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Project Lobotomy

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Flightless Man, Aug 21, 2020.


Changelings appearance red or green?

  1. Classic green. Found as Mojo Jojo

    54 vote(s)
  2. Intune with the Red. Found as Clifford the Big Red Dog

    55 vote(s)
  1. Threadmarks: Episode 1: New Year, New Life
    Flightless Man

    Flightless Man Versed in the lewd.

    Aug 17, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Revision has begun Follow Threadmark to new version. Old version still available by scrolling down.

    Project Lobotomy
    Episode 1: New Year, New Life
    Jan 01/2010
    00:01 AM
    Coming to awareness is a gradual process, one I resist as long as possible. A warmth surrounds me fully, its embrace soothing. The harder I try to return to sleep however, the more my mind begins to wake. Sounds of churning bubbles get me to open my eyes in irritation. With sight available, I realize immediately blissful sleep will be an impossibility.

    My bedroom has become some kind of sterile lab. It contains a single desk with an off-white computer monitor. The room is a fairly spacious one with mint green walls and a digital clock with glowing red letters, displaying the time of zero zero zero two. The only other thing of note I see is a black man with a crew cut sitting behind the computer. My bed has also changed. It’s become some kind of cylindrical glass column. I'm floating inside, suspended by a very warm amber gel. Somehow I'm able to breathe unaided in this substance.

    The shock is keeping my panic suppressed for now. When I look down, I'm disturbed to find I have been changed from my warm flannel pajamas. Currently I'm wearing a full body white spandex unitard. With no discernible markings and only my hands, feet and head uncovered, I still feel naked somehow in this tight get up. Something is off about my hands so I bring one to my face for closer inspection.

    My once skeletal hands have become massive meat gloves of milk white skin tone. Coarse black hair sprouts thickly on the back of my fist. Clenching my albino fist, I can feel strength I had only ever dreamed of. Of course that would make sense, I’m clearly dreaming. My self inspection has drawn the man at the desk’s attention, getting him to quickly tap a few things into his console and rise to his feet.

    The goo I’m cocooned inside begins to drain though the floor extremely quickly. In seconds, in fact, I'm standing on my own two feet and shivering. The glass parts in the middle, exposing me to the frigid air. Stepping out of the tank on shaky but powerful legs, I come to a stop before the scientist. He pushes his glasses up his nose and pulls a pen from his lab coat.

    Project Lobotomy.” I'm addressed with clinical detachment. “Glad the third Starro finally worked. Mr Luthor was becoming… difficult.” Without waiting for an answer, he marks a few things down on a clipboard. Next, he pokes me a few times and I’m still too stunned to react. His name tag says Stockman and I focus on that until a syringe is revealed. He brings it towards my arm and I panic. I try to swat his hand away from me. Instead, I strike him so hard he’s lifted off his feet and flies across the room. Stockman slams in into the wall, cracking it. Staring at his unmoving body I begin to hyperventilate.

    Hours pass as I stand there freaking out over killing my doctor. A look at the clock reveals only six minutes have gone by since I woke up. Ok, I can see him twitching a little so he’s still alive.

    I'm not a murderer, that's good.” I mutter to myself in relief. Taking advantage of my chance to learn what the hell is going on, I rush around the desk and look at the screen. The open display shows an empty tank with my vitals grayed out. I minimize it and begin checking through a folder labeled ‘Photos’. Inside are a six pictures.

    The first shows me what looks like a round blue school bus with no wheels. It looks like it fell from the air and crashed through a forest canopy into a hillside. The second is a picture of a live action version of Mark Hamill’s Joker. It’s a mugshot of him grinning maniacally towards the camera. I'm confused now. What, is the doctor a fan of comics? I gag when I see the Joker again in the third picture. He’s been torn in half and his head is lying beside him. Clicking faster now, the fourth picture is of Harley Quinn, her whole jester get up and everything. Hoping not to see another body, I continue.

    Picture five is another Joker cosplay. This one looks like the version from the new The Batman show. He’s in an empty glass cell suspended in blackness. It kind of looks like a unicorn is in another cell beside him. Strange. Six is of Lobo, the real life version again. He’s floating in a tank of yellow fluid kind of like I was not long ago. He’s also wearing the same jumpsuit I am but he has waist length ebony dreadlocks floating behind him. And I have--. I reached up to calm my growing suspicions only to find the displayed hairstyle and something squishy and slimy.

    Grabbing it, I pull it from my head to get a look only to throw it to the concrete floor in horror. It’s a freakish pink starfish with a massive unblinking eye on one side and a mouth leaking a frothy white drool from the underside. I've seen these in that Batman Beyond episode. That’s a Starro, but it’s barely moving. My only way to learn more is on the computer so I return to the files. Why there’s pictures of Harley and the Joker, I have no idea.

    When I find journal entries I know I have found my goal. Reading them, however, leaves me with answers I don’t like all so much. An entity who became known as the Joker crashed in 1978 and went on a twelve year crime spree. After a battle with Batman in a sawmill, he fell onto a conveyor belt. The head regrew, becoming the one known as Joker Jr. whose actions so far, have him acting nearly the same as his father. Many believe Jr. is in fact the regenerated Joker.

    He has been contained in a separate facility. His torso and lower halves also regrew, each into a new unique body. Harlequin is much less violent so far far but has joined up with a crew she calls her Royal Flush gang. As of yet they have only targeted low profile targets like casinos, leaving no need to apprehend her while we continue to observe her actions in the wild.

    Having the torso here, we infused the third new body with DNA from Project Phantom. Lobotomy has become much more muscular and has an estimated strength in the range of fifty tons. This is greatly superior to his family’s barely above baseline human strength. So far, the project’s regeneration has caused two Starro to die from exhaustion. Fortunately, the third Starro's memory implants are working better. It is merging the fragmented knowledge of the earlier two attempts and the genetic memory of the Joker.

    I stop reading and frown in concern. Is this really saying my memories of my entire life are fake? I’m not even the first version they tried to make? I'm Kyle three point oh. Hell, is Kyle even really my name then? The longer I'm awake the harder and harder it’s getting to remember clear memories of my life. I think I was in my senior year of high school, but can’t remember any of my classes or even my friends’ faces. I can’t even picture my family now. I know I want my mom. I remember her being there and caring for me but I cant remember any specifics of her.

    I can remember watching versions of superheros on TV and reading about them in comics. Why are these files acting like it’s all real? Trying to focus on any memory of these is bringing me contrary versions with drastically different art styles. I'm going to have to deal with this once I'm out of here. Right. Escape now, crumble to tears over my identity crisis later. With the beginnings of a plan, I enter the elevator and press the button to go up a floor. One by one until I find a window or building plan, I guess. When the doors close with a whoosh of displaced air the elevator begins to rise.

    It’s a quick ride up with the doors opening showing me a near identical room, except one with maybe two dozen tanks instead of one. The scientist at the desk doesn’t notice my presence behind him. Not waiting for him to have a chance to react, I rush at his back with a mighty kick. His face smashes into his monitor leaving him unconscious at the desk and his computer with a smashed screen on the floor. That was not handled well, I can admit. So, time to see what’s in one of these tanks. Hopefully I'm not going to find a bunch more Joker clones, kids, or whatever I am.

    All but one of the tanks contains a white humanoid form like mine. Already not a good sign. Really, the men look like albino versions of J’onn J’onzz and even the children are bald and big headed. The females have more rounded heads like a human with stringy orange hair. Each has a Starro on their head and none are moving. A single pod holds a green martian. She’s not nearly as bright as I remember the Manhunter’s skin being. Hers is actually paling before my eyes. Not wanting to allow whatever is going on to finish with the girl, I smash an elbow into the glass allowing it to to drain.

    Quickly, I reach in and grasp the lavender starfish on her head and tear it free. It blinks up at me and begins to struggle so I toss it at the wall with a wet squelch. The martian inside stirs as the fluid empties, her skin tone already looking a more vibrant green. She brushes her cherry red hair from her face and her blue eyes focus on me.

    <What’s going on? Where’s my family?!> Her panic rises at the large albino man before her. <No, no, no! The White Plague can’t be on earth too.”> Her voice cracks in despair. I step back, hoping to relieve her panic at me and think in confusion. White plague? I know what the Black Plague is. Am I remembering it wrong? Her head tilts cautiously and I hear her voice again. <You don't have the White plague?> OK, her mouth didn’t move but I heard that. <And you aren't telepathic on earth?> she asks timidly.

    Not as far as I know.” I shrug and remember martians are psychic. Going to have to get used to having people in my head if I really am living in a world with superpowers. She’s way better looking then the Starro though, so it could be worse. “I was in one of these tank things a floor down when I broke out.” Grimacing, I explain, “Those Star things seem to be messing with our heads so I smashed you out. The ones in the other pods seemed finished so I chose to get you out first.” I declare, admitting my lack of any further plan.

    Finally she leaves the protection of her glass chamber, floating into the air. The martian girl becomes translucent and then passes right through the glass. I wonder if I can fly too? The files said I was spliced with a phantoms’ DNA and ghosts can fly, right? Can’t they also go through walls? Is she Project Phantom? My staring is making her self conscious. She blushes a jade color and asks,

    <Well, thanks then.> She frowns. <I don’t know how long I was in there, they kept trying to make me think what they wanted me to.> Yeah, I conclude.

    Definitely brainwashing aliens here then. They were doing the same to me.” I admit with some trepidation. “Most of my memories are implanted actually.” Widening eyes greet this, followed by her soft reply, finally out loud.

    I’m sure once we find my father he can help you sort them out.” She has such an adorably hopeful expression, I smile and nod choosing not to dash her hopes yet. “My name is M’gann.” she introduces herself. I have a decision to make, I realize. Do I give my remembered name and go for total honesty? Or do I try going with the amnesiac route since it’s so inviting. Is it easier to believe everything I know is make believe? Or do I accept everyone I have ever known is dead, or at least lost to me forever? I make up my mind.

    I guess you can call me Lobotomy. That's the name the doctor called me.” Yeah this will be easier then wallowing in the misery of my lost home, I conclude to myself. Really the only way I might be able to keep going once the shock is over. M’gann wraps my massive frame in a hug with her delicate arms. Think quieter if I want privacy, I note. Her voice in my head is full of sympathy.

    <I lost my home too, that’s why my family was trying to escape to Earth.> Releasing my tension, I pat her back softly a few times.

    Thanks.” my answer is chock full of emotion. “Let’s, uh. Lets see who's in these other tanks.” I offer, hoping to end this embarrassment I feel. She nods, her shoulder length hair bobbing along. When we look inside the nearest glass tank she gives off a horrified gasp.

    <K’hymm.> she mumbles, even in my head. M’gann hurries around the room in a desperation that continues to rise, each martian’s identity adding to her loss. <I need to get away from here.> her panic clear in my mind. <Please,> she begs, <they’re my family, and no one’s ever had their mind restored after turning white.> Nodding my agreement, I lead her to the elevator.

    Yeah, let’s find a way out of here.” I answer calmly. “Looks like we have a few more floors to check.” Embarrassed, I admit, “Please don't let me wreck any more computers. I'm not really very good with them” I receive a giggle, better then I was hoping really, all things considered.

    <I’l try.> is her reply. I'm stopped from answering when the doors part before us. Yet another identical room is before us. So far only the number of pods in each room has been different. I leap forward and grab the guard in a chokehold. He struggles but a gesture from M’gann has him sleeping in my arms. This room contains four tanks of apparently human occupants.

    Checking the files on the computer as fast as possible reveals this floor contains Project Phantom. Four Kryptonian children, obtained when General Zod attacked from the Phantom Zone. His three year old son, along with three other children ages seven to thirteen also retrieved upon his defeat. Something in the phantom zones very make up has modified these kryptonians.

    No longer reliant on solar light of any color, they can charge their cells with power from any known light source. This came at a trade off. Their maximum power levels and recorded strength are only at 60% of Superman and Supergirl’s own. Over time the older children have become attuned with their Starro. Kon-Zod, however, has not. His brain has been resistant to memory implantation.

    So far only general knowledge has been implanted, combat orders are to begin implementation in the new year. I get M’gann to take a look and we conclude only this ‘Kon’ should be released. When his tank drains he begins floating towards us. Seriously, can everyone but me fly? M’gann grabs the Starro with her mind and flings it away from the sixteen yer old teen. I step in front of him and get his attention cautiously.

    Hey there, are you doing alright? I'm Lobotomy and this is M’gann.” I gesture at the green girl. “We busted out of our own pods. We’re experiments, it looks like we’re being made to kill superheros.” Here my grin turns savage. “So, clearly were being held by the bad guys.” He nods slowly, coming to the same conclusion. “Let’s free anyone else who hasn’t been controlled yet and get the hell out of here!” Both agree enthusiastically. A loud speaker crackles on with a sneering voice declaring,

    Such a shame. We spent so much time and money and each of you.” The speaker takes a dramatic pause.” But if you insist on this escape plan I will have to declare you failures and begin anew.” We pause for only a second before Kon roars at the ceiling.

    I'm coming for you!” the raw fury gives the voice I now recognize as Dr. Stockman pause.

    If you insist. So be it.” His tone takes on a menacing growl. “Let us see if you have as much luck recruiting Project Firestorm.” And with that, his voices leaves us alone. M’gann worriedly declares,

    <Firestorm does not sound good.> While Kon grabs his head and winces at her voice, she admits. <My people really don’t do well with fire.> Glaring at her, Kon growls.

    I have had enough with things in my head telling me what to think.” He jabs a finger towards her in frustration. “Stay. Out. Of. My. Brain!” She squeaks out an apology and we enter the elevator, hoping to move past the awkwardness. This room is more like mine only a single pod. However, it has no scientist at the desk and no computer either. He must have grabbed it and escaped. Inside the tank floats an orange skinned buxom model. She’s in the same white unitard we all have on but she really fills hers out. Her hair flows around like a cape of flowing white, nearly reaching her feet. Unlike everyone else, her eyes are open and she doesn’t look pleased to see us.

    The woman I would call Starfire's sister, if only more physically mature compared to the version I remember from Teen Titans, begins to clench her fists and growl. In a flash her hair changes from an ivory white to a raging crimson, nearly blood red. Her eyes are now glowing the same color and red flames begin to wrap around her body. In seconds she stands imposing before us. Even my six foot two size only reaches her nose. Filling her tank with flames, it explodes, sending molten glass shards across the room. Several pieces of shrapnel embed themselves into me.

    Searing pain blossoms along my left side from the holes drilled through me. The molten glass cauterizing my wounds instantly, causing me hiss out in pain. M’gann avoided danger by phasing through the wall of glass sent towards her. Kon was able to tank the shards of glass easily. Reacting on instinct it seems, he rushes at her.

    She meets him in the air grappling at near even strength. Two well muscled bodies, both straining gloriously with the effort. In Project Firestorms blind rage, Kon is able to overpower her, slamming her back against the walls repeatedly. Each impact cracking the walls more. On her head, the Starro controlling her has become a charred black. the flames and color of her eyes have changed to a yellow as she begins fighting more frantically to free herself from his hold.

    Several swift knees to his gut do just that and with her newfound freedom rockets behind us. The Starro once controlling her falls from her head. Like an overcooked pastry it crumbles. Sending a wave of golden flames at the steel doors, they rapidly warp and give way. She escapes into the elevator shaft and propels herself upwards. She’s gone for now but will kind of be in our way later. Her flight... why can everyone but me fly? Wait, I have some of Kons DNA and he can fly. Maybe I can, too?

    Sucking in my pride, I jump as high as I can, willing myself to remain in the air with all of my might. I make a few more attempts before desperately flapping my arms like a goose in flight. My attempts to fly are met with a pair of shocked expressions. M’gann asks in concern,

    <Are you alright>? Kon doesn’t hear this and also asks,

    What are you doing, you look ridiculous.” Chuckling to mysel, I admit after a few seconds pause,

    I was, um... Trying to fly.” I defend myself at the raised eyebrow he gives me, “Hey, all three of you can. I had to try.” Sitting on my rear after my last attempt dropped me, I wryly finish, “I guess you can call me Fall-Down Boy.” M’gann gives me a giggle while Kon continues to stare before replying,

    Ok, Fall-Down Boy it is.” and begins rising after Firestorm. M’gann lifts me telepathically and follows after him, the elevator now a pile of smoldering scrap below us. With the shaft aflame now and with smoke filling it, she begins to falter. She reaches out mentally to explain,

    <The flames are so big,> Here she shudders, <I can’t go any higher.> While her mind’s voice is shaking I grab her hand and think as hard as I can, focusing on each word like a neon sign so she can hear me.

    <I’ll be our eyes, you be our wings,> I smile even though she can’t see it. <because if we don't get out now, the fire’s going to spread.> Her genuine laughter surprises me,

    <You don’t need to think each word at me, just clearly direct the whole message.> She gives me a big grin and teases, <Even children aren't so bad.> She does close her eyes, though, and allows me to guide us up. We don't get out on the next floor this time, instead passing dozens of doors on our ascent. Firestorms trail of flames rising hundreds of feet up. Its only at the shafts top she chose to leave.

    Melting her way onto the highest floor available, she didn’t go far into the lobby of the office building. Because instead of fighting, she has her hands on either side of Kon’s Face and her lips pressed against his.

    For his part, Kon stands stock still with both arms firmly against his side. He has a rigid back and eyes full of panic. Noticing our arrival, Firestorm - again with ivory hair and eyes - greets us in English.

    Many Apologies, fellow prisoners. My earlier actions were not of my own.” she steps back from Kon and looks at us contritely. “I was being controlled by the Fleshy Star. Once free, I panicked and fled.” looking embarrassed, she adds, “This one caught up to me.” she gestures to Kon. “I feared a fight, but you tried the talking with me.” tilting her head to one side she asks. “Why?” He frowns and considers the question before answering,

    We were all in a tank with one of those things telling us what to think and how to feel.” he admits to us all. “It was frightening. And I could see how scared you were when yours burnt off.” He holds out a hand and introduces himself. “My name is Kon-Zod.” She grasps his hand with both of hers and shakes it vigorously.

    New friends, I am Kori’andr. Princess of Tamaran.” Releasing Kons grasp, she sticks a hand out for M’gann and I. When we each grab one, she shakes then vigorously. I have to ask about what we floated in on, my curiosity needs to be satiated.

    What was with the whole lip lock thing?” The honest confusion in my voice has her laugh out an explanation.

    In Tamarans past, we warred amongst ourselves. Our sorcerors’ came together and enchanted our peoples blood.” Her look of pride at these ancients from her past speaks of a good reason. “Now when we kiss, we are exchanging languages. This was done so ours would end.” Kon chimes in, changing the subject back to our introductions.

    The green girl is M’gann, she’s a martian.” He points to me next, “And he calls himself Fall-Down boy.” I groan, “My name is Lobotomy.” I consider how to explain my reasoning for a name change. “I learned in my tank, on Earth people who battle crime use a code name and wear a costume. It inspires civilians and gives the enemy an appropriate target.” What kid doesn’t want to be a hero? I know I did. Here and now, when I'm in a world of aliens and superpowers I have a very good chance of doing it.

    If the files are right about my brain healing the memories they created, who knows how long I’m even going to exist. Might as well live out a dream before I cease. I stand a little straighter and announce, “If these people were trying to make me kill people who save the world, I feel responsible for stopping them. I can also admit it’s likely the only way I’ll ever know more about what they did to me.” Frowning, I explain I'm stronger then my species is supposed to be. Like, a lot stronger. Kori’andr smiles at me in empathy.

    Likewise, they did the changes to me. My kind lack the control over flames I have been given.” She looks down at her fists and green flames appear. “Now when I feel strong emotion I can do more then fly. I can reflect my feelings into fire.” She looks to us and nods. “I am of the agreement. If those who hold us wish for us to kill these heroes, we shall instead join them. As stars change fire over time, this shall be the name I wear for battles.” she finishes proudly. Kon has been nodding along.

    I'm pretty powerful.” he adds with a careful smile. “I think I’l be going by Powerboy.” Our smiles of encouragement settle it for him. M’gann agrees with us, finally looking like her strength has returned.

    These monsters turned my family into mindless savages,” her expression grim and voice stern, “they spoiled my family so I’m going to spoil them!” Making eye contact with each of us in turn, she declares, “Call me The Spoiler.” Our newfound good cheer doesn’t last long. Stockmans’ Voice crackles to life on the intercom once again.

    Children. I gave you a chance to return to your pods. Now, Mr. Luthor wants you alive,” the voice loses all warmth as he finishes, “but barely breathing is still alive. Plasmus, have some fun.” Crashing glass from overhead signals for us to jump away. A mass of brownish purple ooze pools on the floor before rising into a vaguely humanoid form. Towering above us at a good twelve feet tall, his ‘face’ forms a smirk and he sends a tendril of ooze towards each of us.

    I struggle all I can but its like being an ant in glue. I'm trapped and as the goo begins tightening around my body I check my comrades. Starfire has ignited into green flames, her eyes radiating raw will power as she struggles. All her efforts only serve to cook Plasmus around her sealing her with rapidly diminishing air.

    Powerboy is likewise unable to bring his strength to bear and his furious glares only leave small patches of hardened ooze. Spoiler has done as her name implies and phased free. She frantically catches sight of our trapped forms and dodges a new tendril, this one sharpened like skewer. Several more frantic stabs fly towards her before she goes intangible gain. She locks eyes on me and flies through my cage, bringing me with her into freedom.

    <We have to get the others free. Try and distract him.> are my instructions. I try my best but Plasmus is hurling globs of corrosive tar, sending them out in frenzied waves in every direction. Moving faster than a body with my bulk has any right to I dodge around his attacks. After the first few strikes, a pattern of swelling ooze became an obvious sign of where the next attack was coming from. I'm able to tear a door free from it’s frame. With my makeshift shield I’m able to charge straight into center mass of the monster.

    The force I crash into it with splatters the ooze all around me. Plasmus is able to reform itself fast with me inside him. Only my head and a single arm remain free from my corrosive cage. Pain burns across my body as Plasmus begins eating away at my skin. My only saving grace is how mild his acidity is, painful but not immediately fatal. Frantically I struggle to free myself but to no avail. With ooze pulling me deeper inside hoping to drown me, I gaze at my companions who are no better off.

    M’gann, only able to remain intangible for seconds at a time, has been grabbed and is being crushed against the floor. Kori was unable to free herself and is encased in a shell of hardened tar weakly struggling, her flames nearly extinguished. Kon has been grabbed by his legs and is being slammed between the floor and ceiling, the rapid impacts stopping him from countering. Alarms are blaring and smoke billows forth from the flaming elevator shaft. My last sight before being completely submerged is a window exploding inwards. Three teenage figures crash inside and roll to their feet, in costume and ready for action.
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    can you please remove the size formatting from this? its hard to read when shrunk into micro font
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  3. Flightless Man

    Flightless Man Versed in the lewd.

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    Thank you i did not realize it was like that when i was uploading since the introduction was typed here but the story was transferred from my word document.
  4. Facelesskydevil

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    sounds interesting
  5. Flightless Man

    Flightless Man Versed in the lewd.

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    Episode 2: Making Friends
    Jan 01/2010
    01:24 AM

    Rancid ooze presses against me from all sides in the total darkness of Plasmus’ innards. A muffled shriek from the direction of the new arrivals is followed by my prison exploding. As I lay on my back coughing I look towards my savior.

    Batgirl stands, arms splayed to the side for balance before her comrades. She wears a version of the Batman Beyond uniform, only with purple instead of red accents. Behind her is Robin, but with crimson wings, not a cape on his back. He has a bow drawn, the arrowhead crackling with energy. A yellow light streaks towards Kori’s gasping form, revealing a cockily smiling, ginger speedster. He looks exactly like he did in the Teen Titans with his yellow suit with red leggings and gloves.

    Holding out a hand, he pulls her to her feet with a flirtatious, “It’s alright babe, we took care of that thing for you.” Unaware of the muck beginning to pull itself together, he continues. “I’m Speedy.” Wait, he’s not Kid Flash? “This is Batgirl and he’s Robin.” Starfire is back on her feet and looking much better with fresh air. She grasps his hand with both of hers and shakes vigorously.

    Many thanks, friend Speedy. Your arrival saved us from painful defeat.” She stops her enthusiastic hand shaking and introduces us in turn.”I am Starfire. These are my comrades.” Robin tries to warn us with a cry of,

    Get away fr-” He is interrupted by a mass of sludge slamming into him. Rolling to a stop across the lobby, he’s quick to clear the muck from his body. His partial warning did allow everyone else to move out of range. Leaping back into the fray, Batgirl jumps over Plasmus. She tosses a handful of batarangs which explode on impact, freezing a good third of the ooze.

    Kon, seizing his chance, grabs onto the frozen tendril and begins shoving. With a mighty heave the beast is forced into the elevator shaft. It’s form again pops, ooze showering down the shaft. Starfire does not like this thing at all because she rushes to the open door. With an angry roar she sends red flames raging downwards. Below, a roar of pain is swiftly cut off by the tower of fire.

    Our celebration has no chance to begin. Explosions begin rocking the entire building from floors below. With the building beginning to collapse underneath us, Kori gives us a bashful,

    Maybe a little to much heat.” Another shudder from the building has us all moving towards the window turned entrance. The fliers are outside with no worries, even Batgirl able to soar with her rocket boots and underarm wing membrane. Speedy just ran straight towards the ground, gravity seeming to be unable to catch up to him in his dash. Left behind, I take a deep breath and fling myself into the air. And as I fall, finally see we’re over twenty stories up. I drop past my allies who are making a more controlled descent. With my most manly shriek I cry out,

    Somebody save me!” My frantic voice grabs their attention, sending them chasing after me. I only fall five or so stories before M’gann is able to grab me and safely lower me down with everyone, wide-eyed and panting. Giving her a grateful look, I say thanks. “That’s why you’re my favorite.” I gesture to the others.

    Everyone else can fly, but twice now you’ve grabbed me.” I get a warm smile in return while the building gives a final shudder behind us and implodes. Like a planned demolition, floors begin collapsing, hiding any evidence below the debris.

    <You got us out of the pods, I can at least make sure to get you outside.> M’gann reassures my downcast expression. Nearing the ground, we see Speedy talking to some emergency responders. His attempts to calm them have worked enough that no one freaks out when we touch down beside him. When he acknowledges us it’s with his shoulders sagging in defeat as he says,

    It looks like everyone got out but Flash is not going to be happy.” Batgirl agrees with frustration.

    Yeah, first night we get to patrol and we burn down Bludhaven’s biggest research lab.” Robin’s wings begin twitching awkwardly as a crowd begins to gather. To avoid a scene Batgirl leads us down a trash filled alley. Opening onto an empty street we are now a few blocks away. presented with an under construction gas station, Batgirl taps a few commands into her wrist and the chain link gate begins rolling aside.

    Robin leads us inside but were quickly cut off by a gang of well dressed thugs. They emerge from the shadows, concealed by the construction equipment. The leader reveals himself to be a short man, barely reaching five feet tall. His tuxedo is expensive and he wears a black stovepipe cap. He narrows his monocled eye towards us and sneers out a greeting.

    Well, Well, Well. When Derek saw you land.” One of his goons puffs up in recognition while the squat man continues, tapping his umbrella enthusiastically. “I knew it was too good an opportunity. I’m keeping your plane.” He huffs and mutters out. “Once I can find it that is”. His men brandish assorted melee weapons and try to look menacing.

    Were outnumbered two to one, clearly he only expected the three who rescued us. Batgirl goes skywards with Robin, a gesture all they needed to spring into action. Speedy blurs around the construction yard, small stones becoming bone breaking bullets. Robin fires a volley of arrows that strike a crane. Blue arcs of energy discharge knock several thugs to the ground.

    Batgirl has engaged the stocky man in a melee battle. Her elongated arm blades are blocking slashes and stabs, directed with unnatural grace from her foe. Batgirl lets out a growl.

    When did you start working out, Penguin?” her eyes her narrowed as she demands an answer. “your stronger then ever, whats going on?” he gives a cheeky grin and snaps his umbrella open. As it begins to spin, a yellow gas begins spewing forth. Quickly creating a fog of fumes he replies finally.

    My associates provided me with some enhancements.” He admits nonchalantly. “really all I had to do was obtain a few things in exchange. Like your fancy ship.” he squawks out in frustration. “reclaiming escaped projects will really get me in their good books though.” this has Kon fling himself into the fray in a fury, the rest of us right behind him.

