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Oakman's miscellaneous short stories [mostly original fiction, probably]

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by John_Oakman, Mar 7, 2019.

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    John_Oakman Come touch my hentai machine

    Sep 27, 2016
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    Well, I noticed that when I'm feeling down (maybe depression? Nah, probably just me being melodramatic again) I find that writing short stories tend to release a lot of that negativity. So I might as well throw them here.


    So this first story is a parody of the iseaki genre (well, specifically some of the back cover summaries of those works of the genre), which despite liking the genre I tend to despise the bulk of the work.

    No thanks, my regrets are mine, and my alone​

    “You are dead, Kal.” The voice said out of the endless darkness.

    “About time.” Kal answered. At least he thought he did. He certainly didn’t feel his mouth or throat moved at any point, not that he expect them to. It’s been a while since he could really use those organs in a meaningful manner.

    “Hmm, you are an arrogant little one aren’t you?” The voice said. “Do you have any idea who you are conversing with?”

    “Does it really matter? Kal asked. “If this is a mere hallucination then nothing matters as none of it’s real. If I’m truly dead then what happen has happened, and nothing matters since I’m out of the living world.”

    “Really? Do you think the universe is that simple?”

    “Maybe? Does it matter?”

    “Irregardless,” The voice continued. “The fact of the matter is that you are dead, your soul has gone from the mortal coil.”


    “And I, as the god of-”

    “Oh for fuck’s sake, not this petty ass shit.” If Kal could still have felt his face and hands, he would have facepalmed right then and there.

    “If I were you, I would not be so uppity.” The voice said with a hint of harshness. “I am the manager of the souls of the multiverse.”

    “I don’t know, you seems more like a intern to me.” Not that Kal could actually see anything. “I mean, who else would give a shit about someone as little and insignificant as me?”

    “Your comprehension is truly pitiful.” The being said, seemingly annoying at the course of the conversation, “But enough of that. There is business to be done. A matter of the reincarnation of your soul to another world...”

    “No thanks.” Kal replied immediately but decisively.

    “What?” The being was shocked. No one has so flatly rejected such a proposal before. Sure, there was plenty of those who needed time to mull over the matter, or those who needed time to get over the notion that their religious beliefs during the past life was incorrect, but no one simply rejects such an offer. “Don’t you have plenty of regrets in that past life of yours? I know you do.”

    Then the entity, the so called god, begin to list all of Kal’s mistakes of his past life. “You cut yourself off from those around you, thereby cutting yourself from opportunities and advancements. You never even tried to court a girl because you set unrealistic expectations for yourself, expectations that you knew you could never reach. Your toxic notions on the expectations of the world around you drove your mind to the depths of depression. You worked yourself to an early grave because you never had the guts to face your own demons. Oh, and one more thing.” Even without a face to be seen, Kal could hear a smug smirk. “That little fortune you left behind has made some lawyers very wealthy, not so much for your relatives who fought over them. No one will remember you in a few weeks, as if you had never existed to begin with.”

    “And?” Kal was determined to not show any hint of cracks in his defiance, although he does wonder if said god has the ability to read his unspoken thoughts.

    “Don’t you want to do an over again? To live a life without regrets? You know I can bestow upon you some perks for your next life.”

    “No, absolutely not.” Kal’s defiance hardened. He was fully confident of his next words. “My regrets are my. They are the consequences of my decisions and choices in my life. I will not run away from them, nor forsaken them for the shallow fleshly pleasure of a regretless existence. They have made me, mold me, into who I am.”

    “Stubborn to the end, or should I say, even after the end. You really shouldn’t take refugee in your misery.”

    “I’m not, for I am taking responsibility for the choices of my life. To run away, to take the easy path, would have been the height of cowardness.”

    “You know this is not some secret test of character, or perhaps you are too dense to realize that? You are dead, what happened has happened. There is no one but me to hear your grandstanding.”

    “What you hear if what I believe from the bottom of my soul. I may have lived a life full of regrets, but the sum of it all was a worthy journey.”

    “Oh.” Came the reply. “Well then, off you go.” A light begin to emniate off in the distance.

    “Wait, what?” for the first time Kal was unsure of what’s going on.

    “What, you think you had a choice in the matter? You are going to get reincarnated whether you like or not.” The voice was already moving towards the distance. “There is no eternal oblivion or paradise.”

    “So be it. I am me, I’ll always be me!” Kal thought he last thoughts as the light consumed him…


    lightdreamer senpai, please notice me. ;)

    Okay seriously your analysis and tastes in the isekai genre has really helped me a lot (in this and other writings that aren't on QQ yet), just want to express my gratitude here.

    (seriously, I'm not sarcastic here. Damn it sometimes I really hate the part of the internet where everyone will interpret everything as sarcastic snark)
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2019
  2. lightdreamer

    lightdreamer Know what you're doing yet?

    Mar 23, 2018
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    Huh? I never really did any serious analysis. It's more of me ranting more than anything.

    Glad to hear that anyway. :)