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Flashback (MHA)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Psyckosama, Aug 1, 2020 at 8:19 PM.

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    Psyckosama Well worn.

    Feb 19, 2013
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    “Eat this!”

    Izuku blinked in surprise and confusion as All Might held out a single golden hair plucked from his head. When the Symbol of Peace had offered to give him his quirk, this hadn’t been what he’d expected.

    Still, he gingerly reached out his hand to the hero and took the hair from him and looked at it.

    Taking a deep breath he steeled himself and looked at it for a long moment before...


    A childish scream resounded across the beach stopping both he and All Might in their tracks. They turned to see a small form rushing to them. It was a small girl, maybe five at most, wearing an oversized shirt as a dress, her arms covered in bandages.

    The child had pale hair and from her forehead sprouted a large glowing golden horn. As she stumbled towards them, she called out.

    “NOT YET! STOP!” she cried out as she half ran, half stumbled towards them.

    Without pause, without thought, both Pro Hero and student rushed towards the girl’s side, with All Might arriving well before Izuku.

    As he approached he could see that the pale girl’s face was a rictus of agony. Across her skin, he could see what looked like angry cracks of energy under her skin, while her crimson eyes literally glowed as she looked up to him.

    “Do not worry, young girl,” All Might said, his heroic smile spread wide across his face. “For I am here.”

    “Izuku,” she said through gritted teeth, ignoring the Number One Hero. “Take it! Please! I don’t know how much longer I can hold on.”

    “W-what?” he gasped. Take what? How did this girl know his name? What was going on.

    Looking to All Might, he saw that the large man seemed just as confused as Izuku did.

    “One for All!” she gasped in agony, the tears of pain running down her face, “It’s ripping me apart! Take it!”

    Izuku’s confusion redoubled, how did this little girl have All Might’s quirk? He felt his brain go into overdrive as he considered it, but his instinct to analyze was driven down by something much deeper and more fundamental to his nature.

    All Might had spent the last ten months training him to properly contain his quirk. Without it he’d been told he’d explode... and apparently this little girl, a small child with no preparation was in the process of doing just that.

    Without a moment’s hesitation, or any demand for explanation, he plucked a hair from her head and swallowed it.

    “What is going on here, young girl?” All Might said furrowing his brow. “How do you know about One for All?”

    “Hair... takes time... to digest,” she said with an agonized growl as tears of pain made their way down her face. “Blood.... It has to be blood.”

    Izuku went wide eyed. “B-blood?!”

    Seizing what looked like a second wind she sat up and looked him dead in the eyes.

    Then she bit off the tip of her own tongue.

    “Young girl!” All Might cried out in horror as she spat out the bloodied piece of flesh. Doubly shocked when a moment later she cried out, opening her mouth, and behind blooded teeth they could see that she had a complete tongue.

    “Open a wound!” she screamed, “Mix my blood with yours!”

    “I-I don’t have a knife!” he cried out. If they had to mix blood, how could they do it if he couldn’t injure himself?

    “Your pen!” his mentor and hero said to him. “Break it and stab yourself, Midoriya-shonen. It is the most convenient way.”

    Izuku reached into his pocket and withdrew the aforementioned plastic shaft from where he kept it. After all, he never knew when he might feel the urge to take some notes. Then he snapped it off, transforming the cheap plastic writing implement into a crude shiv, and stabbed himself in the hand.

    Ignoring the pain, he pulled it out of the now bloody wound and reached down to pick up the small, grotesque lump of bloody flesh that laid in the sand at his feet, before rubbing it against his wound, mixing his blood with that of the girl before him.

    The effect was almost instantaneous. He felt a sensation of warmth spreading through his being while the girl gasped in shock and relief.

    “Thank god,” she muttered as the energy cracking under her skin began to fade, and her rictus of agony was replaced with a smile of relief as her horn began to stop glowing.

    “Now you’re going to have to explain what is going on,” All Might said in the stern but caring tone of a skilled teacher.

    She smiled up at him. “Let me give you this first...”

    She wrapped her hand around his and her horn flashed.

    If he hadn’t been looking at All Might, he wouldn’t have even been able to see it. One moment, he looked as he always did. In the next he could see the years evaporate off of the man in an instant, making him look like he had during his introduction to the hero scene, so long ago.

    “W-what?” he gasped as he actually dropped the girl onto the sand in shock pulling away as he looked at himself.

    Blinking he looked at his hands, and without a moment of hesitation pulled up his shirt. What had once been a hideous mangled wound that took up the side of his body was now unmarred flesh.

    “Oh my!” he gasped. “Oh my! Oh my...! GOODNESS!”

    The injury that had been limiting him, that had forced him to seek a successor was gone. Somehow, in but a moment, this small girl had reverted All Might back to his prime.

    For a moment, a shock of terror filled Izuku. All Might no longer needed a successor, so what would become of him? But at the same time, he knew his fear was unfounded. He knew, in the depths of his heart, that she hadn’t been lying when she said she needed him to take One for All from her.

    He could feel it inside him, like a raging fire. Which raised the question - what was going on? How did she have a second One for All?

    How had she done all of this?

    His brow furrowed for a moment as he considered what he’d seen. Her horn had been glowing the entire time she’d rushed towards them, until he had taken One for All. Then once it was gone, the glow had stopped. Was her quirk some form of regenerating quirk? Repairing her body as quickly as One for All could destroy it?

    But then she’d used it on All Might and he hadn’t just healed but he looked visibly younger? He looked like he was in his twenties again. She’d not only healed him but had somehow completely revitalized him.

    And when she bit her tongue off, it seemed to have been like she'd never bitten it the very moment she spat it out. He’d watched thousands of hours of hero fights in his years and had scarfed down as much theoretical and scientific knowledge on the subject of quirks as he could understand without specialized degrees... and only then because the related virtual class work simply wasn’t readily available on the internet.

    And from there he’d learned two things. First, regenerative quirks didn’t work that fast, and there was virtually always some form of ramp up time. You didn’t just get injured one second and be utterly fine the next. It had to heal, even if it was very very quickly. Also, it was universally accepted that regenerative quirks didn’t work on old injuries. The wound had to be open and even then they often had limits as to how much they could heal. Do too much damage and there would still be lingering scaring.

    Eri’s quirk just broke every rule he’d read about on the subject, a fact that made his head swim.

    However, all of that was secondary to the simple fact that there was a little girl in trouble in front of him, a fact which shut down his normal need to take notes hard and fast as he looked down at her unmoving form, his heart filling with dread. “All Might, is she...”

    The Number One Hero looked up to him with a small smile. “Don’t worry, Midoriya-shonen, she’s simply asleep. I imagine that wWhatever she’s gone through has taken a great deal out of her...”

    Izuku nodded dumbly. “Um, yeah...”

    “Midoriya-shounen,” All Might said as he pulled several coins from his pocket. “Go to the vending machine on the street and fetch some juice and sugar candy for this child. When she wakes up, she will be in dire need of the carbohydrates.”

    Izuku nodded and gingerly accepted the money. “A-alright.”

    “And once she awakens, she’ll have a great deal to explain...”

    Izuku paused for a moment. “I-I have some thoughts...”

    All Might looked back down to the girl before laughing. “Of course you do, Midoriya-shonen. And I will happily hear them once you have retrieved the juice and candy. Remember, as a hero, that those in need must always come first.”

    He smiled and nodded. “Right!”


    Toshinori Yagi was concerned. Deeply concerned. And quite confused, to be honest. He’d expected today to be an emotionally charged one. After all, he’d been expecting to name young Midoriya as his successor. Instead things had gone infinitely more... strange thanks to the intervention of this mysterious child who was quietly snoozing before him.

    She’d somehow arrived with a second copy of One for All, and he was rather sure it was One for All, because the marks and energy running across her body were similar to the way his own master had described it manifesting in some of its previous hosts. Then she’d proceeded to pass her copy of One for All to young Midoriya and then heal the very injury that had necessitated him passing on the quirk to begin with.

    Now, if he was a more suspicious man he’d be suspecting that this had something to do with him, but in all honestly it wasn’t his modus operandi. While All for One was capable of an almost supernatural degree of patience and was vindictive beyond measure, he wasn’t a man who favored tricks and subtly.

    That and he was dead. Or at least Toshinori hoped he was. The idea of that man being alive and recovering was Toshinori’s greatest fear.

    A small smile, one unlike his normal wide, comforting smile, crossed his face. Or at least it had been. The idea of facing All for One in his diminished state filled him with an unspeakable dread, but already he could feel the fires of One for All burning within him at an intensity he’d not felt since before the battle that had left him broken. That alone was proof enough that there was no malicious intent. There was simply no way in the burning depths of hell that All for One would ever heal his arch-nemesis. The idea of a fair fight wasn’t even in the man’s vocabulary.

    He gently scooped up the tiny girl in his great arms, holding her delicate form with the greatest of care. Now, thanks to this child he would not be training Izuku as a successor. No, he’d be training the young man to become his equal. Together they would stand side to side against injustice as if brothers.

    And Toshinori had to admit, that thought filled him with a heady sensation, not one of pride but of anticipation. The world no longer needed a replacement Symbol of Peace... and perhaps that was for the best. Now young Midoriya would be gifted with something Toshinori felt that he’d never been given himself. One that All for One had taken from him with the death of his master: the opportunity to chart his own destiny.

    He had to wonder, what high ideal would his noble student decide to embody?

    But first, he had more immediate concerns. Now that the chaos was put to rest and the girl was no longer being torn apart by this second manifestation of One for All, he had to wonder how she’d gotten it and how she’d known to find them. She couldn’t have had it for long, her body had been ripping itself apart at the seams. He was one long accustomed to pain, and the agony on her face had been apparent to all but the most blind of men, to say nothing of the telltale signs of One for All’s power manifesting within her.

    Even more, her small form was covered in bandages and her clothing was sparse and tattered. No loving parent would dress their child as such and between the loose bandages on her limbs he could see the telltale signs of scars, some old, some fresh. It set off his heroic instincts like nothing else, and while some would call it a baseless assumption, he knew in his heart what was going on.

    He’d seen this before. Someone had been mistreating this girl. Someone had been experimenting on her. And that was something that he, as a hero, as a man, and as a human being... It was something he could never, would never, tolerate.

    And that was nothing to say of the boundless personal debt that he owed to this little girl. He’d long adapted to living in a state of constant pain from his injury, and had long abandoned all hope that it would ever cease. Yet here he was, finally free. He found it almost impossible not to smile from the infinite physical relief that she’d given him.

    And that wasn’t even counting the other benefits both great and small. He could once again enjoy a full meal. The days of eating spoonfuls of food according to a strict diet and subsisting on what felt like an apothecary's worth of supplements and medications were over.

    To say nothing of the fact that he could once more stand proud and unimpeded as the world’s symbol of peace without having to limit his active time due to his wounds! And while he realized it was very selfish to put that second to his own personal gain, one never realized how important the little things were to one’s emotional well being until they were taken away.

    Anything this child needed, he’d see to it, no matter what it may be.

    “A-all Might!” Izuku greeted him as he approached the entrance to the beach. “Is she still alright?.”

    “Yes she is!” he replied with a smile. “I decided that it was unbecoming for me to simply wait on a cold wet beach for her to awaken. Whatever she’s been through has taken a lot out of her and it wouldn’t do for her to catch cold now would it?

    “Um, of course not!” he replied. Such a shy boy, but brave. He knew he’d become one of the greats.

    “So, where are we going?” he asked a moment later after he’d fallen in behind Toshinori.

    “We’re going to Might Tower,” was his response, which caused his student to gasp.

    He couldn’t help but smile even more as young Midoriya had what only could be described as a ‘nerdgasm’. Some would belittle him for it as the boy began to stammer off facts about his home/headquarters in a near illegible stream of consciousness muttering, as young Midoriya would sometimes do. Toshinori however, he wasn’t one to judge.

    After all, finally being able to acquire an authentic copy of Action Comics Number 1 had left the Symbol of Peace nearly insensate for the better part of a day!

    “S-so how are we getting there?”

    “Drove here,” was his casual response which caused Izuku to gasp. “I’m taking her to my car.”

    “Are we going to drive in the Allmobile!?” He asked excitedly, referring to the iconic vehicle originally created by his dear friend, college companion, and gadgeteer sidekick, David Shields.

    “No,” Was Toshinori’s reply. One that caused the young man to look somewhat like a kicked puppy. “The Allmobile is too ostentatious for everyday use. We’re taking that...”

    He indicated over the boy’s shoulder to his daily driver. It was a far more subtle vehicle, much better suited to traveling the streets of Japan without attracting undue attention.

    His wonderful 1968 Shelby Cobra GT-500!


    “All Might?” Izuku asked nervously, speaking up to be heard over the roar of the ancient vehicle’s archaic, and from the sound of things, massive and powerful internal combustion engine.

    “Yes, Midoriya-shonen?” All Might calmly asked.

    “Um, so what’s the plan?” He asked nervously. Right now he was just along for the ride and a little confused. After all this was all just a bit much to take in. He felt like he’d been swept up in a storm by it all.

    “Well, like I said, I’m taking her to Might Tower to keep her safe until she wakes up,” All Might replied.

    Izuku nodded, but couldn’t help but feel nervous. After all. Today was the day of the UA entrance exam...

    His eye twitched. The UA entrance exam.

    With a trembling hand he pulled his phone from his pocket and his heart turned into a block of ice when he read the time. 7:02 AM.

    The exam started in less than two hours. LESS THAN TWO HOURS!

    He released a sound that sounded not unlike a terrified piglet, causing his mentor to look down at him with concern.

    “Is everything alright, Midoriya-shonen?”

    He held up the phone with a trembling hand. “The UA exam is in two hours!” he exclaimed in shock.

    “Oh,” All Might blinked, “I’d actually forgotten about that...”