    When Starfire flings a ball of red flame towards her foe however, the yellow fog ignites around us. In a flash of crimson light and a thunderous boom, we are all thrown from our feet. Aside from Batgirl who manages a graceful roll, we all tumble to a painful stop. Agony sears across my body but quickly fades as I feel my skin regrow rapidly.

    The others are not as fortunate. Robin is nursing what looks like a dislocated arm and Speedy lies against the fence, thrown clear from the fray. Powerboy and Starfire are able to rise to their feet but their wary of the enemy now. The Penguin’s skill is not something I would not have expected, even his goons handled the blast better.

    Their suits material is flame proof allowing them to charge towards us, ready for round two. M’gann cowers in fear, something shes really going to need to work on if were really going to go after Lex Luthor. Fire is pretty common around fights. Kori’s Indigo form streaks past us, punctuating my point.

    Her gout of flame is blocked by a rapidly spinning umbrella and countered by a spray of more gas. The purple smoke billows around her, leaving her dropping to her knees in pain. Her orange skin is blistering an angry red, and her durable unitard has begun melting to her body.

    Kon grabs her and leaps away from Penguin’s stab, leaving only me and Batgirl fighting this deformed acrobat. The remaining goons, all six of them rush at us. Batgirls sonic scream sends four flying across the yard and my fists drop the others. A rat-a-tat-tat announces the Penguin’s next trick.

    I'm shot several times in the chest but I barely feel it. Its time to end this, before someone really gets hurt. Lowering my body into a tackle, I charge the well dressed villain. I barrel right through a blue gas, barely noticing the sedative effect. Penguins shocked look is knocked from his face as I slam us both into the side of a dumpster.

    Batgirl takes advantage of his stunned form to cuff him. Back on his feet, Speedy make sure none of the goons escape. Kori is glaring menacingly down at the goons we have captured while M’gann tries to get something from our attackers’ minds. I'm ignoring this all however.

    Lying on the ground, a few feet away from me is Penguin’s umbrella. It stopped some of Starfire’s fire, it had quite a few tricks as well. I grab it for myself after a few moments contemplation.

    He wanted your ship, I’m keeping his Umbrella.” Is my defense when the others notice it in my hands. I take on a posh posture and declare to everyone. “from now on I’m falling in style.” At least Speedy chuckles at the joke, we’re going to have some fun I can tell already.

    It takes no time to truss up the gang, all bound together and awaiting pickup. Robin proudly turns to us all.

    this is what they were after.” a few commands into his belt has the air in the far corner shimmer and distort. The now occupied space reveals a bronze and black spacecraft. It has two forward curving ‘wings’ and a cockpit resembling a hooked beak. Nearly twenty feet long, it has an elegant and deadly design. He steps onto the ramp that has descended and declares proudly,

    This is the Warhawk, my ship.” With that declaration, we’re lead on board. The cockpit is really the only available space, a single seat for a driver face forward while five seats line both sides of the hallway. It’s tight but not cramped, the wing room needed keeps the claustrophobic feeling gone.

    Each of us straps into a seat with a gesture from Robin, who takes his place in the pilots position and begins prepping for takeoff. Speedy leans into Kori and tosses an arm over her shoulders.

    Babe, we’re really going to have to work on your control.” Kori looks embarrassed but Speedy ignores this. “I can totally give you a hand with that.” quickly adding at Batgirls look. ”I mean Flash and I can totally help you with that.” M’gann interrupts his offer to inform us what she learned from the Penguin while I was distracted earlier.

    He said he was there for this vehicle,” She pauses when when all look to her. “but that was only a bonus. He was called to stop us from escaping.” This declaration is met with with silence all around.

    Since when does Penguin work for Lex Luthor?” I finally ask, breaking the awkward silence. Nodding Batgirl agrees with me.

    He was also better equipped and harder to handle then ever.” She admits. Were silenced again when Robin brings us into the air. The Warhawk rises into the early morning sky silently, giving us an excellent view of Bludhaven. Its a city split in two, with each half on either side of a massive river. Where the river enters the enormous bay, a bridge stretches out towards an island cluster.

    that's Central City.” Speedy explains when he sees where my gaze is drawn. “That's where me and Flash normally patrol. Robin and his Parents live here in Bludhaven.” Batgirl points out the other big islands near Central.

    Ark ham Island and Belle Reve are the two big ones. The lights on the north side of the bay is Metropolis. Superman, Star Saphire, Supergirl, and Steel live their.” She twists to point to the far south show, a haze of lights barely visible. “I live in Gotham down south with my family.”

    With the landmarks pointed out to us, we sit back to enjoy the ride. I notice now that the emergency is over ,M’gann seems to be making an effort to avoid looking at me. Something to worry about after I can shower and wash the dried blood i'm covered in off. I let the sounds of Speedy hitting on Starfire blend with Kon’s occasional grunt.

    Batgirl speaks more with Spoiler about the knowledge she gained from Penguins mind. Robin has been silent for almost the whole trip. Hes been communicating furiously with someone on the ships computer, glaring more and more with every response he gets. None of this bothers me now though, I just watch the pretty lights streak by below us. A short ten minute trip has us begin descent into the outskirts of the city. A bird sanctuary on the edge of Slaughter Swamp is our destination.

    A collection of high tech tree houses dot the ‘Flying Grayson Bird Sanctuary’. Walkways of rope and wood connect the dozen or so more high tech buildings. Made of some kind of dark patterned steel, each is a cylindrical column with a cone roof. Each is about twenty feet in diameter, somehow the material light enough to be no strain on the trees supporting them.

    We touch down in a clearing and I jump in my seat a little as a violet energy wave shimmers over head. A quick and clean landing from Robin has us shortly exiting the craft. The marsh air is thick with the smells of life and death, a constant cycle of rebirth. My favorite terrain has always been marshlands, the false calm of the scenery holds a serene beauty in my eyes.

    Were lead to a rope ladder, each of us going up in turn. Entering the largest building were introduced to Robins parents. Katar and Shayera Grayson are both imposing even sitting on bar stools. When they notice our presence, they abandon their meal of fish. Rising to their feet they greet us warily.

    Red Bird.” Robin twitches at his mothers nickname. “Who are your new friends?” Shayera questions him. He shrugs after looking back to his friends for support.

    We found these four in Cadmus trying to escape.” Him pleads with his parents to understand. “They were experimenting on aliens, we couldn’t just leave them.” That has the Thanagarians looking us over more closely. Katar asks when he sees M’gann in the light.

    A Martian?” she confirms this so he asks the rest of us our species.

    Kryptonian.” Is Kons simple declaration which has both parents widening their eyes in shock. Kori jumps in with.

    I am of Tamaran.” When all eyes are on me I really don't know what to say. The files didn’t have my species name, only unknown was listed. I look like Lobo and I know hes an alien but I only saw him in an episode of Justice League. I have no idea what he is. The Joker was human according to my memories, so i'm really at a loss here. So I admit it.

    i have no idea what I am.” I get a concerned oh from Kori as I continue my explanation. “All I know is what I found in my files. My species regrows asexually when a large enough portion of our mass breaks off.” Varying levels of comprehension greet this. “Some freak named the Joker is my dad. And my sister and brother are also psychotic.” The heroes are now looking at me in shock as I finish my explanation. “Maybe the mind wipes were a good thing in my case. I have some memories of living on a farm on earth.”

    I have memories of watching a lot superheroes on TV.” I pause in reflection. If i'm really just a bunch of fake memories my whole life is a lie. “since the files said they were building my personality it must have been how I was interpreting news reports or something.” I consider it an offer my reasoning. “maybe they were using it as propaganda., Each show as it went on showed how no matter how good a hero's intentions when they start, you all get corrupted and the government has to act.” My words have them considering what this could mean before Batgirl speaks up.

    Maybe our Martian should be here for this.” M’gann looks hopeful hearing of another survivor. “Superman and my Dad would probably like to be hear as well.“ The Speedster adds his two cents.

    Grandpa is going to be mad enough if he doesn’t get a call.” The adult’s agree and make a few calls to their fellow League members. I speak up, worried about someone else messing around in my mind.

    We just had some freaky starfish things giving us all fake memories.” my words draw Katar’s attention. If we going to be interrogated can it not be telepathically.” Kon vehemently agrees so I ask. “I remember Wonderwoman having some kind of truth lasso, can I use that instead?”

    We’ll see who's available at.” Katar pauses to look at his watch. “Almost 3 am.” Robin Leads us to some low back couches, easy for wings to rest on top of. Shayera informs us.

    Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonderwoman and Question are on the way.” she acknowledges Kori who preens at the attention. “Diana was really interested tin hearing about you the Alien warrior princess.”

    We spend a calm half an hour eating the shared meal. The reheated fish not horrible. The first to arrive is the Question. Standing in the doorway in a matching indigo suit and fedora. He says only a single word and then goes stock still. His featureless face has shock somehow plain across it.

    M’gann.” His choked sob cuts of as his body melts away revealing the form of a crying green martian. M’gann throws herself at him with a reply unheard by any but him. Shayera, leaning against a dark wall smiles warmly at her friend.

    Someone you know J’onn?” he takes a mount to relish the moment before answering her.

    Yes Shayera, this is my daughter.” everyone is shocked at that. “I thought her lost in the crash with the rest of our family.”
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    Episode 3: Roosting With Robin
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    The reunited Martians were given time outside to reconnect in privacy. And when they return, its in the company of four new but recognized people. Superman is in a blue bodysuit with no cape. The solid color of the uniform, broken up by a red S on his chest. He lacks the outside underwear hes often made fun of but has a red utility belt and boots. He has graying temples and laugh lines are beginning to form around his eyes. Behind him on hes left, walks Batman.

    He has a bulky version of Batgirl’s form hugging mech suit. Batman’s suit is clearly built for power and intimidation rather then the agility and stealth of his sidekick’s. Instead of the violet insignia, his suit has a dark blue symbol on his chest. Beside him in all his charm is an elderly Flash.

    The speedster looks to be nearing sixty under his winged silver helmet. He has a pair of blue leggings with winged boots on each foot. His look is completed by his scarlet shirt, a massive yellow lightning bolt across his torso. Walking in with M’gann and J’onn, talking to the younger girl with an encouraging smile is Wonderwoman.

    She wears silver armor with golden accents. The one piece look now replaced with covered legs and arms. The blues of her classic look now silver, while the reds have become gold. While her comrades all look middle aged or older, the Amazon looks eternally in her prime.

    Katar and Shayera Grayson have donned their costumes while waiting for everyone to arrive. Katar goes by the name Hawk and his wife by Dove. They look exactly like the characters from the Justice League Unlimited episode with the magic war robot only with wings. Hawk greets his guests, beginning the debriefing.

    The kids found these four escaping from Cadmus.” His tone is grim. And Dove’s is more so when she chimes in.

    The building was already unstable when they arrived, after a fight with some ooze beast the building collapsed.” Her words have us lead into the retelling of our escape taking the better part of an hour before Batman is satisfied with the details. He didn’t come across as a grouchy old man like in Batman Beyond. He is more of a stern father interrogating a date levels of menace.

    He did growl when my connection to the joker was mentioned but at the name, not at me. Similar to how Superman’s jaw clenched and his fists tightened on hearing Kon was Zod’s son. Mention of our intended goal has them all shifting in they’re seats uncomfortably. Being implanted with false memories and killing super powered individuals is not a welcome news in this company. Batman stops the rising tension with a raised hand. When everyone is silent he speaks in his gravelly voice.

    That is unwelcome news.” His comrades agree. “Were going to need confirmation this is not so.” He stares us down across the Grayson’s oval dining room table. “You have a few choices. J’onn can do a telepathic Scan or you can use the Lasso of Truth.” once the news sinks in, Wonderwoman adds trying to calm us before tensions can rise.

    We can also have Dr Fate perform a spell of truth.” We take a few minutes to contemplate our options. I realize a few things. In all my memories of the Lasso, its being held by someone. What if i'm holding it and asking myself the questions?

    I already had enough things messing with my memories.” Kon and Kori both agree with me. “If I use the Lasso an I hold it and ask the questions?” Batman tilts his head in contemplation while Wonderwoman confirms my theory.

    It should work, its only recently we have had many volunteers so it has been used on prisoners.” She looks me in the eyes, considering something about my character before finishing. “since you are not an enemy, I will allow this.” Kon bows his head in relief but this is not enough for Kori.

    We have done nothing of the wrong.” Her voice begins to rise as her hair and eyes take on a reddish tint. “I will not be treated as a criminal.” she stands declaring to everyone. “I am a princess of Tamaran, and I refuse to have my mind be invaded again or my words be bound by magic.” Wonderwoman quickly cuts in, her voice calm and even in her mediation.

    Princess. I am Queen Diana of Themyscira.” her words bring Starfire to a stop. “I would be glad to host you in my home until we can be sure. You would be treated as an honored guest.” Kori considers this and calms, her hair and eyes now changing to blue sheen.

    This I can do.” she accepts and sits back down again. The tension gone instantly as her happy mood returns. Mr J’onzz speaks up finally in a deep level voice.

    My daughter was able to resist her intrusions of the mind. A few months longer and her resistance would have been gone.” He turns and thanks me. “Because of you my daughter is returned to me.” he lower his head and continues. “we now know the White Death was no plague but a dominance of the mind.” His voice goes firm and his eyes are glaring in rage. “Someone or something made my people lose our will and become slaves to our instincts, killing friends and family in savagery.” Flash grimaces in realization and adds.

    Whoever did that to your people is behind the white Martian invasion in 1971.” Superman changes the subject after a moment of stiff silence all around the table.

    Which one of you would like to go first with the Lasso?” his calm voice has me at ease. I may as well get this over with, this was my idea after all.

    Let’s do this.” My voice manages not to shake and I accept the cord of magical gold. I loop it over my shoulders and keep it grasped in my right hand. “I am Project Lobotomy, I remember pieces of human life, I don’t want to kill any heroes, and I have contradictory memories of most of you.” I get confused looks so I clarify.

    I think the Starro was trying to show me how Heroes always get corrupted by their power and go evil. I remember several versions of the lives of the Justice League and how events have or maybe simulations of how they can go.” Batman narrows his eyes and demands an answer.

    Do you know our secret identities?” I consider this because after everything I have seen tonight I really don't think I know as much as I believe I do. I decide my course of action and answer.

    I know Superman is Kal El, a Kryptonian.” I point to Wonderwoman, the Question and the Thanagarian’s. “I thought you were a princess Actually. I knew most of J’onn’s story and Katar and Shayera’s first names.” I shrug and try to set them at ease. Omit, don’t lie. “I thought Robin was your sidekick actually Batman.” My truthful yet misleading answers have him relaxing his posture finally. Time to really prove my lack knowledge and threat.

    I didn’t even know the world was united. I remember a world always at war with itself.” I have real confusion in my eyes as I declare. “Eleven alien or extra dimensional invasions between 1910 and 2010 really changed how the world evolved.” I admit with some embarrassment. “I don’t even know half the countries in the world and where is Australia? I couldn’t find it just a big empty ocean.” Following my finger to the globe, Wonderwoman’s eyes open as I trace a pretty good outline of the missing landmass.
    You know of Themyscira's location?” she asks with some concern. “You identified its location and shape quick well.” I frown and answer her.

    I guess I do, I remember a country formed from a British penal colony. It was a savage and untamed land, deadly to any unprepared for its creatures.” The early hour and Wonderwoman’s concern of my knowledge of her homeland has distracted everyone enough I hope. Kon takes the Lasso from me once I finish and wraps it around his left forearm. His voice comes out steady and dispassionately as he speaks.

    I am Kon-Zod, I have no intention or commands to attack any heroes.” His firm declaration is swift and he removes the rope before any questions can be asked. His challenging gaze dares them to ask for more. The crack of Speedy’s head against the table jerks us all upright. His Grandfather laughing at his snoring, form announces to us all.

    Well i'm satisfied.” he wakes his grandson and both give farewells. “Its been a long night and i'm not getting any younger.” Batman agrees and leaves with Batgirl shortly after. M’gann head’s to her father’s apartment in downtown Bludhaven while Superman brings his fellow Kryptonian home with him. Kori gives an enthusiastic hug that would have broken the bones of any human and leaves with Wonderwoman.

    Somehow it had been decided since I was an alien and the Grayson’s are aliens, I would be staying her for a while at least. I get shown to a tree house of my own for my stay and am given free range of the kitchen and living room buildings. Katar shows the perimeter of the bird sanctuary is guarded with a force field and encourages me to familiarize myself in the marshland while his family gets the sleep they missed out on dealing with us escapees.

    Robin removes his mask as we share breakfast, a huge sign of trust from him. Or is it actually, he isn’t the protege of the paranoid Batman. He did bring us to his house and his parents were in casual wear. Hmm, seems hes more open then any Robin I know of. He extends a hand in proper greeting.

    My names Roy, Roy Grayson.” I take his hand and shake before replying earnestly.

    I don’t really want to use the name I was programmed to have and Project Lobotomy is no name.” He nods in agreement so I continue. “How about Tommy? Yeah Tom Lobo sounds decent right?” He gives an encouraging smile and confirms.

    Makes you sound less like the crazed offspring of the Joker for sure.” I wince, hes not wrong. I’m going to have an uphill battle acceptance wise I think. “Anyway its early and I need some sleep. Have a good morning and ill see you this afternoon.” I wave good morning to the yawning teen and i'm left alone to my thoughts and my mini wheat's.

    Leaving my washed dishes in the rack to dry, I take the advice from Katar. Choosing one of the many paths at random, I meander off into the wetlands. A winding stream leads to a shallow pond, shoreline covered in bulrushes. Ducklings follow their mother in a lazy circle while a muskrat emerges onto the bank and shakes itself dry.

    For the first time since I woke up and learned my life is a lie, I feel calm and almost at peace with myself. Following the trail under an overhanging willow tree, I emerge into a clearing full of Tiger Lilies, Poppies, and Lilacs surround a small spring. An elegant blue heron stands stock still in the center of the clear water. Dozens of orange and gold speckled Pumpkinseed fish swim about its feet, jumping at the dragonflies skating across the ponds surface.

    I lower myself to the ground and lean back against the sturdy willow tree. I raise my gaze from the white Lotus’ dotting the water and watch the force field flicker wherever a bug or leaf touches it. I let the sound of animals all around me wash over me, their desperation to get laid always makes me feel less pathetic.
    A large form moving through the thicker vegetation of the swampland draws my notice. Walking towards me and coming to a stop on the other side of the barrier is a massive figure. Almost nine feet tall, the creature is green and covered in vine like veins. It looks like a collection of plant matter and muck, molded into a vaguely humanoid shape.

    Glowing yellow eyes pierce into my form, evaluating me for any flaws. Minutes pass with both of us motionless, my bones scream at me to flee or burn everything insight. This thing can kill us, if it chooses to. I resist my screaming instincts, forcing them down with all my willpower. I out stubborned a DVD player, or at least I remember doing so. forty five minutes of open and close before I could finally watch Toy story 2 means I will keep the pieces of Joker inside me from ever coming to the surface.

    The Manic grin which threatened to take over my face washes away in the face of my determination. I remember sitting at the kitchen table until my dad woke up the next morning for work. I wasn’t allowed to leave the table until I ate my dinner. So I did not leave the table all night, scared my dad would punish me but determined not to eat the borscht.

    Tension slips from my body as minutes pass, turning into over an hour with neither of us breaking eye contact. Finally I pass this green man’s test, seeming to accept I am different from the Clown of Chaos. It’s eyes close and its form shifts. Cracks spread across its body and it breaks apart, its mass rejoining the swamp as it’s attention is drawn elsewhere.

    Releasing the breath I hold in my lungs I close my eyes and enter a trance like state. I’m Unable to sleep so soon after waking but mentally drained from my experiences today. I sit here for hours, enjoying the warm light across my face and the cool breeze in my hair.

    Footsteps from behind me finally draw my attention. Scaring the family of ducks who have chosen to sit against my sprawled legs, Roy approaches in jeans and a red muscle shirt.

    Good to see you getting along with the birds.” His smile is wide and tone energetic. “Mom and Dad had to head to the Watch Tower. We have been getting information from criminals all over the world about something huge going on today.” He shrugs at my confusion. “We have no idea what, just something big.” he finishes explaining. “almost half the Legion is on the station. The whole world is jittery.”

    What’s the Legion?” I ask in confusion. “You said your parents were in the Justice League.” Robin nod in pride.

    Yeah back in 1999 the world finally formed the Republic of Earth.” His chuckle is grim but he has a fierce grin. “eleven invasions in a century will do that. The continents each got twenty five members on the Legion of Super Heroes.“He pauses to catch his breath.

    Oceania gets five, Wonderwoman, Aquaman and Aquawoman fill most of those slots. Each continent and even some provinces have their own smaller team with members both in the Legion and those who don’t quite make the cut.” He takes on a determined expression. “four more years and I can apply for both. You have to be twenty one or the Legion Officials wont even look at your file.”

    Whoa, that’s a pretty big organization.” I wonder aloud. Robin snorts and explains as if to a child.

    the Legion is pretty much for major disasters and invasions. Continental groups and individuals deal with smaller stuff.” I rise to my feet and brush off the feeling of being watched as we head back towards the grain silo style tree houses. He remains silent, considering his question carefully before asking.

    Any idea what you want to do with your life?” he looks me over from head to toe. “you guys really helped us out against Plasmus and the Penguin.” I confirm his theory.
    As soon as me and the other escapees can, were going after Cadmus.” I growl out. “They won’t get away with what they did to us.” He meets my gaze evenly and offers his aid.

    That’s what the three of us figured. Speedy, Batgirl and me want in.” When I ask why, he responds flippantly with. “Its the right thing to do, especially if their making weapons to use against us.” He rubs his hair awkwardly and admits after a few seconds. “it may also be a really big help getting us onto the Legion one day.”

    Our casual conversation is cut off by Robin’s belt flashing red and shrieking an alarm. He goes silent and rushes to a TV, changing it to an emergency news broadcast. A red headed reporter stands before the camera visibly shaking, terror in her eyes. She addresses the audience with a trembling voice that gains firmness as she goes.

    This is April O’Neil with channel 8 reporting live from Central city. We are still unsure what exactly caused it but two minutes the Watch Tower, home of the Legion of Super Heroes exploded.” she gives her viewers a moment to digest the tragedy before continuing with the horror. “An intruder was reported by the Legion and all available members arrived.” She has lost any shakiness in her voice and is speaking with growing fury now.

    The Legion reports fifty two members are MIA with the worst feared.” her report cuts off as she begins stepping backwards. In front of the camera walks Bane in his roided out form. He towers over the reporter with his massive eight foot frame, muscles bulging with ever motion. His skin is tinged green with the Venom running through his system giving him incredible strength. Grabbing the microphone from miss O’Neil’s hand he addresses the world.

    Compadres across the world, rise up now and strike. My associates have removed the Watch Tower and almost half of the Legions entire force.” He grins with feral menace and roars. “Today is the rise of anarchy. If you have the power take what you want.” he sneers now derision heavy in his voice. “if you don’t at least stay out of our way, otherwise things will get painful for you.” With these words he grabs April and throws her over his shoulder.

    As he stalks off camera, her screams are heard until the roar of his gang overwhelms her voice. An army of goons dressed like ninjas with purple masks swarm the park, killing any who resist or flee. Robin grabs his phone and is calling one of his allies immediately while I am unable to move, shock overwhelms me entirely.
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    Episode 4:Speeding to the Rescue
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    Bane’s declaration was met worldwide by the enthusiastic actions of criminals across the world. This was what they had been waiting for and the signal was the Watch Tower’s destruction. Fifty two of the hundred and thirty Legionaries are gone. Those who where planet side but capable of space travel have found no bodies. Kryptonite radiation along with an overwhelming discharge of magical energy has been detected. Robin gets my attention once he has finished with his calls.

    Speedy and his sister are trying to keep Central contained. Mr Freeze and Kid Cold have gone after Keystone labs and they need a hand.” He gives me an evaluating look before asking me. “You want in? I could use your help.” The barely contained panic in my eyes has me slowly nod. He’s barely able to keep himself going forward right now, I'm going to have to step up.

    Let’s rock and roll!” My enthusiastic bellow startles Roy, getting him to give me a determined grin.

    Lets get you something to wear and go save some cities.” He leads me outside and across one of the rope bridges. Inside a smaller shelter, I’m presented with a trove of protective gear. “This is Nth weave leather. It disrupts magical attacks and unfocused energy.” He gives a wry grin. “Still wont stop a direct or concentrated attack of any kind but glancing blows should glide over you. “With his gesture of invitation, I begin choosing my equipment.

    I choose a helmet, its made of a solid piece of royal purple Nth Metal. Smooth finish and no visible facial markings but transparent from the inside. It matches a long sleeved violet mesh undershirt. A spiked bikers vest with slits over each shoulder blade for wings goes with a pair of Thanagarian leather pants of the same durable material. Both are a burnt shade of brown, nearly black in the shadows but a rich walnut color in the light. Dark red biker boots, with black metal spikes complete my look.

    I grab a silver utility belt with a standard load and a harness for my new umbrella. And strap a grappling hook to my waist. Robin taps me the shoulder when he has returned in his uniform. He has his bow and quiver on his back, magnetically attached along with a red cowl more armored then his domino mask from before.

    We can do a fly over of Bludhaven while we grab Spoiler.” He waits for me to confirm before finishing. “Everyone is being overwhelmed right now, were going to need to relieve Batgirl after we help in Central.” we begin rushing to the Warwing when an alert in his cowl brings him to a stop.

    He frowns in frustration before slamming a fist into the side of his vehicle. “Change of plans Belle Reve is having a break out. Can you drive?” I give him a startled look before he clarifies. “A bike, not the jet.” Ah, that makes more sense.

    yeah I was at least programmed with memories of dirt biking a lot.” Roy rolls his shoulders and narrows his eyes.

    Good were going to grab Spoiler and i'm going to drop you off in Central. You and Speedy can meet us at Belle Reve when your finished with the Friese Family.” Oh wow, things really have to be bad if i'm getting this much trust right off the bat.

    I can do that, lets go get M’gann.” He points me to a red and black motorbike. Top of the line and with way more buttons then I have ever seen on a bike. No problem I can do this, I try to keep myself deluded. Once I wheel the bike up the ramp and inside the alien craft, we strap in and lift off. As we slip through the force field around the bird sanctuary, Robin patches in some commands on his console. M’gann’s voice filter into the cockpit, panic evident in her voice.

    Roy is able to turn her panic into steely nerves somehow, giving her a target for her grief is helping. I’m barely listening to their conversation. Watching the lights streak by below us i’m distracted by a growing crowd of lights swarming down the street below us.
    Hey, sorry to interrupt you two.” Robin stops mid sentence and glances back at me. “but theirs a riot down their.” I point below us and Roy grimaces.

    Ill park and join you down their.” He speaks into his communication system again, informing M’gann. “Were only a few blocks away from your apartment can you meet Fall-Down Boy.” I interrupt him here, gotta do this now before my name sticks.

    Lets go with Flightless Boy, sounds less like a punk band.” I get a laugh from Robin who lowers the rear hatch. Time to make my entrance. I do a quick double check of my gear to calm my nerves. And begin jogging towards to ramp, going fast enough I can’t change my mind I call out to Robin as I fling my self into the air. “I’ll try to save some for you!”

    Wind whistles past me as I blur downwards. When I near five stories, I reach behind me and unsheathe my umbrella. Clicking it open wrenches on my shoulder, nearly tearing my fancy parachute from my grasp at the sudden wind resistance. Surprisingly my momentum slows enough that I’m sure I can walk faster then this decent.

    My screams which I will defend as manly bellows, draw the attention of the crowd below me. I count around fifty angry thugs, each armed with assorted makeshift weapons. Molotov's have been throw into dumpsters, igniting the foul smelling containers and casting the mob in an eerie orange glow.

    Some begin to back away while those more aggressive move towards my location. Trying not to feel overwhelmed at the mobs size, I reach into my utility belt with my free hand. The green compartment releases a half dozen green pellets that I was earlier informed contain skunk fumes into my palm. I toss them into the crowd and giggle at the clouds of green smoke that begin billowing among the assembly.

    Chokes and gags greet my opening assault, allowing me to land unmolested. Feeling my blood begin to warm, I start to cackle out loud. Not giving the uncertain mob a chance, I throw myself at them. Bowling two over in a blind tackle, i grab one by each arm and lift him.

