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Not so Speedy. (Young Justice SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Flightless Man, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. Threadmarks: Episode 1: Broken Arrow
    Flightless Man

    Flightless Man Not too sore, are you?

    Aug 17, 2020
    Likes Received:
    With no time to think, I am inserted into the clone Roy right before he gets mad at the League. When I realize the mental commands on the body stop me from sharing my information, I have to play along. Being a coward, I do my best to steer the Team away from combat missions. The only other change to the canon history, is the DNA used in Kon's creation. The guilt of stealing this body and my inability to come clean, drives me crazy over the year.

    This is a compilation of the first 4 chapters. I will cross post the completed Episodes here,

    Not So Speedy
    Episode 1: Broken Arrow
    Hall of Justice
    July 4, 2010
    2:00 PM, EDT

    Life really can change in a flash. At least it can when the flash is a blindingly bright kaleidoscope of colour that swallows the entire sky.

    My walk home from a night shift at the bus depot, was interrupted mid step. The swirls of ethereal pigment streaked across the horizon before I could blink. My hometown was drowned out as the colours increased in intensity, overwhelming my mind. Flooding me with colour in a way I never imagined possible.

    I’m pretty sure I experienced the rainbow with every single sense. Purple has a flavour of salt water taffy, with a hint of burnt bamboo. Feeling Red wash over me, felt like diving into a pool of cinnamon mud. I can still smell Blue and its odour of garlic even as the intense trip ends.

    When the fantastic light show ends and the stars begin to fade from my eyes, I stumble and barely stop myself from an embarrassing face plant. When I can see again I have to rub my eyes in confusion.

    What just happened? Was that one of those flashbacks I was warned about at the party last week? If so, I am definitely done experimenting.

    Looking up, I realize my surroundings have completely changed. No longer am I on a small town road walking under a starry sky. Now I find myself in a very fancy looking lounge. The ceiling, several stories above me allows bright sunshine to flood the room.

    Why is half the Justice League, sidekicks included, staring at me in varying degrees of concern? More importantly, why are these weirdos dressed like it’s Comic Con?

    Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow and the sidekicks of each are present.

    As I take in the sight of the heroes. I feel a presence at the back of my mind. Rapidly fading and screaming at me in anger, I feel myself be cursed a final time before I am left with nothing but silence in my head.

    A wave of incomplete memories wash over me as Roy – or his clone, I realize – is absorbed into me. I have memories of the world and can remember some personal facts from the last few years, but anything before this body was created is a blank to me.

    The mind of the body I realize I have hijacked was who I heard. Did I kill them?

    The memories have me hoping he has only been locked away somewhere, I really don’t want to have killed a sidekick. That would be a good way to have the heroes after my blood.

    I do learn that these really are heroes from the near instant absorption of the clone, something I did not even have time to apologize to him for.

    Realization sinks in nearly instantly. Based on the memory fragments, this world is a version of the new Young Justice cartoon. It’s only been out for a single season but has been really good so far.

    If comic book logic is correct, either I fell into a DC universe like Superboy Prime or I somehow survived a Crisis like Powergirl. Seeing what just occurred, why wouldn’t comic book logic be real?

    Of course, I could always be dead or in a coma, but that’s horribly depressing. If I don’t want to spend my life in a padded room sobbing, I need to focus on moving forward one step at a time. I can let myself panic later, hopefully when I have more of an idea what the hell happened.

    This realization happens at the speed of thought, thankfully. My stumble is noticed by everyone and I awkwardly giggle at the incredulity of the situation. Attempting to explain what has happened, I realize this is early enough in the timeline that my words could remove a lot of problems from the heroes plate this year.

    I open my mouth and try to come clean, only for my tongue to fail me. I nearly choke on my silence before thinking fast.

    “Sorry, just thinking of how big this all really is.” I gesture around the magnificent Hall of Justice. “It’s sinking in what this really means for me.”

    “Glad to see responsibility is finally setting in.” I get a friendly chuckle from Ollie. Batman only narrows his eyes and continues his explanation of the Hall.

    Ignoring his words, I try to contain my rising panic. Realization of what this really does mean for me starts sinking in. I’m in clone’s body that is infiltrating the Justice League and I can’t tell them. The mental commands on the body are effecting me as well.

    My world got a whole lot more dangerous in an instant. Everyone and everything I know has vanished. If memory serves, I’m going to be going on a mission soon, I have no way of telling anyone anything I know and I can be turned into a Manchurian man at a moment’s notice.

    Am I in for a year of watching horrible things happen, while I’m unable to warn anyone? I really need to figure out a way to deal with that, preferably before I have to live through it.

    I already feel bad enough about stealing someone’s body. What ever the Light makes me do will be way worse then one single person’s death.

    Crap, how do I tell them about the Light? Or anything vital for that matter? This is going to drive me crazy.

    I slump into one of the black and red leather chairs and gaze around the massive room. It really does look like a museum and not a place that actually tackles the worlds threats. The tour passing by overhead really does not help things.

    One good thing about this clone body – aside from the instantly fit form – is the mental commands are stopping me from breaking down in tears. Emotions that should have me on the floor, have been muted so I can barely notice my fears anymore.

    “Stay put,” Batman demands, shaking me from my own thoughts at last. “Once Wotan has been dealt with, we’ll see if we have time to finish the tour.”

    Expecting the command to be followed, he turns on the spot and leaves the room. As the League rushes from the room with quick farewells tossed our way from our mentors, Robin makes eye contact with me and grins in excitement.


    “We’re so going to Cadmus right?” Kid Flash speaks up from my left in his red and yellow attire.

    “You know it,” Robin answers back with an enthusiastic fist pump. “What better way to show them we’re ready for the big leagues then by solving the case for them?” I can think of a few but if I can’t come clean about everything, it’s probably best to avoid suspicion for now.

    If they think I was involved in Roy’s kidnapping, I’m going to undergo some serious Batterogation, a Lassoing, and maybe even a mind scouring by the Martian Manhunter. If all I am is thoughts now, would that effectively kill me or send me back to before this craziness began?

    “That would indeed be satisfying,” the black-skinned Atlantean agrees. Aqualad visibly contemplates the trouble he will be in with his king for disobeying.

    I am the oldest and based on how Kid Flash and Robin argued in the show, they are used to Roy taking lead based on age. Let’s see if this holds up.

    “Aquaman never told you to stay.” Here it goes, let’s see if I can really pretend to be Roy. “Batman did.” Which has Kaldur nodding his blonde buzzed hair in consideration.

    “If we really want to prove we’re ready for the League,” I have to play the middle, if my cowardly dream has any hope of success. “We need to show we can work with them. Not ignore orders.” Kaldur nods in agreement with the sentiment, while Wally and Dick defiantly stare back at me.

    “That is not an inaccurate statement.” Thank you for the support, Aqualad. Before the fight fully leaves Robin and Kid Flash, I appear to compromise. We do need to go if we want the Team to form with any independence.

    “We’re going.” I finally concede. “But we are reporting this to the League when we arrive.” This is a very important mission for several reasons.

    Kon needs rescuing or we’re going to have a weaponized hybrid against us and Match may also be present. With the Genomorph army also down there, this has to be done before Cadmus contains the fire.

    “So it’s too late for them to say no.” Robin snorts in amusement.

    “Nice thinking, dude!” Wally rushes across the room for a high five in a blur of yellow and red.

    “Blame will be his, too.” Chuckling at the face I make, Robin also gets a high speed high five.

    “Then it is decided, let us show our value.” Kaldur is smirking along with the other two at my discomfort at facing Batman and the League over this decision.

    Hall of Justice
    July 4, 2010
    2:17 PM, EDT

    By some miracle, my body reacts of its own accord. While I desperately try to come up with a plan, my body leads us to the garage.

    “I don’t think these display pieces have ever been driven.” Wally may have a point. The vehicles present, are all in pristine condition. The plaques beside each, is more proof the Hall of Justice is only a tourist trap.

    “As long as one has gas, were fine.” My words has him dash around the room to check.

    “Why aren’t we taking the Zeta tube?” Because Dick, I forgot they existed. That is why.

    “Batman said stay here.” More bluffing for now. I need to maintain control of this mission at least. “You don’t think he locked us out so we didn’t follow them?”

    “He would do something like that.” He concedes the point with a wry grin.

    “Humvee or air-boat?” Wally has our options for transport. I consider what i know of the area and double check.

    “Anything stopping us from going up the river?”

    “Nope.” Robin’s eyes are gleaming with excitement behind his domino mask.

    “Then lets get this baby on the water.” Kid Flash’s cheer is contagious, with all of us joining in.

    Cadmus Lab
    July 4, 2010
    2:24 PM, EDT

    With Kaldur navigating the waterway with more ease than I have brushing my teeth, I have some time to think.

    Waking up in a comic book world would be great. If I had powers, my first act here wasn’t technically manslaughter and was not in a body with implanted commands.

    If this gets revealed in the wrong way to the heroes, they will be doing everything they can to get the “real” Roy back in this body. Will that kill me or send me home? Since I am a coward, I will try to avoid this for now.

    I know how dangerous this mission and the following year are going to be. I have to say, I am not looking forward to this. I’m a Cadmus clone, working for the Light. Maybe that factors in to what I can actually reveal?

    Smoke billows into the sky. An angry black cloud filled with who knows what chemicals, marks our destination. Snapping myself away from my wandering mind, I focus on double checking my gear.

    “You’re being awfully quiet today.” Robin grabs my attention as we pull ashore, with Kid Flash being quick to agree.

    “Yeah, you are normally way bossier.” Why am I so distracted? A purview of my bodies recent memories have me scramble to maintain my cover. The clone just got accepted to Star City University. That might work for now.

    “I’m realizing my whole life is starting now.” I hit send on my phone. giving the League a heads up on were to come save us, when I inevitably screw up. “I got accepted to SCU, and Green Arrow is pushing me towards business. It feels like I have to decide my entire life in a single day.”

    “Lame.” Wally exhales in relief at my mood being over such a simple matter.

    “I can’t say I’m looking forward to that in a few years either.” Dick agrees with a sympathetic wince as we finally reach the top of the river bank.

    Three fire trucks and a half dozen ambulances are already assembled in the parking lot, with a large crowd gathered behind the barricades. A pair of news choppers circle the building, just beneath the smoke.

    “Aqualad. Were going to want you on hose duty. Can you send a steady stream towards the flaming sections?” Kaldur confirms my words with a determined smile. “Borrow a hydrant if you can.”

    “Kid Flash, I want you on a floor by floor sweep. Begin with the floors already on fire.” Now comes the part where I get all the blame, or all the credit for the.“Don’t bother spending more then a few seconds trying to help anyone out, find anyone who does need an evacuation and give one of us the location.”

    “And I take it, were on extraction duty?” Robin predicts my command with an all knowing smirk. I can only nod in annoyance.

    “Everyone keep an eye out for.” I try to say secret floors, but my mouth locks shut with a painful clack.

    “Batman was looking for a reason to investigate this facility,” Kaldur agrees, but his eyes show he caught my slip.

    “Lets not waste this opportunity then.” Robin twirls on the spot before running towards a fire truck and its extended ladder.

