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[RPG] Part-Time Magica (System Thread)

Discussion in 'Play-by-Post' started by Master of Squirrel-fu, Oct 5, 2020.

  1. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu *Smug Drone Noises*

    Feb 14, 2013
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    So you've made the decision to become a magical girl? You've decided to put up the good fight against monsters and the forces of darkness to protect The City, your friends and family, and the things you cherish. Or perhaps you're interested in the job for it's... other benefits. Whatever the case you've chosen to become one of the Beacons of Hope and warriors of Love & Justice who defend us all against the enemies of humanity. Whatever your qualifications or history anyone willing to stand on the side of the light is welcome. Weak or strong, young or old, boy or girl, you have the potential for greatness in you and by joining the ranks of Ministra Corps you can realize it.

    Welcome to Part-Time Magica, a simple prototype RP system for creating and playing as your own customized magical girl. The system is designed for flexibility and creativity, while there will no doubt be easy ways to break the system the general idea is not to create an effective combatant but an interesting character. To that end many effects do not have explicit limits but are expected to have implicit weakness and strengths based on their description. Fire burns, ice melts, light shines, etc.

    What you will need:
    • A number of six sided dice (d6), at least 3 but unlikely more than 6.
    • 1 six sided die of a different color or design. This is your Fate Die.
    • Coins or other small object to use as Tokens and Markers.
    • A Pen and Paper or other writing implements for note taking and tracking stats.
    • A stack of index cards. These will be used to make your Spell Cards.

    1. Origins
    2. Character Creation
    3. Abilities
    4. Races
    5. Archetypes
    6. Magic and Spells
    7. Artifacts
    8. Feats
    9. Flaws
    10. Companions
    11. The City
    12. Mechanics
    You being with 3 Character Points you can use to create your Magical Girl.
    You can save Character Points for later usage.
    You gain 1 Character Point with each Level starting at Level 1.
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  2. Threadmarks: Origins
    Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu *Smug Drone Noises*

    Feb 14, 2013
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    Origins are the nature and source of the magical power that has allowed you to become a magical girl. You may only select one Origin and it cannot be changed. They allow you to access certain restricted benefits that offer greater than normal advantages. Your Origin will determine part of how your powers function and your history or future as a magical girl.
    • Talentless
      You possess no exceptional ability or skill to call your own. You were born a mundane existence and were fated for a mundane life. However that has changed, while you may not have the inborn powers of others you are not their inferior. Be it through stubborn grit, great sacrifice, clever trickery, or dumb luck, you've gained the strength needed to be a magical girl.
      You gain 3 Archetype feats and may multi-class.
    • Natural Talent
      You have been blessed with an inherent and powerful magic that separates you from others. Yours was a strange life, perhaps it started normally but once your inborn powers manifested it became far more interesting. Be it from your ancestry, unnatural influence, or magical blessings you have access to magic abilities beyond the norm.
      You gain 3 Magical perks and can choose from the Metamagic list.
    • Bloodlines
      You are not human, at least not fully, and this unusual ancestry has gifted you inhuman power. Most are simply born with these powers, inherited from their inhuman parentage but others are made, being magically transformed in some manner or otherwise cursed with monstrous abilities. This power flows through your veins, an inheritance you have received and will eventually pass on.
      Your chosen Race has unlocked it Greater Trait, you also gain it's second Lesser Trait.
    • Chosen
      A power greater than you has seen fit to grant you it's blessings, bestowing on you abilities strange and powerful. Your story may have started humble but your potential caught the eye of your Patron. They may have offered you a gift, given you a deal, or simply forced their fickle whims on you, in the end you gained access to power you never would have otherwise.
      You gain 3 points you can use to purchase Feats and gain access to Patron Feats and Flaws.
    • Guardian
      An ancient and powerful being has tied it's fate to you, granting you access to it's power and fighting beside you. Spirit Familiars passed through your family, sealed demons who's leash you hold, or even just an enigmatic magician who's decided to support you to the best of their ability.
      You gain a Champion Companion.
    • Ancestral Artifact
      A powerful and dangerous item has found it's way into your hands. Ancient magical weapons, technologically advanced armors, otherworldly trinkets housing strange magics, there are many forms your Artifact can take.
      You gain 3 points you can use on Artifacts.
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  3. Threadmarks: Character Creation
    Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu *Smug Drone Noises*

    Feb 14, 2013
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    Character Creation

    Appearances are important, both in and out of uniform. As a Magical Girl you are expected to have a certain sort of look when working, being that of a young girl or woman with a colorful and eye catching appearance. You may even physically change to fit into this appearance while transformed, or you may even have gained a new body all together to reflect this appearance permanently. Depending on the circumstances you may not have had any say in what your new persona looks like. This section is where your new look is decided.

    Character Creation is an optional step, the appearance in the tables are not the limits of what a magical girl may look or dress like but a guide to help those who either are looking for ideas or want to leave such things to the whims of fate. As such there are no inherent mechanical benefits from these options.

    What do you Roll for?
    If you choose to randomize your appearance how do you determine when and where to do so? There will be a list of tables you can choose to roll on using your d6 dice. The first of which is determining which tables you'll need to use.

    Roll your Fate Die.
    1. You roll to determine your normal appearance, transformed appearance, and Uniform.
    2. You roll to determine your normal and Transformed appearance but can choose your Uniform.
    3. You roll to determine your appearance, which matches in both states, and Uniform.
    4. You roll to determine your appearance, which matches in both states, but choose your Uniform.
    5. You can choose your appearance, which matches in both states, but roll for your Uniform.
    6. You can freely choose your appearance in either state and your Uniform.
    Your apparent age, even if it is not your true age. Magical Girls tend to be between the ages of 9 and 24 but most often appear to be in their mid-teens. Roll 3d6 and add 6 to the total, this will be the age you appear as.

    Body Type
    The general structure of your body, being a combination of your height, your build, and your musculature. Some Races trend towards certain body types so you may choose to ignore or adjust your rolls here depending on your racial choice.
    Roll 3 1d6 die, assigning one to each trait. The outcomes are arranged numerically.
    • Height: Diminutive, Short, Bellow Average, Average, Tall, Huge
    • Figure: Thin, Petite, Average, Curvy, Broad, Thicc
    • Tone: Squishy, Soft, Average, Sharp, Toned, Brawny
    The hair of magical girls comes in many distinct varieties. The length, the style, even the color can all be wildly different.
    Roll 3 1d6 die, assigning one to each trait. The outcomes are arranged numerically.
    • Color - White/Grey, Blue/Green, Blonde/Orange, Red/Brown, Purple/Black, Multi-toned
    • Length - Ear, Shoulder, Arm, Back, Legs, Floor
    • Style - Wild or Unkempt, Punkish, Straight and Free, Styled and tucked, Bunches and Braids, Hair Drills
    Distinguishing Traits
    Magical Girls are eye catching, there is always something about them that makes them appear distinct and helps to distinguish them from others with similar themes or getups.
    Roll 3d6 and take the total of the roll.

    3) Re-roll for 2 Traits​
    4) Re-roll​
    5) Unnatural Limb(s)​
    6) Body Tattoos or Scarring​
    7) Facial Marks or Scar​
    8) Freckles, Moles, or Beauty Marks​
    9) Fang(s) or Pointy Teeth​
    10) Accessories​
    11) Head-wear or Hair Ornament​
    12) Anime Hair​
    13) Thick Eyebrows​
    14) Pointy Ears​
    15) Strangely Shaped Eyes​
    16) Technicolor Skin​
    17) Re-roll​
    18) Re-roll for 2 Traits​

    The uniform of a magical girl and what both distinguishes her from others while also being able to tie her to a group by the theme.
    Roll 3 (or 4 if you choose to also take a Theme) 1d6, assigning one to each trait. The outcomes are arranged numerically.
    • Coverage: Skimpy, Sexy, Immodest, Modest, Full, Complete
    • Fit: Painted On, Skin-tight, Slim, Relaxed, Loose, Flowing
    • Decoration: Plain, Simple, Sleek, Detailed, Fancy, Elaborate
    • Theme: Victorian, Japanese Traditional, Fantasy, Military, Tribal, Sci-fi
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2020
  4. Threadmarks: Abilities
    Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu *Smug Drone Noises*

    Feb 14, 2013
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    Abilities are the base stats that determine your effectiveness in performing a given task. Much of what you can do will be determined by one of the 6 following core Abilities:
    • Power - The amount of energy you can produce, it determines magical damage.
    • Vitality - A measure of your stamina, fortitude, endurance, and general physical ability.
    • Grace - One’s ability to move with precision, accuracy, and poise.
    • Sense - Mental abilities, covering general knowledge, wisdom, and perception.
    • Presence - The strength of one’s charisma and determination.
    • Luck - The ability to bend the odds in your favor and perform certain spells.
    Everyone, not just magical girls, have these core Abilities. Be it smashing boulders or lifting boxes, dodging fireballs or walking down the stairs, or anything in between one requires the Ability to do so. Anytime you perform a task in which there is a non-insignificant chance to fail you roll a check using one of these ability scores to determine if you succeed. Each Ability has a Rank, determining your strength in the given Ability and your minimum and maximum ability to leverage it. The near complete inability to use an ability is -5 and the idealized human average being 0. The higher your rank the more incredible feats they can achieve and the less likely you are to fail at simple tasks. Your maximum Ability Rank is determined by your level.