    Brandishing the gangster by his hands, I begin flailing away with his body. His frantic kicks are adding force to each of my strikes. My sudden and unorthodox assault has created a large amount of groaning goons. I lift my club above my head as he weakly whimpers in pain.

    Anyone else?” I roar into the fleeing crowd.

    No, you showed them.” Robin’s voice cuts in from behind me. M’gann is with him or at least a female version of her fathers disguise is beside him. A faceless human girl with M’gann’s cherry red hair now a vibrant green. She has a yellow fedora and matching trench coat, with a slightly darker tone suit. She gives me a hesitant wave.

    Hey. That was savage.” missing her discomfort I thank her. And drop my club, allowing him to crawl away. Feeling my blood pumping i’m getting into this whole action thing.

    This is so much better then fighting at a party!” I cheer and clap in enthusiasm. “Central is across the main bridge right? The big orange one right?” I wait for Robin to confirm this and grin. “Awesome, I can head their now and you two can go grab Batgirl.” Spoiler agrees a little to swiftly.

    Yeah that sounds good.” she turns to Robin and tries to give him puppy dog eyes but that’s hard to do with no face. Being better than I am with social clues, he picks up on her desire to be away from so he acquiesces.

    Can you float the motorbike down to the street for him?” Roy asks. She nods eagerly and flies off and he hurries after her with and amused. “Be back soon.” from him. In no time shes brought the seek vehicle down to the street for me. Robin speaks up though the com in my helmet.

    Coordinates are already input, just follow the GPS. We will meet you at Belle Reve once you deal with the early ice age their experiencing.“ I pause uncertainly for a moment before answering.

    Got it and Good luck.” I wave cheerfully to M’gann who weakly waves back before she flies up and out of view. While I prepare the bike, I see the sleek form of the Warwing bank south and race off towards Gotham. Kicking back the kickstand I lean forward and feel the engine roar to life beneath me. Checking the coast is clear I rocket forward, the apartments blurring behind me as I near the massive suspension bridge.

    As traffic picks up, I am forced to begin swerving around them. With how well this machine handles, weaving in and out of traffic is easy. A police barricade is stopping anyone from entering Central city, backing traffic up for a third of the bridges length. I'm forced onto the center line of the road as I near the barricade.

    Cops begin shouting at me to stop but I ignore them, roaring my engine loudly. When they realize I will not stop, they rush out of my way. I streak between the officers and their barricade, racing into central city. As I near Keystone Labs, I see evidence of the battle. The street is frozen nearly an inch thick causing spikes to emerge from my wheels when I lose traction.

    Vehicles all over the street are frozen solid, many have a shattered door. Speedy got the civilians out already, good work on his part. Engaging the locking mechanism, I hop off my bike and saunter up the stairs. The stairway railing has snapped in several places from the expanding ice. Keystone Labs entire building front is covered in a sheet of ice, each window has shattered inwards from the pressure.

    Massive roots dot the battlefield, each frozen solid where they burst from the ground. Cautiously entering the building I see more frozen roots and vines inside the hallway. A fierce battle was wage in this hall. Rumbling sounds from deeper inside, giving me a direction to head.

    I begin charging down corridors, each showing more evidence of the battle being fought. Smashing through a barrier of ice, I find myself in the midst of a showdown. Speedy is racing around the room in bolts of yellow light. Hes dodging blasts of blue energy, each freezing large portions of whatever surface they strike. His opponent is the intimidating Mr Freeze.

    Standing seven feet tall and contained in a massive mech suit, the master of Ice shrieks in rage. Every missed bolt sending him further into a frenzy. On the far side of the lab is who I believe is Poison Ivy. Her skin is a dark brown, nearly a bark like texture.

    She has a one piece, like a bathing suit made of foliage. Leaves and grass intertwined with several vines twisting around her limbs and a single yellow Iris blooms in her grassy hair. She has clay red boots, they look like clay pots really and a pair of tight green gloves.

    Her fight is going far worse than Speedy’s. Each attempt to fight leads to more frozen vegetation. Her opponent is a teenage male, laughing in glee. He has a blue parka with white fur trimming and blue pants. He has white fur gloves and snow boots with a set of black goggles with red lenses. His skins is an icy blue and he tosses freezing blasts from each palm. Lowering my shoulder charge the teen.

    With a heavy tackle I slam into him, his body sprawls across the floor leaving him dazed. Addressing the botanical woman I ask.

    Names Flightless Boy. What do these goons want?” she stops cowering behind an overturned table and has roots wrap each of Kid Cold’s limbs.

    His mom Nora is really sick.” shes sympathetic as the subject of our discussion squirms. “Barry and his dad have been trying for almost two years to find a cure for her disease.” Barry growls out an interruption at the personal details.

    Hospitals kicked her out. Too worried shes Contagious with some alien disease to even try and help her.” he spits onto the floor in disgust. “Dad and me are the bad guys because no one else will even lift a finger for mom!” his rage at the ineffectual system is stamped across his face.

    What if I had a cure?” my words have both going still at my words. “would you keep doing this super villain stuff?” I consider my words because if I really want to be different then the Joker, I need to fix things in some way beyond smashing them with my fists. He stares me down before admitting.

    Dad might, I think hes gotten addicted to the power.” he goes silent for a moment before finishing. “If you really have a cure for my mom, I promise I’ll stop” he hastens to add however. “I won’t be turning myself in, just nothing new.” I weigh my options and accept.

    My blood is supposed to cure basically any disease known to man. My files said testing was extensive.” I pull a vial from my belt and stab my forearm upon a thorny vine. Pressing the glass to my wound I nearly fill it before my skin has healed completely. I walk over to Barry and place the vial inside his chest pocket. I turn to the plant girl and announce.

    Lets take care of Mr Freeze, his Kid Cold is dealt with.” she nods uncertainly before releasing Barry from her grasp. He rubs his wrists and ankles before standing. I receive a steady gaze and a cocky grin.

    Thanks, I owe you two for this then.” He explains when all he gets is a confused grunt. “One for the cure and one for letting me skedaddle.” As he begins backing towards the doorway he calls out to his father. “Dad, I got a cure. I’m getting out of here with or without you.” With those parting words he runs from the room.

    Thanks for the save, I’m Botanica.” I get a warm smile and now in close proximity I get a whiff of cinnamon mixed with lemon. My blood heats up and my vision swims. All I can think about is having this goddess before me. And as her expression begins to sag in defeat, I shake my head. My thoughts clear and my blood cools.

    Whoa adrenaline rush, sorry.” I admit sheepishly. She looks up surprised.

    No actually that would be me.” I tilt my head in confusion prompting more from her. “I can control plant life but I can’t really control my other power. I have some kind of pheromone control over guys i’m not related to. And my blood is acidic and my saliva is poisonous.” she gives me a smile that spreads across her face. “Your the first guy I have met who could shake it off.” I puff up my chest in pride.

    Healing factor.” I explain. “Robin must have been banking on it when he sent me alone.” I turn to the fight behind us and ask. “Should we give Speedy a hand?” Botanica shrugs.

    Yeah I guess, my brother has a had time finishing his opponents. He’s still too hesitant.” Her melodic voice answers me.

    I nod and charge into the fray tackling the legs out from under the icy goliath. He crashes into the ground hard and before he can react I smash my elbow into his face plate cracking the durable material. As a stream of freezing mist escapes he panics.

    Nooo! My environmental seal.” And with those words he points his freeze gun at his face, ceasing his head in ice. His body slumps in his cryogenic hibernation, victory ours.

    Hey! I had him you know.” Pants out Speedy from behind me. “But you know thanks.” hes adds when his sister elbows him. “Glad Robin was right about your healing factor and Iris’ pheromones.” His sister agrees with him and I shrug in embarrassment, not used to praise or thanks.

    Happy to do my part. Do you guys know the way to Belle Reve?” I ask once our greetings are over. “Robin wants to meet us their. Superwoman and Powerboy are their with Warrior and some staff members.” Speedy confirms with the words.

    Yeah, can you give Iris a ride. I can show you the way.” he grins cheekily. “If you can keep up that is.” I accept the challenge and agree.

    Let’s get this cavalry charge going.” I pry Mr Freeze’s pistol from his fingers and explain to inquiring eyes. “Could come in handy.” We exit the building as I drag Mr Freeze behind me. When we find the cops establishing a perimeter Speedy yells to them.

    We dealt with Freeze Sr, his son got away though.” The approaching officer nods n acceptance.

    Jr is way less destructive then his dad. Well find him when things cool down.” He looks a little uncomfortable having to ask but he does. “Will you be able to get to Belle Reve soon? More and more escapees are hitting the streets.” Iris speaks up finally taking charge of the situation.

    Were on our way now Chief Hawkins. We can leave Senior with you?” His confirmation is enough to have us on our way again with her parting words being. “Thanks we’ll be on clean up as soon as we are done with the prison.” I climb onto the bike with Iris climbing on behind me. She slips an arm around my waist and whispers into my ears. “The white one with the Y disengages the safety locks.”

    Thanks.” I chuckle out before admitting to her. “It’s my first day on the job.” I rethink my words. “My first day awake actually.” Speedy interrupts us with a whistle and gestures for us to follow. Engaging my engine, I roll after him picking up speed. As we race down the streets towards the island penitentiary, I can feel Iris tighten her arms around my waist.
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    Calling this a young justice story is a bit of a stretch, but still pretty good so far.
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    This is the crazist alagmation of Young Justice with some broad strokes of previous classic cartoons. Our Lobo\joker hybrid SI hero is definitely Lobo's son, Badass outfit biker and bike too. Its so crazy you make it work and more stuff, I can't even imagined you added to corner of this mismashed universe of yours. First day out already getting into the Hero business. I wonder much meta knowledge he claims to have and much he remembers of it and is it still useful in current situation cause he mentioned he had it when he broke out to the league . Love to see where you take him next. Can't wait next chapter. Cheers!
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    I kind of agree. It's the closest universe i can use as a match however and these are my reasons:
    - The Light is pulling the strings just with modified goals and some different members.
    - Batgirl is Artemis but with a canary cry, while Robin is a Thanagarian fusion of Roy and Dick.
    - M'gann and Kon have altered stories but are more recognizable.
    - Kid Flash is Speedy because I figure everyone has already made every version of the joke so I just changed the name.
    - Kaldur will be showing up with a very different power set.
    I consider this the bones of the Young Justice verse. With the meat being a mixture of Hannah Barbara, TMNT, DCAU, and The Batman. The skin(artstyle) is the Young Justice one.
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    Thank you so much I had honestly been feeling a little discouraged from a bad day and yours words have really motivated me to get another chapter out before i go to bed. I did not to tell the heroes I'm from some 'real' world and they are fiction to me because I'm not sure it's true. So i tried to phrase my knowledge as if Cadus had the information and implanted it, my healing factor degraded the information further.

    When Batman directly questioned me i sidestepped answering so my knowledge seems less complete. Having the Lasso on and giving carefully selected statements to everyone made it seem like i remember them from the news not cartoons and comics. Zach and I loved watching Hannah Barbara together so expect a few appearances from that universe. He also really loved the Ninja Turtles and Dexter's Lab so I'm trying to write something he would have liked.
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    Episode 5:Back Against the Waller, Spotlight's on us
    Jan 01/2010
    07:09 PM

    Five imposing walls stretch into the sky, forming a pentagonal yard. Belle Reve’s buildings are all lower then the hundred foot walls enclosing them onto the island they reside on. Following Speedy’s form as he leads me across the green and gray steel rising bridge, I steady my nerves.

    Twin gates of blue titanium have been left open, the prisoners who fled are long gone. The sharp bangs of gunfire echo from further inside, accompanied by an earsplitting roar. Botanica tightens her grasp behind me and Speedy stops in shock, forcing me to swerve to a stop beside him.

    Was that a Tyrannosaurus?” Is his incredulous yell. Iris slips off the bike with me right behind her answering.

    Were going to find out.” Straightening my vest unnecessarily, I declare with all the gravitas I can muster. “If we can still hear someone fighting back, were needed inside.” I receive a shaky nod from Speedy who begins advancing inside the maximum security meta-human prison.

    We pass over a dozen bodies of guards on our journey towards the gunfire. A quick check reveals none have a pulse. Four guards had strange hats on, bright pink bowler hats with a receiver dish hidden in a yellow rose. I grab one for later, stowing it my belt pouch after a bit of scrunching. Gunfire is coming from farther inside the prison but the cafeteria’s closed doors contain another threat. The KRAKOOM of lightning is reverberating inside, shrieks of fear and cries of pain follow the sound of each impact.

    I’m slower then you.” My words have Speedy addressing me seriously. “Me and your sister can handle whoever is inside and catch up with you once were done.” Iris gives him a firm nod which has him taking of down the hallway with only a single backwards glance to confirm our decision.

    We approach the doors and peer inside the rectangular windows, gazing into the cafeteria. Three prisoners still in the orange jumpsuits hold the guards inside hostage. Only one woman is still fighting back, a black women in the unflattering green uniform of Belle Reve. Her fellow guards lay moaning on the floor among black smoking stone, cracked where what looks like lightning has struck.

    The guard is holding her bleeding side and breathing hard from her efforts. One criminal lay one the ground. A bleeding mess of a face is evidence of the guards skill. A man with ink black skin and expanding rings of white on his face keeps snapping his fingers, each time a blast of electricity arcs from his fingers.

    The female villain has blood red skin and white stringy hair, unwashed for a long time. Her manic grin matches her frantic gestures, shards of glass swirling into a cyclone of razor sharp death before her. She directs her storm towards the downed guards, intent on finishing her captors.

    The final escapee, is the hulking form of a gray skinned man. Eight feet tall and rippling with muscles, the bald behemoth is engaged in a game of cat and mouse. He seems to be enjoying chasing the impressive woman around the room. Each time she rolls away from what could be the final blow, the sharp toothed grin on his face becomes even wider.

    Ladies first.” Are Botanica’s words. She lifts her arms before her and rolls her fingers. Roots burst from the ground inside the room, before we even open the doors. The cyclone of glass embeds itself harmlessly, the thick trunk shielding the downed guards. With her opening move leaving everyone inside startled, I barrel into the fray. I know how prison works, find the biggest guy on your first day and knock him out.
    Slamming into the big one, he crashes against the wall. The impact barely stuns him and my exposed back is a prime target for his revenge. He gets several powerful elbows into my spine forcing me to the ground in pain. As he reaches down to grab me, five bangs echo above me. Nearly point blank the woman unloaded her pistol into her oppressor.

    Five red dots appeared across his chest but they barely pierce his skin, each deformed bullet falling to the ground with a clatter. Growling in anger, the big guy stops his assault on me and lunges forward. With the woman's throat in his grasp, she refuses to give up. As she Kicks at his unflinching form, he chuckles at her ferocity.

    Waller, this is what I like about you.” he licks his lips and opens his fanged maw menacingly. “Food that fights for its life tastes so much better.” As he leans in to bite into her cheek, the wall erupts with a cloud of mortar dust and plaster. A glowing green object heads towards the now named Waller, its speed has the behemoth dropping his prey in shock.

    Amanda Waller of Earth.” A monotone voice echoes through the room. “You have he ability to overcome great fear and an indomitable fore of will.”

    Damn right I do.” Is her retort.

    Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps. You have one full planetary day to report to Oa for basic training.” the ring finishes, unaware of her interruption.

    Waller stays floating in the air. She now has a fierce green aura surrounding her body and the standard black and green uniform of her new Corps. Her mouth opens, likely to give a vocal beat down to her prisoners before following up with a physical one. Before she say anything, a KRAKOOM announces another bolt of lightning.

    This arcing yellow bolt slams into Waller’s form but and emerald shield shimmers around her. The electricity is discharged harmlessly around her. From my place on the floor I can see Botanica has cornered her target who is desperately trying to remove her glass from the swollen roots. The goon I have been fighting has his back turned to me, not that it matters.

    Three sets of glowing green manacles fly across the room, each one forcing themselves onto the escapees wrists. Once shackled each prisoner is encased in a bubble of emerald. It resists every blow from the big guy, so it seems secure. Waller addresses us both with a stern nod.

    I appreciate your arrival but the wardens going to need us. So let’s get a move on I don’t hear anymore gunfire” she stares me down, daring me to challenge her clearly correct orders. I’m not stupid, she’s the boss now so I fall place.

    Speedy is already their, we have reinforcements on the way as well.” I inform her. Waller nods before decisively commanding us to move out. She informs us how the escape begin on our approach to the wardens office, her words curt and concise.

    Someone smuggled in a supply of bowler hats.” Her grunt of frustration is brief before she continues. “They forced the hats on as many of the guards as they could. Once they were on, Mad Hatter took control of their minds from his cell.” She stops outside the stairwell and peers inside before leading us upwards. “About a fifth of the staff was controlled, enough to turn off the inhibitor collars and open the front gate.”

    When we reach the top of the climb we enter another hallway, this one has a pile of bodies outside a door at the end of the hall. Two guards, both with the garish pink hats turn begin firing their shotguns when we approach. I step in front of Botanica, shielding her for the shells while her nose wriggles. Vines crawl from her feet and snake down the corridor after a few moments.

    Yellow blossoms open and a cloud of orange pollen releases onto the controlled guards. Their skins turns a blotchy red and their eyes water as they slump to the floor, both twitching erratically as we approach. Were unable to look inside the frosted glass on the warden’s door. Before we can decide on a course of action, the door slams open and a yellow blur slams into me. All across my body I feel pain explode in an instant.

    Twisting around me, the streak of yellow attacks the new Green Lantern. Futile stabs crash against the glowing shield, allowing me the chance to knock the bowler hat of our comrade while his back is to me. Speedy jerks backwards in a panic once his body is his again. His frantic gaze finally settles on his sisters smirking face, calming him down once he knows hes safe again.

    We need to call the others the Warden has Sup-” His warning is cut off by many reverberating crashes heading towards us. Slamming through the wall is Superwoman. Blonde hair, and a red full body uniform with a silver S on her chest with a billowing argent cape is suddenly upon us.

    Her firsts are a blur as she slams them against the jade barrier. Each impact is sending cracks spider webbing through the shield. I panic and call out to Waller in hopes this is a possibility.

    Can you shoot her with Kryptonite? That’s green right!” my desperate voice draws the attention of the Kryptonian who turns and is upon me before I hear a response. Titanic blows crash into my face and torso in a lightning fast rhythm, leaving me unable to even attempt a counter.

    Green lights splashes against my attackers back ineffectually but I’m rescued anyway. From the tunnel carved though the prison my saviors emerge. One is Kon, wearing a careless skin tight outfit. It’s a white uniform with accents of electric blue along the back and sides. He has matching white gloves to go with his boots, cutting a striking figure.

    His companion is in bronze armor with a flowing blue cape. Glowing blue energy radiates from inside, casting the symbol of a ghostly blue S emblazoned on his chest. The battle suit is being suspended on thrusters while its pilot begins twirling a massive two handed maul between his hands.

    With the built up momentum he rushes forward striking Superwoman in the side and through the wall. Powerboy reaches a hand out and pulls me to my feet.

    The warden got a hat on her as soon as we arrived.” He glances at his companion in appreciation. “Steel and me have been trying to get it off her but it’s strapped on good.” He admits in frustration. Iris wacks her brother across the back of the head and scolds him.

    So why haven't you gone to Hatter’s cell and shut this down?” He rubs his head sheepishly and informs us.

    I’ll get right on that.” before taking off in a blur of yellow. Kon leaps over my head, slamming into Superwoman, her form doesn’t slid back an inch from the impact. Straining with effort he is forced to the ground before being kicked in the face. He rolls across the ground and struggles to his feet slowly.

    Steel is able to meet her first few blows with ease but a blast of freezing breath has his torso encased in frost. A solid blow to his sternum has him doubling over in pain. Even in his armor that blow did serious damage. I’m able to land a single blow to her face before her attention his back on me.

    Barely able to get my arms up to block he strikes in time, I’m forced backwards with each attack. What seems like an eternity finally ends when no more blows are sent my way. Waist think vines have burst through the floor and have Superwoman held by each each limb. Her strength unable to be leveraged properly buys us some breathing room.

    Red eyes precede the vines being scorched through the vines, freeing the controlled Kryptonian. I react with no thought and throw myself at her before she can target Botanica. My impact and repeated blows to her back, send us both tumbling into the hole she emerged from.

    We fall fourteen floors, finally slamming into the ground floor with a painful crash. Somehow I managed to remain on her back the whole fall down, enabling me to grasp her in a choke hold. She struggles in my grasp for what feels like hours, each frantic motion is nearly enough to fling me loose. Finally with one final roar of defiance she stills in my arms. Slumped in my grasp she groans up at me.

    Did I hurt anyone?” I reassure her were all fine, or at least mostly fine. Speedy did more lasting damage with those stabs of his shredding through my suit.

    No Powerboy and Steel kept you contained until we got here.” My words set her at ease somewhat. I’m given a hand so she can lift me back to the warden’s office. It’s time to deal with Warden Strange. Landing beside the others, Speedy gives me a cheeky wave.

    Totally saved your behind, were even for Freeze now.” He misses it but I see his sister take a glance at mine when he mentions behinds. Chuckling at him I concede the point.

    Yeah you did. Thanks.” Steel cuts in, his voice echoes with mechanical reverberation from inside his helmet.

    If everyone’s done socializing, we have a Warden to deal with.” We stop our joking as he continues his declaration. “He was inside when he sent Speedy out and were fourteen stories up. He’s cornered in their be careful.” He warns us sternly.

    He has some kind of psychic powers.” She admits. “He had me dazed before the hat was on me.” We head her warning and follow Steel as he marches confidently into to warden’s office. Behind the desk in a black suit is Warden Strange. He is an overweight bald man, a thick beard nearly covering his green tie. He regards us with eyes narrowed behind his square glasses.

    So it seems the battle is yours. I am expected to come quietly I suspect?” His cool even tone has me on edge. Steel answers him missing the undercurrent of threat to Strange’s voice.

    You susppect correctly.” He addresses Waller, who still has her three captives struggling in bubbles behind her. “Green Lantern, add the good Warden to your confinement please. He is interrupted by a now smirking Strange.

    Tut-tut-tut, I never said I would come quietly Mr Stewart. Now did I?” The Warden scolds the startled hero. “How do I know your name? Your mind is weak John. No matter how strong your soul is.” He goes silent but we hear his eerie voice in each of our heads as he finishes his declaration. “You are an open book to me!” The words shriek though our heads as the doctor’s body begins to bubble and warp.

    His clothes melt away and his skin shifts to a jade tone. The Martian before us is grinning at us in feral menace. He has a blood red body suit with a black X across his torso. Cloaked around his body is a black cape, he is a dark mirror to J’onn J’onzz’s Manhunter outfit from Justice League.

    He lifts us all into the air with a casual gesture, smirking at our useless struggles. Kon thinks quickly and ignites the Warden’s desk with his heat vision. The sudden flames startle the Martian into dropping us. Superwoman confirms something wordlessly with Steel, both simultaneously grasping a green arm. With his screams of rage they fly him through the roof and into the sky above, Kon racing after them in pursuit.

    Do they know we can’t fly?” I ask the Siblings in confusion. Waller groans at my attempt at humor before creating an emerald platform beneath or feet. Lifting us all out the hole above us, were able to witness the aerial battle. Strange is able to phase through blows and distort his foes minds long enough to keep the three off balance.

    Before he can capitalize on his advantage, an explosion blooms around him. From the clouds above the flying fighters, descends the Warwing and the Bat plane beside it. The sleek aircraft have finally turned the tide in our favor. Sensing now is the time to flee, Strange screams out a final taunt before flying into the ground, phasing out of our grasp.

    You may have beaten me but we will still got rid of your best. The darkness cast by the Legion has been purged. Let the world see the Light of freedom!” His words have us all unsettled but Waller still brings us down to the courtyard to meet the pair of descending jets.

    Robin and M’gann emerge from the Warwing while Batgirl jumps down from the Batplane's cockpit. Speedy greets his friends with a warm shout.

    Nice save Rob!” Waller stops a reply by raising a hand.

    I'm going to drop these three and Hatter off at Arkham.” She finishes her explanation when we all speak up in acknowledgment. “Once I do i'm going to make the most of my time cleaning up this mess before I have to report to my new bosses.” Her words are accompanied by a scowl skywards. “Thanks for the help, I wish we didn’t have to lose a Lantern for me to get this ring.” Her solemn admission is followed by her rising into the air and towards Arkham Island.

    Sorry we took so long.” Batgirl apologizes. “Some dude in a hockey mask was taking down Two-Face and her gang. I had to lend a hand to someone crazy enough to take on a gang with guns armed with sporting equipment.” I nod in understanding.

    I get it, I would have done the same thing.” I receive a smile in thanks for the support. “Sounds awesome.” Robin ends the good mood with his grave announcement.

    I received an SOS from Themyscira. Problem is I have no idea where it is.” Batgirl assuages Robins stress by telling him no one does. I speak up because based on Wonderwoman’s reaction this morning, I may know where it is. Wow, has everything happened in one day?

    I do.” My words stop the everyone from devolving into an argument over what to do next. “Cadmus put the general shape and location into my head. The Queen mentioned I pointed out it’s location in the middle of an empty ocean.” Batgirl begins smiling in excitement and Speedy pumps a fist into the air.

    Score!” The speedsters voice cries out in glee. “Were going to the invisible island of warrior babes.” Steel speaks up before Speedy gets too excited.

    Reports are coming in from Bludhaven and Metropolis. Superwoman and I will handle the Quad City area if your team can respond to the Amazon’s SOS.” He looks at our waiting faces before accepting he needs our help. “Good luck, your all really stepping into the big leagues today. I Hope your ready.” With those parting words, he and Superwoman fly off in different directions. Batgirl and Robin share a look before she speaks up.

    Spoiler can ride with me, she wanted to give both planes a try.” Robin continues for her both trying to assert leadership.

    Everyone else with me.” Speedy sensing the conflict butts in.

    Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Who says your in charge?” His affronted expression is worn by his sister and Kon, I think have one forming as well. “Were the ones who handled the prison break while you guys were sight seeing.” The red head challenges. Sensing the fight about to occur I interrupt again.

    Can we have this argument in the air? Its going to be a few hours before we get their.” my words have the three hanging their heads in embarrassment. Iris takes the chance to speak up.

    Hours enclosed in an airtight plane with Robin and Powerboy?” Her sardonic chuckle has me smiling with her. “May not be the best idea. I’ll go with the girls.” We accept her well advised words and everyone begins boarding the two air craft.

    I outline the general location of Australia on Robin’s display onscreen. He transmits the coordinates to Batgirl and we both rise into the clouds. Snow has begun falling in think clumps, making the night sky shine from our vehicles’ lights. Once we reach cruising altitude, Robin calls back to us with a smirk.

    Hold on, I can show you how fast this baby really is over open water.” And with those words, we blast towards the horizon.
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    Well thank you for that didn't know my words could be considered that motivational so thanks for that, I been have read recently lot of Young Justice SI fics. Some are half way complete,others are abandoned which, why is I hope you won't drop your's anytime soon.That aside Tom Lobo and Iris west got to Belle Reve in time to save tthis worlds Amanda's Waller who became a green lantern which was a shock, cause she usually not a nice person in any universe. The fight was a four way at the breakout with some escaped villians.
    The light makes a move and the league showed up. Our MC lent a helping hand to find lost island of Amazon's which should be an adventure in itself .Which Wonder woman has been searching for in a long time. I can't wait see how this pans out with young justice tagging along with the Justice League. Your Iris West(arrow verse) or comic version one in this mismashed verse of yours. The April O Neil and Casey Jones were nice cameo's, The Famous Teennage Mutant Ninja Turtles will probably show up some time soon and our MC will meet them, next time after a fashion. Till next chapter. In this crazy universe of yours. Cheers!
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    I feel the same way when i read a story only to find out its dead. I plan to finish a 26ish episode season by the end of November. once season one is done i will take a month or so off before beginning season 2. so far each chapter is taking me about five hours from start to finish. so if i ever take more then three days to update, remind me and I will get working immediately.

    This Iris West is a fusion of Pamela Isley and Iris West's name/family. I love Poison Ivy, she is my favorite female character in any work of fiction ever so i tried to find a way to connect her to a a family of heroes. Rose/Thorn was one of the Original Flash's villains and i got confused and thought she was also his love interest early on. turns out she marriend Oringinal Green Lantern.(so Iris Ivy is a happy mistake since i already changed things.) so in my world she was cured and married Flash. they had a daughter who married someone named West, she had twins one with each of her parents powers. I really dont know anything about Iris so its really only her name and family connection i needed. I was never really a big Barry Allen fan which is why i made him Kid Cold ,his mom and Mr Freeze's wife have the same name so i made the connection.

