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One Who is Many - [Worm / Game of Thrones]

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Scrimshaw_NSFW, Mar 23, 2021.

  1. Doomsought

    Doomsought Versed in the lewd.

    May 29, 2015
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    Technological uplifts require literally thousands of people getting specialized college educations and leading tens of thousands of people in the restructuring of infrastructure over the course of decades. Westeros to missiles is three or four times the progress that Japan made during the Meiji restoration and would require a full century at best. A few novelty fire arms might be possible with a dozen skilled artisans and a few years, but something like muskets would require training hundreds of blacksmiths, tens of alchemists and thousands of menial laborers.
  2. The_Bajar

    The_Bajar Know what you're doing yet?

    Dec 10, 2020
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    I also doubt Taylor knows how to even start making a missile. Gunpowder? plausible. Maybe even a primitive cannon. But anything more advanced ...
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  3. Jubjub3000

    Jubjub3000 Not too sore, are you?

    Mar 4, 2019
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    It's possible she knows the basics about a couple machines like the Miller, pillar drill and lathe. If these are created then it would mean that they can create more things both faster and more accurately, plus they can be powered by water or wind cause I doubt Taylor knows how to make an electrical generator.
  4. ATP

    ATP Versed in the lewd.

    Jun 24, 2020
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    Yet nations manage all that without college educations.
    Muskets were worst then bows,so she could forget them,but guns were made from bronze,and projects of modern missiles were made in 17th century/polish inventor Arciszewski,if i remember correctly/
    Making good gunpowder is easy for people with elementar knowledge of chemistry/not for me/.
    And blacksmiths - pustun blacksmihs made working copies of AK47.,the same goes for philippine ones.
  5. The_Bajar

    The_Bajar Know what you're doing yet?

    Dec 10, 2020
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    Copies yes, but doing so, would require them to have access to a copy. I doubt Taylor has the faintest clue on the insides of a modern gun.
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  6. masterofmadness

    masterofmadness Know what you're doing yet?

    Jun 20, 2016
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    Alright! After far too long I have finished my review! Sorry it took so long.
    Oh yeah! while we were having drama about an accident in a forge potentially costing someone a leg their was a war going on! How is it going Quentyn?
    Not to well it appears.

    An amphibious assault against a prepared enemy is not exactly the best situation to find yourself in.
    Well if nothing else Quentyn has gained a level in badass!

    Holding the damn line like a badass! It is easy to fight someone when you can hit back but just sitting their and tacking a beating? That takes some discipline.
    And he is leading the charge up the walls? Quentyn is a man with something to prove no doubt about it. I mean that literally since it is clear he is.
    Normally I would be concerned about how he is breaking down into mad laughter but given he is a martel I don't think it is too strange. I am fairly certain each sand snake is born cackling madly rather the crying..
    Enjoy it Quentyn you earned that respect. You still have a long way to go but this is the start of standing on your own two feet as future ruler of Dorne!
    Logical, a little disappointing that so many people didn't get to see him get bloodied first hand but given this operation I think a lot of the men are in similar situation of having come to prove themselves as first time commanders. Besides it will probably help thing the leaders of other factions in the army got their own little campaigns to glorify themselves at least in the short term. Hopefully this doesn't further divide forces because everyone assumes they are the hot shit who did the best so far.
    Daw! The fact that Ohphelia woke up tp big sister Obara cuddling her is absolutely adorable.
    Ophelia: It's so bad maybe I should call you O-bear-a!
    Obara: Ugh!
    Ohelia: Look I am ruining this language and their is nothing you can do about it.
    I know she is talking about Smalljon Umber but a part of my likes to imagine this is her talking about Jon snow just for the thought of what his face would look like from her talking about him like that. Also Damn Obara an Umber? Has Ophelia ruined your language enough to have the phrase size queen makes sense?

    Ah this makes a lot more sense when it is explained like this.

    Her control using QA was always different when it came to sacrificing them, a distant alien that moved the flesh like a puppet instead of a connected soul. Combine that with the fact Ohelia knows she is nearing the end of her vacation and will have to go back to being a warlord who make terrible sacrifices again? Recipe for some angst.

