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Prologue SI In Naruto (RP Game)

Discussion in 'Questing and Roleplay' started by Toxinvictory, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Toxinvictory

    Toxinvictory Know what you're doing yet?

    Jan 18, 2016
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    So this the thread I've created to make a fresh start of a old project of mine see here: https://forums.sufficientvelocity.com/threads/sufficient-velocity-members-in-naruto.21618/ for details. This is a one on one RP hosted with the involvement and advise of Slayer Anderson about a SI being inserted into an alt version of Naruto.

    If this trial run goes well and enough of a framework is established I will be using this to jump start a full revival of the ordinal multi-player project. But that's a while off yet. For the purpose of this Slayer is the only SI playing.

    Fingers crossed and here we go.
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  2. Toxinvictory

    Toxinvictory Know what you're doing yet?

    Jan 18, 2016
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  3. Slayer Anderson

    Slayer Anderson Orthodox Heretic

    Jan 15, 2014
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    There is a curious and strange phenomenon amongst some of the fiction I read.

    The shorthand for it is 'Self-Insertion.'

    For the uninformed, the genre is characterized by a real person, typically the author but not always, waking up in a fictional setting. The specifics vary from work to work. Some people are torn through a cosmic wormhole or awaken a planeswalker spark and make the journey under their own power. Others might have a cosmic being of some kind intervene in their lives for shits and giggles. A few people just 'wake up' in a new world, maybe in a new body, and are thrust into the machinations and 'plot' of whatever setting they find themselves in. A few of the 'long-runner' stories even have the character be born into their new world, live through childhood again, and then tackle whatever shenanigans come about.

    I'd read interesting ones, horrible ones, grammatically dysfunctional ones, and even tried my hand at it myself once or twice.

    My point being, I could see the appeal. It was a power fantasy to imagine yourself as some super-human being fighting epic battles, saving the day, getting the girl(s), etc...

    I was also sane enough to know that most real applications of this trope (if such a thing could be done in the first place), wouldn't end that nicely. Most likely, I'd run from the first sign of trouble, find somewhere safe to hide out, and spend the rest of my life in that world just like I did every day in the real world: trying to incur as little hassle as possible. Live quiet, keep your head down, don't make enemies. Life is short, don't make it harder than it has to be. Those are my words of wisdom.

    I digress of course, because precisely none of this matters.

    The first thing I did upon discovering there was a grain of truth to those stories was to scream like a little bitch.

    In my defense, though, I'd easily rate the process of 'self-insertion' as the most goddamn painful thing I've ever had the misfortune to live through.

    Like, if I could have, I'd probably have tried to kill myself. Whether good or bad luck intervened, though, the pain had actually incapacitated me to the point where I couldn't even scream.

    Trying to kill myself? Hah, funny joke. Especially when you're a drooling idiot half-conscious on the ground randomly twitching at odd intervals.

    So, yes, I'll go ahead and say that anyone who thinks waking up as someone else and having a 'grand adventure' is a good idea should be drawn and quartered to save themselves from their own idiocy.

    To cut a long story short, though, I blacked the fuck out at some point and didn't wake up for a long time.


    -motion, me moving, driv-no, carry-


    -head hurt, can't move, still mov-


    -cold, rushing down throat, water, thirst, open ey-


    -groans, who? not my voice, sounds... talking? Who?-


    -careful, feels like blood is on fire, lightning coiling through my body, my brain-


    -thought, understanding, pain-haze fading, breathing steady... stopped moving, eyes slide-


    I groan, my voice... not quite as I remember it as I come back to myself for the first time in... who knows? I can't remember... ugh, a fractal of not-quite-there places, people, and thoughts shatter as I try to examine them, sending my head throbbing again as I appreciate the dim light.

    Dim lantern light.

    I take a deep breath to calm myself as I shift slightly on what I quickly realize is some type of hospital bed. Notably, there are no machines beeping and whirring, no IV lines connected to me, nothing I remember from the few times I've had a hospital stay...

    I take another breath and notice the dry, painfully dry almost, twinge to the air. Low humidity and... grit? Sand? In a hospital? American healthcare aside...

    Nothing else in the room besides a light source that's... yeah, carefully barred so as not to be easily or quietly accessible.

    ...oh, and moving gives me another surprise in what's looking to be a banner day all around.

