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Dragon Swordswoman(MAN!) One Piece SIOC

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Colin Yeo, May 15, 2018.

  1. Colin Yeo

    Colin Yeo Making the rounds.

    May 13, 2018
    Likes Received:
    When I think of reincarnation, being transported to the world of One Piece is the last thing I would think of. And why am I a girl! And what do you mean you're a dragon! A SI One Piece story with a twist! Warning: Mature Themes and possible cursing.

    Chapter 1:
    I like Isekai stories, but not this!

    I always have a liking with otherworld-summoning stories, fan-made or original. The idea of going into a new place, fictional one or just some weird place has always fascinated me.

    Like Zero no Tsukaima, or every Isekai manga out there.

    It’s like travelling to another planet, only without the sci-fi and more fantasy.

    I’ve read a lot of fics of this idea, of one character jumps into another story and how those people are going to react. It was fascinating!

    It makes me wonder if I could end up like that someday.

    Sure it is a little dumb daydream but hey! Anything could happen!

    But sure isn’t me being dead though.

    It was over in an instant. One second I was on the traffic crossing, the next… It was blur. I remember getting hit, then flying, then crashing, and sliding, you get the gist of it. That’s what I get for not looking both ways before I cross.

    But still, being dead is… a little underwhelming to be honest.

    I was just in a dark space, like dark, dark.

    Nothing here.

    Just empty void of darkness.

    I crossed my arms in irritation. I guess all those talks about heaven or hell after death is just bullshit after all. I wasn’t much a religious person myself anyway.

    Oh, where are my manners…
    The name’s Rein, Rein Crosshart. Yeah, it’s a weird name, but I have heard weirder.

    I’m an Asian male of average height (At least it is in my country.), black hair and brown eyes. The standard Asian package. Twenty years old, and I’m dead. Damn, now that I’ve said it out loud it’s kind of depressing. I’ve haven’t finished my diploma yet and I’m already dead. Well, at least I’ve no need to turn in those papers that I didn’t do at all!

    Okay, this is getting boring quick. What am I supposed to do here?! Wait out the rest of eternity in this void going crazy?! If this is the afterlife I want out! I’ve never got to see the end of One Piece yet! That’s a big thing! I mean, which loyal One Piece fan doesn’t want to see the big finale of that amazing piece of art and story?!

    And just as like that, the void brightens, and I know nothing.

    The first thing I’ve notice after that light show is that I’m not in the void anymore. The blue sky, the white clouds, and the wide expansive ocean; yup, not the void. I’ve looked around, the rocky plains on my feet, my bare feet. Is it chilly here or just me?

    I looked down on my body, and my mind froze.

    I’ve have breasts.
    Like… Female mammillary organs.
    The two round fats that attracts the male gaze.

    Not only that, I’m naked. Like a newborn baby.

    “WHAT THE HELL?!” I yelled out as I groped my new body parts, “WHEN DID I GREW BOOBS?! IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE?!” I turn to the Cliffside and looked down at the sea, my reflection looking at me but not the one I expect. Instead of a standard guy’s face, I’ve got the most feminine face I know of. It’s like a model face staring right back at me.

    “Oh… Oh my gawd…” I muttered, before realizing my voice has changed as well. Gone was the boring male voice of Rein, instead it is a stranger’s. A really beautiful, angelic voice.

    I… turned into a girl… A really… hot… naked girl…

    “What is going on?!” Is this the reincarnation thing?! If it is, can I have a redraw?! At least let me keep my guy parts!

    “Okay, calm down… Calm down…” I panted, “Don’t panic… just think. I’m on an unknown rocky cliff with nothing but my naked body, which is female… Okay, that sounds like the start of a real bad hentai…” I looked back, a lush forest behind me.

    Okay, first thing first, food. No way I’m starving to death after reincarnating.

    And clothes.
    Definitely clothes.

    Let’s hope I’m on a habited place than anything else…

    I think I might be lost. I know I saw this tree five times now. “My luck is the worst!” I shouted out, hoping for someone to hear the commotion. Actually, now that I think about it, I best don’t attract anyone or anything. The last thing I need it to start a gangbang. Or get introduce to bestiality.

    Nope, not getting into that kind of fetish.

    I’ve been walking for hours, at least I think so, and I’m no way closer to anything! And my back is staring to ache a little. How do busty women walked around so easily? These things weight a lot!