    The classic Taylor is suffering formula. She wants to be a hero but accomplishing her heroic goals takes some villainous means, add in a dash of self justification and you have a classic ready to go!
    I think this is a damn good example of why Obara is really the one here comforting her.

    She is the best at dealing with a situation like this but cutting through the bullshit so to speak. She is very good at cutting away any excess and focusing only on what is most important as opposed to more introspective members of the family like Sarella or Ophelia who get lost in their heads. She basically got Ophelia over what could have been a whole angsty character arc and back out their in one conversation, I wish I had a support network that good! Props to you for your sistering skills Obara.
    Gasp! The set up! Could it be? O-bear-a is canon! coming soon!
    I love how Ophelia plans to just turn up to a sacred grove of the Gods and use it as a spa no questions asked. #Witchgoals
    Well Ned is certainly being ballsy today!
    Ah yes Ned's inferiority complex and guilt about his brother.

    In all honestly he is probably did much better as Lord of Winterfell and husband to Catelyn then Brandon ever would not that he would even hear it himself. The man was basically northern Robert and would have had way more then one bastard if he had lived to marry Cat, he got himself killed for a reason. I do find it curious that he brings up the duel with Baelish though to me it always seemed like something he mostly forgot about, only thinking about it in canon when he met Petyr personally. But I suppose to him it is also one more moment where if things had gone differently his brother might have been alive.
    Ha! Yeah that is the Oberyn answer isn't it? Never change you horny shit.

    You know I will never truly be sure if Oberyn's life philosophy is profound and enlightened or a pile of bullshit to justify endless self indulgence. I mean either way I love to watch him but I am very glad I can do it from behind a 4th wall at times.

    Now that I think about it Ned is kind of playing murder mystery right now isn't he? I mean their was always an element of him investigating Jon Arryn's death in canon but here it is far more pronounced. In canon you had what is presumably a natural death but a potential conspiracy where according to Lysa it was in fact the Lannisters ultimately leading to the incest reveal supposedly giving motive at the end. Here? It is very clearly a poisoning, one that very clearly was done in a way to point to the Dornish and Ophelia as the poisoners.

    Ned has an more complex murder plot were the obvious suspects are someone he meets and realizes 'No they were responsible just scapegoats to try to reflect the blame". But that still leaves him trying to find the murderer! Did Ned get the letter about the Lannister this time? Is he considering telling the Dornish? If not who does he suspect and what is his plan?

    Honestly I always wondered what would have happened if Nd had just not gone the King's Landing and turned down the job of Hand. Say what you want but he was very right to be worried about the job, he does not have any of the allies or skills to really do the job successfully and it does end up getting him killed. I suppose Robert is right that he is the only person in Westeros who he can actually trust and is one of the most moral leader you can put in the position but really Ned's worries are sadly right that Stark going south always seem to lead to tragedy.

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! I love the encouragement Oberyn! Dad of the century truly! What other father would try to help his daughters become a Lord Paramount's mistress rather then trying to killing him?

    I also love Ned's hilarious straight face and disappointment here, how exactly do you deal with someone like Oberyn responding to your seeing his daughter naked like this? Aside from getting an aspirin of course.
    Interesting perspective from need on the dornish. A good bit of sterotyping about the dornish from him which to be fair Oberyn and the Sand snake play into their stereotype to a damn T and I love them for it.
    Ned says he doesn't know what to make of the Dornish but seems to like them an awful lot. If nothing else his experience with them have humanized them to him since he has compared Oberyn to his dead older brother and noted his love for his children. If something were to happen to them within his power to help with I can't really see him not doing so unless it conflicted with something more important like his family or honor.

    Honestly it is a little touching to see Robert be such a Papa bear, the man shows so little that isn't depression or lustful compensation for it. Having a son who is well... not Joffrey is seems to have genuinely affected him. I imagine a part of it is just not having that many strong connections at this point since now that Jon is dead he is basically down to Ned by this point in term of people he really cares about. I wonder how much The strong impression given by his work on the sword has affected this?

    More seriously yeah they are very lucky that this didn't end with a lost leg. This mean it can all be forgotten rather quick and quite compared to the mess would have occurred. I mean to start off with Robert would need to acknowledge he is a member of the royal family formally, then punish the family of his best friend and most tenuously Lord Paramount who he has just seen first had to have a powerful witch on their side. And none of that would help anyone Gendry most of all who would be no better off.

