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[RPG] [Log Horizon] Faceplanting right into the Database

Discussion in 'Play-by-Post' started by Scratx, Aug 26, 2018.

  1. Threadmarks: Player Character Sheet - Aeltara

    ECS05norway Know what you're doing yet?

    Aug 17, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Female Half-Alv Level 90 Sorceror / Level 90 Rogue
    (Currently about halfway through the Morrigan's Daughter quest-chain, which bestows the custom Title Subjob of Phantom Thief. The quest-chain was supposed to be completed in the current expansion. So far as she knows, no one else has begun this chain; the start of it requires choosing to support Winter Fae over Summer Fae in several other quests.)

    Titles: Ghostwalker / Thief of Hearts / Le Chat Blanc / The White Death

    Appearance: Originally: Tall and slender, jet-black hair, grey eyes.
    Most commonly seen wearing the Snow Fairy Princess' Gown and a pair of white dragonhide boots. (Knee high, 2-inch heels.)
    Recent events have left her hair snow-white.

    Height: 5'10"
    Measurements: None of your business.

    * White Persian's Kiss - This joke item was available to those who participated in a James Bond homage quest chain, only to those who engaged and defeated Blofeld's Nekomata. The white leather choker allows the owner to take on the form of a small albino cat. While in cat form, however, the user cannot make use of any combat skills beyond Kitten Claws and Bite. This resulted in it being sold or ignored by many. Aeltara has found many interesting uses for it, however.

    * Snow Fairy Princess' Gown - Woven of Wraith Spider silk and snowflakes, soaked in the blood of raid-level Wendigo, this Phantasmal armor offers near immunity to cold damage and effects while substantially boosting the wearer's own abilities with the same.
    Casting Cost and Cool-Down Time for Cold spells are halved, and Cold effects of any weapons wielded are doubled. As a penalty, however, MP cost and cool-down time for Fire-type spells are increased by 50%.
    It appears as a garment of snow-white silk, tailored to the wearer's desired appearance, that seems to shimmer and iridesce. The Gown was available to those who chose to side with the Winter Fae during the Fairy Ring Samhain (Halloween) Quest of 2014, "Cassilda's Song". (It can assume the appearance of any type of formalwear at the wearer's command. Aeltara's preference is to have it appear as a snow-white cheongsam, with subtle pale-blue snowflake and icicle imagery.)
    Flavor Text: "Bestowing the cruel beauty of the Ice Queen, this Fairy Princess' Gown shows the favor of Queen Mab upon the wearer. The power and protection of Winter is hers to draw upon."

    * Ice Dragon's Claws - Artifact-level set of matching mithril bracelets, set with sapphires and engraved in a knotwork pattern. A very rare drop from a battle against an ice dragon Raid Boss, a set of these grants the wearer a large bonus to defense and to Strength. Flavor Text: "Infused with the strength of the dragon's scale, these gleaming bands grant that strength unto their wearer, making their skin as tough as a dragon's."

    * Ice Dragon-Hide Boots - Made from the hide of an Ice Dragon by an expert Tailor, requires Silver Tokens crafted by a master Blacksmith. The wearer will have steady footing on even the slickest of snow and ice, and even on liquid water as the surface momentarily freezes solid under each step.
    Flavor Text: "The hide of an Ice Dragon maintains its wintry chill, and when combined with enchanted silver grants the wearer grace and poise even when walking upon the waters."

    * Pixie's Tears - Silver-chased sapphires in the shape of icicles hang from each earring. These gems provide a bonus to perception, useful for spotting ambushes and hidden traps, or the mood of those she deals with.
    Flavor Text: "A gift of the Little Fae, to open one's eyes to the wonders of the world - and the dangers."

    * Wendigo-Slayer's Fan
    This elegant silk fan is decorated not with ink but with the blood of a Raid Boss Wendigo. It boosts the spell power and accuracy of the wielder by 25%, 35% for cold-type spells or in wintry environments.
    "The infinite hunger of the monstrous Wendigo adds its potency to spell and blade alike, striking with the fierceness of a winter storm."

