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Interloper Quest (Quest, Pokemon / ???)

Discussion in 'Questing and Roleplay' started by Gavinfoxx, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Threadmark: Part 1

    Gavinfoxx Know what you're doing yet?

    Jan 19, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Here's my second quest, which hopefully will get a bit further than my last one! This one has themes of personal growth, forming relationships, strategy, and philosophy. I'm going to be running this on the main set of questing forums, you know the three, and will take suggestions from all three into account. Because of this, 'votes' will be VERY informal. Discussion makes me happy too, as do suggestions and typo fixes, and suggestions for appropriate tags. Anyway! Onward to the quest!

    It was sunny and very hot, and I worried I might get a sunburn and--

    --I woke up with a start, blinking, confused.

    Ah hell, this isn't my bed. Not again!

    Groggily, things started to take shape as a primal part of my mind screams Danger! Predator! Smoke--Fire! and I am instantly, completely awake.

    A few things immediately registered to me.

    I'm in a strange room....some kind of bedroom?
    This isn't the sort of room of the kind of woman I might go home with after drinking too much.
    I am not alone in the room, and...the being in the room with me is completely impossible!

    It was the size of a large Rhinoceros, or a small Elephant, and barely fit in the room with me. It was hexapedal, like one of the feral beasts from Avatar. The sci-fi one, not the airbender one. I didn't know how it didn't fall through the floor, which didn't seem to creak. It was built like a tank, hide covered in thick plating. It had yellow crests, like a series of collars, down it's long, giraffe-like neck. It's mouth -- more beak, really -- was framed by a quartet of nasty looking yellow horns. It had wings, black wings, where wisps of smoke emanated from the physical wings... and the wings looked far too small to cause it to be able to fly, but they were there still. It had hooves, of a sort, which were likewise bracketed by the armored yellow collars, and a thick tail extended behind it. It's neck menaced in dark red and black, but most of it's hide was grey. The heat I had felt in my dream was, was... the thing emanated an aura of pure, terrifying, biblical Power.

    There was also the fact that I recognized this creature. The color scheme, the method of locomotion, the number of limbs. But that was completely impossible. My breath caught, my mouth opened, my throat was dry but, I had to try.


    Immediately, I felt a pressure all around me. I gasped, but it was difficult to breathe. A voice spoke from everywhere and nowhere, all at once, searing into my mind with pain. "Interloper."

    Immediately, the intensity increased in my mind. It felt like memories I didn't know I had were being dredged up, looked at, discarded, faster than I could focus on them. I clutched my head and screamed, but no sound came out. After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a few seconds, the pressure in my mind decreased, and the pressure on my body decreased -- just enough for me to breathe.

    I gasped, ignoring the migraine out fear. Fear of the Lucifer-figure in front of me... judging me. Boring into my soul. A part of me objected, 'But he's not a psychic type!' and it was clamped down by the rest of me worrying that he can hear me think.

    "You that has come from another world. Know that I have read y our thoughts and your soul. You see this world as fictional, as nonsensical, as a game to be won."

    I felt a little push and my thoughts turned to...

    Yea, I've played all the games, and spent some time on Smogon, doing a bit of competitive battling. And he saw that I know animes, and mangas...


    I had, when I was much younger, given some thought of 'what would I do in the Pokemon world?', which usually involved exactly how I would go about sweeping the local competitive circuit using my knowledge of the metagame, using the lack of law and order and law enforcement shown in the show to take all the cool stuff from a few of the villainous teams, maybe go catch a few legendaries, and generally raise hell. But I hadn't thought of that in ages? Surely, he didn't think I would plan on doing that?

    The pressure intensified, and he continued. "I see this world as a place to be maintained and protected. Your goals of running roughshod over everything with your..." and I got a sense of a... sneer? in his tone, as he continued, "...'outside context knowledge' have no place here! However, I am a magnanimous god, and shall aid you, should you swear an oath to follow your more noble goals of self-improvement instead."

    My self-improvement goals? I felt another mental push to... Oh! I had come up with an idea of what I would do if I found myself in a Dungeons and Dragons type world. Hell, I'd made it a game to figure out which class I'd get in any edition of the game, and it was mostly a fantasy of learning lots of magic and finding cool people to adventure with. And... I think I did that in other settings to, but I can't remember what. Could I apply that here?

    The deity's voice once again loomed in my head, interrupting my thoughts. "There are six special souls in this realm. Six pokemon who do not fit into this world, where your knowledge can actually benefit them, and their skills benefit you in the pursuit of your more noble quest. Find them, aid them, train with them, and befriend them. Should you succeed in this, I will help you all leave this realm for one more suitable to you, with my blessings. If you decline this quest, and do not swear to hold fast to your higher morals, I will vaporize you where you stand. Choose!"

    Okaaayyy. Wow dragon-ghost-bug-satan isn't really giving me a choice here. Either not swear to not be a complete tool, and get vaporized, or swear to follow my better morals and not mess up the setting, and maybe get home in the process? That's really not a choice. Did he think it was? Then again, alien god, who knows how they think. Oh shit, he can probably hear this thought process!

