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Ozpin's joins the Dark side. (RWBY BASHING)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Emiya Pendragon, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Threadmarks: One shot
    Emiya Pendragon

    Emiya Pendragon The Boundary

    Mar 9, 2018
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    This is my first try at writing a bashing fic. This is a RWBY Bashing one shot. Warning. Lots of Bashing ahead. Or atleast i think it is.

    "Yang, knock it off, will ya? If we lose our cool now, we'll just be inviting even more Grimm. " Qrow grunted as he took a sip from his flask tired from the Grimm attack on the train.

    Blake frowned. "Does that even matter? Apparently, we've been attracting Grimm ever since we left Haven. "

    At the unpleasant reminder Yang turned to oscar. "Oh, and how could I forget about that? What happened to "no more lies and half-truths"?"

    Yeah, I think it's time we got an explanation... Oscar agreed, his eyes glowed as control of his body switched to Ozpin, who furrows his brow at Yang's accusations.

    "I did not lie
    to you..."

    "Well, you certainly didn't tell us everything about the Relic. " Wies placed her hand at her hips annoyed at him.

    "Please, now is not the time." They all had to calm down or else the negativity and the relic combined would attract far more Grimm that they could handle.

    Yang's eyes glowed red as she stepped forward ready to knock Ozpins socks of. "No, we're past that! I wanna know why you're still not telling us everything!"

    Ozpin let out a sigh. He hoped beyond hope that this would be enough to calm them down. "It is true that the Grimm are attracted to the Relics. It's faint but undeniable. I believe it has to do with their origin, but I'm not entirely sure. Regardless, I feared that making you all aware would only add anxiety and negativity. It seemed like the safer option. "

    "You know, I'm getting real tired of people choosing what's best for me." Wies's said with enough sarcasm dripping off to fill an Olympic swimming pool.

    "Is that why you chose to lie to everyone about Lionheart too?"

    "Yes Miss Xiao Long, as a matter of fact, I believed the Kingdom of Mistral deserved better than the truth. And I believed Leonardo deserved to be remembered for his lifetime of service, and not for the unfortunate missteps he made in his final years. "

    "Missteps?!" Yang nearly screeched.

    "What Professor Lionheart did was reprehensible. I am not here to argue differently, but does one lapse in judgment truly negate all of his good? Do we not all have regrets? You may have met Professor Lionheart, but you never met the man he was before Salem found him. " And Salem was a terrifying woman. He should know HE was her husband for a time after all.

    "Look, we're supposed to be in this together. You can trust us! We're not gonna turn our backs on you. "

    "Do you really think Leo was the first?! " He said raising his voice he had enough he was their headmaster for crying out loud and they were arguing with him?

    Everyone stopped at that.

    "That he didn't say those exact same words to me? I'm sorry, but you have to understand that my behaviours are backed by experience. I'm not saying that I have reason to think you will betray me. I'm saying that I have reasons for the things that I do, the secrets I keep, the reason I." Wait. "Where's the Relic? "

    "Right here." Ruby said as she held it in her hands. "It got scattered in the crash."

    Ozpins heaved out a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness. Please, hand it over." Ozpin asked reaching his hand out, but Ruby hesitated.

    "So all those times you talked about having faith in humanity, that was just for everyone else?" Ruby asked a bit hurt.

    "That's not what I meant to suggest. Miss Rose, the Relic is a powerful item and I simply feel as though it is my burden to bear."

    "But, you said it couldn't do anything right now."

    "Why does it matter who carries it?" Blake interrupted her suspicion growing by the minute.

    "I need you to listen to me-- " Suddenly he was cut off as Oscar started to fight him for control. Ozpin lost rapidly as he was not used to this body yet.

    " Oz? " Qrow questioned a bit concerned.

    The glowing of Ozpin's eyes faded as Oscar regained control of most of the body but Ozpin was relentless and continued to fight wildly for control. "Hurry... he's... trying to stop you!"

    "Stop her from what?" Yang asked now very interested.

    "He's afraid... you'll find out what he's... hiding!"

    Oscar suddenly collapses, Yang, Weiss and Blake glare at the boy with intense looks while Ruby holds the Relic of Knowledge defensively.

    "Her name is Jinn. Say her name to summon her."

    "Her name?" Ruby was confused. The relic was a female? And it had a name?

    The wind picks up much more gradually, blowing snow even harder. The Relic starts to glow in Ruby's hands.

    "Jinn?" Ruby uttered.

