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My Hero Academia: Symbiosis (MHA AU/Isekai)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by V4Guss, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. Index: Chapter 1

    V4Guss Not too sore, are you?

    Apr 20, 2018
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    The first thing I'm aware of is that my body... is not human anymore. I seem to be a cross between slime and a writhing mass of tendrils. I take a moment to calm myself which is surprisingly easy considering I don't have a rapidly beating heart or hyperventilating lungs that would normally come with a bout of panic.

    It's like my entire body is a sensory organ. I can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel with my entire being. I don't seem to have any apparent major organs, vital, sensory, or otherwise. My body seems uniform.

    Where am I? It seems to be a massive storm sewer with large columns supporting the ceiling. I appear to be attached to one of the columns. Despite the lack of light I can see so clearly. How did I get here? I get brief flashes of a lab and someone breaking into it. I had to run, escape. Strangely I have memories of being human, but I get the vague sense I'm not all here, like part of me missing.

    A scent in the air catches my attention. I move quickly in a motion that's somewhere between slithering, skittering, and running. I'm lead to a large tunnel. There are three men here.

    "I think we got away.", says the one with horns.

    Another laughs, the most human of the three with no physical peculiarities though in his hand is a fireball lighting the three's way, "Heroes... pfft."

    "I can't believe we lost them.", the third says, a large mountain of muscle over two meters tall.

    I remember being human with a life before this, but something in me... there's this hunger and need to connect in a way I can't describe. I skitter in the knee deep water.

    "Fuck! Something just moved past my leg.", the horned one says.

    "It's probably just a rat. Don't be a pussy.", the man with the fireball says in a commanding tone. I get the impression he's the leader.

    I leap at the horned man, causing a splash as I exit the water.

    In the dim light of the storm tunnel they don't fully see what's going on. On instinct I meld with the man's body... but something's wrong. His scent... his taste is wrong. I can already feel his organs failing as I bond with him. I immediately know he won't last more than a couple days at most.

    The other two see him convulse and spasm for a moment where he stands.

    The big one says, "Goro? You alright?"

    They see his eyes turn a dull gold for a moment. I morph his arm into a spike and impale the one holding the fireball through the chest before he has any chance to react. He coughs up blood . The fire sputters out and he collapses. The other apparently has no ability see in the dark. I can hear his heartbeat and breath quickening in fear.

    He swings his fist randomly. Suddenly I am upon him. His scream echoes through the sewer before being cut short.


    On the positive side I do have access to this body's memories, though I seem to be having difficulty getting anything more than recent memories and surface thoughts. All three of the men were villains who had just committed a convenience store robbery that escalated into murder. They escaped the Pro Heroes who were going to apprehend them... then they found me.

    It crosses my mind... I don't remember being this callous or aggressive. I get the impression my mind has been altered. I think I'm still me for the most part though even with the alterations and the sense of missing parts I can't define. Judging from my abilities and apparent compulsion or need for a host, I'm a Marvel style Symbiote or something similar.

    It's a cloudy night, raining. The scent and taste of petrichor and the city is in the air. From the man's memories I can get at I'm aware I'm in Musutafu City in a world of Quirks, Heroes, and Villains. It's the world of My Hero Academia. I look up and notice something peculiar as I walk. The gibbous moon peaks out from behind the clouds to reveal many unusual blue and green spots scattered across it, apparently in several of the craters. I don't remember that in MHA.

    I mentally grimace... my host coughs up blood. He's degrading faster than expected. My guess is that either only a subset of the population has compatible genetics and biology or something about this man's Quirk is making it so the bonding is imperfect and slowly killing him.

    I realize that ideally I need a host that won't fall apart and I can use long term, preferably one with a Quirk that would be useful. This body won't do even if its organs weren't failing, the authorities are after it being the main issue. I move into an alley and spot a cat hissing at me. Why does it have an extra tail? It just splits into two at the base of the spine.

    I leave my current host. He collapses and as I leave I can tell his heartbeat has already stopped. I move into the less conspicuous feline. I leave the alley, sniffing the air. Several scents stand out with a certain common quality I can't identify. I wonder if that's because they might be compatible.

    Surprisingly I notice the cat doesn't seem to be degrading at a noticeable rate and despite the unusual feature of an extra tail it doesn't seem to have a Quirk. This leads me to conclude that the man's Quirk was the result of the degradation or for some reason humans have less compatibility than other animals.

    I walk down the sidewalk. I'm just a feral cat, people ignore me though a few give odd looks at one that isn't so skittish. I examine the scents and tastes in the air. I notice some of the people I pass have that common scent I can't quite place. I do take note that while some with visible Mutation quirks have it, most show no outward signs of mutation. None of the three villains I encountered earlier had that scent either

    I observe, people watching, for awhile in attempt to identify common traits, just spending days doing this. I come to the conclusion that the Quirkless universally have this scent marker while only a minority of people with apparent Quirks. Seems I might be limited with available human hosts. I need to test this.

    I spend the next several days experimentally bonding with people, staying to the dregs as it were, obvious villains, gang members and the like. Apparently few expect their fellows to turn on them without warning.

    I've even taken to crippling blows when dealing with multiple people for the simple reason that despite attempting it, I can't bond properly with a dead host. I haven't tested that last thing much, but it seems I have until brain death and damage to the nervous system from lack of oxygen occurs. I've managed to restart breathing and heart beat after bonding with the clinically dead a few times.

    It is quickly confirmed after more than a couple dozen hosts that the unique scent I've been picking up is only found in the Quirkless and a minority of Quirked individuals. Estimating from the Quirked hosts I tested less than half of those with Quirks are actually compatible without slowly killing them over the course of several days, though I did note it seems that Transformation Quirks have higher rate of success. I'm not sure why that is. I did note that the level of organ degradation seem to vary somewhat in Quirked individuals. I didn't bother to see the full effects in all cases due to not wanting to waste the time or needlessly kill people, but I estimate that some incompatible individuals may last weeks, maybe months under good conditions. Another thing I noted after testing is that Quirked individuals actually seem to have their Quirks somewhat enhanced or augmented regardless of whether or not they are compatible physically.

    I go over my knowledge of My Hero Academia after coming to these results. I need an individual that would be compatible mentally or have some mental traits that I could exploit to encourage them to a voluntary relationship. Preferably I'd want some one with a useful Quirk that is synergistic with the powers of a Symbiote.

    I go over several quirks before coming to the decision I ideally want someone with powers that would enhance stealth and could potentially work with my shapeshifting in that regard, but I'm willing to join with an individual with a less desirable, though still useful, Quirk if I can establish a long term bond.

    I do briefly consider seeking out Izuku. His Quirkless nature and desire to be a hero could be used to encourage him to want to stick with me and it occurs to me that there have be countless individuals who are Quirkless and would willingly jump at the chance to have super powers of their own even it means sharing their body with another being.

    I go over various quirked candidates I know of.

    Knuckleduster... useful Quirk and his sense of justice, violent tendencies, and willingness to work as a Vigilante could be useful. The problem is that I don't exactly know when in the timeline I am, with the main indicator being that All Might is a hero, but not a teacher at UA according to media and news reports I've gone over which suggests I'm at some point before the main series or at the time when Izuku is still training. Knuckleduster could have already been rendered Quirkless. I pass over him. Other Quirked Vigilantes may also have potential, but the ones I can actually recall don't have the most synergistic Quirks or might have incompatible personalities.

    Shinso Hitoshi and Monoma Neito are considered. The former's Quirk would be compatible with my apparent ability to mimic voices while the latter's power copying has obvious usefulness.

    Some individuals are right out under the assumption I have the same weaknesses as Marvel Symbiotes, though I have yet to test if that is the case. Earphone Jack with her sonic abilities and any fire based Quirks would be incompatible because of this. I vaguely remember The Human Torch bonding with Venom for only a few minutes to have it immediately separate from him when he turned on his powers.

    A villain such as Twice has a useful Quirk, but I'm unsure if he might perhaps be too mentally unstable and there's also the issue on clone loyalty with his Quirk.

    I go over more than dozen Quirked individuals I can remember before deciding on two that would work with my desire to go unnoticed: Utsushimi Camie and Toga Himiko. The former's illusions would certainly be useful in maintaining secrecy while the latter's Transform Quirk would not only be useful, but synergistic with the ability to eat people. When I encountered those first three villains... I was hungry and ate the two I had killed in the sewer. Strangely cannibalism doesn't repulse me in the slightest and I seem to have a high caloric requirement based on the hunger I feel so eating my enemies is probably a practical concern now, though technically is it really cannibalism when I don't seem to be human anymore?

    I choose Himiko as a first choice due to her mental issues being exploitable and willingness to feed on other humans being more suited to a Symbiote's high caloric needs. If Venom could handle Eddie Brock's mental issues then I should be able to work with Himiko I reason. Camie is my second choice due to knowing less about her personality, but still seeing her Quirk as useful. I've ranked several others if those two are both physically incompatible

    I take a random man and do a quick internet search with his smart phone. Searching "Toga Himiko" doesn't turn up anything useful on where she would be. Of course it wouldn't be that easy, but I assume Himiko has to be living somewhere in or around Musutafu. I check the names and addresses of local schools. I make sure to destroy the man's phone and blank his short term memory so he doesn't cause problems later. I don't think I was in him long enough to cause too much damage though he seems dazed when I leave him on a park bench.

    I spend the next week using various animal hosts to investigating the schools I look up. I find Himiko at the sixth school I check, Manjuku Academy near where Musutafu borders Naruhata, spotting her in the crowd as the students are leaving for the day. She seems to be chatting amicably with a couple other girls I don't recognize and I'm reminded that for most of her life she was putting up a facade for others.

    She leaves the school and begins walking home alone. I follow in a cat. She pauses for a moment and then continues walking then stops about halfway home. She turns and enters an out of the way alley. I follow.

    She's standing there, staring at my host when I enter the alley. She has a slightly uncanny smile on her face as she kneels and beckons me forward, "Come here, kitty."

    I approach. I catch her drawing a box cutter. I leap at her out of my host at the same time she attempts to attack the cat, can't say the attempted animal harm is unexpected given what I know of her.

    There's just enough time for her eyes to widen in surprise at me leaping out of the cat. I land on her face and begin joining with her. She gives out a brief muffled scream in the process. She struggles and claws at her face, but in less than a minute its over. I smile inwardly when I don't find any immediate indication of organ degradation as a result of incompatibility.

    I pour over her mind. I have her thoughts, her senses, her recent memories open to me, though as before I don't have access to anything deeper. I speak to her mentally, Hello, Himiko.

    She pauses from examining herself and wondering what just happened. Her thoughts turn to the fact that she's not the sort of crazy to be hearing voices. At least she's aware she has mental issues.

    "You're that thing that just jumped out of the cat aren't you? How do you know my name?", she speaks in a whisper.

    I am what is called a Symbiote and as for how I know your name... I'm in your head, I see and know everything you do., I tell her, I know your parents and your counselors have harshly discouraged your... less than normal habits since you were young. You put up a facade in front of others... but I see under that. You like blood and violence. You want love. I need a host and have some interest in vigilantism. I believe we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

    She breaks out into a grin and I sense her excitement, "Got a name?"

    Call me..., I base something off her Quirk, Ichor.
  2. Index: Chapter 2

    V4Guss Not too sore, are you?

    Apr 20, 2018
    Likes Received:
    My prior temporary hosts... I didn't really delve deeply into their memories beyond basic information about the world and I never really spent more than a day in any of these prior hosts to avoid the problems of working with a host that had degraded too badly. Two things with Himiko as a permanent host and having spent more than three days with her: One, after seventy-two hours I started gaining much more thorough access to her memories which I assume is due to fully bonding with her. Two, I've been having her research Symbiotes a bit.

    A quick internet search on "Symbiotes" reveals they're apparently a creation of the "Vita Corporation" which raises some questions on exactly what I am since that implies I'm not a Marvel Symbiote. Further Vita Symbiotes were initially designed as a sort of living utility and environmental suit for hostile and alien environments that humans can't survive in. Combat effectiveness was taken into account afterwards when considering that alien life might be hostile and as a result they're currently used by several militaries across the world. The biggest drawback is the high caloric intake to function meaning predation is effectively a necessity, but its common for Symbiote soldiers to eat specially made high nutrient, high calorie rations. With the vague memories of escaping a lab this leads me to conclude that this corporation is going to be looking for me.

    As far as what we know about the corporation it was founded during the Restoration Era (which occurred after the Quirk Anarchy Era) by a man simply going by the name "Vita". Due to chaos at the time and records being lost during the Quirk Anarchy Era, no one really knows his real name or how old he really is. His exact Quirk isn't known but is believed to be some form of organic manipulation (it's even called that in public records even though he never officially registered his Quirk) based on what he had displayed prior to founding the company, what he had shown after, and what he had built the company on. Currently no one has seen him in the past three decades and his daughter has been the acting CEO of Vita Corp.

    Himiko seems to sense some anxiety and distress coming from me as I process this knowledge as she does her homework. She asks mentally, having picked up how to communicate silently rather quickly in just the three days we've been bonded, You okay?

    Currently I'm avoiding giving meta-knowledge to Himiko since I'm not fully sure if it's a good idea or not out of concern that freely giving her that information might cause problems. At the same time I should be able to talk to her considering she's my host and we're going to be rather close going forward given the nature of Symbiotes. I respond with, We both know Symbiotes are created by the Vita Corporation. I have concerns someone is going to be looking for me and may seek to harm us.

    She ponders this for a moment before answering, Relax, we'll handle it. Besides if they do show up... I haven't been caught for anything I've done yet.


    Himiko agreed to vigilante work after we ironed out some things in how our relationship will be going forward. I reason that if she has an outlet for her violent and sadistic tendencies on people who actually deserve it she'll never become a villain, except legally I guess due to Heroing without a license being illegal in Japan, but that just means we'll have to be careful. Besides her Quirk and my abilities are both suited to going unnoticed and keeping a secret identity. Something that makes this easier is that apparently a Symbiote makes it so the Host doesn't need sleep.

    We're out on our first patrol and this is the first time I've actually fully manifested a suit around a host. The overall color is predominantly a dull gold-yellow, but red and black dominate the limbs and head. This gives the gold-yellow parts something of a resemblance to a leotard. Instead of the typical white eye spots I recall with other Symbiotes, ours are dull gold, curving upward a bit and surrounded by black rings on an otherwise red face with black teeth. A mane of gold and black tendrils capable of merging to form larger ones extends from our head and back. The overall design was based on Himiko's specifications to the extent I was capable. While I can manifest as clothing for Himiko, I'm also entirely capable of withdrawing completely into her body to avoid giving us away by outward appearance. I do note that we vaguely look like a cross between Scream and Carnage when I'm manifested over her as a suit.

    We leap from roof top to roof top, patrolling. We stop over an out of the way alley when something catches our attention. There's two men. One seems to be angry, but restraining himself from shouting, "You're still paying for that."

    'That' appears to be a vial of some dark blue substance that has been dropped on the pavement where it shattered and spilled its contents. The other man raises his hands in a placating gesture, "Sure, sure. I still want to buy some Trigger though, but you know my hands shake sometimes."

    The other man grumbles as cash is exchanged and another vial is handed off with the shaking man leaving hastily out into the street. We drop down once he is out of sight as the dealer moves deeper into the alley.

    The man pauses when he hears us drop behind him. He's really more of teenage boy, can't be more than a year or two older than Himiko from the look of him. Himiko comments in whisper to him as she gets close, "You're cute."

    He turns around and he suddenly pales at what he's looking at. His hand reaches into his jacket and pulls out a 9 millimeter, firing on instinct. Himiko and I back up as the bullets impact. It hurts, but not really enough to bother us. The reason we back up is more surprise than anything else. We look at the bullet holes leaking with dull golden fluid, a hand running along them as they begin healing rapidly with the projectiles being forced out and clattering to the pavement.

