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Gramps' quest for a stable family (HP / Overlord/Homm crossover quest)

Discussion in 'Questing' started by Nicaea, May 10, 2018.

  1. Index: Character Sheet

    Nicaea Monomaniac Penguin

    Apr 3, 2017
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    Current Protagonist:

    Name: Dace Gwallawg, the Bastard of Wales.
    (dob: July 31st 1928) Age: 55 (post summer 1983) (looks in his thirties)
    Status: Married, alive, annoyed

    Diplomacy : 7+5+2+1+1+2-1-1 = 16

    You know how to talk and to conduct yourself. You can interact with pretty much everyone without offending them. If it is on purpose however...

    Stewardship : 5+5-1+1+2+2= 14

    You know enough to maintain your estate easily.

    Intrigue : 10+5+9+1+2+2+1= 30

    You are one of the very best when it comes to moving along the shadows. Precious little escapes you at this point.

    Martial : 6+5+2+2+1+2+2= 20

    You are no slouch when it comes to combat, and tactics, even though professionals can beat you, it won't be without cost.

    Learning :10+5+2+1+1+2+2+6+1 =30

    You are well read, and leverage it to find solutions to problems most people wouldn't notice exist. Your prowess with potions is second to none.

    Mysticism : 8+5+1+2+2+2= 20

    You are rather powerful, and know a lot about arcane subjects, however, against people like Dumbledore, Voldemort or you own daughter, you will be found wanting.
    [Can be passed down] Genius: +5 all stats, +5 personal rolls, +30 Rationality
    [Can be passed down] Blood of ??? :+2 My,+2Ma,+2Le, +10 Crafting rolls,+10 Regular/Magical Combat rolls, Slowed aging.
    Bastard: -1 Di
    Elusive shadow : +2 Ma/Di, +9 In/ -1St
    Brawny: +1 health (hidden), +2Ma,+1Di,+5 combat rolls
    Manipulative: +2 In, -1 Di, may use Intrigue to pass Diplomacy checks.
    Erudite: +2Le, +5 Research rolls
    Diligent: +1 all
    Proud: -5 all social rolls
    Ambitious: +2 all, -5 social rolls with superiors
    Alchemist: +6 Learning, autopass potion rolls, +30 to alchemy rolls
    Just: +2St,+1Le: +5 social rolls with subordinates
    Wizard: +2 My, may use magic
    Mischievous: +1 In
    Apprentice architect: +1 Le
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  2. Index: Social

    Nicaea Monomaniac Penguin

    Apr 3, 2017
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    Social links:

    An old friend you met in a pureblood function. She's rather smart and quick witted, even though she seems to hate your wife and daughter with the intensity of a thousand suns. A pureblood supremacist, you get along pretty well as long as you don't mention you are the biggest muggleborn employer of the Isles.

    SL 3: Toujours pur: May call on the Blacks to help you, as long as it doesn't cost money, no favor owned.
    SL 6: Bound in darkness: Walburga opened up the Black library to you, +15 to research rolls.
    0/8 RP to next level
    An eager young man who seems to have misunderstood your employing muggleborns as you showing them their rightful place under a proper wizard. You haven't bothered to correct him.After the fall of Lord Voldemort, he appreciates your tentative to contact him, even moreso since you aren't a member of the cause. However, the fall of the Terrorist and the rapid changes of the world are chipping away at his beliefs, whoch, far from hindering him, in contrary gave him even more opportunities.

    SL3: Goldfinger: +10 to Stewardship action rolls
    9/12 RP to next level, 20 RP banked until she recovers ( 10 saving her, 10 recovery actions)
    A brilliant witch, with a temper that burns twice as bright. Life wasn't kind to her, she lost her first friend at the teeth of Remus Lupin, her family to Voldemort, and her last friend to the Overlord. As a muggleborn, due to the societal conventions, she was treated almost like a pariah and her seeking out Dace was her last gambit, which paid. Despite her atitude, she cares a lot for him, their relationship as master-apprentice being the last meaningful link to the living that she has.
    SL 3: The Apprentice: Your experience as a teacher paid dividends, +10 to teaching rolls.
    3/8 RP to next level
    Your granddaughter, looks older than she is. You've only begun to interact with her and she seems to like you well enough, even if in her mind, she seems to consider Oliver and Narcissa her true parents.