    Necromancy saves the day once more everyone.

    Everyone has mentioned JonXOphelia but apparently NedXOphelia is where the good money is! I so look forward to that time speaking to your wife too, please explain all about how you saw the Witch of Dorne naked and the king is encouraging you to take her as a mistress. That can only go well! Surely they will become best friends over it!
    Gasp! Sansa not caring about cating like a proper lady? Don't you know that is her sole defining trait? How dare you display her as an actual 3-d person and instead of a bland cut-out that! Don't you know you are making all the bad fanfiction writer look bad?
    Sansa seems to have a bit of middle child syndrome coming on. Well a mix of that and just 'I am so an adult and ready to do adult things!' that every kids her age does at some point.
    What! Sansa actually love her sister instead of treating like shit and calling her names! What is this strange bizzarro Sansa! Your are scaring all the bad fanon believers out their!

    More seriously I am glad to see Sansa concerned for her sister. People remember the moments of conflict between them cause they are big like her not backing her over the while Nymeria attack Joffrey incident but they forget the little moments like her covering for her to the Septa and thinking about naming her first daughter after her when she think she is dead.

    Don't worry Arya your big sister is on the job! Even though she doesn't need to be and you are already safe... look it is the thought that counts!

    Of course the Sand Snakes would turn the noble ladies meeting into a crazy party! Complete with arm wrestling by muscled women! I have to wonder how the ladies of Cersei entourage feel about this because if nothing else I don't think this is common entertainment for them. If nothing else the Sand Snake will be remembered by the lady of court for bring some memorable moments. I swear if this was in the modern day the Sand Snakes would be tweeting video of this #Sandsnakesensations.
    First off, the comments on Sand Snake beauty are fun to read. Ophelia is a beauty but a humble beauty' sorry Ophelia you might get magic power but you are the slightly less hot sister by comparison woe is you! Also calling her 'Arya if she knew spells' is making think about witch apprentice Arya and I can't stop grinning, she is a Stark after all!

    Second, I find her awareness of magic's importance interesting. She is 100% right how important Ophelia and her magic have been. But how will this impact her? I could easily see Sansa thinking this time around that 'Magic is clearly affecting a lot of my life and I know noting about it, maybe I should learn some so I am not so ignorant?'. A Sansa who is more in touch with her Stark side and warging or even her Whent connection to the Lothstons could be in the future.
    Of course it need gambling Sansa! The only thing more important then the entertainment is being able to brag about getting one over on other party goers and this is safest way to provide that while also stealing some money as the bookie.

    Also no need yo blush Sansa really this will be tame compared to the stories you end up hearing about the Witch wild Bacchanal soon enough. After all women alone? Having fun? Debauchery! Women drink and feast while wrestle in the mud for the crowd while some swim skin bare nearby already! By the time you reach King's Landing all you will hear is about how the Witch of Dorne entrances good noble women into sinful celebrations of her heathen gods. Soon it is all the realm will talk about, every one of them public shocked and privately wondering about joining requirements.

    Interestingly this is actually not to far off a real life early Bacchanalia. It was originally just a bunch of women getting together to pray a few days alone without men, then they moved to nighttime and added some food, then Men got added with some music and then we reach the possible exaggerated account by frighten moral guardians that created the term as we know it today.
    Really Ophelia a raven? I mean it is one cool flex but was it really necessary with Sansa?

    Loving the self awareness Sansa! This chapter truly demonstrates the depths of your sisterly love.
    It is your lucky day Sansa, you don't have to try and play politics against two women who outclass you to such a degree it is a joke because they were already planning on helping you. I suppose your soul is safe from being owned by the Queen and her pet witch for now.Sadly this might also reienfocre her canoncal very wrong impression that Cersei si some king of Good Queen architype instead of... well the exact opposite.
    And it looks like we have a Dark Horse candidate in the best princess race pulling up! Late though she may be it looks like she is certainly starting with a splash!

