considered to optimize their living quarters- Actually, I wonder if Kuro will be interested in buying a TV, console and videogames just like Illya did in Carnival Phantasm. Sadly there wouldn't be a faithful Berserker-kun helping in buying batteries for the gamepads if that was the case.

    Anyway my 'room' looked quite big, maybe twice as big as it was back in my 'home' and less oppressive too. There was a large part of the wall in front of the bed dedicated to the wardrobe, a massive wood furniture that reminded me of a womanly-house.

    Obviously mine wasn't some kind of derogative insult towards the family but the castle was hold and I doubt the Einzberns had ever had trouble with the equal male-female sthick. I mean, wasn't Justeaze the head of the family in a certain period of their history?

    Returning back to the room, I noticed that it had been refurbished with clean objects but no clothes. Smart Kuro, knowing that it would have been quite distasteful to have old clothes to wear when going outside. That also reminded me we were going for a shopping spree, one that would have Luvia and Kuro as protagonists and... I was going to die by boredom.

    I stared out of the window, my blue eyes still tired out and I noticed it was afternoon. Soon it will be time for some dinner and hopefully the food reserves were well-stocked... somehow.

    Hopefully we weren't going to eat wood out of the long tables of the dining rooms of this large fortress because that would be quite the 'crux' of the situation.


    Goddammit, was that even a pun or just trash now coming out of my mind?

    It would seem like my head was starting to lose its touch when dealing with the disappointing situation and- "Uh?"

    I was tackled on the bed from behind, couldn't see at first whom was the culprit but her arms were lax in letting me turn around in her hold and.. I blinked as Kuro snuggled her head close to my chest.

    "Are you low in Prana?"

    She glanced up, quickly shaking her head as she returned to stare in the distance, absent to the world. "No."

    Few moments passed in silence and then the girl spoke again. "When did things went wrong?" I blinked again. "When did I start to see myself not as Illyasviel von Einzbern?"

    I frowned at her words, contemplating why she was suffering now this kind of identity crisis. I had yet to tell her something about that but...

    "I suppose it starts because you are not her."

    She didn't reject my words, merely narrowing her eyes in a confused stare before sighing. "Why am I not her?"

    "You are part of Illyasviel von Einzbern. Just like the one that live in this world with that name is." I paused for a moment, trying to remember how to phrase this kind of explanation without my death. "You are a mashup of a Hero and Justeaze. You are unique."

    "A copy of copies?" I blinked twice at that, a small smile rousing in my face as I thought how amusing it was that she considered her that.

    "Why are you smiling?"

    "Because you fail to see a very big detail, right on your face." I poked at her nose and her lips, still stuck in a thin line, showed a quick upward twitch. "You are someone, Illya. You may have whatever name you wish to have. Illya, Kuro, Chloe... you are still someone that is alive and.. can feel emotions like a human being."

    I looked up at the room's ceiling. "Maybe you have a mix of different abilities some have used in the past but... who doesn't think what you have isn't cool? How many people would crave to have this opportunity in their lives... you have been blessed. Half and half but... it still counts as a blessing."

    "How so?"

    My smile widened just a little as I enjoyed how wrong I was about the bed being sturdy.

    "You can live. So live and be alive."


    At first it was muffled in my shirt then she move her mouth up, letting a delicious series of giggles that ended with the biggest grin I had ever seen in her face.

    "Shinji." She tilted her head cheerfully. "I am glad I met you."

    I was glad myself but I decided to nod at her, my hand now patting her head softly as I let sleep take over my mind. Maybe I will regret falling asleep with a known pervert resting on my chest but... I was tired. I needed to unwind those monumental moments with some rest.

    What a good day to be alive.



    Shinji is safe and sound, Luvia is a lovely child and Kuro will turn into something peculiar. She will tease people but... she will be more open around those she felt she can trust.

    Also the reason Shinji didn't tell Rin and Older!Luvia about the fourth card is... for a childish reason. It will all become clear next chapter.

    Lastly I noticed that people are looking at this. HALLELUJAH FROM THE LOWEST HELL'S CIRCLE! xD

    Are there pairi- NO DANGIT, Age is not just a number and Jail is not just a room. I will still drop some heavy fluff bomb left and right once in a while.
    You mentioned something about gender- I was doing it for the joke's sake! I am not going to sponsor any unnecessary politics in my stories if only for the sake of jokes and satirical content.

    Hello, I am a Nigerian Prince- HOW IN THE FUCK DO I GET SPAM EVEN THERE! xD
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    Chapter 3: Parents, Shopping and Worm

    I knew things were going to be dandy that morning by the annoying way I woke up. Purple eyes stared at the bed ceiling as my body started to follow my mind back in the land of the living. No more tired, actually very refreshed from that sleep, I groggily turned my attention to Kuro's sleeping face, quite close to mine.

    I admit my cheeks reddened a little at the closeness but I was quick to see that nothing 'unwanted' had happened in my rest. At least that was my initial deduction before I noticed that the pair of simple clothes I had been wearing before falling asleep had been folded by the end of the bed and.. I was wearing a simple, purple-themed PJ.

    Panic was chased down by logical reasoning over what could have happened while I was out for some rest. Kuro was wearing a pink PJ with small, white dots, something I could see the girl appreciate to put on to sleep and... I was actually surprised by the very situation I woke up into.

    There was none of the usual teasing, the need to embarrass people left and right just to charge up her mana's reserves. I was being reminded painfully of the Fate Stay Night version of Illyasviel von Einzbern.

    Short, mature and... quite kind to those she cared. The ending of the Heaven Feel's Route was still a sad part of the story I hardly stomached the moment I first saw it and it was one of the reason I liked Illya as a character, someone that would sacrifice to preserve her family's life.

    I decided to ignore the fact that Kuro may or may have not been directly responsible for my clothes change, seeing no 'weird actions' done on my body, but I knew I couldn't return back to sleep. The crescendo of voices echoing loudly through the castle continuing to persist even after the minutes I spent trying to remember where I was.

    Sleepiness faded as I felt newfound energy fuel me up. My hand carefully caressed the sleeping girl's head, moving away some strands of pink-white hair away from her tanned visage and... orange eyes slowly opened to stare back on my own eyes. She smiled softly, her eyelids half-closed. "Good morning."
    I smiled back, yet mine was possibly smaller. "Morning."

    Kuro stretched a little and rolled closer to my chest as she 'hmm'd a little. "Someone is causing... quite the loud mess."

    Her comment, albeit whispered, reached my ears perfectly and I sighed, confirming my agreement. "We should go and check."

    She groaned in the purple shirt I was wearing. "Don't wanna..."

    "C'mon, Illya, you need some-" "Chloe."

    ..."Uh?" She stared away from me, a pleasant smile in her face.

    "I decided to address myself as Chloe von Einzbern." She looked back at me once more. "I think you are right. I don't need to prove anything."

    I blinked as I sponged up this little bit of information. "Then... I remind you that you still need some mana to sustain your form-" "I am fine."

    My eyes narrowed at the interruption but she emphasised our closeness by tightening her hold over my arm and chest. "You had some... nightmares yesterday and you started to sweat a little."

    Oh... ohhh... "D-Did I say something-" "No. You didn't but-" She sighed tiredly as she closed momentarely her eyes. "I... He knew about the Matous. He knew but... never did much about it."

    I grimaced as I realised she was talking about EMIYA. It was no big secret the Archer Servant had never bothered to direct either Rin or Shirou to investigate Sakura's insane family.

    Sakura's insane family, not mine. I was beyond sanity to be recovered in any shape or form but... I will make things work.

    "But that wouldn't be enough to-" "Just enough to keep the reserves stable. I will ask when I need some mana."

    Did I just make Chloe a lot better in planning her needs than her annoying canon self did? Not that I despised her in the original series but... it was insane how much fan service she was subjected with in the Anime. Not even the Manga has ever reached that kind of lewd.

    "Still we need to see what is going on." She nodded slowly, her grimace showing quite the lacking willpower to deal with that madness so early in the morning and.. wasting the warmth of the bed. "Should we wake Luvia-chan up or..."

    "If she isn't already up, we could give her an hour or two more of rest. She is afterall dealing with a lot of things ever since she joined up in the madness."
    We got up from the bed and we were respectully giving each other our backs as we started to change our clothes to ones fitting to leave the room, yet I could see the girl twitching a little, maybe thinking about giving a peek or two at my naked back.

    Her resolution seemed to hold true to her early principles and... she twirled once to show her cute clothes as we both moved towards the door and- *Knock Knock* "C-Come in?"

    The girl's voice broke at first because of the unexpected knocking but quickly recomposed the moment it opened to show a panicked Homunculus maid.

    "I-Illyasviel-sama, intruders have tried to force their way in the castle. They asked parlay and are waiting for you by the gates."

    I had a feeling that I knew who was causing this ruckus, especially since Prillya would be quite easy to reveal that 'another' Illya is wandering around Fuyuki. I guess I should have expected something coming my way the moment I learned that the Magus Killer was home.

    "Shinji?" Her hand was on my sleeve, tugging softly at it as we slowly followed the maid back to the entrance. "Do you... think they will accept it?" And me? I could feel her add the more steps we took toward our destination.

    "They will." I stated as it was a factual matter. "They are way too soft to even think to kill you."

    Chloe hummed at my words, a bit relieved that she wasn't going to face some fight anytime soon. While her reserves had stabilised for a while during their rest, the girl was hardly in a position to even defend herself with what energy she still had.

    It took us few moments to reach the entrance of the fortress and... I admit I had not expected to find such a dreadful sight so early in the morning as my eyes landed on the two parents.

    Kiritsugu was wearing his usual dark clothes and was equipped with his Calico and the Colt Contender, armed with an Origin Bullet. His cold eyes as he patiently waited for us to arrive... this was all the least of my issues in that moment.

    Irisviel was wearing some kevlar, donning a red bandana and... was that a mother-f*cking gatling gun in her hands!?

    The lounge that was the main living room of the castle had been conceived with a need to represent warmth and safety within the sturdy walls of the fortress. This whole idea crashed and burned the moment the 'enemy' was invited inside and given some tea and cookies.

    How was I feeling in that moment? Incredibly scared as Irisviel's sweet smile promised more pain that whatever Kiritsugu could muster in his stone-like face. They had taken seat in one of the large couches while Chloe and I were sitting on the one right in front of theirs.

    I took a quick sip from the white cup, trying to find harmony in this insane moment and... I wasn't. Maybe we should have gone to pick up Luvia, just to bring more firepower in case of some fallout.

    "The weather is... nice today." I blinked as I wasn't the one that decided to break the ice, Kiritsugu staring calmly at his own tea as he said those words.
    "It is sunny..." This was difficult as both females in that room kept quiet, Chloe alternating glares from Kerry to Iri while her 'mother' was keeping her eyes fixed on me- "What is your name, young man?"

    A chill went down my spine the moment the woman asked that question, something attaching to her words as they reached my ears.

    I gulped nervously, trying to untie the knot in my throat. "M-Matou, Shinji Matou."

    She nodded, a somewhat pleased note settling in her features as she continued to stare at me. "Nice to meet you, Shinji-kun." She paused a moment, blinking just once as she continued. "By the way, why did you decide to kidnap our daughter?"

    ... "What?"

    "There is no reason for Illya-chan to go and run away with some strangers if not she had been kidnapped."

    What a plain logic but... it was Irisviel talking and I would have been quite surprised if she had made a less dunderheaded plan of action.

    "I didn't-" "What if I wanted to stay with Shinji-kun?"

    Red eyes moved away from my small body and onto Chloe's vivid orange. "Illya-chan-" "Chloe."

    The older Einzbern tilted her head a little in confusion but the girl didn't miss a beat. "Illya is the name of thechild you have taken care of after you sealed me away. I decided to pick the name 'Chloe' to identify myself from my... countepart."

    "B-But Chloe-chan- We would have been happy to consider you another child of ours-" "That is not the point, nor the reason I don't wish to live in that house."

    The tanned girl huffed, her arms crossing near her flat chest. "The mere idea that you can't even consider the 'seal' the very reason I am doing this is-" "Partly true and false."

    Their eyes quickly snapped my direction and I sighed as I prepared myself to deal with this mess of a world. Seriously, when you decide to leave this much emotional baggage unveiled, it is quite difficult for an 'intruder' to deal with it quietly and smoothly.

    "While your main issue is the fact your parents decided to seal that part of Illya's personality that is you, Chloe, that doesn't mean your intense dislike is motivated by this only." I paused for a moment, getting a quick breath. "Your being was incomplete when it was created physically and the Archer Card filled in the missing bits. The process left quite the subtle influence of the Heroic Spirit's hatred for Kiritsugu."

    ..."W-What?" Irisviel's voice sounded closer to a whisper than a clear, distinguishable query but I still answered as honestly and simply as I could.

    "The Heroic Spirit's True Name is Shirou Emiya, or Counter-Guardian EMIYA. The adopted son of a Kiritsugu Emiya that won the Holy Grail War, he lived a normal, somewhat disfunctional life until... the Fifth Grail War came to bite down his ass and got him straddled to the gorefest until he won and.. fell in love with a Servant."

    I was deadpanning by the end of the quick, summarised story as I seriously disliked Shirou Emiya in many of his shapes and forms. Only Prillya Shirou and Miyuverse one managed to be acceptable in my good list but it was because the former was just a normal teen while the latter started to care for his little sister early on and was ready to die for her survival.

    "But why would he hate Kiritsugu if-" "He decided to try to become a Hero of Justice."

    The Magus Killer paled a little and I merely stared at him, no hints of emotions as I tried to sound as objective as I could. "He hated it after becoming Alaya's dog and tried to kill every single Shirou Emiya he encounters in the Wars he is summoned."

    "How do you know about this?" I blinked as the experienced mercenary spoke, a dry tone in his voice as his throat was sore and aching under that unwarranted assault of mine.

    "Zelretch's student, I know stuff about the multiverse."

