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Harry Potter and the Seven Deadly Sins (Harry Potter SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Darwin-18, Oct 9, 2020.

  1. Darwin-18

    Darwin-18 Getting out there.

    Jun 13, 2020
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    Aight, welcome to my second story, HP and the Seven Deadly Sins.

    I'd like to address somethings right off the bat; I've just recently got into Harry Potter, at the start of this year to be exact. I knew some stuff from before but for some reason kept putting it off, but once I started I was immediately hooked. I watched the movies multiple times during quarantine and now in the process of finishing the audiobooks, so if I make some errors regarding lore along the way, let me know so I can fix it.

    Also, this might be considered an AU of sorts. Why is that? I plan on adding many different elements to this story; different magical cultures, exploring different parts of the world, beasts, weapons, demons, you get the idea. Canon won't stay for too long as I need to make room for different events to take place, so just people know right from the start.

    A bit of a warning, this Chapter might be considered slow, as this should be more of an Epilogue than anything. I thought it would be necessary to cover who our MC is and how accustomed he grew with this world over the years. But I can promise a ton of action and exploration in the next one, but this one is just an introduction.

    With that, I hope you enjoy.

    Chapter 1 – The Boy who got Reincarnated
    Well, this sucked.

    The worst thing, the worst possible thing when getting a heart attack, especially in a public place is that the whole situation becomes a bloody mess real quick. The last few minutes before my death were a bit... hazy. All I could remember were that some people were watching over me, repeatedly saying the ambulance is on its way.

    Now you may be asking, where am I now that I'm dead? To tell you the truth, I'm still trying to figure that out.

    I never really understood what the afterlife would be like, believer or not, certainly didn't expect everything to go pitch black with eternal silence, but here I am.

    I wasn't sure how much time had passed, that now becoming an irrelevant factor while staring into the endless void. I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a second and an hour if I could. But if I were to describe how I was feeling, it was like I was underneath the ocean. I felt pressure from every possible direction, which is ironic since I'd didn't have a body anymore to begin with.

    Then, all of a sudden, I felt my position starting to tilt, just slightly. A while after, I started to hear unrecognizable sounds, coming from behind me. I couldn't move my head to turn in its direction to try and make it out what it was.

    As more time passed, the sounds became more noticeable, and more frequent. What concerned me most was that it wasn't random gibberish anymore, they were more understandable, but my mind couldn't piece it together.

    While thinking about the strange sounds, a bright light shinned behind me, the sounds now becoming words that were slightly muffled.

    "Just a little more, honey! Keep breathing, like this, aphu, aphu, aphu!"

    It was a man, his voice sounding of a mixture of excitement and nervousness, while a woman could be heard grunting and occasionally screaming. What was happening there?

    Unlike before, where I felt like I was staying in place, I was now being pushed backwards, or was it upwards? I couldn't really tell. The only noticeable difference was that the light was glowing brighter.

    Then, it felt like I was pulled out of the abyss with some kind of help, I could feel I was reaching the end. A pair of hands grabbed my head, and within a few moments, I felt my whole body exit that place, the sounds of a baby crying intensely when I was out.

    Holy shit was it cold! It’s like I was dumped into a tub of ice-cold water. The light as well, it felt like knives piercing through my eyes, so I couldn't re-open them so fast. But when I did, my first sight was of a grey-bearded man in white attire that was a little bit blurry. After a few seconds, it became clearer, and my anger quickly rose when I found in what position I was.

    "Who the heck do you think you are, you giant bastard?!" I roared, angry that I was being dangled in the air in such a manner. "Put me down this instant!"

    That is, I thought I said that. I couldn't hear my own voice, and for some reason, felt restricted from talking. Trying to repeat the same sentence a second time, the only thing I heard was gibberish. It was then I realized, the baby was me! What the actual Hell! I was born a second time, and now I saw it up close, I was shocked beyond relief.

    The doctor wrapped me up in a soft and comfortable pink blanked that radiated a scent of lavender, the feeling of cloth around my skin somewhat uncomfortable as it was still sensitive.

    "Time of birth?" One doctor asked while grabbing a clipboard.

    "Sixteen thirty-four, the fifth of August, nineteen-eighty." Another doctor replied, with the first doctor writing the information down.

    "My little baby..." The woman above me, now my... Mother, making me look up to her. She had brown shoulder-length hair, blue eyes as the sea, and didn't look a day over thirty. Tears running down her eyes, a wide smile spreading across her face. "My little, Nicholas. Come, meet your Father."

    Slightly shifting my position to look at my "Father", looming over us with a sheepish smile while the man's focus changed between me and the woman holding me. He had short blonde hair that swayed to the left, some kind of form of jewelry sticking on his hair from the same side, his eyes a clear chocolate brown. Closer observing his facial features, he had a goatee and a mustache that were well-trimmed, not a hair out of line.

    "Hi, son," Father spoke softly while looking down at me. The man slowly reached out with his hands, taking my small form and lifting me up, cradling me in his arm. "My boy, my beautiful baby boy."

    Numerous other doctors that were in the room congratulated the couple, as the procedure seemed to go without any hiccup. As they did, I paid attention to how they were addressed, and it would seem that their, actually, my last name as well, was Le Fay.

    I could only blink numerous times, while letting out random gibberish. To be honest, that's exactly how my mind was functioning right now.

    So my name is now Nicholas Le Fay? And I've been given a second chance at life.

    But something was plaguing my mind at the moment. Le Fay. Where have I heard that name before? It's right on the top of my head but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

    Might just be a coincidence.


    So my first few months as a new-born were challenging, and obnoxious to say the least. I had to experience diaper changing. God, it was so humiliating. Those were the memories I would lock away deep within my mind, never to be remembered again.

    Another thing I found quite difficult at first was getting used to my "new" family. As the memories from my previous life were still very present, having to come to terms of being reincarnated and having to learn muscle memory from scratch was tedious.

    I'll be honest, I accepted the fact this is how things would be from now on. Since basically crying over spilled milk won't do me any good. To pass the time, I kept wondering what kind of life this would set me up with. Might as well use the learning stage to fill my mind with any concept I want and study the hell out of it. To get a leg up this time around to make something of myself with the possibility.

    But as time went on, I noticed... something strange happening, numerous times.

    Objects flying across the room, images moving in the Newspaper, owls coming and going with letters in their beak, two sticks that resembled wands around the house.

    Then it hit me, I just might be in the Harry Potter universe!

    At first, it thought it was nothing more than nonsense. As separating reality and fiction is a big deal in the bigger picture, so I assumed I was just going completely insane while in this infant form.

    But I was wrong. The supernatural sightings became more frequent as time went on. The last nail in the coffin to confirm my theory was when I saw an elf, our house elf. I hadn't seen him at all the first few months because Mother and Father were the only ones taking care of me. His name was Mudak, and to my surprise, he was a pleasant elf. Mother and Father did show a great amount of respect to him, as he did anything needed in the house effectively and to the apparent history he and my Father shared. Compared to other house elves, Mudak was wise and quite intelligent, serving the Le Fay family of three generations, his life was anything but boring to live.

    As for my appearance, it took a bit to get used to.

    Unlike before, I no longer had brown hair, instead, it was now a light blond color, and was much softer than I had before. Right now, it swayed to my right, it wasn't that long but surely will be longer when I get older. My then brown eyes were now a pure hazel color. My face, from what I could remember when I was four, stayed mostly the same but had minor differences.

    With that, let me tell you a little bit about my parents.

    Alexander Le Fay, a Half-Blood. Father was a weird fellow, to say the least. He and Mother are opposites in a lot of fields. The man was intelligent, there's no denying that, but at times seemed like he fell from Mars. He was a kind person, and his actions around the house and personality showcased that. Another nifty thing I've managed to find out is that he works in the Department of Mysteries of all places! To be more specific, in the Space Chamber. The privilege was that he had the option of working at the Ministry during the year, while also going for a yearly trip to different parts of the world if a specific case is in question, or he has the privilege of choosing.

    Nina Le Fay, also a Half-Blood. Mother was definitely the ideal person to match Father's crazy nature. She was born in the Muggle world, so there was a person who I can relate to, even if it was insignificant. She would keep Father in line where he would get to crazy, being the more level headed and mature of the two. From what I could gather, she was an active witch for most of her life, only changing her lifestyle in the last few years to settle down and have a child.

    There was still much more to learn about the two, but you don't learn a couple's history in a day.

    After a certain point, which was questioning my very own existence, I decided it's time to act. When I was four, I already took it upon myself to use the second chance to learn anything I could that will make my life easier. Being the rich and respected family that we were, private tutors and homeschooling was a given, I was given nothing but the best. Mother wanted me to do some Muggle studies at first, as her parents made her take a similar course, believing some knowledge of the Muggle world is required. To spare the boring details, I've aced all examinations the two individual tutors gave me, in less than a month. There was no need to prolong the "lessons" I already knew, but I did get to advance way more than what was planned. At first, I was limited how much I could do, as my parents would rather have me spend my early years not concerning myself with reading books when I wake up until I go to bed. As more time passed, the worry turned into glee, for Father anyway.

    I was learning.

    I was getting accustomed to this new world, and I can feel the difference solely by noticing how… different it felt.
    These last few years devoted to exploring magic and its limitations has been interesting.
    During my research, I was surprised to find out how large the variety of magic existed in this Wizarding World. I wouldn't say I was a full-on Potterhead before my death, but I still knew quite a bit about the lore, some of the more detailed bits to be exact. From what I could gather, and from numerous study sessions, there might be a possibility of this universe having some changes. Different parts of the world focused on their own forms of magic, each country having their unique take on it. I already have a few places in mind to visit and see what they can offer.

    Speaking about traveling, Father will be my ticket for that.

    I was still a bit limited to what I could find out about his job, but from what I could tell Grandpa had some involvement in including him in the Ministry, as he is an ex-Auror, and a pretty damn good one at that, creating quite the portfolio over his life. Anyway, with his position, he gets the option of choosing what kind of break he gets to have over the course of the year. Before my birth, Mother would tell me that she and Father would take the summer off to go traveling around the world but had to double down for the time being as he wanted to spend the first few years with me. I could tell his desire to go out exploring was getting a bit impatient, but give him credit for waiting this long. The first chance I get, I'll join him to explore the world for myself, would be stupid of me to not doing it
    Another thing that's been bugging me for a while, our family.

    My train of thought was broken when the group of Graphorns growled behind me. I was in our backyard, taking out two groups of animals to feed them and give them some sunlight.

    "Don't worry guys, I haven't forgotten about you," I carried two weightless buckets of food and placed them closer to the animals. The moment they got the scent of food approaching, all of them jumped up instantly. "Woah, what, we're not doing that. Remember the deal we made, you all wait patiently, I feed you. I'm not doing anything until each and every one of you calms down."

    At first, the Graphorns didn't take the warning seriously at all. Holding my ground and crossing my arms, with a sour expression plastered in my face, I waited patiently for the bunch to behave. Can't let them be spoiled just because someone "new" feeds them. These creatures can be considered dangerous, by their appearance alone and the ability to repel most spells, along with their golden horns. Their body structure might be reminiscent of a saber-tooth tiger. But if properly trained, these beasts can be harmless.

    It took about a minute, but they realized they weren't getting anywhere with that behavior. So one by one, they eased up, taking a calm stance and waited patiently.