    Forgotten! How could he forget something so important! Without it he’d never be able to go to UA! He’d never be able to become a hero, how could he forget something like that? He’d be stuck going to some normal highschool and would never be able to make something of himself!

    Izuku turned to the door and looked at the street running below them. Okay, if he opened the door right now and fell out sideways he could turn some of his forward momentum into sideways momentum, bleeding it off and allowing him to clear the highway! Then he could make it to the closest train station and rush home for a shower and change...

    No, he didn’t have the time he’d have to make due by just picking up some washcloths and a cheap track suit or something at the closest department store and wiping himself down in the bathroom. And if he was fast about it he could make it to the train station in time to...

    “Calm down, Midoriya-shonen...”

    “I AM CALM!” he exclaimed, sounding anything but.

    “Relax, my boy,” All Might said, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry, and stop muttering about jumping out of my car. Making me rescue you isn’t going to help either of us get there any faster.”

    Oh god, he said all that out loud?

    He wanted to die.

    “If you’re a little late,” the Symbol of Peace continued, “I’ll take the blame and say you were with me. Besides, even if you do somehow miss the test...”

    Izuku felt his stomach bottom out and his vision began to fill with spots at the mere thought of it...

    “Then it really doesn’t matter anyways. You were always going to make it to the Hero Track no matter what.”

    Izuku couldn’t help but blinked in shock as everything came to a grinding halt.

    “What?” he blinked in confusion, “I-I don’t understand, All Might.”

    “I only told you to take the test because I wanted to challenge you.” He grinned. “So even if you were to fail utterly... or, perhaps, had taken a little longer to finish the beach and missed it, then I would have simply exercised my prerogative to have you entered as a recommended student! You’re in no danger of failure! I didn’t intend to tell you this because I find that without a mountain to climb, you’ll never go beyond your limits. Plus Ultra, right?”

    Izuku could only laugh frantically. Alright. So this was all a test. And not the kind of test he’d thought. Yeah. Wonderful. “Heheh...” he giggled frantically, “P-Plus Ultra...”

    “That’s the spirit!” All Might exclaimed, “Now here is what we’re going to do. We’re going to take the girl to Might Tower, you’re going to take a shower, I’ll have a fast meal prepared for you, and a change of clothes sent up while this darling girl is settled in one of the guest rooms under watch. Then I’ll take you to UA with me and you’ll do your best on the test! Don’t worry about your grade. Just be the best hero you can be, and if you fail, own that F! Show us what you’ve got!”

    Izuku slowly nodded and took a deep breath and gave his hero a weary smile. Okay. He could do that. “R-right!”

    “That’s the spirit!”

    “Just own question?”

    All Might nodded.

    “What do you mean ‘Own that F’?”

    All Might blinked. “Oh, right. That’s an American thing. Um. Own that E!”

    Okay. He guessed that made more sense.

    Izuku took a deep breath and leaned back before looking up to the hero. “All Might, I’m sorry... I was just...”

    “No need for apologies! It’s a big day, It’s natural to be nervous.”

    He nodded. “I just feel like...” he looked at the girl in the back seat. “...Like I was being selfish.”

    All Might simply chuckled. “Don’t worry, Midoriya-shounen. You can’t be selfless every moment of every day. As long as you keep your heart in the right place, that’s all that matters...”

    “I see,” he said with a nod, “I just hope she’s okay.”

    “As do I, Midoriya-shonen. As do I,” he smiled, “It is why I intend to do all in my power to see to her safety and security. And I believe that, with the possible exception of UA, there is no safer place for her in all of Japan than in the heart of Might Tower.”

    Izuku nodded. He could agree with that. Might Tower was almost the center of heroics in Japan. While it was most famous for being All Might’s center of operations, the Number One’s home base hosted a number of smaller hero teams and independents who operated under All Might’s aegis, being given ready access to the state of the art faculties within for a mere pittance compared to the immense cost of setting up their own bases. It was said that all that All Might asked in return was that they hold themselves up to the same sort of lofty standards of courage and good behavior that he himself followed.

    He couldn’t help but smile. He’d visited the tower on a field trip when he was 10 and had been blown away by the experience. He even had the 3D puzzle of the tower proudly dominating the top of his book shelf. And the chance to visit it as not a tourist, but as All Might’s protege?

    It was a dream come true. It was almost enough to still his burning concern for the girl lying on the bench seat behind him.


    Looking back, he just hoped that Eri was going to be alright...


    Once they arrived at Might Tower, All Might had been quick to get into action. First, he’d called in his medical team to pick up the child and take her to somewhere safe, warm, and comfortable. If he was right and she’d been experimented on, he didn’t want her anywhere near the sterile environment of a hospital room.

    He’d had her taken to one of the tower's many guest suites to sleep it off and had asked that one of the many Pro-Heros based in the tower keep an eye on her along with a nurse until he was able to return from UA.

    As for young Midoriya, he’d ushered him up to his personal locker room for a quick shower while ordering a proper change of clothes to be sent up to him while All Might changed into his Hero costume.

    “All Might?”

    “Well, speak of the devil, Midoriya-shonen!” he said with a deep laugh as the boy walked into view.

    One thing that Toshinori would never openly admit is even after all these years he still found it flattering, and maybe a bit embarrassing, when he saw someone dressed in imitation of himself. So of course, he had to hide a bit of a blush when he saw what Izuku was wearing.

    The brave young lad was clad in a tracksuit, but not just any tracksuit, no. An All Might branded tracksuit he had brought up from the giftshop. This way he didn’t have to go through the trouble of having anything bought, as he technically already owned everything in that shop. Buying from one of the other stores would have introduced additional complexity, and with it, possible points of confusion. As this was already an odd day, he wanted to give that rat bastard Murphy as little additional purchase as possible on the day’s events as was physically possible.

    This way all he’d had to do was order a selection of clothes brought up and let the young man simply take what he felt he needed and be done with it.

    “Thank you for the clothes, All Might...” Izuku said with a slight blush followed by a deep bow, “I’m sorry for being a bother...”

    “Nonsense,” Toshinori said in a tone that brooked no argument, “I’d been prepared to pass you my quirk. A simple change of clothes is nothing.”

    “Still I...” the boy stammered, causing Toshinori to smile.

    “Really, there’s no trouble, Midoriya-shonen,” he spoke with a chuckle. “Come along, we don’t want to be late!”

    Izuku nodded furiously and jumped in step beyond him, following him dutifully as he walked down the halls. For a moment, they were in silence before the boy looked up to him.

    “All Might?”

    “Yes, Midoriya-shonen?” his mentor asked a peaceful smile on his face.

    “I was thinking about the girl’s quirk,” he said after a moment of thought. “She has me a little confused.”

    Even without taking One for All into account, he’d been far too hasty in claiming that the boy had no potential as a Hero during their first fated meeting. His gift for quirk analysis was exceptional, to the point he honestly wondered if the boy’s apparent ‘quirklessness’ was simply the result of a lazy pediatrician being unable to spot a subtle ability. After all, not all super powers were flashy. Sometimes even the most powerful could be anything but.

    “Do your best thinking in the shower, do you?” he lightly teased, causing the boy to stammer lightly before laughing aloud. “I know the feeling. So what have you been thinking, my boy?”

    “Well, I don’t think she actually has a healing quirk,” young Midoriya stated, causing All Might to raise an eyebrow. He’d like to know the boy’s logic.

    “Really now?”

    “I’ve never heard of a healing quirk that works instantaneously,” he said after a moment, causing Toshinori to nod in agreement. Not had he. “Plus she was able to heal... well... you. And it was strange to see. It was like one moment you were the way you were then I just blinked and you looked young again.”

    He chuckled. He was right. He’d gone from a broken man to hearty and whole in a blink. What an amazing ability that girl possessed.

    “So what do you believe her ability is then, if not a healing quirk?”

    He paused for a moment, “I have some ideas but they’re a bit silly.”

    “Lay it on me, Midoriya-shounen!”

    He blushed and lowered his head. “No, it’s kind of stupid I shouldn’t have...”

    “Nonsense, Midoriya-shonen!” All Might exclaimed. “I’m sure whatever you’ve surmised may be outlandish, but never stupid. And I’ve run into some very outlandish things in my years so no matter how odd it may seem, it may at least worthy of being acknowledged as a valid theory, even if it is something of a longshot!”

    Izuku took a deep breath. “I think her ability might have something to do with... time. You don’t just look healed. You look young.”

    Toshinori frowned slightly for a moment. He was right. He’d been so busy just basking in the sensation of good health he hadn’t honestly considered it, but now that he did...

    He paused for a moment and stepped back, looking at his reflection in one of the windows that lined the hall. This wasn’t just his relief taking years off of him, was it? He really did look like a young man again.

    As he began to walk again, he could only chuckle at one thing though. The girl had kind of set herself up for some troublesome interactions with his female compatriots. Midnight alone would outright hound the poor girl...

    “So what are you thinking?” he asked, looking at the young man walking lock and step with him.

    “I think her ability is somehow connected to time...” Izuku stated. “Like she’s somehow able to reverse the flow of time on something. Like maybe when she bit her tongue off, she just reverted her body to the way it was before she did. Or when she healed you, she didn’t actually heal you, but just put your body into a younger state?”

    “So you believe her quirk is somehow able to rewind an object?” he asked.

    The boy paused and then lowered his head, “Yeah, it’s kinda stupid and impossible I know. I’m sorry I...”

    “Stupid? Absolutely not! Impossible, maybe!” he exclaimed with a boisterous laugh, “But in the absence of the probable, the most feasible impossibility becomes the probable! I believe it was Aristotle who said something along those lines?” He paused in thought, “I may be confusing the quote. I’ll admit, it’s been quite a few years since I took philosophy in college.”

    The boy blushed brightly.

    “Besides, my own former sidekick, Sir Nighteye...” Who he’d absolutely needed to inform about his new state. “He has the ability to see into the future. Compared to that, a little girl who can reverse time isn’t that outlandish, now is it?”

    Izuku nodded. “No, I guess not.”

    They continued to walk for a moment before reaching the elevator.

    Without pause, he pressed the button for the top floor causing the boy to blink in confusion.

    “Wait, why are we going up?” he asked, a small amount of fear making its way to his voice.

    “Because we have less than an hour to make it to UA,” was his honest response, “We’ll never make it in Tokyo traffic.”

    The boy’s eyes went wide with horror.

    “Which is why we’re going to be driving in this...” All Might finished, timing his words perfectly with the opening of the door.

    Young Midoriyta’s squeal of horror transitioned seamlessly into an earsplitting fanboy squee as he beheld what lay beyond the door.

    It had been some time since he’d used it, after all, he didn’t travel with others much these days, but there it sat, as pristine and majestic as the day that David Shields had built it...

    His personal heroic conveyance...

    The Allmobile.
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    Questions and comments are welcome.
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    Oooph sorry this is... not the worst site for feedback. But it’s also not the best. Especially since it seems like this is going to be safe for work. I’d recommend crossposting to space battles or sufficient velocity for heavier feedback. Right that said onto the actual feedback. Not super knowledgable about MHA But the general idea of time manipulator gets all for one? One for all? Can never keep the damn things straight. From The green haired “derp I can kick too!!!” Was not ready for it so had serious health issues. Jumped to the past and passed it back before he ever got it.... then rewound all might. Blah I know I got that right but writing it out in an order which makes sense is still annoying. Fing time travel vocab.

    it’s clever. Setting the stage for some serious curb stomping. Letting Midoriya develop more as himself could lead to individuality sooner then in canon. Future knowledge means they can plan ahead and wreck the villains far more readily.

    its cool. It might get boring unless you stay on the ball with character development and interactions, but it’s a cool concept. The fact that there are now two people with all mights power means a much better mentor mentee system can now be put in place where they pass off the torch in fazes which is awesome but in no way immediately relevant.

    *shrugs* boiled down? Ok you’ve got my attention, now show me what you can do.
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    I absolutely loathe both those sites so they're not a practical option for me
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    Errr ok? Given your posting here... too restrictive? I know they can get twitchy over... well sometimes its justified and sometimes it’s really not. Can’t blame you for that. Though it doesn’t leave many options dunno about Ao3 for feedback never bothered to post there. And ff.net.... yeah no. You’ll get plenty of feedback if you get popular there but most of it’s not that helpful and some people will praise any piece of shit on that site never mind the occasional trolling asshat that’ll talk out of their ass and not get stomped on because it’s not a real forum.

    dunno what to say in that case man. Sorry.
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    As the initial "hook" chapter, I can say I'm interested. I don't really have anything constructive to criticize as I didn't actually notice anything that broke my immersion to nitpick at all.

    A solid chapter that left me curious and looking forward to the next!

    Edit: I will confirm that you'll probably be a bit sparse on comments in this SFW section of the site. Most people assume that stories on QQ are gonna be posted in the NSFW section to avoid getting hit by mods on the other sites, and that everything in the SFW section is already cross-posted on Space Battles or Sufficient Velocity already.

    I only recently started to regularly look through this section and found things I hadn't seen on the other fanfic sites.
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    Think I should just move it?
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    I wouldn't put it in the NSFW side off you don't plan on including ludes, but cross posting to Ao3 is highly recommended if you thrive off reader engagement.
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    It's an interesting premise.

    I'm curious to see how Eri has the one for all quirk. My guess would be time travel?

    We'd have to wait until she wakes up, but what impact would this have on the Yakuza. By the looks of things she looks like she escaped from them.

    In regards to cross posting, AO3 does have a pretty big MHA library so it would get more people.
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    The Allmobile touched down inside the UA employee lot with a bit of a thud, and with time to spare at that. It had been a little rough, Izuku had to admit, but it hadn’t been at all scary. He trusted All Might with his life after all, and he knew that All Might hadn’t been sighted driving it in over 5 years.The reason he abandoned use of the Allmobile had been the subject of countless internet discussions and debates, everything from it having worn out to having been destroyed, but now he knew the truth of the matter.