    SL3: Rosy cheeks :Your granddaughter is cute. You know it, she knows it, and the world is about to learn it. In case of social roll failure, Scáthach can roll one more in your stead if in your party.
    Your wife, best friend and confidante, all rolled in one. If the both of you were able to feel any romantic love, she probably would be 'The One' for you. In any case, you trust her absolutely, and despite all the posturing, so does she. For some reason, people see to think you don't get along but are too proud to divorce. In more modern terms however, your relationship could be summed up as 'vitriolic best buds' with a dash of 'friends with benefits'

    SL3: Theater lessons: +10 to acting rolls.
    SL6: Contacts: Your wife being who she is, she got you a list of names. You will always find somebody for any need you have.
    SL9: Network. Remember that list of contacts? Well, she somehow swindled them into becoming an informan network. Rumor mill opened, no maintainance required.
    SL10: The Jewels of Elizabeth : Once a year, Elizabeth will send you a gem. This gem will range from rare to legendary, and will have unusual properties and uses.
    Enigmatic (read obsessed) wandmaker.
    0/4 RP to next level
    0/2 RP to next level
    0/8 RP to next level.

    Leader of the Order faction, Head of the Auror Office. A competent man, his relation with Dace is a rather respectuous one, even if laced with no small amount of exasperation.

    SL3: Hypocrisy : Some times, you have to interact with people you can't stomach. removes negative relationship modifiers to rolls.

    Elizabeth Gwallawg

    Diplomacy: 9 + 3 + 3 + 9 – 1 + 1 – 1 + 2 + 2 = 27
    Stewardship: 1 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 2 = 10
    Martial: 8 + 3 – 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 = 14
    Intrigue: 10 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 2 = 24
    Learning: 8 + 3 + 1 + 2 = 14
    Mysticism: 5 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 2 = 13

    [Can be passed down]Beautiful: +3 Di, +20 to social rolls against those who can be attracted to you, +10 to social rolls against the rest.
    [Can be passed down]Quick: +3 All Stats
    World renowned actress: +9 Di, +4 In, +2 St, -1 Ma, +10 to all social rolls.
    Magpie: +1 In, +1 St, Will need to roll to resist the impulse of stealing shinies.
    Envious: +2 In, -1 Di
    Diligent: +1 all
    Ruthless: +1 In, +1 Ma, -1 Di
    Ambitious: +2 all, -5 social rolls with superiors
    Gregarious: +2 Di, +5 Social rolls
    Witch: +2 My, may use magic
    Diplomacy 8 + 6 + 1 – 1 + 2 – 1 + 2 = 17
    Stewardship 10 + 9 + 1 + 2 = 22
    Martial 8 + 6 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 2 = 21
    Intrigue 9 – 2 – 1 = 6
    Learning 7 + 2 = 9
    Mysticism 5 + 2 = 7

    Handsome: + 6 Di, +30 to social rolls against those who can be attracted to you, +15 to social rolls against the rest.
    [Can be passed down]Powerful: +6 Ma, +1 Di
    Half-breed: Veela: Immune to fire. (rank up to 'attractive' line trait)
    Branch Administrator: +9 St, +2 Ma +2Le -1 Di
    Adventurer: +2 Ma, +1 St
    Architect: +2 St, +1 Ma
    Kind: +2 Di, -2 In, +5 to social rolls
    Greedy: -1 Di
    Brave: +2 Ma
    Gregarious: +2 Di
    Content: -1 In
    Wizard: +2 My, may use magic.
    Loyal: After dropping out of school because of his single minded focus on magical animals, Dace caught him, threw him into his school and then sent him to his ranch. Due to the fact he got to live his dream, only extreme circumstances could lead Oliver to turn against his benefactor.
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  3. Index: Possessions

    Nicaea Monomaniac Penguin

    Apr 3, 2017
    Likes Received:


    -Animal (mundane and magical) Ranches: +45,000 Galleon (after salaries and charges), 1d6 Epic animal components/ Turn
    -- 1000 Employees, payed 544 G/t on average.
    Greenfire (Floo powder producers since 1930): + 10 000 Galleons/ Turn
    --200 Employees payed 500 G/t on average
    Potion shops 'Montmorency' in England: + 60, 000 Galleons/ Turn
    --500 Employees payed 550 G/t on average
    Medjica (Healing salves and potions): + 30 000 Galleons/turn
    --150 Employees paid 770 G/t on average
    'George's Inferno': +6 Sulfur /turn, +6 Mercury /turn


    Gwallawg Academy of Superior Learning: -40,000 Galleon / turn, 1d6 Chance of producing a Druid, 1d100-80 chance of Loyal Hero Unit. (Muggleborn population: 95%)

    Manor employee salaries: (50 of them, 380G/t on average) (Paid vacations/medical leave)

    Salaries: Agatha (1 000), Jason Swallows (1500), Mad Eye Moody (1000)

    = 82500 Galleons / Turn

    78 600 Galleons
    24 Mercury
    24 Sulfur
    4 Crystal
    8 Gems
    0 Stone
    0 Wood