    He continued to look my direction for a few more seconds before finally accepting my excuse and dropping the subject altogether.

    "Still Chloe-chan should live with her parents-" "No."

    ..."Chloe-chan-" "I am serious with this, mama. I don't want to go there and... and I need time to think."

    Both deflated instantly at their respective words and I cringed a little as I hoped that none of them was going to cry in that moment. Seriously, why are women's emotions this similar to minefields in the Nasuverse?

    I sighed tiredly as I waited by the bench in front of the clothing story Chloe and Luvia had decided to enter. It has already been 30 minutes ever since I had last sighted them inside the shop and I was growing concerned over the limited budget we have managed to obtain by having Sapphire create a milion yen out of nothing.

    While this could be considered a case of counterfeit, I knew that spending that paper quickly or getting some real change out of different shops would solve the issue of getting caught by someone.

    Yet I hardly felt like a milion would have been enough to satisfy the needs and the craves of both females, Chloe wanting quite the large wardrobe while Luvia requiring one that befitted a noble of her stature.

    But I was happy to wait outside, unwilling to fall in that patient hellhole that wanted to make me stick around for hours as I would need some extra clothing if our stay was meant to be a long one because of the Ainsworths and their antics but I decided that the three sets of clothes I had prepared previously would be more than enough for what I had planned to do in this universe.

    I had to start to consider how to deal with the real threats that have yet to surface like... what was I supposed to do with Kid Gil? There were many possibilities and the most opportune choice was befriending him and.. asking him to do some favours for me.

    Simple things, I can assure you all, things about using Enkidu to steal some Cards I needed to have to... further study. If I managed to get hold over the Caster Card I could be able to do something against the Pandora's Box if my suspicions over the Card's functions were correct.

    If those were using a system to pull the heroic spirits within the real world similar to how Zouken had done with the classic Grail War, then I should be able to... switch the Spirit with another one, even one that should be impossible to summon in normal circumstances.

    The fact that we were going to fight in a world were Gaia's influence was weaker than usual also give me more hopes of accomplishing my little plan to deal with the Ainsworths.

    As I continued to think calmly about the future, I felt a familiar buzzing in my pocket and I pulled out a... cellphone?

    I blinked as I picked up the call and- "McRemitz called our offer a bluff and-" "She is destroying your house, Luvia. She doesn't have a warrant to do that."

    ... "Truly?"

    "Seriously, aren't you supposed to be knowing this kind of stuff more than a 7 years old should?"

    I could hear her pause a moment as she contemplated the best way to diver the attention out of that peculiar situation.

    "I heard that you were shopping around-" "Spare me the excuses, Edelfelt. Just get the 'invader' out of your property and continue for your merry way without bothering me."

    "Quite the gentleman, aren't you?" I smirked at her question. "I aim to please... myself."

    An unnerved 'huff' was the last thing I catched before the call ended, leaving me to once more stare at-oh.

    I was giving a long glance at the massive trail of bags filled to the brim with clothes when the two girls approached me, sharing a nervous smile. For some reason I knew that those were all theirs and.. my wallet was crying silently within the safety of my pocket.

    "W-We might need to call some maids to.. pick things up." "And make multiple journeys... too."

    I sighed tiredly as I realised that the greatest threat I was going to face in this world was the impressive thirst for clothes both girls had.

    My God, did I just made Chloe a proto-Illya?! And what is this about Irish redheads smashing into a noble's mansion? Shouldn't they do that only in pubs?!
    Anyway, Shinji has a simple but easy-to-fail plan that will require ingenuity and luck to truly work. If it doesn't? Well, that is why contigencies exist.

    Chloe, between Softcore!Illya and Angsty!Shirou: A tired girl, Chloe von Einzbern loves attentions from those she cares about. Differently from Kuro/Dark!Illya, Chloe moderates her attitude before strangers, teasing rarely if the situations allows it. The powerful arsenal of UBW is at her disposal but she lack the capacity to fully use the true power of EMIYA.

    Why do you say that EMIYA is Fate!Shirou and not UBW!Shirou? Because EMIYA develops UBW much after the Grail War and he is able to use it without its ill effects and addiction because Alaya supplement him with the energy required for the action. UBW!Shirou is exposed much earlier to the Reality Marble and he is seen obsessing over Tracing aimlessly during the time he spent in Clock Tower with Rin. I also suspect he actually become another Kiritsugu in that Route and not EMIYA himself.

    What about school? Chloe and Luvia will be sent to school next chapter while Shinji tries to find someone that would help him with his worm problems.
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    Thank you for the chapt and you need to threadmark the chapter 4? 3!
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    Ah, I loved that scene of meeting the parents. You thought Kiritsugu was the threat no it was Iri. SHE WENT FULL RAMBO AND BROUGHT A MOTHER FUCKING GATLING GUN!
  10. Threadmarks: Chapter 4: King, Tyrant and Worm

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    Chapter 4: King, Tyrant and Worm

    I was quite regretting having asked for help to the two moronic girls that are Rin and the older Luvia.

    Gloating at the fact I was asking, I repeat 'asking' and not 'begging' them to combine strengths to take on the Eight Card, was something that was grating on my incredibly short patience in this kind of situations. Serious kind of situations.

    I think the fact Bazett had accepted to join up in this little coalition managed to break through their dumb heads and bring them back to reality. The card had been leeching off prana for two months now and I wouldn't be surprised if the damage it had given to the Earth Pulse was more than a marginal one.
    The reason why I truly needed their help? I didn't have the resources nor the knowledge to afford to create the optimal condition to break into the Mirror World in the right place.

    It was way below underground and the labor it would take with only the three of us and mere physical hardwork would be insanely time-draining. So we had to concede that there was some utility within the idiots that were supposed to be grand apprentices of the Wizard Marshal.

    "Ah- Shinji-san, what are we doing... here?"

    Illya looked quite confused about the whole room prepared for the fight and I sighed calmly, understanding that something like this is far from easy to comprehend for someone her age, albeit she was older than the younger Luvia and I.

    "The eight card isn't... supposed to exist. It spawned in a place between the original dimension and ours, making it possible for a miracle to happen and... he is here."

    "What are you talking about, Matou?" The Irish Enforcer asked quickly. "Who is 'he' and what kind of miracle are we dealing with?"

    We all stepped in the Mirror World and... there the paradox smiled madly.

    A mix of Gilgamesh and two kind of corruptions, Pandora's Box and Angra Mainyu.

    I was still unsure how this all came to happen, how the Avenger Servant had wriggled his ass through space and time just to attach itself like a parasite on the child version of the King of Heroes.

    "Reincarnation." That put Rin, Bazett and older Luvia in an alarmed state as they stared at the greatest foe ever. "Gilgamesh, the first Hero."

    Speaking of the mindless Heroic Spirit, his red eyes were quick to adjust onto us, a pompous, kiddy cackle leaving his throat as the fight began. "Finally! I was waiting for some challenge-"

    A shield formed in front of Gil-kun as both Miyu and Illya launched their ranged attacks, not even a crack over its trasparent surface.

    "What a rude beginning! And I thought I would have made some friends today!"

    "Luvia-chan." The youngest magic girl glanced my direction but I could see she was fully taken by the dark humanoid floating mid-air. "Take him out."

    She merely blinked, frowing with some hesitation as she gauged the request. The previous attacks had failed and maybe she thought she didn't have enough.

    So I approached her slowly and patted her head, surprising her with my action and making her blush a little. "Do you remember what I told you about Sapphire and the Kaleidoscope?"

    "'E-Every wish, every need, every desire-'"

    "Shall become true, yes."

    I nodded and she smiled at her minor accomplishment. What can I say, her attention span is far better than any child her age. "Now take a good aim and... knock him out of the sky."

    She returned the nod as her vibrant blue eyes turned to Gilgamesh, the boy pausing in pulling everything out of the Gates of Babylon to stare at the Edelfelt, surprise turning in awe as a powerful blast of blue teared through the barrier and... a series of explosions rocked the poor sod from doing anything else.

    The spectacle lasted long and.. I recognised the rhythm within the barrage from somewhere I had recently... heard.

    I think I was looking quite mad in chuckling at what I understood was a very, very apt song for this kind of situations and, seriously, who let Luvia listen to the 1812 Overture of Tchaikovsky?

    The girl fidgeted a little in her position. "D-Did you like it?"

    "Did I like it!?" I exclaimed with a large smile. "That was brilliant!"

    Her eyes looked away as the red tinge in her cheeks returned full power. Ignoring the metaphysical sirens I was hearing in my ears, I returned to look at the battered shadow Gil, breathing raggedly as he tried to move away from the shitty predicament.

    "T-That was unfair!" He whined loudly and I sighed, nodding at Chloe as she rushed rapidly at the downed Heroic Spirit and pulling out the card out of the hole in his chest.

    The mud fell instantly, revealing a completely naked blond boy with red eyes. He was pouting very adorably.

    "Rude, unfair and uncalled for! I am trying to appear menacing and all and you!" He pointed his finger at me as a gate opened, releasing a set of clothes onto his waiting hand. "You are a party pooper."

    "But 'your majesty', I thought it would have been best for you to face someone worthy of your time with your mind and soul cleansed... even a little."

    He frowned at my open mockery but he kept a challenging smile. "Truly? And who it is?"

    His eyes wandered away to look at the group, his smile widening a little. "Is he or she here?"

    I nodded. "She is and... you cannot see her right now but-" Rin and older Luvia paled as I pulled out from my pocket a familiar card.

    "T-The Saber Card?" Indeed the small smooth card was in my grasp and the one they had safely assumed was the real one was merely a fake. It had been all part of a long plan, one that dissuaded the two incompetent girls to actually mess it up against the Ainsworths.

    The aftermath of the attack caused by Bazett was a good opportunity to take just what I needed to study and... modify. I had been quite surprised to know that Chloe had easily bypassed the remaining runes left to deter thieves in the Edelfelt Mansion to retrieve two cards and I had been quick to praise her impressive feat with kind words and headpats.

    The second card that had been taken, Caster, was supposed to help me in dealing with the mind-controlled Gilgamesh. I needed the chibi version of the strongest Hero to aid me in my little crusade against the pesky card makers.

    "Shinji-san, w-why did you take it?" Were those tears I was seeing on Illya's face?

    I can understand emotional but to mistake betterment with betrayal is quite harsh onto me. I am still dealing with depression- Geez!

    "I had long suspected that the cards had a matrix similar to what the Matou had used to create the Greater Grail and... I was mostly correct."

    The card started to glow a soft blue. "The foundation of the matrix is made by a Matou... but the new codes used within the card are innovative, so endearing and- But let's not digress."

    The card landed on the ground as I let it fall.

    "With a further modification I know how to replicate the miracle that created you, King of Heroes."

    His eyes widened in childish wonder and recognition.

    "You are summoning- no, you are incarnating a hero using the card as a sacrifice?" I nodded and he giggled happily.

    "That is good! Who is she?"

    I stared at the card and nodded to myself. "Summon!"

    The blinding light that showered the room was majestic, awe-inspiring and... preluded the beginning of a change in this world.

    As the light vanished and my eyes adjusted on the new figure, I felt a sense of dread knotting at my throat.

    I had messed up... just a little.

    The summoning array was supposed to bring forth the rightful version of the Hero in question, ignoring what kind of version had manifested previously.

    Yet this was proved wrong by the pale woman with yellow eyes in front of me, Excalibur Morgan a mesmerising sight to my vision.

    "Servant Sa-" Artoria paused with a shocked expression and turned to stare back at me.

    I blinked.

    She blinked.

    "Y-you- what?"

    ...Did I just made Saber Alter canon with this? Wasn't she supposed to be a version of King Arthur created by AM during FSN and only existing in that circumstance?

    I managed to get a hold over my confusion. "Y-You have been restored to the real world, King of Knights."

    Mentioning her title seemed to calm her a little out of that maddening situation she was experiencing in front of us all, while I tried to quickly make sense of why things went awry here.

    The commands I put on the card- those should have worked rightfully how I had written them and- I grimaced at the idea of doing something like that with the Caster card.

    Summoning Medea could easily create back her Lily version, nullifying the usefulness that is Rule Breaker. And that was unacceptable.

    "I suppose... you should be my.. master?" I could understand that this was a messy way to introduce myself to the reborn Dark-Tainted Tyrant but... I needed to return back to the real issue.

    Gilgamesh looked to be ready to lose his patience at this situation and I needed to break the ice with the woman. "I will explain our roles on a latter date, Artoria. I require your assistance against a threat to Humanity itself."

    Her eyes narrowed a little as I addressed her informally. "A threat?" She turned to stare at the waiting Kid Gil. "Is he a worthy challenge?"
    I think both the King of Heroes and I smiled at the questions.


    And the King of Knights required no more word as she was quickly rushing at the still Chibi-Archer, her jet black sword roaring dark flames as it approached Gilgamesh.

    Red eyes gave a mirthful light as the gates spawned behind the child and tried to intercept the fast Saber.

    Swords, axes, spears and lances failed to halt the march of the Tyrant and soon Gilgamesh noticed something I already knew and was exploiting. He wasn't whole.

    While he had retained his body and his mind, experience and half of his treasury had gone to the other card, the one Angelica guarded zealously.

    The following beating that saw a bored Artoria Alter mincing up the child was... partly gorey. There weren't limbs flying but... there was some blood being spilled here and there.

    I was slowly considering to call off the woman but... I realised that I didn't have Command Seals.


    I think I did mess up a little with this plan, or maybe I just succeeded more than I needed.

    We were once more inside the Edelfelt mansion and I was suffering the worst case of headache.

    While on my sides were Chloe and chibi Luvia, I was partly mortified by the fact Salter had decided to offer her lap as a seat for 'her Master', the young woman currently focusing on the cheeseburger I had managed to buy before being pulled inside the large house.

    I had tried to explain to her that the roles behind the classic Grail War weren't in vigor but she shot down my explanations and merely settled with the familiar roles.