    I LOVED Amanda Waller in Justice League Unlimited. She was the only one willing to sass Batman and half the time she was right. So my Waller is her but shes right out of the FBI training and is around twenty four instead of the forty five she normally is. I'm really glad i was able to surprise someone with that reveal.

    Jason Jones (Fusion of Jason Todd and Casey Jones) will be a recurring character in this season. I plan to have him in 4 or so episodes. My version of Cheshire will appear a few times as well. I hope her twist fits into my world well.

    April O'Neil will be making another appearance once the Light experiments on her. I'm really excited for what will happen to her.

    Kaldur will be joining the team but a hint hes doesn't have a drop of Atlantean blood, hes going to be getting someone else's power set.

    Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo will all be making appearances at some point near the end of the first season and featured more in season 2. their each going to have a different power and wont be turtles here. As a hint/example Donatello is going to be merged with Gear from Static Shock. you have to guess what I'm going to do to the others.

    So far 3 members of Light have been named. Lex was name dropped in episode one, Bane has replaced Sportsmaster (because i only have room for one hockey mask goongala), Dr Strange is Ma'alefa'ak. Krang/Brain is also going to be a member, see if you can figure out who is only a robot body with an alien brain driving it.

    Australia/Themyscira is not lost to the Amazons or Wonderwoman its just normally the small island is invisible so in my world all of australia is invisible to the rest of the world. because i know where it is I'm able to roughly guide people. A weird use of my meta knowledge for sure, finding Australia.

    Your words will always be special to me because you were the first one who engaged me about my story, thank you so much.
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    Episode 6: Outback Amazons
    Jan 02/2010
    03:16 PM
    The trip to New Zealand only took six hours, during which time Speedy and I took the chance to rest our eyes. Fourteen hours ahead of the Quad city area, were underneath a cloudless sky and above sapphire waves. Kon shakes me awake as we approach what I know from Risk and Social Studies maps as the Australian coastline. In my personal experience however, all I can see is endless ocean before us. Robin informs us of our location, needing my directions.

    “We passed New Zealand six minutes ago, so were is Themyscira? I don’t see anything.” His irritated tone is interrupted by Batgirl’s cross tone.
    “We better not have wasted a trip. Gotham’s on fire right now.” I give a huff at their doubt and guide us north west. Robin’s smug expression is wiped from his face by the sudden change in weather as we cross some invisible barrier. The once beautiful day has turned into a sky blackened by a wall of clouds.

    Black as soot and crackling with lightning, the storm clouds form an intimidating sight. I smile in vindication and declare to my nervous companions.

    “Were going through that.” Speedy’s sick expression is met by my gleeful cackles. Robin is unable to reach the Bat-plane through the sudden radio static. Improvising quickly, Robin types the instructions in what looks like Morse code before stealing his expression.

    “If we die, I’m telling Anubis it was your fault.” His grim words are dark but in jest I hope. The smooth ride has now become a zero gravity experience. The hurricane force winds are dropping us hundreds of feet instantly only to flip us upside down and fling us back into the air moments later. I can feel my stomach pressing against my eyeballs, the turbulence is so fierce.

    Powerboy barely seems to notice our aggressive flight, his still form is not even flinching at each sudden motion. Robin is clenching his entire body tightly, showing how stressed out this is making our pilot. Blood has begun dripping from his fingernails he is clenching the controls so tightly.

    Across from me Speedy has gone pale and looks close to either passing out our covering me in the emergency meal he wolfed down when we got on the Warwing. Attempting to keep his mind off our situation, I ask the speedster with a cheeky grin.

    “Hey your sister, is she single?” His expression looks sicker if that is possible. Instead of answering me right away he just stares at me in disgust. Robin is not so silent however and calls back at Speedy.

    “Ha!. Even your sister is going to get a date before you Wally.” the now named Wally slumps in his seat uncomfortably grumbling at how horrible his best friend is. “And yes she is. I sent you to meet up with them alone because of her pollen.” Wally finally admits with some hesitance, deciding to speak up in defense of his twin.

    “Hey it’s not Iris’ fault mixing grandpa Jay’s speed with grandma Rose’s plant powers turned hers into overdrive.” he growls out in irritation. “She hasn’t been able to be in an enclosed room with any guy we aren’t related to since she hit puberty.” glaring at the back of Robins head he adds with some heat. “Even you can only talk to her with your helmet on without turning into a drooling idiot.” Roy hangs his head in defeat and tries to defend himself.
    “I know. I know. But apparently I was right and Tommy here was able to heal right through your sisters power.” He gets his nerve back and shouts out. “ Hang on I think were almost through!” Hes proven correct when the wall of inky black clouds parts before us. Our relief is short lived however.
    The final obstacle we have to overcome is scores of cyclones roaring in ferocity. On the other side of the spiraling winds we are barely able to the Themysciran coastline. A golden sand beach of safety is just beyond us for now.
    Robin twists the Warwing vertically, barely allowing us to avoid a pair of colliding twisters. The plane jerks suddenly as Roy deploys the parachute. It catches the back draft and begins to spin us round and round. After a half dozen rotations , Robin fires his jets. The cable attaching the parachute bis burnt free and we find our selves sling shoting straight through the last three cyclones in our way.

    Panting for breath Robin brings us to a shaky landing on the beach just outside an impressive marble city. The buildings are in the ancient Greek style, and number around twenty. While Robin catches his breath Kon points out the rear window.

    “Look, the storm has broken.” His emotionless words are true. The winds of death we barely made it through are dissolving into nothing. Gliding through as if it was the most simple thing ever, is the Bat-plane. Batgirl's smug voice crackles over the radio, the interference gone now.

    “That was some pretty amazing flying. I can admit your a better pilot then I am after seeing you do that.” When she admits his skill, Roy sits up and grins in pride. “I am smarter though.” Her blunt words have him scowling again. “Once I realized we were at a magical barrier, I made an open all to the Amazons.”

    Her words have all of us open mouthed in shock. “Once I told them we were here to help and they confirmed my identity, they lowered the barrier for us.” she hides Robin now. “I told you this in Morse code but someone forgets to check their messages in time.” She moves on from her torment to tell us to follow her, she has directions to the capital.

    Once were back in the air and following the girls, Speedy draws my attention. He is staring me down in consideration before bargaining with me.
    “I wont bug Iris about you, since I did stab you and everything.” his raised finger stalls anything I would say back. “But you need to help a friend out in return.” He gives me a cocky grin and asks. “What do you know about Starfire? I think I have a chance with her.” I turn and look at Kon, he doesn’t seem to be giving us much thought, just staring out across the landscape zipping by behind us.
    “Well her name is Kori’andr and you saw how enthusiastic and open she is.” I tell him the big details I know from my own personal experience and not from Teen Titans. “Oh and her and Powerboy were locking lips before you guys saved us from Plasmus.” I finally admit. His yells of disbelief have Kon interrupting his tirade by calmly stating.
    “She said its how her people can learn languages. Something the ancient sorcerers of her planet did to stop them from warring among themselves.” Wally scoffs at that.
    “Cultural myth that explains her biologic tactile telepathy.” He frowns in consideration. “Weirdly limited application however.” Kon shrugs and calms our speedster comrade.
    “I’m not attracted to her, don’t worry. I was just as confused as anyone.” He ends his participation in the topic by awkwardly returning to his view. Speedy likewise is occupied by his town pondering, so I steady my nerves for yet another crisis. All Robin was able to learn about the attack is Circe and her army has besieged the capital city of New Myrina.
    Minotaurs, Centaurs, and Harpies were all reported in her approaching horde before communication was cut off. Wonderwoman’s daughter is leading her armies in defense and is waiting for our relief. As we approach Mount Isa, we see a massive army below us. Thousands of beast men swarm about the landscape.
    We begin evasive maneuvers as a flock of Harpies descend from the clouds. The Bat-plane lets loose on the bird women with a sonic cannon. The shockwave send the Harpies tumbling through the air. With our approach now clear, we descend behind the walls of the Capital.
    Several holes have been created in the walls, cannons being wielded like shotguns by the hulking Minotaurs. The Amazon army and even it’s civilians are fighting back on every street we fly over. Seeing the battle Kon is shaking in barely restrained rage.
    “Open the hatch. I’m going down their.” He orders firmly. I unbuckle my seat belt and agree.
    “Yeah we can meet you at the palace once we push them back outside the walls.” I receive a grateful smile from the Kryptonian teen who grabs me in a bear hug. Before I can react he jumps from the vehicle. Our descent is controlled, angling us directly behind the Centaurs front lines.

    Kon throws me as we near the army, forcing me to clench my jaw in preparation for impact. When I do land its with a curled body slamming through a Centaurs charging form. Absorbing the shock spares me from broken bones allowing me to rise to my feet unsteadily.

    Dripping with blood I cut a fearsome sight. I grab the now unused spear on the ground beneath me. Its an artistically crafted shaft of black ironwood, covered in intricate patterns. Instead of a metal tip, it has a head of green tinged bone that drips a green liquid as thick as blood. Seeing several Amazon bodies with poisoned wounds, I’m able to discern my weapon is effective.

    My arrival has allowed the defending women to rally. Rushing against the stunned cavalry, I join in the battle with glee. My blood is pumping and every foe I defeat should have me dropping to my knees in horror. For some reason the emotions are disconnected, its like my body is healing from my negative emotions. Am I going to enjoy whatever I choose to do?

    As I carve through the fleeing Centaurs with reckless abandon, I take several wounds. The worst is a spear like mine being rammed through my liver from behind. The shock of seeing it emerge from my gut had me stop in shock for a moment. Only a moment however, I already got my ass kicked once today and It wont be happening again so soon.
    I roar and jump backwards. Sliding along the shaft like a guide to my attacker. When my back slams into the Centaurs chest, I snap my skull back and into his face. Hearing bone crack, I grasp the spear and finish removing it from my front. The unidentified poison burns for almost ten whole seconds, leaving me gasping as agony burns in my side.

    Like every time I have been hurt, my pain vanishes. My wound seals and the venom toxin breaks down inside my body harmlessly. Barely even slowed down by the sneak attack I roar in defiance at the fleeing horsemen. My cheer is joined by a crowd of women, all of us covered in the gore of victory.

    Several streets over I can see Powerboy rising into the air only to rush back downwards. The heavy impacts he is delivering are being brought around the city gradually. Kon delivers mighty crashes from above to scatter the attackers before he leaps the tall buildings between each street for a new crowd to disrupt.

    Man I really need to pick up the slack. My thoughts are cut off as the Amazons around me reform their formation. Once they do they leave me in the dust behind them. When I finally do catch up, they have reached the marble walls around the city. Pushing through the cracks in the stone is an endless swarm of chimp sized humanoids.
    The new foes are shaggy haired Tasmanian tiger looking creatures. Three inch long yellow claws and brown fangs are the only weapons of the naked creatures but the speed of their strikes is intense. Knowing how many enemies lie outside the walls, I leap into the air as I approach.
    With no time to consider my actions I slam into the top of he wall. The wind is knocked from my lungs from the force of my impact, almost making me fall back to the ground. I struggle to find a grip on the smooth stone but and am able to finally fore my fingers into the stone for purchase.

    Once I lift my panting body onto the wall, I take a quick look to confirm my decision. So many of the enemy charge the walls I can’t see the dirt beneath their feet. Mind made up I lift my hands above me and bring them together. With a steadying breath I swing downwards into the cracked marble.

    An echoing snap resounds across the battlefield signaling the cracking of the wall. Before it can lean forward or back, I slam downwards again and again forcing the barn size chunk of wall into the ground. Being magically reinforced, the segment remains in one piece as I hammer the gap sealed.

    I can see in the distance that Kon is almost a quarter of the way around New Myrina. When we landed, we saw five gaps created in the wall.

    “One down, Four more to go.” I mutter to myself. I never did like gym class, running laps always seemed so pointless when I ran the six kilometers to and from school almost every day. This however was not pointless, this was to stop the slaughter I had seen in the streets below.

    Mind focused on my goal I begin to charge along the wall towards the next cannon made entrance. Each gap in the wall I seal is met by cheers from below and the doubled efforts of the Amazons who feel victory is possible again. When Powerboy finishes clearing the streets, he meets me on the top of the wall. He gazes on the horde outside the city, scowling in anger.

    “Good idea with the wall. It really helped keep the numbers manageable.” He admits to me. “Let’s get to the palace, I’m getting worried how quiet it is over their.” I agree and he floats behind me slipping and arm under each shoulder. We rise into the air and race towards the palace.

    Avoiding looking down at the street’s billowing smoke upwards, I get a good look at the palace. Really its a single massive spire at least sixty feet high before it splits into four separate peaks, each another thirty feet. The building is made of polished opal, the oranges and yellows mingle with hints of red to create an appearance of clouds in a sunset.

    Each of the four peaks is a flat roof each one fifty feet in diameter. On one roof rests the Warwing and the Bat-plane, our team already inside. Kon lands us on the roof before squinting below us.

    “Something in the stone is blocking my X-ray vision. Were going in Blind” Shrugging at the fact, I push open to to the tower slowly. Nothing rushes out at me, so I feel confident enough to enter the stairwell. Kon and I descend several floors unmolested before we hear the sounds of another person.

    We find our friends, Kori’andr with them standing among a score of statues around a trio of thrones. The stone Amazons stand in a half circle all facing outwards with swords and shields brandished. Several have expressions of disgust while others look frozen in fear. Only one new figure in the room is flesh and blood.

    A blond woman in the one piece bathing suit style uniform of classic Wonderwoman is fighting back tears. Shes in her mid twenties and looks lost. Batgirl seeing our entrance, greets us.

    “Hey you two. Got the city secured?” Confirming this I answer with a wry grin.

    “For now at least. Theirs a lot outside and they will get in eventually.” My words don’t bring the dread I expect, instead Starfire grabs us both in a hug.

    “Friends! I am filled with happiness you are unharmed.” We don’t have time to respond however because the blonde speaks up at last.

    “No they have what they want, they know our armies are on the way. Circe’s agent was able to sneak in and grab my brother.” Her sorrow is becoming righteous fury now. “Billy has none of me and my mothers strength, hes a boy so got none of the divine blessings we have.” Her eyes are pleading into my soul as she begs us. “Help me bring him back before Circe can escape with my brother.”

    “Cassie, you know we will.” Batgirl comforts her friend to little effect.

    “How did they get away with him?” I ask. My answer of in the sewer is expected,. It’s always a secret sewer entrance. We send Powerboy and Speedy ahead of us, hopefully they can delay our target. We hear the sounds of battle ahead of us after a short time of running in the surprisingly clean sewers.

    Arriving on the scene reveals a nine headed reptilian creature. The Hydra because what else could that be, is snapping at Speedy to no avail. Powerboy has one head in his grasp, it’s jaws forced shut by his straining muscles. Still visible is a figure slithering down the corridor behind the beast. In the arms of the snake haired Medusa is Billy Trevor. The youngest son of Wonderwoman and prince of Themyscira is fighting back for all he is worth.

    He is beating his fist against his captors back to no avail, as she races towards a swirling disc of glowing white light. Her long serpentine form coils before she leaps into the portal. Billy’s final scream for his sister is cut off by the magical doorway shrinking away to nothing in less then a second. My shock at our failure has no time to sink in as intense pressure clamps down suddenly on each side of my body.

    Now trapped in the jaws of one of the crimson and black Hydra’s head, I can do nothing but flail about uselessly. Snaking its head back with lightning speed, I am flung into the air. With no time to react a pair of heads catch me. One head has me in its fangs by the left arm, while the other has sunk into my right leg.

    Both heads twist and pull, quickly tearing both limbs from my body in a spray of blood. My allies all express varying levels of horror and disgust as I drop towards the ground. The sewage below does not embrace me however, before I can splash down into the waste water I am swallowed whole by yet another head.

    As my body slides past the tongue and down into the gullet I reach behind me in desperation. I find the high tech pistol I stole from Mr Freeze. I really hope this will either work or kill me less painfully then digestion. I crush the ammo canister between my oversize fingers and drop it down below me. Once its out of my grasp I shove my foot and outwards. The spikes on my boot carve through the throat of the beast slowing my descent.

    I reach behind me again, this time removing my umbrella. Clicking a button on the handle a stiletto blade extends from the tip. With all the fore I have I stab forward, finally with to points of contact I my fall is stopped.

    Trapped inside the constrained and foul smelling throat I hear a rumble below become an eruption of fluids. The cryo cartridges in my guns exploded nearly simultaneously in the stomach. The acid froze into spikes stabbing outwards in every which way. The numerous icicles pierced the Hydra from the inside, killing it.

    Once the beast is dead I’m able to begin sawing through the neck and escape into to wonderfully fresh air of the Themyscira sewers. My struggle takes long enough that by the time I’m free I have regrown my limbs but not the clothes on them. Maybe I should just wear a loin cloth if I’m going to keep losing my clothes like this. Walking with only one boot has my frustrated enough I begin stabbing into the stomach of the Hydra with my umbrella.

    Once I do I smash the frozen fluid inside until I find my leg. I slid the boot of my dismembered foot and onto my new bare one. Remembering how I grew from a torso I call out to my shocked teammates.

    “Hey Kori. Can you cremate my arm and leg, I don't want to be a father yet.” She ignores Speedy's green face and does so, sending a wave of green flame my direction. Once I turn my arm and leg to ash I signal for her to stop. Batgirl and Robin have been using this time to rally Cassie into coming to America in a few days to work with Superwoman and the North American Justice League until her brother is found at least. With so much of the Legion gone, her help could really be of service around the world.
    When we leave the sewers, the army has vanished. Once Prince Billy was acquired, the army retreated into portals leaving the city safe at last. Autopilot is engaged so Everyone can sleep if they choose to, Robin and Batgirl have been awake for almost a day now. When I do finally fall asleep around Japan, its to the sound of Wally telling Starfire he knows french and Iris resting her head on my shoulder.

    Yes that is Billy Batson as Wonderwomans son. He won't be getting Shazamed, what powerset do you think he will be getting instead? Next time we see him he will have a different Magical DC power.

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    Well, Another day, another chapter. Well the outback was a battlefield as per usual the new formed young justice crew arrived in time to join the fray . Tom Lobo made a free fall crashing entrance while taking a spear in hand to the enemies. So in short a 5 head Hydra battle also Starfire and a version of Cassandra Sandmark( WonderGirl), Prince Billy Batson Trevor makes an appearance. Those are some interesting family trees you are introducing here. Let's not forget Tom Lobo he got eaten by a Hydra and almost digested completely without that healing factor, Cold gun , and weaponized umbrella he took it out from the inside. A little Bloody hero work you just can't catch a break with out things trying to kill you on an outback Amazon island. An excellent chapter. Just for clarification, I'm borrowing this account from my mother so I can reply on fics I like reading, till next time . Keep up the good work. Don't burn yourself out. Catch ya later !
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    Nice catch on how dangerous the stomach really was. In my mind: drowning, acid because it breaks things down halting connections between atoms, complete incineration, being frozen, excessive amounts of radiation since it destabilizes molecules, and magic are basically the only guaranteed ways to beat a healing factor. If I landed inside i would not have lasted long. I really like Billy but a 13 year old being on the League always bothered me.

    If Batman knows his ID and is making a young hero team, he should have had Captain Marvel as chaperone not Red Tornado. Captain Marvel could have gone on missions with everyone. When they all got mindwiped in Bialya they could have learned hes a kid and stopped resenting his oversight and how he wants to be included in everything. When the 2 worlds episode happens Klarion should have merged his two forms to stop him from going between each dimension. By merging the forms Billy and Marvel become a 17 year old or so all the time and become a member of the Team taking the name Lt Marvel. that's my next idea for a self insert story.

    I wanted to have Billy on the team but wanted his power to be based on a different magical source. Someone else will be gaining Shazam's powers later. The team is almost complete. we have Lobo/SI, Powerboy/Kon, Spoiler/M'gann (i chose to merge her with that characters name because as a phsychic she has spoilers to everything.), Robin/Roy/Dick, Batgirl, Speedy/Wally, Botanica/Iris, Billy will be joining midway through the season with his new powers, Starfire/Kori who basically has an emotional spectrum version of Fire's powers. Season one will be ending with 12 members of the team so who who will be taking the last 3 spots?
  18. Flightless Man

    Flightless Man Versed in the lewd.

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    Since my character is going to be collecting items from my missions to add to my arsenal, Is their any suggestions? I have the next five or so episodes planned out aswell as the final six of the season. this leaves me with about ten episodes i only have a rough idea that i am not really happy with. any suggestions for B,C, D, or even E list villains from any DC source or any cartoon from before 2008(Mummies Alive, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo, and more will be making appearances). I have my versions of Toyman, Cheshire, Slade, Katana, Scarecrow, Grundy, Grodd, Harley, and Livewire all locked in but i could really use some ideas on villains with cool/forgotten items(like the Ruby of Life) i can steal and put my twist on. Or my chapters will be going from every day or two to every four or five days.

    I'm also curious if anyone has any guesses on who the last three main members will be for season one. Either who i will be using/merging or the power set i will be giving to someone different than normal.

    Edit: I forgot a question. For the Team name should Starfires suggestion of the Superfriends be chosen, Officiacly be recognized as Young Justice, a training division to replace the Members of the NA Justice League who are becoming members of the International Legion of Superheroes. The classic choice of Teen Titans, or Mystery Inc. (yes that means you can expect to see each member of scooby doo gain a power over the course of the series. Shaggy as Matter-Eater Lad is so perfect to me.)
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    This one took three days because a crash deleted my work halfway through yesterday. I had to restart and my research into villains has taken some more of my time.
    Episode 7: Mall Mayhem
    Jan 04/2010
    11:52 AM
    Crowds have always been horrible, Bludhaven Mall is no different. Since Roy is open about his extra terrestrial status, Kori and I got to pick up our Legion issued identification with him and then do some shopping. Having our details entered by the clerk took no time. Being seen helping in this crisis has definitely helped with our public image, especially in the Quad City area.

    I am now legally known as Thomas Lobo, or Tommy as everyone has taking to calling me. A registered 17 year old, instead of the my physical age of 19. I was too late remembering the current date to have my real proper age applied.

    Kori and I are given a stipend for our first five years on earth. We get three thousand dollars a month as well as a two thousand dollar for necessities fund upfront. It seems even with the eleven invasions, not all aliens are treated the same. Robin is given great respect by everyone, his family and their deceased crew had turned the tide of the war against Rann.

    M’gann however, has to conceal her Martian heritage. Her father never revealed his status to the world, choosing to live as faceless human instead. Martians are feared worldwide still because of this. Kon has been accepted as a member of Superwoman’s extended family instead of being linked to his real parents invasion.

    Kori seems to be getting the royal treatment, which she is loving to bits. Our trip through packed mall has been stopped every few minutes. Little girls have been approaching her all day for the ‘Star Princesses autograph. I have however, have been getting mixed reactions.

    My milky complexion does give off Joker vibes but my casual wear is twisting everyone’s expectations. I choose dozen pairs each of khaki pants, T-shirts, and Hawaiian shirts in assorted prints. I also get a nice pair of hiking boots for my daily exploration of the marshland.

    While Kori cons Roy into carrying her bags, I find a shop focusing on disco wear and slip away. I am able to find a green shiny silk suit, a near perfect replica of the Roxbury Boy’s costumes. With my fancy wear chosen I nearly get lost trying to find my companions.

    I don't see crimson wings or a statuesque orange woman, so my task has become checking inside stores I think would interest Starfire. I wander for almost an hour, as I get confused looks from many shoppers. Not the food court which was my first guess, but the hair salon is where I find them.

    A crowd of teenage girls has formed around the salon and their comments lead me inside. Somehow Kori has gotten Roy into a seat beside her. While she is getting her hair done, Robin is hiding in the back ineffectually. He's getting a manicure done. When he sees it’s me who enters, he stares me down.

    What I shoot a bow all night, this feels amazing.” Roy defends himself hastily. All I can do is smile and laugh. I remember growing up in a community that's basically a small town version of San Francisco, this is commonplace for me. Surprising Robin, I ask for the stylists to surprise me.

    We spend an enjoyable hour getting pampered, something we really needed after how hard we have been going everyday. Kori ends up with her straight locks being turned into a massive permed mane, she looks straight from the 80’s. I get my dreads properly cleaned of all the accumulated blood, the sink stains brown when they rinse my scalp.

    My final look, is a pompadour, shortly cropped because the long hair is a pain to jam inside my helmet every night. My look has finally succeeded in disarming the crowd. No one is looking at me in concern anymore when we leave the salon. In fact no one is looking our way at all.

    The crowd is running for the exits at full speed. Unable to escape, the crowd is being forced back from the doors. Dozens of tow helicopters are firing darts into the crowd. On impact, each dart explodes with the force of a grenade. Several wounded members of the crowd lay bleeding in the debris.

    We need to get people outside!” Robin commands, his red cowl already pulled over his face. “Starfire turn those toys to slag and keep this exit clear.” He sighs before giving me me orders. “Flightless Lad, lets find out what started this stampede.” I confirm his words and fire my grapple line above the crowd.

    Sailing over the heads of the civilians I'm able to see who, or what is chasing them. Storming from inside each clothing store, is a horde of animated mannequins. From the toy store a wide variety of aggressors begins to swarm forth. Action figures cling to the bodies of the fleeing, toy weapons now dangerously real.

    Most terrifying of all, is the dolls. The unblinking eyes of hundreds of dolls gaze upon the fleeing crowd. Only one person is doing anything besides running. In a red and blue Metropolis Monkey’s jersey, a brunette is smashing any toy he can with a metal baseball bat.

    Heads up!” I call down as I land near the fighter. My feet smashing into a life sized teddy bear, sends it bouncing off the wall harmlessly. Before it can charge at me in a counter attack, a crackling arrow pierces its torso.

    As soon as it strikes, the energy in the arrowhead discharges into the bear. Slumping over, the bear is once again a toy. The new guy turns at my arrival, calling out a greeting from behind his goalie mask.

    Hey! Thanks for the defense.” He interprets his words to rip the arrow from the bear and slashing at the advancing dolls. “Some little dude in a suit came into the store and started waving around a baseball sized ruby.” He ducks under the attack of G.I .JOE's who leap at him from a sunglasses kiosk. “A red light filled the store and everything came to life.” The battle is fierce as we try keeping the living objects away from any civilians still inside the mall.

    Equipped with exploding Nerf guns, the squad of mannequins has begun encircling us. Robin is able to clear our way towards the office but his arrows are running out, he only snick a dozen in with him. Before we can approach the door, a squadron of toy transformers roll up on us and unload their payload of tooth pick sized lasers.

    The impacts strike my body as I step in front of the jock, shielding his body. As I have learned, my body goes numb to pain almost immediately. He swerves around me and with frantic shots of his hockey stick, sends most of the robotic army smashing into pieces. Inside the security office we find a boy about ten years old with purple rubber gloves, a lab coat, and black boots. His ginger hair is cut short and he has a pair of rectangular glasses in front of sneering eyes.

    You imbeciles!” Roars the furious Toyman. “the first additions to my army have almost all been destroyed thanks to your actions.” Spit flies from his mouth as he rants. Pulling out his earlier mentioned ruby, he sends a wave of red light towards us. I fall backwards to avoid his magic but I was not the target. The crimson light strikes the aqua van behind us, causing its engine to rumble to life.
    With its headlights on my downed body it shifts into gear and barrels towards me. I'm unable to avoid to impact but do get both of my feet braced. Getting my hands underneath the front axle, I bend my knees and lift.

    With my back straining in effort, I'm able to bring all 4 wheels off the ground. With nothing to push off with, the van is easy prey. Like a turtle I put it on its roof, leaving it helpless. It honks defiantly and spins its wheels helplessly as I turn back to the child sorcerer. The jock has found his clothes now alive and trying to strangle him. Robin is unable to near the enemy either, a flock of Beanie Baby birds have forced him into evasive maneuvers.

    Taking the opening I am given, I rush in low and drop into a slide kick. Knocking his feet from beneath him, I bring the kid down. Grabbing him by the throat in my massive palm, I just glare at him.
    Try anything and I may have twitchy fingers.” I growl out menacingly. His terrified gasp has the finally arrived Starfire reprimanding me.

