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Half-Blood Prince's Tale (Hp Si as Snape)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Tasty_humans, Nov 23, 2020.

  1. Threadmarks: chapter 1

    Tasty_humans Making the rounds.

    Jan 17, 2020
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    Disclaimer: I own nothing.

    [An: So I am new to this site and this is my third fic.Its a rewrite too. I always liked a hp fic with an Si/oc set in the marauder era but there are so few of them that I decided to write one.

    Do tell me how it is and constructive criticism is appreciated. I am not very good with grammar and English isn’t even my first language so I most probably made mistakes.

    I think I am dead. The last thing I recall was feeling a sharp pain arching up my spine, followed by a feeling of extreme tightness in my chest.

    A wave of dizziness hit me as I struggled to breathe. A feeling of dread rose along with growing pain in my chest until I couldn’t remain standing anymore. The dizziness made my vision blurry but I could make out the floor nearing me and just before impact, everything turned black and then there was nothing.

    If darkness was called the absence of light, then this was certainly darkness…

    I found myself in a dark place with endless…..well, darkness. Recalling the last moments of pain and terror, I can safely conclude that I died.

    Of course, I could be wrong but something tells me that’s not the case. I think I experienced a sudden heart attack and considering that I lived alone, the chances of me receiving medical attention was abysmal so this makes me stick to the theory that I died.

    And I can’t help but get angry at the world for it, I died just like that….I had many things to get done, dreams of becoming rich and powerful , living a happy life but now all of that remain just that, dreams…..just expectations and hope bundled together as a product of an active imagination.

    I died young, I had not even reached 25. I wasn’t a good person but I wasn’t a bad one either.As much as I hate to say it, I was an ordinary guy with nothing special. I had a few hobbies, an unstable job and average looks.

    I had quite a few things I regretted but alas there was nothing I could do now, perhaps if I was more optimistic, I might have said , “‘Oh well’ there are worse ways to die.” but unfortunately I was not and now I was dead floating in what I assume is limbo.

    Science had progressed a lot over the years but scientists still can’t tell what a dying person thought and felt before dying. Nobody knows what happens after death.

    Majority of the world believed in one of many religions and thought after death they would go to their respective afterlives. Others think that death was the end and there was nothing after and some just don’t care.
    The second group's view looks the most accurate.There was no heaven or hell and instead there was just endless darkness encompassing everywhere. I am….or ‘was’ not an overly religious person so I didn’t know what to expect when I died but an empty devoid void of nothingness was not what I was expecting.

    I was all alone now floating in limbo as a soul , mind or whatever remains of you after you die. Nothing to see, hear ,touch or feel, it was a rather disturbing ‘feeling.’

    Maybe this was not limbo but hell? After all being trapped here all alone would drive even the loneliest person to madness.

    I really hope something happens now…

    [ ? ? time later]

    ‘Somebody please get me out of here, I can’t take it anymore!!!’

    I don’t know how long I have been here as there is no way to gauge time around here but I can’t stand it anymore.

    This sensory deprivation is getting to me. I don’t claim to be a very strong person, maybe above average but in this place, I will crack soon…
    [?? time later]

    ‘God….Devil, whoever exists, I beg of you to get me out of here.’

    ‘If there is a ROB out there, I pray for your help….I will entertain you, do anything you ask but please get me out..’




    ‘Anything there ? Is there anything I have to do to unlock you…hahahahaha’

    [?? time later]

    ‘Peace….inner peace. I must achieve inner peace, maybe if I do, I can get out of this place.’


    It’s not working...It’s not working, why is not working ?!!..
    [?? time later]

    After being here for God knows how long if he...exists, I don’t feel anything now, at some point, you would feel emptiness and then you are one with the void…

    Wrong...it doesn’t get any better. It’s still a hellish place,no….in fact hell would be kinder than this...anything is better than this.

    ‘I hate it I hate it hate it’

    I hate this place.

    ‘What did I do wrong to have deserved this ?’

    ‘Am I destined to remain in this nothingness, in a place where nothing exists ?’

    ‘Are you saying that all I have lived for was to welcome this end…’

    ‘No…that would be too much... I will get out of this place, I must get out of here…’
    [?? time later]

    I don’t know how long I have been here now and I feel that I am on the brink of insanity if I am not already insane.

    But something happened….I almost didn’t believe it but no way I was not going to check it out.

    There was a white light that I could make out, it was at the far edge of the void. I couldn’t tell how far it was but I made my way towards it. I didn’t have a body, not anymore but I could still somehow move or at least float about.Floating around was one of my favorite pastime activities until it started to feel like I never made any progress.

    The light was my only hope and even though I couldn’t determine the distance, I didn’t give up. Many not so positive thoughts campe up within my mind as it started looking I was not nearing it anytime soon.

    ‘What if it's just an illusion?’

    ‘What if I am like a moth flying towards the sun deluded by my time in the void to think I can actually reach it?’

    But desperation or optimistically ‘hope’ is a great motivator so I pushed these thoughts behind and kept moving.

    I don’t know how or when but suddenly I found myself nearing the light. If I still had a face, it would have had the biggest smile it could make.

    I finally reached the white opening after what felt like years. I successfully managed not to go insane I think…. as I kept my thoughts centered around the white opening.

    I gave myself one last push and entered the light.

    What happened next is hard to describe, one moment I was out there in the void entering the opening and the next second I was accelerating through space, a wormhole or something along those lines….I was not very good at science.

    With no time to comprehend what was happening, I experienced a change that was unlike anything I had ever felt. It felt like my body or soul was stretched to the limits in all directions and then put back together crudely all at the same time.

    It was a strange and disorienting experience but what came after that made me swallow all my complaints.

    *thump* *thump*

    Two sounds, two very distinct and familiar sounds greeted my ears. It was, no doubt about it, the sound of a heart beating. The sound grew fainter as other sensory information started appearing.

    I could feel the rise and descent of my chest as I inhaled and exhaled. I could feel my heart thumping against my chest. I could feel….and the feeling was fantastic!