    Meanwhile we were all sitting in the two opposite couches, an heavily bruised Kid Gil was softly resting in one of the small couches, a small pillow and a white cover helping him to rest. Rule Breaker had shattered the connection between Pandora and the King of Heroes, but I wasn't that much eager to let the flamboyant boy lurking around the city without a minder.

    That is why the current predicament was seriously eroding my sanity the more words were said by the two teens.
    "The eight card should be sealed away! He is not trustworthy-"

    "He was being manipulated and... he will cooperate with us because he would want to take revenge on the one who was controlling."

    Too much pride was within Gilgamesh, even his child form had a portion of that massive ego and that would explain his willingfulness to attack back Darius.

    "You said this was supposed to be a joint mission-"

    "For logistical purposes. I would hardly assign two little girls with little knowledge of the Kaleidoscope and the reach of their current abilities and two older ones unable to avoid bickering mid-fight."

    Miyu frowned a little at my words, maybe I had been a little harsh on their part since they had gone quite far without proper guidance. That, I suppose, should be given consideration too.

    "I-Is it about Luvia-chan being able to break through the shield?"

    I turned to Illya, the girl having that very look one had when realisation struck like a train on their mind. "That is an example."

    "But we are limited because-"


    The surrogate Edelfelt shut down as the youngest version of the blonde spoke curtly.

    "Sapphire confirmed that there is literally no limit to the scope of the Second Magic, making this something about... creativity."

    ... "E-EH?!"

    "You both have a slight stunt in your magical prowness caused by two distinct and different issues:"

    I pointed my finger at Miyu. "You are trying to 'make sense' of something that is meant to be senseless. Magic doesn't abide to natural laws and thinking otherwise is only going to reduce your capacity to fight and use its full potential."

    I moved the finger back to Illya. "You are incredibly influenced by Magical Girl... shows. The protagonists of those stories are mostly limited by what they can do and, while this helped you to develop quickly and smoothly, that doesn't mean you will end up in the same predicament Miyu-san is. You both are weaker than you are supposed to be... because you are not trying."

    "B-But I thought it was... Chloe-san's creation that made me weaker-"

    "That is because you got drained from part of your own magic and that influenced your capacity to quickly call upon the Kaleidoscope. You are merely... slower than before."

    "So what you are trying to say... is that we could ask for anything?"

    "You could," I sighed calmly but narrowed my eyes on the fellow dimensional hopper. "But I wouldn't try to do anything overly-complex knowing the repercussions it might have."


    "What?" Miyu asked with a soft voice.

    "Requesting thing through the Kaleidoscope is finnicky when said requests are complex," I replied calmly. "Asking to bring a person you know out of a terrible situation could easily bring the version of said person from a parallel universe. Meaning... it works pretty much like the infamous Genie's wishes."

    I would have used the Grail as an example but... I don't think part of the occupants would have known much about it to connect the dots.

    "You wish to fix 'that' predicament and I think you will be glad that 'we will be forced' to deal with it." I stated as cryptical as I could to the introvert girl, her eyes widening in surprise as I cited once more something that wasn't mean to be known outside of her, older Luvia and this dimension's Sapphire.

    "The Card Makers are trying to do something very dangerous and damaging for the multiverse."

    "The Card Makers? You know who they are?" I nodded at Rin, the girl finally asking a good question.

    "It is a family that copied most of the three grand families' works. The Ainsworths... are trying to create something far worse than the 'simple' system that is the Holy Grail War."

    "How much... worse?"

    I turned to glance at Chloe and noticed that she was incredibly interested on the matter. I suppose speaking of something 'worse' than an already deadly competition was something worrying.

    I opened my mouth-

    "Something that could see the end of Magic everywhere in the other universes."

    And stood silent as I turned around to glance at... an awake Gilgamesh.

    He smiled brightly as he turned his attention on me. "Hello friend."

    ...Since when we were friends?

    "I suppose I shall accept your kind request of hospitality and good food, properly offered to a king."


    "We didn't even talk about this, you brat." The tanned girl by my side spoke softly, yet her tone was far from calm as part of her growing concern started to influence her words.

    "Crude, genuinely true! I suppose I am being too much forward with how I wish to court Shinji-kun."





    "Y-You cannot be courting Shinji- h-he is a boy!" Little Luvia voiced out my thoughts but Kid Gil continued to smile, unfazed by the collective reaction."

    "But it can be done! Why, I have been quite interested in my friend Enkidu-"


    I- This cannot be allowed but- I need his help and- UGH!

    "Master." Artoria asked blankly, her golden eyes on my face. "Permission to teach a lesson to this little scoundrel."

    ...When did she get Excalibur Morgan out?


    Gil is here and, before anyone asks if I am pulling some Yaoi here, no. Gil's courting is... not romantic but... weird. Plain weird, especially because the previous individual he 'courted' was Enkidu.
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    Lol, I did not laugh as much as the first time I read it but the part of Gil wanting to court you still made me laugh. Then artoria gets defensive lol as your only servant.
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    Is this an AU element? Canonically, the Greater (and Lesser) Grail(s) were the creation of the Einzbern (with assistance from Zeltrech), while the Makiri (Matou) were the ones who constructed the Command Seals.

    I think you should use Monkey's Paw instead of Genire's wishes. In the original myths and tales, Genie's were bound to fulfill the spirit of the wish, so no "careful what you wish for" scenarios. It's the tale of the Monkey's Paw that has the corrupting of the person's wishes.


    Confused about the name. Illya does die and resurrect constantly in Priya :p

    Where is the original?

    HF levels only happen in Part 3 and even then they are rare.

    THis is more a description of how the 6 Heroic Spirit version works (which grants both the Master and the Servant a Wish). The 7 sacrifice that leads the Master to the Root works more through the Kaleidoscope than Wishcraft. By having all seven Servants return at the same time, the Grail is able to follow them creating a tunnel. That tunnel allows the Master to reach the Root (since the Throne is out of normal space-time).

    Pretty sure Kiri and Iri killed them all in Priya. It was one of the darker moments (although it was casually mentioned and with everything else going on, just consumed by the 'comedy').

    Considering he is a Japanese citizen in Japan, it would be the the American organization he would need to be concerned with is the CIA. His greatest concern should be the Moonlit World and the Japanese National Police Agency.


    Don't worry, since she is 3 years older, she is the (statutory) rapist. You are the victim :p

    A little surprised to see him. In Priya, we still haven't seen Illyaverse Kiri in person yet (from Illya's PoV).

    ...he should have had CHloe use Wishcraft enhanced Tracing to make a spray bottle, and treated Kiri like a bad dog. "You do not give Iri a gun, let alone a gatling gun. Bad Kiri! Bad!" :D

    This sounds very dark. Are you implying Kiri transplanted his soul into Shirou and took him over? Is he the 24th Dead Apostle Ancestor in this one :p
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2020
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    Chapter 5: School, Priest and Worm

    "B-But why do I need to go to that place?" Luvia whined at the prospect of being sent to school. "I am the heiress of a noble Magus family and I don't need common education-"

    While this is indeed a weird decision because of the tight schedule I was forced to deal with, I still needed to have an excuse to approach Homurahara Academy without becoming a student myself.

    I wasn't going to deal with the shenanigans happening there, too much of a drag to go along with the insanity prospering in what was supposed to be a normal place of learning and education.

    "New friends, subjects that Magus family never teaches and..." I started to list, then I paused drammatically, her eyes narrowing in curiosity as my widening smile. "I will buy you some ice cream once you are done with your first day."

    Luvia paused, the idea of a pleasant reward like the delicious and sweet treat started to slowly overturn her small opposition. Considering that I also gave her something else to do other than being bored and doing nothing within the Einzbern Castleand, she quickly conceded to my point and 'sadly' decided to go to school.

    Chloe was actually the one that took the request happily and eagerly, already wearing her uniform and her new dark-purple backpack. A giggle reaching my ears as I noticed the tanned girl smirking my direction and posing with her new clothes.

    "Ne, Shinji-kun, are you already checking me out?" The little blonde blushed at the tease but I was merely smiling as it completely sunk in my brain without getting much of a change in my expression.

    My initial silent reaction seemed to unbalance Kuro and I took the opportunity to return the favour with some amusement coating the sweet victory.

    "I was merely enjoying the fact that you are so happy to go to school," I admitted with a frank tone. "I guess I am proud and..." I let some of my amusement make my smile twitch. "Do you want to be checked out, Chloe-chan?"

    The effect was immediate much to my glee. A scandalized look with severe hints of embarassment, a light blush turning moderately pink, her eyes an hurricane of emotions that didn't allow nothing to truly pass through her shock.

    Truly a delightful counterattack!

    I let out a loud chuckle, a muffled giggle following soon by a red-faced Luvia but the blonde was instantly looking away from the Einzbern's and my stares, with Chloe pouting cutely while also annoyed at the counter-tease.

    We were already by the door and I decided to leave one last request to the oldest of the two. "Remember that school isn't meant to be a competition, don't try to win a 'challenge' at school. We both know there isn't one between you and Illya."

    Kuro looked bummed but nodded begrudgingly at my request, knowing that there wasn't much to do about it.

    "I will behave until she does." She replied as she took the lead of the duo, Luvia turning around for a moment to wave nervously my direction before resuming her walk, which I returned with a nod.

    Closing the front door, I turned around to see-

    "Good morning, Shinji-kun."

    Red eyes were vibrating with absurd optimism and the mere close-up sight was enough to make me jump back. "Gah!"

    A masculine giggle left his throat as Gilgamesh tilted his head in genuine amusement. "Did I scare you, friend?"

    I sighed at the King of Heroes' faux curiousity over my reaction.

    "You did, Gil," I admitted with a sigh. "Seriously, what is with people and jumpscares nowadays."

    "It is more about how your type of people react to this with... quite the endearing reaction." He smugly replied. "You are just a treat to look at when you are flustered, by the way."

    I grimaced as once more I had to deal with this new unpleasant development. While the blond kid had barely tried to go beyond simple pseudo-flirting, I was still weirded out by the situation.

    If I hadn't been Shinji, then the scene would have been comical since... yeah, the several deaths of the Shinji by the King of Heroes.

    I wonder if death by jealous Gilgamesh was going to become a real issue to be wary of.

    But it wasn't a case that the Archer was here by the entrance, I was actually waiting for Artoria to arrive so that we cold finally go and have a private consultation with someone more or less trustworthy within town.

    I had been contemplating about solving this major issue early on, before going to Clocktower and get into riskier businesses about it, but I was morally convinced to deal with the greater problem first, leaving the lesser evil to pester a little longer, and I wasn't even sure if this was going to end positively for me.

    It was a pale blur that made me notice the woman now in front of me. "I'm here, Ma- Shinji." She greeted with a quick but courteous nod.

    To think I would have to deal with the edgier and more blunt version of King Arthur the same way Shirou had to in the original story was... thrilling.

    It wasn't a case that I had also started to tinker around the massive kitchens of the castle, trying to get some knowledge in making some pseudo-junkfood to appease the voracious lady with sword.

    While the 'normal Saber' would have accepted all kinds of food if it was refined by good hands, Salter was a completely different woman with incredibly specific interests.

    Her tastes were less regal and more earthly compared to the Ideal King in FSN so, when I tried to serve her a cheeseburger I have carefully crafted with the available ingredients and she found it delicious, I knew I had conquered her full loyalty by the mirthful expression that domineered nowadays.

    "Good morning, Artoria. I hope you had pleasant dreams." She nodded at the kind words and soon we were all starting to walk out of the fortress with our destination being the Fuyuki Church.

    ...Uh? Why are you staring at me like tha- Oh right, I totally forgot.

    A quick search around the city confirmed that this universe Kirei Kotomine became the local Christian priest of the only church in the city after his father had passed away peacefully and in his sleep.

    The stern-looking man having actually gained quite a good standing with the people and having hosted several local events together with his daughter in the last few years.

    It was Caren Hortensia of this timeline that was turning to be the biggest headache to stomach.

    While there had been some documents that said that she had been living in Italy for some time, there was no indication nor detail between her arrival in Japan and her gaining a job as a nurse in Homurahara Academy that could give me further hints over her personality.

    Older than her FHA counterpart, this Caren seemed to have a weakened sadistic attitude and was less prone to proceed with her painful promises, maybe her broader knowledge of the world giving her less of a blunt edge to her mind.

    Maybe it was the fact that the known threats were given to young students and the young woman knew that if she went along the lines she would enunciate then her job here would be forfeited.

    Thankfully, today I was going to deal with just one of them and hopefully it was the least problematic of the two nutcases.

    Like heck I was going to deal with the sadist father-daughter duo without a proper mindset ready to face their combined insanity.

    The walk was a calm one as we avoided walking near any of the major no-no areas in town, making the whole experience a tad bit more easy to enjoy as I could imagine this Fuyuki being the future of the city I was born in.

    No more Zouken, no more Grail and... no more senseless 'Hero of Justice' crap.

    As we continued to pace quietly in the crowded streets, I think I spotted in the distance a familiar redhead wearing a... very revealing maid dress. I blinked her direction but decided to not give too much attention to it.

    I had already enough issues to deal by being non-active with the plot, I don't need to deal with that fan service anytime ever.

    If I have to be honest, churches were the places I generally disliked the most since my previous life.

    Hours-long cerimonies, choirs singing that would either be too religious or too ear-bleeding to listen to and priests that behaved far too holier-than-thou in way too many circumstances than acceptable.

    So when I first stepped inside the Fuyuki Church, I could feel a grimace starting to build up on my face the more I walked towards the priest.

    Kirei Kotomine was softly praying while looking at the representation of Christ cruxified, when I finally reached him, Gilgamesh and Artoria followed behind me.

    "I have been waiting for you, Matou Shinji." The Kotomine muttered, breaking away from his prayers.

    I blinked as the man slowly and carefully turned to stare at me, his blank expression close to send shivers down my spine.

    "To think that I would see someone as young and diligent with what you have," He mused quietly, his eyes sporting a perplexed glint. "Such a blessing is unheard of."