    Looking over at each of them, a small smile spread across my lips. "Now that's better." I reached into the bucket, that didn't seem to have a bottom but continued on endlessly, taking out a fairly large piece of raw meat and tossed it to the first candidate going from the left, grabbing the food with its tentacles above its mouth. I walked in a line, making sure to give all of them their fair share. Giving large pieces to four regular-sized Graphorns, I gave a smaller one for the cub so he doesn't trouble himself.

    The next were the Diriclaws, or should I say Dodos. Flightless birds with bluish-pink feathers that are said to be extinct by the Muggles, as they didn't know it was a Magical Creature than a regular animal. I couldn't believe how slippery these suckers are, scare them and they will Apparate instantly. Lucky for us, they just go back to their pen when they do. There were a total of six of them, so I kneeled down to the other bucket and began tossing fish at the bunch, as they were more obedient compared to Graphorns. Once they got their food, they chirped in happiness as all began digging into their meals.
    Different creatures required different methods.

    Under our house, we had a full area dedicated for the animals, with the room being was bigger on the inside. The green stone layout that accomidated each different species to its own comfort, it was like you had a private Zoo right under you. We had many different types of magical animals, but today, these two groups were my responsibility.

    "Now that that's over, what should I-"

    My mind stopped thinking when I saw Bunta, the Graphorn cub, looking at its piece of meat that was barely eaten, with a frown on its face.
    "What's wrong, Bunta?" I approached the Graphorn, trailing my hand on its head softly. Compared to the others, he was a little over two meters in length and slightly taller than me. I kneeled down and grabbed the meat. "Not hungry?"

    Bunta shook its head, a pretty clear answer.

    "Can't force you to eat, even gave you a smaller portion," Bunta does tent to not eat much on certain days, and I know the reason why. "Come on, let's go for some exercise. That's what you want, no?"

    The Graphorn perked up upon hearing that, so I guided him away from all the others. "You all, stay put and behave. I want to see you all in the exact same spot as you are now."

    Jumping onto its back, and tapping its side twice, it was the signal for the animal to charge forward. It ran along the stone path but kept going forward onto the open field. We approached one of the gates that were already opened allowing us to freely keep going. My hands held the side of its armor-like back, not afraid of falling off as I found a comfortable position to hang on to.

    Another thing I got to enjoy time and time again, was the fantasy-like view that was present all around the island. Yeah, you heard that right, island. The manor was built upon this territory way back in the twelfth century, and it was a private residence. It was only us and the animals we took care of that lived in this paradise-like environment. The road we traveled on lead a forest that was not far from the manor, a relatively short one but still lengthy in its own right. It was filled with the essence of magic all over, and so many possibilities loomed inside, but that wasn't the focus right now.

    It was a bumpy road as the forest went uphill for a bit, but the Graphorn stopped when it reached the top. Once again, the sun was shining as we exited the forest, looking down at a large beach that we would come to when a breath of fresh air is needed. It took about ten minutes of to get here, but it certainly felt shorter. The whole island itself had many enchanting places to visit, but this one managed to top them all. I think it was the fact that parts of the water had a purple tint, the intensity depending on the season.

    Me and the Graphorn took several minutes to enjoy the scenery, with the animal slowly lying down not to throw me off. I may have just arrived here, but it felt like I already spent half the day here, that's how much this island made you feel, lose track of time when you go exploring deeper.

    Just like that, I experienced, something that may sound premature, the perfect moment. Everything about the view to the state of the day was just right. With that, one burning question that bothered me ignited once more.

    Who exactly were my ancestors and what is their history?

    I never got to know the full story, as me being a four-year-old meant that I shouldn't even think about that far, but I wasn't any regular four year old. My mind was already developed, as I've already finished puberty once, so I could focus on other things for the time being.

    But enough was enough, I wanted to know, and I wanted to know now. The families in the Wizarding World have a deep history, and mine was shrouded in mystery, something I planned to uncover as soon as possible.

    Signaling the Graphron that it was time to go, he stood up and slowly turned around, taking one last view of the beach before leaving. Going back at the same speed, we reached the manor in no time. Jumping off Bunta, patted its head and thanked him for the trip. To my delight, the animals were right where I left them.

    I made sure to return the animals to their resting place, and with that out of the way, I set out to get some answers, and I know just who to ask.
    I don't remember the Le Fay family ever existing in canon, only touching upon Morgana, who was the witch who lived back in the times of King Arthur, even then the info was thin. That makes me think, if this is new, there's bound to be other changes, there has to be. The thing is, I want to know why they refused to tell me anything. Both my parents nor Grandpa want to even start with it, and I was slowly losing my mind over the secrecy.

    It was time, I had to find out my family's history. If they planned on keeping me out of the loop, and for good reason, they didn't have much luck, as I figured out a loophole. Searching through the rooms of the manor, I found the person I was looking for.

    "Hey, Mudak," I approached the elf in the spacious living room, right in the middle of his cleaning. "I was wondering if I could ask you something if you're not too busy."
    "But of course, Master Nicholas," The elf, who was just a little taller than me, shifted his focus from the fireplace to me. "How may Mudak be of assistance, young Master?"

    While I was flattered that I was called such a title, I'd still preferred to call myself simply by my name. But I have a feeling I might never change that habit. "I'm a bit curious, you see, about the family. I've tried doing some research on my own, but didn't have much luck."

    Mudak only frowned upon hearing my request. "Mudak doesn't mean to sound rude or anything of the sort, but Mudak thinks young Master shouldn't dwell on such thoughts right now. It's a subject more appropriate when you reach a certain age, as some things can't be easily explained."

    "Try me, I've got all the time in the world," I responded with a grin. "You've got to at least try and I see if I can keep up."

    Mudak wanted to oppose again but knew it wouldn't change the Master's mind. An order is an order after all. "Please, follow Mudak."

    The elf guided me upstairs, going down the hall to one of the many, many rooms of the mansion. It wasn't until we reached the second to last door of the east wing. Flicking his wrist, the sounds of the door unlocking before it opened itself for us. The elf went in first, stopping to look at me with a motioning gesture. Once inside, I looked around the room, my small size making it appear way bigger. Snapping his fingers, Mudak summoned a book from one of the bookshelves that opened right in the center, a trail of blue energy flew out of the pages into the form of a wide circle.

    "Mudak must ask, if Master is still willing to listen to the old tales of the family. As these aren't stories fantasy like Mistress Nina would tell, but true events that led up to your birth, Master Nicholas."

    "Please, Mudak, go right ahead, I'm all ears," I encouraged the elf excitedly. "Be sure to mention anything of importance."

    Nodding, albeit not entirely on board, the elf began explaining.

    "First, we must begin at the root of the family's conception, Morgana Le Fay," Mudak spoke calmly as the image in front of us changed to a woman with brown hair going down to her waist, wearing a green and black robe. "The root of the family's origin is from medieval times, the time of King Arthur in the twelfth century. She was his half-sister, but that didn't mean their relationship was considered friendly, especially since Arthur's advisor, the Great Merlin, a powerful wizard in his own right, opposed her views. Ms. Le Fay quickly earned herself the reputation of one of the most powerful witches of her time. Only a few were able to touch her without walking away unscathed. Her offspring were loyal to her, all but Yyain, who joined Arthur as one of his knights. This sparked a battle that Miss Le Fay refused to lose. The older she grew, the more powerful she would become, which was problematic for Arthur and Merlin. Throughout most of their lives, they were engaged in combat, both sides trying to overcome the other, but every time it ended up in a stalemate. It wasn't until Merlin cast a curse, so powerful that Morgana herself couldn't block it, and removing it was impossible. After the curse was set, she had another full two months to live, all the years spent studying Healing magic didn't help her in the slightest, having no options left, her death was inevitable."

    "So the entire bloodline started from a crazy witch who had a desire to spread fear with her name. That's just peachy..."

    "It seems that Master is able to follow along, excellent," Mudak waved his hand to summon numerous profiles, in the form of a family tree, different branches growing off to the side. After that, small portraits of family members with their names underneath. It started off from the top with Morgana and finished with my name, on the left side of the tree at the very end. "After her unexpected death, Mudak says unexpected as neither Morgana knew how much time she had left and because neither her sons nor daughters knew until it was too late. With her teachings, they were dangerous witches and wizards, but none could match Merlin's power, so they had to be cautious until he died as well."

    "What is it that they did, anyway? They had to wait until Merlin died, I understand that, but what did they do in the following centuries?"

    "Quite a handful of things, Young Master," Mudak paused for a moment. "Collaboration with other powerful families that fought against families they saw beneath them, Muggles included if they get involved, black market dealings, countless murder sprees, accusations by the Ministry that were difficult to prove. The list is quite long."

    I took a moment to properly examine the bloodline, deciding I should do more research about them eventually. Since I'm sure, like all families, we hold some secrets and items that were used in their time. However, I noticed a change within the tree while looking at previous generations. Their image faded to black, indicating that they are deceased, but the whole branch itself was grey, up until it reached the name of Patrick Le Fay, where the branch was still gray, but had a light green tone over it.

    "Wait... Mudak, the colors from this point change."

    "Ah, Master noticed as well," Mudak stepped closer, demanding the image to zoom in on the last generation before the sudden change. "This right here might be considered one of the most important events in the Le Fay family history. Up until the mid-eighteen-fifties, the La Fay family followed tradition and being known as a group to value control over anything else. Over the centuries, the family was gradually losing influence across Britain, with their power decreasing as well. They were was supposed to return back to their prime when Master Patrick was about to take over the house, sadly, for them that is, their plans didn't go how they envisioned it."

    "So that means..." I turned my attention back to the tree briefly, double-checking the name. "Patrick Le Fay did something the rest of the family had no intention of supporting? It would make sense of how sudden these patterns end."

    "Mudak might have misjudged Master's intelligence at such an early age," Mudak praised, the tone of his voice indicating he was proud. "But yes, Patrick did do what the rest of the family found unrepeatable. You see, Patrick's father, Maximillian had two daughters as well. But one was unable to conceive, while the other was murdered three months before giving birth to her child, leaving only Patrick in line as heir."

    Mudak turned to me with a raised eyebrow. "Before we continue, Mudak has to ask, do you perhaps know what Blood Status is and how it's divided?"
    "Yeah," I nodded. "Pure-Bloods are wizards and/or witches born that don't have muggles or Muggle-borns in their family, comfortable inbreeding to keep them pure. Muggle-borns are children born with magic but from parents who don't, but possess certain genes that they've inherited from their ancestors that might allow the child to have magical capabilities. The most commonly known, Half-Bloods, is someone who has magical and Muggle ancestors in their family trees."

    "Very good, Master," Mudak praised once more. Glad that he was able to carry on with the history lesson with no difficulty. "By this point in time, Patrick Le Fay, the one to make a drastic shift that would leave its mark forever. It was arranged for him to marry his only cousin, Lena. However, not long after, it was discovered he planned to marry Nancy Alcott, a Muggle-born. No matter what the family did, they couldn't stop Patrick, and since he was the only one who could carry out the family name, and gaining all of their assets, it was only a matter of time for them. We'll further dive into these events with more detail in a few years' time, Mudak advises. Mudak is proud Young Master is able to learn so quickly, at such a young age, if Mudak may add. But some things are better left for a different day."

    With a huff, I lazily eyed the elf, seeing how heavily he wanted to avoid that topic at the moment. Although I understand where he's coming from, a child asking such questions was absurd, so maybe Mudak was unsure how to approach the more detailed side of things.
    Very well then, some other time.

    "I'll take your word for it, Mudak," I said reassuringly, then smiling a little. "Mind if we continue?"