    We begin laughing, quietly at first, then cackling loudly. The teenager backs up, preparing to run. We blur forward. He jumps back as we press ourselves against him and drag our tongue across his face. We pause in a moment of confusion. We can't tell where the part of us that is the Symbiote and the part of us that is the Host begins and ends we're realizing.

    The Trigger dealer raises his gun again and presses it into our gut, emptying the clip and dry firing several times. It really only annoys us and serves to draw us out of our thoughts. We smile at him, "We can play rough if you like."

    He gasps as we ram a pair of knife like fingers through his shoulder.

    "What the fuck are you?", he says as he's hyperventilating and sweating in fear. He doesn't get a chance to scream or call for help any further as we pull back and distend our jaws to bite down and silence him.

    We smell and taste it in the air before we hear it. Someone drops behind us as we're eating. We turnfrom the half eaten corpses, our body absorbing the left over blood. It's another Symbiote with a host. It's female. She's solid white apart from black streaks running down the sides of her arms and legs and eye spots that are solid black, curling at the edges to form short spirals. She has three braid like tendrils sprouting from the back of her head.

    "To think our kind can be this undisciplined.", she sighs, "Come peacefully or I'll have to take you in by force."

    We bolt, leaping towards the alley wall with the intent to climb and leap roof top to roof top to get away. We're suddenly caught and trapped in a column of ice mid air. We hang there stunned with only our head exposed as the other female Symbiote comes into view, shaking her head, "You really didn't think that was going to work did you?"

    She walks up and pulls out a capped syringe, it melding out of her side, before ramming the needle into our neck. Both of us quickly pass into unconsciousness.


    Himiko and I groggily awaken strapped to a table. Apparently someone changed Himiko into an examination gown at some point while we were out. Himiko asks me, Ichor, you there?

    Yeah and I can't say I'm surprised at this.

    We look around. We appear to be in a room made out what I'm guessing is some form of security glass with an airlock on one wall. Several people in uniforms of researchers, scientists, or doctors can be seen walking around outside. Other cells like the one we're in can be seen on the same floor.

    We test our restraints as I briefly manifest over Himiko in an attempt to break free. I withdraw after finding they don't even budge. They apparently know the kind of strength they're dealing with.

    It's only about five minutes later when a doctor who appears normal save for a pair of solid black eyes with an iridescent sheen walks in accompanied by a woman in civilian attire. The woman, who has long white hair and grey eyes, looks vaguely familiar to me though I can't place her.

    The table begins moving until we're in a vertical position, supported by the restraints at our neck, waist, wrists, and ankles. The doctor smiles cheerfully, "Good morning, I am Doctor Sato.", he gestures to the white haired woman, "I believe you've already met Todoroki-san and her Symbiote, Chill."

    I recognize her now. It's Todoroki Rei, but isn't she supposed to be in a mental hospital? Is it normal for Vita Symbiotes to attach to people with mental problems? Is she still married to Endeavor? Is her Symbiote helping her with her mental issues? When did she get a Symbiote? I have so many questions here.

    She speaks, her tone firm and not taking her eyes off of us, "We can't have a rogue Symbiote running around which is why I was sent to detain you.

    To put it bluntly we had a break in and someone stole several of this lab's Symbiotes. You're one the thieves apparently lost or escaped from the lab in the panic and chaos during the security breach. We've already checked your genetic markers and found that you're part of batch S2273-2 which confirms that you're part of the Symbiotes lost."

    I relay questions to Himiko and she adds her own as well, all the while keeping a smile on her face and showing no signs of worry at the situation, "Who broke into your labs? What are you going to do with us? Where exactly are we? And aren't you Endeavor's wife?"

    "That's need to know and you don't need to know. We're going to perform a psych and background assessment to determine what we should do with the two of you going forward since you're already fully bonded. That's also need to know. And yes, but we're currently separated.", Rei shoots back without missing a beat.

    "Huh...", Himiko shrugs.

    "If we can get on with the assessment?", Dr. Sato asks.

    Rei gestures for him to begin, keeping an eye on us.

    "First thing, state your names, both that of the Host and the Symbiote."

    "Toga Himiko and Ichor."

    "Next item..."


    Several hours later we're still bound to the examination table. Himiko groans, "Sooo booored..."

    Want to play twenty questions again?

    "No thanks. It was fun for the first two hours, but I would kill just to be able to walk around right now."

    She adds mentally, What do you think they have planned for us?

    I'll be honest, mega-corporation with a seemingly immortal founder? They might kill us to keep quiet the fact that we killed and ate a guy.

    Her face falls, It was good run with you though, even if it was short.

    Our attention turns to Rei coming in through the door alone. She presses several keys on a panel inside the air lock door before entering. Our restraints release. Himiko sits up, rubbing her ankles, then wrists for a moment. She gets off the table and looks to Rei, "Thanks."

    "Corporate made their decision. Good news is Vita Corp. will being paying for your High School education and is giving you a recommendation for the Hero Course at UA.", she says with a grin, "Bad news is, in order to gain legal immunity for that vigilante killing, as well as the two of you not being forcibly separated and Ichor reclaimed as property of Vita Corp... you're going to have sign a contract with the company. Vita Corp has very good lawyers by the way not to mention certain protections due to contract with various world militaries."

    She produces a thick sheaf of paper, "Feel free to go over it.", she says with a smile.

    "What... why...", Himiko seems confused and annoyed by how much paperwork there is, "Could I get the gist of this?"

    "To put it simply, corporate wants you to eventually be part of a PR campaign as an international Pro Hero.", she narrows her eyes at us, "This of course means not eating people.

    The contract is a standard thirty year with the various benefits and responsibilities of being an employee of Vita Corp. and I will note thirty years is nothing compared to both of you being biologically immortal so long as you stay bonded.

    I'll add there's clauses in there for certain parts to be renegotiated when you graduate high school and again when and if you marry before the contract expires. You can also renew when the contract is up. Again, you can sign it or you two will be separated before you leave this building and Himiko will also have her memory of the past week blanked for good measure.

    It's your choice, but this is not just a corporate issue. Vita also supplies various militaries. If we let you just walk away we would be in effect letting a teenager run around with military hardware with no restriction and we obviously can't have that.

    For the moment, I'll be your direct handler and trainer."

    Himiko looks back at the contract. I tell her it's okay. We don't have much of a choice here.

    She begins signing the paperwork. When she's done, Rei takes it with a smile, "Welcome aboard, Himiko.

    Follow me, we have your clothes and personal belongings stored in a locker down the hallway. You will also be given a briefing before leaving the building."
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  3. Index: Chapter 3

    V4Guss Not too sore, are you?

    Apr 20, 2018
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    It's been about two months since we signed on with Vita Corp. Most of that time has been in preparation for the UA Recommendation Entrance Exam and today's the day. As far as what exactly we've been focusing on, its mostly been simple physical training in how to maximize effectiveness in working together, studying for the written part of the exam, and being coached on what to say in the interview portion. Considering that we don't actually need sleep, though function best with some physical rest at least, we've been training physically during the day and using the nights for studying and leisure time.

    Himiko opts for a simple red tracksuit for the day and asks as she ties her hair back into her trademark messy buns. She queries as she looks in the mirror, Everything look alright?

    You look great.

    Her parents are asleep and Himiko has been interacting with them less ever since they got the news about our killing and cannibalizing of a Trigger dealer. I've been wondering if that's healthy, but then again her parents never apparently got her any proper psychological help and just wanted Himiko to suppress her darker side. I suspect at this point that they're not just disturbed by their daughter, but outright afraid of her. On the positive side our salary/scholarship with Vita Corp. would be enough to pay for getting our own apartment if we were to be forced out of the house which we've been considering doing regardless. Apparently we'll get a raise when we receive a Hero License and start publicly working for the company.

    Himiko passes through the kitchen and grabs a bottle of the premixed nutrient drink out of the fridge Vita Corp has been supplying us with. Himiko comments as she take a long swig of of the drink before exiting the house and taking what's left with her, I'm never going to get used to the taste of this stuff.

    I agree with her, Much rather be hunting for our meals, even if we were limited to animals if not villains, but for now Vita doesn't want us to be potentially seen eating random wild life or strays, much less people who deserve it.

    Himiko begins jogging to UA, Wish they would give more than three flavors at least. Anyway, it's not like anyone found out or cared about the strays I was taking.

    We shouldn't risk it for the moment. We've been catching Rei and Chill's scent occasionally when we've been out. You know she's been watching us. I don't doubt other agents of Vita have been doing the same when she's not.

    She groans, How long are we going to have to keep this up anyway? I guess I don't mind eventually becoming a Pro Hero, but I'd rather be doing things on our terms.

    For now we're just going to have to go along with it. There are other Symbiotes we haven't met and just think, Symbiotes and human, plant, and animal engineering. I have to wonder what kind of stuff they're keeping hidden when considering that no one knows what Vita's exact Quirk was and it's been confirmed that he created certain Quirk lineages and even species that popped up during the Anarchy Era and speculated he may have created others. My point is we need more information and need to be more cautious. Rei is right about one thing when she found us, we were undisciplined.

    Right, right, she sighs, it's just I've been putting up a face for other people for most of my life and doing what others tell me. You promised me that would change with your help. It's just... I thought that would be sooner, you know? I didn't expect to answer to some corporation.

    I'm sorry about that. It was a surprise to me that Vita Corp. was a thing in the first place. I promise we're going to be free of them some day.

    I'll hold you to that.

    It doesn't take us long to arrive at UA. It's early morning so we can get away with a bit of enhanced speed and not be hassled for public Quirk usage. By the time we get to the entrance there's already over a dozen hopefuls at the gate waiting.

    A few people stand out in the crowd to me, Yaoyorozu Momo, Todoroki Shoto, and Honenuki Juzo (that last one if only because his face is so unusual looking). Himiko approaches Shoto, noticeably lacking any scarring on the left half of his face. He looks at us, "Good to see that you made it."

    "You too.", she replies blushing a bit.

    "You know they won't have us on the practical at the same time since we were both recommended by Vita Corp., right?", he comments.

    "Yeah, yeah, but I already got some of your blood and practiced with your Quirk during training.", she tells him as she places an arm around his shoulder, "It's there if I need to use it. I shouldn't for just a practical entrance exam. Todoroki-Sensei hasn't been running the three of us ragged for nothing."

    Shoto briefly glances at her, but doesn't shy away from how close she's getting. He's gotten used to it, plus there was that rather serious and ominous talk between us and Rei. Basically Shoto is off limits to Himiko, apart from platonic friendship, despite any interest in him. Rei made it very clear there would be consequences if we went past this.

    "She wants us to pass this exam. You need to pass it, considering your obligations."

    She sighs, "Don't remind us."

    We've noticed more people arriving during the conversation. The gate open. Present Mic is standing there greeting the students with his usual enthusiastic voice, "Good Morning UA Recommendation Examinees! Proceed to the main building's examination hall where you'll be assigned and the written exam will take place! After that we've got the practical and then conclude with an interview! Give it your all and remember, PLUS ULTRA!"

    We and Shoto head the main building with the rest. We give him a thumbs up. He returns the gesture.


    With the written exam complete we move onto the practical. Present Mic explains to the crowd, "Rock on! The written part of the examination is over. The practical is next and then, finally, the interview. You'll go six at a time for the practical. Get stepping when your number's called. The exam will be a three kilometer race, but it's an obstacle course so you can't just run straight through it. Use your Quirks to reach the finish line!"

    There's a total of forty-eight applicants which means there will be eight races. We hear Shoto's number called as part of the first group. I notice a guy who I'm now recognizing as probably Yoarashi Inasa. I reassure myself mentally, Shoto is different in this version of the world.

    Himiko and I don't know much about Rei and Enji's separation, but from what we do know, primarily learned from Shoto, is that Rei signed on with the Vita Corporation before meeting Endeavor and received her Symbiote when he was courting her. My guess is that Chill and the company has had a significant effect on Rei's personality.

    According to Shoto he thinks the incident that ultimately led to his parents' separation was the result of one his father's particularly abusive training sessions when he was younger. Rei had come to her son's defense while Rei told Shoto to leave. Things became violent soon after that and it wasn't the first time the two had come to blows, just that time seemed to be the worst instance of it. The end result was a ruined training hall with both Todoroki parents receiving significant injuries. Apparently the public just assumes those parallel scars that resemble claw marks across Endeavor's face are the result of some unnamed villain.

    As I remember in canon, Inasa wins by a hair and he congratulates Shoto, "You were amazing! I'm guessing you must be Endeavor's kid, am I right?"

    Unlike in canon Shoto returns the congratulation, "You were amazing too. Real close back there. I'm Todoroki Shoto.", he thrusts his hand out, his tone and gesture formal, but not aggressive, cold, or dismissive.

    "Yoarashi Inasa, it's great to have met and competed with you!", he says as he enthusiastically shakes Shoto's hand.

    Good to see it doesn't look like Inasa and Shoto will hate each other in this timeline, but that does make me wonder if Inasa will be staying at UA? After a several more races through the obstacle course our number is called as part of the last. We line up with the other five examinees.

    I notice a green haired girl next to us that I recall as part of Class 1-B, but can't place the name of. Himiko asks me, Ready?

    Yeah, I respond as I manifest over her.

    Several of the other examinees observing or part of the race respond with surprise or shock at the transformation. We here Present Mic count down, "Three... Two... One... Go!"

    We take off. Himiko and I have found that the fastest way to cover ground involves a bounding gait on all fours or simply leaping from one spot to another. Considering it was rather visible that the first and last parts of the course involve flat, even terrain this puts us in the lead at the start of things.

    We make it to the first obstacle, a rock face. We form our hands and feet into hard claws and dig them into the rock before beginning the climb. The first to pass us is the green haired girl, Tokage Setsuna, which I now recognize by the Quirk she uses to simply split into several parts and fly up the rock face.

    As we crest the top we notice the other examinees are all about midway up the cliff, none of their quirks seem to be the most efficient for covering ground. We give a chuckle as we leap over a pit hazard, Seems like it's going to be just us and Green competing for first and second.

    We catch up to Setsuna just past the forest section of the race as we leap from the top of the last tree, "Having fun?"

    "Yeah, but I'm not going to lose.", she shoots back cheerfully while keeping focus on the next obstacle of a field of large spikes jutting out of the ground that need to be weaved through.

    We see the next and last obstacle coming up as we make our way through the spikes, a long, deep pool of water that has to be crossed. She's likely going to use her Quirk to cross and pass the finish line, we've noticed she seems to be using it more for the open obstacles suggesting she's not as good managing separate parts if moving through complex terrain.

    Himiko, we're going to have to use a bit of Shoto's blood we have in reserve if we want to win. She's faster on open terrain with her Quirk.

    Got it and ready.

    Unfortunately the only information Rei and Chill will give on Symbiote biology is that the first were created by Vita himself and the rest is classified. Not even they know how Symbiotes work, but the general assumption is that we were engineered by incorporating multiple Quirks. One of our abilities is a sort of pocket dimension storage where objects and substances can be put in stasis by melding into our bodies or that of our hosts. This is where I've been storing various collected blood to use with Himiko's Quirk.

    I release enough blood to last a several minutes. Part of our training has been experimenting with Himiko's Quirk using a handful of blood samples Vita Corp has supplied to know its limits. It should be just enough to clear the last obstacle and put us in the lead.

    Himiko's activates the Quirk and I adapt to accommodate her changing frame without slowing us. The examinees watching from the finish line quickly notice Himiko's form is now clearly masculine and the living suit around her has accommodated the change.

    We reach the water and as expected, Setsuna uses her quirk. We opt for by propelling ourselves rapidly by imitating Shoto's move in his race and stacking ice on ice to propel forward. Setsuna's detatched eyes widen as we rocket past her with a trail of ice behind us.

    We hit the dirt homestretch in front of the finish and make the final push, unfortunately unlike Shoto we're not so good at breaking when using his powers with our Quirk. We stop using his Quirk as we hit the finish and go flying, hit the ground and roll several times.