    Also the magic fox is at the top of his game today.Does it have a nickname yet? I am going to call her Inari.
    Yes Ophelia please finally realize that your words should not exist! Westeros has no cannons but the princess of the realm is doing cannonballs! Do you see the damage you have caused!

    Also why do I get the impression this is the tart of Sansa and Myrcella becoming friends? If so good choice for Sansa, Myrcella is probably the best of Cersei's kids for all that is something of a low bar in a lot of ways.
    Honestly I don't think the part about rising from slave to priest is as impressive as it sound though I do agree about the tourney fighter part. The Red Priests seems to profit off of the slave trade pretty heavily; they buy acolytes as children to indoctrinate and have their own slave troops in volantis. They claim they you should be 'a slave to none but R'hllor' but they in practice they seems to be a big part of the system of the slave based society of Essos. The fact he is such good fighter when unlike many knights he is not trained from birth but the best teacher is far more impressive.

    Anyway it looks like we are getting an interesting look at Ophelia from the outside here. Because of her past life she has a lot of experience dealing with damaged people and the average person that a normal princess would never have. Since nobody knows that she spent years working with damaged by definition parahuman in an apocalypse or was a normal person most of her life as Taylor it seems uncanny for a noble princess barely into her teens. Also magical even one could say!
    I think this could also be another example of Taylor shining through. She did have a strange way of being very good with kids, I mean how many people will say to a child 'drugs and crime are awesome, but really only in the short term after a while they end up ruining you life.' which is probably a better line then anything I got at school to not do drugs! Though this could also be her experiences as Ophelia too, after all she went from a single child to having a gaggle of sister who helped her through her trauma, she spent her childhood being an adult having to deal with children in a way.

    But still we see the, technically not incorrect by some definition, supernatural level of experience she seems to have for her age.
    Well fuck Thoros.

    I won't pretend I don't understand, Ophelia basically manipulated your alcoholism into making you betray your faith as a priest even if she regrets it and is still doing so. I think it just bear some focus that Thoros is a violent man, not one who wants to be or indulges in those without restrain but he is one regardless.
    First off, Scrim have you been missing you calling as a fashion designer because I am loving the dress descriptions!

    Second, I am still disappointed that Ophelia is ultimately wordlessly following through on the deal she know is wrong.
    Ah yes the pursuit of power! A terrible and terribly common vice to have. I suppose it would only makes sense a former slave would crave the feeling of power brought by magic.

    Also interesting that he can draw power from Ophelia's mere presence, that is some chosen one bullshit if I have ever heard it.
    Interesting bit of Philosophy here. None of it is outright wrong yet I feel like this is also incorrect or biased as well, like I am reading Fire Nation propaganda from Avatar or something. This is a fire cult so I can sort of see why yet I also now want to see something similar from the other of the 'four crude elements' as well. Would an aeromancer proclaim that it is what lets fire burn, makes the wave on the sea and even in time erodes the mountains? And is their some sort of 'balance' style philosophy of how none is more important then the other and all create nature that Ophelia might end up with.

    Looks like Ophelia is feeding more then one of Thoros' vices in more way then one. I don't blame him, their is nothing somebody want more then to feel like what you do matters. Without Ophelia he is a drunken priest who lights a flaming sword with chemical, but with her? He is the tutor in the Holy Arts of The Red God for the Witch of Dorne, a mentor for a figure of legends. All those lectures, all the time he felt wasted learning about magic that doesn't work, all the pain he endured to get here suddenly matters for a grander purpose.

    That being said I worry about the result if he finds the reality of being Red Priest as the stories tell wanting. Like in canon right now he is riding high on renewed faith from his power but in canon? Once he sees the reality of what his magic does with Beric Dondarrion and Lady Stoneheart? His crisis of faith is even worse from not even having atheism or doubt to fall back on when he is already in far too deep. What happens if or when being mentor to Ophelia turns out the same? Nothing he does can change that he might be the servant of a God might not worth worshiping.
    This scene feels like a mix of of two things.

    First is Mr Miyagi or Uncle Iroh doing some sort of trickery mentor move. Reminding the student to not overthink and the nature of their lessons is to do and experience, fire is the element of action! Second is a C student tutoring an A student. Someone trying to cover their insecurity in a topic with someone more naturally skilled in it by throwing around their authority. A sort of 'see I know what I am doing!' type move.

