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Dragon Swordswoman(MAN, Dammit!) [One Piece SI]

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Colin Yeo, Oct 27, 2018.


Possible NSFW Drabbles? Porn, or no porn.

  1. Porn! Hentai! Let's get some kinky action started~!

  2. Let's keep it clean! We must protect the innocent!

  1. Threadmarks: Chapter 16
    Colin Yeo

    Colin Yeo Making the rounds.

    May 13, 2018
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    Chapter 16: Twilight Isles, Part Seven

    Brittia, the capital of the Britt Kingdom.

    It is the largest castle town on all the island that has a population of about a hundred thousand people. The town itself is situated at the base of the island’s lone mountain with a deep moat dug around its perimeters as well as tall defensive walls surrounding the town with a bridge for both travellers and traders to cross, remnants of the late bloody civil war.

    Its buildings consist of wooden and brick houses with clay tile roofs, all separated into several districts. Each district is designated a coloured banner of its governing body, more than often being the ones that holds an official position in the main government office

    In the centre of it all, stood the symbol of the Britt Kingdom itself and the home of the royalty that rules over this land, Brittia Castle.

    A large castle made of white bricks with light blue roofs and two towers that acts as lookout points on its side with the kingdom’s flag fluttering proudly on top of its cone-shaped roofs, it is a monumental fortress that serves as both the royal court and the kingdom’s main government office for all its ministries.

    And right now, it is the place of havoc and chaos.

    Gunfire echoes within the walls, blood splattered all over the grass and brick-layered pavement, bloodied and sometimes horribly mutilated bodies of loyal soldiers scattered all over as the armed men continued their rampage.

    It all began with a large explosion somewhere at the back of the castle that was built into the mountain along with screams of soldiers and guardsmen who are unlucky enough to be caught in the blast. After that, groups of armed men rush out shouting, shooting and killing all the soldiers in the area.

    At the same time, many places around the castle has experience mutiny of their one, with random soldiers turning on their fellow men, to some of the guards attacking and sometimes killing the government officials that were assigned to. It is pure chaos, with no signs of it slowing down.

    Naturally, all soldiers posted in the capital, with exceptions to the ones guarding the city gates, are called to the castle as reinforcements to help quell the mayhem. But they aren’t able to, due to the fact that some time before this all started, the castle’s gates are closed and locked down, preventing anyone from entering or exiting.

    Despite this, the ones that are posted inside the castle are able to react with much urgency and as swiftly as they could, managing to keep the rampage locked in a single location. The few trained elite units are more than capable of stopping the terrorists from spreading their violence any further.

    Even so, they are kept in a deadlock against the terrorists. They are lacking in the required manpower to deal with them, holding them back is all they can do.

    One of the soldiers posted here hid under the window overlooking the courtyard, his musket smoking from a freshly fired shot. His white uniform shirt soaked with sweat and soot, his dark blue pants covered in dirt and gravel, while his cap has a few gashes from a few close-calls from enemy fire.

    He let out a tired sigh as he reloads his musket, turning to his partner who just finished reloading, “This situation looks bad, doesn’t it?”

    “Understatement of the decade.” He stated as he took aim from the window ledge, “We are outmanned and outgunned. There are no reinforcements coming, so we’re on our own. And to top it all off…” He fired a shot into enemy lines, “I’m down to my last round.”

    “I’m the same.” The soldier sighs, cocking back his musket’s trigger, “We are so screwed…”

    “Man, this is not how I expect today to go at all…” His partner groans, “And just when I’ve decided to propose to Elise too…”

    “Oh, that was today? Do you had it all planned out?”

    “With the dinner and the music and everything. Now… I’m not sure if I’m even going to survive long enough to do it.”

    “She’s going to be bawling her eyes out at our funeral.”

    “Oh, definitely.”

    “…Brother.” He looks at his partner with a resigned smile, “It’s an honor fighting alongside you.”

    “…Same to you, brother.” He nodded; a sob croaked out of his throat.

    “So…” The soldier stood up, gripping his musket tightly, “One last shot to end this?”

    “Yeah.” His partner followed suit, “Let’s greet death with a bang-”


    They blinked at the sudden explosion, before peeking out of the window; just as a large column of flames bursts out of the hole the terrorists came out of. A large fireball flew into the air, before descending and crashing into the courtyard in an explosion of flames.

    And from that fireball, comes out a single man with embers emitting off his body, his mouth curled up in a smirk as he holds his orange hat in place. “Payback time, bitches!”

    “…What the fuck just happened…?”

    I let out a groan at the entrance that Ace has just did. Does he really have to do that? I get that the plan involved him dealing with the rampaging pirates but he doesn’t need to make a show out of it.

    Then again, this is the Gol D Roger’s son we’re talking about here; and if what Rayleigh says is true, then he is equally as boisterous as his father. Guess there are some things that are linked together by genetics….

    “Rein, we need to go, now.” Deuce tells me, knocking me out of my thoughts as he and Vi ran towards the castle, with me quickly catching up to them.

    On our way through the tunnel, Vi has outlined the plan Reginold has concocted for today’s events to us, as well as his decision to use Luna as a bargaining chip/hostage against her father. After that, Deuce has come up with a plan to deal with it and save the princess.

    First, Ace has to draw the pirates’ attention away from the soldiers, allowing them a chance to counterattack. When the pirates are distracted by him, we head into the castle and find the throne room. With luck, we’ll make it there before Desiree and call out Reginold for what he did. After that, we’ll deal with Desiree and rescue Luna.

    But, in the likely scenario she made it there before we did, we have to stop the deal from happening and rescue Luna. If needed, we have to save the king too.

    “You do know where you are going, right?” I asked Vi, just as Ace fires off another Fire Fist into the crowd of pirates, no doubt barbequing them to a crisp.

    “Don’t worry.” He nodded. “Reginold got us the schematics of the castle and outlined the shortest path towards the throne room.”

    “Wouldn’t we run into Desiree on the way there?” Deuce pointed out, “We could rescue her then.”

    “If we’re lucky.” Vi stated, “But Desiree has quite a head start from us. I doubt we’ll be to catch up to her before she reaches it.”

    “Then we need to hurry.” I noted as I pick up the pace, “Could you tell us more about Reginold? Any gimmicks we need to be aware of?”

    “Nothing in particular, to be honest.” The former rebel shakes his head, “I hardly communicated with him myself; only Desiree has any real contact with him over the years. I do know that he is a decent swordsman, but that’s about it.”

    “Then he might have other things we do not know about…” Deuce noted.

    Just as we are about to enter the castle, a loud laughter can be heard from the pirates that drew our attention.

    From the group of pirates, Tok shows himself with a flintlock pistol in his hand while his hand is raised towards a blast of flames that is coming towards him. But on further examination, something is off.

    The fire blast that Ace has fired seems to be frozen in place, not in ice but stopped moving completely. The fire, that would normally be flickering about like all fires should, looks stiff like it’s a prop and not an element of heat and destruction that it is.

    “Hahaha! Man, what a shocking turn of events!” The pirate captain laughed, “I thought my men had butchered you back in the camp, but I guessed I’ve thought wrong!”

    “What did you do!?” Ace shouted at him, “Why is my fire all weird?”

    “Geez, I wonder…?” Tok smirked with a shrug of his shoulder, “Maybe your Devil Fruit is acting up?”

    “Tch, but this is great.” The freckled pirate captain snickers as he ignites his fist, “I was hoping to run into you! I’m going to pay you back for that kicking you did just now!”

    “Be careful, Ace!” Vi shouted out, “Tok has a Devil Fruit power too! He can stop anything in its tracks, no matter what it is!”

    “Huh? Stop things? What do you mean?”

    “Oi, oi, what’s the deal, Vi? Why are you selling me out like that!?” Tok shouted at him, “You betraying us, betraying your sister?”

    “No, I’m saving my sister.” He stated firmly before turning back towards the castle, “Come on! This way!”

    “Damn you… Stop them!!”

    With the command from their captain, the pirates all ignore the flames and rushes towards us. I prepare to transform into my half-dragon form to fight, only for Deuce to run past me before slamming his fist into the first one he runs into. “Deuce!”

    “You’re dealing with me!” He shouted at the pirates, his fists up in a semi-boxing stance, “Come on!”

    “You’re dead meat, asshole!!” One of the pirates shouted as he swings his sword–Hey, wait a minute there!! That’s Nanashi he’s holding!!

    “Hands off my sword!” I shouted as I rushed forward and lands my scaly fist into his cheek, knocking him out instantly as I grab my weapon out of his grasps and grimaced at the sticky handle, “Urgh, now it’s all sticky…!”

    “Did you really have to do that?” Deuce asked me as I plucked the sheathe from the pirate’s waistband.

    “This sword is a rental.” I tells him as I sheathes Nanashi, “And I’m afraid what Sen would do to me if I lost it to some random pirate.” Shivers went down my spine at the thought of the possible torturous training regiments he could force me to do if he finds out. “I can feel the aching muscles already…”

    “Sheesh… That’s one hell of a mentor you have there…”

    “…Why are you idiots just standing there!?” Tok shouted angrily, “Get them already!!”

    “A…Aye-aye, captain!!”

    “Don’t you look away now!!” Ace shouted as I saw him fires a fire blast at the pirate captain, who raises his hand again and stopped the blast in its tracks, “Damn it, again!?”

    “Rein! Deuce! We don’t have time to mess around!!” Vi calls out to us, “We have to go now!!”

    “He’s right.” Deuce nodded as he turns to me, “You go on ahead! Just leave these guys to me!”

    “You sure?” I asked.

    “Better you than me. Besides…” He gestured to Ace fighting Tok, “If that Tok guy is as dangerous as that rebel guy says he is, Ace going to need some backup.”

    “…Alright. I’m leaving them to you!”

    He nodded before rushing to meet the pirates coming towards us. I quickly run back to Vi, and we both run into the castle with him taking the lead.

    Ace fires another blast of fire at Tok, who once again stopped the attack by raising his hand up to it much to his irritation. He then walks around it and fires his firearm at the freckled pirate, who simply took the attack at face value as the bullet just goes through him with no effect as his ‘wound’ seals itself up with a slight flicker of flames.

    “Your attack won’t work on me.” Ace stated as he readies another fire blast, “But damn it, how you are stopping my flames!? What kind of Devil Fruit does that!?”

    “You really want to know?” Tok chuckles as he reloads his pistol, “Sure, I’ll tell you. I’ve eaten the Stop-Stop Fruit and became Stop-Human.”

    “Stop-Stop Fruit?”

    “I’m capable of stopping anything.” He explains, “No matter how big or how impossible it is, it would be stopped. Stones, water, even fire. No attack could touch me.”

    “Oh yeah? Let’s test that theory!!”

    Ace fires another fire blast right at the gear-themed pirate, who simply raise his hand to stop it. The blast, however, isn’t aimed at him and blast into the ground in front of him, blocking his view with flickers of fire and ember. Tok blinked at the sudden change in tactics, before Ace leap through the fire and ready his fist to punch him.

    “Eat my fist, you gear-head asshole!!”

    Tok’s eyes widen at that, before he smirked and raises his hand up to his attacker. Ace’s eyes widen as he suddenly stopped in mid-air, his body stiff as stone. ‘W-What the hell!?’

    “Wow, I’ve never seen a bigger idiot in my life!” Tok laughed as the freckled pirate’s eyes darted about in a panic, “Hahaha, you moron! I’ve said it before, didn’t I? I can stop anything! That includes human being too!”

    ‘Crap! I can’t believe I pulled a Luffy!’

    “Oh, but that’s not all.” He added as he raises his pistol and aimed at Ace’s shoulder. He then proceeds to cock back the hammer and pulls the trigger, firing a round into the freckled pirate. Normally, the lead bullet would just go right through due to his body being made of fire, but this time something unprecedented happened.

    The bullet instead pierces into his shoulder with a splutter of blood.

    ‘O-OW! What the fuck!? I shouldn’t be able to get hurt like that!’

    “I can tell you are surprised.” Tok chuckles as he reloads his pistol, “When I said I can stop anything, I meant stop them in all sense of the word. Their velocity, their movements, all of them stopped! From what I can tell, your body turns itself into fire whenever you got shot. But now that your body has stopped, it can’t turn into fire!”

    ‘T-This is bad!’

    “Which means!” He cocks and aims his firearm at the freckled pirate’s forehead, “I’m now able to kill you.”


    Tok’s grin widens at the prospect of ending his life as he slowly closes his finger around the trigger. He then took his sweet time to pull the trigger, slowly moving the trigger back as to savor the moment of finally killing the man that caused him so much trouble.

    But just as he is about finally fully squeeze the trigger, a handcuff is slapped onto his wrist.

    And not just any handcuff, it’s the very same sea-stone handcuff that was around the freckled pirate’s wrists just a few moments prior.

    “W-What the hell!?” Tok cried out, before dropping to his knees as he felt his strength left him. That immediately freed Ace from his power’s grasp, the freckled pirate dropping onto the ground with a loud thud.

    “Kept that just in case.” The gear-themed pirate turned to see Deuce walking up to him. The masked pirate has a few bruises here and there, but otherwise is pretty much unscathed and spotting one of the smuggest faces that ever graced the East Blue.

    “Y-You!? How!? What about my men!?”

    “Oh, took care of them.” He points at the unconscious pirates lying all over the ground, “I may have dropped out of medical school, but I’ve learned enough of the human body to know where to aim to deal the most pain.”

    “T-This can’t be…!”


    Tok flinched at the voice, turning to see Ace has walked up to him and is slowly cracking his knuckles with wide grin on his face, “Payback time.”

    “W-Whoa there! Let’s not get too hasty now–”

    What follows is the most satisfying beatdown Ace ever given since the start of his pirate career. The amount of violence against this one pirate is too much for words to describe. But the results are till the same.

    Tok is left groaning in pain and agony with multiple bumps and bruises, while the freckled pirate has the most satisfied smile on his face.

    “Whew! That’s refreshing!”

    “Only you would think of beating someone up as refreshing…” His first mate muttered.

    “Hey, he has put me through shit since yesterday! I deserved this much!” He stated.

    “Damn it…” They heard Tok manages to grunt out, “This is not worth that hidden treasure he promised…”

    That caught their attention, as they turn their attention back to the groaning pirate who had realised what he just said, “What hidden treasure?”


    Painful gurgle escapes the mouth of one of the elite guardsmen who collapsed onto the carpet along with his brethren-in-arms, cut down by one of their own.

    The current ruler of the Britt Kingdom, a man with dark brown hair in noble clothes of blue and white with an eye patch that goes by the name of Solaria Peragon, could only witness in shock of the betrayal by his most trusted adviser.