    Skylight: A sapphire that seems to shine with an inner light. +10 to results if used to create items with [Life/Order] Attribute.
    Nature Anchor: Allows to soak up a zone with Nature energy, necessary to build a Rampart.
    Book of Air:
    Dragon Rearing book
    Dragon nest plans

    10x Unicorn hairs
    Hydra venom
    Chimera heartstrings

    Jobberknoll feathersx4 (Truth and mind potion ingredients)
    Unicorn horn
    Cloak of Crystal: Gain 1 Crystal / turn (Value: 5000 G)
    Still Eye of the dragon +1 Troops Morale, +1 Troops Luck (Value: 2000 G)
    Quiet eye of the dragon +5 Troops attack damage, +5 Troops attack defense (Value: 2000 G)
    Pendant of free will: Immune to mind magic and hypnosis. (Value 8000 G)
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2018
  4. Index: Miscellaneous

    Nicaea Monomaniac Penguin

    Apr 3, 2017
    Likes Received:
    OOC Questions in reserve : 1 (Biigoh)

    So! Once upon a time, in a merry land where poneys were prancing, sheeps were flocking and little birds were singing in the air, everything was well and fine, until one day, a dark wizard decided he wanted to experiment. As one could expect, this ended up badly for everyone involved. Enters a very nasty, brutal, cunning, and all other sorts of evil adjectives that can be rattached to an Evil man.

    This man called himself, The Overlord.

    This Overlord was minding his own business, terrorizing villages and smiting the forces of Good when he noticed strange explosions in his backyard an Did Not Approve. One unholy smiting and massive amounts of gratuitious violence later, he had a brand new toy that he decided to name The Hive, which created brown skinned, knife eared, malevolent abominations made up of a weird soul slurry. Not one to refuse free workers, The Overlord put his newly baptized Browns to work with extreme efficiency.

    Of course, people objected, and mad scientists don't come in only one breed. As such, a particularly imprudent brown got himself captured and experimented on by some guy named Salazar (He's not really important), who noticed that due to their nature, they were unstable and prone to changes. Since that guy was on the definitely more morally ambiguous side of the spectrum after being kicked out of his castle, he decided to do SCIENCE! with it. After laying layers upon layers of charms, activated upon the demise of the current Overlord, Salazar's greatest (and ironically unknown) piece of magic took effect, changing the Browns into something more...

    Enter the goblins.

    After they appeared, the wizards scratched their heads for a while, because if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are that it is a duck. Therefore, the Magical world ( yes, that includes centaurs, werewolves and unicorns) wasn't really enthused at the idea of keeping those midget killing machines near them and so, after the wizards decided it was too inhuman to simply kill them and be done with it, they led them to montainous zones, where their agressivity and natural penchant towards chaos could be channelled into more constructive projects.

    A few centuries and several wars later, things are at a standstill between the goblins and the rest of the world, each side sizing up the other warily.
    But soon, this will be irrelevant, for you see, Evil always finds a way.
    Roll bonuses: 0
    MP: 0

    I will award roll bonuses for omakes and fanarts and the likes (unlikely to get some, considering I barely even get players) and set it with a piggy bank system. Each time it reaches 100, You get an Miracle Point. People can choose to stockpile their bonuses to create 'personal stockpiles to use on their own, because MP need a vote to be used.

    For example: there's a general stockpile and then, there' ThatOneWeirdo who's a filthy shipper, but a great and prolific artist, who decides that one Ship is for him and wants to dedicate all of his bonuses to make sure to get a crit each time grown up babeh interacts with the other member of the ship.

    Using a MP on a decision will guarantee a crit on the choice it is applied too. In case of Nat 1, it will turn the critfail into a bare success.

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  5. Index: Strategic Data

    Nicaea Monomaniac Penguin

    Apr 3, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Visual aid:


    Walls added to the town : Hampers ranged attacks (1/2 damage), land creatures cannot pass through (save exceptions), may begin building creature dwellings.

    Town Hall:
    + 5 000 G/T. Minor living quarters are installed, enough for the staff at hand, but no more than that.

    +2 Morale for standing army
    Gives information on other players.

    Wolf den:
    Produces 10 Wolves / turn.
    Influence Bonuses and Maluses (Capital must have been occupied for 10 years.):

    Muggle: Nothing.
    Nature: +50% [Nature] Spell effects. - 50% [Order] and [Death] spell effects.
    Life: +50% [Life] Spell effects. -50% [Death] and [Chaos] spell effects.
    Death: +50% [Death] Spell effects. -50% [Life] and [Nature] spell effects.
    Chaos: +50% [Chaos] Spell effects. -50% [Order] and [Life] spell effects.
    Order: +50% [Order] Spell effects. -50% [Nature] and [Chaos] spell effects.

