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Dragon Swordswoman(MAN, Dammit!) [One Piece SI]

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Colin Yeo, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. Threadmarks: Chapter 1
    Colin Yeo

    Colin Yeo Getting out there.

    May 13, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Chapter 1: Do all Isekai stories start by dropping from the sky?

    When people talk about the afterlife, it is universally accepted that it would be the dwellings of spirits in either the angelic paradise of heaven, of the fiery depths of hell. Regardless of the situation, you’ll end up in one of these places where you’ll spend the rest of your unliving life until reincarnation.

    Or, if you are REALLY lucky, you’ll be reincarnated into another world like all those Isekai manga and anime I have watched.

    …Yeah, the last one is definitely a really far-fetched idea, but one can still dream!

    Either way, now I can state in upmost certainty that neither of them are correct!

    Nope! Once you are dead, you’ll just end up in the void!

    A dark, endless void where there is nothing all around with no floor or ceiling.

    Just, emptiness…


    Proof? Well, I can’t really show it as I’m dead myself.

    Yup! Dead! Ran over by a damn speeding car, driver wasn’t even looking in front, busy looking at his precious phone that dipshit! Hope that fucker crash and burn! That would teach you to text and drive!

    To think, that my entire life would end from something that mundane! I always picture myself dying on a hospital bed, next to my family and friends as they slowly turn off the life-support and I slowly drift away…

    Not, CRASH! BOOM! DEAD! You are a goner! Must have been a crack spine or neck, instant death in the matter of seconds!

    But then, what is life, am I right?

    Speaking of life, looking back on my own, I really lived quite a short one, huh? Dead at the age of 25, not how I wanted to go out…

    But now… at least I get to meet Lina again. I wonder how she’ll react to me dying to young? Sad? Angry? Hope she doesn’t try to kill me the second time…

    Huh? What’s that bright light over there? Is it… coming closer…?

    Out in the ocean, there sat a small ship, a sailboat that could house four grown men bobbing about on the salty waters. It’s hull dark brown wood while a cabin is built in the from the middle to the end with a large mast sticking out of the top of it with a single white sail that is currently rolled up.

    It’s owner, a young man who seems to be in his early thirties wearing a fedora is busy with his fishing pole, his eyes staring right the little bopper in the water.

    A tense second later, the bopper sinks and he immediately tugged on it, the fishing line tensed up as he tries to reel his catch as fast as he could, “Come here, you damn fish…!”

    One last tug and the line slack causing him to pull back too much and fell right down onto the deck with a loud thump. With a groan, he got back up as he looked at his empty hook, “Damn it, almost had it…” He picks up and put back on his hat before noticing something in the sky.

    With a look, he can see a shadow getting bigger, two shadows now that he looked closely. “What is that, a person…?”
    The shadows soon became big enough to a point that is it truly visible to see what is falling down towards him, within the seconds it splashes right into the salty waters next to him. The figure floats up to reveal a person, a beautiful young lady to be exact.

    “A… lady…?”

    A second splash next to her caught his attention as what looks like a brown leather sack floats up close to her as well.

    “And a sack…? What in the four seas…?”

    At first there was a feeling of wind blowing against my face, before something impacted my face hard. Then there’s the feeling of water on my skin which is followed by what seems to be arms carrying me up to somewhere.

    What… happened? I was dead a second ago, and then suddenly there is wind? And… water…? What’s going on?
    A few hard pressure on my chest later and air suddenly fill my lungs causing me to cough which in turn jerks my entire body up. This feeling of a beating heart, of lungs expanding and the heat on my skin, it is official.

    I’m alive again.​

    But… how? What happened…? Is this even possible?

    Leaving my thoughts aside, I felt the heavy weight of my own eyelids as I forcibly tries to open my eyes to see what’s going on. The first thing that came to be blurry vision was the image of the blue skies, along with the feeling of a bopping up and down on the solid floor I am on.

    Am I… on a boat…? On the open seas?


    I glanced to the side, where a face came into view. A man in his thirties, I think, in a short-sleeved white button-down shirt with bandages around his hands that reaches to his elbows with brown leather armour tied to his forearm and back of his hand, a dark blue pants tugged into a pair of brown leather boots with a bright red sash tied around his waist. On his slightly untamed mane of crimson-red hair sits a black fedora with a white stripe around it, shadowing his eyes with rather crystal-like red pupils that doesn’t look human at all, almost reptilian in nature.

    “You okay?”

    I opened my mouth to speak only to end up coughing due to the heavy dryness of my throat.

    “Ah, hold on for a moment.” He rushes off somewhere, before returning with a small metal canteen. “Now, small sips.” He coaches my head upwards as he places the mouth of the canteen on my lips, the smooth and cool relief of liquid life flows in and down my throat.

    A few small gulps later, he removed the canteen from my mouth. “Better now?”

    With my throat moist and thirst quenched, I opened my mouth and…

    “Yeah, thank-Huh?”

    Was that… my voice…? I don’t remember sounding like that! That’s just like a girl’s voice!!

    I quickly scramble to the side of the boat despite the man’s cries and look down at the water’s reflection. Expecting to see a young male face staring back, I ended up looking at someone else, someone completely different.

    Instead, what I end up seeing is a young girl’s face, a rather pretty one at that. My normally messy black hair is now of a smooth glossy onyx that trails pass my shoulders with a perfect heart-shaped structure unlike those of a model, my narrow eyes became big round pupils of brown; a female face if I ever saw one.

    “W-What is this?!” I shrieked out as I feel all over my new face, pinching my cheeks to make sure this is all real before reaching down to check if it is true elsewhere.

    And I am right, horrifyingly so.

    Where my normally flat chest is now a couple of small bulging tits that fit around my hands perfectly, said hands became slim and long, my waist that was originally slightly round is now flat and smooth, my hips are wider and my butt is definitely fuller than normal. When I went to feel my groin, I can’t feel the existence of my manhood, just the smoothness and emptiness between my thighs.

    I have completely become a woman.

    “N-No way… how did… what…?”

    “A-Are you okay, miss?” The man asked me worriedly.

    “Okay?! Do I look okay to you?!” I screamed at the man, “What is this?! Did you do this?!”

    “Do what? I found you like this.”

    “Are you sure?! I because I’m pretty sure I was a guy a few minutes ago!!”

    The man looked at me confused, before looking at me up and down, “Is that why you dressed like that?”

    I lift my eyebrow in confusion to his question, before looking back down on myself. Huh, what do you know? I’m wearing the exact same thing when I died. A short-sleeved dark-blue button shirt over a black undershirt with light grey pants and my yellow on black running shoes, the same kind of clothes I wear when I went out.

    Although, they are all now a little too big for my body with my two shirts slacking over my shoulder and my pants extremely loose around my waist.

    “Okay, let’s just say what you said is true…” The man sighed, “I doubt I’m the one that changed you. The only person that has that kind of ability is locked up in Impel Down and that is miles away from here.”

    Wait, what did he just say? Impel Down? But that’s the name of the prison in… the… Oh no. Don’t tell me…
    “Mister! Where are we right now?!”

    “Huh? Where we are…? The East Blue. Somewhere between the islands of Riza, Conomi, and Yotsuba to be precise.”
    East Blue…?! Conomi is definitely confirming it! Some way or other, I ended up in the world of One Piece!! And as a girl no less! This is bad… really, really bad! Of all the places to fall into, it has to be the one filled with blood-thirsty pirates!!

    “Hey… you alright there?” He asked me again worriedly, “You seem rather pale…”

    “I just… feel like my new existence is going to fade out in a flash…”

    “Existence…? That’s rather heavy for a young lady…” The man stated before looking away, “Speaking of heavy, is that bag yours?”

    Bag? I follow his gaze to notice the brown leather sack in the corner of the deck, with a strap for carrying use and tied at the top with what seems to be white rope in a knot. I definitely didn’t own a bag like that, specially of that type. “No, I don’t think that is mine.”

    “Really, it fell out of the sky with you.”

    “Wait, I fell out of the sky?!”


    How cliché can this get?! Falling out of the sky?! That’s Isekai’s intro 101! That, or awakening in a strange place all alone-wait I did that too!! Goddamn it, am I in a self-insert now?! I love those kinds of fanfic to death but I never thought to being in one!

    Oh, right! That sack! If it fell out of the sky with me, it must be something important!

    I quickly rush towards the sack, nearly tripping over when my pants dropped a little, and undone the knot before opening it up for me to check the insides. In it, I found four things; a small chest the size of a small fruit, a book with the title of [Surviving the One Piece world for Dummies], what looks like a hunting knife of all things, and a brown envelope held closed by a wax seal that looks like two angel-wings within a halo.

    If my experience with self-insert fics is right, that chest should be important but I’ll save it for later. First thing, that envelope.

    Breaking the wax seal, I took out the folded letter inside and starts to read the contents.

    Dear Visitor:
    In the case this letter found its way to you on a much later date, I wish to apologize for any hardships you have/will encountered in your time in this world.

    I am the goddess that govern over death and rebirth. My name isn’t something normal humans can pronounce so just call me Neo. For starters, I wish to say I’m sorry for tossing you into this world without warning. This is all a big mistake on my part.

    You see, you were dragged out here on accident, by my idiot of a sister who got so drunk to the point which she mistaken your soul as the one from her world, the same world you are in right now; that she decides to toss you in, and then for some unknown reason change your gender as well. It was a big mess, and we’re both being punished for such an irresponsible behavior.

    Sadly, I couldn’t drag you back out, with you completely integrated into the world now. So, I’m afraid to say that you are forever stuck in that world till your death. When that would come is up to you.

    But, I decided to leave you with some gifts for you, just enough so you can have some kind of chance of survival. You probably checked the bag so I’ll summarised them for you.

    You would probably find a chest, inside contains an unknown Devil Fruit for your consumption. What kind of fruit is up there since it was my sister who picked it and she didn’t want to tell me what’s inside.

    Next would be that book, where I manage to gather together all the info you would need in that world; of course, not including the ones you already have knowledge of. Think of it as the encyclopaedia of this world.

    Lastly would be the knife. It is a knife of my own blessing. It is made with a metal that wouldn’t break no matter what, and its edge is sharp enough to pierce and cut through most metals like butter. You should be able to make good use of it in the near future.

    Other than that, all I can say is: Wish you luck!
    Signed: Neo

    I stared at the letters on the paper, as the realization of it all echoes in my mind. I… can never go back… I’m… stuck here in this body, in this world until my death…

    “Wha…What kind of bullshit is this?!” I screamed in rage tossing the letter aside. This is bullshit… what kind of dipshit is this?! Sending me here on a whim of a drunk goddess and now they don’t have the ability to sent me back?! What kind of goddess is she?!

    This has to be a nightmare, none of it is real… it can’t be real!!

    “Another world…”

    The man beside suddenly spoke out, in his hands is the same letter I was reading a few moments ago. Ah, crap! This isn’t something a resident of this world should be finding out!!

    “I thought you seem different.” He noted with a glance towards me, “Although, this part here interests me.” He fully turned to face me with a stare, “[Already have knowledge of.], huh?”


    “Pray tell me, what kind of knowledge do you possess of this world? What you say next…” He cracks his knuckle, “Well… you can guess, right?”

    Crap, crap, crap! D-Did I ended up with someone extremely dangerous?! A bounty hunter?! Mercenary?! Pirate?! “I-It’s… um… well… you see… uh…”


    We all were stopped from the stare off when a large creature emerged from the waters below, its enormous reptilian-like face that resembles a moray eel staring right at us with its jaws opened and throat (?) vibrating as the remainence of its initial roar echoes within.

    A… Sea King… A FUCKING SEA KING?! We’re still in the East Blue, right?!! Why is there a Sea King here?!
    “A young one, huh?” The man chuckles, a bestial grin on his face, “Good timing. I was having trouble with my food supplies and you gladly shows up.”

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on for just a freaking moment!! Is this guy planning on hunting and eating that?! This is insane! I don’t know who he is, but I doubt he has the ability to kill off a freaking Sea King!! I mean, this is the small boat and he doesn’t look like someone who can do just that!!

    The large beast growled before lunging forward towards us, I letting out scream of terror on complete reflex before the man pulls back his fist…

    …And proceeds to slam said fist into the nose of the sea monster.

    With that punch knocking its head back at least several feet.

    I felt my own jaw came loose as I witness the giant head of the monster flew back to the point I barely registered the fact that the offender has rushed into the cabin until I realised his lack of presence on the deck and the opening of the door.

    The Sea King eventually rushes back towards the boat with its jaws wide open, ready to chomp down on the wooden vessel with me on it. I stood frozen as I watches as my deadly fate is fast approaching, my past life flashing before my eyes. Is… this it…? Is this how I’m going to die…? Brought into a world of danger and die only a few minutes of living again…?

    Man, I suck at living…

    And it is at that moment when I see the teeth slowly coming down around me, a flash of metal rings out and the beast suddenly retracted roaring out as a cut tooth plops into the water next to the boat. I turned to the sudden appearance of the owner of this boat, in his hands now wielded is a long Chinese-styled sabre, its edge coated with red blood.
    Is that… a Miao Dao? Did he… cut the tooth out with that?!

    “Should have brought it with me to the deck the first time…” The man sighed as he flicks his weapon to the side, blood splatters off onto the deck and into the ocean, “Then again, I wasn’t expecting a Sea King here…”

    The said monster looked back at us with a growl and a frown on its face, its missing teeth along with the slash wound apparent for us to see, before lunging towards us once more. With a smirk, he jumps up with the recoil of his jump rocking the ship rather wildly. Once he is right above the monster, with hand on his sword he swings down hard.
    “Dragon Sword Style: Grand Divider!”

    The resulting slash slices the head clean off its body, the giant head skidding on the surface of the water before splashing onto the salty waters in front of the ship. I felt the sea water raining down on me as the head floats back up with its now dull eyes looking up.

    What…just happened…? Did that man just one-shot a fucking SEA KING?! What is going on?! Who is he?!

    Speaking of which, that same man is also standing on the dead body of the monster with a satisfied smile on his face, “What a damn great prize! Wouldn’t have to worry about food for a good while!”

    And that, is the last straw on the camel’s back as I finally blacked out from it all.

    …Oh god, why this world, why…?

    To be continued…

    And there!! First chapter of the new reboot! For those first timers coming to this fic, this is actually a complete overhaul from my previous One Piece fic.
    That fic wasn’t going anywhere good, if what the reviews are showing means, so I decided to reboot the entire thing! Same characters, same setting, similar plotline but different in a lot of ways.
    And yes, this is a rated-M like the previous one, so prepared for sexual tensions and possible lemons in the near future.
    With that, I thank you all for reading this!
  2. Threadmarks: Chapter 2
    Colin Yeo

    Colin Yeo Getting out there.

    May 13, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Chapter 2: One bad idea later…

    The smell of a cooked meal tickles my nose as I am brought out of unconsciousness. My eyelids fluttered for a moment as I took in the appearance of a shimmering starry sky with the bright moon shining above.

    What happened…? I remember being… scared… then cursing a goddess… and teeth-

    The Sea King!

    I immediately got up, looking around in fear but not finding the giant monster. What I did ended up finding is the large beheaded eel-like body of said monster cut opened to its bones with a campfire burning on top of its skin with a cooking pot above it held in place by a tripod.

    And by the pot is the very culprit of the creature’s slaughter, said man busy finicking with the pot’s contents with a pair of chopsticks.

    “Oh, you’re awake.” The man noted with a smile as he took out a few pieces of what looked like well-done mini steaks from the pot and dropped them onto a wooden plate, “Want some? Freshly grilled Sea King meat!”
    So that’s why grilled Sea King meat looks like… it does look rather appetizing. And I am getting rather hungry myself…

    And as if reading my own mind, my stomach lets out a low yet loud growl. I felt my face turns red as the man starts laughing before holding out the plate in his hand, “Come on up, let’s eat.”

    I hesitantly got onto the Sea King’s dead body, while getting annoyed at my loose pants and manages to tie a knot on it to tighten it, took the offered plate before taking a piece of meat on it by hand and dropping it into my mouth, the surprisingly savoury fish-like texture fills my cheeks with delight as I faithfully chew it up and then devour the rest of the meat on my plate.

    “Good, right?”

    I nodded in agreement, as he places a few more pieces on my plate while I reposition myself to sit more comfortably cross-legged.

    Just as I am about to eat another piece, the realization hits me.

    Wasn’t he all suspicious of me before? All about to complete wreck me if I didn’t tell him the truth? What’s with his sudden friendliness all of the sudden? Wait! Is… this meat drugged…?! Oh god, am I going to-

    “No, the meat is not drugged.”

    Eh?! He can read my mind?!

    “No, your facial expression is way too obvious.” The man chuckles as he places a cooked meat into his mouth, “Sorry for all that threats earlier. That letter and your reaction does trigger a bit of a reflex in me.”
    What kind of reflex results with him threating to kill me?!

    “Let’s start this up back up from the beginning.” He stated reaching his hand out in a friendly gesture, “I’m Sen, Wanderer of the Seas. What’s your name?”

    Wanderer of the Seas? What kind of title is that? Is Wanderer even a legit title to get? And a wanderer? In these seas? I guess that would explain his strength…

    Not wanting to appear rude, I reach out my hand to shake his, “Rein. Visitor from another world, I supposed.”

    “Rein, then.” After the handshake, Sen goes back to cooking the meat, “So, you’re from another world? First time I have ever heard of such a thing.” He pauses to munch down on a recently cooked piece of monster flesh, “And a goddess accidentally sent you here? Talk about bad luck.”

    “It’s more of good luck than bad, honestly…” I mumbled out of my full mouth, before swallowing my meat, “I was actually dead before then.”

    “Eh?! You mean you were brought back to life?!”

    “Pretty much, dead as a doornail.”

    “You sure seem rather nonchalant about it, though.” Sen noted, “I mean, aren’t you at least freaked out?”

    “I am. Just that…” My thoughts went back to the Sea King attack and Sen’s own counter followed by his one-sided slaughter, “You kind of blasted it all away… like with this Sea King…”
    “Hahaha, I guess that’s logical.” He chuckles, before continue with our meal.

    The rest of our meal time is spent in silence, with the occasional sounds of chewing and the ever present sizzling sounds of cooking meat in the background. I’m not sure how long we have been eating, but before long I start to feel my stomach reaching its maximum capacity as I place my plate beside me on the floor, letting out a sigh of delight.

    “Man, that was some good eating.”

    “Glad you enjoy it.” He smirks as he puts out the fire.

    “Thank you for cooking it.” I noted before realizing something, “Oh, and thank you for rescuing me back there.” He looked back at me confused as he took the metal plate off the tripod, “If you haven’t been where you are, I would have drowned without knowing anything.”

    “Eh, no skin off my back.” Sen noted with a shrug tucking the metal plate under his armpit, “I was just in the area, is all.”

    “What were you doing out here, anyway?” I asked curiously as I watches him fold up the tripod, “I know your title, but is it really that simple?”

    “That hard to believe, huh?” He laughed holding the folded tripod under his arm, “But seriously, I am a wanderer. But not one without any idea of where to go; trust me, being lost in the open ocean is a death sentence.” He walks to the boat where he places the two items on the deck, “I mostly stay at one island to check on any new information, gather updates for my maps before heading out for the next island. There are times where I got lost halfway due weather complications and ended up at a different island, but I consider them lucky than unlucky to be honest.”

    “So, you pretty much gather up information from all the islands you been to?”

    “Yes, and no. There are limits to what I can collect, with time-lapse and biases and all that.”

    That means he has a lot of information about the places he has been before; and if he has been in the East Blue for a while…

    “Shells Town. Have you been there?”

    “The marine base?” He asked confused before thinking for a bit, “Yeah, a couple of weeks back… Book it out of there once I got info on the next island. Damn Morgan and his tyranny…”

    So, Morgan is still in control… that means that Luffy hasn’t arrived yet… but it doesn’t tell me where I am in the timeline. Has Luffy left his village yet? Is Zoro still held captive in the marine base? So many uncertain answers to my questions and none can be answered of this point.

    I sighed dejectedly not knowing what to do at this point. Sen seems to catch on to it as he starts to ask.

    “Does Morgan have anything to do with what that letter stated about you?”

    I flinched, before turning to him with a rather firm stare. Not the murderous stare he has earlier that day, but still a rather intimidating one.

    “Uh… that’s…” I look away worriedly as I keep a look around to find a way out of this mess.

    “Hey, now. I’ve feed you, you know.” He pointed out with a frown, “No such thing as a free lunch- well, dinner in this case… but same thing. The least you can do is give me a snippet of truth.”
    He… does have a point there. I do own him one. Or two. Maybe a three, if you add in the whole saving from the Sea King. I mean, he doesn’t seem to be anyone of real important to the actual plot so telling him about said plot should be fine, right?

    But he is right on one thing. He does deserve some snippet of truth. Even just a pinch of it. Or a grain…

    Yeah, let’s go with grain for now.

    “Okay, I guess you deserve that much…”

    Sen smiles as he crosses his arms awaiting answers. “Um, let’s see here…” I thought on about how do I explain it, before settling with such, “In the other world, we have these things we call comic books, manga if you want to be specific, and I am a fan of one such book. One series that told a story of a boy that travel this expansive world of pirates with a motley crew in search of the one big treasure left behind by the Pirate King-”
    “The One Piece.”

    Sen conclusion stopped me as I took a look at him to see a sudden realization on his face, like he finally pieces together what I just said, “You read a story about this world, about the One Piece…” He stared at me in shock before adding on, “The boy in your book-”


    “Whatever! That boy, what is his name?”

    “Err…” Should I tell him? If he is as well-travelled as he proclaimed, he must know about the whole Garp issue. Would it make it a big splash if I tell him? But then… it’s just a name. Maybe he wouldn’t change much just by knowing his name.


    “Okay, fine. But don’t tell anyone, okay?”


    I braced myself before taking a deep breath, “His name is Monkey D. Luffy.”

    “Luffy-Wait, his name is…” He realized for a moment. An awkward silence filled the air as I stared at his dumbfounded face, before a grin starts to crack on his face as he bursts out into a roaring laugh.
    “SAHAHAHAHAHA! OH MY GOD! THIS IS TOO GOOD!!” He laughed out loud falling on his back rolling about on the dead Sea King clutching his stomach, “Garp’s going to be so pissed!! Oh, how I wish I was there to take a picture of his face when he finds out!”

    Okay… That wasn’t the reaction I was expecting. Does he know Garp on a more familiar grounds? Are they friends?

    …Oh god, is he a Marine?! Not good, not good! I’ve told a marine about it! This is bad! Really, really bad!

    “Sahahaha, oh man… haven’t laughed like that for quite a while.” He chuckles, before turning to face me who has already booked it back to the boat to grab the sack of things that dumb goddess gave me, “Huh?”

    I need to get out of here. If I ended up in the World Government’s hands, there’s no telling what the Five Elder Stars are going to do to me! Or worse, I get sent to the Celestial Dragons where I’ll live as a slave for the rest of my rebirth life!

    “Hey! W-Wait a moment here!!”

    I barely got my hands on the sack when I hear a thump on the wooden deck as the boat bounced a bit, my guess Sen landing on the boat. I quickly wrapped my arms around it, bringing it close to me as I scuttle back away from his approaching figure.

    “Look, just calm down a moment here… I don’t know what came over you, but I mean you no harm.” He tries to tell me but I refused to listen as I rack my mind on how to get out. Swimming is definitely out, no telling how far the next island is, but I can’t stay here and let him take me in!

    Think, Rein, think! What do I have in my disposal here? There’s the knife, but he would easily take that out of my hand while breaking said hand. That leaves…
    Of course! The Devil Fruit! It might give me a slight edge in dealing with him!

    I quickly rummage thought the sack and took out the wooden chest. I heard him gasp as I forcefully open the chest to see the fruit inside. In it on a red cushion lays what looks like a tomato, one that is ash-white with swirls all over it with said swirls around the entire fruit like some kind of watery skin.

    Oda definitely didn’t truly captivate the essence of such a fruit with his drawings, but then again… no one truly can once I took a good look at it.

    “Whoa! Hold on there! Don’t do anything rash-”

    I pick up the fruit (Or vegetable? Eh, who knows?) and take a large bite of it. And once the chewed piece hit my tongue, I struggle with all my might not to spit it out.

    Want to know how it taste? Take the vilest thing you have ever eaten in your entire life, let it rot for few years, add dried shit as seasoning and you’ll get at least one percent of what I am tasting. Oh god, it tasted as bad as advertised! How did Luffy finished an entire one?!

    “S-Spit it out! Quick! Whatever you do, don’t-”

    I took a deep breath and swallowed that piece as forcefully as I could muster. I let out a moan as I still feel aftertaste of the fruit lingering on my tongue. Okay, now… what powers do I get…? Please be something useful…
    “Are you out of your freaking mind?!” Sen screamed out in what I assume to be horror as he pulls me up to his eye level by my shirt “What in your right mind do you consider eating a Devil Fruit in the middle of the OPEN OCEAN?!”

    “Hey! Let me go!” I struggle against his grip, trying to get away from him. NO! I refused to be captured by a marine! Not here! Not now!

    “Do you even know what kind of Devil Fruit you’ve eaten?!”

    “LET! GO!”​

    I shouted out as I suddenly felt a burning sensation from my chest that moves up my throat before I felt the heat near my tongue, as a large blast of fire erupts out in front of me from assumingly my mouth. The blast expands forward as Sen moves out of the way, causing him to let go as I stumble a bit on my feet while the flames expands out covering my entire view. The fire eventually stops once I felt out of breath, leaving me a coughing mess with the few coughs letting out some smoke with each breath.

    Wha…What did I just…?

    It was then I felt a slight numbing sensation on my hands, I brought them up to watch them slowly morph into what looks like humanoid claws with reptilian scales on the back of it. That is followed by a sudden pushing feeling on the tail bone, the sensation akin to a needle poking my skin only from within.

    Could it be…? A Zoan? It has to be, with the animalist traits. Only problem is… which one?

    “D-Don’t tell me… that fruit is…!”

    Huh? Even Sen is flustered, almost scared even. Huh? Whatever this fruit is based on, it must be powerful to scare him. Looks like I’ve gain an advantage over him!

    Before I can take advantage of my… advantage, a painful sting on my shoulder blades nearly drop me to my knees as I suddenly feel a heavy weight on my back, causing me to lose my balance as I stumble about before the back of my shin hits the side of the deck that eventually topple me over the boat.


    I barely had time to scream before I dunked head-first into the cold salty waters below.

    The first thing that I notice once I’m submerged is the new sensations from my back and the back of my hip. The second thing is that I suddenly felt the all energy sapped out of me. All of the sudden, I instantly felt weak with my limps suddenly felt like lead and the overall tiredness of my muscles.

    I couldn’t move at all, as I watch the surface slowly shrinks as I keep on sinking into the dark deeps of the open oceans, helpless to my own helplessness.

    I… didn’t think this through, did I?

    Sen could only look at the slowly decreasing numbers of bubbles in shock.

    For some reason, once he started laughing, that girl suddenly freaked out considering her actions afterwards. And then, for some unspoken reason, she grabs the Devil Fruit that was in the chest and proceeds to eat it despite his warnings.

    And from her form changing, it is obvious that it is a Zoan type.

    Not only that, he knows exactly what type it is.

    “A Mythical Zoan of all things… and of all them, it is THAT one…” He groaned as he recalled what halfway transformation he saw of that young lady. The large wings on her back with that long slender tail is a dead giveaway.
    He stared down at the bubbles slowly decreasing in number, before letting out a groan before diving in.

    Of all things, he has to find an otherworldly traveller…

    I barely register surfacing until I felt my back impacts the wooden deck hard, I coughing out a good amount of seawater in the process. I’m… alive?

    “Oh, for the love of all things-Are you actively trying to get yourself killed?”

    Sen’s voice nearly jolted me into attention while failing to do so once I noticed my limps are still as heavy as lead. I let out a groan in agony as I realised the complete helplessness and my unchangeable situation.

    “Oh, damn it all…” I groaned out, “Fine. You win. Take me away.”

    “Huh? What are you talking about?”

    “Don’t play dumb. You’re a marine, right? Getting me to the Elder Stars will definitely give you a fat promotion, so go on. Sail away to the nearest marine base. Guess it’s a slave’s life for me now…”

    “Whoa, whoa. Did you think that I’m a… marine…?” Sen asked, I nodded in response. There was a small pause before he let out a painful chuckle, “Oh god, so that’s what it was all about?”

    “Wait. So… you’re not?”

    “Of course not!!” He stated with a laugh, “I’m not a marine! Former or otherwise! You must have misunderstood something.”

    “But… you are friends with Garp, right?” I pointed out.

    “Oh, that part. Look, there are plenty of ways to be acquainted with that idiot of the Vice-Admiral, not just marine officers. Trust me, he has plenty of them outside the navy AND the law.”

    Oh. So, it was all a misunderstanding on my part then. Oh, my goodness, this is so embarrassing! How could I forget about that little fact of Garp’s character…? He is friends with a fucking MOUNTAIN BANDIT!!

    “I’m such an idiot…” I groaned out.

    “Indeed, you are.” He agreed with me.

    “So… what now?”

    “Well, I was originally plan to leave you with a friend of mine, but now that you have eaten that Devil Fruit… I’m not too sure I should let you out of my sight.” He stated, before noting my confused expression, “…You do realise what kind of Devil Fruit you’ve eaten, right?”


    “Oh lord, give me strength…”

    This is going to a running theme, is it?

    To be continued…

    There! Second chapter done! And yes, there are a lot of changes compared to the original. Like giving my OC a Devil Fruit for one. And yes, it’s a goddamn Mythical Zoan type instead of the usual paramecia. I mean, I do have some in mind for this, but Zoans are physical fighters, the exact type of fighter Rein is going to be.

    With that, I thank you all for reading this!
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    I don't know a lot about the One Piece world, though I do know of Devil Fruits and a few cast names. This tugs on my interest for some reason despite that... Looking forward to seeing where it goes!
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    Chapter 3: Preparation

    The smell of the salty breeze tickles my nostrils, my eyes flutter open letting the bright sunlight invade my vision. Huh? Morning already? When did I fall asleep?

    What time is it? That was my thought process before I turn my head to check my phone only to pause when I saw the wooden walls and floors, as well as the visible feeling of bouncing up and down of being on a boat.

    Oh right. This isn’t my room, or my world.

    I’m in the One Piece universe now.

    If I recall correctly, once I am rescued from nearly drowning a second time, Sen decided that it is enough excitement for one night and pushed me into the cabin. Already tired an exhausted from all that crazy shit I have endured all this while and the additional experience of falling into the sea as a Devil Fruit user, I fell asleep almost instantly once my face touches the lone bed in the room.

    Getting up, I got off the bed and stretches out my tense body, sounds of a few joints cracking a little filled my ears before I let out a sigh of relief and dejection. The first day here, I have already nearly drowned, twice, got attacked by a freaking SEA KING, and ate a Devil Fruit which in all things considered isn’t that bad except for the taste.

    I think I can still taste it in my mouth… Wow that is nasty. And Luffy ate an entire fruit without blanching?

    Speaking of which… what kind of a Devil Fruit did I ate? I was in a panic when I eat it and I haven’t really used it with the exception of last night.

    I know it is a Zoan at least, considering my hands morphing in front of my eyes, but of what animal? It has to be a reptile, with the scales on my hands, but what kind of reptile have the ability to breathe fire?

    Wait… reptile with the ability to breathe fire… only one came to mind.

    But that… can I be that lucky? Or unlucky? I mean, it is proven to be real in the Punk Hazard arc, but that is a completely different one than mine!

    I let my musing drag off into the corner of my mind and decides to focus on the most important thing. Like the fact that I have absolutely no idea where I am in the timeline. I have nothing to go on either, no news about the world currently and I am in the open ocean, far from any forms of human civilization.

    Speaking of which, didn’t Sen say something about between a few islands…? Conomi, Riza and Yotsuba, was it? I think that Conomi is the island in East Blue where Arlong is situated, but I have never heard of Riza or Yotsuba.

    My musing is cut short by the heavy knocking on the wooden door, “You awake, yet?” Sen called out from outside.

    “Y-Yeah! I’m up!”

    “Good, I need some help with the sails! Mind giving me a hand?”

    With that, I decide to think about it all later and head out to the deck to help out.

    And with that, I am proud to say that I have zero knowledge on how sail boats work. Well, I do know HOW they work, it’s not rocket science, but the fact of how they are USED that is problem. The very moment I exited the door, Sen immediately got me into a hectic with various orders on ropes and all that. Orders with no context for someone who has never sailed a boat in her-

    HIS! HIS entire life! Nearly got me there… almost referred to myself as a woman proper. That is something I cannot let myself do. No matter what, I am a man till the end! Even without my penis!

    Putting that aside, Sen just starts barking orders left and right which results me to just panic and run up and down the deck in complete confusion. That must have clued him in and he spent most of the morning teaching me on all the tricks and procedures for manning a sail boat.

    I never thought that there are so many ways a rope is used in sailing, not to mention the required movements needed to move the damn sail in the first place.