    The main throne room of Brittia Castle is the sole largest room in the entire building, designed to host at least several hundred men in one sitting. Its interior reflects on the kingdom’s national colours of white and red with a dash of yellow in some of the finer details, a large carpet is rolled out from the entrance to the thrones of the royal family, each designated to the current ruler’s family members.

    “R-Reginold…? What are you doing…!?”

    The carpet, once a beautiful shade of red with yellow lining, is stained with patches of wet blood dripped from the traitor’s broadsword. The former advisor snickers at the king’s surprised face, “Isn’t it obvious? I’m staging a coup.”

    “A coup!? Why!?”

    “Why else?” He flicks the blood off his weapon’s blade, just as the doors to the throne room is opened, “To usurp you from the throne, and to return the Twilight Isles to its TRUE ruler.” Desiree then proceeds to walk in, dragging his daughter with her as several men in similar attire to hers followed suit.

    “F-Father!” Luna cried out.

    “Luna!!” Solaria turns to Reginold with a glare, “Unhand my daughter at once!!”

    “I’m sorry that’s not possible.” The traitor tells him as he walks up to her, holding her head up by the chin, “For you see, I needed a little insurance against you.”

    “Let her go, Reginold!!” The king shouted as he stood up from his throne, his prostatic peg of a leg visible from his pants’ legs.

    “Ah, ah! Not so fast!” The noble man raises his blade up to the princess’s neck, its tip dangerously close to her windpipe, “Unless you do as we say, she’ll be bleeding quite intensively.”

    “Y-You…!” Solaria gritted his teeth while a growl vibrated from his throat. And with great reluctance, he sat back down, “Fine…what do you want?”

    “Oh, I’m not that one with the demands.” He gestured to Desiree who shoved their hostage into his arms.

    The rebel leader stomps up to him, drawing her sword out as she glares dagger at the ruling king, “Ten years ago. Do you remember ordering an attack on a small port town?”


    “Answer me!!” She raises her longsword to his neck, “Do you remember ordering an attack on a small, innocent, insignificant port town, all because some of us has the blood from the Latian Kingdom!? Did you have that town razed to the ground, just because I have the blood of Latian Royalty!?”

    “Latian… Royalty…?”

    “Yes!” Reginold cheered, “This girl right here is the granddaughter of the late Latian King, King Charles Constantine the II! By birth right, she is the rightly heir to the throne–”

    “Shut up, Reginold!!” Desiree turns to him with a cold glare, “I’m the one making the demands here, not you.”

    “…Very well. Please proceed.”

    She turns back to the king, her eyes burning with anger and vengeance, “Answer me, oh great ruler of this land. Did you have my town razed to the ground or not!?”

    “…I do not know what you are talking about.” He stated in confusion, “There was no such order given–”

    “LIES!” She shouted, slamming her sword into the gold-plated wooden throne to his shock as she got right up to his face, “Your kingdom flags were on those ships!! Your soldiers are spotted manning them!! It can only be your men who destroyed my town!! Tell me the truth!!”

    “Like I said, I have no idea what you are implying!” Solaria stated, “I have issued no such order! Are you sure you are not mistaken?”

    “…Fine. Keep lying.” Desiree growled, “It doesn’t matter if you admit to it or not. All that matters…” She pulls her weapon free before pulling back, aiming the blade’s tip at his throat, “…is that you pay for what you’ve done.”

    “FATHER!!” Luna screams in horror as the rebel leader prepares to stab the king’s throat.

    “A right turn here and down this corridor!” Vi instructed as we race through the castle with much haste, “The door to the throne room should be on our left.”

    “Are you absolutely sure?” I asked.

    “Yes, I’m sure. The door is pretty big. We can’t miss it.”

    As he said that, I notice in the distance a pair of large red doors that are at least several times larger than a normal door. That must be the throne room. But the door’s opened. This can’t be good…


    Luna’s screams caught my attention, the horror in her voice can’t mean anything good. I quickly pick up the pace and dashes through the opened door, just as I witness Desiree ready to stab her blade into the man that can only be the current king and Luna’s father.


    Vi’s shouts from behind me had me springing into action, my feet quickly turn dragon as well as my tail grew to provide balance as I dash towards her at top speeds. For this distance, I have to strike fast. With that thought in mind, I have my hand on my sheathed sword while my other hand is gripping on the handle tightly. I have to use that form; the fastest form Sen has taught me so far.

    “Dragon Sword Style, Fourth Form: Lunging Fang!”

    The moment I reached her, I took to a stereotypical Iai stance, twisted my sheathe and performs a quick draw at her. Desiree was able to react and has turned her blade around to block my slash, my blade hitting her weapon with a loud ring. Seeing how her blade vibrated, my attack has hit strong and on point.

    “You…!?” She cried out.

    “Sorry, no kings are dying today…” I grunted out as I struggle to push my sword forward. The rebel leader let out a murmured curse and undid our little sword lock with a flick of her wrist, I barely managed to stop myself from falling by using my tail to steady myself.

    Once I got my bearings, I took to a fighting stance to prepare for any additional attacks.

    “R-Rein!? You’re alive!!” Luna cried out in sheer relief.

    “Vi!? What is the meaning of this!?” The man holding Luna hostage shouted. From what he just said, he must be Reginold.

    “I’m putting a stop to your plans, Reginold.” Vi stated firmly as he unsheathes his sword, “You’re not going to use me, Desiree, or anyone of us anymore.”

    “Vi…?” Desiree looked at her brother completely dumbfounded.

    “Using you?” Reginold chuckles, “What are you saying? I’m doing this for your sake–”

    “Quit it with your lies! I know what you did!” The former rebel accused as he pointed his sword at him, “Ten years ago, it wasn’t the Britt Kingdom that destroyed our town. No, it was you, wasn’t it? You destroyed our town!”


    “Wait, seriously!?”

    “He’s the one that…!?”

    “Come to think of it… he was very suspicious from the start…”

    “That son of a bitch, he has set us up from the beginning!!”

    “I can’t believe I’ve trusted him!”

    Murmurs spread among the armed Latian soldiers, some of them even agreeing with Vi’s accusation. If this keeps up, we could turn the tables on him! This could be our chance–

    “…What nonsense are you saying?” Reginold huffed, “Me? Destroy your town? For what purpose would I do that?”

    “Isn’t it obvious!?” Vi shouted, “You wanted to use us to start this coup, to take the crown for yourself!”

    “I could’ve easily done that without your help.” He pointed out, “Sure, it’ll take longer, but the crown would’ve been mine anyway. There’s no need for me to fake the attack on your town just to get you guys on my side! In fact, it would be an even bigger hassle to do that! Why should waste my time doing such things?”

    “Grk!” I flinched at how good he is at defending himself. With a silver tongue like that, no wonder he has everyone fooled…

    “That is true…”

    “Why would he need to go so far just to start a coup?”

    “Maybe Vi is thinking a little too much into this…”

    Oh boy, this just backfired on us… If this situation was any less grave, I would have chuckled at how I’m witnessing what essentially is Ace Attorney: One Piece Edition.

    “B-But!” The former rebel stayed firmed, “Isn’t it too much of a coincidence that the Britt Kingdom just so happens to find out about us, bombarded us, and then just leave? And then YOU showed up out of nowhere and just so happened to know all this history and the identity of the ships that attacked us?”

    “That’s all it has been. A simple coincidence.” The former advisor chuckles, “Or fate, maybe? It did help us lead to this point. Regardless, what you are suggesting is nothing more than over imaginative daydreams. Why would I have to gain in this whole debacle? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing.”


    “Unless, you have proof of such?”


    Oh crap, this doesn’t look good! If we can’t prove this to everyone, especially Desiree, then Reginold would have gotten what he wanted from this!

    Although, he did have a point.

    What did he have to gain from this? The crown is good and all, but that’s not worth the effort to trick an army into doing his bidding… Is there something else in it for him? Some kind of secondary objective to achieve by doing it this way?

    “If not, then it’s settled.” Reginold stated, “Vi. I don’t know what that girl has told you for you to have such an imaginative idea, but I’m willing to overlook it. On the condition that you kill this girl right here, right now.”


    “No! You can’t!!” Luna screamed, only to grunt in pain as her captor put some strength into his grip.

    “Luna!!” The king cried out.

    “It’s now or never, Vi.” He stated firmly, “Kill her. Now.”

    “I… I…” Vi stuttered as he turns to look at me, his eyes betraying his feelings as he reluctantly raises his sword towards me. Damn it, is this it!?

    “NOT SO FAST!!”

    With that loud entrance, Ace leaps into the throne from adorn in flames. His fist ignites as he cocks his arm back, “Newly named special move! FIRE FIST!!” He then punches forward, blasting a fist-shaped fire towards Reginold who could only stare in shock at the sudden attack.

    Luna took his misdirected attention as her chance to escape, and stomps on his foot as hard as she can, which causes him to scream in pain and letting her go as she got out of the way of the attack.

    Unfortunately, the attack missed him and hits semi-harmlessly on the carpet. That, to our dismay, started a small fire that is slowly growing.

    “Ah! Fire!!” One of the soldiers cried out in a panic as they all rushed to stomp it out.

    “Ace, what the hell!?” I screamed at the freckled pirate, who has the gall to look sheepishly at his handiwork.


    “Ace! Rein!” Luna cried out as she ran towards us. Huh, she saved herself in the end. Not that I mind. Less work for me to do, and now Reginold has no insurance over what the king could do.

    “Hey, princess.” The freckled pirate greeted with a wave, “I’ve saw what you did back there. That was badass, especially for a princess!”

    “Hehe, thanks!”

    A realization then hits me. “Wait, why are you here?” I asked him, “What about Tok and the pirates?”

    “All taken care of.” He laughed, “Also, we may have found out something that might be important.”


    As if on cue, Deuce walked into the throne room dragging with him a heavily bruised Tok. His face is swollen akin to a grape with some of the bruises already turning purple, and he seems to be missing a few teeth as well. Damn, what did Ace put him through? Did he go full JoJo on him? Did I missed him going full JoJo on him!?

    “Deuce! You’re okay!” Luna stated happily.

    “More than okay.” The masked pirate stated with a grin as he lifts up Tok in front of him, “Go on! Tell them what you’ve told us!”

    “I…I won’t sa…say another… wo…word …!” The gear-themed pirate mumbles out with an edge of a trained warrior.

    All that façade is then broken when Deuce simply presses the knuckle of his index finger on Tok’s temple and twists, getting a loud scream of pain from him, “Okay! Okay! I’ll talk! I’ll talk!”

    What came out of his mouth more than seals the deal of Reginold intentions, it also revealed something we have no idea about up till now and places even more questions in our mind about the secrets of the Britt Kingdom.

    “Reginold claims that there’s hidden secret treasure hidden in the Brittia Castle!”

    “What!?” The king shouted in shock, his face pale as a ghost. Is there something we don’t know about?

    “And…?” Deuce asked, knuckle already touching his temple. That got the pirate captain to start spouting out more information.

    “He promised me a cut if I go along with his plan!”

    “And what plan would that be?” I asked.

    “…” A crack of a knuckle joint from Ace got him to continue in fear. “I’m to take my crew and bombard a port town to kingdom come wearing a flag from this place!”

    That got a gasp from both Vi and Desiree, and a flinch from Reginold. “Tok, you idiot!”

    “Hey! When I agreed to help you, you didn’t say I’ll get my ass handed to me by some wet-nosed rookie!!”

    “Wait, why go so far to do such a thing?” Luna asked, “There’s no point in tricking them if all he wanted is some treasure.”

    “He mentioned that only those of Latian Royalty can enter the place!” Tok confessed, “So he needed those two to get it!”

    Only Latian Royalty can enter? Then, this treasure must be left behind from the Latian reign?

    “Then…” Desiree looked at Reginold with anger in her eyes, “You lied to me? About everything!?”

    “…Tch.” Reginold clicks his tongue, “And it’s all going so well… Guess it goes to show that allying with a pirate is never a good idea.”

    “Reginold…!” The king got up from his throne, his eyes glaring at his former advisor, “How could you…!?”

    “Then, it’s true then!?” The rebel leader growled, “You’re the one behind the attack!?”

    “Guilty as charged.” The former advisor stated with a shrug of his shoulder, “Although to be fair, I didn’t think I’ve managed to pull this off so well. You are such a gullible fool.”


    With a roar, Desiree charges towards him with her sword ready to end him. Reginold simply smirks before opening his mouth and speak one phrase.

    “May the horns blow.”

    Once those words left his lips, the anger in Desiree’s eyes seem to fade as she slowed down her run until she stood next to him, slouched over and unmoving.

    “D-Desiree…?” Vi called out, confused and scared of what just happened.

    “What did you do, Reginold!?” Luna shouted.

    “Hahaha, oh, the wonders of hypnotism!” Reginold laughed as he explains, “I knew that Tok could, and would, betray me, and I’m no match for someone as youthful and strong as Desiree. As such, I have a certain phrase implanted into her head with the help of sleep hypno-therapy, that went spoken, give me full control over her actions.”

    “T-That’s…!” The king of Britt has his eyes wide in horror, “That’s the method once used by the Latian Kingdom as the means to create the ultimate toy soldier! But my father should have all records of it destroyed years ago!”

    “It was, but I was able to find out from the source.” He chuckles, “For I, Reginold Steward Hufflepuff, is the son of the noble man who has created it in the first place!”

    I have to hold back my laughter at his reveal. Seriously!? His middle and last names are Steward and Hufflepuff!? What kind of name is that!?

    Unfortunately, Ace didn’t hold himself back and proceeds to howl in laughter, “WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! That’s the stupidest and dumbest name I’ve ever heard!!”

    “Grr…” The traitorous man obviously didn’t take this very well with how his veins are bulging at his temple, “Let’s see who’s laughing after I have you all killed. Desiree! Kill them all, starting with that interfering princess!!”

    With that command, Desiree robotically stood straight up, readies her sword and dashes right towards Luna with every intention to stab into her.

    “NO! LUNA!!” The king shouted in horror.

    “Luna, stand back!!” I managed to get in front of the princess in time and raised my transformed arm to intercept the attack, her blade scrapping against my tough scales. This isn’t over, as she starts slashing against me as I struggle to block her attacks with both Nanashi and my scales.

    “Desiree! Stop it!!” Vi shouted as she proceeds to land slash after slash, I barely manage to block some of them with a few manages to scape against my scales, “You can’t let that man control you! Fight it!”

    “It’s no use!” Reginold laughed, “The hypnotism is deep and unbreakable! Nothing you do will bring her out of it!”

    “Damn you!!” Ace shouted angrily, “Come here and fight like a man, you coward!!”

    “Wait, what about me!?” Tok cried, “You can’t just leave me here, Reggy!”