    "Of course," with a wave of his hand, Mudak made the image focus on Patrick and his wife, Nancy, with their children highlighted. "Patrick may have escaped the holds of the family, but not without its consequences. The members trying to persuade him for years and years, willingly and forcefully. The name still held a curse, some families not believing the sudden change, so he had his challenges to face. Mudak should know, since Mudak was there."

    "You were serving him way back then?!" I said somewhat excitedly.

    "Indeed, Mudak has," said the elf, a sense of pride could be noticed within his voice. "Mudak was born ten years before Master Patrick. He was a good man, going as much as giving Mudak a proper education, something Mudak never received before. By the time of his mid-twenties, Master Patrick offered this elf an opportunity Mudak thought he never might hear."

    "Really?" I asked, wanting to know more about the tale. Although, I had an idea what it could be. "What was it?"

    Mudak turned back to face me, but this time, he hesitated for a moment. "He offered me clothes, Master Nicholas. That is a sign a master has offered to free his servant. Every elf, once born into this world, is born to serve. Mudak always did what he was told, but the ways he was treated in return weren't pleasing, to say the least. An elf who couldn't read or write, but did whatever was tasked of him. By Mudak's thirtieth birthday, Master Patrick kneeled himself before Mudak, a red woolen shirt with brown leather trousers in hand. He then told me, if I so desired, to be dismissed of my services to the Le Fay family."

    Wow, that is… quite a story. I probably should have expected a touching moment, but still hearing it gives a sense of satisfaction, knowing that from there on out, Mudak lived a happy life since that day. That, and not all of the family were total lunatics. "That's... incredible, Mudak. Never thought you had such a healthy relationship with my great grandfather. I'm happy to know someone treated you like they should in the first place. But... since you're here, that means you refused. Why?"

    "Ever since Master Patrick was a child, there was always something exceptional that caught the eye of other family members. He was a talented wizard in his own right, and cemented his name for the world to know he was a man not to be taken lightly. But he was a kind man, with a kind heart as well. Out of all family, Mudak would presume he was the one the young heir spent the most time with. We've been through many adventures as he would call them, and since Mudak was still young himself, one might say we've walked through life together on the same road."

    "I'm happy to know your life took a turn for the better, Mudak. If there's one person who deserves a better life, it's you," I mean every word to my butler, who I began looking as a second Father of sorts, and most importantly, a friend to keep me sane. Even though my young and excessive nature might be a hassle for him. "I'm sure you wouldn't want me to go into detail about your past, but I was wondering, what did Great Grandpa do after he took over? With all the things you've listed, I can't imagine he had an easy time going clean with the Ministry."

    "Master would be right to assume that," Mudak confirmed my suspicion. "They were very skeptical on working with him, given the family's extensive history involving the Ministry. But once they knew for sure he no longer had any ties with them, even going as far to expose their illegal business they had, it bought him some leverage. Master Patrick had it difficult the first few years working with the Ministry, but he was determined to clear his name, and with the rest of the family losing their house and sources of income, while also being on the Ministry's watch list, there wasn't much they could do. Over time, they were reduced to living like rats, constantly being hunted by the government."

    "By any chance, is that how Grandpa and Father got involved with the Ministry?" I asked.

    "Not exactly," Mudak said. "While Master Patrick worked alongside the Ministry to clear his name and live a peaceful life, working full time with the Ministry of Magic wasn't his preferred choice of work. It was his son, Master Edward, who grew interested in joining full time when he graduated Hogwarts to become an Auror. At first, his first few years were rough blending in with other members, but he was undeterred. Over the course of his career, he earned the respect from his peers and colleagues and became an outstanding Auror. Your Father followed a similar path, working in the Space Chamber in the Department of Mysteries. Mudak believes Master knows the rest."

    "That… was a very interesting and helpful History lesson, If I may say so, Mudak," I expressed gratitude to the elf as I looked back at him with a smile."This troubled me for some time now, but I finally have clarity regarding my family. If it wasn't for you, I probably wouldn't get to know about them for at least a few more years. Thank you for the help."

    "Anytime, Young Master," Mudak's head leaned forwards, in a sort of bowing motion with a smile of his own. "Will there be anything else?"

    "Nope," I said with a pop. "Only thing I could ask is that if my parents ask you, by any chance, could you not tell them we talked about this, "touchy" subject?"

    "Mudak can't make any promises. Mudak wasn't supposed to tell Young Master this tale this early on, but Mudak still felt obligated to tell your true heritage, so there's no guarantee." The elf explained. "Mudak is sorry for the inconvenience."

    "Yeah… I expected that." I replied with a sigh.

    After I've got all the missing pieces, I was glad to find out more about this elusive subject. Seems like my family had quite the history, and I felt like Mudak kept important details vague during his retelling of past events. It was something to think about, as our families wealth will prove useful in the future, not to mention all the possible sources of learning new skill sets, along with the Le Fay family secrets.

    But now, I had another matter to attend to, planning on answering another burning question that plagued my mind.

    I made my way to the main bedroom, slowly opening the door just to be safe, and just as I thought, empty. The room itself was an environment of awe and required a moment to admire all its glory, being as the master bedroom it most certainly earns its title. Mother and Father had many of their most cherished possessions and items both held dear, while also being an impenetrable fortress, coming only second to the underground section of the Manor. Enchanted with countless spells to not allow a single soul besides the two from even daring to step foot into.

    Except yours truly and with Mudak as well.

    It was still relatively early in the morning, being a quarter past eleven, and since the Manor was empty at the moment. I walked eagerly at my father's desk, where my aim was set; Father's wand. I grew impatient, very impatient to learn real magic, it became so thought-provoking I had to get my hands on a wand to try it out. Of course, I had to wait a few years before even attempting at doing proper magic.

    My wide smile only grew bigger as my hand slowly went to the instrument. Its design, being made of Dogwood, alongside a Dragon heartstring with a length of eleven inches. It was a straight wand without any major details for its appearance. As the wand was within my grasp, I began feeling a weird sensation starting off from my hand then ran across my whole body, like an electrical current but not harmful. The feeling only increased over time. I wouldn't say the wand was rejecting me, more like questioning if I was worthy of wielding it and being the son of its owner, I think it was slowly allowing me to use it.

    After about a minute, the sensation died down but I could still feel it going up to my elbow. It would be wise if I went to a separate room before I try anything. Going back to my room, closing the door upon entering, then checking out the window, finding both parents were in the field with an Aethonan , Mudak joining them a few moments later.

    Looking down at my hand, I was amazed at how the feeling of holding the wand never changed but only grew more comfortable over time.

    Well then, let's see what we can do.

    Taking in a deep breath, I followed along with a gentle movement of my arm, to get the feel of magic. With no necessary movement set, it was only building up for now. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do yet, as I was too caught up at the feeling that coursed through my body. It just felt so good finally letting it out, after all these years, and this is only the beginning. I kept the magic flowing to get a better feel of this newfound feeling, but it is best to try a simple spell for now. What to do, what to do.

    My eyes landed on a silver metal box with golden accents on my wardrobe. Perfect. Solely focusing on the spell I wanted to cast, devoting every fiber of my being to see it succeed.

    'Accio!' I shouted, doing a half-circle movement in order to cast the spell.

    The box flew from its position, hurtling towards me at an immense speed. For a split second, my astonishment changed into panic as the box was going straight to my head, and with this child's body, that kind of hit won't be pretty. I ducked, evading the metal object just in the nick of time, but smashed right through the window.

    "Okay, I may have gone overboard on how much focus I put into the spell," I thought while looking at the fairly large hole in the window. "Let's try a different approach."

    Instead of trying a different spell, I wanted to try something a bit more unorthodox. Ever since I could feel the magic in the air, I wanted to see what would happen if I let the magic flow through me instead of me controlling it, that piqued my interest since day one. I wasn't sure how to properly harness this power, nor the fact if I could properly control it. Although, I knew three things it required; imagination, dedication and perseverance. In this world, anyone has the potential to be great, more than that even. It all depends on the user, and how much they are willing to push their limits time after time.

    My true knowledge of magic may be lackluster as of now, but one thing is for certain, my drive is burning with passion. As this is something my life is now centered on, inheriting the Le Fay bloodline and all of my previous life's knowledge of a fictional world that became reality, I didn't plan on sitting around and doing nothing. I knew far too well how dangerous this world truly is, not just Voldemort but everything else along with him, and I'm not going to mention other possible threats besides the pale bastard. So yeah, this world, as a whole, is a very dangerous place.


    Yes. I've found it. My motivation, my will, my ambition, and my ever-growing hunger to learn and master what the Wizarding World can offer me. Taking in a deep breath, I closed my eyes, allowing for magic to flow through my entire body. My hand movements were slow and gentle like I was conducting a symphony, and I could already hear how marvelous it sounds. I kept doing this for who knows how long, but my first use of magic feels incredible, and I haven't even started.

    During the whole duration, my eyes were firmly shut to focus properly. Slowly opening them, I was stunned to see a thin trail of red sizzling energy flowing around from the tip of my wand. All this time, I was too caught up with a sensational feeling that I only now just noticed the sound it produced. Attempting to keep the same level of concentration, which decreased slightly, I observed a trail that kept flowing going in and out on its own.
    It was… mesmerizing, but this is far from any form that I've seen or read of. By the looks of it, and if I would make a guess, this has to be a rare form of magic, if it's even ever documented. Fascinated, I was determined to carry on with the act to find out more.

    Gently rotating the wand, the stream followed, leisurely moving towards the bookshelf, picking up each individual book one by one and holding it in the air.

    "Interesting, very interesting," I thought with wonder while looking at the edge of my room. "Let's see what else this can do."

    Closing my eyes once more, I was back to full concentration mode. The feeling was still very much familiar, so instead of trying to figure it out, I decided to just let it flow for now. Like before, the intensity was increasing with each wand movement, and it felt like a part of me was moving around as well, that was expanded as more streams extended from the main one. I didn't need my sight to know more items from my room, and it only kept growing. I was cautious to not make any fast movements, conducting my "symphony" at the same pace, but I can't lie when I say the sensation was intoxicating. I couldn't stop now, not when I was learning its capabilities, my capabilities. A single second felt like a minute, and I had no intention of stopping now.

    As of now, the whole room had some sort of stream holding whatever item it came across. I was positive there was more to this than it meets the eye, but I won't get ahead of myself. I'll finish my first symphony as is. I could faintly feel a strain surging around my body, nevertheless, I pushed through it.

    Wait, I was positive I heard some sort of knocking, only my mind couldn't properly process that as I was too caught up with my little performance, so I set it aside. I fully rotated my body, lifting up the wand up and then down slightly to make sharper movements, but not too quick. The streams reacted so they gravitated towards me only to back up higher into the air. Moving my hand from the top down to my waist, while also flicking my wrist slightly, causing the main branch of the stream to expand further, and diverging like a thin wave to cover more space.

    Oh yeah, the feeling was devouring me, I could only crave more.
    Ignoring the growing pain, I was ready to begin my next sequence...

    Only to hear the door bursting open.

    Sharply opening my eyes, I was greeted with the sight of both my parents with Mudak standing at the door frame with a shocked expression. Right now, my sole focus on controlling magic was broken. When it was, I didn't realize what kind of a "mess" I was. It was only now I noticed how much I was sweating, and properly feeling how sore my muscles were. For some reason, I was feeling lightheaded as well, growing more and more noticeable.

    "Outstanding." Mudak muttered slowly as they entered my bedroom.