    After having been deprived of all senses, finally feeling them again was a surreal experience. To feel alive after so long almost made me cry and I cried as I felt tears roll down on my face.

    No longer was I in the endless darkness but instead I found myself in a small room, with a desk and chair next to a bed.

    It was an unfamiliar room as I don’t recall ever having a room like this. While memory was never my strong point, I still knew how my room looked and this was not how it looked like.

    I had expected my memories to deteriorate in the void but they didn’t. I actually wanted that to happen at one point as being mindless meant I would suffer less but that didn’t happen.

    I raised my hands up to my eye level and I immediately noticed another thing amiss. The hands I saw were smaller than I remembered and were even somewhat pale but before I could solve this mystery, a sharp pain enveloped my entire being.

    Memories, Images and thoughts not my own bombarded my mind and before I could react to them, I blacked out.
    I was still in the same room when I regained my consciousness. The room was not unfamiliar anymore as I had received the memories of the body I was currently inhabiting.

    Turns out I didn’t wake up in my own body, in fact I didn’t even wake up in the same world as in my world Severus Snape was a fictional character and magic was not real.

    I let that sink in for a few moments as I slowly processed it. No doubt about it, I had transmigrated like all those characters had in the books I used to read. Reading was one of my hobbies and it also included fanfics and webnovels where this was a common trope.

    I couldn’t believe it even though I had thoughts of being in the exact situation many times. It all felt surreal but looking at the face staring at me in the mirror proved that it was real.

    Of all the people or ‘characters’ to wake up as, Severus Snape wouldn’t be on my mind.

    I took a better look at myself and saw the face of a young boy with some baby fat still present. I had a pale countenance and a better face than my previous one with long hair that extended till the back of my neck.

    The attire I was wearing was not something I would be caught wearing in 2020 or any time for that matter. A big baggy shirt with unwashed stains and pants with faded color.

    The memories I had were that of a young Snape who was only 10 years old. I didn’t get all his memories but I did get enough to conclude that he had a shitty childhood.

    His childhood if you could call it that painted the very picture of a dysfunctional family. His father was a typical drunk bastard of a father who abused his wife and son. All memories Severus had of the man Tobias Snape were bad ones, not a single one radiated positiveness.

    The man didn’t resemble Severus much and the only thing Severus seemed to have inherited from the man was his oily hair. He looked better in Severus’ earliest memories of him but now he was just a wife beater sporting a beer belly.

    Him being unemployed also didn’t help the household, not when he spent what little money his wife got after selling heirlooms indulging in his vices- mainly drinking.

    Overall Tobias Snape was barely a human. No wonder Severus hated muggles, I would too if Tobias was the first muggle I had to interact with.

    I was not sure what action to take when I learnt I had to deal with an abusive dad but one thing was sure, I wouldn’t take it lying down like Severus did.

    But these were things to deal with later so I just sorted my memories along with Snape’s. I don’t know how I could do this but I instinctively knew how to do it. Maybe it was because of the two sets of memories? Maybe Snape’s talent in Occlumency was showing? Or this was an effect of the void?

    I had no idea and had little information to even test things out so I decided to put that at the back of mind in a list to investigate and searched for memories related to the thing I was most excited about. Magic.
  2. ArezEoz

    ArezEoz Getting sticky.

    Mar 12, 2020
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    Will his time in the "void" actually mean anything, like will he be actually slightly unhinged, or will he just get over it?
  3. shakeval

    shakeval I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 12, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Yeah, will there be any hold overs from the void, when you are exposed to nothing, everything suddenly becomes more noticeable.
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  4. Jonn Wolfe

    Jonn Wolfe (Verified Sarcastic) (Not a Wolf)

    Mar 23, 2018
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    Well.... This should be fun! :)

    (Don't forget to Threadmark, Tasty_humans)
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  5. Leroidumonde

    Leroidumonde Getting sticky.

    Jun 3, 2020
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    I can only think of this and Half blood emperor by Dio Black as Severus Snape self inserts.
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  6. a guy1013

    a guy1013 I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Jul 16, 2019
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    You forgot to threadmark
  7. Index: chapter 1

    Tasty_humans Making the rounds.

    Jan 17, 2020
    Likes Received:
    hmm...I guess so. He will be better at occlumency due to this. I do have some things planned out for this but that will be introduced later.
  8. Threadmarks: chapter 2

    Tasty_humans Making the rounds.

    Jan 17, 2020
    Likes Received:
    The second chapter took a while…..I was busy with irl stuff and covid issues. Anyway, here you go.
    Ah...magic, something almost every kid dreamed of at least once in their lifetime. Now that I was in a world where magic was real, I couldn’t help but get excited.

    There were so many things I could do with magic, so many things I could accomplish that just thinking of them made me giddy.

    The magic system so to speak in this world was not very well explored by the author and I am not even in the same period as the protagonist

    My canon knowledge of the plot is pretty much useless and any action I take could drastically change it without me knowing anything.

    It still had some use as it did give me an insight into things that would have otherwise remained hidden from me. This knowledge would help me choose a path however I want and gives me many options.

    Coming back to magic, I had already set up a goal of sorts to reach with it. Some would call me delusional for having it, most would call it a pipe dream but it didn’t matter as I didn’t want to go back there. By there, I meant the place I went to when I died,... the void.

    Therefore my goal was to become immortal thus avoiding going back...there.I didn’t know whether I would even go there if I died again but I didn’t want to take my chances.

    The void was a terrifying place, just thinking about it filled me with a sense of dread and helplessness and I never wanted to go back there ever again.

    No wonder Voldemort was afraid of death if this was the place that awaited one after death, it was natural to fear it and only immortality would keep me away.

    Voldemort had a similar goal and he did everything he could to accomplish it but his biggest mistake was being hasty. He found one option and without assessing the risk went along with it and he was supposed to be smart.

    ….heck he didn’t even bother exploring other options until later when he lost to Lily Potter, not Harry because he didn’t do anything. It was Lily Potter’s sacrifice that saved him after all.

    Worse still, he didn’t even wait for graduation and went ahead with the ritual.