    “Oh. it. is. On!” Wally yells after Dick, before streaking past him in a yellow and red blur. Kaldur acknowledges my words and likewise races towards his objective.

    Ignoring the beep of my communicator, I turn it on silent for now. We already disobeyed, may as well follow through on it. Drawing my bow, I string a grapple arrow as easily as I tie my shoes.

    Shooting a line towards a fourth floor window a few rooms over from the blaze, I steady my nerves and engage the winch. My arm nearly yanks free from the socket at the sudden force.

    Whistling through the air on my ascent, I strain with every muscle in my arm screaming at the abuse. Below, I can see first responders are now aware of our presence.

    Kaldur's usage of one hydrant has turned into a steady torrent of water pouring directly towards the inferno’s core. While Wally, is already calling out people in need of assistance.

    “I have a pair of lab techs stuck in an elevator on the fifth floor. And someone is stuck in a bathroom on the fourth”.

    “I got the person in the bathroom.” I need to narrow down where, this is a big floor. “Which side of the building?”

    “East side, only a few halls down.” He hesitates for a second and apologizes. “Sorry thought I saw someone with horns but I checked the whole floor and i can’t find anything weird.”

    “It would seem, nearly everyone has made it out already.” Kaldurs voice cuts in. “Once you get them, Kid Flash can finish guiding the last few out the main exit.”

    “Guys.” Wally rejoins the conversation with a groan. “Flash is paging me. What do I do?”

    “If you answer, we get in trouble without finishing the job.” I know what they decide in the show, but I never riled them up this time. They are real people and not characters, who knows how they will react to the things i change.

    “Yeah, its an interrogation technique. Divide and conquer.” Robin grunts with exertion before finishing. “So no one answer, and Roy will take the lions share of the blame.” I know i was just as annoying when I was thirteen, but damn Dick. Throwing me under the bus, see if I get you anything for Christmas.

    “Fine, I’m a bad influence. But you're a nerd.” I raise my foot and deliver a snap kick at the bathroom door handle, shattering the cheap wood.

    “Hello!. I’m here to help,” I call into the mensroom, as a thick cloud pours into the hallway, obscuring my vision.

    Scanning through the waist high haze, I can see a figure emerge from the farthest stall.

    “I was hoping you would come.” Speaks the figure who continues to approach me with a steady and measured pace, seeming to glide across the floor. As he draws near, I can begin to make out features.

    The person has pale blue skin with a bumpy texture, that is very reminiscent of a toads. A pair of indigo eyes under a set of imposing yellow horns, puts me face to face with my first Genomorph.

    “Ahh!” Is my completely natural reaction, to a demonic looking figure emerging from smoke.

    “Whats wrong?” I hear each of the other three sidekicks yell in my ear.

    “It looks like you have a Broken Arrow.” Dubbilex the Genomorph informs me. Based on the panic in the others’ voices as they demand answers in my earpiece, they can also hear him. “You will be coming down below with me.”

    My vision begins to blur and I start to sway on my feet. Before I can open my mouth in an attempt to warn the others, I collapse in a boneless heap at the feet of Dubbilex. As my awareness fades to black, I can only hope I wake up again.

    Cadmus Lab
    July 4, 2010
    ?:?? PM, EDT

    Awareness comes suddenly and with instant clarity.

    “Good, you have awoken.” Dubbilex’s voice greets me from behind. Jerking forward, I find myself restrained to a metal pillar. “We do not have long.”

    “What do you want?” I'm going to need to swallow my fear and figure out a way to free myself, and fast.

    “Why, to save my species of course.” Stepping into my view, he places a hand on my forehead and his eyes begin to glow.

    “I know humans prefer to speak, but time is of the essence. Project Kr is about to overwhelm your friends.” Shit. How long have I been unconscious?

    <You have many questions.> His smooth voice resonates inside my skull. <I have need of an agent.> He tilts his head and appraises me. <I believe we can assist each other.>

    <What could you possibly need from me?> Seriously, why not use Superboy as the agent?

    <You will rescue the rest of my people from the other facilities.> That is going to be a tall order. <Three facilities for three answers.>

    <Going after the people who can turn me off with a single phrase does not sound like a good idea.> The mental exchange is beginning to feel more natural.

    <As a show of good faith then.> A knot at the back of my brain untangles with those words. <The command enabling your deactivation, has been turned off. For now.> Which means if I say no he can turn it back on.

    <Three targets for assassination have been programmed into you.>


    <Yes. Crap indeed.> Think quieter. <But if you liberate the facilities in Nevada, Alaska, and Hawaii before this time next year, I shall remove these commands.> That is some good news. <I will also reveal how you came to be here.>

    <Deal.> Because how can I really say no to that?

    <Brace yourself.> How do you brace your brain?

    Before I can figure out a way, flashes of images begin to flood my brain.

    I see a ship – different from the dozens of others in the sky – break into four large pieces and crash. Next I see Cadmus agents building facilities over the crash sites.

    I see my creation along with Superboy and Match’s. Shit. I completely forgot about the nearly identical, brain dead clone of Superman. Is he here?

    <No. He is was transferred to one of the other facilities.> Which one? I should probably hit that one first.

    <Project Kr’s mother was also moved upon his creation one hundred and thirty two days ago.> His mother?

    <He’s not a clone of Superman and Lex?> I blurt out, unable to hold back my confusion.

    <Another Kryptonian was recovered many years before our arrival. The humans’ genetic research finally advanced enough, when they imprisoned us in our own ship.> He slips something into my quiver on the table and smiles at me.

    <Free us, and I will in return finish freeing your mind.>

    With a ‘swoosh’, the doors slide open revealing doctor Desmond. The middle aged scientist reminds me of a hippie, with his brunette hair loosely pulled back into a ponytail. He strides into the room, while Guardian, another unaware clone of Roy, follows him inside.

    He has an unconscious Kid Flash, slung over his armoured shoulder. Behind him in a blindingly white unitard is Superboy. He has sandy blond hair instead of the expected black locks but he retains the angry scowl from the show.

    He carries Aqua Lad and Robin, strapping them both to a pillar with ease. He glances at me when he finishes and I give him a conspiring wink, while he blocks me from everyone’s view. Receiving only a singe raised eyebrow in response, he returns to his place beside Desmond.

    “Ensure the memories of each are extracted. Once you do, send the speedster to my lab.” Desmond’s clinical detachment is unnerving. “I would like to begin work on replicating his abilities.”

    “Your instructions will be followed.” Dubbilex assures him.

    “Good. Kr, ensure the sidekicks remain here. For some reason, Batman and Superman, abandoned the fight with Wotan and came straight here.” That is why you tell someone where you’re going, so the search party can find you.

    “Guardian and I will handle this.” Desmond leaves in a hurry with Guardian rushing after him.

    I appraise Superboy, and remember he doesn’t like being called an ‘it’. Time to see how loose my restrictions really are.

    “So what, you crash land on Earth too?” He glares at me before finally responding, after what seems like minutes.

    “I was created here.” Okay, here’s hoping this doesn’t set him off too bad.

    “So you’re the weapon?” I give him my most sympathetic look, which sets him off even more.

    “No!” He slams his fist into the wall in frustration, leaving the steel paneling with an impression of his hand.

    “Then who are you?” Kaldur speaks up from his pillar, having regained awareness at some time.

    Superboy glares defiantly for a moment before his expression wavers.

    “I don’t know.” He sounds so lost.

    “Well. That symbol you’re wearing is a hero’s.” Kr snaps his gaze back to me expectantly. “If you help us, we can introduce you."

    "And we can help you find your mom.” Kaldur and I shift in surprise, as Robin speaks up. Only Wally needs to wake up now.

    “What. Do. You. Know.” He rushed across the room in a blur, with the first word.

    With the second word, he grabs Robin's collar angrily. The third has him roaring, with spittle landing on Dick's face. And Kon's final word, is punctuated by his fist slamming into the pillar above Robin's head.

    “Another Kryptonian landed a few years after Superman.” Robin comes to my rescue. I will indeed be getting him a present this year. “The files said she was moved a few days after you were created.”

    “Help us get free, and we will assist you in finding her.” Aqua Lad, moves directly to the bargaining.

    “Why? I just captured you.” The honest confusion on his face, remind me of a puppy.

    “We’re heroes, it’s kind of our thing.” Wally rushes to add his own support.

    <Remember our deal.> Dubbilex grabs my attention, right before an explosion rocks the building from above. <I will send and agent to keep in touch.>

    “That is my signal to leave.” Dubbilex glides towards a wall, as a hulking version of himself emerges from a created tunnel. Moving to stop him, Kon is shut down with his own command phrase. “Red Sun.”

    <I hope you choose to aid us.> Is my own private farewell, as Kon collapses to his knees.

    “Good luck heroes. I fear the Doctor has activated the self destruct sequence.” With the ominous warning, Dubbilex vanishes into the shadowy tunnel. It collapses in on itself, once his footsteps are gone.

    "What happened to Superboy?" Kaldur is rightfully concerned at the ease with which Kon was dispatched.

    "Implanted command words." Huh. I guess since Dubbilex revealed the information, I can talk about it now.

    “What does he mean self destruct?!” Kid Flash begins to panic, thrashing at an accelerated rate. The metal restraints holding him in place begin to glow red. With a scream of pain, he pulls his limbs away from the pillar, right through the red hot metal.

    While he pants on his hand and knees, I can see the wicked burns that melted the material of his costume into his skin. He’s going to have a hard time walking out of here, and we already have a comatose Kryptonian to drag out.

    “KF!” Robins strains against his bindings while Kaldur’s tattoos glow. A tendril of soothing water surrounds his burns in rings.

    “Whoa, thanks.” Wally grunts with effort and forces himself to streak over to the control panel. At super speed, he flips switches back and forth. Soon the restraints release, dropping us back to our feet.

    “Grab you gear and get Kid Flash to the exit.” I direct Kaldur swiftly into action, as another series of explosions rocks us from above. “I’ll grab the big guy, while you make sure we’re going the right way.”

    Once I grab my bow and quiver, I lift Kon’s body and balance him on my shoulders. I may need to move fast, so this will have to do for now.

    “Follow me then, elevator is this way.” Robin assures us as he finishes downloading files from the system. He dashes out of the room, forcing us into a power walk to catch up.

    When we do finally reach the elevators after several winding corridors I am positive doubled back on themselves, we find him staring up one of the open shafts.

    “I hope you’re all about to get very pointed.” Robin’s excited laugh is a good sign.

    “What’s going on?” Superboy is really limiting my mobility, so if an enemy is coming down the shaft, I need to know.

    “I’m glad to see you’re alright.” Superman is suddenly before us, with a welcoming smile on his face. As he checks us over, he frowns. “What happened to Kid Flash?”

    “And who is that?” Batman’s silent arrival was overshadowed by Superman, so forgive me for my startled squeak when he made his presence known.

    “Kryptonian human hybrid.” Superman widens his eyes comically, when Robin responds. He peers at the teen slung over my shoulders with a vacant expression. "His mother arrived shortly after you did."