    Friend Tommy, I am shocked at your words.” Her tone is heavy with judgment. “This may be our foe but he is still a child. He needs discipline not death.” Her not realizing I was only trying to intimidate the villain, worked out better. Now terrified i’m barely controlled, the sorcerer is throwing himself at Kori’s Mercy

    I can end the spell!” His panicked expression is really quite funny, The princess just gazes down at him with disappointment before answering.

    Then do so.” He meets her eyes cautiously and nods. He mutters and wiggles his fingers over the ruby as Starfire holds it before him, just out of his grasp.
    Toys I made walk, now I bade stop.” And with a flash of red light, the mannequins return to motionless displays. The toys charging through the mall collapsing where they stand. The tires helplessly spinning on the van behind us, the only creation still ‘alive’. The jock beside us slams his hockey stick between the sorcerer's legs, growling fiercely.

    Your forgetting one.” his gesture at the vehicle causes the small boy to wail.

    That one was an accident, I don’t know how to effect anything that big on purpose.” I remove my grasp on the now more clearly revealed to be a child. His slight deformities making him appear older. I had been considering getting my own place eventually. Robin is great but I never liked being a mooch, I need something to call mine.

    Alright, how long will the spell last?” He shrugs pathetically on the floor.

    The longer it goes on, the harder it will be to end.” he gestures at the gemstone in Kori’s hand. “It is called the Ruby of Life after all. Not the Ruby of a Single Task.” He begins to giggle. “And life, it finds a way.” My hand shoots up at this news.

    Dibs on the van.” I happily call out. Before jogging back to the turtles vehicle and apologize. “Sorry buddy I didn’t want to have to hurt you so I had to turn you over.” the headlights dim in consideration before it softly honks twice at me in understanding. “Thanks for understanding, I’ll have you back in your wheels in a jiffy.” I console the turquoise van.

    Once I have the sentient vehicle back on it’s wheels I tense for action but it’s unneeded. The Van follows behind me like a puppy, clearly concerned by the crowd pointing at it. I defend my new companion from the whispers by calling out to the bystanders still at the mall.

    Hey leave my partner alone! He got turned into a van saving you all and your treating him like a freak.” Robin and the sport master give me odd looks while Kori asks in confusion once we leave the building.

    Friend Tommy I do not understand, which of our friends was transformed?” and why are you not more concerned changing them back?” I giggle at her clear confusion before I explain to all three.
    I felt bad for the van, it was an accident.” Just like I am in this body and my fake life. “And everyone was just gawking at it.” I pat the vehicle on its hood comfortingly.

    When we get the criminal child known as the Toyman locked away with the local police, we keep the Ruby contained. Robin slips it inside a black metal case he removes from the bike I had parked outside. Safely stowed away, we give a farewell to our new companion.

    Good job in there Jones.” Robin’s words are genuine. Jones removes his mask and smiles gratefully.

    Thanks.” He considers us for a moment before finishing. “Since it seems were going to working together regularly, may as well call me Jason. Or Sportmaster if were on the job.” Kori’andr jumps in with her own enthusiastic greeting, her white hair has gone indigo.

    Friend Jason!” With that she has him lifted off his feet, his back being crushed in her bear hug. “I am Kori’andr of Tamaran. I look forward to thwarting evil with you.” His reply is muffled in her mane.

    Hey! Robin!” The voice of an officer running towards us, calls out. “We need you in the bay. A ferry has been attacked.” Robin turns, his mood all business now.

    What else do you know?” His words are clipped as he questions the cop who stammers out a reply.

    Your friends are already their but hundred of these froggy, fish men are swarming the entire harbor.” The report has us all alert for Roy’s orders.

    Thanks officer, were on it.” He addresses me next. Let Sportmaster take the bike, if he wants to join us. And follow him in your new van.” Jason confirms the request, gleefully looking the sleek machine over. I likewise agree, my vehicle honking behind us before its engine rumbles in excitement.

    Looks like that’s a yes. We can clear the docks if your and Starfire can get to the ferry.” Robin acknowledges this before him and Starfire lift off into the air. “I’ll follow you. No GPS in this baby.” I call to Sportmaster, patting my new van on the roof. He agrees, telling me to keep up before climbing onto Robin’s bike confidently.

    The door of my van pops open and an excited honk signal for me to climb inside. When I do, the windows roll down and the radio crackles to life. Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, begins playing as I follow Jason Jones towards the bay. Drumming my fingers on the brown leather steering wheel, I contemplate my self driving vehicle.

    Your going to need a name buddy.” My words have a honk of agreement meet them. I ponder names and give a first try. “How about Scrappy. You gave me your all when you tried to run me over.” The windshield wipers begin frantically waving and the radio changes to ‘Return to Sender’ a classic Elvis song. “That’s a no I guess.”

    We lurch to a stop, a red light our enemy. “Strong and a comrade of few words. Reminds me of an Addams.” I Nod to myself as I declare. “I dub the Sir Lurch.” A few moments of silence have me doubting my choice before the radio changes to a Beatles tune, ‘Let It Be.’ “Glad you approve buddy. Now lets go be heroes.” The orchestral music of ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ begins to blare from the radio, our approach now properly impressive.

    Arriving on the scene, we find the for mentioned creatures swarming the beach and boardwalk. Scores of amphibious, hunch back humanoids wreak havoc. Coming in every bright color imaginable, the frogmen have a glowing angler fish tendril hanging before their fang filled mouths.

    Each of the roughly four foot tall creatures, have spiny bone white protrusions on their back. They have a variety of weapons among them, Tridents, nets, harpoons and knives the most plentiful. They swarm in packs, tearing down the wooden structures on the beach. The bodies of a few victims too slow to escape, lay on the red stained sand.

    Mrrguurrgll” is the inhuman call from the things when our arrival is noticed. Leaping intto action, Lurch plows through a group and pops open it’s door. As ‘Let The Bodies Hit The Floor’ begins to play, I leap out in a roll along the sand. Roaring in fury in spring into the swarm, my umbrella brandished before me.

    Gout's of flame sear my targets instantly, allowing me to clear the shore in relative quickness. Sportmaster and Lurch handle the group that made it to the streets already. Working in tandem, dozens of frogmen have been thrown over the barrier by the pair. Shouts of ‘Goongala’ and honks of battle, let me know their having fun.

    Looking out into the bay, I can see a ferry swarming with the amphibians. Starfire’s fire briefly shining with her attacks. Water begins to plume as something rockets along the surface of the water. Aiming straight for my location, Speedy races towards me.

    Batgirl is on her way with her submarine.” He rushes out, without greeting me. “Atlantis has been silent for days. She picked up a distorted signal this morning and figured out Ocean Master has taken over.” His explanation has me shocked until I remember both Aquaman and Aquawoman were both on the Watch Tower.

    Does the Legion know?” I ask in concern. He confirms this for me.

    Yeah, Ar-Batgirl let them know.” He rushes of in a yellow streak to bowl over a new swarm rising from the waves before reappearing in front of me cockily. “Any of us who can handle deep sea pressure are going to meet the Legion’s team. Superwoman and Steel vouched for us.” His smile is big and proud.

    Well then, you and Robin better look after things while were gone.” His smile drops in realization. “Besides someone has to keep an eye on Lurch for me.” A honk of joy followed by the song changing to ABBA’s ‘The Winner Takes It All’, punctuates my words. Wally nods in understanding.

    Robin said you had some kind of van with an AI or something.” He has an inquisitive and smiles. “Sure, this I have to see.”
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    Well look who's back, You've had some computer trouble their. Probably should get an USB stick and backup more backups those are such a pain! Now on to the story Tom Lobo and Starfire went to the Mall and got themselves pampered,Tom gets new pompadour haircut, with some new clothes. Till not a few minutes later, A devious childish Toyman attacks and in real toys create chaos in swarm's at the Bludhaven Mall. Tom, Jason Jones, Starfire quickly dispatch them in no time. We now have a sentient van,Tom Lobo commandeered as his own. Then another unexpected monster attack outside the the city with minion fish monster's, It seems now that they are going an aquatic adventure to Atlantis and Kaldur might make an appearance soon too. Robin wants look at the so AI van too? This universe is"Monster\ villian Central" just can't go to mall anymore without a little heroics involved! Wouldn't have it any other way, Till next time. Catch ya later!
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    I'm going to be honest. the lack of interaction has made me feel that i have a lack of interest. I can see where i have rushed my story and which chapters should have been split into several. I' m going to be going back and adding to my story, fleshing it out more. No major details are going to change only be expanded and a few scenes will be changed around. The old chapters will stay up and the newer version will be added at the end. Basically i feel i need to turn the 7 chapters into 20 or so chapters. I can just see how many holes i have that need to be filled in more and i have to do it. Expect an updated chapter on in a day or so. and a new one every 3 or days or so after that as i fix up the rest.

    edit i don't mean this in a passive aggresive way. i realize theirs interest in my ideas and half of my story is done to my happiness. i just realize by rushing so much out so soon, i jumped from plot to plot rushing for the end and missed lots f development. so i can see how half my story feels more like a summary and thats wha i will fix over the next 2-3 weeks. i got the 7 chapters out in like 12 days so the better version will not be too long for each chapter.
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  22. Threadmarks: Revised. Arc 0, Chapter 1: New Life, New Year
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    Well Here is the revised chapter one. With the new forward.

    My friend died almost two years ago. I have had a really hard time getting over the senselessness of it. I chose to insert me and my friend when we were 17, the 2008 versions of us as a way of working through his passing. Combining every cartoon i remember us liking together and adding them to the Young Justice verse. I call it Earth Etc. The only thing you can know for sure is as long as it wasn't a marvel comic cartoon, it could be added.

    The setting is the bones of the Young Justice universe (about 60% of setting), the meat is an amalgamation of Hannah Barbara, Dexter’s Lab, Mummies Alive, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 80’s version and 2003, Archie’s Weird Mysteries, the DCAU (Batman, Superman, Justice League, Static Shock, Zeta Project and Beyond), Scooby Doo, Clifford, Inspector Gadget, Disney’s Atlantis, The Batman, Sabrina the Teenage Witch cartoon, MIB cartoon, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Godzilla and Kong animated shows, Alien, Predator, and Friday the 13th. I am definitely forgetting a few. And the skin/artstyle of my setting is live action.

    Like every Self insert, this is wish fulfillment. However by basing it on younger me I hope I am able to treat this more like writing about another character. For me the main fantasy is imagining doing all this with one of my best friends when we were careless and irresponsible teens.

    Edit: Wow, can't believe i forgot the thanks to Doggbertcarrol who's work for years has keep me going through the hard times. The Stories; With This Ring, A Subtle Knife, Assimilation, and Sunshine Superman have all been huge inspirations in motivating me to do something with my mourning.

    Project Lobotomy
    Arc 0: Leaving the Lighthouse
    Chapter 1: New Year, New Life
    Jan 01/2010
    00:01 AM
    Coming to awareness is a gradual process, one I resist as long as possible. A warmth surrounds me fully, its embrace soothing. The harder I try to return to sleep however, the more my mind begins to stir awake. The sound of churning bubbles, is a constant melody. In this peaceful state I have no concept of the passage of time.

    Mechanical clanks from outside my room, get me to open my eyes in irritation. With sight available, I realize immediately blissful sleep will be an impossibility. My bedroom has become some kind of sterile circular lab, maybe twenty feet in diameter.

    My bed has also been changed in my sleep. It’s become some kind of cylindrical glass column. I'm floating inside, suspended by a very warm amber gel. Somehow I'm able to breathe unaided in this substance. The shock is keeping my panic suppressed for now.

    It contains a single oval desk with a red laptop. The room is a fairly spacious one with mint green walls and a digital clock with glowing red letters, displaying the time of zero zero zero nine. The floor is a dreary gray concrete with a central support pillar in the middle of the room.

    The only other thing of note I see is a Hispanic man with a crew cut sitting behind the desk. He is wearing a black suit with matching shades on his face. His dispassionate typing does not hold my attention for long.

    When I look down, I'm disturbed to find I have been changed from my warm flannel pajamas. Currently I'm wearing a full body white spandex unitard. With no discernible markings and only my hands, feet and head uncovered, I still feel naked somehow in this tight get up. Something is off about my hands so I bring one to my face for closer inspection.

    My once skeletal hands have become massive meat gloves of milk white skin tone. Coarse black hair sprouts thickly on the back of my fist. Clenching my albino fist, I can feel strength I had only ever dreamed of. Of course that would make sense, I’m clearly dreaming. My self inspection has been interrupted.

    The echoing sound of a chain being lowered ends and a pair of stainless steel doors slide open. Emerging from the revealed elevator, is two men. The first who enters the room, is a bald white man dressed in a fancy blue suit. His expression of arrogance is clearly visible.

    Beside him, is a black man with short cropped hair. He has a pair of square glasses on his face and has a white done up lab coat on his body. In his hands is a clipboard of some kind. They approach the man at the desk who jumps to his feet at attention. I can see he has a small silver gun holstered on his thigh.

    A few clipped commands to the guard, has him leading the new men to a tank identical to mine on the opposite side of the room. Inside is a black haired teenager, his hair flows around him in a shoulder length mullet.

    His pale skin still looks a lot healthier then my porcelain white tone, he only looks like he needs a few days of sun. On his skull is some strange purple starfish creature. It has a single black and yellow eye that stares unblinking at the men in front of its tank talking. Reaching to my own scalp I find a similar creature.

    Grasping it tightly, I pry it from my head with ease. It was grasping me only weakly, mine looks pale and sickly. It twitches weakly in the syrupy substance before me. On its underside is a leech like mouth, full of teeth and ringed and leaking a pinkish frothy fluid. I've seen these in that Batman Beyond episode. That’s a Starro but it’s barely moving.

    My motion does not go unnoticed like it had before. This time the three men hurry over to my tank and have a few muffled words with each other. When they finish the bald white man, clearly the leader begins to stare into my eyes.

    He says something to the scientist beside him who taps on the glass in front of me. He frowns when I reach a hand towards his on the other side of the glass. He clucks his tongue and taps a button on the tank.

    As electricity discharges inside my prison, I convulse in pain for minutes. When it finally relents, my oppressor is waving a finger at me with an evil smirk. Another command is input above my head, and the solution I am in begins to change to a green tint.

    Almost immediately I become drowsy. With my eyes slipping closed I can only curse these men futilely for now.

    Jan 01/2010
    09:22 PM
    When I regain awareness sometime later, I frantically gaze around my room. Before I can even think ‘Man that was a weird nightmare’, I realize it was real. The solution I’m floating in is once again golden, while the glowing red digits of the clock display the time as nine twenty two.

    The guard behind the desk is dressed in the same black suit and tie combination as the previous one. The rather bland white guy almost looks like hes falling asleep at his desk in boredom.

    Seizing my chance before the bosses return again, I lift my legs to my chest. Pressing my back against my pod for resistance, I bring my feet to the glass in front of me and push. Barely using any of my strength, the glass shatters outwards.

    The amber liquid pours across the floor and the guard fall from his chair in surprise. Before he can climb to his feet I charge forward on unsteady legs. Calling on my years of chasing piglets, I hop over the desk with ease.

    As he reaches for his holstered fancy pistol, I crash into him with both feet. I can hear his ribs crack unpleasantly from the impact as he slams into the floor. Fearing the worst, I check for a pulse. I find one thankfully and the well dressed guard is groaning weakly on the floor.

    “I'm not a murderer, that's good.” I mutter to myself in relief. Searching him for anything of use, I find his tiny silver gun and a key card. Once I have both in hand, I Take advantage of my chance to learn what the hell is going on. Turning to the still open computer, I sit down in front of it and begin looking into what’s really going on.

    It only has a few albums of pictures and a few ongoing journals. One album is labeled Project Lobotomy, while the other is called Project Phantom. Flipping a coin in my head, I go with Lobotomy first.

    Inside are a six pictures that paint an unsettling scene. The first shows me what looks like a round blue egg with wings. It fell from the air crashing through a forest canopy and into a hillside. The damage to the craft is small and bloody foot prints leading away, shows their was a survivor. The time stamp shows this was taken in March 1976.

    The second, is a picture of a live action version of Mark Hamill’s Joker. It’s a mugshot of him grinning maniacally towards the camera. The date displayed is September 1st,1984. I'm really confused now. What, is the doctor a fan of comics?

    I gag when I see the Joker again in the third picture. He’s been torn in half and his head is lying beside him, a Batarang in the wood near the body. I click faster now, showing the fourth picture is of Harley Quinn. The picture taken on December 24th, 1990. The Joker died on my birthday? that’s pretty cool.

    Harlequin is wearing the whole jester get up and everything from the Batman Animated Series, except she looks like a disturbed ten year old. This picture is dated at October 31st, 1999. Hoping not to see another body, I continue in trepidation.

    Picture five is another Joker cosplay, dated at July 29th, 2007. This guy looks like the version from the new The Batman show, the whole wild man Rastafarian version. He’s in an empty glass cell suspended in complete blackness. It kind of looks like a unicorn is in another cell beside him. That is strange.

    Six is of Lobo, this one is dated for December 28th, 2009. Again the real life version of a cartoon character which is really weird, I have to still be dreaming. I had seen him from the Justice League cartoon when Superman was sent to the future. He’s floating in a tank of yellow fluid kind of like I was not long ago.

    Lobo is also wearing the same jumpsuit I am but he has waist length ebony dreadlocks floating behind him. And I have--. I reached up to calm my growing suspicions only to find the displayed hairstyle growing from my head.

    My only way to learn more is on the computer so I return to it. Today’s date is January 1st, 2010 and its nine thirty PM. I’m really going to have to read the files instead of skimming pictures to learn anything useful. Why there’s pictures of Harley and the Joker, I have no idea.

    Reading the entries, leaves me with answers I don’t like all so much. An entity who became known as the Joker crashed and went on a crime spree for years. After a battle with Batman in a sawmill, he was pushed onto a conveyor belt. The saw’s the joker went into, severing him at the waist and neck.

    The head regrew, becoming the one known as Joker Jr. whose actions so far, have him acting nearly the same as his father. He has been contained in a separate facility once he was captured.

    His torso and lower halves also regrew, each into a new unique body and personality. Harlequin is much less effective so far, leaving us free to observe her actions in the wild safely. She was grown from the torso of the Joker.

    We claimed the body grown from the waist down. Hoping to increase the weapons effectiveness, we infused Project Lobotomy with DNA from Project Phantom. Lobotomy has become much strong and has an estimated strength in the range of thirty tons. This is greatly superior to his family’s barely above baseline human strength.

    His DNA was likewise infused into Project Phantom, the regeneration has been doing wonders to stabilize the bizarre effects of being raised in the Phantom Zone.

    So far, the project’s regeneration has caused two Starro to die from exhaustion. Fortunately, the third Starro's memory implants are working better. It is merging the fragmented knowledge of the earlier two attempts and the genetic memory of the Joker has been nearly completely suppressed.

    I stop reading and frown in concern. Is this really saying my memories of my entire life are fake? I’m not even the first version they tried? I'm Kyle three point oh. Hell, is Kyle even really my name then?

    I can remember watching versions of superheros on TV and reading about them in comics. Why are these files acting like it’s all real? Are they? I guess the cartoons I saw didn't always show heroes in the best light. I guess my brain was interpreting the stuff they wanted me to know about the heroes as cartoons and comics.

    Trying to focus on any memory of these is bringing me contrary versions with drastically different art styles. I'm going to have to deal with this once I'm out of here. Right. Escape now, crumble to tears over my identity crisis later.

    With the beginnings of a plan forming, I try to decide what to do about my roommate in the other pod. I jump in shock when a snide voice crackles over an intercom.

    “Project Lobotomy, your up early.” the voice pauses for a second before ordering me with bored disinterest. “Get back in your pod, Agent R will be by soon to fix it.” I look around the room for a camera to address but find none. Being forced to shout at the ceiling, I defy the voice.

    “I never listen when my parents or teachers tell me what to do, what makes you think you have a chance.” My declaration has the voice stop in consideration before answering me with finality.

    “Fine then I need you alive for Mr. Luthor’s tasks.” His sneering voice is joined by hissing from across the room. The fluid inside the still filled pod is draining rapidly. Inside the glass tank, the Starro’s eye locks on to me. The human it is on top of opens his eyes and stares me down in tandem with his parasite.

    “Project Phantom, Deal with the unruly one as you see fit. I need him alive but barely breathing is still alive.” the voice goes cold in its hate towards me for daring to disobey. “Make it hurt.” and with those words my new opponent rushes across the room faster then a car.

    Barely able to react in time even with reflex’s twice as fast as I remember, I meet his charging form with a grapple. He is way stronger then me however, forcing me backwards and smashing my spine through the computer and desk behind me.

    On my back with the well muscled body of Project Phantom kneeling on my chest, I am fed mighty punch after mighty punch with mechanical precision to my face. I may still have a couple teeth left and I can kinda see through one of my swollen eyes but this really hurts. And I have only been in a few fights before this, I need to do something fast or I am done for.
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    Chapter 2: Project Phantom​

    Jan 01/2010
    09:45 PM

    Blinded by my own blood and swollen eyes, I frantically grasp above. With the last of my strength, I am able to grasp a fleshy tentacle between my fingers. Determined not to die here and now, I pull with all my strength.

    With a wet squelch, the Starro is ripped from my assailant’s skull. Almost instantly, the powerful blows to my face cease. As I feebly wipe the blood from face, my pain rapidly vanishes. Standing in a panic, the ebony haired teen begins to speak.

    “What’s going on?” His voice is desperate and stilted. From my place on the floor, I can him see staring at his blood covered hands in horror. “I don’t know why I was hitting you.” He gasps when he finally gets a good look at what he did to my face. “Oh god, I’m so sorry.”

    His guilt is palpable in the air, leaving the tension in the room thick enough to cut with a bowl. I don’t feel as bad as I did even a few seconds ago, seems like I really do have regeneration.

    “Dude, it’s cool.” I call up to the panicking Project Phantom. “You were being controlled by this.” I hold up the Dead Starro as I climb to my feet shakily. He gives it a look of pure loathing. “What’s the last thing you remember?” I ask, trying to find some information.

    “Had a new years party at my friends last night.” His words are slow and measured as he tries to think. “Left Kyle’s around three in the morning, walked home and crashed.” Wait what? I had a party last night.

    “Who are you?” I ask with cautious optimism. My response comes a few seconds later.

    “Zach.” With those words I begin laughing like a fool. Zach’s face is screwed up in confused irritation at my antics.

    “Dude, It’s me. Kyle” Finally understanding. he smiles and finally accepts the bear hug I’m trying to give him. He looks me over once I let him go and smirks.

    “You really bulked up. Not a scrawny little broomstick anymore.” His tone is mocking but I know hes as freaked out as I am. Sticking out my tongue, I cheekily blow a raspberry at him. It ends up splattering him in my bloody spit to my amusement.

    “And you still look like a redneck with that mullet.” I retort back, happy to find some form of familiarity at last. “Something really messed up is going on.” He snorts at my understatement. “I don’t even know if our brains got implanted or our bodies got changed.” I throw up my hands in frustration. “You smashed me through the computer before I could figure very much out.”

    “I said sorry already, sheesh.” He gets defensive, when he assumes I'm blaming him and not the situation. Our reunion is cut short by Stockman’s patronizing voice, once again coming over the loudspeaker.

    “Project Phantom, you failed.” The voice goes colder still, if that’s even possible. “This is your last chance to return to your pods before I have to get serious.” Zach grins at me fer ally hearing this and I nod back in agreement.

    “I’m going to feed you your spleen, you sack of crap!” My friend bellows at the ceiling. I grab whats left of the laptop and rush for the elevator doors behind him. Stockman seems unsuprised when he answers the challenge.

    “Very well. Prepare for conditioning.” With those final menacing words, Stockman’s voice cuts out. Were able to access the elevator easily with my pilfered card key. I pull out my tiny silver pistol and step inside with Zach.

    Only three floors are marked on the wall panel, with us shown to be in the basement. I press the button to go up a floor.

    “Once we find the ground floor we got to get the hell out of here.” My words are calm even though I should not be feeling so chill with everything going on. It takes almost an entire minute to reach the next floor. We were really, really far down. When we slow to a stop, we wait for the doors to open.


    Any minute now. Getting nervous, Zach begins tapping frantically at the open door button to no avail. A hiss from above our heads has me jump in shock. A mustard yellow gas is being pumped inside the elevator.

    I feel drowsy for a second but I’m able to shake it off this time. Zach’s new body is less resistant to the gas, causing his eyes to water. While he begins hacking a lung up, I desperately try to force the doors open manually.

    The coughs behind me have turned into sneezes. Looking back for a moment, I can only gasp in amazement. Whatever Project Phantom was, it gave Zach the ability to sneeze gout's of flame.

    Increasing in frequency and size, the fire has begin spreading across the walls of the elevator. Dangerous patterns of red and orange dance across the paint, swiftly engulfing the entire area in a deadly blaze. The flammable fumes ignite above our heads in an explosion the rocks us back and forth in the shaft.

    “Brace yourself!” Is all I have time to shout in horror before a creaking groan from above snaps the cable keeping us in the air. As we drop away from the ceiling, Zach and I both leap upwards for any hand hold.

    We find none and as I begin to descend again after the falling scrap metal, I see Zach floating in place. He has a look of amazement on his face which turns to horror when he sees me falling.

    Somehow hes able to instinctively turn himself around mid air and rocket after me. With his arms outstretched before him, he is able to gain on me quickly. grabbing me before I hit the piling of smoldering wreckage, I can only clap him on the back in relief.

    “Nice save dude.” I thank my friend gratefully. He smiles back and replies mockingly.

    “You fly like a tank.” His words are flat, needing no emphasis.

    “Yeah, Just call me the Incredible Falling Lad.” I joke back as we ascend the smoke filled elevator shaft midst the blaring of alarms. When we make it back to the doors we were at before, were left stumped.

    We try prying them open but can find nothing to grip onto. Zach looks down at me in contemplation before asking me curiously.

    “You have a hard head right?” I realize instantly what he means and begun shouting no, which he ignores. He floats backwards until were pressed against the far wall. Once were out of space he narrows his eyes and warns me. “Close your eyes.”

    I do in time to feel our bodies slam into the stainless steel doors. Instead of knocking ourselves out cold, we actually force the metal to warp and bend. The doors are durable enough to remain standing but a man sized opening has been created.

    Bright artificial light streams onto my face as I gaze into our new surroundings. Were in another circular room. This room is massive, nearly fifty feet in diameter. Its almost completely bare except for an enormous telescope pointed at the night sky. It fills a third of the room, in its position in the center.

    We aren’t alone either unfortunately. Five more guards are dressed in the same uniform as the guy downstairs. Along the walls are three waist thick pipes running up to a large glass aquarium of some. It contains some kind of pulsating pink ooze, the consistency of toothpaste.

    Our sudden entrance catches the guards somewhat off guard, allowing Zach to spin in place and toss me at them. I slam onto one of them, his head cracking against the hard floor. When he doesn’t stir I look up.

    Zach has engaged two of the men in boxing match. His speed and strength are able to overcome any training these well dressed goons have with ease. My musings are cut short when a loud ‘CHIRP’ screeches from behind me.

    Something powerful slams into my back, sending me flying forwards and crashing into the wall. Agony blossoms across my entire body as I pat myself down. My hands come away from my side sticky and red, revealing a gaping hole in my side. Is that my liver?

    My defeat does not last long. Almost instantly my pain vanishes once again and my wound begins to seal before my eyes. Flesh knits itself back together as if by magic. leaving me as good as new before my life even had time to finish flashing before my eyes.

    “Kyle!” I hear my name yelled in rage from across the room. Zach has dealt with his foes. One lays with a neck bent at an unnatural angle while the other is slumped against the wall. He blurs into motion, all I see is a streak of white race towards me.

    Another ‘CHIRP’ announces a blast of blue energy. It strikes the form of my friend center mass but does nothing to slow him down. He barrels past me and slams the shooter into and partially through the wall.

    Standing unharmed in an observatory filling with smoke, my friend roars in defiance at those responsible. His white unitard has a burnt window exposing his chest, displaying his unmarked skin beneath.

    The final guard stares at both of us, his jaw wide open in fear at the powers we had displayed. Choosing not to face Zach’s rage, he turns and flees out the front door. Zach watches him go with a frown, his eyes seeming to track the runner even on the other side of the wall.

    Finally he smiles, a decision made. He cracks his knuckles and marches toward to base of the telescope. He inhales as deeply as he can before exhaling a torrent of blue flame from his mouth. It melts the metal instantly allowing Zach to strain against the weight of semi truck sized telescope.