    These do not apply to frontier territories.

    Faction ability : Requires Capital territory to have been occupied at least 5 Turns (years)

    Chaos wave:

    Chaos is change through destruction, most fear it, but to those who can control it, unlimited power is at their fingertips.

    - +10 to dungeon creature attack
    - Catastrophe dice must be rolled each turn for all other factions. The effect strengthens the more land the faction controls.

    Land of the dead:

    Death comes for all, and for those who welcome it, safety. A cradle. A bed where all will lay to rest, even the world itself.

    - -1 Morale to all living units passing through dead lands. Will spread indefinitely if left unchecked.
    - Impossible to cast spells over level 1 for everyone, including death faction members.


    Nature's bounty:

    Nature runs strong and wild, as it used to and should. The land remembers its rightful shape and will reject abnomalies.

    - The magical ground protects owned land from both Chaos wave and Land of the dead effects. Will spread around owned territory up to one county away.
    - + 10% Resources gain.


    Law and Order:

    Laws are the system created by people to keep the world running. With Law comes Order, and with Order, peace.

    - + 50% Mental resistance.
    - + 10% Growth to magical and nonliving creatures.

    Live and grow:

    Living is Growing, a perpetual motion of evolution and amelioration. As long as there is life, there is hope. Those who cherish those words will aim for the greatest heights.

    - + 25% Growth to all creatures
    - All Life faction heroes start with the ability to cast Death ward.
    Luck : A stat that effects causality. For each point of luck, you get 10% of having a luck proc. Luck has multiple effects :

    -On the offensive, it doubles raw damage of an attack or a fes compatible spells, before resistances are counted in.
    -On the defensive, it halves the damage taken pre reduction.
    -On story mode, it adds +20 to all rolls it applies to.

    Morale: A stat that effects one's bravery. For each point of morale, you get 10% of having a morale proc. Morale, if it procs, has two major effects :

    - Causes the character or army unit to attack twice on the same turn.
    - Causes the unit to attack first regardless of the respective speed of the fighters.

    Heroes :
    Martha Drake.

    Experience: 2200/3200

    Level 4 ???

    Starts with Basic Combat, Advanced Combat, Basic Melee, Basic Magic resistance.
    CQC Monster gives: Basic Tactics, Basic Offense, Advanced Melee, Basic Leadership.
    Gains Basic Nature Magic upon joining faction.

    Ability: CQC Monster : May not used ranged attacks or spells ( will however be able to use magic spells at close range). Each time she chooses a skill from the Combat Skill tree when she levels up, she may take another of the skills proposed as an extra.

    Personal stats:
    Luck: 1
    Morale: 1
    Damage: 22
    Hitpoints: 130
    Speed: 7
    Movement: 23
    Mana: 10

    33 % Melee Attack
    36 % Melee Defense
    30 % Ranged defense
    30% Magic resistance

    Army stats:

    +1 Luck
    +1 Morale
    +1 Speed
    +1 Movement
    +10% Melee Attack
    +20% Ranged Attack


    COMBAT - Primary Skill

    Increases hero's Melee and Ranged Defence.
    Advanced: Melee and Ranged Defence = 20.


    Melee - Combat Secondary Skill

    Increases hero's Melee Attack and divides the natural defence of enemy creatures.
    Never reduces enemy hero's defence. Never reduces creature defence below 10.

    Advanced: Melee Attack = 20. Natural defence of enemy creatures divided by 2.

    Magic Resistance - Combat Secondary Skill

    Hero has a chance to resist hostile spells.

    Basic: 30%.


    TACTICS - Primary Skill

    Increases speed and movement of all friendly creatures.

    Basic: +1 speed, +1 movement.


    Offense - Tactics Secondary Skill

    Increases Melee and Ranged Attack of all friendly creatures.

    Basic: +10% to Melee and Ranged Attack.

    Leadership - Tactics Secondary Skill

    Increases morale and luck of all friendly creatures.

    Basic: +1 morale, +1 luck.


    NATURE MAGIC - Primary Skill

    Gives hero the ability to cast Nature Magic spells.

    Basic: hero can cast level 1 Nature Magic spells. Gives one level 1 Nature Magic spell.
    Basic nature magic spell : d7 : 2 :


    Speed - 2 mana
    Combat - Blessing
    Speed increases a friendly target's speed and movement by 3.
    Something flashed at the edge of my vision. I turned. Nothing but trees. There it was again! Little did I know that this would continue for hours before I left the forest.
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