    Personality Notes:
    Tends to be snarky whenever she has nothing better to say. Or even when she does.
    Excellent listener, good at helping people work through issues, andhas a strong need to help when she sees someone hurting. Especially if it's someone she cares about.
    That said, not always the best at picking up on social cues. Can come off a little introspective and self-centered, even thoughtless.
    Sometimes 'forgets' to deal with important things in a timely manner.

  2. Threadmarks: Player Character Sheet - Sarasa

    Dahlia Getting out there.

    Aug 24, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Female Elf Bard 90 / Maid 90

    Build: Concertmaster harp bard using support song specialization for large-group encounters with a maid weapon for emergencies.

    Appearance: Petite, jade-green eyes, and pale-skinned with strawberry-blonde hair, braided or loose. She usually wears a kelly-green maid outfit with emerald mary-janes and thick flower crown. For formal events, she replaces the maid outfit with a moss green kirtle and surcoate.
    Frame(cm): 150 cm tall, 77-61-85
    Frame(in): 4’11”, 30 ‘A’-24-33
    This is comparable in height to Akatsuki and corresponds to the Japanese standardized dress size 5AP, which is size 5 (Japan), standard physique, petite.

    After six years of play, Sarasa has a reputation among players for raiding and exploration and among the former-NPCs as both a capable harpist and reliable babysitter. She has been seen ranging from her home in Cajun as far east as Ungvár. Sarasa is a regular at the Midsommer Faire in the Londinum server and an outlaw in Ystrad Clud.

    Relevant Locations
    Cajun (New Orleans, LA, USA)
    Elven Kingdom of Ystrad Clud (Kingdom of Straithclyde. It was early medieval kingdom in southern Scotland and northern England.)
    Dumbarton (Dumbarton, West Devonshire, Scotland, UK. It was the first capital of Straithclyde.)
    Fairy Kingdom Ungvár (Uzhhorod, Ukraine)

    [Faire Maide’s Garb] Cosmetic locked event clothing.
    This consists of a white silk chemise under a kirtle and surcote of moss green samite.
    *Samite approximates to satin.
    It was acquired as a joke outfit prize from the “Midsommer Faire” event in Londinium during Sarasa’s second year as a player. Sarasa is too embarassed to say how it was won, but keeps getting invited back as a mascot of the event.
    This is a cosmetic item.
    Flavor text: “A bonny wee thing for a bonny wee lass.”

    [Maid Clothes of Eire] Production class maid uniform cloth armor using localized dye.
    These have a white lace pinafore secured in the back with a very large bow atop a kelly-green velvet dress over white petticoats.
    This armor provides a bonus to Maid actions.
    Flavor Text: “A maid’s uniform is her pride.”

    [Leprechaun’s Traveling Shoes] Shoes of a style popular with children and women in Big Apple and Londonheim. These are emerald green patent leather closed-toe, low-cut shoes with a strap across the instep (“maryjanes”). They are worn with white tights.
    This pair reduces fatigue from standing, walking, and dancing.
    Flavor Text: “There was drinkin’ and dancin’ an’ before I knew ‘twas mornin’.”

    [Straw Broom] Production class cleaning tool and weapon.
    This is a sturdier version of the common lander broom. The maid, housekeeper, and housewife subclasses can wield it as a weapon.
    Flavor Text: “A hundred sweeps across the floor. A hundred sweeps to the door. Out! Out, dirt!”

    [Younger Sister] Spectral harp phantasmal instrument.
    It is made from the breastbone and golden hair of a girl drowned by her sister and then possessed by her spirit.
    The harp and harpist are a medium by which spirits can speak or be made manifest.
    It was the first-completion award for the Ystrad Clud Cycle quest.
    Flavor Text: “A sound so sweet it could melt a heart of stone.

    [Affection] Fairy flower crown phantasmal headgear.
    The head wreath was formed by a fairy princess using twelve flowers. Seven ribbons of various colors trail behind.
    The flower crown reduces fear effects in battle and marks the bearer for the fairy princess of Ungvár.
    (It confers guest rights for those fairy kingdoms neutral to or allied with Ungvár.)
    It is the first-completion award for the Fairy Kingdom Ungvár Cycle, assigned to the role of questing maid.

