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Dark Magical Girl Companion Quest (????/Original Setting/Pathfinder)

Discussion in 'Questing' started by AlexiGrey, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. AlexiGrey

    AlexiGrey Getting sticky.

    Oct 3, 2013
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    You flow into a large room as little more than than a swirl of silver mist. Before you stands a shining golden lion. You wait a moment as images rapidly cycle through the massive crystal that makes up the entire wall.
    “I am here for my assignment, Exarch.”

    The crystal shifts to show a thousand images of a single girl. Then, the Exarch is silent for a moment before he speaks. “This girl shall be your partner. She has a destiny but it appears that she will not follow that path. She will need guidance.”
    The mist that makes up your unfinished form swirls uncomfortably. “I am honored... but I was trained to rehabilitate dark magical girls. Why am I being partnered with a destined hero?”

    The lion lets out low growling sigh. “She has led a hard life and it affected her more than fate decreed.” He turns to regard you. “She is in danger of becoming a sociopath.”

    You freeze. You are unsure if you are more or less qualified for this but you will trust the judgement of the Masters of Magic and the Exarchs. You examine the images more closely. She doesn't look like a destined hero. “Who is she?”

    “She is-

    [ ] The heir to her mother's burden. She is destined to save or destroy the world. (high risk, high reward)
    [ ] A girl born as the 7th month dies, who has a power the dark lord knows not. (medium risk, medium reward)
    [ ] A girl who smells delicious to vampires... It's complicated. (low risk, low reward)
    [ ] Original Setting (Write in)

    Welcome to Dark Magical Girl Companion Quest. You get to play as a cute animal desperately trying to convince a dark magical girl not to go crazy. Don't worry about the fact you're not a cute animal yet. Your magical girl chooses your form (a.k.a. QQ votes next post). Oh, you were worried about the “going crazy part.” I'm adapting the Madness Rules from Unknown Armies. Note: the high risk options both have worse starting position on the madness meters and worse consequences for failure.

    If you're wondering about the gender swaps, I needed to include them to add options for my concept (and I didn't want to deal with magical boys). All three of them had horrible childhoods but aren't traumatized by it. The third option didn't even seem to notice (why were her badly written books the popular ones?). I also added in the Write In option in case QQ would prefer something different. Feel free to suggest something else that fits the theme. I'll have to watch to movies for the third option anyway (It would be faster than reading the books and thus, less painful).

    Fair warning, I didn't want to make up my own system for my first quest so I'm planning on using a modified version of Pathfinder. How heavily modified will depend on the setting. Plus, homebrew magical girl class that basically only works for quests.
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  2. Heaven Canceler

    Heaven Canceler Behind You!

    Nov 30, 2013
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    Sad, I thought the first was Himegami Aisa at first....