    While your Ability rank may be representation of your raw innate capability your skill and deftness in applying it is determined by your Proficiency. Proficiency is represented by a "+" followed by a number applied to a check, your proficiency determines the number of dice you roll in addition to your Fate Die. For example a +3 would allow you to roll 4d6, which is your Fate Die plus an additional three d6 dice. The totals of these dice are not added together, but are instead calculated separately, being the individual die roll plus the Ability Rank. If any of the dice rolls have met the required threshold the check is passed, all additional successful rolls adding a degree of success each which improves the level of success and can offer additional benefits depending on the check.

    Your Proficiency for any roll cannot exceed +5. If your Proficiency would somehow be reduced below 0 you do not roll any dice.

    Determining your Abilities
    Nearly anything your character does will ultimately be determined by one of the 6 core Abilities. The exact types of checks and the benchmarks for them will be detailed later in the section. Because so much is tied back to your Ability Ranks the first priority is to determine what exactly your Ability Ranks are. There are multiple methods to generate your starting Ability Ranks.
    • Random Generation
      Roll 1d6-1 six times, assign one each as an ability score.
    • Static Array
      Your Ability Ranks are pre-generated and come in one of 6 sets. You can choose to roll 1d6 to determine which.
      1. (6,6,1,0,-2,-2)
      2. (6, 5, 3, 0, -2, -2)
      3. (5,5,1,1,1,-2)
      4. (4, 4, 4, 2, -1, -1)
      5. (4, 4, 2, 2, 0, 0)
      6. (3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2)
    • Point Buy
      You have 24 Ability Points (AP) to buy up individual Abilities to the rank you want starting from Rank -2 (About the level of a child). The Cost starts at 1 AP per Rank every 5 Ranks the cost increases by 1 AP.
      RankTotal CostRankTotal Cost
    You can use 1 CP to increase any Ability by 1.

    Using Your Ability Ranks
    Each Ability has it's own specific uses, including certain associated skills, benchmarks, and common checks.
    Power is the amount of energy your Magical Girl is capable of channeling at a given time. Magical Energy is the most common but could also include things like Elemental Energy, Psionic energy, Spiritual Power, etc. Power is often a measure of one's destructive potential and is most used to determine the strength of your special attacks or Magic Spells. Proficiency in Power is the ability to leverage the force you can apply for maximum output, being able to use it with precision and skill to do additional damage or give your target some form of disadvantage.
    Vitality is what determines your physical capabilities and limits. Athletic ability, stamina, endurance, and health are things determined by your Vitality. Your vitality rank directly corresponds to your HP, allowing you to absorb more damage, it also is the ability used to determine if you will become afflicted by an illness or poison. In addition to this your Vitality can also be used to determine your sheer physical strength, being used to initiate and escape grabs, lift and move heavy objects, and if it is higher than your Power rank it can be used to determine unarmed damage. Proficiency in Vitality is representative of your ability to control your physical functions and endure stresses. You maintain your breathing in a panic, keep your heart beat steady during heavy exercise, and shift yourself to reduce the damage you'd normally take.
    Grace is the measure of one's agility, coordination, and reflexes. Ranks in Grace allows the user to move quickly and nimbly when needed and is often used when high precision and accuracy is needed. Grace is used to determine your accuracy as well as how well you can dodge attacks. Tasks that involve high hand eye coordination, extraordinary flexibility, or acrobatic feats would require a Grace check. Proficiency in Grace increases your skill and control, allowing you to do certain tasks more efficiently or quickly as well as compensate for unfavorable circumstances. It's the knowledge of how to properly apply your deft hands rather than relying on your raw ability alone, such as knowing the proper steps to a dance or being able to read an opponents style to make evasion and accuracy easier.

    Skills associated with Grace are: Agility, Dexterity, Performance, and Stealth.
    Sense covers all mental abilities such as memory, acuity, perception, and problem solving. Increasing ranks in Sense is a general increase in one's ability to perform any task that is requires high level of understanding or cleverness. Solving a riddle, searching for clues, and determining the truth of a subject are all things that require a high level of Sense. Proficiency is usually the measure of the completeness of one's mental skills, representing the complimenting factor one uses to reach an answer. Someone with a lot of factual knowledge who has learned how to apply those odd facts in new ways, solving a riddle by knowing the answer to similar riddles ahead of time, or tricking an opponent by reading their reactions to properly lead them on.

    Skills associated with Sense are: Insight, Investigation, Perception, and Knowledge.
    Presence is the measure of your raw charisma and will power. Ranks of Presence help you to stand out and above others as well as influence their decisions. Convincing someone to perform an act they otherwise wouldn't, winning over the heart of a young maiden, or inspiring powerful emotions to swell in someone's heart are all applications of Presence. Presence is also a means of resisting mental influence. Proficiency in the ability is the skill and knowledge to properly use your natural charm and influence, keeping an accurate log of one's lies to ensure they don't contradict themselves, experience in theater to draw the most attention, or a greater ability to empathize and form deeper connections with others.

    Skills associated with Presence: Canniness, Deception, Persuasion, Inspiration
    Luck is one of the most enigmatic stats, governing one's general fortune or misfortune. More than that it's one's influence on the world and the capacity for the world to influence them. Ranks of Luck help you accumulate goods, succeed in games of chance, resist most non-damaging magical effects, and successfully apply those same affects to a target. When other abilities cannot be reasonably used to determine an outcome it's often Luck that gets rolled. Proficiency with Luck is the ability for someone to recognize and manipulate chance in their favor. Cheating in games of chance, recognizing patterns in events to predict outcomes, or simply just overall genre-savviness giving an knowledge of how to apply their "plot armor"

    Other Common Stats
    There are certain other stats that you cannot improve directly but instead are determined by your Abilities Ranks or other factors.

    Your Health, or HP is the amount of damage you can take before you are rendered incapable of continuing a fight. When your HP drops to 1/2 of your maximum there is some form of recognizable indication as you entered a "Bloodied" state. This happens again at 1/4 of your HP, referred to as "Critical".

    Your HP is calculated based on your Level and Vitality. You roll 1d6, referred to as a Hit Die, equal to your Level plus 3, to each Hit Die you add your Vitality Modifier (Your Vitality Ranks plus your Proficiency). Your Hit Die always roll at least a 3, any rolls of 1 or 2 are treated as 3s instead.

    Max Hit Points: 3+Lvl d6 Plus Vitality Rank and Vitality Proficiency
    So, at Lvl 4 with 3 Vit Ranks and 2 Vit Proficiency it is 7d6+5
    Attack is your ability to land a hit. It is a binary check of hitting or missing your target completely so degrees of success do not normally factor in. Your Passive Attack, or the attack check you can make without needing to roll is equal to your Grace Ranks plus your Proficiency. You can choose to roll to strike as well, such as in circumstances if you don't believe your Passive Attack would succeed, to determine if you hit the target, adding the largest 1d6 roll to your Grace Ranks.

    Attack: Grace Rank plus Proficiency OR Grace plus Highest Roll

    Evasion is your ability to avoid being hit. It is a binary check of being hit or missed by an attacker and so degrees of success do not normally factor in. Your Passive Evasion, or the evasion you can normally make without needing to roll, is the higher of your Luck or Grace Ranks plus chosen Ability's Proficiency. You can choose to Roll for your Evasion for the rest of the round as a free action instead, adding the highest die roll to your chosen Ability. If you take the Dodge Action your Fate Die is always treated as rolling a 6 and even if you fail your Evasion Check you can reduce the damage by half or equal to your Evasion (whichever is lower).

    Evasion: Grace or Luck Rank plus Proficiency OR Grace or Luck plus Highest Roll

    Defense is your ability to absorb damage. Defense is a dynamic check, changing it's conditions based on Degrees of Success or Failure. If you succeed a Defense check you subtract the difference plus 1 for every degree from the damage taken. If you fail you take full damage plus other penalties determined by your opponent for every degree of failure. Your Passive Defense is equal to your Vitality Ranks plus your Vitality Proficiency. You can choose to Roll for your Defense Checks instead if you choose. If you take the Defend Action your Fate Die is always treated as a 6, if you fail the Defense Check you still reduce the damage by half or equal to your Defense (whichever is lower).

    Defense: Vitality Rank plus Proficiency OR Vitality plus Highest Roll

    Resistance is your ability to resist non-damaging effects. Resistance checks increase in penalty for every degree of failure but do not innately give a benefit for degrees of success. Resistance rank depends on the Ability being targeted for the Check. Resisting a magical transformation is usually Luck, pressure points being Grace, or poisons being a Vitality Check. Resistance checks are also referred to as Saves. Your Passive Resistance Check is equal to the targeted Ability plus it's Proficiency. You can also choose to roll for your Resistance check instead.

    Resistance: Ability Rank plus Proficiency OR Ability Rank plus Highest Roll

    Initiative is what determines your turn order in a round, with the character having the highest one moving first. Initiative is determined by your Grace or Sense plus their Proficiency. If it is the first round or you did not use an Action the previous round at the start of the current round you can roll 1d6 and add it to your Initiative. If you did not take any actions the previous round you simply add 6 to your Initiative instead.

    Speed is your base movement speed. Your Speed is 30 feet a round, you increase this by 5 feet for every 2 Ranks of Grace or each rank of Proficiency. You can double this by taking a Dash Action. You can Leap a height or length equal to half your Speed.
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  5. Threadmarks: Races
    Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu *Smug Drone Noises*

    Feb 14, 2013
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    Race, or perhaps more accurately described as Species, is one of the main components of a build. Every character belongs to at a Race, one of many groups of intelligent beings that populate the world. Each race has it's own unique advantages and their own culture and history that differentiates it from their peers. Many have connections to other Races, forming alliances, rivalries, or coming into conflict over inherent differences in their values and philosophies.