    And the knots… oh dear god the knots…

    After the hectic and somewhat educational morning, we are set on a proper course without any additional adjustments. At least not from me with Sen perfectly fine with manning the entire rigging solo. Which has left me a lot of time in my hands to figure out my Devil Fruit powers.

    Okay, first thing first, how do I even activate them? This isn’t a passive Paramecia like Luffy’s rubber, it’s a Zoan like Chopper’s Human-Human Fruit. And with what I remember reading in the manga, the transformations are often triggered consciously, or subconsciously with me.

    There are three forms: the normal state, the half-transformed state, and the fully transformed state.

    The normal state is the standard human form, no abilities what’s so ever. The half-transformed is humanoid with animal features, the most used state of any Zoan type. And the fully transformed is where I take the form of the animal the fruit is based on.

    I must have triggered my half-transformed state yesterday, since I still have most of my human features. But how do I go into it? Last time was completely by accident, add with nearly drowning didn’t give me much to remember by.

    If only I can recall that feeling… what was it? Oh, what I would have give for some kind of guide to this…

    Then it hit me. I DO have a guide! That book the goddess gave me! I rush back into the cabin where Sen has stowed the sack and starts rummaging through it, taking out the large book. I let loose a few chuckles from looking at the title, before opening the book up.

    Wow, this book has almost everything. There is content about the four seas, like how the East Blue has the calmest pirate climate in the era, and even about the classifications of every known Devil Fruits! There has to be a hint in here! I just need to look, I’m sure I’ll find it!

    A few minutes of page flipping, I ended up on the Devil Fruit pages; specifically, the Zoan part of the Devil Fruit chapter.

    Now what do we have here… [Zoan are animal-based Devil Fruits that ranges from the largest mammals to the smallest insects, although the latter is extremely rare to get. Once eaten, the user is able to use the abilities of the animal-] Blah, blah, blah, I know that already! Are there any hints on how to use it?

    …And, here we are! Let’s see now… [Zoan transformations are often triggered through imaging the picture of your form on the back of the mind. Clearer the image, the faster the transformation.]

    Imaging, huh?

    Never thought of it like that before.

    But it would make sense. It’s basically telling my body that this is my form now.

    It’s worth testing out.

    Taking the book out on to the deck with me, I close my eyes and start on imaging that form from last night. Let’s see, I have scaly arms… breathe fire… a… tail, maybe? Oh! Wings, too! The feeling on my back can’t be anything else.

    The picture in my mind is hazy for a moment, but a few moments of concentration and imagination is enough to visualise a possible form. With that in mind, I try my hardest to focus on that image, of my new form.

    My concentration is almost broken when I start to feel same numbing sensation on my hands as before. I ignore it and keep focusing on the image. Soon enough, the same feeling spread to my legs and the back, before the same sharp sting is felt on three places at once, I sucking a sharp breath of air in the result. Then there is an additional pain on my forehead that forces me to let out a hiss of pain.

    Soon the numbing sensation completely ceased, I collapsing on the deck with a sigh of relief. I open my eyes and gingerly brought my hands up to my eye-level.

    Sure enough, they are the same reptilian design as last night. Now that I have a closer look, the scales are of a whitish colour with them completely covering my forearm and maybe a bit of my biceps. I slowly tries to get up, my sense of balance completely off as I wobble for a moment before dropping on my knees and holding on the edge of the deck for dear life.

    Okay, this is new… my feet felt like they are in constant bend and there is a feeling of what I can only describe as a third leg on back of my hips, not to mention the additional feeling of a new pair of arms on my back.

    “Experimenting already?”

    I turn to face Sen who bend down offering me a hand. My face heats up in embarrassment before I push down the blush and accepts his help, he pulling me up onto my feet in one smooth motion.

    I nearly fell over again, the boat’s owner’s firm grip on my hand becoming the only thing that is stopping my ass from plopping back on the deck.

    “Take it easy now.” He tells me raising his other hand for me to grab, which I did with haste as I leaned forward slightly with my legs trembling slightly.

    “This is harder than it looks…” I noted with a frown.

    “You ARE basically re-learning how to walk.” He points out, “Although, I would suggest bending your knees slightly. Trust me, it would easier.”

    Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I follow his suggestion and bend my knees. Sure enough, my balance seems to right itself as I am now standing upright and proper. Huh, guess being humanoid in nature doesn’t always mean human-like joints.

    I slowly took one step forward but I ended up straightening my knees on instinct and falling backwards from overbalancing. I spun my arms in attempts to get my balance back, and that ended up creating a gust of wind from my back that somehow sent me flying up into the air.

    Spinning all about in the air before I fell straight down towards the ocean below. Just before I splashes back down into the salty waters, I saw my reflection for a split second and a single thought run through my mind.

    Oh, I have horns now.

    Fishing me out of the waters for the third time must have been the straw that broke his back as the moment I am back on the boat, Sen have me sitting on my knees while he starts to lecture me on the dangers of the seas as a Devil Fruit user which lasts till late in the evening, which means we missed lunch all together. That later rectified by a short snack break before continuing on.

    With that, the next of the few days were spent sailing across the open waters of the East Blue with breaks in between for meals and we never sail at night, minus a few occasions where we have to due to ending up in dangerous currents from what he told me.

    During that time, Sen helped me with adapting to being a Zoan user. I have used the time we had in our breaks to experiment with my new powers, as well as trying to even move in my new form.

    I have managed to walk a few steps without assistance around the boat if a bit wobbly in fashion, but it has given me some idea of what kind of Devil Fruit I have consumed. A Zoan, a Dragon-like Zoan. The fire breath was kind of a dead give-away, but then I realised what the strange feeling on my back was. It was Wings. I have dragon wings!!

    And boy, did I try to use them as much as I can.

    Kept falling and nearly drowning in the process too…

    Sen was really pissed about it, pretty much lectured me and confined me to the cabin for the rest of the day. Haha… guess no training with wings until we reach land at least…

    Other than that, I’ve also decided to look through the stuff the goddesses left me. Most of the book is about the things that I remember about the series, along with a small encyclopaedia on the Devil Fruits classified by Types and Sub-categories. It also includes information on the four blues, from the cultures to standard climates, as well as the biology of the ecosystem for each Blue which I’ve bookmarked with a fold in the page to remind me to go back to read it up when I get the chance.

    The hunting knife on closer inspection, isn’t actually a knife. Knife is downplaying it. It has a brown leather-wrapped handle with a bayonet-like hilt and a tanto-like blade that is long enough to not be considered a dagger, but too short to be considered even a short sword with saw-like serrations near the handguard; the whole blade sheathed in a leather scabbard.

    But in the end of your trip, we reached our destination, the place where Sen has told me around the time I started experimenting with my powers.

    Loguetown. The town of beginnings and endings.​

    The very same town where the Straw Hats stopped before their entrance to the Grand Line, the starting point of their adventures forth.

    And now, I am here at the start of my very own adventure. Sen had stated the need for me to get some proper equipment for my travels with him.

    Sen has agreed to train me in combat and being with him on his boat would allow me to gain some knowledge on how to properly rig up a sailing vessel. That way, no matter where I end up with, at least I'll have something to fall back on in case all things go to hell. Which considering this is the world of One Piece, that's a very likely scenario...

    Although the fact on how he is planning on training me is a little vague. He didn’t actually do anything in the time we spent getting here, which worries me a little…

    “Nice place, huh?” Sen’s words broke me out of my musings, allowing me to fully take in the scenery in front of me.

    The port city is just like how Oda has drawn it, bustling and full of life. The architecture of the place is remanence of old European port towns, with white-tiled streets and stone brick houses and buildings. There are people all over the place, of all shapes and sizes, age and ethnic origins.

    It is almost breath-taking. It truly sells that I am truly am in a completely different world now. Everything is exactly like what Oda would think of in the One Piece universe. From the clothing style, to even the architecture, everything screams Age of Pirates.

    “Yeah… it is…” I replied to him.

    “Glad it’s to your taste.” He chuckled before walking past me, “Come on, we’re burning sunlight here.” He navigates me through the streets of the city while explaining everything of what we are to do here in this place, “If you’re going to start training under me, you would a change of clothes. There’s no way the threads you are wearing are suitable for whatever we are doing.”

    I look down at my current outfit, the loose shirts and pants barely clinging onto me from the knots I tied to tighten it, not to mention my shoes that I have somehow lost few days ago. Don’t know when or how, but I did lose them. Not only that, but it seems my transformation doesn’t sit well with my shirt, with the two long gashes on the back lining up with my shoulder blades.

    True enough, these clothes are meant for the modern cities, not open waters. Not to mention I need a size change, and new underwear begrudgingly. My nipples have been rubbing against me shirt quite painfully the past few days. Geez, is this why woman wear bras past puberty?

    A horrifying realization suddenly pops into my head. Does that mean…

    “A-Are we going to a…”

    “Sadly, yes, we are.” Sen told me right as we stop right in front of a clothing store, the line of woman undergarments on display told me everything.

    No. Nononononononono! I am NOT wearing a bra! No way! Not even that is the only clothes I have left! I rather walk about naked! My dignity as a male is one of the last thing I have left, and I would not tarnish it any more than I have to!

    “There are boxers…”

    “Rein. You’re not a guy anymore.” He told me, “And if you want to get stronger, the first thing you have to do is to adapt to your new body. Even that means wearing… you know.”

    “…Is there no way out of this?”

    “Trust me. This is as uncomfortable to me as well.”

    I sigh before bracing myself, “Okay, I’ll… try…”

    “Good, now go.”


    “What, are you expecting me to enter in there?” He stated out as he proceeds to pushes me forward from behind, “A young man of questionable origins entering in there with a girl with very loose clothing with no undergarment to boot? The marines will get here within minutes! Besides, getting some undergarments can’t be that hard!” My feet soon pass through the doorway, leaving me standing there numbly as the door closes behind me. Most of the woman just took a glance at me, before continuing their own shopping.

    Ah right, I’m a girl now. It must be a regular occurrence for them.

    I glance back with a glare before taking a few deep breaths and numbly take a few steps forward, my eyes wandering about the place not sure where to look. Women standing about talking while holding up a lingerie on a rack, rows of bras of various shapes and colours paired with panties of matching designs dotted the walls and cupboards with some tags describing what kind of undergarment it is.

    It’s like being in another country…! I’m not even sure why I am doing here. I don’t even know what the tags say! None of these makes any sense! And why does girls need that much frills on something no one is going to see?!

    “Excuse me, ma’am?” I nearly jumped when a voice from behind me suddenly spoke, I slowly turn around to face a young lady with a name tag on her shirt, “Do you need some help?”

    “Um… yeah… I… err…”

    “Oh, is this your first time here?” She stated with a professional smile, “No worries, let me help you out. Do you at least know your cup size?”

    “My… what?”

    “Oh, dearie me.” She gasped in surprise, “Why don’t we measure it for you? Please, come this way.”

    I am SO going to kill Sen when I get out of here…

    After a series of rather embarrassing events, like the lady teaching me how to fit a bra around my… breasts… by semi-groping me to fit them in, I finally managed to get a few sets of lady undergarments for me to wear. And I know my own cup size now, not that I ever want to know it in the first place…

    For the record, I’m an AB-cup, pushing for a solid B apparently.

    When I finally exited the shop, Sen is still there with another person next to him. This one is a young lady with a bluish bob-cut hair and cyan eyes, wearing a cropped black shirt that shows her belly button under a brown hooded vest left opened and a pair of tight white jeans folded up her shin to show off her stylish high-heels sandals.

    “Ah, you came out okay.” He commented with a smirk, which grinds my gears as I prepared to shout at him for just throwing me in without warning…

    Only to be interrupted when the woman next to him walks up to me staring very intensively. All of a sudden, I felt completely naked under her glare as she circles around me with hands on her hips, her eyes never leaving my body before stopping right in front of me. “U-Um… is there something wrong…?”

    She blinked a little, before her hand reaches out and pulls my pants’ out for a peek to my horror, me reacting by pulling back the strap of my pants as I took several steps back away from her. What is she, a pervert!?

    “So, this is guy is the one you told me?” She asked Sen, who nodded, “Got to admit, he completely one hundred percent a woman. No male attributes anywhere.”

    “You could have just asked!!” I screamed at her to a dismissive shrug from the lady.

    “Wait… Didn’t Ivankov get dragged to Impel Down a few years back?” She noted, “So how are they able to change his gender and then send him all the way out here to the East Blue?”

    “Ivan is not the one that change him.” Sen explained, “She is a unique case, one that I would prefer not sharing too much.”

    “You really should do something about that bad habit of yours.” She points out, “I’m not that willing to take in strays, you know.”

    “Yeah, but he does need assistance, and I do need a place to train him.”

    “If you say so.” She shrugged before turning to me with a hand out, “Sorry for all that, let’s start over. Name’s Silvia, captain of the merchant ship Sliver Fang. You’re Rein, am I right?”

    “Yeah…?” I glared at her hand suspiciously, before nervously shakes her outstretched hand. Okay, this is out of nowhere. Why is a merchant talking to Sen about me? Or why did he tell her about my circumstances? Oh crap, did he told her what I told him about the plot?!

    “Um… you can stop shaking my hand now.”

    I got out of my musing when I saw that I am still grasping her hand, letting go with a small nervous chuckle.

    She let out a chuckle of her own before continuing speaking, “Sen and I goes way back in the day, great guy once you get to know him. Can be kind of an asshole though.”


    I nodded in response to her words. Now that’s something I agree with completely. He is kind of a dick for pushing me into the store like that. Sure, I HAVE to go in there, but can he at least wait for me to get my nerves BEFORE pushing me in?

    “Biases aside…” Sen grumbles at this as Silvia continues on, “Sen here is actually asking me to give you guys clearance to board my ship.”

    “Wait, we’re not using your boat?” I asked my mentor, he shrugs before answering. “We need a proper place to train when we’re at sea.” He explained, “The Silver Fang is quite a large merchant vessel, meaning we have enough space to do some proper exercise. Not only that, her crew are competent sailors and swimmers in their own right, meaning you can practice your wings as much as you like.”

    “Okay, I guess it is logical…”

    “But you don’t get to board for free. No such thing as a free lunch.” Silvia added on with a grin, “You are to work for your place on the ship. Sen is already the ship’s guard-”

    “Wait, when did you-”

    “-So, now we need a position for you.” She noted, but before taking a good look at me and pointing out, “You would need some new clothes first. Can’t have you walking around like rape bait on my ship. Lucky for you, I know just the place for good quality sailor wear that is both stylish AND practical!”

    Why do I have a feeling that I’m not to like this one bit…?

    “Well, what do you think?”

    I would answer the captain’s question if I’m not trying to cover myself up with my hand in a futile attempt to keep some decency.

    After the whole debacle at the lingerie store, Silvia whisks me and Sen to another part of town to a clothing store by the name of Neptune Sister; a cool little place a few streets down. Once inside, she went on a hunt through the bargain bins and the shelves for clothing after clothing as the both of us just stare in either shock or horror, either one fits the situation well.

    Sen, being the dick-ish person he is, left immediately when she tosses a small bundle of clothes into my arms and then pushes ME into the changing room. Despite my denial for the horrendous choice of clothing, Silvia immediately took it upon herself to come in and forcefully strip and dress me, groping me in places I didn’t know was sensitive before.

    In the end, I am left staring right at the mirror in horror at the outfit I was forced into as I attempt to recover some level of decency. What I am wearing right now can only be described as whore material. From the tight ripped jeans that is looks like panties to the skimpy tube top that shows off my collar and stomach and the leather high-heel sandals, I look exactly like some hooker at some red-light district!

    “What I- No! I’m not wearing this!!”

    “Why not? It fits you so well!” Silvia stated with a grin, “With that curvy waist and wide hips, not to mention your nicely shaped breasts-”

    “I look like a whore!!”

    “Which is a great distraction when you fight!” She points out, “People will be too busy leering at you to block any counters you give out!”

    “This looks like it can come off just from running!!” I screamed at her, “At least let me wear some proper pants! And maybe a shirt that doesn’t look like it can be tore off with a tug! And no high heels?!” Just standing is hurting my thigh already. How my sister can wear this around and not grunt in pain with every few steps is beyond me.

    “Tch. Fine…” She sighs as she walks off towards the hangers, leaving me alone in the changing booth. I let out a sigh of relief once I couldn’t see her, before I close the curtain behind me and begin to take the horrendous outfit off of me. That lady either has no idea what common decency is, or really like girls to show off their body. She definitely fit latter considering her dress code. But then again, most females in this world are styled like that. I think I saw a few ladies wearing modest versions of it a few streets down.

    Robin and Nami comes to mind, along with the various amount of porn pics those two alone starred in.

    Shaking my head to clear my mind of the erotic thoughts as I took off the whorish outfit, I look back at the mirror in front of me, my reflection staring right back at me with a slight blush.

    Now that I have looked closely, I’m not that bad looking… my face looks like one from a young model with my shoulder-length hair framing it perfectly, my body line isn’t much of an hourglass figure Oda is infamous for drawing his characters in but it definitely has the potential to be equally sexy.

    “Damn, I’m my own ideal woman…”

    “Like looking at yourself?”

    I flinched at the teasing tone as Silvia peeked in with a self-gratifying grin on her face, face just burns up when I realized that I have been checking myself out all this time, and she saw all of it. God, this is so embarrassing…!

    “Eh, t-this is… um… I…”

    “I know, I know.” She nodded with understanding, “You were a guy once, so naturally you would like to a look. Don’t worry, take your time to absorb it all in–”

    “Just give me the damn outfit…”

    The next outfit she had is way more covered compared to the first one, which isn’t saying much but at least I don’t look I belong at a corner of the shady alleyway.

    I am now wearing a long-sleeved beige leather bolero jacket that has a high black collar with silver button, underneath it is a dark blue tube top that reaches pass my belly button to my waist with a pair of white lines running down its sides, along with a pair of dark grey pants tucked into a pair of brown leather boots and a white cloth sash around my waist.

    This is definitely way better; body is neatly covered not to mention it is easy to move in, and no high-heels!

    “Now THAT is a good look.” She commented with a smile, “What was I thinking, hot pants…?”

    “This is pretty nice, to be honest.” I noted as I took a good look at myself in the mirror, “I might take this.”

    “Good enough for me! But now that is over with…” I shivered at her tone as she took out a few bundles of clothes, “Time for formal wear~”

    And that began a long series of painful force stripping and changing. Sen is SO dead when he gets back…

    After Silvia paid for my clothes, along with a few extras that she decides to take for my sake which included a few dresses for formal as well as informal, although depends on the situation it could be either one, we left the store just as Sen is coming back; in his hands is a long-wrapped rod that he balances on his shoulders. “Huh? You finally finished?”

    “You left me there, you jerk!!” I screamed at him angrily. Twice. He did this TWICE! And this one isn’t even like the last one! He could’ve just waited outside, maybe give a few opinions here and there!

    “I… take it you’ve seen how… aggressive Silvia can be at this.” He stated with a sheepish smile, “Trust me, if I am in there, it would be a lot worse.”

    “I don’t see how it could be worse.”

    “And you would never know, thanks to me.”


    “What that thing you got there?” Silvia decides to ask ignoring my growling.

    “Oh, this old thing?” He taps his shoulder with it a few times, “Something I left someone here to care for, that I took back.”

    “You rob him of it?”

    “No! I’m not THAT barbaric.” Sen stated with a scowl, “I merely asked for it back. Nothing else. Pay him a decent price for it too.”

    “Ah, that make sense.” She nodded with understanding, “What is it?”

    “It’s Rein’s weapon.” My anger dissipates a little when I heard that, “Rein’s going to need something to defend herself with, and the only way I know how to fight with are my fists and a sword. So, while you guys were busy, I went off to fetch this.”

    “A sword?” I muttered in surprise. I know I’m the one that asked him to train me, but I thought it was just hand-to-hand, not swordsmanship.

    “Hey, if you know how to be decent with a sword, you’ll be set at sea.” He explained, “Sure, you can get pistols, but they are a pain to reload; not to mention miss once and you are a goner.” I’ll have to agree with him for that one. Pistols may be handy in a pinch, but in a full-on fight, it would be suicidal considering the most powerful and infamous are more close-quarters than snipers. And a sword would give me a decent advantage over my knife…

    “You can explain the advantages of using a sword back on the ship.” Silvia tells us, “Come on, the harbour is this way.”

    A few streets later, we arrived at what I assume is the Silver Fang. Sen is right about the size, it’s pretty huge.

    A large vessel at least ten times the size of Sen’s little boat, what I assume is a frigate with a single row of cannons on each side, three large masts with large white sails flying a simple white flag. It is painted in whitish-hue of blue with a strip of darkish grey on the cannon row, on its bow is a ram shaped like a two long tusks.

    “Here it is, my pride and joy.” Silvia says with pride in her voice, “The great Silver Fang. One of the fastest ships in this part of the sea and more.”

    “It’s pretty big…”

    “Most merchant ships are.” Sen explained.

    “Come on aboard.” The ship’s captain tells us as we board the ship via the wooden ramp provided. The large deck is completely crowded with people of all kinds, most of them male sailors as stereotypical of them with few females wandering about, all of them busing themselves with the operations of the ship. From checking the ropes, to moving supplies, to even just climbing up the masts, everyone is hard at work.

    “We’re heading off now?” Sen asks her.

    “Yup. Just finished trading off some goods at the market. You’ll be surprised how much people pay for good seafood around here.”


    “You know it.” She smirks, “Best in the East Blue. I’ve made a deal with their fishers to sell their goods for a good price.”

    “You’ve definitely been busy the last I’ve saw you.” He points out.

    “Had to pay the men somehow.”

    The two started talking about goods and the competitive market, leaving me to just look around the deck and observe the sailors do their work. Everyone looks so in the rush, people are constant in motion, coming out from below deck or entering it with countless voices all speaking at once.

    Man, no wonder old time sailors are so buff. All this manual labor definitely builds up muscles faster than going to a gym. I wonder if I’ll be able to keep up. I barely able to help out with the rig on Sen’s little dingy and now there are pulleys and ropes for sails I do not know about. Hopefully these people aren’t the sexist type.

    “Hey, captain!”

    A voice broke me out of my thoughts, a man walks up to us with a few sheets of paper at hand. He has long black hair tied to in a tail behind him in a stripped t-shirt over alternating white and blue with dark brown pants and leather shoes with a red bandanna tied around his neck.

    “Oh, Lee. You got the papers?”

    “Yup.” He affirmed handing the papers to her, letting the captain skim through it as she absent-mindedly wanders off. That leaves him with us as he starts to have a conversation, “Sen, my man, good to see you again. Back for another job?”

    “Pretty much. Got help this time, though.”

    The man named Lee turned to me, I flinched at his gaze as he seems to scanned me up and down the way Silvia did. “I don’t know… not to sound sexist or anything, but she doesn’t look like she fit on a sailor crew. She’s way too skinny, not to mention she’s a midget…”

    Did that fucker just call me midget?! I know I’m not the tallest guy around but I’m no MIDGET!!

    “WHO ARE YOU CALLING A MIDGET!!” Lost in my vengeful rage, I launched myself right at him and tackles him to the ground. There, I took the chance to slam my fist into his face as hard as I could as muster, which is surprisingly way harder that I thought I could as I barely misses his head and my fist splinters the wooden plank it hits.

    Silence dominated the ship, my rage immediately cools off as I could only stare at the splintered plank in complete shock of what just conspired. Did I just… did that…? Did I just break a plank with my fist?

    “Rein. Look at your hand.”

    I followed Sen’s instruction as I pulls back my fist, the back of my hand and forearm has the similar reptilian skin I have in my half-human state. Did I just subconsciously call forth my Devil Fruit powers? Oh my god, was I about to kill that guy?!

    “Zoan Devil Fruits are known to be the weakest compared to the other categories.” He noted, “But they are most simple to use. Almost too simple. Transformations can happen without the user’s conscious choice.”

    “Oh boy… remind me to never make you mad again…” Lee grunted from under me, “One hell of a tackle that was, kid.”

    “I’m twenty, you know…” I grumbled. One thing I am annoyed from my reincarnation besides my gender is that my height almost never changed at all. I am always on the short side even when I am a guy, so my classmates made fun of me about it all the damn time. Had a few bullies growing up due to it too… that is until I showed them why you shouldn’t be doing that.

    “If you don’t mind getting off me now… that would be greatly appreciated.”

    I blinked at the problem, before remembering that I am still straddling him to the ground; I got back up and helping him to his feet, “Sorry for that. Kind of lost it a little…”

    “He kind of deserved it, though!” One of them members shouted out.

    “Oh, shut it, Ivan!” Lee shouted back.

    “Hey, girl!” Another random sailor shouts out with a wave, “Welcome aboard the Silver Fang!”

    “If you want a tour of the ship, I’m available!”

    “Dude! You just met her!”

    “Keep your pants on, you horny bastard!”

    “That’s not what I meant and you know it!”

    “Damn it, Sen! Where did you find such a lady?!”

    “Hey Sen, old chum! Introduce us!”

    One after another, the sailors all started shouting out their welcomes. I am stunned silent at the overwhelming hospitality of the crew. I’ve always assumed most sailors in this era is mostly sexist males with a few minor exceptions, but I guess I was proven wrong. It’s almost embarrassing to hear all this…

    “Alright, you salty dogs! That’s enough of that!” Silvia shouted out with a few loud claps, “We are on a schedule with deals to make and contracts to fulfil! Ivan!” Said sailor stood in attention, “Check with the cargo. Make sure they are all accounted for and fastened down below deck properly.”

    “Understood, Captain!”

    “Everyone else, prep for sail. We are leaving in fifteen minutes, so I want everything to be done by then, am I clear?!”

    “Yes Captain, ma’am!”

    “Good. Carry on! Oh! And Lee, stay for a minute.” And the bustling returned with a fury as everyone returned to their task with a passion. Silvia turned to us gesturing to the man from before, “This is Lee, my quartermaster and second-in-command. Lee, you know Sen. And I believed you are introduced to Rein?”

    “If that’s what you want to call it…” He mumbled.

    “Sen is back as the ship’s guard, while the little girl here is his apprentice. They both will function on the guard posts and occasional other posts as you see fit. If there are any problems with them, let me know.” She tells him smile, “I have some papers to go through, so I’ll leave it to you for the grand tour.”

    “Copy that.” He nods in acknowledgement, his captain then walks away and entering the door facing the deck. Guess that’s the captain’s quarters. Good to know.

    “I doubt Sen needs the tour…” I hear him said before turning to face us, “Well, come along. I’ll show you around.

    A few minutes of him showing us where the living quarters are and our shared room, the kitchen and mess hall, the cargo hull, as well as the bathhouse allocated by genders, and we are back on deck where he finally explains our duties as ship guards. Which the title already is self-explanatory.

    All we have to do to patrol the ship during the day and keep a watch at night. Simple enough.

    As of why we are on the deck…

    “Hoist the anchor! Lower the sails!”

    It is time to depart. Me and Sen are left to watch from the sides as everyone all rushes about the deck with a few going below and others climbing up the ropes to the sails. The entire boat is a complete storm of people running all over with shouting of orders left and right.

    It took a while, but soon enough, the sails caught the winds and the Silver Fang took off into the wide-open oceans. I could stare in awe as the port slowly disappears from view, within a few minutes later the island is just a small spot over the horizon.

    My heart starts to pound against my chest with excitement as I look out towards the bright blue horizon, where dusk is setting in and the sun is slowly descending into twilight. Is this how it feels to depart to the open oceans, to adventure and parts unknown? Is this how Luffy felt every time the Straw Hats leave an island for the next big adventure?

    “Pretty exciting, isn’t it?” Silvia broke me out of my own musing with a bright grin on her face, “Of course, unless you are like me and these guys who are used to it all. But the first time setting sail are always the most exciting. Every sailor experienced it, the feeling of a great voyage and adventure.”

    “Adventure…” I mutter out as the word resonates in my mind. Back home, back when I am still a student, that word is the last thing on my mind. It’s always juggling homework with final year assignments along with prepping for tests and exams in the future. Everyday was a constant rush of repeating schedules over and over again.

    Maybe that’s why One Piece has always been a big appeal to me. The adventures Luffy and the Straw Hats are so bigger than life that at times I want to feel the same excitement they did every time they came across a new island on the Grand Line, to be beside them all.

    “Captain!” Lee calls out from the helm, bringing me out of my musings yet again, “Loguetown is out of sight now! And no marine ships in sight!”

    “Okay, lower it down!”

    “Wait, what?” I turned to her confused, “Lower the anchor?”

    “Nah, it’s something else.” She tells me as I witness a random sailor lowering something into the waters below, “You see, we have one other crewmate that is a little… different.”

    “First I’ve heard of this.” Sen points out as my curiosity keep rising to no end. Who is this mysterious crewmate that need such a strange calling method?

    A loud splash later, followed by a spray of water on my face, and my answer has arrived.

    And let me say this, I did not expect this at all.

    “Sen, Rein, I like you to meet Kris.” She smiles as she gestures the fishman that has landed on the boat via the ocean.


    To be continued…

    There you go! Took my quite a while to write this out, but I manage to do just that! Sorry for the long wait, life appeared as well as a few writing blocks here and there…
    Now for those who have read the original story; yes, this chapter completely different compared to the original. For starters, Smoker and Tashigi does no make an appearance. And second, it is a lot longer compared to the original.

    I also like to introduce some new OCs I have created for this reboot. Silvia and the crew of the Silver Fang! Now that Rein has DF powers now, the usual pattern of training from the original will not work, so I decided to create them.

    With that, I thank you all for reading this!
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    I never understand why when they get in a woman's body they always freak out so much. Whats the whole problem with getting bras and pantys? I never read a fic where the character didnt make a huge problem out of it.
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    I don't mind the freaking out part.... It's just screaming at the people who helped them "I WAS A GUY!!!1111" People like to scream a lot and just say whatever comes to their heads. It's kind of silly, lol. And ugh don't get me started on telling people that they're a freaking manga/movie character.... That conversation just makes the story so awkward. Out of the hundreds of SI stories that I've read, I don't think I've seen even one do it in a way that just didn't leave me thinking "wow, they actually believe that?".

    I like the idea of this story a lot (which tbh is the most important part), but some things just don't make much sense. Why did Sen get all threatening when he discovered that the MC already has knowledge about the world, is that bad....?? Why on earth did the MC flip the fuck out when they thought he was a marine? If they were actually enemies, why did MC think running away like that was even remotely a good idea? Didn't they just watch that guy cut a monsters head from its body, you would think they'd be smarter about it.

    These are all just my nitpicks though, I'm just too much of a logic minded person to enjoy stories where I can't see a clear reason as to why they take a certain action.
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    Chapter 4: The Fishman

    I barely dodges the strike before I took a few steps back, my bamboo sword facing forward as I try to catch my breath. Sen stood opposite of me with the same practice weapon which he held slack on his side with his free hand on his hip along with that stupid grin on his face, “Tired already? We barely started.”

    Well, I have several bruises under my shirt that indicates otherwise…

    It has been at least a week since the Silver Fang left Loguetown and began its voyage on the open waters on a course to Port Riza. From what I gathered from the other sailors and have read on my guidebook, Port Riza is a fishing village turned port located on what was considered the geographical center of the entire East blue, where its main industry is… fishing, duh. My guess is that Silvia is heading there via a contract from them, something about being able to ship their seafood.

    Maybe that’s what all those crates below deck were for. I was wondering why they smell so fishy…

    That aside, the first day out in sea is also the official start of my training with Sen. He didn’t show me the sword he got for me just yet, explaining that I need to at least learn some basic moves as well as increase my overall physique to better learn said moves.

    And that started a regime of spartan exercising and combat training.

    On the very first day, he has been run all around the deck ragged all morning until breakfast which is then followed up by making me run all over the deck again but this time in my half-dragon form that ends with training my TAIL of all things till lunchtime, and then after that it’s a quick sparring match which leads to bruises all over and a proper shiner on my right eye followed by several cardio workouts while still bruised until dinner, then it ends with another sparring match but with my fists instead, before I just fell unconscious either from sheer exhaustion or a good hit from him.

    Rinse and repeat for the rest of the week with a few exceptions during my night shifts.

    Trust me, it is not something I want anyone to experience. I never thought it would be possible to get sore muscles on muscles that do not exist! It is exhausting to a point during meal times I nearly vomited everything out the moment I ate a spoonful, which is a real shame considering that the cook on this ship is pretty good with the job. Not a five-star chef, but good enough to not feel like army food.

    Trust me. Service food aren’t the worst, but they aren’t that good either.

    I am knocked out of my musing, literally, when Sen somehow cross the distance between us and slams the tip of his sword into my nose hard, so hard that I actually hear it break with a disgusting crunch. Not a good sound to hear, I tell you that…

    “Oohh…” I moaned in pain as I lay on the ground crutching my now bent nose.

    “Keep your head in the fight, Rein.” He scolded me as he taps the tip of his bamboo sword on my temple, “If this is a real blade, you’ll get worse than a broken nose.”

    “Yeuh, I can siu tuat…”

    “Ten minutes break, then its push-ups. Hundred.” He explained, as he walks off.