    “Here, let me take him. We’re heavier then we look.” Superman gently takes Kon from me and stares in disbelief at him.

    “Yeah, I know.” I get a snort from Wally, but Batman only frowns at the news of Kon’s heritage.

    “We can discuss the rest once we get out of here. Desmond activated the self destruct.” More explosions rock from below us now, and a crack snakes across the concrete wall.

    Superman enables a speedy exit, ferrying us up two at a time while Robin clips on to Batman’s grapple line.

    When we finally emerge from Cadmus labs into the still sunny sky, I see the massive blue form of Dr. Desmond. He has been restrained by a streetlight that has been wrapped around him. In case he regains consciousness before he can be transported, I assume.

    “Glad we skipped that fight.” I couldn’t agree with you anymore Robin.

    If you’re going to yell at us, can we do it back at the Hall? We learned some things down below that shouldn’t be talked about in a parking lot.” After a few moments of intimidating silence, Batman agrees.

    “We will return the air boat you stole.” He makes sure to emphasize the stole. “And go over your information while Superman brings the hybrid up to the medical bay.” He emphasizes the up, which I find odd for a few seconds. Then I remember the Watch Tower is a secret.

    “I can take a hint.” Superman’s gaze is focused on Kon, as he turns to leave. Superman gives a distracted farewell before he soars off into the sky towards the Hall.

    As we march towards the river, I begin contemplating. What information, I actually will be able to share when we arrive?
    Hall of Justice
    July 4, 2010
    6:02 PM, EDT

    “What were you thinking?” The Flash races ahead of the rest of the returning League, as they arrive back at the Hall. Wally scowls and grumbles out an excuse I can’t make out.

    “What did you think was going to happen?” They expect me to be argumentative? Well, fine. “You knew what we thought today was supposed to be.” Green Arrow tries to cut me off, but this needs to be said.

    “None of you could tell us what needed to be said.” Kid Flash and Robin are getting behind my speech and where they believe I’m taking it. Even Aqua Lad is smiling with encouragement. “We aren’t ready.”

    “Yeah!” Wallys cheer cuts off as he realizes what I actually said. “Wait. What?”

    “What do you mean!.” Dick is almost as mad as Wally.

    “We accomplished good work as a team today.” Kaldur is going for a more diplomatic approach. While our mentors, wait and see what my point is. “Did this not show we are ready?”

    “No.” I hope they forgive me for saying this. “We ignored orders and you weren't even going to tell anyone.” Meeting Batman’s eyes, I refuse to look away. “We acted like rebellious teenagers.”

    “You did.” Batman’s stare, is lighter somehow with that admission.

    “But it’s going to keep happening. We are teenagers.” I take a deep breath and push forward. “Our goal is to join the League.”

    “You know it!.” Shut up Wally.

    “But none of you have a plan for how that will happen.” I move my gaze across the faces of the heroes, seeing this is true. “We have you, our mentors for combat training. What we really need, is teamwork and experience.”

    “We did have a hard time working together, once Speedy was captured.” Kaldur, thankfully agrees with me.

    “You got captured?” Green Arrow, laughs at my misfortune. “Mister, You can retire any day old man, I can take over?”

    “We all did.” Kaldur again comes to my aid.

    “I found some unsettling information.” Okay, let’s see what I can change. “The Genomorph who captured me, knew everyone’s identities.” Gasps around the table, are ignored for now.

    “A missing female Kryptonian, is the mother of the hybrid you brought up to your space station.” How do you like that two for one bombshell? “Yeah they know about that too.”

    “The bodies of dead heroes are going to be dug up.” I get a disgusted noise from Wally, when he hears that. “They want to replicate powers.” Okay, I can in fact share anything unrelated to the Light. Hopefully the Red Robo's get dealt with.

    “We’ll check into it.” Batman’s narrowed eyes, have me feeling uneasy.

    “Artemis Crock, Daughter of the Huntress, is being observed.” Twist the truth with this one. “Someone has taken umbrage with her mother’s reformation.”

    “How did you learn any of this? You got nabbed long before us.” That is a good point, Dick.

    “Desmond likes to talk.” Not a lie, he just never spoke to me. “Being faced with my failure as leader and how painful each of your deaths was going to be.” Robin shifts in his chair uncomfortably at this news, While Wally’s face takes on a green tint.

    “It made me realize how unprepared we really are. You and Superman cleaning up our mess in less then ten minutes, really showed how we have to go.” I admit to the four mentors.

    “You have a proposition?” Of course Batman already has idea of what I’m planning.

    “We’re going to keep doing things like this.” The sidekicks, confirm my words with firm agreement. So make it official. Create a training team based here at the Hall for us.” Kid Flash and Robin are way too excited. Time for another dose of reality.

    “We have you, for combat missions. So let us learn together on search and rescue, natural disasters, and crowd control.”

    “We did do a good job with the fire.” Kaldur is considering my words. “It was only when we began the infiltration portion of the mission we failed.”

    “That would help in making it seem like this place is in use.” Flash is not opposed to the idea, he obviously mulled over the possibilities faster then his comrades.

    “We don’t have as much time for one on one training with the increase in League duties either.” Aquaman has cast his vote in our favour.

    “I guess we could rotate a training schedule.” Green Arrow thinks out loud. “One or two sessions of team training and a day on emergency response each week, could work.”

    “We could even double up on mentoring.” Flash adds. “When one of us is on a League shift, someone else can take the sidekick on patrol.” My lack of response at the work sidekick, makes it really sink in to everyone how badly this mission has apparently shaken me.

    “A system will need to be put in place, so you don’t run off like this again.” The growl from Batman is approving, if menacing.

    “If that’s your way insisting we have a chaperone, may I request Captain Marvel.” This will be tricky, I don’t want to get him in trouble. “His personality seems like the best fit, based on what I learned of him.”

    “I want to know everything they had on us.” Batman’s serious glare, is proof enough for me that he go my hint.

    “They know everyone's name’s. I’m Roy Harper.” Green Arrow begins to freak out when I remove my mask.

    “If the enemy knows, I figure my Team should.” I can see Robin shift uncomfortably. "If I'm going to be team leader, they need to trust me." And he slides back in his seat, with a relieved sigh.

    After a super speed conversation i missed with the Flash, Kid Flash also chooses to remove his mask.

    "And I'm Wallace West." His wink, is sorely needed support right now. Negotiating with Batman is more stressful then hiding a hangover from grandma.

    While everyone discusses my revelations, I ponder the absent Kryptonians. If Kon and I are both clones stabilized with Genomorph DNA, does that make us related?

    The more i consider this, the more i believe it to be true. Superboy is my cousin, or something. Which means I need to make sure he does not wake up alone on a space station. Superman did not seem upset by his presence, like he understandably was in the show. But the differences may be enough for my intervention to be unnecessary.

    “What are is going to happen to Kon?” I have to find out if some kind of plan is in place.

    “Who?” If Batman doesn’t know, I guess we never got a name from Superboy.

    “It was what they called Superboy.” In my memories of the show at least.

    “Yeah, he was going to help us escape.” Wally, i love the enthusiasm. But, even though he was going to aid us, he was knocked out before he decided to.” Which may make things more difficult then I had expected.

    “He got taken out with the command phrase ‘Red Sun’.” Robin to the rescue with the important information, I may have forgotten until now. “You should have Martian Manhunter do a scan for anymore, before he wakes up.”

    “When he does wake up, can I be around?” He will hopefully handle a friendly face better then only the faces of people he may have horrible fake memories of. “He may like to see a face he remembers.”

    “Oh, Trying to sneak a peak at the Watch Tower are we?” If I wasn’t worried Kon may freak out and tear a hole in a wall, then yes Green Arrow, I may have tried anything to get up their.

    “I don’t really care. Bring him down here, if you want to keep the club house exclusive.”

    “Kon, as you have called him.” Batman gets back to business. “Will be placed in a psychic trance until J’onn can ensure no commands remain.” That is reasonable. “When we do wake him, we will make sure you are all present.”

    “Before you all go home.” Batman’s declaration, is warm. “Things could have gone a lot worse today. Good work and thank you for reporting in.” The hint of a smile, begins to form on his face. Oh god, is that scary.

    “Yeah.” Oliver gives reaches over to ruffle my hair. “We are proud of you kids.”

    This is around when Speedy changed his hero identity in the show. Maybe I should consider my own change, before the Team forms.

    This brings an end to episode one. I hope the pieces of information I chose to share with the League made sense, and did not come across like a major info dump.

    I have no intention of following canon exactly. I will use about half the plot of four episodes and about a quarter of the plot from another four. The rest will deviate completely and be unrelated to canon episodes.

    My mind is from when I was 19. This was during a year long scare of having a brain tumor (it ended up being nerve damage causing the headaches that knocked me unconscious.) I was very scared of dying and being alone for a few years after this event in my life. So i hope this helps give an idea of my pre-insertion mindset, and why some of my choices will not be healthy or well thought out. I was not in a healthy place when i was grabbed.

    Most of all, thank everyone for reading so far. I hope you enjoy the story, and where I wish to go with it.
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    He has no idea about Speedy-Prime does he..
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    He knows he Original Roy is in the hand's of the Light. He only knows Roy is moved to Tibet near the end of the Season so has no idea where to look now. The SI/OC wants to reveal he is a clone and find the real Roy as long as he can be sure he won't be blamed for it. He is physically incapable of being the first to reveal information about the Lights plans.
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    Is that even season 1 material, or did he read WTR or other YJ fanfictions?
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    You know what, when i was brain storming in the SB DC thread, I was told it was end of season 1. so i worked it in because no one disagreed. I will have to go check and see if that was actually season 2. I never read the comic before my insertion, and had not read YJ fanfic. I was really only reading Btvs, Xmen, kim possible, and naruto fanfic at this point since This is me from 2010. If it was season 2, I will have to decide if that is just something that was changed, or if i should remove the line mentioning it.

    Okay, he is in Cadmus until jan 1 2011 and is moved when Match is found. I think it works better if I don't know where he is. I will go in and fix the line in the story.
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    Eh, I think it'd be better if some unrelated comment by him led Superman to using his X Ray vision to see how deep the facility goes. Even if it's lead lined, that just hides what's there, not that something is there.
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    Well if he was in the DC base, he would have died in the self destruct.
    Now the Question is, which of the 3 remaining Cadmus facilities is he in. Each one is working on different experiments with different kinds of test subjects.One is working on Robotics, One on Chemical enhancement, and one on Magic (the genetics base was destroyed.). Feel free to guess i think i have revealed enough for now. Match and The Female Kryptonian are still in play also and may be at the same base or a different one, or maybe somewhere else entirely.

    I do hope i made it clear enough the Genomorphs were altered by Cadmus, not created and they arrived shortly before/during the Appelexian invasion.
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    an interesting premise, normally speedy gets more or less ignored aside from early plot points from the stations of canon.

    I would think that Martian Manhunter would be approachable enough that an offhand comment about mental commands could have him come on down for a day to scan the sidekicks, human brains being something more familiar than kryptonian brains of which he has one example.
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    He can only hint so someone else makes the suggestion. Because he cannot be the first to reveal info on things related to the Lights plans. But your on the right track for figuring one of the puzzles out.
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    I'm pretty sure that in canon, he was in that one. They moved him afterwards.
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    He was in the one base in canon. I already blew it up though.

