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Going for a Walk (Hellsing Ultimate Abridged/Worm crossover)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by rocketmce, Oct 14, 2020.

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    rocketmce Getting sticky.

    Oct 24, 2019
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    To those of you just reading this for the first time, welcome to Going for a Walk! The reason this is getting posted here is due to the story getting locked over on SB. If I can I will try and get it unlocked there, but I'll continue to post here anyway.

    If you came here from SB, welcome! hopefully, I'll have fewer problems with this story getting locked here on QQ.

    Taylor screamed. She kicked and scratched. She clawed at the latched door, trying desperately to get out. She heard them laughing. She heard them taking pleasure in her suffering.


    She cried. Tears flowed freely from her eyes as she fought to get out of the locker, away from the terrible stench. She wretched, the contents of her stomach pouring out onto her chest, soaking her already ruined clothes.


    She stopped screaming, her voice reduced to a whimper. She was trapped. Trapped with the filth, with insects crawling all over her, the wet feeling pressed against her skin making her sick.


    “The fuck happened to you?”

    Taylor blinked, her breath hitched, and she froze. What?

    “I mean, you look like you got run over by a garbage truck, and then someone dumped your corpse in a Biohazard dump! I mean seriously.”

    “W-what?” Taylor asked, trying to figure out what was going on, “W-who are you? Where are you!? Get me out of here!” she yelled, her kicking and screaming starting up again.

    “Woah, Woah! Calm your tits girl, your only hurting yourself. I mean, I guess that’s kinda hot, but I’m kinda stuck with you, so would you mind, y’know, not dying?”

    Taylor paused, taking in what the person in her head was saying. Was she crazy? Was she actually hearing voices in her head?

    “Well, I can certainly say that I’m not the tightest screw in the box, but I wouldn’t call yourself crazy yet.”

    “W-what are you talking about? What do you want?”

    “Hmm… well, you being dead would be kinda bad, right? So how’s about we do something about that?” the voice said, making Taylor pause.

    “What are you-” She was cut off when she gasped, a feeling of raw… power, energy, strength, something along those lines running through her body.

    “Aaaaalright! Let’s get this show on the road! Now go ahead and bust that door open!” the voice said enthusiastically.

    Taylor moved, pressing her back against the locker door when she kicked again. This time, instead of just hurting herself by kicking uselessly, she felt the locker door give, and she soon found herself sprawled out on the floor of the school hallway. She lifted her head and looked around, blinking as she realized no one was around. Hadn’t everyone just been laughing at her?

    “Ah, that’s probably my bad. You kinda… passed out for a bit there? I dunno, there was this thing try to eat your brain, I stopped it, asked what it was doing, and then it tried to eat me, but, well, I’m me so I just killed the thing, but it apparently decided to fuck me over by sticking me inside your head. I mean, come on, there aren’t many worse ways to torture someone than sticking them inside a hormonal teenager’s head. Eugh.”

    Taylor blinked, “What the fuck are you talking about?” she asked as she picked herself up. She shook her arms, trying to get as much of the residue from what was in the locker off of her. She felt great now of course, but she was still covered in what was probably highly hazardous biowaste.

    “Oh, nothing much, just some parasite thing that wanted to give you superpowers… I think. Then again, I just turned you into a vampire, so maybe I’m what it wanted to give you? Eh, hell if I know.”

    “Wait… superpowers? As in… like… a parahuman? I’m a cape?” she asked, her voice shaking.

    She could almost feel the voice in her head shrug, “I mean, I guess? As I said, I turned you into a vampire just like me. Not sure how that worked due to… well, me not being able to bite you, but who cares! Ya got super strength, super speed, regeneration… all kinds of fancy stuff!”

    “Wait, wait… so you’re saying that… that you turned me into a vampire?!”

    “Well, duh!”

    Taylor’s breath hitched, and she almost started hyperventilating until she reminded herself to stay calm. She needed to focus on the here and now, what she was going to do with her newfound power, and what she was going to do to keep from panicking.

    “Okay… so, Vampire? What, what kind of powers does that give me?” She asked.

    “Well, let’s start with what you have now, shall we? You’re stronger, faster, you should have at least a minor healing factor, your senses are way higher, oh! Oh! And raging hate boner for Nazi’s. Nazi vampire’s specifically.”

    Taylor blinked, “I’m sorry… what? Nazi’s?”

    “MmmHmm. I’ll tell you what, back before I got stuck in you’re head? Ho boy, did they know how to party! I don’t think I’ve eaten that well in a while!”

    Taylor tried to wrap her head around what the crazy voice in her head was talking about, only for her thoughts to be interrupted by said voice chattering on about her vampiric powers; “Now, that’s what you have in terms of powers, but you should also know some of the… well, side effects. Ya gotta drink blood, for one thing, though don’t get that confused for other food! You can still eat the stuff, it just won’t make you feel full, not like good old fashioned blood will. Sunlights another thing too; won’t actually kill you, but it’s not exactly comfortable.”

    “Ok… so, I need to drink blood, but sunlight won’t kill me?” She asked, “Anything else I should know? Garlic, crucifixes, silver bullets, holy water?”

    “Well, garlic is a bit of a bitch thanks to your enhanced senses, but not much more than that. Crucifixes are pretty much useless, silvers worthless unless it’s blessed, and holy water burns like hell.” The voice summarized, “Oh! And the running water thing is a blatant lie. We just sink like rocks.”

    “Ok…” Taylor paused, trying to recollect her thoughts. She looked around, trying to get a sense of what time it was. She looked up and saw one of the hallway clocks; It read 2:34 PM, roughly a half-hour before everyone got out of class, and no one had even come to see if she’d gotten out. She shook her head, before running towards the school’s exit.

    Screw Winslow, screw the trio, screw the locker, screw this entire day, I’m going home!

    Taylor began running home. As she ran, she slowly realized that she wasn't getting out of breath. Her heart wasn't pounding out of her chest, her legs didn't feel like jelly. She slowed to a stop, looking around. She was in one of the shadier parts of town between her house and the school, and if the stylized M was any indication, she was in merchant territory.

    She paused, considering the dangers of staying in the area before shaking her head and moving on. She was about to start running again when she heard someone scream.

    She whipped around in the direction of the scream, her eyes widening. She was about to start running in the opposite direction when the voice in her head stopped her.

    "Hey, hey, hey! Where do you think you're going?"

    "I- I need to get out of here! If they hear me and start coming after me…"

    "Hold on a minute! Aren't you forgetting? You're a fuck-mothering Vampire! You could totally go over there and tear them apart!"