    I groaned out as I sat up, the feeling of my aching bones and bruises still dominating my senses along with the overpowering smell of blood. Damn it, the nose again?! He keeps aiming there! I can deal with a black eye, but broken noses are a pain to fix, not to mention really painful.

    “Need a hand?”

    I blinked out a few tears from my eyes as Kris enters my vision. I visibly flinched from his sudden appearance, before I let out a small cough and nodded in reply. The fishman’s webbed hand held onto my nose and with a firm pull, cracks my nose back into place with a whine of pain from me.


    “…No problem…” He stated before walking away.

    You know, when I heard that I’m going to be helping Sen on a merchant ship, I was half-expecting to get at least one sexist sailor scoffing and messing with me. Obviously, that is not the case with how friendly they have been if a little pervy with their catcalls and peeking incidents during the week, which all were settled immediately by the female staff on board. I never thought an arm could bend so far before breaking until now…

    But of all the things I expect, I would have never expected to meet a fishman before Arlong.

    Kris is a Moray Eel fishman, with greyish scale-like skin and sharp teeth, dark green hair styled like a bundle of seaweed and sharp white eyes (and no, he is not blind.). He is often seen shirtless with an exception of a shoulder pad that covers the entire right shoulder along with yellow spotted shorts and leather sandals.

    He’s… strange…

    From what I can see, he is pretty friendly with the others, I even see him crack a smile a few times when he talks to Sen. But when it comes to me, he almost never tries to engage a conversation with me. He usually just greets me and then walks away. I mean, he didn’t even give me a chance to greet him back! Who does that?

    He doesn’t seem to hate me though… He had given me a helping hand a few times, but left once I thanked him.

    Remember when I said I knocked out on the first day of training? Well, when I came to the next morning, I was in my own room. Next to the bed on the floor is a cup of weird liquid along with a note that is saying to drink the juice, that it is good for me. Being the gullible idiot that I am, I drank it and regretted it immediately. If Devil Fruit is the most horrible thing I have the displeasure of tasting, that ‘juice’ is a close second.

    Later I found out that it was Kris who brought me to my room, and apparently, he also made that juice for me as well.

    After that, he seems to always be around whenever I am training, just there in the background in the corner of my vision. And then after training, he would then walk off again. Or at times he would offer a helping hand, usually with bruises and injuries all that.

    So yeah, his stand on me is a complete mystery.

    “All right! Breaktime is over! Back to training!”

    I decide to think about it later as I prepare for the next set spartan exercises.

    That night at dinner-time, I barely manage to made it to the mess hall, or galley as Sen has politely corrected me a few times but I’m sticking with mess hall as it feels right. My arms are sore from all the push-ups and head is pounding like a jackhammer at my brain and my throat feels like the Sahara from how dry it is. It has been a full week, and I’m already sick of his training.

    Although, I am getting better at it now. Used to faint right after. Now I can actually feel the soreness in my limps.

    I collapsed right on the first open table I come across, dropping my head on to the wooden top with a loud thud. I am completely exhausted! When I thought of training, this spartan hell isn’t exactly what I had in mind…

    “Hey there lass. Sen still working you to the bone, eh?”

    I raised my head up lazily, Gord came to view with a smile and two bowls of steaming stew at hand.

    Gord is a rather slim middle-aged man with a shaved head and a nasty burnt scar on the right side of his face above his dark brown eyes, often seen wearing a white button-up shirt with short sleeves tucked into a pair of faded blue slacks and brown leather shoes with a bandana tied to his left wrist. He is this ship’s cook, and a mighty good one at that.

    He is also one of the first people I befriended on this ship.

    It was the second morning of the voyage, I have just fainted from the hell training Sen has brought up and woke up back in my own room. Ivan immediately enters with a plate of hot steaming food (With that ‘juice’ that Kris made for me), greeting me and serving me my breakfast in bed. As I ate, me and him chatted up quite a bit and hit off quite well.

    Apparently, Gord here is actually an ex-marine, one who was discharged for treason. According to him, the Captain in-charge of the marine base is rotten to the core, to the point that he has accepted bribes from pirate captains to keep quiet about them, and then using said money for his own pleasure and consumption.

    He, being a humble Petty Officer at the time, decided to file a report of said corruption to the higher-ups. But he was caught writing said report, which then the Captain re-wrote it to one that inducts him as a traitor that sold patrol plans and even private marine codes to pirates and bandits for cash.

    He got the discharge letter the very next day.

    Out of the service, he later found out about the Silver Fang, who was hiring a cook at the time, which he applied immediately. And the rest is history.

    When I asked if he wanted payback at the marine captain, he just laughed and told me that he has moved on from it all. He doesn’t care about revenge, as he knows that that stupid captain would get karmic punishment soon enough. Though, when I asked for the captain’s name out of pure curiosity, I was shocked to find out it was fucking Nezumi of all people.

    I mentally noted to remind myself to get involved into the Arlong arc, just to have the pleasure of beating that rat up.

    After that morning, he and I often meet during mealtimes, as I usually the last one to arrive, where we just talked about the random topics, often about a few past shenanigans the crew has encountered in the past. I even asked for a cooking lesson from him, which he declined as he didn’t want to add to my already full schedule.

    “Yup. But the good news is that I didn’t faint this time.” I points out with a tired thumbs-up, “Now I just have to get used to the sores…”

    He chuckles as he places the two bowls down, “Here you go. Today is fish and vegetables stew.” I took the bowl and starts eating one spoonful at a time. Yup, as delicious as always!

    “So,” He sits opposite me and starts eating too, “Saw you up there. That was one heck of a bruiser you got.”

    “That it was…” I swallowed before continuing, “I could still feel the pain too. Thank the heavens I was able to pull it back in place before it set.”

    “Yeah, thank god for that.” He noted, “Although, a broken nose would put a stop to Sam’s flirting.”

    “It would, but at the cost of not breathing too well…? Not a good trade-off.”

    Sam is referring to the ship’s Helmsman, Samerson Butler; a rather flirty individual. He is always with one of the few ladies on board, the ones that worked in the kitchen as well as the medical ward, and often or not is sleeping with any one of them. He even pulled a few moves at me, which I gladly ignored due to either to tired from training to bother with him or that the lines he chooses are so goddamn cheesy that I have to walk away to laugh to save him some dignity. Could never figure out what the women on this boat sees in him.

    Might be due to the fact that he is actually quite good-looking, with a face that screams prince-charming as well as flowing locks of black hair. Or that he seems to have quite a libido that drove all the women wet just thinking about it, as the gossips go anyway…

    But honestly, for a flirty person, he actually not a bad person. He is a competent helmsman, one of the damn best if his boasting contains any truth in it, and for all that flirting he actually cares for the women he slept with, if the gossips of him being a sexy therapist hold water anyway…

    Still damn cheesy with his pick-up lines though.

    “You know, mentioning broken noses…” Gord starts just as I place another spoonful into my mouth, “How are things with Kris?”

    “As much as you expect, I’m afraid…”

    “So, quiet and awkward.”


    The cook chuckles at that as I let out a small sigh, “I just don’t get it! It feels like he hates me, but then he helps me so it can’t be it. Then he mostly ignores me all the damn time or just stand there not saying anything before disappearing again! Like, what gives?!”

    “Kris has always been awkward, even with the captain.” He points out to me, “Give it time, he’ll open up to you.”

    “It’s just…” I grumbles as I took another spoonful of stew into my mouth, “He’s always around me, you know?”

    “Trust me, everyone on the crew is awkward around him at first. It’s the usual for newcomers, even if said newcomer is a… well, you know.”

    That actually has been swirling in my head for a while now. WHY is Kris on this ship in the first place? From what I remember from the manga, the only fishmen in the East Blue to anyone knowledge are the Arlong Pirates, but they are currently holed up in the Conomi Islands being evil dictators. So why is one on a merchant ship like this one?

    “Oh, hey, Kris.”

    And speak of the devil, here he is.

    I glanced over to another table, where Kris is just sitting down with his own bowl of steaming stew.

    Hm… Maybe I should…


    “Be right back.”

    I pick up my bowl and walks over to the lone fishman eating his meal. Okay, Rein, time to break the ice. It should be easy, just sit down and struck a conversation. Just remember to not stare at his scales.

    Or fins.

    Or gills.

    Or sharp teeth that looks like it can tear my flesh asunder-

    “Do you need something?”

    I blinked in confusion before realizing that I am already sitting down at the same table directly opposite of him, Kris staring right at me in a raised eyebrow. Wait, did I just walked here and sit down while in my thoughts…? That is… peculiar…

    “Oh! J-Just… well… I just want to sit here, that’s all…”

    He seems to buy my excuse, giving me a shrug before resuming his meal. Great job, Rein. Now it’s all awkward between us again. You had one job!

    Sighing, resume back my meal, the stew not as tasty as before.

    “…Also, despite their appearance, I cannot tear into your flesh with my teeth.”

    …Yup. Awkward…

    The lookout let out yawn as he stares into the horizon in the crow’s nest, his short brown undercut hair blowing in the salty sea wind.

    He originally is glad that he ended up on the first watch of the day as that means he doesn’t get cleaning duty that morning, but after the first hour, he is starting to regret it. The crow’s nest isn’t that big for much leg movement, so he has to bent his knees real close if he wants to sit down, which isn’t very comfortable.

    He’s starting to feel his legs getting numb when it past the first thirty minutes mark.

    Not to mention, there isn’t much to keep a lookout for. Of course, pirates are everywhere for the past decade or so, but they haven’t encountered one whole week. And he doubted that they would encounter one now, especially with them closing in to one of the few marine patrol routes in the area.

    “I’m starting to think of volunteering for toilet duty might have been a better option…”

    It was right when he mutters that out that he saw something in the distance. A dot at first, but being the proper lookout that he is, he takes out his trusty binoculars to take a better look. A slight zoom in at it reveals its identity.

    A ship, one that looks armed to the teeth with cannons on each side. It even looks like it has a cannon at its bow, which kind of looks like a large snake’s head. And its sails look-

    He nearly dropped the binoculars in horror when he saw the black sail and flag, not to mention the infamous skull-and-crossbones that decorated them. And he knows exactly who that is! Of all the pirate crews, why it has to the one which a bounty?!


    With his loud scream, the entire crew below burst into action. Those that are not combat trained flee below deck to the designated saferoom. Those that are, immediately armed themselves. Rifles, pistols and muskets are all issued out, those who are at least decent with it are wielding cutlasses among the assortment of swords they have.

    Even Silvia is armed and ready, in her hand is a long wooden rod with metal fittings at the end along with leather wrappings in the middle of it covering a good third of the entire thing.

    “Are they named?” She asked.

    “Yes. Galley Pirates, led by the infamous Crescent-Moon Galley of 5 million bounty fame.” Lee addresses, twirling two flintlock pistols in his hands.

    “Great, we have a million on our tail…” She groaned, “Sam! Keep the ship on its course!”

    “Aye-aye, captain!” He called out from the helm.

    Cannon-fire is head and an explosion soon rang out into the ocean dangerously close to them, blasting out seawater into the air that rains down on them. That is soon followed by another, and another, and soon it is raining cannonballs all around them.

    “If we’re lucky, we’ll run into one of the marine patrol ships before they reach us. Where’s Sen?”

    “No idea! I last saw him running for the bathroom before any of this!”

    “Damn it! Just when we need him the most!!”

    Cannon-fire can be heard as I rush through the corridor with my bamboo sword at hand. I nearly lost my balance when the boat suddenly rocks from the aftereffect of the cannon shot coming really close to smashing into the side of it.

    I was stupid to have forgotten this little tip-bit of this world. That it is in the era in which blood-thirty pirates roam the seas, plundering ships and slaughtering people left and right! So, OF COURSE we are going to get under attack by some random pirate in the open sea!!

    And it HAS to happen during breakfast!!

    I know Sen can take care of them no problem, but he left with an upset stomach and is never seen again for a long while. Which in turn leaves this ship utterly defenceless. I know that there are people who are trained to fight on this ship, if the armoury Lee shows us on the first day indicates anything at all, but I’m not confident that they could deal with pirates, especially with how tough even the weaker ones are in the manga.

    And if that’s the case, there is no way I’m running and hiding! I’m the part of the ship’s guard too, damn it! No way I’m abandoning my duty now!

    I slam the door open as every armed sailor on the deck to face me in either surprised shock or horror.

    “What are you doing up here?!” Lee yelled at me, “You should be in the saferoom!”

    “Well, you’re not making me hide!” I shouted back as I stomps onto the deck, “Remember, I’m the ship’s guard too!”


    “Leave it for now.” Silvia tells him, “They caught up.”

    Everyone shut their mouth as we soon saw the large ship coming close to us, a familiar looking ship that seems to ring some bells. I know that ship, didn’t it belong to that one-off pirate from that one shot? What was his name again…? Something moustache…? It has something to do with the moon, if I recall correctly…

    “Ahoy there!” A loud boisterous voice shouts out, we all taking the figure that stood on the railing with a cutlass at hand and a very arrogant smirk on his weird moustache’s face, “We are the Galley Pirates! I am the great Crescent Moon Galley, and I’m here for your precious loot!”

    Oh yeah! I remember now! Galley, from that OVA!

    Man, he has a really weird moustache…

    Then, silence suddenly filled the air to my confusion. I looked at each of my crewmates to see their pale faces or just plain shocked expressions as well as the gaping mouth of Galley on the opposite ship. I think I saw Gord face-palming somewhere in there.

    Wait, did I say that out loud?


    “Who has a weird moustache, huh?!” Galley shouts out angrily, “That’s it! For that, we aren’t taking any prisoners today! We’re slaughtering everyone here today!” The pirates around him cheers with murderous glee.

    “Thanks a lot, Rein.” I hear Lee groan as I nervously chuckled to it. I really need to remember to not voice out my thoughts…



    “Don’t die, everyone!” Silvia commanded, “We are in the patrol route now, so we just have to stall until the marines show up!”


    The fight begins as the pirates from the other ship leaped and swing onto the deck with sabers and cutlasses drawn to kill, our group rushing to meet them mid-point with those with firearms providing cover fire from behind.

    I’m left stuck frozen on the spot when the firearms fired at the pirates, some manages to hit a few that were swinging over to them with blood spurting out of the bullet wounds before dropping down to the watery abyss below. Blades spark when they collide, blood flew when one struck their target. I was completely lost on what to do.

    I came up on deck wanting to help, and here I am stuck frozen not knowing what to do! Come on, Rein! Move! Do something! Anything!

    “You’re wide-opened!”

    I turned to see a cutlass swinging down at me, I reacting by blocking it with my bamboo sword which it cuts into its fake blade. My eyes reflect off the pirate’s hungry eyes as he pushes forward towards me with me trying to push him away, but that is futile as he seems to have a more strength that I do.

    With a great huff, I manages to twist my body a bit and with a new leverage got out of the blade lock I had with him. I took a breath when the pirate come back towards me and slashes at me, I barely able to move out of the way before his hand reaches out and grab me by my jacket’s collar. “You’re not going anywhere, young lady.” He snickers as he raises his sword up to slice at me.

    That’s when a large splash from behind me and a wet fist smashes right into the man’s face, sending him flying across the deck and hitting the mast where he lays slack at the bottom of it.

    I blinked for a moment, before turning my head to meet my saviour, one eel fishman who had his fist outstretched before he reels it back to his side. He turned to face me with a nod with a small smile before rushing back into the fray. I blinked before remembering what I was supposed to be doing before rushing back to the fight.

    I paused when I saw the cutlass from the pirate before on the floor, looking back at my bamboo sword that has two thick grooves embedded into the round blade that looks flimsy from it before making up my mind and tossing it aside, picking up the fallen weapon before rushing back in.

    There wasn’t much for me to do, to be honest. Most of the pirates seem to be heavily wounded from the conflict, but we have equally bad casualties. I saw Lee nursing a bullet wound to his arm while Gord has part of his clothes sliced open with a few cuts decorating his body. However, luck seems to be on our side as the pirates seem to be getting pushed back. Silvia is currently going toe-to-toe with Galley himself, which basically means he is getting his shit wrecked as he barely is fighting back.

    Silvia is practically toying with him at this point as she spins her pole around her and keeps smacking and poking into the pirate captain who could only take the blows once I saw her disarmed him in one smooth swoop of her weapon. Looks like Silvia is up there in badass-status along with Luffy, Zoro and Sanji.

    “You know, I was almost afraid of you guys.” Silvia mocks the wanted man with a smile, “But I guess the bounty doesn’t really mean much now, is it?”

    “Damn you…” The captain growls before getting the tip of the pole smashed into his nose hard.

    I nearly feel sorry for him with how brutal he is getting beaten. Silvia really knows how to beat people up without killing them.

    Then, I saw something that prompts me to move into action immediately. One of the pirates has a gun pointed at her and she is none the wiser. Doesn’t looked like anyone else notices it besides me, so I decided to act. Before I know it, I have my sword’s tip aimed at him and I thrusted. A sudden explosion from the pirate’s ship rocks both vessels, which causes me to tumble a bit instead of thrusting into him, I instead stab into his thigh instead.

    He let out a loud scream in pain as I let go of the weapon and stumbles a bit backward with the ship still rocking and all. I fall on my butt while my victim is clutching his wound with the sword sticking out of it. The blade has gone right through, the tip is poking out of the other side.

    “D-Damn bitch!!” He growls as he raises his flintlock and aims his barrel right towards me, “Die!”

    I felt my heart stop for a moment as the trigger is pulled, a loud bang is heard as I saw the black lead round is speeding right towards me. Time seems to slow to a halt as my past week speeds through my mind. The training, the interactions with the crew, all of it I recollected before I felt a sharp pain on my forehead.


    I heard the other scream my name as I felt my head jerked upwards and I fall onto the deck. Ah, I’m dead again, aren’t I? Well, this is anti-climactic. To die just a week after reincarnation, must be a new record somewhere. But unlike last time, I can still hear the sounds of gunfire, of screaming and people just shouting out my name.

    “Rein, lass. Don’t you dare die on me!”

    Huh? Was that Gord?

    “Give it up, Gord! She is dead!”

    “No way! She is not dead!”

    “She got shot in the head! No one can survive that!”

    Wait, something’s not right. I’m dead, right? So why can I still hear people talking? Why can I still feel the wooden deck on my back? Not only that, why isn’t my vision darkening or something? I twitch my finger, still feeling a connection to my body to my surprise, and probably Gord’s as well from the gasp I just heard.


    “Hm…” I slowly got back up, blinked a few times at the cook’s dumbfounded face, “Huh? I’m… okay…?”

    “Holy mother of all oysters!!” The guy next to Gord scream out in shock, “How did you survive that?! You were shot between the eyes!”

    I blinked at his question, before feeling something ledged on my forehead. Scratching that area, something pops out and a small lead ball drops and rolls about in front of me. Wait, did the bullet just got lodged in my skull?!

    “Oh my god, are bones made of steel or something?!”

    I ignored that question as I feel my forehead, the area that got hit by the bullet is still dent in, still bleeding from the blood on my fingertips. Okay, this is… something. Did the reincarnation did something else to my body?

    “Hey, you got horns now! Like when you are in your dragon mode.” Gord pointed out.

    Horns? I feel the top of my head, sure enough the horns are present. Did I… change form without even realizing it? If that’s the case, then my dragon skin must have been super strong to withstand a gunshot like that! Good to know that I’m essentially bulletproof in my half-dragon form now!

    Then I remember our predicament, “Wait, the pirates! What happened to them?!”

    “Glad to see you are well.”

    Sen’s voice calls out, he walking up to me with hands on his hips, “Scared me there for a bit, you know. I wasn’t sure if your dragon skin could be penetrated by bullets. Now we know.”

    “Where were you?!” I shouted at him, “We needed you minutes ago!!”

    “Toilet.” He explained, “I really had to go.”


    “But you can reassure about the pirates.” He stated pointing behind him. I followed his finger to see a marine warship coming into view. Looks like me made it! Thank god for that!!

    I can see the pirates all standing there in pure horror with what is going to happen, before some of them start booking it back to their ship. Galley tries to tell them to stop, only to be interrupted when a figure lands on the railing of his ship.

    It is a lone man, one with a marine cap over his well-combed black hair and is wearing a white jacket left open to show his bandaged chest with a pair of standard marine uniform pants and boots. In his hand is long spear, its long blade shaped like a harpoon’s tip with bandages the middle of the rod and at the end is a sharp metal bulb.

    “You guys aren’t leaving anywhere.” He tells them as he readies his spear.

    The pirates all froze, his words all spoke of truth as the tip of his weapon is dangerously close to one of their comrade’s neck. They all raises their hands up in surrender as weapons and guns are all dropped onto the deck. Galley is stunned silent, with Silvia took full advantage of and slams her weapon onto his head, knocking him out.

    “Well, it looks okay…”

    I am looked over by our ship’s doctor, one Dr Justin; a tall albino woman with long ash-white hair that has black highlights on the bangs and red eyes in a purple blouse and black skirt under her white lab coat. And yes, Justin is a man’s name.

    She is currently on deck with her nurses who are busy treating the other wounded sailors, Lee and Silvia included. The marines that arrived just a few moments ago are busy rounding up the pirates and escorting them to the brig. Got to say, the East Blue’s marines are often depicted in the manga as corrupt or just cannon fodder for either the Straw Hats or the villains. Seeing them actually doing what they are meant to do really opened my eyes about this world. That this world is not a manga, but real life. Although nearly dying the third time really hammer that fact in real tight.

    Justin raises two fingers in front of me and ask, “How many fingers am I holding up?”


    “Ah, so no brain damage then.” She noted, “Good. Then you are perfectly fine. God to admit, this is the first time I’ve seen someone survive a gunshot to the head like this before.”

    “I’m as surprised as you are.” I stated, “But how did I transform without meaning to?”

    “Survival instinct, I suppose.”

    I shrugged at the remark before getting up and looking. None of us are dead, thank the gods for that, but the injured are numerous and their wounds are pretty serious for the most part.

    Gunshot wounds, slashes, there’s this one guy that is practically holding his intestines in, and missing fingers, a whole lot of missing fingers.

    All of this really hit me hard, the fact that the pirate threats are a lot dangerous than I originally thought. If this is because of some low ranked bounty pirate… I’m afraid to think about those who are considered the top like Arlong and even Buggy. Would I even survive meeting them?

    “You doing okay?”

    I nearly jump when Kris of all people came to talk to me. Oh yeah, he saved me back there, didn’t he?

    “Yeah. I’m fine, for the most part…” I tell him, “And… thanks for the save back there.”

    “Don’t mention it.” He stated before walking off. Oh no! Not this time!

    “Kris, wait!” I call out to him, he stopping and turning back towards me, “Why did you save me? I mean, you and I, we aren’t exactly…”

    “You are a member on this ship’s crew.” He explains, “And crewmates help each other out.”

    “Ooookay…?” I raised my eyebrow a little, “But why aren’t you talking to me much then? You seem to talk to the others fine.”

    “You seem scared of me.”

    Wait, what? “What makes you think that?”

    “When we first met.” He stated, “You seems uncomfortable when you saw me.”

    Hold on! You mean he thinks that I’m afraid of him from that?! Oh my god, did I really seem that insensitive?!

    “Kris, I’m not afraid of you!” I tell him, his eyes widen a little, “Sure, you aren’t… well… I was going somewhere with this but now I’m not sure… But! I’m not scared of you! Never have been, never will! So stop distancing yourself from me! Okay?”

    “…Of course.” He smiled as he walks up to me, raising his hand up in a good gesture for a handshake, “I’m Kris.”

    “…Rein.” I smiled as I grabbed onto his hand.

    I think this might be a start of a new friendship.

    To be continued…

    Yes! Finally! I finished it! God, it took forever to write this… But here I am, finished!
    So yes. Kris, the Moray Eel Fishman. To be honest, I wasn’t actually planning for a fishman to be part of the crew, but the more I think about it, more opportunity for story development came up so I went with it!
    And for Galley, I originally wanted to have another random one-off pirate to fight, but I remember him and the rest is history. Got to admit, he made for a great cannon fodder.

    With that, I thank you all for reading this!
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    Chapter 5: Riza

    “Welcome to Riza, everyone!”

    I looked out from beyond the railing, taking the amazing sight in front of me. After two full days of sailing with a marine escort, the Silver Fang finally reaches its destination.

    After the whole incident with the Galley Pirates, the marines agreed to escorting us the remaining part our voyage in case more daring pirates shows up. And also, they need our statements and witness reports down at the base to sent the captured pirates their proper way to prison.

    Got to say, seeing actual non-corrupted competent marines is still boggling my mind. It’s like everything I know about this world is turn upside down.

    That aside, when we reach Port Riza, I took the first chance of a break I get to take in the amazing sights of the fishing port.

    Riza is a pretty large port, at least half the size of Loguetown. Its buildings made of white concrete with blue roofs with a few exceptions here and there, different coloured flags decorate the streets and doors. The stalls by the docks are completely packed with people, housewives, other traders, etc; the stalls themselves are packed to the brim with all sorts of assorted seafood, from the humble cod to fresh sea breams.

    There is also an enormous white building at the background, one flying the blue seagull flag of the marines with cannons pointing outwards facing the docks, and us. That must be the marine base of this port.

    “Quite a beauty, isn’t it?” Silvia pointed out.

    “It is.” I nodded. Got to admit, it’s pretty exciting to be in a new place. It’s like I’m a kid again!

    “As much as we love to have you admire our humble town, I’m afraid you guys know the drill.”

    A booming voice from behind calls out from behind us, the captain of the marine vessel standing right behind us with arms on his hips.

    He is Captain Lewis Strongheart, aged at least in his forties. He has a brown buzzcut with a scar on his left temple and dark grey eyes along with scruffy beard on his square jawline, dressed in a marine captain jacket with its sleeves torn over his naked chiseled and overly buff biceps and chest along with standard-issued navy uniform pants that is stretched to its limit from his muscular thighs tucked into a pair of dark brown military-grade boots.

    When you think of military officer, mostly like someone like him comes to mind.

    Like seriously, it’s like I’m looking at marble here!

    “Thanks again for the escort, Captain Strongheart.” Silvia bows to him.

    “Save the thanks, Silvia; I’m just doing my job.” He laughs, the planks shook with each bellow, “But we DO have to take your statements down at the base.”

    “Do you need everyone?” She asks.

    “Nah, just those involved that aren’t unconscious or in the medic bay.”

    With that, the group that will be giving statements would be Silvia herself, Lee (whose arm is in a sling), Gord, Sam, me and a few others. The rest were given the rest of the day off to recuperate.

    Got to admit, this isn’t what I planned my first time in a marine base to be.

    As a witness, to arrest pirates no less.

    “Is that everything?” The marine interviewing me asked, I nodding in response. That got him to put the paper he was writing aside, “Thank you for your time. You may go.”

    Getting out of my seat, I head out of the room into the corridor, where the others are sitting down on the bench near the door. The moment I left, one of the sailors went in and closes the door behind him.

    I let out a sigh as I lean on the wall next to the door. Recollecting the entire fight was much exhausting than I thought. Never in my life would I’ve thought I would be giving statement for court. And yes, there is a court hearing in this world. Although according to Sen, it’s just for show as the criminals are always found guilty and sent to Impel Down almost immediately.

    Talk about brutal…

    “Everything alright?”

    I turned to the direction of the voice, the same marine who leaped onto the ship that day is walking up to me with a cup of hot drink in his hand.

    “Oh, yeah.” I answer him, “Sorry to have worried you.”

    He let loose a chuckle as he stood next to me, leaning on the wall alongside me, “First time meeting pirates?”

    “Mm.” I nodded, “Didn’t know they were that scary…”

    “They are.” He noted, sipping from his cup, “You guys have some good fighters among you to fend them off so well. Most merchant ships would have suffered a lot worst than you guys did.”

    “You could say that…” I muttered out. Got to say, we were really lucky with Galley and the rest. If it was Buggy… or god-forbid Don Krieg? I’m pretty sure I won’t be talking to him right now.

    “…Tell you what.” He got up turning to me, “I’m getting off-duty in about ten minutes. How about I give you a tour of Riza?”

    “What?” I raised an eyebrow in confusion, “No, no. It’s fine. You don’t have to bother-”

    “It’s not a bother at all! It’s the least I can do for your troubles.” He assures me, “Wait for me by the gate. Trust me, you won’t regret it.”

    He then power walks down the halls, leaving me there completely dumb-founded over what just happened.

    “You alright, Rein?” Sen asked as he walks up to me from behind.

    “I think… I’ve just got a date…”

    After more than ten minutes of teasing by both my mentor and the other sailors INCLUDING Silvia, I am now right outside the base’s gates waiting for that marine… Lieutenant? Or was it Petty Officer that get custom outfits…?

    Still, I can’t believe it. A date in my second week in this world. I mean, seriously? We only met like two days ago! We don’t even know each other’s name! I mean, even if he is picking up girls, he should have chosen someone prettier. Like Silvia, or Justin! Not a kiddie person like me!

    Wait, did I just mentally compare myself to the other girls? Am I actually jealous of their hourglass figure?!

    NO! Stop brain! Stop it! No thinking like a woman! I’m a MAN, damn it! MAN!!

    “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

    I’m brought out of my mental turmoil when the marine that has asked me out is jogging towards me in what I presume is his civilian outfit, a black short sleeved button-up shirt that has it first two buttons unbuttoned to show his bandages with a pair of light-grey pants and brown sandals.

    “Did you wait long?”

    “N-Not really.” I tell him, mentally punching myself to stop thinking this as a date, “You know… I never got your name.”

    “Oh! I’ve never introduced myself properly, did I?” He chuckles, “I’m Suiren. Lieutenant of 20th Marine Branch.”

    “Nice to meet you, Lieutenant Suiren. Name’s Rein.” I greeted with a smile. He seems like a nice guy. “So, where do we begin?”

    “Why don’t we begin the docks?” He stated with a smile, I nodded as he leads me on this town tour.

    Silvia peeked behind some walls with Lee right next to her, a grin wide on her face, “Wanna bet how look it will take Rein to figure it out?”

    “Hm… looking at the situation and the fact she is fidgeting like a lamb…” Lee muttered before raising a beri note, “1000 Beri she wouldn’t figure out until we set sail.”

    “Such little trust in her…” She sighed, raising a beri note of her own, “1000 Beri on tomorrow morning.”

    “1000 that it will last till tonight, tops.” Sen added his own.

    Lee collects the bills before turning to back to the 'couple' that has gone a good distance away while they were setting bets.

    “…Tail them?” Sen asked.

    “Tail them.” His captain nodded as the three of them all head after them.

    Got to admit, at first glance this place looks packed with all sorts of people. But in reality, it only looks that way due to our timing in arriving here.

    For starters, we arrived in the morning, an hour before noon; the entire interview session along with me waiting for him to get off work took about two hours minimum. As such, it is around late-afternoon now close to evening, meaning there aren’t as many people in the streets as previously.

    The docks are no exception, with most of the fishermen are back in the docks sorting out their gear and fixing their nets and such. From what I can tell, their fishing methods are usually net-casting or harpooning larger sea creatures like sharks.

    “Most of the fishes that were caught are sent to the market a couple blocks down from here.” Suiren pointed out, “Those that doesn’t make the cut are usually cut up and made into chum for tomorrow’s catch.”

    “That’s cool.” I nodded, “And the stalls that sell the seafood here?”

    “They’re more of a side-business; promotion, if you will. It’s to show the quality of their catch to the fishmongers and restaurant cooks, and to convince them to buy from them.”

    “You sure know a lot about this Lieutenant.”

    “My family is a line of fishermen.” He explains with an embarrassed chuckle, “I’ve grew up around these docks.”

    “Oh! Suiren! You’re off duty?” One of the fishermen calls out from their place on the docks. They seem to be surrounding something that is emitting smoke.

    “Yeah! Thanks for the hard work!” He greeted.

    “Good timing! We just got out the brazier and started cooking up some spare turban shells! Why don’t you and your new girlfriend join us?”

    “Whoa, there.” He laughed a little, “She is not my girlfriend. I’m just showing her around. Besides, she’s way too young for me!”

    Wait, young? But he’s about the same age as me, right?

    “Lieutenant, how old are you?”

    “Oh, I’m 24 this year.”

    “Huh, just a few years older then.” I noted. So, he is a little older. The age difference isn’t that far.

    “Wait, few years older…?” He asked, “Rein, how OLD are you?”

    What is that question-Wait a damn minute…

    “How old do you think I am?”

    “Um… 15?”

    “WHAT?!” I nearly screamed out in anger, “I’m 20!”

    “SERIOUSLY?!” He shouted out in shock, “Aren’t you a little short for someone that age?”

    “WHO ARE YOU CALLING TINY?!” I charge right at him as he starts to run, we both becoming a circle of me chasing him and him running from me. The nerve of that guy! I bet he thought I was some kid that came stowaway on the Silver Fang!

    “I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have assumed!”

    “Then let me hit you!”

    We eventually tired out and my anger somewhat dissipated after all that running. Still a bit upset at his assumption, though.