    And now I’m hungry. Damn it, why do I have to get lost now?!

    “Hope some of these fruits are edible…” I muttered. I looked up at the tree next to me, the apple-looking fruit dangling just above me.

    Guess it’s climbing time.

    I dig my feet into the bark, wincing at the splinters of bark that digs to the bottom of my feet, I slowly climbed up the trunk to one of the branches, the red fruit just a few inches away. “Okay… steady…” I slowly crawl towards it, “Easy…” I reached out towards it, almost touching it.


    “…Uh oh…”


    I plummet to the ground below, landing on my chest hard. OW! Man my nipples are stinging. …I can’t believe I just thought of that… Why do female bodies have to be that much more sensitive?! God hope my period isn’t as bad…

    After rubbing my aching chest (Still can’t get used to the additional pillows), I took notice of the apple on the grass. “YES!” I grabbed the apple and was about to bite into it.

    “Hello~ What do we have here?”

    I froze, glancing to a bunch of men standing there with lecherous looks in their eyes. Their outfit kind of reminds me of old pirate movies, like in Pirates of the Caribbean. And are their pants bulging slightly…?

    Oh… fuck…

    “Hey guys! We found ourselves a little present!” One of the man shouted happily, “And she’s already unwrapped~!”

    “Look at those knockers! I bet I can blew a load off of those!” Another hooted, feeling his bulge already.

    Crap, crap! This is the last thing I want after reincarnating!

    “I-I don’t want any trouble…” I hastily stutters out.

    “Oh, my little pet, it won’t be any trouble at all!” The first man laughed, “We just to relieve some stress, that’s all. We won’t hurt you, much.”

    I didn’t want to hear anymore. I just scream before taking off and ran as fast as I can. I can hear their footsteps behind me as they chase me through the woods shouting out at me. Nonononononono, I didn’t get reincarnated so I can be part of a pirate gangbang!

    “Gotcha!” One of the men manages to throw me down onto the ground hard, before pulling me up and groping my breasts, “My, my, what soft things you have here! Can’t wait to paint them white!”

    “Hey! Let us have a turn!”

    “Fuck off! I caught her! I get first lay!”

    I’ve gone rigid from the unwanted pleasure of getting groped, his slimy muscle licking up the side of my neck. “No… Please…” I pleaded, not that it did any good. His hand starts to slide down my stomach to my- NO! Not that! Anything but that!

    “GAH!” His weight got off of me suddenly, me dropping on the floor panting and my face red. “Hey! Who are you?!”

    I turn my head slightly, a man in a white shirt with dark blue pants tucked into a pair of black boots, his hands bandaged up with leather braces tied to his arms and the back of his hands, his reddish untrimmed hair sticks out slightly under a brown fedora. On his waist is a white plain katana lacking a guard or a pummel sitting firmly on a red sash and a haversack on his hand as he plops it on the ground.

    “What kind of well-mannered man I be if I saw a lady getting raped and NOT step in to kick your asses?” He asked.

    “Damn it, don’t you know who we are?!” The pirate shouted drawing out a sword and his pals getting out some flintlock pistols as well. “We are the Don Krieg Pirates! Worst pirates of all of East Blue! Do you really think that you can take us?!”

    Don Krieg? East Blue? Wait, wait, don’t tell me! I’m in the One Piece universe am I?! I would be fanboy- Um… fangirling so hard right now if weren’t for the trio of nasty pirates with blades and loaded pistols.

    “Of all of East Blue?” The man chuckles, “I’ve heard, and I don’t see it. You guys sure are large and infamous, but…” He raised his hand and sticks out a finger, “To me, a finger is all that I need.”

    “You cocky bastard!” One of them rushed at him swinging his sword at him, he sidesteps it and jams the finger onto the guy’s temple. The pirate’s eyes rolled up and collapsed onto the ground in front of me. Damn, he is good!

    “Ah! You’ve killed Kenny!”
    “You bastard!”

    The hell?! Pirate South Park?! Really?!

    The other pirate aims his pistol and fired, my saviour flicked his finger and the bullet hits the other pirate instead, knocking him down, “The fuck?!” He turns his head just as he was flicked into the forehead, sending him crashing into the trees and away from the area.