    "Nicholas…" Father trailed off as he spoke, his eyes dancing all across the room to admire the spectacle, something that I got to see for myself as well. Looking around my room, I was speechless upon viewing, dark red streams carrying every single item I had in my room, thinner waves that were a little see-through. "I… didn't know you… could do this…"

    "Now, Father, I can explain," I said slowly waving my wand, a move that made all the objects lifted to return to their original position, with the streams fading away over time. My movements towards them were sluggish, and I was kind of feeling nauseous. "It's quite the story, if I… may say so myself…"
    I trailed off, but before I could even finish, I lost all strength I had left, resulting in me falling down to my side. Before my face could meet the floor, I stopped just about ten centimeters, some kind of force holding me from fully falling. Looking back at the door, I saw Mudak with his arm extended, with only one finger out, lowering his hand down gently so I can be softly placed on the floor.

    Mother rushed to my side, cradling me in her arms, Mudak kneeling down to make sure I was alright, as he was proficient in Healing magic.

    "He appears to be alright, just exhausted," I could hear Mudak commenting while he did a check up on me. "Seems to be his first attempt at doing magic, he just tired himself out. Given what we saw, Mudak reckons he's completely dry."

    "I'm… perfectly fine, you all," I groaned, attempting to get up but had no energy to do so. "I just need to catch my breath, that's it."

    "Careful now," Father kneeled down to make sure I didn't push myself. "Don't overdo it, save your strength."

    "I don't care if you think you can walk on your own, I'm taking you to your room," Mother said in a stern voice, not carrying for anything else besides me at the moment. "Until further notice, don't even think about doing this again, not until we properly process this. Understood?"
    It wasn't much of a question, rather more of a demand, with only one right answer. "Understood..."

    Agreeing to her terms, Mother lifted me up, carrying me in her arms while she made her way to my bedroom, Father and Mudak following right behind. As we moved, my eyelids grew heavy, but a smile spread across my lips with a single thought before drifting off into a deep slumber.

    "For now, at least"

    I will always remember that day, the day when I did something I thought I was impossible. How wrong I was. I held my promise and tried now using the same tactic when my parents were around. I still wasn't yet completely sure how to use it, but I was careful in how to control it. I held off from using it severally, only practicing a few times a month to learn more about it.

    With that all done, I decided to take some fighting courses. Yes, I now live in a world of magic, but that didn't eliminate the need for other methods of defense/offense when my wand isn't in my possession. Mixed Martial Arts was my ideal choice for its versatility. At first, Mother was skeptical about letting me take that. I managed my time to take full advantage of the available schedules presented to me. Finding the right trainer wasn't all that hard, as our world does have many Muggle studies available at any time, and I didn't settle for anything but the best.

    My first dozens of sessions were brutal to say the least. Even with the mind that I have, my young and un-trained body limited how well I could do in actual sessions. Luckily, I could identify some counters and possible improvements early on, but my muscle memory still needed a lot of time to adjust. Having the luxury of easily getting Mother and Mudak to make me necessary positions and using the appropriate spells to heal quicker. After that, I'd jump back right into training or more studying, much to their distaste, a trait I began noticing more often. Of course, I had to wait a few years so my body could properly develop, so logically, I used the time to train to pass the time. I would run most of the time to stay fit and build stamina. I couldn't use adult forms of training not to risk any injuries, with or without magic, the human body needs its own period before certain things could be done. As a substitute, I used my own body weight to practice, doing monkey bars and climbing to build up muscle, while also doing pushups when I could.

    About two months ago I turned eight years old, and time flies by fast. I seemed to have had a growth spurt in the last couple of years, now standing one matter and thirty-four centimeters. With my body, albeit still young and yet to fully develop, had a lean and athletic build that would surely only become better when I hit puberty.

    As for today, it was roughly a quarter past five, a few days of September left. The sun was still out, alongside clouds that made the day from our location made the view breathtakingly beautiful.

    But there was no time for enjoying the sights, as my other assignment for the day, completing another trial at our makeshift training course.
    "Ready… set… go!" Mudak shouted.

    I began running, my first obstacle that of a wide hole in the ground, jumping over it and doing a front roll when landing. The problem wasn't the hole but the tentacles that shoot out of the hole if you're too slow was. My next challenge was climbing over a wall, and once on top, jumping onto numerous support beams in quick succession. One miscalculated jump and I would come crashing down. When I reached the last one, I jumped a bit further to reach the monkey bars, dangling with only my right hand before grabbing the bar with my other hand. I shifted my weight when moving to not use all the strength for this one obstacle.

    Reaching the end, I let go of the bar and landed on a singular straight beam, staying still for a few seconds to regain my balance. Once I did, I entered into another run, but much slower this time. Throwing out my right hand, the holster around my arm containing the wand released, allowing me to quickly take it out without much hassle. Pointing it upwards, a blue stream shot out of the tip, connecting to the top of the wall on the left side. With it, I could run along the wall with the wand holding my position like a grappling hook. After I certain point, I had to jump to the opposite wall, doing the same process two more times, the length of the walls spanned about twenty meters for reference.

    When done, I went for the last part.

    The last obstacle was of two rocks, the first one being significantly shorter than the other. Jumping off of the wall, I landed on the first rock, almost slipping as I landed a bit off to the side. Jumping off to the second rock, I quickly began climbing with my teeth clutching the wand so I could use both hands. After climbing up, I immediately ran to build some momentum, then giving my all for the final jump.

    'Sagitta Fulgur!' I shouted as I pointed my wand at my target, a spark of white lighting forming from the tip, instantly creating a slim arrow made of electricity. Once formed, it flew at remarkable speed, traveling in a straight path. It hit the human-sized training dummy, right in its left thigh, sending several sparks that trailed down its leg and up to its torso. The training dummy instantly fell to the dirt as it was hit.

    As for me, when my feet met the ground, I leaned forward for a tumble roll, making it an easier landing to not hurt my feet too badly. Once I fully completed the stunt, my left and opened hand grabbed a hold of the ground in order to come to a full stop, breathing in heavily at the slight moment of rest. We've have made dozens of different courses, in our own backyard no less. The construction of them didn't take long and with the added bonus of giving them their own unique feel for a more challenging run.

    "Another successful run, Master Nicholas," Mudak congratulated me as he stepped closer, a wave of his hand commanded the track to reset back to its untouched state. "I believe that's your best time yet, if Mudak may say so."

    "What attempt is this for this track?" I said in-between breaths while I used 'Accio' to pull a water bottle, instantly drinking almost half of it in the first few seconds alone.

    "This would be the thirty-seventh attempt at this specific track. Quite the improvement over the last one, fewer reaction windows and more rapid movements from the obstacles and draining dummy."

    "That would be the point, Mudak. Can't just sit on track all the time, would become stale very fast, wouldn't you agree?"

    "That indeed is true, but nevertheless, you are making excellent progress, Master. It would seem that all those sessions practicing seemed to be paying off."

    I couldn't tell you how many times during the day I spent doing these exhausting parkour tracks with aim and reflex training. Another key to successfully becoming an elusive and powerful wizard, to me at least, is having very sharp reflexes. Knowledge and raw skill can take you far, but if you can't react in time, it's doubtful you'll get a second chance. I didn't mind the received injuries I brought upon myself to make sure my senses were at their peak, as much per normal standards go that is. I'm positive I can discover some spells and seals that will enhance my reflex and overall speed, but for now, I'll have to reach my limit psychically.

    "What do you think?" I turned to my loyal helper. "Should we move to the next one we've prepared?"

    "Mudak doesn't think that's wise, Master." The elf advised.

    I responded with a frown. "Why not?"

    "While you may have completed the course, at the most impressive time no less, I regret to inform you, Master, but your movements were a bit sloppy," Mudak commented. "Your reaction time in the middle and near the end wasn't like the initial few times when we began using this course. Mudak fears you've gotten used to the track that you don't bother taking into account your surroundings or the possibility of something else popping up. This is meant to sharpen one's reflexes, not competing for a better timestamp. Another couple of attempts with a different approach is better before moving on."

    Nonsense! My reflexes can't be that slow, and I'm not narrow-minded, it's just I'm stuck doing the same one over and over until I get accustomed to more extreme variants. I've done this so many times by now that I'd be ready for anything new at this point.

    In the corner of my eye, I spotted Father walking on the stone path, about thirty seconds away from us. It being somewhat chilly outside, he was wearing black jeans with a lime green sweater.

    "Hey, you two," Father greeted us as he walked towards us, diverging from the stone path to the open field where we set up the training area. Mudak bowed with his head slightly while I just waved slightly. "Still going at it, I see."

    "Actually, Mudak believes a short break is in order-"

    "Better yet," I interrupted Mudak, walking back to the starting point. "Now that you're here, Father, I'd like to show you the progress I've made. Mudak seems to think I'm underperforming, but I just think he's getting bored of watching me doing the same thing on repeat."

    The two met each other's glance, Mudak shaking his head slowly in disapproval. Father, realizing something seemed off, tried chiming in. "I don't know, son. Maybe some rest will do you some good, get you in a better headspace than just thinking about training. Surely, you must feel at least a bit tired, no?"

    I scoffed slightly. "Not to the point of stopping. Just watch, I promise you'll be impressed."

    His facial expression didn't share the same excitement as my own, but more a forced response he himself didn't like. "Then if you're so certain, take it away, Nicholas."

    Nodding towards Mudak, a singular to get ready operating the course, I got into position.

    "Ready… set… go!"

    I did most of the course with no difficulty, so I set my sights on the final part, aiming to get a precise and critical hit this time.

    Jumping onto the first rock, I leaped onto the second one with ease, it being wider, I had room to build up extra force into my jump. My focus never left the training dummy far ahead that began moving rapidly, waiting to go into a certain direction in the last second. The moment I actually jumped is when the dummy sprang into action, and for the first time, it ran straight towards me, leaping around slightly in order to make it more elusive. Surprised, I tried properly aiming at my target, finding it difficult to choose a direction for my projectile to fly at. Gripping my wand, I was prepared to shoot an arrow towards the left, predicting where the dummy might go. Sparks already began surging from the tip of the wand.

    'Sagitta Fu-'

    Before I got to finish my incantation, I turned my head to see a dark sphere with a mixture of yellow lines around it, heading right towards me.
    I froze, unable to think what to do with such little time.

    It hit me from the right, knocking the wand out of my hand, this definitely wasn't like the previous runs. Just like that, my concentration shattered, like a rock that just smashed through glass. Now barrel rolling the air, and being sent flying in a different direction, I tried to position myself better to cushion the fall. I landed on my feet, but with the momentum, I went down with my hands going to the ground, extra support as I entered into a forward roll. When I fully completed it, I rolled over to my sides, still in motion until I could properly stop. Managing to easy my fall, I was able to avoid some very nasty injuries, but my feet were a little hurting.

    Damn it.

    Father and Mudak immediately rushed to my aid, which was unneeded.

    "Are you alright, son? Are you hurt?" Father asked me sincerely, his protective nature checking my body before I could even answer.

    "Feel more disappointed than anything…" I huffed, still lying on the ground but moved my arms back so I could sit up slightly. Making sure not to get right back after a fall like that. "Can't believe I didn't see that coming, damn it."

    "Son, I think you're taking this whole thing a bit too far, don't you think?" Father asked.

    "Actually, I don't. Frankly, I don't see the need for the concern, it's just training, nothing dangerous."