    Himiko groans as we pick ourselves up just in time to see Setsuna come in second place. The blood begins wearing off and we're not even paying attention to Present Mic's announcements of our times as Himiko shifts back.

    Shoto greets us as I withdraw back into Himiko's body. He smirks, "And you said you wouldn't have to use any of my blood to win."

    "I didn't expect to go against someone with a Quirk that could outpace the two of us in a dead run.", Himiko tells him.

    We hear Setsuna's voice as she approach, "Didn't expect someone to have a power copying Quirk and a Symbiote either. I did my research. I've heard UA hasn't had a Symbiote and Host even try for the examinations in decades.", she crosses her arms as she looks at us, "Good race, name's Tokage Setsuna."

    "Toga Himiko.", she adds, "You have a nice Quirk."

    "Mind if I get your Symbiote's name?"

    I sprout as a head from Himiko's collar and grin at Setsuna, "Ichor."

    Present Mic begins calling everyone to move on and line up for the interview portion of the exam. I withdraw back into Himiko. Setsuna gestures back to the direction Present Mic is calling with a thumb, "Looks like we're going to have to cut this short. See ya, good luck with the interview!"

    She runs off. We and Shoto follow in the same direction.


    To get through everyone more quickly there are multiple interviewers from the faculty at UA. Himiko and I got Eraser Head... shit.

    He sits across from us at the table with his hands clasped together. His first sentence is rather straight forward, "I'm going to be asking questions of both of you. I don't care how you answer. It can be separately or as one. I know how Symbiotes work and you don't need to explain on that subject."

    He then asks rather bluntly, "While the Vita Corporation has had the record sealed, the information publicly suppressed, and had their lawyers free you from legal prosecution I have to ask what made you think committing a Vigilante murder followed by cannibalism was a good idea?"

    I reassure Himiko, Relax, we were trained to respond to this very question.

    Himiko answers calmly, "That was a mistake. We-"

    He interrupts us, "Stop. I can already tell they've coached you and had you rehearse exactly what to say. If you aren't going to answer honestly then I'll automatically fail this portion of the exam. Now... answer the question without the company rhetoric. I assure that student records are confidential and will not get back to them and just to add I'm not one to care how much funding the school gets from Vita Corp. or how much that played into your recommendation."

    Himiko sighs and there's a pause as we discuss things mentally, "Ichor wanted to Hero and needed to eat. I enjoy violence and blood. I know some people get urges and instincts with their Quirk, I just assumed that it was part of mine considering how it works. As long as I can remember my parents and counselors have always told me to suppress my violent urges and my Quirk, to put up a facade. Ichor offered me something where I wouldn't have to do that and I gladly took it.", she adds cynically, "Then Vita Corp. found us on the first night patrolling and now they own us with their damn contract.", her tone turns angry, "They actually threatened to separate us! They said Ichor was company property! That the only way I could get out of killing a criminal was to join the company!"

    Aizawa rubs his brow for moment in frustration and shakes his head a bit. I think he just realized Himiko was a villain in the making if some one hadn't stepped in and probably has concerns that could still happen. He speaks after Himiko takes a moment to calm down, "I understand that some people get terrible advice on how to handle their Quirks and the mental effects that come with them, but I have to say you're lucky that the Vita Corporation detained you and not a Pro Hero. There's a good chance you would have faced jail time and full criminal charges in that case. The fact is, we have laws for a reason and laws protect criminals just as they do Heroes and everyone else. We're not in the Anarchy Era anymore.

    From records I've been given they're supplying the two of you with a nutrient mix so you don't have to go out hunting in urban areas and you're going through the process of getting a Quirk Hunting License so you can feed yourselves legally in the wilderness if you don't have ready access to that.

    What I need to know is that there is not going to be a repeat of any Vigilantism or cannibalism."

    "You have my records. You know my Quirk works by cannibalism. You're effectively telling me not to use my Quirk like everyone else.", Himiko says with a glare, it's rather clear there's still an undercurrent of anger from her.

    "What I mean is, you can't kill and eat people. Taking enough blood to use your Quirk should be fine otherwise."

    "As we agreed to the company we're not eating people anymore.", she says with some annoyance.

    He stares her down for a moment as if considering whether or not to pass or fail her right there. Thankfully, he then begins asking more mundane interview questions as if he just hadn't asked about the cannibalism and murder in our history.
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    FTFY. Based on the various things said before and after this, this isn't based on the original canon Marvel Symbiote. They didn't have high caloric needs (possibly due to their divine origins), but they needed adrenaline in extremely high quantities. Messing with a person's endocrine system is dangerous regardless of how it is done, but especially with extreme changes.
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    We received our acceptance letter to UA after about two weeks. The semester officially starts next Monday. We don't smell Rei and her Symbiote in the air, but still have concerns they're watching us. We have a few days so we're taking the time to look into getting something done after we did some information gathering in Tokyo and the surrounding areas.

    Considering that we have a limited supply of blood and the only way to get more involves attacking people and samples being voluntarily given (or raiding a blood bank or hospital I guess) we're rather conservative in how we use what we have at the moment. Himiko opts for concealing clothes, a coat with a hood, and a surgical mask in an effort to hopefully get lost track of in Tokyo's crowds. For added effect we've taken to masking our Symbiote scent with a rather strong, cheap perfume we found.

    We head to the Eisurey district of Tokyo. Originally it was created as an offshore refugee camp for those fleeing mainland Asia and Australia during the early days of the Quirk Anarchy Era. Over time it became a sprawling series of tall interconnected free standing and floating structures dominating the northern half of Tokyo Bay that have gradually and continually been built up by Quirk or by hand. The result is a towering mish mash of a shanty town centered around and built over the original Quirk created artificial island.

    The Tokyo City government considers the entire thing an eye sore not just for the obvious reasons, but also out of Japanese cultural xenophobia due to area being mostly populated by the descendants of the various foreign refugees. When the first major conflicts of the Quirk Anarchy Era started, it was believed that law and order would be restored rather quickly. It wasn't, which led to the Eisurey district turning into a ghetto of sorts in the long term. Due to Japan's citizenship laws, bureaucracy, and historical xenophobia hampering the process, most of these refugee descendants aren't even legal citizens. There's a few dozen places like this across Japan. If the Japanese government had somewhere to mass deport them and not cause civil unrest and rioting in the process they probably would do so.

    We step off one of the bridges connecting Eisurey to the rest of Tokyo. We begin asking around for what we're looking for. We get a lot of cold shoulders and people who are clearly fucking with us in the information department. This might be a long night.

    You'd think finding a underground bio-clinic would be easier than this., Himiko comments as we walk through the district's streets.

    The residents are distrustful and resenting of outsiders for years of prejudice and technically unlicensed practicing of biomodding is illegal even if it's a bit of an open secret this is the place to go for it. It's just knowing the right people or knowing where to look.

    Himiko groans in annoyance, Can't we just scare the next guy into telling us what we need to know?

    No... One, they may not actually have what we need to know. Two, Vita Corp. and by extension Symbiotes are treated with suspicion here even if a few of the biomodders in the district are former employees who reneged on their contracts.

    Himiko and I take a break after a couple hours to grab something to eat from a street vendor. As we're eating in an alley away from the view of the street, a black haired woman with green cat like slitted eyes in her early twenties approaches us. She wears a pair of blue jean shorts, a green knee length trench coat, a pair of goggles on her forehead, and a grey tank top. We pause as she looks us over for a moment, sniffing the air, "Now... I have to think an outsider looking for a biomodder wearing a hood and mask with something to cover her scent has to have a very good reason for it.", she narrows her eyes at us as she crosses her arms, "Who are you and why are you looking for an underground biomodder?"

    "Who's asking?", Himiko asks as we finish the last bite of our kushikatsu and putting her mask back on.

    "You can call me Hana.", the woman says, not taking her eyes off Himiko.

    "I'm Himiko. I need some work done to get rid of a particular trademark scent I'm covering up currently along with some genetic markers."

    "Intentionally engineered?"

    "I believe so, yeah?"

    "Which means it's Vita Corp. isn't it.", Hana says as a statement rather than a question.


    "That's gonna cost you.", she points out, "Not to mention that if Vita Corp. is involved... a lot of biomodders don't want to get involved with that in the first place. What are you offering in payment?"

    "Fresh Bonded Symbiote Host blood.", Himiko states flatly.

    Hana suddenly gets closer to Himiko and whispers, "Are you serious?"

    "I am.", Himiko says as she raises her left hand and I manifest over it for a moment.

    Hana's eyes widen, "You're coming with me. We need to get you off the streets now. Don't say anything."

    We follow Hana as she leads us through the district. We come to an out of the way alley where a neon sign advertises:

    "Maruo's Clinic Open 24/7"​

    We follow Hana inside. She leads us past a waiting room into another room with several operating bays with curtains. There's only two people here at the moment, a normal looking woman in her late thirties to early forties with brown hair in a bun and a tall black haired guy in his late teens with a large number of tentacles sprouting from his back. Both are in scrubs. Hana speaks with them, "Where's Dr. Maruo?"

    The woman asks, "What is it?"

    Hana whispers, "Symbiote."

    The woman's eyes widen and the teen pales for a second. The woman points to the stairs at the back of the room. Hana runs up the stairs and a few minutes later returns with a tall man walking with a cane who looks somewhat similar to the male teen save for an extra set of arms and lack of tentacles who I assume to be Dr. Maruo. He takes a swig off an unmarked bottle of clear liquid, which we can smell to be ethanol at a rather high proof, before setting it down on a nearby table as he steps into the room wearing a bathrobe and boxers. His hair is grey and balding and he looks like he's perhaps in his seventies or eighties.

    He speaks, obviously a bit groggy from being awakened or it might be drunkenness or a hangover, we aren't sure, "So I hear we have a Symbiote and Host looking to get their Vita Corp. branding stripped out. Well, you came to the right place. I'm one of the best modders in Eisurey and that's not just boasting.", he pauses as the brown haired woman gives him a look, "Okay dear, might be a little bit boasting.", he looks back to us, "Anyway, Hana tells me you're a Symbiote and Host offering your blood in exchange for stripping out the branding in your genetics. They let that slip, huh? I know the scent and taste is obvious to anyone with the right senses if it's not covered up, which funny thing only most Symbiotes have that, but not every Symbiote and Host knows about the extra genetic serial number. Those things weren't even part of what old Vita, the Founder, put in.", there's a pause as he considers something, looking us up and down, "They're going to be asking questions when they notice the trademark scent is gone and if they ever examine your DNA they'll know you went to a modder. It's easy enough to file that serial number off since it's just tacked on to the Symbiote genome, but how do I know this isn't some setup by Vita, huh?"

    Hana looks to him and places a hand on his shoulder, "She offered their blood, a genetic sample. We all know Vita Corp. would never let such a thing be handed out."

    "Yes... right... my memory is not what it used to be what with my contract running out.", he gives a laugh that's somewhere between rueful and amused as he looks at us, "Believe it or not I'm in my forties! Every Engineer that receives a lesser, limited version of Vita the Founder and his children's power gets a contract not just in paper, but in their DNA as well. Our contracts run out and we don't renew them we get this programmed senescence. It's why you don't see many of us leave the company."

    Himiko points out, "We signed a contract, but only on paper and the only thing keeping us bound to them is legal ramifications and the threat of separating us."

    "Legal ramifications?", Hana asks, "Wait... there's some rumors going around about a series of murders involving a Symbiote who kept jumping hosts a few months ago. Was that you?"

    "Yeah that was my partner.", Himiko says, "But that's not the incident I was talking about and I'd rather not get into it."

    Maruo chuckles, "You act like you're the first Symbiote who got in trouble for murder and cannibalism. Anyway...", he points with his cane to one of the operating tables, "...let's begin!"

    We take a seat an lie back on the table. Maruo speaks with a grin, "Lay still and try not to move. I'll make this as quick as possible."

    Himiko says nothing as he begins working.


    We step out of the clinic about half an hour later. Himiko comments, "Hoping that actually worked."

    "It did.", Hana reassures us, "He's not that senile."

    Hana stops us as we're about to leave, "I have a favor to ask before you go."

    "What is it?", Himiko raises an eyebrow.

    "How do I put this? His is Quirk rather destructive from what little I've seen of it, but I haven't been able to find him anywhere in the city and surrounding areas. His cells and genome haven't turned up on the black market either. All I'm asking is that if you see a young man with blue hair and a Quirk that lets him disintegrate things working for or being held by Vita Corp. could you give me a heads up?"

    Himiko hesitates briefly, "Name?"

    "Shimura Tenko."

    "I'll keep an eye out."

    It suddenly hits me. This is Shigaraki Tomura's sister. How did she survive? Before I can get Himiko to ask any further questions, she's already walking off with Hana heading back into the clinic, leaving me with yet more questions on how this world is different than what I remember of My Hero Academia.

    Author's Note: In keeping with the Star Wars theme for place names Eisurey is named after Mos Eisley modded slightly to better fit Japanese pronunciation.
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    We arrive for our first day at UA. As we're approaching the main building we hear footsteps approaching behind us. It's Izuku.

    Himiko pauses to let him catch up. He speaks after sniffing the air for a moment apparently catching the smell of the perfume we're using to cover our scent, "Hi, Midorya Izuku."

    "Toga Himiko.", she responds a we continue walking.

    She comments to me as she takes a side glance to look him over, He does look rather good. Even that nervousness I can smell on him is attractive.

    Of course she's interested in him. I warn her a bit, If you're going to go after him kind of try to ease him into your interests and our physical needs. You don't want to scare him off with how your Quirk or my Symbiote abilities work. The main reason Shoto isn't bothered by us is because of his mother having a Symbiote as well.

    "I don't recall seeing you during the Recommendation Exam so I'm assuming you were in the Standard Entrance Exam?", Himiko asks.

    "Yeah, made it into the Hero Course, Class 1-A. I heard six got in by recommendation. Who recommended you?", he asks in curiosity.

    "Vita. Corp.", Himiko says with slight disdain in her voice.

    "Vita. Corp? They gave me my Quirk."

    It should be noted the Quirk rate is closer to being ninety to ninety five percent due to the proliferation of biomodding being able to give Quirks to the Quirkless. The advantages a Quirk brings combined with the prejudices in society against those who don't have one means many Quirkless people who can afford it will usually simply pay to have one either by legal means from Vita. Corp (which effectively has a monopoly on legal biomodding in any country it has a presence in) or illegal means such as underground, unlicensed biomodders. I assume that as with many parents of Quirkless children Inko had a biomodder give her son a Quirk when he was younger.

    I take a mental note that this implies Izuku does not have One For All and tell Himiko to ask details, "Off the shelf or from your genetics, your parents, or another donor?"

    He speaks enthusiastically, "Augmented version of my mom's Quirk.", and pulls out a yen coin to demonstrate. The coin goes flying several feet out of his hand before returning, "It's called Push/Pull.", he pauses, "What's yours?"

    She grins, showing off her enlarged canines, "I can take on people's appearance and Quirk with a bit of blood. If you give me some of yours I could show you."

    "No thanks,", His voice shakes a bit and he's sweating slightly due to the predatoriness in Himiko's voice and expression, "I'll take your word for it, but that's pretty awesome considering that Quirk copying is rare."

    "Aw...", she says disappointingly.

    We can show him our other thing., I note.

    Oh, right.

    "We also have this.", she raises a hand as I manifest over it for a moment.

    Izuku's eyes widen and he speaks in an excited tone, "You have a Symbiote? Symbiotes are one of Vita's greatest creations, made to allow their host survive in virtually any hostile environment. The last Symbiote and Host to attend UA was in the same class as All Might! After graduation they went on to become the Pro Hero Synchronicity and currently have the number seven spot in the International Hero Rankings. What's your Symbiote's name?"


    Despite the differences Izuku still seems to be a Quirk and Hero fan boy. We arrive at the door to 1-A. Izuku seems taken aback by the size of it, "This thing is huge. Are there giants here?"