    "I'll find them! I'll train, be good, I won't win any championships or mess up this world or anything! Yes, I so swear!"

    Then, the entity stared at me, and the pressure built, and it felt like I was being... branded? Marked? Changed? I don't know. All I know is the pain of my migraine became piercing, like I was getting stabbed in the skull, and I passed out.




    I woke up to a clock radio blaring, some DJ talking about how it is a wonderful Fractal City or something like that. No, wait. That wasn't what it was. They were speaking... Japanese? Or something like it? Regardless, it seemed to have a vaguely... French accent? Am I in Kalos? Ugh, I wish I had paid attention to the names in the foreign translations. I got up, and a smell hit me. Urine. After last night, I had messed the sheets.


    I looked down, for the first time noticing that my body wasn't my own. Ignoring the sheets and my wet bedclothes I rushed over to the bathroom, finding a mirror. I looked at myself in horror.

    I'm a scrawny, 12 year old boy! Shit! I have to go through puberty again! I don't even look like I used to! I had dirty blonde hair, this kid has black.

    Grumbling, I made my way to the medicine cabinet, took two aspirin -- I could read Japanese, hooray, or what probably is Japanese -- and then went looking for laundry in the tiny apartment. It was at the front, next to a tiny mudroom. Quickly, I stripped, and put the sheets in it to wash, then went to take a shower and freshen up. Puzzling over the fact that the whole bathroom was part of the shower for a bit, and that the toilet had a bidet in it (well, I guess both France and Japan do that, so...), I managed to get presentable and get some decent clothes on.

    This whole time, the talk radio had been playing local news, saying that trade with the other regions had been cut off due to the once every-century flocking and nesting behavior of Articuno. Apparently Hoenn's Articuno had just arrived to join the flock, bringing the total number to five, and they were doing some weird behavior -- perhaps mating or nesting or something -- off the coast, to the joy of everyone, but they were icing the entire coastline. Some local pokemon professor with a name I didn't recognize expected that a few more regions might get an Articuno of their own because of this, as there were a few regions where they had never been spotted.

    So whatever region I'm in, unless it's one of the ones contiguous with one of the others, I'm probably not leaving any time soon. Joy.

    I looked around 'my' apartment, as I had found no sign of any adults, and took stock of what I had. One laptop, with various attachments, including a way to charge it, a camera, a flashlight, a microphone headset, an optical mouse, and what seemed to be a metal rod or wand of some sort, and another that appeared to be a bar-code scanner. I opened up the laptop.

    By now, they had a Pokemon Ranger on the radio, talking about how a joint task force of the Pokemon Rangers and International Police were using hovercraft to prevent any would-be Legendary trainers or villainous team members from approaching the nesting Articunos. Whatever.

    No password. Figures.

    My eyes were immediately attracted to one of the icons on the desktop. An icon of Giratina. Not like I had seen, but the 'game' version, like from my memories. I clicked it, and a map of the entire planet started rotating in front of me, X-Com style.

    Well, looks like I'm in Kalos after all. And there's two blips in this area other than me... that's Sinnoh. And two in Unova. So three regions I have to visit, in the Pokemon World. Hey, I can zoom in. Looks like all the far-off ones are listed as 'Unknown'. And the nearby ones are Ralts and Noibat... Noibat is somewhere near Couriway Town, with Ralts actually in Santalune City. And I'm in Central Kalos. Looks like Snowbelle City, by a name I don't recognize. In fact all the cities have been renamed a little, damn. I should've paid more attention to the other region's translations, these names look familiar.

    Playing around with the laptop a bit more, I found that it had a cell phone, with no contacts saved. It had an ebook reader, with what looked to be a series of books appropriate to a twelve year old 'studying' for their pokemon journey should have.

    I got out a notebook, and made sure I could still write in English, and read what I wrote.

    Good. Hopefully people won't be able to read that in Unova, but I shouldn't treat it as confidential.

    I went back to the laptop and found what seemed to be the internet, over the wireless. Or intranet -- the entire internet seemed to be a list of all the sites that everyone had set up in town, with a message talking about a proposal to link Sandalwood City's network with theirs. A quick check at the map and... ah. Santalune City.

    Variant names, maybe? This isn't exactly the same as what I remember from the source material. I should beware other changes, I guess.

    As I looked looked more closely at the options in the laptop, I found a 'Digital Storage System', which, rather than having images of pokemon, had images of... bags of something? And an option to scroll down.

    I double clicked one, and, and a light on the back of the laptop flashed, and a bag of small bag of kibble exited the laptop with a flash. Inspecting the bag, it appeared to be labeled 'Pokemon Food', and 'Complete Nutrition for Pokemon and Humans! Shelf stable for six months! Resealable!'

    Gingerly, I tried one. It tasted about like those Mealsquares I tried in my short lived 'alternative food' phase.

    Not bad. I can live off of this. Let's see what else is in this storage.

    There's a map of Kalos, a multitool, four medium sized kibble bags of pokemon chow, six pokeballs, a flashlight, four pokemon healing potions, a human-focused small first aid kit, three Oran berries, two jugs of water, a roll of toilet paper, a sleeping bag, a backpack, and a small one-person tent with the stakes for it.