    “You’ve served your purpose well, Tok.” Reginold stated as he walked up to the king, his sword pointing at him, “But you’re a loose end I can’t allow to keep existing. And also…” He turns his head back and glares at him, “Don’t EVER call me Reggy.”

    As he got close to the king, he grabs the older man by the collar and places his blade near his neck, “Now, you’re coming with me. You’re going to lead me to the vault.”

    “T-The vault!? S-So you knew!?”

    “I’ve only heard rumours, and I also know that only the king knows of its existence and location.” The traitor pointed out with a smirk, “So, what is it going to be?”

    “Father!!” Luna cried out.

    “Farewell, dear princess!” He stated as he drags the king to behind the throne room where there’s another smaller door, “Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to have you and your father have a happy reunion in the afterlife!” And with that last sentence, he closes the door behind him.

    “Damn you!! Get back here!!” Deuce shouted.

    “Grgk!!” I felt her weapon manages to graze my side, the part of my half-transformed state that is no protected by the scales. Damn it, her strikes aren’t as precise as Vi’s, but they hit way harder. Even with my sword, I’m not sure I’ll be able to last long.

    “Sis!!” Vi screamed, “You have wake up!!”

    “Everyone, now!!”

    “We need to stop her!!”

    “Pin her down!!”

    “Sorry, Desiree!!”

    It is at this moment that a couple of the Latian soldiers took action and grabbed their leader by her limps as they struggle to hold her back. “Run, princess!!” One of them shouted out while the remainder of them crowds in front of us with sabers drawn, “You have to get out of here!”

    “Y-You guys!” Vi cried in shock, “What are you doing!?”

    “We have to atone for what we did! Every one of us!” The soldier holding her by the neck shouted.

    “But if we can at least keep Desiree from making the biggest mistake of all…!” Another that is holding her leg added in, “Then it’s worth risking our lives!!”

    “No! Stop!” He cried out, “Get out of there!”

    In no time at all, Desiree freed herself from their hold and proceeds to hack and slash them to the ground to our horror. Once they are bleeding out on the carpet unmoving, she robotically turns back to us, her gaze fixed on Luna, who is stunned in horror that the brutality of what just happened.

    “No…! They’re all…”

    I quickly got back into position and prepared to block her next attack with the rest of the soldiers taking defensive positions around us as well. Desiree first took to a jog, before sprinting right toward us with sword ready to stab right through me. Crap, crap, crap, here she comes! I ready my transformed arm, ready to intercept her attack with my scales.

    What I did not expect, to my upmost horror, is for someone to step right in front of us and took the attack.


    To be continued…

    There! Finally done this!!! Oh My God, this is one is one heck of a ride, from start to finish! Man, I’m having way too much fun writing this ending, so much that I’ve decided to split the climax into two parts. The second part would be uploaded shortly after, so stay tuned!

    That being said, the latest chapter of One Piece (Chapter 951, if you are wondering) is one heck of the interlude, with all sorts of things gearing up for the finale of the Wano arc. Although, I am curious about King’s race. I thought he was human, or at least sky people if the wings on his back is any indication, but I guess he is some other form of winged species?

    Also, a second clash between Yonko!

    Sky splitting, the sea’s roaring, man I knew they are going to fight, but I didn’t expect to get the same phenomenon as when Shanks clashed against Whitebeard. Guess that’s the thing that happen whenever two Emperor-level pirates fought?

    With that, I thank you all for reading this!
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    Chapter 17: Twilight Isles, Finale

    I couldn’t stare in horror at what just occurred, everyone around me is also dead quiet. The scene in front of me isn’t something I wanted to witness at all, especially after what we been through.


    Right in front of us, with a sword pierced right through him from the gut, Vi stood firm as he grasps his hypnotised sister’s arms with blood spewing from his wound and forming a growing puddle under him.

    “G-Got you…!” He breathlessly chuckles, “I’m not letting…! you go…! this time…!”

    “No, Vi! He got shish-kabob-ed!!” One of the soldiers screamed.

    “What are you doing, Vi!?” Another of them cried out.

    “Quick! We need to get him free!!” One soldiers bravely prepare to run up to them.

    “No! S-Stay back!!” Vi shouted at them, stopping the soldier in his tracks, “L-Leave this…! t-to… m-me…!

    “The kid’s nuts!” Tok stated in utter shock, “Why would he take the sword through the gut like that!?”

    “He cares too much for his sister…” Deuce pointed out, “He’ll do anything for her…! Even if…”

    “Yeah, but that’s crazy!” The gear-themed pirate cried out, “Even then, is he really planning to break her out of the hypnotism like that!? That trance should be unbreakable!”

    “S-Sis… Please…!” He coughed out, staring into the blank stare of his sibling who is already struggling to get out his grip, “You have to… snap out…! of it…! You can’t… let that man… control you…! Please, Desiree…! Please…! I can’t… afford to lose you… like this…!”



    “W-What!? That’s impossible!!” Tok cried in shock, “Reggy’s hypnotism should be unbreakable!”

    “Their bonds…” Ace muttered, “Her connections to Vi manages to overpower Reginold’s control!”

    “Vi? What’s going on? Why–!” Her eyes widen in shock as she realised something, “Why… are you…?”

    “Hehe… damn it… you took so long to… wake up…” He coughed out, “But I’m glad… to have… you… back…”

    With those last words, he collapsed onto the ground in front of her, blood continues to spill out of his wound.

    “V-Vi!?” She screamed as she kneeled next to him, looking at the familiar sword in his gut in horror, “Did… did I did this…!?” Without must hesitation, she pulls the sword out of him, took off her vest and pressed it against his wound as hard as she could, “D-Damn it! It’s not stopping!!”

    We could only look on in both horror and pity as the sister desperately tries to save her dying brother. This isn’t right… this isn’t how it supposed to go, damn it!!

    Then, Luna runs up to them, kneeling next to the brother before doing something I didn’t think she would do. She proceeds to rip into her skirt, pulling out ribbons of cloth which she then uses to dress the wound as best as she can.

    “P-Princess?” Desiree is stunned silent at what is happening.

    After witnessing her actions, I affirm myself and ran up to them as well. I took off my jacket and uses it with Luna’s pieces of cloth to create a makeshift band-aid, not that it will do much with how severe the gut wound is. If we can’t get treatment for it soon, Vi could still die.

    It was then that sounds of heavy footsteps can be heard coming from the outside. I then saw Britt soldiers rushing into the room, armed to the teeth with muskets and sabres ready to be drawn, “Your highness!!” The leader of this platoon called out, a man of great physiology and posing one heck of a moustache that puts the Armstrong stache to shame.

    Like, damn! That is as masculine as any man can get!

    “General Strongbody.” Luna greeted, as I struggles to keep my laughter in check. Really!? His name is Strongbody!?

    “I’m sorry for taking so long!” He saluted her, “We’ve just manages to capture the last of the rebels around the castle!” He then turns to the Latian soldiers and their leaders, “Are these the last ones?”

    “D-Damn it…” Desiree cursed as she grabbed her sword. All the Britt soldiers quickly went for their sword and firearms in response.

    “Weapons down!!”

    The soldiers could only look at each other confusion over their princess’s orders.

    “There will be no fighting here.” Luna stated firmly, “We have a heavily injured casualty in need of immediate medical care. Get him to the doctors right now!”

    “B-But your highness, aren’t he part of the rebels?” The general asked confused, “Why are we helping out those terrorists? They are the reason the castle is in such a disarray!”

    “Even so!” The princess glares at Strongbody, who flinches under it, “They are still people that needed help! I would not have someone die if I can do anything to save him!”


    “But nothing, general!” She shouted, “When my grandfather founded this kingdom, he made it clear that we would not be as the very enemies we’ve fought! If there’s someone in need of saving, whether or not they are once our greatest enemies doesn’t matter!”

    “…you’re right. You’re absolutely right.” The general nodded with a firm salute, “Your orders are received, Princess Luna! Men! Escort the injured to the medical bay! And have the doctors prepared for surgery!”

    “Sir, yes, sir!!”

    With that, the soldiers all rush towards the injured, with one of them gently carries Vi to not worsen the wound any further. I could only look in awe at the speed the soldiers performed their medical assistance. Talk about efficient!


    Luna turns to Desiree who could only look at her with stunned confusion, “We’ve hurt your people… we have caused so much destruction… so why are you helping us!? Don’t you hate us!?”

    “…I would be lying if I say I didn’t.” The princess stated, “But even so, you were used by Reginold like the rest of us. Not only that, you’ve lost your family due to him as well.”

    “So, you pity us then…?” The rebel leader growled.

    “No, not pity.” She stated, “Just… empathy. My grandfather has taught me that people would sometimes do bad things for bad reasons. But that doesn’t mean they deserve the worst of fates. An eye for an eye would turn the whole world blind, you know?”

    “Eye… for an eye…” Desiree chuckles, before blowing up into laughter, then slowly descends into sobs as she hugs herself, “Damn it… why didn’t I…?”

    I found myself a third wheel of this situation, unsure of what to do next. This is really awkward for me… I’m technically an outsider in this whole debacle, so I’m not sure where I’m fitting in.

    “*Sniff* Oh, this is so touching…!”

    The awkwardness is replaced my irritation when our captive pirate captain starts opening his damn mouth.

    “Ace, can you–”



    “Thank you!”

    “Not to spoil the mood, but we still have to deal with Reginold.” Deuce point out, “He still have the king.”

    “Ah! That’s right!” I realised. Due to the situation with Desiree and Vi nearly dying, I’ve completely forgotten about that crucial fact. Damn it! That bastard has to be a long gone by now! And we don’t even know where this ‘vault’ thing he is looking for.


    Luna’s musing got our attention, the princess seems to be deep in thought, “Vault… I think I remember seeing a vault somewhere before…”

    “Really!? Where!?” Ace asked.

    “Hm…” She thinks for a moment, before snapping her fingers in realization, “Ah! The tomb!”


    “Yes! My grandfather has built a tomb under the castle where his late companions are put to rest! I remember him bringing me down there when I was younger! There’s a large door close to it, one that he has told me that it shouldn’t be opened at all cost!”

    “And do you know where this tomb is?” I asked.

    “I think I do!” She nodded.

    “That’s great! You think you could you lead us to it!?”

    “Yes, I can!”

    “I’ll stay behind.” Deuce informed us, “It’s not much, but I should be able to help out some of injured.”

    “Got it.” Ace nodded, “I’ll punch Reginold once for you.” His first mate gave him a nod in response.

    The three of us then book it to the exit, but I stopped when I saw a familiar weapon on the ground. Vi’s sword is lying on the ground with blood staining its handle and the underside of the hilt. He must have dropped it when he collapsed…


    “Hey, Rein! Hurry up! He’ll get away if you don’t move!!”

    “Ah! R-Right!”

    The traitorous Reginold grimaced as a drip of water from the stalactites above him.

    After leaving the throne room with his hostage, he has his ‘king’ lead him towards the vault that he has heard so much about. His blade is still drawn and placed at Solaria’s neck, making sure the old man doesn’t get any funny ideas. ‘Just a little more. Once I’ve got the treasure, I’m going to be richest man in the East Blue! Then, I can finally ditch this place and live out the rest of my life in luxury!’

    ‘And all thanks to my dear old dad’s little scheming plans…’

    His father, one Ronald Steward Hufflepuff, was once a noble among the royal court of the Latian Kingdom. He was in-charged of the R&D department in the military, tasked with creating weapons of war against their uprising commoners, in where he was raised in status with the founding of hypnotising soldiers to be loyal and unfeeling killing machines.

    Ronald, however, is a very greedy individual. Through connections with the underworld and having a great sense in human trafficking trade, he has accumulated wealth that far outshines any other nobles of his time. So much that every noble in the royal court with exception to the royal family sucked up to him in hopes of getting even a tiny fraction of his fortune.

    But despite acquiring such immense wealth, he still wanted more. He is so addicted to money and luxury, that he would do anything to get more. Which is when he found out about a secret ‘vault’ under the royal castle, where the fortune inside is worth at least several hundred of his own.

    Being the greedy nobleman that he is, he schemed to find this vault and secured the fortune for himself, going as far as to kidnapped several individuals connected to the royal family and torturing them for information. Despite his best efforts, he could only confirm its existence but never its location.

    And then, the rebellion won the war and secured the disbandment of the Latian Kingdom, paving the way to the founding of their own kingdom, the Kingdom of Britt.

    Like many nobles that refused to accept their new rulers, he too was banished from the island and forced to live the remainder of his life as a ‘filthy commoner’. Ronald couldn’t even stand to live such a modest life, choosing to remain living out his luxurious life. In the end, he ends up bankrupt and is driven into a life of poverty, and ended up dead on the road somewhere.

    Reginold was then born from one of his many sex slaves that were set freed after the war is over. His mother, however, was too broken after years of tortured and committed suicide soon after he was born, leaving him an orphan at the young age of three.

    Since at the such a young age, Reginold possess the same greedy personality as his late father. As he grew up, he became more and more obsessed with the idea of acquiring so much money that he would never has to worry about being poor again.

    Through his silver tongue that he has honed to perfection, he performed cons after cons, scamming people of their money and building his fortune step by step. He gotten so good, that a woman he conned into giving him her life savings still doesn’t believe that she got scammed at all.

    And then, when he too found out about his father’s plans in the ruins of his old mansion, he plotted to take the fortune for himself as well.

    “We’re here.”

    His former employer told him as they exited the cave, and into a large rocky room with eight coffins lied down with armoured knights carved into their lid. For some reason, there’s a large hole in the ceiling that let the sunlight shines in, illuminating the entire room. Grass filled the ground with a few flowers are planted around the coffins, their beautiful petals blooming under the bright afternoon sun.

    “The royal… tomb…?” He turns to his hostage with anger in his eyes, “I said to bring me to the vault!! Not to the resting place of some dead people!!”

    “You did, so I did.” Solaria looked at him before pointing at another entrance on the other end of the room, “Through there is where you’ll find the vault.”

    “Tch, then said so!” The traitorous man huffed in anger as he pushes his hostage along.

    After passing through another cave, they came face to face with the very thing that Reginold truly desired.

    In the large rock room, illuminated by the sunlight coming in from a small gap in the ceiling, there is a large gate carved out of rock locked into the stone wall, covered in moss and several artistic carvings of sorts. The wall it is in is covered from top to bottom with strange symbols carved into the stone.

    “This… this is it…!” He laughed as he tosses his hostage and weapon aside and rushes towards the door with a maniac look on his face. “Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes!! After so long, I’ve finally found it! The treasure, oh, the fortune! I can almost smell it behind this gate!”

    His maniac smile dropped when he saw no way of opening the gate. No keyhole, no lever, no nothing. He then turns to the king and asked, “How do you open this!?”