    Choosing your Race is an important step in making your character, contributing to many things. It influences your character's appearance as many races have their own distinguishing features. It influences your history as well as your interactions with others, your chosen Race may have a unique outlook on life that others don't quite understand, your dietary or care needs may require feature some curious or frown upon practices, or other Races may have preconceptions of you based on stereotypes of your Race. When Selecting a Race what you are sure to gain is an Ability Rank increase as well as one of it's two Lesser Traits and a number of Misc. Traits.

    While you gain one Lesser Trait of your Race for free you must spend 1 CP to acquire the second. All Races have a Greater Trait, a rare but strong power that is unique to a given Race, it is often seen as the culmination and ultimate expression of their lineage. To acquire a Greater Trait you have the Bloodlines Origin.

    Common Humanoid Races
    Greater Trait: Mixed Blood - Gain Two Lesser Traits from any other Races.
    Lesser Traits: Life Experience - Gain +1 Proficiency in any 3 Abilities. Individuality - Gain 1 Rank in any 3 Abilities.
    Ability Bonus: 1 in any 3 Abilities.
    Humanity is the most commonly found sapient race across the multiverse. In many realms they are the youngest, and most short-lived, of the humanoid races. However they are some of the most versatile and adaptable of all, with human culture and appearance ranging wildly between each other. Despite their short lives, or perhaps because of it, Humans are capable of creating some of the longest lasting marvels of the world that will last long beyond it's creators. They are friendly with most other humanoid races, and their innovative ways and ability to interbreed with most other races has seen them become one of the most politically and socially intermingled cultures in the know worlds.
    Human Traits
    The strength of humans is their ability to Adapt, Overcome, and Assimilate. With Life Experience they have have gained through much effort and many trials they have gained Proficiency in 3 Abilities of their choice. Their need to find their own path in life has driven them to specialize in what they think is best for them granting them Individuality, granting them greater strength in any 3 Abilities of their choosing.

    The greatest trait of humanity is the variability granted by their blood. A human is often weak, lacking in any inborn power but some have unlocked the powers of their ancestors. Mixed Blood allows Human to choose any 2 Lesser Traits from other races, both being of the same race or with each being from a different race.
    Greater Trait: High Elf - Fully recover all your Spell Cards after a Break once per Rest.
    Lesser Traits: Fae Ancestry - Increase Spell Cards by 1, Resistant to Aging and Charm, Spirit Communication. Harmony with Nature - Recover some Spell Card uses based on your Level during a Break.
    Ability Bonus: 2 in Sense or Grace. 1 in the other.
    Elven Traits
    Elves are one of the more powerful magical Races due to their longevity, some living thousands of years, and their spirituality. The elves are said to be the descendants of ancient Fae or mortal gods, Fae Ancestry grants the elf some increased magical power due to thier bloodlines. They gain 1 Spell Card to build as they choose, are even more long lived giving them resistance to Aging effects and allowing them to survive for millennia, and resistance to magical Charm to guard their minds, they are also able to communicate with nature spirits and fae. For those Elves who have formed deep bonds with the land and earth they gain Harmony With Nature, during a Break they can regain a number of usages of their Spell Cards equal to their Level. This can be divided between any number of Spell Cards, but only those with 3 or more max usages.

    The oldest and most powerful Elves are High Elves, as a result of their age and purer bloodline they have learned how to control the magic their bodies to their fullest potential. Once per Rest, after taking a Break they can choose to fully recover all their Spell Cards.
    Greater Trait: Royal Birthright - Gain the Ability Bonus and 1 Lesser Trait of another race.
    Lesser Traits: Warrior Women - +1 PWR, VIT, & GRA Proficiency, Gain a Fighting Style. Witch Doctor - +1 SEN, PRE, & LCK Proficiency, Gain 1 Spell Card and Ritual Casting.
    Ability Bonus: 1 in any 3 Abilities.
    Amazoness Traits
    A bloody matriarchal society of warriors Amazoness pride themselves on there power. Much like humans they have a rich bloodline and an ability to adapt. Those Amazoness focusing on being frontline fighters are Warrior Women, training to gain an additional Proficiency in Power, Vitality, and Grace. Warrior Women also gain 1 Fighting Style as detailed under the Praelia Archetype. Some Amazoness choose to support their tribe and warrior sisters by studying magic, becoming a Witch Doctor. They gain an additional Proficiency in Sense, Presence, and Luck as well as 1 Spell Card and the ability to cast any of their Spell Cards as a Ritual.

    Being a warrior race the Amazoness treasure strength, and only the strongest among them can rise to the rank of Queen. And to the Queen goes the greatest spoils, the chance to continue her bloodline with an even stronger champion. Royal Birthright is trait granted to the child of an Amazoness Queen who has succeeded in finding the strongest father for her daughter. This trait grants the child the Ability Bonus of another Race as well as one of it's Lesser Traits.
    Greater Trait: Blessing of El-ahrairah - Reroll all 1s, spend a Hit Die to redo any check of any creature you can see.
    Lesser Traits: Inchling - Shrinking, Nimbleness, and Mobility. Fae Child - +1 Deception Proficiency, Disguise, Tinkering.
    Ability Bonus: 2 to Luck or Sense. 1 to the other.
    Púca Traits
    The Smallfolk, often confused for human children due to their Size and youthful appearance Púca are often considered one of the weakest races in the worlds they inhabit. However the natural dangers brought on by their size has only served to hone their strengths. Some Púca have developed a limited ability to shapeshift, allowing the to grow larger than their incredibly size. Inchlings are naturally minuscule but have the ability to grow to the size of a small child, they are nimble and resist grabs and can squeeze through small openings, they are also capable of traveling over difficult terrain without impediment. Fae Child are the Púca who are considered nuisances by humans who mistake the for some form of mischievous fairy. They are Proficient in Deception, can disguise themselves using materials available to them, and are capable of crafting makeshift devices on the level of a Basic Tool or Weapon.

    Púca are said to be naturally lucky, something very important with how hostile the world can be. But occasionally a Púca is born with a unnatural inborn luck. They are said to have the Blessing of El-Ahrairah and so chance will always favor them, if you roll a 1 you can reroll the dice until you roll another number, you can also spend a Hit die to target one enemy or ally and and force them to re-roll any roll they have made before the outcome has been decided.
    Greater Trait: Wildshape - Gain 2 Minor Traits, Transform into a Beast Form.
    Lesser Traits: Bestial Traits - Gain 4 minor traits based on an animal. Feral Tongue - Speak with animals, ability to command your given animal.
    Ability Bonus: 2 to Grace or Vitality. 1 to any other Ability.
    Therianthrope Traits
    The Beastmen are comprised of many unrelated races grouped under the classification of Therianthrope, all tied together by their animalistic physiology. All beastmen are have some physical trait linked to a specific type of animal, such as Animal Ears, a tail, or even fur however some have developed stronger traits than others. Bestial Traits are physical advantages granted by a Therianthropes animal theme, you can select 3 Minor Traits. Some Therianthropes have a more spiritual connection to animals than physical, granting them a Feral Tongue. They can communicate freely with any animal and can control and command a single specific breed of creature such as Dogs, Cats, Birds, etc.

    Some Therianthropes are capable of awakening more of the power of their beast blood, allowing them to take on a more bestial form called Wildshape. You gain 2 more Minor Traits based on your animal theme, also you can transform as a bonus action, the transformation last for 1 minute, you must either take a Break, rest, or spend a Hit Die to transform again. While in this form you gain: Temporary Hit points equal to 1d6 plus your Level. You increase chosen Ability Bonuses by 1. Your Unarmed Damage is increase by 1d6.
    Greater Trait: Resonance of Souls - Attune yourself with a human partner to improve your power.
    Lesser Traits: Living Tool - Transform into an Artifact. Yaoyorozu - Gain an Advanced Artifact Trait, manifest Artifact powers through your body.
    Ability Bonus: 2 to any Ability. 1 in any Ability.
    Tsukumogami Traits
    Spirits that inhabit old objects, Tsukumogami come in many forms and have many powers. The Living Tool is a Tsukumogami that retained its ability to transform into it's original form but retains it's magical powers. They can turn into a copy of their Artifact which another Magical Girl can use. They are treated like a Living Weapon, and can communicate mentally with their wielder. Their wielder can make use of their Spell Cards while in this state. They can partially manifest their human form beside their wielder as well but must occupy the same space. Powerful tsukumogami are part of the Yaoyorozu, the 8 million spirits, and have stronger than normal magical abilities. Yaoyorozu gain an Advanced Artifact Trait, the Attainment Property, and can partially manifest their Artifact from their body.

    Tsukumogami are normally born from resentful spirits, created by being objects abandoned by humans and the strength of their grudge eventually animating them. However some Tsukumogami are instead born from the faith, love, and devotion of a particular human and their lineage. After 100 years of care the object is reborn into a Tsukumogami capable of Resonance of Souls. Through trust they can attune themselves to another human. You gain the benefits of the Teamwork Feat only in regards to this human. You can spend your Hit Die to grant them a Hit Die and vice versa. When either of you attack while you are transformed you can use the higher Ability Modifier of either.
    Greater Trait: Denizen of Oe - Stabilize and revive on entering a dying state, recover from any injury.
    Lesser Traits: Bone Eater - Bite Bonus Action Attack, Regain 1 Hit Die if Finishing Blow. Kijo - Curse others, +2 Luck Proficiency.
    Ability Bonus: 2 to Power or Vitality. 1 to the other.
    Oni Traits
    Oni are a powerful and monstrous race that is often seen as brutal and barbaric. Oni are known to consume their defeated opponents, A Bone Eater is capable of regaining it's strength by feasting on it's prey. As a Bonus Action they can attack with a Bite (unarmed) attack, if this attack reduces an opponents HP to 0 they regain 1 Hit Die. Many Oni are also capable magic users, capable of casting curses on others. Kijo gain 1 Ability Spell Card they can use to cast a signature curse, you can cast this Spell Card as a Ritual, You gain +2 Luck Proficiency.