    Names had power. It was one of the fundamentals of magic, and this one even more so.

    Suddenly, the snow stopped, floating in midair. The wind stopped blowing too. Everything except the group was frozen as if time had ground to a halt.

    "What?" was all Qrow managed to gasp out

    Ruby let go of the Relic as it floats a short distance away, cyan smoke emanates from it. Suddenly, the lamp was enveloped in the smoke, and from it, a giant, semi-nude feminine figure emerges. He skin and hair coloured blue and decorated with gold jewellery and ornaments. The figure stretches and moans as she has been awakened once again. This is Jinn, the aforementioned being inhabiting the Relic of Knowledge.

    "Wonderful," Jinn said streching finally released from her slumber after a century.

    Everyone stared in awe at Jinn except Ozpin.

    " Now then, tell me, what knowledge do you seek? I am Jinn, a being created by the God of Light to aid humanity in its pursuit of knowledge. I've been graced with the ability to answer three questions every one hundred years. You're in luck, as I am still able to answer--

    "That's enough!" Ozpin said trying desperately to regain some form of control.

    Everyone looks to Ozpin, who managed to regain control over Oscar's body.

    "... two questions this era."

    Everyone stood shocked, despite Ozpin telling them that the Relic won't work for them beforehand.

    "It's a pleasure to see you again, old man."

    "Ruby, please... Don't." Ozpin begged. He was not one beg but deep inside he knew it was all over.

    Qrow glances to Ozpin, and steps forward. "Hey."

    Yang, Weiss, and Blake take a defensive stace against Qrow defensive at Qrow. Ruby stares in disbelief. Qrow was trying to hide things from her as well?

    At the end, Qrow relented his suspicions of Ozpin growing as well. "Do whatever you think is right, kiddo."

    Ruby pondered her question. "Jinn?" She turns around to face Jinn, who has a curious look on her face, while Ozpin grits his teeth in anger.

    "What is Ozpin hiding from us?"


    At that moment something inside Ozpin shattered and the only one who felt it was Oscar. Yet he was too busy staring at the scenes that had begun to play in front of them.


    "NOOOOOOO!!" He cried out. He needed the relic in order to defeat Salem. What had hurt him the most was that Ruby had betrayed him.

    She was a simple and pure soul.

    Leo's betrayal hurt a lot. He had been betrayed countless times before, but Ruby Rose? The one person who had the purest and simplest soul? The one who saw the bright side in even the darkest moments? She too had betrayed his trust?

    Ozpin had had enough.

    He took care of humanity through the dark ages.

    Through the colour revolution through the Great War and hundreds of wars before that.

    If he wasn't there humanity would have been destroyed a hundred times over.

    Now finally he had found a way to defeat Salem but his faith in humanity? That was gone.

    Ruby Rose of all people had destroyed it.

    "There was so much you hadn't told us! How could you think that was okay?!" YAng shouted her hair on fire.

    Ozpin was silent.

    "Professor..." Ozpin looks up at her with an unreadable expression on his face. "What is your plan to defeat Salem?"

    He couldn't help it, he began to laugh. It was the laughter of a man who had finally broken down, his mind exhausted. He had finally given up.

    "Why are you laughing what's so funny?" Yang shouted at him

    Stopping his laughter he turned to her with a glare. "There's nothing funny Ms Xiaolong. I see no reason why you need to know that." HIs didn't rise but it was dripping with anger. He then turned to Ruby. "Why not ask Jinn again? Why are you asking ME? You didn't ask me, right? You asked Jinn. So ask her. or why don't you use that remaining question to ask something even more useless?" She flinched at that. He actually enjoyed it. "Ask what her What your dear Uncle Qrow is keeping from you."

    "Oz don't!"

    "Oh wait you don't need to since apparently you need to know everyone's hidden past let me tell you." Ruby trembled at that.

    "Your uncle was a Bandit. He killed innocent people and robbed them of whatever they had. He burned down entire villages. just for fun."


    Ruby turned to her uncle hoping beyond hope that it was a lie. How ironic.

    "Of course kiddo I wouldn't do something like that."

    Ozpin burst out laughing at that. "This is rich. You get angry at me for holding something back for the sake of the world and when you lie through your teeth like it's nothing it isn't a problem."

    Spotting the resident night his transcripts came to mind. "Oh and this is even better. Jaune Arc? He ran away from home. Crocea Mors doesn't even belong to him. His Great Grandfather never gave it to him he took it without permission. And his transcripts? They're fake. He helped Roman Torchwock with one of his Jobs in order to get his papers forged. That's stealing, lying and fraud."