    “I’m really sorry.” He apologized again, “It’s just your height and… well…”

    Say it, I dare you…

    “Come on, now.” The fisherman wave us over, “It’s all a little misunderstanding, nothing to blow a fuse over. Why don’t we treat you to some delicious turban shells? We just finish grilling it~”

    I’m about to reply, but then my empty stomach betrayed my thoughts by letting out a loud growl. I felt my face grows hot as the fishermen all laughed at that before I sheepishly sat down next to them on a crate that pulls out for me. Suiren joins me, sitting next to me but unable to face me.

    After getting handed a hot steaming shellfish off the charcoal brazier along with a toothpick, I dig into my late lunch with an improved gusto. Got to admit, shellfish caught fresh sure taste amazing, especially so close to the sea. Even without any condiments, this turban shell taste great!

    “Good, isn’t it?” One of the fishermen chuckles, “Freshly caught shellfish is always taste better than what you can find in the market.”

    “If you add soy sauce, it tastes even better.” Suiren points out.

    “Oh, really?” I asked, sipping on a little stock from the shell. Why does stock make from shellfish taste so good~?


    “So, you just arrive in town?” One of the fishermen asks me, “From the Silver Fang?”

    “Yeah, part of their crew.” I stated, “I’m one of the Ship Guards.”

    “You? A small lass like yourself?” I felt my nerves splinter for a moment but manages to reel it in. He treated you some food, Rein. The least you can do is not lash out like some brute.

    “I’m a lot tougher than I look.”

    “I’m sure you are, after that little debacle with Suiren!” He laughed, I let loose a small nervous chuckle at that poke, “Speaking of, how’s your dad doing, Suiren? Is that leg of his getting better soon?”

    “Just got out of his cast.” The marine Lieutenant explained, “Although the doctor stated that he still needs a week of rest to properly heal up.”

    “That’s a relief.” The fisherman sighs, “It is pretty tough to reach our quota without him.”

    “Bad catch?”

    “Not really, just it is much harder to find good fishing spots without him.” He explains, “Your dad has this ability to find the best fishing spots almost all the time, which I admit we have been relying for too long.”

    “You know, there is this one time which he…”

    Sen, Silvia and Lee all hid behind the fish stall looking at the scene going on, ignoring it's owner's vicious glare.

    "That is quite a good mood going on between them, huh?" The captain points out, "Add an additional 1000 beri to my bet."

    "Oh ho~? Feeling lucky, huh?" Her quartermaster snickers as he collects the bill.

    "Additional 2000 for me." Sen mentions flaunting his bill towards him.

    When the two 'lovebirds' stood up, they panicked before dashing to in front of the stall and starts acting like they are browsing the product. They passed them, unassuming to their presence before Silvia gestures the two guys to follow her.

    Lee is a little late to notice as he is actually browsing the fish, his captain forcefully drags him by his collar to catch up.

    After a few more words were exchanged, we both left the docks and is slowly wandering the streets with Suiren leading, with the sky gaining a light shade of yellow signalling the approaching evening.

    “That took longer than expected, but there’s still some time before sun fully sets.” He stated with a smile, “Why don’t I show you to the night market? It’s at the plaza-”

    “Lieutenant, did you thought I was a kid when you ask me out here?”

    My question causes him to stop, he turning to face me with an awkward expression on his face. If he thought I was a kid from the beginning, then when he asked me out, was it as a man to a woman, or an adult trying to cheer up a kid? Just the thought that he only saw me as a kid, it angers me.

    “…Well, that thought did came to mind.” He stated rubbing his neck in embarrassment, “But whether you are a kid or a grown woman, it doesn’t matter. You looked troubled by the entire pirate incident, so I thought to cheer you up a little.”

    “…Just for that reason?”

    “Yeah, why?”

    He’s just that nice of a guy, huh? I guess it’s not much of a date then I thought. Not that I want this to be a date! Nope! Just two guys hanging out! Two GUYS, hanging out!

    “N-No reason…” I muttered, trying to stop my heart from fluttering. Keep it together, Rein! You are NOT developing a crush now, no matter how handsome he is! Nope! Na-ah!

    “Oh. In any case, let’s head over to the night market! There’s plenty of stuff to do there!”

    Once again letting him take the lead, I follow Suiren towards the town plaza.

    The night market is exactly like I thought it would be, but a lot more bustling than I thought.

    From what Suiren said, this night market is a once a month event, in which almost everyone set up stalls to sell whatever they want. And he means whatever.

    There are stalls of all kinds set up all over the plaza in a somewhat circular pattern with the lamps somewhat lighting the area up selling a variety of stuff, from small knickknacks of all kinds like keychains of fishes to more detailed works of jewellery like pendants and rings and even clothing of all sorts. There are even stalls that sell street food, the smell of fried and stewed food permeates the air as the stalls line up with fried seafood on sticks as well as a large hotplate that is used to cook up some fried noodles and other savoury dishes.

    My mouth is watering just from the smell alone.

    “I take it you want food first?” He noted, I nodding in response. The turban shell isn’t that filling, even though it is pretty delicious. Now, I want some carbs in my stomach!

    Wait, do I even have enough money?

    I check my wallet with the money that Silvia has left me the moment she found out about my date. Says it was my pay, a bonus for helping fight off the Galley Pirates; it totalling at about 20 000 Beri. Looking at the closest food stall, a single small plate of noodles costing about 400 Beri. Guess I’ve more than enough for a little splurging…

    Now… what to choose…

    “Two plates of Fried Squid Noodles, please.”

    “Coming right up!”

    I turn around just in time to see Suiren standing in front of the same noodles stall I was looking at, handing over some Beri coins and taking two paper plates filled with piping hot fried noodles with rings of squid scattered in them. “You’re looking at it, so I bought it for you.” He tells me as he hands me one of the plates.

    “I can pay for myself, you know.”

    “Yeah, but you’re my guest. Letting you pay is kind of against the whole thing.”

    …And some people think chivalry is dead. I dig into my noodles and finds it to be really good. Got to love fatty street food~!

    The rest of the evening is spent wandering about the night market, looking at all the small stuff on sale and trying out other food stalls. Some of the stuff are mostly inconsequential, like plastic keychains of fishes and the works. But it is when I saw the jewellery stalls that gave me pause.

    For a fishing port, they sure made some nice-looking jewellery.

    The rings, pendants, necklace, ear-rings, etc, all of them look wonderful. The metalwork looks well-made, very detailed markings and shapes along with some of the prettiest gemstones I ever seen. Although I’m pretty sure they are fake, most like plastic or glass.


    I turned around just as Suiren places something into my hair, “I knew it, it suits you.”

    Huh? What did he put in my hair? I looked at a nearby mirror the jewellery stall has placed out usually for hairpins and ear-rings, nearly gasping at my appearance. A steel hairpin that has a water lily ornament is tucked neatly between my bangs on the left side on my hair. It looks really pretty-No! Stop! Stop looking pretty!

    I took out the hairpin in a hurry before turning to Suiren with what I assumed is an embarrassed face with how hot my face feel, “Don’t do that!”

    “Huh? Why not? You look so pretty.”

    “I don’t want to look pretty!”

    “That’s a shame.” He stated feeling my hair a little, “You have such a pretty face with such luscious locks…”

    My face heated up even more at the fact his hand is touching my hair as well as his handsome face is pretty close to mine. Okay, stop blushing, Rein! Stop your heart from fluttering! You are not gaining crush! This is not a crush! Not! A Crush! Stop thinking it like that! Stop it! STOP IT!!

    Silvia squeals at the actions of the supposed 'couple', as it looks like they are kissing from their angle. "Oh my gawd! She is crushing on him SO badly!"

    "Can't wait to see her reaction when she finds out." Sen chuckles.

    "We might get to see it sooner than we think…" Lee noted, gesturing his two stalker buddies to an elderly man heading towards them.

    “Hey, Suiren!”

    My heart nearly jumps out of my heart when we were interrupted (NOT!), as an elderly man with clutches under his arms limp towards us. He has greying black hair with a black growing beard under his chin and is shirtless with a pair of brown pants that has a red sash around his waist and a pair of leather sandals, one of his foot being wrapped in white bandages.

    “Dad? Why are you doing out of bed?” Suiren asked to his surprise, and mine. That’s his dad? Wasn’t he injured or something?

    “It’s the night market! Like I’m going to miss this.” He stated with a laugh, before turning to me. His gaze seems to scan me from top to bottom, before he let out a sigh. Wait, was he disappointed?

    “Suiren, you didn’t tell her, did you?”

    “Tell her what, exactly?”

    Okay, now I'm confused. What did Suiren not tell me?

    “You know, about your… you know.” He points at the lieutenant’s bandaged chest. That seems to gain some clarity before horror seems to fill his features. Okay, now I’m curious. What is going on…?

    Suiren slowly turns to me and with a shaking breath, he asked, “Rein… did you think I’m a guy this whole time?”

    “…Aren’t you?” What is he going at?

    He let out a loud sigh, before turning to me, “Rein…”

    “I’m a woman.”​





    “…Sorry, what?” I blinked, “Are you trying to be funny now?”

    He let out another sigh before grabbing my hand and places it on his chest. Not sure what’s the point, I mean his well-chiselled chest-hang on…

    Why does it feel elevated…? And the overall shape… it feels like a-OH MY GOD!!

    “You were serious?!” I screamed out in shock pulling my hand back, “All this time, you were a woman?!”

    “AM a woman.”

    “Ar-Are you KIDDING ME?!”

    “Till the end of the day, folks!” Someone in the crowd shouts out as everyone starts giggling and chuckling. Wait, did everyone know about this?! Was I the only one?!

    “WOOHOO! I win!” I heard Sen shouted out, I notices him among the crowd taking money from a pair of sulky Silvia and Lee. D-Did he just… what?! Did they just bet on me?!

    “R-Rein… are you okay?” I hear Suiren asked as he-SHE places his-HER hand on my shoulder.

    I could only fall down on my knees as my brain just short-circuited.

    The world truly is a mysterious place, isn’t it?

    To be continued…

    Yeah! This one is a bit tricky to do, but I ended up writing an entire romantic date with a punchline at the end. Hopefully, people don’t find this too much or too cheesy. I suck at romantic situations.

    But yes, Suiren! She is one of my OC from the original fic, but she is a lot different there than here.

    Here, I decide to further develop her personality, giving her a more of an accidental-lesbian arch-type you find in some harem shows, the one that is too androgynous to tell about his/her gender.

    And for the entire town being part of the joke… it’s a last minute thing as I only wanted the crew to be one that is part of the joke but then I thought about it and decides to write it like this.

    With that, I thank you all for reading this!
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    Don't worry baby. Next time will be better. :p
    Are you a tsundere?
    Holy shit! You are a tsundere!
    "In that case, you want to go out again tomorrow, or should I nudge you for breakfast?"
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    So the he is a she.

    Wouldn't that of been obvious, or does she have a beard\shave for One Piece island related reasons. Regardless,

    I Don't know why this was a twist.

    Fleet is bamboozled.
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    Chapter 6: East Traders

    In the end, we only stayed about two days in Riza.

    After the little debacle with Suiren, we spent the rest of the second day getting supplies for our next voyage. And the crew would not stop teasing me about my ‘date’ with Suiren, and the fact that I thought she was a HE the whole time. I’ll get back at them for this one day, I swear it…

    Speaking of Suiren, despite the huge misunderstanding, she and I became somewhat of a friendly acquaintance. Apparently, the reason she even don on this male outfit is mostly because of her job and gender clashing. From what she told me, despite her great skill as a fighter and made a Lieutenant at a young age of 20, there are some in her branch that doesn’t seems to take her seriously due to her sex. As such, she cut off her once long hair and bind up her chest and starts showing herself more of a male.

    Got to say, she's got moxy, that girl…

    But from what I can gather from the crew and people around town, it also has the adverse effect of her being made one of the best bachelors of Riza. I wasn’t the first one to has thought she was male at first glance with many woman who has came from outside the island making the same mistake and falling head over heels for her.

    And it ends with same results every time, only usually with more additional anger and maybe a bit of confusion over their actual place on the attraction spectrum.

    Anyways, on the second day, Sen decided let me have another day off, stating that we would be on land for one more day and I should make good use of that time to rest my sea legs. I ended up just helping the others with restocking supplies for the voyage, got to know a lot about the types of provisions and how to haggle for the right price.

    I even got to taste Riza’s speciality, fermented fish sauce. Can’t wait for Gord to cook up some delicious meals with that!

    Soon enough, we are restocked with all the necessary supplies and then some. With Silvia command, we raised anchor and set sail for a place called Temasek.

    No idea what that place is, since Silvia refused to tell me and the other crew is keeping mum about it. There’s not much to say in my guidebook either, just that it is a few clicks from Riza and just south of the Conomi Islands, along with the fact that there is a large port situated in it that houses a few dozens of ships at a time.

    Well, whatever it is, I sure hope we don’t run into anymore pirates on the way…

    Just once is a little too much for little’ol inexperienced me…

    Which brings us to right now, a week and a half into the voyage with me getting my shit beaten by Sen.

    I tumble onto ground for the fifth time since we started our sparring training, a new wooden sword in my hand instead of a bamboo one. Sen walks up to me with a sigh and a shake of his head, “Still far from decent. But I got to admit, you are definitely improving. You manage to take advantage of the openings that I’ve left for you for once, and I didn’t get to break your face at all!”

    “Not sure if that’s a compliment or…”

    “Eh. Take it with a grain of salt.” He shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly, “That’s enough sparring for now. Take a short breather while I get the weights.” With that, he walks back down to below the deck, probably to get the dumbbells he bought back on Riza. I’ve never thought I would be seeing those things in my training. Just looking at them reminds me of Zoro’s own training methods. I wonder if I’ll be able to do the same powerful moves as his’?

    Being able to throw out a spiral blade cyclone would be awesome…

    “Need a hand?”

    The familiar voice of Kris calls out with a webbed hand reaching out to me. I wave him off as I got back on my feet. My stamina has been getting better of late, in compare to my super unfit self from my past life a couple of weeks ago. I am now able to go on a full circuit around the Silver Fang’s deck twice without breaking a sweat.

    Not to mention that I am able to use my wings to fly now! Well, more of hovering a few inches as Sen doesn’t want me to get lost in the open ocean with a sprain wing. Still, that’s one heck of an improvement on my part! I think I’m starting to get the hang of using my Devil Fruit powers.

    Still can’t find out how to breath fire, though…

    Also, speaking of Kris, our relationship has improved a fair amount since we had that talk. He no longer just lurks around in the distance or just help me before walking away before I could strike a conversation. We are actually bonding for once!

    We aren’t that super close like me and Gord, but we are on relative speaking terms. He sometimes come up to me to chat, mostly about my training and the voyage, along with the news of some pranks on a few members of the crew that has caught the ears of our vice-captain and Lee is determined to find the culprit.

    Not that he’ll find him. I’ve made sure to leave no evidence of me doing it.

    “Water?” He passes to me a canteen, which I accepts gratefully as I sips down the ever-delicious liquid life, “Sen really hand it to you, huh?”

    “He is the master for a reason.” I stated as I returns the canteen.

    “But you definitely have improved. You are actually swinging around the sword somewhat properly instead of swaying it around like some lunatic.”

    “Was that how it looked like at the beginning?”

    “Yup. Not sure if you are sword fighting or swinging a club around.”

    Ouch. That kind of stings…

    “Looks like I still got a way to go before I’m a proper swordsman.” I noted with a sigh.

    “Don’t you mean swordswoman?”

    “I stand by what I said.” Despite all appearance, I’m still mentally a man. And I will always be that way! Even if I have a sort of a ‘crush’ on Suiren before her big reveal… Damn this hormonal body…

    “…Okay…” I can hear skepticism in his tone. People will be people, I supposed. Even if they are Fishmen. And speaking of Fishmen…

    “I’m not sure if this sounds intrusive, but why is a Fishman like you doing on a merchant ship in the East Blue? Weren’t you guys supposed to live in the Grand Line?” That question has been bugging me for a long time, but I’m not sure if I should even ask in the first place. I wasn’t sure why I even asked now.

    “…That is a little intrusive, I admit.” Kris stated before leaning on the mast, “But I can tell you this much. Even Fishman has ambitions they want to achieve.”

    “And yours…?”


    That word create pause. Coexistence, that singular combination of letters has been a curse for his species for at least several hundreds of years. If I remember correctly, even now they are still trying to negotiate for a place for them on the surface, one where they can live peacefully without a threat of traffickers coming for them like hauling seafood.

    I thought the only people that even considered such a thing are either already dead or back on Fishman Island in the Red Line. Never thought that there is one right here.

    “That’s… wow, just…” I sighs out as I rubbed scratched my hair a little, “This just went from like a 1… to a 100…”

    “Well, you asked.”

    “I know, I know, I did. I’m sorry for even bringing it up.”

    “Break time’s over!” Sen calls out, breaking the tense atmosphere with his somewhat cheerful entrance as carrying in his hands are five iron cylinder weights that are measured in about 10 kilos each, “Okay, Rein! Time for some cardio! Fifty reps, go!”

    We both agree to not bring up the subject again. The doesn’t stop me from wondering though…

    Half a week later…

    “Temasek sited on the southeast!”

    Temasek, for being named after the ancient name of one of the smallest countries in my world, isn’t really that small in comparison. It’s actually quite large in terms of overall landmass.

    For you see, Temasek is actually a collection of small islands that grouped together to form one big island. The sea between each island is narrow enough that you can call it a river and it wouldn’t be incorrect. It actually kind of reminds me of the Sabaody Archipelago in terms geography. They almost identical with exception to the fact that Sabaody is a mass of giant mangrove trees that breathes out bubbles everywhere and not an actual landmass, not to mention a bit larger.

    “Home sweet home.” I heard Silvia stated out loud as she walks up to me who is leaning on the railings to look about the island; we are currently sailing in one of the ‘rivers’ to get to port, if I were to believe. And to add, there aren’t any riverbanks along it; only steep cliffs the towers over the deck.

    “Home?” I asked.

    “Yup.” She tells me, “Temasek is home for us merchant vessels. Those under the East Traders’ umbrella, anyway.”

    “East Traders? What’s that?” This is the first I’ve heard of this. You mean that the Silver Fang isn’t just some merchant vessel? They’re, we’re actually part of some larger organization?

    “They are the company we are employed under.” She explained, “I said company, but it’s more of a collaboration of multiple merchant crews to help each other gain profit and keep each other safe. Think of it like a legal pirate alliance.”

    “So… it’s not actually legal.”

    “More or less. There aren’t actually any legal bindings of this company’s formation, but the World Government and the Marines all leave us to our own things. After all, in this era of piracy, if you are able to trade safely and efficiently in pirate waters, you’re pretty much helping the World Government. Heck, we have the world of the Elder Stars to keep on doing what we do. We’re not technically criminals, after all.”

    “And it’s situated here, in Temasek?” I am now really intrigued. It’s starting to sound like the British Empire’s East India Company of 1900s. A trading company that hold its very own well-armed militia. That would explain the cannons.

    “It was born here. But before that, let me tell you more about Temasek.” She explains, “This place has an interesting geographic formation. The island itself is made out of several smaller islands, three in total, with each island having its own town with a port. We’re actually heading to one right now.”

    As she said that, something can be seen in the distance. A wooden structure that resembles a gate, a fenced balcony is build in on the top that seems to has several what looks like to be Swivel guns build into the fence’s and cannons mounted at the sides, all pointing outward towards the river that we are entering. On said balcony are two people, guards from the local militia if their lack of uniforms but packing some decent bullet protection says otherwise.


    At the captain’s command, I heard someone pulls on something as the flag’s strings. Looking up past the sails, I notice that under the white flag is now a red triangular one.

    The guards on the gate seems to take notice, as he looks to be talking into what I presume is a Den Den Mushi, the snail ‘phone’ of the One Piece universe. That reminds me, I better look to getting one. You may never know when you’ll need to call someone. A few seconds later, the wooden gate slowly opens up, the current seems to have picked up as we increase in speed slightly.

    Sailing past the gate, we soon enter into a larger body of water and I am once again amazed by the fact that this is definitely not Earth.

    “Welcome, to Port Fiore!”

    I mean, where on earth would you get an archipelago of four landmasses that has a lake-sized clearing of sea that has three ports that faces each other?!

    The clearing of ocean we sail into is large, and I mean LARGE, the size of a lake. Around it is clearly three island-sized landmass that made up part of the archipelago, large towns build along the shores with holes dug into the cliffside that surround the back of each town that looks like a rocky apartment complex. Talk about ingenuity. There even seems to be a somewhat of a lift system with the use of pulleys and weights that lead all the way to the top of the cliff.

    The buildings of the towns themselves aren’t that remarkable, though, just the standard white brick buildings like the ones in Loguetown and Riza with a few a story higher than the others. The ports themselves are pretty large, looking capable to dock eight ships no problem; little rowboats too are visible about the docks. There are already a few ships docked in, all about the same size as the Silver Fang if a bit bigger or smaller.

    In the middle of the sea/lake, there is the fourth island, although the term island seems to be a little incorrect. It’s more of a large platform of stone and wood with several buildings of stone and wood sitting on top of it which in turn is sitting/floating on the salty waters, with a few row boats seemly docked to it.

    I’ve heard that the islands of this world can be… out there, this one doesn’t seem possible in our world. I mean, what are the odds of three islands being so close to each other that the sea becomes a river?

    “Take her to port, Sam!”

    “Will do, captain!”

    Our boat turns sharply, but not swerving at all, as it makes its way to one of the three ports available. Now that I took notice, there are some merchant ships that has a coloured flag under their normal ones, similar to how our flag pole is right now. Heck, the ships that are docked in the port we are going to all has the same red flag. I wonder if the red flag is a symbol of some kind…

    “After we dock, I want you to come with me, Rein.” Silvia calls out to me with a smile, “There’s someone like you to meet.”

    After docking, Silvia leads me into a large white three story building a good distance away from the docks, but close enough that its view of it won’t be blocked by anything. It has blue roofs that cover its windows and on its top floor is a balcony where a flag flutters freely in the ocean wind. A bright red flag.

    Okay, what’s the deal with the red flag?

    A couple flight of stairs later, we made our way into a room, one that has the window view of the docks and all its ships. The room’s interior is pretty decked out in nautical charts, books filled the bookshelves nailed to the wall and stacks of paper piled on a wooden desk that stood close to the window. Behind that desk sat a young lady writing on a sheet of paper with her feather-pen, one with a modest and yet sensual bodyline. She has long orange hair that she tied in a braid with a bronze-shaded ribbon tied in the end, don in a beige shirt under a brown vest that seems to push up her boobs for some reason and a long black skirt that reaches down past her knees with her feet clothed in white stockings and black lace shoes.

    “We’re back, Tio.” Silva greeted, which seems to have startled her as she threw her pen up in surprise. Luckily, she is able to catch the pen before it hit the floor with a sigh before turning to us. “Oh, welcome back, Silvia.” She greeted back with a smile, “I take it that the trade with Riza went well?”

    “We have plenty of beri from the barter to build an entire new ship.” The captain places a new sheet of paper onto the desk, the young girl picking it up to have a read, “Plus, we manage to acquire a new contract for a supplier in Loguetown. Quality wheat for the bakeries that it supplies. Does the wheat farm in Pao has any space for one?”

    “No, full from another contract by Bronz if I’m not mistaken…” Tio noted, placing the paper aside, “But I think the one in Miang is freed up for one more.”

    “Another one? Bronz sure has been busy of late.”

    “Who can blame him? His family just gotten bigger.”

    “New kids?”


    “Damn, his sperm must be potent to pregnant his wife that many times. What is it, the sixth?”

    “Yup.” She giggled, before noticing my presence, her glaze causes me to involuntarily flinched. “Who is this young lady?”

    “Oh, almost forgot.” Silvia gestures to me, “This is Rein, Sen’s new disciple. They both has been recruited as our ship’s newest guards.”

    “Sen is back?” Tio noted in surprise, “That is rather shocking. He’s almost impossible to pin down without some miracle happening. How did you find him?”

    “Run into him, actually.” The captain laughed, “Standing right outside of a lingerie store, said he needed to train her so I suggested my ship. We get protection, and she gets a place to train. It’s a win-win.”

    “Lucky…” She muttered, before turning to me, “Well then. Rein, was it? Welcome to Temasek. I’m Tio, head of the East Traders’ Food Division.”

    “Food Division? What’s that?”

    “The East Traders are divided into three divisions.” Silvia explained, “Each one is responsible for one type of trade that we deal in. We deal with food products, fish, meat, milk, and so on.”

    “There’s another that deal with lumber, steel, cloth, the more materialistic stuff with exception for gold, silver and gems; and another that deal with weaponry; guns, swords, the like.” Tio added on, “We are all separated into our three ports here.”

    “Oh! Then the red flag represents our division in this port?”

    “Yup. Red for the red of meat, easy enough. Then we have beige for wood, and grey for our weaponry. Makes it easier to distribute our goods that way. No worry for any mix up.”

    “But enough about us.” Tio stated gesturing to me, “What about you? How did you come under the tutelage of Sen? From what I remember, he never had any disciples before.”

    “Well, it’s a little complicated…” I wonder how should I tell them about my situation. What should I disclose to them? …Oh, I know. “I was stranded in the open sea, nearly drowned before he rescued me.”

    “Stranded? How were you stranded? And why?”

    “…I… don’t really remember…”


    “…Yeah…?” Well, I’m not completely wrong on that. Technically, I don’t know anything-well, anything not related directly to the Straw Hats anyway, about how this world operates at its core that doesn’t involve pirates and marines killing each other.

    Tio turns to Silvia, who shrugs her shoulder, “Sen said the same thing. Finding her in the open sea, I mean. I didn’t know about the whole Amnesia thing.”

    Oh, so Sen didn’t tell her EVERYTHING, huh? Good to know. It would be dangerous for such information to leak out to the marines OR the World Government. The last thing I need is Smoker on my ass with orders to catch me for the Five Elder Stars because they want to use my knowledge for their own agenda of dictatorship.

    “Oh, and Rein used to be a dude.”

    …Seriously? As much as I want to hold on to my own masculinity, saying that I was gender-swapped is something I don’t want just any person to know!

    “Ah… Ivankov’s doing, then?” Tio asked.

    “Nope, not them.” Silvia stated, “They are still confined in Impel Down the time Sen found her-um… him.”

    “I really wish to not talk about that part of my life, thank you very much…” I let out a groan in response.

    “Oh, apologises.” The head stated with a bow of her head, “I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories like that.”

    “It’s fine… it’s fine…”

    “Anything else about him I need to know?” Tio asks Silvia.

    “Anything else… oh yeah! He has a Zoan Devil Fruit, a… Dragon one, if what Sen told me is correct… Isn’t that right?”

    I nodded in response while Tio raises her eyebrow in both confusion and disbelieve. “A DRAGON Devil Fruit? Are you joking? What are the chances of a freaking Mystical Zoan dropping into his lap?”

    “Oh, he’s not.” Silvia stated pointing at me, “He can prove it too. Rein?”

    I shrugged my shoulders before let myself change. Since the whole debacle with Galley, I managed to fasten my changing speed so to not get taken by surprise and get shot without my bulletproof scales. I can now change any part of my body with just a thought that took less than a second to do. Great improvement, if you ask me. Already coming up with a name for a dragon-fist punch attack.

    I felt my back ached a little before the feeling of my two wings sprout out from under my jacket, spreading to its full length to my relief. Ever stretched after crouching for about half an hour or even moving after standing still for more? Well, stretching my wings is just like that.

    Tio’s eyes widen to sizes I didn’t know a human eye could go to before jumping up from her seat, which causes a chain reaction of destabilising the stack of paper next to her that she then tries to safe which she tries to save only for her knee to hit hard on the table’s leg which then invited a scream of pain, she starts hobbling on one feet while holding her bruised leg while the stack of papers tumble and the sheets all scattered across the room.

    Okay… I know this world is a manga in my world, but for such a manga-istic thing to happen in front of me like that? Talk about… actually, I have no idea what to compare it to…

    “Ow…” She hissed before turning to me, “I…I see my doubts are unfounded…”

    After that initial shock, Tio starts explaining to me about the contract between me and Silvia, and the whole serving one ship event.

    There are many things that I need to take note of. First of all, my services are only paid if I worked in tandem with Silvia in any of the Silver Fang’s voyages and will be based on the profit gained from the trade. There are a few rules on ethics like not do anything that will demean the entire company’s image, as well as not leaking secrets about the company’s doings to others. After that, there is the issue of documentation which I have to give them my details for recording purpose which translate to me writing at least three pages of personal information for her.

    Never thought that getting recruited into a ship would involve so much paperwork…

    Once all is said and done, she welcomed me to the family and then debrief us on our voyage before letting us go. After that…

    “To a successful voyage and fat pay-checks all around!!” Silvia proclaimed with her mug raised high in the air, “CHEERS!”​


    I found myself in a bar somewhere in town where my captain has dragged me to meet the rest of our crew for a night of celebration and drinking. It is a simple bar, one of wooden floors, table and chairs, with waitresses walking about serving drinks and food to customers while the bartender stood behind his counter filling up mugs of alcohol for them.

    Everyone is cheery and having a grand time, all drinking and making noise, some choosing to get into drinking competition for reasons that basically means that is a dick-measuring contest. Heck, I see Lee drinking some guys AND girls to the ground, and he is on his FIFTIETH mug!

    “…Does this happen often?” I asked curiously as I looked at my mug of distilled beer if the smell tells me otherwise.

    “Every time we return from a successful trip.” Gord replied, “But mostly if we manage to get quite a fat profit out of it, since it means we get more rest time.”

    “I see…”

    “What are you doing just talking?!” Silvia shouted sliding up to me with her arm around my shoulders, her face tined red and her breath smell of alcohol, “Drink up! You’re not a kid, right?!”

    “Well…I’m not that thrill about drinking-”

    “Oh, just shut up and drink!!” She laughed as she chugs her mug dry, letting out a satisfied sigh and burp, “We sailors are proud to drink and drink to be proud! Why do you think ‘A Drunken Sailor’ even existed?!”

    “I don’t think that’s why it exists in the first…”

    “If you are worried about hangovers and all that jazz, don’t bother.” Sen calls out as he chugs on an entire BARREL. How he manages to convince the bartender to give him one, I do not know nor do I want to know. “Zoans are infamous for their improved physical abilities as well as health, and I’ve heard that dragons are notorious drinkers.”

    “So, alcohol has no effect on her?” Gord asked.


    Huh… no hangovers or drunk escapades even if I drink the bar dry…? Fine by me!! With that, I down my first mug of beer and demanded refill. I’m going to drink till my heart’s content!!

    I blinked, before rising up from a bed with confusion in my mind. I’m in a room, a simple room with wooden walls and concrete walls painted a dull white with a window overlooking the town and the large sea that shows the morning sky and a wooden door that is closed tight. It has a small cupboard at a corner with a desk and chair next to it, the desk itself is of grey wood while the chair is more of a stool of light birch, my bag of belongings sitting snug on it. The bed I am sitting seems to have a white blanket with a soft mattress under it.

    What… happened last night?

    The last thing I remember was ordering another refill as I joined Gord in a choir of drunk sailors singing a really off-tuned version of Bink’s Sake. Then I down my tenth… or was it fifteenth…? Anyway, I drank my mug and then nothing. Blank after that.

    Did I… black out? I thought Sen said Zoan users can’t get drunk!!

    But I guess he was telling the truth about the whole no hangovers thing, if my clear and not throbbing head is telling.

    *Knock**Knock* “Rein, you awake?” Sen’s voice calls out from behind the door.

    “Sen? You there?”

    “Ah, you’re finally up!” He said in surprise as he opened the door and entered the room, “I thought you’ll be out till this noon, but I guess Zoans are better in processing alcohol than normal people.”

    “I thought you said I can’t get drunk?!”

    “I didn’t say that. I said that Zoans have improved health, not immune to alcohol!”

    “Well, you should have been more specific!!”

    “I WAS specific.” He groaned before giving me a glass of water which I accepted, “Drink up, and then meet me at the roof.”

    “Roof? Of what?” I asked, “And on that note, where am I?”

    “The dorms for the East Traders.” He explained, “Remember the cliffside with the windows and stuff?” I nodded as he continues, “We’re on the third level of that. That being this place which is a large complex of rooms that are carved out and layered with concrete. The first to second level are mostly for residents and storerooms of the company. Third floor onwards are rooms dedicated for us sailors and our family, if we have any.”

    “And I am here… why?

    “Because you were assigned here. Tio just finished the paperwork for your mover and we were supposed to bring you here afterwards but then you drank too much and starts groping everyone-”

    “Wait, what was that last part?” I asked fearfully. Oh god, what did my drunk-self do…?

    “After you drank like your… tenth, I think? After that, you just start wobbling about with that misty eyes of yours and starts to molest pretty much everyone.” He explained to my growing dread, “First you felt up Gord’s butt, squeezed Silvia boobs, even motorboated Justin’s cleavage. I think you groped Kris through his pants-”

    “Okay, okay! Stop talking! Please!”

    “By the way, when I mean rub, I didn’t mean hand-”

    “Stop talking!!” I let out a groan of embarrassment as I cover my now reddening face. Oh my god, why did I listen to his bullshit and drink like crazy! Three weeks in and I’ve molested my captain and my best friend… Things are going to be SO awkward with them now!!