    The voice sounded… excited, eager, Taylor wasn't really sure what word to describe it. Still, even if she didn't like the implications of the phrase 'tear apart', she was a cape now. She had powers. She had strength. Where others were weak, she was strong. Wasn't that what heroes were supposed to do? Protect those weaker than themselves?

    Taylor inhaled a deep breath, turning back to where the scream had come from, "Ok… you said I have super senses, right?" She asked.


    "Does that include super hearing?"

    "Oh yeah!"

    "Alright then… let's go stop some merchants."

    "OH YES!"


    Two lanky, sickly men had cornered a teenage girl in a back alley. She had been backed up against the alley wall, tears staining her cheeks as the thugs ran their hands up and down her body. One of them reached low, but before he could get a chance to do anything, he was pulled off the girl and tossed into a pile of trash. The other man turned around to see a person wearing a hoodie, a piece of cloth wrapped around their lower face. The man grabbed the girl, taking out his knife and holding it against her neck.

    "D-Don't come any closer!" The thug yelled as he pressed the tip of the blade into the girl’s neck. The Person, a cape probably, paused.

    "Put down the knife, let down the girl, and leave." The stranger demanded, the voice clearly that of a girl.

    The man growled, "You don't get to tell me what to do bitch! Back off!"

    The cape sighed, "Well, I tried." She said a split second before she lunged forward.

    She grabbed and twisted the man's wrist, forcing him to let go of the knife and release the girl as he screamed in pain. She jerked her arm, tossing him against the wall. Leaving him there, she turned to the shaking girl that was backed up against the wall.

    “It’s okay now, you’re gonna be fine.” She said, carefully placing her hands on the girl’s shoulders.

    “You… you’re a cape?” The girl asked, her voice trembling.

    She nodded, “Yeah, well… yeah, I’m a cape.”

    The girl nodded, her breath calming and her heart slowing down. She looked behind the cape, her eyes widening as she shouted, “Behind you!”

    The cape whirled around just in time to get stabbed by the thug that she had tossed into the trash a minute earlier. The switchblade sank into her stomach, and blood began to pour from the wound. She gripped the thug’s arm weakly as she looked into the man’s eyes.

    “That’s what you get bitch!” the thug yelled. His manic grin soon faltered, however, when the cape didn’t fall over. In fact, if anything, her grip around his arm tightened. Soon, it got uncomfortable, then painful, “AH! Fuck, let go of me!” She ignored him, and soon there was a sickening ‘crack’ as the bones in his forearm snapped.

    The man screamed, releasing his grip on the knife as he tried to pull away. Instead of breaking free, he found himself in an iron grip, the cape not letting him go. She let go with her left arm, still keeping a grip on his forearm. He expected her to remove the knife, maybe try to stab him back. Instead, she reached up and pulled down her mask.

    “The hell!?” the man said, averting his gaze as she revealed her face, “What are you unmasking for, I could get trouble for seein-” he choked as his gaze settled on the mouth of the cape.

    Fangs. Inch-long, pearl-white fangs hung from her mouth. His eyes went wide, and he tried to scream, only for his voice to be cut off as she launched forward and sank her teeth into the thug’s neck.
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  2. Sidvious

    Sidvious Not too sore, are you?

    Jan 25, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Somehow I just knew that joke would be too much for SB. And that this story would end up here. Still welcome to QQ, enjoy the ability to make a lewd joke involving a teenager without catching the baleful gaze of the mods.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2020
  3. Autocorruptor

    Autocorruptor Corrupting Innocent Grammar

    Sep 1, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Just move this thread into the NSFW section, and you won’t have any trouble. Given the crude humor in this story, it probably counts as NSFW.
  4. rocketmce

    rocketmce Getting sticky.

    Oct 24, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Still going to try and get the thread unlocked over on SB, but I figure I can be a bit looser here.

    I don't think I need to worry about posting it in the NSFW thread yet. After reading the rules for QQ, I've noted that they are far less stringent than SB, so I'll probably be fine, but I'll move it if it does start crossing lines.
  5. Creus

    Creus The 38th Generation Sun Knight

    Apr 1, 2016
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    I was hoping to find your story posted on this site when I saw it was locked in SB!
  6. Autocorruptor

    Autocorruptor Corrupting Innocent Grammar

    Sep 1, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Okay. I just don’t want this story tk be banned on qq
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  7. mrttao

    mrttao Connoisseur.

    Jan 10, 2015
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    Welcome to QQ. its great here, you will love it
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  8. Sceptic

    Sceptic Critical Irrationalist

    Jan 1, 2016
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    Or else.
  9. Tiberianfest

    Tiberianfest Getting sticky.

    Nov 19, 2018
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    Glad I decided to check you profile and saw this had moved to QQ, I really enjoy this story that last chapter made me laughing so much.
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  10. Threadmarks: 1.2

    rocketmce Getting sticky.

    Oct 24, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Taylor heaved as she placed her hands against the alley wall, before throwing up a second time. Whatever had been in the druggies blood had tasted absolutes disgusting.

    “Eugh, ‘ight, new rule, no drinking druggie blood. The stuff’s fucking disgusting.’

    Taylor wretched again, vomiting the remaining contents of her stomach onto the ground. She wasn’t dry heaving or feeling any of the other ill effects one should after eating something -- or in her case, someone -- disgusting, but her body still seemed to reject whatever had been in the man’s bloodstream.

    “You think? Also… what the hell was that!?”

    “What? The disgusting part, or the drinking blood part?” The voice asked, “Cause I’m pretty sure the guy was high. Nothing that’d do anything to you, but enough to taste terrible.”

    “No… not-not that, why the hell did I drink that guy!?” She asked, turning to look back at the rest of the alley. The girl had run off, and would probably go to either the PRT or the police. The druggie she hadn’t drained of blood was laying on the ground, apparently unconscious. The guy she had eaten…

    His corpse looked like it had been mummified. Its skin was a pale grey, with its lips curled back and revealing the rotted teeth inside its mouth. Its eyes had sunk back into the skull, disappearing from view.

    She had killed him. She had drained him of life completely, leaving his body as a dry husk.

    “I… I killed him!” Taylor yelled.

    As much as she felt she should be panicking, should be feeling the weight of the killing someone, she felt… fine. She wasn’t hyperventilating, she wasn’t at all panicked, and if anything she felt… better. She felt like she had just woken up from a nap, full of energy, and ready to go run around.


    “I just killed someone! That’s kind of a big deal!”

    “I mean… not really? And besides, it’s not like he didn’t deserve it. I mean come on, you saw the guy was about to fucking rape her. If I weren’t stuck in you’re head I’d have killed him myself. And probably eaten him too.”