    I was under the impression Match was in a different facility and OG Roy was always in Tibet. I learned Roy was moved to tibet, and didn't look into his original location close enough.

    So Roy might have died, or he might be in one of the facilities. I tried to fix what i could, but moving him to a different Cadmus base is close enough to canon, i hope that no one complains.

    My only changes to the canon history so far, is Kon's DNA, The Genomorphs being Altered and not created by Cadmus, where OG Roy and Match had been, and i added a few Cadmus bases since i will not be doing half of the canon episodes.

    Every other change is something that butterflies off the SI's actions. Like the direction for the Team.

    I'm going to try to get two chapters out today so i can compile Episode 2 here later tonight.
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    might want to consider thread marking your chapters
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    Oh, I would absolutely rather see the interview, and her reactions. This can't really be a carbon copy of the episode, since there're different people here, so I really want to see it.

    So, you changed the city she lived in as well?
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    Doesn't Artemis and her mom live in Bludhaven? I thought she went across the bay for school when she got transferred. This change was not intentional but will stay because its minor.

    I am nearly done rewriting the chapter. My computer did the monthly reset and i lost a few hours of work this morning.
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    Hmm well It's close enough Batman would still come on the Interview. Thanks for sharing this. Next story i do, i will make sure Artemis is in Gotham. For this one I'm going to ride the mistake i made.
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  18. Threadmarks: Episode 2: Red Son
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    Episode 2: Red Sun

    Star City
    July 5, 2010
    1:46 AM, PDT

    I find myself in total darkness, strapped to a chair. The glowing eyes of a Genomorph, emerge from the inky blackness.

    “This one, is called Arenay.” I can make out differences now from Dubbilex. She is younger by far, and nearly half his size. Her horns are still trying to push through her scalp, kind of like a giraffe.

    “This one, was sent to discuss your plans.” I think I’m dreaming.

    “This one, Assures you dreams can be real.” Right think quieter around psychics, if you want to keep your thoughts to yourself.

    Her eyes glow, and the blackness fades. It coalesces into solid shapes, that shift to the appropriate coloration. Soon I see the desert sand of Nevada.

    Our perspective zooms in, revealing a truckers rest stop. The back of a Truck is opened, revealing half a dozen children around the age of eight. Each is in a trance like state. A man in a fancy red and black checkered suit, approaches the truck with two mostly human goons.

    One has eight beady eyes and strange tusk like fangs coming from his mouth. His partner, has bear arms. Literally. From his shoulder down, is shaggy ursine limbs.

    The man in the checkered suit waves a pendulum in front of the children, causing them all to stand. As he walks into the truck stop with his mutated thugs, the children follow.

    My vision begins to fade away to darkness again. Drifting back into a restless sleep, I hear Arenay’s voice one more time.

    10:13 AM, PDT

    “He almost seems like a different person.” Green Arrow is talking in hushed tones, to someone in the kitchen about me. Attempting to quiet my steps, I strain to hear more.

    “Yesterday really got to him Ollie.” A soft, female voice reassures him. Must be Dinah Lance, the Black Canary. “And besides, you did say you wanted him to realize this is no game.”

    No worries about that, I am fully aware how serious things are. The whole sleeper agent thing, makes it hard to forget.

    “I know, be careful what you wish for right?” A long drawn out sigh from Oliver, lets me know how stressed he really is. “I almost lost him again last night.”

    Now I feel even worse about hijacking this body. I had forgotten the sidekicks only knew the clone. Green Arrow himself, only worked with the original for a few months. Can I really handle being around them every day?

    I’m going to need to figure out someway, to let them know what is going on behind the scenes. Writing was a bust. My hand locked up every time I tried to reveal anything last night.

    “Good morning Roy,” Dinah greets me loudly. She must have been keeping an eye out for my arrival. “How are you feeling?”

    “Like I almost got my friends killed yesterday.” Like most people would in this situation, I assumed my knowledge would carry me through. But I don’t remember the self destruct in the show. Did I make things better, or worse?

    “You did better than you think.” Oliver tries to cheer me up. He really does consider Roy his son.

    “First time Ollie was in charge of a League mission,” Dinah stage whispers to me. “Toyman swapped out his arrows, for a quiver full of Nerf ones.”

    “I figured it out after two arrows.” Oliver can only groan into his palm, he tried so hard to keep this embarrassment from Roy.

    “Look, everyone made it out alive, and you found Kon.” Dinah is smiling warmly. And now all I can feel is regret, at the things I never said to my own mother.

    “As far as I’m concerned, you kids did a good job.” She gets a stern look. “So buck up, Batman called earlier.”

    “J’onn is almost done with the deprogramming.” Is what I think Ollie said, around his mouthful of bacon. “Since you’re awake, we can head over a little early.” Thank you for swallowing.

    “Did Kon get moved off the Watch Tower?” My question has Dinah scowling at Oliver.

    “He would have found out on the mission anyway.” He tries to defend himself from her glare.

    “Yes.” She finally relents, and is smiling at me again. “Once they did a scan of his vitals and DNA, they brought him back to the Hall.”

    “Have you given any thought, to the classes I recommended?” In fact, I have.

    “I realized I need to live my life for me.” I meet Oliver’s eyes. “I was tossing and turning all night. And i have no interest in business.”

    “Are you sur-.” He cuts off suddenly with a wince, while Dinah takes over the conversation again.

    “What do you want to do?”

    I was enrolled in basic psych courses yesterday. I would like something to be familiar. I feel like I’m going to be sliding into a camp counsellor role with the Team. Seems like those courses may come in handy here.

    “You have a psych degree,” I ask Dinah, she the counsellor on the show after all. “What should I choose, if I want to be a therapist?”

    “Well this is a welcome surprise.” She is looking at me with newfound pride, which has me squirm uncomfortably. “You said my diploma was a waste of paper, last time I suggested it.”

    “Finish eating and Dinah can bring you.” Ollie gets up in a rush. “Brick decided to hit First National.”

    “Do you need back up?” Please say no, Brick hits like a moose. Why can I remember getting my nose broken by him two years ago?

    “If you’re fine getting to the Hall yourself,” Oliver nearly ignores me, choosing to charm Dinah. “Me and the pretty bird can get our patrol in early today. Have a date night.”

    “Yeah I’m good.” The longer I can avoid a fight, I will. “If Kon has nowhere else to stay, can we take him in for now?” I said I would look after my maybe relative. And a promise to myself, is still a promise.

    Hall of Justice
    July 5, 2010
    12:21 PM, EDT

    When I Exit the Zeta tube by myself, Miss Martian is my welcome party.

    “You must be Speedy,” She cheerfully greets me. “When Superman said you needed a guide, I volunteered.” She squints adorably in confusion.

    “Not that you need a guide, you already got the tour.” She lightly smacks her head. “Hello M’gann, he’s been a sidekick for years.” Instead of interrupting, I let her continue spinning her wheels in amusement.

    “They just wanted you to know exactly which room they are in.” Her bright green lips start to stammer. “I was just getting so bored waiting in the hallway and I wanted to meet my soon to be teammate.” Her face begins to go minty green from embarrassment.

    “Sorry uncle J’onn said he was going to talk to you about that first.” She shifts awkwardly in place before realizing what she forgot to do.

    “Let’s try again.” She sticks a hand out and has a beaming smile for me. “I’m M’gann. J’onn the Martian Manhunter, is my uncle.”

    “Nice to meet you.” I take her hand and shake it. “My name’s Roy, but when I’m in uniform, I go by Speedy.”

    “Superman is waiting in the room with my uncle and Kon.” She tilts her head in thought and then goes silent.

    <Sorry, he said they can wake him whenever we get to the room.> M’gann’s sudden switch to mental conversation, almost makes me trip. After a moment to focus my thoughts, I think back at her.

    <Then lead on, so we can wake sleeping beauty.> My response has her giggle and nod.

    <He is rather nice to look at, isn’t he.> I’m going to need to nip that in the bud for now, sadly.

    <He is.> I try to focus my thoughts and show her how lost and scared Kon was, when he said ‘I don’t know who I am.’ <He is also only a day old with a few months of downloaded general information. He needs time figure out who he is before he dabbles in romance.>

    She nods in understanding, and I can feel her disappointment as a palpable sensation. I normally have such a hard time getting my point across, I like how easy this is. Maybe i can head of another misunderstanding.

    <He also had psychics meddle with his brain.> She frowns at the abuse of powers like hers. <He may not like uninvited telepathy.>

    I try to focus on my memory of Kon reacting to her first psychic intrusion from the cartoon. I do my best to pass it off as my own imagination, but am unsure how well I did.

    She blinks and I can feel her regret over something she hasn’t even done yet. She really is a sweetheart.

    <Uncle J’onn told me most humans would be uncomfortable with my powers.> Her skin continues to pale unnoticed by M’gann, as she thinks. Oh yeah, she’s a white Martian.

    As soon as I have the thought, she pulls back from me. Her skin instantly reverts to the original emerald green, she had on my arrival.

    <How do you know about white Martians?> I can feel her fear and a small wave of anger, at me knowing.

    <I wanted to be an astronaut.> What kid doesn’t at one point? <I learned what i could about Mars.>

    <You don’t care?> Again, I love how easy this conversation really is. No miscommunication at all.

    <Why would I?> I don’t understand how shapeshifters can have racism. <As far as I’m concerned, If I can be friends with one alien, I can be friends with any alien who doesn’t want to invade Earth.>

    <So Miss Martian. Do you have plans to invade Earth?> Am I glad she can feel my good humour, because she begins to laugh.

    <No! Of course not.> She insists with faux desperation.

    <Then you’re okay in my book.> She sighs in relief. <I figure you want me to keep quiet about this?>

    <If you could.> Sensing the relief, I agree.

    <You may want to take on a white woman’s disguise on Earth. If you slip up, it will be hard to notice.>

    Outside the door to Kon’s room, paces J’onn J’onzz. His blue cape swirls around his black body suit with each frantic step.

    “Good,” He addresses me as soon as i arrive “You can go in. He vigorously requested, I vacate his location when he awoke.” Not a good sign, but expected.

    “Thank you sir.” He nods and bids me farewell.

    <It was nice meeting you.> M’gann’s farewell is interrupted by her uncle.

    <I thought I told you, to ask humans first.> He admonishes her gently.

    <But he had no problem the whole way here uncle J’onn.> She pauses in her defence for a moment to focus on me specifically. <Why are you so okay with me talking to you like this?>

    <I had a way more hostile telepath in my head yesterday.> I share the feeling of terror, when I woke alone at Cadmus. <This was a dream compared to that what I went through.> Besides, who can say no to a pretty girl in your head?

    Finally alone in my own head and the hallway, I grab the door and push inwards.

    Hall of Justice
    July 5, 2010
    12:28 PM, EDT

    Superman, looks up at me with tired eyes. I think he was here all night.

    “Speedy.” He welcomes me with a tight smile and gestures for me to take the seat beside him. “I never got a chance to thank you all for finding him.” He leans back and sighs in relief.