    “…If it makes you feel better, you passed out before you can pull down Kris’s pants.” He added on to my now growing list of embarrassing acts, I pulling my blanket over me in an attempt to hide myself. Why… why did I drink, why?!

    “Oh, Sen. Is Rein up?”

    Gord’s voice calls out and I dug myself deeper under the blanket. Oh god, why is he here?!

    “Ah, yes, he’s here.” Sen tells him to my growing horror as I heard footsteps coming close to the bed.

    “Rein? You okay?”


    “Well…” I heard glass rubbing on glass before he said, “I made this for you. My special coconut smoothie. Great for hangovers.”

    “…so, you’re… not mad…?” I asked worriedly.

    “Mad? Oh please, I had worse done to me when I was in the marine!” He laughed, “You should see how stressed out our female officers can be. They are a different species when they drink!” I can hear him shudder. Must have been quite an experience, “Although you might want to avoid Justin for a while. She is still pissed at what you did and you do not want to see her when she is angry.”

    “What… about Silvia?”

    “She’s upset, but she is willingly to look past it since it was your first attempt. You might want to bring her a present next time you see her. I recommend the cinnamon rolls down by Bake Street a couple blocks from HQ.”

    “Oh… And Kris…?”

    “He’s… a little surprised but he is willing to forgive you for your drunk behaviour.”

    I slowly crawled out of my little blanket den, accepting the glass from his hand, “Really sorry about last night.”

    “Eh, alcohol can do that to a person.” He shrugged, “Just tell me before you start chugging, so I can run before you can do anything.”

    “Ass.” I muttered, but I smiled regardless. What did I do to deserve such a good friend as Gord?

    After drinking both Gord’s coconut juice and Sen’s glass of water (Which has a scent of lemon in it), my mentor brought me to the top of the cliffside residences.

    On the top of the cliff, where the sun shines down on us, there is a field of nothing but grass stretching as far as to the edge of the island with a few small patches of trees scattered about. In the small bundles of trees closest the ocean, there are a few black notable barrels of iron cannons aimed right out towards the seas and a few positioned near the river where we sailed into yesterday along with a few large wooden watchtowers that has a bell and an antenna sticking out of the roof positioned close to them. They must be the defence and sentries that look out for pirates. I guess that’s what it’s expected for living in the Great Pirate Era…

    “Nice place, isn’t it?” Sen stated with a grin, “Open space, large enough for some great training. We won’t have to worry about you falling into the ocean here.”

    “I… guess?” I shrugged my shoulders in response.

    “Well, since we didn’t have a chance to train it, let’s work on your flying skills.” He stated to my excitement. Finally! I’ve wanted to stretch my wings for a long time! What’s the point of wings if I can’t fly using it? “First thing first, spread your wings out. No need to go full half-dragon for this.”

    I nodded and let my wings sprout out from my back. “Okay. Next?”

    “Next is…” He grabs onto my arm tightly, his eyes twinkle in a light that send shivers down my spine, “…First hand experience!” He then proceeds to toss me up into the air with a force that in the matter of seconds, I can barely see Temasek anymore.

    Once I reach the pinnacle of my ‘flight’, I am reintroduced to gravity and starts plummeting back down. With the wind blowing into my face, I let out a scream in fear as I saw the ground coming ever so closer, if a bit slowly. Sen, what are you thinking?! Tossing me like that! I’m going to die at this rate!

    Wait, I have wings!

    I moved my wings and spread them out widely with the thin membranes pulled thin, the sudden increase in surface area forces me to slow down drastically from plummeting to somewhat gliding. I let out a sigh of relief from the possibility of not dying before noticing my surroundings for the first time now that I’m not falling to death.

    Thanks to the lack of clouds, the sky is a clear blue with the bright sun shining down on me. I seem to be facing sea which looks somewhat clam with the rays of sunlight shimmering against the watery surface, making as if the water itself is glittering like a jewel.

    Never in my life has a I seen such a view, and the very sensation of being in the sky like this. It felt… free, like the world was originally a prison and I have just broken out of its chains. Is this what birds sees all the time? This sense of freedom and… I have nothing else to describe.

    “Nice view, isn’t it?” Sen asked me

    “It sure is…”

    Wait, Sen?

    I look at my right and there he is, floating somewhat next to me with two large red-scaled reptilian-looking wings sprouting from his back.

    “Sahehehe. Surprised?”


    To be continued…

    Finished! Finally done with this chapter! You would not believe how much trouble it is to write this chapter!! Especially with coming up with Temasek all together. Quite a hassle that is.

    So yes, the East Traders. They are something that just came up out during my brainstorming on this chapter. Originally, the Silver Fang is going to be just some merchant ship that wander about trading goods with islands that it come across. But then I remember that trade doesn’t really work that way, so I came up with a company, the East Traders. And yes, the name isn’t the most creative but it still fits, right?

    Also, yes, Sen has dragon wings too! Jeez, I wonder why? Those who came from my original (And quite badly written) fic, then you should know why.

    On another note, I like to announce that I am also posting this fic off in Forum-SufficientVelocity.com! Both this fic and the Fastest Hero Academia are.

    If you have an account there, please go take a read there too. I have made a few changes between them.

    With that, I thank you all for reading this!
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    The red flags have never been so present.

    Lewd the scalie boi.

    It is your Destiny! Daughter of god!
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    Chapter 7: Second Voyage

    Over the horizon, the sun slowly rises up over the blue waters of the ocean. Its rays shine down on the island of Temasek, signalling the start of dawn and a new day. In the watchtower facing towards the east, where the sun is rising up from, a lone watchman stood on guard with a musket lays lazily on the wall next to him as he just glares at the sun with a vengeance under his tired eyes.

    He lets out a jaw-stretching yawn before taking a look at his pocket watch. “Fifteen minutes till the shift change…” He mutters to himself. He raises his arms up in a long stretch, giving out a sigh of satisfaction from the sounds of bones cracking in place before picking up his musket, slinging the sling over his shoulder.

    A whistle of the wind can be heard.

    Curious of the noise, he peeks outside to find out the cause. What he got was a flash of white zipping past the roof above, who greets him when she passes by, “Morning, Alex!”

    “Oh, morning, Rein.” He waves to the flying humanoid dragon, who gives him a mock salute before speeds off into the sky with a loud whoop.

    It has been a couple of weeks since I’ve arrived in Temasek, a couple of weeks of spartan training by my favourite/hated mentor. If I’m not eating or sleeping, I am training my non-existence balls off 24/7 the whole time I am here. I never even got any time to myself!! It’s either my bed or in the field on top of the cliff. Or in the sky when flying lessons are on.

    That’s right, you’ve heard that right, FLYING lessons. I finally get to use my wings like they are supposed to be used!

    And boy, the first time I manages to circle around the entire island is unforgettable. The wind in your face… The semi-weightlessness from my gliding… If there is one word to describe the experience, it’s liberation.

    But of course, like anything that involves Sen, there’s a twist in this entire experience that I have NEVER saw coming…

    Sen stands right in front of me with a massive grin, his massive red-scaled wings wide opened to show off its thin white membrane while a long and thin scaly tail flapping in the wind is protruding from the back of his hip. His hat is no longer on his head but rather hanging on his neck via a white string that I have never noticed before, revealing his wild red mane of a hair that has two small black horns sticking out of it.

    “Sahahaha! Sorry about that. Didn’t think you’ll get shocked to the point that you actually retract your wings.”

    I let out a huff at that comment, blowing a wet bang of hair out of my face. Even I am surprised at that myself… Dropping and smacking myself against the sea from that height is not what I expected to do so early in the morning. At least my morning shower is
    somewhat taken care of. Laundry on the other hand…

    “I…take it you have a lot of questions.”

    “No shit!!” I screamed out angrily. Dropping a bombshell like that, what an asshole! What the heck even is he?!

    Devil Fruit is definitely out. He can swim, that much I can be assured off.

    But besides that, I really have no idea how such a thing is possible! Sure, there are non-human races out there besides the Fishmen, but none in the manga OR anime has even shown such a race of sentient life before! Horns, maybe, but with wings? Nope! Never even a peep of it! I mean, the beasts known as dragons confirmed as a possibility to have existed before through the Punk Hazard, but can it be true?

    “Okay, okay. I get the anger, but calm down a little first and let me explain.” I let out another huff but still my tongue. He then starts to explain himself, “I’m what you are commonly known as Dragons, only we are much more than those overgrown lizards you find in books and fairy tales. Those ones are a bit of a bad seed from our kind, we don’t all want to kidnap princesses and horde gold.” I raised an eyebrow at that last comment as he added, “You are an exception to the rule, considering you fell right in front of me.”

    “Hey. Just saying.”

    He let out a small cough in reply before continuing on. “My race is a reclusive. We rarely meet with any other races other than our own, choosing to keep to ourselves and studies. As for why we have human forms… I honestly can say I know. It just always has been this way.”

    “So… there might be other Dragons out there, hiding in plain sight like you?” I asked.

    “Yup. Although our numbers have dwindled over the years…”

    Wow… this is one hell of a bombshell to drop onto me. An entire race hiding in plain sight, and no one even notices. But wait a minute… “Why hasn’t I even heard of you guys before?” I pointed out. If there are races like his out there, why didn’t Oda even hinted at such a thing before?

    “Reclusive, remember?” He stated, “I can point you to one and you probably can’t tell the difference between them and normal people. Besides, we rarely, if never, shows our true selves to anyone.”

    “Ah…” That makes sense, I guess… “Then the reason you show yourself to me is…”

    “You are a really big exception.” He explained, “Your Devil Fruit is one of a kind, which you can guess paints you as a really big target. If those Five Elder Stars ever caught wind of its existence…” He raises his hands up, wrists locked against each other, “You’re be detained and sent right to Mariejois. And trust me when I say this, execution
    or slavery would be the least of your worries.”

    Yikes… a fate worst than that? Can’t even imagine it…

    With that being said, his lessons became even harsher than back on the ship.

    This time, I have to complete laps in the air with my wings as well as on land via my feet. Got to say, having cramps of both appendages that didn’t exist normally is one experience I wouldn’t wish to share with anyone. It’s like getting arm cramps on my back, even if there is nothing on my back… On that note, did you know that I need to use my tail to steer?

    Which then brings things up to my current action, with me finally touching down in front of him after my twentieth lap around the island, nearly toppling over from exhaustion as I rest my hands on my knees to stop myself. A few flaps later to loosen up my wings before I retracted my extra limps back into me with a tired sigh.

    “Nice work.” Sen commented as he checks the stopwatch in his hand, “Managed to skim off a full minute. I may have to increase the number laps tomorrow.”

    “Please… don’t…” I manage to panted out. This is the third time he has added laps. Anymore and I’m going to start fainting again…

    “Ten minutes rest.” He instructed, “We’ll begin sword practice right after.”

    Once he left to fetch the wooden swords, I plopped down on the grass with my legs stretched out as I starts trying to get more air into my lungs.

    Oh, right. Nearly forgot about that…

    Now, additional to the standard sparring sessions, he also started on my formal sword training as well. Techniques, stances, footwork, all that jazz, he pumped them all into me in the best he can. Got to say, I’m pretty ecstatic about it when he started, but kind of regretted it once lessons have begun.

    No matter how many times I’ve mentioned it, but Sen is the very definition of Spartan that can ever be.

    Any small mistake would be penalized, with means more push-ups and running, and that has been what I have been doing in the first lesson and the amount rarely changed much. So technically, I did more exercise than actual sword fighting, sadly…

    The moment I saw his figure coming towards me with the familiar pair of practice weapons at hand, I immediately got back up just in time to catch the wooden sword tossed towards me. “So, what are we doing today?” I asked.

    “The same drills as before.” He explained as he raises his sword in front of him in a ready and solid stance, “Practice make perfect, and your stances and movements are still far from commendable. But you are close, though.”

    “Wait, so am I okay, or still got ways to go-”


    My question is left unanswered as I am forced to begin my drills, which is basically slashing at the air at a certain order with each of Sen’s commands. Down, up, right-down, left-up, left-down, right-up, horizontal-left, horizontal-right, rinse and repeat. This carries on for the next several minutes, with minor tweaking in my stances and strikes from time to time.

    One thing to point out here: compared to most Kenjutsu drills I’ve saw in videos (I’m a sword-fanatic), the drills I’m going through is closely reminds me of certain Chinese Dao drills. My legs are almost never remained in one stance for too long before going to the next. Makes me wonder if his sword style is inspired by them…

    A couple of hours of drills later, we both descend from the cliff to the staff canteen for breakfast.

    Said canteen is located a couple blocks from the main office building Tio is working at, which is also located a street down from the staff dorms. The canteen is a whole two-story building with both floors being filled with tables and chairs for the patrons. The first floor is the actual kitchen that serves almost everyone working there with a few tables here and there, while the floor above is filled with tables and chairs of the birch wood kind, simple design and all that.

    It’s opened rather early, at about a couple hours before sunrise, and by about mid-morning is packed with most of the night shift’s workers including those of the security duty.

    Luckily, we made it before it is really packed, which means we manages to get a seat to eat our meals.

    “So, Sen.” I asked as I chewed on my delicious vegie omelette, “How much longer are we going to stay here? It has been two weeks and still no news on our next voyage.”

    “Who knows.” He replied digging into his bacon, “Silvia is the one who organizes these, so we can only wait for her to say something.”

    “Is it common to wait for this long between voyages?”

    “Yeah, sometimes. You should could yourself lucky. There are times that we have to rush to our next voyage almost immediately without any semblance of rest.”

    Yikes…That must be rough… Thank god I don’t have to do that… The last thing I need is for Silvia to just drop in with a last-minute assignment.

    And just as I’ve thought that, someone suddenly walks up to our table and slams their hand on it hard, getting our attention almost immediately.

    Then Silvia, through her panting, says to us, “Conference Room B, now. We have a new job.”

    …Jinx myself, didn’t I?

    After finishing our meal by basically shoving the rest of the food down our throat, we made it to the conference room where most of our guys are already there waiting around Silvia who has a piece of paper at hand. The conference rooms are located next to the main office building on a separate wing, linked by a few corridor/bridges from the third floor onward. They are, to the extent of my own knowledge, reserved from meetings only, but usually by the heads of the various departments in this Division.

    The room itself is pretty basic as far as conference rooms go, with a long table that has several chairs for some of us to seat down. On one-side of the wall hangs a blackboard with a few sticks of chalk laying about with, while the other is a board filled with several posters and possibly lesser documents of sorts.

    Silvia, having waited enough, places down the paper in front of her before speaking, “Tio has given us a new assignment. This time, we are to transport some sugar over to the Goa Kingdom.”

    That name has brought out several emotions inside me, shock and worry are a few of them. Goa Kingdom… isn’t that the kingdom where Luffy, Sabo and Ace lived? Where Dragon and Garp were born? To head there when I’m just a month in this world, talk about strange coincidences.

    “We will be bringing the ones from the plantation on the island of Gula.” She then points at our navigator, a young man with a mane of a black hair that he kept out of his face by a headband, “Lio, I want to plot a route for us. Try to keep it short and fast.” He nodded in response as she points to Lee, “Lee, get our supplies ready.” He nodded at that and she continues, “We are to leave by tomorrow morning. Any questions?”

    “Isn’t Gula in the southwest from here?” Sam asked, “So…”


    “It’s on the way, yes.” He noted, “But it would be quite a detour, at least by a couple of days.”

    “That’s a little…”

    I notice he, along with a few others, are now looking at her with what I assume is their variant of a puppy-dog eyes, which had me curious. What’s at the southwest that caught their attention?

    “…Argh… fine.” She lets out a groan as a few of the guys let out a few cheers before adding on firmly, “But on the return trip, you hear? We don’t want to take too long. You remember what happened the last time we did, right?” Groans can be heard from our crew in response to that. “Okay, beside that are there anything else?” No one raises their hands, to which she then said, “Then you are dismissed. We meet on the ship by sunrise.”

    We all scattered from the room, I walking up to Gord with a question in mind, “Hey, Gord, what’s in the southwest that have Sam so excited?”

    “Really? You’ve never heard of it?” He said in surprise, “It’s Mirror Ball Island, the most popular island on the East Blue! It got featured on the papers countless of times!”

    Mirror Ball Island… isn’t that the island which Jango meets Fullbody through some dance contest? So, it is southwest from here, huh…? It would be fun to visit that place once…

    The very next day, at about mid-morning, we finally set sail for our next voyage.

    According to Lio, we will be taking a somewhat long way around instead of heading straight for Gula. First, we’ll stop by Gecko Island to resupply before heading straight for Gula. Once we stock up on the sugar, we head for the Twilight Isles to resupply again before heading straight for Dawn Island, where the Goa Kingdom is located.

    I look over the horizon, as the image of our island slowly disappear over the distance. My second voyage, one just a couple weeks after the first one too… not to mention the destination this time…

    “The Goa Kingdom, huh…?”

    Dawn Island, aka the Goa Kingdom aka the place where rich and powerful tries to burn away the poor once, is the hometown of the future (Most likely) Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy. Not only that, it is also home of one of the most beloved and missed characters of the series to date; one Portgas D. Ace. If I’m unlucky, I might end up heading there and accidentally affecting the whole timeline in a huge way. Who knows what irreparable thing I might do that may derail the whole plot all together?!

    I would need to be careful with what I do there. The last I need is to accidentally stop the plot from happening.

    Luckily, from what the newspapers has been featuring over the past month, it appears that none of the plot major arcs has started yet. Alvida and Buggy are still roaming the seas, Don Krieg hasn’t head for the Grand Line yet, and the infamous Axe Hand Morgan is still in control over Shell Town. Even the lack of information on one freckle-faced rookie…

    Not to mention the rumours and gossips of some of the people in the streets of an infamous Three-Sword-Style swordsman that has been tearing into bounties left and right for the past few months. Guess Zoro is on his way to fame/infamy soon enough…

    “Food for your thought?”

    A familiar voice called as I turn around to face Kris who has a pair of sandwiches in his hands, “Gord made breakfast, egg-mayo sandwiches.” He hands over one of the sandwiches, which I gladly receive. As I take a bite into the delicious morsel, he asks, “What are you thinking about? You seem worried over something.”

    “Huh? Oh… it’s nothing, really.” I tell him, “Just a bit nervous, is all.”

    “First time to a kingdom?” He asked, I nodding in response, “Well, I don’t blame you from having the nerves. The people in the Goa Kingdom are said to be quite obnoxious. I’ve heard that they tried to burn away an entire slum village just because some great nobleman is coming to visit them or something.”

    Huh, so word about that has been going around… I guess it wasn’t as covert as I assumed it was…

    “That is mostly-likely rumours in the wind.” Lee tells us as he descends down the stairs from the helm, “But the obnoxious part is pretty accurate. I would know, I’ve been there myself a few times before.”

    “Is the Goa Kingdom a regular client?” I asked curiously.

    “Yeah. They do pay quite a huge sum for high-quality goods, often overpaid at times, so we’ve made great profits from them.” He then scratches his head with a tired grimace, “But they have certain… how should I put it…? Expectations is probably the right word.”


    “They are extremely fussy over certain things, like how we packed the crates to even how long it was on board the ship when we docked. Anything less and they might halve the payment or don’t pay at all. There have been countless of our trade ships that suffer huge losses over small things like slightly bruised vegetables, or having a corner of the timber soaked. Heck, I’ve heard that they didn’t pay and even demanded compensation over a lone unripe apple that got accidentally mixed in.”

    “Compensation for a single apple?!” These guys are way too much if that’s the case! Who would demand compensation for one below-par fruit?!

    “And yet, we kept the contract?” Kris asked.

    “As devasting the losses are, the major profits we gain from it balanced it out nicely.” Lee explained, “No harm no foul, I guess.”

    “Still, over a single unripe apple?!” I let out a groan at that, “Now I’m even more nervous… hope I don’t screw things up…”

    “It’s a good thing we’re taking a more scenic route, huh?”

    A-fucking-men to that…

    To be continued…

    There! Done! Finished with this chapter, finally! Oh god, with work and not to mention the trouble I have for planning out this little arc of mine, I didn’t know if I’ll even finish this at all! You have no idea how long I have brainstormed over what to do from now on!

    So, yes. Rein is heading for Goa Kingdom, with a few detours along the way! It wouldn’t take too long, planning it to have at least a chapter for the trip and a chapter for the island. If you recognize the name of a certain island, then yes, you’ll know what might be coming.

    Now to clarify this, the previous chapter was written BEFORE Kaido’s Dragon Devil Fruit is revealed, so that part is still blowing me away!

    And there has been very good anime this season that I had been keeping up, with one Isekai show that had me hooked since its manga adaptation captivated me. The animation isn’t the best, but the voice work is pretty spot on with how I’ve pictured the characters being voiced!

    Not to mention the latest season of RWBY which, to be honest, almost make up for the some-what disastrous previous season with how much it improved over the past two seasons since Monty’s passing, with reveals that has blown my headcanon way off, not to mention the insane pace Boku no Hero Academia has been going and with season 4 coming in October!

    With that, I thank you all for reading this!
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    Colin Yeo

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    Chapter 8: Close calls

    Surprisingly, it took only about two days for us to reach Gecko Island. Guess it is a lot closer than I thought it would be.

    The port that we docked in, named [Honey Docks] and no, it’s not a made-up name even if I want it to be, isn’t as extravagant as Loguetown’s or commercial like Temasek’s. If I were to put it into a single phrase, it would be ‘plain’.

    There are normal wooden docks that we anchored the Silver Fang, which are typical for these kinds of settings, and the town itself is a simple arrangement of white brick houses with blue or red stone tiles with a few wooden houses here and there standing out with a few shop signs and billboards nailed on the stores’ roofs for all to see.

    All in all, a simple port town with little to offer in commercial goods for other islands.

    We are to docked here for just one day to resupply for the two weeks journey towards Gula, where we will be getting the sugar requested. From what the goddess’ guidebook said (I’m officially calling it that from now on), Gula is one of the few largest exporters of sugar as well as having one of the biggest sugarcane plantations in the East Blue. Guess if we are delivering sugar, we are getting from the best.

    Besides those that are roped into helping the moving of the new supplies, Silvia let the crew have a shore leave to rest up in preparation for the long voyage ahead, although she made it very clear that we are to return at least by nightfall or she is going to leave them behind.

    That leads to me just wandering the streets, Sen getting roped into helping with the supplies so basically leaving me with a break from training for once.

    Got to say, it has been a very long time since I have some time to myself. Back in Riza didn’t count as I technically is on a date-NO! That was NOT a date! It is just… hanging out! That’s it! Friends hanging out! FRIENDS!!

    Anyways, I’m left just walking around the streets of the town and taking in the sights. And I got to say, for being called Honey Docks, the port town isn’t exactly ‘sweet’ to look at-wait, no, that’s a terrible metaphor to use, please forget that. What I meant to say is that my original statement of it being called ‘plain’ is pretty accurate once I saw the main streets.

    It is a bustling town, for sure. But unlike Loguetown which is more of a bustling city than anything, or Temasek that has the advantage of being called a trading port, Honey Docks is more of a pitstop than anything.

    It has the usual bustle of a town but not crowded with people or sailors, the stores and shops are what you would expect from a seaport with no real speciality of the island on sale. All in all, it’s just another port town you could probably find anywhere.

    The warehouse near the docks does indicate something else, but I’m not sure.

    Now then… what to do now…? We have arrived at about noon-ish so we had our lunch on the ship in courtesy of Gord magnificent cooking skills, which means I’m still full so that leaves out getting some food. And I have been in this town for about… fifteen minutes and I’m already bored with it.

    What else is there to do? I can’t exactly leave the town to go further inland because I have no idea the geography of the island not to mention the possibility of me pulling a Zoro and getting lost to the other side of the island. I could go for a nice flight, but Sen has forbidden me from using my wings outside of training, and if he finds out I did it anyway… I fear that he might add torture to my ‘training’…

    “Maybe I should have volunteered to help with the crates…”

    “Ah! Look out!!”


    I turned to the voice of warning in confusion, only to see a pile of decorated boxes fell on top of me, semi-burying me in them as I fell onto the floor with them.

    “Oh no, Klahadore!”

    “Oh, dearie me, are you alright?”

    I let out a small grunt as I dug myself out of the present burial, “It’s okay, I wasn’t looking at where I was… going… either…” Then I felt my voice died in me as I saw who is standing in front of me.

    With his hand extended towards me in a gesture of goodwill, with his dark hair slicked back by hair gel or grease if the oily surface is any indication and a pair of wide round glasses that seems to block his eyes by the light reflection, is the disguised Kuro of the Thousand Plans.

    Oh shit…!! what is he doing here?! Wasn’t he supposed to be in Syrup Village busy tricking the villagers and Kaya?!

    “Miss? Is something the matter?”

    I blinked before quickly getting on my feet while, admittingly rudely, ignoring his hand, “Oh! Nothing! I’m fine! Fit as a fiddle!”

    “I… see…”

    “Oh, Klahadore… you should have watch where you are going!” A female voice behind him stated, a young blonde woman that is obviously a slightly younger Kaya peeked out with her hands around her hips. Huh? Wasn’t she supposed to be sickly or something?

    “I’m sorry, Mistress Kaya.” He apologized to her with a sheepish smile, but his eyes glanced at me for a moment, and in that single moment gave me a peek at the cold and calculating man under the façade. This is bad, did my flinching tip him off? I have to get out of here, before he gets any ideas…

    “I apologize for my butler’s mistake, miss.” Kaya bowed to me, to ME of all people, “Is there anything we can make it up to you?”

    “Oh, no. It’s fine, really.”

    “Oh! There’s this café I know of! I could treat you to some tea. And the cake is so delicious!”

    “Seriously, it is fine!”

    “No, please, I insist!”

    She sure is persistent, I give her that… I know she means well, but I really don’t want to go near that ‘butler’ of hers without my wooden sword AND my all-cutting knife (And for the record, I have checked the knife for its claim. Nearly poked a hole in Sen’s old dinghy of a boat with it too).

    Just as I was about to give up and just book it, I saw my opportunity just turning around the corner.

    “Sorry, but I really got to go!” I tell her before dashing past her and latching onto my saviour hand with an iron grip, “Found you!”

    “Wait, wha-?”

    “Seriously, you always wander off like that!! Mom said we have to stick together!”

    “What are you-?”

    “And wasn’t the older brother supposed to be the one guiding me?!”

    After a quick glance to check that Kaya and her ‘butler’ of hers are gone, I let out a sigh of relief. That was close. TOO close.

    “Oh, my. Rein.” I looked back at Sameson who has the most surprised expression I have seen on his face, before adopting a sly grin of sorts, “If you are into brother-roleplay, you could just ask. I would gladly play the role of the hot older brother lusting for his sexy younger sister-GAK!!”

    Grunting as he cups his poor bruised nether regions from me kneeing them, I let go of his hand with a scowl on my face, “Don’t misunderstand. I just needed an excuse to turn them down.”

    “Yeah… I…I ca-can imagine…” He lets out a squeak before leaning on the wall in pain, “Glad to be of help…”

    The rest of the day spent in Honey Docks went by as slowly as it could have for me, with my paranoia of Kuro possibly suspecting me of suspecting his true identity and would come to force me to ‘keep quiet’ burning metaphysical bon fires in my head.

    As if by fate or some damn miracle, nothing happens to me by the time we are set to sail for Gula.

    To be honest, that just scares me a little more than I wanted it to, but after two days out in the sea with no signs of the Black Cat Pirates anywhere, I can finally rest easy knowing that the scheming pirate didn’t catch wind of me.

    Not sure if that would be a good thing, though…

    By not revealing his real identity, I may have doomed Kaya and, in extension, Syrup Village to his villainous plans. From that brief interaction, it is obvious that Kaya is a gentle soul unworthy of the era she is born into, if a bit naïve looking. To leave her with that cold-hearted monster of a man, it doesn’t sit right with me…

    Should I inform someone about this? Tell someone of the lies that the Kuro of the Thousand Plans is still alive and is about to enact a devious plan that may spell the end of an entire village?

    After thinking about it for a few days, I decided with a heavy heart to just let the plot be. After all, no matter how ‘perfect’ Kuro’s plans may be, it is by fate(plot armour) that Usopp and Luffy would overheard and put a stop to his plans all together. Even without my interference, he would be stopped regardless.

    With that out of the way, I return back to my usual routine on the Silver Fang.

    But even if Kuro is out of my mind, there is a danger coming closer to the ship, one that I have never imagine encountering at all.

    It is only a week after we departed from Honey Docks.

    We are currently now passing through what is known as the Orange Straits (Again, I’m not making any of these up), a stretch of ocean that acts as the makeshift border between the island of the now-defunct Oykot Kingdom and Conami Islands.

    These waters aren’t ideal for massive vessels like galleons and a few of the larger Marine battleships due to the small dots of land that too small to be considered islands that are scattered along the sea into a somewhat maze of currents that would beach any of them onto them the moment they entered.

    But for smaller ships like the Silver Fang, who is only half the size of the largest galleon available anywhere else, the channel is the perfect shortcut to go through towards Gula that cut the trip to about a half a day. In comparison, the usual route taken by the larger vessels have to circumvent Oykot, since the waters near Conami is occupied by the infamous Arlong Pirates, which takes about three to five days to complete.

    And in these maze-like waters, is where I have one of the most dangerous encounters to date.

    “Captain! Ship sited off the portside!”

    A call from the crow’s nest alerted the crew, most of us stopped what we are doing and took a glance at the stated direction.

    Indeed, over in the open waters to our left lies a lone ship drifting about in the currents. Its caramel-toned wooden body waterlogged and punctured with holes resembling the result of cannon fire, its sails torn and stained grey and yellow, and its stern and rudder completely smashed to shreds. On its deck are a bunch of sailors that seems to be waving a bunch of stuff in an attempt to attract our attention.

    “Looks like a drifting vessel.” Lee commented.

    “What of the crewmen?” Silvia asked.

    “Simple sailors, from what I can see!” The lookout replied, “None of them are armed. I think I saw a few corpses onboard with them.”

    “Must be the victims of a pirate raid…” She concluded, “Get the ship close, Samerson.” An ‘aye’ from the helm can be heard, “Lee, inform Justin and prep the medical team for refugees. And get Kris to go over there to look about the waters, to keep the ship from drifting too far.”

    “Got it.” Lee replied before rushing below deck.

    “I’ll get Kris.” I noted before running to the rope tied to the railing.

    I’ve probably failed the mention this before, but besides Temasek, Kris does not land on any of the islands we visited, choosing to stay near the coasts of the ports and about the waters around the docks. He actually spent more time under the water than above it, not sure why but it’s his thing, I guess. So, whenever we need him up on deck to receive orders, we use a heavy weight that looks like a clam shell tied to the rope which we then toss over board into the water as a signal for him.

    After I went did exactly that, Kris’ head pops out of the water a few seconds later. “What is it?”

    “There’s a drifting ship to the portside.” I explain to him, “Silvia wants you to check it out.”

    “Understood.” He nods before diving back under the water.

    Returning to the portside of the deck, I waited patiently as our ship turns around and slowly made its way towards the drifting vessel.

    “Something feels wrong.” Sen commented as he made his way to the railings.

    “What does?” I asked.

    “You can’t see from this angle, but the rudder looks like it has been torn out without affecting its hinges in the stern.” He explained, “Cannon fire wouldn’t be able to do that.”

    “That means that-”

    Not a second sooner, gun fire can be heard from the ‘victims’ ship, followed by a smoke flare firing into the sky leaving behind a long trail red tainted smoke.

    “IT’S A TRAP!!”​

    The very moment that infamous meme-worthy phrase is shouted out, columns of water burst out from around the ship.

    From afar, over the horizon and sailing towards us fast, are at least two pirate themed ships with light and smoke signalling firing cannons. They are at least the size of the Silver Fang, with darker wood planks and black sails shown proudly with the infamous Jolly Roger painted on.

    And not just any Jolly Roger, mind you.

    It is the skull and crossbones with two hourglasses, the very insignia of the Krieg Pirate Fleet.

    “Don Krieg?! Here?!”

    “What is the captain of the largest pirate fleet in the East Blue doing here?!”

    “An ‘abandoned’ ship that acted as bait…” Silvia noted as the boat shakes with the wave from another cannon shot hitting the water, “Classic pirate ambush tactics… Can’t believe I didn’t see that one coming a mile away.”

    “What now?!” Lee asked worriedly.

    “…Samerson!” She commanded, “Get us out of here and fast! Everyone else, bring the sails to full mast! We’re not gonna be Don Krieg’s mark this day, you hear me?!”

    “Aye, aye!!”

    Everyone clamper to their stations with a few dashing across the deck to prepare the cannons for fire, crates of cannonballs are carried all about with several sacks of gunpowder not too far behind.

    “Rein!” Silvia calls out to me, “Head to the skies! You and Kris will draw their cannon fire away to give us an opening! Slow them down if you can!” She then pulls something out of her cleavage (Because OF COURSE she’ll keep stuff in between those mountains) and tosses something towards me which I hastily stumble to catch, “Use that Baby Den-Den Mushi to stay in contact! Once we’re in the clear, you are to come back immediately, got it?!”

