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how would nasuverse factions react to digimon world and it's danizans


Not too sore, are you?
Mar 23, 2019
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Hi, I decided to make a Digimon (season 3 type human and Digimon partners, where both human and monster must be compatible, with the card faction from that season) X nasuverse ( fate timeline but with ancestors), I have a good story road map, but when I think about how the nasuverse supernatural faction will react to the entry of what looks like phantasmal creatures to earth that were born from science, I can't really imagine their reaction except the church where they would be extremely happy for angel type Digimon, or scream "heresy!!!" to the heavens as if they come straight from 40k.

so what do you guys think? it would really help me write a good fic.
They will think that the Digimons are the next evolution of the Mystical Throne of Heroes due to them being inside the Digital World. Cue them trying to get into the Digital World to try and reach the ROOT there.
why exactly do the mystical factions think that the digital world is the next step in the evolution of the throne of heroes, it's not like there is not the fairy realm( didn't know it was a thing until case files), the reverse side of the world (where all the good magical shit has gone to), Avalon, and probably many realms that I don't remember, the difference is the digital realm starts to affect reality and normies start to get powerful familiars, humanity as a whole is starting to notice something that isn't supposed to happen yet(wonder how it will affect mystery as a whole if humanity discovers the Digimon world), powerful phantasmal beasts like dragons, angels, demons, nature spirits, concepts coming to life, and gods, etc, will it make mystery stronger, would the supernatural human factions panic, the moon vampires see them as rivals, or new playthings, and so on.
Mystery in the real world is dying. Inside the digital world, however, is still there.
wouldn't the digimon world would act as another layer of existence for Gaia and not strengthen the mystic while the Digimon world was born from technology and science, it still carries with it history, lore, and mystical beast that could only be possible in the age of gods?
While the Digimon themselves were born from humanity's collective dream, and consciousness (the internet) be considered human by the eyes of Alaya?

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