    “For years now, I thought I was alone.” A small chuckle of disbelief. “And here you found out, someone else has been here on Earth this whole time.”

    “The League will find her.” Lets see if i can do anything to point you in the right direction. “Juno Alaska, has the highest number of recorded alien abductions each year.” Superman’s eyebrows raise slightly in confusion at this apparently random factoid.

    “If I had no other clues to work off, I would start checking the less reliable sources.” I can feel my throat begin to constrict, I’m getting to close to the mark.

    “We would know if people were being abducted en mass by aliens.” His rebuttal is hard to rationally dispute. They do have a space station watching for those kind of things.

    “I think it’s time I chose my own code name.” The Man of Tomorrow, waits patiently for me to continue. “Green Arrow called me Speedy, because I was quicker on the draw.” I can see the understanding begin to settle in his very blue eyes.

    Cartoons and comics don’t do them justice, but his eyes are incredible. His iris’ look like they are made from sapphire. The whites of his eyes, shimmer like a pearl. His glasses have to do something to conceal those bad boys.

    “And you don’t feel so impulsive anymore?” He places a comforting hand on my shoulder and smiles.

    “Not really.”

    “Well, I heard about what you said at the meeting.” I get a conspiratorial wink. “That seemed pretty well thought out to me.”

    “I had a lot of time to think.” I shrug, deflecting the praise.

    “Thank you for being here for this.” I can hear the genuine concern in his voice. This is the man part I’m dealing with now. “Lois doesn’t have clearance for this.” He waves of my concerned expression with a chuckle.

    “I saw the list of names you gave Green Arrow.” He stares at me for nearly a full minute, in silence.

    “I trust you to keep that knowledge, need to know.” Hastily confirming his words, I change the subject back to Kon.

    “If you’re uncomfortable bringing him home with you,” I offer. “Ollie said we can take him in.”

    “I appreciate the offer, but Ma would paddle my behind if I denied her the chance to meet him.”

    A groan from the bed, ends our conversation.

    “Where am I?” Kon sits upright suddenly and glances around the room, before his gaze finally slides over me and settles on Superman.

    “Hey, it’s okay now.” Clark tries to comfort the confused hybrid. “We got the programming out of you’re head.”

    “You’re free to be whoever you want to be now.” I offer my support, which has Kon glance back at me for a second.

    “You’re Superman. And He’s Speedy?” Kon grabs his head in pain, as his memories catch up to him.

    “You were in my head!” He jumps from the bed in a panic and backs away from us. “What did he do to me!”

    “You had some command words, implanted by Cadmus.” Superman slowly tries to approach the distraught teen. “We removed them.”

    “Now no one can turn you off with a single phrase anymore.” I smile encouragingly at him. I know I feel way better with my own off switch, removed.

    “I was going to help you escape” He’s starting to calm down now. “What happened to the other three?” And he’s back to suspicious now.

    “On the way. You woke up sooner then we expected.” Superman is already within arms reach of Kon, in case he decides to bolt.

    “When we did a check up on you.” Superman slowly tries to find the words to something. “It turns out we’re related.”

    “Really?” Kon is doubtful, but also cautiously optimistic.

    “Yeah, second cousins maybe.” A sick feeling wells up inside me about who the mother likely is. “After Roy here gives you his spiel, what do you say I bring you back to the farm?”

    “The other sidekicks and I, are forming a training team.” Kon’s eyes light up at the news. “I wanted to make sure you know you have a place on my team. If you want it, that is.” Clark mouths a thank you to me, over Kon’s sandy blonde head.

    “I know how freaky it can be to wake up in an unfamiliar place.” He considers my words, as the door opens again.

    “Hey Kon!” Robin greets the patient, from his place behind Batman. Kon waves back weakly in confusion, at the enthusiastic greeting.

    Bruce owns the room immediately with his presence. He nods to Superman in a curt greeting, and addresses me.

    “I need a word.” What did I do to piss of Batman this early?

    “Who’s Kon?” I hear Superboy ask, as I am lead back into the corridor.

    “Your information was correct.” He glares, while delivering at the news. “Firebrand’s body is missing.”

    “Red Tornado and Wonder Woman, have taken over the investigation.” Makes sense they would insist on being involved. They worked with many of the deceased heroes personally.

    “I checked on Crock and her daughter.” That surprises me. Did he even sleep? “If you really think she has a place on the Team, Black Canary will bring you to Bludhaven tonight.”

    “Why didn’t you talk to them when you did?” He smirks down at me.

    “Would you really want a visit from me at three in the morning?” Good point. If I woke up with him in my house, I would have a heart attack.

    “Definitely not.” He grins knowingly at my response.

    “I trust you know to keep silent on the names Green Arrow gave me.” Not a question, he knows I won’t. “Good”

    “Speedy!” I really need to decide on a new code name and fast. “Did you hear? They decided to give us the old base inside Mount Justice!” Wally interrupts the tense moment, by racing down the hall towards us. A trail of orange light follows behind him.

    “I thought we agreed to keep that a secret for now?” Batman’s words hide the amusement in his eyes.

    “You try dealing with a sidekick pestering you at super speed all day.” The Flash approaches at a more moderate pace, a bashful grin on his face.

    “No thanks.” Kid Flash looks affronted at Batman’s rejection of him. “Mine already knows most of the passwords to the Batcave.”

    “How’s Superboy doing?” Wally changes the topic, to the real reason for his arrival. “He still so angry?”

    “Come in and find out,” Kon growls from the room.

    “Super hearing.” Wally sighs, as Flash points to the door in disappointment. “Sorry!” He calls inside the room embarrassed.

    I really am going to need to have a talk with him, before he puts his foot in his mouth too bad. He can’t represent the League with his attitude on magic. How he talks to women, heroes and civilian alike, needs some fine tuning as well.

    “Black Canary Knows where to meet.” Batman finishes our talk before we rejoin everyone in the medical room.

    July 5, 2010
    8:02 PM, PDT

    “How come you get to wear your uniforms.” I feel naked in casual clothes. Dinah and I, are here to show our honesty over the situation. Batman is coming in as our League authentication.

    “Stay whelmed for the interview.” Robin, teases me in his own uniform. Ollie and him will handle patrol in Gotham tonight. Testing out the mentor exchange idea already I see.

    “Your concern is blown.” He squints back in confusion. “Overblown?”

    “Maybe leave the wordplay to me.” He winks, before sending a grapple line into the sky. “Yours sound like dad jokes.” Before I can swat at him, he rises into the smoggy sky.

    “Good luck inside,” Green Arrow calls down at me, as he makes his own ascent.

    “Ready?” The growl is infinitely scarier in the dark alley of Bludhaven.

    “Oh stop with the intimidation routine tall, dark, and broody.” Black Canary, waves off his frown. “No one but us can see it.”

    “Wait on the fire escape,” She informs him. “When the window opens, I’ll make sure everyone turns away.” She mutters the last part to herself. “You and your damn vanishing act.”

    We approach the rundown apartment building and buzz the Crock residence, 5A. It takes a few minutes, and I only know someone is home because Batman brought us here.

    “Hello?” A mistrustful, female voice finally answers.

    “We called about the scholarship this morning.” Dinah drops her earlier playful tone, she’s all business now.

    “Oh.” The voice reveals her youth with the yell of “Mom, the school people are finally here.”

    “Come on up, please.” A much friendlier woman takes over shortly. “I’m so pleased she was chosen.”

    “What kind of school drops by at eight?” Artemis growls to her mom quietly. “This feel like something dad would-.” Before we can here what her dad would do, the call ends.

    “Ladies first.” I hold the door open for Dinah with bow and flourish.

    July 5, 2010
    8:11 PM, PDT

    Artemis Crock, answers the smoke stained door to her and her mothers apartment. She has her nearly waist length blonde hair, tied back in a loose ponytail. I honestly not realized while watching the cartoon, that she was Asian.

    Well she’s mixed race at least. I know her dad, is corn bread white. But her mom in the wheelchair smiling at Dinah and I, is very much Asian. Who knew you could be an Asian natural blonde. She crosses her arms and scowls at my inspection.

    “Sorry my clothes aren’t fancy like yours.” Well this is a great first impression.

    “Artemis!” Paula Crock admonishes her daughter for her attitude. “I apologize, we expected you earlier.” She struggles for a moment, to find her words. “She has a... part time job.”

    “This better not take too long.” Artemis glares at me defiantly. How can I deescalate things?

    “You know this is not how a school interview should go.” Artemis moves in front of her mother at my words. “So I’m going to try complete honesty.” As far the League is aware at least.

    “Someone is mad your mom legitimately reformed.” Paula sighs in defeat.

    “Her father, sent you for her?” I need to fix this and fast.

    “No! Batman did.” I get a snort of disbelief from the teen, while Dinah approaches the window.

    “Prove it.” She growls out at me, clenching the broom she had been pretending to sweep with tightly.

    “I did, send them.” Batman declares from behind Artemis and her mom. “We have some things to discuss.”

    “And if I say no to whatever offer, you will inevitably have for me,” She re positions Paula’s wheelchair behind her and hisses.”Some more of my moms crimes will come to light.”

    “No!” Groaning at how hard I made this, I try again. “I’m Speedy. Green Arrow’s sidekick.” I only receive a disbelieving stare, at my admission.

    “He’s not lying,” Batman defends me. “About this at least.” I catch his smirk, at throwing me under the bus.

    “If you’re Batman, why is Green Arrow’s sidekick here?” Paula questions the absurdity of my claim.

    “He’s patrolling with Robin,” Bruce explains patiently, while Artemis studies Dinah in her navy dress.

    “Black Canary, I assume?” Dinah confirms this with a half smile.

    “Yes. We didn’t want to draw the wrong kind of attention, to you’re place.”

    “Thank you, for the consideration.” Paula, begins going over possible reasons for our arrival.

    “You aren’t here for information on my ex husband. He didn’t send you either.” She grips the armrests of her chair tightly.

    “They’re here for me mom.” Batman raises a single eyebrow in my direction. I can tell, he’s impressed with Artemis’ quick thinking.

    “But she’s not like her father!” Paula has tears begin to form in her eyes, as she defends Artemis. “She isn’t even like I was,” She chokes out with emotion filling her voice. “Artemis is keeping the neighbourhood safe!”

    “No one has died on this block in three weeks!” Paula has a fire in her now. She is riled up and ready to defend her daughter, even from Batman.

    “I clearly came up with the wrong approach for this.” Dinah chuckles at my words.

    “You think?” I get the stink eye from Artemis, as she tries to keep all three of us in her line of sight. “How about you and Batman wait outside.” Dinah winks at me. “Some things require a woman’s touch.”

    “Look. I’m sorry.” My declaration pauses Paula, in her telling off of Batman. Artemis prepares for my words to bring the worst.

    “When me and the other sidekicks infiltrated Cadmus,” I start my prepared explanation. “I found out, you’re being watched.” That has the two relatives share a concerned look.

    “Once he shared this with me,” Batman takes over my explanation. “I discovered he is correct.” Wait, I am?