    Granted he succeeded and how to make a Horcrux wasn’t a question that would appear in his O.W.L.S or N.E.W.T exams but it was basic sense to try it after doing more research on it and its effects.

    Many theories or fanfic theories to be accurate, suggested or even outright stated that Tom Riddle went insane after making his first Horcrux.

    I didn’t know how much of that was true but from what I saw, he already had a few screws loose.

    His impatience was his first big mistake and the second was a very ‘Hermione’ mistake that is believing in a book blindly. Now I knew that not all books were wrong but the one Riddle believed in was not accurate nor did it explain in detail.

    It only vaguely mentioned that Horcruxes were evil and foul with a ‘don’t try it at home’ warning. In fact, Riddle had to sneakily consult Slughorn who gave him even lesser information.

    He was a gifted student but being gifted didn’t equal making wise decisions apparently as time and time again, he kept making worse decisions.

    Maybe, just maybe...if the book was written by the creator of Horcruxes, Herpo the Foul himself then perhaps it could be trusted. Even then I wouldn’t be willing to take the chance unless it was the only option I had left.

    But...that was not the case, with my foreknowledge I had many more options than Riddle ever had and better yet even had a general idea on how to accomplish them.

    He didn’t stop after making one Horcrux but kept going like a madman.
    He mutilated his soul seven times, making it smaller and weaker each time. I still couldn’t believe how he didn’t notice that he couldn’t sense his Horcruxes. Harry destroyed most of them before he learnt that they were getting destroyed.

    His empathy for the living or at least what little feelings he might have ever had for humans were lost and he went from killing as a means to an end to a murder hobo who relished in it.

    I didn’t know if dark magic messed with his psyche and turned him into what he became at the end so dark magic was a field I would approach with utmost caution if I didn’t want to lose myself to its seduction...kind of the dark side of the force but less obvious.

    But all things considered, Horcruxes were still an option, it was the easiest path to immortality compared to the deathly hallows whose effects were never confirmed or the philosopher’s stone which was not foolproof.

    Any object that is made into a Horcrux turns into a pseudo sentient dark artefact that is near indestructible by normal means. Even house-elf magic has no effect on it. The object also tries possessing a person who holds it.

    If I could resist the effects of possession with occlumency, something which was a must to learn, I could make Horcruxes or at least have others make them and then use the object that is used in making them as a weapon or an artefact.

    It was a very crude and inhuman way of making high-grade artefacts. But it was effective and relatively easy to make. Of course, it came with side effects like the artefact trying to kill or corrupt its wielder but it could be overcome if the wielder was skilled enough.
    They were nearly indestructible and even elf magic couldn’t destroy them but I was not sure about this as it could have all been attributed to charms and curses Voldemort put on them.

    As for living Horcruxes like Harry, they could be viewed as a higher level of the mark but they were double-edged swords as I could become vulnerable to the person who I was technically inhabiting.

    I decided to look into this later but the mark idea reminded me of another snake man who also dreamt of being immortal.

    This man was none other than pedo sannin Orochimaru. His curse mark was like the dark mark but better and also shared similarities with Harry Horcrux.

    I could try and replicate it with magic but those were thoughts to be explored when I am proficient in magic.

    It enhanced the curse bearer’s power but slowly increased Orochimaru’s influence over them making them seek him out for more power and in the end, they only served to increase his power.

    As I thought about it, Orochimaru was just a better Voldemort. Both pursued the same goal,i.e immortality but the paths they took were different. Voldemort took the easy way out and didn’t work hard for immortality.

    He just went along with the first option he got and never looked for more whereas Orochimaru on the other hand actually tried to understand immortality and made his own path.

    Voldemort abandoned manipulation as a means to get people on his side and just ruled through fear while Orochimaru used both.

    Voldemort was prejudiced against muggles and muggleborns. This narrow-minded approach limited his following and thereby limiting his options.
    Next up was the fabled philosopher’s stone, a stone whose elixir granted immortality.

    The stone which is described as the pinnacle of alchemy was made by Nicolas Flamel. Nothing much was told about him in the books but he did make an appearance in the recent movies which also didn’t give much info about him.

    I only knew that he was Dumbledore’s mentor at one point and that they worked on something?

    Something about dragon blood I think…

    Back to the stone, I couldn’t recall when it was made nor did I remember how old Flamel was supposed to be. The time period was not as vital as the fact that it was man-made.

    Flamel made it but how come no one else made it? Was Flamel that good that no one was his match, was it a fluke?, or did Flamel even make it? For all I knew, he could have found it, snatched it from some chap and pulled a Lockhart move.

    But still considering that it was actually man-made, I could try making it. I would have to learn alchemy….Yet another thing to do on my to-do list.

    The stone though was not as appealing as it didn’t grant true immortality. It may be an artefact of “immeasurable” power but it has its limits. The elixir produced by the stone merely extends one’s lifespan and doesn’t stop ageing.

    It slows it down but doesn’t halt it. But I still decided to make it because it has many uses and an extended lifespan means more time to reach my goals.

    And finally, last but not least were the deathly hallows. By far the most interesting one of the lot. First, it didn’t state that it granted immortality, only that the one who gathered all three would become a 'master of death’ whatever that means….

    I had a general idea of where they were but I was far too weak and young to get any of them.

    Deciding to shelve these thoughts, for now, I looked around the room I was in. It was a dingy old room with little space to move around and a cracked mirror on the wall.

    I slowly made my way towards it to see my new face. What greeted me was a young boy with a malnourished body and hair that reached his neck.

    Running my hands through it, I found that it was not as oily as depicted in the book. Perhaps it was the potion fumes that made them so. Nevertheless, I was content with this body.

    I stretched my body and got used to it. After tidying my hair a bit, I finally decided to head out and thus start my new life.

    The house too wasn’t in better condition than the room. It had gloomy vibes all over with paint rolling off the walls, dirty mats and I could go on.

    I began familiarizing myself with the house as I jogged Severus’ or ‘my new’ memories.

    ….That was a bad decision as most if not all of them were bad ones. I was not looking forward to meeting Tobias….