    "It's not about just training, but that you push yourself each time that you begin with any kind of training. That's what we're worried about," He explained, sitting down on the grass beside me. "Look, Nicholas, I'm just concerned, the same goes for your Mother as well. That's all. How should I say this... it's not healthy for a child of your age to only be doing the same routine you do."

    "Then please don't tell me I have to explain to you that I'm not like the other kids my age, I thought it should have been obvious by now. I just think this is a more efficient way to improve, and a faster one as well."

    Father looked down momentarily. "I do understand, son, believe me when I say that. I can't describe how proud I was when I first witnessed you using magic like it was nothing, and ever since then, you've kept setting the bar higher and higher. But as more time passed, I've feared that we've might have not taken the proper precautions when enabling this kind of behavior. It's one thing to have a hobby or train, but every waking moment isn't healthy. You should spend these years enjoying yourself and having fun."

    "I know this might sound a tad bit unbelievable, but this is what I enjoy, Father, I truly do," I explained, probably the first time that I've had this kind of talk with him. "There's no other feeling that can give me a similar sensation such as when I keep improving. You've heard what all those tutors said, I'm far advanced for any kind of test they throw at me. It's what gives me the drive to move forward, I can't just stay back and fall behind when I know I could do more."

    "I never thought I would have these kinds of talks with my son this early on," Father laughed for a moment. "It came way quicker than I expect it to."

    "Yeah, sorry for all the trouble I put you and Mother through because of that."

    "Truth be told, the more I worry, you somehow convince me to put my faith in you. I don't know why, but the more I observe, I realize I just can't treat you as a child anymore, not like I ever got the proper chance to anyway," Father let out another laugh. "I just want the best for you, son. I will always be there for you and to make sure you're alright, I hope you know that."

    "Of course I do, Father," I said sincerely. "If it wasn't for you, I would have never have managed to get this far if it wasn't for your support."

    "Guess I have myself to blame for that, now don't I? Listen, I need to go to the Ministry for a few hours. I just wanted to check up on you before I left. Can you at least promise me to take the rest of the day off?" Father asked hopefully. "I honestly doubt one day won't set you back too far, will it?"

    "If it means your mind will be at ease, then yeah, I guess I can take some time off." I complied with a smile.

    Father tapped my shoulder a couple of times. "Take it easy, Nicholas, I'll be back in a few hours. " With that, Father went back inside.
    Once it was only Mudak and myself, I turned to look at the elf with a questionable look. "You made that sphere appear, didn't you?"

    "Mudak apologizes for doing such a thing, but Mudak believes it was necessary in order for Master to properly identify his minor issue that can become troublesome if not treated. Here, let Mudak demonstrate." With his index finger, demanding the fallen dummy to be pulled towards us, a few centimeters off the ground.

    Examining the doll, I was surprised to see that my arrow hit its mark, its lower left abdomen heavily damaged.

    "Mudak never said your aim was the problem, but to properly identify your surroundings is a bit "lacking" to put it nicely. Tunnel vision is the worst possible disadvantage a wizard can have when in real battles. While Mudak doesn't doubt landing a precise hit, not with years of practice in your grasp, is going to be at all difficult, making sure you have a proper defense to match your aggressive offense is very much needed. This particular fighting style really is unorthodox, which most certainly will catch opponents off guard, putting one's self in harm's way is never a good thing. This is why Mudak recommended a different approach before moving on, as the next courses will be more unpredictable, constantly changing. Someone such as yourself better realizes a problem first hand than knowing in advance, so Mudak thought it would be better, in the long run, to not say anything."

    While I couldn't lie about not being a bit angry at him for not telling me, he was right and dangerously accurate. I didn't account for something like this, which might sound redundant with how much time and effort went into training, but that's the cold-hearted truth. Each battle will be completely different, meaning different strategies will be needed to come out victorious.

    I won't beat myself up for a singular issue, but I see this as a major problem.

    My own style I've been practicing was definitely more aggressive and high risk, however, having that sort of versatility is key. My spell knowledge for defense will be fine, but for now, I'll have to figure out how to properly use it. Now, I have to eliminate my only problem; tunnel vision.

    "Just like always, you've got a point, Mudak," I nodded while staring off into the distance. "You were right as well, I think I needed to get hit before I realized how much danger I was putting myself in. It's not the same if you already know what's coming. Just wished you used something stronger, couldn't feel a thing from that blast."

    "Mudak's methods may be unusual, but he certainly isn't a monster to take pleasure in such an act. Besides, Mudak surely thinks he won't have to be tasked to treat more severe injuries, not anymore with this new realization, now will he?" The house elf defended himself, but the sarcasm in his voice was very much there.

    I laughed sincerely. "How about we find that out until we get there?"

    "Is it also safe to assume Master has no intention of stopping today's session, correct?"

    "You know me so well." I responded while getting up, stretching all of my muscles. Some parts strained a bit due to the fall, but nothing too serious, I think.

    "Well in that case," Mudak extended his hand with a glass bottle in hand, the liquid inside being a bright purple color. "Master will need to be in acceptable condition if he wishes to properly improve."

    Smiling, I took the bottle and drank some of it, ignoring the unsettling taste from the potion. "Did I ever tell you that you always have a solution to everything, Mudak?"

    "You have indeed, Master. Many, many times."

    With a chuckle coming out from both of us, we casually walked back to the training course. The potion was quickly doing its work, healing the muscles that were bothering me.

    Good, I've got plenty of work ahead of me.

    "Father... do I really have to be here?"

    I asked him as I repeatedly fixed my tight collar. Right now, we were in the main bedroom, preparing ourselves, or more like Father doing the work for me. It was his birthday today, and while the four of us enjoyed a pleasant morning celebrating, it was still kind of mandatory to hold a small get-together. On previous occasions, I would hide somewhere or excluded myself from it before it would even begin.

    Not that I was being rude, or anything, but truth be told, It's so boring to be around adults. I was ten and could easily have a conversation with almost anybody on anything, something you don't see with a child my age. But I still enjoyed the fact that I still didn't need to get involved in the "grown-up" stuff and do my own thing for now.

    "Now, now, Nicholas, remember what we talked about?" Father answered back while looking at himself in the mirror, fixing his suit.
    "Are you recalling the talk we had this morning about eating or how I have to present myself to your friends?"

    Father chuckled as he turned and walked towards me, slightly pushing me on the shoulders to properly view myself in the large mirror. "It's not the end of the world by just attending a small get-together. I honestly don't see the harm in it. Besides, most of them are eager to meet you."
    "Do I have to?" I whined, still not wanting to go.

    "Oh, come now, Nicholas, don't act like that," Father said dismissively before forming a smile. "I would say to act your age, but we both know that would be an understatement. You've exceeded your peers by quite the margin, and proved far mature than any child of your age."

    I simply rolled eyes at his praise, an occurring habit of him pulling that card whenever I didn't want to do something.

    Father kneeled down, getting in a better position so our eyes would meet. "Look, son, I know you still don't want to get involved with witches and wizards bugging you at every turn, and I wouldn't want that for you either. But I'm also aware you know what kind of implications it leaves on others. I want nothing but the best for you, Nicholas, and since you've already grown so much, I feel as my little boy is slowly growing into a fine young man. It's not that I want to flaunt your brilliance to others, but because I know you can exceed the expectations that are already set. Besides, if you won't do it for yourself, will you do it for your old man?"

    I looked back at him with a half lid eyes, observing his goofy smile, and how quickly he can make a heartfelt moment turn to a poor attempt at guilt-tripping me like I was a kid.

    Yet, he still managed to guilt-trip me in.

    "Very well, Father..." I sighed as I gave in. "Seems like it's better to get this over with sooner rather than later."

    "That's my little wizard," Father rubbed my hair with a beaming smile, before going back down to fix my collar back how it was previously. "You can spend time with Mudak when he's not working, at least something to do so you don't get bored too fast."

    "I have a feeling that's going to happen right in the first thirty minutes." I said as a final note on the topic.

    "Be sure to not sneak away too quickly, I have an old friend who'll come to visit. I haven't seen him for some time now, and I'm sure you'll like him."

    "Really?" I asked with interest. "Who?"

    Father merely grinned. "You'll have to wait and see, but trust me, you'll love him. Now, why don't you run along and wait for Grandpa? He should be arriving soon, I know you like being around him."

    "That's because every time he arrives, he actually does make his stay interesting."

    With an eye roll, Father let me go about my way. With not much to do, and having little time to even do anything, I simply went to my room to pass the time.

    Looking out the window, I watched lazily as more and more guests arrived at the Manor, Mudak making sure everyone was on the list, with Father who just arrived talking to some of the guests. I'd be lying if I said I knew anyone, a few familiar faces but didn't bother still getting into the tangled mess that is the Ministry, have plenty of opportunities for that.

    In the corner of my eye, I spotted one of the Aethonan's acting... weird. How did it even get upstairs on its own? I couldn't see much as the window restricted me from getting a better angle, but I could see a man in a dark blue coat signaling the creature to move closer, before getting out of view, heading downstairs to the other animals. Immediately, my blood started to boil. The audacity of this man to waltz in like that without permission, I didn't even see him come through the entrance. More importantly, how did he manage to avoid all the wards?

    Oh, time to teach this bastard some manners.

    Quickly running to my parents' room, which was down the hall, I snatched Mother's wand from the drawer where she placed it, as I knew beforehand she didn't intend having it on herself during the evening. I opened the window and jumped down, instantly casting 'Arresto Momentum' when my foot lost the feeling of any surface to slow down my fall, going into effect just in time as well.

    I carefully entered through the door, taking slow steps to not make too loud of a noise while walking down on the stone steps. Peeking over the corner when I reached the end, I spotted the man patting the horses' head, returning the horse to its pen while also whispering indiscreetly.

    "Hands in the air."

    I called out to the man, making sure the tone of my voice was threatening and serious. Instantly, the trespassers' hands went into the air, dropping his suitcase onto the ground as his whole body tensed, more cartoonish than anything. The creature tilted its head in my direction, switching back and forth between us.

    "Turn around, slowly, and I'd refrain from doing anything stupid."

    The man in the dark blue coat began turning, a sheepish smile visible on his face as it came into view. Taking a blind guess, I can only assume he was in his eighties. His hair was white and went down to his mouth, which also swayed more to his right. His skin was a bit wrinkly, but considering his age it was in good condition.

    Wait. Why do I feel like I've seen this person before, and why is his face so familiar?

    Aethonan rubbed its head on the back of the man's neck, making him chuckle slightly.

    "My apologies for just lurking around here unannounced." The man sheepishly apologized.

    I ignored the unexpected response from the man, going back into focus mode. "Then do what you were supposed to before even thinking about coming down here, that would be a good start."

    "Introductions are necessary, I suppose. My name is Newton Artemis Fido Scamander, but please, call me Newt," The man, now properly introduced, bowed slightly with another sheepish smile. "I'm a dear friend of your fathers, I haven't seen him in quite some time, but I couldn't resist on seeing these animals first. You must be Nicholas, he told me a great deal about you the last time we've seen each other, it's a pleasure to meet you."

    Newt Scamander?!

    Wait. He's the one Father wanted me to meet. Heh, this is one lucky surprise if I might say. The Fantastical Beast movies were a weird addition when I first watched them, but if one thing is for certain, Newt definitely stole the show for me.

    Now identifying the "trespasser", I lowered the wand and dismissed any ill intentions I had. Valerian, the Aethonan that was behind Newt, neighed softly as he flapped its wide wings slightly, catching the attention of both of us. Newt kneeled down for some hay to calm him down, while I walked closer to them.