    The strongest of Oni are said to be descendants of the legendary Oni who once made their home in the mountains outside Kyoto. A Denizen of Oe is a decedent of the great Ibaraki and Shuten Douji, and is a nigh unkillable beast. When your HP is reduced to 0, if the damage would not kill you outright, you automatically stabilize from the dying state. When your Hit Points are reduced to 0, even if the damage would kill you outright, you can spend a Hit Die to gain Temporary Hit Points equal to your Level plus you Vitality Modifier.
    Greater Trait: Engine of Destruction - Greatly increases the power of your Lesser Traits and can spend a Hit die to return to your "True Form".
    Lesser Traits: Dragon Scale - Natural Armor, Claws, flight. Dragon Breath - Launch a breath attack based on an Element. Grants Resistance to that Element.
    Ability Bonus: 2 to Power or Vitality. 1 to any other Ability.
    Dragon Traits
    Dragons are a legendary species of monster, however some magical variants have learned to turn themselves humans. Even in this human form they still retain the gifts of their draconic heritage. Dragon Scale covers a large portion of you body, granting Natural Armor that increase your Defense by 2 lets you Defend as a Bonus Action. You gain Claws which grant +1 Proficiency to your unarmed damage and Grappling, and and a form of limited Flight. Dragon Breath allows you to launch a magical blast based on an Elemental Affinity. This attack can be an Accurate Melee attack, a half sized Area Attack, or a Ranged Blast. You become Resistant to your chosen Affinity.

    There are many breeds of Dragon with many different abilities but the younger species are invariably weaker, lacking the power granted by ancient blood. The oldest of the dragon races are the Ancient Dragons who are Engines of Destruction. Lesser Traits increase in strength, Dragon Scale reduces additional damage equal to half your level rounded up and you can fly at twice the speed, Dragon Breath deals additional Damage equal to half your Level and you become Immune to effects of your chosen Elemental Affinity. You can spend a Hit Die to return to your True Form for 1 minute as an Action. Double the Level Bonus of your Lesser Traits, Improve your racial Ability Bonuses by 1.
    Greater Trait: Ninefold Foxtail Phantasm - Weak Spell Cards can be used freely, Spend Hit Dice to increase Spell Card usages.
    Lesser Traits: Trickster Spirit - Gain Ability Spell Card "Illusion Magic: Henge!". Fox Fire - Create and control a magical flame.
    Ability Bonus: 2 to Luck or Presence. 1 to the other.
    Kitsune Traits
    Kitsune, being fox spirits taking the form of humans are naturally capable of powerful magic. As a Trickster Spirit a Kitsune gains 1 Spell Card as well as the Ability Spell Card "Illusion Magic: Henge!" which allows them to disguise themselves using an Illusion Effect as another creature or an object, it can also be used to disguise an object they are holding as another object. Illusions cast with "Illusion Magic: Henge!" occupy a physical space, like the Create Effect. Kitsune may also be able to use Fox Fire, this grants them the Ability Spell Card "Kitsunebi" is a Damaging Effect spell which causes a Luck Resistance check to do damage, "Kitsunebi" cannot be extinguished by water, can pass through solid objects, and can be left to hover in the air and detonate on contact. Without activating the Spell card you are able to create small blue flames that illumine the surroundings, these flames cause no heat nor damage to any creature or objects you choose.

    As Kitsune age they grow in power, with each century allowing them to manifest an additional tail. The strongest Kitsune are the Kyubi, who have 9 Tails and monstrous amounts of magical power. The Ninefold Foxtail Phantasm is the manifestation of their greatest illusion magic, creating a false reality that lets them use magic freely. Any spell Card with 9 or more max Uses is able to be cast freely, and you can spend a Hit Die to increase the maximum and current available Uses of all Spell Card by 1. This effect will last for 1 hour until you either move 180 feet from where you activated it or you are rendered incapacitated.

    Minor Traits
    A list of minor mutations, physical adaptions, and general advantages that can be gained based on your particular genealogy or physiology. Many races exist, and even among the most well known there are distinct sub-races among them with their own unique twist. Minor Traits are smaller more general traits that you can add to your magical girl to differentiate them from others of their kind. Minor Traits are generally weak, and such you can gain 2 Minor Traits for every CP spent.

    • Limited Flight - You have the ability to fly in some limited fashion. This includes Winged Flight, Levitating, Gliding, or free flight at half your movement speed.
    • Special Movement - You have an alternate or improved form of Movement. This includes Climbing, Burrowing, the ability to negate movement penalties, or improved base Leaping or Speed.
    • Enhanced Senses - You have an improved or Exotic sense type. This includes Night Vision, Infrared Vision, Danger Sense, Ultrasonic Hearing, scent tracking, or a +2 Perception Bonus.
    • Natural Weapons - You have a natural weapon such as claws or teeth. This gives you either an additional 1d6 damage to unarmed attacks or a bonus action unarmed attack.
    • Natural Armor - You have a naturally thick and resilient hide. You improve your Defense by 2.
    • Poison - You can afflict poison on others with an unarmed attack. You gain an Ability Spell Card with an Affliction Effect but it's cost must be 0.
    • Extra Limbs - You have extra limbs that are prehensile. You can gain up to 2 when you take this Trait, the number doubles with every purchase.
    • Elongation - You can lengthen your body. Increase your Melee range to 15 feet, double that every additional time this trait is taken.
    • Regeneration - You recover health over time. You naturally recover HP equal to your level when you take a Break.
    • Recovery - You can quickly recover health. You can spend Hit Die to heal yourself as an Action. You gain twice the HP when you use a Hit Die to recover.
    • Poison Resistance - You are resistant to Poison.
    • Small - You can halve your Size permanently.
    • Large - You can double our Size permanently.
    • Environmental Adaption - You are naturally suited to a particular environment and do not suffer penalties from it's natural hazards.
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  6. Threadmarks: Archetypes
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    Magical Girls, known officially as Ministra, are special young women for whom a fire burns inside their heart. In each one is a dream, a desire, something they will try their hardest to achieve. Great or petty, innocent or nefarious, selfless or selfish, you too have a wish you are willing to work hard to achieve and it has led you to becoming a Magical Girl to see it brought to fruition. The first step on your path to granting your wish is becoming a proper Magical Girl, and for that you will need to choose a Maiden Archetype.

    Maiden Archetypes, or Pucelle Facion, are one of the primary sources of a Magical Girl’s abilities and growing more skilled with it is how they progress. It governs how a Magical Girl is able to apply their skills, abilities, and magic and defines their natural aptitudes and skills. More than a simple job or ability your Maiden Archetype is something that defines you, a higher calling or an expression of your inner self. It is the way you think, the way you act, your interests and natural aptitudes and inclinations.

    When selecting an Archetype you take on it’s various traits, gaining features, proficiencies, and skills. What these are depends on the Archetype, an Arcana would grow better at using their Spell Cards and magic while an Esepra would learn how to better support a team. As you progress in level your Archetype progresses as well, growing at an equal rate. This is the primary form of progression for a Magical Girl, learning to better express their Archetype and grow stronger through the abilities they gain for it.

    Every Magical Girl has an Archetype that awakens when they gain their powers. You can choose 1 of the six Archetypes to embody at no cost.

    Archetype Summaries






    The Enlightened

    The Sage, Caster, and Witch. A varied and skilled magician.


    Sense +
    Grace or Luck

    Magician, Artificer

    The Hopeful

    The Heart, Soul, and Pasion. A charming girl who captures or heals the heart.


    Presence +
    Luck or Power

    Artisan, Performer

    The Harmonious

    The Channeler, Sorcerer, and Psychic. A skillful and precise magic caster.


    Grace +
    Vitality or Sense

    Ranger, Researcher

    The Virtuous

    The Guardian, Soldier, and Knight. A tough wall and brave sentinel.


    Vitality +
    Power or Presence

    Civil Servant, Craftsman

    The Luminous

    The Trickster, Rogue, and Mutant. A wielder of strange power and unusual skills.


    Luck +
    Sense or Presence

    Criminal, Sleuth

    The Ardent

    The Warrior, Brawler, and Martial Artist. A fighter who focuses on dealing powerful blows.


    Power +
    Vitality or Grace

    Soldier, Athlete
    Archetype Basics

    When you choose the Archetype you wish to embody you will then gain access to a few basic benefits it provides. You gain the Proficiencies of the Archetype, a chosen profession, access to archetype specific Tokens, and an Archetype feature. When you start you only access to your default Archetype Feature but gain access to more over time as you become more experienced in your role as a Magical Girl.

    Among the benefits you gain from your class are a number of Proficiencies. Proficiency determine what things you do particularly well, skills you have trained, spells you are aligned too, and weapons you know how to use. When you are proficient in a particular Ability, or Skill, you can, in some way, add your Proficiency to it’s roll.

    Each Archetype in this section will detail what benefits you gain from choosing it. They will list what it is Proficient in as well as the Features the Archetype can acquire. You will progress at your own rate, gaining the Archetype Feats as you purchase them.