    Why is there a physical map stored digitally in a computer? If you have access to your computer, just use a digital map. The physical map should be in the backpack! As should the flashlight!

    I made sure to swap some of the things that should be outside of the laptop with a few that should be in it, and packed the backpack with some essentials that should stay in the realm of matter.

    Looks like the person I was didn't do much cooking of his own.

    I looked around, found a few more clothes, and 4000... pokeyen? And an ID card that had 'my' name on it, which, according to some little pamphlet I found laying around, apparently let me get free meals in any of the government food kitchens set up for pokemon trainers, as well as free lodging at any of the government funded youth hostels, free services in pokemon centers, and treatment at clinics. And apparently access to a very small monthly stipend and this apartment as an orphan ward of the state, and a basic OLPC-type laptop for general use as a pokemon trainer.

    Well that's an interesting twist on the currency. Still, that's about forty dollars with which to upgrade this stuff. And it looks like he has been begging, borrowing, or stealing to supplement this for quite some time. Half of this shit isn't on the government dime. That is if Giratina or one of the Legendaries didn't magic 'me' and my history up whole cloth for me to inhabit. Still, that gives me enough to start with, but I should figure out what to do next. Only problem is, I don't have a starter! And who knows what else is going wrong too!

    What to do next? Suggestions are for ideas only, feel free to suggest!
    [] Putz around on the computer a bit more. There might be more to learn.
    -[] Focus on what?
    [] Put on some winter clothes and explore the city. Maybe buy something?
    -[] Buy what?
    [] Start a journey to find that Noibat
    [] Start a journey to find that Ralts
    [] Do something else. What
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  2. Blue Magician

    Blue Magician Getting out there.

    May 17, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Cool, sounds like fun. Haven't really seen a pokemon quest take off so lets hope. Giratina seems like a bit of an asshole though. Never liked people who take one point and run with it going completely unreasonable. Giratina acts like a childhood fantasy is a good reason to kill someone.

    Noticed one or two spelling/grammar mistakes but I've lost them now and it was all still understandable so I've no issues. Anyway, on with the planning.

    [x] Putz around on the computer a bit more. There might be more to learn.
    -[x]Plot a general route to Santalune city. Check what kinds of pokemon can be found inhabiting it. It would be really dumb if you just set off only to find out it was filled with poison types and you had no antidotes or something like that. Also make sure that there'd be enough berries and rivers and stuff along the route so you don't go out and starve. Or see if picking up more food/water is an option/depends how long it would take to get there on foot.
    --[x]If there are many pokemon that cause status effects such as poison or paralysis etc, check on how many antidotes or burn heals and whatever you could buy with your money. Might be a good idea to pick up one of each anyway even if there aren't.
    --[x]Also check bus/train schedules. There was a bus in that one Mewtwo movie, also there's that train line between Johto and Kanto. You don't have to take public transport but if there's the option, it would be stupid not to know it existed.
    ---[x]When you've done that check up on various evil organisations. Various apocalyptic events happen almost once a game/manga/region you get the picture. Considering the whole Giratina thing you don't think you'll have to lift a finger but this is the type of thing you'd rather not be surprised about later.
    ----[x]Also see if you can't figure out which continuity you are in and where in the timeline, or whether it's a bit of a mix and match (note: it probably will be a mix considering how much Giratina disdained your meta-knowledge).
    -----[x]Easiest way of checking would probably be seeing who all the gym leaders/elite four members are.
    [x]Speed read those books a 12 year old would study for their journey.
    -[x]Sure you have meta-knowledge but it's best not to assume quite everything will be the same. A skim read won't hurt.
    --[x]Check things like status effects and move limits. Status effects make sense in an RPG. You are now in real life. A potion probably won't instantly heal a pokemon in a moment and things like burns probably won't heal so quickly either/burns probably won't cut a pokemons physical atk in half. Move limits also make sense in a game. It makes less sense when you have moves like tackle and slam be complex enough to take up a move slot when you could do the same with a good whack.
    ---[x]Then again pokeballs can be transported instantly across regions and shrink animals into small balls originally made out of an acorn variant with little issues so science appears to be a bit better here. Don't assume anything.
    --[x]Also check on how to look after pokemon. Sure most of it seems to boil down to don't be a dick considering how smart they are, you've also never so much as touched a pokemon yet so you've probably missed out on things anyone living on this world would have picked up through osmosis.
    ----[x]Also check what rules you're subject to. It would suck to lose a pokemon battle and find out you had to hand over money that you don't really have much of right now.
    [x]Check either through your books or on your computer on how to get a starter.
    -[x]You have a trainer's license but no starter? Something weird is going on here. Or Giratina didn't bother fixing all of your backstory. Still going out into the wild without a pokemon at all is a big no no.
    --[x]Assuming your ID card is your trainer's license. You do appear to have various things only a trainer would have though. Also check what name is on your ID. Would be awkward to answer to/give out the wrong name.
    ---[x]Also check how common pokedexs are. How rare/common they are depends on the source material. It might end up being handy. Even if your computer could be a good substitute.
    ----[x]If getting a starter is impossible, check to see what pokemon live on the outskirts of where you are now. If they aren't any that are too dangerous maybe you can go search for one. Note that even a pack of 'level 5' pokemon would probably slaughter you, so 'not too dangerous' is probably just a matter of perspective.