    My skin tone is off, which is all kinds of worrying, but my body proportions are also off.

    'Bad' is starting to look like an understatement for my situation.

    Absently, I reach up a hand to rub at my face and am instantly worried by the feeling of smooth flesh. Coming from a guy who's had to shave since practically his fourteenth birthday? I usually have some kind of tactile stubble inside of a day of shaving. With a creeping air of realization that something is far more wrong than I'd previously believed possible, I drop one hand to my crotch and the other hand to my chest.

    Penis? Check.

    Testicles? Check.

    Breasts? Leave that one empty.

    I take another deep breath and try to relax as, with a feather-light touch, I begin to probe at the unfamiliar stuff floating around in my head.

    1-5) What the hell is going on? Where am I? What's my situation? Dig up relevant information that might help my situation in any way.
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  4. Toxinvictory

    Toxinvictory Know what you're doing yet?

    Jan 18, 2016
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    Rolled a 5 - 6 - 5 Critical Success.

    The body you inhabit belongs to Sasuke Uchiha. His memories tell you this, they carry his name and his past like a banner.

    Sasuke, son of Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha. Brother of Itachi Uchiha. Last loyal member of the once mighty clan. His emotions tear at you. Despair and rage, tentative friendship, irritation at distractions, little happiness and under it all the cold weight of obligation.

    It is a tide that batters at you. Sasuke and what he lived through, you see, you feel, you are -


    You are a small child being rocked in your mother's arms, listening to lullabies and enjoying the warmth that reserved for you alone.


    You are a slight boy the ash of your completed fire jutsu lingering on your tongue and your father's proud eyes upon you.


    You are that same boy trapped in a photo negative world helplessly watching as Itachi kills his way through your extended family. Active Ninja or retired and even those who never took up kunai all fall before his blade, eyes and jutsu. You try to run away but the world turns with you. You try to close your eyes and cover your ears but the Genjutsu wouldn't let you escape so easily. Sometimes you are Itachi in the dream, the blade in your hand and the jutsu flying from your hands. Whatever perspective it takes the Uchiha die and you can only watch and scream, their faces are burned into your memory.


    You are are crying and terrified the brother you loved is gone in his place is a cold mocking shade that stood over your parents corpses with a blood shined blade in hand. The monster -Itachi its Itachi you have to remember that - calls you foolish and weak with such contempt its tangible. Your not worth killing Itachi says and before he leaves he tells you to hate him, to get stronger so you can give him a challenge. The path to this eyes, that eyes that trapped you in a nightmare the eyes that let him do this is through the murder of a friend.


    You are the pride of the academy, top of every class, the teachers praise you, your classmates want to be you or resent you and it matters not a thing. You've seen what real ninja can do to each other and compared to that the academy is nothing more than children playing. A stepping stone on the path that leads to him.


    You are a new member of Team 7. You don't have high hopes for the others. Naruto is loud sure but it's all bluster. If he really wanted to be Hokage he would push for it. Train until he broke then put himself back together and train again.Despite yourself you see something of yourself in him the lonely orphan trying to fulfill an impossible dream and hate him for it. Sakura is competent on paper but in reality she is too caught up day dreaming about you and has no idea what she's in for. Still a tiny part of you envy's her with her parents that are alive and home that isn't empty. Kakashi is by turns confusing, too insightful and above you.


    You are caught in a cage of mirrors that spit needles, your breath appears as white mist in the cold. In every mirror is a masked man/woman that your fire jutsu or Naruto's clones can't touch. The foe strikes aiming for the downed Naruto, in a burst of speed you react throwing yourself into his path and pushing him back. You buy Naruto time to get up but it comes at a cost. Darkness is closing at the corner of your eyes and your body is shutting down. You realize you are going to die and that Itachi will live on, your dream of making him answer for what he did is going to die with you. Naruto is staring down at you incomprehension and horror on his face.


    You are a genin seeking to become a chunin and in the Forest of Death a monster out nightmare has come for you. Whoever this grass genin really is she's strong Jonin level if not more. Your every attack is turned aside with laughable ease. You blast and burn her using your entire arsenal of tricks, she only laughs and urges you even as the blood freezing shroud of her killing intent grips you. Her neck extends impossibly and she bites down pumping you full of a venom that will linger. You slip into dreams of torn bodies and voices that whisper 'if you were only stronger......