    “Two agents of the League of Shadows, are in residence at this building.” Okay damn, that is not good. Did he dig deeper, because of my warning?

    “After he showed me what you can do,” Dinah speaks up, with an encouraging tone. “I wanted to offer to be your League sponsor.”

    “Sponsor for what?” Artemis is less guarded against Dinah, with more genuine curiosity in her voice. “And why do you, want to do it?”

    “I know what it’s like, to feel the need to step out of a parents shadow,” Dinah answers honestly. “No offense, intended of course.” She offers an apology to Paula, who waves it off with a wry chuckle at her past.

    “Her mom was the first Black Canary.” I offer, trying to dig my way out of the horrible first impression I made.

    “I know you’re good.” Artemis puffs up a little at my praise, in spite of herself. “And you can be great. So please, join the Team we’re putting together.”

    Artemis shares a long look with her mom. Many things are said silently between the pair, before Artemis addresses me crossly.

    “Why do you want me on the Team, if you know about my family history?” She stares me down defiantly.

    “Because, if I don’t,” I admit with painful honesty.”I’m worried Cadmus will.” I did change things after all. “I have no desire to face you as an enemy.”

    “You’re not a complete idiot at least.” Even Batman chuckles at me, for that one.

    “If you accept.” Batman takes over. “We will provide housing in Star City. Along with a monthly stipend, to discourage falling back on the family business.”

    “We will also cover your mother’s medical expenses,” Dinah adds, with another beaming smile.

    “Why do all of this, for me?” Artemis is conflicted, and it shows on her face. She wants this, but it has to be too good to be true.

    “If the bad guys want you this bad,” I declare with unusually real bravado. “I want you even more.” She looks unimpressed with my words.

    “We’re supposed to be heroes,” I admit at last, my honesty finally working. “I almost got my whole team killed on our first combat mission.” Her eyes widen at this admission.

    “I need to be better.” Looking to Dinah for encouragement, I press on. “And the reports showed how hard you are trying. I was inspired.”

    “Let’s say I agree to this,” Artemis finally asks. “Do I need to use some kind of bird themed code name?” The distaste for the idea, is clear on her face.

    “No, don’t worry.” Dinah lightly chuckles. “Batman has Robin. So any kind of animal will be on theme.”

    “My code name is Speedy,” I add. “Everyone thinks I’m Flash’s sidekick. So sticking on theme is a good idea.” Paula hides her laugh behind her hand. Artemis is not so kind, openly snorting at me.

    “How about you and Roy go on a patrol, with Batman shadowing you.” Dinah seats herself at the cheap white table. “While Paula and i discuss the fine details.”

    “As long as this idiot can keep up.” Ouch. Which one of us has apparently been a sidekick for three years?

    “Then get your gear and show Roy, your patrol route.” I unbutton my dress shirt, revealing my uniform beneath.


    8:44 PM, PDT

    “Okay.” Artemis ducks beneath a gangsters wild slash with a switch blade. “I can admit.” She snaps a kick into his wrist, forcing him to drop the knife. “You aren’t useless.” She finishes of the last of this batch of thugs, with an elbow to the nose.

    My three goons, are restrained. Two with rapid expansion foam, and the third with a pair of bola arrows. Artemis eager to catch up, dropped her first with an axe kick to the back of his head.

    The leader, had time to draw a weapon. But he did not have time, to learn how to wield it apparently.

    “Fi’afly is gunna to’ch ya fer this.” The dealer, with the broken nose threatens feebly,

    “Oh yeah?” Artemis stalks over to the kneeling goon, in her urban camo ninja suit.

    “Yeah.” He spits blood, and maybe a tooth at her. “We was only su’osed to kee’ ya on ya toes.”

    “We cant let you flee the coop.” A man in a grey insulated suit, descends from the sky. A tight blue flame from his back, controls his descent.

    “Your dad, wanted us to keep an eye on you and mommy dearest,” Firefly the C-list arsonist, taunts. “Sorry to say but if this idiot spilled the beans.” He raises a hand, with a flamethrower of some kind attached.

    “You have no use as a spy.” He cackles behind his full face mask and bulging goggles. “So you need to decide which side you want to be on.”

    “The winning side, or the burning side?” I watch Artemis from the corner of my eye for her decision. I can only hope, I didn’t screw this up.

    “If dad sent you to watch me,” Artemis growls in defiance. “You should know how he trained me to respond to threats.”

    She jumps to the left, of the torrent of flame sent her way. Kicking of the alley’s wall, she rebounds towards Firefly. Landing a clean uppercut to his chin, Artemis lands behind him in a ready stance.

    “Oh I hope this fires you up!” The maniac in a bug costume, shrieks in rage.

    He leans forward and cackles. The entire jet pack releases from him, and launches forward across the street. It collides with a three story building, sending flames everywhere.

    Firefly clicks his heels, engages the emergency rockets in his boots. His earlier bravado has shifted into panic.

    “I didn’t sign up to deal with the Bat!” His panicking voice is a welcome change. I like not being the only one terrified.

    “Don’t let him get away!” My partner in fighting crime, roars. I have to pull rank though, and show her what this team is really going to be doing.

    “Or we let Batman pursue the dangerous criminal,” I interrupt he adrenaline filled girl. “And we rescue as many civilians as we can before the fire department arrives.

    “Good call.” I hear in my ear piece.

    “We don’t have a way to pursue a flyer anyway.” I try to go with a less cowardly reason. Artemis is a fighter after all.

    “You aren’t wrong,” She grudgingly admits, before rushing towards the now blazing building. “I said to keep up remember!”
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    You had a few your's as you're. But other than that, it was definitely an amusing patrol
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    Thank you, I will try to find them.

    I was worried, Firefly's hasty exit wouldn't come across correctly. I don't know if i got it across that he saw Batman was also present, once he started shooting fire. I'm glad it was enjoyable.
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    Oh, I really really hope you teach him the difference between science, and engineering, and the existence of magic.

    I mean, without embarrassing him over it. Dipshit's only 13.
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    Happily i have Captain Marvel on the Team as co-lead. Him and Zatanna should handle this without need of the SI. my butterflies are already flapping.
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    Robin is 13, I think KF is more like 14 or 15... not that that's as big a difference as most fifteen-year-olds seem to think.
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    Come to think of it, what IS the difference between magic and science in DC? I mean, magic probably has rules, so why not just say that magic's a type of energy which can do (rules) if directed by conscious though? I mean, psychics are apparently a thing, so how big can the difference be there?
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    Science is a method of finding things out by disproving a hypothesis. You can't really ask what the difference is between them any more than you can ask what the difference is between political science, and cheesecake.
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    Yeah KF is 15 in Santa Prisca, and i checked his birthday is not between now and then.
    Robin and Billy are 13
    Wally, Zatanna, and Artemis are 15
    Kaldur is 16
    Clone Roys body is 17, nearly 18. SI personality is 19.
    M'gann is 47 physically. 17 mentally.
    Kon is 16 weeks olds chronologically. Physically he is 16 years old because of accelerated aging, He's basically a 16 year old who lost all his personal memories but retained general ones of the world.

    For me magic is the general term for the arcane.
    Wizardry, sorcerery, and different branches of magic are like different kinds of science(physics, geometry.).

    Magics rules are more confusing and a master of magic will accomplish more than a master of science will. Science is easier to replicate, with easier rules to follow. So science replaced magic over time in the general populace. Most normal people can only learn a handful of cantrips in a life of study. maybe one or two rituals because of how specific all the minor details are. Now only the really talented or really desperate seek out real magic instruction.

    Basically Magic is art with its rules more as guidelines and science is a cookbook of instructions.
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  27. Threadmarks: Episode 3: Our Own Clubhouse
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    Episode 3: Our Own Clubhouse

    Mount Justice
    July 7, 2010
    11:28 AM, EDT

    “Why do we have to clean up the cave?” Wally whines. He’s leaning against one of the rocky walls, devouring his second bag of chocolate covered raisins.

    “Consider it team bonding.” Captain Marvel, enthusiastically claps Kid Flash on the shoulder. Billy had gladly accepted the position of team coach, when it was offered to him by Batman. At least one of my plans, had worked as intended.

    “Once everyone else gets here, we can get started,” Captain Marvel, declares with a wide smile.

    Wally and Dick had been here for a while already, by the time Artemis and I arrived at the cave.

    Wally obviously feels Captain Marvel is going to cramp our style. It seems Batman let Dick in on Billy’s real age, because he is being much more cordial.

    “I’m glad you decided to work with us Captain.” I extend a hand to the bashful captain, who gladly shakes it. The thrum of the Zeta tube, announces the arrival of one of our missing team members..

    “How could I say no?” He floats up a few feet and twirls around, taking in the scope of the base. “We get our very own clubhouse.”

    “What does he mean we?” Wally whispers to Robin. “This is our base.”

    “Sorry to disappoint you,” Superman interrupts Kid Flash. It was Kon and him who just arrived. “But Captain Marvel, was officially transferred to the Junior Justice Division.”

    “Since we know the bad guys, have learned our identities,” Billy takes over for the Kryptonian. With cheeks red from embarrassment, he lands away from the rest of us.

    “SHAZAM!” A bolt of golden lightning, strikes Captain Marvel. As the dancing lights fade from my eyes, I can see the thirteen year old Billy Batson.

    “This is why I asked for him to be our chaperone,” I explain to Wally, who dumbly nods.

    “Yeah.” Billy’s voice is a stark contrast to the magical boom, of his Captain Marvel form. “The League was kind of mad, I kept my age a secret.”

    “It’s not like any alternative existed when we offered you a place with us.” Superman offers his support. “We have one now and we both know, you will enjoy being around people your own age.”

    “I know, it’s not a punishment.” Billy rolls his eyes in annoyance.

    “No it’s not.” I don’t want someone else hating me. Artemis is going to exciting enough to deal with. “I asked for you, remember.” Billy nearly conceals his frustration at this fact.

    “I wanted someone who could teach me how to lead.” I step towards him, and stare into his eyes. “You have the wisdom of Solomon, after all.” He loses some of his distrust with this statement.

    “You can take point if an enemy does show up, while we handle crowd control.”

    “It helps, that it doesn’t feel like one of the adults is babysitting us anymore.” Wally has come on board with the idea now.

    “I’m looking forward to having someone to spar with, who is in my weight class.” Kon offers his own opinion on the matter. “Aqualad is the only one who could even take one of my punches.”

    “And it was a very painful one.” When did Kaldur arrive? “I am relieved the Captain, will be able to share the burden.” His dripping wet body and trail of water behind him, shows he came in through the sea access.

    “I’m just glad someone, besides this idiot here.” Artemis calls me out. “Will actually be in charge.” the crossed arms and ‘I don’t give a crap’ attitude, are doing wonders for crafting her image as the Team’s bad girl.

    The white leather jacket she has on, was a gift from Dinah. One of her sisters old ones I think. Wally definitely approves. Even though each of his advances so far has been denied, he continues to press his luck.

    “He was the first one captured at Cadmus.” Wally finally finds something that grabs her attention. “Maybe we should have tryouts for leader?”