    Taylor gulped, trying to distract herself from the fact that she had just killed a man in cold blood and drank his blood. Did that make her a cannibal, then? If she was a Vampire, then she’d have to keep drinking blood, and it wasn’t like there was any way for her to get a reliable source of blood without drinking it from someone. She could maybe go to blood drives, sure, but how was she going to explain that? If she joined the Wards, they would probably just lock her up, or keep her out of human contact in fear of her attacking someone.

    “If you’re so hung up about it don’t worry, one guy should be enough to keep you fed for a few days. Hell, if he were a virgin -- which he wasn’t -- a few drops would keep you running for over a week!”

    “That doesn’t really make me feel any better…” Taylor said.

    She sucked in a deep breath, before releasing it and looking at her surroundings. She had saved the girl; mission accomplished. Now she needed to go home. Ducking out of the alley, leaving the corpse and unconscious thug alone, she started to jog back in the direction of her house. If she was lucky, her dad wouldn’t be home.

    After walking for a solid twenty minutes, with the voice in her head remaining eerily quiet most of the way, she made it back to her house. Her dad’s truck wasn’t in the driveway, so he was still at work thankfully. Finding the key to the house hidden under the steps leading up to the door she stepped into the house as soon as she could. Closing the door behind her, she immediately made her way up to the bathroom. Once inside, she started stripping out of her clothes, pausing as she was about to take off her shirt. She looked down at it and noticed the hole that the knife had poked in her shirt.

    Picking up the jacket she had discarded to the floor, she noticed it too had a hole where she had been stabbed. She rubbed the spot where the knife had broken her skin, and she found she couldn’t tell where it had happened just by feeling it. There was no scarring, no open would, no pain, nothing. She had healed completely.

    “Side effect of being a vampire I’m afraid, you are a bitch to kill.”

    “So… I really do regenerate?” she asked, “What’s the limit? Is there one?”

    “Well, a stake through the heart or cutting off you’re head would work. For now, at least.”

    “For now?”

    The voice in her head laughed, “Oh yeah. Eat enough people and you become pretty much invincible!”

    Taylor paused, “I… need to eat people?” she asked.

    “Oh yeah, didn’t I mention that fact? You drink blood! That kinda implies eating people.”

    Taylor looked in the mirror and sighed. She expected to be mortified at the thought, and to an extent she was, but not in the way she expected. She wasn’t scared she would lose her humanity, or that she would become a monster, no, it was more a small niggling fear in the back of her head. What if she couldn’t kill someone next time? When she drank the druggie, she was only partially aware of what she was doing, what if next time when she was in a life or death situation, she hesitated?

    She looked at herself in the mirror, blinking as she stopped to look at the changes her body had gone through. Her eyes had changed from their normal brown to a bright, vibrant red that almost seemed to glow. Her teeth had all seemed to form points in her mouth, with her canines, in particular, extending into inch-long fangs.

    “... And how the hell am I supposed to hide this?” She muttered to herself, examining her new teeth. Unlike her previous set, which had been a healthy off-white color, her new teeth were pearl white, almost shining.

    “Ah yes, the fangs. Such lovely little things aren’t they? Integra always said ‘oh, don’t use your teeth as tools, you’ll damage them!’ until I caught a fucking bullet out of the air and ate it. Hehe, good times.”

    Taylor blinked, “Who’s Integra?” she asked, “Wait, are you saying… aren’t you supposed to be my power!?”

    “The fuck? Where’d you get that idea? I’m a fuck-mothering vampire! I turned you into one!” The voice claimed indignantly, “Also, Integra was my boss. Sort of.”

    “What do you mean ‘sort of’?”

    “Well, I’m pretty sure I pissed her off more than I did any work for her… Should I feel bad about that?”

    “I’d think yes, you should probably feel bad for pissing off your boss.”

    There was a pregnant pause in the bathroom, neither voice speaking, “Nah, not really feeling it.”

    Taylor groaned, “So, what, you were someone else before you got stuck in my head? Who are you even?” she asked.

    The voice chuckled, “I… am none other than… THE CRIMSON FUCKER!”

    Taylor paused, “Were your parent's Merchants?”

    “No, I’m pretty sure they were catholic though.”
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  11. mrttao

    mrttao Connoisseur.

    Jan 10, 2015
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    I mean, the fact he literally stabbed her makes it the most ur example possible of warm blood killing.

    edit: also thanks for the update. good times
  12. Lotor

    Lotor Prince of Planet Doom

    Apr 13, 2019
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    Glad to see you move to here. Its very appreciated. Do love this story and look forward to future updates!
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  13. JamesEye

    JamesEye Not too sore, are you?

    Jun 2, 2018
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    Keep eating til you’re invincible ! Pretty much a cultivators life. Chow down on exotic pills herbs and beasts til your body becomes some sort of invulnerable work of art to anyone below a level of power.

    What was the joke that that sent you on a journey to QQ?

    Looking forward to hearing more from THE CRIMSON FUCKER!

    Also lack of super moral high horse Taylor is looking pretty good. I kind of dislike reading someone going around killing people and framing it in their mind as fighting the good fight or they deserve it. I’m all for some sanity less casual power forced murder haha just don’t like trying to frame eating people as ok I feel theyre evil haha.

    Cant wait to see people’s reaction to an actual vampire. Also can she get skills and knowledge easily from eating people ala prototype or is it a more involved process?
  14. Threadmarks: 1.3

    rocketmce Getting sticky.

    Oct 24, 2019
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    Taylor laid in her bed, looking up at the ceiling, listening to the downstairs clock tick away. After a shower -- and an extremely complicated conversation with the voice in her head, involving privacy, perverted behavior, and her lack of breasts -- she went upstairs and got changed into less ruined clothing. At that point, she was feeling to mentally exhausted to do anything other than try to sleep.

    The first thing she noted when trying to fall asleep, however, was that she wasn’t tired physically tired in the slightest. If anything, her body felt filled to the brim with energy, like she could go run a marathon and still keep going. She sat up, groaned, and got up to scour her bookshelf for something to read.

    “... Maybe you should get implants?” The voice in her head said, causing her to groan in frustration.

    “Are we still on that!? I’ve got small breasts! Fine! We’ve acknowledged it! Now move on already!” Taylor all but screamed.

    “Are you seriously okay with that fact? I mean, I’m not exactly one to judge considering I was -- and probably will continue to once I get back -- gunning for Integra. Seriously, if you think you’re flat you should’ve seen her. Pretty sure she got mistaken for a guy, like, a dozen times.”

    Taylor’s eyebrow twitched. She inhaled deeply, before exhaling again, and going back to looking through her books. Maybe if she ignored him he would go away.

    “Let’s see… Brave new world… Frankenstein’s monster… The hobbit…” she parsed through the books, trying to find something interesting before she stumbled onto a book that caught her eye.