    Jaune hung his head down in shame.

    "Jaune, tell me that's not true," Ruby begged.

    "It's true." he sighed. "I'm a fake."

    "Oh, and we can't forget Yang Xiao Long! The Berserker. The Beast."

    "Hey watch it old man!" Yang growled.

    "Or what? You're going to break all my bones like you completely trashed the Night club? and caused millions of Lien in property damage? Rip my testicles right off as you did with Junior when he told he didn't have any information on Raven?" Yang simply got angrier as her crimes were exposed to all her friends. He turned towards the shivering Ruby, tears were leaking down her face. "Anything more miss Rose. Do you need to know anything more?"

    "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." She sobbed as her knees gave out.

    The next moment he blacked out as a glowing angry Yang's fist met his face.

    From that point onwards Ozpin was completely silent as he simply stood back. Even as things got rougher and rougher fo the team he stood back and enjoyed the show.

    Now only if he had some popcorn.

    A few years Later Oscar died without his help.

    In the next reincarnation, he consumed the soul of the young boy who inhabited the body completely and began a long trek to the Grimm lands.

    The many Grimm attacked him yet he continued on and eventually came to her doorstep.

    "Ozpin." She greeted. "You've come all the way here in your lonesome and in an untrained body. Why?"

    "You were right." He told her. "In order to bring humanity together, we have to spread our word and destroy those who will deny it. "

    A true smile graced Salem's face in what was a Millenia. "Welcome Back, dear husband. "

    And together they brought humanity under their iron fist.

    But in the end thanks to this, Humanity was actually safe from the utter annihilation that the brothers promised.
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  2. SirMaou

    SirMaou Making the rounds.

    Jul 3, 2019
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    Yesssssssssssh!!! (Moans)
  3. TradeMarkDZ

    TradeMarkDZ Know what you're doing yet?

    Jul 18, 2018
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    You k ow it come to a point where I love RWBY bash fics more than the canon story... Is there more bash fic???
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  4. Cyguy7

    Cyguy7 Not too sore, are you?

    Aug 29, 2014
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    Honestly feel like the bashing could have gone all around with Ruby and Weiss getting minimal flack. Qrow was a bandit but changed so his biggest issue is alcoholism and fear of hurting those close to him. Weiss started racist but changed for the better (most character growth in the series). Jaune started as a liar and failure and is now at the same level as most hunter's in training (if not better) except for his lack of emotional control (due to PTSD). Ruby has some trust issues after Emerald and Oz's fuckups (Pyrrha and Penny have died right before her eyes). Ruby already has a martyr complex (a la Shirou) due to her mother's death which she seems to avoid thinking about. Oz is broken. He has been fighting a war for millenia against a person he loved at the instigation of a jumped up elemental with a god complex. Mankind and Faunuskind did not need to be created as the gods were gone so more than likely the brothers appropriated the world for their experiments rather than create it. Not to mention their terrible scientific methodology (need a control group, don't interfere, limit the variables, don't create an immortal devil figure or wipe out humanity in a fit of pique). Oz is broken, tired, and completely uncreative (old and traditional).

    honestly I love Ruby and Penny the most but find Salem and Ironwood to be the most believable and interesting characters. Weiss shows the most growth but seems to always lose which makes it hard to support her. Salem acts human and very Milton-esque. Ironwood desperately wants to win. He truly is the Tin Woodsman who looks like he has no heart but in reality his every action is to save lives. His worst reactions are always as a protector.
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  5. Necrofantasia

    Necrofantasia Know what you're doing yet?

    Feb 26, 2017
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    You forget to make Ozpin thrash Blake, she's by far the most hypocritical of the team and have worst personality than all of them combine.
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  6. Mikers99

    Mikers99 Two-Bears-High-Fiving

    Feb 7, 2019
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    He got tempted by grimm pussy :/
  7. Sun Dog

    Sun Dog Getting out there.

    Dec 30, 2019
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    See, I hear "you can't destroy Salem" and my next thought is "can she be imprisoned? Stripped of her powers? Redeemed?" Can you arrive at a peace where she doesn't want to destroy humanity? Ozpin says he can't redeem humanity while they're constantly under threat by the Grimm, I'd say a common threat makes uniting easier. And after thousands of years of his stewardship, humanity doesn't seem terribly redeemed.
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