    You also gain Skills from your Class, specific applications of your Abilities. You can add your Proficiency to rolls that require a certain skill where normally it’d simply be a check against your Ability Rank. If you are already Proficient in the Ability you combine both dice pools. These skills govern what particular aspects of an ability you are better at. You might be intelligent but you could be more skilled in solving puzzles over memorizing facts, or you could be rather charming but focus more on befriending others rather than having a silver tongue to fool them.

    Archetypes will provide a choice of Profession. These are related to skills, allowing you to have greater Proficiency on certain skill and ability checks provided they are related to the chosen Profession. Some professions even unlock new types of Skill Checks as they may necessitate a niche skill that requires prior training to use properly. One can’t simply fiddle about a lock blindly to pick it regardless of their natural dexterity nor will general intelligence help you hack a computer if you have no knowledge of programming. Similarly your Profession also grants you the ability to use the tools needed for the job if they are particularly complex.

    Your Profession can be a vocation you are experienced in, perhaps even still using to help pay the bills. It could also be a hobby you have grown quite skilled in. Some simply learn a profession for practical reasons to help in either their daily lives or as a means to better act as a Magical Girl. For others their Profession could be a career they wish to excel in, a goal to work towards perfecting.

    Archetype Features are special feats that the class gains as they grow in experience, they function like special abilities that the Magical Girl has access too. They are often Passive but some aspects require actions to activate their effects or can only be used a limited number of times, requiring spending of Archetype specific Tokens. These feats complement the type of play the Archetype specializes in, offering new functionality to certain core abilities or making it easier for the Magical Girl to act. While the default Feature is free you use points to purchase additional Features.

    Each Archetype also gains access to it's own specific Token and Spell Modifier, both based on the same stat. Tokens are used power specific aspects of some Archetype powers while the Spell Modifier determines the potential strength of your Spell Cards. Your Spell Modifier is the Ability Rank plus it's level of Proficiency. You have an equal number of Tokens to your Spell Modifier and they can be regained by finishing a Rest or spending a Hit Die for a new Token.

    Ministra Arcana, the Enlightened Ones. Arcana type Magical Girls are those who seek to become masters of magic. The most versatile of casters Arcana are capable of using a variety of spells with much more frequency than others. They are capable of great feats but their foremost strength is their versatility.

    Abilities: Sense and Either Sense Grace or Luck​
    Tokens: Insight Tokens​
    Spell Modifier: Sense​
    Skills: Pick 2 - Insight, Perception, Investigation, Knowledge, Dexterity, or Canniness​
    Profession: Pick 1 - Magician or Artificer​
    Archetype Summary

    Abilities: Presence and Either Presence Luck or Power​
    Tokens: Hope Tokens​
    Spell Modifier: Presence​
    Skills: Pick 2 - Canniness, Deception, Persuasion, Inspire, Performance, Insight​
    Profession: Pick 1 - Artist or Performer​


    Archetype Summary

    Abilities: Grace and Either Grace Vitality or Sense​
    Tokens: Harmony Tokens​
    Spell Modifier: Grace​
    Skills: Pick 2 - Dexterity, Agility, Stealth, Performance, Knowledge, Inspire​
    Profession: Pick 1 - Ranger or Researcher​

    Archetype Summary

    Abilities: Vitality and either Vitality Power or Presence​
    Tokens: Aegis Tokens​
    Spell Modifier: Vitality​
    Skills: Pick 2 - Inspire, Persuade, Canniness, Insight, Perception, Knowledge​
    Profession: Pick 1 - Civil Servant or Craftsman​

    Archetype Summary

    Abilities: Luck and Either Luck Sense or Presence​
    Tokens: Karma Token​
    Spell Modifier: Luck​
    Skills: Pick 2 - Dexterity, Stealth, Knowledge, Investigation, Deception, Canniness​
    Profession: Pick 1 - Criminal or Sleuth​

    Archetype Summary

    Abilities: Power and Either Power Vitality Or Grace​
    Tokens: Burst​
    Spell Modifier: Luck​
    Skills: Pick 2 - Dexterity, Agility, Stealth, Deception, Persuasion, Inspire
    Profession: Pick 1 - Soldier or Athlete​

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  7. Threadmarks: Magic and Spells
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    Magic and Spell Cards

    As a Magical Girl you have special abilities and powers that allow you to achieve remarkable effects. Be it through magical spells, divine intervention, natural gifts, or incredible skill you perform great deeds. The representation of this is the Spell Cards that all Magical Girls are able to use. Spell Cards are not physical objects but a classification for the various special abilities that a Magical Girl is capable of. From throwing balls of fire to summoning shadow warriors to fight on your behalf, the use of Spell Cards is needed to achieve most complicated and powerful magical spells. As a beginner Magical Girl you only have a few weak Spell Cards but as you grow in experience you are able to increase the number and strength of your spell cards.

    Magic is something often the power that defines a Magical Girl, from their passive abilities to their special attacks. Each Magical Girl starts their career with 3 Spell Cards to use. The number and power of these Spell Cards can be improved by purchasing certain Magic Perks. While Spell Cards serve the function to expressing more active and complex uses of powers a Magical Girl has there are also a few innate traits a Magical Girl has.

    Natural Affinity and Power
    Affinity is the way your powers can be expressed, being a sort of Element or Type that colors your Magic. Power is a summary of the method the affinity uses to express itself. Both of these combine to determine the types of Spell Cards you will be able to form. A Fire Affinity, for example, could be paired with various Powers to determine the form your Spells will take, Fire and Explosion magic to create bombs, Fire and Manipulation to control it, or Fire and an Absorption power to consume flames and empower yourself. Ultimately Affinity and Power offer a guide to help you determine the direction your Magical Girl's magic will grow and develop.

    Generally you can choose the Affinity you want to use, or even create a new one, for yourself or your Spell Cards but you can also roll to determine which of the Common Affinities you will use. You can choose one of the following Tables to Roll on: The Elements, The Aspects, and The Forms. Roll 1d6 and Select the option that you wish to use.

    RollThe ElementsThe AspectsThe Forms

    You Power is self determined, simply being an intention of how you wish to use you're Affinity. Most Magical Girls don't have a specific power, simply having a general skill set surrounding their Affinity but some Magical Girls theme themselves around a specific application of their magic. Speaking with animals, psychic abilities, or having some unique and very specific esper ability like "Turning Things Upside Down" are all types of Powers you can choose from.

    The last major Aspect in determining the magical capabilities of a Magical Girl is calculating their Spell Modifier. A Spell Modifier is a specific magical trait that will be responsible for several aspects of Spell Card creation. Your Spell Modifier is a representation of your method of learning, harnessing, and using the magical powers needed to use Spell Cards. A Praelia is skilled with manipulating the pure explosive energy they generate, a Jineta's skills come from their stamina, while an Arcana's magical potential is a result of their keen intellect and knowledge thaumaturgy. You can check your Archetype to determine which Ability you will need to use. Your Spell Modifier is simply the Ability Ranks plus your total Proficiency in the Ability.

    Making Spell Cards
    In order to use complicated or strong spells a Spell Card is necessary. In order to build a Spell Card you must know what it is composed of. Every Spell Card has the following Components:
    1. Card Name: The unique name the Spell Card has.
    2. Tier: The potency and level of the Spell Card.
    3. Uses: The Number of times the Spell Card can be Activated.
    4. Attributes: The Affinity or other descriptive features of the Spell Card.
    5. Traits: Minor but important details about the Spell Card such as Type, Cost, and Triggers.
    6. Effect: The resulting effect of activating the Spell Card, includes Modifiers and Limitations placed on it.
    Every Spell Card must have all of the above information in order to function. However just because a Spell Card is built correctly does not mean it can always be used. A Magical Girl has limits on the spells they are capable of casting and those limits are determine by Cast Limit and Card Cost. Cast Limit is determine how potent of a Spell Card you are capable of using while Card Cost determines the "potency". Card Costs are calculated based on the traits of the Spell Card itself. Your Cast Limit is calculated as half your Level (rounded down) plus your Spell Modifier.