    “Dracula, huh?” she muttered to herself as she picked the book off her shelf. She’d read the book a couple of times, but had left it on the shelf for the majority of the time she’d owned it. Considering it's subject matter, she wondered if it might be worth reading again.

    “Ooh! Looking to get a bit of inspiration, are we? Not the best material for it, but you could certainly do worse. The portrayal of old’ Abe isn’t perfect, but it certainly better than the movie remake. Ah, those were the days…”

    I blinked, running the voice’s speech through my head, “Wait a minute, what is your name? It’s not really The Crimson Fucker, right?”

    “Pfft, no, that’s my twitter handle, no my names Alucard.”

    Taylor wrinkled her nose, a bit confused. “Alucard? What kind of name is that?” she asked.

    “Eh, you’ll have to figure it out.”

    Taylor sighed, before shoving the book back onto the shelf. She walked over to the doorframe and let the back of her head thump against it, before pressing her back against the wall and sliding down to the floor. She looked up at the ceiling in her room, the grey color giving the rest of the room a dull tone.

    She ran what happened that day through her head again, the fact that she had powers now, that she had a voice in her head, and that she had killed someone. She still wasn’t sure how to feel about any of those facts, but the fact that she really didn’t feel anything was a bit unnerving. The voice in her head -- now named Alucard -- had explained she was a vampire, and if what she had read about them was true, that was probably why she wasn’t feeling anything.

    Her emotions were probably dulled. She considered the fact, tossing it around in her head, wondering if she should be bothered by it. On the one hand, it meant she was probably losing her humanity. On the other…

    “...Is that such a bad thing?”

    “Losing your humanity? Ehhhhhhh… I’d say try and hold on to it, mostly because it’s kinda something important, but if it gets too bothersome you can chuck it off a cliff.”

    She was about to ask more questions when she heard the front door to the house open. Her eyes darted to the clock, seeing the time had gone passed four-thirty. Her dad was home, and she had fangs that wouldn’t be at all easy to hide.

    “... shit…”

    “What? What’s wrong? Why don’t you just tell ‘im?” Alucard asked somewhat genuine curiosity in his voice.

    “Because I’m a cape! I… I can’t just dump that on him! Not after… not after what happened to mom…” She said, pausing as she wrapped her arms around her knees, “If he found out what happened… I don’t know if he could keep up.”

    She could hear Alucard sigh, “Ok, look. Cutting out all the bullshit, not telling him isn’t really an option. Fang’s aren’t easy to hide, at least not until you get mind control-”

    “Mind control!?”

    “Lemme finish. On top of that, your abilities are only going to get more flashy the stronger you get. Hiding your powers from someone you live with isn’t really an option.”

    Taylor groaned, rolling over onto her feet and standing upright. She reached to open the door but paused a second. “How is going to react? How am I supposed to tell him ‘hey dad, I have powers now, which just so happen to be vampirism and a perverted voice in my head!’ because I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t take that all that well.”

    Alucard chuckled, “Well, you could just tell him that you decided to sharped your teeth. I here goth chicks are all the rage the days~.”

    Taylor grit her teeth, “Not. Helping.”

    With Alucard’s laughter echoing in her head, she took a deep breath and opened the door.

    “Dad?” she called out.

    “Taylor? You’re home already?” he asked, his voice echoing from downstairs.

    She winced, before slowing walking down the stairs. She found her dad in the kitchen, halfway done fixing himself a makeshift sandwich with what they had in the fridge. He turned around, facing her as he looked her up and down. His eyes narrowed slightly/

    “Are you alright Taylor? You look awful,” he said, dropping the sandwich materials and taking a few steps toward her. She took a step back before he reached her, causing him to pause and stop moving forward.

    “I-I’m… okay, dad. I just… there’s something I need to tell you, and I need you to promise not to freak out.

    “Ooooh, the thick plottens!”

    Taylor winced, turning her head to the side and whispering, “Shut up, Alucard.”

    Her dad blinked, “Taylor, are you okay?”

    Taylor closed her eyes and took a deep breath, before opening them again and looking at her dad dead in the eyes, “Dad, I’m a cape.”


    Armsmaster looked over the scene of the crime, a grimace on his face. The woman had reported a cape fight, and while a cape had most definitely been involved -- there was no other way to explain the near mummified corpse -- it looked as if it had barely been a fight at all. Two Merchant thugs had attempted to rape a woman, and the unknown cape had intervened.

    Whether they were an aspiring hero or otherwise was still unknown, but already having killed someone was a severe black mark on their record already.

    As he studied the dried corpse, he tried to find what could have caused the kind of damage needed to drain a human of most of their body mass. A tinker, perhaps, however, the woman hadn’t mentioned any armor or weapons or armor on the capes person, so that was unlikely. She had mentioned that they had thrown the thugs around, so likely a low or perhaps medium brute rating. Then there was what the woman had barely acknowledged.

    The parahuman had lunged for the now-dead thug, who had stabbed her in the stomach when she tried to do so. She all but ignored the damage, gripping and breaking the man’s arm and providing further credence to the theory of her having a brute rating of some kind. He noted the possibility of a striker rating as well, given the state of her victim.

    He was about to finish compiling the report when one of the paramedic’s screamed. He turned around, and found the corpse moving, lunging toward the paramedic with its jaw open wide. His own eyes widened in shock before he swung his halberd around and launched one of the tranquilizer darts hidden inside of it. The dart slammed into the corpse’s shoulder, knocking it off course and allowing the paramedic to move out of the way.

    He rushed forward, tripping the corpse with the butt of his weapon and pressing his foot against its back, “Stand down! You won’t be harmed!”

    Whatever it was growled unintelligibly. His sensor’s tried to detect if the victim had triggered and become a cape, but he wasn’t getting anything. No heartbeat, and no breathing. Whatever it was had been thoroughly killed by the unknown cape, and less than an hour later, the corpse had reanimated itself. If that was what had really happened, then a Master Eight rating was needed at the very lowest.

    “Console, this is Armsmaster responding to the appearance of an unknown parahuman. They appear to be a high ranking Master capable of reanimating the corpses of their victims.”

    The response from Miss Militia, who was on the console at the time, was remarkably fast, “Armsmaster, please repeat, the parahuman is capable of reanimating the dead?”

    “That is correct, the parahuman appears capable of reanimating the corpses of their victims. I am currently in the process of containing one such victim.”

    There was a pregnant pause for several seconds, where Armsmaster simply stood on the corpse, keeping it from moving while it flailed it’s arms around and growled incoherently.

    “Armsmaster, finish containing the victim and remain where you are. Velocity and a squad of fully armed PRT troopers are en route to your location, please stand by. And be careful.”