    “Y-Yes, ma’am!!” I mock saluted before perching the snail on my shoulder. The snail is light-grey with a blue shell, on the sides of it are bronze speakers while its eye stalks are half-closed with a drowsy expression. I think Sen has shown me how to dial one of these once before…

    “Stay calm and remember to flap your wings to gain speed, but glide for long distance.” Sen tells me placing a hand on my shoulder, giving it a tight squeeze, “You got this.”

    I nodded at his advice and unfolds my wings. I then proceed to leap off the railings and took to the air, my wings flapping hard as I launch myself towards the assaulting ships. Below me, I can see the silhouette of our fishman crewmate swimming under the waves towards the same target. The very moment we reach the leading ship, I ascend to bleed off my speed before landing on the deck with a grin.

    “Hey there!” I greeted.

    “The hell?! She has wings!!”

    “Are those horns?!”

    “It’s the devil! The sea devil has come for us!!”

    Ignoring the slightly panicking pirates, I continued, “I’m Rein, and you guys are attacking my ship. And I will be extremely grateful if you all not attack it.”

    “You idiots! She’s no devil!! That’s just a kid with Devil Fruit powers!!” The one I presume is the captain of this ship who is NOT Krieg, thank goddess almighty, spoke up, “Shoot her!”

    The sounds of flintlocks being cocked is warning enough as I took off into the air once more, narrowly dodging their bullets as I flew above and about their ship. With an idea in mind, I flew close to their sails, slowing down for a moment for them to get an aim at me before flying away just in time for the lead rounds to miss me while poking holes into their sails.

    I then flew a few more laps zig-zagging around their masts and sails with similar results, with one occasion in which one of them has leaped off the mast to try and catch me in the air which failed spectacularly as not only did he missed, he also landed on his crewmates, effectively body slamming a few of them into the deck hard with sounds of broken bones being very clear even with the wind blowing past my ears. By the time I lap around the fifth time, their sails are nothing but swiss cheese.

    “DAHAHAHA! Thanks for your help!” I laughed their faces when they finally realised what I was doing, “And for the record, I’m TWENTY!”

    A few more rounds fired as I flew away from the ship, just in time to see Kris burst out of the water in a large torrent of water around him as he lands on the deck with a large splash, soaking the cannons and bags of what I assume is gunpowder. He then proceeds to flip them off before diving back into the sea.

    “And for safe measure…”

    I then flew to their stern and with one strong huff, slams my transformed feet into the rudder’s hinges, smashing right through it. Satisfied with my work, I flap my wings and head towards the next ship.

    “Same method?” Kris asked me as he pops his head out of the water while swimming towards the ship.

    “Yup!” I nodded with a thumbs-up before making a dash for the pirate vessel.

    Once again, I perform the similar act as I did for the previous ship and again with similar results. Although, for this ship, something went differently the moment I did my third lap around.

    This time, there’s another person on the mast ready to jump onto me but instead of it going terribly wrong for him like previously, it went horribly wrong for me. For one, he didn’t jump off above me, he jumped at me the very moment I slowed down next to the mast. As I was too busy baiting the other pirates, I did not notice him until it was too late.

    At one moment, I was in the air with a smug grin.

    The next, I’m suddenly pushed down onto the deck with a loud and painful thud, face landing first to my dismay. I may have broken a nose from that…

    “Got you now, you brat.” A calm and cold voice spoke as I felt what seems to be a round metal something leaning against my neck. Twisting my head to get a glance, I notice the light gray headband and jacket, the black iron ball the size of my head that is connected to an equally black iron rod, and finally the cold eyes of the person that is kneeling on me.

    “Alright, way to go Gin!!”

    “As expected of our Combat Commander!!”

    “He took her down without a cinch!!”

    Gin? As in THAT Gin, the one that went toe-to-toe, or tonfa-to-feet if you want to be specific, with Sanji of all people?! Oh crap, I didn’t think he’ll be part of this!! This is bad! Really, really bad! I am no way able to fight against someone of his level!! This is impossible!!

    “I don’t really like to do this to kids, but you are making too much of a ruckus.” He tells me, “So, sorry for this.”

    My mind immediately remembered one titbit about him, the one in which he is completely ruthless and cruel, and that information gave me dread. Crap, he is about to bludgeon me with his monster of a weapon, isn’t he?! Crap, crap, crap! What do I do?! What do I-Wait, I have Devil Fruit powers!

    I immediately change my head, and most of my limbs on instinct, into scales and retract my wings, just in time too as I felt the metal weight impacting against my skull hard, the ringing of metal clashing rang out from the resulting clash. Urgh, I can feel my brain vibrating from the attack…

    “What in the…?”

    Sensing the surprise in his voice, I use this moment to push myself upward, effectively pushing him off as well, and clampers out of the lock. Taking a few steps, I turn around to face the beast that is Gin, his mouth tensed and body poised for another attack.

    Compared to in the manga, which is after he was nearly starved to near death, Gin looks rather well-fed. There’s still a sense of scruffiness in his hair but the lack of eye bags means that this guy is in tip-top condition, and is fully ready to kill at a moment’s notice.

    “So, this is the power of a Devil Fruit user, huh?” He stated, twirling one of his tonfas, “Good to know. Now I know how much I need to put into my strikes.” He then dashes towards me, swinging his weapon at me.

    Not sure it is due to training with Sen for so long, or because my Devil Fruit enhances both my physical and mental capabilities, Gin’s strike actually looks somewhat slow. Not as in slow motion, but slow enough that my reflexes kicked in and I duck under the overhead strike rather effortlessly.

    “Oh? Then how’s this!?”

    He continues to swings several more strikes at me, twirling and spinning every few moves to add momentum and strength to his attacks, and each time I dodged them just in time. Of course, I’m still panicking when doing so, with a few manages graze my cheek or gut, add to the fact that I’m backing away while he is advancing spells out the direction this fight is going to take.

    Although I got hand it to Sen, he knows how to train someone if just over a month training means able to dodge strikes that could obliterate ribs in one hit

    “Whoa! This kid is actually going toe-to-toe with Gin!”

    “This is the first time I have seen our commander having this much trouble with someone that young before!”

    “Go for it, Gin!! Knock her head clean off!”

    “Devil Fruit or not, she is no match for a real Demon!!”

    “Show us the power of the Man-Demon!”

    Well, aren’t the peanut gallery having a good time? That being said, shouldn’t they be helping instead of cheering? I mean, they are PIRATES, after all…

    A few steps back and I found myself with my back against the wall, or in this case, back against the mast. “Got you now!!” Gin, with the ferocity to match his namesake, swings down in an overhead strike that is clearly aiming to smash my skull in. I quickly raise my arms up in a cross, just in time to block the attack which slams into my forearm hard. The power behind that strike had my arm shaking from the impact as I struggle to hold back the strike.

    Damn, he hit just as hard as Sen! Even in my half-dragon form, his attacks are almost breaking through my scales!!

    I then felt the weight on my arms just suddenly lift off, causing me to stumble forward for a second before another attack hits right into my gut hard. In the split-second sensation, he must have slammed his knee into me the moment I stumble, blasting the air out of my lungs on impact. I only have a second to gasp for air before another weight slams into my face hard, knocking my head against the mast so hard that I can hear the cracks being formed on the wood.


    “You’re alive after that…?!”

    I let out a groan as his weapon is lifted off me. Owowow… I think my nose nearly broke from that strike… And I may have a concussion from the impact. Guess my face isn’t as well protected as the rest of my head…

    “Guess I just have to hit harder!!” He shouted angrily, spinning his tonfas faster and faster ready to strike down.

    Not sure if it is due to the concussion or my animalistic instinct, but the moment I saw him spinning his weapon, I lashed my fist out at him, just as he is about to swing down his weapon which he did and misses my head by a small margin, and punches right into his chest hard. I can feel his ribs collapsing a little under my knuckles as I actually sent him flying with that attack, knocking down a few of the pirate peanut gallery along the way.

    I was left stunned by my actions, looking down at my transformed fist with only one question in mind. Did I actually just do that?


    “She actually sent Gin flying!! Devil Fruit users are crazy!!”

    And to add salt to injury, sea water splashes into the deck and soaks everyone AND me from top to bottom. “Rein, we got to go!!” Kris’s voice calls me out, pulling me back into reality as I immediately prepare to run off, before remembering to do one last thing.

    I turn back to the mast and grabbing it with both of my transformed arms, I squeezed as hard as I can. A few notable seconds later, I can feel the wood splintering under my strength before with one final squeeze, the portion of the mast I was squeezing gave way, leaving a large gouge mark on where my arms were.

    “Done.” I nodded with a grin before turning back to them, “And for the record, I’m TWENTY!!”

    With that said, I ran and leap off the side of the ship, unfolding my wings mid air and with a flap, sends me flying away from the ship, just in time to hear the sounds of the mast toppling over into the deck.

    I let out a hiss when the salty breeze blows against my nose. It may not be broken, but Gin may have left a rather nasty bruise on it. Not to mention the taste of blood in my mouth from I can guess is a cut lip…

    Then my mind was pulled back by the sound of cannon fire in the distance, coming from where the Silver Fang has sailed to.

    “Puru puru puru puru.”

    The Mini Den-Den Mushi then rings to my surprise, almost forgetting about the mollusc on my shoulder who surprisingly haven’t fallen off in my tussle with Gin, and I picked it off my shoulder to answer.

    “Rein! You and Kris-AH! *SPLASH* You and Kris need to get back to the Silver Fang, pronto! Krieg got both ends covered and is pinning us down! We need your help!!”

    “A pincer attack…!” I muttered in realization before speeding forward as fast as I could muster towards the assaulted ship.

    Back with the Silver Fang, its captain is facing one hell of a naval warfare ahead.

    She originally planned for both Rein and Kris to distract the two ships, disable them if they could, which might give them enough time to sail out of the strait to the safety of the open waters. Knowing about those two’s capabilities, the fishman more than the newbie, she expects that the both of them would be able to make it back alright.

    What she wasn’t expecting is for another pair of pirate vessels waiting near other end, and with a large man-o-war at the mouth blocking their only way out.

    That brought them to their current predicament, getting flanked on both sides by cannon fire with the added mortar shots from the large ship afar. They are barely fighting back, cannons firing back and forth from all four ships, but with a few mortar rounds hitting really close to the ship, Silvia knows that it is a losing battle.

    Even with Sen’s help, who is basically tossing cannonballs into the incoming shots and detonating them in mid-flight, they aren’t doing too well. Sooner or later, their limited ammo supplies are going to run out and they would be open for a full volley of cannon and mortar rounds. They need to turn the tide somehow.

    “Status report!!” Lee calls out after reloading his rifle.

    “Cannon balls are about to run out!!” Gord calls out.

    “And we’re still no closer to the exit!!” Samerson added franticly, “That dumb ship is in the way!!”

    “At this rate…” He mutters out, bracing the moment he hears a cannon firing as a large column of waters blasts right next to the ship, spraying sea water all over the deck.

    “I could take care of that galleon.” Sen points out as he tosses another cannonball that detonates in mid-flight, “But just defending against those two brigs is taking all I had. If only we can take those two down…”

    “That’s impossible!” One of the crew shouted in a panic, “Our cannons can’t fire that far away! Not to mention we are already low in ammunition!”

    “We just need to hold out for a little longer!!” Silvia tells her crew with holding on a Mini Den-Den Mushi, “Kris and Rein are on their way back! Once they take care of those two pirate ships, Sen will deal with the galleon. Samerson! Once the route is clear, get us out of here!!”

    “Roger!” They all replied as one, only to get pull back into the action when another cannonball hits very close.

    “I sure hope they make it back soon…” Lio noted lighting the fuse and braced for the bang, the cannon fires out loudly towards the pirate ship, “Because I think their aim is getting better…”

    On one of the pirate brigs, its men are lighting and firing volley after volley of cannon rounds. The captain of that ship, a thug-looking man with an eight-o’clock shadow under his chin and a red bandana over his greasy hair, smirks widely as he saw the results of his admiral’s plans coming to fruition.

    “Just a little more!!” He commanded, “Keep them rooted there!!”

    “It sure was smart of Admiral Don Krieg to come up with such a devious plan.” One of the pirates noted.

    “Of course, it is! He’s the Pirate Admiral, Don Krieg!!” Another tells him, “The mightiest pirate of all the East Blue!!”

    “To think we get to take down an East Trader ship!! Oh, how much loot do you guys think they have?!”

    “I’m betting at least five chests full of gold and Beris!!”

    “We’ll know once the cage is set!” The captain laughed, before rubbing his chin in confusion, “But it’s strange… Gin’s ships should have arrived by now…”

    “Captain!!” One of the pirates in the crow’s nest shouted out, “There’s something coming towards us from the stern!”

    “Huh? What is it?”

    “I can’t tell for sure… It looks like… a person? It’s coming really fast-What in the hell?!”

    “What are you saying?!” He shouted at the lookout, “What did you see?!”

    “It’s a girl!!”

    “A… girl…?”

    “A young girl with demon wings!!” The lookout screams, “And she’s coming straight for us!!”

    “A girl with wings?!”

    “A demon!! They have an actual demon on their side!!”

    “Oh god, I’m too young to end up in Davy Jones’ Locker!!”

    “I didn’t even lose my virginity yet!! I don’t want to die a virgin!!”

    “Silence!!” The captain shouted, silencing the pirates instantly, “You bunch of pussies, isn’t it obvious by now?! Those rumours about those fruits that grant people powers!” They all looked at him with a blank and lost stare, he let out a huff of disappointment while muttering about how did he end up a captain for such idiots, “She ate a Devil Fruit, you numb nuts!!”


    “And if the rumours are true…” He picks up a rifle and took aim, “Then they sink like a hammer in the water!”

    Pulling the trigger, he fires a round right at the flying girl in the distance. His smile widens when he saw the girl slopping down afterwards, thinking that he got her.

    He didn’t.

    As he soon finds out after turning back to issue a command, something human-shaped slams into the mast hard. An agonising second later, the mast leans backwards before with several snaps, the wooden pole is broken off of the deck and slams into the mizzen, almost snapping that on impact if the way it bends is anything to be indicated.

    “What hit us?!” He shouted.


    A girlish voice tells them, they all looked up with either jaws dropped or eyes as wide as they could be.

    Hovering above them with a pair of reptilian wings flapping to keep her airborne, is a young girl that couldn’t be past the age of fifteen who has one of the smuggest grins ever conceived. She has glossy black shoulder-length hair and dark brown eyes that seems to have slit pupils, white scales cover the sides of her face and ears with scaly limps and legs that clearly doesn’t look human at all, and a pair of long ivory-white horns sticking out of her forehead that semi-curved back over her head.

    “Hi. My name is Rein.” She greeted in a rather masculine fashion, “I’m here to stop you from shooting my ship.”

    “…Haha…Hahaha…HAHAHAHAHA!!” The captain starts laughing away without restrain, his crew joining suit with stiffer and forced chuckles. As the laughter subsides, he pulls out a pistol aimed and fired, the lead round missing her head completely, “Shoot her down!!”

    Rein easily flies away from the incoming lead rounds and calls into her Mini Den-Den Mushi, “Okay, got their attention off you!” She flinches as one bullet grazes her horn, “Whatever you need to do, better do it fast!”

    “Got it! Just hand tight!” Silvia nodded at her own snail-phone before turning back to her crew, glancing at the ship where the young dragon girl is at to check if the rifle sounds are real.

    At about the same time, Kris splashes out of the sea and landed on the deck with soft thud, “The other ship is disabled now. Gunpowder wet and useless while their rudder is smashed beyond repair.” He then added on, “Also, I punched a hole in their hull which they are most likely trying to patch right now.”

    “Dude, that’s savage!” Gord commented, “Glad that you’re on our side.” The fishman gives him a thumbs up in response.

    “Alright, Sen!” She calls out, “Whatever you are planning on doing, you got your chance! And you better make it quick!”

    “Roger that!” He replied as he steps on the bow of the ship.

    He raises his hand up facing the large man-o-war, his index finger pushing his thumb in a to-flick motion, with his spare hand holding onto his wrist as a stabiliser of sorts. He adjusted his aim a bit, before with a small grin on his face, he flicks his finger outwards at the large gunship, and releases a storm.

    A large burst of wind blasts right across and through the waves, before smashing right into the large vessel. The sheer impact of it cracks and splinters the ship’s entire side, before it flips up loop-de-loop style and splashes back down into the sea hard, resulting in the entire ship being snapped right down the middle.




    Everyone stopped what they are doing when that happen with jaws slacked, as they saw the shipwreck that was the man-o-war slowly sinks to its watery grave with most of its crew following soon after.

    “…Okay. It is official.” Lee says to Silvia, “Getting Sen back is truly the best idea you ever had.”

    “Thanks… I guess…?” She stated in the confusion, before shaking herself back to reality, “Samerson! Get us out of here now!!”

    “Ro-Roger that!!”

    She then dials up her Mini Den-Den Mushi again, “Rein! Get back here, pronto! We’re leaving!”

    “Go-Got it!!” She replied, “Also, just out of curiosity, was that…?”

    “…Rein. Let me be the first to say the Sen is a monster that I want no one to face, ever.”

    “D-Duly noted…”

    To be continued…

    There! Chapter finished! Wow, this is a long one, longer than I anticipated. Guess writing naval battles aren’t as easy as I originally thought.

    Now, I want to know if Rein’s whole power set is properly balanced. After all, I did pin her against Gin of all people, and we all know how powerful he is. I just want to check if I’ve made her too strong too fast, and may have accidentally turn her into a Mary Sue…

    With that, I thank you all for reading this!
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    This story is amazing so far
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    Thank you!
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    Sen should of been the big brother he fits the roll in many ways and Wtf goddess. If your gonna pay some one back don't give them a cursed fruit that still has the curse and drop them in the ocean. Hell I think it took 2 tries because the first time around you drowned for already having the powers with the curse. Thats like here have a powers beacuse of my fuck up now die. I would never eat a devil fruit and it not because of the taste it the weakness it literally a death sentence.
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    Chapter 9: Meeting the Fist

    “Gula, straight ahead!!”

    That phrase alerted everyone as several men all rush to their posts near the mast and a few prepared for docking procedures. After another five days at sea, we finally reached our destination, the first checkpoint of our trade journey.

    After the whole debacle with the Krieg Pirate Fleet, after checking ship over for any major damage and finding none worse to wear with the exceptions of slight sooty spots around the area where the cannons has fired, we carried on our way towards Gula in high spirits.

    And, thanks no part to good winds and a few lucky currents here and there, we actually made it to Gula a day ahead of schedule.

    Which is a godsend, with our supplies in the verge of running out. Quite a bad time to find out that Gord’s way to destressing himself is cook like a man possessed. There were so many croquettes and potato salads that it filled up the entire pantry, forcing us to eat only that for the three days straight! Never thought I would be glad to eat some pickled sardines before…

    As the crew around me start to tied the ropes to the docks, I descend down the boarding ramp and took in the sight that is the dock of this island.

    The port town we are in right now is called the Port Cane, one heck of name but that hardly surprised me especially after the Honey Docks, and it has the feeling of a trading port more than Temasek in many ways.

    For one, the harbour is wider in terms of the docking area, the stone and wood platforms that the trading and the occasional marine vessels parks at have more spaces in between that spreads out all across the entirety of the port itself, the platforms themselves are wide enough to allow entire carriages to ride though with more than enough space to disembark.

    The town itself is filled with buildings of white brick of various sizes and heights with several large wooden buildings all dotted about, all with coloured roofs of all sorts. The place is bustling, with the streets filled with people as well as workers of all sorts of manual jobs. I think I saw a few buildings in the middle of construction too.

    But if there’s one thing that separate this port from Temasek…

    “Why is everyone in a hurry?” I wonder out loud as a few coolies with sacks of something on their shirtless backs nearly bumped into me. Everyone in the harbour seems to be almost in the rush, a few keep on shuffling past each other on their way to their ships. It’s like its rush hour and everyone is trying to complete their job at exactly the same place at the same time.

    “This is the usual for Port Cane.” Silvia tells me as she slowly walks down the ramp while our crew mates all start alighting one after another, “Especially now, when it’s past noon. A lot of ships often arrived during this time, with things to trade and sell. After all, this place is one of the largest exporters of sugar in the East Blue.”


    “Everything seems to be in order, Silvia.” Lee tells her as he walks down the ramp, “We should be able to settle this by this evening, if we are quick enough.”

    “Good to hear.” She nodded before turning to me, “Why don’t you take a walk around town? We’ll only be staying for about three days, so take in the sights while you can.”

    “You sure?”

    “Yeah, it’s mostly just some paperwork and a little bargaining here and there.” Lee assures me, “Nothing you need to worry about.”

    “Just go and have a goof time.” Silvia tells me with a smile, “It’s not every day you come to Gula, after all.”

    “…Okay. Thanks. Where do I meet you guys after?”

    “There’s a bar near the docks that goes by the name Thirsty Siren.” He points out to me, “We’re planning on meeting at about sunset, which is about…” He did a mental calculation before answering, “Three hours from now. Just tell them our names and they will let you through.”


    While the docks are busy with workers, the town itself isn’t that different. Only instead of workers, you get businessmen and women all running about the place, not really what I would consider tourist attracting.

    But credit is due when credit is due. The town is bustling with all sorts of things that I might imagine to find on the island that is famous for its sugar export. There are confectionaries of all sorts, from baked desserts like muffins and macaroons, to cold treats like parfaits and pudding, there are sweets of all sorts in almost every shop in the street.

    Hell, there’s a crepe store every few blocks!

    Of course, there are shops that sells other things, but the sweet shops almost dominated them, each with a sign of which sugar plantation the sugar came from along with its address and Den-Den Mushi number. Advertisements for the win, business for the shop, potential future clients for the plantations.

    With that mind, I am right now wandering down the street of baked goods chewing on a simple glazed donut, one of a couple dozen that I have bought with the intention of sharing with Kris along with my other goods of cinnamon rolls, a bag of muffins of various flavours and a big bag of saltwater taffy. He did help me in my ‘fight’ with Gin back in the straits and who doesn’t like sweets, right?

    As I walk down the road, the street lights start to turn on to my surprise, the ever-darkening sky proof of the time.

    “Wow… the time really flew by…” I muttered out as I took another bite out of my donut, “Guess I better head to the bar…”

    I took a look around to get my bearings, before realizing that I have gone a little too far inland for my taste. I did just turn at random directions at random junctions in the streets, just following the smell most of the time.

    Crap, I didn’t check for a map of this place before wandering off… What to do, what to do…? I wonder if I can retrace my steps back to the docks?

    “Hey, there. It’s a bit late for a kid to be out like that. It could be dangerous.”

    A voice suddenly spoke to me from behind; I felt the veins in my head throb at that sentence as I turn back with the very intention to scream at him.

    “I’m FUCKING TWENTY, you fucking…ass…hole…”

    The words died in my mouth as I saw who it was that I shouted at.

    He is tall for a man, with a build that looks like he wrestles bears for fun despite the wrinkles on his face that indicates his age very clearly. Aging grey hair covers his scalp with an equally greying beard, a surgical scar that went around his left eye. He is wearing red Hawaiian shirt and beige shorts and straw sandals, his mouth in a big grin with his eyes gleaming in the setting sun that seems to indicate promised death.

    “Oh, ho… quite a foul mouth one, aren’t ya?” Monkey D. Garp stated with his grin ever growing wider.

    Oh, fuck my life. Of all the people I could have swear to, it has to be the one that can dent metal with his non-Armament fists. My scales may have stopped Gin’s bone-breaking strikes, but I doubt it will hold under the might that may have and could dent metal.


    “BUAHAHAHA!!” The larger than life marine officer suddenly laughed, “They keep getting younger, don’t they? But seriously kid, staying out this late is dangerous, there are a lot of bad guys out there ready to kidnap such a young little girl, especially one as pretty as you.”

    I felt my veins pop at that declaration. Is he seriously still treating me like a damn kid?! Didn’t he hear what I just said?!

    “Tell you what, I’ll escort you back to your parents, how about that? Just leave it to good old Garp! I’ll keep you safe, little girl!”

    Okay, that’s it! Consequences be damned!

    “I said I am TWENTY!!” I screamed as I slam my fist, unknowingly transformed, into his gut hard.

    I felt the feeling my fist hitting his body, which then translates into my mind like hitting a damn wall instead of flesh. My anger dissipates slightly only to return in back shock and horror as to the realization of what I just did in a fit of rage, and rising possibility of me getting pwned way harder than Sen ever did.

    “Wow… I actually felt that one.” He laughed, “Almost remind me of my own grandson there. But you know, good kids shouldn’t do that.” His eyes narrowed slightly as it felt like his frame somehow got larger than he already is, “And bad kids… need to be punished for doing it!”

    I felt something impact my head and the world turns black.

    Vice Admiral Garp wasn’t someone who hurt kids, on purpose anyways. He always adored the little shits, no matter how terrible they can be at times.

    He is, however, also a very keen believer of the idea of ‘tough love’, and often takes it a little too far at times. His own grandchild can attest to that.

    As such, whenever he saw any kid misbehaving, he would often punish them with a good whack to the head, often very lightly to him which means a good concussion to the poor child.

    Which is what happened right here. After Rein slams her fist into his gut in what he believes to be an act of rebellious nature, he took it to himself to ‘educate’ the poor girl (HA!) by lightly whacking her in the head. But due to either a lack of control, or just too used to his grandson’s steel-hard skull, his light whack became an actual punch that crashes her head into the pavement hard, cracking the concrete slightly.

    Garp, while satisfied with his actions, is left stunned when the poor girl didn’t get back up.

    “Uh…” He kneels down to her ‘corpse’ and felt her wrist, breathing a sigh of relief when he found a pulse, “Oh, thank the heavens. For a second there, I thought I might have actually killed the poor girl…” He glances around, the on-lookers all whispering to each other, mostly to the fact that an old man seemingly just hit an innocent girl.

    Although in his defence, she did strike first.

    “Now what to do with you…?”


    He flinched when he heard that voice, that eerily familiar voice. He glanced among the crowd to see a lone person walking through and out of them, “Sen? What are you doing here?”

    “Same quest…ion…”

    The hidden dragon took a good look at the scene; his own pupil is lying unconscious with her face seemingly crashed through the pavement with one of her arms transformed to its dragon form, the marine Vice-Admiral standing next to her with a slightly guilty look on his face.

    “Garp… did you just punch my student into the ground?”

    “S-Student?! Her?!” The marine hero cries out in shock, “And you have a student?!”

    “You didn’t answer my question.” He points out as he took a step forward, this time the ground cracked under his sole, “Did you. Punch. My. Student?”

    “Ah…” He scratches his head sheepishly, “…She hit me first…?”

    He immediately regretted his answer as the air cracked and a fist is slammed into his face.

    The first thing I notice when I opened my eyes is that the night sky isn’t visible anymore, that I am staring up to a stone ceiling with a lone fan spinning monotonously.

    The second thing is that I seem to be lying on a combination of two wooden chairs place together to make a somewhat uncomfortable bed.

    The third is that my head felt like it is splitting four ways and back.

    The last thing is that there seems to be music playing in the background with the amalgamation of multiple voices all speaking, and cheering…?

    “Oh, Rein. You’re awake.”

    A familiar voice calls to me as I glanced to my side, Gord sitting in front of me with a wooden mug in his hand. “You doing okay?” He asked.


    “Don’t move just yet.” The ship’s cook moved aside as Justin suddenly came into view and starts to examine my eye, “A slight concussion, but otherwise you look fine…”

    “What…?” I looked at her in confusion as she walks off.

    “You were unconscious for the past hour.” Gord tells me as he took a sip from his mug, “Sen went out to look for you and then came back with you just blacked out.”

    “Unconscious…?” I then recalled what happened and shot back up, before regretting it as the headache got worst from me doing that, “Gah! My head… Garp hits harder than I thought.”

    “That’s kind of in his MO.” Silvia points out, the ship captain sitting on the table next to me chugging down a mug of most likely alcohol, “Garp the Fist, the Marine Hero. Got to say, never thought I’ll meet an actual living legend like, ever.”

    “Guess fate has a funny way of attracting weird fellows to other weird fellows, huh?” Lee stated as he chomps down on some fries, “Not as funny as what is happening right now, though.”

    “Huh?” I turn my attention to the small but loud crowd by one of the tables, where Sen is-Is he grabbing Vice Admiral Garp by the back his head in a death grip, with bandages around it no less, and is actually pushing him down to his KNEES!?

    “Ow, ow, ow!! Okay! Okay! I get it! I get it!” The old marine cries out in pain, “Sorry for hitting your student! I didn’t even know you have a student!!”

    “Sorry, I didn’t quite hear that.” My mentor stated as his grip seems to tighten with the poor old man crying out as a result, “Mind repeating that?”

    “Se-Seriously! How many times do I have to repeat it–”

    “Until I hear it right!” He growled, before noticing my gaze on him, “Oh, hey. You’re awake.” He then proceeds to slam Garp’s head into the ground hard, sticking his face through the wooden floor. He then walks up to me, “How are you feeling?”

    “A killer headache-Ow!” I accidentally rub a bump on my head that may have been cause from the marine hero’s fist, “And… a slight bump, I guess.”

    “Normally your skull should have caved in.” Justin points out as I feel her pressing a bag filled with ice on the bump, “But what do I know? You’re the one with Devil Fruit powers.”

    I let out hiss from the contact before sighing as the coolness relief some of the pain. “Guess this is the same as that time with the whole bullet shot thing?”

    “Not really. If you went dragon at the last minute, you wouldn’t be knocked unconscious; but you still would get one hell of a concussion.” Sen stated, “While Garp is well-known for his lack of a social conduct, he does know when to reel in his strength. The problem is the scale he is using to measure, which is say that his family is has some monster blood in them.”

    “Can’t agree with that logic.” Garp’s muffled voice sounds out from the floorboards, before he manages to get his head out with a solid pop, “My own grandpappy hit just as hard, you know.”

    Somehow, I can find that possible. After all, Luffy did survive his onslaught for about his entire life and became stronger than most people his own age, and that was before he became a rubber-man. And I think Dragon has suffered the same fate too…? Guess that’s one of the reasons he became the world’s most wanted man…

    “Like grandfather, like grandson…” My mentor let out a low groan at that, “And now that she is awake, I believe there’s something you need say to her, isn’t there Garp?”

    “Yeah, yeah…” He sighed, “Sorry for knocking you out back there, kid. Guess I don’t know my own strength.”


    “What else do you want me to say!?” The marine Vice Admiral cried, “What, ‘I’ll buy you a round’–”

    “Your words, not mine!”

    “Wait, what?”

    Sen suddenly raises his mug in the air as he shouted, “You heard the man! The next round of drinks will be his treat tonight!!”


    “W-Wait a moment, there! I didn’t say everyone!”

    “Hm?” Sen glanced at him as he flexes his fingers, cracking his knuckles in the process, “What was that?”

    “Oh! N-Nothing…”

    “That’s what I thought.”

    I let out a small chuckle as I saw Garp the Fist completely defeated at his table as he took out hesitantly took out his wallet. To think that the hero of the Marines is brought down by Sen of all people, and so one-sidedly too…

    But in hindsight, with what Sen has been shown to be capable of, with defeating a Sea King with singe-handed and even annihilating one of Don Krieg’s large galleons with just the flick of his finger, it would make sense that he is at least on equal footing, maybe stronger, as the man who has survived through the same age as three of the Four Emperors.

    “Here.” I was then handed a large wooden mug that is filled with beer, or at least I originally thought it was before I smelled the sweet scent of soda, “Soda for the kid. There’s no way I’m letting an underaged girl drink.”

    My eyebrows twitched at that comment as I raise my fist ready to whack the Vice Admiral, only to be stopped by Justin holding onto my wrist.

    “Let it go, Rein.” She tells me, “I’m not treating two concussions on the same person tonight.”

    “But he–”

    “And you remember what happened last time you drink, right?”

    I flinched before my face brightened at that fact. Damn it, does she have to keep holding that over my head!? Just one time, and it is already a running joke.

    “Fine…” I grumbles as I took the mug and sip the fizzy drink. Hm, sweet but not overpowering, with a slight bitter aftertaste that reminds caramel. Not bad for a damn soda. I wonder if I can get cola here…?

    A few more rounds later, and most of the crew is completely plastered and has started a drunk party befitting a bar.

    I was forced to stay out of the party; doctor’s order to not aggravate my concussion. Not that I would join in, anyway. I need to be at least tipsy to attempt to enter.

    As such, I have situated myself at a table on my lonesome as Gord and the others all have a great time while I just chew on my saltwater taffy. The treats that I have procurer are mostly safe, with the exception of the donuts that are mostly squashed and dirty from being dropped all over the pavement. It’s a good thing I have the muffins wrapped up when I bought them.

    “Hey there, kid.”

    I grunted as Garp sat down in front of me, he let out a sigh at my actions, “Come on, I apologized, didn’t I?”

    I frowned and looked away. I am not pouting. No matter what other people says, I am NOT pouting, you hear!!

    “You know, Sen told me everything about you.”