    Oh wow that is a wall of text. I just added things to do and it kept getting bigger. I think I've covered everything we need to do. Hopefully a few more people join.

    Anyway, the general idea of my plan is check how things work here so we don't look stupid for something later. Also chose to go for the Ralts instead of the Noibat because...I like Ralts and its evolutions. Also my knowledge of pokemon gets a bit shaky after Sinnoh so I chose the pokemon I know. Did see that Noibat is part dragon so a good argument could probably get me to switch what we go for first.

    Also, way things are going it seems like the only pokemon we will take with us are the six that Giratina wants us to grab. Can I have confirmation on this? Just wondering how much it would be worth going out of our way to pick up other pokemon.

    Edit: Didn't notice this was crossposted. Anyway sad to see there doesn't seem to be much attention on any forum, pokemon doesn't seem to get as much attention as it used to.

    Anyway seeing how you want to hear people's opinions.

    First part seemed to drag a little. I'm not even sure why seeing how it seems you got to the point pretty quickly so...I already mentioned how I don't like Giratina. Mostly the reasons of why he hates us so much. A ROB holding a kill switch telling us to do the exact same thing probably would have annoyed me less, Giratina hating someone over a childhood fantasy which from their perspective was obviously fictional irks me a little.

    Second part set up where we were pretty well, didn't really give much idea of what to do. It seems I've posted the biggest plan so far but it's mainly filled up with 'where are we and how does this little corner of the pokemon multiverse work exactly'. You probably could've just as easily written a two line summary sorting that out so our options were more, how do you want to plan heading off into the wild and where are you going first.

    Also I'm sure you have a reason not to give a starter straight off but not even giving us a clue on how to get that sorted seems ... I don't know, like if it comes back that we don't have a starter and there's no easy way to get one I really don't know where to go from there. It seems like a simple thing that is necessary if we are starting off in pokemon that could've been solved with a vote like "you open a pokeball and from the white light appears [insert choice or multiple given choices here]" or perhaps "you don't have a starter, luckily you have a note telling you to head to 'professor so and so' to pick your starter today". Even a "you don't have a starter, maybe you should go search for one [insert place here]".

    Something like that probably would have gotten the same thing sorted faster, and given us a bit better of a guideline on where to go from there.

    Otherwise, it doesn't seem all that clear on what we will be doing. Will we be going Leyroy Jenkins for those six pokemon and scaddadle to another world? Will we be sticking around pokemon for a while making it worthwhile to build up? Will Giratina come down on us like a guillotine if we do any gym battles even if we don't go for the big tourneys? What kind of setting will we be going to later? Previous question might mean teaching our pokemon certain move sets depending on where we go. Like if we end up in Worm we'd plan things different as opposed to ending up in One Piece or something. One Piece would probably mean water attacks to counter devil fruit users, ending up in Bleach would probably mean going for Ghost/Psychic moves.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2017
  3. Threadmark: Part 2

    Gavinfoxx Know what you're doing yet?

    Jan 19, 2016
    Likes Received:
    [] Start a journey to find that Ralts
    -[] But go and get some repels first
    Bonus implied decision:
    [] Put on some winter clothes and go find a poke-mart to buy some repels, and then start to travel west to 'Sandalwood' city!
    [] Worry about all the things you don't know and which seem odd or confusing

    So I made sure to put as many useful things as I could think of in the computer storage, and then I got some winter clothes on, and put the laptop in the backpack. I noticed that part of the backpack was clear, apparently the actual laptop lid, which seemed to have a solar panel on it, faced the clear part of the bag.

    It's freaking Snowbelle City, I don't care if they were calling it Fractal City or whatever, this is ice-theme place! I guess this isn't designed like someone would steal a kid's laptop? It is OLPC-ish, I guess.

    I took the $40-equivalent and stuffed it in my pants, then exited down the stairs of the little apartment block. Finally taking a look outside, it was... invigorating.

    I have a new body, a new chance. I'm in a world that assumes that twelve year olds are perfectly capable of living on their own and travelling through an entire country. There's magic, fantastic creatures, and super-science out there waiting for me! All I have to do is not piss the local Lucifer off. Who has apparently put me under Geas or something. I have $40 of the local currency in my pocket, no starter, a backpack of supplies, and the day ahead of me! This is going to be great!

    I grinned, and walked toward the center of town, which seemed to be a bit of a commercial district.