    For some reason, Sir Nighteye and All Might ALSO seemed to stop working together around those same five years ago. Izuku was tempted to ask about that, but it was hardly the time, or the place.

    Whatever the reason, All Might no longer had a sidekick or companion since the battle that had led to his terrible injury and thus hadn’t needed to drive around in a two seater. Lack of need leads to a lack of use. There you go; nice, simple, logical.

    His fellow nerds on the internet would never believe the reason was so simple.

    He felt... good. Right before they left, All Might had a breakfast sent up to them using the Might-Chute, a mini-elevator that led from the lower levels to his personal “Might Only” area that allowed him to send up food and supplies without needing to call for staff.

    What he had sent up was strange to Izuku. He called it an “All American On the Go Super Breakfast”. Izuku called it a belly busting monster. A giant sandwich made out of ham, bacon, sausage, some ungodly substance he identified as ‘scrapple’, and eggs... and fried and served between two full sized pancakes that had been drizzled with maple syrup as if it were a sandwich sauce. With a side of fried potatoes with ketchup.

    All Might, of course, hadn’t eaten because he was driving... but at the same time his food bag had dwarfed Izuku’s own. It looked almost as large as his backpack.

    He felt overstuffed and like he was about to fall into a food coma, but at the same time, All Might’s vague warnings about “needing the calories” had him on edge. He’d heard rumors that the UA Entrance exam was, at least to some degree, a combat test. He’d been nervous about that. Something not helped by the fact that when he’d asked All Might about how to use his quirk, he’d simply told him “squeeze your bottocks and yell this inside your heart”.

    All Might had then yelled “Smash” at the top of his lungs and laughed, before warning him that while he was a proper vessel, he’d been made one in a hurry. Words that didn’t exactly fill the young man with confidence. After watching that girl stumble forward in clear agony simply trying to hold it, he was filled with a whole new respect for All Might’s power. He hadn’t been kidding when he said it would rips his arms off and make him explode. He’d seen it almost happen and it was terrifying. With that sort of graphic respect however, came awareness. He could feel the fires of One for All burning inside him. The collective people of generations of heroes passed on to him... by an odd little girl.

    He’d just watched a little girl almost explode simply carrying the quirk. It was enough to fill him with a great deal of caution and maybe a little bit of dread. Somehow he just knew that if he took All Might’s advice and just went in swinging, he’d end up hurting himself. Badly.

    That’s why he’d spent most of the ride to U.A. poking at the flame inside him, trying to figure it out. Trying to feel the warmth without getting burned...

    And true enough, just doing that was enough to make his muscles ache. Good thing All Might kept some pain relievers on himself at all times. Otherwise he might have sabotaged himself before even getting started.

    He’d need to start by using as little of One for All as possible and slowly trying to ramp up until he’d hit his limit. He just hoped it was enough.

    “Hey, watch it dipshit!”

    He blinked as he was pulled out of his musing by the familiar form of his oldest friend. Whom he’d just walked into.


    “Oh, um, sorry Kacchan!” he said with a blush and stammer.

    “Get in my way again, Deku, and I’ll kill you,” he sneered as he glared at Izuku.

    “G-good morning to you too I guess...!” Izuku exclaimed, backing up slightly as his old friend sneered back at him.

    Strange. He had to admit. Bakugou hadn’t tormented him since the sludge villain incident, he was still nervous around him. But now, he felt a new confidence. He felt put off, but for the first time in a long time... he wasn’t scared.

    Did One for All have a mental effect? Did it strengthen your will as well as your body? Or was this the effect of his hard work and training? Ten months ago he’d have vomited in terror by now. Now on the other hand he was standing at the edge of a brave new world: one where dreams came true. He needed to talk to All Might about it when he had the chance.

    He just needed to remember one important thing. The test was just a formality! This was a Hero School! What was important was acting like a hero! He didn’t care if he failed, what was important was being the best hero he could! And if that wasn’t good enough, he’d own that E! It didn’t matter what anyone said! He was going to become the hero who saved everyone!

    “Wow! You’re excited!”

    Izuku blinked and looked over to a smiling round faced girl standing next to him. She was cute. And she was talking to him?

    “Um, hehehe,” he said rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment. “Aren’t we all?”

    She nodded with a laugh. “Yeah! I guess we are! Just do your best...” she paused, “And thanks.”

    Izuku blinked. “Thanks?”

    “What you were saying...” she said blushing slightly, lowering her head. “About ‘Owning that E’.”

    His eyes went wide with shock as the color drained from his face. “I-I said that out loud?”

    She nodded and looked to him with determination in her eyes. “And you’re right! No matter what they throw at us... the most important things we can do is be the best hero that we can be!”

    Frantically he began to look around himself at the small crowd that had gathered during his rant. There were at least a dozen fellow applicants standing around him in a circle.

    Behind her, a pale kid with purple hair muttered, “‘Just be the best hero I can be’, huh?”

    “Awesome advice!” exclaimed a pretty redheaded girl who gave him a very large thumbs up.

    “So cool! That sounded like somethingAll Might would say!” exclaimed a very pink girl on the other side of him.

    “Yeah, that was damned manly!” a boy with sharp teeth exclaimed from next to her as he gave a fist pump.

    “I’m going to have to tell everyone what he said,” stated a dumpy looking boy with grey hair.

    “What did he say?” asked a girl with horns in poorly accented Japanese.

    “Come with me cutie, and I’ll explain everything,” said a short kid with purple balls on his head and an anything but innocent expression on his face.

    Izuku slowly felt his blood run like ice at all the sudden attention.

    They heard him. Everyone had heard him.

    Oh god.

    He felt so embarrassed.

    He wanted to die.


    I Am Here!” All Might explained as he burst into the control room from which the various teachers were going to be watching the practical exam. “And I hope no one minds, but I brought myself a light meal.”

    “Greetings, All Might-san,” Nezu said as he walked in, raising an eyebrow as he looked at the bag of food the number one carried. “Don’t you think you’re overdoing it?”

    Toshinori could only chuckle. The small, High Specs chimera was, of course, referring to the strict diet necessitated by his emergency gastric bypass. The one he no longer had any reason to follow due to his newly restored physical state.

    “No, no I don’t,” he replied with a wide smile. “I feel like I’m a growing boy again!” He guffawed. “And I’ll explain everything when we have a moment after the exam.”

    He leaned in. “Just do me a favor and keep Chiyo-san from freaking out on me, okay?”

    The small, hyper-intelligent being simply laughed at the request. “No promises.”

    ‘Fair enough’ Toshinori guessed as he sat down to watch the proceedings. In the corner of his eye, he saw Midnight approaching him but felt no need to comment.

    “So, who’s the kid you came with?” she asked, glancing at him sideways as he settled in.

    For his part, All Might could only flinch ever so slightly. He’d been hoping to keep his relationship with Midoriya understated, but he guessed giving the boy a ride in the Allmobile of all things had taken that idea and torpedoed it across the bow.

    “He’s a good prospect,” Toshinori replied after a moment, “Strong quirk, strong character. Reminds me of myself at his age.”

    “Well he certainly has spunk,” Snipe observed.

    “He has the applicants all fired up,” Vlad King said with a chuckle.

    Toshinori raised an eyebrow and looked over to the others. “What did he do?”

    “He gave a speech about not caring about the grade and “Owning that E” if it was what he had to do to be heroic,” Eraserhead said blandly from his spot in the corner. “I assume you had nothing to do with that?”

    All Might could only laugh weakly. “I might have mentioned something about just giving it your all no matter what, but Midoriya-shounen isn’t the type to go around giving speeches...”

    “He seems to have done it unconsciously,” Nezu observed, “Less a speech, more a rant to hype himself up. Once he realized he had said it all aloud, the boy looked quite mortified, but either way it had largely the same effect. Though he did just, at least partially, expose our secret grading criteria, if only by accident.”

    “I think we should keep a close eye on him after this little stunt,” Shota remarked. “Not going to say we should remove him outright, but I’m concerned he may have an unfair advantage.”

    “If he did,” Hound Dog growled. “Then he didn’t take his time in sharing it with everyone else.”

    “I agree,” Midnight replied. “And depending on how the other students react, I think we should consider giving him Rescue Points for this little stunt.”

    “Wait, what?” asked Snipe. “Not saying no, I’d just like to know your logic.”

    “I can see where she’s coming from,” Cementos observed. “Part of being a hero isn’t just to save people’s lives but to build up their spirits. In a way he just rescued his fellow applicants from their own fears and doubts.”

    “I agree,” replied Power Loader. “Leadership is an important heroic trait, and intentionally or not, it's a good trait to see in the next generation..”

    If he passes,” Eraserhead pointed out, letting the statement float for a moment before continuing. “If he’s all talk, he’s out. We’re looking for heroes, not self-help gurus.”

    “Harsh,” Vlad King said with a slight nod. “But more than fair. We judge him on his potential. If he’s as good as All Might-san says he is, we’ll award points to bump him up in the ranks.”

    “And if he’s borderline,” Watchdog added. “We’ll favor him for acceptance as long as he seems true to his words.”

    “Wonderful!” Nezu said with a smile. “It’s so wonderful to see my staff being so thoughtful.”

    “Not quite sure about the blonde kid who told him off, however,” Watchdog added.

    “You mean the sludge villain kid?” Lunch Rush asked, earning a nod.

    Midnight chewed her lip for a moment, “Really? So what’s wrong with the kid?”

    “Something about his personality reminds me of Endeavor’s,” was Ryo’s bland response.

    “I fail to see how that’s a problem,” All Might cut in, “Despite his prickly attitude, Endeavor’s an exemplary hero.”

    Everyone shared a look, making Toshinori wonder if he was missing something before he sat down and opened his lunch bag, removing his favorite “in the field” meal. One he hadn’t been able to enjoy since he was injured.

    Two Bacon Barbecue Mega Might burgers... (twin glorious one pound patties of beef, served on brioche buns with bacon, American cheese, barbeque sauce, and topped with onion rings), Four Might Dogs, (foot long all beef Coney Island franks slathered in onion, grated cheddar cheese, and “Three Alarm” chili), a set of Double Cheese fries, two dozen Buffalo Smash hot wings, and a 14 inch All Meat pizza. Served with a two liter chocolate protein shake and a pint of whole milk: because strong bones need calcium!

    A perfect light lunch for any hero on the go, and the very thought of it made him salivate...

    Taking a deep breath, he took a bite out of the first burger and felt like he wanted to cry. It had been almost a decade since he was able to really enjoy his favorite meal.

    Oh yeah... tastes so good...

    With his eyes closed he slowly chewed enjoying every bite of the special blend of beef that made up the burger, the smokey flavor of the bacon, the richness of the cheese, the sweetness of the sauce, and the salty onion ring combined with the fluffy, buttery bun...

    It was heavenly...

    He could almost cry.

    “So, Toshinori-san...” Midnight asked him, leaning onto the table.

    “Hmn?” he asked, not wanting to pause in his first burger feast in five years, not even to reply to one of his comrades.

    “The way you’re moaning into that sandwich, I have to ask. Is it really that good, or is there a girl hiding under that table?”

    Part of him wanted to flush and deny by instinct, but he was too damned happy right now to let the sexually charged heroine ruin his meal. He spent the last five years subsisting on powders and pills. He’d long given up any hope of having a proper meal, and nothing was going to ruin this for him. It had also been far too long since he’d felt comfortable bantering with an attractive woman, and it wasn’t like they were in the watchful eye of the public, so why not have some fun?

    “No, Nemuri-san, there isn’t,” he said after swallowing the mouthful of beefy goodness. “But I have to ask, was that a request or an invitation?”

    A deep “Oooh” resounded through the room as his other compatriots responded to the counter burn he’d laid upon the ridiculously attractive woman.

    “Hmn, I don’t know,” she said as she reached and picked up one of his chilidogs. “That depends.... Which do you want it to be~?”

    Toshinori raised an eyebrow and looked at her as she threw back her hair, cocked back her head, and began to move the bread and chili blanketed shaft towards her mouth.

    “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” he warned. While not as hot as his wings, which in true hot wing tradition were so spicy that some questioned their fitness for human consumption, the Three Alarm Chili on those dogs was still not for the faint of heart. Nor the faint of stomach.

    Nor the faint of sphincter, if he wanted to be completely honest...

    She smirked and deepthroated the chili dog. About half way down she began to squirm, her eyes almost bulging from their sockets. He wasn’t sure if it was pure force of will or lewd talent that allowed her to bite down and swallow before she threw the remaining sausage onto the table and scampered back, her face turning red and her eyes bloodshot.

    “Water!” she rasped out, chili still dripping down her chin. “Oh god! I need water! It burns! It burns!”

    Smirking lightly, Toshinori held out his milk to her. “I guess my sausage was too much for you.”

    She almost tore the carton out of his hand, using it to wash out the burn as she glared at him.

    “Well, I have to say All Might, your cream is the best,” she half-growled, desperately trying to recover the offensive in their battle of innuendo.

    “Don’t you know it,” he replied, wearing his trademark smile and giving her a thumbs up.

    Rather than giving a response, Midnight simply huffed, and in a silent concession of defeat, walked to the other side of the room, nursing the small carton of milk as she did so.

    For a long moment the room sat in silence as All Might enjoyed his victory by smugly downing the remaining third portion of the hotdog in one mighty bite, something that had the frazzled woman glaring daggers at him. He returned it with a cheeky smile and refocused on his feast without remark.

    “Well,” Shouta remarked, summing up the general feelings of the entire room, “That just happened.”

    Slowly, Snipe nodded as he watched the number one eat. “All Might truly is the strongest hero, peerless in all forms of combat...”

    “Oh shut up you two,” Nemuri sulked.


    UA’s main auditorium was everything that Izuku could expect and more, a massive chamber dominated by a trio of projection screens that individually wouldn’t look out of place in most cinemas.

    And most awesome to him was the figure standing at the podium in the center of it all.

