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[RPG] [Log Horizon] Faceplanting right into the Database

Discussion in 'Play-by-Post' started by Scratx, Aug 26, 2018.

  1. Index: GM Post

    Scratx Getting sticky.

    Jul 24, 2018
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    GM POST - It begins

    Day 1, Morning

    Somewhere, in Yamato, lay a shrine in the middle of a forest clearing. A small, one story building with a red roof resembling many a pagoda, surrounded by a small courtyard laid with light grey stone slabs. A small wall clearly delineated the boundary between the shrine and the surroundings proper. The groundskeeper, a middle-aged man called Igor, was sweeping the grounds when he heard popping noises. He turned around and looked at the adventurers now lying around the courtyard, as if asleep.

    "Hmm, that's a little odd. Not revival... their Call to Home spell, I think. Not usual for them to pop up asleep."

    He briefly entertained the notion of poking at one of them and see if they woke up, but in the end he decided that Adventurers were Adventurers and, thus, weird. If they wanted to sleep in his shrine's courtyard, what was he going to do other than clean up after them? He was just one of the People of the Land, after all, and the Kunie Clan paid him well to keep the place in good order.

    "Let them sleep."

    He resumed his sweeping for a few more minutes before he set the broom aside and entered the shrine building proper to replace the incense, flowers and so forth.

    Outside, in the courtyard, the Adventurers started to wake to the clear, morning sky.