    Should be able to find some Repels there. So, it's a ways away, what do I need to figure out... well, I need to figure out why I don't have a starter. I'd usually expect to get some starter from a Pokemon Professor. But I guess not everyone knows a professor? Where did all the other trainers get their pokemon, I guess through cleverness or contacts. I didn't see any emails, but I didn't look too hard, either. Nor did I browse my literature or look up my legal status. Am I a licensed pokemon trainer? Are there licenses? Do I have an obligation to do something in particular on my pokemon journey? And what's up with Giratina? Why did he look so different? Why does the icon on my computer look like what I would expect? Why did he act the way he did in general? What are the limitations of the Geas that he presumably placed on me? Can I go beat Gyms? Or is it just big stuff like taking over companies and beating the leaders of Villainous Teams or winning Championships? Already some of my meta-knowledge is wrong... What else might be wrong? Was Giratina rude about it because it was wrong, or because it was a threat? Why did Giratina act the way he did? What are the local pokemon in the area? Are pokemon still limited to four moves? How common are pokedexes? Is even a basic reference book good enough? Could I take a bunch of rocks and catch a level 5 outside of town? Do I even want to try that? What about releasing pokemon or the pokemon storage? Is the six thing from the games a hard limit? ...Mythicals, there's too many unknowns! Gotta get used to swearing by the local deities. Well, there's at least one thing I can double-check.

    I looked at the name on the card,

    [] Name?

    Well, it's me alright. Or the weird Japanese-French version of my name, at least. So was this person created whole-cloth to look like it would fit? Did I take over someone's brain? I don't have memories, other than muscle memory, it seems. More and more unknowns.

    My thoughts were scattered as I passed the various streets, and I noticed the look of the architecture and the city. Cresting a hill, I looked at a larger amount of the town.

    Seems to be a town of two, maybe three thousand people? And the look on the streets is more French, though the insides of the place I was living was more Japanese-ish. More focus on the old. Lots of wood and stucco, tall windows, arched roofs. But I guess you'd need roofs like that with the snow? And the city is pretty densely laid out, which makes sense if people don't have cars to go everywhere, I suppose.

    As I neared what passed for 'downtown', I slowed, noticing that it would be a bit more difficult than just finding a pokemart. The stores... were not what I expected.

    Tailor, Miller, Whitesmith, Blacksmith, Tinker... I can never remember what they do... they do technological things there I guess? Glassblower, Chandler, Cabinetmaker... Oh there's the distillery! ... I guess I shouldn't pick up drinking at my new age. There's a Clinic. Seems to have the icon for a pokemon center on it, I guess they heal both humans and pokemon there? I only remember a few references to hospitals for humans in the show. If it's a small town, I guess you might have only one facility. This is all not what I expected but ...I suppose this all makes sense. Well, when you live in a world where animist spirits with flamethrower breath enforce you only having a small ecological footprint, I guess you don't do heavy industrialization or lots of trade.

    Eventually, after a bit of searching, I found a 'General Store and Post Office'. I walked in, and the door dinged as I entered. The interior had more in common with a turn of the century General Store -- that is, the turn of the 19th century into the 20th. Bolts of cloth, staple foods by the pound, an area for firearms in the back, shoes and boots, dishes, various canned foods, the pharmacy was in here. I found a mail order catalog with a printed photo of a courier mounted on a Skarmory with a fancy saddle. Idly, I flipped through the book. Mostly, it had big things; furniture, stoves, vehicles. Prices seemed to start at 10,000 pokeyen for the basic stuff, and the bigger things like vehicles were over a million pokeyen.

    Looks like the economy that the protagonists of the games participated in was the economy of twelve year old's. A few dollars, a few cents, where the price of a soda is non-trivial, and someone is 'rich' if they have like $50. I'll need to find a way to break out into greater wealth if I want to do anything involving money.

    I made my way over to an area that had some other kids at it, and found the sorts of things found in the games. There was one brand of Repel, with a few versions, and normal, Super, and Max all had different active ingredients, of chemicals I didn't recognize. They reminded me of Off aerosols, and looked like it should have enough in it to be good for more than application, though I didn't really know how to take what was claimed by the writing on it. As I looked at the details, each was a bit small for something like an Off can, and the prices were what I remembered from the game -- 350, 500, and 700. They said, "Apply to external clothes and skin! Up to 12 applications per container! Each application lasts up to two hours!" and the only differences were the Repel said it would "Has a repulsive smell to most wild pokemon!" and the Super Repel said, "Has a repulsive smell to almost all wild pokemon!" and the Max Repel said "Has a repulsive smell to all* pokemon!" with a bit that said "*Excluding Legendaries and Mythicals".

    In the end, I bought

    [] # Repels, # Super Repels, # Max Repels

    When purchasing these, I showed the clerk my ID and asked, "Any mail for me? And is there any transportation going down Route 21 and 22?"

    The clerk looked, and said, "No mail for you. There's a Trade Caravan leaving for Sandalwood in two days. You can go look at the Caravan Inn and Pokemon Stables, they're getting ready."

    Trade...Caravan? What, is this medieval Europe?

    Curious, I managed to find the Caravan Inn. Taking a peek in the stables, I saw a group of Gogoat, Tauros, Dodrio, and Bidoof in the 'stables'. The first three seemed a lot bigger than I remember reading or seeing them be, each looked like it could easily carry an adult along with some equipment. The only that seemed too small for that was the Bidoof.

    An HM Slave, maybe? Oof, maybe should get in the habit of not using terms like that, not even while thinking. Maybe 'Field Move Expert'?