    “For all you examinee listeners tuning in, welcome to my show today! Everybody say ‘HEY’!”

    Izuku barely resisted the urge to squeal.

    Standing in the center of the stage was the black clad, big haired and small mustached form of radio jock and pro hero, Present Mic!

    The room resounded with the sound of crickets.

    Or might as well have...

    “What a refined response...” the teacher said with a shrug.

    He was in the presence of Present Mic! The pro-hero who’d be teaching them all English! Oh this was so awesome! He had to literally bite his tongue not to start talking about how cool he was and how he listened to him every week, but after his last couple slips he was willing to do anything short of stab himself in the hand with his pen again to not make an even bigger fool of himself.

    “Well, if none of you have anything to say, then I’ll quickly present to you the big rundown on the practical exam! So...” he pulled back and posed. “Are you ready... YEAAAAH!”

    Izuku swore he tasted blood as he bit down to keep from losing his cool.

    “If you’re going to bite your tongue off Deku,” Kacchan remarked from his seat next to him, “Just make sure to bleed to death on the other guy next to you.”

    Izuku paused and glared at his old friend. After what he’d seen today, he failed to find that amusing.

    “Not funny, Kacchan,” he said with a sour expression on his face.

    The blond raised an eyebrow and growled at him, "Backtalking me, Deku? Where'd that spine come from?"

    "My quirk finally came in, Kacchan,” he said, thinking of a quick excuse. Katsuki would know something was up if he just showed a quirk out of nowhere and it wasn’t completely unheard of for quirks to delay their manifestation until they could be used safely, “I've spent the last 10 months training it for this."

    The blonde barked a laugh of contempt. "Well I guess your balls finally dropped, Deku. Took long enough. But even if you're not a quirkless loser anymore doesn’t mean you’re still not a loser. We'll see how your shitty quirk performs when we see the rankings."

    Izuku frowned and glared back at the presenter. “I guess so.”

    “Alright you listeners! We’ll be conducting a set of ten-minute mock urban battles after this!”

    Behind him the screen changed to show an indicator of their current location along with a map of UA’s seven mock urban battle centers that they used for battle training and exams of all shapes and sizes. Centers only physically possible due to help of the Concrete Hero: Cementos, who was also one of the honored teachers at UA.

    “After the presentation, you’ll head to your specified battle center, okay? You can bring whatever you want with you....”

    He looked down at his exam ticket and noted it said Battle Center B, then looked over to Kacchan, whose ticket put him in Center A.

    “In other words, they won’t let you work with your friends, huh?” Kacchan remarked glancing at Izuku’s card in return, words that made Izuku’s heart feel a little lighter. He referred to him as a friend.

    “You’re right, Kacchan,” he observed. “Our numbers are consecutive, but we’re in different centers.”

    “Don’t look at my card, dipshit” Katsuku sneered, despite the fact that he was looking at Izuku’s.

    Yep. And that good feeling went away fast.

    “Damn,” Kacchan went on to say, “Now I can’t crush you.”

    Like tears in the rain...

    “Three different types of faux villains are stationed in each battle center and you earn points based on their level of difficulty. Your goal, dear listeners is to use your works to earn points by disabling, immobilizing, or otherwise rendering the faux villains unable to fight! Though of course attacking other examinees and other unheroic actions are strictly prohibited!”

    While he spoke a cute pixel art demonstration of cartoon Present Mic kicking down blanked out cartoon villains dominated the massive screen.

    Izuku nodded. Of course it would be. This was a hero school, if you’re willing to attack another examinee, you didn’t belong here.

    Bakugo clenched his jaw slightly and sneered in response, clearly showing his thoughts on the matter.

    Then a young man several rows in front of them jumped to his feet, and raised his hand while yelling at the top of his lungs, “May I ask a question?”

    “Okay!” replied Present Mic.

    “On the print out there are four types of villains!” the tall boy, who honestly looked more like a senior than a freshman exclaimed, “If this is a misprint, then UA, the most prominent hero school in Japan should be ashamed of that foolish mistake. We examinees are here in this place because we wish to be molded into exemplary heroes!”

    He then turned around and glared at Izuku and Katsuki. “In addition, you two have been talking the whole time...”

    “What a crock,” Katuski sneered.

    Izuku couldn’t help but agree. Maybe it was the knowledge that he actually didn’t need to be afraid about the test, or maybe if it was the confidence he had gotten from being acknowledged by All Might, but he couldn’t help but respond.

    “M-maybe you should have let Present Mic-san finish first? I’m sure he was going to get around to telling us about the fourth villain...”

    “Hate to say it,” Bakugou said with a nod, “But Deku here’s got a point, dumbass. Maybe you should try checking your own shit before calling anyone else out on theirs.”

    The tall black haired boy recoiled, but before he could respond, Present Mic called the room to order.

    “Alright! Alright! Examinees 2233, 2234, and 7111... all of you just settle down!”

    7111, the guy who’d pointed them out paused and bowed. “My apologies.”

    The entire room chuckled.

    He coughed as a looming black outline began to dominate the screen, giving Izuku a strange sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach for some reason.

    “Anyways listeners, the fourth type of villain is worth zero points. That guy is an obstacle, so to speak. There’s only one in every battle center and it will go crazy in narrow spaces, so watch out! It’s not impossible to defeat, but there’s no reason to defeat it either. I recommend you try and avoid it. So I’ll leave you off with this. In the treasured words of the Pro Hero Napoleon Dolomite: ‘A true hero is someone who overcomes life’s misfortunes.’ So make sure to remember or school motto...”

    He pulled back and spread his arms wide. “PLUS ULTRA!”

    He then leaned in and smiled. “And everyone? Good luck suffering...”

    Izuku couldn’t help but let loose a tired chuckle. Now wasn’t that ominous.


    Ten minutes later found Izuku getting on the bus to examination ground B. After sitting down he was surprised to find 7111, the boy who’d called him out sitting in the seat next to him.

    “You are the one everyone’s been talking about,” he said after a moment, “The one who gave the speech about ‘Owning the E’ in front of everyone.”

    Izuku shrank under the attention, “I’d, um, hardly call it a speech.”

    “I will admit you were correct in that I should have waited for Present Mic-san to finish, and that in light of what he said afterwards, my aspirations were unacceptable. And I do apologize for my poor behavior. I still must say that your speaking in the middle of the presentation was still unacceptable.”

    “Don’t worry, it’s okay. And I’m sorry about that,” Izuku admitted, “I just tend to um... mumble a bit when I get excited,” he paused, “Or scared. Or...” he flinched at the self realization. Yeah, best to just be honest about it. “I just mumble a lot.”

    “I accept your apology as well.” he said after a moment. “But I have to ask you. What did you mean when you said ‘Own that E’? I have no intention to fail this exam, but you clearly have confidence in those words. Have you figured out something about the exam? Some secret the rest of us don’t know about?”

    “I... well...” Izuku paused and looked up to the taller boy. “We’re trying to get into a hero school, right? So shouldn’t that be the most important thing? Being the best heroes we can be, I mean... And if we have to make a choice between doing the heroic thing and just trying to beat the exam... Well, we’re here to be heroes, right?”

    “Of course!” the taller boy exclaimed, “Of course the finest institution of heroic education in all of Japan would observe the behavior of its prospective students to determine their fitness! Competency in battle is important, but the good character and moral rectitude of the applicants is just as important... if not more so!”

    He looked down to Izuku with an almost frightening degree of intensity before bowing to him as much as his seated position would allow, “Thank you for sharing with me, who showed you such disrespect, the hidden secret of this exam! I am in your debt!”

    “Um, it’s just a gut feeling, really.”

    “And as my elder brother, the Turbo Hero: Ingenium has told me numerous times, that often ‘a hero’s best sensory organ is their gut’!” he exclaimed “And my gut tells me that your gut is reading the situation accurately so I will put my faith in our combined intuition and aspire to act as a true hero during this exam! What is your name?”

    “Um, Izuku... Midoriya Izuku...”

    “Midoriya-san, I look forward to seeing you become a fine hero.” he said with an ear splitting grin while taking what Izuku guessed was an attempt at a heroic pose, “And when we finish this test, know that you can count on me, Iida Tenya, to be a friend and ally!”

    This guy was weird, and way too intense, but Izuku knew that Tenya meant every word of it and had a feeling that with this proclamation, he’d just earned a friend who’d watch his back, no matter what.

    “Um, thanks... you too...”

    “You know, you’re pretty cool, curly.”

    Izuku blinked and looked up at the figure of a large, muscular boy with a red and white striped pompadour who was leaning over the seat and looking at him.

    “Yeah,” said a girl with what looked like earphone covers for ears, from the other side of the seat, “I feel like I could take on the world right now!”

    Izuku began to pale and looked up. What he saw made his blood run cold. Everyone on the bus was looking at him and several had their cellphones out, probably calling friends who were in the other examination areas.

    As he looked around, his eyes locked on the pink cheeked girl who’d seen him rant the first time. “Yeah, he’s right. You’re pretty cool, Izuku-kun!”

    Izuku’s eyes went wide as his head began to swim.

    A girl just said he was cool.

    A real life actual girl.

    A real life actual girl just said he was cool!
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  11. SebazuD

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    Aug 2, 2014
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    That "Owning that F" feels so out of place.
    Because they don't use letter grades in japanese schools.

    It breaks inmersion every time I read it.
    This whole dialogue feels greatly out of character.
    Because All Might does that whole "Silver Age Hero" thing and he's pretty wholesome.
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  12. Psyckosama

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    Got a better suggestion? I can fix it, unless I have ideas on how to do so.

    He's still a human being and he's literally high on happiness right now to the point he might as well be physically intoxicated.

    As someone who suffered chronic pain, that's exactly what it can be like having the source of your discomfort removed.

    With all his PR experience, I'd assume he's very good at wordplay so this is well within his ability, and while he'd never do it in anything even resembling the public, but this is in private between he and his peers.
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    Normally, I'd agree with you, but given All Might's AMURICAAAAA theme...

    Maybe adding a few lines with the guys that listened Izuku talk about that asking him what did he mean or something, but I think that particular element is jot out of character for Yagi
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    Even if it would be something All Might would say, it still wouldnt really work at motivating other people since they wouldnt be familiar with what he means.
    I dunno, Izuku accidentaly motivating a bunch of people at this point and all the teachers taking notice already feels like too much.
    Like one a "so special awesome" character level.
    Not like something to be replaced but straight up removed.
    Not really, like I can totally understand him being jubilous but that kind of wordplay and language wouldnt come out from someone not used to it.
    When you are relaxed and happy you open up, not just start spouting thing you've never said.

    It feels way less like something the character would say and more like something you felt like adding on a whim.

    I would see him just eating while not even listening to Midnight.
    That and enjoying just being able to breathe easily, with two uninjured lungs now that he has some time to sit down and relax.

    Also, I forgot to mention this before, but this part. I assume you addedit to remove the part of Bakugo attacking Izuku or basically shouting at him?

    Because it feels to easy.

    Bakugo would not just react to something like that like Izuku is telling him he got a haircut.

    He would disbelieve him, or tell him to stop dreaming.

    Remember how lowly he thinks of Izuku, he wouldnt have a "friendly" conversation with him, and he would not react calmly to Izuku mentioning something like that in the middle of their exam.
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    There are reasons. I don't want to spoil it, but there's elements in play that no one is currently aware of.

    As for Own that F, easily fixed by having all might correct himself to Izuku with "Own that E"

    Honestly I'm trying to make All Might more than a big smiling cardboard cutout of justice.

    A lot of this is also alluded to in a future chapter. Yagi himself is going to largely explain it.

    I'll add in a paragraph that details his internal reasoning.

    At this point he has no reason to disbelieve Izuku. He sees him as a dork and a doormat, but he doesn't see him as a liar.
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    There, tweaked both of them to have those points make a bit more sense. I changed it to Own that E, and I showed a little more of All Might's internal logic.
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    Well, I'm glad you have long term plans for the story.
    That still feels like too much for japanese teachers to start saying.
    Specially in the most prestigious japanese hero school.

    Like, if it was the two of them alone I could buy it actually, but in this context it feels out of place.
    Or if they were whispering to each other while the rest of the teachers were focusd on other stuff.
    Dude, Bakugo explode over everything, has the worst opinioin of Izuku and it's a stressful moment when they are gonna test for UA.

    There is absolutely no way Bakugo would ever be chill with Izuku talking to him about this.

    He has no chill.

    None whatsoever.

    He would default to scream and not even try to process what Izuku is saying.
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    Thank you.

    Midnight is arguably the most shameless lifeform in MHA Japan and All Might is one of the largest Westaboos in all of anime to the point he's an effective cultural convert.

    Literally anyone else and I'd agree.

    He has some nuance, dude. He's also capable of being dismissive and contemptuous, such as in this case.

    He'll explode later.

    Remember, a lot of his bad attitude towards Izuku in the series is because he thought he was lying the whole time about having a quirk and was not getting it and reacting to his confusion with rage. Once he found out about One for all and was able to internalize it, he was still a volatile dickhead, but he actually had his moments of acting almost like a sane and reasonable person, abet still an asshole.
  19. Jiopaba

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    So, contrary to Sebazu's thoughts here, I agree with most of the choices. Yeah "Own that F" might be a little off... but I'm totally fine with a little bit of cultural translation convention where I can just pretend that "Own that E" or whatever makes sense in the actual language and culture of the story. It's not like I speak more than ten words of Japanese, I'm hardly going to criticize the story over it.

    As for making All-Might literally anything other than a cardboard cutout of a perfect hero who coughs up blood every five seconds, I'm 100% A-OK with that. All Might interacting with Midnight in such a manner is funny, and I couldn't frankly give two shits whether or not that makes perfect sense according to some random persons interpretation of how "canon" All-Might would act. This is both a wildly different circumstance from anything we ever see All-Might in in canon, and also not fucking canon at all. This is fanfic. If you want to make All-Might have a sassy side that changed circumstances are allowing to see the light of day, I absolutely support the idea of him doing some verbal banter that didn't get ripped out of a silver age comic.