    While I was observing the room, a woman walked in. It was none other than Eileen Snape nee Prince aka the woman who should have known better.

    If there was a word to describe her, it would be ‘tired’. She looked like she was exhausted with life.

    A weary look marred her face and you could almost tell that she was in depression.
    “Morning” I greeted her.

    Her eyes widened, clearly not expecting this as Severus rarely ever greeted her.

    Taking a closer look at her, I clenched my fist as I felt my anger rising. She had several signs of abuse that she had tried to cover up but clearly hadn’t been too successful.

    “M-morning...Severus.” She finally replied awkwardly.

    An awkward silence descended as I ran out of things to say. Severus didn’t talk much and I had not talked at all in a long time.

    My conversation skills were more than a bit rusty. I had tried talking to myself in the void but had to stop when I started threatening myself.

    Shaking myself out of these thoughts I broke the silence, “So….what's for breakfast?”

    “I-I made some toast with eggs.” She didn’t wait for me to reply and went inside the kitchen to get it.

    Watching her leave, I began looking through memories of her. Now that the pain had subsided, I could browse through them with more ease.

    Eileen was a pitiable woman. She made the worst decision of her life when she fell for Tobias. She abandoned the world she grew up in, left her family all to marry this animal and what she got was a miserable life.

    Initially, they were a decent family. Browsing through Severus’ earliest memories, the family looked alright but cracks started appearing as Tobias’ true nature began showing.

    Eileen picked the worst time to show her magic to him. Tobias was an incompetent man who had been fired at that time so Eileen wanted to earn money by using magic.

    But things didn’t go as planned when Tobias’ narrow mind somehow attributed her magic as the reason he got fired.

    Regardless to say, things went on a downward spiral from there. Tobias’ temper and poor character didn’t get him any better job or the ones he got didn’t work out well.

    Instead of working on his flaws, his twisted mind found a convenient scapegoat….his wife. He began blaming her for his faults and eventually started abusing her.

    It started with verbal insults like a witch as the politest but as expenses became tighter, he...started venting on her.

    I felt my anger rising yet again as I looked through the memories. Eileen had tried resisting at first. She had been in disbelief when he hit her and tried confronting him but he just switched targets.

    He began targeting the then 6-year-old Severus who had begun manifesting magic.
    Eileen couldn’t bring herself to kill him, a part of her broken and in denial, so she did the worst thing she could do. She gave up...she pleaded, begged and submitted to the monster.

    I did have a theory though...wizarding oaths were pretty serious and I was sure that they took oaths when they had their marriage vows. The foolish woman might have taken one-sided wizard vows which restricted her.

    Then again I couldn’t be too sure...I could only speculate for now.

    After that the memories were hazy. I found it a bit weird considering how the memories before were clearer but the ones after looked like Severus didn’t want to remember them.

    I could forcibly read them if I tried but something told me I wouldn’t like what I would see so I stopped. I didn’t want to have breakfast with terrible traumatic memories playing in my head.

    I skipped these parts and quickly went through the parts about magic. Eileen had taught him some magic as a precautionary measure to prevent accidental magic.

    Apparently if one began using magic consciously, accidental magic didn’t happen often.

    The magic she taught him was fairly simple. She taught him some basic 1st-year charms.

    Since Severus didn’t have a wand of his own, she had tried getting him to use her wand but she had no choice but to teach him wandless magic when it turned out to be incompatible.

    His innate talent shone through as he quickly got the hang of it. He could cast all 1st-year charms within a year without a wand.

    Eileen tried teaching him other magic but her own magic had stopped working. She could still use it but as days went by it deteriorated.

    I had a few theories in mind and could recall similar situations. Magic heavily if not primarily relied on emotions. In fact, emotions could even be regarded as fuel for magic.

    Tonks if I recalled correctly couldn’t use her metamorph ability well when Remus denied her affections. Dumbledore’s sister was traumatised at a young age and her magic turned volatile.

    This could be the reason or she just didn’t want to teach Severus magic. Anyway, her magic started ‘malfunctioning’, she started teaching Severus potions. Severus excelled in it like the others but so far she had only taught him the basics.

    I pretty much caught up to the current date after that and soon enough, Eileen came in with the breakfast.

    The smell hit me more than I had expected. I did my best to hide my excitement as I saw food, genuine food that I could eat after a long time.

    I think Eileen noticed my excitement but she kept quiet which won her some brownie points from me.

    After tasting the first bite, I nearly moaned and just managed to hold myself back. The food just tasted so good! It was the equivalent of giving food to someone on the verge of death due to starvation.

    I knew this effect would not last forever so I savoured the bite and chewed slowly.

    “This tastes very nice.”

    I complimented Eileen. It was very underwhelming praise for something so good but I didn’t want to come out too eager and besides it would be breaking Severus’ character which I wanted to maintain at least till I get my thoughts sorted out.

    But clearly, even this compliment did the trick as Eileen’s face lit up. I let out a sigh as I felt sad for her. She probably hadn’t heard a compliment in years and seeing her tiny smile I made up my mind.

    I didn’t think I could accept her as my mother...yet but I would do my best to be a good son at the very least.
    After breakfast, I bid Eileen goodbye and set out for the location where Severus frequented most, the park. It was the place where he practiced magic and needless to say I was excited about trying some magic.
  9. preier

    preier Not too sore, are you?

    Jan 10, 2015
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    Nice contrast from theorizing about horcrux as resources to deciding to be a good son to eileen.

    Note: the thread Marks are backward.
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  10. Tasty_humans

    Tasty_humans Making the rounds.

    Jan 17, 2020
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    oh I only used this site to read so I am new to using it. Should be fixed now. Thanks
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  11. Mastersgt

    Mastersgt Versed in the lewd.

    Dec 26, 2019
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    saw another snape-SI fic. MC learned, or at least worked on mastering, the mind arts. Then he started reading minds for knowledge. Stealing languages, knowledge of skills or fields of study. Same with Magic. Knowledge of charms, potions, etc...