    The name of a Spell Card separates it from other similar Spell Cards in you repertoire. It gives an added flair to your spell card as well, sure you could just launch energy bolts at an enemy but it's much more satisfying if you are instead using some specifically named technique. Spell Card names also serve a mechanical purpose, tying multiple spell cards together into a single versatile spell. Spell Cards with the same name are Sister Cards and have unique effects. Sister Cards are treated as the same Spell Card for any effects or powers that target them, allowing a restoration of 1 Spell Card restore both instead. However Sister Spell Cards both deplete when one is Activated. You can choose to differentiate Sister Spell Cards by including a subtitle.
    Tiers determine the potency of a Spell Card, the higher the tier the stronger the card. All Spell Cards have a minimum Tier of 1 and how they increase depends on the Effect of the Spell Card. Each Tier adds 1 point to the Spell Card Cost. Tiers generally act as a measure of the maximum output of the effect and often increase with the number of dice or Rank Bonus the Effect grants. Tiers have a cap which is equal to your Spell Modifier plus half your Level (rounded down).
    Spell Cards have a limited number of uses before they become Exhausted. An Exhausted Spell Card cannot be activated anymore, the most common method of restoring an Exhausted Spell Card is by Resting. After Resting all Spell Card usages are reset. All Spell Cards begin with 3 usages, you can increase this by adding to the Spell Card Cost at a rate of 1 to 1. You can also decrease the cost of a Spell Card by 1 by reducing it's usages an equal amount.
    The Attributes of a Spell Card consist of it's Affinity and any other descriptive qualities the card may have. Attributes determine how the Spell Card interacts with the world under a number of circumstances. A Fire Affinity would allow the Spell Card to light objects on fire, a holy arrow could undo corruption where it strikes, the piecing power of a shadow dagger could pass through the thick skin of an enemy resistant to slashes and impacts. Similarly Attributes can be used to determine minor uses of Spell Cards that don't require their full activation. These "Cantrips" are weak and generally only offer a minor utility but are free to use so long as you have Spell Cards available. Lastly an Attribute may be used to create an Alternate Effect using a Temporary Spell Card. Attributes can be of any Affinity, even those not normally used by you, or can be Unaligned and instead use any Affinity available to you. Normally a spells Attributes are static and specific but you can increase the cost of the Spell Card to broaden the categories your Spell Card covers. 1 is a narrow category such as closely related elements or damage types like Ice/Water, Light/Shadow, or Cutting/Piercing. 2 is a broad category such as Elements, Physical Damage, or Animals. 3 is a nearly all encompassing category such as Magic, Super Science, or Fate.
    Traits are minor additional details about the Spell Card and it's functions. Traits detail the Spell Card Cost, the Triggers necessary to activate the Spell Card. And the Spell Card Type. Cost covers the total of all expenditures for the card, if the Cost exceeds your Cast Limit you cannot activate the Card. Triggers are required for the Activation of a Spell Card and you must have either 2 Simple Triggers or one Complex Trigger. Simple Triggers are; Vocal - a short phrase or word that can be done quickly and quietly. Somatic - a small gesture that can be done inconspicuously. Material - Requires either a catalyst in hand or a specific nearby resource. Complex Triggers are; Vocal - Long and loud recital of a verse or phrase that can be interrupted. Somatic - a set of large or grandiose motions that require open space and can be interrupted. Material - Requires a limited resource that is consumed after the spell activates. You can decrease your Card Cost by 1 by adding an additional Complex Trigger to your card.

    Card Types are the different types of Spell Cards available. Some types can pair together but most are incompatible with others. Card Types are Magic Cards are Spell Cards that hold Instant Duration effects that are not sustained by the caster, Skill Cards which hold sustained spells that once activated last 6 turns, Support Cards which are Skill Cards that have been upgraded with a Magic Perk to be permanent, Ability Cards which are unique Spell Cards that are gained through innate powers such as your Race's Traits other feats, Artifact Cards which are Spell Cards granted by Equipment, Temporary Cards are limited use cards that are not regenerated on a Rest. Magic, Skill and Support cards are mutually exclusive of each other.
    In Progress
    1. Afflict - Active
    2. Conceal - Passive
    3. Create - Passive
    4. Damage - Active
    5. Enhance - Passive
    6. Heal - Active
    7. Illusion - Active
    8. Kinesis - Active
    9. Resist - Passive
    10. Move - Passive
    11. Morph - Passive
    12. Negate - Active
    13. Observe - Passive
    14. Resist - Passive
    15. Summon - Active
    16. Terrain - Passive
    17. Transmute - Active
    18. Weaken - Active
    1. Accurate
    2. Affects Others
    3. Area
    4. Concentration
    5. Contagious
    6. Ranged
    7. Multi-Attack
    8. Sustained
    9. Penetrating
    1. Concentration
    2. Delayed
    3. Distracting
    4. Fading
    5. Feedback
    6. Grab Based
    7. Instant
    8. Limited
    9. Removable
    10. Resisted
    11. Sense Dependent
    12. Side Effect
    13. Slow
    14. Tiring
    15. Uncontrolled
    16. Unreliable

    Magic Perks
    In Progress

    Meta Magics
    In Progress
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  8. Threadmarks: Artifacts
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    Swords, wands, bows, tomes... Magical Girls often have extraordinary tools and weapons to help them succeed. Magical trinkets and powerful equipment are often used to uplift an ordinary person to the level of a Hero capable of saving the day. In this Artifact section you are able to purchase various tools, weapons, or other interesting objects to assist you in your future career as a Magical Girl. The Artifact you select is attuned to you allowing you to store and manifest it at will so long as you have it in hand. You are assumed to be capable of using your Artifact as a weapon or tool even if it would normally be exotic or require training, so choosing a Sword does not require previous experience in swordsmanship nor would choosing a Yo-yo require some special training to know how to strike others or entangle them with it. If your weapon is somehow lost permanently you are either able to redistribute the points or else create a new weapon after an appropriate period of time.

    You start with a Basic Artifact that has 2 basic Artifact Traits. You can spend a point to improve it into an Advanced Artifact which will have 1 Advanced Artifact Trait and 2 Basic Artifact Traits. You can also purchase additional Special Artifact Traits to add to either level. If you choose what form your Artifact takes, being something mundane like a spear or exotic such as a fishing pole, or even a non-combat piece of equipment like a cell phone or clothing.

    Basic Artifact Traits
    1. Damage Bonus
      Add 1d3 to your basic damage every time this Trait is taken.
    2. Ranged
      Your basic attacks have a range of 120 feet. Double the Range every time this Trait is taken.
    3. Catalyst
      Your Artifact serves as a Spell Casting Catalyst. Add 1d3 to Spell Card damage every time this Trait is taken.
    4. Reaching
      Your Melee Range extends to 30 feet. Double the Range every time this Trait is taken.
    5. Gimmick
      You gain 1 Artifact Spell Card with unlimited uses, this Card must have a cost of 1 or less. You can add 1 additional Card every time this Trait is taken.
    6. Utility Tool
      Your Artifact has the functionality of a Basic Tool. Add another Tool Function to it every time this Trait is taken.
    Advanced Artifact Traits
    1. Area
      You can add an Area modifier to your attacks. 15ft Sphere, 30ft Cone, or a 60ft line. Double the Size every time this Trait is taken.
    2. Accurate
      Your attacks are now Accurate, dealing half damage even when successfully Dodged. Taking this Trait a second time causes them to take the full damage.
    3. Penetrating
      Your attacks are now Penetrating, dealing half damage even when successfully Blocked. Taking this Trait a second time causes them to take the full damage.
    4. Multi-Attacking
      Your attacks now Multi-Attack, dealing adding your degrees of success from your Attack Check to your Damage Check. You can attack additional adjacent squares in your range by lowering your attack proficiency by 1 for each square. You can attack one additional square without penalty for each additional rank of this Trait.
    5. Enchanted
      Your Artifact has 1 Support Card, 1 Spell Card with unlimited Usages, or 3 Spell Cards. Each time this Trait is taken you can add one more Card.
    6. Special Tool
      Your Artifact has the functionality of an Advanced Tool. Add another Tool Function to it every time this Trait is taken.
    Legendary Artifact Traits (Ancestral Artifact Origin Required)
    1. Boosting
      You increase all your Ability Ranks by 1. Increase 2 Ability Ranks by 1 again. You can spend a Hit Die to maximize rolls for a given ability for your Turn.
    2. Casting Focus
      You gain 6 Spell Cards and can generate Temporary Spell Cards through it by spending a Hit Die.
    3. Legendary Tool
      Your Artifact has the functionality of a Legendary Item.
    Special Properties
    You can spend a point to add any of these additional properties to your Artifact Selection.
    • Split Artifact
      You gain an additional Basic Artifact. Advanced Traits and Special Properties are shared between both.
    • Great Weapon
      You increase the potency of your Artifact Traits treating Traits as if they are doubled.
    • Attunement
      You can always dismiss and summon your Artifact, repairing any damage it may have. You can create copies of them but only one will have Artifact Traits or Special Properties.
    • Living Artifact
      Your Artifact is alive and sapient, capable of communicating with you and others. It can fight for you in a limited fashion while you're incapacitated and prevent others from using it.
    • Multifaceted
      Your Artifact has multiple forms with their own Properties and Traits (not including Legendary Traits). You can create another Alternate Artifact you can swap between at will.
    • Features
      You can have two of the following features: Indestructible Artifact. Artifact can be called back to you. Artifact has an additional Damage Type. Artifact can apply an element you don't possess to an attack. Lock Artifact from being used by others. Artifact has one additional Basic Artifact Trait. Artifact has the ability to be used as a mundane tool such as a coffee grinder or telescope.
    Tools are non-weapon items with special uses or properties that are valued for their utility more than their power. There are 4 ranks of Tools. Mundane which are common items often found around a household or workplace such as appliances, consumer electronics, and Stationary. Above Mundane Tools are Basic Tools which are more unusual in nature but are are still relatively common in function, such as a levitating carpet, a bag of holding, an immovable rod, or a grappling hook. Advanced Tools are more powerful magical tools offering unique powers such as turning invisible or teleporting between specific locations. Legendary Items can perform miraculous feats that are hard to replicate elsewhere such as stopping time, duplicating a target, or turning into a completely different character.