    I bit down a groan as I felt the anti-Christian side of my morality rising up to the challenging times.

    I wasn't really attached to religion, for good reasons if I had to give further details, but I appreciated the current moral code of Christianity and thus I barely accepted it as a way of life to follow on a very limited scale of things.

    "While I would enjoy asking for some forgiveness," I joked dryly. "I suppose you also know that I am not for niceties." He nodded at my words.

    "I need you to check if it is possible to do a Spiritual Healing surgery-"

    "Impossible," Kirei interjected with a hum. "Sadly, it wouldn't work with what your predicament is and even if it was the chances of survival in the eventuality I decided to still try andoperate would be far too low to ignore."


    "Why wouldn't it work?" I felt my hopes crushed as the priest sighed calmly.

    "Spiritual Healing doesn't truly cure a condition, it restores the body, or part of it, to a previous situation," He explained quietly. "Since Zouken was known to have planted the Crest Worm in his family members from their birth, your body would be literally stripped off of any chances of ever gaining a control over magecraft."

    "W-What if I don't care about magecraft-"

    "Then you would be lying to yourself and to the world." He interrupted again, his tone gaining some color. I would say some bloody red.

    I froze, warmth leaving my face as I stared at the darkness hidden within Kirei's eyes. A glimpse was enough to send shivers through my soul and I felt stuck in place as he continued.

    I was dead, but also alive. The murderer was enjoying my inner squirming with pleased glee.

    The priest's amusement broke the moment several golden rips opened and Enkidu tied him up. The moment this happened I felt a warm hand squeezing softly at my shoulder, it was Artoria.

    "Tell us what to do, Master." She requested with a strong voice, her knowledge and distrust of the priest being more than enough of an incentive to go for some brutal response to this situation.

    The man started to laugh emptily, ignoring the horrible predicament he was being subjected as Enkidu wrapped around his limbs without strain.

    "Of course. To think this could have been done quickly."

    Intrigue flickered back but I was already facing the new wave of killing intent with a strong facade.

    Despite having none of the darkness present in the corrupted heart given to his other version, this man was as horrible as his counterpart, maybe worse considering the lack of external influences in his growth to evil.

    "You are going to change a lot of people... and yourself, Shinji-kun. Your terrible and majestic heart is a never-ending source of amusement for tired men and bored monsters," Kirei started to chuckle, but soon his amusement was interrupted by a quick fall on the floor. We were already leaving as he continued to speak, the threatening display seemingly leaving him giddy and eager for some horrible pleasure. "Try to keep that heart beating for as long as you can and... it will make the whole castle of card fall apart, I'm sure of it!"

    The words of a mad man, but those words would then reveal some sight of the true path. What an horrible heart I have...

    Chloe von Einzbern stared dully at the doodles she had just finished to draw of the small head of an angry tiger.

    It became quite clear after three hours of lessons why school was boring to normal children.

    Her maturity, the one that comes from Justeaze's memories, had been quick to dismiss the notion that a place of learning would turn this monotone so quickly but now that very part was keeping quiet as Taiga Fujimura continued to properly teach another topic in English.

    Her tone was flawless, something that the tanned girl recognized mere moments the young woman started to speak in the foreign language, but it was quick to pick up how she had accomplished such masterful level.

    Intonation, grammar knowledge and proper exercise of both writing and oral capacity to reply and speak in English.

    A simple pattern, one that the Einzbern was quick to write down in her small NekoArc notebook.

    As much as Chloe was glad that she was actually learning something out this first day, she was incredibly annoyed by the growing list of distractions that started to grate at her patience and calm.

    While her counterpart had been mostly quiet during the day, there had been timid attempts from her when the two were relatively close during the pause breaks, but nothing overly important or noteworthy in the general situation.

    Miyu was actually the one putting some effort in her trials, but it was mostly because her objective wasn't Chloe herself. Shinji had been quite open in explaining to her the situation regarding the usually introvert girl, the same sorrow that the Illya stuck within the walls of the Castle in Germany knew more than enough and that made the tanned Einzbern more than prone to be helpful of the girl.

    Yet something held her back from properly addressing the concerns of the faux Edelfelt, a sense of restriction coming from the deepest part of her consciousness.

    Was it jealousy? That was ruled out by the mere fact that Shinji had not shown any inclination towards that kind of relationship with the silly girl- but then what was holding her back?

    The answer lied in the lingering memories of her counterpart still within her mind.

    The sense of uneasiness and inadequacy that Miyu had been eager to stoke and fuel the first few times the two had interacted.

    She was being petty. Chloe von Einzbern was going to be childish when dealing with the fake Edelfelt, just like the silly girl had accused he-Illya to be.

    It was a matter of pride, of honor.

    She was a proud member of the Einzbern family and, no matter the current standing of the family, she still had to keep her head up and keep some resemblance of their legacy going.

    Ignoring the dumb attempts from her counterpart's friends about her identity and trying to investigate about the almost-identical appearance she had with the more soft-spoken Illya was something that was slowly turning Chloe mad. The angry kind of mad.

    Before the last straw could be broken, another teacher rushed inside the classroom, his eyes scanning around the place.

    "I-I'm sorry to interrupt your lesson, Fujimura-sensei," The young man stated with a nervous tone. "But there is a situation and one of the students has called for one Chloe von Einzbern."

    The woman blinked in surprise.

    "I-I, sure! Einzbern-san, please follow Takinaki-san. I don't think you will miss much with your current situation and-"

    But the girl was already chasing after the man before the Tiger of Fuyuki could finish, her mind picking any possible explanation about Luvia having troubles with her first day.

    Childish logic was employed as it was a good way to trace back little Luvia's attitude and she thought properly that simple excuses wouldn't warrant this staff's mobilization... so what had sparked this curious case this early on?

    As they turned the corner, amber eyes were quick to spot the blonde sitting on the floor just outside of her classroom. Her eyes were red and puffy, clear signs that she had been crying until very recently.

    Golden eyes blinked and soon the younger girl rushed her direction. Bracing herself for the impact, she let a single 'huf' as the little Edelfelt held her tightly, as if she was scared of something or someone.

    Now that was something curious, Kuro mused and she turned to the sad-looking teacher. "What happened to her?" The request was simple but, even though informal, the teacher replied.

    "One of the boys in the classroom got his nose broken by her," He started to explain with a neutral tone. "She says that she was defending a fellow classmate but the boys says that-"

    "Then she is right." The interjection was swiftly granted without hesitation.

    The interruption snapped him out of that depressing mood, surprised at the tone the tanned girl was now showing.

    "If Luvia said that she was defending herself and one of her classmates, then she is right." Chloe said once again.

    His surprise decayed in a defeated and hopeless expression.

    "You cannot say that for sure, Einzbern-san. She might be lying-" "That would be highly unlikely, sensei. I know that."

    The staunch defense was a strong enough deterrent to the appeasing attempt of the man as he tried to point out other scenarios and the girl slowly melted in Chloe's embrace at the support she was giving her.

    "Shinji will hate me."

    The muffled whisper reached the older girl's ears, which proceeded to pat the blonde's hair.

    "You did nothing wrong," Kuro replied with a snort. "He will share the same thoughts as mine about the matter."

    Luvia didn't spoke further, trying to find solace and comfort in the hug while the Einzbern felt happy that she was proving her maturity in this case.

    While little Luvia was still going to be an obstacle in conquering the seemingly unconquerable Shinji, she was still a ward protected by the Einzberns and Chloe wasn't going to forfeit an ally for some foul rumors coming from childish individuals.

    That was her oath.


    Kirei is a dingus, Kuro is a loving sister and chibi-Luvia get a taste of bitter life.

    Spiritual Healing, a misconception: I think I've read somewhere that the procedure is meant to be easy for people that knew their stuff... but it isn't. The procedure is something akin of a miracle as it is very unlikely to perform the surgery and get an immediate and positive result. That is why that option doesn't exist for the reasons Kirei had listed.

    What is this Kirei: The one that sells Mapo Tofu is the one from the Miyuverse, Prillyaverse Kirei is still a pathological monster with a kink for pain and sorrow. Caren will turn out to be a surprise next chapter.

    Chloe and School Life: While she is highly advanced thanks to Justeaze's knowledge and her inherent bookwormish attitude towards general study, Kuro is pretty much set for life... if it wasn't for boredom around the corner.

    Luvia and bullies: As much as she had grown in a semi-aristocratic family, Luvia is a child that knows the standard black and white vision of the world and she hardly can see a reason behind common cruelty among children.
  14. Threadmarks: Chapter 6: Nurse, Invitation and Worm

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    Chapter 6: Nurse, Invitation and Worm

    It is quite an interesting situation I had been presented with. Homurahara Academy is hardly showed in the franchise, at least not much is known about the rest of the teaching staff and the principal administering it.

    I noticed almost immediately that the office wasn’t meant to house the number of people it currently was holding. Taking one of the free seats in front of the headmaster’s, I gave just a quick glance around the place and grimaced just once.

    Deciding against bringing too much heat during this close encounter, I had asked for Gilgamesh and Salter to wander around (more like Artoria keeping the little King away from doing anything particular chaotic) as I fairly knew that I was going to be the safest in this formal office.

    I wasn’t surprised that there had been other individuals joining what was supposed to be a private meeting.

    One of the small couches was occupied by Irisviel and Kiritsugu, the married couple possibly having used Chloe’s presence in this situation to intrude in something that wasn’t actually related to her.

    Little Illya looked embarrassed, possibly because she too had understood that she wasn’t supposed to be there.

    Speaking of Einzberns, Kuro had carefully decided to pick the other seat in front of the headmaster, letting Luvia sit on her lap. A choice that wasn’t simply motivated by the displeasure of sharing the room once more with the Magus Killer and his wife, but also by the mere fact that I was her ‘legal guardian’ in those circumstances.

    The last individual present in the room was someone I truly wished to not be around, especially with the fact that the encounter with Kirei was still fresh on my mind.

    Caren Hortensia had a very calm outlook, something humane within her features that the priest that is her father seemed to lack. Something so deadly that if applied correctly would be able to lure innocents with a mere request.

    She looked normal and yet it wasn’t a secret that she was as ruthless just like her sadistic father.

    Adjusting the collar of the light-blue shirt Gilgamesh had offered from his treasury, I wasn’t there as Shinji Matou, the young scion of the family. I was there as Shinichi Makiri, thirty years old businessman and tutor.

    Until now I had been particularly careful in asking things to the young King of Heroes, hoping to avoid some predicaments I truly wanted to not be part of, and yet I had to push my paranoia just for the sake of keeping up with the situation I was going to face.

    The potion I drunk was supposed to last for few hours and, in case there were any issue, I had the antidote to revert back to ‘my real’ age. I was prepared for… most of the shenanigans that were going to happen within this office.

    With a candid smile on my face, something manufactured by repeatedly exercising my acting skills in front of Zouken, I decided to start the discussion.

    I wish to begin my thanking Terui-sama for accepting a reunion to discuss with Luvia-chan’s behavior in school.” I paused just a moment, glancing at the blonde as she looked away in shame.

    Silly girl, didn’t I tell you already that you are supposed to fight back in those situations?

    From my understanding this is a rare occurrence as the headmaster should hardly be addressed with childish bickering and I hope that my word only can address the fact I am sorry for this situation to have urged your intervention.”

    The man was old, not the ancient or decaying type I had long seen in Zouken and Zelretch, but he still had gray hair and some wrinkles in his serious face.

    Terui Homurahara was the fourth principal of a long dynasty of headmasters, all having ruled the Academy like a family business. While the situation was unheard off, there had not been any particular reason to disdain this curious practice, the school actually being administered perfectly under the old family.

    In a normal case, I would have just classified the case regarding Luviagelita as a self-defense situation.” The man spoke with a respectful tone, appreciating the fact I was behaving properly about this. “And this is the case indeed.”


    A sliver of confusion influenced my features and the principal sighed tiredly. “The reason why you have been invited there and why I am present to watch over this reunion is… about Chloe von Einzbern.”

    The tanned girl was immediately alarmed by the development, her body tensing as the blonde sitting on her legs paused to look at her. Kuro was angry, a shade of fury worse than any previously shown as she coldly regarded the silent couple in the couch.

    Irisviel’s smile seemed to be forced now, lacking much of the warmth it was renowned for, while her husband kept his perpetual frown on his face.

    A perfectly-set trap, one that would have easily ruined most of the plans being laid against the Ainsworth… if I hadn’t been ready for this situation.

    Truly?” I smiled at the elder. “And what might be the issue with my ward?” I didn’t turn to look back at the Emiya couple, only imagining their surprise as I looked so calm about what was ‘supposed’ to happen.

    The young girl is related to Irisviel-san and she had said that the charge over the girl isn’t something she was aware of. She had forwarded her suspicions that you may have kidna-”

    I snorted at the accusations, the principal raising his brows in annoyance. “Makiri-san, this is anything to joke about and-”

    Terui-sama, the situation is… far more complicated than Irisviel-san might have told you as… I am legally authorized by the previous guardian of the girl.”

    I opened the small case I had brought with me, documents previously stored in a small backpack in case of necessities just like this one being taken out and placed on the desk.

    The elder looked at the presented files with a curious glint, slowly taking them in his hands and starting to read those in silence.

    Moments passed, his eyes narrowing in confusion the more he continued to read and then…

    This seems to be a legitimate documentation.” Terui stated quietly, re-reading it quickly once more. “I-I don’t think there is a reason to be this doubtful of Makiri-san’s role as tutor of the ward.”

    I was sure that the Einzbern woman looked positively shocked at the development, but I was hardly going to let this opportunity without milking it the fullest.

    I suppose that the issue might be related to communication, Terui-sama.” I stated with a clear and concise voice, hiding my inherent smug over this formal victory. “Irisviel-san has been detached from the family for almost a full decade and the decisions made there had obviously not been received by her during this period of time.”