    “He was?” Artemis confirms. “Ha!” She laughs in my face, when Dick confirms this for her.

    “That’s not a bad idea Kid.” Everyone turns to look at me, with this shocking admission. Wally nearly always has bad ideas. The time he tried to recreate the Flash’s experiment, nearly killed him.

    “If this is a training team, we should rotate lead in the field.” Superman nods his approval, and makes his farewell.

    “It seems you have things in hand here.” He gives Kon a hug, whispering some no doubt inspiring words into his ear.

    “Thanks,” Kon acknowledges, before asking with barely concealed worry. “I’m still supposed to come back to the farm on Saturday?”

    “Of course,” Clark confirms, with a beaming grin. “Ma insists.” With a final wave, he heads to the Zeta tubes. His exit is delayed, by the arrival of the Zatara’s.

    The pair are in the stage magician look, normally associated with them. Giovanni greets Superman and marches straight towards me. I notice Wally and Dick both react favourably, to the appearance of Zatanna who waves at the others.

    “I agreed Zatanna could train with you.” Giovanni, wastes no time with greeting me. His mind is only concerned with his daughter’s safety.

    “After two days of begging,” Zatanna corrects her father with a playful smirk.

    “You raised some good points at the meeting.” Giovanni chooses to ignore his child’s teasing. “She has made her intentions to follow in my footsteps, clear.” He sighs in the kind of frustration, only a parent can have.

    “With Captain Marvel’s presence.” He sighs again, Zatanna really did wear him down over this. “I will allow her to join you for the summer, for now.”

    “Come on Giovanni,” Superman grabs the magicians shoulder. “J’onn and his niece have landed, Lets grab J’onn once he says goodbye and go look into those moving gargoyles in New York.

    “I have wanted an excuse to look into that,” Giovanni agrees with a half smile. “Something more important always seem to comes up.”

    “Roy!” M’gann emerges from the hanger, with her uncle trailing behind. She rushes up to me, before realizing we have a full room already. “Hello Megan, of course we’re last ones to arrive. We had to fly across the country in stealth mode.”

    “Fly across the country?” Kon asks with envy on his face.

    “In my bio-ship.” The Martian provides an answer for the hybrid teen.

    “Can we see it?” Zatanna and Wally, shout at the same time.

    J’onn and Clark, lead an overwhelmed Giovanni into the Zeta tube. Hopefully they can cheer him up, before Zatanna goes home tonight. The fading of the blue light, reveals we are finally on our own.

    “I can show you my ship if you want,” M’gann offers to the team. “We can ever go for a fly, if you want.”

    “Once we get the cave cleaned up, we can go fly in her spaceship?” Wally clarifies, his voice is scary in its intensity.

    <You sure this is okay?> I think hard towards the Martian girl, who smiles in surprise. <You already flew across the country.”

    <Of course.> I can feel her relief, at my mental openness. So I try to return my own feeling of joy, that she is finally meeting everyone. <It will be fun.> She shares the feeling of excitement at being on a team.

    “Uh...” Wally taps me on the shoulder, reminding me everyone else is here. It’s so much easier conversing mentally, I actually forgot about the others for a minute.

    “Stop staring like a creep at the new girl.” Artemis interrupts, with a growl in my direction. From her place beside Kaldur, she points a finger accusingly at me. “That freaky look you’re giving her, has scared her into silence.”

    “Busted,” Robin whispers to a snickering Billy.

    “Sorry everyone.” M’gann saves me from the awkward looks. “I was excited to talk to a human, with my telepathy.”

    “No thanks.” Robin shudders to Artemis’ statement.

    “I request,” Superboy speaks up. “You stay out of my mind.” Definitely Clark’s coaching, on how to approach the issue. His clenched fists shaking at his sides, reveal his true feelings on the topic.

    “Of course,” M’gann assures the Team. “Uncle J’onn and Roy, have told me to ask first.” This seems to calm down Artemis and Kon.

    “Darling.” Wally has rushed across the cave, and flung an arm around M’gann’s shoulder. “You ever get tired of conversations with the emotional wreck, my mind is always open.“ She giggles awkwardly at his, admittedly decent flirtation.

    “I have to say it sounds interesting,” Zatanna admits her curiosity. Her experience with magic, has opened her to the strange. “Just knock first please.”

    “I can accept, it will be of use on missions.” Kaldur offers his own opinion.

    “It sounds awesome!” Billy jumps up in excitement. “Let’s get this place cleaned up, so M’gann can take us for a spin!” His enthusiasm is certainly infectious.

    “I can have it done in thirty seconds, if I get shotgun,” Wally declares with a cocky grin.

    “I can do it in ten.” Zatanna counters with an equally confident smirk. “Organize the League’s Junk.”

    “ezinagro eht s’eugaeL kunJ.” She beats Kid Flash to the draw, her magic sorting through the boxes in the promised ten seconds.

    “I guess magic girl, gets shotgun.” Robin giggles at Wally’s misfortune.

    “Magic’s not real.” Kid Flash retorts, levelling a glare at Zatanna.

    Mount Justice
    July 7, 2010
    12:36 PM, EDT

    “You do know my powers are magical in nature?” Billy questions Wally, while M’gann shows off her Martian bio-ship to Robin, Artemis, and Kon.

    “Atom changes size and Martians can change shape,” Wally retorts like a know it all. “Superman has more powers than you and he’s an alien. No magic.” I can see the frustration grow on Billy’s face, as Wally puts four and four together to get sixteen.

    “Magic is literally in my blood,” Zatanna confronts Kid Flash, who begins to get defensive.

    “Psychic powers that manifest in a specific way for your family.” Does he have a half baked excuse for everything?

    “I have studied the arcane arts,” Even Kaldur is getting in on this. I think my own intended talk, will be unnecessary. “Is all of Atlantis...mistaken?”

    “What about you?” Zatanna steps right up to Kid Flash, and jabs him in the chest with her wand. “For a boy who can run as fast as you, how can you ignore magic?”

    “Chemicals and lightning,” Wally fires back. “No magic required.”

    “nehw siht nam dlihc swohs sih ecnarongi, eralced ti yb gnos ylno eh nac raeH.” Zatanna casts a spell of some kind on the cocky teen.

    A swirl of silver sparkles surrounds Wally, before fading away to no further effect. He looks down at himself, to find nothing amiss. A quick pat down to double check his safety, and he crows in victory.

    “Ha!” He begins to taunt the magician, before stopping in confusion. “Did someone leave the radio on?” Time for me to step in, before this devolves any further. I guess Billy only has the maturity of an adult, when he is in his Captain Marvel form.

    “Even if you don’t believe,” I cut in to the conversation. “When you are in that uniform, you represent us, the Flash, and the Justice League.” Wally gives me a blank expression, missing my point.

    “If you want to stay on this League sponsored team,” I explain. “You will respect other peoples beliefs.” I don’t give Wally time to interrupt. “You will treat teammates and especially civilians with more respect than I have seen from you today.”

    With my speech finished, I leave the rest of Kid Flash’s education to the ones who can use it. The reality of magic, is something I may not be best equipped to handle.

    Magic was just as fake for me a few days ago, but I won’t tolerate how he has been acting. If he wants to be a hero, he needs to act like one.

    Robin has pestering M’gann for details of her ship’s capabilities. The mental connection she had not completely disengaged, is relaying her honest enjoyment to me. His questioning is endearing him to her, so I keep my nose out of that.

    Artemis has latched on to both Kon’s stand offish attitude, and his admittedly hunky physique. Her slew of thinly veiled advances, are finally being noticed. My cousin - for that is the relation I have settled on – is beginning to get flustered, so I approach the pair.

    “I really am sorry,” I begin with an apology. “I did not think the League of Shadows would move that fast.” I really didn’t, I thought I was making up the thing about her being watched.

    “You didn’t think,” She barks back at me. “That’s for sure.” Kon doesn’t look confused. She must already have complained to him about this.

    “All Roy did, was reveal that you were being watched.” Kon steps on a metaphorical hornets nest, with his comment. “Why is he being blamed... specifically?” Before she can lump Kon in with my own boneheaded behaviour, I throw myself on that grenade.

    “Because her entire life got uprooted overnight,” I Offer in embarrassment. “And if I had handled it better, she wouldn’t have had to move across the country.”

    “In the middle of the night.” She adds with a scowl. “We can’t contact any of our old friends. We had to move into one of Green Arrow’s condos, and.” She exhales angrily, before finishing after a few seconds to calm herself. “We even had to change our names. We’re the Kwan’s now.”

    “Have you decided on a first name... yet?” I ask carefully.

    “It’s not a major life decision or anything is it?” Her retort has a lot less bite, than before. It’s more resigned to the eventuality.

    “It’s not?” Kon asks with wide eyed confusion. “Mrs. Kent said it was a really big decision for me, and I shouldn’t rush it.”

    “You don’t have a name?” Artemis loses her any remaining frustration she has with me... for now.

    “Roy told everyone my name was Kon. Which is Kryptonian according to Clark,” He panics, and rushes to correct himself. “I mean Mark, Mark Dent.” The panic in his eyes is adorable, I can see why Artemis is all over his lost puppy dog expression.

    “But you’re part human, and need an appropriate name?” I ask knowingly, to which he nods in confirmation. “Did the Dent’s,” I emphasize the D. “Say if you could use their last name?”

    “Yeah.” He smiles at this. “They’re claiming me as the son of...Mark’s uncle.”

    “Well maybe we can go over names for our secret identities, together?” She offers with a friendly tone, extra emphasis on the together.

    A quick look at the Team, shows none of use are dressed appropriately. May as well have everyone grab a room and get changed. Oliver said to make sure Artemis and Kon got whatever they need. His black card and my own trust fund, will be of great use in moving past today’s friction.

    “Kon needs a whole wardrobe.” The Zatanna and Artemis’ eyes light up at this news. “So go choose any unclaimed room and change into civvies.” I hold up the black card. “Meet back here in fifteen minutes and I’ll give everyone a grand to play with.” I think Artemis hates me a little bit less now, money is really useful.

    Providence Place, Rhode Island
    July 7, 2010
    1:21 PM, EDT

    “Groups of three, and meet in the food court at five.” I instruct the barely listening teens. “Who wants to take Kon, and go get some clothes?” Artemis and Zatanna volunteer happily for this task.

    When everyone acknowledges my words, We exit the stealthed bio-ship. It is hovering about fifteen feet above the tallest truck in the lot, allowing an easy drop. A spell from Zatanna, ensures we are unnoticed.

    “Since you wont share your name with the rest of the class,” I stop the group one final time before we separate. I need to take advantage of the chance to needle Robin. “You shall answer to the name Alfred, for today at least.”

    I leave ‘Alfred’ to stew in frustration with Wally and Kaldur, and lead a giggling Billy and a Caucasian M’gann inside the biggest mall we could find in the state, M’gann is going by her disguise from the show, Megan Morse.

    <So many people.> M’gann shares her wonder with Billy and I.

    <WHOA!> Billy loudly exclaims in my skull. I can feel his awe, all the way to his toes. <When your uncle does this on missions, He only sends words.> Billy is visibly impressed by M’gann’s skill.