    • Shield - a Sturdy Shield. It grants a +2 bonus to Defense and Block actions.
    • Carpet Caddy - A large rug that can float up to 3 feet off the ground and carry up to 1 ton of weight. Objects on it can be moved with ease.
    • Bag of Holding - A magical sack that holds an unlimited number of items in stasis.
    • Immovable Rod - A 1 foot long rod, you can activate it's effect and lock it in space. It can hold 1 ton of weight and takes a strength check of 10 to move it and break the effect.
    • Grappling Hook - A long hook that can be shoot several hundred feet and be used to reel you up.
    • Flying Broomstick - A riding broom you can mount to fly. If you are struck, incapacitated, or fail a save while flying you fall prone.
    • Healing Kit - A bag of 3 consumable potions that heal 1d6 damage, cure poison, heal certain status effects, or stabilize a dying creature.
    • Magic Flashlight - Illuminate an Area as if it is daylight.
    • Magic Visor - Grants the ability to see through obscuring smokes, darkness, and illusions you are aware of.
    • Nike's Sandals - Double your movement speed.
    • Darkness Powder - Cause a magical cloud that blocks sight beyond 5 feet for anyone but you.
    • Ring of Silence - Muffles the sounds you make making you nearly silent with your loudest shouts being as soft as a whisper.
    • Disguise Kit - A kit that lets you don a disguise letting you change your appearance to a creature of similar size and feature.
    • Oni's Gourd - A gourd of unlimited delicious Sake. It heals Oni 1d6 plus their Luck modifier as an action but insidiously poisons non-oni for 1d6 damage a shot.
    • Chameleon Cloak - While wearing this cloak you are invisible while still and nearly invisible while moving.
    • Teleportation Stones - You have 3 stones, you can trade places with another of the stones along with anyone holding it as a minor action.
    • Cloak of Shadows - Allows the wearer to teleport themselves and one other person they are holding up to 100 feet away once per Rest.
    • Robes of Levitation - You can fly freely while this is equipped and any fall is slowed or stopped keeping you safely in place.
    • Magical Charms - You can channel your Spell Cards through these Charms letting you throw them at ranged targets or lay them as triggered traps.
    • Henshin Pen - A magic device that magically changes your appearance to anything else. It is harder for people to see through your disguise.
    • Magic Door - Creates a portal that links to a single predetermined location you must set up at the location beforehand.
    • Miracle Mallet - Grows or Shrinks anything it strikes, halving or doubling it's size each time. The effect lasts for 1 minute on creatures and 1 hour items.
    • Robes of Protection - Robes of impenetrable fabric, renders you immune or resistant to most projectiles.
    • Time Piece - A Watch that stops time for up to 1 minute. You cannot interact with anything in this state unless you spend a Hit Die for each target.
    • Cursed Mirror - A Mirror that creates a clone of 1 to 3 people you can catch in it's reflection that lasts for 1 hour during which the Mirror is inert. The Clone's attitude can be a twisted reflection of their originator.
    • Theater Mask - A magic mask that changes the wearer into a completely different person, altering their Race, Abilities, Feats, and appearance.
    • Deck of Fate - A deck of cards that will cause a random and powerful effect to occur when it is drawn from.
    • Giant Mecha - You can summon a Gargantuan sized mecha to pilot.
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    A talent, trained skill, or natural ability that the character has that grants them certain special advantages. Feats can be purchased with 1 CP as long as the requirements for it are fulfilled. If after taking a feat you no longer meet its requirements you are unable to use the feat, in the even of permanent loss you may be allowed to reallocate the point elsewhere. Some feats grant an additional bonus in the form of increased Proficiency in a given ability. You can only take a Feat one time unless the Feat states otherwise.

    +1 to Presence or Luck
    You are able to flawlessly mimic the speech and mannerisms of others.
    • You can vocally imitate a variety of sounds as well as the speech or cries of other creatures you have heard.
    • You are capable of disguising yourself and gain +2 Proficiency in checks related to it, you can use the appropriate tools and resources to change your appearance.
    • You have +2 Proficiency in Deception and Inspiration checks to hide your identity.
    Aggressive Combatant
    You attack furiously aiming to deal as much damage as you can.
    • You gain an additional Attack action on landing a Critical hit.
    • Using a Minor Action you can cause your next Attack to be a Critical Hit, All attacks against you that round are Critical hits.
    +1 to Sense or Luck
    You are ever ready and attentive, allowing you to act quickly, recognize signs of hidden danger easier, and making it much harder to surprise and sneak up on you.
    • You can use your Sense or Luck rank for Initiative checks.
    • You have +2 Proficiency on checks to your Insight and Perception Skills.
    • You do not suffer penalties from being Surprise Attacked.
    +1 Vitality, Power, or Grace
    You are incredibly fit and nimble allowing you to perform athletic and acrobatic stunts with ease.
    • You do not suffer movement penalties while climbing, swimming, or moving while prone.
    • You can Dash as a Minor Action.
    • Double your Lifting and Carrying capacity.
    • Gain +1 Proficiency with Athletic checks.
    +1 Sense or Presence
    You have a gift for speaking, able to speak almost any non-magical language. You can create new languages with easy, speak or write coded messages that are almost impossible for anyone but the intended target to understand, and decode others ciphers and innuendo with little study.
    • You can speak, understand, read, and write most languages and learn new ones in minutes.
    • You can hide messages in innocuous speech and actions to all but the intended targets gaining +2 Proficiency on that Deception check. You are also able to write coded messages that can be understood by the intended readers but appear innocuous to others.
    • You gain +2 Proficiency on checks to detect and decrypt secret messages.
    You fight with great ferocity and anger, you are able to channel this into an overwhelming offense.
    • You gain +2 Proficiency to Inspiration checks to Intimidate.
    • Spend an Action and select a creature you can see. For the next minute you become Frenzied, targeting the Creature. All Damage rolls are Maximized but you cannot take any actions other than attacking or approaching the targeted creature. If the Creature is defeated or escapes you will target the nearest creature in 30 feet or any Creature that has attacked you.
    • While Frenzied, if attacked you can choose to change your target to the attacking creature. If you do so you can extend your Frenzied state to 1 minute.
    Requires: 3 or more Presence
    You develop your magnetic personality allowing you to get along with many people from different walks of life.
    • You gain +1 Proficiency in Deception and Persuasion.
    • You can spend a Hit Die to add an additional degree of success to any Skill check using Presence.
    • You can observe a non-aggressive intelligent creature for 1 minute and then use an action to attempt to Charm them. Make a Persuasion check against their Canniness or Insight, if successful they are Charmed for 5 minutes. Each degree of success adds another 5 minutes. The effect ends if the target becomes aggressive.
    +1 Vitality
    You are incredibly resilient, weathering harsh conditions and resisting painful blows that would lay low others.
    • Your hit point maximum increases by an amount equal to twice your level when you gain this feat. Whenever you gain a level thereafter, your hit point maximum increases by an additional 2 hit points.
    Golden Rule
    +1 Luck
    You live a blessed life where you never have to worry about expenses and seem to happen upon money easily.
    • You become Wealthy.
    • Living Expenses are halved.
    • Rolls for material rewards are Maximized.
    Requires: 3 or more Presence
    You have the ability to inspire greatness in others and bring out their inner potential.
    • You gain +1 Proficiency in the Inspire and Performance skills.
    • You can spend 3 Minutes interacting with any number of willing creatures who can observe you and Charm them for 1 hour. While they are Charmed they gain: One use of Advantage, Resistance to Fear, and Temporary Hit Points equal to 1d6 plus your Presence Ranks. Creatures cannot gain these benefits again until finishing a Rest.
    • You can use an Action to Concentrate on calming the emotions of those around you for up to 3 minutes. Allies who can clearly hear or see you gain, for the duration; Resistance to Fear, Charm, and Frenzy (Except those originating from you), +1 Proficiency on Presence Saving throws, and +1 Proficiency in a single skill check. The effect ends at the end of the 3 minute duration or if the your Concentration is broken, a creature cannot benefit from this again until finishing a Rest.
    Jack of All Trades
    Requires: 1 or more Ranks in all Abilities.
    You are experienced in all walks of life and learned many skills.
    • You gain 2 Professions.
    • You gain +1 Proficiency in any Skill you are not already Proficient in.
    • You can interact with a friendly Creature for 15 minutes. Afterwards you gain their Profession until you finish a Rest.
    Keen Mind
    +1 Sense
    You have a very good memory and are able to keep track of details with unerring accuracy.
    • You can tell your general distance from a location you are familiar with as well as those locations general distance from each other. You can also tell what direction you are facing, both in cardinal directions and relative to another location you are familiar with. If you were teleported or moved while unaware you must revisit a familiar location or check a map to regain this knowledge.
    • You can keep track of time, always knowing the exact hour, minute, and second as well as how much time has passed.
    • You can accurately recall anything you’ve observed in the past month, gaining +2 Proficiency on any memory checks.
    Little Witch
    Requires 3 or More Ranks of Luck
    You are a dabbler of the arcane, having learned the basics of magic.
    • You gain the Magician profession and can cast Rituals.
    • Once per Rest you can spend a Hit Die to gain a number of Temporary Spell Cards. The combined Tier and number of Spell cards cannot exceed your ranks of Luck. These Spell Cards only have 1 use.
    • You can use a Temporary Spell Card without losing it by Casting it as a Ritual.
    You have a minor ability to infuse your energy into others and restore their health.
    • You gain the Medic profession and gain +2 Proficiency in Knowledge (Medicine) Skill checks.
    • You can use an action to stabilize a Dying Creature using Medical Tools or a First Aid Kit. Without items you can use an Action to add a degree of success to their death Saving Throws.
    • You can add your Knowledge (Medicine) score to healing effects caused by your magic or the use of a First Aid Kit.
    Nimble Warrior
    +1 Grace
    You use your mobility to stay one step ahead of your opponent.
    • You take no damage when passing a Grace Saving throw to take partial damage.
    • You can Dodge, Trip, Disarm, or Disengage as a Minor Action.
    • You ignore penalties for difficult terrain, maintaining balance, moving through tiles occupied by enemies, and standing from being Prone.
    +1 to Sense
    You have an eye for detail and are quick to notice even small things.
    • You can read lips, instantly memorize information, read any amount of text at a glance, double your Perception range.
    • Your Passive Perception is increased by 2. When rolling for Perception any die result of 1 or 2 is instead treated as a 3.
    • You gain +1 Proficiency in Perception or Investigation skill checks.
    +1 to Grace
    You are a capable explorer and survivalist and are easily able to travel and live in the wilds for extended periods of time.
    • You gain the Explorer Profession and gain +1 Proficiency to skill checks related to survival, wilderness travel, animal handling, and tracking.
    • You and up to 5 other companions ignore difficult terrain when not in combat, cannot become lost except by unnatural means, and cannot be tracked be conventional means.
    • You have the ability to use parts of the environment to hide yourself or a target creature or object. After 3 minutes of preparation you or the target are camouflaged. While camouflaged you are heavily Obscured while unmoving, while moving or after being discovered you are only Lightly Obscured. The camouflage lasts 1 hour and can be removed by with water or by hand.
    +1 Vitality
    You are tenacious and very hard to put down.
    • You can automatically stabilize from the Dying condition once per Rest.
    • On stabilizing from the dying condition you heal 1d6 + Your Vitality Rank.
    • You can recover 1 Hit Die after a Break once per Rest.
    +1 to Presence
    You have a strong will that allows you to overcome adversity through great determination.
    • You gain +1 Proficiency in Presence Saving Throws.
    • You have Resistance to Charm and Fear.
    • You have Resistance to Mental Damage.
    Requires: Proficiency in Stealth
    You are an expert at remaining hidden and acting out of sight.
    • You can Hide as a Minor Action or while under observation. Hiding only requires Partial Cover or Obscurity if you remain still while in line of sight.
    • You can perform most mundane actions silently, not revealing your presence unless seen or detected with an exotic sense.
    • If you land a hit on a creature you have advantage against while sneaking you deal Maximized damage.
    +1 Presence or +1 Grace
    You are especially adept at working with others, granting a partner additional benefits.
    • You can allow an adjacent ally to use an action at the cost of your Action for the turn.
    • You can use an action give an adjacent ally +2 Proficiency to their Dodge or Attack Checks for the turn.
    • You can use your Reaction to Attack a Creature who has attacked an adjacent ally.
    Requires: 3 Vitality
    You are exceptionally durable and can endure much longer than others would.
    • You gain +1 Proficiency in Vitality saving throws.
    • You reduce physical damage you receive by 3. If the damage taken would be 0 or lower you take no damage.
    • You can Defend as a Minor Action.
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    Companions are loyal creatures that will stay by your side and do their best to assist you. Many Magical Girls have some form of animal companion following them around offering advice and helping them out as they able. Those Magical Girls who have somehow gained the loyalty of a stronger creature are capable of making use of it in battle as an additional combatant. Having a Companion to assist you in battle and either cover for your own weakness or offer more opportunities to use your strengths can allow even weaker Magical Girls to shine. However a Companion is still a subordinate of their Magical Girl they serve and cannot truly outshine them, a Companion is limited to the Magical Girl's own Level and cannot have more CP than they do.