    I paused with a simple glance to stare at a pair of red eyes, fury etched on them as Iris was feeling the bitter taste of defeat. “I suppose that she might have lost much favor with Jubstacheit-sama, the current head of the family and Chloe’s former guardian, that he might have found the idea of contacting her less plausible than affording a proper tutor.”

    The cup of tea the white-haired woman was holding close to her chest cracked at the sheer pressure her hands were exercising over it. There wasn’t any liquid inside, but the effect of calling the attention of everyone on her was still there.

    Gone was the cool mask she had tried to keep up during the meeting, eyes looking at the floor with a defeated expression as the woman tried to salvage something out from this delightful act I had just realized.

    But nothing came and I returned to take the lead of the discussion. “After this little explanation, I think there is no need for this meeting to continue-”

    Actually, Makiri-san.” I froze the moment Caren stood up from her chair, a small medical bag in her hands as she approached me. “There is something else that I wish to address. Something that I hope you will understand I have to do as my duty as a Nurse.”

    I blinked in confusion at the ciphered tone she was using and I felt oddly dreading the moment I spotted a needle being pulled out of the bag… and it wasn’t directed to neither Chloe nor Luvia.

    Amber eyes were fixed on my arms- “What are you talking about, Hortensia-san?”

    She sighed blankly as she took her chair and moved it to be right beside mine.

    While I am capable of doing this kind of things with the students as I am contracted to do, I wish to do a quick check-up for you, Makiri-san.” The needle was ready and she was gesturing me to roll up my sleeve. “I noticed that you are pale, seems quite drained and… I suspect that you have some serious sickness.”

    Your point being, Hortensia-san?” A small smile appeared in her face. It was a smug one.

    For the sake of keeping my students safe and healthy, I wish to know what kind of situation you are afflicted at.”

    I blinked, looking at the headmaster and... he was confused as well. I tried to make some sense behind this blatant attempt to draw some of my blood and yet I couldn’t find anything that could directly cause issues with me.

    I wanted to look back at the couple and yet I was stuck to a limited zone of sight by the close nurse.
    It was by the time she gestured me to move for the second time that… I realized what the young woman was trying to accomplish with this ploy.

    In the first encounter I had with the Emiyas, my explanation regarding my knowledge had been very easy to mistake as a lie. Sure, Zelretch was considered a man capable of getting strange peoples on the loop… but no one has ever been part of the big picture that was solely known to the Wizard Marshal.

    Plus the fact that I was fairly young and behaving like some battle-hardened man while trying to keep around both Kuro and Luvia, sounding incredibly greedy for power.

    They thought I was Zouken, this dimension’s big worm and… that would be a legitimate reason for them all to behave like this.

    Sure, I might have dodged the first bullet with the documentation I had properly falsified back in the Castle but this very predicament could also be used as another proof for that theory.

    The fact that they were going so far to verify if I was or not the old bastard was… intriguing.
    I decided to indulge without further hesitation, rolling up my sleeve and showing my arm to the waiting nurse.

    Caren blinked in surprise, possibly expecting me to continue to refuse her request, but she still went ahead to pick a blood sample.

    I flinched at the sensation of the metal probe entering the vein, drawing part of my blood and then being safely removed. She was quick to apply some bandage over the entrance, placing the needle safely on the box it had come from.

    While I appreciate the concern over the students, Caren-san.” Her eyes widened a little more at being addressed this personally. “I think you will hardly find any illness.”

    I finally showed a tired smile as I rolled down the sleeve, trying to ignore the small pain from the arm.

    “The cause of my physical frailness is connected to abuse. My family… they have always had quite the disdain for those that didn't reach an acceptable level in their opinion.”

    As the silver-haired nurse took her chair back, I managed to catch her flinch at my words.

    Well… I guess after this little surprise, we are all free to go. Am I correct, Terui-sama?”

    The headmaster nodded slowly, his head possibly focused over the actions of the amber-eyed girl.

    Luviagelita Edelfelt was incredibly confused by what she had just witnessed.

    Her initial presumption had been that the meeting would have been a quick one, so much quick that the results would have been guaranteed by the first few words from the principal and from Shinji.

    And yet things went in a completely different way.

    The blonde should have been the subject of the discussion, but the chess board she had been ready to face surprisingly got thrown at the older girl. Chloe had managed to keep some restraint in her reactions, while still showing her displeasure at what was happening in the main stage because of her ‘parents’.

    Merely thinking of her mother and her father, Luvia felt oddly distressed about the distinct lack of nostalgia she was feeling.

    Sure, the Edelfelt loved her parents and they loved her back… but it has been already few days since the girl had last seen them and yet she wasn’t feeling overly-hurt by the ‘distance’, nor the ‘time’.

    It all felt so natural to her and… she horribly realized why it was like this. Being rich investors that liked to move around the world, her parents were hardly sticking home, coming to visit once in a while for some celebrations like her birthday or Christmas.

    The bitter taste of the discovery would have made her tear up a little, but she found comfort in something she had truly not expected.

    When she had heard that Shinji would have been the one to come and talk with the headmaster, Luvia had been incredibly confused.

    Shinji was as young as she was… and he had arrived inside the office with the appearance of an adult. It was something that brought awe out from her core, seeing someone her age turning out… so well.

    She blushed a little as she started to point out his developed beauty and built, a major improvement not even her imagination would have been able to create.

    The blonde tried to divert her attention away from the thoughts that were starting to pester her, once more, about her more experienced companion- but it was turning out to be a difficult task because of her current predicament.

    Being a small child, Shinji (or Shinichi) had been keen to pick her up in his free hand, bringing her close to his chest.

    Eyes wide open, protests from the sudden act died the moment her ear picked up his heartbeat.
    A slow rhythm that lulled her calm, just like in the past times she had the chance of hearing it. Why did it calm her down so quickly?

    Melting in the embrace, Luvia barely noticed the pout coming from Chloe. The older girl was a little too big to fit in the same position of the blonde… and that was possibly infuriating her to the core.

    A small, easy smile formed in her face as she barely heard the words being said around them… except when the serious-looking man placed his hand on Shinji’s shoulder.

    I am sorry for what had happened.” The black-haired father stated genuinely, guilt showing in his face. “I-It’s just to make sure-”

    That he is dead?” The Matou ended with a knowing smile. “I understand the worry… and I kind of understand the little ambush there.”

    I know I shouldn’t be asking this with what had just happened and… I understand if Chloe doesn’t wish to accept.” He sighed tiredly, his charcoal eyes directed at the man holding her. “I would like to invite you and… ‘your family’ for dinner tonight.”

    A perplexed brow was raised from Shinji’s face. “Dinner?”

    Luvia glanced at Chloe, the girl looking skeptical over an acceptance. “I guess that it could be… done.”

    The tanned girl froze instantly at those words and seemed ready to spark the greatest of trouble- but she stopped as the Matou went to pat her head, softly and caringly. “I think you will understand that it isn’t a sure thing. I don’t wish to tire my ‘wards’.”

    The Emiya nodded calmly, yet there was some relief leaving his features and that surprised Luvia.
    Why would someone be happy of an unknown situation? What if they merely decided to stay in the castle?

    Because he is happy that he might have a chance.” Shinji whispered to her ears, shocking her out of her comfort. D-Did she speak her thoughts out-loud? The Matou chuckled while he ruffled her hair, causing her to huff in annoyance at the action.

    Kiritsugu-san has been living a life of unexpected developments. Sometimes hoping is the best thing possible for this kind of people.”

    Luvia blinked and huffed again. “T-That is stupid.”

    And Shinji chuckled once more, followed by Chloe.

    Why were they laughing? It was true!


    Luvia-tan trying to understand the world of adults and failing epicly at it.

    Genuine question: where are the Salty and the Gilly? This author knows little about their current whereabouts, the only thing that is certain is that they will be there for the dinner and… hehehehehehe.

    Might have left some extra errors compared to previous time, been feeling a little down with the principle of Bronchitis I am dealing with. Hopefully it will not fully develop and turn in a pain in the arse (literally, because of needles involved).
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    Well we have not reached the fluff stage and the dreaded dinner with the parents. Do you plan to make any deviations in the QQ version compared to the one on SV?
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    If I had the free time, I would seriously consider doing something like this. Maybe once my schedule get lighter and... I can do some radical changes to the story.
    Still, this is a maybe.
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    Well take your time with it, let's just consider this another route. Like in a VN.
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    I thought Zouken in Priya was just a normal old man.
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    Nope. I think you are referring to his Carnival Phantasm version.

    There isn't actually any mention of the Matou Family from the Prillya's side of the universe, there isn't a Sakura and there isn't a Shinji. The ones displayed in the Movie are all present only in the Miyuverse.
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    Sakura does exist in Priya, although I believe she only appears in a single side chapter. No signs that she is part of the Moonlit World though (or that she is related to Rin, considering Rin's reactions to her).
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    I think it's one of the unexplained things in the lore of Prillya. I had completely forgotten about this chapter (which is 2wei manga chapter 4.5) and... I think I've read it only a fragment of it back when I first found it. Still, this info will be... quite useful for something I plan to do, I guess.

    Plus it's a side-story where Shirou ends up creating a Yamcha-crater while doing High-jumps and... the backstory behind Luvia's interest was fairly odd to revisit. Seriously, why was she in Japan at that specific time?!

    And lastly, I think Rin is aware of Sakura. She was sweating at the prospect of having her as a rival and her reaction was pretty tame considering that this 'new girl' was stealing her love interest. So yeah, she is aware of her.
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    It's been a long time, since I read it (actually forgot about it until someone mentioned it on another quest, with picture for humor), so it makes sense that I forgot details. She didn't recognize Rin or Luvia casting miracles though.
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    Chapter 7: Crush, Dinner and Worm

    Having long served the Emiya-Einzbern Household for more than a decade, Sella was someone that had seen so much weird things in her life.

    Not ‘weird’ of the Magus kind, but still relatively strange compared to a normal lifetime.

    As much as Kiritsugu and Lady Irisviel had tried to keep both of their children from dealing with the affairs of the Moonlit World, the fact that young Illya was caught by the two adults dabbling with a Mystic Code created by Zelretch was no little concerning.

    The Wizard Marshal, albeit the very responsible for making it possible for both parents to give a harmless life for their family, was still someone that was known for dealing with high-level threats.

    Discovering that cards connected to another Holy Grail War had suddenly appeared in their dimension had been something that had worried the older Emiya the most.

    It wasn’t much difficult to pick up that if the ones responsible for the cards managed to reach this plane of existence, any ritual relative to the Grail (even an alternative one) could activate the long-deactivated Lesser Grail functions within Lady Irisviel’s body.

    Precautions were already being taken, the Magus Killer having managed to get in contact Touko Aozaki thanks to some old contacts in Clock Tower and planned an appointment to completely remove the inactive Grail-relative functions.

    Still the man was quite nervous, Sella could see that the former mercenary had gotten slightly more attentive of his wife and she hardly could fault the extra layer of protection the man was capable of affording to protect the former Einzbern Heiress.

    It didn’t help that another issue had roused out from even another dimension.

    The serious maid had hardly followed the subject regarding this supposed ‘Matou’ and the interesting move he had managed to pull in such limited frame of time.

    The Einzbern castle in Fuyuki, which had been mostly inactive for almost six decades, was now fully operational under the cautious rule of this new Magus.

    It was intriguing, but the maid would hardly give it too much of a brief thought during her day. The young Homunculus had so many things to do and someone that had already proved to be friendly to both Kiritsugu and Lady Irisviel was not something worth of fearing nor consider truly a threat.

    She was a humble servant of Lady Irisviel, nothing more and nothing less.

    And yet, as she heard the bell by the door ring while she was finishing to prepare the dinner (Shirou had been running late because of his Archery club that day and had left the ‘rightful’ ruler of the kitchen undisturbed), Sella finished her current task to go for the main foyer of the household, knowing full well that her ‘twin’ was still watching some TV program from the comfy sofa in the living room.

    The young woman reached for the entrance and, adjusting her posture, she went to open the door and-

    She blinked.

    I blinked back at Sella, waiting for her surprise to cease as we all waited to be allowed inside.

    Much to my dismay, I discovered from a cheeky Gilgamesh that the effects of the growth potion were going to last few hours longer than I had expected as the duration was not something calibrated within the potion.

    Something that I found oddly weird since the chibified King of Heroes had initially stated that his treasury contained Quality objects and… the potion wasn’t?

    Shrugging at this odd details and ignoring the blond’s attempts to get picked up in my arms, I had to spend most of the few hours before the dinner to finally convince Chloe of coming to the event.

    It was a difficult discussion, one that got heated more than once as I knew I was poking at some sore spots in the girl’s still fragmented mind.

    Sure, I was helping up by showing support and suggesting her some path to take in the recovery, but the road to make a full one would take months if not years to achieve as I had been reminded quite recently of a small, but significant detail of her psyche.

    Chloe was sure made by the sealed pieces of Illya’s mind and Archer’s memories, but the very fragments that made her original self came also by Justeaze herself. The girl wasn’t trying to harmonize just ‘Illya’ and ‘EMIYA’, but also ‘Justeaze von Einzbern’.

    The grand clan leader had left quite the large content of information in her descendants and that was something not even Kuro could grasp completely.

    I suppose that she had unconsciously created a filter between the Illya-EMIYA mix and the first Lesser Grail’s extensive knowledge, letting just some bits of information relative to a topic inside her head when required by the situation.

    Luvia had been easier to convince. The blonde had appeared initially skeptical to join a dinner with someone that had ‘so deceitfully’ tried to ‘outsmart’ me. She had followed that reasoning with some strange praise towards me and by strange I mean something awkwardly trying to flatter me for my ‘grand acumen’ in ‘shedding some light’ over ‘the dangerous Einzbern’.

    The last bit she had excused herself for as she went on to say that it was just the ‘cadet’ branch of the family and not Chloe’s ‘Pure branch’.

