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[ Old Archive] Ascent, See new thread

Discussion in 'Quest Archive' started by MerelysSoul, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. MerelysSoul

    MerelysSoul Warning: Tends to irreverent in most situations.

    Jun 9, 2014
    Likes Received:
    “Who am I? I am the Lunar Exalt and Jinchūriki Shinobi of Konohagakure no Sato. My name is Uzumaki Naruto and this is how it all began…”

    (Naruto POV)

    It was raining, I could feel it even if my body was numb. Was this how it ends, in failure? Not being able to stopped that black haired bastard Sasuke from going to that monster Orochimaru. Not being able to keep my promise to Sakura-chan, that I would bring back him. Sounds about right, after all, our former teammate just proved that he was superior. Even with the power I have, he still won.

    “I’ll handle him. This guy is mine. Get going! Hurry!” Chōji...

    “Now get going. I will be right behind you.” Neji...

    “Kiba! Akamaru!”

    “Now Naruto!” Shikamaru ...

    “Well what are you waiting for. Go! The thumbs-up, Naruto, Remember. You gave it to Sakura. You made her a promise. Do not worry, I can finish this one. I promise.” Lee...

    Were their sacrifices all for nothing? All because of my own failure? After everything, I am still the Dead Last of this generation. The Loser who failed the Genin Exams three times because he couldn’t do a simple Bushin. Only able to become a shinobi after being tricked by a traitor and learning about my burden.

    “Naruto... only you... My only wish... Please... bring Sasuke back!”

    “I will bring Sasuke back for sure. This is a promise of a lifetime!”

    Sakura-chan, I am sorry, I couldn’t keep my promise to you. You truly care for Sasuke, more then you will ever care for me. To be honest, if it would truly make you happy then I will step aside for you to be with him. Even if I don’t think the bastard deserves you especially after this, after hurting you. Guess I will never become more than a friend and a teammate.

    “There's no question that you were special... Unfortunately, you're not quite as special as I am.”

    “So you're special, huh?, you won't be so special when I'm through with you!”

    Sasuke, guess you were right about you being more special. After all, you are an Uchiha, one of the founding clans. Blessed with those damned red eyes, the Sharingan. Having the love of the village and everyone’s attention, including Sakura-chan’s. Even our Sensei liked you the most, giving you special treatment.

    “My name is Uchiha Sasuke. There are plenty of things I dislike, considering there is almost nothing I do like. It is pointless to talk about "dreams"...That's just a word...But one thing I have is determination. I am going to restore my clan and there is a certain someone who I have sworn...to kill."

    “My only goal in life... is revenge.”

    Is revenge truly the only thing important to you? Your brother’s death the only thing that you desire? Don’t our team and everyone in Konoha mean something to you? Doesn’t Sakura-chan’s love mean something?

    “Just shut up for once! What the hell do you know about it?! It's not like you ever had a family in the first place! You were on your own right from the beginning, what makes you think you know anything about it?! Huh?! I'm suffering now because I had those ties, how on earth could you possibly understand, what it feels like to lose all that!”

    Yeah, I am an orphan with no name. My parents are either dead or have abandoned me because of what I hold. Jiji would always diverted the question when I brought it up so I guess it is the latter. Nor would anyone try to adopt me. After all, who would want the Kyūbi host for a child after what it has done to the village. Parents would take their kids away whenever I tried to play with them and the adults would avoid me like a plague. Sometimes, I pretend to be the secret love child of my favorite person, the Yondaime Hokage, to make the pain go away.

    The rain keeps falling as I couldn’t move my body, I was in too much pain and completely exhausted. Why? Why couldn’t I finally defeat the bastard? Even with the power of the mighty Kyūbi, he still defeated me. Am I just that weak? Was this Fate truly showing me that I am nothing, not to Sasuke and others? If so then I guess it is time to finally give up-


    A part of me couldn’t accept that. Refused to accept that. This smallest of sparks was still alive, burning even in such a pitiful state. As if to defy everything that Fate threw at it.

    “I will become Hokage!”

    That was my dream, wasn’t it. A dream born out of desperation to be noticed, to recognized as Naruto not the Kyūbi. They won’t let me in the end become Hokage because of my burden, won’t let a demon take the hat. Even if I could, how can I if I couldn’t save Sasuke from himself. No, it is only a dream, one that would never become real.

    “I'm not gonna run away and I never go back on my word, that is my nindō! My ninja way!”

    The spark was starting to grow. Never giving up and keeping my promises, that was my path. No, it still is. I won’t just lay here and let myself die. If I was going to die then it was going to be standing up. Slowly, the spark started to become a flame.

    “I am going to bring back Sasuke!”

