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[Introduction Thread] 'Sup All

Hello to all, I'm just a lurker that didn't know we were supposed to say hi. I legit just came to the look for what xenforo is and found this thread.
Hello All, I'm new here but looking forward to exploring
Well I've been here for a bit but this is my first post please please let me edit my profile lol.
Hello qq,
I am Fruchtgott/Fruit God
Pleased to meet you all
Hello Ya'll, been lurking for a while and I saw my profile and read that virginity thing. Did not know I needed to post something to get rid of it.
Wassup, I heard about this site from WN and decided to see it for myself.
I will just ask a question
Whats the best ui color for reading?
Hello everyone, a fulltime lurker that's been wholly unaware about the introducing thing. Just noticed this thread. So I'll just sit here and watch your degeneracy. I'm a voyeur, not a participant.
The new version of XenForo must come with the +2 to Necromancy. Otherwise, I couldn't comprehend why this thread is still recommended to me after a few years of lying dead and forgotten.

So, hello again, QQ.
Hey there

Don't mind me I'll lurk around. Maybe write something once I learn how to write properly.
Hello QQ. (how nice of Xenforo2 to lead me here by accident, I sure never knew of it before...)

There, now that's done. Back to lurking!
Hello, all. Didn't know I was supposed to post something here, until I couldn't continue a conversation, thankfully someone directed me here.
Hello, long time user who can't post private threads cause of the move/recent change to QQ. Not a new user or bot, I am a real person. I was told to post here to show I am not a bot and can hopefully get my permissions back. Can I please have my permissions back please.
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I'm just a long-time lurker and reader here to say hi and get a post count.
So, hi, I guess?
Hi, here to get a post count due to move related shenanigans. Wonderful to continue being here, would like to get back to lurking~

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