    “Who knows?”

    “What do you mean by that!?”

    Solaria got into a more comfortable sitting position, “When dad shown me this, all he told me about it is that this gate should never be opened at all cost. He never said anything about how this can be opened.”

    Reginold let out a growl as he searched the wall frantically for a way in. ‘There has to be something here! A switch? A hidden mechanism?’

    Unbeknownst to him, Solaria has got back on his feet, picked up his captor’s weapon and is slowly sneaking towards him with sword raised to kill. Once he got close enough, he took a deep breath and slashes down at his former advisor with the intention of beheading him right then and there.

    Unfortunately, Reginold has noticed his attack and duck down the arcing attack, swinging out foot out and tripping the king. Solaria dropped onto the ground on his back with a loud thud, which his captor took advantage of and stomps onto the king’s peg leg, smashing it into pieces.


    “Do you really think I wouldn’t notice?” He asked as he kick away the broken peg leg, “Wood on stone is pretty distinct.”

    “You wouldn’t get away from this!” Solaria shouted at him, “Even if you did get the treasure behind the vault, everyone knows about your betrayer by now! You could never escape!”

    “Oh, but you’re forgetting my little gift to your daughter.” Reginold stated with a smile as he walked over and pick up his sword, “Desiree would kill everyone in that room, and then if anyone enters that room, they would die too. No one would ever know what I’ve done.”

    “You bastard…! Are you that obsessed with treasure!?”

    “Yes, I am!” He proclaims proudly, “For you see, money is power, and power is strength, and strength is life! Money is the one truth in this world! Everything runs on money, and with enough money, I’ll be able to run everything!”

    “There’s no way I’m giving the Britt Kingdom to you!”

    “Oh, you misunderstand!” He tells his former king, “I have no desire to rule over anything! All I want is to have so much money that I’ll be living the luxurious life that I want for the rest of my days. So much money that I wouldn’t need to work for a day! That is all.”

    “And achieve that, you’re willing to destroy an entire town, to manipulate innocents to committing treachery!? All for getting rich!?”

    “I wouldn’t call it manipulating.” He stated, “It’s more like… persuasion.”

    “You traitorous bastard!” Solaria growled, “I can’t believe I’ve ever trusted you!!”

    “…You know what.” He walks up to the king and steps on his gut, his sword aimed at his throat, “Now that you have no more information for me, I’ve no more use for you. No point in leaving behind a loose end.”

    “You’ll never get away from this…!” The king growls, still ever defiant despite his position.

    “You know, if there’s one thing I’ve respected about you, it’s your tenacity.” Reginold confessed, “A shame, really. I’ve a feeling we could’ve been friends if the circumstances are different. Oh well. Say hello to the princess for me!” He raises his sword, prepares to pierce the windpipe–


    The moment we enter the second room after the tomb, which looks gorgeous by the way, we are met with the sight of the traitor ready to plunge his sword into the king’s throat.

    Without a moment’s hesitation, Ace charges in and fires a Fire Fist at him. Reginold unfortunately dodges it, the flame blasting against the enormous stone gate on the opposite end of the room.

    “Damn it, stop dodging!!” The freckled pirate shouted at him.

    “How!?” The traitor shouted at us, “How are you still alive!? Desiree should have killed you all!”

    “She broke out of your control, Reggy.” I stated with what I felt like the most savage grin I’ve ever did in my entire life, “With a little help from the power of bonds.”

    “T-That’s impossible!!” He stated in horror, “My father made it so that the hypnotism is unbreakable!!”

    “Everything is possible with the power of love!” I proclaimed happily, revelling in the cheesiness of my words. Hey, if there’s a time for cheese, it’s here.

    “It’s all over, Reginold!” Luna shouted, “You’ve lost! There’s nowhere else to run!”

    “No, no, no…!” He mutters in shock, “Not when I’m so close…!” He seems to get an idea and went to grab the king, lifting him up into a chokehold and raised his blade up to his neck, “No body move! Unless you want a headless man as your king!”


    “You damn coward!!” Ace shouted angrily, “Let him go!”

    “Nah-ah!” Reginold smirks as he places the sword very close to the king’s neck, “Not until I get what I want! Now, princess… tell me how to open the vault!”

    “Huh?” Luna could only blink at the sudden question.

    “You’re wasting your breath, Reginold.” The king tells him, “Not even Luna know how to open the gate.”

    “Shut up!” The traitor shouted as he knocks his sword’s pommel against his hostage’s head, getting grunt of pain in response.

    “Father! Let him go, Reginold!” The princess commanded angrily.

    “Then tell me! How do you open the vault!?”

    “Like I said…” The king groans as blood starts dripping from the head wound that he has just gotten, “She doesn’t know…!”

    “And I told you to shut up–”

    “I know how!!”

    Everyone is stunned silent at her sudden proclamation, her father especially looked extremely shocked. “Luna…? How do you…?”

    “T-Tell me!!” Reginold suddenly shouted, “How do we open it!?”

    “Okay first, you have to… um… let me think…” She posed to be deep in thought, slowly turns her head towards Ace for a moment, before turning to me and her eyes just that gestured forward to my confusion. Huh? Why is she…? I then looked at Ace, who gave me the same expression with a grin. Why is he–Oh. Oooh~! I get it…!

    “Come on, hurry up!” The traitor shouted with irritation heavy in his tone.

    “Let me try to remember… I think it has something to do with–NOW!”

    With that command, my sword is drawn and my feet transformed into their dragon state, just as Ace fires a smaller version of his Fire Fist right at Reginold. The traitor saw this and quickly moved one side to avoid the fire attack, which means it’s my turn to act.

    With my dragon speed, I made it across the room within a single moment with my sword poised for a thrust while my other hand is behind my back in a typical fencing stance. With this, I unleashed my attack aimed right at his head.

    “Dragon Sword Style, Third Form: Tail Spike!”

    I stabs forward Nanashi like a fencing sword, adding a little curve due to the fact that I’m wielding a katana. My blade flew and strikes towards Reginold’s head like a bladed dragon’s tail. He is quick enough manoeuvre his sword and direct my attack off course with his hilt, causing my attack to miss completely.

    Just as a smirk crept up his face from his assured victory over my attack, I pull out my hidden trump card from behind me.

    Before he can react, I plunge Vi’s gladius, which I’ve picked up from the throne room before coming here and has been hidden in my sash this whole time, into his shoulder blade as deep as I can get it in.

    This elicit a loud scream from him as he is forced to let go of the king, which I took advantage and uses my tail to wrap around abdomen. I then pull out Vi’s sword before retreating back to Luna with her father in tow, just as Ace came in with the finishing blow, as he proceeds to send a non-flaming fist to his face that sent him flying.

    “You are quite the bluff master aren’t you, Luna?” I stated as I put the king down on the ground gently.

    “I’m just glad you managed to get my message.” Luna stated with a sigh as she looked over her father, “Are you okay, father?”

    “Y-Yeah… I’m fine…” The king assures the princess, before looking at Reginold unmoving body, “Is he…?”

    “Nah, he’s alive, I think.” Ace stated, “I pulled my punch at the last minute.”

    “Why didn’t you just use your Fire Fist?” I asked him.

    “Punching the guy with my bare-fist is much more fun.” His answer just got a face-palm from me, especially when he said that with such a straight face.

    “Then… it’s over?” Luna asked.

    “Yeah.” I nodded at her question, “It’s finally over.”

    That got a huge sigh from the princes as she collapsed like a puppet who got its strings cut, falling onto her father’s lap, “Finally…”

    “You’ve worked hard, Luna.” The king assures her, “I’m sorry I have to put you through all of this.”

    “No, it’s fine.” She tells him, “As the crown princess, it’s my duty to fight for my kingdom, no matter the odds.”

    “…True, so very true.” He nodded with a smile, “I’m just glad you are okay.”

    “But still…” Ace walked up to the large stone gate in front of us, “He did all that nonsense all for this? Kind of a wasted effort, if you ask me.”

    “Just out of curiosity…” I turned to the two royalty in front of me, “Is it possible to open this gate in the first place?”

    “Well, grandfather said that this gate mustn’t be opened at all cost.” Luna stated, “So there must have been a way to open it. Sadly, he never told anyone before he passes.”

    “It’s the same with me.” The king nodded, “It just made me curious of why this vault shouldn’t be opened at all. Not that I’ll open it at all.”

    “…Hey! Come look at this!”

    Ace suddenly calling out to us got us curious about what he found. We then slowly made our way to him, I having to support the king in my half-dragon form due to his broken peg leg. When we made it to the stone wall, the freckled pirate proceeds to wipe away at some of the moss on the wall to reveal something curious and strangely familiar on the wall.

    “Well, this is peculiar…” The king noted, “Never saw that before.”

    “It looks like a keyhole.” Luna stated, “And this slight indent… it kind of looks like a–”

    “Clover.” I concluded. I looked down at Vi’s sword, turning the weapon so that I can view it from the front. Comparing it to the keyhole we found, I made an astonishing discovery.

    “It’s the same shape…! The gap is the size as the blade too!”

    “Whoa, seriously!?” Ace cried, “Then, that sword is the key!?”

    “Huh, that’s quite an interesting set up.” The king noted, “No one would expect a weapon to be a key.”

    “But is it really?” I wonders, “It could be just a coincidence that it’s the same shape.”

    “No, wait…” Luna thinks for a moment, “I think I’ve read somewhere that all Latian royalty has two types of weapon. A longsword like the one the leader has, and a short sword like the one you’re holding.”

    “Is it the same as this sword?” I asked her.

    “Yeah, I believe so.”

    “Only one way to find out.” Ace stated pointing at the keyhole, “Thrust it in, Rein!”

    “That sounds… so wrong…” I muttered in embarrassment at the hidden sexual joke, before doing exactly that. The moment the sword is all the way in, there’s a small click sound, before the sound of what seems to be gears turning can be heard.

    The ground starts to the shake as the large stone gate slowly slides open in front of our eyes.

    “No way…” The freckled pirate stares in awe, “It’s actually opening…!”

    “Is this a good thing… or a bad thing…?” I wondered out loud. We were told not to open it, after all. And yet here we are, opening the damn thing.

    “I’m sure it’s fine.” The king assures us, “As long as none of you mention any of this to anyone else outside. If you do… there will be consequences, understand?”

    “Y-Yes, sir!” I answered with a salute out of habit.

    “Sure, no problem.” Ace shrugged, “But if there’s treasure in there… do you think you can let me take some? Just a little pinch–”



    We all turned around, to see Reginold holding Luna in a chokehold with his blade near her neck in a repeat of what has happened to her father.

    “Damn it, I thought I’ve knock you out!” Ace growled.

    “No one move!!” Reginold growled at us, “The treasure in there is mine, you hear!? MINE!”

    “Let her go, Reginold!!” The king shouted at him.

    “Not until I get my treasure!” He shouted angrily, “Unless you want your daughter to be a headless princess, I suggest you back away from the vault and give… me the… trea…sure…”

    I raised my eyebrow in confusion over why he suddenly trailed off. I then turned around to follow his sight and saw what he has saw.

    Instead of mountains of shiny treasure that was promised, inside the vault is filled with rows and rows of bookshelves, each one packed to the brim with books of various colour.

    “Books?” Ace wonders as he walked up to one of the shelves and pull a book off of it. Flipping through the pages, his eyebrow raised in confusion, “What the…? These books have doodles on them.”

    “Doodles?” I walked up to him as he hands me the book. I skimmed through the pages and realised to both my awe and horror over what was written in the book.

    While I can’t understand it, there’s no mistaking the text of the Poneglyphs. Any true One Piece fan could recognised the writings with a glance. This both intrigued me and confused me, ‘Why are there books written in the same language as the large indestructible stones that contains information about the Void Century? And why are they doing on an island in the East Blue of all places…? Unless…’

    “Books…?” Reginold mutters out, letting go of Luna who quickly moved away from him, “All of that planning… all those years of waiting… for some BOOKS!?”

    “It would seem to be the case, yeah.” Ace nodded.

    “Hehe…hehehe….hehaha…hahaha…” The small chuckles spill from his lips which escalated into full blown laughter. Soon afterwards, he stopped laughing and collapsed onto the ground, truly unconscious this time if his eyes rolled back into his head is any indication.

    “…so, NOW, it’s over?” Luna asked worriedly.

    “…Yeah, I guess so.” I nodded.

    There’re still many questions I have about the vault, about the books and what connection it might have to the Void Century. But for now, I guess it can wait.

    Man, I need a nap…

    To be continued…

    Yup! Finally done! Arc is finally over! Man, this has been one heck of wild ride, and I’m grateful for the people who stick by me all the way through.

    So, yes! Hidden vault and mysterious books!! What could all of this mean? Why did Luna grandfather want it to be sealed? What are those books? All those questions will be answered soon!

    With this, the Twilight Isles Arc has officially reached its climax. So next up, is the epilogue!

    With that, I thank you all for reading this!
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    Let's keep it clean! We must protect the innocent!
    This is QQ. If it has taught me anything, it is that there is no innocence and thus no one is innocent :p
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    I was expecting a poneglyph, this, this is a thousand times more dangerous. Like wow, talk about a death sentence
  5. Threadmarks: Chapter 18
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    Chapter 18: Twilight Isles, Epilogue

    Sen lets out a loud yawn as he watches the waves passes by.

    The Silver Fang has done its business with the Goa Kingdom and is on its way back to the Twilight Isles to pick up one of their companions. Thankfully, the exchange with the nobles went pretty smoothly, if a bit rushed with how impatient the people greeting them were, allowing them to made it in time.

    “I wonder how Rein is doing…”

    The secret semi-immortal dragon thought about his student, one that he hasn’t have in several centuries. After how disastrous the last one turned out, he wasn’t too keen of teaching anyone anymore. The guilt is too much for his long life, one that he felt has been too long for his liking.

    There are times that he cursed his own long life, on how long he would be around in the world while those that he befriends and form bonds with slowly aged before death inevitably took them. Even some of the few Giants friends he once had ended up living very short lives with how their lives revolves around glory and honour in battle.

    Then Rein came along, and brought along her one heck of a baggage, in both figuratively and literally.

    In his terrifyingly long life, this is the first time he has ever met someone who was reincarnated, and he has been on the Grand Line for several centuries at a time! Not only that, she possessed knowledge of future events, information that if leaked out, will attract attention from the Five Elder Stars; or as he likes to call them: The Five Douchebags.

    If they ever find out about this, then her life would be in jeopardy. Especially if they know that she is in possession of one of the most powerful Mythical Zoans of all.

    The Dragon-Dragon Fruit, Model White.