    This is such a fascinating premise. I'm already loving some of the changes. And people need to quit acting like Deku accidentally inspiring everyone with a speech is even remotely weird for this genre. You know, the one where every time something weird happens the entire cast shouts things in unison like they were coordinated? If MHA isn't going to take itself so seriously, why the hell should the readers of a specific fanfiction of MHA do so? Absurdity.

    I'm having a ton of fun with the story so far, keep up the great work!
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    Izuku does feel like he's getting the special snowflake treatment here a little bit with the instant recognition he's receiving, but if the author says there's factors at play that aren't readily apparent, I'll extend some SoD until we see what happens.

    Particularly, I'm wondering about the copy of One for All Eri passed on to Izuku after coming back from the future and whether or not it might be subtly affecting Izuku and/or the people around him.

    Just because Eri eventually got it, after all, didn't mean there weren't other bearers between Izuku and her. In theory, at least, Eri would qualify as the tenth bearer of that version of the quirk if it was passed directly through her between Future and Past Izuku, but...

    Depending on how grimdark the future timeline got in this AU, there's every possibility that Izuku is packing a lot more quirks stored within One for All which might be changing his behavior.

    ...and that's not even touching on the possibility that Izuku could be capable of using Eri's Rewind now, which is both hype and terrifying.

    Excited to see where the story goes.

    Edit: Of course, all of this is putting aside the idea that Future Pro-Hero Izuku may be fusing with his teenage past self because of One for All's mental/spiritual component.
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    Thank you for the SoD.

    I'm fully aware he's coming off as a bit of snowflak.

    It'll all be explained in time.
  22. Threadmarks: Chapter 3

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    Izuku took a deep breath as he walked towards the battle zone, with Iida Tenya making sure to stay by his side. When the taller boy had said he saw Izuku as a friend and ally, he clearly didn’t mean “after the exam”.

    “You know, you don’t have to stay close to me,” Izuku remarked looking at Iida.

    In response Iida looked at him with an all too intense look on his face, “True Heroes watch the backs of their allies!”

    Izuku took a deep breath and closed his eyes. For the past couple minutes he’d been struggling to connect with One for All. Once the freak out was over in the bus he’d decided to put his mind to trying to feel out his power and much to his own disappointment he was finding it less than intuitive.

    He’d do his best no matter what, but without his quirk he wasn’t sure how much use he would be.

    “Iida-san,” Izuku said as the massive door slowly began to close behind him, “Just promise me that you won’t fail on my part. Okay? My quirk can be pretty touchy and if it doesn’t kick in I don’t want you holding back on my account. Be a hero, but don’t sacrifice your dream for me, okay?”

    The tall boy began to shake and Izuku swore he began to tear up as he said, “Such nobility! You are truly going to be one of the finest heroes of our generation. Very well! Should the situation come to that, I will do my best to honor your wishes.”

    Izuku blushed. He really wasn’t used to getting positive reinforcement and Iida was clearly the type to voice his opinion freely both for good and ill it seemed. He’d clearly come to the rather strong decision that he considered Izuku to be a good guy. It was flattering, and for someone not used to it, maybe a little off putting. But still flattering and honestly, he liked the other boy's earnest nature, even if he wished he’d tone it down a bit.

    No matter what happened after this, classmates or no, he’d want to try and still be his friend.

    “And start!” Present Mic exclaimed from a podium overlooking the ground.

    Izuku blinked and looked up, as did most of the applicants present.

    “There’s no such thing as a countdown in a real fight!” the Pro Hero said with a laugh, “Consider the baton tossed! Go! Go! Go!

    At that, the other applicants began to run off, Izuku closed his eyes and began to reach inside him to draw off the power that was One for All, but while he could feel the heat, he couldn’t grab hold of it. It was like smoke in his hands, there but immaterial.

    He gritted his teeth and tried harder to, to no avail.

    “Are you ready Midoriya-san?”

    And even worse, now Iida, who’d said such kind words about him, was willing to hold back to cover him when he didn’t even know if he really could use One for All yet. It filled him with shame and self loathing to think this guy, who was a bit stuffy but every bit the hero might fail because of him.

    It made him hate himself.

    He opened his eyes and they went wide as he saw a Three Pointer barreling around a corner, moving towards Iida from behind at high speed. The other boy saw his reaction and turned around, just in time for it to reer back and lift its massive arm in a crushing blow.

    In an instant Izuku was in motion, cracking with energy as he punched the robot in the chest, sending it flying 20 meters through the air and through a concrete wall.

    “What a powerful quirk!” Iida exclaimed as Izuku looked down at his hands.

    It was like One for All had responded to his need, cloaking his body in its energy like a cowl. It clicked to him, as if by instinct. A cowl. Full Cowl.

    Narrowing his eyes, he nodded to the other boy and entered a full run, powered by the fires of One for All. His guess was that he was operating on somewhere between three to five percent of its full power. Not much, but that was still enough to push him far above and beyond natural human limitations. Enough that it would have been a moderately impressive physical reinforcement quirk even at this level.

    Off to the side, he saw the boy with the pompadour who’d called him cool earlier standing in place, his arms in a cross block as a one pointer hammered at him from above.

    Diverting course, he rocketed through the air and kicked the robot’s head clear off, and moved to intercept the next group that he saw down the street, while off to the side he could see Iida delivering a spin kick to a two pointer using the thrusters in his legs.

    “Hey, hold up!” the guy he just helped out called to him, driving him to freeze in place and turn about. “Could you do me a quick favor!”

    “Yes?” he asked, looking back.

    “Punch me!” the kid exclaimed, pulling back his arms and pointing to his stomach.

    Izuku blinked. Did this guy just ask what he thought he asked? “Wait, what?”

    “My quirk lets me absorb and redirect Kinetic energy!” he exclaimed, “But these robots are kinda weak and aren’t enough to give me a real charge. By the time I’ve got enough juice to cut loose, the test’ll be over! You got a super strength quirk, right? Think you could give me a quick pick me up? Please?”

    Izuku paused for a moment and then nodded before pulling back his arm, and punching the other boy square in the gut while drawing on as much of One for All as he could without it being outright painful.

    The young man’s eyes went wide and he gasped at the impact,his feet lifting off the ground. He clenched his stomach for a second and looked at Izuku with a mixture of shock and admiration. “Crap, man! I actually felt that. Holy shit! Thanks bro.”

    With a nod and a smile he was off to start earning his own points while Iida looked at Izuku with clear pride.

    “Very heroic, Midoriya-san!” he exclaimed before looking at the street and the robotic villains lining it. “So, how about I take the left?”

    Izuku grinned, feeling a sense of pride swelling within him as for the first time in his life he felt like he was for real. That he was a hero. That he could do this.


    And together, they were off in a blast...


    “That kid of yours is something else,” Shota said to Toshinori as they watched him and the Idaten’s youngest working with impressive synergy.

    While the two’s number of villain points were on the strong side of average, they were racking up Rescue points by an exceptional amount. Whenever they could, they would always be there to back up another prospect, sometimes even pausing for a moment to offer a word of encouragement to one of their fellows. In all ways both of them were acting in a manner that very much fit the model of the ideal Pro Hero.

    “I know,” All Might said with a proud smile. He’d honestly feared that young Izuku would hurt himself, but instead he was latching onto One for All with an adeptness that rivaled his own. When he’d met the boy he had a good feeling about him, and it more than pleased him to know that his choice in successors was ideal, even if he’d technically hadn’t passed One for All onto him due to the small girl’s intervention.

    “This entire year is looking impressive,” added Vlad King as he looked over the other cameras. “Those two aren’t the only ones who seem to be cooperating.”

    Toshinori nodded as the display showed several team ups. On one screen he saw a girl with massive hands throwing a boy with a hardening quirk into a cluster of villains like a human missile. On another, a pair of girls seemed to have synergized their quirks, with one having generated a speaker stack and a wheelbarrow while the other combined her quirk with the creations to use as a sonic cannon. Arena D had a pink haired and skinned girl with horns holding onto the flying horn fired from the head of a hooved girl, using it in order to maintain a height and mobility advantage while literally raining acid on a field of enemies.

    “The rescue point numbers look like they’re going to be the highest they’ve been since I’ve been teaching,” Midnight said as she nursed a cone of soft serve ice cream, courtesy of Lunch Rush.

    Toshinori felt slightly guilty. He’d warned her, but she still looks a little out of sorts due to the spicy chili. What he really pitied her for though was the experience to come. If you weren’t used to that level of heat, it could be worse going out than going in... he made a mental note to warn her of that when the exams were over.

    Returning his attention from Midnight to the task at hand, he looked on with a smile at many of the student prospects. A purple haired boy who, while completely lacking in Villain points, had seemingly dedicated himself to getting injured and frightened applicants out of the line of fire. A young man with steel skin who seemed to have decided to use himself as a human shield for more vulnerable students. A short kid with purple balls on his head who seemed to run interference every time one of the villains tried to attack a girl in his presence.

    Even Midoriya’s young school friend was impressive in his own way, standing amongst a scattered field of burning wreckage, his eyes all but glowing with the excitement of battle.

    “This has actually given us a bit of a quandary,” Nezu admitted. “We don’t really have anything in place to reward cooperative behavior during the exam. And while Midoriya-san’s words seem to have motivated the crowd quite nicely, but it really would be something of a push to call them rescue points now wouldn’t it?”

    “I had an idea about that,” offered Thirteen.

    Snipe nodded. “Let’s hear it.”

    “I’ve been wondering about this for years. Perhaps we should consider adding a third qualification,” Thirteen replied, “Hero points.”

    Nezu cocked his head. “Interesting, comcept, Thirteen. Explain please?”

    “Well, if a young applicant behaves in a suitably heroic fashion, we award them Hero points to reflect their good nature and positive attitude. Sportsmanship, cooperation, encouraging others. These are all important facets of heroism. If we want to cultivate a noble, heroic spirit, we should show favor to those whom it seems to be a natural inclination.”

    “I like the sound of that,” replied Ectoplasm.

    Hound Dog nodded. “Me too.”

    Midnight took a long, lick of her cone then said, “Why not? I’m in.”

    Nezu looked over the group. “Good idea. Anyone have any concerns?”

    “I do,” cut in Eraserhead, “First, it’s not fair to previous years. I’m sure there’s plenty of kids who would have qualified by these standards who were either dropped or were sent to General Ed.”

    Nezu grinned, “And I am more than willing to personally review the exam results of our previous years to see if any would qualify for the Hero course under these new standards, but as it stands, all we will be doing in this case is making an unofficial policy official. We have allowed exemptions before. This would just be codifying it.”

    All Might nodded. He’d heard of this. Of good natured but borderline students being given overly generous rewards of Rescue points to make the cut, or of students who outright failed, but managed to catch the eye of one of the proctors, being invited to test again as a recommended student in spite of their grade.

    “Alright,” Shota replied, “That’s fair, but I need to point out that with the numbers we’re seeing, unless we raise the cut off, both Hero Courses are already going to be oversized as is.”

    Nezu scoffed. “Really, Eraserhead? What does it say about a hero school if our greatest problem is that we will have too many worthy prospective heroes? It is a problem we must tackle with pride. If need be, we shall designate 1-C as a third hero home room this year. See? Problem handled.”

    He smiled and it was an evil smile. “But enough of that. We’ve seen how these kids handle themselves when they’re on top of things. Let’s see how they work... under pressure.

    He walked over to the console and began to laugh maniacally as he pressed the activation button for the Zero Pointers.


    “Does he seriously need to laugh like that EVERY year?” Aizawa asked no one in particular.


    Tenya knew something was wrong when he felt the rumbling. It was a base sensation that traveled up through your legs to the tips of your fingers before reverting to settle in your stomach like a pit of dread. Even the familiar, comforting rev of his Engine was lost in it. Instead all he felt was the sort of primal terror that he imagined his far distant ancestors had faced when forced to confront a lion without the power of a quirk to see them to safety.

    And this was why, he imagined, that Midoriya started running towards the danger. After all, if they were feeling this fear then he knew that others were too, and it was the duty of a hero to assuage the fear of others, even if they were terrified themselves.

    Between the power of his Engine, and Izuku’s most impressive physical renforcement ability that actually allowed him to keep pace with Tenya, at least in these confined conditions where he wasn’t able to go all out, they were able to clear the distance in moments.

    As they entered the clearing they saw a handful of frightened students run past them, away from one of the most terrifying things that Tenya had ever seen.

    Technically, the term ‘skyscraper’ refers to any building taller than ten stories high, and using that traditional definition he could say without a moment of hesitation that the massive robotic villain bearing down on them was easily ‘the size of a skyscraper’. It looked like it should have been set against a monster like Godzilla than highschool students. No wonder they’d refrained from telling them any details. If they wanted to see how perspective heroes felt in the face of existential dread, well, they had it.

    As he recoiled he was shocked to see Izuku spring off into motion, his face one of mute horror and desperation.

    “What is it?”

    “That girl!” he exclaimed frantically.

    Iida’s eyes went wide with shock and horror as he saw the sweet, rosy faced girl from the bus sitting in the machine’s path, seemingly trapped under debris. This was it, he realized to himself, his moment of truth. He had come here, to UA, to learn what it was to be a hero. And now he was faced with a decision, he could risk his life and leave the girl to die, or he could live by his own words.

    There was only one answer.

    Without an instant of hesitation, he was off, running faster and harder than he had ever in his life. Running as fast as he could, he pressed on. The engine in his legs burned as he pushed his limits into the red and beyond. Yet even then it felt to him as if he was running through snow while the machine was on a well conditioned straight away, approaching her faster than he could respond to.