    Misc Lore (May or may not apply)
    [Ystrad Clud Cycle] Bard/Harpist Mystery Quest Chain
    The Ystrad Clud Cycle is a murder mystery solo quest chain for bard characters who use the harp. It branches off an obscure but fairly well-documented quest chain known as “The Dumbarton Mill Ghost” chain. That begins with a harpist taking a common quest to spend an evening performing at the inn for the good folk of Dumbarton wherein they might chance to overhear the rumor of a haunting up at the old mill outside of town. Investigation of the mill leads to a battle with the distraught ghost. If the bard defeats the ghost, they are locked into the very popular “Spirits of the Old North Kingdom” quest line. Sarasa was goofing around the day she confronted the ghost and played the harp rather than using a battle skill. The ghost calmed down enough to tell how she was killed by the miller, which locked Sarasa into the Ystrad Clud Cycle quest line.

    Further investigations in the area led to the knowledge that the miller was hanged for killing a princess some thirty years prior. The Dumbarton NPCs showed increasing hostility towards Sarasa, leading up to an assassination battle. When she confronted the ghost again, the ghost admitted that while the miller failed to rescue her, it was the ghost’s elder sister that drowned her. The next morning, the royal guards clapped Sarasa in chains and exiled her from the kingdom.

    After changing into a good disguise, Sarasa sneaked back into Ystrad Clud to meet with the ghost one last time. She directed the bard to dig up her corpse and make a [Bone Harp]. With harp in hand, Sarasa made her way past the guard patrols into the royal castle and confronted the court. When the harp began to play itself, the ghost manifested in the court, greeting her lover the king and denouncing her sister the queen for her murder. The spirit merged with the Bone Harp to become the [Younger Sister]. Sarasa grabbed her harp and fled in the uproar. Completions by subsequent players gave a valuable but non-unique silver harp.

    [Fairy Kingdom Ungvár Cycle] Maid Quest
    Ungvár is an isolated kingdom in the Karpaty mountains well southeast of Krakow. The primary way into and out of the kingdom is the fairy circle. After the Fairy Globetrotters discovered the route, the area was looked over, but most players found it too underleveled by the time they could go there. Among the many quests there was a recurring maid quest serving the youngest princess of the kingdom. Over the course of several expansions, she slowly grew up. Advanced repetitions of the quest increased a hidden counter leading to the princess becoming friends with her maid. She would then make requests of the maid to do several errands for her. During the week after the release of one expansion, the maids in confidence would discover a plot by several cultists against the princess, leading to an instanced event “Escape from Ungvar”. At the conclusion of the event, the princess shoves the maid through the fairy circle with a Forget-me-Not and is captured. At the conclusion of the week, player access to Ungvár was removed.

    Subsequent expansions added new raids to the Karpaty mountains and a hidden quest for those with a Forget-me-not. Those maids could find eleven other flowers hidden in raids, in out of the way places, or in quest chains scattered throughout the Karpaty mountains. Sarasa was the first player to complete the collection and open the Chernobog Raid. The raid group defeated Chernobog and rescued the fairy princess. During the subsequent celebration, the fairy portal to Ungvár was restored and the princess rewarded her maid with the fairy flower crown and a kiss on the cheek.

    Skills Used
    [Bean Nighe's Jig]
    This bard skill for harp is named for the unseelee found at fords, streams, and crossroads washing the shrouds of those soon to die. It is a tactical skill meant for helping to clear large groups of lower-level mobs or players absent a large AoE. It provides an evasion buff to the defending target which scales with the level gap between the defender and attacker.
    Sarasa dislikes it.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
  3. Threadmarks: Player Character Sheet - Minako

    Scratx Getting sticky.

    Jul 24, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Female Fox-tails Kannagi 90 / Pathfinder 90

    Titles : "High Priestess of Inari", "Moon Princess", "Fairy Ring Explorer", also unofficially "Bunny"

    Build : Full-Random Fox-tails, front-line combat kannagi (primary) with back-row healer/protector option (alternate) which she hates to use because it's boring

    Appearance : 1.7m tall, blue eyes, blond long hair, fair skin. Typically wears either a shrine priestess outfit, a set of light blue chainmail armor under Haori or, if she's in full trolling mode or an additional heavy healer is required, a white ball gown with matching silver crown and a staff with a crescent moon.