    I flinched as the fact of a MARINE, a Vice-Admiral no less, knows my identity and the world changing secrets I carry filled me with dread. God dammit, Sen, why did you do this!? You know how much I’ve freaked out when I thought you were one!! Why did you tell a real one instead!?

    “It must be rough, being turned into a girl against your will.”

    Wait, what?

    “I mean, it’s one thing to just lose an arm, or even a leg, but to lose your dick? That’s not a thing any man would want to experience.”

    “…Huh?” I then realized what this means and immediately nodded in reply, “A-Ah! Y-Yes! T-That… it was… tough…” So, Sen didn’t tell him everything? Just the fact that I used to be man? Come to think of it, I think he said the same thing to Silvia as well…

    “I ha-*BURP*have no doubt it was!” The old marine stated with a slight burp. Now that I took a good look, I think his face is tinted red. Guess he’s a little tipsy right now. “So, I understand why you want to appear to be a grown-up to many others. To appear tough! But your body is that of a young girl now, not some strong man!”

    Did… did he still call me a damn KID!? Not only that, he actually thought I am a weak little girl!?

    “As such, you really need to remember that there are places that are too dangerous for a young girl to go–”

    “HEY!” I shouted as I grab his shirt by its collar and glares right into his eyes, “You better listen up, you sexist violent brute of a marine. First of all, and this is the last time I’m saying this, I’m TWENTY!! Despite my height, I’m a fully grown adult!! So, don’t you dare treat me like a kid, you hear me!?” He blinked before nodding somewhat hesitantly, “Lastly, just because I’m a damn girl doesn’t make me weak! Just last week, I fought head on against Gin of the Krieg Pirates, and I manage to punch him across his ship, and cracked a few ribs of his!!”

    “Wait, you fought Gin–!?”

    “And such, if you are going to call me weak one more time…” I grow out my tail and raise it up behind me in a way that the old marine can see it, “I’m going to try and find out if I can pop a human head off by squeezing hard enough.”




    “…BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” Garp suddenly laughed out loud to my confusion, “Damn, that was a better sobering method that Tsuyu’s! Never thought getting threaten works better than getting tossed into the ocean!”

    “…What in…?”

    “Sorry for the whole sexist thing with you.” He chuckles with no sense of guilt of saying that, “Although, I wasn’t really trying to sexist with you. Tsuyu would have my head if she finds out! I’m just looking out for you. It doesn’t matter that you are a fully grown adult, you’re still the size of a damn kid! Even if you have Devil Fruit powers, there are plenty of ways to work around it and leave you extremely vulnerable. Trust me, I know a Captain that has that exact experience. Good thing she was and is still a hard ass without them.”


    “Look, all I’m saying that you have be careful out there.” He points out firmly, “I have been in the Marines for several decades now, and I have encountered some fucking messed up shit in my long career. A lot of them has to do with young girls who looked like you and some are actually as tough as you. And none of them are pretty to look at.”

    “Oh… I see…” I sheepishly let go of his collar as I let out a small cough with my ears burning, “Sorry about… all of that. I’m just… a little sensitive about my height.”

    “That’s an understatement!” Gord shouted from across the room.

    “Just drink your liver away, you ass!!” I shouted back.

    “Hey, I don’t blame you!” He laughed, “If I’m your height at your age, I would be a little sensitive about it too.”


    “So, were you lying about the whole punching Gin of the Krieg Pirates?”

    “What, no!! It really happened!!”

    “You do have a nice punch, but I highly doubt it’s good enough to deal with Don Krieg’s right-hand man.”

    “I’m telling you, it really happened, damn it!!”

    “Oh yeah? Want to prove it?”

    “I will!”

    I ended up arm wrestling the large marine, and losing spectacularly. Guess Sen wasn’t kidding when he said he was holding back before…

    Garp left the next morning, saying something about visiting his grandson. Got to say, he is pretty nice guy once you get to know him, even if he is a bit too wild for a marine Vice Admiral. I can now see where Luffy got his free-spirit from, and the reason of why he is afraid of him in the first place.

    We left the following morning, with Silvia managing to sort things out with the sugar plantation with absolute ease and managing to get the supplies plus the sugar goods within a single day. Talk about fast!

    And now, we are three days out in the open seas on our way to Twilight Isles, where we will be staying for about a couple of days before finally heading towards Dawn Island. I am not looking forward to it, especially with the knowledge that Garp is heading there as we speak.

    Time might be on my side, though. Due to the lack of news about a certain freckled rookie who should be in the seas raising havoc and his reputation, it must mean that Ace haven’t left the island yet. That, or he has already left and is still have ways to go before becoming the fandom most beloved character. As long as I don’t encounter him, the plot should proceed on as it should.

    “Strays on the portside!”

    The lookout suddenly shouted, catching everyone attention as well as mine, I stopping my sword exercises as I dashed towards the railings to see who they spotted and my heart nearly stopped when I noticed a few things.

    One, it is a small dingy that looks like a banana with a pair of pedals on its sides and what looks like an ignition port at the back where the rudder should be.

    Two, there are two men standing somewhat awkwardly on the ‘boat’ waving right at us.

    Lastly, one of them has freckles on his face with black greasy hair and a red bead necklace, with an orange hat with a pair of circular accessories that depicts a smiley face and a frowny face.

    …Oh, why do I have to jinx myself?

    To be continued…

    So, yes! Garp enters the story! Got to say, I wasn’t actually planning on bringing him in for the prologue, but with what I am planning for the next part, I find it appropriate to bring in the Marine Hero after all. I sure hope I managed to get Garp personality right, there wasn’t much I can go on besides him being exactly like Luffy with a few small exceptions.

    And yes, Ace has showed himself! Trust me when I say thing, I have planned to show off Ace from the very beginning. I thought it might be fun, with what I am planning for the next couple of chapters~ Just you wait! It is going to be EPIC~!

    With that, I thank you all for reading this!
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    Chapter 10: Twilight Isles, Part One

    I felt my eyebrow twitch as a clean bone flew over my head, the scene in front of me isn’t something I really wish to witness at all.

    When we pull the two men, Ace and his companion, up onto the Silver Fang, they thanked us for rescuing them and admitting that they are completely lost and have no idea where the closest island is. Being the good fellow that she is, Silvia decides to take them to Twilight Isles with us. As Ace thanked us, their stomachs let out a loud growl. After exchanging a small laughter, she invited them to join us in the mess hall for lunch.

    And I think she is already regretting her decision to do so.

    The two men, one being the son of Roger and the future commander of the Whitebeard pirates as well as the bearer of the initial ‘D’, immediately starts chowing down on almost every meal Gord has prepared for the crew to eat, so much that he is struggling to keep up with their appetites; well, one of them anyways.

    As I absent-mindedly stir about my bowl of stew, the lone bowl I was able to save from his grasp, my eyes keep looking and studying the brother of the future pirate king.

    If it isn’t obvious enough, Ace at this point isn’t anyone special, his name isn’t that well-known at this point. Besides his signature orange hat and black pants, he also dons a yellow short-sleeved dress shirt left opened to showcase his chiselled pecs and abs to the world at large, his canon outfit for when he was just starting out which means he hasn’t start up the Spade Pirates yet.

    And that would mean that his companion is probably his first mate, whose name escapes me. He is a rather intriguing individual, with that navy-blue mask over his eyes. He has spiky long light blue hair and is wearing long green coat that stretches down to his knees over his bare chest, along with a pair of trousers with a rose design on the bottom left which is held up by a belt along with a pair of dark knee-length boots.

    I couldn’t find any translation for the spin-off novel that chronicling Ace’s journey from an infamous rookie pirate to Fire Fist Ace, so any information about him at this point in time is pretty much a mystery to me. But I do remember reading a small wiki page on the first chapter of the novel, which tells us how he got his first crewmember, whose name still escapes me.

    But, wait a minute…

    If he got his first mate already… then where did he got the rest of his crew?

    I mean, if weren’t for us coincidentally finding them, they might be left lost in the open ocean and be set adrift for a very long time.

    So… if that’s the case, was the Silver Fang picking them up something that is bound to happen anyways? If that’s so, is him heading to the Twilight Isles part of his journey too? I mean, I would hate to just interrupt his journey on just a coincidence meeting… the last thing I need is to butterfly away him becoming Fire Fist.

    “…say…” Lee sitting next to me decide to speak up, “We’ve never gotten your names. Why don’t I start first? I’m Lee, the quartermaster of this vessel, this is Rein, our ship guard,” I gave them a mock salute, “and you’ve meet Silvia, our captain.” She waved at them from that declaration, “And you are…?”

    “Hmph?” Ace swallows his meal, literally, as he replies, “Oh, I’m Ace. Portgas D. Ace. And this is Masked Deuce.”

    His companion raises his hand with a friendly, “Yo.” before going back to eating.

    “Wait, his name is Masked Deuce?” I asked curiously, “As in it is his legal name, or…”

    “It’s just what I call him.” He stated with a chuckle.

    “Okay, Ace.” Lee nodded, “Just out of curiosity, what exactly were the two of you doing on the open sea on that dingy? I doubt you’re just cruising about and got lost.”

    “It was that.” Deuce tells us tiredly, much to our bewilderment, “We were stranded on a deserted island and somehow, with a little ingenuity, manages to build a raft to escape to the open sea. But then someone here forgotten to mention that he doesn’t know how to navigate.”

    “Hey, you didn’t ask.”

    “That’s not the point here!!” He shouted before letting out a sigh, “So, anyways… we ended up just drifting about the open waters, trying to find any land nearby. We were just about to go through our supplies until you people show up.”

    “Well…” Silvia muses a little with a wry smile, “With a man with that appetite, it’s bound to happen.”

    We all glanced at the gluttonous Ace who is still stuffing his face full with food. “Hm? What’s the matter–Zzz…” He is cut off from finishing his sentence as he just splats his face into the dish of seafood risotto, loud snoring can be heard from him.


    His first mate shrugs his shoulders, “Yeah, that happens all the time.” Deuce sighs.

    “Narcolepsy.” Justin diagnosed from her spot on the table next to ours, “But this is the first time I’ve seen a case like his.”

    “So that’s the name of that symptom… Anyways…not to sound rude or anything…” He points at Kris, who also manages to save a bowl of stew along with a few roasted shrimps, with the fishmen looking at us in confusion, “What’s with the fishman? Did you pick him up from somewhere? Because the fishmen I know are…”

    “He’s a part of the crew too.” Silvia assures him, “And…” She glanced at him, Kris shaking his head, “Nope, he doesn’t have any affiliation with that band of barbaric monsters. No offense.”

    “None taken.” The fishman shrugs his shoulder before returning to his meal.

    “Ah, I see.” The masked man nodded, “Though it is odd, seeing a fishman among us being all… normal.”

    “Kris is just like any one of us.” I tell him, “His race has nothing to do with it.”

    “Zzz–Mmph! W-Wha…? What happened?”

    Ace took this time to finally wake up from his sudden nap, lifting his now rice-covered face from the plate as he glances around him. “Damn it, did I just fell asleep again?”

    “Look at the bright side.” Deuce pointed out with a grin. “At least you didn’t fell into the bowl of stew.”

    We all shared a good laugh as the meal time carries on uninterrupted.

    After that, the days where Ace and Deuce became our traveling companions were hectic as all heck.

    As it turns out, as I myself have unfortunately encountered first-hand, Ace does have his Devil Fruit powers.

    It is obvious, after you crashes into the guy and instead of smacking him into ground, you went right through the guy and got your jacket on fire. Also, you might had in a panic got rid of the burning fabric and accidentally tossing right into the box of gunpowder which SOMEONE left out in the open, which in turn nearly blow the ship in half!

    That was not a good day…

    Other than that, they were quite a humble duo, with them just hanging about on the deck doing their own thing, occasionally helping us out.

    Or in Ace’s case, try to help and end up sleeping right in the middle of it.

    Justin has put it on her shoulders to try and help his condition even by a little bit, but it’s to no avail as the results all ended up the same either way. She still determined to at least find out the trigger for his Narcolepsy, though, no matter how random it is.

    I managed to talk to them a few times, especially Deuce as he isn’t as… overwhelming as his captain.

    Besides Ace’s obvious goals that I would not let him declare in the open sea where any one of my crew mates are close to a cannon or firearm, the last thing I need is for the Silver Fang to burn to ashes from people just firing without asking, I’ve learned of Deuce own goals for traveling out to sea.

    Apparently, he is a med college dropout who decided to head out into sea to fulfil his own dreams of writing adventure novels. Not what I would have expected from someone with his taste in clothing, but from what I’ve read of the samples of his first story, he definitely has it in him.

    Time soon flew us by, and in long last, we’ve reached our destination.

    “Land ahoy! Port Royalise up ahead!!”

    The moment the lookout from the crow’s nest shouted out that message late into the afternoon, almost every crew member, like before, all got into their landing stations in preparation for docking. As I helped out with the ropes, I took a small moment to glance at the approaching landmass over the horizon.

    From what is written in the goddess’ guidebook, the Twilight Isles is comprised of two islands with one being larger by a few square miles, the larger one acting as sort of a mainland hub for travellers and other ships while the smaller one is less occupied due to its massive forests that covers every part of the island along with numerous small hills.

    It is here which the Britt Kingdom, the ruling patriarch of this island is founded and established, along with its capital of Brittia which is situated in the heart of the island on the foot of a mountain. The Britt Kingdom itself is a relatively new country, only founded just a few decades ago and only just been invited to this year’s Reverie.

    It is a small kingdom that has quite a bit of a history, being the end result of a century-long civil war between its original rulers of what is now the defunct Latian Kingdom and what was originally just a peasant uprising that became a rebellion army all together. From what is written down, the previous rulers were pretty much selfish pricks that just did whatever they damn pleased. From over-taxing its citizens, especially the lower class like farmers, to just capturing people who has caught their fancy, or has wronged them in some way, to be used as slaves.

    Eventually, the tension finally snapped when a commoner straight up attacked and killed a member of the royal court in broad daylight. That single act of rebellion sparks the start of an uprising from the commoner folk which later evolved into a bloody civil war that tore the kingdom from the inside and outside.

    In the end, the rebellion is triumph with the Latian Kingdom getting overthrown with its royalty are either executed or exiled from the island all together, and is renamed the Britt Kingdom, after the person who has killed the first noble all those years ago. And after that, they manage to rebuilt the entire kingdom and made it even stronger than before.

    And its port town shows it too.

    Port Royalise is the port that has a direct uninterrupted road towards the capital, as well as it being its biggest trading town. Which, unfortunately, made it to a valued target for all sorts of lowlifes. And because of that, there are turrets built into walls that border around the town facing the sea, with each possessing three long barrels.

    The harbour isn’t very big, with enough spots for about ten ships with a small area dedicated for rowboats from the larger ships anchored in the deeper waters, while the town itself is a rather large city, on the same scale as Gula if added a few square yards. Its buildings are made of stone bricks, with a few taller buildings standing out here and there.

    In the middle of it is a large channel of water that seems to flow through the town and split into two when it reaches a certain point before splitting again and looping back around. In the channel are a couple of boats that seems to be acting as ferries of sorts that are rowing up and down the waterway.

    And to top it all over, smack right in the middle of it is a large fortress of sorts. Its four towers built high above all the other buildings with a central tower being the highest of them all, its navy blue roofs conical in nature that has a flag pole on each one flying a triangular flag of certain colours, with the one on the central tower having the rectangular flag of the kingdom: white with red lines crossed diagonally and a shield crest that has a large dragon head in the middle of it.

    “Talk about huge…” I muttered out as I tied the ropes onto the railings.

    “It is, isn’t?” Sen stated, patting his palms together to clear away some straws stuck to them, “For a kingdom that is still recovering from that civil war of theirs, they managed to make great progress. For example, that district over to the left there was–”

    “You can share your history lessons later, Sen.” Silvia tells us, “For now, form up near the main mast. I like to have a small briefing first.”

    “Well, it has been fun!” Ace calls out as he and Deuce stepped onto the railings, before turning and giving us a polite bow, “Thank you again for the ride, but we have to skedaddle now.”

    “May we meet again.” His first mate stated with a wave.

    “Take care now!” Lee tells them as they leap off the ship and ran into the town.

    “Don’t get stranded again, okay!?” Gord added on.

    Soon enough, their figures disappear into the crowd. Welp, I guess that’ll be the last time I’ll be seeing of them for a long while. With luck, I’ll probably never see them until maybe when Fire Fist Ace makes the news.

    After all of that, Silvia issues out jobs for our crew to do in our day here with a few exceptions getting shore leave, giving us the deadline to be back at least before midnight to prepare for the trip for tomorrow. Sen, despite people really wanting him to help with the resupplying, decided to take the shore leave and brought me on a small tour around the town.

    And got to say, there is a lot of things he told me over the span of a few hours.

    For example; the district on the south-east part of town, the most inland portion of the town, was once one of the largest areas of mass-carnage in the civil war, being the plot of land that the defenders of Port Royalise, when it was called Fortress Lyn, has dedicated their forces to protecting via constant cannon fire and even resorting to prototype landmines of all things at the tail end of the war. Its soil is soaked in so much blood, oil and gunpowder that, according to him, no grass or weed will ever grow there ever again.

    And now, thanks to half-a-decade of work digging up all of the landmines with almost disastrous affect, that plot of soil is integrated into the town as its, funnily enough, biggest commercial district with businesses of all kinds moving there due to the people traffic it gets from being the closest to the gate.

    To turn that bloody wasteland into the district filled with businesses of all kinds, these people are definitely a tenacious bunch.

    That also brings us to our current location, in the town square which houses the entrance to the bridge that leads into the fortress I saw in the distance.

    The square itself is huge, with a wooden stage erected in the middle of it that has what I presume is the stand for the Den-Den Mushi variant of a microphone, along with a couple of fountains to loosen the atmosphere. Around the edges of the square are stores of various stands selling all sorts of things, from knickknacks of all kinds from cheap accessories and jewelleries to wooden figures of many kinds.

    But what stands out is the large stature erected near the wooden stage, a bronze stature of a lone man in a knightly armour holding his sword up in a form a salute while his helmet is tucked under his arm.

    “Who’s this guy?” I asked, “Must be important and famous to get his own stature.”

    “Famous is right.” Sen tells me, “That right there, is the founder of the Britt Kingdom himself, King Arthurious Peragon.”

    “The founder, huh…?” So, this is the guy that ended the Latian Kingdom…? Namesake aside, he definitely looks like someone who could be a parallel to the King of Knights himself.

    “Arthurious is the one that led the rebellion to victory in the tail end of the war.” He explains, “A hero of the common people, he is as virtuous and kind to his allies as he is fierce and ruthless to his enemies on the battle field. It is said that his skills with the sword is unmatched as is his skills as a leader, being able to overturn a losing battle every time.”

    “That’s… kind of exaggerating a little.” I pointed out.

    “Maybe so, but the fact that he is strong is fact. For example, you see that sword?” He then points at the statue’s sword, an ornate longsword with an arc cross guard with a couple of indentions around the ricasso, “That’s the Elderburn, the Sword of the Absolute Monarch. It is given to him by a great sage which has aided him in his many battles, including in his final one in which he finally overthrows the Latian Kingdom.”

    Elderburn? That’s a weird ass name. But given a sword by some greater power… the parallels just keep coming up, huh?

    “Although the dumb name itself was his idea.” Sen added on with a sigh, “I told him that it was called Grimsalve, but noooooooo~ He is like, ‘It’s too dark and grim…’ and changed it! Like, is Elderburn any better!?”

    Wait, did he suggest what I think he is suggesting…!?

    “Sen, YOU are the ‘great sage’!?”

    “Oh, did I not mention that?” He stated with a thoughtful look, “Yeah, it was me, but I went by a different name at the time.”

    “Wait, that means…” I did a mental calculation before remembering a certain fact about him, “Sen… how old ARE you?”

    “Hm… that’s… a really good question…” He then starts counting with his finger, “Taking today’s date in consideration, I should be around… twenty… hundred… around nine hundred this year, give or take.”

    “You’re almost a millennium old!?”

    Holy crap! I did suspect his age to be in the triple digits at least, but to be THIS old!? That’s insane!! Not including the giants, the oldest age I have known of this world is Kureha with her youthful hundred over years old! And that’s not including the Five Elder Stars, who I am certain is as old as the World Government itself!

    Hold on… if he is almost a thousand years old… then wouldn’t it be possible that he has live through the void century? Then… the truth behind that missing world history… he could have the answer! The answer that every One Piece fans has only theorized about!!

    “Hey, Sen! Do you know about the Void–”


    A single word stops my lips from moving, as he suddenly start glaring at me with the air suddenly feeling VERY heavy. My knees nearly buckle under my own weight as I could only stare in horror and fear, my lungs refusing to take in air and every part of my body is screaming to run yet locking up from the overwhelming fear.

    Is… could this be…!?

    “I know what you must be thinking, but under no circumstances, and I mean NO circumstances, are you to ask me about that forgotten history.” He stated firmly, “The last person I have gave that warning to ignored it and got his entire island burned to the ground by the five paranoid bastards up on that red mountain. I do not want that to happen to you, or the East Traders. Is. That. Clear?”


    He seemingly accepted the reply I managed to choke out, before the pressure suddenly lifted and air rushes back into my lungs causing me to cough out a couple of times. Was… was that Conqueror Haki? Sen has that power that is rumoured to only reside in one in a billion? If I didn’t think he is overpowered before… this definitely solidifies it.

    “Sorry for the rough treatment.” He apologized as he rubbed his neck sheepishly, “But the way you wanted to ask me has brought back some… rather painful memories…”

    My mind immediately went to part of his warning, about someone’s island getting burned to the ground due to searching for the Void Century. One island came to mind, along with its survivor.

    “Were you… a citizen of Ohara?”

    That question got one heck of a reaction from him as he immediately flinches before lowering the rim of his hat over his eyes, “…In a sense… yes. I was a part of Ohara at one point in my life, until the…”

    “Buster Call?”

    “…Yeah, that…” He let out a sigh, “Ohara was… is a place of great knowledge with scholars from all walks of life working together under a single desire to learn everything about the world as they can. But… sometimes that desire can lead to dangerous territories, territories that the World Government would rather you not intrude if you value your life. Sadly, despite my warnings to NOT look into the Void Century, they dwell into the lion den, and stepped on every lion sleeping there.” I saw his other hand clenched into a tight fist, “Clover… you stupid, stupid, stupid idiot…”

    “…Were you there?” I asked, before immediately realised how insensitive that question was, “I-I mean, besides Robin, there shouldn’t be any other survivors. And I wanted to know if…You know…”

    Sen looked at me for a moment, I feeling the pressure coming in before it resided as he let out another sigh, “No… no, I wasn’t. If I were there, I would have sunk the entire fleet and kill everyone onboard starting with that lava mutt before heading to Mariejois to tear those old bastards’ asses so much that they’ll need to be seating on the toilet twenty-four seven.”

    …Okay, talk about one heck of a grudge… and I can picture that happening too, despite how gruesome it might be…

    “…Sorry for bringing that up…” I apologized, “I…I didn’t know that you’re–”






    I felt my face burn while Sen let out a loud laugh at my expense. Damn it, stomach, really!? First at Riza with Suiren and now here!?

    “SAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” He howled in laughter, “Oh man, you stomach has the best timing ever!!”

    “S-Shut up!!”

    “Sahaha… oh, I needed that…” He then turns to me with a smile, “How about we get some dinner before we head back?”

    “…Yeah.” I nodded with a smile of my own, “Let’s.”

    We find ourselves in a small diner near the docks to have our dinner, one that goes by the name Pisces’ Kitchen(I swear, this names just keep getting lamer and lazier with each new place…).

    As we wait for our meals to arrive, I decided to ask Sen more about his involvement in the founding of the Britt Kingdom.

    “So… you’re the one that gave Arthurious his sword.” I listed out, “The very same sword that would be known as the Sword of Absolute Monarchy?”

    “Yup, although I never did find out why the extra title is… well, that.”

    “Yeah, but that’s besides the point.” I pointed out before adding on, “Is there anything else you’ve contributed to the rebellion?”

    “Hm… well, I did train Arthurious in swordplay, amongst many things…” Sen listed on, “And also… help build their command center, give him intel on the enemies a few times, told him about the secret passage under the castle which he used to free the captured slaves, broke him out of prison a couple of times–”

    “Did you say prison?”

    “He got caught by one of their generals, a dumb idiot who only caught him due to him coincidentally finding him literally with his pants down. The second time is on purpose, in a plan which involves a distraction and a super easy assassination attempt.”

    “Oh. Carry on.”

    “Thank you. Now where was I–Oh, yes! And I told him where the dumb king was hiding that help end the damn war. Also, I’m the priest for his wedding ceremony.”

    “You’re… REALLY involved in the war, aren’t you?” I pointed out in surprise.

    “It was a way to kill time, to be honest.” He explains, “And it helps that Arthurious is pretty decent guy. Although his jokes are terrible…”

    “Is that so…?”

    “Here’s your order.”

    The waitress comes to our table and delivers our meals, swiftly and carefully placing the plates of food in front of us, “Beef stroganoff and whiskey for the adult. And one dinner set for the kid. Enjoy your meals.”

    I let loose a little grumble at her words as I stab my Salisbury steak, “I’m fucking twenty…”

    “I thought you’ll get used to it at this point.” Sen points out as he slurps his noodles, “And besides, despite the cons, there are a lot of upsides to being that short.”

    “Such as…?”

    “…You can get a kid discount at restaurants?”

    “Besides the obvious.”


    “Yeah, didn’t think so.”

    By the time we finish our dinner and left the diner, the sun has long set over the horizon and the moon has rise into the dark blue sky. Seeing that there’s still a fair bit of time before midnight, we decided to take our time walking back to the Silver Fang and just enjoy to quiet evening.

    I took in the beautiful night sky, the half-moon shining down on us as the lampposts lit the roads. The cold sea wind blows into my hair, the warm salty air brushes against my cheeks, “It sure is quiet tonight, huh?” I pointed out, “It’s almost like the busy streets of this afternoon is just an afterthought.”

    “It sure is.” Sen nodded, “But, it’s the small patches of peace and serenity in life that make the busy parts of it worth it.”

    “If you say so.” I shrugged, “At least this is relaxing, instead of boring. I think I have enough excitement for today–”

    “LOOK OUT!”

    And just as I said that, something slams into me and knocks me off my feet and send my tumbling onto the ground. I let out a small hiss over my bruised butt cheeks before looking at whatever has landed on me.

    Lying on top of me seems to be a person, a woman if the soft cushions pressing on my semi-visible lumps has me to believe, dressed in a long brown cloak. Its hood has pulled back from the impact to reveal her face, a young girl in her late teens with pink locks tied in a braid that is tied in a bun on the back on her head and turquoise eyes.

    “Oh my! I’m so sorry about this!!” She apologized to me.

    “It’s no problem.” I tells her with a sheepish chuckle, “I wasn’t exactly looking at where I was going, either–”

    “Princess Luna?”

    The moment those words left Sen’s mouth, the woman flinched, before turning to face my mentor, and then stating in what can be described in surprised-relief, “Master Meron?”

    “Master what?” I asked in confusion, before pointing at the girl, “And who is this? You two know each other?”

    “More than that.” Sen noted as he pulls the girl off of me, “Rein, meet Luna Peragon; the granddaughter of Arthurious Peragon and the crown princess of the Britt Kingdom.”

    The crown princess!? Her?! What’s a princess, let alone the heiress to the throne herself, doing out in the docks in the middle of the night!? Not to mention… “Why did she call you Meron?”

    “Meron is what I called myself during the civil war.” He explains before turning to the princess, “What are you doing out here, princess? It’s not safe for a young girl to be out here so late.”

    “That’s because–”

    “Cornered now, your highness.”

    A nasty and nasally voice calls out, from the shadows emerged a large man in tank top and slacks tucked into a pair of leather boots wielding a cutlass in one hand while a pistol is tuck into his pants. Behind him, a few more thugs-looking men walks out wielding all sorts of nasty weapons from clubs, to bats with nails drilled into it, to good ol’ fashion swords.

    “Now be a good girl and come with us.”

    …Why do I keep jinxing myself!?

    To be continued…

    Yes! This will be the first long arc of this series! And right on chapter ten too!! And also, Ace has a just slight cameo in the first portion of this chapter but don’t you worry, for he’ll be playing a bigger role in this arc. You just have to wait and see!

    For those of you who aren’t familiar with the lore, the character of Masked Deuce came up in the light novel adaptation of the Ace’s rookie days leading up to his rise as the legendary Fire Fist Ace, and is in fact his actual first mate. I wasn’t able to find a translated version of the novel, but the One Piece Wiki does have a summary of a novel’s chapters so I’m working based on that.

    If there is a translated version that I do not know about, please let me know.

    Now anyways, I like to point out that I’m quite a big fan of Arthurian legends with the Sword in the Stone being one of the first Disney movies I’ve watched when I was a kid. So, expect some similarities and parallels to them.

    With that, I thank you all for reading this!
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    Chapter 11: Twilight Isles, Part Two

    This day started out great. We manage to get to our destination safely with no pirates intervening to try and loot us dry. Minus that moment with the Conqueror Haki, the tour with Sen is pretty neat. Not many times I get to learn about a kingdom I didn’t know about in the manga.

    Not to mention the magnificent dinner we just had!

    But then I just has to jinx myself, and now I’m caught up in what I presume is a kidnapping attempt on the kingdom’s crown princess.

    “Well, well. Looks like we have a bunch of witnesses around.” The thug leader noted with a grin, raising his cutlass and pointing it at us, “Sorry, lad. And lass, don’t want to be sexist here.” I growled at that comment, “If you people would please step away from the princess, that would be wonderful. Don’t… well,” He licks the blade of his sword, “My sword would be thirsting for blood.”

    Murphy’s Law is… the worst.​

    I glance behind us, noticing the other thugs has already blocking our other exit route. They have completely box us in with no way out.

    “…Luna, explain.” Sen asks rather politely, “Why are you being chased by these rascals?”

    “Is this really a good time!?” I asked worriedly.

    “Rascals, you say!?” One of the underlings shouted angrily, “I’ll have you know, we are the notorious Red Cap Mountain Bandits!”

    “Never heard of you.”


    “SHUT IT!” His leader shouted at him, he immediately clams up and took a step back, “It appears you didn’t hear me right the first time, so let me repeat myself. Step away from the princess, or die by my blade–”

    “Shush, you!” Sen scolded him before turning back to the princess, “You haven’t given me an answer, Luna.”

    “Oh, it’s because–”

    “That’s IT! I’ve had it!” The thug leader shouted angrily, “I’m done playing the gentleman here! If you’re not willing to move, you’ll die standing there. Men! Kill those two, but leave the princess ‘relatively’ unharmed.”

    The thugs let out a loud battle cry as they all rushes towards us with weapons raised to strike us down.

    Luna let out a squeak of fear as she suddenly ducked behind me, which is just plain awkward due to the fact parts of her body, mostly her chest, stuck out from behind my scrawny body. “I’m pretty sure that I’m the last person you would want as a human shield, princess.” I point out to her before getting ready to fight.

    “Talk about rude.” Sen mutters as he turns to them.

    A second later, a sudden pressure erupted from him that blasts through the armed thugs with a stray wave hitting me and the princess behind me, I feeling my hairs sticking up from the familiar feeling. Time stopped for a moment as the thugs all slowly rolled their eyes into their skulls before collapsing onto the ground with loud thuds, some of them even starting to foam from their mouths.

    Damn… Conqueror Haki sure is terrifying… but is pretty useful if not used against you.

    “W-What’s this!?” The leader shouted angrily, “Hey, you guys!! Stop joking around and get them!!”

    “They won’t be waking up anytime soon, I’m afraid.” Sen tells him as he walks up to him and grabs the man by his shirt’s collar, pulling him to his face. “Now, you’ll going to tell me in great detail why you are chasing the kingdom’s crown princess, or…” He grabs the cutlass swung at him, and break its blade with a flick of a wrist, “You’re going to worry about more than replacing that sword.”

    “O-Okay! Okay! I’ll talk!” He cries, “Someone paid us up a hefty sum to kidnap the princess and bring her to them! That’s all!”


    “I don’t know! It was dark when they came, so I didn’t get a good look!” Sen growled and he starts blabbering, “I-It’s the truth! I swear!!”


    My mentor scoffs as he grabs his head and slams him into the wall hard, the bricks cracking around his skull while the man just slumps over either dead or unconscious, “Well, that was a waste of time and energy.”

    “You only punch ONE guy.” I pointed out.

    “Yeah, but it’s still a waste.”


    “That… was incredible…” Luna stated in shock as she walks up to the bunch of unconscious thugs, “My grandfather has said you are capable of incredible things… but I’ve always assumed they were just exaggerations.”

    “He does this and more.” I tell her, “He once decapitated a Sea King with a single swing of his sword.”

    “Really…?” She thought for a moment while I heard the words, “If it’s him… maybe…” slip out of her mouth.

    “Okay, Luna.” Sen turns to her with his arms crossed, “I believe you owe me an explanation. Why are you being chased? Heck, why are you even in Port Royalise in the first place? You’re supposed to be in the castle.”