    “That takes care of that.” He stated nonchalantly before turning to me, “You okay?”

    “Y-Yeah…” I manages to get out, the badassary of what happened still fresh in my mind.

    “Geez, some pirates just can’t keep it in their pants…” He sighed as he walked over the haversack and lifts up onto his shoulder, “Come on.” He tells me, “We better get out of here before the rest of their crew notices they are gone.”

    “A-Ah! R-Right…” I slowly tries to get up, my legs a little numb and I can feel fluids on my thigh- NO! I’m not turned on by what happened! I refuse to!

    “Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked once more.

    “I’m fine!” I stated, a bit too hastily as my legs are still struggling to keep me up. I hear him groan before some rustling of grass and I was sweep off my legs, his arms on my back and the back of my knees.

    W-Wait… am I in a fucking princess carry?! NO! My man pride won’t allow it.

    “Put me down!” I screamed as I try to push him off, he not budging at all. Damn you, scrawny lady arms!

    “No time.” He stated, as he takes off through the forest.

    Oh god please not let anyone see me like this! My pride will be demolished!

    After a hour of carrying me (Pride broken, shattered…), he put me down by a small clearing. My legs nearly gave out under me but I held on. “T-Thanks…”

    “Don’t mention it.” He shrugged, before raising his eyebrow slightly, “I just realised, you’re naked.”

    You mean you never realized until now?! Wait, oh right, I’m naked! I screamed out in panic as I kneeled down and covered myself as much as I can with my arms. “Geez! Chill! I’m not like those guys!” He cringed as he digs his ears, “Damn, you have chords of steel. Sure hope no one else heard that.”

    “L-Look away! Close your eyes!” I screamed out. This isn’t what I expected of being reincarnated! Turning into a girl, stuck in an island somewhere, hungry, nearly getting raped, I hate this! My eyes feel hot and tears are flowing down my cheeks as sobs leaks out of my mouth.

    I don’t care anymore! This is too much!

    The man sighs before I hear rummaging, before feeling a cloth draped onto me. I feel the fabric, big and soft and proceeds to wrapped it around my body. “Sorry, but I don’t have any female clothing so that would have to do.”

    “I-I’m be insulted if you have.” I says out loud before I can stop.

    “Yeah, you would.” He laughed before sitting down on a fallen log, “The name’s Sen. I’m a wanderer. What’s your name?”

    “…Rein.” I answered hesitantly. A wanderer?

    “Rein, huh?” Sen stated, “What are you doing wandering the forest in the nude?” He paused before pointing at me, “Bestiality?”

    “FUCK NO!” I shouted. How could he think that?! That asshole! And I thought he was nice too!

    “Kay, kay. I was just asking.” He shrugged, “But still, what are you doing here? This is an unmarked island on the map right next to the Calm Belt. I doubt you came here looking for adventure in the buff. Or you are really-”

    “Stop suggesting that!” I screamed, “That’s just wrong! Unethical!”

    “Right, got it. No bestiality fetish.” He stated nodding to himself.

    “So… what are YOU doing here?” I asked.

    “Me? I’m just here to resupply.” He stated, “Food, water, the usual. My boat is actually not too far from here. I was just about to head off when I heard you scream. Good think I did, isn’t it.”

    “Y-Yeah, thank you for saving me.” So he has a boat? I guess that’s not unusual. This world is mostly sea. How else are you going to go around beside by boat?

    “You wanna come with me?” He asked, “I can get you to the nearest inhabited island and drop you off there.”

    “A-Actually!” I need to stay with this guy! He is strong and I don’t know the timeline of the plot I am right now. If it’s before Luffy left, then I might some time to spare to train up and join his crew but if it’s after they enter the Grand Line…

    “May I join you in your journey…?”

    He looked at me with one eyebrow raised, “Huh? Why would you want to join me?”

    “I-I…” Crap, didn’t think this through! “…I fell for you…?”

    Okay, it’s official. I suck in making excuses.

    “Really…? Do you really want to use that excuse?” He deadpanned.

    “Please! I beg of you!” I pleaded, pride be damned, “I-I don’t know anyone out there! And I’m unarmed! I can’t survive out there! You’re my only chance in survival! Please! I’ll do anything! I can cook! I know first aid! I-I…”

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m desperate, damn it!