    "Marvelous creatures aren't they?" Newt spoke fondly while petting Valerian's head.

    "Of course they are," I commented while taking some hay for myself, the magical creature immediately wanting to feed him as well. "Their name, Aethonan, derives from the Greek word Aethon, meaning "blazing" or "burning", while also being the name of horses who pulled the chariot of Helios, the Titan of the Sun himself, as far as myths go anyway. Compared to other winged horses, these can fly up to a speed of fifty kilometers per hour and can be very agile in the air, making them difficult to land a proper hit on them. They might have some difficulty when first landing if not properly trained, but luckily, it's not all that difficult to do."

    I could see Newt displaying a face of surprise in the corner of my eye. "You seem to know awfully a lot about them, and in great detail as well."

    "Of course I know," I said dully, patting Valerian's head while looking at him. "I see to it that all of our animals are properly taken care of, what kind of owner would I be if I didn't look out for them? Besides, they always fascinated me, ever since I first laid my eyes on them. I just felt the need to pitch in, they are right underneath my house after all."

    Newt smiled fondly upon hearing that. "Well, I'm happy to know these animals have such a dedicated caretaker. It's rare to find a person who takes proper care of them."

    I smirked slightly. "Heh, thanks. Coming from you that actually means a lot."

    Suddenly, the door opened and closed with a loud smack, the sounds of footsteps gradually increasing. It was Father, releasing a deep sigh of relief and breathed in heavily. All that he said was. "Oh, thank goodness…"

    "Father?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "What happened to you?"

    "When a guest rushed to me and said that "a child jumped out of a window" what did you think how I would react?" Father spoke with a mix of relief and slight anger. "Seriously, Nicholas, couldn't you just use the stairs?"

    I simply shrugged. "Takes too long. Plus I thought we had an intruder on our hands."

    The slight twitch of Father's eyebrow indicated he wanted to add plenty more but decided not to. Instead, he turned his attention to the only other person in the room. "Newt… why did I have a feeling I'd find you here before even seeing me."

    "Hello, old friend," Newt greeted Father with a soft voice as they stepped closer, embracing each other in a tight hug, with Newt breaking off the gesture with a question. "How long has it been?"

    With a grin, Father responded. "I don't know, you tell me? My memory is a bit flimsy."

    "Oh, I'd say, what, three years at most?" Newt responded coyly. "Truth be told, my trip lasted a bit longer than expected."

    "They always do, don't they?" Father responded, before hastily motioning with his hand. "Come, we'll catch up back at the party."

    After this, interesting encounter, all of us went inside the manor, into the dining hall where everyone else was. We had a lot of people approach us, and just as I've feared, or annoyed to be specific, I was bombarded with a ton of questions I've come to expect from these people. Because both Father and Newt worked at the Ministry, it didn't take long for countless people to stop us at every possible chance for them to chat, and with me being there, I had to rehash the same routine again and again.

    Luckily, at the main table, we had room at the end for the three of us to talk to peace. Well, I merely stayed quiet and ate some food while the two did some catching up, which seemed most appropriate. I had the pleasure of hearing about his trip. He was stationed near Mthatha, a city in South Africa, as some turtles, the size of a small cottage lurked around, with the Muggles finding out not too long after. That was the initial reason, Newt soon realized they were having great difficulty taking care of Magical Creatures in the general area. It couldn't be so easily repaired, so the system needed to be built from the ground up, which helped way more animals than it first attended to, giving a home to animals from all across the continent.

    "I don't want to interrupt, but I have to say, that's truly amazing to hear," I said to the Magizoologist as I whipped my mouth with a napkin. "I can't imagine how their facilities were before you got there. From what I could tell, and by the number of animals you listed, that region greatly benefited from your expertise. I can only hope your stay wasn't too harsh."

    "Thank you very much, Nicholas," Newt said with a smile. "Believe it or not, my stay was rather interesting. The Muggles were this close to discovering it all, luckily, we managed to intervene just in time. Sure, rebuilding their whole system and giving the necessary guidance was a bit tedious, but it was well worth it in the end. I did get to learn a bit more about their way of life and had plenty of time to research the creatures I've never seen before."

    "While on the topic of that, I was wondering, will there ever be a sequel to your book?" I asked. "Was wondering for years about the possibility of another installment."

    Newt's eyes jumped towards Father, before looking back at me, leaning in slightly. "You've read my book?"

    "Of course," I admitted. "What kind of animal lover wouldn't? In fact, I think it was one of the first books I came across in our fairly large library. I think I've memorized the whole thing how many times I've read it."

    Newt chuckled, seemingly embarrassed a little. "I, um, didn't originally plan on making a continuation, but after how well it did, I wanted to collect new information as much as I could before publishing another book. If I'm right, now that I'm back home, I should be able to publish it within the year."

    "Well, I for one, can't wait to read it. Seriously, I can't think of another Magizoologist that goes into such details about magical creatures like you do."

    "I'll be sure to give you a copy personally when it does. Think of it as a gift, and as an apology for me just walking in like I was a thief. You've had your right to be suspicious." Newt expressed his remorse.

    "If you ask me, it's water under the bridge."

    We engaged in further conversations after that, with Father chiming in every now and then. It was mostly focused on him asking more about myself, which in this case, I didn't mind answering. During our conversation, I learned it was him who was responsible for training and helping out with the layout for the underground housing we had for our own animals, which was a nice piece of trivia if you ask me.

    Before Newt and I could continue, Father tapped my arm slightly. "Look who's late."

    Turning my focus to the entrance of the dining hall, I spotted an elderly man in a dark red suit, topped off with a purple bowtie that was slightly hidden due to his medium-length beard that was neatly trimmed. A wide smile instantly formed on my face, within a moment, I jumped out of my seat, excusing myself and letting the two have some time in private.

    "Hey Grandpa!"

    I rushed towards him. Hearing the sudden cry, the man turned to the source of the sound, finding me rushing towards him, his face instantly forming a wide smile.

    "There's my little genius!" Grandpa ruffled my hair. "I'm surprised to see you here, I'd reckon you'd already disappear with how many snobs are lurking around."

    I scoffed a bit. "Trust me, you have no idea. Either I'm dragged into talking to people or they just pop up behind me. It was annoying, to say the least."

    "Well, I doubt it was that bad," Grandpa countered. "I'd do you some good to get to know some of these people, even if they can be a bore. It just might work into your favor in a few years."

    I sighed. "You sound just like Father. But nevertheless, I can't argue with that, no matter how much I dislike it at the moment."

    "Can you really blame your old man? Just think of the long term, my boy. You can't go wrong thinking like that," Grandpa advised. "Say, now that I've found you, I've been meaning to talk to you, ever since your birthday in fact."

    "Really?" I asked, feeling that something interesting might come up just by his demeanor. "My birthday was about two weeks ago, and you've spent the night with us. Why didn't you just talk to me then?"

    "It's a tad bit difficult to explain, really," Grandpa replied while looking around us, seemingly glad that we were left unbothered. "Walk with me, boy."

    Motioning with his hand, Grandpa gestured me to follow him, going out the same way he came in. Walking through the many halls of the manor, we made our way to the spacious backyard. I jumped slightly to sit on the porch, while Grandpa reached into his pocket, taking out a pipe and lighting it with his wand, a large gust of smoke appearing right after.

    "Am I supposed to ask what that is?" I asked with a half lid expression.

    "Trust me, son, you don't ever want to use this, it will become an uncontrollable habit if you do." He took a few more puffs, his gaze went to the orange sky, admiring the sunset along with the breathtaking view the garden the Le Fay manor provided.

    I simply raised my eyebrow at his comment.

    Grandpa chuckled slightly. "Straight to the point, I see. Very well, then. I have something to give you, Nicholas."

    "Another late birthday present, I reckon?"

    "A tad bit different," He corrected me. "But before I give it to you, I must ask, what was our ancient ancestor, Morgana, proficient in? Something that left its mark on future generations of our family."

    Ah, a question blocking the surprise. Better get this one right.

    "She accomplished numerous feet's in her lifetime, ranging from Dark Arts to healing magic," I started explaining. "But to be specific for your question, I'd say it was being proficient in the arts of being an Animagus. If I recall, she started off from scratch, dedicating many years to master that field. From my research, she could be considered one of the most skilled Animagi in existence, some of her knowledge paving the way for future wizards and witches who wanted to become Animagi, but the information was very scarce. While the concept and steps are available, more detailed stuff and further knowledge was kept under tight wraps. Does that answer your question?"

    "Heh, as always, spot on, Nicholas," Grandpa said with a grin, then he reached into his pocket once more, this time taking out a small pouch. Setting his pipe on the porch for the moment, he used his wand to resize the bag, muttering an incantation that unsealed the bag. From within, he took out a dark leathered tome book, an outline of a rose scattered across the cover, the passage of time wearing it out but it was seemingly kept in excellent condition.

    "Here you go."

    Taking the book of his hands, and getting used to its weight, I set it along the porch to admire its design, my finger trailing the cover. "Quite an interesting gift." I commented.

    "Your birthright, actually." Grandpa leaned onto the porch as he took his pipe, turning away to let out the smoke so it doesn't bother me.

    "How so?" I asked with interest. "I can tell it possesses special properties, but how does it make it my birthright?"

    "You see, this book, along with many other valuable items and treasures, some more important than others. This one belongs in that category, as it should, containing one of our family's most secretive techniques," Grandpa grabbed ahold of his wand once more, tapping the cover in order to release another seal. "It originally belonged to Morgana herself, and it has been passed down ever since. While you will be learning about Transfiguration and Animagus', this source will provide you with a deeper and better understanding of how they work, while also some bits you won't probably expect on your first read."

    Listening closely to the book's description, I was pleasantly surprised to be handed a literal manual on animal transformation. Huh, lucky me. Turning over to the first page, I examined the elegant handwriting with the light brown pages. "For an artifact of this stature that's a few centuries old, it was sure kept in marvelous condition, I must say."

    "It should, not every member was granted permission of learning what's inside."

    "So this is what you wanted to give me?" I asked, still feeling something was off. "Still doesn't explain why you didn't give it to me weeks ago."

    "Actually, ever since you were little, I originally planned on bestowing this book, and many more artifacrs to you once you've finished your seventh year at Hogwarts, that is until I fully realized the extent of your capabilities," Grandpa said fondly, taking another round of his pipe. "That night, I've spent my time persuading your parents of letting me give you this. They weren't exactly on board. Your mother, particularly, wasn't too happy of me bringing this topic up so soon."

    "I don't understand what the big deal is," I huffed while turning the page. "They always seem paranoid with me tackling new pieces of magic. Especially Mother, I almost never hear the end of it."

    "Oh, Merlin's beard, Nicholas, don't be like that," Grandpa raised his voice, sounding riled up, something I didn't expect. "Ever since you were an infant, you were unlike anything we've ever seen. You knew how to read and talk with understanding before you could walk. You did magic on your own for the first time, seemingly without any hassle, you trained every single day to improve your physical state, and using that to improvise your own style of using magic. Heck, even now, as a ten-year old, your maturity far exceeds than any child of your age. You shouldn't really feel that way towards them. Your father already has a stressful time at the Ministry, and worrying his son might walk down a dark path is the last thought he wants on his mind. While your parents and I are very happy your talents keep growing, these last few years were filled with worry as well. You've devoted more time to studying than spending time than a regular kid. You must understand what it's like for them, seeing their son growing mentally at a pace they could barely keep up."