    Among the Zoans, the Dragon themed ones are often labelled under Ancient Zoans for some reason he could never understand; although he did theorize that it has something to do with how some dinosaurs resembles dragons in some shape of form. However, those labelled under Mythical Zoans? Those are a whole new can of worms.

    Those Dragon-themed Devil Fruits are said to possess unparallel brute strength in the ENTIRE Devil Fruit catalogue, with exceptions to a couple Paramecia.

    Each model all shared one key element: the physical abilities of the dragons of legend. Incredible strength, strong jaws, powerful wings, tough scales as hard as diamond in some cases, superior senses, all of it. No other Zoans can compared in that department with very few exceptions.

    Some can be comparable to his own race, and he has known of some which can shatter islands if they really wanted to.

    However, what truly terrifying powerful about them isn’t their physical prowess. It is their mystical abilities.

    Not much is known about all the mythical dragon Zoans, but what is known to all is that they all have abilities associated with their respective models. As an example, the dragon Devil Fruit the Emperor Kaido is using is based off the dragons of Wano’s old myths and legends, as such he has similar powers as well; which includes creating thunder clouds among many others.

    For Rein’s model, Sen believed that she may have hit one of the jackpots in terms of mythical Zoans.

    If what he has read is to be true, along with dragon-like strength and stamina, the white dragon Devil Fruit is capable of various elemental breath attacks including fire and in some occasions metal for some reason, its senses are sharper than any other, and its scales are practically impenetrable with exceptions to Sea Stone.

    But what’s most impressive is its adaptability.

    The white dragon mythical Zoan is well known for changing its abilities to match up with the environment it is in. If it’s in the desert, its scales will be thin and weaker, but its fire breath would be insanely powerful. If it’s in the snowy mountains, it would grow fur and gain the ability to generate blizzards with its breath.

    If anything, this is one Devil Fruit catered SPECIFICALLY for the Grand Line’s insane weather and climate.

    Which makes it very valuable for the Five Douchebags.

    If they catch wind of this, they would stop at nothing to capture her and extract the DF from her by any means necessary. They might activate Buster Call if they need to.

    With Rein as she is now, she wouldn’t be able to harness her fruit’s power to its upmost limit, which leaves her powerless against the World Government’s forces if they ever made a move against her.

    Of course, he hasn’t told her any of this. She would react rather badly to such information, and would put unnecessary burden on her that would distract her from training. That’s what he believes anyway.

    “Worried about her, Sen?”

    His captain’s question picked him out of his musing, Silvia walking up to him and leans on the wooden railing, “You’re not the only one. I just saw Gord beginning another stress cooking session. We might have to prepare for another potato party tonight.”

    “And so many croquettes… so many…” He dejectedly muttered under his breath, “And you?”

    “Oh, definitely.” She chuckles, “It’s funny. She has only been part of the crew for no more than a month, and now we can’t be without her.”

    “It’s definitely different without her around.” Sen nodded.

    “I’ll say. It’s like the Silver Fang isn’t the Silver Fang without her around.” She nodded, “She became an irreplaceable part of the crew now.”

    “She definitely has…” He smiled.

    “Twilight Isles, dead ahead!!”

    The crow’s nest’s call got everyone attention as the crew members all run about to prepare the Silver Fang for landing. Sen took a moment to look over the horizon towards their destination, pondering if his student and his old friend’s granddaughter manages to succeed in their little mission.

    His thoughts about it were put to a halt when he saw a familiar white and blue ship docked in the harbour, the ever-noticeable white flag showing its symbol to the world with pride.

    ‘Huh. I wonder why the Marines are here?’

    It has been a few days since the failed coup. And a lot of things has occurred during that time.

    After rounding up all the rebels, Reginold is found guilty of all his crimes and sentenced to the dungeon where he waits for the Marines are to come and transported to a proper prison, along with Tok and the rest of their pirate accomplices. From what Luna had told me, they might be looking at a life imprisonment or worse.

    Vi manages to pull through, his condition finally stable and on the way to a full recovery. He was really lucky with how quickly they are able to perform the surgery, not to mention that Desiree manages to miss most of his vital organs in that stab.

    The Latian soldiers are sentenced to the dungeon too, but are given a lighter sentence of free hard labour at Irenia as part of the next expedition happening next month, as both an attempt to expand Flut Village further inland as well as to help study the wildlife of the island better. In the king’s words, their five years on the island are too valuable to waste rotting in a cell.

    Desiree, on the other hand, got the short end of the stick.

    For leading a coup, despite being tricked to doing so, and attempting assassination of the crown, she is unfortunately sentenced to the same thing as her deceiver and will be awaiting transport to prison as well, possibly Impel Down if what Luna has told me is to be believed. Vi would have suffered the same fate if weren’t for his attempt to stop his sister and selfless act of protecting the princess that got him off the hook.

    He… didn’t take that news too well…

    “This isn’t right! I don’t deserve any of this!”

    Vi’s voice echoed around the throne room where he kneels in front of the Britt’s monarch and crown princess, prostrating himself as he cries out his pleas. “Please, give me the same sentence as Desiree, as all of them! I’m just as much fault as they are! I don’t deserve any less!!”

    Luna sat next to her father with a slight resigned look on her as she turned to the king, who rubbed his forehead in both empathy and slight irritation.

    “That is true.” Solaria agreed, but added on, “But in light of your actions you have taken, I deem it fair that you would receive a lesser sentence.”

    “B-But I’m the one who’s at fault!!” He cried out, “If I didn’t try harder to stop my sister, this coup would have never occurred in the first place!! All of it due to my inaction, so I should share the burden!!”

    “Vi.” Luna’s voice got Vi’s attention, she staring firmly at him with a poise suited for someone of her standing, “Verdict has been chopped and signed. No amount of begging isn’t going to change it. You need accept that.”

    “I… but it’s not fair!” He shouted angrily, “Why is Desiree getting all the punishment and not me!? She doesn’t deserve it!!”

    “…If you must know…” Solaria says to the prostrating man in front of him, “It was thanks to your sister that your sentence is lifted in the first place.”


    “She pleaded with me to let you go, that she should be the one to take all the punishment.” He stated, “That you do not deserve to spend the rest of your life rotting in a prison for a crime that she started. If weren’t for her words and Luna here, you would have the same sentence as her.”

    “Desiree…” He muttered, gritting his teeth in frustration, “Why…? Why do you have to do that…?”

    From what I’ve heard, Vi has left Brittia with Desiree’s sword and is last seen heading towards Port Royalise. No other news about him has come since.

    For the rest of us, Ace and Deuce somehow managed to rebuild the Strider and decided to take their leave from the island. As the good friend that I am, I decided to see them off.

    “I’m surprised you managed to rebuild that thing from scratch.” I pointed out as I watch the two pirates load up their supplies on a separate boat connecting to the Strider by rope. We are currently at the stony docks at the exit/entrance of the secret tunnel that had led into the castle. The king has orders for it to be sealed off soon, and they took this chance to make a getaway from here as to not arose any suspicion.

    “We’ve built it on a deserted island with just some trees and rocks.” Deuce points out, “Now with proper tools and material? It’s a cakewalk. Not to mention that the wood they have are quite high quality.”

    “I hope it is sturdier than the last one…” Ace pointed out with a small chuckle.

    “But are you sure you guys can’t stay?” I asked them, “I mean, they have come up with the whole ceremony for us and you’re just going to bail like that?”

    “I’m sure you understand, Rein. We are PIRATES.” The freckled pirate points out, “And pirates don’t get ceremonies from kings and princesses. It just ruined the point of being a pirate!”

    “There is a feast afterwards, you know.”

    That line got Ace’s attention, I can hear him swallowing his drool at the prospect of eating that much food before shaking his head, “Nope! Not going to work on me! I’m not Luffy, damn it!”

    Huh, I guess being a glutton isn’t just a Monkey family’s trait. Then again, he is raised by Garp of all people…

    “Just give it up, Rein.” Deuce tells me, “We’re leaving, and that’s final. Besides, what if we get our bounties and people recognised us, wouldn’t that get Luna and her father in trouble?”

    “Hm, I have never thought of it like that before…”

    In the end, they finally managed to get all their supplies on board and has board the yellow banana boat in preparation to leave. “Well, that’s all of it.” Ace noted as he claps the dust off his hands, “Deuce, you got the map ready?”

    “Yup. And this time, I’ve learned some basic map reading skills.” He stated with pride, “No way we’re getting lost this time!”

    I would say that is raising the flag for them eventually getting lost again, but who am I judge?

    “So, this is farewell.” I stated, “For real, this time.”

    “Yup, I’m afraid so.” Ace nodded with a grin, “A pirate’s home is in the open seas, after all.”

    “Ha. I guess that’s right.” I chuckles, raising my hand up to him, “It has been quite an adventure with you, Portgas D. Ace. May you have safe travels.”

    “Same here, Rein.” He grasps my hand in a tight grip.

    With those last words, the Strider came to life and jettisons them away from the island into the sunset. As I watch them leave, I could only think of the future that would be ahead of him. His struggles, his triumphs, his new bonds, and his eventual downfall and death.

    Portagas D. Ace is fated to die within at least two years. That much is certain.

    Even so, this journey of his is going to change a lot of things, and set in motion a lot of plans down the line. And honestly, even if I could theoretically find a way to change his future, I don’t think I ever want to.

    This is his journey, after all. I have no right to be interfering with it.

    Luna didn’t really take them leaving that well, but she accepts it either way.

    As for me?

    Well, before we captured and escorted Reginold out of the tomb, I managed to nick a book from the ‘vault’ before the king sealed it up for good. While I do not know how to read it, I’m hoping that Sen would be able to and probably help translate it for me. That, or he’ll find a way to destroy that vault. Either one is possible.

    I’ve also been in the castle’s library digging up on both Britt’s and Latian history to try to find an answer for the vault’s existence.

    There has to be a reason for that vault, of why a library filled books and tomes of the Poneglyph’s writings is hidden under the castle, and why is there a library of secret and forbidden tomes in the first place.

    So far, I’ve only uncovered a few trivial facts, like how the castle has been standing here for almost thousand years, and has been rebuilt over and over again over the centuries by the kings of Latian who has been ruling the island for just as long. Or that there are clues indicating another thing hidden on Irenia too. Nothing too concrete to explain why a vault is needed at all.

    Of course, it could be related to Crocus’s theory of the World Government’s plans to eradicate every proof of their defeated ‘enemy’ from history all together, and that the library is basically another form of the Poneglyph given form as a giant hidden library. Still doesn’t explain why there’s a need for a giant library in the first place.

    Regardless, the mystery of the vault remained unsolved even as I am getting prepared for an awarding ceremony for my involvement in stopping the coup, which was originally also included Ace and Deuce, but they already left before they could do so.

    Which brings us to today, in the early afternoon, with me being forced to wear a certain attire that I really didn’t want to.

    “Argh! It’s so hard to move in this!! Why do ladies even want to wear these? They are just too stuffy to be practical!”

    “It’s a formal attire, Rein. Practicality isn’t what it is made for.” Luna tells me with a huff, “And you can’t wear your usual outfit in the ceremony. It just sticks out too badly!”

    “B-But I can’t even walk right in this!” I stated with a groan, feeling my thighs starting to feel sore.

    The accursed attire that I’m referring to is the long formal dress that Luna has forced me into. A long red fluffy Victorian-styled dress with short sleeves, made of high-quality cloth that drapes down past my knees with white fluffy lace along edges of the sleeves and collar. Under it, I wore a dark pantyhose to my absolute dismay and matching red high-heels.

    My hair is tied up in a small bundle on the back of my head and fixed in place by a golden ornament that has a red flower, my arms are in white cloth gloves that reaches up to my elbows with a similar flowery ornament tied around my wrist to complete the look.

    All in all, I look like a goddamn noble lady, and I hate every single second I’m in it. Heck, she even put makeup on me. MAKEUP!! The thing just feels weird on my face!!

    “Come now. It’s only until after the ceremony.” Luna assures me. “It’ll be over soon, so keep it up!”

    She too is in different outfit, a similar Victorian dress like mine but in sky blue and strapless shows off her shoulder and collarbone while also emphasizing her incredible cleavage that are tucked into a bluish-green corset. Under the dress, she wears a pair of white stockings and matching light blue high-heels.

    Her pink hair is not in a braid today, instead it is let down with a beautiful silver tiara on her head. Her hands too are in similar white gloves like mine and possess a golden bangle on her wrist. And completing the look is a shiny necklace that has a moon-shaped pendant around her neck.

    “That easy for you to say…” I muttered, “You probably wore that all the time.”

    “Not really. This one is only for those special occasions, like this ceremony.”

    The door to the dressing room opened with one of the Britt soldiers saluting, “Ma’am, the ceremony is about to begin. Are you ready?”

    “Yup! We’re ready!” Luna tells him before turning to me, “Come on. We can’t keep the masses waiting.”

    “Hah… Fine…”

    I find myself standing in front of the familiar large door to the throne room, Luna standing next to me with the same soldier from before in attention behind us.

    “Well, this is it…” I muttered anxiously.

    “You’ll do fine.” She assures me with a smile.

    I nodded at that, as the large door is opened with some grandiose manner in time for us to walk in. Hands together and posed in front of me, back straight and head held high… let’s hope I can keep this up as long as I can.

    “–to welcome our heroes; my darling daughter Luna, and her companion-in-arms, Rein of the East Traders’s Silver Fang!!”

    I was greeted to a large applause, with two rows of people in aristocrat-looking outfits that screams nobility and wealth with a few journalists mixed in taking pictures with their Visual Den Den Mushi. Aligned along the large carpet I am walking on are the Britt soldiers in full uniform and still like statues with their hands behind their back.

    I felt my nerves boil up inside of me with each step I took behind Luna. All my life, in both this and my old one, I didn’t expect to find myself celebrated like this. Everyone all looked so posh and proper, and their glittering clothes are blinding to my eyes. Did they put gold on their clothes, or they’re using some kind of special silk to do that? I think I have heard of similar looking silk once more…

    I was brought out of my mind with Luna verbally clear her throat, I glancing to her in a curtsy and quickly followed suit.

    Sadly, thanks to my inexperience with wearing things with high heels, I lost balance and ended up falling onto my side, much to my embarrassment.

    The small amalgamation of chuckles around me just increase the heat in my cheeks even more as I hastily got back on my feet and redid the curtsy again. Even the king is silently chuckling under his hand. Damn it, this is why I hate high-heels!

    The king let out a small cough that silenced the audience of nobility, before starting his speech.

    “Luna, our beloved crown princess. You have done well to uncover the nefarious plot in the shadow and despite failing to stop it, manages to put an end to the coup and apprehend the culprit behind all of it. And you, Rein of the Silver Fang, thank you for protecting her and assisting in her endeavour. For that, I am honoured to award you the Dragon’s Cross.”