    "I wouldn't be surprised if some Mutation Quirks have to be accommodated.", Himiko notes as she opens the door.

    We immediately find Tenya and Katsuki arguing. Himiko ignores it and we take our seating assignment. With the way the seats are assigned we're behind Inasa with Shoto on our left and Ochaco on our right. We briefly greet Shoto as we sit down.

    Himiko narrows her eyes at Ochaco after she walks in the room and begins talking to Izuku. I assume despite him presumably lacking One for All the two met during the Entrance Exam under different circumstances.

    After Izuku takes his seat, Ochaco takes hers and speaks to us, "Hi, I'm Ururaka Ochaco. You're the Symbiote and Host that got in, Toga Himiko and Ichor, right?"

    "Yes." responds curtly without looking at the girl.

    I give a mental sigh, Relax, Himiko. All she did was talk to him. You've known him for less than thirty minutes. Besides if she is interested in him there's nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition.

    She groans, knowing I'm right, and turns to Ochaco, "Sorry, yes, we're the Symbiote and Host. Hello, Uraraka"

    Suddenly, our teacher steps into the room dragging a sleeping bag. Everyone turns their attention to him. As when we met him during the interview, he looks tired. He announces unenthusiastically, "Hello, I'm Aizawa Shoto. Right. Let's get to it.", he pulls out a UA gym uniform from the sleeping bag, "Put these on and head outside."


    After we've all gotten into uniform Aizawa has us assemble in one of the training fields outside the school. Nearly everyone is shocked when he announces what we'll be doing and speak in unison, "What? A Quirk Assessment Test?"

    Himiko and I are both annoyed that nearly everyone else just did that. Ochaco protests, "But orientation, we're going to miss it."

    Aizawa responds with, "If you really want to make the big leagues you can't waste time on pointless ceremonies."

    Most of the students seem surprised by this statement. He continues, "Here at UA we're not tethered to traditions. That means I get to run my class however I see fit. You've been taking standardized tests most of your lives, but you never got to use your Quirks in physical exams before. The country's still trying to pretend we're all created equal by not letting those with the most power excel. It's not rational. One day the Ministry of Education will learn."

    He turns his attention to Katsuki and asks what was the distance he could throw a soft ball in junior high. After he answers Aizawa tells him to step into a circle and do it with his Quirk. There's an explosion as the boy activates his Quirk as he throws the ball. Aizawa holds up the distance meter which gives a readout of over seven hundred meters.

    Himiko comments, Impressive.


    Aizawa's tone turns serious when a few of the students comment that this looks like fun, "So this looks fun, huh? You have three years here to become a Hero. You think it's all gonna be games and play time?


    Today you'll complete in eight physical tests to gauge your potential. Whoever comes in last has none and will be expelled immediately."

    He can't be serious., Himiko says.

    He's not. He's just saying that to incentivize us to do better., I tell her.

    You're sure?

    Yeah, but we're doing our best anyway of course.

    At this point we're kind of ignoring the other students' reactions or Aizawa's attempts to scare us. We move on to the first test, the Fifty Meter Dash.

    Inasa is matched up with us for it. We hear the measuring machine anounce, "Runners on your marks, Ready, Set, Go!"

    Inasa uses his Quirk to accelerate himself with a whirlwind down the track. I've manifested and we simply bound on all fours. The times are 4.37 seconds for Inasa and 3.88 for us. Inasa is of course his usual intense, excited self afterwards and shakes our hand, congratulating us. We return the gesture.

    We watch the other students. Unsurprisingly Tenya gets the best time out of all of us with just shy of breaking three seconds. Himiko watches with rapt attention as Katsuki and Izuku's test comes up. Surprisingly Katsuki barely comes out ahead with a .21 second difference. Izuku seems to be quite adept with his Quirk and uses the push component of it to accelerate himself through the air. As the times are announced Katsuki glares at Izuku for a moment in anger.

    We move on to the second test, Grip Strength. I only need to cover Himiko's arm to get the full benefit for this one. Himiko smirks at the readout of 366 kilograms.

    Next is the Standing Long Jump. This one's rather easy considering we know we have no problem roof top hopping. The test following it is Repeated Side Steps which is probably the most awkward of the tests for us, but considering a Symbiote host is above normal even without the Symbiote manifested we don't come in last place there.

    The Ball Throw is test number five. I find Himiko and the rest of the class's reactions to Ochaco getting an infinity read out on that amusing despite knowing it was going to happen. Himiko and I step up for our turn. I cover her right arm and that side of her chest for a wind up. We toss and release the ball getting a respectable distance of a over six hundred meters.

    We watch Izuku as he steps up. With a different Quirk he doesn't have to resort to breaking his bones to get good results. He tosses the ball. The end result surpasses Katsuki with more than eight hundred twenty meters. We glance at him for a moment as we can smell the anger coming off of him. We can hear him muttering under his breath, "Deku, biomodded freak."

    The rest of the tests which consists of Sit Ups, Seated Toe Touches, and a Long Distance Run pass uneventfully. At the end Aizawa pulls up our scores and as expected reveals, "I was lying, no one's going home. That was just a rational deception to make sure you gave it your all in the tests."

    Guess you were right., Himiko says.

    He concludes with telling us to pick up a syllabus and to go over it before tomorrow morning. As Aizawa leaves Himiko gets close to Izuku and wraps her arms around him from behind, "You were amazing in the tests today, Izuku."

    Izuku blushes and seems to be getting nervous with Himiko's proximity to him, "It was nothing... I've... uh... been putting in a lot of practice and training preparing for the entrance exam and whatever UA can throw at me."

    Izuku begins slowly backing away from Himiko before this turns into a brisk walk to the locker room to change.

    You're being too aggressive. You're scaring him., I point out.

    Himiko sulks a bit, I just want to be close.

    I don't really get how she can be that interested in someone she's known less than a day, but I guess that's just yanderes for you. I reassure her as she heads to the locker room to change, You and I both know we're nothing normal. I'm not saying you need to put up a facade here, but it's probably best to be a bit gentle and ease people into certain things if you're interested in them... or find someone who's more... compatible from the start.

    She considers this as we're in the locker room, I like Izuku, not just for his looks but that geeky attitude about Quirks and Heroes and how nervous he gets is rather cute. I can consider others though. What about you? You've never really indicated caring about any romantic pursuits beyond giving advice. We're sharing a body so it seems like you should get some input.

    I respond honestly, You're the only person I need or want. You're my Host. I'm your Symbiote. That's all that matters in terms of an intimate relationship for me. We share thoughts and emotions directly. That's the closest thing anyone can feel I'd imagine. Whoever you care about, I'll care about.

    She smiles as we exit the locker room, I didn't realize you felt that way, Ichor. Thanks.

    As we're walking off the school grounds We catch sight of Tenya, Ochaco, and Izuku walking together. Himiko decides to avoid them for the moment to keep from scaring Izuku again today. We step out of the school gates and start heading home.

    As we're walking I notice something. Himiko ignores the girl due to having no idea who she is, but I recognize her from what I know of My Hero Academia. She has the familiar pale blue-grey hair and red eyes and a symmetrical pair of bumps being covered by a head band on her forehead instead of just one on the right side. She seems confused and among the intermixed scent of people on the street I pick up a hint of fear and anxiety from her. She's dressed in a pair dirt stained pants, a jacket, and shoes that looks to be the wrong size for a girl of about six or seven.

    I hesitate. Again, I've been avoid giving Himiko metaknowledge, but I can't just leave this girl on the street, especially with a Quirk so dangerous. I tell Himiko, I'll explain why later, but you see the kid with red eyes and the pale blue-grey hair we just passed? I need you to talk to her.

    Himiko turns her head and approaches calmly and kneels down to the child's level, "Hey, kid. Are you lost?"

    The girl backs up aprehensively and mutters something about someone named "Aka" while looking at the ground before turning her attention to Himiko, "We shouldn't be talking to you. We need to find UA."

    You don't think?, Himiko asks at the way the girl is talking.

    She doesn't have the trademark Symbiote scent even if she smells she hasn't bathed in awhile., I note and then add, Be careful.

    "Why do you need to find UA? I'm a student there, maybe I can help."

    Her eyes light up, "Aka helps when I lose control right now, but we heard that the people at UA could help us too. Could you take me to UA?"

    "You're probably a bit young and they're closed right now, but I can call them and see what they can do.", Himiko consider something, "You look like you haven't had a roof over your head in awhile. Would you like to come stay with us for the night?"

    The girl hesitates for moment and begins quietly and indistinctly muttering to herself again before answering, "Yes, we would like that."

    As we begin walking Himiko asks, "Do you have a name?"

    "Eri.", she says with a genuine smile.


    Himiko hasn't talked to me after we got home and directed Eri to the bathroom to wash what is probably at least a couple months of filth off herself. We went to fetch some of Himiko's old clothes from when she was younger that look like they should fit the girl out of the attic after we changed out of Himiko's school uniform. Under the assumption the girl is a Symbiote Host Himiko is preparing some fresh nutrient drink at the moment. Himiko finally says something, There's not supposed to be anything we can't share. What is it you're not telling me? How did know that girl?

    Her tone isn't angry, more disappointed. There's a pause while I think of what to say, I have knowledge about a different version of this world. I'm not quite sure of how I know it. I think I used to be human, but there are parts missing. At times it feels like a dream. I'm not sure of all the differences and I'm unsure if I remember everything correctly, but... I think it's easier to show you.

    Himiko stumbles for a moment and grips the counter as I giver her all the knowledge I have, not just of My Hero Academia, but everything I am. I'm not hiding any information from her now. It lasts for a couple minutes and she's breathing heavily when it's done.

    "God, warn me next time!", she says out loud.

    I don't want to hide anything anymore., I tell her, You know everything I know just like I know everything you know.

    She pauses, I was a villain in another world?

    Yeah, but so far you seem to be doing better. You didn't have me in the other world.

    She chuckles at that, I'm kind of weirded out more that what you know was manga and anime. How does that even work?

    I don't know really? I'm just surprised that this world is similar, yet different, and isn't fictional.

    Our conversation is cut short as we hear footsteps. Himiko turns around to find Eri dressed in a set of old pajamas. The two horn bumps she has on her head are clearly visible. Himiko gestures for her to sit at the dining table. She places a glass of the nutrient drink in front of Eri before sitting down at the table with her own glass.

    She takes a drink of it and says to Eri, who is looking curiously at the pale brown liquid, "I assume you were eating strays or people who wouldn't be missed on the streets, but this is specifically designed for you and your Symbiote's nutrition. It has the calories, vitamins, and minerals you need. It may not taste great when compared with a fresh kill, but it will sustain you."

    Eri is already chugging the glass before Himiko even finishes speaking. She looks at Himiko after then looks down, "You know we're a Symbiote and Host."

    "You did refer to yourself as we and mention someone named Aka. You need to work on that if you don't want people to know. We're not going to turn you in to Vita Corp. and we will call UA to see if we can get you some help, but we do have some questions for the two of you."


    "How did you two become bonded?"

    "Aka crawled in through the vent of my room and jumped at me. We bonded. We talked. Kai found out about Aka and started experimenting. He took Aka's scent. He said it was to keep Vita from finding us.", she reaches up and touches her left horn, "Kai didn't add this, it grew in after Aka joined with me.

    At first I didn't want to hurt anyone, but after a couple weeks Aka convinced me that if people were hurting me then why shouldn't I hurt them?", she sighs and her expression turns to one of guilt then fear, "Kai hurt us, took me... and Aka too... apart and put us back together over and over again. I don't remember how many times, before or after Aka."

    "You were escaping Kai, right?"

    She hesitates, "Kai... Overhaul... we took his left arm... ate it when we left. I don't think he expected what happened. I wouldn't be here without Aka's help."

    "You mentioned Aka helps you with control. How does that work?"

    "Whenever I lose control Aka knocks me out, takes control of my nervous system and shuts down my powers or takes control of them."

    I suppose that would work in theory., I note to Himiko, I was able to override people's actions while looking for you by controlling their nervous systems directly. It's just I tended to not bother with rendering them unconscious. Working with a host is preferable to fighting them though. I didn't really bother to check if that was doing long term damage on its own apart from the organ damage in incompatible hosts.

    "Does Aka have any memories of escaping a lab or being taken from one?"

    She pauses, talking to herself again, before speaking to Himiko, "Yes, how did you know?"

    I sprout as a second head from Himiko's collar, "I have memories of that too. There was a break in at one of Vita's labs. Some of the Symbiotes got out or were released intentionally. I am Ichor. Aka and I would seem to be from the same batch if what we've learned is true. I guess in a way that makes us siblings."

    Eri backs up in her seat a bit at seeing someone sprout a second unnaturally colored head with large eye spots and a mouth full of sharp teeth. She immediately tries to get away and falls out of her chair when her Symbiote copies what I'm doing to reveal a blue-grey head with red eyes spots wreathed in black and a pair of stubby horns.

    Eri shakily gets up, sits back down, and looks to the extra head, "I didn't know you could do that."

    The head looks back to her, "Neither did I, kid."

    Aka and Eri look to us. Aka speaks, "Woke up in an alley. All I remember is vague memories of the lab. I jumped hosts for awhile. I observed her during one of her escape attempts and followed her back to where she was being held. I know what was being done to her. I'm not letting that happen again."

    Himiko's mother walks into the room from the front door, having just returned from work. She sees the sight before her, pauses for a moment, gets an expression that says "I'm not dealing with this" and instead she immediately goes to the bedroom to change out of her work clothes and does not come back out.

    "We maybe should have called first?", I ask trying not to laugh at that reaction.

    "She probably wouldn't have answered her phone if she saw my number.", Himiko notes.

    Eri seems confused, "Your mom is avoiding you?"

    "Ever since my parents got the news that we killed and ate someone, we haven't been talking each other much."

    Eri gets that guilty expression again and Aka manifests a hand to pat the girl on the shoulder to comfort her, "We've eaten a few animals and people out of necessity. The latter were people who tried to attack us."

    We smell the scent of two unfamiliar men near the house. I withdraw back into Himiko and Aka does the same with Eri. Something seems wrong to both me and Himiko. We whisper to Eri and Aka as we hear a knock on the door, "Go hide in my room."

    Eri nods and runs off. She seems afraid as if she recognizes the scent. We go to the door and open it. One is a slim man with fair hair and glasses. The other seems totally shaven and rather muscular, wearing a surgical mask on his face. The bald one seems familiar, but we can't place him. Both wear business suits.

    The man with glasses speaks, "We're looking for a girl, about six, blue-grey hair, red eyes, pair of horns. We've been asking around and she's been sighted in this neighborhood and apparently seen with a girl matching your description in a UA uniform. Where is she?"

    We lock up for a moment and having an overwhelming urge to give him the truth, "In the bedroom, we told her to hide there."

    It dawns on us and we recognize from my memories by his Quirk, Nemoto Shin. That must mean the shaved man is Hojo Yu.

    Yu forces the door open as his arm covers in crystal. We jump back as I manifest over Himiko. The man charges as crystal covers his body and rips his clothes. He grabs us suddenly and throws us against the wall.

    Himiko's mother steps out of her room. She screams at the sight of what's going on. We pick ourselves off the floor, coughing up dull gold fluid and already regenerating. We don't move fast enough as Shin raises a hand gun and fires. Himiko's mother is struck in the chest and drops to the floor.

    We feel a sense of rage. We may not have liked her or been on good terms for the past few months, but she's still Himiko's mother. We're off the floor and moves towards Shin only to be blocked by a crystal sword that Yu has formed. We roar in frustration as our jaw distends.

    If we have to go through him then so be it. Our fingers form into claws and we swipe at his chest. He parries, again and again and again. We're overwhelming him and chipping away at his crystals faster than he can grow them as he backs up.

    There's a sudden screech and something slams into him from behind, tearing into his back. We immediately realize it's Eri and Aka. Their body is mostly a pale blue-grey, similar to Eri's hair with red at the extremities and crawling up the arms and legs. A wild blue-grey and black mane extends from their scalp and their eyespots are a dark red circled in black, the same as that on the limbs.