    Then MC used the mind arts to start setting up a harem. Subtly altering people he wants. Like hypnotism, or altering the subconscious to affect the conscious. So that the changes are not obvious, and are glossed over when people check.

    Fings crossed MC figures out how to make himself a metamorph somehow. I like when MC's figure out rituals or something. Some methods to enhance/self-improve themselves.
  12. Tasty_humans

    Tasty_humans Making the rounds.

    Jan 17, 2020
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    thats dio blacks half blood emperor you are talking about. I liked it too but this fic will be more slow paced and no harem. I do have things planned for rituals and other magic related things.
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  13. AvidMiloReader27

    AvidMiloReader27 Getting out there.

    Aug 9, 2020
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    Hope you kick Tobias out. Eileen deserves better
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  14. Leroidumonde

    Leroidumonde Getting sticky.

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    I like how it is a slow start, realistically it would all be a huge change from what either of his minds are used to.
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    A/N: Nothing much happens in this chapter but I just wanted to briefly show the time period he is in. Also thanks for the positive response. It really keeps me motivated. Thanks for reading.

    Seeing the sky after such a long time was an exhilarating experience. It was not the sky blue I was expecting but was a dull grey colour.

    It was the sixties now and the effects of pollution were showing. People didn't take it as seriously yet and while pollution was still a problem in the future, people were at least trying to reduce it.

    Here though, they just made haphazard attempts and called it a day.

    I took a good look at my house and saw its dilapidated condition. It was your usual run of mill one storey house made of bricks. It had several cracks running through the walls and had a chimney on top of the roof.

    I walked through the town as I went through the memories of it. It was becoming easier to sort through the more I used it and my thoughts were also clearer.

    The town I lived in was called Cokeworth and it was somewhere in the middle of England. I wasn't too sure about this as I was not good at geography and Severus had dropped out of school.

    As I walk through I observe the houses on the street. They were all similar to mine with each being brick, terraced houses with chimneys and in a state of disrepair, some even worse than mine.

    It was a surreal experience walking through the town in a different era. It felt weirdly refreshing. There was no internet yet, phones were not available, cars were moving pollution factories and had none of the safety features and the world seemed bigger.

    I read and memorised the signs at the end of the streets as it seemed one could easily get lost here with all houses looking similar. I learnt the name of my street and it was called Spinner's End.

    I tried recalling if this street was mentioned in the books. I knew that Lily lived in the same town but I couldn't recall where.

    Putting it off, I observed the people. Not many were out during this time of the day and the town was not too populous either. The few that were out didn't look like they wanted to be out.

    Nearly every person I laid my eyes on had a resigned look on their face. I suppose it made some sense as the world was approaching the end of the sixties.

    The seventies were not a pleasant time to live in. Britain had enjoyed an economic boom like many other countries in the sixties. It had just about recovered from the war and things were looking good.

    But the seventies changed that. I didn't have any memory of things that happened during this decade but Severus used to be a paperboy and I could draw some memories from the papers he glanced at.

    The manufacturing had increased, unemployment was everywhere and Tobias himself was a victim of it or not….he would have been fired regardless.

    If unemployment was not a bad sign already, then another issue was the inflation of prices. So this meant that people were poor with no way to earn money and things were getting pricier.

    Naturally, the people weren't happy with their status quo. They were angry and hungry to the courtesy of being poor so they succumbed to their base desires and showed violence.

    Riots were common and any person with a loud voice and a bit of charisma could start one. Kindness was an expensive commodity and the economy kept plummeting.

    Speaking of riots, the most recent ones to start one were the garbage collectors. The ones from Cokeworth had joined in too so the streets were littered and the already bleak, gloomy town looked worse.

    There were some interesting developments as well like feminism. Women didn't want to stay confined and started protesting. Feminism was now fighting for equal rights and was quite tame compared to the one I knew.

    I dreaded the day it would change to the feminism I was accustomed to….

    I tried racking my brain for more facts and tidbits about the seventies but couldn't recall much. The most substantial info I could force out were some bands and musicians that were from the 70s.

    I guess that explained the long hair most people kept. This might have influenced Severus as well as he kept it too.

    I could maintain my hair better than him so I had no problem letting it grow but if it proved too troublesome I would cut it short.

    I soon reached the park. It was one of the few places with greenery in this dreary town.

    I pushed the rusted gates open and walked up the mound to get a better view. I could see the horizon of the town and it looked depressing.

    It painted a dull picture with monotonous buildings in bad conditions and some factories on the other side-emitting smoke. All in all, it looked like a stock air pollution image.

    I made myself comfortable and sat down on the green grass. I decided to try magic.

    Shifting through the memories, I tried to emulate the feeling Severus felt when he used magic.

    Sure enough, it didn't take long before I felt something. A warm feeling washed over me and I tried channelling it like Eileen had taught Severus.

    I picked a small rock, the size of a fist, as my test subject and willed my mind to lift it. At first, nothing happened but then the rock started shaking.

    ….And that was it. It would be an understatement to say I was upset. I knew I wouldn't immediately be as good as Severus but it turned out I had overestimated myself as I couldn't even lift a damn rock.

    I couldn't understand what I had done wrong. I had clearly followed the steps as seen in the memories but it didn't work.I felt sour and disappointed as I was looking forward to using magic and while I technically did use it….it was pitiful, to say the least.

    Feeling frustrated, I tried doing it for the umpteenth time but this time I felt something different. Instead of the warm feeling, I was getting accustomed to I felt like I was falling freely, kind of like a hypnic jerk.

    I didn't have time to get used to this feeling as I ducked. The stone I tried pulling zoomed past me and crashed against a tree with a thud.

    And just like that, I had an epiphany. I understood why my magic didn't function properly. The answer to this was something I hadn't included while performing magic.

    In fact, I felt stupid for not thinking of it sooner. The answer was, of course, the thing that drove magic...emotions.

    I had tried doing the magic by looking through my memories, I had subconsciously treated it as a how-to video.