    At first, I was a bit stunned on how to properly respond. While I'll admit, my behavior was a bit concerning to other people, I never thought it would be on this level. Now I feel kind of bummed out. "If you all think like that, why did you still give me this, why now?"

    Grandpa chuckled briefly. "I understand how that may have sounded, but that doesn't mean me and your father want to discourage you on wasting your gift. I should know, because I was very much like yourself when I was your age, always hungry to see and learn more, wanting to see what the world can offer me, but as much as I like to admit it, I had my limits. You, however, far surpassed the expectations I had for myself when I was young, and you've yet to start school. I know how you think, I know what kind of process goes through your mind when solving a problem. Believe me, it wasn't easy for me to make this kind of decision, but each time a doubt forms in my mind you can easily prove it to be false."

    I smirked slightly. "You sound awfully sure there, Gramps. This is the first time I'm hearing this kind of talk from you."

    "I'm the type of wizard who likes to play with chance, and I think it's fair I offer you your chance as well," Grandpa said proudly. "I just know you'll do very well when you start attending Hogwarts, and I'll trust your judgment in the future."

    "I'll live up to those expectations, then,"

    "But listen to me very carefully, Nicholas," Grandpa said in a serious tone, which immediately made me focus solely on him. "This book is one of many family secrets and techniques that have been cautiously hidden from any other person laying their eyes on what's inside. It may not be Dark Magic but with how many more types of magic you'll learn, I implore you to know what to keep to yourself. There are still many, many things I wish I could advise you on, things you should look out for, but I'm certain you already understand what kind of actions will have consequences, so I can only hope you'll know when a situation presents itself."

    I wanted to cut him off and quickly dismiss his worries, something that I've done many times with Mother and Father. But Grandpa was different, he was way more open to discuss topics my parents would tend to dismiss, but I have a feeling that is going to change soon. Nevertheless, with the golden opportunity at my fingertips, my mind couldn't help but ask for more, having only him to turn to with such extensive knowledge.

    "What should I look out for then?"

    That prompted him to turn at me with a perplexed expression. "I beg your pardon?"

    "You said you'd want to tell me many things I should watch out for," I clarified my question, then looking him straight in the eye. "What's the single most important thing you'd say would be my biggest concern moving forward?"

    For about a minute, Grandpa appeared to be uncharacteristically silent, taking a single, long puff from his pipe while he was thinking over the correct answer. "Now that's an easy one… your name."

    Just as I was going to ask him to elaborate, he beat me to it. "When I first started attending Hogwarts, and the years that followed, I was ridiculed because of the name I carried. Of course, that was ages ago, but in our world, some witches and wizards don't forget too easily, and especially depends who you come across. For your case, I'm certain more eyes will be on you once people realize your talents. It's difficult for families such as ourselves that are more exposed to the public, more so if they immediately jump to our family's past, and that's the worst part. They'll go as far as to look for any minor detail to use against you, or insult you for "being something you're not". Your father won't ever admit it, but as much as you prove yourself and overcome more obstacles, you won't be able to sway everyone," Grandpa sighed for a moment, as well as to take a pause. "What I'm trying to say, Nicholas, is that you shouldn't let people undermine or make you feel less than what you are. I've learned the hard way, and I don't want you to go through such an experience."

    Well. I'll. Be. Damned.

    Grandpa didn't hold anything back. But, the more that I think about it, and when you consider how important the Houses in the Potter-Verse actually are, I can see his reasoning. Such thoughts always lingered ever since I got Mudak to explain our family history, and I can see why. My family may have carried a dark past long ago, but one thing each wizard and witch will have to learn when they come across me; I will not be insulted for a past that's long since been deeply buried.

    "I'm sorry for what you and Father had to face over the course of your lives, and thank you for the useful tip," I stopped to look at my Grandfather, an ever-growing smile spreading across my lips. "You all don't have anything to worry about, about me that is. I honestly couldn't tell you how insignificant I find that whole thing. I won't waste my time with mindless twats who'll judge without even knowing me. A name is just a name, and past is just that, the past. I'll let my actions do my talking, and those who choose to get to know me and stand by my side, will earn my respect, no one else. I know that to you it might just seem like words for now, but to me, it's as simple as that."

    Grandpa stood there with an unreadable expression at first, before letting out a soft chuckle.

    "I think my age is finally getting to this old noggin, I keep forgetting who I'm talking to. Nevertheless, I'm happy to know you already have a strategy in mind. But please, for my sake, it never hurts to be extra careful out there," Grandpa advised. "Can't ever go wrong with a little another layer of precaution, if you catch my meaning."

    I smiled towards Grandpa, the old man knew me so well. "I'll keep that in mind. Thanks, Grandpa."

    The old man ruffled my head slightly, most likely ruining the already messed up hairstyle I spent perfecting. "Why don't we head back? I have a feeling we've been absent long enough."

    With a sigh, I responded while closing the book. "If we must, I suppose…"

    Swallowing down the thought of what Father and Grandpa said about appearances, the two of us went back to join the party without much complaining. While walking back, my eyes kept going down to the large tome book that I carried, my mind fantasizing all the possibilities this age-old family heirloom contains. Centuries of knowledge at the palm of my fingertips.

    Guess we can cross out sleeping for tonight.

    "Huh, interesting, very interesting."

    Turning over to the next page, eagerly wanting to find out more about the first bits of the opening introduction. I just started roughly about twenty minutes ago, as the party finished not that long ago. The moment I was excused, I rushed to my room to get started. So far, there wasn't anything particularly new within the first few pages, that's to be expected, but my ancestor went into extensive detail, and with very pleasing handwriting to boot.

    I could tell from the rough but elegant notes on the side of the pages how much more there is to learn, not to mention how much info a single page contained. I skimmed through it before I started to just see how it looks like. It's safe to say that compared to all the other books I've read, this is going to be one hell of a treat to fully dissect.

    Just as I was about to jump on the first chapter, I heard a soft knock on the already open door.

    I looked up from my book to see my Mother, standing next to the door frame with a gentle smile, still in her dress. "Mind a visitor, luv?"
    With a simple huff alongside a simple smile, I motioned with my hand. "Always room for company."

    Entering the room, Mother lazily walked until she reached my table. As she got closer, I could see her expression slowly changing, and it didn't seem to be a pleasant one. "I see Grandpa gave you that old thing…"

    "By the way you're saying that, I'm guessing that he did a bad thing then?" I asked with a raised eyebrow as I watched her take one of the chairs from the side and pulled it closer to me.

    "I wouldn't exactly call it a bad thing, more like a premature one," Mother added as she sat next to me, her focus switching back from me to the book. "I still think it's a bit too much for you, especially this early on."

    "On the contrary, I think this is exactly what I needed, Mother," I said with a bit of more optimism to ease her never-ending worry. "I think I've read and done all the books the wizards my age didn't even get to start. I need, what's the proper term, more of a challenge to test me. I honestly can't just sit around without improving-"

    "I know, I know, sweetie," Mother interrupted me. "You think I didn't notice that already? What kind of mother would I be if I didn't? It's… just… that…."

    Mother trailed off, slowly with each passing word, all the while caressing my face from top to bottom. I couldn't do much to avoid her touch, so I had to stomach through the embarrassment. "You were saying, Mum? You seemed to space out for a bit."

    Even though I tried to break the silence, the expression on my Mother's face never changed. "For the life of me, I still can't believe you've grown this much, and I'm talking about this here," Her hand slightly gripped on the side of my head to prove her point. "It felt less than a week ago that I saw little you playing with the Aethonans, jumping straight out of bed each and every day to tackle something new, and conquer it in no time. I don't think I've ever seen you fail at something you set your mind to, and now my little prodigy is going to school in just over a year. My, how the years just flew by, haven't they?"

    "Mum, I know you and Father are concerned for my well-being, I really do. But you don't have to worry about me all that much, I can look out for myself."

    Mother let out a dry, short chuckle. "That's supposed to make me feel less worried? Just because you say that doesn't mean I can't stop thinking about my little wizard, now can I?"

    I sighed. "I suppose it's not that easy. But I don't take my responsibilities lightly, the same going for my abilities either. I won't be careless with it. That would go against everything I did these past few years. I can safely say that I have no regrets about how I spent my childhood."

    Mother shook her head playfully. "If it makes you happy, then I'll keep on supporting you. Yet, sometimes it still baffles me on how you turned out the way you are, it certainly didn't come from our influence, and I doubt Grandpa had anything to do with it."

    "You taught me that if I ever want to achieve a certain goal, I'm the only one stopping me from succeeding is myself," I remembered one of the earliest lessons she told me when I was still a few years old. "Guess I took that piece of advice to heart."

    "Just... don't overdo it, Nicky," Mother caressed my cheek that ended in a light soft slap. "I'd expect a higher level of maturity from you if you think so far ahead. If not, this double talk will not work out in your favor, I can guarentee you that."

    I simply chuckled. "Not to worry, mum, I know my limits. There won't be any trouble from me."

    Mother merely rolled her eyes as she got up. "Why do I bother when I know you'll never take it seriously? Not once. I hope I get to see you talk honestly to me," Opening the door, Mother was just to leave, turned around with a smile. "Goodnight, Nicky. Try to get some rest, you hear?"

    "I will. Goodnight, Mother." I waved with a small smile of my own.

    Turning around and closing the door behind her, I saw her wand do a quick wave to shut off all the lights in my room, then finally closing the door.
    With a simple snap, I created light in the lamp on my bedside table, just the right amount of brightness to read properly. "I'd sleep if I could, but if you only knew what this new gift meant to me, you'd probably understand why I can't just leave it be untouched."

    Turning over to the next page, I finished the basic intro of the book. The first Chapter consisted of information that was already known to the Wizarding World about being an Animagi, but there were some things I've never heard of, and sure went into more detail on how it works. The last part of the Chapter stated the longer the book goes, the more in-depth look will be placed on fully mastering the art.

    I began reading the second Chapter of the book, titled "Probability of Magical Animal Transformation". Raising an eyebrow, my interest grew tenfold, so I jumped right into the first paragraph of the page.

    'During my extensive research and experiments, I've come to the conclusion that the probability of one changing into an animal of magical properties is highly difficult, but quite possible if proper conditions are met.' Read the elegant and stylish text. 'Unlike normal animals, Magical Creatures prove to be more difficult to study. First and foremost being obtaining such a creature and holding it at bay long enough for the tests to prove successful. Certain creatures required more restraints and potions in order to move forward. To my delight, I had numerous test subjects available to my disposal. In order to properly conduct my experiments and find adequate results, the creatures needed to be in healthy condition, as each animal is vastly different in terms of inner structure and magical abilities the animals possessed, alongside with a large number of them dying out of the extreme methods previously used. My studies up until this point have been switched between the two variants, as I refrained from writing until I was positive I acquired the correct information to continue for both categories. I believe, as of now, I know the core difference between the two types, and how to access the form of almost any creature there is.'

    Right below it, another pattern I noticed just like in the previous Chapter. On the sides of the page, small note-like extensions could be opened, most noticeably on important sections of the page if crucial details needed to be mentioned, a common occurrence that I feel will be scattered all across the book. So it was possible to turn into Magical Beasts as well? Can't say I was expecting that. However, such a skill will prove to be valuable. I was glad, or at least hopeful, that I could potentially turn into some of the Magical Creatures we had without harming them in any shape or form, I wouldn't have the heart to do it if it was the only method.