    Amid the screeching we hear a shout, "YOU WILL NOT HURT US AGAIN!"

    Distracted by Eri, he leaves an opening allowing us to ram several tendrils of our hair formed into thick barbed spikes into his gut and begin draining his blood. He pauses, stunned for a moment and grabs the spikes, trying to pull them out causing a shout of pain upon realizing it's not going to be that easy. He turns his attention back to us and swings his sword one handed.

    It strikes our side and our flesh begins wrapping and growing around it with tendrils crawling and burrowing into his hand to bite into him and drain more blood. Several shots ring out as Shin fires into our back, we ignore it.

    Finally Yu uses his free arm to grab Eri and Aka and tear them off of him, holding them by the neck. Crystals begin growing and his grip tightens around her. He glares at us, "Let go."

    "We need the girl alive.", Shin stresses.

    "Doesn't mean we can't hurt her. Overhaul can fix her."

    Eri and Aka let out a scream of pain as Yu's grip tightens. Eri and Aka's horns suddenly get larger. Himiko and think it simultaneously, Oh fuck.

    Her horns glow followed by a flash of light accompanied by a sense of vertigo and disorientation. When the light clears Himiko is now about thirteen after we inspect her body for a moment with her clothes fitting somewhat loosely. I ask, You okay?

    Yeah., she looks herself over, Going to have to get used to this.

    Himiko's mother is also now uninjured. She immediately runs down the hall and takes cover. Yu and Shin seem the least affected if only because they were men in there twenties and thirties and the clock seems to have turned back only a couple years. Eri appears unconscious for a moment and Aka has withdrawn back into her. Her eyes suddenly open, revealing them to be solid red. Aka speaks to Yu, latching onto his arm with both hands, "She's out right now, I can control it enough to only affect things we touch. Unless you want me turn you into a fetus I suggest you put us down."

    Yu's grip tightens, heedless of Aka's warning. There's another flash from Eri's horns and her body drops to the ground. Aka picks her body up, standing over a human fetus at only a few months development. She turns away from it, saying nothing. Shin backs up as Himiko and I step behind Aka. He doesn't have an offensive Quirk so he's clearly out gunned here and he knows it. He turns to run only to be suddenly wrapped up in what appear to be tree branches. It's Kamui Woods. Himiko, a bit annoyed at the timing, says under her breath, "Now a Pro shows up."

    Kamui steps into the damaged apartment, "I heard a report of a fight in this neighborhood on the police channel. I apologize for not getting here sooner. Is everyone okay?"

    "We're fine. Lost a couple years of age, but fine.", Himiko gestures behind her, "A guy got turned into a fetus and I think he's dead now. Also I think Mom was probably dead for a few minutes, likely scared out of her mind now, but other than that okay and a few years younger as well."

    Kamui just stares at us for a moment as if he doesn't know how to respond to that explanation, "Okay... you're going to have to give a more detailed statement to the police on that."


    The police arrive soon after that. It's night by this point. We give our statements. Himiko's mother is rather shaken to say the least. She's currently being comforted by Himiko's father who was working late and got home after being called about what happened.

    A car pulls up we recognize to be Rei's. She steps out and walks up to us, speaking to Himiko and I, "It's already being cleared in terms of legality. You were acting in self defense. The company however wants a written report, especially why you thought it was a good idea not to immediately report a rogue Symbiote and bonded Host.

    Give me a moment to speak with your parents."

    Rei leaves and returns several minutes later. Himiko's parents are looking at her with serious anxiety. Rei speaks, "They have concerns going forward about you and Ichor in their home. I mentioned to them that the company pays you enough to rent an apartment. They feel it would be best if you moved out. For now you can stay at my home while you look for an apartment."

    Himiko glares back at her parents, but says nothing otherwise. We've been planning this anyway. Himiko, I, Eri, and Aka, follow Rei to her car. Himiko groans. Of course we're going to leave out the metaknowledge part, but we're not looking forward to having to give an explanation to the company about all this.
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    Might want to reword this. I thought Izuku was saying he was in General Studies, and was very confused on the classroom bit :p
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    Thanks, corrected to...
    ...so it should be clearer Izuku was in the standard UA Entrance Exam that he went through in canon. In this case he passed it and managed to get into the Hero Course with a different Quirk.
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    Thanks. It wasn't a huge thing, but I was like, "Huh, that's a new one," followed with, "what?" :p

    I have seen one fic with a Support Course Quirkless Izuku who moves to Hero Course after the festival, but that is it, so a General Studies one would have been unique.
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    We're preparing for school. The company sent some people over to Himiko's parent's house to gather her belongings as well as get some more of Himiko's older clothes for her and Eri. They even managed to get a uniform that fits Himiko's current frame. We're currently staying in the Rei's guest room. Again, she warned us to not to do anything inappropriate with Shoto due to being in the same house.

    As for what happened after we left the scene last night, we were taken back to the lab we remember from before or rather Eri was. The girl freaked out on any mention of anything that resembled previous experiments. Aka manifested and they refused to go until Himiko and I calmed them down and promised to go with them. The researchers at the lab just took some blood samples and a tiny scraping of Eri's horns. They also did some minor tests with us to check what Himiko's actual physical age is, about twelve years and four months apparently so we were slightly off with our estimate considering Himiko was fifteen. Himiko isn't mad at Eri, just a bit annoyed that she's back in mid puberty.

    We were told it was found Eri's Quirk would make it impossible to actually separate her and Aka involuntarily, which by the way Himiko and I have been curious why we weren't separated when affected by Eri's Quirk considering we know it can separate people who have been merged together with a Quirk like Overhaul though we haven't brought that up with anyone for obvious reasons. Related to this is that we've been informed that legally Aka is effectively considered a type of mandatory Support Item that helps Eri control her Quirk meaning that even if the company could remove Eri's Symbiote it would be illegal to do so without giving her significant training or an effective replacement. Plenty of countries have laws involving Quirks that are a danger to the user or those around them and typically make it mandatory for the person to use a Support Item or undergo training to control it. Eri is also too young to sign any form of legally binding contract with Vita Corp. so they can't really obligate her like they did with us. Because of all this and the fact it would be dangerous to put her in public school at the moment, the company is hiring a private tutor and counselor to give her a formal education, help teach her to maintain control of her Quirk, and provide psychological treatment for what she went through during her imprisonment.

    As Shoto and I are leaving for school, Eri runs up to us and hugs Himiko's waist, "You're coming back, right?"

    Himiko pats her on the head, "We promise. We're just going to school. We'll be back this afternoon."

    Eri nods and releases Himiko, waving goodbye as we walk with Shoto. Shoto comments, "You know people are going to ask questions on why you suddenly look younger."

    "And we're prepared for that. They'll get the explanation that we were affected by a Quirk and that we'll just have to age back normally if they ask. That's all the other students need to know. Besides, Todoroki-Sensei assured us that the Principal has already been spoken with this morning before school started. The teachers are being informed of the full story by him.

    We're not getting kicked out because of this. It was self defense and they're basing things on chronological age not biological age, my legal age hasn't changed either. This isn't the first time someone has been affected by a Quirk that reduced their age according to the research we did on the web early this morning. There's precedent for this kind of thing.

    As long as I can keep up with the other students while being physically a bit younger everything is okay. Apart from that I need to get my student ID updated because I lost some height and look slightly different."

    Himiko adds mentally, I wonder if Izuku is into younger girls?

    I give a mental shrug, Not sure... I mean romance and those kinds of interests were never a huge part of the manga or anime even though they focused on Izuku for much of it.

    "I'm hoping the same thing doesn't happen to me or Mother. I'd rather not end up potentially younger than you.", he replies, "I'm worried about Eri staying with us for the foreseeable future."

    "What do you want the company to do? Keep her in a lab or cell somewhere? She already has mental issues from being experimented on and locked up for god knows how long and then being homeless for a few months. She jumped at the chance to have a warm place to stay when we offered it and was starving enough to wolf down that nutrient stuff without the slightest indication of disliking it."

    "No... it's just... I know she's dangerous and even brief exposure to her Quirk deaged you about three years before her Symbiote shut it down. You told me what her Quirk did to one of the men who attacked you."

    "From what Eri and Aka have told us, she is most likely to lose control when stressed too much or experiencing a fight or flight response. If we just avoid that until she has a handle on it, everything should be fine and her Symbiote is there to mitigate the worst of it."

    "There's also the issue that others may come looking for her."

    "Vita Corp. is watching your house 24/7 at this point specifically because of that concern. It's rather obvious that this Overhaul was experimenting on her for ill purposes.

    Rei said the other guy had been arrested for attempted child abduction, assault, attempted murder, illegal Quirk usage, illegal possession of a firearm, and property damage. He's definitely going to be questioned by the police for information about his organization.", Himiko sighs with some annoyance, "I was also informed when giving my statement that I and Ichor will probably have to testify as witnesses to the crime at whatever trial there is down the line. We looked that up and it turns out giving eyewitness testimonies in criminal trials is part of being a Licensed Hero."

    "You didn't know that?", he asks, slightly disbelieving.

    "It's not like I had any intention of being a Pro Hero before I bonded with Ichor and we got caught by Vita Corp. Most people seem to focus on all the times Heroes rescue people or get into awesome fights with Villains and less on when they have to give a testimony in a trial.", she shoots back.

    Shoto smirks at this, "At the very least, any significantly sized Hero Agencies hire people to do all the paperwork and filing that a Pro Hero doesn't actually have to personally do."

    "I guess if I'm working for Vita Corp. that's probably covered."

    We chat a bit more on less stressful topics as we continue to the school.


    Of course as we step into the class room, attention is drawn to Himiko and her new age. Questions are asked from various students. Himiko states with some slight annoyance in her voice, "I got hit by a Quirk that deaged me so I'm now biologically about twelve and a third. Nothing else has changed and I'm just going to have to get back to my original age the slow way. The school has already been informed and as long as I can keep up with the curriculum in this younger body I'm allowed to continue at UA. That's all I can really tell you."

    Himiko takes her seat next to Shoto's after giving the explanation. Hopefully we aren't going to get anymore questions. Of course there's mundane classes at UA. These are taught in the morning. The first subject is English taught by Present Mic. Considering that knowledge of English is my clearest human memory and I've given all my memories to Himiko this class mostly bores us. As a result Himiko has found she can understand English just fine, but has issues pronouncing it. We're working on that.

    It turns out that after the Quirk Anarchy Era, the two most dominant official languages (at least for areas that aren't still in a state of post apocalyptic anarchy) are English (primarily in North America and the United Kingdom) and Japanese (Japan and its various territories and provinces in the Pacific). Lesser spoken languages include Spanish, French, Korean, and Icelandic. After that there's other various languages not officially recognized due to either not having enough speakers or for political reasons. A large number of languages went extinct due to massive depopulation during the Quirk Anarchy Era. Japan just happened to be a country that suffered less during that time, primarily due to having strict border control with the help of some of its allies. That's part of the reason places like Eisurey exist. Japan received help in defending its borders while other surrounding countries got a place to send some of their refugees.

    After the morning classes we break for lunch. Himiko decides to sit at the same table as Izuku. Tenya and Uraraka are there as well. She gets a few odd looks when she pulls out a bottle of nutrient drink. Izuku actually explains before she does, "Symbiote and their Hosts require a high intake of calories and protein. This normally forces them to consume a large amount of meat, but Vita. Corp makes a nutrient powder as a substitute. It's also sold to anyone with a Quirk or biomods that gives them a similar energy requirement."

    "Not the best tasting thing though.", Himiko adds.

    Tenya comments, "Interesting. I use fruit juice to fuel my Quirk with preference for orange."

    The conversation continues on Symbiote physiology and eventually shifts to more general small talk. Izuku seems to be looking Himiko over as she eats at one point. She blushes when she notices this, "What?"

    Izuku immediately looks away and scratches the back of his head, stammering a bit, "I... um... I know you said you couldn't tell anything more about what happened, but, uh, regression Quirks are rare. You said it wasn't temporary?"

    "You know, if you want to personally examine me because you're curious about what happened I think we can arrange that, Izuku.", Himiko says with a sly smile.

    Across the table Uraraka does a spit take with the rice she's eating and Tenya's mouth drops open before he chastises Himiko, "Toga... that is not appropriate talk towards a classmate during school hours, especially considering your current physical age."

    Himiko glares at Tenya for a moment while Izuku stammers incoherently, trying to form a response. I'm starting to think he might need to learn to better deal with these kinds of situations in general. If he's going to be a Pro Hero I would expect he's eventually going have women and men throwing themselves at him once he reaches a certain level of popularity.

    Himiko, tone it down and heads up., I warn her.

    Lunch Rush is apparently walking around the cafeteria to see how the new students enjoy the food. He stops at our table, not commenting on the rice Uraraka spit out or the flustered Izuku, "Is everyone enjoying their meals?"

    Izuku stiffly turns and realizes who's talking. He gasps as he covers his mouth, whispering in awe, "Lunch Rush."

    Himiko humphs a bit before continuing her meal, slightly annoyed he's showing more interest in a Pro Hero over her at the moment. We both ignore Lunch Rush.

    We should talk to him alone., Himiko says as her thoughts turn to rather... rough, lewd things with Izuku.

    Again... I know you have urges, but going there too soon is probably not the best idea. Why not ask him on a date or something first? Humans like courtship.

    The rest of lunch passes with us discussing when it would be best to spring that on Izuku. We notice he occasionally looks at us next to him with furtive glances.


    As I remember in the series the afternoon has Hero Basic Training. All Might in his Silver Age costume bursts through the door of the class room, "I AM HERE! Coming through the door like a hero!"

    There's gasps and excited voices from the other students that All Might is actually a teacher at UA. Himiko and I however are silently discussing something.

    Something's wrong. He's got the stench of something almost cancerous on him.

    One thing we've both found is that you can tell a lot from smell and taste in the air about a person such as their overall health, age, sex, stress levels, certain diseases and injuries they might have, drugs they've been taking recently, and a host of other things. Serious injuries like what All Might had from the other version of this reality should theoretically be detectable, this is something unexpected though.

    By the way super senses do have some draw backs, particularly super taste and smell. We can smell and taste the flesh and blood of people and animals around us and Himiko and I have often thought of how easy it would be to take a bite. Another thing is what do you think a school full of hormone laden teenagers smells like? We can smell every girl's time of the month, every horny adolescent who's fucked or masturbated on the grounds of the school, and the mix of sweat, body odor, and pheromones coming off of everyone. On one hand we both just sense it as a sort of background static at this point since we've been together a few months, on the other it's still almost like having everyone rubbing their crotch in our face all the time.

    I respond to Himiko, This isn't right. Something is seriously off.

    We're drawn out of our thoughts as numbered panels begin sliding out of the wall while All Might announces, "One of the keys to being a Hero is looking good! These were designed for you based on your Quirk registration forms and the requests you sent in before school started."

    There's cheers from the class. All Might tells us to suit up and meet him at Training Ground Beta.


    Considering that our costume is just me so we didn't put in a request for anything, we're the first at the training ground. All Might is already there and greets us, "Hello, young Toga and Ichor. I expected you would be the first here. I remember my days attending UA when my friend and his Symbiote were always the first in costume.", he gives a loud almost booming laugh, "But I suppose when your costume is alive things are easier."

    We ask, "All Might-Sensei, why are you teaching at UA? It must eat into your time as a Pro Hero."

    "Why? To pass on my knowledge to the next generation of course and benefit the school that made me the Hero I am today. You shouldn't worry, I can teach and continue to be the Symbol of Peace."

    We put it bluntly, "Sir, we can smell it. We expect that anyone with the right sufficiently enhanced senses can tell. You know how some dogs are trained to sniff out disease? We can do that too. We-"

    He raises a hand to stop us, his tone serious and somewhat grim, "I know you're concerned, but we'll discuss it after class. For now I need the two of you not to mention this to any of the other students."