    You are alive. Your blood sings with the rush of this power that swirls out from your body like smoke. You are faster and stronger than you have ever been. Everything is clear and sharp. You break the enemy that dared to attacked your teammate and exalt in the ease with which your destroy him. Sakura grabs you, pressing herself against your body and she's begging you to stop. The note of fear in her voice (she's not afraid of the enemy) cuts through the rush of the power and your left feeling vaguely sick by what you have done even as part of you wants to feel like that again.


    You are a mass of sour muscles and electrical burns. Kakashi when he gets his face out of that smut is actually quite good at training you. You've learned to push your body to new limits to use chakra enhancement and sharigan copied taijutsu movements to give you impressive speed. More than that Kakashi has given you a jutsu that seems made for you. Matching your elemental affinity, well suited to the opponent you are to face and powerful indeed the Chidori will be your technique one day you can feel it. With this you are one step closer to the final battle against your brother.


    You are a veteran member of Team 7. You find yourself trusting your teammates even caring about what happens to them which you never expected to happen. Naruto is loud but determined to the point of insanity and under the orange jumpsuit is a good heart. Sakura is still unprepared for the world she walked into but she's started to see you not the school girl crush she invented and behind her eyes is mind as sharp as any kunai. Kakashi is still confusing but you are starting to see that he cares in his own way and has a lot to offer.


    You are in the middle of an invasion. Kakashi in typical form insisted on being late for the match against Gaara though he phrased it in terms of getting in some last minute training. Before you could enter the stadium the air became thick with a genjutsu and open battle broke out. Kakashi set you down with a group of chunin and told you to follow orders before rushing off into the Stadium. Naruto and Sakura are in there apparently at the center of this mess. From the garbled reports you make out that Suna and Oto are the invaders. The rogue Sanin Orochimaru is battling the Third Hokage and something of Suna's called a Jinchūriki is trying to transform. In the distance you see the flash of gold, a building near you comes down and you are moving -


    You are running, it burns more than a little to flee in the face of an enemy but you know the power gap between yourself and Jonin and there is at-least one of those in the Suna squad hunting you. So you pour on the speed and try to make contact with some Konoha force. The Suna team is after you specifically which can only mean bad things. Either they want to kill the last Uchiha left in Konoha or they mean to carry you off like Kumo tried in the Hyuuga Incident. You feel a strange sensation something is touching your thoughts directly, you know the like from post massacre sessions with a Yamanaka. You have a heartbeat to wonder why one of Ino's family would hit you with a jutsu and not the Suna pursuers before another mind rushes into your body.


    You are lying in a hospital bed breathing in arid air. Under your skin coils chakra at once utterly alien and familiar as breathing. On your neck the the Curse Mark stings and in your eyes the Sharigan waits to be called.
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  5. Slayer Anderson

    Slayer Anderson Orthodox Heretic

    Jan 15, 2014
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    ...and for the sake of not breaking down into a weeping ball of emo and pain, I'm going to repress that. Just... all of that. For later. Much later.

    This is bad, but it could be worse.

    Deep, slow, calming breath.

    There are worse places to 'wake up' in. The 40K galaxy, for instance. Or Evangelion, that would be a pretty incontrovertible death sentence. Or... whatever happened at the end, there. Even after more than a decade and a half, I'm not completely sure about the End of Eva... There are a lot of hardcore medieval fantasy worlds out there too, which would suck to be in. As it is, while Naruto is a skitzo-tech pseudo-feudal setting, there are a lot of perks for being a high-performing shinobi over being 'some random civilian.'

    So, yes, things could be worse.

    That isn't to say this situation is all that great, though.

    Naruto is an incredibly violent setting to be a 'main character' in. Vicious, life-or-death battles happen literally every day for the (un)lucky select few who get saddled with determining the fate of nations.

    ...and I'm one of those people now. Sasuke Uchiha, last 'loyal' Uchiha shinobi of Konohagakure, the village hidden in the leaves. Bearer of one of the most ungodly powerful dojutsu known to this world and, less well-publicized, the latest reincarnation of Indra Otsutsuki, bearer of the inherited Yin half of the Sage of Six Path's chakra reserve.

    There is a certain breathlessness that hits you, literally hits you like a physical blow when you realize that you are destined to play a pivotal role in preventing... several apocalypses.