    <Do you want to get anything?> I send a random assortment of stores into her mind, for an informed decision. <We might be able to find a copy of ‘Hello, Megan’.> I tease her with an image of a younger M’gann watching the show on Mars.

    <How did you see that?> I can feel her mind pull back, as she begins to worry about what else I may have seen.

    “Every time you said ‘Hello, Megan’ today, An image or two slipped through,” I blatantly lie. I saw it on television. She didn’t let anything slip through, and i feel bad for making her think so.

    I need to make it up to her. She likes baking, I can teach her how to cook. I did TA for my home economics class in high school.

    “Oh.” She blushes in embarrassment at this.

    “This is not a drill.” A voice comes on over the mall’s intercom. “Condiment King has invaded the mall.” That’s really his name?

    ““Please evacuate the mall, in an orderly fashion.” Like you can stop a crowd from panicking that easy. Already, the crowd is beginning to rush for any exit in a blind frenzy.

    “Billy you need to Marvel us.” I remind the thirteen year old, who rushes for cover to change forms. “We need to get on crowd control.” I tap the radio on my watch. “Someone is going to get trampled. So make sure the exits are clear.”

    “What about the buffoon behind this?” Wally interrupts me.

    “Yeah, we can take him down before he causes anymore havoc.” Artemis is on board with the speedster’s idea.

    “Negative.” I have to crush the image both have, of the Team defeating the Condiment King. “Captain Marvel, is going to handle him. We need to focus on making sure no one else gets hurt.”

    Providence Place, Rhode Island
    July 7, 2010
    2:07 PM, EDT

    I strain against the weight of a collapsed wall. It has fallen, pinning a middle aged Hispanic man and his children to the ground. My best effort has barely budged the massive chunk, so time for a new plan.

    Reaching into my book bag, I remove a collapsible compound bow. Snapping it open, I fire a winch arrow into the stable part of the ceiling. A quick stab into the fallen plaster, allows me to attach a cable to both.

    “One second folks,” I reassure the trapped family. “And, Heave!” Slowly the wall rises, inch by inch. “I jab another arrow into the still standing wall, and tie off the line.

    “Come on, I got ya.” dropping to my knees, I take the hands of the youngest child and pull. She has chemical burns across her body, so I move quickly to grab her brother and father.

    A yellow fluid, like a thick mustard covers the floor. It has soaked into my khakis, already they are falling apart from the knee down. The caustic substance, begins to sting my legs.

    Grabbing a fire extinguish from the wall, I hope this works. I dose my legs first, and one i feel instant relief, I spray the whimpering family as well.

    “This way sir.” I take his children, his son on my back and his daughter in my arms. Once he grabs my belt, I begin leading him from the smoke filled mall.


    “We got them.” A pair of paramedics greet us outside the mall. Only my hastily applied domino mask, conceals my face from the crowd.

    “If you haven’t found out yet,” I offer my painfully gained knowledge, as they carry the kids away for treatment. “Fire extinguishers, relieve the mustard burns.”

    “Robin already let us know,” A fire fighter answers me. He has an aforementioned extinguisher, in his arms.

    “Where are the most people still coming from?” I respectfully demand from the frantic first responder. I can’t blame him, for his panic. Who expected the Condiment King, to have become a real threat.

    “The ‘Must Buy’ exit.” Is my answer.

    “Thanks,” I yell behind me. As I run for the named store, I ignore his calls for my own medical attention. I can get treated, once everyone inside is safe.


    Jumping over another pool of mustard, I slide to a stop and scan the wreckage on the second floor. Nearly everyone has been evacuated, so Why hasn’t Captain Marvel finished with the King?

    “Trickshot to Team,” I speak into my watch. “Does anyone have eyes on Captain Marvel?”

    “Not on him,” Artemis responds. “But a swarm of these green blobs, came out of the food court.” She sounds out of breath.

    “Superboy tore into one,” Zatanna adds. “And the chunks of relish have hardened.” She yelps and cuts off suddenly.

    “I can’t really move,” Kon admits bashfully.

    “Aqualad and Robin,” I instruct. “Get over to them. I’m going to check on Marvel.”

    “What about me?” Wally asks, he’s panting from exertion.

    “Grab a refill and meet up with Miss Martian.” She can lead him to anyone left in the debris.

    Rounding the final corner to the food court, I turn my sprint into a cautious sidestep. With my bow drawn, I slowly enter the trashed room.

    Red liquid, burns like napalm all across the food court. Several piles of the acidic mustard, garnish the battlefield with yellow. In the centre of the room, stands the celebrating Condiment King.

    Captain Marvel, has been encased in a ten foot tall pile of solidified relish. I can see the child that was used as a hostage, crying on the ground. Raising my bow, I take aim and release my second to last arrow.

    It flies silently and true, Striking the mustard tank on his bank. The spray of yellow fluid, has the King shriek in panic. His flailing sends the fluid everywhere, so I dive forward.

    As Condiment King tears his rig from his back, the canisters begins to shake. He flings it into the air, and throws himself underneath a table.

    The backpack, explodes in the air. A shower of red, yellow, and green covers me. I do my best not to flinch, as i shield the child beneath myself.

    The combined fluids burn into my back, bringing intense agony. As I feel my skin begin to melt away, I thankfully begin fading into sweet blissful unconsciousness.

    “You’re going to pay for that!” Is the last thing I hear, before darkness claims me.

    3rd Person PoV
    Mount Justice
    July 7, 2010
    5:12 PM, EDT

    “We’ve already gone through every bag of Oh Positive,” Robin slams his fist against the desk in frustration. “This is a major disaster. Heavy on the dis.”

    “None of us are donors.” Kaldur sighs, with an equal level of irritation.

    “The League is dealing with a hurricane,” Captain Marvel, enters the medical bay. “They won’t be here for hours.”

    “Then we might have to take him to the hospital after all.” Groans Zatanna.

    “Won’t work.” Wally pants from his place, laying on the floor at Zatannas feet. Four chairs was not enough for everyone to claim one. “I filled every bed myself, with people from the mall.”

    “M’gann.” Captain Marvel slowly realizes something. “You’re uncle said his shape shifting is at a molecular level.”

    “So that means,” Dick cheers in understanding.

    “You should be able to substitute as a donor after all!” Zatanna jumps to her feet, kicking Wally in the head.

    “Maybe,” M’gann whispers nervously. “His shape shifting is way more advanced then my own.” She pulls in on herself and admits in embarrassment. “My only real talent is in my psychic abilities.”

    “I don’t want him to die,” Artemis begrudgingly admits. “So if you think it can work, it may be his only chance.”

    “Don wanna...” Roy groans weakly, from his place on the operating table. “Die.”

    “Okay.” M’gann rallies her nerves. “I can do this.”

    “Everyone clear out,” Captain Marvel commands. “Let doctor Megan, do her thing.”

    “Thanks.” M’gann smiles gratefully at the Captain, and admits. “It was getting really loud in here, and hard to focus.”

    “I understand,” He responds warmly. “I need alone time when I’m working on something new, that the Wizard teaches me.”

    Once the room is empty of all but the nervous M’gann and the rapidly fading Trickshot, she begins the necessary change. When she has finished, she inserts her own IV and opens her mind to Roy.

    Mount Justice
    July 7, 2010
    5:15 PM, EDT

    <Roy.> I can hear someone trying to call out to me. The raw emotion of worry for my well being, crashes over me.

    <M’gann!> I realize in happiness. <I’m not going to die alone. Thank you.>

    <You aren’t dying today!.> She firmly counters. <I’m making sure of that.> A wave of determination, surges from her mind.

    <Thanks for trying,> I console her. I wish I had more time, to get to know such a sweet girl.

    <Thank me when I succeed.> The fierceness she is showing in my mind, is enough to make me fight again.

    <I guess you’re secret, won’t die with me.> In my deliurum, an image of M’gann’s true form leaks from my mind.

    <But how?> Her shock is plain in my brain, as is her fear.

    <I’m really a clone of Roy, made with DNA from the psychic creatures we found in Cadmus.> Her gasp echoes in my mind. The memory of me replacing Roy at the Hall of Justice a few days ago, is shown to her. My Interrogation with Dubbilex is shared before I can even try to hold it back.

    I expected my brain to shut off, when I tried to share anything. My ability to do so, lifts a burden from my soul. Someone can tell the League.

    <Oh. This is bad.> She finally got to the part about my targets I see. “Really, really bad.> I can feel her disgust, when I share the memory of the kids in the truck.

    <We have to save them.> My worry is for the kids, my targets, Match, Kon’s mom, and anyone else Camus has.

    <We will.> M’gann shares her resolve, which I really needed right now. <I promise.>

    <Thanks.> I respond slowly. My relief at finally sharing the most important facts, has relaxed me enough to drift off again. <And don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone your secret.>

    <I know.> She sends her relief at this fact to my tired mind.

    <Besides, everyone on the Team has some secrets.> I don’t know all of them, but we all do.

    I have been informed Artemis lived in Gotham the entire time. I believed she lived n Bludhaven and went to school in Gotham when she transferred. Its a mistake, but small enough to not matter.

    I have learned in Canon, Artemis' mom was not released until then end of July. She also began her crime fighting in august. I am saying Paula was freed one year earlier so it all works.

    Yes i stole the transfusion plot from Garfield. But i revealed M'gann is white. She reverted to white during the mental conversation. I will NOT get animal shape shifting. Think more like stretch armstrong. i can stretch and shift my features a little, but not very much. And yes the Genomorph DNA will activate some form of psychic power.
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    Well you could have more pigmentation changes? Blend in easier or go invisible? That would be kinda cool? Maybe a bunch of tentacles too. . . . .cause obviously dude.
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    I was planning the story, i was originally going to go with plastic mans powers. I wanted my bow to break, and realize i can be a bow. Once i came up with the Camdus plot, i realized i could go white martian. This lead to realizing i don't recognze my self as Roy. and i am horrible with faces. My face will slowly become feature less.

    because M'gann can't link with anyone else, for fear of spreading the sleeper codes, (league is already infected unknowingly), she is in my head all the time so she doesn't go insane.

    Artemis will say something about us being weird,
    "The creep obviosly walked in on her changing. and M'gann is to nice to call him a perv."
    Wally is all "Roy saw one of the babes naked. Lame" (he whispers this though.)
    I remember m'ganns real white martian form which means M'gann sees me seeing it. We blush awkwardly because i did kind of see her naked.
    "Wait i was kidding...Are you two together?" asks artemis.

    We find it easier to work with as an excuse for us to leave cave on dates/go investigate cadmus (since we think we cant tell the League. even though we infected hem days ago at the Hall. Sleeper codes sneak into your brain without anyone knowing after all.) Will lead to me answering her aloud when she talks to me across the cave. Leads to a reputation of talking to my self and weird theories/behaviour.
    I did say the Question in the summary was a clue.

    I will maybe adapt the going invisible idea into adaptive camoflauge. I blend in to my surrounds instead. Of course i would need to be naked for this to work...;)

    For my own practice, i may decide to do some NSFW pieces in a side story. Wont know if i can do it if i dont try. So tentacles will occur their.
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