    When selecting a Companion you can choose any sort of creature and build them using the existing system mechanics. They however start with no CP beyond what you invest into them and do not get an Origin. Your Companion can be anything you wish it to be; a common house pet granted sapience, a plus lion that can become a mythical beast, some form of Tamed Youkai, or even another Magical Girl you've taken under your wing. Your Companion is loyal to you, even willing to suffer self harm to protect you, however they are an individual separate from their master and have their own wants and needs that may cause conflict or be unable to clearly understand the intention of their master's directions. When you Level Up your Companion does as well, but must choose between gaining an additional Hit Die or a Character Point. At any point you can give your Companion one of your CP to use instead of using it yourself.

    Champion Companions, granted by your chosen Origin, are a bit different from normal Companions. A Champion is capable of matching or surpassing their Magical Girl partner in level and CP. Your Champion levels like a normal Magical Girl, gaining both a CP and a Hit Die when they Level. Spending a CP on a Champion can be used to raise their Level. Champions are also capable of choosing their own Origin, except for Guardian, or simply gaining 3 CP instead. A Champion can also buy Companion Traits for themselves.

    If your Companion is permanently lost somehow, such as dying or going their separate ways from you, you can reinvest the points into a new Companion or redistribute them. Champion Companions are often more closely linked to their Magical Girl and are more difficult to get rid of permanently. Champions will often revive themselves or reappear by their Magical Girl after some time has passed and are usually bound to them by a means preventing them from simply severing ties with their Magical Girl.

    To get started you must spend 1 Point to gain a Companion.

    Companion Traits
    Companion Traits can be taken to improve your Companion. If you have Multiple Companions Traits apply to all of them unless specified in the Trait's description. Some Companion Traits have a negative effect but grant you 1 point you can use on another Companion Trait. Normal Traits cost 1 CP; negative Traits have no cost.

    A Familiar is a Companion that shares a magical bond with you allowing it to act as an extension of yourself like an extra limb. You can substitute your senses for that of your Familiar, have a telepathic link to communicate with your familiar mentally, and can use your familiar as a conduit for Spell Cards letting you use them as the origin point for any of your Spell Card effects.

    When you take this feat you give your Companion 1 CP to use in character creation.

    Your Companion is a conjured being or else is capable of instantly appearing by your side. They may normally reside in some far off location, alternate dimension, or even housed in your very body, but at any time at yours or your Companions discretion they can appear anywhere within 60 feet of you. They can similarly be "banished" to return from whence they came just as easily.

    A Controlled Companion has no ability to go against you and will always act exactly as you intend them too. You can choose to control their actions precisely so long as you can observe them. When out of your sight they are capable of discerning what you would wish for them to do in any given situation and act accordingly. Your Companion may have free will of their own separate from you if you choose and if so they don't have a negative opinion of this Trait, seeing it as a normal thing. If you choose you may also have a Companion who has no will or mind of their own, simply being an extension of your own mind. Controlled Companions are immune to mind controlling effects.

    Rather than a single static Companion you have a choice of variable Companions linked by some common trait. This does not increase the Companions you can have active, but rather allows you to swap between them outside of combat. If you have the Summon Trait you can swap between Companions at will at any time. When you change between Companions they become a new character, with their own health and Spell Cards but also lack the knowledge or experience the exchanged Companion may have had. There is some limit on the number of Companions you can change between, limited either to 6, dependent on your Level, or having some sort of requirement to add a new Companion to your list at the GM's discretion.

    Perfect Partnership
    You and your Companion are perfectly in sync, capable of predicting the other without any error and acting in tandem to assist each other. You and your Companion have the benefits of Teamwork feat in regards to each other. You are both selectively immune to the others' attacks and Spell Card, you can also choose to maximize the dice roll for any Effect that targets your Companion and vice versa.

    The perfect union of two beings joining together to progress even farther. You and your Companion can combine together for a limited time, using Hit Dice continuously to maintain this form. However this new form is a combination of you and your Companions power creating a new being who is both of you and is significantly stronger than either. Your Jogress form gains 3 levels, has access to all Feats, Abilities, and Spell Cards of both it's components. If you run out of Hit Die or are defeated in this form you split apart with both you and your Companion incapacitated. GM discretion advised.

    You can temporarily boost the power of your Companion. By using a Hit Die you can increase your Companion's level by 1 until they are either defeated or take a break. Your Companion may change form and appearance during this period.

    Attitude (Flaw)
    You can take this trait multiple times. Each time you take this trait your Companion becomes less loyal and more hostile towards you. With just one your Companion is no longer blindly loyal and will question or refuse your decisions if it goes against their own interests. Two ranks of this Trait causes the Companion to be more ambivalent towards your well being and interests but still willing to assist you. Three Ranks and your companion is neutral towards your interests and well being, requiring some form incentive to assist you. Four Ranks and your Companion actively dislikes you, they are willing to work against your interests if given a choice. Five Ranks and your Companion actively hates you and seeks to make you suffer for it's own enjoyment actively seeking out opportunities to do so, however it is still willing to work with you to an extent. Six Ranks and your Companion is an active Enemy who wishes for your destruction and is even willing to work against it's own interest to spite you, this Companion will try resist any command you give it even if compelled by magical means.

    Feedback (Flaw)
    Your Companion and you are linked, and what affects one affects the other. When one is damaged the other is damaged as well, when one is afflicted by a status effect so is the other.

    Range Limits (Flaw)
    There is a limit to how far your Companion can travel from you. Taking this feat 1 time reduces it's range of operation to 60 feet. Twice reduces it to 30 feet. 3 times reduces it to 15.

    Weakness (Flaw)
    Your Companion is much weaker than normal. Each time you take this Trait your companion loses 1 Rank from every Ability as well as 1 Hit Die and 1 Spell Card. If you take this Trait 4 times your companion cannot Level Up.
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    Are Magical Boys allowed?
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    Yes. Still in the middle of porting and adjusting this from a google doc and many notebooks of various states of disrepair.
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    Thank you!
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    No Discord server, or no Discord account as a whole?
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    Ah. If you have a Discord account, can you PM the ID to me so that I can friend you?

    Or would that be inadvisable?
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    Probably at a later time, right now I'm still moving the posts to this thread.
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    Working for the rest of the week so gonna have less time to add to this until Sunday.
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    That is okay.
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    Okay, so far all the major bits that were written up before have been moved with the exception of the magic system. However that is rather large and will be subject to some major changes so I will wait until this weekend to finish that up. In the mean time what's been moved is most of what's done and will be having the details filled out over the next few days. I'll try working on it in batches. Finishing up the basic overviews of the playable Races as well as the specifics on the Archetypes will be the first thing to focus on. A lot has already been put down to paper but not really in a clear fashion so I'll be organizing it and putting it where it belongs in a more readable form. In the mean time I've made a discord to keep track of updates or offer quick discussion without clogging up the thread at the moment.

    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/rjBT7Qu