    The princess flinch at his question, she fidgets on the spot before taking a calming breath, “…Master Meron. I need you help in stopping a coup.”


    Well, and I thought this day couldn’t get anymore hectic as it can be. Damn you, Murphy’s Law!!

    “So… let me see if I got this right.” Silvia said as she points at Sen, “You are strolling around port when all of a sudden, you bumped into the crown princess of the Britt Kingdom.”

    “Actually, it was Rein–”

    “WHO, by your record, is without her guards. And then, a group of thugs shows up and wanted to kidnap her.”


    “Then, after you’ve dealt with them, said princess wants your help with stopping a coup. Do I got everything correct?”

    “Pretty much, yeah.”

    “Okay. Then here’s my question.” She then points at the princess sitting in the mess hall with most of us and sipping her drink, “WHY ON EARTH DID YOU BRING HER ABOARD THEN!?”

    I knew this wasn’t such a good idea, but who am I to go against Sen?

    After the princess’s outrageous request, which came out of left field mind you, Sen decided that us discussing a national crisis out in the open isn’t the best idea, and moved to a more private location. And, his words exactly, Silver Fang is most foreign place on Britt’s soil currently. As such, no one would have considered the thought that the crown princess would hide in there and will ignore it entirely.

    Not sure about his logic there, but he is right about one thing. The Silver Fang is considered a foreign ship not affiliated with the Britt Kingdom, so the idea of royalty boarding such a vessel is probably not even thought about.

    And, well, Silvia didn’t take that news very well.

    “What, you expect me to just leave her in the streets?” He points out, “Besides, from what I tell, those thugs aren’t the only ones after her. The whole port could be paid for this, all I know. The Silver Fang is the only place that I could think of to be safe for her.”

    “Flattery won’t do you any good, Sen.” Lee stated firmly, “In case you have forgotten, we are traders. The last thing we need is to get involved in the affairs of a foreign kingdom!!”

    “But still, to kidnap such a young girl…” Gord points out, “What reason would they have for doing so?”

    Our captain glares at Sen, who then turns to Luna, “…Well?” He asked, “Any explanations for why you’re being targeted?”

    Luna sips her cup, putting it down on the table gently before explaining, “It’s because I’m the only one that found out about the coup.”

    “Wait, only one?” Sam voices out, “That can’t be right. This is COUP we’re talking about here. How can no one know about it?”

    “They haven’t started yet.” Sen theorized, “My guess, they are slowly gathering up forces, preparing arms for an assault. All the while, they infiltrate and replace some of the officials in the capital with their own. But Arthurious would have noticed that and took action. Being so ignorant isn’t his way.”

    “Grandfather has passed a year ago.”

    Luna’s next line must have shocked Sen, as he went completely stiff when he heard that.

    “…Arthurious is… dead…?” He said in shock, “I…but the last time I saw him… he was still fit as a fiddle…”

    “Old age, Sen.” I pointed out, “No matter how strong someone can be, they can never win against Father Time.”

    “If it’s any consolation, grandfather died peacefully in his sleep.” Luna tells him, “He has a smile on his face when he passed.”

    “…And he said he isn’t one of them…” My mentor muttered with a tearful smile, before rubbing the tears away and stating, “I guess that’s why a coup is happening now. With Arthurious gone, any opposers to his rule would rise up in his absence.”

    “That still doesn’t explain how you found out about it.” Gord pointed out.

    “To be honest, I’ve stumbled upon it by coincidence.” She explains to us, “By chance, I overheard the father’s advisor talking with a hooded man about their plans, their plans of assassinating my father and overthrowing the Britt Kingdom, and re-establishing the Latian Kingdom.”

    “Old loyalists.” Sen concluded, “Probably descendants of those exiled half-a-century ago.”

    “But before I could tell my father, I was suddenly posted to Port Royalise to overlook the construction of our navy forces by orders of the chancellors. I knew this must be a trap by the advisor to get rid of me for learning about their plans and I escape the fort immediately. Soon after that, I ran into you two.” She then walks up to Sen and bowed to him, “Master Meron, please, help me in stomping out this coup before it raises another civil war! With your strength, you could–”

    “Okay, hold your horses, your highness.” Silvia tells her with a hand raised, “I don’t know why you are referring to Sen as ‘Master Meron’, but you need to understand one thing. Sen is under my employment, not yours. He’s not one of your soldiers that you can just ask for help.”

    “Silvia, maybe we should let Sen handle this one?” Lee tells her, “I mean, it was him who she asks.”

    “Hey, it’s the rules, Lee.”

    “Even so…”

    “She’s right.” Sen stated before holding her shoulder, “Sorry, Luna. As much as I want to help, I’m currently under employment of the Silver Fang, and by extension, the East Traders as well. I can’t just abandon my contract on a whim.”

    “I-If it’s money, I can pay you!” She cried, “I have plenty saved up, so–”

    “I’m afraid it’s not something money can fix, Luna.” He tells her, she lowering her head in despair, “But…”

    He then pulls me to him and patted my shoulder, “If it’s Rein, I’m sure Silvia could let her go.”

    “Wait, what!?”


    “Sen, what are you–”

    “Silvia.” He turns to our captain, “When Rein signed the contract, it is as an addition to my own, correct?”

    “Uh… yeah, that’s how Tio wrote it out.” She noted before realizing, “Which means that Rein isn’t exactly employed by the East Traders. She’s working under YOU!”

    “Exactly, and by that logic, means that how I deploy her is up to me.” He points out, “And I wish to send her to help Princess Luna, here. Is that good enough for you?”

    “That’s… pretty solid, actually.” Lee noted, “But are you sure you want Rein to help her out? I mean…”

    “Okay, what does that mean?” I growled. I’m pretty strong myself, you know! I may not be a powerhouse like Sen, but I definitely can hold my own!

    “Master Meron, who is this girl?” Luna asked. Oh, good for you to finally notice me!

    “Luna, this is Rein, my pupil.” He explains to her, “She may not be as strong as your grandfather, but she is still a force not to be trifled with. I can assure you, you’ll be in good hands.”

    “And I don’t have a say in this?” I stated angrily, “You can’t just dump me on someone else’s problems like that!!”

    “Oh, yes, I can.” He grins, “Or are you going to let this poor girl fight the big baddies all by lonesome? I don’t think you’re THAT cruel.”

    “Why, you…”

    As such, it is settled that I’ll be the one to help out Princess Luna, and won’t be joining my crew to Goa. That’s probably the only good thing that will ever come out of this.

    “Remember, we’ll be back here in a week.” Silvia tells me from the boat as me and Luna are standing by the docks at sunrise.

    Now that there’s some sunlight, I can finally make out her outfit.

    Aside from the brown hooded ropes around her, underneath is a white lacy blouse with a dark brown corset tied around her waist that seems to push up her already impressive chest. Around her hips is also a bluish skirt with reaches to her knees with a pair of knee-high leather boots.

    For a princess, she sure doesn’t dress like one.

    Back to the point, after it was settled that I would assist the princess in stopping the coup, I was to pack up my belongings and bring them off the ship by sunrise with Luna.

    The princess’s plan is pretty straight forward. According to what she has managed to overheard, in the smaller island of Twilight Isles lies an arms depot that the coup is getting their weapons from, smuggled in from outside the kingdom. Within that depot are possible documents that could point out who the instigators are and act as evidence to arrest the advisor for treason.

    With that in mind, her objective is to get to the depot and collect the evidence and get to the current king. Swift and simple.

    “Got it, back at the docks in a week.” I stated.

    “And be safe!” She added on, “Contract or not, you’re a part of the crew! And I would like to see all my crew alive and well, okay?”

    “Yeah, yeah!” I tell her with a wave, “Relax, I’ll be fine. Now hurry along! Wouldn’t want the delivery to be late now!”

    “Okay, stay safe, you hear!” She calls out before shouting out, “Raise Anchor! We’re setting sail!”

    “Aye, aye!”

    The ship slowly sails away from the docks, I watching the figure of the large ship slowly disappearing into the horizon. This will be the first time I’ll be without Sen, or the crew of the Silver Fang. It would be a challenge, but I’ll power through it.

    “You ready, Rein?” Luna asked.

    I nodded, hefting my bag over my shoulder as I thumbed the hilt of my katana hanging off the leather cord tied around my waist, “More than that.” I noted with a smile.

    Sen, as insurance for my survival, passed me a sword he has kept in that four-dimension bag of his, a plain katana that has no wrapping around its wooden handle as well as a bronze tsuba and kashira with a wooden sheathe. It is as plain as it can get, which is a surprised when he told me its name: Nanashi; No-Name.

    I’m honestly shocked that he has a named sword with him. Like, aren’t named swords considered top quality swords? To hand that off to an amateur swordsman like me, he sure has guts for it. Even if it’s name is ironically means no name…

    But considering that this isn’t the weapon he stated to have taken back in Loguetown, I’m curious and terrified of what kind of sword that will be.

    Luna then lead me into town, she putting her hood up for anonymity sake, as she walks through the town with me by her side.

    “So, how are we going to get to the other island?”

    “Not from this port.” She explains, “There’s another port a few miles from here due southeast. That’s where people heading for the other island will board the ferry at. If we leave now, we’ll make it there by sunset.”

    “Someone, stop them!!”

    That stopped us in our tracks we turn to the source of the noise, where two very familiar guys are running away from what I assume is a chef if the hat and apron isn’t a fashion choice. I recognise that orange hat anywhere. Guessing he must have dine-and-dash, his usual MO since he was a kid…

    Goddamn it, Ace. Why now!? Why can’t you wait till we’re out of the town before you began you brand of mischief!? Damn it, you fire bastard–

    Then a thought hit me. Didn’t they have Strider? One of the fastest boats on the East Blue? Sure, the size would be a bit of a squeeze, but…

    “I’ll pay for them!!”

    A quick exchange and handing of way too many money that I should be paying later…

    “Thanks for the help, Rein!!” Ace laughed, “The cook nearly got us there!”

    “You’re the one that just dash out of the restaurant without paying!” Deuce shouted angrily, “If you didn’t have any cash, why did you even eat there, anyways!?”

    “It’s just how I roll!”

    “Your friends’ petty squabbles aside…” Luna tells me as the four of us huddle around the alleyway away from the public roads with the son of Roger and his first mate arguing in the background, “What reasons do you have for squandering all of our funds like that!?”

    “To be fair, I didn’t expect him to rack up such a bill.” I pointed out with a nervous laugh, “But reassure, there’s a good reason for me to do such a thing…”

    “And that reason being…”

    “Hey, Ace!” I called out to him, he stopping his argument with Deuce for a moment, “Your boat is still docked at the harbour, right?”

    “Yeah, why?”

    “Mind giving us a lift?”

    “This is the boat?” Luna asked with a confused tone, the bopping Strider floating next to the docks as Ace and Deuce board it, “It doesn’t look like a proper boat at all!”

    “Look, are you getting on or not?” The freckled face pirate asked.

    I patted her on the shoulder, “It’ll be fine. Trust me, I’m not a big fan of squeezing on that tiny dingy either, but it is one of the fastest boats you can ever find on this hemisphere. That way, we don’t have go all the way to the other port and waste a whole day. Also, there’s big chance we’ll be ambushed on the road, right?”

    She looks at me sceptical, before letting out a sigh and sheepishly getting on Strider. And by getting on, I meant trying circumvent around the two guys and ended up just hugging the mast with all her might. Guess that’s one way to board it.

    For me, I simply leap onto the top part of the mast and held on tight, rocking the ship and getting a squeak of fear from the princess. Oops…

    “You girls ready?” Ace asked. We nodded in reply and he grins, “Good, now hang on tight!”

    His legs burst into flames, getting a cry from the princess, before the boat speeds into the open waters like a jet ski, cutting through the water like nothing. Got to admit, I know this thing is fast, but I didn’t expect it to be this fast!

    “What is this!?” Luna screams, “How can a boat go this fast!? And why are your legs on fire!?”

    “Devil Fruit.” Deuce explains, “He ate the Flame-Flame Fruit, that turns him into a literal Flame-Human. He can turn any part of his body is flames, whether it is his legs or otherwise.”

    “Devil Fruits… so they are real…” She muttered in surprise, “I’ve heard the rumors but… I never thought they really existed.”

    “You better believe it.” I tell her as I transformed my arm into my dragon state, “After all, seeing is believing, right?”

    “You’ve ate one, too!?”

    “Yeah, and kind of regretting doing it.” I grimace as I recall the awful taste, “Urk, even after a month, I can still taste it. Not a fun time, I tell you.”

    “True that.” Both Ace and Deuce nodded.

    “Wait, you too, Deuce?” I asked to my surprise. Deuce has Devil Fruit powers too?

    “Nah, not me.” He tells me, “It’s more of me and Ace shared the fruit and he ended up with the powers.” He then places his hand on his mouth to hold back his bile, “But that didn’t stop it from being the most awful thing I’ve ever tasted in my life.”

    “Okay, can you guys stop reminding me of how awful that stupid fruit tasted!?” Ace groaned.

    “Alright then, new topic.” His first mate then turns to me, “So, what’s the deal? I didn’t see your ship back at the docks, so this can’t be due to your captain orders. Also, who is she?”

    “Oh, I’m Luna.” The princess introduces herself, “I’m just… um…”

    “She’s the crown princess of the kingdom.”

    “She’s the WHAT!?”

    “REIN!!” She looks at me with a scowl, “That’s not something you should be telling people!! What if they’re…!?”

    “They aren’t. I can assure you that.” I tell her, “If there’s one thing I know, is that Ace isn’t someone that can be paid off. If anything, he’ll probably punch the guy for offering.”

    “True that.” Deuce nodded.


    “Also, he is a pretty good guy if you treat him right, and with that being said…” I looked at the island mass coming closer to us, “I wanted to ask you guys for another favour.”

    “Another one? What is it?”

    “Look, we’re be heading into that island over there to infiltrate a weapon depot for evidence of treason. And considering it is just us…girls…” I can feel my brain snapping from me admitting that, “I like to ask if you guys can, well, tag along? We could use some extra firepower, figuratively and literally.”

    “Rein, wait. Are you sure that is a good idea?” Luna asked worriedly, “Bringing more people might be useful, but these people are strangers. I don’t feel right asking them for help save a kingdom that’s not theirs.”

    “It’s fine.” Ace tells her, “If it’s for Rein, sure, I’ll help. After all, I still owe her for paying for my meal.”

    “Agreed.” Deuce nodded, “Besides, this could be good material for my novel.”

    “Are you guys really sure?” She asked, “I mean, it’s not even your home…”

    “Why not?” The son of Roger stated with a laugh, “It sounds like fun, after all! And we might be the first pirates to help out a kingdom!”

    “Wait, you guys are pirates!!”

    “Not just any pirates!” Ace added with a smirk, “You’re looking at the future King of the Pirates!!”


    Oh boy, maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all…

    To be continued…

    Ace is back in the game! Slightly shorter than the previous one, but honestly, for this part I have many ideas that could flow on and on and would not stop so I keep changing the script over and over again, until I got this! First, I want the grandfather to be ill and the princess is on a quest to find a medical plant that is rumored to cure all diseases, then it became poison and antidote, until it became this!

    That aside, what do you guys think of my writing of Ace? Is it good enough, or maybe I swing and a miss with him?

    To be honest, I didn’t get a good grasp of Ace’s character before joining the Whitebeard. I mean, besides his childhood and all that. So I may have accidentally tweak his character behavior a little to something I feel like what he should be.

    A mature Luffy with a sprinkle of swag and smarts. So, tell me what you think.

    With that, I thank you all for reading this!
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    Chapter 12: Twilight Isles, Part Three

    Twilight Isles, as you can recall, is made up of two islands.

    The main island is commonly known by the locals as Brittland, where the majority of the Britt Kingdom established themselves be it small villages, distant farmlands, or large towns like Port Royalise. It is where most of the population of the kingdom would be inhabiting and prosper, and where the main capital of the kingdom is located.

    The smaller island, named Irenia, is the direct opposite, being widely accepted to be largely uninhabitable with the exception of a small port village. From what I’ve read about it in the goddess’ guidebook, Irenia is smaller of the two islands, and its environment is much harsher as compared to Brittland, which has plenty of flat land that can be used for farming compared to its more hills-filled counterpart.

    Its forests are so massive and span across the entire island, with very little space in between which makes deforesting and establishing villages near-impossible, let alone cultivating the land to grow any form of produce. There are lakes that dotted about the island, due to the hills being so close to one another, but just getting to one of them is near impossible due to its terrain being so rough and jagged.

    That’s not including makes Irenia’s environment so harsh in the first place, the wildlife. Its animals, probably due to the lack of open space and flat surfaces, are mostly tree dwellers and small poisonous critters, with a few exceptions that lived near the lakes. Species of snakes, scorpions and other creepy insects make home on the forest floor while wild and vicious monkeys make home in the tree tops, along with bears and other huge creatures that preyed on the small creatures, with a notable known species of wild cat making home near the hills’ peaks.

    Speaking of large animals, due you know that went encountering a large bear, it is in your best interests to not alert it to your presence? If in the event you do, there’s a high chance it would see you as a threat and chases you down with every intention to kill you!

    I wished I have remembered that little tidbit before entering the damn forest!

    As to why I mention that…


    “NO SHIT!!”


    It is because I’m currently being chased by one right now!! Luna, Deuce, Ace and I are running from a goddamn black bear the size of a fucking truck!

    “What even triggers it that time!?” Luna screamed in panic, our resident pirate captain snoozing away while being carried on his first-mate’s shoulder, “We did absolutely nothing to warrant that!”

    “No idea!!” Deuce shouted, “It always happens randomly!!”

    “I’m more surprised that he is able to sleep through all of this!!” I added on.

    The bear roars one more time, which sounds the heck of a lot closer than a moment ago, and that prompts us to shut up and focus on running for our lives.

    How did all of that happened? Well, let’s jump back to about an hour ago…

    “That’s the island?” Ace asked as we approach the land mass in front of us.

    In the distance is a lone island filled with forests all over it. Tall hills, not mountains due the height, can be seen poking out of the ground also covered with forests. The forests are so dense that I don’t think I can see into them, making then look more of a jungle than a forest.

    It almost looks like Little Garden, only without the volcano, the large white bone mountains, and lack of any truly dangerous prehistorical life. Thank goodness for small mercies…

    “Yeah, Irenia.” Luna tells us, “That’s our destination.”

    “Looks… rural.” Deuce noted.

    “That’s a HUGE understatement.”

    “What do you mean?” I asked. The books did mention why, but it would be nice to get some clarification from a local.

    “Irenia is filled with animals and plants that are extremely hostile towards deforestation and establishing a habitable location.” She explains, “My father once heralded a huge expedition into the island almost a decade ago, in an effort to try and explore and possibly establish a town there, which didn’t go so well. Almost two-thirds of the team didn’t make it back.” She shudders a little at the memory, “So many missing limbs… He lost his eye and a leg himself…”

    “Oh… sorry if I brought up any bad memory…”

    “It’s okay, I’m way over it.”

    “Hey, your father… is the king, right?” Ace asked, “What is he doing exploring anyway? Aren’t kings supposed to… I don’t know, kingly stuff or something?”

    “Oh, father only became the king about nine years ago.” She explains, “He was in-charge of infrastructure back then.”

    “Ah, that explains it.”

    “Wait, you mentioned a ferry heading to Irenia back in Royalise. And I’ve read that there’s a port village on the island.” I pointed out, “If your dad’s expedition failed, why is there a village there, and a ferry carrying people there?”

    “Do you mean Flut Village? Well, Father’s expedition did fail, but he was successful in managing to establish and maintain a landing point for future expeditions.” She explains, “As for the village… some people managed to settle down there some few years ago and managed to establish it there. After finding out about it, father appointed one of the noble families in the court with the task governing it as well as establishing a port to connect the two islands.”

    “So, despite failing, a village did end up getting set up there in the end…” I muttered under my breath.

    “Nice history lesson, princess, but what’s the plan here?” Deuce asked the princess, “Do we dock at the port and proceed from there?”

    “No. There are soldiers stationed there, and I can’t risk the chance of even one of them reporting my whereabouts to the advisor.” Luna explains, “We’ll alight somewhere close to the forest.”

    “Didn’t you just say that this island is a death trap to most people just five minutes ago?” He pointed out.

    “Yes, but that’s why it makes a great place to hide smuggled weapons. No one would dare look for it in there.”

    “Again, death trap?”

    “That still leave at least several hundreds of yards to check.” I pointed out, “It would take forever to comb the entire island.”

    “We might not have to.” Ace stated, “Luna, you said that the guns are smuggled from outside the kingdom, right?”

    “Yeah, what does that…” She wonders before realising, “Which means ships! And ships mean docks! In other words, it would be–”

    “Close to the sea, or at least near someplace connected to one.” He explains, “That narrow things down, right?”

    “Even so, it still leaves several yards to check, not to mention that we are on a time limit here!” I noted, “Luna, when they say the coup is to be executed?”

    “Hm… I think the hooded man says they would be ready in about a week… and that was around four days ago, so…”

    “It’s in three days!?”

    Which means we have to find the evidence in two days!? Is this girl crazy!? Why didn’t she point that out before!?

    “That’s… a bit of a clench…” Deuce points out, “There’s no way we’ll be able to scope out the entire island, find that weapon depo, get the evidence, and head back to the mainland in that time frame.”

    “We could at least try!!” She cried out, “My entire country is at stake here!!”

    “Then you should have included that before we left!!” I cried, “We would have at least plan things out more! Not winging it like we are doing now!! I mean, do you even know what the depo could LOOK like?”


    “Oh, fuck me…”

    “Hey, I was in the rush when I bump in you and Meron!!” She screamed, “So, excuse me for not getting enough information on the hidden target!!”

    “And you should! There’s no way we’ll be able to find a hidden weapon storage in the wilderness in two fucking days just through IMPROVISING!!”

    “Like I said, we should at least–”

    “Um, guys?” Deuce spoke up.


    “Ace has fallen asleep.”


    I looked at the ‘driver’ seat of the watercraft and the visible signs of the flame person’s snores can be seen, including the giant snot bubble. Oh, shit…

    “Wasn’t he driving the boat!?” Luna cried.

    “He was, and still is!!” Deuce points out in a panic, the signs of Ace’s fire visible in the ‘cockpit’, “And I think that cliff face is coming closer!!”

    “What cliff face-OH CRAP BASKETS!!”

    “Crap what-OH SHIT!!”

    We all nearly screamed as we speed towards the cliff face that is as tall as Deuce that is steadily approaching by the second! Shit, shit, shit!! What do we do!? What do we do-Oh, yeah. Devil Fruit powers.

    I quickly summons out my wings and grab Luna by the stomach, “Deuce, I’m leaving Ace to you!!”

    “Wait, what are you-!?”

    I quickly leap off the craft and flew into the air, flapping my wings harder to accommodate to the additional weight, which is surprisingly pretty hard to do. The vessel eventually did crash into the cliff, but Deuce managed to grab Ace and throw themselves into the water before they went splat.

    Can’t say the same for the Strider, though. The impact actually broke the boat into pieces.

    “…There goes our ride home…” I pointed out worriedly.

    “Yeah, I can see that!” Luna noted with a grunt, “What kind of idiot falls asleep like that!?”

    “The Ace kind, apparently…” I grunted before flying towards the island. Once we are above the cliff, I put her down before landing myself and dismissing my aching wings. Damn, nearly pulled a muscle there.

    “…Just to clarify…” The princess points out she looks over the cliff, “Devil Fruit users drown in water, right?”

    “Yeah. Why do you think I left Deuce with Ace?” I stated as I rolled my shoulders an attempt to get rid of the phantom ache, “At least one of them can swim.”

    Just as I said that, a splash can be heard from the waters, which is followed by, “Couldn’t you save us as well!?” from Deuce.

    “Sorry, but the princess’s safety is my first priority.” I tell him as I look down into the waters, where the future Whitebeard commander and his first-mate is bobbing in the water, “Also, just carrying her took a lot out of me, so I highly doubt I’ll be able to carry you two.”

    “Whatever. Just throw down a line or something! This guy is a lot heavier in the waters!”

    After fetching a rope from my bag and several minutes spent pulling them up, we all took a moment to catch our breath and bearings.

    “So… your boat is caput.” I pointed out worriedly as I pack the bundle of rope into my bag.

    “Yeah, sorry about that.” Ace nervously chuckles, “But went you have to nap, you have to nap, you know?”

    “No. No, we don’t.” Luna stated angrily, “Seriously, how can you even sleep while steering the boat!?”

    “I have asked that question so many times…” Deuce stated with a sigh, “And still never gotten any answer…”

    “And I doubt you ever will.” I added with a groan, “But that aside, there’s still the part that we still have NO idea where to start looking! And without the boat, even if we did find the evidence, we have no way of getting back to the mainland.”

    “Can’t you just fly us back?” He asked.

    “Highly doubt so.” I explained, “Just carrying the princess took a lot out of me, and that’s just somewhat hovering. I wouldn’t make it past a few feet.”

    “Wow, you are weak.” Ace pointed out.

    “I’m a head shorter than you.” I responded angrily, “And skinnier, and a lot lighter-”

    “You’re a midget, is what you’re telling me.”

    “WHO’S A MIDGET!?”

    “At any rate!” Deuce interrupted us, “We have no other choice than to search the island on foot. This island is big, so it’ll be best if we start right away.”

    “That’s right.” Luna stated firmly, “We’ve still got a mission to take care of. Let’s go find that weapon depo and get the evidence. We’ll think about how to get back to the mainland later.”

    “Yeah, sure. Go into the forest death trap.” I sarcastically pointed out, “I’m sure that will be go well.”

    “Let’s just go already.”

    For the next few minutes, we are just walking through the forest with the princess leading us, threading on the grassy ground with little sunlight penetrating through the roof of leaves above us. Got to say, for what amount to a deadly forest, this place sure feels tranquil. I don’t know what was so scary about this place.

    The sun is shining, the air smells great, the wind is blowing, there’s a snake handing from that branch ahead-

    Wait, snake!?

    “SNAKE!” I shouted as I ran past Luna, drew my sword and slashes at the slithering reptile, severing its head from its body. I let out a sigh as I sheathes my weapon, “That was close.”

    “Rein…” Luna look at me with a pale face as she points at me, “There’s a little something on your…”

    I blinked at her before looking over my shoulder, eight pair of red eyes looked back belonging to a large hairy spider the size of a human fist perched on my right shoulder.


    Not going to lie, I screamed like a bitch.


    “Relax, just don’t move.” Ace tells me as he walks up and plucked the arachnid off of me, “Got to say, I’ve never seen a spider this big before.”

    “Yeah, yeah, that’s great. Just keep that away from me!” I stated in fear while hiding behind Deuce.

    “What, scared of spiders?” He chuckles, “That’s surprisingly girly of you.”

    “They have deadly venom that kills in seconds!!” I shouted, “Not to mention all those eyes, and legs, and fangs, and-”

    “I get it, I get it, you hate spiders.” He tosses the critter to the side, the eight-legged terror skitters away as we carry on walking.

    “So, you’re okay with snakes, but spiders freak you out?” His first-mate asks me.

    “Hey, they are scary, okay.”

    “And for a good reason.” Luna tells us, “That spider is called the Red-Eyed Tarantula, and they are extremely venomous. One sting from it can kill you within seconds. No amount of anti-toxins can save you from it.”


    “Yes, yikes.” She nodded, “So I want everyone to be careful. There’s no telling what kind of dangerous creature we’ll encounter next-”

    Just as she said that, she walks right into the butt of a large black bear scourging in the bush. “RAAWWWRRRRR!!” The large beast roared as it rushes towards us, and Ace took that moment to just fall asleep to both my irritation and annoyance.

    Which then brings us back to the present with us still getting chased by that very same black bear.

    “What do we do!? What do we do!?”

    “Can’t you just take it down!?” Luna asked me.

    “I don’t think my sword would work!!”

    “Don’t you have Devil Fruit powers!?”

    “…Oh, right.”

    I quickly turn around and change my arms into their draconic nature. The moment the large animal came close enough, I pull back and slams my fist right into its nose, sending it crashing through a tree, leaving it slumped on the ground either out cold or dead.

    “I keep forgetting about that.” I noted as I change my arms back.

    “Yeah, I notice.” Deuce groans as he tosses Ace onto the ground roughly, waking the freckled face pirate with a jolt.

    “Huh!? W-What happen!? What did I miss!?”

    “A lot.” He tells his captain.

    “Okay, you need to get examined by a professional!” I pointed out angrily, “Your narcolepsy might kill us at this rate! Hey, Luna! Do you know any doctors you could recommend for his situation?”

    “…” She did not answer, to my confusion.


    “Um, guys… Come look at this.”

    She beckons to us, the princess squatting behind a bush peeking at something. We all look at each other with confusion, before walking and kneeling next to her. She then points forward–

    In a castle room, a lone man looks out the window overlooking an entire bustling town under him, a small scowl on his face.

    He has long dark blue hair parted down the middle with bangs reaching past his eyebrows, wrinkles under his eyes that signifies age with a blade scar on his left cheek. He is clothed in a blue doublet with bronze rims and buttons and a pair of dark blue pants tucked into a pair of leather boots.

    “Tell me, my good man, what was my orders last night?”

    Behind him, standing rather skittishly, is another man in a white dress shirt with a red tie and a pair black formal pants along with a pair of leather shoes.

    “T-To capture the princess, s-sir…”

    “That’s right.” The man turns around, staring down at the man, “And what did we just learn a moment ago?”

    “T-That the Red Cap Mountain Bandits fail…?”

    “NO!” He shouted as he marches up to the poor man with a venomous glare, “It’s YOU who has failed, my good sir! YOU, who has only one job. ONE! JOB! And you can’t even accomplish that!”

    “S-Sir Reginold, please. I-I can explain!!”

    “Yes, please, Sir Leopold Stevenson! Please explain how did a bunch of armed bandits is taken down by ONE man!?” The named Reginold shouted angrily, “ONE man who, by their accounts, GLARED them to submission! Because I think it is less about that man being so ridiculously strong, and more like you have hired the most pathetic bunch of lowlifes you can find!”

    Leopold whimpered in front of him as he got up to his face, before sighing and walking away.

    “We can’t leave any loose ends danglingly.” He stated firmly, “We have waited far too long to have something like this ruin it all.”

    “S-Sir, with all due respects, what can one lone girl do?” The cowardly man asked him, “Sure, she may have overheard us, but we have already isolated her away from the capital. There’s no way she’ll be able to do anything to hinder our plans.”

    “Even so, we can’t take the chance that she could.” He points out, “If she is anything like her grandfather, then there’s a high chance she might pull off something.”

    “T-Then, won’t killing her be easier?”

    “And that is why I’m the one who does the plans.” He stated with a smirk, “If my years under that king of ours has taught me anything, is that he cares dearly for his family, especially his precious daughter. So dearly, that he’ll do anything to assure their safety.”

    “Ah! You’re going to hold her as hostage!”

    “Exactly.” He nodded, “If the slim chance that man has the guts and will worthy of that throne, we will have a bargaining chip in our favour, thus dealing with our little leak AND advancing our plans forward!”

    “Your genius knows no bound, Sir Reginold!” Leopold cheered, before blinking, “B-But we’ve no idea where she’ll be going. How are we going to catch her?”

    “Oh, I know where she’ll be going.” Reginold stated, “She’ll be heading towards Irenia in search our little hidden stash of weapons. And that’s where we’ll snag her.” He then turns to Leopold, “Send word to our men stationed in Flut Village. Tell them to keep a lookout for the girl. If they find her, capture her using any means necessary, but leave her alive.”

    “O-Of course, sir!” The cowardly man bowed before adding on, “What about the men we stationed to guard the stash?”

    “Don’t bother.” His superior assures him, “That place is so well-hidden, I doubt they’ll come across it any time soon.”

    –Right at the cave entrance that has two completely not inconspicuous men, in what can only summarized as pirate clothing with each wielding a musket, guarding it.





    “Well…” I face-palmed, “…So much for a secret location.”

    To be continued…

    And there! We are done! Finally! Sorry it took so long! Wow-wee, almost a whole month! Never thought it would take this long!

    Anyways, here we are! Part three of the Twilight Isles Arc! Halfway done!

    You heard me right! HALFWAY! There’s still plenty of stuff I’m going to cover in this arc, so be prepared.

    You know, it is funny, really. I was planning for the prologue thing to be only at least ten-plus chapters, but it might end up being close to twenty before canon starts! I’m having WAY too much fun writing this!!

    With that, I thank you all for reading this!
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    Just saw this today, read the whole thing and i love it. I dont know the timeline too well but is the Kriegs fleet getting wrecked like that what leads to them limping to the barattie?
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    Nope, Krieg got owned trying to enter the grand line by mihawk.

    also, krieg has 50 ships and around 5000 pirates. So that incident with 5 ships is only 10% of his current strength.

    On the other hand, chances was that Gin was in charge of that raiding squadron and Krieg wasn't very happy with him. two ships heavily damaged, and one lost outright must be a setback.
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    Oh, cool one piece fic. And a really good one at that.