    He barely seems to strain with the effort as he rises into the air. Winding back like were in football, he throws the telescope forward and out of the building. Seconds later it crashes into the water with a thunderous ‘SPLASH’ felt even this far away.

    ‘CRAAACCCKK’ sounds out from above us, heralding a new danger. Looking up, shows the glass containing the sludge has shattered. Shards of glass and dog sized globs of rancid ooze rains down around us.

    The mass of pink tar crashes onto me and buries me beneath its weight. Struggling to stand in the adhesive substance, I can only twitch in irritation. It begins to burn through my leggings and into my skin painfully.

    Zach is doing better, he was able to stay airborne and avoid most of the sludge. Or at least he had. The ooze has formed car sized hands, five in total. Each has three stubby fingers not well sited for dexterous tasks like grabbing a flying teen.

    His occasional burp of flame, will bake a portion of the ooze. This doesn’t slow it down for long, simply smashing off the hardened area and regrowing from the lake of ooze all over the floor. My struggles are noticed by the goo, a group of beady spider like eyes forming before me.

    Watching my struggle, the eyes show delight at my pain. Swelling around me, ooze begins forming an impenetrable cocoon around me. Once it has my arms immobilized and begins to creep up my neck, I really start panicking.

    “Hey! Get out of here before it grabs you to man.” My cry is ignored by Zach, instead he makes an attempt to free me. A heroic but futile attempt. Once his hands touch the ooze covering me, it jumps onto him and spreads.

    Rapidly covering him, tendrils rise up from the ground and wrap around him. Neither of our struggles seem to being anything but tiring us out. I can’t believe I'm going to die drowning in this cesspit.

    Healing does nothing against drowning as far as I know. I get superpowers and die the same day, how awesome am I? The ramblings of my dying mind decide to add earsplitting ‘SCREEEEE’s for some reason. Maybe it’s Stockman gloating over the loud speaker again?

    The next shriek is followed by a wave of force slamming into my shell. It cracks and crumbles around me, revealing our saviors. In a bulkier version of the cape less black skin tight mech suit from Batman Beyond, is Batman.

    His fierce gaze is focused on the enemy for now, his body tense and ready for action. The only color on his suit is a red membrane on his under arms, a gliding wing of some kind, and a crimson bat logo on his chest.

    His sidekick is in a near identical outfit although her uniform is accented by yellow instead of red. She is screeching, directing visible sound waves all around the sea of goo. I’m clearly an after thought for now. The ooze has completely ignored me to go after the ones who have actually managed to annoy or injure it instead.

    That won’t do. No one ignores me unless I want them to. I grit my teeth and decide on a stupidly awesome course of action. I draw my shiny little futuristic gun and take careful aim.

    “Everyone get ready to run!” And with those words, I fire the powerful peashooter into the ceiling a dozen times. The building begins crumbling around us, as the supports are destroyed.
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    Chapter 3: The Flying Graysons

    Cadmus Observatory
    Bludhaven Bay
    Jan 01/2010
    10:37 PM
    My rash decision to bring down the building, had mixed results. We barely made it outside without being crushed by falling debris but nearly twenty minutes of careful observation, revealed no more living ooze.

    Batman had taken the remains of the laptop, pilfered from the room I woke in. He was trying to learn more then my brief description could explain, while we watched the rubble. Batgirl narrows her eyes when I mention my heritage and decides to spend the twenty minutes watching me instead.

    “Green Arrow and Dove will host you for tonight.” Batman’s gruff voice appears behind me, his approach unnoticed. My startled jump is ignored by him, choosing instead to direct us down to the beach were the Batplane is parked.

    “Who says we need your help?” Zach defiantly challenges. Batgirl really does not like that, aggressively stepping towards him with her finger raised towards his chest.

    “Alright smart guy, How much longer would you have lasted without us?” Zach can only scowl at that reply. “As far as were concerned we have the Joker’s kid and a Kryptonian.” Her words go hard and cold. “Last time we had Kryptonian’s with your powers.” She clenches her fist remembering the event. “We got invaded and lost a lot of good people.”

    “Oh.” Is all Zach can respond with, his voice has gone quiet in embarrassment. “I guess it makes sense to make sure then.” I can only agree with this, were clearly not in charge of the situation.

    “We get that your victims.” Batman cuts back into the conversation ending the discussion. “But you admitted they were trying to program you. Once your cleared, we can try integrating you into society.” He gestures to the impressively sleek jet on the sand before us. “Get in.”

    It’s a tight fit inside the top of the line cockpit. four black leather chairs sit in a row, which we all slide into. Once we strap in, the glass cover slides over our heads. We lift off the beach silently, rising into the cloudy night sky.

    “What kind of memories were they implanting?” Batman questions once were in the air. I consider this an answer.

    “Our whole lives.” gathering my courage I admit to myself and the Bat family. “They programmed an entire life where we grew up together. I’m Kyle.” I introduce myself. “Or Project Lobotomy as they named me. And apparently I was grown from the lower half of the Joker.” My admission has Zach choking on laughter.

    “So you really are a butt head then!” His glee at my situation is so genuine, even I begin to laugh.

    “I was only able to learn your called Project Phantom and they mixed our DNA to enhance us both.” He considers my words before declaring.

    “Blood brothers then.” Happily I agree with him. My limited knowledge has dried up, ending my explanation. Batgirl gives us a weird look.

    “You two really mind me of Zach and Kyle from ‘Smokey Valley’.” Her words end our amusement.

    “Never heard of it. What’s it about?” I ask her what she means.

    “A stoner comedy from the eighties. A high school grad class has hi-jinks in a valley of hippies, rednecks, and Russians.” My blood runs cold and I stare at Zach in horror.

    “That sounds scarily familiar.” Zach stutters out finally for us both.

    “It’s easier to have a base to work off of.” Batman adds with his gravely voice. “Seems like your memories were based off characters from the movie instead being original creations.”

    “We can’t be characters from a movie!” Zach yells with some heat. “You are!” Batman meets his gaze evenly, while the auto pilot handles the trip.

    “That’s what they made you believe.” His words have me reconsidering everything I know in silence for the rest of the trip.


    Star City
    Jan 01/2010
    11:03 PM
    We soar over the glittering lights of Star City and quickly begin angling downwards. On the edge of the city lays an expanse of swampland. Slaughter Swamp stretches into the mountains miles away.

    A few clearings, one with a deadly looking green, yellow, and red space craft begin to reveal them selves. It has angled wings that curve forward and strike a fearsome profile from above. Three figures are present, watching our descent through a dome of blue energy.

    Nothing happens as we land, the force field bypassed somehow. The tallest figure watching us approach, looks like robin hood. Hes blonde with a forked beard and cocky grin. A longbow is strapped to his back beside a quiver of fancy looking arrows.

    His female companion is of a similar age, both are around forty. She however, carries her years with more grace. A red headed women with tan wings watches us with narrowed eyes. Her white and blue uniform looks good on her toned body. She begins to sing her mace dangerously when she catches us looking.

    The final member of our welcoming party, is Robin but he has scarlet hair like his mother to match his crimson wings. Instead of a single weapon, he has a pair of hand held cross bows strapped to his waist.

    He at least looks happy to see some more aliens. Finally a welcome face. Green Arrow because I recognize him from a few episodes of Justice League Unlimited, greets us once were all on the ground.

    “Found some strays did ya?” His Irish accent, is a surprise to me. Batman nods while Zach huffs at our description. I consider it an apt description, with what we’ve learned tonight.

    “yeah and your shield should keep Cadmus from finding them.” He looks Zach and I over in consideration for a moment before adding. “Or stop them from wreaking havoc like their families have.”

    “So you brought possible enemies to my home who may have someone sent to bring them back by force?” Dove’s voice is sweet but filled with the threat of violence if she is unhappy with her answer.

    “...Yes.” Is the eventual reply from the Dark Knight. Her whole face changes into an expression of pure glee.

    “Awe Bruce, it’s not even my birthday for another three weeks.” Her voice is full of excitement as she turns to me. “I’m Shayera and this is my Husband Oliver.” Green arrow waves when he’s mentioned.

    “Yo.” His voice is calm and easy going. “Glad you two managed to get out of Cadmus’ hands.” His son can’t wait any longer and butts in.

    “Yeah.” Vibrating with rage his voice rises. “Those creeps have been popping up all over the world, doing experiments on people like us.” People like us? Oh yeah, aliens. “Were looking for another lab in Nevada. You two should totally come with.” His excitement withers under his mothers unimpressed look. “Once you pass mom’s training that is.”

    “Better.” She’s amused at his embarrassment, leaning over to ruffle his short hair playfully. “If you want I can put you through your paces.” She offers. “Only way anyone living under my roof is allowed in the field.”

    “I need to get back to the cave, see what I can get from the files.” Bruce interrupts. “I’ll bring the girls by tomorrow once I know something.” Batgirl glares at me in warning.

    “You better be on you best behavior here.” Her words a menacing growl. “See you tomorrow Roy.” Her voice instantly warm and friendly as she addresses the teen who seems to be around fifteen. He confirms her words happily,. With a final wave, her and her father climb back into the Batplane and rise into the foggy night sky.

    Robin steps between us, throwing an arm around each of Zach and I’s shoulders.

    “Now that the grumps are gone, we can relax.” He offers warmly. “I’m Roy Queen, welcome to ‘The Flying Grayson Bird Sanctuary’.” Zach grunts in confusion.

    “Who are the Grayson’s then?” We get a chuckle from Shayera who explains.

    “My dad and I.” She throws her husband a warm smile. “At least until I married this fool.” Her husband mock pouts at her words. “Now let’s get you two cleaned up and into some new clothes.” Zach fingers the burnt hole in the chest of his white jumpsuit and agrees.

    ‘GURGLE’ Is the echoing interruption of my stomach as it declares its hunger. Roy laughs and adds.

    “Maybe some food as well.” His words are chilling at the implication. “Who knows how long it’s been since they ate food.” I shudder at the thought and agree.

    “Food would be awesome thank you.”


    Flying Grayson Bird Sanctuary
    Slaughter Swamp, Star City
    Jan 02/2010
    12:18 AM
    I spend so long washing all the gunk from my body, the water has long gone cold. Drying blood and bits of goo are rinsed from my dreadlocks, running down the drain in a swirl of rusty red water.

    I slip on the offered flannel pajamas. They have a plaid pattern of green and red, very Christmas. I take a final long look at my face in the mirror. My body is huge compared to what I’m used to. Several times I have bumped into someone, unused to my bulk.

    I have red eyes set in a massive square skull. I have a powerful jaw and coarse black stubble runs all across my chin. Broad shoulders strain against my borrowed clothes and the pants are more like Capris.

    I was always a pale guy but I look like porcelain colored in with Sharpie. The black star over my left eyes reminds me of KISS. I have patterns of black tiger stripes across the backs of my arms and the fronts of my legs.

    Across my entire torso, front and back is dozens of inky black rains drops, peppering my body with what looks like drops of black rain. I sigh in exhaustion. I may have only been awake for a few hours but I feel like my brain has never actually been asleep.

    Rallying my nerves I finally emerge from the relative safety of the pink bathroom. Robin and Zach are wait outside, leaning against the Rope railing surrounding the high tech tree house.

    “Took ya long enough princess.” Zach teases me in his borrowed black jogging pants and white muscle shirt.

    “Well I had a bunch of blood to wash off.” My retort silences him, remembering he’s partially to blame. Sensing the tension, Roy cuts in.

    “Lets go grab you two some food.” Were left no choice, when he begins pushing on our backs. Were lead across one of the many wooden bridges, suspended by rope from the countless trees that climb into the sky as high as redwood’s.

    One of the bigger tree houses is our destination. A beautiful log cabin made of red cherry wood, rests in the branches of the mighty tree. The rustic look from the outside, conceals a high tech interior.

    A top of the line kitchen takes up over half the room. A dinning table with a dozen bar stools and a wall mounted flat screen are the only other items in the room. The walls are some kind of high tech metal, the incandescent sheen is really trippy to look at.

    Dove is in her fluffy white custom bathrobe. With her wings poking out the back she kind of looks like an angel.

    “Dude, your mom is hot.” Zach whispers to Roy. Shayera’s sharp gaze turning to him and smirking, lets us know it wasn’t quiet enough. We shuffle into the dining room awkwardly. “Sorry.” Zach apologizes to Mrs. Queen, who wave it off with a laugh.

    “Don’t worry, I know I am.” She winks at Robin cheekily. “How else do you think I nabbed myself a billionaire.” She changes the subject, her teasing of us done for now. “Grab some leftovers and Roy can show you to the guest house. Have a good night and we can talk more tomorrow.” We wave goodnight, grateful the situation turned out alright.

    Roy serves us both a plate of reheated ham and potatoes, I turn down the offered pumpkin soup but Zach slurps it down. He lets us dig in to our meal in silence, only questioning us when we finish.

    “So what do you think? Want to go after Cadmus with Batgirl, Speedy, and I?” His excited tone makes him seem younger than the sixteen year old he was revealed to be. Zach and I don’t even need to look at each other, speaking in unison.

    “You Know it dude.” My voice is firm.

    “Try Stopping me.” Zach declares with conviction.

    Roy smiles and nods.

    “Good.” He grins mischievously. “Now Artemis sent me a text. It said you guys think your from a movie?” When we awkwardly shrug and confirm his question, he grins. Even wider.

    “Were going to watch it before we go to bed. It’s hilarious.” I can only feel some kind of karmic retribution at the fact that the people I thought were cartoons, have seen my life in movies.
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    Chapter 4: Nature Walk
    Flying Grayson Bird Sanctuary
    Slaughter Swamp, Star City
    Jan 02/2010
    11:25 AM
    My slumber is interrupted by the yells of combat from below me. A female’s aggressive voice is screaming war cries at someone who silently fights back. I try to flip myself off my bed, only to tangle myself in the hammock I’m in.

    I take a few minutes to settle my racing heart as the events of last night wash over me. The movie last night was freakishly accurate about so many things. I still can’t decide whats real.

    Below me snoring away peacefully, is Zach. Sometime during the night he began floating a foot above his hammock. He looks like a normal human mode and he can fly, what the hell?

    I stew at the unfairness of life for a while. Zach’s probably really a clone of Superman or something awesome like that. Wait a second, his DNA was infused into me. Maybe I can fly.

    Daring to hope, I carefully untangle myself from the ropes. Calling on all my experience of how to fly, namely think happy thoughts, I commit to my attempt.

    Throwing myself into the middle of the room I focus on how awesome it was to fly in the Batplane last night. For a second I can believe it worked. But only a second.

    Before I have time to even flap, I plummet to the floor. A solid ‘Thump’ has the sparring bellow stop momentarily, only to resume once I make no more noise. Zach, was able to ignore my embarrassing fall.

    “Stupid flying.” I mutter to myself in frustration. Staggering to my feet, I walk to to window overlooking the swampland. Trees that clearly are not from Earth, cover the domed sanctuary. Some trees are easily ten stories high, while others range down to a more reasonable five stories.

    Four main varieties are visible. The tallest ones, have a blood red bark, the texture of a birch tree. Massive sprawling branches that contain the suspended cabins are joined by a score of inter connected rope bridges. They have gorgeous white leaves that resemble maple leaves.

    All around the creek bank and handful of ponds I can see, is what look like Willow trees. These are four times the size of normal Earth ones however. The bark is a tarry black shade, while the leaves are a deep shiny indigo.

    The smallest trees, the fifty foot ones, are covered in a sickly yellow bark. Brown thorns cover the surface. They have orange leaves, concealing some kind of large red fruit that resembles a pineapple.

    The final alien tree is in the middle of the sizes. It has standard brown bark but its covered in red vines. Each vine carries bunches of berries, making a colorful view in the sunlight. These tree’s, have palm fronds of a magnificent pink sheltering the berries.

    Clothes have been left of again for us. This morning I get to wear a pair of black workout pants and a gray T shirt. I have been given a pair of custom made dark green boots, I have idea how they were finished in a few hours and without sizing me.

    They only look green in direct light, any other time appearing a solid black. Its not leather but some kind of similar material.

    “Must be Thanagarian.” I comment to no one before dressing myself. Climbing down the rope ladder outside my front door, I greet the chilly winter day. I can see the combatants below, are Dove and Robin. Green Arrow however, is nowhere to be seen.

    Robin is blindfolded in the middle of a dirt clearing. He is balanced on post maybe six inches across. His mother is flying literal circles around him and tossing egg sized rocks at him. His body is covered in welts and cuts but he never quits.

    Seeing him in action is a big difference from his attitude last night. He is focused and level headed, refusing to fall for any of his mothers taunts. He his dual crossbows in hand, firing arrows with blunted tips back at her.

    Each consecutive shot of Robin’s, comes closer and closer to his foe. Instead of being upset when he finally scores a direct hit giving her a bloody nose, she smiles and cheers encouragement.

    With his goal accomplished after what looks like nearly an hour judging by how many stones surround him, Roy removes his green blindfold. Panting with exertion, he wipes sweat from his from and calls up to me cheerfully.

    “Hey! How did you sleep. “I don’t have a chance to reply before he asks another question immediately. “Pretty Overwhelming view in the daylight right?” Mrs. Queen is interested in my response as well, looking at me with focused green eyes.

    “Yeah, its magnificent.” I pause, unsure of my boundaries before asking anyway. “Your going to have to show me and Zach around once he gets up.” Roy gleefully agrees while his mom takes her chance to address me. Bruce, Diana, and Clark will be coming over around six tonight to figure everything out.”

    “Why is she being so being so blase about everyone’s secret identities?” I think to myself. In fact she said Batman’s name last night too.

    “Because to be on the Legion of Super Heroes, we all had to publicly reveal our identities.” Her answer lets me know I said that out loud. “Once the World Republic finished dotting its I’s and crossing its T’s, the Justice League and similar groups were given the choice whether to remain regional or go public.” Ok that explanation is creating even more questions.

    “World Republic?” I ask confused.

    “Well after Eleven alien invasions in a century, the nations worldwide decided it was for the best.” Shayera rationalizes for me.

    “China was wiped completely off the map by Rann.” Roy adds proudly. “It’s why Mom and Grandpa are loved so much in Asia. Grandpa Hawk lead his Patrol ship after the invasion fleet.” He’s hopping in excitement now. “He snuck ahead of them and warned Earth. Him and his crew held off the landing party long enough for twenty three million Chinese people to evacuate.

    Okay wow, I was not expecting something so heavy. I really need to know what else is different from my knowledge of Earth’s history. Only one way to find out.

    “Did anywhere else get hit as bad?” I ask dreading the answer. Robin stops hopping as he frowns.

    “Yeah, we lost California and Oregon to the White Martians in the eighties.” His voice is steady as he lists major tragedies to me. “Russia and north eastern Europe were hit hard by Zod’s Kryptonian’s in ninety six. Brazil is half flooded still after Plankton and his army landed offshore.”

    He snaps his fingers remembering a few more big ones. “Oh and and Egypt is a literal dead zone ever since Imhotep woke up.”

    “Yes and that was why my father’s crew was searching this sector in the first place.” She sighs and explains further. “Imhotep was a Thanagarian Warlord who tried to over throw our Home world twelve thousand years ago.” She shudders at the thought, so Robin takes over for her.

    “Yeah the worm fled with a top of the line ship.” He scowls at the cowardice. “And our worlds entire order of Sorcerer Priests went with him.” With an amused chuckle, he adds. “He’s our families worst embarrassment but he did successfully bring worship of our gods to Earth.”

    “He deprived our world of magic for thousands of years.” His mother interrupts sharply. “He is the reason we are so reliant on our alchemical Nth metal. Without it we would have lost to the Necromancers of Rann centuries ago.”

    “Father came here with his siblings and cousins to finally remove our mark of shame and restore our nobility.” She admits with anger in voice. “We are as good as exiled without the artifacts he stole reclaimed.”

    “I know, sorry for bringing it up mom.” Roy apologizes quietly. She exhales sharply before grabbing him in a tight hug, all forgiven. And now I'm uncomfortable with the family tenderness, remembering how alone I really am.

    My melancholy barely lasts a few seconds before I shrug it off. What’s the use feeling bad about losing things that were never real?

    In fact I should try and enjoy my life while I can, I may wake up tomorrow in a different life. Or worse, cease to exist suddenly when my body heals the brain damage Cadmus inflicted.

    “You said if I trained with you I could go on the Cadmus mission with Robin?” I ask, interrupting the tender moment. Shayera steps away from her son after a moment and regards me carefully. Her stern examination of me feels like an X ray to my soul.

    “Yeah, need to make sure you aren't a liability.” Her words are measured and firm.

    “And can carry your own weight.” Robin chirps at me. I frown back at his challenge.

    “I intend to.” My words have more confidence then I feel. Seeing how bruised he is with all his training, I can tell Dove will not be peaceful with me. She grins feraly and acknowledges my request.

    “Once the meeting is over tonight. Me and Ollie can see what your made of.” I shudder at how menacing her words sound before retorting back awkwardly.

    “Well I saw what my ribs looked like last night and maybe my liver, I’m not sure.” They have shocked looks of disgust at my admission. “”Does that count?” Shayera laughs at my blasé attitude.

    “Were going to get along fine. Now go have some fun I'll send sleepy head after you when he wakes up.” She orders, waving us off towards to boardwalk. I don’t wait for her to change her mind, jogging towards it immediately.

    “Let’s go!” I call out behind me, not really caring if he decides to follow or not. He explained last night how the perimiter was secured by a force field and covered an area of four hundred square miles.

    The bird sanctuary was gifted to his father, Katar Grayson when he helped save the world. It was undesirable land, Slaughter swamp filling the land between Star City and Gotham. Many criminals had used the land as a place to dump bodies and waste of any kind.

    Roy follows behind me, flying along with nearly no sound. Mosquitoes swarm about but to my happy surprise, they drop dread shorty after flying away from me. I choose to ignore this and step off the boardwalk with Roy’s permission.

    A winding stream leads to a shallow pond, shoreline covered in bulrushes. Its right on the edge of the energy barrier. The contrast of Earth wildlife only separated from alien trees and strange violet grass. Bushes in shades of red, yellow, and orange dot the interior landscape.

    What looks like green ducklings follow their mother in a lazy circle while a reddish muskrat like creature, emerges onto the bank and shakes itself dry. Watching me from a tree branch is a flock of birds in Robin’s coloring. The songbirds look striking with the mix of red, green, yellow, and black plumage.

    For the first time since I woke up and learned my life is a lie, I feel calm and almost at peace with myself. Following the trail under an overhanging alien willow tree, I emerge into a clearing full of black Lilies, white Poppies, and red Lilacs surrounding a small spring.

    An elegant blueish black heron like thing stands stock still in the center of the clear water, stabbing at the water with its silver beak. Dozens of orange and gold speckled fish swim about its feet, jumping at the dragonflies skating across the ponds surface.

    I lower myself to the ground and lean back against the sturdy red tree. I raise my gaze from the indigo Lotus’ dotting the water and watch the force field flicker wherever a bug or leaf touches it. I let the sound of animals all around me wash over me, their desperation to get laid always makes me feel less pathetic.

    A large form moving through the thicker vegetation of the swampland draws my notice. Walking towards us and coming to a stop on the other side of the barrier is a massive figure.

    Almost nine feet tall, the creature is green and covered in vine like veins. It looks like a collection of plant matter and muck, molded into a vaguely humanoid shape.

    Glowing yellow eyes pierce into my form, evaluating me for any flaws. Minutes pass with both of us motionless, my bones scream at me to flee or burn everything insight. This thing can kill us, if it chooses to.

    I resist my screaming instincts, forcing them down with all my willpower. I out stubborned a DVD player, or at least I remember doing so. forty five minutes of open and close before I could finally watch Toy story 2 means I will keep the pieces of Joker inside me from ever coming to the surface.

    The Manic grin which threatened to take over my face washes away in the face of my determination. I remember sitting at the kitchen table until my dad woke up the next morning for work. I wasn’t allowed to leave the table until I ate my dinner. So I did not leave the table all night, scared my dad would punish me but determined not to eat the borscht.

    Tension slips from my body as minutes pass, turning into over an hour with none of us breaking eye contact. The creature going cockeyed to stare us both down. Finally we pass this green man’s test, seeming to accept I am different from the Clown of Chaos and Robin belongs here.

    It’s eyes close and its form shifts. Cracks spread across its body and it breaks apart, its mass rejoining the swamp as it’s attention is drawn elsewhere.

    Releasing the breath I hold in my lungs I close my eyes and enter a trance like state. I’m Unable to sleep so soon after waking but mentally drained from my experiences today.

    I hear Roy shakily say goodbye, he will be back later if I get lost out here. I don’t blame him, that was very eerie but for some reason I feel fine, happy even. Maybe passing its soul searching gaze meant more for my mental well being then I realized.