    Trying to move my hands, I could only do slight movements. Yes, I am going to keep my promise or die trying. Even if it is mostly likely going to be the latter. Anything else would make everything so far truly worthless. The sacrifice of my friends made for him to get here meaningless, every single one of them. If the Shinigami itself wants my soul then I won’t give it without a fight.

    “I am Uzumaki Naruto! Just who the hell do you think I am?”

    My strength was returning as I was forcing myself to move. Even it means taping more from my tenant, I would succeed with his promise. I will protect those I consider precious and become Hokage. Nothing was going to stop that, not as long as I continued to live.

    Suddenly I felt a great surge coursing through my body. It was if I was being reborn anew. Every muscle in my body was rejuvenated and my chakra was completely restored. In my mind, I saw a vision of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

    Her hair was silvery-white, like the moon itself, and was long enough to reach her hips. Those silvery eyes seemed to pierce into my soul. Pale skin that truly held no flaws covered by a black dress with white spots, like the night sky. The look she gave me stunned me, it was the loving look that I saw mothers give to their children.

    Uzumaki Naruto, you have stubbornly struggled your way throughout your entire life to prove your own existence.

    Even now, your determination and resolve still shines against despair and sorrow that threatens to devour you whole.

    She sounded like mother softly and kindly talking to their children. A motherly goddess that he wanted his own to be.

    You have become one of the Exalted Hosts. A Hero granted great power to change everything to fulfill your dreams and desires.

    Not just any Exalted but one of my own. For you are now a Lunar Exalt, Chosen of the I, Luna, Goddess of the Moon.

    The now-stated Moon Goddess reached down and touched my forehead as I felt a symbol burn in my skin. It was a Crescent Moon made from a silver-like substance.

    Be known that you are of the Changing Moon Caste also known as the Children of the Shifting Moon. Become the Silver Mirror, forever in a state of constant flux.

    Go Forth, my Protean Champion. Show them the majesty and the fury of the moon, and of your own existence. Never falter and surrender, my son.

    That last word hit me hard as tears began to fall. Before I could speak, a flash of light appeared and everything when white.

    (Sasuke POV)

    Damn that blond former teammate of mine and his annoying nature. He just had to stick his nose into this. Doesn’t he understand? As long as Itachi lives, I will never find peace. Especially when he threatens every attempt I make. That is why I must do this and walk into the darkness.

    “You are weak. Why are you so weak? Because you lack … hatred.”

    Itachi, you were right. I lacked the hatred needed to defeat and end you. But now, I will attain that hate and finally avenge the clan. Even if it means selling my soul to someone like Orochimaru, retribution will be mine.

    “Did you know... This place is called "The Valley of the End." It's the perfect stage. Right... Naruto?”

    “I only share one bond - that of hate with my brother. Naruto... Come! Let me break those bonds!”

    Yes, in order to attain the level of hatred I need. I must break the bonds that I share with others, those bonds would only get in the way. After I finished you off, I will return to the village and reforge those bonds. But as long as you still live, I must not get attached for you will target those important to me. Simply to hurt me more.

    “I have woken up...don't you see..? That guy who dreamed of a happy future full of peace and friendship... he was the one who was asleep. That's why I left the village, that's why I've gone in search of power..it's not the future I've dream of anymore...only the past.. that's where my dream lies.”

    ‘You know what they say, don't you Naruto...When two Shinobi are powerful enough...They read each other's thoughts, simply through an exchange of fists. Without ever uttering a single word...Get it. You've always been naïve...Naruto. Tell me...Do you know my thoughts? Can you tell what's on my mind?!”

    Naruto, you have always been alone, since the beginning. In a way that has made you stronger then most. You struggled and grasped your way through life, without the help of the village. Without a family to guide and protect you, you forged ahead with stubborn abandon. For a simple purpose of being noticed, to be seen. I wonder sometimes about the kind of family you have, who could have given birth to someone like you. Whoever they are or were, they weren’t ordinary people.

    “I will acknowledge that you are strong. Because.. You are someone who knows the same pain of loneliness that I do. And.. That pain makes a person stronger.”

    “Naruto, you are one of the people I want to fight the most.”

    It because you were strong that I wanted to test myself against you. Despite being the dead last of the academy, you started to grow faster than anyone. Somehow, you tapped into some hidden potential that allowed you to come so far. Was it finally the strain of solitude or perhaps was it the bonds you made? Like now, the bond we shared, the one that drove you here to this place in order to stop me.

    “Naruto... Just what exactly are you?!”

    Even now, I can’t seem to make the final blow. Why? Is it that our bond was still there after all that I did to break it? Even now, you seem to be the most annoying person I ever met. Almost like a little brother… that one word brother. Could it be that we have become like that? Funny, compared to my real one, you are somewhat better. Not that I would ever tell you that but I have a feeling I don’t need to.