    We nod, saying nothing more. The other students arrive a several minutes later. We notice Izuku has a somewhat different costume. He wears a green and black jumpsuit with a utility belt and harness. He also wears a pair of white fingerless gloves and red boots. It's completed with knee and elbow pads with a pair of aviator like goggles on his forehead. Overall there's similarities, but it seems to mimic All Might less.

    All Might begins explaining the training exercise. It's identical to what we remember. Teams of two will be randomly selected to work against each other as Heroes vs Villains. The object is to either capture the opposing team or for the Heroes to "recover" a fake missile by tagging it while the Villains defend it or for the Villains to outrun the timer.

    All Might calls out the first match. Team C, Izuku and Katsuki as Heroes, vs Team E, I and Himiko with Momo as Villains. The rest are led to a control room with surveillance camera to observe.

    We begin discussing our plans as soon as we reach the missile room. Momo points out, "Your Quirks seem better suited to offense while mine is better suited to defense. I'll fortify the room, you go on the attack and attempt to capture them?"

    "Sounds good.", Himiko replies, both of us agreeing on the tactic.

    We step out the door and hear Momo begin using her Quirk to create fortifications and traps in the room. We begin stalking the halls, clutching the ceiling. We look back. Momo already has the door sealed.

    We listen and smell the air. Despite Katsuki's apparent bathing regimen removing it to the senses of mundane people, we can smell the acrid stench of burnt sugar from the nitroglycerin in his sweat which makes him rather easy to track. We move.

    We find him and Izuku actually arguing with each other.

    "Don't get in my way, Deku."

    "You know we're supposed to be working together here, right?"

    "I don't need your help, modded freak, so back off."

    We move silently. They don't seem to notice us as they continue to argue through the building and we crawl across the ceiling. We drop to the floor. We whip across Izuku's chest with a barbed tendril as he turns around. Himiko's heart flutters for a moment in excitement at actually getting to taste his blood.

    Izuku raises his hand and reflexively uses his Quirk. We're surprised at how much of a punch it packs as we're knocked down the hallway and land on all fours. We roar and charge. Katsuki charges as well as he fires up his Quirk, launching himself in the air. He uses a blast to change direction and hit us in the back. It burns, but it's superficial and we're regenerating quickly.

    He grins as he backs up, "So you can regenerate? Guess that means I can hit harder!"

    We hear a click and realize he's arming his bracers. The problem is that Izuku is in the line of fire and Katsuki doesn't seem to care or is expecting him to get out of the way. We shout at Izuku, "Move!"

    Izuku dodges down a side hallway as we hear the pin being pulled. There's a rush of flame and we let out a scream as we're blown down the hallway while our outer skin is seared off. The building shakes. We ram a claw into the floor as the flame passes. We're left prone and breathing heavily.

    Katsuki approaches with a laugh, "These things are awesome. I honestly expected you to dodge."

    We groan as our skin grows back. We hear Momo over the comm, her tone concerned, "What was that? I heard an explosion. Are you alright?"

    "We're fine.", we assure Momo.

    All Might can be heard over the comm warning him, "Use that stored up power again and I'm stopping the fight. Your team will lose. Despite your opponent's ability to regenerate from serious injury, allowing for stronger attacks, to use such power indoors invites destruction of the building you should be protecting. That's a poor strategy whether you're a Hero or a Villain which would cause a massive loss of points."

    We wait til All Might finishes speaking. Katsuki gives a shout of rage as he steps over to us. By now we've regenerated completely. He growls, "Get up. Let's finish this."

    We spring off the floor fluidly. A pair of barbed tendril extends from our forearms and latch on to Katsuki's shoulders. He gives a shout of pain and blasts us in the face. Unfortunately the tendrils are stronger than the boy's flesh and the barbs tear out causing another shout of pain. Luckily we managed to get a few ounces of blood for later.

    Bakugo charges. Ignoring that he has two shoulder wounds. He grabs our arm and uses a blast to accelerate and slam us into a wall. We're suddenly dragged off our feet past Katsuki.

    Katsuki shouts, "DEKU! This is my fight!"

    "You're hurt, Kaachan!"

    We send another whip like tendril out and grab at Izuku as we fly towards him. It wraps around his arm. He realizes that pushing us back would send him flying at best and possibly pop his arm out of its socket at worst. The result is that he's left with no choice but allow us to slam into him.

    We untangle from where we've landed on the floor. Himiko is tempted to tease him, but we don't have time. Izuku pushes us away. He stands in front of us with Katsuki at our back. Izuku pushes at us with his Quirk, knocking us off our feet and sending us towards Katsuki. He grabs us and glares at Izuku for a moment. He moves to blast us in the face, but we're ready this time and our hair suddenly entangles him. We pull him off his feet.

    We laugh, "Don't you know our strength is close combat?"

    Katsuki gives a shout of anger, "Let me go, bi-!"

    We cut him off as we cover his mouth. While we don't forcible suck any blood we're happily absorbing anything he's still naturally bleeding from his injuries. We walk calmly towards Izuku. He pushes at us to avoid getting into melee range. We drop on all fours as soon as he raises his hand. He gives a continuous push as we slowly make our way towards him our feet and hands digging into the floor.

    He seems to realize this isn't going to work and directs his hands towards the floor. pushing off against it. He has surprising control and actually goes rocketing off down the hallway. Meanwhile Katsuki has been trying form enough sweat to blast his way off while we've been absorbing what forms on his hands.

    We give chase after Izuku, laughing and shouting, "IZUKU! WHERE ARE YOU? YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T OUTRUN US!"

    We know he's heading to the top of the building where the missile is. We begin making our way there. We find him repeatedly and forcibly using his Quirk like a jackhammer to break the reinforcement on the door, which actually seems to be working.

    The reinforcements break and he looks at us for moment before entering the room. Momo waits inside wielding a metal staff as a weapon. I step behind Izuku. He pushes us back through the door. We grab the frame to brace ourselves. He pulls at Momo across the room and through the traps she set, causing them to trigger. Most of them are various tripwires and flash bangs. She gives a shout of panic as this happens.

    He pushes at her to redirect to the side wall once she's cleared most of the traps. She falls in a heap, dazed. He continues to push at us as we hang on to the door frame as he walks towards the missile.

    We've got one more trick up our sleeve. All the nitroglycerin we've been absorbing is released from our mouth and directed at the floor behind where Izuku is standing. It's not as strong as Katsuki's bracers due to not being as much stored, but it's enough to blast a hole in the floor and start sending cracks spider webbing across it. Izuku loses his footing as the floor begins crumbling beneath him. His focus goes off us to now using his Quirk keep from falling through the floor.

    We make our move and leap forward to wrap a pair of tendrils from our forearms around his ankles as he hovers. We pull him towards us as he tries to push away.

    This only lasts about a minute. The match end buzzer suddenly sounds. The timer ran out.

    All Might calls out, "It looks like the Villains win!"

    We release Katsuki, allowing him to drop to floor. Izuku hovers to section of floor that's stable while we leap over to make sure Momo is okay. She's fine, just stunned with a bit of bruising. Katsuki ,being the most injured is taken to the Nurse's Office first to be treated.


    The rest of the matches pass relatively smoothly. None of them are as violent as the first. Notable things include Inasa simply flying to the top of the building where the bomb is and Shoto freezing everything as in canon.

    As the students are leaving for the day I withdraw back into Himiko and we stay behind. All Might gestures for us to follow, "Come with me to my office."

    He takes a seat at his desk and gestures for us to sit at a chair in front of it. After we do this All Might suddenly shrinks out of his muscle form and surprisingly he manages to look even more emaciated than I remember, skeletal even. He speaks matter of factly, "I know, shocking, isn't it?"

    While it's one thing to know it from my memories, seeing it is another and Himiko's eyes widen a bit. All Might continues, "What I'm about to tell you has to be kept secret. Apart from you, Principal Nezu and a few of the faculty know. Can both of you promise me you won't speak of this to anyone other than me? It's necessary to preserve my image as the Symbol of Peace. If word were to get out I've become ill chaos would spread across the country as villains and criminals become more confident."

    "We both swear we'll keep this a secret.", Himiko says with a respectful nod.

    Himiko asks hesitantly, "What happened?"

    "One of Vita's early proof of concepts apparently, a communicable muscular dystrophy spread through infected tissue: blood, CSF, nerve cells, and muscle. The only thing that's slowed the progression is my Quirk and even that's giving me borrowed time."

    "How-", Himiko starts to ask.

    "How long do I have? Maybe a year or two before I'm bound to a wheel chair, maybe another year after that before my muscles are so weak I can't feed myself, a few months later I'll need a respirator to breathe and another few months after that my heart will finally give out. I can only maintain my muscle form about six hours a day at this point. As for how this happened, I'll start with the history of my Quirk..."

    He tells us the story of All for One and how One for All was created. He explains how he received it, but the story diverges when he gets to the fight with All for One, "During the fight with All for One he used one of his Quirks to inject me with the disease. I managed to win, but in the months and years that followed I found myself getting weaker. I actually had Faye Vita Uaithne take a look at me. She's an old friend and I believe you know her as the CEO of the Vita Corporation. Faye told me her father had a habit of putting his notable prototypes in museums or zoos... or even just leaving them in stasis in his old labs... scattered across his territories in the Anarchic Zones before he founded the company and that's probably where All for One got a sample of the disease.", he sighs, "The only thing she could offer to save me was to transfer or copy my mind state."

    He continues with the unanswered question, "As for why I'm here, it should be rather obvious, I need a successor. I already have some candidates in mind, both those who have the heroic traits needed to be the next Symbol of Peace and the physical ability to handle One for All.", he pauses as he stares at us, "It is very important that you not inform any of the other students of this, even in secret. It could skew things. Do you understand?"

    "Yes, sir.", Himiko adds after asking me about it, "I'm surprised no one else with the right Quirk has commented on your illness. We'll tell you a secret of ours... we had the genetic serial number and genes for the trademark Symbiote scent stripped out by an underground biomodder to make us less easy to track by Vita Corp. Originally we covered the scent with a strong, cheap perfume. Now we just use it to cover the fact our original scent is gone. We'd suggest some strong cologne or similar to mask the scent of illness to anyone with a Quirk that gives them super senses."

    "Huh...", he says as he considers it, "I actually hadn't thought of that. You're sure it will work?"

    "Todoroki-Sensei has her Symbiote, Chill, and they only commented on the perfume being used not the lack of Symbiote scent and it's not something that can be picked up by anyone with normal senses."

    "I guess I'll have to look into that, thanks for the advice. That's all I have to tell you. Remember, I'm trusting you here."

    Himiko stands and gives a formal bow to the Pro Hero before leaving.
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    As we arrive at the school the next day we pause at the crowd of reporters, cameramen, and photographers out front. Oh yeah... for some reason in my memories I assumed the whole the reporters and USJ incident was going to take place at least a few days after the Battle Trials under All Might.

    We and Shoto walk past the reporters, trying to ignore them. One woman tries to stop us with "Are you All Might's students? Could you tell us-"

    "No comment and you shouldn't be here.", Himiko tells them while Shoto says nothing and neither of them stop walking.

    Vultures, Himiko comments then adds, We're voting for Izuku as class representative, right?

    Yes, but we should be concerned about the USJ incident coming up., I note, We already know All for One is the true mastermind behind it and isn't actually dead if we assume that aspect is like it is in the other world. If that is the case and considering that he apparently has access to some of Vita's old bioweapons, this fight may actually be worse than what I remember.

    Understood... does this mean we won't have to hold back?

    I'm unsure. Self defense for civilians means lethal force is authorized if that's the only way to protect oneself. Licensed Heroes are held to a higher standard, but we may be able to get away with a bit more under the reasoning we're protecting our fellow students and ourselves.

    We arrive at class. The first thing is that Aizawa goes over our combat training from the previous day, telling us how well he thinks we did and places we can improve. He speaks on the matches in the order they happened, "Bakugo, you're going to have to learn to put aside personal differences when working with other heroes you may not like, otherwise you're talented so don't sulk like a child about your loss.

    Midoriya, you showed excellent control of your Quirk though you need to watch out for situations where you might be constrained in using your Quirk by your opponents.

    Yaoyrozu, good work on suggesting you and your team mate play to your strengths, though when using traps watch out for tripping them your self.

    Toga and Ichor, while violent in your match you both showed restraint considering the nature of your Quirks. Remember to keep that up in the future.", he seems to stress that last sentence a bit.

    He moves on to the other students and we continue on speculating and planning for the USJ. Eventually Aizawa announces, "Your first task will decide your future."

    There's a tense moment from the rest of the class, though not from us since we know what he's going to say.

    "You all need to pick a class representative."

    There's a sudden rush of various students in the class clamoring for Aizawa to select them. We know that it's a way to get noticed by agencies and show that you can lead, but since we're already signed up with Vita Corp. that's not a big deal for us.

    Tenya suddenly shouts, "Silence, everyone, please!"

    Everyone pauses and stares at him. He continues, "The class representative's duty is to lead others. That's not something just anyone can do. You must first have the trust of every student in the classroom. Therefore the most logical way to fill this position is democratically. We will hold an election to choose our leader.

    There's various objections pointed out to this by other students such as that we've only known each other for a few days and that everyone will just vote for themselves. Tenya responds with, "Most people will, but that means whoever does receive multiple votes must truly be the most suitable person for the job.", he directs his attention to Aizawa, "It's the best way, right sir?"

    Aizawa responds with his usual apathetic tone, "Do what you want. Just get it done before my nap's over."

    Voting begins soon after that. The results come out identical to the series. Nearly everyone except for Momo and Izuku seems to have voted for themselves with the former getting two and the latter getting three. As agreed we voted for Izuku and we suspect Uraraka voted for Izuku as well.

    Izuku seems be having an anxiety attack as he steps in front of the class next to a calm Momo. Aizawa states, "Alright, our class rep is Midoriya and our vice rep is Yaoyorozu."

    After the morning classes. We come to lunch again. We sit with Tenya, Izuku, and Uraraka as we did yesterday. We don't talk much with them as we're still going over plans and scenarios for the USJ together. We are listening to the conversation and hear Tenya reveal that his family owns a Hero agency and that he comes from a line of Pro Heroes.

    We hear an alarm bell ring. An automated message announces over the PA System, "Warning. Level Three Security Breach. All students please evacuate the building in an orderly fashion."

    We stand and follow the others for a bit then break off when everyone runs into the mass of panicked students. We head back into the room and continue our meal. We stop by our table and grab our nutrient drink, sipping it and casually begin heading down an alternate hallway to the second next floor then to a window overlooking the entrance of the school. As expected the security breach looks like just some reporters. We know this is just cover for the villains getting into the USJ, but there's no point going into stamped of frightened students.

    We hear foot steps and turn around. It's Ectoplasm, or at least one of his clones. He asks, "Shouldn't you be evacuating with the other students? I'm here to make sure all the students are safe."

    Himiko raises an eyebrow, "Why? One, there's a human stampede down there which we'd just get caught in and two, it's just some reporters.", she gestures to the window, "Have a look."

    Ectoplasm looks out the window, "It seems you're right, but if had this been a serious threat, you could have been in actual danger. The real concern here is how a group of reporters got past the barrier."

    Before the conversation can continue, we hear sirens in the distance. Ectoplasm looks to me, "Since there is no danger, report to you classroom and wait for instructions. The staff and police will handle this."

    "Yes sir.", Himiko replies before heading off.


    Back in the classroom after it's been explained what happened and everyone has calmed down it's time to select class officers, however Izuku has to say something first, "I've thought a lot about this... and I think Iida Tenya should be our class rep."

    Izuku explains how Tenya was able to get everyone's attention during the panic caused by the security breach as why he thinks Tenya should be the class representative. The rest of the class seems to agree.

    After officers are assigned (we had no interest in being one) Aizawa steps in to explain today's Hero training, "Today's training will be a bit different, you'll have three instructors. Me, All Might, and another faculty member will be keeping tabs on you."