    Whatever the reason, I can’t deny the results. I sit here for hours, enjoying the warm light across my face and the cool breeze in my hair.
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    Chapter 5: This is Not an Interrogation​
    Flying Grayson Bird Sanctuary
    Slaughter Swamp, Star City
    Jan 02/2010
    5:45 PM

    I was given a few hours to myself once Roy left. I enjoyed them to their fullest, taking in the alien wildlife all around me. He did return with Zach to grab me for lunch eventually. It was a quick meal of some kind of fish, it had a very spicy taste.​

    Zach laughed at Robin’s bruises, leading us back to the training yard for the rest of the afternoon. The middle aged mother with barely above baseline strength, proceeded to embarrass both of us.​

    Her moves lacked either of our strength but while we could deliver a good tackle and throw a proper punch, really we knew nothing. Her Thanagarian martial art style was able to dismantle any powerful moves we made with ease. avoiding our wind ups and countering every single time.​

    I learned once I take a few injuries, my body began to go numb for a while. This let me land a single punch to Dove’s side. I paid dearly for this, when she claimed one of my teeth as a prize, some tradition of her people where they claim a trophy of the first of every species they defeat.​

    We were given time to clean up before Batman and the others arrived for our ‘Not an interrogation’. New clothes again laid out by a returned Oliver Queen. Zach got a pair of black jeans and a white T shirt to go with his new cowboy boots and denim jacket.​

    I receive a set of clothing containing cargo shorts, a vest, and a safari hat from a laughing Green Arrow. Looking at myself in a mirror, it’s clear the beige clashes so horribly I Iook ridiculous.​

    I have nothing else, so this will have do do for now. I’ll get Roy to help me get payback on his dad later for this. I’m thinking of adding some kind of time delayed itching powder to his arrows.​

    Make sure it strikes once hes home from patrol and climbing into bed. I will have to warn his wife to have a headache that day however or I will really suffer. Shayera seemed sympathetic when she saw my clothes, I can probably get away with it.​

    Zach and the Queens are waiting for me in the conference cabin. It has a large wooden, triangle table in the center of the room. Four backless chairs, are arranged on each side of the table. One wall has a map of the world painted in very exquisite detail on its surface.​

    Across the room is a large flat screen monitor. Four smaller ones, with two on each side fill the entire wall. One wall is filled with dozens of photos. Images of more heroes then I can recognize over a time span of nearly fifty years cover that side of the cabin. The final wall is the one I entered just now, bare aside from the blue door and two oval windows overlooking the swamp.​

    Zach is looking at the map on the wall with Mr. Queen, discussing the differences I can now discern myself. Like where is Australia? I can’t fin Hawaii anywhere and I’m pretty sure there was a few countries between Mexico and South America. Not a Caribbean Sea that meets the Pacific Ocean. Antarctica is likewise absent from the map, only a handful of large islands were it and Greenland should both be.​

    It Looks like large areas of Africa, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and Canada are all underwater. I can see Star City on the coast of the inland Acadian Sea. Its on one side of Bludhaven Bay while Gotham City is across the water.​

    An island labeled Central City is halfway between both cities, connected by a bridge to both cities. A small island labeled Arkham is located along the coast of Slaughter Swamp. It’s almost smack dab in the middle of all three locations.​

    Metropolis is in Canada, Which throws me for a loop. On the East Coast shores of Newfoundland, is the city of Superman. I was always good at geography so I need to ask.​

    “Um, where is Australia?” My words interrupt the conversations already ongoing. No one answers me, only giving me blank looks of confusion. Pointing at the map where the landmass should be, I trace an outline of the missing continent. “You know kangaroos, spiders, and Didgeridoos?”​

    “Yeah I knew the map looked weird but I was distracted with the ocean in Canada.” Zach adds helpfully. Roy shakes his head and laughs at us.​

    “Man. They really did screw with your heads if your both so confused.” His words are playful, so I don’t need to give him a noogie like I would have one of my younger siblings. Good thing, his mom would have had to stop me. A new female voice interrupts from behind me.​

    “It’s concerning this Cadmus Organization has such a detailed location of Themyscira.” The voice is calm and forceful all at the same time. Twirling around, I’m presented with two figures. The speaker is the unmistakable Wonder Woman.​

    However instead of the classic armored bathing suit I was expecting, shes in a full set of armor. It’s a fusion between the swimsuit look and a full set of Spartan armor. The main coloring is Red and blue, with silver metal accentuating her look.​

    She Looks eternal in appearance, leaving me unable to even make a guess at her age. Her companion is no easier in that regard. In a dark green trench coat with a matching pair of nearly black green dress pants, is a faceless man.​

    He has a tie and hat, in the same green shade, only his dress shirt is a different color, a bright stainless white. The Question I believe his name is even if he has the wrong color of clothes.​

    “My people will have to look into this security breach after the meeting.” Wonder Woman decides firmly. The Black man with no eyes, mouth or nose nods in agreement.​

    <Reaching back to Ancient Egypt, there’s been a single cabal of powerful individuals directing the course of human history. It is likely they knew of Themyscira’s location before its concealment.> A voice echoes in my head silently. The voice is somehow twitchy and erratic even with no sound.​

    “Get out of my brain!” Zach’s angry yell is followed by his fist smashing against the reinforced wall. The man is able to display an expression of apology even with no features. A line distorts where a mouth would be on the black man’s face. Skin ripples and distorts, revealing a pair of lips that open.​

    “My apologies, I knew that would upset you.” He shrugs then finishes speaking with his jittery voice. “Had to be done. Your reactions, necessary.” Once his explanation is complete he slides into an empty chair and watches us all somehow.​

    The lack of any eyes is the really creepy part of him. When I think that, Question tilts his head in my direction and I get the impression of a wink in my mind. All of a sudden his forehead ripples like melting butter. A dozen compound fly eyes, yellow and reflective form across his brow.​

    “Better?” His voice is full of sick pleasure at everyone's discomfort. Well almost everyone. I barely had time to begin recoiling before I started appreciating the usefulness of the ability.​

    “Actually yes.” I admit, shocking everyone with my cheerful voice. “That is so cool.” I get an amused chuckle as the eyes melt away back into featureless skin.​

    “Stop scaring the kids J’onn.” Wonder Woman chides her comrade with an amused smile. Roy frowns at the description, while Zach mutters to himself.​

    “Who said I was scared?” We all ignore his denial, the several feet he had stepped back said enough. Superman is the next to arrive, Silver hair at his temples makes him look fatherly. He is wearing a cape less red body suit with a blue S on his chest.​

    With him is a brunette woman in revealing pinkish purple armor and kind of glowing. Her eyes are a solid violet color, which gives off a feeling of love when her eyes rest on me. She is middle aged like Superman, however her body does not show it.​

    Behind them is Batman and Batgirl. With them is a women in a wheelchair. Well hover chair. Some kind of Professor X chair of black high tech metal floats soundlessly somehow.​

    The blonde woman sitting in the advanced piece of equipment has a warm expression on her face as she jokes with her companion. She lacks a fancy costume, wearing a fancy navy blue pant suit and with an orange lens monocle on her face..​

    Batgirl greets Roy warmly with a half wave, while Zach and I get a stern look of distrust from her. Batman takes a seat at the table beside his wife, with their daughter on her other side. Superman and his wife claim chairs on the same side of the table as the Bat family.​

    The Question, joins the Queens and Wonder Woman on a second side, leaving Zach and I alone on the final side.​

    “And you said this wasn’t going to be an Interrogation.” Zach raises an eyebrow at the set up. The man of steel chuckles at the remark before opening the discussion.​

    “I promise you this isn’t.” His voice is placating and his hands raised calmly at the misunderstanding. “Batman found out enough to know the important things.” He gives us a reassuring smile as Batman takes over the discussion.​

    “Cadmus was in the process of giving you both artificial lives, based off of characters from a movie it seems.” His grim voice declares. “It seems to be incomplete. The memories implanted have not caught up to the current day.”​

    “Implying that the battle commands never had a chance to be inserted either.” The twitchy voice of the Question adds. He gets a nod from Batman who resumes his place.​

    “Correct. That was projected to begin by years end if all went according to plan.” His words set me at ease. I’m not going to be turned into a mindless assassin, that is good. His wife speaks up now, addressing Zach and I directly.​

    “This is about finding out what the two of you want from life.” Her warm words have me stumped but not Zach.​

    “Cadmus will end.” His words are final, brooking no argument. Dove smiles at this and savagely agrees.​

    “I put them through the paces today and they kept up.” Everyone looks shocked at her admitting such but those looks change to amused chuckles shortly. “For the first hour at least.” Her teasing tone is joined by a wink, removing some of the sting.​

    “Your wife is terrifying and I have a newfound respect for you after today.” Zach addresses Green Arrow with honest fear in his voice. “If anymore aliens are trapped in a lab like we were, they will be rescued.” Superman has an encouraging smile but Wonder Woman has to ruin the dramatic mood.​

    “And how will you do this?” The ageless warrior asks. “Were will you live? And how will you support yourselves?” Her questions bring the reality that were only staying at this amazing sanctuary short term, crashing down. “Most important, how will you keep Cadmus from reclaiming you?”​

    “With us.” Robin join the conversation with this firm declaration. “Well with Batgirl and Speedy and me I mean.” He adds defensively when he sees everyone looking his way. “Besides they can stay here, right?” Green Arrow and Dove give a noncommittal look, while Star Sapphire adds with a sultry tone.​

    “You always do say you wish more Kryptonian’s were on Earth.” The violet armored woman teases Superman. “We can always bring them home with us for a while. If Zach is a good fit he could even stay long term.” Superman contemplates her words while Robin adds more to his argument.​

    “Then Kyle can stay here.” His voice is eager in its desperation. “Swampthing gave it’s approval this morning anyway. I trust him.” Dove gives her agreement to her husband’s shock. I have been thinking all day about this so I better speak up now before it goes any farther.​

    “Um.” My voice is hesitant as I draw the attention of all these icons. “I’ve been thinking and I think I may as well embrace reality.” I get some sympathetic looks now. “I’m Project Lobotomy not Kyle. May as well go by my own name.” I forge ahead, before I lose my nerve. “Call me Lobo, Tommy Lobo.”​

    My statement is met by varying looks of acceptance around the table. Zach considers my words for a while before asking Batman.​

    “Well, do you know who I am?” His words are level but I can see his shoulders tense, expecting the worst. Batman takes a moment before the Question answers instead.​

    “You were recovered in the aftermath of Zod’s invasion.” Everyone turns to the faceless man at his words. “All evidence points to you being the son of General Zod and one of his wives.” Zach is confused, unsure of the names importance but aware it is.​

    “Yes, and being born in the Phantom Zone had effects on your physiology.” Batman retakes control of the debriefing with his gravely words. “Without Project Lobotomy’s DNA, your mental faculties would be drastically reduced.” He adds, almost as an after thought. “And your body would have broken down by the age of twenty five.”​

    “Your lucky.” The wheelchair bound woman adds. “All you seem to really have ended up with is a slightly reduced ability to store solar light. Your strength and speed are weaker by only fifteen to twenty percent.” Her words are all downside so far which sucks.​

    “But you never have to worry about Kryptonite.” Star Sapphire adds cheerfully. “It has zero effect on you. Cadmus checked. Really all you should notice day to day is a reverse in the heat vision and ice breath.” Zach frowns and asks directly.​

    “Do I have a name?” He gets a few awkward looks before someone finally answers.​

    “Only a last name.” Of course it was the Question, he has zero social skills.​

    “The Kryptonian version of your name would be Zak-Zod, with only one K.” Superman tries to be helpful. “And if you want I can bring you to the Fortress of Solitude later. We can get a better idea of whats going on with your genetics.”​

    And surprisingly he is. I was expecting aloof arrogance, not a cheerful support. Zak gives a cautious nod and accepts.​

    “Yeah and we should see what my DNA did to Butthead here.” He gestures to me while Robin snickers at my nickname.​

    “Well since we have that dilemma dealt with, I can go with the kids when they go after Cadmus.” He shrugs at everyone's looks of astonishment. “What? I have a stake in this too. Everyone IS out to get me.” his flippant tone is at odds with his serious words. “Besides I found the Nevada lab. I was going to go in alone anyway.” He looks us over with no eyes somehow. “I can work with them on this, they have proper motivation. Oh. And yes, I will ensure they return alive.” He adds at Doves stern look. “I mean relatively unharmed?”​

    “Better.” Shayera decides with a sharp voice. “I guess I will allow it.” Shakes her head in frustration. “Ra knows Roy will go anyway now that he knows where it is.” Her words are met by a commiserating laugh from the other parents and embarrassed fidgeting from Robin.​

    “Well I can get a hold of Speedy tonight and we can go after the lab tomorrow.” Roy chimes in, changing the subject away from his misbehavior. “We need a plan of attack we can all agree on before we go after Cadmus.” His caution is rewarded by a ruffling of his hair from his father who agrees.​

    “Good boy. Measure twice, shoot once.” His voice comes out in an amused Irish brogue. “Anyway. Now that we know their on the up and up, I can set them up with identities.” He gives his wife a warm smile, full of love. “Shayera still has major sway with the immigration office” He brags.​

    “Do that and get them some costumes made.” Batman orders. “A patrol or two would be a good idea first.” He addresses us all now. “Reschedule the attack for Monday. four days should give enough time for everyone to be able to work as a team.”​

    “Yeah. That does make more sense.” Robin admits with chagrin. And with that decided, the meeting devolves into an hour or more of ironing out the details. Were going to swing by the immigration office in the morning and Green Arrow will drop us off in Smallville once were done.

    Notes: Heres the end of the Prologue Arc. Next chapter will being going back to some action again. Toyman will make his debut as will Deathstroke and Katana with a little bit of Penguin. My versions of Starfire, Cheshire, Supergirl, M'gann, and Sportsmaster will also show up next Arc.

    Any opinion on how i set up my world, it is quite different. Any suggestions/challenges of any cartoon to add in some way? I am always on the look out for more villains to adapt and Items to add to my eventual Arsenal.​
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    Chapter 6: First Day On The Job
    Westside Mall
    Star City
    Jan 04/2010
    12:47 PM

    Zach and I have been rushed through the system, courtesy of Legion services. We even got a drivers license, once we took the test. At least one of the memories implanted was correct, neither of us had anything confused like red is go.​

    We had to post pone our visit with Superman. He had been called in on an emergency hurricane in Indonesia. With our newfound free time, Robin and Batgirl have decided we need new cloths. A limo ride later and were meeting with Artemis Wayne down town. With the Queen’s credit card, we are loaded with new fashion.​

    Artemis had taken over my style, claiming my sense of fashion was criminal. Zach had walked off with a mission as soon as we arrived, Roy chasing after him as he disappeared into the crowded mall.​

    “I think were finally done with making you decent.” Her words are delivered with no real heat, finally she seems to be accepting I’m my own person. Looking down at the eleven bags hanging of my arms, I can only blink.​

    “What else could we need?” I ask confused. Getting a once over from the blonde seventeen year old, she teases.​

    “Well for one you really need something done with your hair.” I grunt, not really considering it a priority. “It’s too long. Someone can grab onto it in a fight.” She explains when I don’t give her opinion the weight she knows it’s worth.​

    “If we have time I guess.” I placate her for now. “Why did you get me so much biker gear?” Asking once we get inline at the ‘Thai Titanic’ in the food court. She gives me an incredulous look.​

    “Seriously? You have the build for it and not much besides dark colors will go well with your complexion.” She explains before giving her order. “I avoided black and went with the so dark its nearly black shades of green, red, blue, and purple. It will look better mister albino, trust me.” She winks before jabbing a finger into my side. “Hurry up and order, I’m starving.”​

    “Ok fine.” I reply. When I turn back to the cashier, I find him staring at me in horror. His shaking finger is pointing at me. “What did I do?” I whine only for Artemis to grab my shoulder and twirl me around.​

    Emerging from ‘Sew it Seams’, are dozens of shambling mannequins. The animated figures are gaining mobility with every step. The screaming crowd is set upon by the walking plastic who have a surprising amount of strength.​

    “Cover me while I find somewhere to change.” Artemis firmly orders me. I nod my agreement and rush into the fray. While the shambler’s are able to easily overpower normal humans, my strength is far greater still.​

    The first on I reach, has a elderly Asian man pinned beneath its plastic frame. Grasping it by the legs, I lift it into the air above my head. Brandishing my new weapon, I charge forward and behind slamming their companion into the advancing horde.​

    While I hold the attackers off, more begin emerging from every store in sight. My frantic assault is working for now, allowing many to flee into the perceived shelter of the food court. Some of the more inspired civilians join me in holding the line.​

    Nothing seems to do more the slow these things down. Dismemberment only creates a crawling limb, leading to us being pushed backwards. Before we can be overwhelmed, I hear Batgirl yell overhead.​

    “Duck!” Her words are firm and commanding. Once everyone has dropped out of her way, she swings above us on a grapple line. Tossing a dozen Batarangs into the plastic platoon, they explode in some kind of yellow glue. Expanding swiftly, the foam hardens, trapping he scores of mannequins within.​

    “We need to get these people outside!” She barks down at me. “And then coordinate with the others.” Were stopped from doing anything as the mall announcements come on. Instead of the normal prerecorded message, we hear an angry German boys voice.​

    “Please, I have no time for your tears shoppers.” The voice is snide and arrogant. “This mall is now mine, the Toyman. Leave the premises in an orderly fashion and I will allow you to keep your lives.”

    “New plan.” Batgirl whispers to me. “Your going to cause a distraction, try and draw this guy out if you can.” She squares her shoulders. “I’ll go through the vents and try to sneak up on him.” I receive a pat on the shoulder in farewell. “Try and meet up with Robin and Zach.” She commands before grappling out of sight.​

    I grab on of the food court tables, brandishing it like shield and yell for everyone to get outside. My first task done, I begin jogging into to mall. Heavy footsteps announce my presence, as I barrel down the corridors. The straggling mannequins easily fall to my battering ram.​

    As I begin finding this too easy, I round a corner. The scene of Robin trying to avoid and army of model planes will Zach struggles against a swarm of animated beanie babies, has me stop in shock.​

    “Fire!” I hear from beside my head. Turning to look, I receive what feels like a cherry bomb to the face. The smoke and pain blind me for a few seconds before I can see my assailant. To my shock, it is a battalion of plastic army men.​

    The weapons are real, if not full power. Robin’s evasive maneuvers don’t seem so funny anymore now. The swarm charging out from the toy store’s is rapidly growing overwhelming. My body is peppered with hundreds of pinpricks of pain, as the soldiers unload everything on me.​

    Thinking fast, I bring my makeshift ram up over my head and with no hesitation, slam it down in the middle of the formation of soldiers. A few rapid strikes and I clear away most of the army men. Before I can relish my victory, I’m struck by several small figures​

    My next group of foes is a collection of heroic action figures. Dozens of miniature Dove’s and even a few figures of her father Hawk and son Robin swarm around me. Green Arrow action figures support them from afar, toy trick arrows are a major nuisance.​

    Zach has scorched away most of his stuffy attackers, leaving him open to engage the Remaining members of the Legion of Superheroes in action figure form. Sixty plus characters, with multiple copies of each battle the three of us with rapidly increasing odds.​

    Robin has managed to take down most of his pursuers with well placed arrows but with no breathing room, he is beset by something new. The Lego has had time to combine into a single massive foe. Standing twelve feet tall and with at least twenty visible weapons, its a rainbow mish mash of every set in the store.​

    It’s four arm’s each wield a Nerf gun, which begin firing darts of plasma towards us. Robin is able to strike it with a single arrow, causing the entire creation to break apart. He throws Zach and I each an arrow yelling out instructions.​

    “The toys are magic!” He does a barrel roll, avoiding a payload, before finishing his explanation. “Nth metal disrupts magic and my arrows all have some in the heads.” Finally having a way to do real damage I give a bellow of rage.​

    The fight begins to move even farther into the mall as we take out more and more toys. We follow a fleeing swarm between two rows of display vehicles. The eight vehicles arrayed are all contest prizes but most importantly, are all alive.​

    The headlights blind us with their high beams before roaring their engines. Eight different songs begin playing over their radios in a cacophony of discordant sounds. The vehicle closest to me is a green van, with blue waves on the bottom and a blue roof as well. It slams into my outstretched arms and super strength is awesome because I’m able to catch it mid air.​

    Barely feeling any strain in my muscles I flip the van upside down and drop it helplessly on its roof. An arrow whistles by my ear, striking into a red jeep sneaking up on me from behind. Energy crackles over the hood as the vehicle stalls, its artificial life gone.​

    Zach has forgone precision, instead jumping onto the hood of a blue Ferrari. With a powerful blow, he shoved a fist through the engine block. ‘Brain dead’, the car stopped instantly its lights fading into blackness.

    “You Imbeciles!” The angry German voice crackles over the loud speakers, filling the hallway with his taunts. “Why do you insist on interfering with my plans.” He mumbles something as we wrestle with his automobile army, that sounds like. “Your worse then my sister, sheesh.”​

    The taunts carry out while we battle, before being interrupted by the criminals startled gasp and a meaty thud as someone hits him hard.​

    “Batgirl here.” Our comrades voice let’s us know the worst is over. “”The Toyman has been dealt with. Finish up with the stragglers while I secure him.” Her voice orders firmly.​

    Panicked honks come from the still active vehicles, before they try to escape our presence. Robin is able to hit three before hes finally out of arrows. Zach just rockets into and through the back of the fleeing Jeep. Emerging from the smoking hood, he heaves the wrecked engine into the side of one of the cars.​

    “Your mom really knows her stuff.” Zach wipes some oil from his face as he declares. “I’m going to have to thank her when we get back for teaching me how to follow through on my charge.” As Robin claps him on the back excitedly, I turn to a sorrowful honk.​

    Behind me, still on it’s hood helpless, is the green and blue hippie van. It’s headlights have dimmed, creating an impression of sadness. The wheels spin uselessly as the van struggles.​

    “You going to behave if I flip you back over?” My question stops the vehicle for a moment before the radio crackles to life. The sound of "It Was All We Knew" begins to play. I hesitate before making a decision.​

    Putting the arrow Robin gave me away, I tense my legs and lift. Setting the grateful vehicle back on it’s wheels, it rolls ahead and “nuzzles” my leg.​

    “So what do I do with you?” I ponder aloud with my gravelly voice. "To Be Alive" begins to play at my question, changing to "Hold On" as its headlights flare to full power. Nearly blind, I have no chance to avoid the van as it drives past me and pops open the back doors. ​

    Before I can react, it rockets backwards slamming into me. I roll inside the van as the doors slam shut behind me. Happy, excited honks signal our movement. As we rocket past my friends “Take Me Home, Country Roads” begins to blare over the speakers. ​

    Crawling forward on my hand and knees, I eventually reach the driver’s seat. I have no control over anything, steering and the brakes both unresponsive. The song changes to “Why Can’t we Be Friends” and as we screech around the corner, I can see Batgirl now in costume, dragging a short red haired boy.​

    He has a white lab coat and a swollen black eye. Black boots and a pair of purple rubber gloves is the rest of his out fit. He shouts obscenities at her as she drags him by his collar towards the others. I cheekily give her a wave, deciding to roll with the situation for now.​

    “Tell Robin I’ll meet him and Zach at home!” I shout back at her as we roll around a final corner. With a straight line to the outside, the engine revs several times in excitement. "Onward" plays over the radio and we roar forwards to freedom and some kind of adventure.​
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    Chapter 7: Dashing Through the Snow
    North Shore Bridge
    Star City
    Jan 04/2010
    2:15 PM

    Inside a news chopper following a most unusual chase, is a red headed woman in a yellow pantsuit. Her camera man is alternating between close ups of her and views of the action racing along below.​

    “For anyone now tuning in to Channel 8 News, this is April O'Neil live over North Shore bridge.” She catches her breath and continues her amused tone. “What began as an attack by a boy wizard known as the Toyman, has now changed into a high speed pursuit.” The camera pans downward, showing her words to the audience at home.​

    “Robin and Batgirl, along with two new allies of theirs stopped Toyman but one of their allies was captured by some kind of self driving van.” She shakes her head in disbelief and resumes her report.​

    “This ‘Mystery Machine’ has been making its way south and is now crossing the North Shore Bridge to Central City. We can only hope they can avoid the situation ongoing at Keystone Labs, where Speedy and Flower Child are engaged in battle with Mr. Freeze and his son.”​


    A picture of me obtained from my recent visit to the immigration office, shows my pale face with the black star marking on display over my left eye. The cameraman is getting a good shot of my ride along as the green and blue van dashes around cars, somehow doing well over a hundred and eighty kilometers and hour.​

    The magical vehicle I’m inside, has a flat screen on the ceiling, above a bed that takes up half the available space. It’s how I was able to learn my friends chose to leave the Toyman with the cops and come after me.​

    “They really seem to want me back dude.” I look away from the screen the shows Batgirl racing after me on a black and purple motor bike. Robin is behind her, his crimson wings unable to keep up on the straight away.​

    Most worryingly is Zach in blue jeans, cowboy boots, and a red flannel shirt rocketing towards us with a single fist stretched out before his swimmers pose. He is actually gaining on us as he becomes more comfortable with his flight.​

    “May want to pull over before he catches up eh?” I implore the now named Mystery Machine. The single defiant horn blare, followed by the frantic side to side of the windshield wipers has me convinced that was a failure.

    I look back at the screen to see Zach has nearly caught up. I can feel my muscles tense as his inches towards us, clearly trying to stop us with causing a wreck. When he is nearly 5 feet behind us and slowly gaining, I feel the brakes lurch below me.​

    “Argh!” I hear Zach yell as in a very familiar motion, the back doors swing open. Our sudden drop in speed, has my rescuer rocket through the van’s interior. He slams into the windshield beside me with not even a single crack forming. Oh yeah magic van and Kryptonian, one of his few weaknesses.​

    The slowdown was only momentary. Once Zach is inside, the doors slam shut behind him again. The tires squeal and we race off again, barely losing any of our lead over Batgirl and Robin. Zach groans and slides over into the passenger seat.​

    “Why haven’t you jumped out yet? We jumped from a higher bridge back home.” Zach questions me with a groan. I can only stare at him in amazement.​

    “In what way is this the same thing?” I yell in frustration. “A haunted van kidnapped me and is going almost two hundred, No way i’m trying to jump.” He raises his hands in defeat.​

    “Yeah sorry man, just mad I got outsmarted by a hippie van.” His words are contrite and it’s a weird situation, I can give him a pass I guess.​

    “Don’t worry about it.” I wave it off and change the subject. “were on the news.” Zach follows my finger to the TV behind us, still showing us being pursued.​

    “OK, that’s awesome. She’s calling you Star-lad.” He snorts in amusement. “She thinks your related to Paul Stanley from KISS. Ha!” I get a full body laugh from him that takes a while to subside.​

    “Whatever.” I mutter back defiantly. The radio changes stations suddenly, the static from before now gone.​

    “Chief Hawkins has cordoned of Keystone Labs but the army of snowmen are stopping them from entering.” A gruff mans voice fills the van, volume on max. “Speedy and his sister are inside handling the Freeze’s but Robin and his new Alien friend are on their way in some kind of haunted van.” The Reporters words are venom filled as he begins yelling.​

    “I always knew the Graysons were just like any other alien and here’s the proof! Their on their way to team up with Mr Freeze and Jr.” His words go solemn and his voice lowers its volume finally. “Bless Speedy and Flower Child, We can only hope back up is on the way for this cities heroes as well.”​

    The radio goes silent, allowing us to realize where were going. Before we can panic at the vehicles intentions, the radio begins to play ‘I’m Holding Out For a Hero’. Zach taps me on the shoulder and asks.​

    “Since when was this an Elvis song?” He’s as confused as I am though for different reasons.​

    “Dude, were aliens and everything we know is from a movie and this is what you find weird?” I question him in amazement. He shifts in his seat uncomfortably and shrugs.​

    “I like music, you know that.” He glares half halfheartedly at me. “I never called you a nerd in front of Superman when you noticed the map was different, so lay off.” Yeah he had a few chances to ruin my reputation if he wanted to and hes never done something like that.​

    “Yeah sorry, I know your always their for me. Like I am for you.” He nods before he narrows his eyes and points ahead of us.​

    Sometime during our heart to heart, we entered Central City. As we approached the government lab, we began to see signs of the Freeze’s everywhere. Snow golems of every shape in a zoo have been passed on our way. We even plowed straight through an aggressive snow bear without slowing down.​

    The street and buildings are covered in a thick sheet of ice, nearly a foot thick in some areas. This does nothing to our traction, the magic in the Mystery Machine enabling us to glide over the ice and sliding to a stop in front of Keystone Labs.​

    We are stopped between the police barricade and a horde of snowmen, both doors pop open and the van begins doing donuts in place. The frantic motion, flings us both out of the vehicle and into one of many snow banks that have formed.​

    As I struggle to my feet on the sleek ice, I witness the heads of the van shine to life. The light reflects of the snowmen as it races forward clearing a path for us. Swerving on a dime, the van crashes through foe after foe in a cloud of snow.​

    A rendition of ‘Let The Bodies Hit the Floor’ begins to play loudly drawing all attention to the Mystery Machine’s rampage. Batgirl and Robin swerve to a stop beside us, steel spikes are jutting out from her wheels for traction. Robin Gives us a sarcastic wave as he hops off the back of the bike.​

    “Had fun on your joyride?” He has no heat in his voice, realizing the van is the one who brought us here to save the day.​

    “Was great, heard some new tunes and we beat you to the action.” Zach retorts with no bite either. Batgirl interrupts the male bonding by reminding us were needed inside.​

    “Zach your with Robin, give Speedy a hand.” She addresses me. “Were going to help Flower Child. I’m banking on your healing overcoming her pheromones.” She narrows her eyes at me and growls. “If you can’t stay focused get clear and help the boys.”​

    “Got it.” I confirm. Zach glares at the building seeing something inside he does not like.​

    “Catch up, I may leave on for you.” With his arrogant words he races inside the lab in a blur of red and blue. Robin groans while Batgirl sighs.​

    “Their ready for speedsters.” Robin explains in frustration. “You have to be if your working in Central.”​

    “New plan, you help Speedy, I’ll get Zach out of whatever Freeze has done to him and Star-lad here can help Flower Child.” Batgirl issues commands so confidently neither me or Robin realize were following her orders for almost the entire trip.​

    “Wait who made you the boss?” Robin finally demands in irritation as we make our approach inside the snow filled building.​

    “Is anything I said different then what you would have decided on?” She asks him impatiently. “No? Then lets deal with this once we help our friends.” She shudders at the sight of a scientist who has been frozen solid. “Freeze Does not fool around, so focus.” Batgirl snaps back.​

    “I’m more durable then both of you. Let me tank whatever they have ready for us.” I interrupt the rising tension with a sensible suggestion. Giving them no chance to argue, I lower my shoulder and barrel into and the frozen door.​

    I emerge into a high tech lab in a hail of frozen metal shards with a roar. I can see a Zach encased in a hunk of ice, his frozen mouth not allowing his fire breath to melt him free. Aside from his capture he’s fine, so follow the plan and scan the room quickly.​

    In red leggings, boots, and gloves is Speedy. He has a yellow long sleeve suit with a red lightning bolt across his chest. A pair of goggles complete his outfit under a head of ginger hair. He stares at my arrival for a second before resuming his battle with Mr Freeze.​

    In a high tech battle suit of cobalt blue metal, only his head is visible. A bald head is encased in what looks like a fishbowl. The eight foot tall cryogenic criminal, is launching a subzero mist from one hand while the other fires blasts of liquid that freeze whatever surface it lands on instantly.​

    Behind and over turned table, I can see some thorny vines flailing desperately. A teen in a blue parka has a pair of pistols, bolts of ice shooting from each. His cocky approach was disturbed by my arrival and Vines being the closest thing to flowers I can see, makes him my target of attack.​

    Using the only battle cry that I can think of I charge at him with a fierce bellow.​