    Armsmaster nodded, “Affirmative, standing by.” He pulled out a pair of brute rated cuffs, reaching down and locking the -- for lack of a better word -- zombie’s arms in place. He still kept it down on the ground, careful not to lose his attention.

    A parahuman capable of reanimating the dead was dangerous, and they really didn’t need another Nilbog running around.
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    Probably these
    Oh~ yes~...!” Taylor moaned as she was penetrated by two long, thick, girthy, throbbing…

    “Tentacles! Wait, that doesn't make it sound any better, uhhhh...”
    Hey, Alucard? You got any Idea’s on how to put this guy down?” she asked.

    “Fuck him in the Vagina!”

    Taylor would have glowered were she back within her own mindscape, “Alucard, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have one.”

    “Then make him one! I’ve done it before.”

    “I would also like to point out that I’m a woman.”


    She rolled her eyes, turning her attention back to the Endbringer, which was once again reaching it’s tentacles out toward her, faster than they had been before. She smiled, baring her fangs as she raced forward. One of the tentacles lanced forward toward her, only for it to fall to the ground as she shot it out of the air. She dodged a few others, jumping over one as it tried to sweep beneath her and another that tried to spear her through the chest.

    She still had her claws, so when she found herself directly beneath the Endbringer, she put away her revolver and leaped upward grabbing the Enbringer’s groin and sinking her claws into it. Her claws tore a large gash, in which she thrust her arm forward, sinking into it up to the elbow.

    “There, you happy now Alucard?”

    “Oh~ yeah~...”
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    Glad to see you kicked your way out of SB Baby Jail. I really love your story as an example of how you can cross Worm with something humorous and still make a consistent, well-written fic.
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    HAHA! Yeah I can totally see that being too much jeeeez. I’d be more surprised if that passed unnoticed.

    I see I can look forward to some good old fashioned Endbringer Fist fight lol
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    Well, even if its considered too NSFW for the SFW section, the thread will just be moved to the NSFW section, so no biggie. But glad to see this story still lives.
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    Well this is fun.

    Alucard might want to mention the ghoul problem at some point, hah.
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    Taylor sat at the kitchen table across from her father, the older man's hands rubbing his eyes exhaustively.

    "So… Emma shoved you into a locker filled with rotten tampons and garbage."


    "And now you have powers."


    "That basically makes you a vampire."


    "And as soon as you smashed open the locker, you saved someone from being raped by killing her attackers."

    "Only one of them, but yes."

    “I feel as though I’ve heard this conversation before…”

    The two of them fell into an eerie silence, the only sound being that of the ticking of her dad's watch, which, had she not had powers, Taylor was pretty sure she wouldn't have noticed.

    Danny sighed, placing his hands on the table, "Alright… so… what now? Are you going to be joining the Wards?"

    Taylor shook her head, "That's not really an option. I mean, I killed someone, and even though it won't be a problem for about a week, I'm going to need to keep drinking blood. I don't think the Protectorate would let someone like me anywhere near the Wards."

    He shook his head, "If not the Wards, then what else would you do?"

    She shrugged, "I'm not really sure. I can't keep going to school, not with my teeth like this." She said, reaching up with her hand to feel her pointed canines.

    "How are you supposed to get an education then?" Her dad asked, worry, and slight panic entering his voice, "How are you supposed to get into college like this?"

    Taylor sighed, "In the immediate, I suppose you could either homeschool me or set up some kind of online schooling. I'd be at home all day, sure, but… well, honestly I figure the upside to all this is that I won't have to go back to Winslow." It wasn't like she had any friends left there anyway.

    Danny seemed to wince at the remark, even if it hadn't been directed at him, “I suppose that’s an option.”

    Taylor sighed, Alright, ‘easy’ part done. Time for the hard part.

    “Ooooh, are you gonna tell ‘em about me now~?”

    Taylor ignored the lunatic voice in her head, instead choosing to sit upright and look her dad in eyes as best she could, “There’s also something else about my power that… well, I’m not really sure if it’s a good or bad thing.”

    “What could be worse than being a literal Vampire?” Danny asked with a weak smile on his face, an attempt at humor that even he was probably aware wasn’t all that good.

    “... he spoke the words.”

    “What?” Taylor asked, frozen by Alucard’s sudden shift in tone.

    “He said the words that no man should utter less they be willing to brave the depths of hell themselves.”

    “Taylor? Are you okay?” Danny asked, slightly worried at his daughter’s pale look.

    “What did you say?” she asked.

    “I asked if you were okay-”

    “No, before that, what did you say?” she demanded, her voice gaining an edge.

    “Umm… ‘what could be worse than being a literal vampire’?” he said, slightly confused.

    “HE SAID IT AGAIN!!!” Alucard roared, “WE’RE DOOMED! DOOMED I TELL YOU!”

    “Dad… please don’t say that again…” she asked as she tried to keep from wincing at the raving vampire’s words.

    “O… kay?”

    Taylor sighed and rubbed her temples, “Now, in any other circumstance you would probably think me crazy, and to a certain extent, you’d probably were, and maybe still would be, right. I have a voice in my head.”

    Danny blinked, “A… voice? In your head?”

    “His name is Alucard.”

    “I’m… not sure how to feel about that.”

    “Kill them all! Kill, maim, burn! Kill, maim, burn! That’s what I hear in my head all the time.”

    Taylor winced, “And he’s not exactly making this conversation easier.”

    “Ok then. Well, that being the case, what are you going to do?” he asked.

    Taylor paused, what was she going to do? It had only been a few hours since she’d gotten her powers, and even though she had a fairly good idea of what those powers were and what she was capable of, she had no idea what she was supposed to do with those powers.

    “I’ll probably try to be an independent hero, working for myself and separate from the protectorate. Failing that a rogue, or, worst-case scenario, a vigilante. Though I’m pretty sure most independents are that by default, at least until they get registered.” She explained, her long-term goals fairly simple.

    “I suppose that’s fair, but what about now? Today? What do you plan to do?”

    Taylor shrugged, “I guess I should probably look up what heroes are supposed to do, in my kind of situation. Do some research on the cape scene and what powers the local heroes and villains have. After that…”

    “Oh! Oh! I have an idea! How about tonight, we… go for a walk?”

    Taylor ran Alucard’s words through her head before repeating them, try to decipher the clear and obvious hidden meaning behind them. Unfortunately, she couldn’t really get a bead on what he meant, or if he was being sarcastic or not. Still, a walk would probably do her some good.

    “... I guess I’ll go for a moonlit walk.”