    Hanta raises his hand and asks, "Sir, what kind of training is this?"

    "Rescue. You'll be dealing with natural and man made disasters, stuff like that."

    The class begins talking among themselves before Aizawa points out he's not finished and starts going on about costumes and that the students may not be used to them, but what we wear is our choice.

    We're preparing mentally for what is to come so we're not really paying attention now. Shoto taps our shoulder, "He said to get ready. You okay? You seem nervous about something."

    "We're fine.", Himiko reassures him as we get up and I manifest over her.


    We step off the bus, having tuned out the chatter on board. Shoto still seems to get the hint we're distracted. We've told him we're just a bit tense about rescue training.

    The bus stops at a large dome and we get off. An androgynous sounding Hero in a space suit like costume we recognize as Thirteen greets us. As usual the class gives awed reactions to meeting a famous hero. Thirteen leads the class into the dome where All Might is waiting and begins explaining what the USJ is, its different environments meant to simulate various kinds of disaster, and that they created it to prepare students for the various kinds of disaster they might encounter as Heroes. They conclude with, "I call it the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, but you can call it USJ!"

    Aizawa says, "The clock's ticking, we should get started."

    "Excellent", Thirteen says to the class, "Before we begin, let me just say one thing, maybe two things, possibly three, four, or five."

    "We get it!", the the class responds in unison.

    "Listen carefully, I'm sure you're aware that I have a powerful Quirk, Black Hole. It allows me to suck anything and turn it into dust."

    "You've used Black Hole to save people from all kinds of disasters, haven't you?", Izuku says.

    All Might notes, "But such a Quirk can also be easily used to kill. Even my own Quirk can be dangerous if used improperly. Some of you also have Quirks that can be dangerous."

    "In our society all Quirks certified and regulated, so we often overlook how dangerous they can actually be. Please don't forget that if you lose focus or make the wrong move your powers can be lethal."

    We look around for any signs of the League of Villains as Thirteen continues the speech. About midway through the power flickers. The other students gasp for a moment as a dark mass forms in front of the center fountain of the USJ.



    We move as fast as possible to the fountain and the portal.

    "Thirteen, protect the students.", Aizawa says. He shouts at us, "Ichor, Toga, get back here!"

    All Might expresses concern as well, "What are you doing!?"

    We don't pay attention to him or the other students. We can stop this before it starts.

    We leap forward, using our enhanced vision to find the metal collar protecting the only solid part of him and latch on to it. Without thinking, we bite and crush the collar as we dig our tendrils in and begin draining him.

    The black mist around us thrashes erratically before dissipating entirely. We toss our head to the side, throwing Kurogiri's crushed collar covered in dark, near black blood. The portal shuts immediately with some unfortunate villains cut in half due to being halfway through.

    We see no Nomu or Tomura. We're hoping the teachers and students didn't get a good look and see that we just ate someone from their vantage point.

    Aizawa and All Might to leap int the crowd of only about a dozen and half villains. All Might declares, "It would seem one our students did some quick thinking and just cut you off from reinforcements and your exit. It would be in your best interest to surrender."

    Some of them actually do the smart thing and lay down on the ground with their hands on their heads. Most go for a fight. Said fight is rather short considering they're facing someone who can erase Quirks combined with the raw power of the Symbol of Peace.

    Soon after communications are reestablished and other members of the faculty are called to clean up any villains in the area and help keep those who have been defeated or surrendered detained. Aiazawa turns to us, his tone indicating he is not happy, "That was incredibly reckless. If you had been just slightly off you could have been killed."

    All Might stands next to us and gives us a light congratulatory slap on the back that still hurts a bit, "I have to agree what you did was reckless, but you did react the fastest out of all us to stop a full scale Villain attack before it could start. I have to commend you for that. You may have saved some lives with your actions young Toga and Ichor."

    Aizawa seems to glare at All Might for a moment due to that statement. Thirteen arrives with the other students and asks, "How did you react that quickly?"

    "We thought something was up during the security breach and it put us on edge. When the power flickered before the attack we scanned the area and saw something begin to form near the fountain. We didn't think. We just moved. When we saw the collar around the portal Villain's neck we assumed if that was only part of his body he was protecting than it had to be the only part that was actually vulnerable. He appears to have escaped though.", we tell them, hoping everyone believes that.

    No one seems to question it fortunately and no one seems to be aware we actually ate Kurogiri. The other faculty members and police arrive shortly after to round up the Villains portaled into other parts of the USJ. We're returned to homeroom as the school is put on lockdown and the campus is searched.

    We're sent home early when everything is presumed safe. Himiko and I walk home with Shoto. Shoto comments, "I am surprised you were able to act that quickly."

    "Yeah... we're surprised too."

    "With that kind of reaction time you could be the next Synchronicity."

    "We're not really shooting for that, but it's not something we'll complain about either I guess.", Himiko responds.

    We pass an alley. We catch movement out of the corner of our eye of some large hulking thing moving faster than it should be able too at that size. We are aren't expecting this and we don't have time to react. It slams into Shoto and grasps his head in its carapaced hand. Whatever it is it's wearing a large hooded cloak and mask to conceal its form. I manifest over Himiko and we prepare to fight. There's a sickening crack and Shoto is dropped to the pavement, bleeding profusely from his head.

    A smaller hooded figure, that sounds female, wearing a trench coat speaks from the alley, "You killed Kurogiri and prevented us from killing All Might. You're going to pay for that."

    The smaller hooded figure snaps its fingers, "Kill, make it painful."

    The hulking carapaced thing slams into us and grabs one of our arms. It snaps like a twig in its grip. We let out a shout of pain as the next blow comes at blinding speed and sends us flying into the concrete of a nearby building. It doesn't let up as it grabs us by the throat and hurls into the pavement next to Shoto's body. We can't hear his heart beat or breathing and his skull is cracked open. We already know what's happened.

    We stand up as our body begins healing. The creature, we assume it to be a Nomu, seems to stare at us, though its hood and mask conceal its eyes and face. We grab Shoto's body with our hair tendrils. Without hesitation and knowing he's already dead we begin draining his body of blood as we transform.

    We do our best to get some distance between us and our attacker, but with its speed this is very difficult.

    The pavement craters as we narrowly dodge a strike from the apparent Nomu. It backhands us, sending us rolling across the pavement. We get up, we've completed taking Shoto's form and nearly finished draining the last of his blood into our reserves. The Nomu charges. We release his body as soon as we have everything.


    The Nomu erupts in flame, but it doesn't even seem to react. Its clothes are burned to reveal its entire body is covered in what looks to be an exoskeleton with no visible brain or even a mouth like other Nomu though it appears to have six insect like eyes on the sides and front of its head.

    It grabs us, we ignite it again. Its shell doesn't burn, apparently being flame retardant. The Nomu slams us into the pavement sending cracks outward as we try to freeze the thing with this not even slowing it down due its immense strength and only covering its shell with ice. We groan in pain, knowing we'd already be dead if not for the regeneration.

    We know our regeneration will eventually be exhausted if this fight goes on too long and the Nomu injures us enough. We hope someon notices this soon and call the Proes or we need to end this ourselves now. Think, what can we do?

    It hits us, the outside of it resistant to heat and cold, but what about the inside? Our hair snakes its way across the Nomu as it continues repeatedly slamming us into the ground. We search for every seam and crevice in its armor and dig in as deeply as possible.

    We begin freezing the Nomu's internals. It eventually locks up as it freezes and halts altogether, but we're going to make sure this thing that killed Shoto is not getting back up. As it freezes completely we force as much heat as possible into it.

    The resulting thermal shock causes the Nomu to explode violently and throws us several meters while scattering burning and frozen organic matter and parts of its shell in all directions. We pick ourselves up. We see the smaller hooded figure ducking into an alley, we follow it. We catch a glimpse of the figure, but don't get its features as it collapses into a mass of vermin and scatters in all directions leaving its clothes behind.

    We look out of the alley and go to where we left Shoto's body as Himiko shifts back into her default form and I withdraw. Himiko wraps her arms around her knees and begins crying. When Endeavor shows up this is how he finds us.

    He demands immediately as the flames on his body die, "Who killed my son?"

    Himiko wipes her face, she explains trying to hold back any emotion, "Some sort of biomodded person or creature. It slammed into him so fast we didn't have time to react, we had to use his blood, to copy his powers and kill it. These pieces of shell and flesh on the pavement are what's left of it. Cold, then heat, thermal shock. It exploded, we wanted to make sure it couldn't get back up."

    "Did it have a master?"

    "She sounded like a girl, maybe late teens to early twenties. She was wearing a hooded coat and mask so we didn't get a good look at her. She said she wanted to make me pay for preventing her from killing All Might and for killing one of her allies, Kurogiri."

    The flames on his body briefly flare at the mention of All Might before sputtering out, there is a hint of sorrow in his voice, "I'll deal with the police. I know you're staying at Rei's. Go there and tell her what happened and that I'll be there shortly to speak with her about this."

    We do as he says and arrive at Rei's quickly. Eri greets us at the door, "Welcome back... she pauses, where's Shoto?"

    It suddenly crosses my mind and I relay the question to Himiko as she kneels to Eri's level, "Eri, we know you can bring back people who have been lethally injured. You did it with my Mom. How long can someone be dead before you can't bring them back?"

    Eri's eyes widen as she realizes what that means, "If Shoto... Overhaul had me test that. I can't bring someone back past their brain dying and their heart and lungs stopping"

    "Thanks.", Himiko rubs Eri's head for a moment, "We're sorry for bringing it up then. Shoto's been gone nearly an hour by now."

    Her face falls and Eri begins to cry. Himiko hugs her, "It's okay."

    Rei walk in and asks what's wrong. We look to Eri, "We need to talk with Todoroki-Sensei, okay?"

    "Okay.", Eri nods and leaves the entry way.

    "We're sorry to have to tell you this. We were attacked by a pair of Villains on the way home from school... Shoto didn't make it. It ambushed us too quickly to react, some biomodded creature. Endeavor responded by the time the fight was over. He said he would deal with the police and come here to talk with you after."

    Rei falls to her knees and seems to stifle her emotions as she covers her mouth with her hand. She looks to us, "You killed it?"

    "We had to drain Shoto's blood to win the fight, but yes. Its master got away though.", Himiko adds guiltily, "It's our fault. If we hadn't stopped the villain attack at the USJ-"

    Rei says, cutting us off, "I've seen enough people die in my line of work that Chill and I have realized thinking like that doesn't result in anything good. You stopped one attack and another happened. We live with the consequences for good or ill.", she gives a mournful sigh, "Get some food and rest, you still have school tomorrow and I have my husband to speak with."

    We do as Rei says, but Himiko and I both still share feelings of guilt.
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    Endeavor is on patrol when the calls comes in over the police band. Civilians report a boy with half white, half red hair injured, severe head wound and not moving. A Symbiote host is fighting a large villain with immense strength and speed.

    He's been keeping tabs on things on his wife's place of residence and he still occasionally sees his son even if Rei is cautious about letting him anywhere near Shoto. He knows Rei and her Symbiote have been training another Symbiote and Host alongside their son and that they are now temporarily living with Rei and Shoto. He's read Toga Himiko's Quirk registration, she's a power copier and shapeshifter with blood as the requirement. From what he's had his people look into and Shoto has told him about she's nice if a bit obsessive and familiar at times, though Rei has had a talk with her to prevent any sort of intimate relationship.

    He knows even as he makes his way over the roof tops with the assistance of his Quirk that Shoto is badly injured... or dead. He finds her next to his body. His flames die when he sees his son's body and for a moment he has to prevent himself from grabbing him then and there and mourn. He crushes his emotions, there's no time for that. He's the number two Pro Hero. He needs to find out who did this.

    Endeavor begins questioning the girl. The biomodded creature that killed his son is scattered on the pavement destroyed with the boy's Quirk by his friend. He's glad for that. His flames flare briefly in anger at realizing that the creature's master attacked because she had been thwarted in attacking All Might, but he calms himself.

    He directs the girl to head to Rei's and tells her the he'll be there later. The police arrive shortly after and he gives them the report. He refuses to speak with any reporters when they begin asking questions on the death of his son. He solemnly watches as the coroners take Shoto's body away.

    Before he leaves for Rei's, he picks up a small fragment of the creature's shell with some skin and muscle still attached, pocketing it.


    Rei hears the door open. Her enhanced hearing picks up the conversation as she approaches the door to welcome Shoto home. She and Chill don't want to believe what Toga is talking to Eri about. She asks what's wrong as Eri is calmed down and runs off. Himiko tells her.

    She falls to her knees in shock and her heart feels like its about to tear itself apart. Chill reminds her, Sorrow and fear never got us anywhere. That was true when we were with Endeavor, it's true with the company, and it's true now. He's coming here and we need to be strong when talking with him. If we must mourn, now is not the time.

    You're right. I... we have to find out who did this.

    Himiko starts blaming herself. Rei cuts the girl off, "I've seen enough people die in my line of work that Chill and I have realized thinking like that doesn't result in anything good. You stopped one attack and another happened. We live with the consequences for good or ill. Get some food and rest, you still have school tomorrow and I have my husband to speak with."

    As soon as Himiko has left for the guest room, Rei begins preparing some tea. She makes sure to send Eri to her room. She doesn't need hear this conversation. It's about half an hour before Enji arrives at her door.

    Despite what Chill reminded her of when Enji steps through the door, everything suddenly comes crashing down and she embraces Enji as her body is wracked with sobs. Endeavor's expression is downcast as he returns the gesture and simply holds her, "It's okay Rei, it's okay."

    Despite their differences there have been occasional times in their marriage of actual empathy and bonding, just fewer and further between as the years have gone on. The two simply stand there in the entryway for several minutes, sharing their sorrow and holding each other. Enji is the the first to pull away, "We need to talk, not just about Shoto's death, preparing the funeral, telling Natsuo and Fuyumi if they don't hear it through the news first...", he holds up the collected piece of the biomodded creature's shell with its muscle and and skin attached, "...but also this. I know you have connections in Vita Corp who can examine this and give us an idea of who made the thing that killed our son. We're going to find out who did this."


    Tsukauchi Naomasa stands in the UA Faculty Conference Room giving his report on the USJ incident and the murder of Todoroki Shoto to Principal Nezu, All Might (out of his muscle form), Midnight, Snipe, and Vlad King, "We've been questioning the Villains detained and found they're working for an organization calling itself the League of Villains. Prior to the attack all the Villains arrested were small time thugs.

    All of them who answered questions gave a consistent description of a female in her late teens to early twenties who always wore a featureless cloth mask and concealing clothing that made any sort of identification impossible. What we do know is that several of the Villains indicated that this individual showed abilities consistent with a biomodder though we have no idea of actual strength. They all referred to this individual as "Terminus". However individual reasons given during interrogation for following Terminus varied wildly from money and biomods being given to outright worship.

    We've inquired with Vita Corp. about rogue Engineers that would be capable of creating the creature that murdered Todoroki Shoto. They reported back that none fit the description and age. Further, samples collected by police forensics of the creature's remains putrefied over night before they could be conclusively analyzed.

    Both Terminus and the warp gate Villain known as Kurogiri, presumed deceased based on the statement given by Toga Himiko and Ichor on what Terminus stated during the subsequent attack, have turned up nothing in the Quirk Registry. Presumably they're not citizens or they're using aliases making them hard to find either way.

    Lastly, two other UA students did not return to their homes the night following the USJ attack. Both were from the Department of General Education and were not related to the USJ attack beyond attending the school so the motive for any kidnapping or murder if that is case is unclear. The students are Shinso Hitoshi and Togeike Chikuchi."

    Vlad King remarks, "So what you're really saying is we don't know anything."

    "Chances are they're going to try another attack at some point.", Snipe notes.

    "But if this Kurogiri is dead than that has dealt them a serious blow. Teleportation and portal quirks are very rare and they're hard to replicate the effects of using biomodding. It will be hard for them to get a replacement if at all.", Midnight points out.