    Especially since I'm a contrarian bastard.

    The fastest way to get me to not do something is to try to force me to do it.

    Which means if you plop me into a setting the world's ending? Well, since I keep all my stuff in the world and generally like living, I'll probably save the world... or at least try to help.

    Which makes the current situation... problematic, at best, since I appear to be an undeclared P.O.W. of Sunagakure taken captive during the chunin exam invasion of Konoha... and if Suna actually planned this...

    They seemed to, at least. If Sasuke's memories are accurate, that was a kill/capture team with a jounin heading it up, coming straight for him and avoiding other targets of opportunity. Capturing 'me' accomplishes securing the Uchiha bloodline and the sharingan for a village, while simultaneously denying it to Konoha given that 'I' am the last remaining... publicly known Konoha ninja to have a sharingan.

    Mental Note: Kill Danzo at some point, preferably as soon as feasibly possible.

    Because fuck that guy.

    But... more to the point, this is a bad position. Given the fact that I'm the last Uchiha, I can't see my current 'holders' being all that willing to trade me back, let alone even declare that they have me at all... Sasuke, indoctrinated child soldier that he is, would have been very difficult to 'flip' in these circumstances, especially to Suna. Orochimaru had a lot more advantages and played a masterful mix of carrot and stick, relying on Sasuke's fear of both his brother and further losing loved ones to break him of Konoha's conditioning. Suna... is holding him/me captive, forcing the choice on me, and using a lot more stick than carrot.

    ...ultimately, though, there aren't all that many choices.

    I wince as a horrible idea occurs to me and I shelve it on the 'last resort' plan...

    So, unless Orochimaru has managed to keep up his 'Kazekage' guise to this point, I can't see Suna willingly handing over such a valuable asset as me to Oto. Without massive influence, which Orochimaru doesn't reasonably have... not without secretly being the wind shadow, at least...

    It's possible that Suna captured me to give to Oto. Possible, but... I think we've well and truly deviated from canon at this point.

    So... Suna is... aggressively strangle the panic that wells up in me at the thought of exactly what Suna could do... and focus on what they're likely to do, because if the were going to cut out my sharingan eyes, drug me and milk me for semen... I probably wouldn't be awake and conscious right now. So there's that.

    No, as the last living Uchiha I do have something they want that can't be easily taken from me:

    A working knowledge of how the Sharingan functions.

    That is my main card to play, in this situation.

    Willingness to teach the use of the sharingan, because no one outside of the Uchiha clan and a few select others actually knows how it works. That was what killed Zabuza and... I wonder if I can arrange for someone to grab his sword? Head that little problem off at the pass, maybe? Put that somewhere in the 'top one-hundred easy things' to do.

    I'm not entirely sure what level of tech the Elemental Nations generally have on artificial insemination, either... but there's likely a lot of good reasons not to leave viable genetic material lying around for famous bloodlines. I'll go out on a wild hunch and say that the elemental nations probably have some chakra-tech (or normal tech) way to preserve sperm and eggs. It's not very advanced medicine once you get refrigeration down properly. Semen samples could be stolen and any given clan would probably protest at the thought of keeping an 'emergency reserve.' While that doesn't really apply to me... I'd still give even odds that Suna would vastly prefer to keep my participation 'personal' in the creation of new Uchiha clan members.

    Because that's what they're going to want.

    They're going to want me to make babies.

    Probably lots of kids, given that they're going to have to inbreed for a few generations to have a viable pool of sharingan-dominant traits.

    So what they want from me is going to be willing 'help' in making lots of kids, training those kids with any sharingan secrets, and generally trying to to escape or make their lives harder.

    My cards to play are willing aid in making babies, being forthcoming on those training secrets, and... my final trump card, which is such a bad idea I'm trying not to think about it.

    What do I bargain for, then? What do I/Sasuke want? Anything relating to Konoha is probably off the board...

    The easiest thing to ask for is probably going to be training of some kind, given that it's going to take a long time before I can reasonably get strong enough to escape... and I can probably downplay the value of the requests by asking for things that aren't necessarily combat-related... or would take even more time to learn...

    Medical ninjutsu immediately comes to mind.

    Suna is also famous for puppetry.

    Oh, and fuuinjutsu. Sealing want.