    They seemed to be conversing, and I noticed they weren't just saying their names over and over again, but I couldn't understand the terms they saying. Looking inside, I noticed a pile of a variety of berries and some indeterminate pastries (poffins? puffs?) between a group of them, and some dice on the ground. They all started to stare at me.

    Well that answers the question about pokemon sapience and pokemon language. And begs many, many other unsettling questions. Uhhh those stares are creeping me out. I should go...

    [] Go on my own immediately
    [] Go with the caravan, and putz around town doing stuff for a few days first (what?)
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    I'd say explore the city; it's better to know your territory before seriously looking for anything in it.
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    (Combined suggestions from the replies in the three forums. These will basically be the goals and attempted actions of the character)
    [X] Name: Edgar Gaston
    [X] Get 4 Max Repels at the general store
    [X] Pick up at least one Quick Ball, just in case
    [X] Check the existing pokeballs, see if they have anything in them, or anything weird about them
    [X] Try to get a weapon by visiting the blacksmith
    [X] Go with the caravan, asking them about work that could be done for some money, but putz around town doing stuff for a few days first
    [X] Walk around town, just observing how things work
    [X] Visit the clinic to get an idea of the healthcare situation
    [X] Check in with the local gym, focusing on the trainees, maybe they can help in obtaining a pokemon from the area
    [X] Check the laptop, at a park bench somewhere try to figure out where the timeline is with recent events, maybe checking who the Champion is?
    [X] Speedread at least some of those books for pokemon trainers
    [X] Check legal status, especially pokemon training license, what that implies, and so on
    [X] Check how common pokedexes are, how expensive they are, and if my laptop can do any of that sort of thing.
    [X] Investigate searching for pokemon. Try low-risk methods, like trying to feed pidgeys or other urban pokemon, if I can't get help of the gym trainees

    The stares had creeped me out, so I left that for a bit, planning to come back later, and found a park bench to sit at and think. The air was crisp, but it wasn't snowy.

    At least it is not actively snow-covered right now. It must be summer, there does seem to be crops, though I wouldn't expect a snowy alps town to have much of a growing season. Still, this place is crazy. Nothing here makes sense!

    I thought back to the General Store, and looked at what I had picked up. I had made the calculation of 'better to have and not need, than to need and not have', and picked up four Max Repels for ₽2800.

    They had even thrown in two 'Pester Balls', as a sort of bonus, one for each two Max Repels. It turned out that the only thing a Pester Ball actually was, was a bit of plastic that you emptied the entire Max Repel into, which you could throw as a sort of anti-pokemon stinkbomb for emergencies. They didn't have much too them, just a bit of flimsy plastic, made to split apart when it hit something. I also picked up a Quick ball, which they asked for my ID to see, leaving me with ₽200. That wasn't what had really bugged me -- what had really bugged me was when I looked into weaponry.

    There were some hunting knives, starting at 8000 and going on up. There were some ball-chuckers, which could certainly throw pokeballs as well as rocks. One of those was 3000 pokeyen. A set of heavy Bocce balls, which could certainly brain someone if you used a ball chucker, were 2800. There was a heavy duty slingshot for 3500 pokeyen.

    Then were the firearms. Those were behind glass cases, but the weirdest thing is... I recognized them, brands and all.

    There were older firearms set apart in their own case, listed as 'Surplus Military'. Colt M1911. M1 Carbine. There was a goddamn Thompson Sub-machine Gun, that looked liked it came straight out of World War II! The only difference was the lettering on them was in the 'probably Japanese but I'm not sure' language rather than English. The non surplus military firearms ones seemed to mostly be from Marlin, including the only one I had ever fired in my previous life, the Model 60 in .22LR, and several other calibers. Notably absent were high powered rifles as hunting weapons -- only the military ones seemed to do those. Prices of the firearms started at ₽18000, and went up from there.

    I remembered how the awkward conversation went, with me asking the clerk, "Sir? If I could ask maybe a silly question...If I had the money, would there be anything stopping me from buying any of these weapons and the ammunition for them? Would I need a license or anything?"

    The clerk had looked at me like I was stupid, and responded. "That certainly is a silly question. As long as you could pay for it, why wouldn't you be able to buy one? And no license -- they're not pokeballs! I wouldn't suggest it, though. If you want protection, just get a Pokemon. They're safer for you, as long as you treat 'em right."

    I decided to ask another question, "Say... if I wanted one of those fancy high-end Pokedexes, how would I be able to get one?"

    The clerk looked at me like I had asked a much less silly question, "Well, there are some lookalikes in the catalogue, those have to be special ordered. To get a REAL pokedex though, one of the fancy new ones with all the extra features and a portable satellite link to the pokemon storage system? Become friends with a Pokemon Professor!"

    I frowned, and then asked, "Okay, I don't currently have a pokemon, and I can't afford any of these things which would help with self-defense. Is there anyone that I might be able to do some favors for, or some work for, who might give me access to a weapon with which to defend myself, or subdue a pokemon?"

    The clerk frowned, "Well, you could try the blacksmith. He always seems to want something. But Jacques is a little... weird. But he means well, keep that in mind!"