    “I-I can be your stress-reliever…?” I phrased it out as I lifted my blanket slightly to show a bit of my body.

    He stared at me in disbelieve, before sighing heavily, “Lady. You can’t just sell your body like that. Have some dignity.”

    “Hey! I’m desperate, alright?!”

    He looked at me, “Alright, fine. You can come.” He sighs, I cheering in the background, “But! Not as the whore! No. I’m going to train you.”


    “You’re going to need some training if you’re going to keep up with me.” He stated, “I’m not some saint, but I’m not some asshole either. I’m going to train you up enough so that you wouldn’t hold me back, got it?”


    “Good!” He stands up, “You may call me Master Sen!”

    …What did I gotten myself into…?

    To be continued…

    And there! Finished this in one day so it will be slightly rushed. But damn, I was thinking of writing this for a while, since I’ve read several SI One Piece fics and a lot of them are quite good! If you like this kind of story, I recommend This Bites by Xommiac. It is one of the best fics of this genre and what finally drove me to writing this.
    Another one I would recommend is Through the Eyes of a Canine by NyanWolfy. It was the first one I have read and it has quite an interesting premise!
    Twelve Red Lines by Vikingr is good as well!

    With that, I thank you for reading this!
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
  2. Threadmarks: Chapter 2
    Colin Yeo

    Colin Yeo Making the rounds.

    May 13, 2018
    Likes Received:
    When I think of reincarnation, being transported to the world of One Piece is the last thing I would think of. And why am I a girl! And what do you mean you're a dragon! A SI One Piece story with a twist! Warning: Mature Themes and possible cursing.

    Chapter 2:
    This is not what I had in mind.

    You know, when you think of training in an anime, you normally think of a montage of exercises, learning new techniques, those kind of things.

    Definitely not swimming in the open ocean in the nude next to the boat with the one training me reading a book. Goddamn it, if he is just screwing with me, I’ll find a way to make him pay!

    Right after we left the island, he pretty much asked me get naked and dive into the ocean. Of course I refused, calling him a pervert and all that, but then rebuttal that I need to work on my stamina and swimming is a great way to build it on the go while working out some muscles.

    And then I call him a liar and he decided the best course of action is to throw me out of the boat without warning.

    Which leads to now, me desperately trying to match up to a sailing boat’s pace with nothing but freestyle swimming.

    Speaking of which, I should mention the boat that currently houses the two of us at the moment. It is a small boat that is big enough for at least four people, its design kind of reminds me of the boat that Sanji uses after the Don Krieg arc. Only this is pretty plain, brown wood mostly with a white sail, like a mini yacht. And that’s about it, there’s nothing really unique about it.

    You know, I never did mention something unique about Sen that I have failed to point out.

    His eyes.
    They are like red rubies, which is weird even for One Piece standards. They aren’t that glowing red, or that pale dye red either. No, they reflect the light back like actual crystals.

    It almost make him seem unworldly, like some demi-god or sorts.

    That is, until I remember what he did to landed me in my current predicament.

    “You’re falling behind~”

    I took notice that the boat is indeed floating further and further away. Panicking, I swam as fast as I could, trying to catch up to it. As soon as I reached, I grabbed onto the side of the boat and pull myself over and back aboard, panting from exhaustion. Brr! It’s freezing!

    “C-Can’t I h-have m-my blank-ket back n-now…?” I manages to stutter out, rubbing my wet shoulders in a futile attempt to get warm.

    Sen rolled his eyes, before throwing me my blanket back which I wrapped it around myself immediately. That warmed me up slightly but still a bit chilly considering the lack of clothing on me. Oh hey, a full moon. It’s night already? Time sure flew by.

    “So, how’s your swim?” Sen asked, getting a glare from me, “Come on, why the glare?”

    “Sorry, but I’m still wet and freezing from getting pushed into the goddamn ocean! *ACHOO!*” If I catch a cold, I’m blaming him!

    “Like I said, it’s training.” He tells me, getting back to his book, “From what I can tell, you never lifted more than a plate of food once, haven’t you?” I opened my mouth to say something, but then close it once I considered it. “So, this helps build strength. Plus stamina is always a good thing to have out in sea. No telling when you might capsized.”

    “But do you have to push me off the boat?” I mumbled.