    Thus with a new mindset, I attempted it again and this time it worked. I felt the familiar tug and focused on the rock.Albeit a bit wobbly, it slowly levitated. I made a gesture of pulling with my palm and it came towards me and landed in my hand.

    I felt happy, so happy in fact that I broke out into giggles which soon descended into full-blown laughter.

    It was hard to describe the feeling I got when I succeeded in casting my first bout of magic. If I had to describe it though, I would say it was…..magical.

    [A few hours later]

    It didn't take too long for me to get the hang of magic once I figured it out. I still had spells I couldn't perform as well as Severus could but that was understandable.

    It had not even been a day since I woke up in this body and I reckoned it would take some more time getting used to.

    "Lumos" I gently uttered the incantation and watched as a small light appeared on my fingertip.

    The intensity of the light was not too much and it was much brighter when used with a wand but I was satisfied...for now.

    Besides wands were in the end just a tool to channel magic. Sure wand-making has been evolving over time and good wandmakers like Ollivander can make wands that give out benefits to the user.

    For example, some wands are suited for light magic, some at the transfiguration and so on. Wands are a great tool to use to up your chances of success while performing magic but the wizarding community didn't know how to utilise them well.

    Instead of learning magic wandlessly first and then starting with wands, these fools began using it at age 11 with wands.

    Since most wizards and witches start magic with a wand they are unable to perform it wandlessly.

    So in an ironic twist of fate, the wand, a tool to assist in magic became a crutch limiting the potential and weakening the wizards.

    Of course, not everyone was ignorant and talented wizards and witches could perform magic well before arriving at Hogwarts like Riddle for example.

    He could move objects around with his mind and could do many other things. Well, even I could do that.I was not at his level yet but that was because I had just gotten a new body and Severus never tried exploring this much.

    Honestly, it was not that hard...or maybe it was for someone with a lower talent. I had no idea how magic talent worked but I was sure that it existed.

    Amongst all the characters in the series, Severus was near the top and in my opinion only lower than the top brass like Dumbledore, Voldemort, Grindelwald and to some extent Harry.

    While it looked like Harry only won through plot armour, it was not true. True plot armour played a big role but Harry was not a weakling either.He only had a few spells and he stuck to them. He was kinda like Naruto in that regard. Both had few moves so naturally, they were very good at using them.

    Anyway, I kept experimenting with magic to see the things I could do with it. I could move objects around with my mind like Riddle but I was not as accurate as him yet.

    All I had to do was just fine-tune my magic to find something I dubbed the rhythm. I didn't understand much about it but I knew how to achieve it.
    Once I did so, my control became more accurate. I wanted to understand it but I was still a novice in magic so I put it off and focused on other spells.

    "Wingardium Leviosa" I uttered and a leaf rose in the air.

    The levitating charm was not that useful to me as I could do the same without the spell and it didn't work on humans.But it did have some use. It let me make up for my control as the object I lifted using it was much easier to control.

    I kept trying magic out and didn't even notice as time flew by. There were other first-year spells that I knew but couldn't perform as they required a medium.

    The locking and unlocking charms needed a medium which I didn't have.I had success with other spells but didn't get good targets to truly test them.

    I kept practising magic and didn't notice the time fly by. It was only when my stomach growled that I stopped.The sun was now visible and was shining down on me. I was feeling hungry as well so I decided to head back home.

    I looked forward to eating lunch but I had to stop when I saw a vehicle parked outside the park. It was an ice-cream van.

    I checked my pockets for any money I had and fortunately, I did have some. It was not much but it was enough to get me an ice lolly…..hopefully.

    [A/N: Feel free to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments.]
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    Really hope MC will be a Mind-Arts Genius like in the Half-Blood Emperor story. Cuz being OP in the Mind-Arts is the shit when you are intelligent enough to properly Munchkin.
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    I think in the books Severus had better mind arts than Voldemort. So even if it was something that tommy boy did for a little while while snape practiced for a decade he should still be fairly talented in it, being better than Voldemort at anything is a big deal. I would think that it would be something he would practice a lot now because he can do it all the time anywhere to anyone. Whereas practicing wand less lumos while in school would end far worse for him.

    P.S. I wonder if there are consequences for doing it yourself for instance, self teaching yourself judo might be very dangerous for both you and anyone you can convince to practice with you. It would be interesting if there was something similar for the magic. Maybe if he had a wand and someone to teach him he could cast lumos 100 times a day and then as they explain what he is doing and what should happen, in a week he could do it 100 times before he needs a small rest. But self taught and wandless he hold it for nearly a minute before he faints and couldn't use magic for the rest of the day or something. Self taught mind reading might accidentally screw with his sense of self temporarily, eg after using it on his mum his feelings and thoughts are a bit like his mum. Before over an hour he stops remembering falling in love with his dad and feeling like he needs to start making the dinner for tonight.
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    Or maybe he's always been unhinged but feared the potential consequences of cutting loose. He's quite sadist even at a young age.
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    Hmm...thats something I had planned. I wanted to use this for more complex spells. For now he is only doing the first year spells which are pretty basic and simple to use and he only tried these out for a short period of time. He will feel tried and weak but only if he did it for a long time or if the spells were powerful.

    So there will be consequences but he hasn't faced them yet.

    As for self taught spells, those are things he will delve into later. For now he will stick to things he knows.
    I kind of glossed over this by having Eileen teach Severus wandless first but I will showcase this more for future training sessions. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Thoughts: ' '
    Dialogue: " "

    Eileen Snape couldn't believe it, she was having a good day. She couldn't recall the last time she had felt this happy.

    Her day started out better than usual as her husband was not home. Of course, all it did was delay the inevitable abuse that awaited when he came back.

    Did she regret marrying him? Yes. Did she regret having Severus?No….

    While marrying Tobias had been her worst decision, Severus was not after all he was the only one who was on her side. Her parents had tried dissuading her but her young self was a vain woman filled with delusions and fantasies about love. In the end, she abandoned them and she couldn't even attend their funeral.

    She had grown up in a household where both her parents had married each other after their families arranged for it. Typical Pureblood tradition.She had a fiance too, a pureblood one, but he was snobby and older than her by 10 years. She ran away from her house after she turned 17 and had graduated.