    Tears of fear, pain, and shame ran down his cheeks as he pushed on, he fought through the burning agony in his calves and pushed onward. He was faster than Midoriya, he had to be the one. He was the only one who could, and he would rather die a true hero here and now than watch this girl lose her life and live the rest of his days knowing he was a fraud!

    Suddenly a green blur blasted past him and into the air as if shot by a cannon. He couldn’t help but gasp as he looked up to see Midoriya rocketing through the air wreathed in power. He’d grown used to seeing the signs of his new comrade’s quirk in the mere handful of minutes they’d fought side by side. He’d read many times that it was in combat that you grew to know someone the fastest after all, but this was something else entirely.

    Where before the boy had been sheathed in lightning, now there was only fire. He cleared the distance from himself and the villain in the blink of an eye and even over the noise he could hear the Izuku scream All Might’s iconic battle cry at the top of his lungs as he kicked the giant machine in the chest.


    The result was mindblowing. Tenya was almost pulled off of his feet by a high pressure wave generated by the sheer force of the impact as the upper half of the villains body, a mass that had to weigh hundreds, if not thousands, of tons was torn from its lower and sent flying into the distance by the sheer power that Midoriya possessed. It was a humbling sight, one that normally would have sent him into a state of mute shock, but he had other, far greater concerns.

    Managing to regain his footing he continued onto the girl only to find her already pushing the debris off herself. Or rather, the debris floating away as if weightless drive by the force of her kicks as she freed herself.

    What an amazing quirk!

    “Are you alright?” he asked, doing his best to channel his elder brother’s character and spirit.

    She nodded. “Thank you for helping me I...”

    Her eyes went wide and she pointed up. “Oh no.”

    Following her vision he went wide eyed to see Izuku falling limply through the air, the crackle and glow of his powers absent. Iida went numb with shock in the realization that whatever Izuku had done had clearly expended the totality of his stamina. He was helpless, and at this height, such a fall would undoubtedly be lethal.

    It was a thought the girl clearly shared as she limped towards the broken shoulder of a three pointer, her face a mask of determination.

    Of course, he realized. She too was a perspective hero and as such, she obviously was no more capable of allowing another to fall to his death then he was.

    Without a moment’s thought, and with a yelp of surprise, he scooped her into a bridal carry and looked down at her. “We’ll intercept him together!”

    She nodded. “Right!” Then she touched his arm and he experienced zero gravity for the first time. It was a shock, but he’d always enjoyed swimming even if he always needed to wear special leggings to keep the water out of his engines and to counter their mass.

    Spinning about he engaged his engines and with their thrust driving him, Iida Tenya experienced the wonders of independent flight for the first time in his life.

    As they grew closer he saw that Izuku was utterly limp, seemingly unconscious from whatever exertion had permitted him to strike that machine with a blow that All Might himself would have found impressive.

    Increasing his thrust, he knew he only had one go at this as the girl in his arms prepared herself to use her quirk on Izuku.

    They had to get the timing perfect. And thank the stars they did. As they rocketed past him she slapped him, canceling out most of his mass and his acceleration, leaving him to simply dangle in the air while Tenya rocketed towards one of the broken buildings the villain had destroyed.

    Spinning about, he kicked off of it and shot towards his comrade’s limp form.

    As his shoes approached the ground, the girl touched her fingertips together and he felt his mass return to him. Throwing on his brakes, he half stopped and turned about, arriving at Izuku’s side in nearly an instant.

    It was only then that he put her down, and in retrospect, he was glad he hadn’t done so a moment later as the second she was on the ground she began to vomit. If he’d waited he’d have gotten it on himself rather than his shoes. He didn’t react though, he’d been prepared for this. One thing his parents and brother had both told him was that in his time as a hero he’d get covered with every kind of fluid, hygienic and otherwise. It was part of the job.

    Tenya did not blame her. The girl must have exhausted her quirk, he realized. His calves literally burned in agony, to the point that it was taking all his willpower not to fall to his knees and cry out in pain, she was vomiting, and Izuku was in a sorry condition all around, but they were all still alive. They’d all faced a deadly challenge and had lived and acted in full accordance with the creed of UA. To go beyond: Plus Ultra.

    Gritting his teeth he approached Izuku and was horrified by what he saw. The young man’s body was swollen and red, and his breathing shallow yet rapid. Even his eyes were bloodshot, staring into space with a look that bespoke pure agony. It was as if he’d burst every capillary in his body during that display. He couldn't help but wince. The pain must be unimaginable.

    He tried to fight the pain in his legs and pick up his new friend and carry him to safety, but his body failed him. The pain in his legs was growing too great and despite all of his trying, the flesh surrendered despite the will’s desire to go on. Looking down at his limbs, he could see his Engine glowing through his skin. Even his heat resistant body was being pushed beyond its limits, with smoke wisping from his tortured calves.

    “No!” he cried out as he struggled to fight the pain, “NO! Just a little longer!” he hissed to himself desperate to push past the pain and stand to his feet, but he simply couldn’t manage to get to his feet no matter how badly he wanted to.

    “Help!” he screamed frantically out, as he finally conceded defeat, “He needs help!”

    “No need to cry out, dearie! I’m coming right there!” a matronly voice said as she approached.

    Turning he saw a small, elderly woman walking using a cane shaped in the form of a syringe.

    He saw her pause to give one of the other applicants a hand full of gummy bears and a peck on the cheek before continuing on.

    “Oh my, what do we have here?” she gasped as she looked at Izuku. “Poor thing, it looks like he pushed himself too far...”

    She knelt down and kissed him on the cheek. Almost immediately Tenya could see Izuku’s angry swollen flesh begin to pale and relax, returning for a normal color while his labored breathing relaxed.

    “And you two,” she said turning to the gravity girl and himself, “I see your legs are acting up but I can’t heal you until they cool down enough that the heat simply won’t undo any good I do...” she looked towards the other students and raised her voice. “Does anyone have a water quirk?”

    “I do!” called out a short, bald, rather rotund boy in a pink jacket with an almost featureless face just as round as his body.

    She smiled. “Deary, do you think you could cool his legs for me?”

    He nodded and then turned to Tenya. “Sorry ‘bout this...” Then his body distended massively, almost quadrupling in size, before he opened his mouth and...


    A great deluge of water shot out of his mouth onto Tenya’s legs as the boy’s body began to deflate back to its previous size.. On one hand, it was absolutely disgusting. This was the second time someone had vomited on him in as many minutes. On the other, the sensation of the water on his engines, sucking away the heat and cooling them to manageable levels was just so unimaginably relieving that he simply couldn’t summon the energy to care.

    She nodded in approval and he could hear her mutter something about ‘five to that one’ before kissing him on the cheek. Normally a part of him would feel embarrassed at being kissed by a little old grandma, but after the stress he’d just gone through, not to mention being puked on twice, he frankly couldn’t summon the will to care about having a mildly embarrassing quirk used on him.

    Instead he simply took a deep breath as the pain was banished, and she passed him a handful of gummies. “There you go sweetie...”

    He sighed in relief before looking up to her as she tended to the rosy faced girl with the gravity quirk.

    “Did we act as true heroes should?” he asked weakly as she began to move on.

    She smiled at him. “I’d certainly say so, young man. I’d certainly say so.”

    Tenya smiled and onto his back, He could only laugh as he felt the stress of the last ten minutes begin to fade. He’d come here to pass a test. His intent had been to attend this school, to become the finest hero he could possibly become. But to pass the test in accordance with his own standards, he had been forced to become that hero. He smiled. And no matter what, he would remain that hero until the end of his days...
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    Is this still about that secret reason that's making people focus on Izuku?
    Because, Iida focusing on someone else in the middle fo his own exam, really pushes suspension of disbelief.
  24. Psyckosama

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    Oh for the love of...

    What Iida got from Izuku's ramblings is "Don't treat it like a test, treat it like you're a hero in the field fighting actual villians."

    And we all know how damned serious Tenya can get about that kind of shit once he puts his mind to it. Say what you will with him, he doesn't do anything in halves... so yes, he is going to give his new "ally" a moment to focus. You don't abandon your allies in the field after all.

    It dragged on a little longer than either of them would have liked, Izuku said just go, it left a bad taste in Iida's mouth, but before he could rush off... robot charged them, One for All went off and then they went full bash bros.

    If this was anyone else, I'd actually agree. But it's Iida, and say what you want about Tenya, when he gets something in his head he commits to it in full.
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    You were complaining about All Might being out of character, now you are complaining about Iida being in character. Make up your mind dude.
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    I think your story's off to a good start. I kind of want to review and offer some thoughts or criticism on everything up to this point, but I don't want this to come across as discouraging at all, and there's a few posts here that take what I'd say and sort of make caustic commentary more than offer criticism on something that could help you.

    I'll do my best to articulate my thoughts going through as they came to me though.

    I wasn't sure why the changes in the beginning with healing All Might. I mean, I'm not necessarily saying it's bad, but I assume it was done for some other purpose than allowing a greater power shift for Izuku. Part of the nature of conflict in a story is having it be reasonable. From a writer's standpoint, All Might having limited time or ability to go forward (continuing to be All Might professionally) is a natural way to not allow him to be the answer to every solution (allowing your main character to begin to usurp the stage). If he (or the character he represents in a story commonly) remains (plus) ultra strong and capable of being there at the drop of a hat to handle an issue, many of the slowly escalating hurdles that would normally empower your hero or heroine and allow them to grow would be handled too readily. As it is now, you'll have to constantly come up with things that keep him 'out of the way' during our hero's biggest moments, and it makes the need for suspension of disbelief grow. That all said, this is a very minor thing, and more a bit of advice as one author to another. While you can write your way around this and always have someone there to keep him separate or have something that draws Izuku into things All Might couldn't interfere in, it's going to be a thought that comes up at times.

    Moving on!

    I did feel like the All Might x Midnight scene was a bit trashy and forced, and nothing about the dialogue felt real. While innuendo and amusing back and forths are to be expected at times between two people who are comfortable with that kind of thing, and I absolutely could see Midnight making that kind of commentary, the way it was done wasn't really how I would expect this sort of back and forth to happen and didn't match up with any of these exchanges I've ever heard or been a part of. Dialogue is a tricky thing and if you do it in a way that isn't representative of how people might actually speak to one another it can be very jarring for a reader, not even bearing in mind whether an action is out of character for the person you're depicting.

    Here's an example:

    “The way you’re moaning into that sandwich, I have to ask. Is it really that good, or is there a girl hiding under that table?”

    Saying something like, 'I have to ask' as the afterthought of a sentence isn't common -- I'd almost suggest it coming out like that would be socially awkward or hesitant, which Midnight isn't. It's not something you'd think about normally, but when you write, you should often double back and sound it out and see if that sort of thing would emerge organically in conversation. Even ignoring this, the question posed at the end isn't meant to be serious obviously but at the same time, it's not something I could see an experienced woman saying. Here's what I think would have been far more reasonable (while keeping to Midnight's teasing/naughty nature).

    "Really, All Might? Is the sausage that good in your mouth? I thought fan service was my shtick."

    Then I'd have had All Might cough (to smother his surprise) and clear his throat roughly. I felt like your way of having him tease back and forth was just...odd. Even the added bit about him feeling comfortable among his peers doesn't quite sell it for me. If you really wanted to push at him flirting, it'd have to be corny and ridiculous to match him, because that's how he's shown repeatedly in the actual series.

    I try not to bring up issues I have with characterization because authors tend to be very prickly about this kind of thing though, so moving on!

    You're clearly going a different path with Izuku and adapting to the quirk. I mean, I liked the team building exercises, but I felt the whole scene about awarding a new type of hero points inspired by his actions is a bit silly. It doesn't add anything to the story to include that, and if you wanted a reason to increase his classmates or pull people from other areas of the academy back into the hero course shenanigans, there's more rewarding ways to do this. Having an arc where Izuku does something that individually inspires someone to changing their situation is far better than overtly changing the organization process itself. When you're an editor and going through to help a writer with their works, one of the big things that comes up often is, 'Does this move the story along?' Essentially, get rid of useless fat in a story. If it doesn't 'do' something, it shouldn't be there.

    Contrary to some people, I didn't mind the whole idea of Izuku's muttering being overheard and inspiring people early. Small ripples can have great effects. I would have changed the way he said it (because while I could see All Might with his American themes saying 'F' or 'E') and had it more be about 'failure'. As someone mentioned, the grading system in Japan is a bit different. If I recall right, it's numbers.

    "Even if I fail, if I was the best I could be, that's all that matters."

    Your latest scene with Izuku smashing that zero pointer was all fine by me. It's clearly that you're pushing him to be stronger than canon and more admired, but I do feel like you're umbrella fixing a little too many of the smaller interactions. Having people too readily jump over to the 'Izuku's awesome' ship without letting the story go that way. One of the best things you can do is have everyone be mostly ambivalent to one another, and then have different events be the sort of lever that you use to lift their friendships.

    I was going to go on and on, but I think this has probably already gotten far longer than anyone's going to enjoy reading, so for whatever it's worth, feel free to ignore me. I think the hardest part itself is the writing and sometimes seeing criticism can be very demoralizing and I wouldn't want that. As I said in the beginning, you're off to a good start. As the story goes on, maybe these thoughts will just seem silly!
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    Oh, the reasons for his healing... I don't want to spoil it, but there's going to be a whole new set of challenges for them to deal with, many of which will be well outside All Mights ability to stomach in any appreciable way as they'll put him so outside his comfort zone that at times he'll long for the days when being a cripple was all he had to worry about.

    As for Izuku, his situation is going to be a little more complicated.

    Even if I don't use your suggestions I'll still listen. I bounced it off a number of people who enjoyed without complaint, few of whom are half as perverted as most of the people on this site, and that's why I went with it.

    My general thought is I want to explore shades of a younger all might to a degree. A man who had his mild vices, but was still a strong agent of justice... and who in the face of being restored is overcompensating a bit for lost time.

    Though I do agree, I should have phrased Midnight's a bit better.