    Regardless Ophelia is showing her props here. Thoros threw a fire spell at her told her think fast and then she spewed four feet of fire out of her mouth and stabilized the rest. She really is a mythic tier magic user for a setting like this.
    Honestly as basic as this is it is really cool and I hope it gets taught to Ophelia. It might be situational but it is a good healing trick and might have been invaluable with Gendry earlier, though it probably would have been enough to save his leg from the damage already done beyond burns.

    I am not 100% sure about what the full implication of Ophelia not needing blood are but color me intrigued. Is this related to why he can draw power from her very presence? Usually Blood has to be some sort of fuel to power magic but Ophelia either by her experiences as a former parahuman or implied S+ tier magic bloodline doesn't need to or does need it but far less?

    Also the breathe part is also interesting. In most incarnations breathe and fire's association is related to how fire needs air to burn yet the mantra we we're given earlier talks about how fire burns in a vacuum. Is this related to the 'Breathe of the Gods'? Or is this a part of a more balance focus fire magic philosophy that did have the breath-air connection in its teaching that has survived despite the growing fire supremacy as a sort of vestigial artifact that needed to continue to effectively use it?

    Finally I have to wonder if Thoros is right about the burned mouth being Ophelia's sacrifice for this spell or if he is wrong and this is just a self justification to deal with something outside his understand of how magic should work.
    Once again we are reminded of Ophelia' wisdom beyond her years brought about by her reincarnation and how it makes her difficult to place or understand. Also that the Red God is willing to give much to Ophelia if ha can and that might not be a good thing at all.

    Now I will admit a bias about distrusting R'hollor as my reading on the intentionally vague worldbuilding about the Red God is harsh but I think the fact a Red Priest is saying that speak for itself. As such I dread the presence of a more fanatical priest like Melisandre getting involved with her.
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  7. selonianth

    selonianth Writer of Words

    Sep 20, 2014
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    I am fairly sure that him being presented at court was Gendry's acknowledgement as a member of the family.
  8. polarpotato

    polarpotato Getting some practice in, huh?

    Sep 21, 2021
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    • Do not necro. This is against Rule 7.
    I just read and got caught up on this, is it confirmed dead or are there any plans on getting back to this. I holding on to hope that eventually QA and Taylor get reunited.

    if it is confirmed dead could we get the spark notes to see how you guys wanted this story to go?
  9. Jeff Roy

    Jeff Roy Not too Sora, are you?

    Jun 8, 2015
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    Burn the Witch!
    He practices Necromancy!
  10. PurgeTheXeno

    PurgeTheXeno Medusa is Love

    Jan 17, 2016
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    But a DAMN good fic to come back to. In the middle of a reread myself.

    Edit to the below comment: Look who's talking.
    Last edited: May 14, 2022
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  11. Venyr4434

    Venyr4434 Versed in the lewd.

    Nov 4, 2020
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    When you just can't help but contribute to the fucking Necromancy. Hello.

    EDIT: I know, Coversed the 2 that necroed first, just did this cuz I got lazy conversing them individually.
    Last edited: May 14, 2022
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  12. Scrimshaw_NSFW

    Scrimshaw_NSFW Making the rounds.

    Feb 4, 2021
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    Hey, this is Alvor. Afraid I need to apologize for this one. I've had multiple family crises, including hospitalizations of family members, had an issue at school that has temporarily cost me my grants, and have been dealing with constant personal issues. it's to the point I almost never post anymore. I have also been severely ill as well. If anyone is a long time reader than I'm sure you guys know how prone I am to having stuff... just go wrong. But it's been quite rough this year.

    As such, I can not in good faith say when this story will be updated again. Maybe next week, maybe next month, maybe (in the absolute worst case) next year. I just don't know.

    So, if people are interested, we'd be quite willing to post a synopsis of our plans going forwards. Either in greater or lesser detail.

    And thank you very much. Hopefully we'll be able to actually get more out one day.
  13. PurgeTheXeno

    PurgeTheXeno Medusa is Love

    Jan 17, 2016
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    Take care of yourself first, friend. We'll be waiting for when you are ready.
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