    The marine officer next to him, one Lewis Strongheart that is in a somewhat formal attire that is too tight for him with how tight and defined his muscular chest and limbs are stretched under his suit with his Marine coat on his shoulders like a cape, stepped forward and spoke with a lower but firmer tone than usual.

    “And for your services for saving an affiliated nation, the World Government is proud to present you with an award of our own; the World Government’s Medal of Service.”

    As I let the Britt and Marine soldiers hang the two medals around my neck, I thought back to what I was told about those two.

    From what Luna had told me and what I can find in the Goddess’s Guidebook, the Medal of Service is just as its name implies. It is given to any civilian who has done a great deed that is recognised by the World Government, which includes stopping a coup for an affiliated country like the Britt Kingdom. The medal itself is that of the World Government’s symbol in what I can tell is silver with a strap blue cloth tied to it.

    As for the Dragon’s Cross, it’s the same thing but is considered the highest honour to be given to anyone in the Britt Kingdom. The medal is that a dragon’s head inside a shield tied to a white strap that has a red line in the middle.

    Both me and Luna turned around, showing to the world our earned medals as the king proclaimed to the audience.

    “I present to you all once more, our brave heroes!!”

    Hands start clapping and flashes of our pictures getting taken lit up once in a while; both me and Luna stood there looking pretty as everyone took a good look at us.

    As much as I hate getting this much attention, I can’t lie that this doesn’t feel good.

    After the ceremony, everyone is invited to a large banquet at the ballroom. The room itself is huge, as stereotypical for a ballroom to be. Chandeliers hang about on the ceiling being shiny and glaring down on everyone, with curtains of similar shade as the ones in the throne room.

    Scattered about the room are long tables with various high-quality dishes on them, all looking every fancy and expensive. Clams, lobsters, marbled beef, fatty tuna, fresh abalone, I think I saw some caviar spread on some kind of biscuit, all high-quality gourmet-level food that normal commoner folk like me most likely can’t afford on the daily basis.

    That didn’t stop me from picking them and devouring them all, though.

    All the noblemen and women all wander about, chatting and gossiping to one another while a small band played some fancy tune in the background to set the mood for everyone. All in all, it is as typical of a banquet as it can be.

    I found myself hanging away from the corner with a plate filled the brim all the food I can find. Luna has wandered into the crowd of noblewomen and is already chatting up a storm about something.

    Thankfully, most of the aristocrats took a glance at me from afar and never approach me, most likely due to me stuffing my face with delicious shellfish. They sure know how to cook their scallops, and their crabs are out of this world. I have never tasted lobster before, and now I know why they are such a great seafood.

    “I’m glad to see you enjoying yourself.”

    A familiar voice spoke to me as, Suiren walked up to me in a navy-blue waistcoat and dress pants with shining leather shoes, white dress shirt underneath and a red rose corsage in her right breast pocket. Her hair is in the usual ponytail and she wore white gloves over her hands. All in all, she looks like a wonderful gentleman that any girl would fall for.

    The beauty of reverse traps is truly mind-blowing…

    Also, you guys are probably wondering why Suiren and Lewis are here. Well, you see, they and their marine branch are here to help transport our pirate prisoners to a proper World Government prison, after which they are also instructed to present the medal to me and so on and so forth.

    “Hey, Suiren.” I greeted, swallowing the bite of lobster meat in my mouth before presenting her with my plate, “Want some? Their crab is to die for.”

    “Thanks, but I’m rather full just watching you eat.” She chuckles as she stood next to me, “How are you doing?”

    “Pretty good.” I stated as I bite into some beef skewers, “The high-heels are killing my thighs, but the food took my mind off of it.”

    “Yeah, that tumble of yours is pretty funny.” She chuckles.

    Let loose a small groan at that comment, “Please let that NOT be on tomorrow’s news…”

    “Also…” She looks up and down at my attire, “Didn’t expect you to wear such a dress. You look amazingly cute in it.”

    My cheeks burned at her comment as I fought back my beating heart. I keep forgetting how much of a natural flirt she can be, especially with the type of faces she makes when doing so. Damn it, Suiren, you damn gigolo! Stop making my heart beat so hard already!

    “D-Damn it, don’t just suddenly spring that on me!” I cried as I hid my blushing face with my spare hand.

    “Ah, sorry, sorry…”

    “Quite the womanizer you are, Suiren.” A rather pompous voice spoke, “As expected of our branch most desired bachelor.”

    A young man in a stripped suit walks up to us with a small self-important smile on his face. His pink hair is well-combed and he has a scar on his right cheek. In his hand is a small glass of champagne where I can see steel bolts on where his knuckles are.

    He looks awfully familiar, like I have seen him somewhere before but can’t quite remember where…

    “You know I hated that term, Fullbody.”

    “Hey, I’m not the one that came up with it.”

    Then I hit me. Fullbody! Of course! That one marine that got his ass kicked by Sanji before befriending Jango and ends up working for Hina! He was such a minor character that I have forgotten about him! Isn’t he a Lieutenant before?

    “So, are you going to introduce me?” He says to Suiren who then turns to me.

    “Oh right. Rein, this is my partner, Lieutenant Fullbody.” She introduces me, “Fullbody, this is Rein.”

    “A pleasure to meet you, miss Rein.” He greets as he pulls my hand up to his lips, “May I first say how beautiful your dress is. Not as beautiful as you, though.”

    Wow, that is such a cheesy compliment that it made Samerson’s own cheesy pick-up lines feel tempting. Also, personal space much, buddy?

    “Fullbody, that line is way too cheesy…” Suiren sighs, “And can’t you tell she doesn’t like you doing that?” As she says that, I pull my hand away from his grasp.

    “Yikes. Haha, quite a fierce one…” He nervously laughed before muttering under his breath, “That always works, though…”

    Yeah, maybe against cheap girls who would easily buy into his suave words, but as someone who is also a dude and has used the same words before…? Nope. Not happening.

    “Also, what are doing here?” She asked him, “Aren’t you supposed to be on the other side of the room?”

    “Well, you look like you are flirting with our good heroine here, and I wanted in on the fun.” He chuckles, “Can’t have you breaking another heart, after all.”

    “We’ve met.” I tells him, “And I know she’s a girl, as baffling as it sounds…” Then what Suiren said hits me, “Other side of the room? What, you two in undercover or something?”

    “…You’re the one that blew it this time.” Fullbody points at Suiren, who groans at that.

    “A slip of the tongue…” She says before whispering to me, “Rein, don’t raise your voice, okay?” I nodded and she continues, “Captain Strongheart wanted to be sure that there aren’t anymore revolutionaries hidden among them, so we are to act like guests while we keep an eye out. Fullbody here is supposed to be on the other side doing the same thing.”

    “I still think Captain Strongheart is overthinking it.” He stated, “The evidence is obvious that Reginold is the one behind the whole thing, not the Revolutionary Army.”

    “Oh, is that so?” I muttered. Well, it’s better to be safe than sorry, I suppose… Although, I doubt Dragon would want to start a revolt in this kingdom, especially considering its history with such a thing. From what I can see, they aren’t like the ones that he would target.

    “Even so, orders are orders.” Suiren tells her partner, “So if you don’t mind…?”

    “Yeah, yeah, I know.” He sighs as he walks off, “Try not to break anymore hearts, okay?”

    “Just go, already.”

    As the Lieutenant disappear into the crowd, Suiren turns to me and sighs, “Sorry about that. Hope this doesn’t put a downer on the celebration.”

    “It’s fine.” I assures her as I shove the skewer into my mouth and pulls out the stick, “At least he isn’t those over flirty guys.”

    “He’s not that bad, once you get over his… well, I would say womanizing, but the only ones that fell for his words are his one-night-stands and hostesses.” She chuckles, “But he’s a pretty good person. In fact, he helped me a lot when I first transferred here.”

    “Ah, I see.”

    “Now, if only he would stop trying to act all suave for the ladies…”

    We both let loose a chuckle at that. And I thought Samerson was the worst. Looks like even Marines have their equivalent…


    A very familiar cry can be heard, I turn around to see someone I didn’t expect to come here running up to me, dressed in black evening dress with a v-cut on the front to show off her impressive cleavage, along with a slit open on one side to show off her thigh and the same sandal high-heels she always wears.

    “Silvia!?” I cried out in surprise as my captain ran up to me, “What are you doing here?”

    “We were brought here.” Her vice-captain walks up behind her, Lee is dressed in a white suit under a black dress shirt with a white bowtie along with a pair of white dress pants and brown leather shoes. “Some guys with the royal crest waited for us at the docks and gave us invites to come here. They even use a carriage and everything.”

    “You are really amazing, Rein!” Silvia tells me with a wide grin, “To think you’ll save an entire kingdom!! Oh man, wait till the rest hear about this! We are definitely going to Disco Island after this!”

    “Who else came here?” I asked them, “Is Sen here too?”

    “Just us and Sen, I’m afraid.” Lee stated, “But Sen went off somewhere the moment we entered the castle. Who knows where he might be?”

    “Huh…” I thought about whether I should be worried, but then I decided to not think about it. After all, he has been here before, didn’t he? He has to know his way around. I doubt he is like Zoro in that regard.

    But one can’t help wonder where he would even go…

    Sen walks up to a coffin within the tombs under the castle, one which has the name [Arthurious] engraved into the stone tablet in front of it. He kneels down in front of it and lays down a small bundle of flowers next to the stone tablet.

    “Hey there, Arthur.” He says to the coffin in front of me, “Sorry for not coming to your funeral. Didn’t know about it until a week ago.” He pats on the stone coffin, feeling the grains under his fingertips. Many emotions filled him; many memories run through his head as he stands there in silence for his dead friend.

    The time they first met where he introduced himself as Meron due to unable to come up with an alias for himself until he saw a melon that he procured just moments ago.

    The times he spent instructing him in the ways of swordsmanship after he had persistently asked so many times.

    The time in which he was asked to join him with the rebellion to achieve his dream of liberating Twilight Isles from the Latian’s corrupted grasp.

    That one time that he has to break him out of prison and laughed his head off after he was told how he got caught in the first place.

    The moment in which he gave Grimsalve to him, only for him to change its name to Elderburn moments later.

    That moment in which he came out with the Latian King, bounded in chains, and proclaims the end of the war.

    The moment the flag of the Britt Kingdom was first raised into the air.

    When he got married and he was the priest.

    When Solaria is born.

    When Solaria is married and he was once again the priest.

    When Luna was born.

    When he officially stepped down and past the crown to his dearest son.

    When his wife died of illness.

    When the two shared one last drink one year ago, where he has asked the old king if he had finally realised his dream. And his answer, till this day, is one that he couldn’t bring himself to forget.

    “My dream of freeing the land is fulfilled.” He says as he down the shot of rum, “And now, my dream of assuring the kingdom’s prosperity would go on, by my son’s hand, by my granddaughter’s hand, by her son’s hand and so forth. Even now, my dream is still going strong.”

    That was the last time he has ever spoke to him, and the last time he would ever have a drink with him.

    He uncorks the bottle of rum he has brought with him, and proceeds to pour it all over the coffin with reckless abandon.

    “Your dream is still going strong, huh…?” He wonders before chuckling, “Indeed it is.” He raises the bottle in a toast, “To your dream, my dear friend. May you rest in peace.”

    He then chugs the rest of the rum, tears flowing down his cheeks with each gulp.

    “Pwah, so salty…”

    It is now late in the evening, the orange sunset shimmering in the distance.

    After the banquet is over, I have gathered my things and met up with Silvia, Lee and Sen, and we all went back to Port Royalise to re-join the rest of the crew on the Silver Fang. Luna is also here to see me off.

    “So, you’re finally leaving.” She stated with a smile, “Hard to believe we only known each other for just a week. And now…”

    “We are friends.” I smiled back.

    The few days I have spent in the castle, besides researching for the vault, I have spent some time with Luna as we prepared for the ceremony. We have talked, have a somewhat awkward sleepover which ended up rather… raunchy to say the least, and overall formed a bond with each other.

    “Be sure to write often.” She tells me.

    “Of course.” I stated with a grin, “Not sure what I would write about, though.”

    “Anything is fine!” She stated, “What are you doing at the time, what you have for lunch that day, stuff like that!”

    “That feels more like an exchange diary then anything…”

    “…Sorry, I have never had a pen-pal before… and…”

    “It’s fine.” I assures her, “I’ll to write, but don’t expect too much.”

    “I won’t.”


    We both share a chuckle at that, before she walks up and embraced me in a hug. I welcome it and hugs her back. “I’m going to miss you.”

    “Me too.”

    Soon enough, I board back on to the Silver Fang and we sail off into the distance. I turn back to the docks, where Luna is waving her arms at me, shouting her goodbyes. I then replied back by waving my arms as well.

    With that, the curtains fall for events on the Twilight Isles.

    To be continued…

    Finally, done!! Oh god, this epilogue is way harder than I thought it would be. I sure hope the last few parts doesn’t feel too sloppy, as I have run out of things to say… Also, yes, there are some development off-screen but I’ll try to address them.

    So yes, with this, the Twilight Isles Arc has finally come to a close!! How do you all feel about it? Let me know, please! Criticism is most welcomed!

    And on a side note, with this, I may take a small break from this fic. I’m not abandoning it, just wanting to focus on a new fic I have ideas for.

    Keep a look out for when it will drop!

    With that, I thank you all for reading this!
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    Wanna see butterflies
    Butterflies everywhere
    Is she going out of her way to preserve canon??
    Her DF seems pretty flexible
    Eager to see how she grows

    Also Haki
    She should know about it right
    Learn it~~
    If those idiots at sky island could learn 'Mantra' so can she

    Can't wait for her to get into more interesting situations
  7. Index: NSFW announcement
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    Okay after seeing so many of you vote for it, there will be some NSFW lemon chapters coming soon! I’m already underway with the first one, so look forward to that.

    And These won’t be Canon, just what-ifs for the story.
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  8. Extras: NSFW 1 (Masturbation)
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    NSFW Chapter 1: Nightly Problems. (Masturbation)


    I felt my body start to get warm, the itch between my legs getting worst by the minute. My breaths came out like gasps as I rub my legs together to try and ease the suffering. I can feel my clothes getting soaked with sweat, sticking onto my bare skin.

    My underwear must be soaked through by now.

    This has been happening since the week after we arrived at Temasek and Sen started our new training schedule. Every night, I am invaded by this heat and couldn’t get any sleep in. No matter how much I twist and turn, I couldn’t fall back asleep and just spent all night going through the motions. That results in me being really exhausted in morning and barely able to get through Sen’s training at all.

    And I think Sen is noticing but is not saying anything.

    Regardless, this has happening for two days straight now, and now that I think about it, it is obvious what I am feeling.