    “I never want to see another important person die in front of me again.”

    Looking back down at you, I could see the slightest movements you were making. Stubborn to the end, right Naruto? Honestly, I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. Your resolve and determination is far greater than most will ever realize. More movements, as if you were trying to force yourself to get up despite your current condition.

    (Regular POV)

    Sasuke jumped away when he felt the change. “What…”

    In front of him was none other than the blond, his eyes shining stronger than they ever were before. Around the tattered remains of his black and orange tracksuit was a silver aura. His forehead was a Crescent Moon made from silver. “I am Uzumaki Naruto and I am the Changing Moon. Hope you are ready, Teme. Cause here is round two.”

    The Uchiha took time to recover as he took a pill to restore his body and chakra. “Fine by me. It seems like I need to beat you down again.”

    [] Attack.
    -[] Stunt? (Write in)
  2. MerelysSoul

    MerelysSoul Warning: Tends to irreverent in most situations.

    Jun 9, 2014
    Likes Received:
    [X] Stunt: The aura- your Anima- flares silver as you rush forward, Sasuke answering you in kind. Your fists meet in a cacophony of muffled thumps, each impact driving you further on. What strikes you can't block, you dodge, flowing around Sasuke's attacks in a way that's more reminiscent of his fighting style than your own. Eventually, you score the first strike, your fist sinking into his abdomen even as his own attack seeks out your head.
    [img width=600 height=438]http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/fc6ebb381a5ffd7fcc6e1cf6a8293947/http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb96/Mike_1_/Q.jpg[/img]

    (Reverse Situation- Naruto ost)

    Naruto locked his eyes onto Sasuke’s, both trying to figure out the other’s next move. Suddenly, the blond Lunar flared up his aura, his Anima, his very soul, making it look like a silver flame was consuming him. Both charged forward with fist readied, the second battle between them had begun. This time, however, would be the final battle of this mission.

    In the muffled cacophony of thumps and thuds, the battle itself seemly push Naruto even further then he had before. Each strike against him was either blocked or dodged in an manner not unlike his foe’s style. Flowing around these strikes, this new style felt natural to him like he done this for years. Was this the result of his Exaltation?

    Finally after a few minutes, both were able to land blows on each other. The Uzumaki’s first into the abdomen of his former teammate and Sasuke straight to the face. Result was Naruto sent a few meters back and the Uchiha sent even further back, coughing up some blood. His attack did little against the Exalt as the blond still stood while he was on his knees.

    (End Ost)


    Meawhile, in the forest nearby, a man with silver hair the defied the laws of gravity was rushing towards the valley with eight dogs. His only goal was to help Naruto secure Sasuke and return them both home. Where did I go wrong? I was supposed to make sure Sasuke didn't do something like this.

    “Kakashi!” One of the dogs around him spoke. “The scent has changed. One of the boys’ scent has changed.”

    This knocked Kakashi out of his thoughts. “What do you mean one of my student’s scent changed? Which one, Pakkun?”

    “The special one.” Merely replied Pakkun who received a look. “The one with the fox inside of him. Smell different than before.”

    The Former Anbu’s eyes widen as he wonder what did Naruto do to change his scent? The only answer he had was his tenant. Did Naruto lose control again? “... Clarify. What is Naruto’s new scent?”

    The pug sniffed again and shivered bit. “It changes every now and again. All scents are of nature, pure and untouched.”

    This threw the one eyed shinobi in a loop as he picked up speed. Naruto, what happened to you?


    On the other side of the side of the forest, another silver haired shinobi was advancing with four other shinobi that bore a musical note. “Let’s hurry up. Orochimaru-sama wants Sasuke safe and sound.”

    “Hai!” The other four shinobi spoke before one of them continued. “Kabuto-san. Why do we need to secure the Uchiha-san when the Oto Yonin are already taking care of it?”

    Kabuto sent a glare at the shinobi before sighing. “One of the people sent to recover Sasuke is troublesome. This particular blond shinobi has a habit of being a thorn in people’s plans. He might be able to stop our plans.”

    “So we end him…” Shinobi began to but was stopped dead.

    “No, we don’t. Orochimaru-sama see value in Naruto and wants us to capture him as well. He sees that if he can use this child then his enemies will fall. Do you understand?” The Second in command spoke before continuing towards the valley. We won’t fail you Orochimaru-sama. Both will be yours.


    This power… Yes, with it I will bring him back. Even if I have to break him. With this thought in mind, the Champion of the Moon readied himself for the next move.

    The former shinobi on the other hand was disturbed by the change of events. Naruto didn’t have this kind of power before… like that other power, the dark one … Did he awake some sort of Kekkei genkai or is it something else? Just who and what are you?

    []Write in