    “Well, you’re not going to do it voluntarily…”



    My stomach have the timing to sound out like that. Right after getting mad at him! Which reminds me… I haven’t eaten anything at all since my reincarnation. I guess nearly getting raped and the shock of being in another world kind of distracted me from it.

    “HAHAHA! Wow, right after your swim!” He laughed.

    “S-Shut up!” I shouted back at him, gods my face is burning isn’t it?! “I can’t help it! I didn’t get to eat anything on that island!”

    “Right, right. Hang on a moment.” He walked into the… cabin? I never got the terminology of boats down. The only ones I know is of the Going Merry, and that’s stretch in of itself. Anyway, after a while, I start to smell the aroma of cooked stew.

    Huh, so he can cook? Maybe I can get him to teach me. That’s a pretty useful skill of have, and it might give me something to present when I asked to join them.

    Which reminds me now, how do I know when in the plot I am right now? Let’s see… it’ll be best if it’s before Luffy set sail, but if it’s somewhere in between…

    “Sen, do you know of one Captain Morgan?”

    “Huh? That Marine in charge of Shell Town?” Sen asked from the… let’s call it the kitchen for now. “Not personally, no. But I have heard that he is quite a narcissistic tyrant of a Marine Captain. Why do you ask?”

    “D-Did… anything big happened to him recently…?” I added. Please, not after. Not after!

    “No, I don’t think so…? Why?”

    “Oh! No reason!” I tells him. Good. That means that Luffy probably haven’t left Dawn Island yet! Who knows how long I have to train up, but at least I have some gauge to see.

    “I see…?” Sen sounds unconvinced… Please just buy it! “Oh well. If you want to share, you’ll share.”

    Whew! Dodged a bullet there. Best I keep me-knowing-the-whole-goddamn-plot a secret for now… Not that Sen would believe me. I doubt anyone would believe someone who somehow knows the entire future just because she- HE! I am a guy, damn it! HE read about it in a comic book.

    “Foods on!” Sen walked out of the kitchen, two steaming bowls of stew in his hands. “Not much, but it will warm you right up!”

    I pretty much snatched it from him and starts devouring it with manners like a half-starved wolf. I don’t care how I look, I’m starving, damn it! My tongue stings a little, but at least my stomach is filling up.

    “Whoa, slow down! You’ll choke!” He chuckles as he sips into his own as well.

    “Don’t care. *GULP* Hungry. *GULP*”

    “I’m sure you are.”

    I swallowed the last of my bowl, wiping my mouth with the blanket, “Oh that hits the spot!”

    “Glad you liked it.” Sen said with a smile, scooping up a-

    My brain froze. In his spoon is a… eyeball. Oh god, it’s the size of my thumb!

    “Um… Sen…? What did you use in the stew?”

    Sen looked at me confused, “The usual combination. Potatoes, carrots, pork ribs, maybe a dash of salt… Added in some pickled frog eyes, though! Gives it a little extra punch to the flavour.”

    Wait… I ate frog eyes?! Oh god I’m going to puke!

    And I think I am!

    Bile rises up from my throat threating to spill out of my mouth, which I proceeds to release over the side of the boat into the sea.

    That’s the last time I don’t check what I eat!

    After a couple of days sailing, my routine falls into swimming in the evening and push-ups in the morning, we finally arrived at port. And to my surprise…

    It’s Loguetown.
    Loguetown, like the last island before the Straw Hats leave the peaceful East Blue for the chaotic Grand Line. THAT Loguetown.

    “Loguetown, the final destination for pirates heading into the Grand Line.” Sen tells me, “Well, for you, it’s the first destination in your training.”

    “H-Huh…?” I looked at him confused.

    “We need supplies since, you know, you pretty much threw out most of the food…”

    “I have to! Half of them looked like something a witch would use in a potion! And not the good kinds!” Which is true. He actually keeps snakes pickled in a jar. Snakes!

    “Picky eater…” He grumbled, “Honestly though, we need more than just food. Especially you.”


    “Do you really want to wear a blanket over your nude body your whole life?”

    Oh yeah, forgotten about my wardrobe malfunction. It was just us two that it slipped my mind. That’s true. I should at least get some decent clothing. Don’t want another near rape incident anytime soon. But slight problem.

    I’m broke.
    I mean, I have nothing on me at all! I showed up there fucking naked after all! How am I supposed to pay for my things?