    “Am I… getting horny…?”

    That has to be the only explanation, especially with the heat between my legs that I can feel my panties getting soaked by something other than sweat. I can’t believe it took me this long to realised what it is. Guess I didn’t want to admit to getting aroused as a woman.

    But even if I am horny, it can’t be this bad. There’s no way my body would crave pleasure so intensively, even if I haven’t considered masturbating at all.

    …Okay, maybe I may have thought of it once in a while, but to actually do the deed is a whole can of worms that I didn’t want to open, no matter what.

    Regardless, if this keeps up, I would be too tired to continue with my training properly, not to mention Sen is upping the difficulty with each passing day.

    The only option is to release my frustration, and that meant… that… meant… oh my god, I can’t believe I’m actually thinking to doing this.

    I’m a guy, damn it! And this is a woman’s body! There’s no dick for me to stroke and I have no idea how to pleasure a female!


    Oh, damn it, the itch is getting worse. What should I do?

    …I can’t believe I’m even attempting this…

    With great reluctance (But no shortage of arousal to my embarrassment), I took great effort to peel off my clothes as fast as I can without tearing it into shreds. Thanks to no part to Silvia’s taste in clothing, my nightwear consists of a translucent silky nightgown to my embarrassment over my pair of white panties and bra.

    Thankfully, the nightgown is easily removed just by pulling it over my head, though it being stuck to my skin by my perspiration made things a little difficult.

    Once I hesitantly removed the last of my clothing, that being my panties, I couldn’t help shiver a little when the wind blows against my sweaty skin.

    I glanced down at the discarded underwear, where I saw a visible wet spot where my vagina is supposed to be, my face heats up immensely at the thought of my now obvious arousal.

    Okay… now that I’m naked… now what?

    I blushed a little as I ponder over how I should do this. The heat is getting worst and I still have no idea how to relieve it!

    My mind immediately went to the huge amount of porn that I have googled in my teen years, a lot of them are lesbian porn and shows quite graphical portray of foreplay. Including ladies that pleasured each other by-

    …I have to do that, don’t I?

    I glanced down at my crotch, my somehow hairless womanhood in full display and going by the increasing itch, is getting really wet. I nervously move my hand down to it, cupping around it with my index and ring finger, and middle finger ready to perform the act.

    I slowly move my finger down onto my clit, and gently rub-


    A jolt went up my spine the moment my finger moved, white flashes over my vision as the sudden sensation forces a moan out of my mouth.

    W-Whoa… that was pretty intense… and felt really good…

    I move my finger again; the same sensation floods my senses once more but didn’t stop my fiddling. With each rubbing, the sensation flashes over and over again, my body shivering from the intense pleasure I am receiving from the act and more.

    “A-Ah~! Oh, oh my g-god~ S-So inten~se! S-So good~”

    Words out of a hentai comes pouring out of my mouth without stopping, only muffled by my free hand. My mind beginning to accept the shameless act I am performing and is desiring more and more. The pleasure, the ecstasy, they are all so overwhelming~!

    I got a little adventurous from the ecstasy and moved my finger down towards the folds of my womanhood. Parting it slightly, rubbing it up and down, the pleasure is way more intense than before.

    A familiar sensation then starts to build up, one that I know quite well yet is very, very different.

    “C-Cum… Oh, gonna cum…! C-Can’t stop~! Can’t…! Cum, cum, coming with a woman’s body-AAHH!!”

    My mind is painted pink as my hips jolted up with my climax, I can feel the fluids squirting out of my pussy without stopping.


    The amount of relief I felt afterwards is staggering, along with the shame and embarrassment of doing the deed. Not to mention that I couldn’t even control my voice.

    “Oh man… hope no one heard that…”

    It would be so awkward if anyone heard me, not to mention painfully embarrassing.

    But the intensity, the pleasure, the feeling of massaging my clit… all of it is really intoxicating… I never thought masturbating as a woman could be so… so consuming.

    Just as I thought that, a familiar heat came back and the itch returned worse than before.

    “Getting aroused just by thinking about… how horny am I!?”

    This time, I feel no shame when my fingers went back to work with full force, letting the pleasure fill me once more.

    The very next morning, I was greeted to the sight of several people, men mostly, all chugging down several mugs of coffee.


    Kris walks up to me with a steaming mug at hand. His eyes are blood-shot with dark bags under his eyelids

    “Oh, hey Kris. Man, you look terrible. Did you get any sleep last night?”

    “Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that.” He muttered, a slight blush coated his cheeks, “Look, I know that even ladies have… urges… so it would be wise if you can… you know…. Keep it down when you’re…”

    …Oh crap, everyone heard me…

    “Hey, if you looking for some release, I could assist with–”

    “Shut the fuck up, Sam!

    To be continued…

    Here you go! As promised, one lemon scene! Man, I didn’t think making a smut scene is this difficult… makes me appreciate all the lemon scenes I jerked off to.

    This is the first of many, and many more to come!

    And from here on, like to you to write in what kind of h-scene you want next!

    But let me first set down some ground rules!

    No.1: No Scat or pissing! That fetish is weird as all fuck, so no thanks!
    No.2: No kink-shaming! If you don’t like what you see, I suggest you either ignore the chapter or go to another smut fic. Don’t got flaming people for suggesting that!
    No.3: No vore! Refer to No.1 for what I feel about it.

    And that’s about it. Anything else is all game. Just don’t expect to see such thing too often. This is nothing more than a side project.

    With that, I thank you all for reading this!
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    Even though this post is months old, it seems relevant now, so I'll say that you know you don't actually have to write things you don't want to write, right? Also, maybe it's just me, but I thought she was gay, so it seems weird that your own snippet suggestions are all for hetshit.
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    Yeah, thanks for that. There are some kinks I really don’t want to dive into, so I Guess this much can help. Seriously, the ugly bastard tab on every fucking hentai out there...

    Also, I don’t ever stated that Rein was straight, either. If anything, he/she is still a little confused over his/her sexual preference. Though, there will be some gay smut in the future, and maybe some gender bending action...
  11. the RED and the BLUE

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    It's not something you said, it just seemed like a safe assumption. Her standing interest is a girl, she doesn't want to flirt with guys, and well, most dudes are straight in the first place, so a straight man, a boy (who likes girls), would genderflip to a lesbian, a girl (who likes girls).
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    I can't wait to see what sexual explorative journey you will send her on.
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    Looking for that sweet sweet gender bender action!!
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  14. Threadmarks: Chapter 19
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    Chapter 19: Disco Island

    “Hey, guys! Hey guys!! The latest copy just dropped!”

    “Oh, sweet! Quick! Find that article! Let’s see how she look!”

    “Already on the case!!”

    It has been a few days since we left the Twilight Isles and the Britt Kingdom.

    The seas have been mostly calm, with a few wild winds and some heavy rainstorms here and there, and we are slowly making our way back to Temasek. Or at least, that’s where I THINK we are heading to.

    For some reason, a lot of the crew seems to be excited about something for the past couple of days since we left Port Royalist, and I have no idea why. The guys seem to be taking good care of their oral hygiene for some reason, and the girls are really attentive towards their make-up as well. Heck, I see Silvia checking her hair at the porthole window every once in a while.

    Heck, even Sen seems to be doing it!

    And that is terrifying…

    At any case, that has nothing to do with case at hand as the moment the News Coo landed on the railings, someone immediately buy the latest copy and start flipping through it like crazy.

    “What’ve gotten you all excited?” I asked after another strenuous training session with Sen. Him being in a good mood doesn’t seem to make the training any easier. If anything, he seems to be making them even tougher by the day, now adding spars with actual swords with me now permanently the wielder of Nanashi.

    “Oh, like you don’t know~”

    “Really, I don’t. What are you looking for?”

    “Ooh~! Found it~!” The crewmember with the newspaper, I think his name is Joey, reveal to the article to us, a full page spread from the looks of it.

    When I saw the photo on it, I let out a moan of embarrassment as I tries to cover my now blushing face as much as I could.

    “[Princess saves Kingdom from a future Rebellion!]” He reads out loud, “[With the help from a brave young lady in employment the East Traders!]! Hey, Rein! You’re on the paper!!”

    “Oh man, what is she wearing?”

    “I don’t know. I think it suits her.”


    “Man, look at that expression! Hahaha, you look so out of place!”

    “I think this is the first I’ve ever saw her in an actual dress.”

    Comment after comment came out of my crewmates much to my increasing shame and embarrassment. Damn it, I knew that is going to come up in the papers, but still!

    “Oh… someone, just kill me now…”

    “Relax, Rein.” Gord assures me with a pat on the back, “You look great in that outfit. Way better that I thought you ever could.”

    “That dress really suits you, to be honest.” Kris added.

    “Not you guys too…!” I moaned as I brought my knees to my chest in a fetal position to try and hide my burning face.

    “Hey, hey, what’s all the racket!?” Silvia calls out as she came to the deck, “Why aren’t any of you at your post!?”

    “The latest newspaper is out!”

    “Oh, sweet! Is Rein’s article in there!?”

    “Right here!”

    “Let me see!”

    “God damn it, Silvia!!” I groan out, “It’s just one article! It’s nothing to make such a big fuss about!”

    “Rein, you literally saved an entire kingdom from regressing into civil war.” My captain stated flatly, “I think that desire this much fuss.”

    “It’s not like I did it on my own…”

    “Regardless! It’s still fact that you are on the news! And with this, the East Traders’ reputation will skyrocket into new heights! All thanks to you!”

    I’m not sure how to feel about that. I mean, the only reason I even helped Luna out in the first place is due to Sen pushing me into it. And then I dragged Ace and Deuce into it, and through sheer fucking luck and some super lucky coincidence that we managed to foil Reginold’s plans. Not exactly awe-inspiring, that’s for sure…

    “Man, they sure are putting you up there.” Joe noted as he reads into the paper, “Taking down an entire platoon of armed terrorists all by yourself, and with nothing but your sword? Those are some high exaggeration! The World Government sure doesn’t cut corners on this.”

    “That’s the World Government for you.” Gord sighs, “If there’s any news on an affiliated kingdom, especially when it is to do with civil unrest, they would go to all lengths to overdramatise the entire event.”

    “That, or ‘Big News’ Morgans really likes to overexaggerate with his words.” Lee pointed out.

    “Or both.” Sen stated, “It could be both.”

    “Alright, men! It is now decided!” She snatches the newspaper out of Joe’s grasps before raising it into the air like a trophy, “When we arrive at Disco Island, the first thing we are going to do is celebrate like sailors! Everyone gets shore leave for the day!!”


    “Huh? Disco Island?” I blinked in surprise. That’s where we’re heading to this whole time?

    “Seriously, Rein?” Gord raises his brow at my expression, “Silvia stated that we will head there on the return trip, remember? Before we left Temasek?”


    Now that he mentioned it, she did say something like that before, didn’t she? I must have forgotten about it with all the stuff that has been going on back at Twilight Isles…

    “You can seriously be a bit of an airhead at times, huh?” Sen chuckles.

    “Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, why don’t you?”

    “Ah, but someone needs to stay behind to guard the ship.” Lee points out.

    “Alright! Let’s have a rock-paper-scissors tournament!” Silvia announces, “Loser has to guard the ship for the night!”

    “What, seriously!?”

    “Damn it, I can’t afford to lose!”

    “Oh crap, I’m terrible at that! Argh, my shore leave!!”

    “Hey! That’s completely unfair!”

    Kris opens his mouth to speak, no doubt to volunteer to stay behind-


    The sea next to the ship suddenly exploded in a tower of water, one as tall as the mast with the resulting displacement splashing down on all of us. The shockwave shakes the ship extremely wildly that has almost everyone falling and tripping over themselves to try and stay upright.

    “What was that!?”

    “Captain!! Pirates off to the portside!!”

    The lookout’s announcement spooked everyone on the ship as we all quickly rushed into battle stations to prepare for another fight. The cannons are aimed and armed with boxes of gunpowder and cannonballs are being dragged out of storage, swords and various forms of firearms are armed and ready.

    I thumbed Nanashi’s tsuba nervously as I waited anxiously for the upcoming brawl.

    “Who is it?” Silvia asked.

    “The Buggy Pirates, captain!”

    Wait, the Buggy Pirates? The one with the comical ass of a captain that is pretty much the guy whose luck is either so bad or so good to the point of hilariousness? The one that looks like a fucking clown even without any makeup or fake noses? The ass of the joke and meme of the fandom, Buggy himself?

    I didn’t think I’ll run into him at all. Then again, he has a pretty hefty bounty in canon, so he has to be pretty active before Luffy came and wreck his ass. While he is pretty pathetic in Grand Line standards, he is very, very dangerous in the East Blue.

    His tricky Devil Fruit ability aside, his custom cannonballs aren’t some run-of-a-mill ammunition, each with enough firepower to level a row of houses with just one shot. Not to mention his more portable Muggy Ball that he kept within his shoes that he can fire at any time and with no reduction of its destructive power.

    Not only that, his Lieutenants are no pushover either. One’s a tamer of a massive lion that is pretty strong, while the other is a not-incompetent swordsman with a bag full of deadly tricks that had Zoro on the evasive for majority of their fight.

    I may have a tough time dealing with them-

    “Huh? Lil’ Buggy? Didn’t think I’ll run into him in this decade…”

    “Hm? You know him?” I asked Sen in surprise. From the way he said it, it’s like he knew of the clown pirate personally, and for a pretty long time too.

    The only way he could have known him would have been that he… no, that can’t be. It can’t be that much a coincidence, can it?

    “HAHAHA!! Hear me, you East Traders!!”

    A booming, but rather unthreatening, voice calls out from the pirate ship that is coming closer every few clicks.

    “That shot I flashily graced you with is from my special cannonball, the Buggy Ball!” Unmistakably Buggy shouts out over from his pirate ship, “If you don’t want that to hit you, I suggest you surrender and hand over all your gold, silver and all things that glitter! If not, we’re happy to take it from your wreckage!”

    “Damn, that was from one cannonball? How powerful is that Buggy Ball?” Joe wonders worriedly.

    “If that thing hits us, a hole in the hull would be the least of our worries.” Gord noted.

    “What’s our plan?” Lee asked Silvia, “Should we do as he says?”

    “It pains me to say it, but…” She muttered out; her tone clearly indicates how frustrating it is to her, “Everyone, weapons down. Let them board.”


    “We can’t just surrender!”

    “I-I’m sure I can hit their hull from here!”

    “I can swim over there and take them down, no problem!” Kris pointed out.

    “And then they’ll sink us without any mercy!!” She shouts out to the crew, silencing their complains instantly, “I would rather have our lives and this ship not sinking if it just means giving up on some shiny metals! We can earn the money back, but we can’t bring the dead back. Let them board, that is an order.”