    I had it. I now had an actual tool that will enable me to step up my game significantly. I've been careful these last few years from constantly practicing higher forms of magic, as my body and endurance needed to be shaped so I could handle it. By my calculations, I would say I was on the level of a Third Year at least, as I already studied the first few years the school can offer. I've touched upon some more advanced forms when I could, Occlumency being one of the most techniques I practiced. I refuse to let anyone go lurking through my mind, I will keep practicing it until I reach my limit for it, by then I will add spells for an extra layer of protection.

    The dozens of hours of MMA training, practicing all the spells I could get a hold-off, making sure my skill and proficiency using them were top-notch, learning new possibilities and types of magic that will soon be mine, it's safe to say I took full advantage of my second chance.

    Letting out a low chuckle, I took a moment to think back all the years I've spent in my "new" life, all the hours spent preparing my arsenal. By no means do I think I achieved the limits I've set for myself, even with the achievements I've acquired at my age, if I want to survive and kick the arse anyone who is bound to come in my way. I won't let unnecessary problems fly past my radar, one by one I'll make sure this time around we make things easier for ourselves, especially when I start attending Hogwarts, the same year as Harry Potter himself.

    Truth be told, I always had a mild fantasy about living inside this crazy world. Learning a whole new way of life, dunking it out with a whole arsenal of spells, becoming an exceptional wizard and all that. But, reality is reality, before it meant nothing more than escapism to steer away from the real world and to immerse yourself in being a magic-user. Only now, this wasn't imagination and escapism, this was my life now, my true reality.

    Quite frankly, that's what scared me the most.

    This world is definitely a lot darker than in canon, at least I think so. J,K. rarely touched upon certain subjects, or she didn't think or care about it since it was fantasy. But on a deeper level, this world has its own problems, maybe it's because living a day to day life puts into perspective, rather than just certain even from some ink on a page. It meant that, for someone in my position, what kind of role should you set yourself now that fiction becomes reality. I had an ever-growing hunger of discovering new spells and making my own, that was something I always wanted to do if I ever got the chance to live in this world.

    That begs the question; what kind of person is Nicholas Le Fay? Or more specifically, what kind of person I need to be?

    I still had most traits I had in my previous life, but I couldn't be the same person like I was before. I already thought like a young adult, and have knowledge of events yet to happen and mentality on surviving. I always believed that "if you're kind and moral, fate will pay you back", here, that's not going to work. Taking the moral high ground can cripple me if I'm not careful. I was never a person to do a horrid act without any remorse, but I can't think like that anymore, I simply can't. I won't outright kill a person in cold blood right off the bat, rather I'll use other unorthodox methods, and if the need comes, I'll do what's needed. I don't necessarily think of myself as a diabolical person, but to those twats who'll see me as a pushover and think I'm only a dog with no bite, they will remember my name, I'll make sure of it.

    That's who I have to be, and in order to survive this hellish world, I'll do everything in my power to come out on top.

    With another short chuckle, I laid back with an arm behind my head for some extra support, I single thought passed through my mind while looking at the ceiling, a small smirk appearing on my face.

    "Watch out world," I thought while lightly tapping the page of the book with my index finger. "Because this is one wizard you don't want to piss off."
    And, that's it for Chapter 1.

    Again, apologies for the ones who think this was too long and slow, and the lack of action. Thought it might be adequate of covering these parts before anything else. Yeah, I could have added more action but decided it should be like this for the start. Our MC is far from perfect, he's just resilient and hard-working, but that doesn't mean everything will work in his favor. For those who already might have an idea what the story might be about (the hint is pretty obvious), the main focus should be testing him both mentally and physically.

    The world itself will have lots of changes to make it more fun and full of chaotic goodies. JK did gloss over some stuff over the course of the series, so I plan on expanding/tweaking some stuff for my version. While also fixing plot holes that just don't make sense. I plan on leveling the playing field entirely, so more chaotic stuff can pop up.

    Hint for the next Chapter: exploring a certain type of magic that are primarily centered around markings in its native land.

    I hope you enjoyed and if you have any ideas or criticism (be civil please) let me know by leaving a review with your thoughts.

    Until next time, cya.
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    dude this is pretty good .... will you introduce technomancy or maybe technopathy i just really like techno magic's even though not many people write harry potter fanfiction caring about it?
  3. Darwin-18

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    Hmm, now that does sound interesting. To be honest, I didn't think much about it as I mostly prepared some aspects of World Building and how to differentiate different forms of magic across other regions. But a friend did recommend me this idea, and it did caught my attention and it does now. I can think of some ideas for techomancy but would still need more fuel in the think tank, don't want make something basic but rather unique that can serve the MC well. I'm open to suggestions/ideas on any field, as I do plan on expanding the world greatly, might as well have fun with this one.
  4. Gindjurra

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    Given how Muggles believe he lived in the 5th century, you have to wonder who the other guy was.

    I’m pretty sure the Ministry didn’t exist back then. There was no need for the magicals to have a separate government prior to the Statute of Secrecy, which was hundreds of years later.

    Not sure what word you were going for here, but unrepeatable makes no sense in context.

    Any animal breeder knows how deeply stupid keeping your family pureblood truly is.



    Redundant sentence is redundant.

    You have singular and plural reversed. Animagi means more than one animagus, animagus is just one. An animagi is an oxymoron. Likewise, if you’re studying to be an animagus, you’re studying animagi not animagus.
  5. Darwin-18

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    Thanks so much for the input! I'll change and edit the mistakes you pointed out by tonight, hope it didn't cause too big of a problem while reading the rest of the Chapter. As for the Animagus one, I was confused as I remember watching a video about them and I believe I got them mixed up. Still, thanks for the help. Hopefully, if you still plan on reading, Chapter 2 will have fewer errors this time around.

    Another thing, the HP wiki states that King Arthur was born in 10th century or later. I was mixed on using real-life legends or how some of the HP lore has it. So just a slight clarification on that point and how in this world Muggles have a different time period in mind. If it is that important in the grand scheme of things, I'll change it as well.
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    or you can just be like "F*CK IT WERE DOIN IT THIS WAY" and most will say "well SH*T this IS fanfiction sweet ..... more chappy" x3
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    Hahaha true true, I could have I even stated that its an AU. I respect the source material and make sure I get my facts straight. But this would only apply to Arthur and Morgana/her family as there was a lot of blank spaces left to fill so I decided to get creative with how the family works. I might a little "crazy" down the line when I add more stuff but we'll cross that bridge when we come it xD
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    oooooh things like "morgana started her evil path cause she had a reverse harem and wanted all the men in the world and merlin had a harem and wanted all the women and then they started out as friends with similar fetishes but later on they got into really hot and heavy argument about which joins the others harem and they had a "fight" that was heard through all of Camelot and history got really dumb with others not wanting to remember it that way as well as men "praising" merlin for liveing the life while trying to hush up the "MISTRESS MORGANA" stuff so they weren't seen as week p*ssy's" HAHAHAAHHAHAHAH OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD AND STILL SOUNDS HILARIOUS XD
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    maybe mention the occlumency earlier in the chapter? cuz I was seriously worried about MC's intelligence before he mentioned learning it. Aside from that, looking forward to more! Maybe MC can become a phoenix animagus, or at least have one for one of his likely many forms. Maybe MC can learn/discover a way to become a metamorph. Activate that gift, or find a way to induce it? Maybe figure out various methods for immortality, as all true munchkins should, before they are out of their prime (18-21). Maybe some ritual with phoenix ingredients, blood, tears, etc. Maybe a phylosophers stone. Though probably need to refine/improve that, since it was supposedly made in the 12-1300's and flamel looks like death warmed over, while also have to take regular doses of his elixer. Neither of which is good. Maybe MC is in harry's year, OR maybe he will arrive earlier. Maybe he is in Tonks year!?!?! Regardless I hope he hooks up with Tonks, she's my favourite. Followed by Fluer/Hermione, then by the patil twins. both of them. Hopefully MC does not restrict himself to the boring, limited, restricted classes/education of hogwarts, and those classes deemed his year. Learning Transfiguration, Charms, Herbology, Astronomy, Potions, Alchemy, Runes, Wards, Enchanting, CoMC, DADA, Dark Arts, Sex Magic, Soul Magic, Mind Magic (not just occlumency and legillimency), Elementalism, Druidism, Shamanism, Voodoo, Cultivation?, Technopathy?, Telepathy(advancing legillimency enough)?, Telekinesis(advancing charms enough)?, etc. Soo many ideas. Soo much to munchkin.
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    Gah. People keep getting this wrong in SI stories.

    Babies are effectively extremely shortsighted at birth.

    There's other issues (like tracking) that are at least in part related to brain development, so I can understand handwaving all those away, but there's no reason to believe a reincarnate should be able to see farther than what's right in front of his face any more than any other baby.
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    Right you are my friend, so many options to choose from. Initially, I was thinking on most of the stuff you mentioned is explored across the world during each summer when traveling, as each region should have a different form of magic on its own, something the MC will deffinely learn. It was that, and slightly improving the Hogwarts educational system to include more classes such as that, or the ones who aren't mentioned in the book as advanced courses.

    He won't get it all on the first try, but he will use some of the more useful ones he can master right away and expand on it later. Runes will come Ch2 as it will explore Norway with their folklore through their history and some Norse mythology bits that keep the things grounded in that world (note, not Gods that exist at the current day but things that are named after them and such, need to be creative now).

    As for the pairings, Fluer and Hermione are on my list, not sure for Fluer atm but might include her. As I was thinking of Hermione and Luna to be the main two, but we'll see.

    Thanks for the suggestions!
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    To be honest? The most i come across SI stories skip that part over or just don't go into too much detail about it.

    My other stories' premise is putting him right in the spot in the same form as he was when he died, as the point is going as you go with little time with the plot of the world. I wasn't particularly sure how to approach this, and a friend recommended I do some changes to make it more detaild and makes the first sight a mystery. Sorry if the first part didn't sit well with ya, but hope the rest was fine.
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    i hope he uses the ROR as best he can cause my thought process for the room is for extreme survival and lost knowledge acquirement like underwater fighting and exploring and tomb raider like caves or puzzles and fighting in a forest or surviving off the land or on a snowing mountain top and in a grass plain surviving against an army or fighting/hiding from magical creatures (the room making an animated dummy shaped and act like the real thing) as well as getting through a collapsing cave Indiana johns style with the spells to help out in those situation and putting them to the test with the fighting having the dummies going up levels as you progress for each environment and just reading lost spells in his break or down time
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    you know so he has experience in said situations instead of just thinking what he would do and not putting his money where his mouth is and training for them ..... also living in a dessert for as long as you can as well as torture resistance and maybe those situations those xiaxian novels come up with for their trials like resolve testing and stuff like that
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    Can you add threadmarks please
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    well sounds good. So long as this story does not try and do too much. I like mulit-cross stories. But only when they involve literally traveling to a new world/reality. not so much when one world has everything. Like an author having an ADHD fit. I mean, I like Harry Potter. I like D&D. I like FATE(sometimes). but I do not like stories that start as one, then suddenly have them all. Like, HP stories suddenly having FATE Servants, DxD devils, etc. too much
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    I literally couldn't stop laughing when someone named Mudak was a serious character.
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    Thats totally understandable. I know authors who completely drift away from their original vision for God knows why. Just know, while I did promise all these things, it won't make the story shift in that kind of way where it becomes unrecognisable. Stuff will be added to enhance and improve the world, and give a new take with the already established lore.
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    Found it funny as a Easter egg for the name, as it sounded cool in my head and to make that joke with a Russian Wizard.
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