    She fled to the muggle world where she found Tobias who treated her well and was a sweet talker. She fell for him and then the rest is history.

    The reason she was happy today was because of her son. Over the years, her relationship with him had grown worse and it had reached the point that he would not even acknowledge her existence.

    It made her upset and guilty each time he just ignored her. The only time Severus was happy with her was when she taught him magic.

    But as her magic stopped working properly, she had to stop. Severus didn't believe her and thought that she was lying.This soured their already deteriorating relationship and slowly they drifted apart.

    But all that didn't matter now as Severus had changed. It had been a surprise seeing him up so early in the morning but what surprised her more was that he greeted her.

    He finally acknowledged her presence again. She also noticed other changes in him. He didn't appear cold as before. In fact, he even approached her.

    But she messed up and couldn't hold a good conversation. It had been a long time since she held one after all. Still him trying to hold a conversation with her was enough to make her day.

    Another thing she noticed about her son was that he had lost the hatred in his eyes. Before his new change, she could see his hatred. He hated everything in the house and always had a grumpy face but today he had a smile on his face and looked happy.

    She couldn't recall the last time he actually smiled. Behind his smile though, she could sense that something was wrong but she couldn't guess what.

    Then she made breakfast for him and this was where things became weirder. He ate the food with such vigour that one would think he had not eaten in years.

    She also didn't miss the excitement in his eyes when he consumed it.

    'I wonder what changed him so much…'

    She was curious but she didn't have the courage to ask him. Clearing her mind, she began doing the chores.

    It was around midday when she heard the bell ring. At first she thought that it was Tobias but she calmed down as she knew the man wouldn't ring a bell and would just start shouting.

    She opened the door and saw that it was none other than Severus who had returned.He looked exhausted and out of breath. Sweat trickled down his temple and he was panting.

    "Oh it's you Severus, you are home early" Eileen asked as she gestured to him to come in.

    "Yes..it was quite sunny today so I came back. Also here take this." he said, handing her an ice lolly.

    "F-for me?" Eileen asked as she unwrapped it.

    "Obviously. Why would I give it to you then? Eat it quickly, it's already begun to melt."

    She had never eaten one and she had only seen it on the tele so she was excited to try it out.

    'Severus got this for me…'

    "T-thank you Severus."

    A smile bloomed on her face and she was about to take a bite out of it.

    "Stop!" Severus interrupted her.

    She was startled but she did as he said.


    "What were you about to do?" he asked her.

    "I dunno..? Eat it I guess…"

    "Oh I am not talking about that. Tell me, were you about to bite into it?"

    "Yes?" she answered feeling confused as to why he was asking her this.

    His eyes widened in shock as though he couldn't believe it. "Have you never eaten this before?"

    She nodded.

    "Wait...for real?!"

    Once again she nodded.

    "Haah…" Severus sighed, " I guess that explains it...You are eating it the wrong way."

    "Am I?...I never ate one and just saw them in the tele sometimes so I…" She trailed off as she became self conscious and her cheeks turned red.
    'Merlin's beard... I am feeling so embarrassed, I must look like a complete fool in front of him. I can't even eat something the right way...'

    Severus chuckled making her even more flushed.

    "Oh well...there's a first time for everything. So the way to eat this is to just lick and suck on it...you know like a…"

    "Like what?"

    Severus was about to answer but he stopped himself . "N-nothing...yeah...so just suck and lick. Don't bite it as you might get a brain freeze.."
    She didn't understand why he looked embarrassed but she didn't pry and just started eating like he told her.

    As soon as she put it on her mouth, she was overwhelmed by the sweet and sour taste. It was lemon flavoured and while it tasted weird at first, she liked it.
    [POV change]

    Seeing Eileen eat the lolly with enthusiasm I felt happy. As it turned out the lolly was much cheaper than I had expected so I bought two.

    I wanted to go back to trying out magic but I felt extremely tired and hungry. I also had a mild headache which was getting worse.

    I had a guess as to why this had happened. I think that using magic like I did tired me out. This meant that magic consumed energy and I couldn't keep using it continuously.

    I was surprised I lasted as long as I did. Perhaps the only reason I could do so was because the spells I kept trying were weak basic ones.

    "So how was your day?" Eileen asked, breaking me out of my thoughts.

    "It was okay I guess. I just tried magic out in the old park."

    "What?! But that's dangerous...what if someone saw you?" she said with worry in her eyes.

    "Don't worry..I made sure nobody was around.."I said trying to reassure her.

    "But still…" she began but I cut her off.

    "Alright I will be more careful next time….so what's for lunch?" I asked, trying to divert her attention.

    "I don't know. I usually start making it much later but you came home early today so I haven't….hey! Stop trying to change the topic."


    "Look Severus, I know you love using magic but it is not something to be taken lightly. Just imagine the consequences if someone saw you."

    She did have a point now that I thought about it. In hindsight, I was too excited about trying magic that I kind of disregarded the consequences.

    "Yes...mother. I apologize for being too careless. I will be more responsible about it" I said,calling her mother felt weird but I had to eventually get used to it so no harm in starting now.

    "Alright...it's good that you understood what I am trying to tell you. Just be more careful about it next time, okay?"

    I nodded to show her that I agreed.

    We just talked in general after that and I did find some topics to talk about. It was still somewhat awkward talking to her but she was opening up to me.

    I tried asking her to teach me magic again but she refused. I didn't give up and kept insisting and finally she conceded a little and let me read other books.

    Of course, she told me not to try anything and I agreed. Even if I wanted to try them out, I didn't want to be hasty and rush in without knowing anything.

    We kept talking but then a loud banging noise was heard.

    "Hey bitch! Open up...It's boiling out 'ere." An annoying voice was heard, I recognised who it was and I felt anger rising within me.

    Eileen who was talking with me went quiet as the colour drained from her face. Her eyes turned glazed and I noticed her hand shaking.

    Seeing just his presence elicit this response from her showed how deeply he had scarred her.