    “…Yes, captain, ma’am…”

    “If I may interject…” Sen spoke up from the crew, getting everyone’s attention, “You don’t have to give them anything, if you wanted.”


    “Just leave that clown to me. I’ll have it settled without a single fight.”

    We are all confused by his words, but decided to trust in them regardless. If it is Sen, I’m sure he’ll be able to pull it off. After all, it is clear that he knows Buggy.

    Soon enough, after Silvia gave the order to raise a white flag in surrender, the Buggy Pirates’ circus-themed ship sails up to us and drops a boarding ramp on our railings.

    “I’m glad you guys are smart about this.” Buggy gleefully walks onto the deck, “To be honest, hunting for your gold from a wreckage would be such a pain.”

    He is as ridiculous-looking as Oda made him out to be. Crossbones makeup with lips coated in red, orange pirate hat with his pirate-clown Jolly Roger on it, orange fur-lined pirate coat draped over his shoulder, red striped shirt and green pants with those pointed jester shoes, not to mention that big red nose of his.

    He is a ‘clown’ from top to bottom.

    And that’s not mentioning his crew, who has all adopted similar attire to reflect the circus theme they are clearly going for to match with their captain. Heck, they might as well be the circus if they weren’t wielding swords and flintlocks.

    Also, I’m not sure if I’m misremembering, but was the tamer’s hair always that white, and looks so much like fur?

    “Now, as we ordered, your gold, silver, and all things glittering. Into the bag they go.” One of his men walks up with a large bag open for us, clearing waiting for their precious loot. “If I ever catch a glimpse of even one person attempting something foolish, it is goodbye to your ship-”

    “Wow, did your nose gotten bigger? Ho-ly shit, that is amazing!”

    I can literally hear his nerve snapping as his crew clearly flinches and steps away from their captain with great haste.

    “Who’s the fucking bastard who said that!? Step forward and I’ll show you who has a big nose!”


    As soon as Sen steps out, Buggy’s face immediately drops several shades of every colour colour and became as pale as a bleached white sheet. Even his lips became pale, and they are coated!


    “Long time no see, Lil’ Buggy!”


    With bulging eyes and chattering teeth, the clown-themed pirate screams out in both shock and panic. Not to mention his hilarious expression that is befitting his namesake and appearance. Damn, I didn’t think lips could pucker up that much without looking like a kiss!!

    “W-What are you doing here!?”

    “What? Am I not allowed to roam the East Blue?”

    “O-Oh! O-Of course, n-n-not! You can sail wherever you like!!” He nervously chuckles, “J-Just, I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”

    “Heh, you know how it is with me.” Sen states with a smirk, “Wandering with no destination, in mind. But enough about me, let’s talk about you! I see you are making quite a name of yourself! A loyal crew, a pretty high bounty, and a ship to call your own! You are really moving up in the world.”

    “A-Ah, yes! Of course! A pirate to the end, like the captain always says!”

    “Yes, yes, like he says. And a pirate you are to the end, right?”

    “Y-Yes…?” Buggy’s face starts to tense up a little, “O-Out of pure c-curiosity, what are you doing on this here ship?”

    “Oh, I’m currently working as this ship’s guard.”

    “I-I see…”

    “And you are planning on plundering this ship of its valuables and goods, so I have to step in to stop you.” Buggy’s face became even paler than before, “Just as a heads-up, I don’t hate you for what you are doing. You are just doing what all pirates do, after all. It’s with the career.”

    “O-Of course…”

    “With that being said…” Sen smirks, “I value the bonds I made over the years, so I can be a little lenient on this. So, I’m going to give a painless solution!”

    “W-Which is…?”

    “Leave within the next ten minutes. And if I ever see you coming after this ship again…”

    A crack of a single finger joint is more than enough motivation for him to start running back to the ship like his ass is on fire, his confused crew not too far behind. Within the next five minutes, the boarding ramps are pulled back to his ship, the anchor is raised and the circus pirate ship is speeding away as fast as a wind-powered ship is capable of going.

    “SORRY FOR THE TROUBLE!!” Buggy shouts out over the horizon as the pirate ships sails further away.

    “…And that takes care of that.” Sen pats his hands free of any imaginary dust, “See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”







    No one can say anything, especially with how low our jaws have dropped by the display of absolute dominance by Sen. I know Sen has immense strength, but for Buggy to run away in a panic like that without so much as a single punch or bullet fired? And with just his sheer intimidation alone?

    And at that point, everyone on the ship just collectively decides to never try to offend Sen ever again. And to find a way to have Sen stay as this ship’s guard permanently.

    By the time the sun starts to set and the night begins to roll around, we all made it to the island everyone has been hyping up about.

    And to be their benefit, they have a reason to do so.

    Disco Island is like its namesake, a bustling island city that may as well be the East Blue equivalent to Las Vegas, but more disco dancing and drunk partying with less casinos and gambling. I guess that is to expected with an island that seems to have a huge culture centring around the beauty of 80s disco culture.

    Heck, I can see a lot of fashion choices that would fit perfectly in the 80s that are just wandering the streets, not to mention the insane dance parties ongoing all around the island.

    The island’s buildings aren’t that different from a regular city of this world, with stone houses made with white bricks all around that can go as high as five stories at least. And when I said city, I mean it.

    You see, the island itself isn’t very big, and such the buildings are built similar to big metropolis like New York but in a more sailing ship era setting. That meant that besides the main streets and city square, every building is built pretty close to each other, and that leads to lots of alleyways in between. If you were to wander about here, you can get lost pretty quickly and easily.

    Thankfully, that is not the case for me this time as the moment we landed on the island, we all went straight to the largest bar for a celebration.

    “A toast! To our shortest member yet-”


    “-and the great hero that saved a kingdom!! To Rein!!”


    In no time at all, everyone all starts drinking and partying like no tomorrow. Beer are poured and chugged every few minutes, laughing and cheers all around. Some were even starting to sing and dance about the place, piss drunk or otherwise. And boy, some of them are piss drunk and is screwing up the song badly. And yet, tone deaf singing surprisingly fits this place.

    “Having fun, Rein?” Sen asked after he down what looks like his fiftieth mug.

    “Kind of.” I nodded as I sips my root beer. Yeah, turns out root beer exists in this world, and are non-alcoholic so it is safe. “It’s kind of fun to see what everyone else is up to.”

    I think I saw Sam already making some moves on the local ladies with very high possibility of a one-night-stand. He might be getting a threesome with twins by the looks of things.

    And Gord is starting a Congo line for some reason? Hell, he is even wearing the large Mexican hat with all the accessories and everything. All he needs to have some maracas and he is set!

    And Silvia is at the corner nursing a drink and-Is she making out with Lee of all people!? Not only that, they are practically humping each other!

    “Um, is Silvia and Lee…?”

    “They are dating, if that’s what you are thinking.”

    “Does everyone know about this?”

    “Pretty much. There were subtle hints here and there, you know.”

    Wow. I didn’t even notice at all. I did think they were pretty close, but I assumed it was because of their positions and such-and they are groping each other now. And Silvia is taking off her jacket-

    “Go to the bathroom, at least!!”

    Justin’s shout manages to get them to head there before they start ‘riding’ each other in public. Wow, they must be really drunk, or pent up from being out at sea that long.

    “Too bad Kris can’t come here, huh?” I pointed out.

    The fishman has volunteer to stay behind on the Silver Fang as the night guard, as expected of him. I get that he can’t really join in as he can’t come onto the island without tripping some alarm and getting the Marine involved, but I would like it if he could show up.

    “You know how it is.” Sen stated, “With Arlong ruining the reputation of Fishmen in the East Blue, he would just bring the Marines down on us.”

    “I know, I know. Just…”

    “…Let’s get him a barrel to chug when we get back, huh?”

    I nodded at the idea before draining my mug.

    Soon enough, when close to everyone is either blacked out or vomiting on the streets, we all returned back to the Silver Fang to rest up for the night. Excluding Sam who has a nightly rendezvous.

    Sen is still drinking though, with no sign of him getting even a little tipsy.

    After giving Kris some high-quality rum from the bar, we decide to take over his shift and let him enjoy a little drink for the night. At least there are a few people who still hasn’t drink enough who are willing to join him, Justin being surprisingly one of them. Gord seems to still be functioning well enough to add some snacks to go with it.

    “This is a good night.” Sen nodded as he empties another bottle in one long chug.

    “Man, I know I have said this before, but you really can hold your alcohol.” I pointed out.

    “Yup. Several centuries of drinking can do that to you.”

    “Guess that explains it…”

    Thankfully, tonight seems to be a cloudless night. So all the shimmering stars are free to be seen and the full moon is shining down on us, letting us have a good view of the deck even without a lantern.

    As the salty sea breeze blew against me, my shoulder length hair fluttering in the wind, I thought back to all my time in this world.

    Getting saved by Sen having dropping into the ocean, eating the nasty Devil Fruit and nearly drowning in the process, getting new clothes and joining the East Traders, the time in Riza and my almost crush on Suiren, Sen revealed to be a Dragon, that battle with the Don Krieg pirates, meeting Garp and then Ace a few days later, and my adventure with Luna to save her kingdom.

    Man, all of that happened just within the span of a couple of months…

    “A lot has happened, huh…?”


    “Ever since I came here into this world, it has been on full throttle non-stop.” I explains to him, “Event after event after event, I have been through quite a bit of a journey.”

    “It’s not too bad.” Sen stated, “You seems to be having a great time at least.”

    “Yeah, I am. Back in my world, the farthest I have ever gone is to my college and back. Maybe to my sister’s house sometimes for a visit or to deliver some things, but that’s the extent of where I have gone outside of my house.”

    “That sounds rather boring…”

    “It is, but I didn’t really desire anything outside of it, outside of my comfort zone.” I added, “But now, I have been turned into a girl, eaten probably the worst fruit to have ever existed, joined a trading company, and now I have saved an entire kingdom. All of that, I wouldn’t have imagined myself doing at all.”

    “Do you now?”

    “Somewhat. Maybe a little, but I wouldn’t change it any other way.”

    “I see.” He nodded, “I guess that means you wouldn’t mind me upping the difficulty of your training?”

    “Oh please, have mercy on that end.”

    We both let loose a little chuckle at that, before returning to that peaceful silence.

    As the night went on, my mind starts to think back to the book I have in my room right now. The book I have swiped from the vault back on the Twilight Isles. And its hierographic content.

    I knew that Sen has purposely forbids me from even attempting to search about anything about the Void Century, but with that book, I might have some clue to its truth. The One Piece fan inside me is screaming at me to find out the truth, about this and everything.


    “This is going to sound out of leftfield, but…” I turn to face my mentor, “Back at Twilight Isles, Reginold had told Vi that your friend Arthurious has issued an order to kill off all Letians and anyone related to their royal bloodline. Is that…?”

    “…Yes, and no.” He sighs, “That part of their history is one that Arthurious is not proud of. Even with the war won, there’s still some deep resentment towards the Letians. While he wanted them to just leave them alone and live alongside them, there are those who wants vengeance on all of them, whether or not they are involved in the fighting. It has gotten so out of hand that there were forged orders that permitted the genocide of at least several thousands of civilians, all of them just distantly related to the Letian Kingdom.”

    “So… what Reginold said is true?”

    “In one hand, yes. But Arthurious was able to put a stop to it in the end. He didn’t want this to happen again, so he has the rest of the Letians all banished from the island and all records of such a thing ever happening was erased. After a while, that is accepted as fact.”

    “Man… even the greatest saint has the darkest secrets, huh?” I noted. I have absolutely no idea that such a deep secret was erased from history. It is kind of like the World Government, huh…?

    “Mhm.” He nodded, “Say, what brought that up? Still thinking about that guy Vi?”

    “No, not really, just…” I wonder if I should say it, and decides to just bite the bullet, “When I was in the tome under the kingdom, there was a vault that can only be opened by a certain item.”

    “Ah, right. Arthurious did mention something like that before his coronation. Says that it must not be opened at all.”

    “Yeah, well… we opened it.” I flinched at his twitching eyebrows as I felt his Conqueror Haki starting to leak out of him, “B-But! There was nothing but books in it!”

    “…Books? He didn’t say anything about books…”

    “Yeah, but here’s the kicker…” I look around to make sure no one for sure is listening in before telling him, “In those books, are written text that looks like the letters on the Poneglyphs.”


    “SSHH!! You want to tell everyone!?”

    He grumbles a little before asking, “Are you absolutely sure about this? They aren’t some other strange lost language?”

    “No, those are definitely the same kind of letters as the ones on the Poneglyphs.” I stated, “If you want a comparison, I have one of the books in my room.”

    “You took one out!?” He screams at me, “Are you fucking insane!? If the World Government, if those five bastards found about this, they are going to declare war against the Britt Kingdom!!”

    “I know, I know! But I can’t help it! That book might contain information that not even Clover was able to found out!! Information on the missing history!!”

    “Which is why I want you to get rid of it right now!! No amount of knowledge is worth risking a Buster Call over!!”

    “It doesn’t have to be that way! It’s just one book! That’s all! Please, at least translate it for me before getting rid of it!” I begged him, “I have to know what it says!”

    “…You could be hunted for life, you know.”

    “I highly doubt that this one book happens to have information about the Ancient Weapons, Sen.”

    “…Find. Just bring it here. But I’m destroying it afterwards.”

    “Sure, no problem! I’ll be right back!”

    With haste, I dash into my room and brought back the forbidden text to him.

    He carefully opens it up and skims through the pages a little. When his eyebrows raise up in what I can only guess is confusion, I knew from that it has nothing to do with all that he is afraid of.

    “This… is just a history textbook.”

    “A textbook?” That’s it? It’s just a dumb textbook!?

    “Yeah, but one that predates even the World Government.” He added, “And… yup, the Ruroa Empire. That hasn’t existed for a very long time.”

    “So, it’s just a textbook…” I sighs in dejection, “Man, I was kind of hoping for some kind of hint about the Void Century.”

    Sen says nothing as he easily rips the book into pieces before dumping them into the sea below. “But why would a history textbook be sealed within a vault?” He wonders.

    “Yeah, that’s a good question.” I nodded. For such a secure vault, for it just house textbooks would a big question mark for all of us.

    “…Say, Rein.” My mentor asks, “Why are you so curious about the Void Century?”

    “Hm? Oh, no real reason.” I noted, “It’s just that back home, there were A LOT of theories about what the Void Century is since its reveal in the story, and I have read through all of them in my free time. Guess that the thought of being able to either debunk or proof one of them is an enticing one.”

    “I see…”

    “But damn, it would nice if one of them could be true…”

    I lean back against the railings and watch the stars, letting the wind blow through my hair.

    To be continued…

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