    See, part of that was me wanting to set up for a third hero class and it was intended to show they weren't introducing it for his sake, but in general it was something that the teachers had been thinking about for years. Just this class turned out to be freakish because somebody hit the right button at the right place... and they decided to use the excuse to institute a change.

    Well, that and I always found they idea that they didn't judge students based on psychological fitness to be silly. I could always expand the scene bases on them generally adding that to the discussion.

    This scene is actually important because it sets the stage for some stuff.

    I looked up. They use an S to E system the way that the US uses the A to F system. S is typically the equivalent to an American A+

    I might actually toss that line in as part of him explaining it. I like it.

    There's a very good reason why Izuku is stronger that I've already hinted at on and off. Maybe I could tone down the Izuku is awesome a little bit, but really, the worst offender there is going to have been the exam.

    Most of this has an internal logic. I could spoil, but I'd much rather not as I'd like people to see it come into sense in play.

    It's a problem with the setup. The early chapters are intended to be somewhat confusing, as much for the characters themselves as the reader.
  28. Threadmarks: Chapter 4

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    Midoriya Izuku’s world was pain. Not the kind of pain you could fight through, but the kind of mind numbing, soul rending, pain that could reduce the most stalwart of men into a gibbering mass of trembling flesh. Pain like stubbing a toe, but over every single millimeter of his body.

    It had started with something that had, at the moment, seemed like a good idea. He was trying to save that girl, and when it had become clear that neither he nor Iida would reach her in time, he stopped drawing off simply the residual warmth of One for All, and had, in effect, set himself on fire drawing on as much of the energy as he could gather to boost him enough to take it out before it could crush her.

    Even through the veil of agony, he hoped it worked. He’d been able to remain lucid just long enough to kick the damned thing before the pain caught up with him. He was rather sure that the origin of the pain was that he’d torn his muscles. All of them. He’d effectively turned One for All into the world’s most powerful meat tenderizer, and he was the steak.

    It felt like an eternity that he’d lay there, trapped in his own mind, by his own pain... but then, in an instant, it receded.

    For a moment he simply lay in place trying to recenter himself, waiting for the stars clouding his vision to fade, and his temporary agony fed madness to recede..

    “Ow.” he muttered to himself.

    “Midoriya-san, you’re awake...”

    Izuku groaned and looked up to find Iida and the girl standing over him. Slowly he sat up to see the field was all but deserted, applicants had already left save for these two.

    “What happened?” he asked as he sat up..

    “You saved my life,” replied the cute girl with the pretty smile. “Thank you...”

    Izuku blushed and began to stammer. Oh god, a cute girl was actually talking to him!

    She walked over to him and held out her hand to help him up. “My name is Uraraka Ochaco!”

    He smiled nervously and took it. “Um... It-it’s nice to meet you, Uraraka-san! I-I’m Midoriya Izuku.”

    “And I am Iida Tenya, Uraraka-san. It is a pleasure.”

    She smiled. So cute! “It’s great to meet you, Midoriya-san, Iida-san! Ihope we’re in the same class if we get in.”

    “I agree,” Iida replied, “With my speed, Midoriya-san’s power, and your versatility, I am sure we will make for a most excellent team.”

    Izuku took a deep breath to calm his nerves. Punching killer robots? Easy. Talking to girls? Hard.

    To distract himself for a moment, he looked at the devastation around him. The countless smashed robots and the massive hulk that lay behind him. He’d done it. He’d done what All Might had said. He’d been the best hero he could be... and in doing so had saved a life.

    “Today was a good day,” he said after a moment, basking in the sensation. He just hoped he was right. If he had led these two down the wrong path, he’d hate himself forever.

    “I agree, Midoriya-san” Iida replied with no lack of personal pride, while Uraraka simply acknowledged his statement with a cheerful, girlish “Uh-huh”.

    “So what happened after I blacked out?” More like a red out, but still, “After I kicked the zero pointer?”

    “Uraraka-san noticed that you were falling from the sky.” Iida stated, “So together we caught you. She used her quirk to render me weightless, and I used my Engine’s thrust to fly up to catch you, were upon she used her quirk to cancel your momentum.”

    He blinked as his mind focused on the most important part of that statement. Her quirk. “Weightless? What’s your quirk?”

    “Zero Gravity!” she replied with a smile. “Anything I touch I can make weightless....”

    She touched a broken piece of robot and it began to float.

    His eyes went wide as he considered the multitude of uses for such a quirk. It would be priceless in everything from heroism to construction. Just the value in the space industry alone could make her billions. She could charge a billion yen just to touch a satellite before launch and they’d shower her with money if she wanted.

    “So cool!”

    She blushed. “Thanks! Your quirk is pretty awesome too! Watching you kick that thing, it was like watching All Might in action!”

    Izuku froze and laughed, scratching the back of his head. Oh crap! Were they going to guess his secret? “Well, I wouldn’t say it was like All Might...”

    “Hahahahahaha! Did somebody say All Might?!

    “Gagh!” Izuku gasped as All Might appeared from almost nowhere, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt with his hands on his hips and his smile as wide as ever.

    “Because if so... then I Am Here!

    Both Uraraka and Iida both gasped. “All Might!” they cried out almost as one, both of them awestruck by the presence of Japan’s Number One.

    “It is a pleasure to meet you All Might-sama,” Tenya exclaimed, bowing deeply. “I am Iida Tenya. I am honored to meet you!”

    “At ease, Tenya-shonen. And how about you, young lady?”

    Uraraka flushed deeply and bowed as well. “I’m Uraraka Ochaco...”

    “And it’s good to meet you as well, Uraraka-shojo. Anyways, I was just passing by and decided to check up on the young lad who made some additional work for me,” he said, giving Izuku a smile.

    Izuku went cold and froze. “A-additional work?”

    “Yes. Your kick was quite impressive, Midoriya-shonen!” he leaned in conspiratorially and stage-whispered to Izuku, “Maybe a little too impressive, really. You actually managed to clear the boundary of the Battlezone. I had to personally redirect it to make sure it didn’t land on anything important.”

    Izuku went pale. Oh god. Had he managed to mess up even then? Would they kick him out for this, even with All Might’s recommendation. He began to quiver in place as his mind constructed horrible scenario after scenario about how they’d punish him for almost dropping a giant robot on the school.

    “Relax, Midoriya-shonen!” All Might exclaimed patting him on the back. “Breath normally. Everything is all right, because I Am Here. I simply spiked it into one of the sports fields and nothing got hurt except for some grass.”

    “Am I going to have to pay for that?” Izuku asked, more than a little frantic.

    “No, of course not, my boy! That’s why you’re here, after all,” All Might clapped him on the back, “To learn to master your strength and become a great hero some day!”

    He took a deep breath and began to relax. Okay. Everything is okay. He’s not getting expelled before he can even get accepted. Everything is all right.

    “So, um, All Might-san?” Uraraka asked, “Why are you here? I mean, at UA?”

    All Might leaned in and looked side to side. “Can you three keep a big secret?”

    “Of course, All Might-sama.” Iida stated, puffing up his chest, “Any secret you ask of me, I will take to my grave, upon the honor of my family and the Idaten Agency!”

    “No need to go that far kid,” All Might replied with a raised eyebrow, “But here we go. This year... I aaaam... joining the faculty! I am here because I am going to be a teacher! Perhaps even one of yours.”

    Iida gasped dramatically while Uraraka made something of a girly happy sound.

    “Wow! We’re going to learn from the Number One hero himself!” Uraraka exclaimed, before pausing, “If we pass.”

    “Not to worry, Uraraka-shojo. I’m sure the three of you have nothing to worry about. In fact, between the four of us again... and I’ll freely admit I might be saying too much... I’d be stunned if you three weren’t all in the top ten. I won’t say any more, but I have high hopes for all of you and I look forward to seeing you here, in this great Hero Academia!”

    All Might stepped back and smiled. “Anyways, the other reason I’m here is because Recovery Girl ordered someone to come and take Midoriya-shonen to the infirmary if he wasn’t already up and about.”

    Izuku flinched. Maybe he had gone a little too far...

    “After all, the bus has already left...”

    Izuku grimaced. And now everyone was walking because of him...

    “But don’t worry. I’m sure the ambulance will be more than happy to drop you three off at the main building. So I bid a good day to you all and I’m off!”

    He lept into the air in a blur of motion.

    “Amazing,” Iida said in an awed voice as All Might left. “To be personally graced by the Number One Hero...”

    “He looks a lot younger than he does on TV,” Uraraka thought out loud.

    Izuku twitched slightly. That was because he just was de-aged by a little girl with an amazing quirk who also healed a terrible wound that was given to him by a terrible, mysterious villain who also gave me a copy of his quirk. But he couldn’t say that out loud.

    “Um, maybe he changed his diet?”

    Uraraka thought for a moment and nodded. “Yeah, maybe. All his food brands are super greasy American food. Maybe he switched to something with less saturated fat?”

    “A Burger feast!?!? Really, Toshinori! Are you trying to kill yourself?”

    All Might laughed and scratched the back of his head as he wilted slightly under the death glare of Recovery Girl. She was one of the few people able to cut through his armor, almost without effort. He supposed that was because the small elderly woman had become something of a surrogate aunt to him doing his days at UA, and since his injury she’d been one of his head medics. So if anyone had the right to be angry at him, it was her.

    “Actually, Chiyo-san,” he said weakly, “Something has come up that I was going to tell you about...”

    “And I supposed it is something that permits you to go off your diet,” She glanced at Nezu, her scowl apparent and the annoyance clear, “And you didn’t stop him?”

    The small nonhuman simply shrugged, “I trusted that Yagi-san has his reasons.”

    She scowled and glared at the Symbol of Peace, “And what came up that you could eat like you were never injured? And return to your natural form, there’s no use in burning your time here.”

    Toshinori smiled. “Actually, about that. It would probably be easier if I showed you.”

    He then pulled up his shirt, exposing his unmarred and unscared torso. Chiyo gasped in shock while he swore he could hear the gears turning in Nezu’s head at the sight.

    Slowly the older woman walked forward and placed her head to his torso in shock. “How is this possible...” she looked up, “Your body was damaged beyond all our ability to repair. It was even beyond healing quirks...”

    “A small girl did this. One who...” he paused, “Perhaps it would be best if we were to call Midoriya-shonen in. He was present and he seems to have an eye for detail that I will freely admit I sometimes lack. I believe his input would be priceless in this situation.”

    Nezu nodded and walked over to his phone to make the call.


    When Miru Momoru told others that he was a nurse, they tended to give him funny looks. After all, most people couldn’t parse past the stereotype to realize that yes, there was indeed such a thing as a male nurse. That said, he didn’t mind, personally felt that he was destined for it.

    After all, his quirk was Healing Touch. It gave him the ability to impart his stamina to others, speeding their natural healing and in extreme cases giving those on the edge the strength to keep from falling into the abyss. Some people would have lamented that they didn’t have a flashy quirk, but he’d always been a peaceful child and in time he grew into a peace loving man. He was grateful that he was blessed to be among the few gifted with the ability to heal. To be able to relieve someone of their pain, or even stave off death.

    That was why it felt so out of character to him that he so sorely hoped that when All Might found the son of a bitch who’d harmed the precious, innocent child before him. This girl who reminded him of his own darling daughters. That he turned his face into mush. No... to Powder.

    She had been filthy and unkempt, and showed clear physical signs of low-grade malnutrition. Her limbs were riddled with countless cuts and small wounds, both old and fresh. It had been all he could do to keep from crying as he cleaned her up and tended to her injuries.

    To see anyone in pain made him despair. To see a child in this condition, it was like falling into an abyss. Ironic then that he was All Might’s personal medic, the daily caretaker of a man who was in constant agony. But then again, witnessing his suffering despite the pain it caused him was a weight on his soul that he was more than willing to bear. After all, if All Might was willing to fight on despite his own suffering, sacrificing himself for the good of others, then he would do all he could to help shoulder as much of that great man’s burden as he could despite how much it made his heart ache.

    “Hey, doc.”

    He smiled and looked toward the hero who had greeted him. “Hello, Mount Lady-sama.”

    The voluptuous blonde woman in a horned costume (which if you asked him, was maybe a little too tight to be considered appropriate) stepped up to his side and looked over the girl before turning to him.

    “How’s she doing, doc?”

    “She’s deeply asleep,” he replied, “Whatever happened to her has drained her strength completely. If she wasn’t showing signs of REM sleep, you’d think she was in a coma.”

    “She going to be alright?” the normally flamboyant woman asked, her eyes shining with sympathy.

    “With time and rest, I believe so,” he replied sadly. “I’ve lent her as much of my stamina as I can, for now. From here, we have to wait and see.”

    The Pro Hero nodded and looked at him. “Go rest up. I’ll let you know if anything changes.”

    She was right. He needed a bottle of juice and maybe a light nap to rebuild his reserves. However, before he left, he gently placed his hand on the child’s head. “Be well, little one.”

    Five minutes after Nezu made the call, a terrified Izuku Midoriya walked in with the poise and expression of a man marching off to his own execution, muttering to himself about how he hadn’t even been accepted and he was being sent to the principal.
    “Relax, Midoriya-shonen,” All Might said with a calming tone, “You’re simply here to help me explain to Nezu-sensei and Recovery Girl-san what happened this morning.”

    “Oh, okay but can I say something before we start?” he asked.

    Nezu nodded. “Go right ahead, young man.”

    Young Midoriya turned Recovery Girl and bowed. “Thank you for healing me. I’m sorry I wasn’t fully conscious to thank you.”

    She looked at him. “What happened that injured you so badly, young man?”

    “A girl was in danger so I drew too much from One for All and hurt myself,” he replied.

    “So!” Nezu said with some pep, “This boy is your successor then?”

    Izuku and Toshinori shared a look. They both could sense what the other was thinking. “You tell him.”

    Being the adult in the room, All Might sighed and looked back to the small mouse-weasel-otter-creature and said, “Not exactly?”