    "...I-I will get the door.." Eileen muttered.

    I watched her leave and began thinking of ways to get rid of Tobias.I knew he had to go. I had just started my new life and I didn't want to suffer in it.

    *Slap* *thud*

    I heard a crisp sound and then in came Eileen stumbling as she fell onto the floor with a red cheek that was swelling.

    Following behind her, a figure walked in.

    "Why did you take so long to open the door?! All you do is laze around in my house and then you have the audacity to make me wait outside!"

    "S-sorry...it won't happen again.."Eileen muttered in a tiny voice.

    Eileen endured all this humiliation without uttering a word and didn't even try to resist. Her eyes showed her despair.

    Tobias' attention finally fell on me. "Oh...look what we have here, somebody is home early." he said, a malicious ugly smile grew on his face.

    Tobias was a relatively tall man with a large beer belly. His face was round and he had oily,slimy hair. If I had to describe him, I would say he looked like a poorer edgier version of Vernon Dursley.

    Seeing that I didn't trotted over to me.

    I almost gagged as a foul smell hit me. It seemed that he had not taken a bath for a long time. Couple this with alcohol and it was one of the vilest smells I ever had the misfortune of smelling.

    No wonder Severus was such a good potions master, he had already gained resistance to smells.

    He seemed to have noticed my expression as he asked, "What's with that look you have boy?"

    "You are disgusting."I said calmly.

    His face morphed into another terrible visage and he was upon me with his hand raised. Just before he could reach me, Eileen grabbed his hand.

    "Please forgive him Tobias, he doesn't understand, he is just a kid…" she grovelled before him with sheer desperation in her tone.

    He pushed Eileen off his hand and frowned. "You know…."he began, leering at Eileen.

    "I think I should teach your witch mother a lesson. Just so that I know you will learn." A smile appeared on his face as he said this.

    The smile was one that Severus in his young mind couldn't comprehend. He thought it was a cruel smile but I understood that smile. His gaze was filled with lust as he looked at Eileen who had grown white as a sheet and was almost trembling.

    The fuzzy memories became clearer now. I could understand why Severus had tried forgetting them. The moans and cries that came from his mother's room and the hollow look she would have was too much for him to bear.

    I finally couldn't hold my anger in anymore and my magic manifested as Tobias was thrown against the wall a few feet away. He crashed against it like a bowling ball and landed on the floor with a loud thud.

    "You...filthy...animal" I uttered as I walked towards him. I turned to look at Eileen who had a stunned look on her face.

    Tobias was trying to get up. His head had been struck by some shrapnel and he was bleeding from his forehead.

    He was not the only one in pain as my head felt like it would explode and my arms felt heavy and tired. I had used too much magic in the morning so I couldn't use it well.

    I cursed at the bad timing and ignored the pain.

    I turned to Eileen. "Mother...are you ready?"


    "Today is the day you are gonna get your freedom back. Will you do it or should I continue?"

    "W-what are you t-talking about?"

    "You have suffered enough under him. He has abused you, broken you and inflicted pain upon you. It's time to get rid of him don't you think?"
    "You didn't fight back and just gave up instead. I am giving you the chance to fight back. Go get your wand and kill him."

    "B-but Severus he…"

    I cut her off, "Yes or no..just answer me."

    "I-I can't Severus I am sorry…"

    I felt disappointed that she didn't stand up for herself but I guess it was a given as if she could do so she would have done it already.

    "I see…" I said and moved towards him.

    "Severus you don't have to do this...we can figure something out together. He is your father." she tried dissuading me but I had made up my mind.
    "No mother, he has to go...things will only get worse if he stays."

    "Severus please…" She begged me.

    "I am sorry mother but somebody has to be strong in this house. Since its not you, it has to be me…"

    "H-how dare you use your freak powers on away from me." Tobias said as I approached him.

    His trembling hands gave away his fear. "Tell me dear father, did you ever feel bad for doing the things you did? Did you feel anything when you struck her? Did you feel anything when you hurt her? Tell me."

    "What are you talking about? Why would I feel bad? She is a witch, a freak like you. Its her fault that I got sacked, its all her fault that I live miserably. She cursed me!"

    "I see...you don't feel remorse then."

    "Just you wait boy, once I get my hands on you, I will beat the freakishness out of you.."

    Clearly anger had ridden over his sense of judgement. His mind couldn't understand the situation he was in.
    "Since you don't feel anything, I won't feel anything either…"

    I channeled magic again, my head hurt and I could see black spots in my vision but I kept focus. All the rage, helplessness and negative emotions Severus had accumulated burst forth giving my exhausted magic reserve one final push.


    Tobias' head turned the other way and with a thud his body fell to the floor. After witnessing that I lost control over my body and my vision turned dark.

    [A/N: Do leave comments. It is appreciated.]
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    Welp, I was hoping there would be some Lily in this chapter, but I guess this had to happen at some point too. Goodbye, Worse Vernon, you won't be missed.
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    As much as I like this story. Magic making you tired is not a thing. It is purely and wholly fanon. It's up there with magical cores, which also are a popular fanon construct. I think you can blame Meaning of One (great fic) for that.

    The only time we see anything close to this is when the dementors and dementor boggarts are draining Harry.

    Aside from this, good chapter.
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    I know that its not canon but don't worry it won't be a major factor. Its just more of an inconvenience.
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    Didn't see that coming but hopefully his mother can get over it.
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    How and why is this a thing? This is pointless.
    It could be because of a magic vow? Altering her perception and ability according to whatever was in the stipulations?
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    Well this is a fun read. The new Snape promises to be interesting. Also nicely done with the father, he was a well written villain that im not sad to see go
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    Who knows. She is clearly a long time abuse victim and the mind can do anything to try and cope with that.
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    Excellent chapter. Don't let the canon lawyers get to you, as this is your story. There's a reason fanon is popular... canon sucks!
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    Wow shit is happening, looks like someone needs to get a job before the money runs out. Between the kid in single digits and the housewife who hasn't left home in years, things might be a little tight for the snape/prince family.
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