    Taylor sat on her bed, laptop in her lap as she scrolled through PHO. She’d done some preliminary research on capes while trying to avoid the cesspool of a forum that it was, but everything official she saw was either a glorified advertisement for the Wards and the Protectorate or some kind of independent hero recruitment site. Neither were very helpful.

    She was able to find the system that the PRT used to classify capes, and she was quick to memorize most of the terms, as they were widely used among the cape scene. She was already familiar with a few of them, such as Stranger, Blaster, Brute, Trump, and Tinker, as those were often the most talked about during cape studies.

    She wasn’t so familiar with some of the others. She knew the basics of some of them, but she was surprised at just how far some of the abilities under Shaker and Master deviated from each other. Heartbreaker, a Canadian villain with a kill order, was a Master that messed with people’s emotions. On the flipside, Nilbog was a Master that created minions that obeyed his commands. Granted those two were both villains with equally valid kill orders, but it was a good example.

    She considered trying to figure out what her powers fell under, but after talking it out with Alucard, it seemed that she just fell under ‘all of the above.’

    “I mean, you’re a Brute, easy, You’ve already proven that by taking a knife to the chest. Handled that like a boss, by the way. Mover’s much the same, since you have way more speed and stamina than humans, but I wonder if they wouldn’t just put that under Brute.”

    “I guess it’d be kinda dumb for them to give everyone who had a Brute rating a Mover rating too, I mean, more strength almost always equals more speed, just not in absurd amounts. I probably fall under Striker too I guess, given my ability to suck blood and all that.”

    “Mmm… Changer and Stranger too, once you figure out how to shapeshift.”

    Taylor paused, “I can shapeshift?”

    Alucard chuckled, “I didn’t tell you? Yeah, you could totally do that. I could too! I was a twelve-year-old girl during World war two~!”

    Taylor groaned, “I seriously do not need the mental image of a twelve-year-old with your perverseness.”

    “I was a woman at one point too.”

    Taylor growled in frustration, “That doesn’t make it any better!”

    “Pretty sure my tits were better than yours too. When I was twelve, by the way, just to clarify.”

    Taylor was about to retort when she just sighed in defeat. In the few hours she’d known the Vampire, he’d had some kind of comeback for everything she could throw at him, and arguing with him was only going to make things worse.

    Looking back to PHO, she scrolled through the Brockton Bay page, reading through the various pages each cape had.

    Lung… Oni Lee… Uber and L33t… Skidmark… Kaiser...

    “Woah, Woah, Woah, hold up, who’s Kaiser?”

    “Kaiser? He’s the leader of one of the local gangs, Empire 88.” she explained, “They're pretty much modern-day-”

    “Nazis…” Alucard interrupted.

    She looked at the logo for the E88, the swastika, and the number 88 blended symbol superimposed on a white circle on a red background.

    The dark, menacing laugh that emanated from the voice in her head sent a shiver down Taylor’s spine, “Tay-Tay, we're eating out tonight!”
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    This world needs more Hellsing Abridged fanfiction.
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    Taylor waited for hours. Around six O’clock, her dad had asked her if she wanted something to eat, and she reluctantly denied. She wasn’t really hungry, not after drinking that thug dry. Around nine-O’clock, her dad went to bed, and when she was able to hear his breathing slow down, she figured he was asleep.

    “Okay… so, what are we going to do?” Taylor asked, hoping Alucard had some kind of plan of action.

    He chuckled, “Well, I’d say we just go out, find some Nazi’s, and start eating, but those folks on PHO seem to be pretty adamant about having a fancy name and costume.”

    Taylor rolled her eyes, before opening her closet and shuffling through her clothing, “Okay, so I need something to hide my face first and foremost. I don’t really have any sort of mask, though…” She carefully reached up to her face where her glasses sat.

    She considered just taking them off and relying on her other senses to get around, and even if that failed, she wasn’t completely blind, just legally. Taking them off, she was shocked to find that she could see clearly.

    “What the fuck?” she asked, trying to wrap her head around the fact that she could see just fine without her glasses.’

    “Ahhh, so that’s what’s been on the edge of you’re vision for the past few hours. Hehe, you can go ahead and chuck ‘em, or keep ‘em around for the whole ‘secret identity’ thing, either way, you don’t really need them anymore. What with you bein’ a vampire and all.”

    Taylor sighed, before reaching over to place her glasses on her dresser. If she didn’t need them to see, then it was just one more thing she could use to keep her identity hidden.

    “Ooh! Just like Superman!”

    “Super-who?” Taylor asked, turning back to sorting through her increasingly unhelpful wardrobe.

    “Y’know, Superman! Clark Kent! You know the phrase, ‘it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s Superman!’ You know, him.”

    Taylor shrugged as she pulled up a scarf she figured she could wrap around the lower half of her face, “Nope, sorry, never heard of him. Is he some kind of European cape?”

    Alucard guffawed audibly, “How have you never heard of Supes!? He’s like, the number one hero in all of comic book history!”

    Taylor blinked, “You know comic books basically dropped off the face of the earth once actual capes started showing up, right?” she asked.

    “WHAT!? What kind of sick, twisted world are you living in!?”

    “... I find myself asking that question all too frequently,” Taylor said, giving him a non-answer.

    Ignoring Alucard’s further ramblings about various fictional capes she’d never heard of, she managed to cobble together a makeshift outfit that would, if nothing else, hide who she was. A white hoodie, with blue jeans and her spare set of tennis-shoes. Her face was covered by a tan scarf, and her hair was tied into a ponytail that hung on the side of her neck. Looking in the bathroom mirror, she noted with a small amount of alarm that her brown eyes looked like they had flecks of red in them.

    “Alucard, what’s with that?” she asked.

    “Oh, don’t worry about that. That’s just you’re eyes turning red! It’ll fade back and forth for a while, but eventually, they’ll just be blood red. Hehe, get it? Blood red?”

    “I’m really not in the mood for jokes.” Taylor deadpanned.

    “Aww, spoilsport. Well, I wouldn’t worry too much, if you really want to keep your eyes boring, you can just wear contacts until you learn how to shapeshift,” he explained.

    Walking out of the bathroom, she made her way quietly downstairs. She carefully walked toward the back door, stepping over squeaky floor-boards and keeping her steps as quiet as possible. When she reached the door, she gently pulled it open and closed it behind her as she stepped outside. She moved to leap over the fence, finding the activity remarkably easy, a fact she chalked up to her newfound vampiric strength.

    “Alright, so, we make our way to empire territory?” Taylor asked.

    “Must. Kill. Nazis.”

    “I’ll take that as a yes,” Taylor said, ignoring the bloodthirsty tone in Alucard’s words.