    “I’m going to feed you my fist through the back of your skull!” My threat and it’s intensity, has him stumble before he twists in my direction. He gives me no time to reach him before I'm struck several times with his blasts of ice.​

    It’s so cold it feels like my skin is burning for a few seconds before I go numb to my pain. Finally in what I’m now calling my battle mode, I ignore his attacks and leap onto him. My massive form crashes into his more regular sized frame, bring him to the ground with a crash.​

    The thud of his head slamming into the ice has him out cold. I disarm him of his ice guns and call behind the table.​

    “You OK? I took care of Kid Cold here.” My words have a head of green hair popping up from behind the table cautiously.​

    “He’s Freeze Jr. and thanks.” Her words are like honey on my ears as soon as I see her “Normally I avoid these two but Wal-Speedy wasn’t going to wait for mom or dad to get back from the hurricane in the Philippines.” Honestly she could tell me anything and I would agree, as long as she keeps smiling at me.​

    I frown in confusion as she rolls her eyes angrily. My mind feels fuzzy for a few seconds so I shake my head to clear out the cobwebs. When I do I can see the green haired girl with brown skin that has the texture of bark is cute but I can’t remember why I wanted to devote myself to her entirely anymore.​

    “Sorry, brain fart. I’m good now.” I apologize with not a small amount of chagrin at my behavior. “Batgirl was right. My healing factor did overcome your pheromones.” My words have Flower Child’s jaw drop.​

    Our meeting is interrupted by an explosion across the room. Robin has joined Speedy in his battle, sending out arrows way more deadly then the ones he had in the mall. Several explode in balls of fire, while others emit a high frequency shriek that shatters nearby ice.​

    Batgirl set several detonators on the block of ice trapping a desperate Zach, blowing all three at once and shattering the icy prison. Emerging from the blocks of ice and steaming mist, Zach roars in defiance before vanishing in a thunder-crack.​

    He slams into Mr Freeze’s battle suit so hard, it is embedded into the concrete wall behind him. The glass dome over his head has shattered, clouds of blue fog begin pouring out of his suit. His scream of fear is ended as the fog freezes solid​

    Entombed inside a suit ruptured from the expanding ice, I decide not to image what happened to Mr. Freeze’s body inside that mess. I give Flower Child a hand, helping her over the ice covered floor to the others.​

    “Nice to meet you two, I’m Tom.” I introduce myself. Robin chuckles and adds.​

    “Or as Miss O’Neil has dubbed him, Star-lad.” I shrug and finally nod.​

    “Better then my ideas of Falling Man or Tank. I can handle Star-lad.” I consider the rumors already spreading. “Hey I may meet KISS because of this, could be worse.”​

    Zach grabs the unconscious body of Jr and passes him to me. He begins pulling whats left of Mr Freeze from the wall.​

    “I’m going to bring him straight to the prison hospital Green Arrow told us about.” He awkwardly mumbles out an explanation. “I didn't mean to hit him so hard, I had no idea I could go so fast.” He finally admits.​

    “Yeah you were going almost half my top speed.” Speedy jumps in suspiciously. “Are you Superman's son or something? Him and Kara are the only two I know of who can almost keep up.” He demands impatiently only for his sister to elbow him painfully in the side.​

    “Shut up Wally. They saved our behinds when you decided you couldn’t wait for even grandpa to give us a hand.” she admonishes him like a small child even though they both seem to be around seventeen.​

    “Whatever” He mumbles out a halfhearted apology before he races off to let the police outside know it’s over.​


    The Powerpuff girls are going t be coming about halfway through season. I want one to be long term while the other two are only temporary. Since you noticed Zach is not the clone origin, the three girls will be 5 year old "Galatea's"/Kryptonian clones.
    Do you prefer
    A: Bubbles.
    B: Blossom.
    C: Buttercup.
    As the one who is long term?
    If anyone has a request for any character or powers or item from any cartoon from the 50' to 2008, i will add it if i don't already have an idea for it.
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    Chapter 8: What We’ve Been Training For
    Area 52
    Nevada Desert
    Jan 05/2010
    08:21 PM

    Crouching around a mile wide crater, seven figures observe the last of the day staff drive away. concealed in the shadows of a rock formation, the adult of the group addresses everyone.​

    “Before we begin our infiltration, everyone has removed their aglets correct?” The faceless black man in a purple trench coat double checks. Looking around at the rest of the team, I can see everyone is as confused as I am.​

    “What the hell is an aglet?” Zach grunts out in frustration as he pulls at his new uniform. a solid black long sleeved jumpsuit with a silver U on his chest. Matching bronze bracers and boots of some more alien material go with the bronze standard issue utility belt we all have.​

    A jet black cape with a pattern of silver and bronze starbursts, completes his out fit. When he flew above me earlier, I could barely notice him against the starry sky behind him.​

    Superman was able to convince him to wear some Kryptonian material when he was on duty by sharing a story from his early days. Hearing how the first time Superman tried to save people from a burning building, ended in him nearly naked was enough to convince Zach he needed a costume.​

    For myself I really had no interest in fancy cloths getting destroyed all the time, so I had gone for bulk. At the mall I had selected a dozen dark leather vests and pants, which I may be regretting now with the desert heat. My dark purple utility belt has had a few extra things added for me beyond the usual kit, thanks to Green Arrow.​

    Without direct sunlight my dark purple leather getup becomes indistinguishable from black, some kind of fancy Wayne Tech invention. Since my brain seems to be the one thing I should not lose, I have a matching bikers skull cap made of Nth metal. It has been covered in a matching purplish black lacquer with a pair of Hippo ears, added by Dove in jest.​

    I have a dark green undershirt made of some kind of Thanagarian Kevlar like material. It also has Nth metal interwoven throughout the fabric, magical and energy attacks should be less effective against me. Finishing my look, is a pair of black biker boots with silvered toe spikes half an inch long.​

    “Aglets are the plastic ends of shoelaces and contain tracking devices implanted by Cadbury.” The Question frowns at us somehow. “We really don’t need anyone else knowing we were here.” A look at everyones feet shows five pairs of laceless boots, and a pair of brown barky feet bare against the sand.​

    “You’re the only one with shoelaces.” I speak up finally, unable to resist needling our escort. Looking down at his own feet I get a mouth less smirk.​

    “Made them myself.” Cocking his head to one side, he adds. “If you want to sleep tonight, don’t ask with what.” With that unsettling thought, we begin our final preparations.​

    “Speedy, you and Flower Child are waiting out here.” Batgirl gestures to the twins. “She can sense reinforcements approaching and you can get to either group if something goes wrong.” A cocky thumbs up from the ginger boy and a cautious nod from the green haired girl have her moving on to her next orders.​

    “Robin you’re with me, were going to hack some servers and grab everything we can on the place.” She gets an excited grin from her teammate in response.

    “I’m with Ultraboy and Question.” I point to the newly code named Zach and our chaperon. “You said two groups inside and were the leftovers.” Our dark squire narrows her eyes in annoyance and nods in confirmation.​

    “Yeah.” She flips my turnabout back on me. “So what are your objectives them mister I’m so smart?” Oh that is a good question. Good thing I paid attention in class when the Question told us what he found.​

    “Easy, Were going after the alien subjects being held inside. Question is coming with us to overcome any Starro’s we find and break their control.” My quick and accurate answer has her exhale slowly.

    “Correct, so I guess you don’t need any of the security codes I picked up already then.” I can picture he tongue sticking out at me clearly, even from behind her bat themed helmet. Fine, it’s on!​

    “Naw were good.” I strike a pose filled with more confidence then I have any right to feel. “I want to make as much noise as I can anyway. The more security I can get on me, the easier everyone’s jobs will be.” Artemis stares me down, looking for any sign of weakness. Something I haven’t been feeling much of lately.​

    “Alright, if were working as a team dad says I do have to learn to mesh my methods with others.” And if he can work with that loudmouth Shining Knight, I can handle you being our pain sponge.” Her voice really has me thinking I should have kept my mouth shut.​

    Roy and Wally were going to be using tonight as an audition for second in command, since it was obvious Batgirl was in charge. I seem to have unintentionally thrown my hat into the ring as well. I really need to learn to think before I speak before I volunteer for something worse like animal testing.​

    “Make as much noise as you can and Ultraboy will cover the Question. Speedy can back you up in seconds.” She glares at me, daring me to interrupt. “If you get in over your head, radio for back up. One Sir Gardner is all we need in this business.”​

    “No worries.” I confirm. “I know I’m only the distraction.” Pointing across the crater at approaching headlights, I add. “Besides I really only volunteered because it seems like they know someone is here already.” I square my shoulders, take a deep breath, and steady my nerves. Once ready, I take off running around the perimeter of the cliff side.​

    In the dim desert light I can see clearly. Lack of clouds and light pollution give me plenty of starlight to see by. Vaulting over a sandstone rock pile, I can clearly make out the approaching vehicle.​

    It’s a Cadmus security truck, with around a dozen men pilled into the back. Everyone of them has a purple mask with glowing yellow lenses for eyes. Their black ninja outfits go with their katanas but not so much with the assault rifles.​

    Once their headlights reveal my charging form, they open fire on me. I can feel multiple impacts, but don’t slow down, only drop onto my back and slide. Gliding over the loose sand, I go right underneath the raised truck.

    Kicking upwards with both legs, I brace against the ground. My kick is strong enough to flip the backside of the truck up into the air, sending the weird looking ninjas every which way. The nose of the truck slams into the ground extinguishing the lights as both are smashed.

    Remembering what Shayera told us in training, I keep my momentum going. I jump to my feet and grasp onto the rear axle of the truck. Pressing a foot against the bottom of the truck, I twist and pull. Tearing the axle away from the truck, I now have a weapon. Spinning my double sided staff like a broom handle, I step out from behind the truck.​

    Only four of the men are on their feet, the rest lay still scattered along the sand. Blood seeps from several of them, staining the sand beneath them. The ones standing react to my presence by drawing their blades and rushing at me.​

    I’m fast enough to slam one with a truck tire at the end of my staff, flinging him away from me and down into the crater below. The second one however slices an arm off right below my elbow when he got close. I feel no pain but I am shocked by how much blood is spraying everywhere even as my arm begins regrowing.​

    Reacting instinctively, I bring my knee straight up into his ribs, feeling them shatter on impact. When his broken body drops away from me, his allies move to surround me. One on each side they keep skating around my peripheral vision.​

    Before either can take advantage of my indecision, a massive cactus springs from the ground in front of each of them. Both plants grown rapidly to over nine feet in height and have six arms each, which quickly wrap the ninja up in a hug. A cloud of dust swirls to a stop beside me, revealing Speedy.​

    “Why are you covered in laundry detergent?” He asks with a frown, able to see me clearly once he turns on his goggles lights. Looking my self over, I see he’s right mixed in with my own crimson blood is a lot of blue fluid very similar to detergent.​

    The biggest portion of blue goo is on my knee, the one I hit the ninja with. Grabbing Speedy by the head I turn his face to the fallen enemies. Yeah I was right, each of the dead ones is in a puddle of blue goo. Each body is rapidly deflating as the substance leaks out onto the sand, refusing to absorb into it.​

    “What the hell are they?” He finally asks once he has a half second to process.​

    “Guys. I need you in here now.”Zach’s voice interrupts our musings, coming in over the earpiece radio we all have. “We got a lot of Martians and they aren’t friendly.”​

    Area 52
    Nevada Desert
    Jan 05/2010
    08:38 PM

    Standing inside the stainless steel elevator as we begin our descent, I can only hope the Kyle and the others wont need me. I got stuck with our babysitter, the freaky faceless guy. When I think this, he turns and gives me the impression hes smiling. How does he know when I’m thinking about him?​

    “Are you reading my mind?” I growl out, feeling my anger rise in my chest. “I had enough of the mind control in my pod!” Ignoring my anger, the Question only smiles wider somehow.​

    “No need.” He explains calmly. “You glare at me whenever you think of me, it’s rather obvious.”​

    “Oh.” Is all I can really say in response, I have always been an expressive person. “So what’s your story anyway why does everyone on the Legion act like your such a big deal?” I have to know how someone this weird can command so much respect from everyone.

    “Nothing big.” He shrugs and tries to brush it off like it was nothing. “Back in ‘78 I basically single handedly stopped the White Martian invasion by revealing their use of white chocolate as a mind altering substance.” “And I may have found and destroyed the cloaked mother ship with Hawk, Doves father by piecing together the clues hidden in the Ohio Fried Chicken’s fortune cookies.”​

    So much about that confuses me. OFC and Fortune cookies? White chocolate made people go rabid? I don’t have long to wonder, the elevator door’s open before I have a response ready. Inside the room is almost a hundred of the pods I was in with Kyle. Or I guess he’s going by Tom now, need to remember that.

    It’s an empty room nearly forty feet tall, more like a warehouse then anything. The pods are arrayed along the walls, stacked three high. In the middle of the room are three people facing us.​

    The one in the middle I assume is in charge, is a man in a mask of two solid colors. One half of his face is covered by a solid orange metal, while the other half is concealed behind an indigo fabric. The fabric makes up a military style combat suit, with several visible weapons. He has plates of the strange orange metal covering various weak points on his body and in a few places can be used as a weapon, like the knee and elbow blades.​

    On his left is a hunched scientist in a blue lab coat. He has pale blue skin and a greasy black ponytail. The final member of the group is a woman with mint green skin and a form fitting body suit of alternating black and green leather. She has waist length black hair hanging loosely behind her, striking a glorious figure.​

    “So it was more the the one we found on the perimeter?” The masked leader addresses his female companion with a firm and commanding voice. “Glad we decided to wait inside with the miserable Dr. Drakken now Karai my dear?”​

    “Yes father.” Her looks don’t match her contrite words, clearly unhappy having to apologize. “I am sorry for doubting your wisdom.”​

    “All is forgiven my dear.” His voice turns cruel and hard as he finally addresses me and the Question. “After all our missing subjects came home all on their own. And they even brought some friends for us to meet.”​

    “Your behind this!” I roar out in a blinding rage, only able to see red now. I can vaguely notice the masked man drawing a glowing green katana along with his daughter. This matters little however as I begin to rush forward.​

    Before this moment, no one I fought had been unable to keep up with me. This guy in the mask, can. As I rocket across the floor barely remembering to stay below the speed of sound, I hear mechanical grinding as he accelerates to match my speed.​

    His blade swings at neck height forcing me to drop into a roll, barely avoiding having my head removed. My ball form provides him with a perfect target, kicking my across the room full force. I crash into the wall and feel the concrete shatter behind me as I fall to the ground feeling pain for the first time in days.​

    Looking up, I can see the question has turned each arm into some kind of bladed whip. I had no idea he could do that. Swing each arm in furious patterns, he is able to force the two sword wielders back. I can’t let him do all the work, time to get back in their.​

    My second try goes way better then my first, catching the swordsman off guard with my recovery time. Grabbing him by the wrist, I twist it in an attempt to break his grip from his blade. He doesn’t stop struggling however and I hear the tear of a pop can as I tear his hand from his wrist.​

    Instead of flesh and blood, I see only steel warped from the pressure I exerted and some kind of clay-like fake skin. He kicks into my side and leaps away in my distraction, yelling to the missing Dr.​

    “Release the Xeno-Morphs!” A shrill voice comes from the orange assassin’s stomach instead of his unmoving mouth. All along each wall, dozens of pods hiss as the chemicals inside drain away, evaporating on contact with the air.

    “NO!” The frantic voice of the Question alerts me to the true danger posed. “What have you done to my family!” His angry wail has me reconsider what I know as from each pod emerges a white humanoid.​

    They look like those statues on that Easter island place, or at least their heads do. All are hairless with a large rectangular head and bulbous noses. Each has a lithe body with no sign of gender on their naked albino body. What has me worried, is that on the of head of each one is a Starro staring at us.​

    The bodies of the aliens begin to shift and melt, revealing sword length claws and massive fangs to go with the scorpion like tails growing form each back. Seeing the immobile state of the Question, I react.​

    “Guys. I need you in here now.” I take a breath as I remember seeing these things in a movie we watched with the Queen’s “We got a lot of Martians and they aren’t friendly.”​

    – – – – –​

    I hope it was clear the second half of the chapter was done in Zach’s PoV. I tried it out last chapter with the news opening and went full different PoV this time. Buttercup had two very convincing arguments for her to be the long term inclusion so I will make it so.​

    I tried to go classic Lobo with like a 10% twist by adding some color in the sun and a minor hippo theme to the helmet.​

    mce-anchor Now full props to Camalphaman, who made a suggestion for Dexter/Toyman. 6 or so chapters before I was going to add in his backstory and clues, they guessed basically 90% of his backstory and was only off on the last bit because the show I saw the character suggested in was not Supergirl but Robot Chicken. The part of their suggestion I am adapting is his long term role with the story, I had not been sure if he was going to join the team or not, now I know what the characters endgame is. So every chapter with Dexter is now dedicated to you as well as Zach.​

    Aku was a clear winner of one poll and will replace Trigon AND be a member of the Light somehow. Imagine how you will the things this will change.​

    What is going on with Deathstroke the Terminator? Since when can he go toe to toe with a Kryptonian? And what was up with the synthetic Foot clan ninjas?​

    Whats is going on with the Question? And uh-oh that’s a lot of mind controlled white Martians ready to attack how will we overcome this trouble?​

    Shego/Karai also makes her appearance in the story and Drakken has a cameo. He annoys me but it felt right for him to be present for her debut.​

    For M'gann, What show should have been programmed into her brain. I have good (in my mind) stories i can do either way butt can't make uup my mind. If no one tells me what to do, I'll flip a coin or something.
    A: Brady Bunch
    B: Three's Company
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    Chapter 8: I’ll Be Back
    Area 52
    Nevada Desert
    Jan 05/2010
    08:48 PM

    I got no response when I made my call for help. Being forced to grab to still frozen Question and retreat back inside the elevator, I’m able to keep the swarm from getting inside. My fiery breath is forcing them back for now but each one is getting smaller then the last.

    I’m running out of time and air I think desperately. I need to make decision fast, coming up with only one echoing phrase from Shayera’s lesson.

    “Control the battlefield.” I can hear her stern voice in my head, demanding I do better. So I will. “Find out whats keeping the others and get back down here once your heads in the game.” I order with false bravado. Slamming a finger into the up button, I blur back into the room as the doors whoosh shut behind me.​

    Finally able to cut loose with no worry of hurting anyone I shouldn’t, I crack my knuckles in anticipation. A quick spin in place shoots a ring of freezing light at eye level all around me. Where the frigid air impacts the shape shifters, skin goes brittle and cracks away with a shriek of pain.

    With them forced back in surprise, I shoot past them and grab the wrist of the mint green girl. A light twist and she is effortlessly in the air and easy prey for my choke hold. My blur of motion had the Halloween colored ninja leap back, allowing me to grab my hostage.​

    “Back off or I snap her neck!” My barked orders are only laughed at.​

    “If my daughter cannot free herself, I have no need of her.” The masked ninja answers me with no emotion. Leaving me in a bad situation. Surrounded by what has to be nearly a hundred shape shifting aliens, I grin back defiantly.​

    “Man he’s worse then my dad.” I sympathize with my captive who struggles in my grip. She slams a spiked heel uselessly into the top of my foot before replying in frustration.​

    “Well your the one manhandling me, you aren’t such a nice guy either.” Her snarl startles me before I realize the Martians are attacking again. With the chance to catch my breath, I'm ready for this now.​

    I jump and hang in the air before I begin to spin again. Instead of my freezing vision, I breath out another torrent of flame. Wrapping my cape around the ninja girl’s with my arms firmly pressed against her chest, I keep her shielded from the cyclone of fire I create.​

    My fireball worked, several of the more aggressive aliens falling to the ground severely burnt. The flame has forced the rest of the scorpion tailed albinos against the walls hissing in anger. When I finally run out of steam I lower the to of us to the ground.

    When I look around I hear the grinding of metal rushing around my left side. I try to dodge whatever is coming for me but feel the agony of a jade blade pierce my side. It goes clean through my hostage as well, leaving us both impaled on the blade.

    “Your dad is way worse then me.” I grunt as my vision begins to fade, he must have gotten something important. My words are silenced by a very tight grip. Mr Halloween ninja, has a hand around my throat squeezing hard enough to hurt.​

    “No I am far superior to you.” An cold voice addressees me. “I shall have to show you how much better I really am.” I feel the blade slide free from my side and green girl removed from my hold, followed by a punch as hard as any I have given since waking in my new body.​

    He strikes me exactly where my stab wound is, sending an explosion of pain through my body. My assailant does not stop with a single blow, mechanically feeding me gut shot after gut shot. After I lose count of how many blows I take, I can barely comprehend being thrown across the room.​

    Laying on the floor in a barely coherent state, I hear more taunts from the inhumanly strong warrior.​

    “You must be wondering why Kryptonite has any effect on you?” Something I had not even considered. I actually forgot swords were not supposed to hurt. “This is actually an Anti-Matter blade from my home world.” Finally some emotion enters his voice. Unfortunately its sadistic glee.​

    “I may be trapped on this backwater planet but I am perfection. And you are weak flesh.” I can recognize how much danger I’m in when he lifts the sword for a finishing blow. “I would ask if you have any last words but I really don’t care.”​

    Before the blade can finish its downward arc, the elevator chimes open. A streak of yellow and red can only be Speedy, no one else is fast enough for me to lose sight of. Before I can even complete my thought, I feel his hand on my wrist. In a streak of motion, were across the room, in front of the elevator.​

    “Cavalries here buddy.” A cocky but friendly voice addresses me. “It’s our turn for fist contact.”​

    Area 52
    Nevada Desert
    Jan 05/2010
    08:44 PM

    Running full speed down the dirt road into the crater, I can only hope things are going OK for Zach and the Question. Flower Child or Iris West as she had introduced herself as yesterday, is right beside me. Her bark like skin is very durable, apparently knife proof at the minimum. She has a one piece unitard made of woven grass and leaf but far stronger then either have any right to be after some kind of sap treatment.

    Her hair looks like long wavy grass about shoulder length. When she gets emotional it starts to stand straight up like a porcupine’s quills, which happens nearly anytime her brother Wally opens his mouth.

    Speaking of Speedy, he raced ahead of us when we got the call from Zach. Hes waiting outside the doors to the lab, frantically tapping his foot.​

    “Took you long enough.” Were chided by the speedster. “Question says Zach is fighting a swarm of Martians downstairs and Deathstroke the Terminator.” Ok I can see the need for speed now.​

    “Why is he down their alone?” I demand from Speedy who raises his hands in defense.​

    “Not sure but Question seems to be having flashbacks or something.” He points inside were we can see the faceless man pace back and forth, frantically speaking to himself. “I guess he thought he was done with Martians and is having a hard time dealing.”​

    A door opens inside, revealing Batgirl and Robin who approach the pacing Question. Batgirl begins speaking to him while Robin waves us inside.​

    “More Martians with the White Plague. I thought all were gone.” A desperate voice greets us as the man pulls at his Jerry curls in frustration. “You don’t understand the horror of facing one of them. Martians are a very psychically powerful species.” He explains to those of us ignorant, mainly me I guess.​

    “When a martian goes white like the ones down below have, all mental faculties are gone.” He seems close to weeping at the thought. “They become feral lacking any will of their own. They are easy to bend to your will, if you are strong enough. But any who lack the raw power, become infected like the albinos.”​

    “When they invaded, it was really the last of the species trying to flee the sickness. But only one Martian made it to Earth uninfected.” His voice has grown angry as the explanation continued and with good reason.​

    “So Cadmus has the last Martians being experimented on?” I ask for clarification.​

    “Yeah and it seems we have more then a single green Martian on Earth.” Batgirl answers for everyone's benefit. “We found a female upstairs.” Her words have us all kind of stunned. “She has a Starro on her head but its a weird reddish pink one instead of the white one you had.”​

    “Show me. The rest of you aid Ultraboy.” Were ordered by the Question, who finally is back in the game.​

    “Got it, follow me.” Robin answers, leading our supervisor towards the stairs while the rest of us assemble before the elevator.

    “Speedy, when we get downstairs, I want you inside and grabbing Ultraboy if it looks like he’s in over his head.” Batgirl commands with her no arguments voice. “Flower Child, send out some KT’s and cover us. Star-lad, keep the elevator doors clear so we can get away.” As we shuffle inside she informs us of her objective with a savage snarl. “Deathstroke, he’s mine.”​

    “Got it Artemis, now chill.” Flower Child reassures our leader. Vines have begun growing from her wrists, forming tomato plants at the end of each one. Rapidly the red bulbous plants are the size of basketballs.​

    Peering at us with beady eyes, the tomatoes open their mouths and smile. A set of fanged jaws are inside each one of the tomatoes, who now snap free from the vines. As the doors of the elevator open, Speedy races into the room.​

    Following him into battle, is the squadron of killer tomatoes laughing with excitement. Batgirl charges in next followed by me shortly after. I have time to watch Zach’s bleeding form be deposited at our feet before battle is on us.​

    A swarm of albino aliens looking nearly identical to the thing from the Movie Alien, leap at us from every direction. I know not to take a hit if I can now, so I avoid the scorpion tail striking at me. Grabbing it with both hands, I wield it like a flail.​

    Slamming it against any of its kind who make an attempt to get past me, I keep the perimeter clear. Batgirl has rocketed right at the one handed ninja leading the aliens. Engaging him in a swift back and forth, it’s obvious she needs a hand.​

    The savage tomatoes have helped even the odds but Speedy is her only hope of back up for now. He takes his chance and streaks behind the swordsman. In his hand is a taser crackling with electrical energy.

    Slamming it into Deathstroke’s side, his whole body seizes up and crackles with electrical discharge. Instead of being a short blast meant to stun him, the energy continues to course along his body.​

    Soon his skin begins to blacken and smoke begins to rise from beneath his clothes. In no time they ignite in a burst of flame. A shrill yell from his belly is followed by what looks like a brain with tentacles emerging. Landing on the floor with a wet squelch, it looks around the room frantically.​

    “Karai activate the transporter and get me out of here!” The brain thing addresses us all now safely hidden behind more of the Martians. “Children, once I have an even better body, I’ll be back to finish what I started with the Kryptonian.”​

    “Yes father.” A pained female voice answers him before a woman around my age sprints by Batgirl and picks up her “father”. She inputs a command on the belt of her fathers body before running at the wall. “Bloody Mary, open the mirror now!” Karai yells into her own wrist.​

    A hidden panel slides up, revealing a man sized mirror. It glows a faint blue as Karai leaps at the glass, somehow appearing inside the reflection. A cheeky wave from her and she takes off in the mirrored elevator inside.​

    “What just happened?” I ask Iris beside me in shock.​

    “Bloody Mary is Mirror Masters’ daughter. Grandpa Scott and dad handled him but she is straight up deadly.” Iris explains. “She went on a murder spree killing models she thought were prettier whenever they looked in a reflective surface. I have no idea why she’s working with the Terminator, or that he was whatever he is.”​

    “We need to go. NOW!” Batgirl interrupts with a yell. “Deathstroke has a bomb in his body and It’s running out of time.” With no one giving orders, the white Martians are motionless.​

    “Don’t forget the blue guy.” Zach moans from the ground nearby. “He’s the scientist in charge here.” The fore mentioned blue skinned man is cowering at the back of the room.​

    “No I’m not!” he squeaks out, fooling no one. Speedy races over and grabs him, rejoining us in under a second.​

    “Lets go before these things start attacking again.” Speedy informs everyone unease clear in his voice. We ride up to the main floor, with Artemis checking Zach’s wound in silence.​

    “Hey, I’m not dead so stop acting like I am.” Zach orders. “Besides I totally kicked ass before you guys got down here.”​

    “You call getting stabbed in the liver kicking ass?” Batgirl teases him. “I hate to get a look at you when the other guy wins.” Tapping a receiver in her helmet she contacts Robin. “Meet us at the Javelin, this place is going to blow any minute.”​

    “Were already on our way.” Robin confirms his orders. “Question ripped her pod right out of the wall while I grabbed the files. We can decide what to back at my place.” I give the scientist with us a painful squeeze on the shoulder.​

    “That will give us time to ask the good doctor here some questions.” I smirk down at his panicking face.​


    Which magic guitar should i acquire.
    A: Val Hallen's from the Justice friends​
    B: Ember's from Danny Phantom.

    And if anyone can guess the name of the Starro on M'gann, they get a free add anything not already going into the story coupon and no matter how ridiculous i have to fit it in somehow. As long as its from a non marvel super hero cartoon made before 2008.