    To distract myself from thinking about how crazy the world was, I left, found the aforementioned park bench, and got out my laptop. I made sure the laptop was set to 'outside mode', which apparently made it black and white, and that the solar cell was in direct sunlight, and then started looking at the ebooks for a bit. Quickly, I found an ebook reader, and started browsing my books. Notably, I found a book that said 'Your responsibilities as a Pokemon Trainer!' and 'Kalos Pokemon League Rules and Regulations'.

    Apparently the League refereed to the whole regional governing body of the sport in Kalos, and not just the most elite. And the actual rules of League-sanctioned battles, which a trainer was expected to hew to at all times, were a whole sport, with rules for fouls, forfeits, draws, standardized arenas, scoring, variant match options, and rules for sportsmanship and etiquette for Challenges, a whole host of rules that seemed to be intended to minimize property damage. Wagers by the participants that they would win in 'street' matches were allowed, but were discouraged from going above 10000 pokeyen.

    The Responsibility as a Pokemon Trainer talked about how I, being over ten years old and taken the half-day training course and passed the test, can purchase pokeballs and participate in League-sanctioned tournaments and challenge Gym Leaders. Apparently, they used the familiar calendar, if a different year system, and my date of birth pegged me as twelve years and two months old, and I had had my License for two weeks? Apparently as a ward of the state, they delayed my ability to take that class for two years?

    Apparently, the Elite Four were the four finalists of the most recent league, and the Champion was the winner of the most recent League, and the Championship tournament was held every three years -- and Kalos's tournament was just held last year.

    Let's see where I am in canon.. the current Elite Four of Kalos are Pachira, Narcisse, Thymeus, and Dracaena. The League Champion is Kalem. I guess if Dracaena is Drasna and Kalem is Calem, and the tournament already happened, than I am after the events of X and Y. Maybe I can find something about an explosion in one of the towns, or one of the Elite Four being linked to Team Flare? Ack, none of my materials mention anything like that!

    Gingerly, I closed the laptop, and investigated my pokeballs, including the new one. The pokeballs seemed to not be 'clear' like the manga, but they did have a little LCD display on them. If I pressed the button a little, the size swapped between two sizes. If I pressed the button fully, the ball opened and had some mirrors on the inside. It had a secondary button on the back, presumably the recall option, and the 'main' button seemed to have what looked to be a light on it. This button on the back had a special feature that required a tool like a coin or a screwdriver to rotate, and was labeled permanent release. Luckily, the Quick Ball actually came with the manual, and I determined that this was the button to release a pokemon from your service, which would have a distinct blue light.

    I looked more closely at the manual, for extra clues of how these things worked.

    Blah blah blah pokemon energy form... oh, they can see out of the button, which functions as a lense... the button is also the projection array for recalls, so you are supposed to keep your finger clear of that. Pokemon can hear from inside pokeballs, but their sense of time is warped and their physiological needs are mostly removed... certain toxins can still harm a pokemon even if they are in their pokeball, the LCD display will show a purple glow rather than an image of the pokemon inside if this is the case, though there effect will be slowed... they have their own power source, rated for 10,000 years -- what are these things Nuclear or something? Does not work on humans. If a pokemon stays out of his pokeball for five months, the 'mark' protection against other pokeballs will fade. Do not decorate the button, but the casing is safe to decorate... blah blah officially licensed seals and ball capsules, customize your pokeball experience... Compatible with several devices that can register ownership, manipulate the physiology of the pokemon inside, digital transfer system available at authorized pokemon labs... Oh, more expensive balls are less likely to be destroyed if they fail to catch a wild pokemon, that's nice to hear they aren't always broken in that case. Though damn, these things are complete bullshit, I have no idea how they cost like two to ten dollars. Yet another thing that makes no sense here.

    The blacksmith was less medieval and much more modern. There was a modern looking forge, and even a CNC machine hooked up to a computer, though it looked a bit home-assembled and it, and the computer it was hooked to, looked like they had seen better days. It even seemed to have several grinders of different types, as a machine shop, and even had some woodworking tools in a separate area.

    I guess the blacksmith wears a few different hats?

    "Hello! I'm looking for a Jacques!"

    I heard a crash and an OW and then a heavyset man with a thick black beard came out of a side room, removing some gloves as he went. With a toothy grin, he asked, "May I help you?"

    "Uh yea, I was wondering if you sold any weapons?"

    "Ah! You are here for the hammers, yes?"


    "Come, come, let me unlock the shop, and I will show you!"

    Then, he led me to the shop part, which seemed to mostly be the front room of his house, and to a particular set of hammers, which he set on a display table.

    "This one here, is Wood Hammer. This one here is Hammer Arm. This one is Iron Tail." He says, showing a wooden, leather, and metal hammer.

    "And the effect mimics the moves they are named after?"

    "Yes yes! It takes very intricate balancing and design to mimic the moves, but yes! They will act exactly as their move, as performed by a Pokemon! Yes, you see what I was going for! Oh, you are a clever one!"

    "Okay, say I wanted something other than a hammer, like a sword, or a spear, or an axe or something. Do you have any of those?"

    "Whyever would you want something other than a hammer?"


    "Uh, never mind, forget I asked."