    And so she began to walk. A few cars were on the road, people working late shifts or going to work graveyard shifts, but no one was walking down the sidewalk for as far as Taylor could see. It was a new moon, which left the stars as the only light to keep the streets from being pitch black. A perfect night for a major gang to commit some kind of high-profile crime.

    After about ten minutes of walking, she ended up jogging, before breaking into a full-on sprint. Just like earlier that day, she felt none of the exhaustion she should have felt after having run for a solid twenty minutes. Eventually, she heard the first gunshots.

    She changed direction almost immediately, sprinting in the direction of the gunfire and leaping over the smaller objects in her path. She soon found herself watching a gunfight between the local police and what looked to be a group of skinheads wearing bandanas with the E88 logo on them and wielding rifles and shotguns.

    “So, wait, are those guys supposed to be the Nazis?” Alucard asked dejectedly, “Aww, I was looking forward to something more boner-worthy…”

    Taylor sighed, “Shouldn’t we still help?” she asked.

    “Well, yeah, I guess…”

    Taylor ignored Alucard’s dejected tone, instead choosing to look around for something to climb on. Fortunately, the building next to her had a fire escape that led up the side of the building and onto the roof. Looking back down to the street below, She noted that if she hopped across a couple of the other buildings she would be right above the skinheads. Taking that into account, she did just that.

    Once she was in position, she leaned over the edge of the building, looking down to the ground below. There were half a dozen of the Empire members, each hiding behind the corners of buildings or in the case of half of them, crouched behind a car that was parked in the middle of the street.

    Taylor backed up, almost to the opposite edge of the roof, before racing forward and jumping off the edge of the roof. Her stomach leaped up into her throat as she felt the air rushing against her face, her hood falling back and her hair flowing in the wind. A second later, she landed on the ground, less than ten feet from the skinheads hiding behind the car. She felt the bones in her ankles and calves crack but found that even it did hurt, it wasn’t nearly enough to immobilize her or take her out of the fight.

    “Ow…” Taylor said, wincing as she stood to her full height.

    “And that’s why you should never try a superhero landing, it is a killer on the ankles.”

    “Cape!” One of the skinheads shouted, just as he pointed his shotgun in Taylor’s direction.

    Taylor dodged to the side as he pulled the trigger, the buckshot round firing off into the street. She shot forward, faster than the man could react, grabbing the gun by the barrel and squeezing. The metal bent and tore, ruining the weapon. Taylor grabbed the man by the shirt collar, tossing him toward the other two that were still dumbstruck by her appearance.

    “Just stay down, alright?” Taylor asked. The only response she received being the groans of the men as they attempted to disentangle their limbs.

    She was about to try and figure out some way of tying them up, cursing herself for not bringing any zip ties, before the thought was driven from her mind. A bullet penetrated her shoulder, blood spraying from the exit wound, soaking her white hoodie.

    “Fuck!” she screamed, turning around to see one of the skinheads that had been hiding behind a building holding a smoking rifle.

    She ran forward, ready to tackle the man to the ground, when he fired again, the bullet nailing her in the chest. Fortunately for Taylor, she only felt a small amount of pain, and it didn’t seem to inhibit her movement aside from momentarily stalling her. She continued forward and soon found herself tackling the man to the ground, wrapping her arm around his throat as she attempted to choke him out. She wasn’t at all trained in how to do so, but she’d heard that the best way to do it was to restrict airflow until they stopped moving, and then let go immediately after in order to keep from permanently hurting them.

    Unfortunately, the skinhead’s buddies didn’t seem to like the idea of leaving him to her, and two of them were soon trying to pull her and the man apart. They partially succeeded but they soon regretted trying to separate them, as the first thing Taylor did with a set of free hands was whip around and punch a man’s jaw. Normally, if she had been a normal strength human, this would have resulted in a few teeth knocked loose, a heavy bruise, or perhaps a broken jaw. In Taylor’s case, however, this resulted in the bottom half of the man’s face being torn off and sent halfway across the street. Blood coated Taylor’s fist as she stood there, stunned.

    “Oooh! Knockout!” Alucard commented said, “I’m starting to think I might enjoy this!”

    The man fell to the ground, screaming and gargling in agony as he reached up to claw at where his jaw had once been.

    “You bitch! I’ll kill you!” one of the skinheads screamed, before charging Taylor with a baseball bat. The wooden bat slammed against a stunned Taylor’s head, causing her to fall to the ground. The bat came down again, slamming into her ribs, breaking them. A second heavy object joined the first, heavy, and made of metal.

    Pain flooded Taylor’s body. Jumping off the building had hurt, getting shot had felt like getting punched, but this… she felt the metal object break her skin, tearing into it and causing her own blood to go flying. She was regenerating, she could feel it, but it wasn’t enough to dull the pain. In hurt like hell, and she closed her eyes, praying the pain would go away.

    “Praying won’t do anything, Taylor. Big g stopped caring about people like you and me a long time ago.”

    When Taylor opened her eyes again, she only saw red.
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    hey dandy boys. . . . .you done goofed
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    When Taylor’s eyes opened, they weren’t the normal, dark brown color that they had been when she’d woken up that morning, nor were they flecked with bits of red as they had been a few hours earlier. No, now, her eyes were completely red, glowing brightly in the darkness of the night.

    “And she’s back in the game!”

    As the bat came down, Taylor reached up and grabbed it, the force of her grip causing the wood to crack and splinter. She pushed against the ground with her free arm, launching herself upright. She wrenched the bat out of the gang member's hand, tossing it to the side before reaching up to the scarf covering her face and ripping it off, revealing her fangs to the cold night air.

    She shot forward, opening her mouth wide and engulfing the man’s throat. Her teeth sank into his neck, and she began drinking. Blood flowed from his veins into her, the delicious taste making her mouth water, and making her hunger for more. Her meal was interrupted when a metal crowbar smacked her across the back.

    She spun around, tearing half the man’s throat out as she did so, causing what little blood he had left in his body to spray outward. The one that had hit her went wide-eyed, and attempted to turn to run, but was far to slow. Taylor reached forward, grabbing his face and shoulder and exposing his neck, allowing her to sink her fangs into it. She drank, and drank, and drank, and it felt wonderful!

    “That’s right Tay-Tay, get some of that SIIIIP!”

    She was rudely drawn away from her meal as she felt the sharp impact of a bullet penetrating her shoulder, again. She whipped around to find two E88 thugs trying to duck into an alley, one with a pistol that had just recently been aimed at her, and the other with what appeared to be a cell-phone held up to his ear.

    She raised an eyebrow, listening closely as she began stalking over to their position.

    “It’s a fucking cape! She tore Jim’s jaw clean off, and then she fucking bit Al and Sam! You gotta get us outta here!” The thug cried into the phone, just as the other shot at Taylor a second, third, and fourth time, all of the shots missing as Taylor dodged, picking up speed after each shot.