    This logic was kind of amusing when it repeated back in my head, considering that there wasn’t truly a division within the German Magus family but…

    I might be wrong but… I think Luvia here was trying to use her basic knowledge of politics between families to make sense of what was going on.

    It was a wrong thinking, but the girl was genuinely putting an effort in formulating a proper explanation to herself about what was going on, something she had little clues about as Kuro had been adamant to keep our private discussions… private.

    Gilgamesh was quick to accept the offer to join up, much to my chagrin, and the one that gave me the most trouble was, surprisingly enough, Salter.

    The Alter version of Artoria Pendragon had still some memories about the Emiya family. I don’t know if it was because of her remembering from the ‘original’ Grail Wars or if it was the Ainsworth Grail having given her that much information, but she had been quite… drastic in her reaction to the news.

    Golden eyes widening in surprise, she snarled a little before forming her armor and Excalibur Morgan, her mind set to utterly crush the reason why she had ‘suffered’ for some reason.

    The chibi Sta-rcher was quick to bring out his trusty Enkidu out from the Gate of Babylon, willing it to keep the enraged woman in place as I tried to salvage the situation.

    “Artoria, I-” “I will not accept letting them free from their faults, Master. Kiritsugu Emiya is-”

    “A terrible excuse of a human being, yes.” I interceded in her anger-induced rant. “But also need to remember this isn’t the same Kerry from.. your timeline.”

    “He is still a murderer and-” “Irisviel is here too.”

    Her fury grew cooler as her eyes widened in surprise. “I-Iri?” I was kind of stunned by the fact that she addressed the woman with the nickname but then I remembered that this is the King that ruled with her emotions and she was less restrained in showing some warmth for that individual.

    “She is alive, happily married with a retired Kiritsugu and… with two kids.”

    The Tyrant blinked again. “S-Shirou?” I had to genuinely restrain myself from scowling as I heard her tone getting a soft shad and… why?

    Why was I getting mad at the fact she was still attached to her Shirou?

    I wasn’t supposed to have nice things, so why I was getting mad? It wasn’t like I was the protagonist of a story.

    “He is a normal school student that is not sticking for some heroic ideal.” He is happy, I had wanted to say, but I guess I just wanted to get curt in my response. For some reason my throat was itching.

    The young woman nodded slowly at my brief reply and… smiled in my direction. “Master, why are you getting flustered?”

    The blunt query was confusing, so much confusing that I was blinking and -poke- I turned to see the owner of the small hand touching my cheek, a smug looking Gilgamesh pressing further as to- show that I was indeed flushing, blood warming up my face.

    “I think Shinji is getting irritated by Lady Saber’s interest in the nicer version of the Faker.” The little brat eagerly pointed out, further exploiting my growing embarrassment to my current reaction.

    Enkidu was slowly removed from restraining the now casually-wearing Tyrant as she… fell on her knees and bowed my direction.

    NOW I am confused.

    “Master, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to be this interested in someone that isn’t truly there.” She paused a moment, causing me to tilt my head at her sudden action. “I will skip ten of your delicious meals as a punishment.”

    I was kind of perplexed to what I was supposed to do and… decided to reply crazy with crazier.

    Sitting on the ground in front of the still bowing young woman, I sighed. “Come here.”

    She raised her head just enough for her eyes to pick my gesture and she blinked in surprise.

    Few moments later, she had her eyes closed as I continued to carefully caress her head as she rested it on my lap.

    Yes, I was giving Salter a goddang Lap-pillow and… it was kind of nice. The quietness of the room (excluding the pouting from Gilgamesh at being ignored) was kind of relaxing and the calm expression in her face was… heart-warming.

    I wonder how happy she was, away from the duties of being a ruler, to fully experience the beauty of a simple life.

    Her eyes opened and she stared up at me. “M-Master, why aren’t you mad?”

    A sigh left my mouth and I cracked a little smile. “I suppose I have no reason to be truly mad at you, Artoria.” She blinked in surprise but I continued. “You were merely remembering a good period of your existence, the first time you tasted a good kind of life.”

    “B-But I shouldn’t be focusing on the past. The present-” She hummed for a moment, her face scrunching in thought as she found it difficult to pick up words at my kind ministrations distracting her. “The present is currently good-no, it is better than I have ever experienced and-”

    “You are a kind being, Shinji.” We both glanced at Gilgamesh as he decided to sit beside me. “I have ruled enough to know when one is trying to mask insecurity and yours isn’t something that should exist.”

    “I am a simple human.” I stated out loud. “Barely a Magus-”

    “But you are more than worth of my attention, even Lady Saber surely considers you that.” The girl nodded and I sighed. “And then there is your dull sighing.” He scowled mockingly.

    “You are good, Shinji. Never question that.”

    It was a very strange ending to that warm moment, but I felt like the words answered some unknown questions that I had in me. I wonder what it was all about…

    Anyway, I think the brief digression can now be wrapped up as I have a dinner to be focused onto.

    Sella slowly backed away from the door, making way for us all to enter inside the foyer and-

    “I AM READY-IIIIIH!” I heard loud footsteps descending from the stairs in front of the entrance and I saw a familiar girl slipping off and launching towards us but… I caught her without much hesitation.

    My chest and back taking the brunt of the impact, I hugged Illya close for brief moments to fully stop her momentum, letting her go just as she was safe to be released.

    Red-faced, embarrassed at that foolish situation, she bowed her head continuously. “I’m sorry, Shinji-san!”

    “That was a close call, Illya. You should be carefully to not run while using the stairs and-”

    It was kind of funny how I was literally chiding someone ‘five years my senior’ and she had yet to take notice of that.

    Few moments later, a properly lectured magical girl skipped towards the dining room while I was stopped by Chloe tugging my sleeve.

    Some bangs of her hair were covering her expression, her scowl the only thing evident as- “So you can pick someone my age in your arms.”

    I blinked, paling a little as I saw the tanned girl picking some space before running and jumping towards me.

    Instinctively, I grabbed her and picked her up, her giggle reaching my ears as she snuggled her head on my shoulder.

    Defeated by the cheeky girl, I remembered that there was one individual that would take offense at that situation.

    I glanced at Sella and.. she was staring back calmly. There was no hint of disgust at me doing something remotely ‘perverted’ on her watch but she looked quite tired.

    I suppose living with people like Shirou Emiya and Prillya, the maid had to have had some close experiences of the worse kind.

    “So… I heard that you are the chef that is going to delight us with some delicious dishes.” I smiled a little. “Could you give us some insight over the menu?”

    She blinked, her cheeks reddening a little at the indirect compliments. “I-I decided to mix some Japanese to some classic European meals.”

    I nodded. “Then I am in luck as I would like to taste some European after so long.”

    Man, I would kill for some Pasta.

    Her blush intensified but she didn’t reply, her mind switching to the sole role of guiding us to the dining room as Chloe continued to hum as she tried to relax on the annoying hold she had over me.


    Leysritt was a simple woman.

    To live a happy life, she just needed a couch, some ice cream and a TV with working channels.

    Nothing was worthwhile other than that little certain idea of life and yet she was surprised at the cast of guests for dinner.

    The tanned Illya behaved pretty similarly to a sophisticated version of the original one, maybe just a little more mature too.

    The pale, golden-eyed blonde eating slowly the content of her plate with a disappointed look seemed to be a fellow woman of culture regarding food.

    The little blond boy with red-eyes looked like the average little kid from any TV series.

    And finally there was the reason why she felt quite bothered that very night.

    Smiling kindly as he was trying to fend off the innocent flirting coming from the tanned Illya, this Shinji looked like a protagonist from a Shonen anime.

    While his cheeks were sunken and his hair quite unruly in the style they were left into, the warm dark-blue eyes and the genuine care he was giving to those around him was… curious.

    Irisviel had been quite tense at first, same for Kiritsugu, but after few minutes of simple eating and chatting both parents seemed to relax more than enough to engage themselves in simple questions with the young man.

    Yet Liz wasn’t the only one intrigued by the individual as even Sella was giving quick glances his direction, cheeks flaring the few moments Shinji would chuckle at the continuing bantering by the table.

    It was interesting to see that even the laborious maid was showing some attention to the unknown element, the very individual that seemed to lack unique details to make him stand out… except his social capacity to do answer at the several questions thrown his way.

    But Leysritt was hardly interesting in mere bantering. No, she felt like this Shinji was hiding something truly worthwhile.

    Something that felt familiar but also not. It felt like Shinji was someone she needed to know more, that she needed to befriend at all costs.

    She blinked, surprise painting her face just a brief moment as she mistakenly recognized this as a sign of something only the TV had prepared her for.

    Was this how a heart felt when it went Doki-Doki?


    Before everyone starts a crusade for Liz, I want to give a reason behind her sense of connection with Shinji. She is not currently truly crushing on Shinji… she has recognized a major detail of the one inhabiting the brat’s body (the SI) and his inherent similarity to her lifestyle.

    Couch-potatoes are capable of perceiving each others and… Liz was the first one to notice.

    I wonder how things will develop now.

    Also yes, the dinner scene is officially going to be dragged into next chapter too and… it will have a surprise ending to it.

    About this ending I can only say that people might see it as me going too fast but… it’s just a logical addition to the story, nothing that will kick up the following large part of the plot so… yeah.
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    Chapter 8: Surprise, Doll and Wormette

    I took another bite from the delicious plate of Kare-Raisu, my forced smile sounding less forced as of the pleasant sensation my mouth was enjoying. I was nervous, so much nervous that I hardly could afford glancing much around the table. While I would look once in a while at Salter and Gil to see that they behaved in this delicate situation, I decided to leave Chloe and Luvia to deal with the situation without causing any mess.

    It was a minor surprise when I saw Illya shifting nervously in her seat, seeing that her red eyes were erratically staring in Kuro’s direction before panicking and turning her attention to her legs, a soft sound coming from the tanned Einzbern. A chuckle? It was muffled, but I was fairly sure that the girl kept part of her teasing side even after being around me for so long.

    It was a light-heart action from the Pseudo-Servant, which the ‘original’ template was having a difficult time in understanding and, from her visibly known confusion, she was also mistaking it for something not-so-normal. Being nearby Ruby for that long could get people paranoid of lewd situations and, if I had to be honest, I hoped I wasn’t never going to be dealing with the most eccentric of the Kaleidosticks.

    But of course it was all up to Zelretch and, seeing how he was renowned for delivering some bad surprises, I was already bracing for when I would receive the quirky Mystic Code. I took another bite and Irisviel decided to break the thin ice that had kept the dinner silent until now.

    “So I saw the Castle has been renovated.” She mused loud enough to catch everyone’s attention. “Last time I checked if it was operational was when Illya was merely one years old.”

    ...And now I couldn’t help but imagine baby Illya on the loose. But baby Chloe worked too, especially with how ‘mature-ish’ she would try to appear.

    “It was in a state of decaying when we first entered but it was quickly fixed back to acceptable living levels.”

    The woman nodded at the limited reply but she wasn’t even close to keep quiet now. “But I have to say that I found it very strange to know that Chloe-chan is living in that big fortress with a boy and another girl.”

    I blinked at the quick jab, one that seemed to surprise Sella and… Leysritt? It was difficult to decipher emotions through that natural capacity to keep stoic every moment of the day. What an impressive homunculus- actually were they still homunculus?

    I mean, they do ‘serve’ the Emiya family, but their appearance is less ‘doll-like’ compared to the other maids back in the Castle. Could it be that Sella and Leysritt were actually altered the same way Irisviel and Illya were? There was so much to ask, most of it being related to the possibility of integrating whatever process they had used to turn to a more human-like aspect and with a proper lifespan in Kuro’s new body.

    It had already been decided by the girl that no modifications had been required in case we contacted Touko Aozaki for the operation and- sigh -the Worm issue I needed to deal before returning back ‘home’.

    “Boy, Irisviel-sama?” Sella mustered the question out of utter confusion at the choice of words by the wife of the Magus Killer. The woman sighed and frowned in my general direction, forcing me to look away nervously. It wasn’t that I was scared of her in particular, but that kind of expression was… oddly reminding of some naughty moments back in my childhood. I was a pest and… I could recognize a lecturing gaze.

    “Shinji-san is not as old as he appear to be.” Iris replied with a quiet tone. “But I wonder when you are going to drop your current illusion.”

    I blinked, finding this a good statement that I had no clue how to answer. Ko-Gil had been clear in giving an ample time range, saying that it wasn’t limited to just a few hours and- oh?

    I blinked again, this time my eyes directed right at my surprisingly small right hand. I closed and opened it- and soon I started to slowly lower down a peg or two in my seats, my clothes feeling larger than before and almost falling off of me. My cheeks flared a fiery red as I felt embarrassment at the indirect answer to the woman’s query and most of the other occupants of the table reacted to the situation.

    While the two Heroes merely glanced my way just to see if it was something horrible happening to me, they both resumed to eat, only Artoria seeming a little bit red in her face at the sight of my body holding very frailly at the clothes I had taken with me.

    Luvia and Illya ‘eeped’, the blonde being the only one that kept looking my direction and… Chloe chuckled as she smiled my way, a little hint of blush on her face as she enjoyed the humiliating situation I was currently facing alone.

    Irisviel giggled, shaking her head as if this was all a normal situation- oh wait, that is indeed the case. I wonder how many times Shirou got caught half-naked by the ‘incredibly motherly’ Einzbern. Maybe more than it had happened to the two maids, both surprisingly blushing at my ‘meek’ side and… Sella wasn’t responding violently at the situation.

    The introvert maid was merely staring at me, her face red and her mouth open, twitching as words failed to reach out of her brain. Maybe she wasn’t answering because this situation wasn’t their usual cup of tea but… why was she nose-bleeding?

    And finally my eyes landed on Leysritt. The busty woman looked… enticed? I don’t know what adjective would even come close to the intense glance she was throwing at me. Her mouth was slightly open, just enough for me to see some saliva dropping on the table and-

    Seriously why Shotas caused this much of a big deal around people? I wasn’t even showing any part of my skin that could theoretically cause this much physical interest on me, so why were they this much interested in-


    I am home.