    Nezu perked an eyebrow. “How so?”

    “It’s a bit of a story,” All Might began, “And like all good stories, it begins with a girl...”

    “Really, All Might? That sorry opening?,” Nezu said with a chuckle.

    “H-he’s being fully serious,” Izuku replied, “When he was about to pass One for All to me a girl showed up.”

    “Tell me more, please.”

    Izuku looked up to All Might who nodded. “She looked like she was in pain. She had a glowing horn and her body was cracking with energy... and she ran over begging me to take One for All from her.”

    “She had all of the signs of the quirk going out of control,” All Might added.

    “Well, she bit off her own tongue to get blood flowing but her quirk reverted the injury...”

    “Reverted, not regenerated, you say?” Nezu mused.

    Izuku nodded. “I stabbed myself with my pen and rubbed her tongue against the wound. When the blood mixed, I got One for All. Then she reversed my would and used what was left of her energy to make All Might young and healthy again.”

    “You sound like you have some guesses as to the nature of her quirk?” Nezu asked.

    He nodded. “I think her quirk rewinds time,” he replied, “I know it sounds a bit extreme but she had her quirk going until she gave me One for All. She said it was ripping her apart but while she looked to be in pain, she didn’t look injured. I think she was rewinding herself so One for All didn’t...” he paused and flinched, “Kill her.”


    Izuku looked up. “I’ve been thinking about it and I came up with something. It’s still a little out there but... it does explain a few things.”

    “Hmn, do tell, young man...”

    Izuku looked to Toshinori for guidance and he simply nodded in response. “Go right ahead, Midoriya-shonen. I’ve trusted your instincts so far.”

    He frowned slightly. “I know you said don’t count out the impossible but this is going to sound impossibly impossible and...”

    Nezu looked at him. “All Might-san trusts your judgement, Midoriya-san. Every theory is valid as any other until it has been eliminated.”

    Izuku sighed. “I think she’s a time traveler.”

    Recovery Girl blinked. “You can’t be serious.”

    Nezu raised his paw. “No, no, Chiyo-san, let the boy explain.”

    “She knew exactly where we would be, when we would be there, and what we were doing,” he replied, “Who else could have known that? And she had One for All.”

    “Are you sure it’s One for All?” Chiyo asked, “This could be a trick.”

    “No,” Toshinori replied, matter of factly. Having had time to clear his mind and think about it, he could feel the flames of One for All burning brightly in young Midoriya. He carried within him the same sacred touch that Toshinori bore. “It is One for All. Of that, I have no doubt.”

    “It could be possible,” Nezu replied, “Though it would probably be better to simply ask her to explain, where is she?”

    “Might Tower,” was Toshinori’s reply. “I ordered my personal staff and even some of the Pro Heros who operate out of the tower to keep an eye on her in my absence. She was exhausted by her ordeal and passed out from exhaustion almost immediately after restoring me.”

    Nezu smiled. “So does this mean that you will have time to watch after a homeroom?”

    Toshinori’s eyes went wide. Oh no. Oh hell no. He was not letting this hyper intelligent little rodent weasel him into this. “Absolutely not! For the past five years I’ve been barely able to handle my responsibilities.”

    “As a teacher you have responsibilities to the school, and with your body completely healed, your responsibilities should be no problem...”

    He knew exactly how Nezu operated. Let him have a word in edgewise and he’d use that High Specs brain of his to bludgeon you into submission with logic until you begrudgingly did whatever it was he asked of you. The only way to avoid it was to avoid it by giving him zero room to converse. Therefore, he only had one thing to say on the issue....

    All Might shook his head, “No.”

    “All Might-san, I...”

    “All the no.”

    Nezu scowled. “Be reasonable, Yagi-san...”

    “Iie. Nyet. Non. Nein.... NO!”

    The hyper intelligent rodent scowled in annoyance, but clearly knew when to quit. “Very well, but now that you’re no longer on a Time Limit, I do expect you to dedicate time to every hero class rather than just 1-A as we’d previously agreed.”

    Toshinori paused. Okay, he’d take it. “That is entirely fair. I have no problem giving every student in this school my full attention when needed, I just want it recognized that Midoriya-shonen is my personal student as well.”

    Nezu nodded, “Very well, but I expect no favoritism.”

    “Um, excuse me?” Izuku asked. “But does this mean I’m accepted?”

    Nezu paused for a moment and smiled at the boy. “While I’m normally adverse to let students know ahead of time, as I believe it’s unethical, in this case I believe it’s fair to say the jig is up. Yes. I doubt there’s a single member of the staff whom you didn’t manage to impress with your performance in the exam. Your exact placement however, that I am going to be leaving in the air. Have to maintain some surprise, after all!”

    He began to laugh, an experience that from the lad’s horrified face, clearly put the fear of God into young Midoriya. It certainly scared the hell out of him.

    All Might sighed and leaned in. “You’ll get used to it kid... but in the meantime,” He placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled. “Welcome to your Hero Academia!

    Izuku’s response was simple. A nonverbal squeal of pure, unadulterated joy.


    Izuku looked quietly into the guest room at the sleeping figure of the little girl who suddenly appeared in his life. While it wasn’t actually a hospital room, as All Might had decided not to place her in one of Might Tower’s infirmary rooms, instead choosing one of the guest rooms, it was starting to look a lot like one to Izuku regardless.

    While he and All Might had been at UA, his medical staff had cleaned her up, changed her into a nightgown, and given her an IV.

    Sitting next to her, reading a manga, was the shapely form of Mount Lady.

    I am here, very quietly entering the room,” All Might stated, in a voice far gentler than he normally used, causing the Pro Hero to look up.

    “Munchkin’s safe, big guy,” she said before frowning slightly, “Can’t imagine what she’s been through. Poor kid.”

    She gently petted the little girl’s white hair for a moment with a soft smile on her face before looking to All Might as her expression hardened. “When you go after the fucks that hurt his kid, call me. I’d like to put my size 300s right up their asses.”

    Without a moment of hesitation, Izuku pulled out his notebook, and made a note. Mount Lady in her transformed state wears size 300 shoes.

    “Um, what are you doing, kid?” she asked in confusion, before narrowing her eyes in recognition, “Heeey, aren’t you that brat who threw his bag at that slime guy last year?”

    “Um,” Izuku blushed, “Yeah.”

    She glanced to All Might. While her mouth didn’t say a word, her face was clearly asking why Izuku was here.

    “While I’d be thankful if you didn’t spread this around,” All Might began, “I’ve taken Midoriya-shonen under my wing. He has a strong, heroic character and his quirk is similar to mine.”

    She blinked. “Really? I can’t see if. If it was, that sludge guy would have been splattered all across the landscape.”

    Izuku blushed and turned to All Might, who nodded to him. It was time to deploy the cover story, “I actually didn’t even know I had a quirk until I started training with All Might.”

    She blinked, clearly befuddled. “The hell does that work?”

    Izuku mentally exhaled. They discussed what to do in situations like this. Now that All Might was whole again, he couldn’t use his skinny form to hide the fact that he was personally mentoring Izuku from the public eye. They’d be lucky if the tabloids didn’t already have pictures of him riding in the Allmobile. A cover story was needed to placate the media. It was agreed that they’d base it on the excuse he’d given Kacchan, building off it enough to tell just enough truth to obfuscate the truth of One for All. Now here’s hoping that it was convincing.

    “I will tell you a secret, if you swear yourself to absolute secrecy,” All Might stated bluntly after a clear moment of consideration.

    “Um, okay?”

    “Midoriya-shonen is a late bloomer.” All Might replied matter of factly, pausing for a moment to add impact to his statement, “As was I. We were both registered as quirkless as children when in fact we both possess physical reinforcement quirks that require a strong body to function properly. Without a powerful enough physique to support our quirks, well,” he chuckled darkly, “the words ‘chunky salsa’ come to mind...”

    To emphasize the concept he made an exploding motion with his hands.

    Mount Lady visibly grimaced, turning a little green at the thought. As did Izuku. He wasn’t kidding. What happened when he fought the zero pointer was the best case scenario. And this poor girl almost suffered something far worse.

    “It was only under the guidance of my dearly departed mentor that my body became strong enough to support my quirk, and I was thus able to grow into my power and become the hero I am today.”

    Izuku perked up at the word “Mentor”. Another thing he’d have to ask him about later.

    She blinked. “You’ve never told anyone about your quirk before, why are you telling me now?”

    “Because most of what I’ve told you is a matter of public record, if you know where to look.” All Might replied bluntly, “I was registered quirkless until I applied to UA. While I don’t like to discuss my youth personally, I recognized the same signs in Midoriya-shonen here.” he gave Izuku a hard pat on the back, “And felt I would be remiss if I didn’t offer him the same opportunity to live up to his potential.”

    She nodded in understanding. “I can see why you don’t talk about it. A lot of people would have a hard time working their heads around the idea that you of all people were once functionally quirkless. Must have been terrible...”

    “Actually no,” All Might replied with a small, honest smile. “If anything, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity.”

    Mount Lady looked at All Might, with absolute bewilderment. An expression mirrored by Izuku. In what way was being quirkless an opportunity?

    “The what now?” she asked, “I’m sorry, but I don’t get it.”

    “A wise man once said that ‘A strong man, who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power. But a weak man given strength knows the true value of that strength, and with it, he knows compassion.’.”

    Izuku swallowed. This wasn’t the normal boisterous All Might he’d grown used to seeing. This was something else, something far more... personal.

    That was something Mount Lady picked up on as well as she looked at him, mouth slightly agape. “Wow, I... Wow. That’s... deep. Real deep,” She paused, clearly struggling with the enormity of what he’d just told her, “Is that your big secret? Why you’re not like a lot of the other heroes?...” she went quiet for a moment, biting her lip as she struggled to put her thoughts into words. “You’ve never looked down on anyone, have you? It’s because you understand. You... you who stand at the pinnacle of what it means to be a hero... you’re there because you know what it's like to lie at the bottom of the heap...?”

    “You see, that’s just it. I don’t see myself as standing at the pinnacle of anything. I see myself as a pillar. Giving them something to rely on, something that they can lean on, something that they can always trust to support them, even in their darkest moments.” he smiled, “It’s why I always say ‘I Am Here’. It’s not to advertise my presence, it’s to reassure the people around me that everything will be alright.”

    Izuku had to write this down. All Might had never given an answer to why he wanted to be the Symbol of Peace beyond “I simply knew.” He almost tore several pages out of his notebook to scribble in insight to what could essentially be considered the biblical creation myth to All Might fanboys everywhere.

    The pages all but smoked as he desperately tried to record the words of his idol.

    “And... is that why you always smile?” she asked in a small, almost childish voice as she looked up to him, the awe on her face completely unveiled at this point, “Because they need something to depend on?”

    All Might closed his eyes and looked misty eyed for a moment. “Because no matter how scary it might get,” he was clearly quoting someone, “You have to smile and say it’s okay....” He looked off into the distance, his trademark smile on his face, but instead of looking mildly plastic as it normally did, Izuku could tell that it was entirely authentic, “Those who keep smiling are the strongest after all.”

    Mount Lady at this point was looking at All Might with complete and utter awe as she struggled to parse what he’d just told her. And Izuku was much the same. He’d always all but worshiped All Might, and to hear the truth to his motivations just doubled, no, tripled his intense admiration for the Hero.

    I will be their mountain!” Mount Lady suddenly exclaimed, her eyes misting with emotion.

    “Shsh!” All Might half-exclaimed, putting his finger to his lips before pointing at the girl, who seems to toss in response to Mount Lady’s outburst of emotion.

    The voluptuous heroine recoiled for a moment, looking mildly abashed, before bowing at the waist, and continuing in a much softer voice, “My name... I took it because it sounds cool.” she admitted, “But now... after hearing this? I’m... I’m going live up to it. I-I will be their mountain. Mount Lady, the mountain that will always shelter the innocent from the storm. Thank you, All Might-san...”

    “Not just the innocent,” All Might said with conviction, “Sometimes the greatest thing, the most heroic, and the hardest thing you can do... is to try and save the villains from themselves. They’re not always evil... all too often they’re just... lost. Trapped by a pit of hopelessness and lashing against a society that they feel has rejected them. All too often it falls on us, as heroes, to give them the first hand up to escape that darkness and step into the light...”

    She took a deep breath, “I... I have a lot to learn, don’t I?”

    “We all do, even me,” All Might replied matter of factly, as he placed a hand on her shoulder. “ But you’re already a fine Hero. I’m sorry about the preaching.”

    “N-no!” she whispered loudly, catching herself before she could yell out, as she looked up to him with wide, impassioned eyes. “When I was a girl I always looked up to you. I wanted to be like you, and I hoped I could be as heroic as you are. Now... now you’ve shown me the way, All Might-san.”

    All Might chuckled and rubbed the back of his head, “About that. Don’t just go trying to copy me, okay? Just take this as friendly advice, and find your own path to being a great hero.”

    “I will,” she paused, “I mean I won’t... I mean I’ll...”

    He laughed and smiled at her. “I understand what you mean.”

    She blushed and bowed to him again, “Thank you, All Might-san.”

    “It was my pleasure.” he said with a smile.

    She nodded. “I’ll make you proud.”

    “No,” he replied sharply, and frankly, “Don’t make me proud. Make yourself proud. Be someone you can look in the mirror and be proud of.”

    She nodded strongly, her face a mask of determination. “I will.”

    He smiled. “Good. I’ll take over for now, alright?”

    She nodded and started for the door, walking with determination. And butt wiggle. A lot of butt wiggle. Izuku had to admit, the latter caught a lot more of his attention than the former.

    Pausing as she reached the door, she looked back at them before bidding farewell with a playful wave and wink as she returned to character, effortlessly readopting the flirty and mildly irreverent attitude that had become a hallmark of Mount Lady’s brand since her introduction.

    “Later, All Might... Small Might.”
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