    “Maybe if I can find a warehouse and steal some-”

    I looked down at his offered hand, a bundle of money, Beri I think was the currency, on his palm. Each of them is a thousand beri note. A quick math later and it should be about… at least ten thousands beri. Wait, he’s giving me money?

    “You’re broke, right?” Sen stated, “Take it. Consider it an investment for your training.”

    “But it’s a lot of money…”

    “Woman clothing have always been on the expensive side.” He shrugged, before pointing down a street, “Go down this street and turn left. There will be signs here and there but it should be pretty obvious when you see it.”

    “Wait, you’re not coming with me?!”

    “I’m a grown man walking down the street with a near nudist lady.” He deadpanned, “I at least wish to avoid getting misunderstood as a sexual deviant.”

    “Ah, that’s true.”

    Wait, did he say ‘woman clothing’…? …Oh yeah, I’m a girl now, aren’t I? At least physically speaking. I guess male clothes wouldn’t fit me now. Oh well… Better get used to it. I’m stuck this way anyway. Not like it’s going to change who I am underneath.

    “Okay, you stay safe, alright?” He tells me as he walks off, “Meet back at the boat by sundown. Any later and you have to swim to the boat.”

    “Yeah, yeah.” I waved him off as he walked off. Wonder what he is going to do? Probably get the groceries, maybe a few cloths and wood. But still, it’s nice for him to give me some money to spend. Guess he can be a genuine nice guy. ‘I’ll buy him a little something to repay him.’ Nodding at that decision, I walked down the streets to try and find the clothing store.

    Okay, this is ridiculous. There are too many people and the street signs are of little help considering the lack of them. How did Nami found that store in this maze?!

    “Where’s that damn clothing store?!”
    I’m right now just wandering the streets, completely lost and no clothing store in sight. There are plenty of them, sure, but they looked to classy and gawky for my taste. And the male ones looked too big for my current size, which happens to be a foot shorter than my original height.

    Is this what Zoro feels all the time? Damn it, no! I’m not letting this be my quirk! One directionally challenge pirate is more than enough!

    And I’m starting to notice the stares I’m getting from the crowd around me. I guess my cute looks aside, a young girl bare-footed wearing a used blanket big enough to cover her entire body is definitely going to turn some heads.

    Thank gods today isn’t windy at the slightest.
    Okay, let’s try going down this street next-

    “Excuse me, ma’am?”
    I stopped, turning around to address that voice, and then freezing slightly.

    There, standing in front of me, is the Marine Lieutenant (Or was it Lieutenant Sergeant?) herself, Tashigi in her megane glory with a couple of Marine officers behind her. She’s wearing the same outfit that is anonymous to her in the manga, in her hands is the same sword I saw in the pages. What was it called again? Shigure?

    “M-May I help you, officer?” I asked, trying not to look suspicious, which is kind of pointless considering my current attire.

    “Sorry, but I was getting word of a suspicious lady wandering the streets.” She stated, adjusting her glasses like any megane character would. “Mind if I ask you a few questions?”


    “And do you mind getting rid of that dirty robe as well?” She added.

    WHAT?! “Huh?! Oh, no! I-I can’t!” She’s asking me to strip in public?! FUCK NO! I didn’t escape from rape to become an exhibitionist!

    “Ma’am, it’ll be in your best interest if you remove it.” She said calmly.

    “Seriously, I can’t!”

    “Are you hiding any suspicious goods under there?”

    “N-No, but-”

    “Then, please, take it off.”

    This girl is relentless! What part of NO doesn’t she get?

    “Ma’am, you could be charged in obstruction of official Marine business if you do not cooperate!” She warned me, “That equals to-”

    “No means no!”

    “Take that off!” She cried out pulling on my blanket, I struggling to keep it wrapped around me. I’m not flashing in front of a damn crowd! Especially not in front of-


    That ominous sound echoed in my ear, as the blanket ripped in two, throwing me and Tashigi back and onto the floor. The familiar coldness struck me as I froze, staring at a good portion of my protective cloth in the Lieutenant’s hand and her eyes widen in shock.

    Oh. Hell. No.

    I screamed at the top of my lungs as I struggles to cover myself with the remaining blanket. That seems to snap Tashigi out of it as she stands up with cheeks flushed red.

