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Help sunandshadow decide what to play/GM

Discussion in 'PbP OOC' started by sunandshadow, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. sunandshadow

    sunandshadow Impractical Fantasy Animal

    Aug 9, 2016
    Likes Received:
    I'm not sure whether I want to do a play-by-post or 'private quest' (as the player) or a quest (as the GM). So I want to know which of my roleplay ideas interests people most.

    Option 1: I would love to be the player in a single-player quest-like game. Or anything that would fit into the Video Game Plot category over at fanfiction.net. https://www.fanfiction.net/community/The-Video-Game-Plot/105176/ Specifically I would like the game system to be one where I can take actions which directly raise stat or skill points. (e.g. do push-ups to increase strength) As far as settings, I like Re:Monster, Harry Potter, Naruto, One Piece, Final Fantasy 7, Star Wars, and various original settings. I don't like horror, tragedy, or female love interests. I'd be happy to trade GMing a game of this type for getting to be the player in one. If you are interested in GMing a game where I am the player, please respond with a description of the game! If you are interested i a specific fandom I haven't mentioned here, you can ask about that. This might be a good opportunity for someone who wants to do a test run of GMing a quest without having to deal with the chaos of voting and player discussion. Or if you like to write fanfiction, in exchange for getting the role as the main character I would certainly be willing to edit/beta read the chapters.

    Option 2: I have an original setting Oometallon which is a sailing adventure story with nakama ship-mates that you can possibly get into romances with, hunting monsters, eating metal and crystals, clans with something like kekkei genkai, reiatsu aka killing intent, egg laying, and cannibal pirates. The 'catch' is that you are a hermaphrodite and so is everyone else, because the intelligent species in this setting is just like that. First vote would be whether you want me to use male pronouns or gender-neutral pronouns to refer to the characters. Is anyone actually very enthused about seeing a quest like this?

    Other possibilities... I'd be interested in co-creating a roleplay with someone else, whether fan or original. Here are some examples of other original settings I've created:

    1. A biofantasy setting where the main characters have magic related to monsters, plants, and shapeshifting (the freeform kind, not the werewolf kind).

    2. A story where the viewpoint character is a non-human creature who bonds with a human partner. Specifically the viewpoint character might be a: shapeshifter, dragon, mecha, pooka, summoned familiar, or magical weapon-person like in Soul Eater or Bleach.

    3. A gamified world which is completely digital/virtual that was created by aliens who wanted a place to live when they wanted to shed their physical bodies and upload their consciousnesses somewhere - the main character is the first human experimentally pulled into this world.

    4. A low-tech alien planet where they have never heard of humans; the alien species has 3 sexes and common magicical abilities, on which most of their technology is based. In some variations of this setting one sex is common and another is rare, resulting in harem, arranged marriage, and inheritance dramas, like an alien fantasy version of Pride and Prejudice.