    My eyes look at the hammers he has laid out in front of me, and then at a hammer on the wall behind him.

    "What's that two-handed wooden... Polehammer, Longhammer, the Maul thing, on the wall, then? Why didn't you show that one?"

    The man straightens up, as if he was at attention. He very clearly says, "That... is Eloise."

    The heck?

    "Why is that one not named after a move, then?"

    All of a sudden, the man started tearing up, his shoulders slumping, as he started babbling, "Eloise was the best. I got her all the way from Alola, and she loved fighting so much. We were inseparable! We traveled the world together! Until one day, she got a disease, and nothing I did caused her to get better, and she... she passed. So, so she could still do her favorite move, and we would still stay together, I made this out of her remains... so she can still Dragon Hammer anyone who tries to wrong me! Just like old times!"

    Aaaaaand now he's crying his eyes out. Oh mythicals, he made a weapon out of the wooden corpse of a beloved pokemon? Well, Cubone did the same sort of thing first...

    I got found a cloth somewhere and handed it to him, and he blew his nose and cried some more, until he realized that he actually had a customer in front of him. Then it was back to at attention and speaking clearly and evenly, with a short, "How may I help you, sir?"

    "Uhhh. Well, um. I was wondering, I need a weapon, and I don't have much money. Is there any task or work I could do for you, where I might be able to get one of these hammers rather than money as a reward? Not, uh, Eloise I mean. One of the others."

    He then started to look at me appraisingly, much more calculating now, as if sizing me up for real, for the first time. After an awkward pause, he spoke, "Well, yes. There is something you can do. The town doctor... I have had my eyes on her for years now. But whenever I get up the courage to ask her out on a date, I chicken out at the last minute. If you can get me a date with her, I will give you one of the basic hammers."

    With grin, I responded, "You'll have your date by this afternoon!", and left to go investigate the clinic.

    After a bit of a walk to the clinic, I stood in front of it, staring at the sign. Dr. Joy, Doctor of Pokemon Medicine, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Medicine.

    Wowww. I guess they aren't just Nurses, huh?

    Walking in, I noticed that there was only a Jigglypuff at the front desk. I went up and dinged the little service bell. The Jigglypuff looked up from a computer, where it seemed to be playing Solitaire, and said in a clear, unaccented voice, "May I help you?"

    I kinda gaped for a moment, because...she? frowned a bit and said, "I learned the human language to better help patients. Now, did you want to set up an appointment?"

    Finding the ability to talk again, I said, "Uh, I just wanted to ask Nur -- Doctor Joy some questions, figure out what services I could actually get with this card of mine, and maybe do a checkup? I'm thinking of going on my pokemon journey and I want to make sure I'm caught up on everything and that I'm healthy. Uh, one of the books about going on your pokemon journey said to have a physical before you go!"

    The Jigglypuff smiled and said, "Of course, I'll go get her. If you could wait in the waiting room, it shouldn't be too much longer."

    Unable to help myself, I asked, "Say, I thought Jigglypuffs and Wigglytuffs only learned Heal Pulse through breeding, as an egg move? How come you all are helping the Joy family in the medical field?"

    She smiled, and answered, "Well, that's an interesting story. First of all, it isn't the Joy family, it is the joy Clan. A clan is a group of families that share an ancestor. Second, the women of the Joy clan tend to go into the medical field, but the men, at least in Kalos, go into pokemon breeding to support the clan business of providing most of the medical expertise in Kalos. While other pokemon might have more easy access to medical moves, we've found that, of the local pokemon, it's the Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff line that have the best balance of bedside manner and aptitude for the medical arts. Other regions, with other lines of pokemon, act differently. Oh, here she comes!"

    Doctor Joy did not look like that traditional nurse outfit. Instead, she was dressed with one of the doctor's white coats, with a stethoscope around her neck, and a clipboard. She did have natural red hair, though. She was in her forties and... a quick glance at the ring finger, did not seem to be married.

    The physical didn't take long, and she apparently didn't have notes on me having one of the necessary shots, and as I expressed interest in traveling out of Kalos, she gave me a combination vaccine. It turns out that medical care -- both for pokemon and humans -- was free in most regions, with ID needing to be presented. If I hadn't shown the ID, it might have cost me 1500 pokeyen for most things I would otherwise be able to get.

    Well, that's one thing that's significantly better than America, at least.

    As I left the clinic, I realized I still had to do a few things.

    How do I get Jacques a date with Doctor Joy? If I do that, which hammer should I ask for? How should I approach the gym people to try and get a starter with there help? What can I offer a local ice gem? Do I even want to try that, or should I try to catch a Pidgey or something with the Quick Ball? As I walk around town, what should I keep an eye out for? What should I look for when browsing the websites that are in the local intranet that I saw people had set up? What sorts of work should I offer to do with the caravan? Should I try and do favors for other sort of people, to get other useful things? Maybe some more ebooks? What? Should I just stop putzing around quite so much, eat my free food at whatever cafeteria the card works for, and go with the caravan?

    [] Suggestions are wide open!
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    Uh hey everyone? I do actually need replies and suggestions to let this continue. It IS supposed to be interactive!