    The voice sounded just like Patrick Poole and we all turned to look at the main door to see it being opened by the one and only Shirou Emiya. “I am sorry I am late, I had to tour around the school a new student that joined the club and-” He stepped by the side, showing someone that-

    ...She smiled as she bowed politely, a hint of shyness in her posture that showed how much of a timid girl she was.

    “M-My name is Matou Sakura. Nice to meet you all-?” ‘Sakura’ froze the moment she stared up again and noticed something unique. Her violet eyes, so dull and almost empty found place in my own. The embarrassment was gone, only dread and fear skyrocketed at the mere presence of this young girl.

    There was no Matou Sakura in the Illya’s side of this universe, the girl that was the sister of Rin Tohsaka being adopted by another family and currently living in London as of now. This one was not the kind and tragic figure of the Heaven Feel Route, nor the girl back home that was waiting for someone to save her from Zouken.

    I wasn’t the only one that noticed that something was wrong with the new individual, Saber paling a little at seeing her ‘previous’ Master while Gilgamesh had completely stopped smiling, a scowl that his adult form had long mastered in his face as he glared at the young woman.

    Chloe was… perplexed. She wasn’t angry or threatened by the figure, but she felt quite saddened by her whole person. The reminder of the fact that Archer never bothered saving the Matou girl was enough to make her hesitant at the idea she was now supposed to face her.

    Too much attention. They were all putting too much pressure in the Ainsworth’s Berserker and, if I have to be honest, I didn’t want to be turned in mincemeat by Yandere Sakura with Dark Lancelot tendencies.

    A fake smile was forcefully pushed on my face as I tried to make it seem to the others that she was merely surprised by my current wardrobe malfunction. “S-Sorry, I had some issues with my clothes and- Yeah...” The blush on cue was something that was very easy for someone with my current predicament. You just needed to push just a minuscule fraction of prana on your face, right on the spots where the cheeks were and

    …She blinked in surprise at the excuse and the child-like tone but she managed to regain her composure. “I-I see. I wasn’t e-expecting to see-”

    “Shinji-kun, right?” I saw the plum-haired girl flinch at the name, going unnoticed to Shirou as he patted my head. “I think I have some old clothes back in my room, I could lend those to you and-”

    “Do go and take them, Shirou-kun.” Irisviel interrupted curtly, making the teen blink in surprise and glance at his father. Kiritsugu nodded, literally denying him further explanations as he rushed to his room and leaving just Sakura here to deal with all of us- “So Sakura-chan, are you a friend of my son?”

    Oh right, I completely forgot that Iris was keen to pull this kind of actions. Call it something every mom does once in a while to study the opportunity to gain grandbabies in the nearest future, the how and where quite ‘useless’ in their minds during those interviews.

    Poor Sakura had been pursuing ‘her’ senpai for a long time and I am quite sure she was completely unprepared to face a strong mother like Iri.

    She was offered a seat after her attempts of refusing the offer to spend the dinner with the family were completely ignored by the Einzbern woman and she was soon eating an extra plateful of Kare-Raisu with everyone else, sitting between Leysritt and Sella.

    The interrogation continued until Shirou returned with the spare clothes he had promised to take. I quickly ventured for the bathroom, swiftly changing my clothes as fast as possible. While I didn’t expect to deal with the usual situations that occurred in the room, I preferred to not challenge fate way too much in this regard.

    Returning back to my seat I found myself returning to be the center of the attention of some individuals. “Chloe-san told me that you were quite smart for your age, Shinji-san. Is that true that you got home-schooled and then passed some high-school exams to gain the promotion?”

    I nodded slowly, staring at the tanned girl with a curious brow. She shrugged and I sighed as I took a sigh, sitting down back to my seat.

    “I was mostly helped by my uncle if I have to be honest.” Sakura was silent, but the mentioning of the only uncle that she knew of was enough to get her attention on the topic. Now it was time to relay an elaborate lie to the young girl that would then tell it to the Ainsworth. “Kariya-jichan was the one that took care of me after my mom died.”

    Her presence could mean so many things, so I opted to pick the closest possibility that could justify her presence in this dimension: They somehow know that someone from another universe is in this Fuyuki and was causing their plans to fail. I wouldn’t expect Darius to take a big risk and trifle with this dimension’s Zelretch.

    While their own was surely dead because of the sudden deterioration of Gaia and Alaya, none of their family could be able to deal with someone with the power of the Kaleidoscope, even in limited scale.

    So they sent Sakura as a recon, a pawn they could afford to lose to study more the ‘pests’ meddling with their plans. This was a bad predicament for now but, if I planned this carefully, the plum-haired girl was going to return with just fake news.

    The dinner continued for another half an hour, then people started to get a little tired of staying there at this hour. I yawned as I saw Chibi Luvia doing the same, it was time for us to go.

    “I suppose we should go.” I stated as I looked at the small group, getting a common agreement on this and, thanking the Emiya family for their kind invitation, we proceeded to leave as- “A-Actually.”

    I stopped on my steps, glancing at Sakura as the girl meekly stared at me. “I-If it’s not asking too much, could I join you? M-My house is right between the castle and here.”

    Blinking cautiously, I felt my throat drying as I knew I had no choice if I wanted to avoid any suspicions from the family. Knowing the Magus Killer, he had already spotted the simple fact that they both shared the same surname. “S-Sure.”

    I ignored the collective stare of the others, questioning my sanity at this move as they ignored the context that motivated this action. I had to make sure that Sakura didn’t cause any issue while here.

    “Are you sure, Sakura-san? If you want I could walk you back home and-”

    “I-I appreciate, S-Senpai, but I don’t wish to ask too much and- S-Shinji-kun has already agreed.”

    I nodded. “Don’t worry, Illya-chan’s big brother, we will be safe.” Chloe snorted as the little Einzbern blushed furiously at the jab her direction. I admit it was cute teasing her for a while but… yeah, it was fun only once or twice a while.

    Bidding some goodbyes, we were on the road back to the Castle as I started to glance silently at the Ainsworth’s puppet. How much was alive in her? How much of the true Sakura was there? Was this like how Shirou ended in HF True ending, with his soul inside a different body?

    Could it be possible that was how the Dolls worked? I mean, didn’t Beatrice remember her memories before her death? There was so much that could be learned from this experience, especially to fill in with some of the plotholes in the timeline.

    “Neh Sakura-nee, can I ask you a favor?” I found myself saying absently at the nervous girl. The panic she was feeling was possibly caused by the fact there were two Servants (Four if Archer Chloe and Kaleido Sapphire were counted in) close to her position and Berserkalot isn’t good against multiple enemies. Multiple blade? He could face them all day. But fighting more than two was suicidal for the Berserker class.

    Thus the girl answered readily at the query. “Y-Yes, Shinji-kun?”

    “Can we talk… alone?” I asked with a genuine tone. “I wish to ask just few questions, nothing more and nothing less.”

    She blinked in surprise, finally looking once more at me as to gauge whatever ruse I was trying to employ here and how much of her cover had been blown by me. She nodded while looking at her feet. “I-I guess if it’s just few questions we could do that.”

    I nodded. “Guys, I know I shouldn’t ask this but...” They were already glaring at my foolish attitude but I was set with my plans about her. “I need to have this chat.

    It took me few more attempt to get Chloe, Luvia and Salter off my tail with some bitterness on their part, but it was done and I was alone with her.

    “Sakura-” THUD

    I was on the ground, Arondight firmly piercing the ground just above my right arm as I found my body forced down by the armored glove of the Berserker Card-Servant. Sakura’s mouth was twitching in a feral snarl and I felt like a little bunny soon to die to a murderous wolf.

    “Why it had to be you?! Why not another Senpai or his sister and-” Her mouth closed shut, her hand clenching her visor in pain as Mad Enchantment was trying to fully reduce her free will. She wasn’t supposed to use the Card to interrogate people. Most of the time Berserkers are not made to deal with that kind of operations and the girl was running low on time if she wanted any answer for me.

    I would say that I was peachy, but then I would be ignoring the growing back pain and lie about my current mind’s situation. If I failed to get her to remove the class card, I was dead with a capital ‘D’.

    The plum-haired girl seemed to push back the murderous instinct as she pressed her palm again on my chest. “Talk! Why are you here? Why you still want to hurt Senpai?!” She relaxed a moment, going blank. “Why do you want to still hurt me, Oniisan?

    I blinked, having some issue in thinking properly with the hot tears falling on my face and my owns. I was given the worst hand ever by Fate itself, dealing with a situation that was insanely difficult to solve from the inside. “I-” My mouth was dry, I was growing tired the more time passed. Tired to making excuses about what I truly am and… It was hurting more than ever.

    “I- I am sorry, I-Imouto.” A sob left my mouth, I felt the weight of the world I was trying to ‘save’ coming crashing down all at once. This endless crusade had taken a massive toll on my sanity, I was supposed to save my own sister and I was failing her by- by dilly-dallying in other dimensions!

    She paused, her face lowered and… she sniffed my chest. “You...”

    The armored girl sniffed again and her face showed sudden shock. “Y-You have worms?”

    Her craze-looking expression was now directed back at my face. “Why do you have t-those?”

    I sniffed, my mind too much clouded to actually formulate some lies and… I spoke the truth. Will I come to regret it? Maybe. But I was too tired to truly care in that moment.

    “I-I tried to-” My brain picked the images of what had happened one of the first days as Shinji, when I first saw the basement and… Sakura being tortured there. She was unconscious at the time and, trying to just get her out of there only that time, I had jumped into that mess of bugs. I hoped that those would have ignored my presence, lacking Circuits and all but-

    The searing pain of all my nerves burning at once was the most terrible of sensations, far worse than anything I had faced back even in my previous life. Zouken had been amused by the dumb attempt, stating that thanks to my foolish bravery ‘I revealed to him I had some Circuits worth of cultivating’.

    The Crest Worms were properly placed and I was considered a backup heir in case something happened to Sakura. In case Kariya managed to win, the old worm had mirthfully added at his explanation. What a terrible liar.

    “Y-You did that- But why- No!” Sakura jumped off as I blinked back in reality, realizing I had indeed blurted out those memories with words. Words that shocked and hurt at the same time the girl as she literally ran away the fastest pace her form could allow. She was quick and… I continued to stare at the black and red blur for a while.

    Silence ruled for almost an entire hour, my eyes moving to the sky as I quietly watched the stars and the moon.

    I wonder if Brunestud is still up there.

    I wonder if Primate Murder is Altrouge’s pet or Fou.

    I wonder if Julian and Erika can be truly saved.

    I wonder when I will be killed.


    Shinji is (not) strong.
  25. Extras: Snippet: So many lies...

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    The cacophony of silence is quite dull.

    The endless void of darkness so scary but comforting as my descent into the deepest pit continued.

    I stared down, few tears falling directly in the nothingness around me.

    My capacity to perceive my position was actually crippled by the time spent there.

    How much I've been here?

    One hour?

    Ten Minute?

    A full century?

    But nothing struck closer to a single word.


    But as my fall proceeded smoothly and my heart slowed down to a halt, I saw it.

    I blinked to find myself sitting in a throne of mud and mold. So many corpses littering the red room and I could pinpoint familiar frames.

    I could taste their hopes and dreams. Their sadness and despair.

    How quaint. I blinked and stood up.

    Something started to build up in my throat, rising above and almost choking me for the sudden sound that left my lips.

    At first a chuckle, then a long laugh. It was empty, no remorse but also no joy in the sight before me.

    But why I was feeling so cold, why I couldn't stare away?

    And with the growing dread bringing newfound fear to my poor mind, I finally heard him.

    They trusted you and you betrayed them.

    The voice purred so teasingly and sickly mad in my soul and I couldn't reply to it. I couldn't question its existence and then...

    I smiled at the results of my plans coming to fruition.

    After all, what kind of fools would trust someone born from liars?


    A minor snippet, a non-canon one.
    Why? I always wanted to write some bad endings and... how did this happen? Shinji lost his focus and turned out into something far worse than Zouken. May Zelretch manage to seal this Shinji...

    The Artist behind the image: Linjie!
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    Well ain't that snippet ominous as hell. I got some guesses on what that was but meh I'll just watch how it plays out.
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    Even with the aspects from FSN you have included, this makes no sense. Why would the Einzbern have a castle in Japan, 300 to 400 years before they even conceived the idea to join create the Holy Grail Ritual?
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    That's a typo. I meant 'six'.
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    Ah. That does match the Priya verse better.
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  30. Threadmarks: Chapter 9: Night, Resolve and Worm

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    Chapter 9: Night, Resolve and Worm

    I had a very strange relationship with my younger sister.

    Nothing out of the ordinary, but I always found the love-hate chemistry to be something quite difficult to understand. Before being ‘taken away’, I had been busy trying to patch one way or another the damage that I had caused, strong enough to strain the relationship to a frail level.

    My ‘Rebellious’ phase had been relatively complex, nothing compared to the usual ‘screw the system’ or something that went towards the ‘Emo’ side. I was angry at the world and I think I still am, but after so much time of thinking and contemplating about everything and everyone my capacity to convey my emotions about it had turned… less aggressive.

    I was pretty snarky, preferred the loneliness to company and… and I was pretty much a jerk to my own sister in this period. I had sworn to help her around her first years at high school, to be there to work out the issues I had already faced and…

    I broke the promises and I was left pretty much devoid of any chance of reconnecting for a long time.

    When I was put in Shinji? I knew that someone had decided to dispense some kind of punishment for my ill-behavior and… I found it to be the harshest of the punishment. While little Shinji had yet to ‘bully’ little Sakura, the Miyuverse version of the plum-haired cinnamon roll was one of the several ones that had suffered for years the abuse of the young Matou. Even worse she was killed, reborn and then brainwashed by the Ainsworth to serve them as a mad attack dog.

    I might not be the Doll that once was Shinji Matou, but I still had his name and his face and… this meant I had to take in the burden.