    “Calling for back-up, are we? GOOD! Hahahaha! More fresh meat!”

    Within seconds Taylor had reached the thug shooting at her, jumping into the air and doing a dive kick into him, knocking him to the ground.

    “She’s here! She gonna fucking kill u- GUAH!” the thug’s cry for help was cut off as Taylor grabbed his face and slammed his head against the alley wall. She pulled back and then slammed it again, and again, and again until the back of his head was reduced to nothing but a bloody pulp. The sickening crunch of his skull rewarded her, as well as the splatter of grey matter against the alley wall.

    She turned around to the grunt groaning on the ground and pounced, sinking her teeth into yet another victim.

    “And another one bite’s the dust! Well done Tay-Tay! Now, if we’re finished here-”


    “Tay-Tay? Are you ok? Has the bloodsport gone to that noggin of yours?”

    Taylor ignored the voice in her head, turning to look at the only remaining E88 member still alive. The first one she had flung, who was only now beginning to stand back to his feet. She shot out of the alley and started to reach for him. He looked up at her, fear starting to dawn in his eyes. Normally, it would have been the last thing he saw. As it was, in a spray of blood, Taylor found that the arm she had been reaching toward the man was now no longer connected to her body. She paused her race toward her prey to look down at her bleeding stump, before spinning around to try and find the one that dared try to stand between her and her next meal.

    As it turned out, a lot of someones.

    “Is he… are they seriously following orders from a fucking discount furry!?”

    Standing in front of a group of about two dozen Empire thugs, stood none other than Stormtiger, one of the more infamous capes under the banner of the E88. Beside him stood the cape known as Cricket, and while she had a slightly less imposing form, she was likely just as dangerous as her fellow cape.

    Taylor turned to face them, before grinning.

    “You have made a grave mistake, killing the men under my command,” Stormtiger said, before gesturing to the men around him, who all raised the guns in their hands. All of their weapons ranged from rifles and shotguns to pistols and a few SMGs, “You will regret crossing the Empire.”

    Taylor’s eyes twinkled, “I don’t think I’m going to regret a thing.”

    Stormtiger tsk’d, before gesturing in her direction. All of the E88 members present started shooting, and Taylor didn’t even bother dodging. Bullets tore her apart, ripped through her flesh, and when she finally fell to the ground, she was riddled with holes.

    “Oooh… a good move for dramatic effect, but even I know getting shot like that hurt like a bitch.”

    Stormtiger sighed, “Such a waste. Had she approached us, we might well have accepted her into our ranks.”

    Cricket grunted while the other members of the Empire muttered in agreement. Stormtiger turned away from Taylor’s body and began to walk away, “As it is, we should leave. Let the Protectorate clean up this mess, we have better things to do-”


    Stormtiger paused, turning around to look at Taylor’s body again. His eyes went wide as she began to twitch, her arms twisting as she rolled over. Her flesh began to knit itself back together, her blood began to flow backward, being sucked back into her body. She seemed to regrow her arm completely, and when she looked at the newly grown appendage, she started laughing.

    “It’ll take a bit more than that to kill me,” Taylor said with a feral grin on her face.

    Stormtiger opened his mouth to order his men to shoot, but it was too late. She had moved, racing forward into the ranks of the Empire. She swung her arm around, decapitating one man with the force of her movement alone. She grabbed another by the back of the neck, bringing him close in order to bite into him, draining him of his blood in less than a second.

    The Empire members began shooting, but she was moving again, dodging their bullets with ease and causing more than a few stray shots to hit their own allies. She moved continuously, fluidly, moving from one target to the next, either draining them of blood or ripping them limb from limb. In one case, she actually grabbed a man by the arm and spun him around so hard that his body disconnected from his arm, leaving her hanging onto the dismembered limb. She shrugged and proceeded to use it to beat another man’s skull in.

    “That’s it Tay-Tay! Rip ‘em to shreds, show ‘em what a real fucking Vampire looks like!”

    Eventually, she felt the sting of her arm being lopped off again, before taking the time to realize that she was now going after Stormtiger himself. She grinned. She charged forward again, regardless of the risk, and soon felt dozens of cuts form against her skin. She lunged for Stormtiger, only to be interrupted as Cricket slammed into her from the side, knocking her off course.

    She skidded to a halt, before whirling around and trying to spot the offending cape. Cricket was looking at her, her muscles tense and ready to move at any moment. Taylor charged again, reaching for the Empire cape, when Cricket suddenly dodged out of the way, showing reflexes and speed that Taylor had yet to see from anyone else.

    “Get back here!” Taylor demanded, getting no response. She was about to charge again when she felt her legs fall out from under her. She fell forward, her legs cut off at the knees, Stormtigers work again.

    She pushed herself up on one arm, looking up at Stormtiger as he stood above her.

    “Y’know,” Stormtiger started, exhaustion clear in his voice, “Normally, there are rules about killing other capes. Normally, killing someone like you would be liable to get me Birdcaged, and that’s not the kind of attention I want on my back. But,” He reached down and grabbed her by the hair, lifting her upward so she was eye level with him. With only one arm and no legs, she probably weighed a lot less than she had a few minutes ago.

    “I think I’m willing to make an exception for you.”

    He got as far as pulling his left hand back into a fist when Taylor reach forward with her arm, grabbing the back of his head, and pulling herself toward him, her open mouth landing right onto his exposed neck. His blood flowed, and with the few moments of strength he had left, he tried in vain to pry her off of him, before he fell backward, gagging as his blood left his body.

    When Taylor was finished, she licked her lips clean and looked down to see her limbs regenerating once more. She stood up, her tattered clothes drenched in blood, and she turned to look at Cricket. The Empire cape was already running, and even though Taylor knew she could probably catch up to her, the adrenaline and bloodlust seemed to be finally wearing off.

    She looked around her, carefully examining the blood and viscera she left in her wake, “... I just killed a ton of people.” she noted.

    “Yea-huh. A fuck ton of ‘em.”

    “... should I be concerned about that?”

    “Eh, who gives a shit, they're Nazi’s!”

    Taylor sighed, “Fair enough.” and began to make her way home.
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    So how long until Taylor kills all the characters of Twilight?
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    I've watched all the movies an I kinda maybe liked them.........help.
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    It`s fine, i too watched them and was mildy entertained. By the way i`ve ben meaning to ask what made you think the latest chapter would get past the SB mods seriously.
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    I'm just waiting for Sabah to embrace her destiny as the new Walter.
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    Lack of forethought mostly. Trying to see if I can't get a censored version up over there and possibly keep the thread going. If not, well, I'll just continue posting over here.