    “I-I’m so, so sorry!!” She cried out waving the cloth in front of me, “I-I didn’t know! F-Forgive me!”

    “PERVERT! DEVIANT! SICKO! BITCH!” I don’t care what comes out of my mouth, or if I’m crying again, my dignity is in complete shambles! Not even a week in and I’ve shown my naked body to the world TWICE! That just doesn’t happen anyone damn it!

    “G-Get me a blanket or something!” She commanded one of the officers, who rubbed his bloody nose and saluted before rushing off.

    Not sure who long was I screaming for, but that officer came back with a large blue blanket that was handed over the Tashigi, who proceeds to wrap it around me. “T-There… nothing showing now…” She mutters, “Sorry about this. If I have known better…”

    “Cloth-*SNIFF* Clothing store…” I managed to sob out.

    “Alright, alright… let’s go there. I think I know one nearby…” She takes my hand and then turn to the male officers, “Report to Captain Smoker that I’ll be a little late to the briefing.”

    “Yes, Lieutenant, ma’am!” They saluted before running off. With a tender grip, she leads me away from the crowd of onlookers. I think I saw a few boyfriends getting slapped by their other half.

    This day isn’t starting out well…

    After a few twist and turns, the Marine Lieutenant brought me to a clothing store just a few streets down that seems suitable for my needs. Its name is the Neptune Sister in the wooden billboard in bright cyan, and it wasn’t as gaudy-looking as the others. Plus, the clothes here looked nice and functional for days out in sea. There are even some swimsuits on display as well.

    “I always buy my clothes here.” Tashigi tells me, “The other female officers recommended it to me. They are reasonably cheap and practical, look nice too.”

    “Thank you so much.” I bowed to her, they used Japanese mannerism here, right?

    “It’s no big deal. I’m kind of at fault for your… outfit…” She stated blushing.

    Wait… is she-?!

    “Well, I should be going!” She stated suddenly walking off, “Mention my name, it’s Tashigi by the way, and she might give a discount!” She then disappear into the crowd of people.

    Huh, talk about a first impression. Hopefully I didn’t derail the plot by doing this…

    Shaking the bad feeling off, I enter the shop with the bell ringing, the inside as plain as any clothing store can be, say for a few decorations here and there. I hear slight rumbling before a lady walked out from the back carrying a large crate in her arms.

    “Welcome to Neptune Sister.” She greeted absentmindedly as she puts the crate down on the cashier counter, “How may I help you?”

    “Just browsing for now.” I tells her, walking up to the racks of clothes. Hm… what should I wear? I definitely need some underwear at least, but there doesn’t seem to be any lingerie shops nearby. Then again, Sen is definitely going to make me swim a lot once we get back to the boat so maybe I should go commando all the way?

    …Nope. Not gutsy enough for that. And I have heard from my sisters than not wearing any underwear isn’t good for you with the cloth keep rubbing into their…

    Maybe… a swimsuit underneath my clothes?

    Yeah, let’s go with that!

    Looking around the store a bit, manages to find a dark one-piece suit with red highlights by the abdomen. With that, picked out the rest of my outfit and put it on.

    I’ve decided to look a little pirate-like, a beige dress shirt left opened to show my swimsuit underneath, dark blue pants tucked into my brown boots with a white sash tied around my waist and a red bandana tied loosely around my neck like a scarf. I even added a pair of black leather gloves for show.

    Yup, I looked alright, I guess. I mean, I’m no Nico Robin, but I still look nice in this.

    Maybe a hat to finish the look?

    And that makes me think about Sen. Huh? Our outfits are quite similar. What are the odds?

    I’ll skip the hat. It’ll make me look like a copycat.

    “I’ll be taking this.” I tells the shopkeeper, who looked at me up and down.

    “Huh? Never seen someone wearing a swimsuit under their clothes like this before…” She stated, “…It’s not half bad. Especially with your chest size. It actually emphasized the DD.”

    DD…? Wait, my chest is a DD?!

    “H-How do you…?”

    “I’ve been in this business for quite a while, miss.” She tells me, “And I know a certain size when I see it. And you have quite a figure to support it.”

    Great… now everyone is going to notice me even more… Oh well, Nami and Robin wear these kinds of things all the time. I guess I should follow suit.

    “How much for this?” I asked, “Oh, and Tashigi told me mention her name…?”