    "Attacking the UA campus was a bold move, reckless even. No sane person would attempt it, yet at the same time this person had a large number of villains following them and we don't know the complete numbers.", All Might says, "Beyond the stated intent to kill me we know nothing of this organization's full motivations and goals beyond speculation."

    "What can we do to stop them then?", Midnight questions.

    "It is thanks to you Heroes we're able put so much focus on this case. We'll be expanding our investigation and continue searching for the perpetrator.", Tsukauchi concludes.

    Principal Nezu says, "Thank you, Detective Tsukauchi."

    After the Detective leaves Principal Nezu states, "With no current leads on the attackers there is nothing we can do beyond protecting our students. The students have been called or left messages informing them that the school will be closed until Monday. They have been advised to not leave their homes and if they must to not do so at night and not alone.

    I've spoken with other members of the faculty and they are performing the necessary work along with trusted outside contractors to create dormitories on campus for the student body. It is expected to be done by the time the school reopens which will allow the students to begin moving in immediately with the authorization of their parents.

    Our priority in this matter is to protect our students. Moving them on campus allows us to better prevent further attacks."

    There's agreement from the rest of the table.


    The organic fragment brought by Rei sits on Faye Vita Uaithne's desk. The CEO stares at it in contemplation. She is a tall woman with fiery red hair tied back in a bun and green eyes. Her physical modifications, which she has done herself, give her a satyr like appearance complete with curving ram's horns, a long furry tail, and fur starting about mid thigh which eventually terminates into a pair of thick, wide cloven hooves.

    The child of Vita has already ensured the destruction of every piece of dead organic matter with the same DNA in range of her power. This is the only sample left.

    There are multiple concerning things here. The first is that the genetic signature clearly marks this creature as being created by one of her siblings. The second is that this sibling wanted to kill All Might and when denied that was willing to murder a UA student and attack one of her Symbiotes and its Host. The third concern is if this was related to the lab break in.

    She of course knew who had broken into her lab. It had been her father or something with his genetic signature he was controlling. She didn't know exactly what had happened since everything organic had blacked out and the electronic security systems had all failed simultaneously during the breach so the only clues was what was left behind. The issue was, knowing her father, had he predicted all this? He wasn't an evil man, but was he cryptically manipulating things again? He had been gone for decades as far as she knew so why now?

    The Symbiotes were all accounted for, Ichor, Aka, the third was mindless and as a result would mentally imprint on its first host if not given a mind, with the fourth having been destroyed when she had unraveled its DNA and biology to determine the modifications that her father had put in. What she had found had disturbed her considering what had seemingly been deliberately left behind in the lab.

    The unraveled Symbiote's genetics and biology was set to imprint on its first host's Quirk in addition to augmenting it. In other words the Symbiote would gain that first Quirk permanently. That led to what had been left in the lab. They were in a simple metal brief case, four vials of gold liquid. It was genetic mutagen she had never been able to reproduce and even with samples of it she wouldn't be able to, at least not with so little available material and without decades, perhaps centuries of research.

    The gold liquid was referred to poetically as the Blood of Vita by the few of her Engineers who had studied small samples of it, though its official designation was Serum-0. The only known source of it was her father. The substance significantly augmented and altered organic life it touched in unpredictable ways though usually related to existing biology while perfecting an organism's genetics. Consistent side effects included hallucinations and convulsions during the transformation, biological immortality, enhanced physical regeneration and varying degrees of increased metabolism.

    The break in at the lab and left behind serum was the entire reason she was in Japan. He wouldn't simply give her this genetic mutagen without a purpose, but why had he given it to her? Was he testing her?

    It seemed obvious he wanted the vials to be used on the Symbiotes that had been modified and released from the labs. Four vials, four Symbiotes. One was confirmed dead though so that left one free if that was the intention, but her father must have expected his daughter to take one apart to see how it ticked.

    Faye's thoughts turn back to fragment of biomodded creature that had killed a UA student. She presses a button on her desk, when she speaks, it's with a mild Irish accent, "Matsumoto, send the Todorokis in."

    Rei and and Enji, both dressed in business attire, step into the room shortly after and takes their seats. Everything is silent for a long moment before Faye speaks, "The creature that killed your son was created by one of my siblings. I do not know which one. I'm sure Rei understands why such knowledge can not be released to the public."

    Rei's tone remains formal, "I understand Uaithne-San."

    Endeavor raises his voice slightly as he glares at Faye, "You only care about your company, not that a Villain is on the loose."

    "Endeavor, can I call you Endeavor? or would you prefer Mr. Todoroki?"

    Endeavor says nothing in response though seems to be smoldering a bit, both literally and figuratively.

    "Anyway,",Faye continues, "The issue is that there is a treaty involving Vita Corp., the United Nations, and the Children of Vita that live in the Anarchic Zones. We leave them alone, they leave us alone while assisting the UN in preventing incursions of flora, fauna, and people from their lands to civilized areas is the short of it and generally everyone keeps to this arrangement. If it got out that a Child of Vita is a Villain acting in the civilized parts of the world it would cause a mass panic. You do realize my siblings are responsible for much of the Anarachic Zones remaining anarchic? Any one of them would be extremely dangerous as a Villain, but they prefer to rule over their lands and keep to their own conflicts. Do you understand?"

    Endeavor grumbles, "Yes, but what do you plan to do about this?"

    "I've got my security division combing Tokyo and the surrounding area. We'll find them eventually I assure you."

    "That doesn't sound too confident."

    "Trust me. I would also like to add that I'm releasing Rei from her contract as requested. She's been a trusted employee and I trust her and her Symbiote won't cause issues outside the company, as I understand you and her have talked and she's officially joining your Hero Agency."

    "That is correct."

    "I will state that company will give Rei personally what information it can going forward. I believe she can use her best judgement in not releasing things that could be harmful to the public or the company. We support you on this, but we will also be performing our own investigations."

    Rei says gratefully, "Thank you Uaithne-San."

    "There is one more thing. Going up against one of my siblings and what ever creations they have would be suicide for the both of you.", she pulls out a golden vial, it melding out of her palm, "Rei knows what this is, but to explain to you, Endeavor, this a mutagen created by my father. It augments and perfects life it comes in contact with, Serum-0. It could give you a fighting chance. There's enough in this vial to produce results in both of you. Your choice to take it."

    Rei raises her hand for moment, "Permission to speak freely?"

    "Of course."

    "From what I understand, Vita himself was capable of bringing back the dead so long as the brain was relatively intact. I know you yourself do not possess this ability, but what if..."

    Faye looks to the vial then back at the Todorokis, "If that's what you want to do with it we could try I guess?"


    Shoto's body is brought in to Faye's private lab at the Tokyo Headquarters of the Vita Corporation. She looks to the Todorokis. Both have an air mourning and hope about them.

    "If this works, the public story will be that he was merely severely injured and mistaken for dead. My Engineers were subsequently able to save his life and augment him. Is that understood?", Faye explains.

    The Todorokis nod in confirmation. Faye continues, "This is a mutagen with somewhat unpredictable effects. I will administer it remotely. If it fails or something goes wrong the test chamber will be sterilized of all life within."

    "Get on with it.", Endeavor states.

    Faye types on the keyboard from the control room. A robotic arm extends and injects Shoto's body with the serum. For several minutes, nothing happens. Then alarm klaxons begin to sound as temperature sensors in half the test chamber rapidly begin dropping while the other half is climbing at an exponential rate.

    Light in the test chamber rapidly becomes blinding and the walls and door are pushed to their limits as the extreme heat and cold cause them groan from impending structural failure. Endeavor demands to know, "What's happening?"

    Faye shouts back, "I'm fairly certain it's working, but his Quirk is being heavily augmented and he doesn't have control right now. This is the purpose of the test chamber. Everything is fine I assure you."

    Suddenly the light stops and a warped and damaged test chamber is revealed. The table on which Shoto's body was laid has been completely destroyed and he now stands in the center of the test chamber with a look of confusion on his face. There's also noticeable physical changes.

    Shoto's left eye is glowing like a burning coal along with his left side having turned a deep red with glowing veins and arteries visible beneath his skin the color of molten metal. The other half of his body is a pale, deathly white giving the impression of a frozen corpse.

    "I'm going to open the test chamber. Generally people affected have control of their power in the sense they don't randomly activate after the initial transformation so he should be safe to be around. I want to observe him for the next seventy-two hours and run some tests before sending him home."

    As the test chamber is opened, Rei immediately offers her son a examination gown due to his clothes having been entirely burned off and carbonized or frozen and shattered like glass. Shoto quickly dresses and looks to his parents, "Mother, Father? Where am I? The last thing I remember is training with Himiko and Ichor."

    "There may be some amnesia.", Faye explains.

    The Todoroki parents hug their son, leaving the explanation for later and ignoring that his body, while not injuring, is uncomfortably cold on one side and hot on the other.


    We sit in the test chamber as we hold the vial, really more of an ampule, of bright gold fluid in our hands. It looks almost like our blood when I'm manifested and we've been injured.

    Meeting the CEO of Vita Corp was a rather intimidating experience to say the least, especially when she told us that due to one of her siblings having it out for us we were going to need an edge of some sort. That's where this "Blood of Vita" came in. Supposedly it will grant us the ability to deal with potential threats like the Nomu without nearly getting killed.

    We were actually surprised to be told Shoto is alive by the result of this same substance, though until testing for both of us is done we aren't allowed to see him.

    We hear Faye over the intercom, "You may consume the serum now. The test chamber has been sealed."

    I ask Himiko, You're sure you're okay with this?

    I'm sure. I don't want something like what happened to Shoto to happen again.

    We break the cap off the vial and down the substance. There's a brief moment of nausea and suddenly I manifest over Himiko without control. it doesn't end there. I'm all over the test room, covering the floor, the walls, the ceiling as writhing tendrils while Himiko is covered in tumorous masses and screaming in horror and pain. After this everything suddenly goes white.


    Himiko and I awaken in white void. There's a man in a simple white and yellow robe standing in front of us. He is tall, pale, and slender with solid black eyes. He seems elven, ethereal even with fine white hair and perhaps in his thirties.

    He speaks, his voice rather androgynous though his body suggests male, "Hello. I think you know me."

    "Vita.", we say our voices overlapping.

    "You're probably wondering what you're actually seeing. You see my blood or Serum-0 contains a bit of genetic memory I placed into it. This isn't actually all of me, just part of me."

    "What do you have to say to us then?"

    "Just this. Who made Ichor? Where do you think all those memories came from? Where is the biggest source of divergence for the differences between this world and what you remember of My Hero Academia?"

    We can't ask anything further as we suddenly snap back to reality.


    Himiko is breathing heavily as we come to, my mass pulling back in to her slowly. She has a splitting headche. She looks herself over. Nothing is out of the ordinary, not even her clothes are damaged.

    I realize something immediately, Himiko, our entire blood reserve is gone.


    Faye unlocks the containment chamber, "As I stated earlier you'll be put on seventy-two hour hold for testing and observation, but from the look of it your mutation was less physically dramatic."

    She leads us out of the chamber.


    "Alright, try to call on the Quirk of someone who's blood you've consumed.", Faye calls over our headset.

    We go with Shoto's since we're the most familiar with it. Flame flies from our right hand and a wave of cold from our left, freezing one target while burning another.

    "Try another."

    The next one is harder since we aren't familiar with it. After several minutes of concentrating we back up in shock as a crystal shard shoots out of our arm and bounces off the reinforced wall of the testing room leaving a dent behind.

    "Interesting.", Faye comments, "Another."

    This takes the longest, about twenty minutes, but we finally manage to open up a portal with Kurogiri's Quirk. Unfortunately we're immediately sucked through and find ourselves falling at a height of over fifty meters. On the positive side we're over a body of water.

    Faye calls over the headset as Himiko comes up spluttering, "Ichor, Toga, where are you?"

    "Tokyo Bay, southern end I think?", Himiko responds.

    "Swim to shore and we'll send someone to get you."

    "Got it."


    Faye comments, "So far you've been able to take the physical form and Quirk of every person you've consumed a sufficiently large genetic sample of and you seem to be able to do either separately. I'm tentatively calling this ability Assimilative Evolution. While I'd like to test if you two possess these abilities without being bonded, you've refused that. Unfortunately your genetics are a black box to me at this point as with Shoto so I have no idea what's going on there, but I am going to certify the two of you for release.", she adds finally, "By the way I know you two went to a biomodder to get your serial number and scent removed. You don't think I have eyes in Eisurey?"

    We pause, unsure of how to respond to that last bit.

    She chuckles, "In any case, I expect I'm going to need you for what's ahead. Stay close, stay safe and be careful in using your new abilities. Officially both you and Shoto will be explained as having received heavy biomodding in response to your attack, the extent and exact nature of which is classified as Vita Corp. trade secrets. I've already spoken with Todoroki Shoto and none of you are to speak of the nature of his resurrection or the substance that caused such a drastic change in your physiologies other than officially he was never dead just severely injured. Do both of you understand?"

    Himiko simply says, "Understood, ma'am."

    "Then you're free to go.", I believe Shoto is already at Todoroki Rei's home. We have a car waiting to take you there.


    Eri runs up to us as soon as we enter and hugs us, "Shoto's not dead!"

    "We know Eri."

    "How though?"

    "He wasn't dead to begin with. He was just hurt badly. Vita Corp. fixed him. Where is he?"

    "In the training hall.", she says with a smile.

    "Thank you."

    We go to check on Shoto and find him testing his new powers. There's ash and smoke everywhere, parts of the walls are scorched or look like they've been frozen then shattered or experienced thermal shock. Shoto looks to us as we enter, breathing heavily. His lack of focus means that target he was just using violently explodes into flame. He curses and grabs a nearby fire extinguisher to put it out.

    When he's done he turns back to us, "Hey, I've lost the past couple months and there's some gaps, but Mother and Father have filled me in as much possible and I still remember you, just not everything. Uaithne-san informed me that you have been exposed to the same mutagen as I have."

    We look at the target that's still smoking a bit. He scratches the back of his head, "My Quirk has been amplified considerably. My control isn't perfect. Fortunately, every part of me seems to be flame and frost proof, my surroundings not so much even with this training hall being designed for I and Mother's Quirks."

    "It's good to see you're okay.", Himiko's expression falls, "I... we're sorry about what happened. We feel like it's our fault."

    "Relax.", he places his hands on our shoulders. The left feels like it has a high fever, while the right feels like it has hypothermia, "I'm better than ever. I just need to relearn some things. If we get attacked again we'll deal with it."

    "We hope you're right.", we pause then ask him, "Did you see anything when you were brought back?"

    "Actually, yes. A huge fire breathing dragon on a frozen tundra. It simply told me that I should be grateful for what I was being given since it was meant for another."


    "Did you have a vision with the serum?"

    "A tall elf like man. He gave us some confusing questions, but it's hard to remember, like a dream.", we say, not giving the full truth.


    Our conversations continues, mostly catching up.


    That night we contemplate on what the memory of Vita said. It crosses my mind, What if my fragmented memories are just a copy of parts of his?

    That would explain some things.

    But why would he do that?

    Maybe he's just senile and screwing with people at this point, he supposed to be really old. As in one of the first people with a Quirk old.

    But where did he get those memories?

    Guess we'll have to figure that out., Himiko replies.

    Author's Note: I had plans for this from the beginning, but I debated on bringing Shoto back. While I will say I did feel he was killed cheaply, at the same time I wanted to have a Villain that doesn't play fair and is willing to blind side the protagonist and go after the people near them if pissed off enough. I've been giving hints that Vita was supposed to be rather mysterious and god like and it seemed reasonable that the same thing that I had planned to give Himiko and Ichor an upgrade and significant biological modification could resurrect the dead if the body is reasonably fresh.

    I will say I do have some possible permanent character death planned in the future. Shoto, I honestly debated on bringing him back with Serum-0 when I was writing the chapter he got killed in. I apologize for not warning everyone by adding "possible character death" to the tags. It has now been added.
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