    Primary gear :
    - [ White Fang ] - Production-grade katana with cold damage and slow effect.
    - [ Starburst Bow ] - Artifact-grade from a Raid Zone in the Scandinavian region, the Starburst bow has a high attack speed and damage rating. However, its main power is granting a wide AoE attack with moderate damage, as an explosion of stars from the impact point.
    - [ Armor of the Four Wind Spirits ] - Phantasmal-grade armor with a very high defensive rating combined with near weightlessness for high battlefield mobility. Also effectively makes the user immune to hostile wind effects. Acquired as part of a deal. Yamato-region item.
    - [ Charm of the Restless ] - Artifact-grade item that grants a low level of constant MP regeneration and enhances the effect of MP-regenerating consumable items and abilities.

    Alternative gear : (baked in extra bonus)
    - [ Moon Staff ] - Artifact-grade staff that extends the range of all healing and protection skills. Part of the Moon Princess set.
    - [ Gown of the Moon Princess ] - Obtained by encountering and putting to rest the spirit of one of the Luquenje in a Raid zone, this Phantasmal-grade gown greatly enhances healing and protection skills at the expense of offensive power. Part of the Moon Princess set, unique.
    - [ Tears of the Moon Princess ] - Artifact-grade crown that lowers the MP cost of all healing and protection skills. Part of the Moon Princess set.
    Set bonus : Grants AoE Ressurection skill with an 8h cooldown

    Despite the player being western european, he chose to create an account in Japan in order to access the Japan-only classes. Historically, the character has been involved in multiple quest chains around the fox god Inari, which ultimately resulted in elevating her status and earning the title. In addition to that, Minako actively explored the fairy ring network, finding in many cases entirely new areas before anybody else did. Finally, she participated in multiple Raids, one of which surprised her by encountering a wraith that wasn't immediately hostile. Instead of attacking it, she instead tried to talk to the wraith, leading down to a small quest chain within the Raid Zone itself that put the wraith to rest. The dress it was wearing was awarded to Minako as the prize for its success.

    The days leading up to the expansion, the player just took it easy, hoping to charge up batteries to a gaming binge right at launch. The universe, it seems, is not without humour.


    Pathfinder subclass deals with finding the way through to somewhere else, usually navigation through dungeons but also very helpful outside of dungeons. It also helps in avoiding ambushes. However, it is not usable for tracking creatures. Their lairs, on the other hand...
  4. Threadmarks: Player Character Sheet - Draken-Sis

    drakensis Versed in the lewd.

    May 23, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Female Fox-Tail Cleric 90/Berserker 87

    Build: Armor Cleric variant, benefiting from the random skill changes of a Fox-Tail removing her Shield and Magical Device access in favour of Two-Handed Sword access and the Wasp Sting Arrow taunt which requires the use of a bow. (She can only use a bow for that skill and for the basic attack skill.

    Appearance: towering blonde with a statuesque built and pointed ears. Hair tied up in an elaborate knot. Has a range of outfits including gowns, leathers and full plate which she shifts between depending on activities. One of her more common alter-egos using the Fox-Tail illusions is a Were-Cat with a white tiger theme and wearing a matching furred catsuit. (No apologies for the pun).

    Personality: normally quiet but with a very British dry wit. When playing solo likes to stealth around problems where possible. It can be a bit surprising to players that in combat she is more of a brawler than a high healer or even a classic armor cleric. Draken-Sis only quite recently reached the level cap and is still grinding her Berserker sub-class to the old maximum level.

    Bifrost Pendant
    An Artifact-class item from a quest in the Scandinavian server, the pendant is a tiny glass bead that glows like a rainbow. It noticeably increases MP recovery when HP is below half, which is helpful given Draken-Sis’ frontline healing.

    Monty VIII
    Draken-Sis first obtained a sword in this style on the South and Central American Server and has had several swords made with the same appearance. Monty VIII has the Vampiric quality, giving a bonus to DoT and HoT abilities.

    Sif’s Hair Ring
    The phantasmal item Draken-Sis received from the Dwarven Workshop dungeon this allows her to switch immediately with another set of clothes, weapons and items, stored on the ring. She can keep a considerable wardrobe of gear on hand as a result.

    Link to a google doc with some images of Draken-Sis.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2018