    “Friend of hers, huh?” She thinks for a moment, maybe calculating the total cost, “It’s about 10,530 beri, but I’ll round it up to 10K for you. Consider it a little bonus for giving me an idea for my next display.”

    Display? Oh well, it’s not like I’ll come back here anytime soon. Probably shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I takes out the bundle of cash from by cleavage (I don’t have pockets when he gave me so I did what any sexy anime chick would do) and take out of the set of cash for her.

    “Pleasure doing business with you!”

    I take a walk out of the store with a satisfied smile on my face. With that purchase, I am left with quite a handsome sum of change with me. What else should I buy…? I guess I could wear the same clothes for long periods of time, my swimsuit is said to be waterproof after all and I can just wear that if my clothes are getting wet.

    “I guess I’ll just wander about…” I then recalled the blanket in my arms, folded neatly into a square-rectangle. I guess I could return this. It’s only the right thing to do.

    Now… where’s that marine base…?

    After a few dead ends, I finally manages to get to the Marine Base. The large white building with the famous (or infamous depending on your occupation) blue insignia by the metal gates. Quite an imposing figure, the building I mean. There’s something unnerving about it.

    Maybe because I’m thinking of joining a pirate crew in the near future…

    Now then, “How do I return this…?”

    “May I help you?”
    A gruff voice speaks from behind me. Okay… raspy, definitely male, have a tone of badass to it, I have to say…

    I turned around and loo and behold, the White Devil himself, Captain Smoker. He’s as gruff looking as I have seen, only Oda couldn’t fully portray the sheer intimidation that pours off of him. He is buff, like boxer-buff. Every muscle is firm looking but not too big that is looks ridiculous. His unnatural white hair seems natural looking now, and the cigar lit on his lips with smoke spewing out of his mouth.

    Yup, now I understand why pirates are afraid of him. Even a civilian would be slightly unnerved by his presence.

    “Sorry, but I asked you question, lady.” He repeated himself, glaring at me.

    “O-Oh! Right. Sorry, just here to return this.” I handed out the blanket to him, his eyebrow quirked up in confusion. Huh? Didn’t Tashigi say anything? He is her commanding officer, right?

    “Lieutenant Tashigi gave me this.” He blinked a little, a bit lost before eyes glittered with understanding.

    “Ah, you must be that ‘Incident’.” He stated, I blinking at the emphasis on the word. “Sorry for my officer’s lack of tact. She’s writing a report on it right now.”

    “O-Oh, no! It’s okay!” I tells him, taken by surprise by his sudden politeness. I never thought I’ll see a side like this. I guess he does have that ‘heart of justice’. “If it’s alright with you, can I leave this with you?”

    “Sure.” He takes the offered blanket and tucked in under his arm, “And don’t worry, I’ll make sure to discipline her as soon as I’m able.” After saying that, he opened the gate and enter the base.

    Oh dear… Poor Tashigi…

    Well, better her than me!

    Now, back to the boat! If I can recall the correct way this time…

    After finally succumbing to asking for directions, I manages to get back to the boat just as the sun is about to set. Sen is there already, loading up the crates of supplies onto the vessel. “That’s everything.” He mutters as he slaps his hands together, before turning to me.

    “I see you’re finally wearing something.”

    “What? You want me to be naked all the time?”

    “Nope, just stating the obvious.” He chuckles before turning to the rope, “Climb aboard. I’ll handle the ropes.”

    “Need help with that?”

    “Nah, it’ll be quick.”

    I nodded at him, before getting onto the boat. After a while, we are off the port and sailing away from the port. I looked back at it, Loguetown is slowly disappearing over the horizon. One day, I’ll be back. As a pirate, as a member of the Straw Hats. Just you wait, Loguetown-

    My inner monologue was interrupted when I was shoved off the boat, splashing into the salty waters. I manages to swim up to the surface before noticing the boat already a good mile away.

    I hate that guy…

    To be continued…

    Okay, a little of filler before the juicy parts of a SI fanfic began. This chapter is a little dragged out, I apologized. I’m a little lost on how to go from the first chapter that is not going to be related to the plot and this little prologue before the training is all I could think of.
    Sorry if some people are disappointed, but this is the best I can do for now.
    Don’t worry, there’s will be some proper plot after this.
    With that, I thank you for reading this!
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