    Why not kill her? Why not spare us senseless moral questions about-

    How about I do care for this question in particular!? What if I truly want to make sure I can at least save Sakura where I can?

    I might not be the ‘real’ Shinji Matou, but by being forced in that household, to deal with the insanity that Zouken dares to call a ‘grand Magus family’. Was I going to stay idle as she suffered even there? No, I couldn’t afford that.

    It was instinctive, my inner sense of refusing to NOT help someone that is so close to me and yet not. She was family, one way or another, and that meant I had to get up and face the music!

    Darius was going to be dangerous, the man would surely be prepared to face a Matou from the other side of the ‘mirror’ and I dreaded what kind of solution to the issue I represented he would take into account.

    He had destroyed Zouken on his own in the Miyuverse and the old worm was nigh-impossible to kill without some holy rite or blessed weapon. This man was not someone to trifle with without being ready to face a Dead Apostle kind of BS.

    The walk back to the castle was a silent one and I was glad that Sakura had truly decided to stay away from me until she sorted her own problems. Dealing with a Berserkalot with Yandere tendencies without Servants to help around would have been an unpleasant affair.

    Finally I passed the gates, making my way to the main porch as I noticed that there was no light in Kuro’s and Luvia’s rooms that I could notice by the windows… but I could see light coming from my room?

    Maybe Chloe had wanted to hear some explanation about the whole situation with Sakura? A strong maybe, but I didn’t felt strong enough to face this situation right now. My musing lasted for a while and properly ended the moment my eyes noticed a figure standing by the door.

    Gilgamesh was giving off the same friendly attitude that he would usually give, yet this time something was off about his whole appearance. My eyes narrowed as I continued to approach, his smile widening as I was finally close enough for him to speak in a comfortable tone.

    “Good to see you still standing, Shinji-kun.” The King of Heroes commented mirthfully. “I guess your meeting with the fair lady was… fruitful.”

    I managed a nod as I reached for the small stairs that led to the entrance. “Nothing overly terrible. It will be an issue to deal tomor-” I blinked as I found my path barred by his stretched arm. His red eyes were giving something similar to… worry?

    “Shinji-kun, do you honestly think that you can keep up with this pace for so long?” The blond pulled my tired body closer, his mouth brought to my ear. “We don’t want to see you hurt because of how much you care for everything, our Shinji.”

    W-We? My eyes widened in shock at the curious way of addressing himself. Was he using the Royal ‘We’ or-

    “Come on, Shinji-kun. I feel disappointed you have to notice that… we aren’t what they all think we are.

    The answer was fleeting my mind in a sickening childish way but I still paled as I realized it had to be way beyond a simple language use. It was his-their way of hinting to something I had not thought about. Something beyond… the way he was brought in here.

    The Eight Card, it was made by parts of Gilgamesh and…

    And Angra Mainyu.

    The fragments from Avenger were meant to have been purged just like in Canon but… the way how Gilgamesh was beaten was completely different. He wasn’t purified by the Zwei Form’s Quintett Feuer and thus it had remained attached to the Card.

    The one I had until now spoke to was… was not just Ko-Gil-!

    Just as I turned around to try and rush away from his hold I found myself constricted in place. My body was trembling, my efforts of moving failing as my eyes widened even more as the Amalgamation of the two beings showed its Avenger form.

    Black hair and black eyes, several dark marks spread across his chest and body, a sad smile and… and I was staring at my face. He chuckled, sending chills down my spine as his hand went to my cheek.

    “No, No, Shinji-kun. You don’t need to fear.” His smile softened. “I don’t wish to harm you. At least not you.


    Another quick chuckle and he finally let go. “I have met several Shinji Matou in my long, prolonged existence and… and none comes this close to truly make me… consider things.”

    “What do you want, Avenger?” I wasn’t in the mood to chit-chat with the Spirit of All Evils just because I was standing out before the rest of Shinji’s versions.

    “I want many things. But I want also nothing.” He said with an amused tone. “And if you are referring about your unique case… I want just one thing.”

    He spread his arms, showing one of the strangest smiles I could ever see on someone. It was sad, but happy, it was content but also desiring.

    “I want your friendship.”

    “I want that you, Shinji Matou, keep us loved as we love you the same. You are our dearest friend and I find you worth of surviving this hideous path ahead of you.”

    “But why?!” His hands were once more cupping my face as I felt shivering at the cold touch. “W-Why me?”

    “Because… I can relate to your plight.” He stated seriously. “You could have just given up with the illness hurting you, the unfair odds staked against you and… yet you persevere for the sake of helping those around you. Even that dull puppet, maybe even the lost soul that is being forced to do all this delicious chaos. You shouldn’t be caring, for how much the world despises you, but you keep going for the sake of others.

    I blinked and I found myself staring at Gilgamesh once again. “You are a good friend, Shinji Matou. And I bet I will see you in the Throne once this is all over.”

    Now that was a dreadful scenario unfolding in my brain. To be sent to the Throne of Heroes? While it would be a grand honor and all, I hardly think I would manage to deal with Sakura 5, Parvati and… Kama.

    While I might be able to help one or two Sakuras along the way, I don’t think I could manage to deal with the Sakura 5 themselves, BB being the one I was scared the most of encountering.

    “But let us not waste more time to the cold.” He gestured to the now open doors. “Please, do come inside and get comfortable. Maybe take a day or two off to rest.”

    While I wanted to protest those suggestions, I lacked the energy to formulate a proper refusal of such notions. Too tired to reply, I merely nodded as I started to slowly walk towards the stairs and… now I had to deal with Kuro?

    Why not, it’s not like my brain is threatening to burn out at how much stuff was happening today…

    I was partly right about my early assumption that the tanned Einzbern had decided to wait for my return to my room, but I was surprised when I found myself staring at a stern-looking Chloe standing right in front of the bed and a sleepy Chibi-Luvia having taken a seat on the very bed.

    “I want to explain things and… I really need to tell you this-”

    “But you are tired.” Chloe muttered with some minor annoyance in her tone. Her bright eyes glanced at the younger girl, the Edelfelt ready to collapse in a deep slumber any moments now.

    “I-” “Be quiet.” She walked toward me and I was once more reminded of the fact that the girl was taller and older than I was. She noticed my staring and I cursed inwardly as I blushed in embarrassment at that.

    The Einzbern grinned, a small victory to seal away another day and proclaim a new one. It was odd how her competitiveness about this kind of little things was… aggressive. It wasn’t unpleasant nor dangerous, but it was interesting how far she would go to get the emotions she wanted out of me.

    It was… an endearing trait.

    “Then I suppose we shall all go to sleep and you will answer us tomorrow?”

    I nodded, expecting her to take this gesture to leave with poor Luvia to their respective rooms as it would usually end like this and-

    She smiled as she walked back to the bed and shifted closer to the little blonde girl, accepting her sleepy arms as they wrapped around her chest. Luvia hummed pleasantly as she snuggled her way on the older girl’s chest.

    Chloe giggled at the childish action and I frowned at the overall sight. What was I supposed to do about this?

    It wasn’t anything remotely lewd as they were both wearing comfortable pajamas that hid most of their skins, the cold weather quite restricting for simpler clothing for the night-time. I was actually tempted to ‘Awww’ at the sight, but I was too much tired to compute complex responses and… shrugged.

    “This is just sleeping.” A giggle retorted, promising some interesting aftermath for the following morning. I shrugged and decided to gamble my fate with the teasing girl. This suspect intensified the moment I found myself between the quietly snoring Luvia and the cheeky-looking Einzbern.

    I might have been mostly tired at this point, but I still managed to let out a single statement that got quite the reaction out from the tanned girl. “Goodnight, Onee-san.

    While I knew the honorific would be enough to partly flip Illya’s switch, I was quite unaware What would even incite something out of Kuro. The girl didn’t reply, a half-thought gasp leaving her mouth as she squeezed me closer.

    I could feel her face burning above my hair and I sighed happily at this small win for me.

    Sakura Matou was staring silently at the pale moon and its bright stars. It has been hours since she had come to face with a very confusing being and… her mind was having trouble finding a reason behind her newfound need to investigate this individual.

    Shinji Matou was a horrible person, the plum-haired girl didn’t need to have someone to tell her that her step-brother was a disgusting monster after so many years of unanswered abuse pending upon that name. The boy, or the puppet left behind, had been the one responsible for her first death.

    Tragic, it had been… it had all been so close to culminate with the best ending she would ever dream off. Yet she died and… then she was revived.

    It had been her senpai, Shirou having spent time and effort to bring her back to life because he loved her. She had been so happy, so genuinely elated at this situation and… and then things started to take a curiously weird note.

    She could remember Angelica and Beatrice, both girls having worked for the scary Ainsworth boy until… they decided to join forces with her Senpai? The reasons eluded her and even questioning it led to some strange headaches.

    Maybe she just forgot? Yes, that would make so much sense. Her senpai had been quick to tell her about the Cards. The very Cards that had been used for the Grail War were now gone to another world, another dimension and…

    And there had been her senpai. He looked calmer, happier and… glad to met her.

    It had been like the sweetest dream for her. To have a second chance with her senpai, away from the terrible things of her original dimension. There were no Matou, no Sakura and… no Ainsworth.

    She had almost squealed at her luck, but only showed a bright smile as she contemplated all of this during her Senpai’s tour of Homurahara. Infiltrating had been fairly easy, Angelica herself having hypnotized the headmaster to accept one Sakura Matou in Class 1-C quickly and easily.

    Sakura’s happiness increased when she spotted her Neechan. Rin Tohsaka having died long ago in the original dimension as the family was dragged in a political war within Clocktower. A tragic tale that made her weep for days as the plum-haired girl was denied the chance of meeting once more her former sister.

    But now she could and… she was glad she did. While the young Tohsaka had been suspicious of her familiar name, she had all but gone far to help her around. The young girl reminded her of her little sister, she had said quietly.

    Sakura was soaring through the heavens as two idyllic days passed so smoothly and quickly… but then her Senpai had invited her to his house. This senpai had a kind family that loved him and wanted to know about her.

    A father, a mother and a sister. The Matou was so happy to learn about this, to know that she wasn’t the only one enjoying this different reality. Her acceptance, albeit meek, was quick and she spent the following few hours after school trying to get some strategy to get to know more about her lovely interest.

    Fast-forward to the dinner and Sakura was finally delivered the first surprise since her stay. There were other guests at the house, ‘new friends’ Shirou had called them. The host of individuals was almost unrecognizable but… then she noticed him.

    Very short, child-like and… sad-looking. This Shinji Matou was fairly young, younger than her and… he knew. The plum-haired girl couldn’t understand why, but she was incredibly sure he knew about her situation. Dread and panic were quick to rise but then the opposite of what she had expected happened.

    He asked to leave the room to change out from the curiously bigger set of clothes and… and then returned back without giving much but curious looks back. Confusing, frustratingly so.

    What kind of Shinji Matou was this one? A fellow dimensional hopper? The theory was chilling but would explain his age and knowledge of her. Paranoia was a terrible thing and she had been fiddling with the Berserker Card under the table before deciding to merely leave the delightful event.

    She was happy to know that Irisviel was a good mother for her senpai and was glad when she had offered her an interesting deals about… private photos. Yes, the woman had managed to reach her number two list of favorite people with this move.

    Shinji had followed her, ‘escorting’ he had said and she had gone along with it. Maybe he was just going to take her out? Was he going to kill her… or worse?!

    But nothing horrible happened as he merely asked for some time to talk together about… the things only they knew about. A dangerous situation that turned in a juicy one.

    Shinji was dangerous, a pawn that was going against her senpai’s plans and Sakura had gladly installed the Card right as the group had left their sight, her mouth snarling as she prepared to kill the representation of her sufferings of her anger and- Sniff

    Her enchanted nose perceived something different in this Shinji’s scent. It wasn’t something external, no. She brought her face on his chest, nose sniffing strongly as it tried to find what was hiding under his skin.

    It was familiar, it was disgusting and… it was Crest Worms. Several of them.

    Not five, not ten. There were twenty worms wriggling within the child’s body.

    Twenty worms that had a familiar pattern, very similar to the ones she once had within her body… No.

    He tried to make it pass as if those worms had only been placed because of his active Circuits and, while this reason worked for at least eight of those, the remaining twelve were badly placed within himself. It was a poor job of surgery, or maybe a failed attempt of the worms to infiltrate a… dangerous host.

    What if-? No!

    Shinji would never sacrifice himself to bear some of the Worms from her version’s body. She refused to accept the idea someone as selfish as her hateful brother could do something this selfless. It was paradoxical, unacceptable and…

    He looked so sincere.

    He had looked so much genuine and his voice had rang so true that… that Sakura was shaking now.

    The bench she had been sitting on had slightly bent because of her strong hold, her fresh Circuits boosting her current physical capacities in this particular situation.

    She could have killed him, avoid to let a possible threat to fester and grow under her silent watch. But then her mind found the option difficult to execute, her willpower opposing this without explanation and…

    And that unnerved Sakura to no end. It was infuriating how, after so many weeks of being free from that horrible cage, she still submitted to him and his fake ambitions. His words were gibberish, no matter how true they sounded…

    But she still found a minor opposition to this trail of thoughts, something within her that found the development interesting and worth of further investigation. She had Berserker with her and, knowing that none of the present Servants could match her power, Sakura decided to go for a long road.

    Maybe this decision will come and bite her in the near future… or maybe she will find a definitive answer behind the fact her heart skipped some beats as she imagined his young face. Her face heated up and her breathed went ragged for several moments.

    He does look quite adorable~


    Throwing tactical truth MOABs as if I am some COD pro player… which I am not.

    Gilgamesh and AM: The Eight Card is composed by both Servants, but in Canon only Gil emerged out from the battle. This time, without the purging effects of the Zwei Form, Angra Mainyu is now joining the cast for some debauchery.

    I have planned for five-six more chapters for this Arc and then… we will back to Zero.