    I can probably throw together something to take care of myself in other ways... like the rasengan, given it's fairly easy to learn if you know how. And then there's that idea from one of my other SIs... although I probably don't have the monstrous chakra reserves to really try that. I'm not a jinchuuriki, after all. Maybe if I didn't try for 'kaiju-mode' and kept it fairly small? Might work...

    I shake myself. There will be plenty of time to train later.

    For now, I need to mentally steel myself. There's probably at least one watcher reporting that I've woken up already and I'm likely to be ushered to report in to... whoever's in charge right now in Suna. I frown as a pair of memories clash. Wasn't the Fourth Kazekage... Rasa? Wasn't Rasa wearing a mask when Orochimaru was impersonating him during the chunin exams? Because Sasuke doesn't remember that mask.

    I take another deep breath. Kage or no kage, I'll need to ready myself mentally for what's to come.

    ...I should probably piss before whoever comes to get me does so, actually.

    Action) Prepare mentally for what's to come. Use Sasuke's resting bitch face and whatever knowledge he has of clan/village politics.
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  6. Toxinvictory

    Toxinvictory Know what you're doing yet?

    Jan 18, 2016
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    Rolled a 6 - 2 - 2 (Sucess) (Boost to diplomacy acquired)

    Sasuke wasn't exactly a newcomer to politics even if wasn't his area of strength. While the Third Hokage had put his foot down and declared that the young Uchiha wouldn't be adopted into a given clan Sasuke had still had to deal with inquiries and probes from various families of note within the Clan.

    Surprisingly enough the Hyuuga had never made even a token effort but the Nara-Yamanaka-Akimichi power-block block had tried to get their hooks in him for a while. Privately Sasuke thought that Ino's attraction towards him might have begun from her noticing that interest from her family.

    You pull on what Sasuke can remember of such meetings and the lessons his mother and father could imparted onto their son before Itachi had killed them in their own house. The memories rise clearly, after the mind reshaping blast of Sasuke's self you have already undergone this is an easy thing.

    There is a bathroom attached to your cell/room, a tiny cubicle but it will do, you take a piss and head back to the bed to await for the arrival that is surely coming. You don't have to wait long.

    The door opens and in steps a man, Stern, bearing a turban that covers both his hair and half his face, the uncovered half is tattooed with red markings that resemble the claw marks of some beast. It's reminiscent of the Inuzauka clan markings.

    The Sasuke part of you recognize the man twice over, he was the Jonin in charge of the Hidden Sand Team in the Chunin Exams and he was on the team that was chasing Sasuke when your soul was thrown into the mix. The part of you that remembers Naruto as a manga recalls the man's name Baki the one who killed Hayate Gekko for spying on his meeting with Kabuto, but wait the Sasuke part whispers you saw Hayate in the invasion fighting and very much alive.

    "Sasuke Uchiha, if you would come with come with me." Despite the polite tone you can read between the lines that its not a request.

    So you follow him out the door, down one winding corridor then another and up a spiraling staircase. Baki leads and is not facing you but you are aware of his attention, if you tried to run he would move to stop you, skilled though you are he is a Jonin and you aren't.

    The trip through sandstone corridors ends in a steel door that Baki opens. Passing through the open door you enter a open to the sky space, a courtyard or something like it. The walls rise steeply around allowing you only a small patch of blue sky. At the center of the space is a stone table, more a shaped block than anything else with a bench on either side of it.

    Waiting for you at the table, fingers stepped is a figure dressed in white with a distinctive blue hat. The Fourth Kazekage watches you with eyes that measure and assess. Caught in that stare you almost don't notice that a masked figure (Anbu) slips into the space to deposit a tray of food and a jug of water on the table before retreating. Something tells you that is for you and now you care to notice you are hungry and thirsty.

    At the Kazekage's gesture you take a seat across from one of the Five Great Kage of the Elemental Nations. There is a chance this Orochimaru under a flesh mask but even if its not this isn't a man you want to provoke if you can help it. Once you are seated he speaks.

    "Sasuke Uchiha, I would like to offer my apology for the rough handling you suffered before your arrival here. Please eat, drink you must be famished."

    (Dialogue with Rasa, Fourth Kazekage of Suna opened)
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  7. Slayer Anderson

    Slayer Anderson Orthodox Heretic

    Jan 15, 2014
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    Wonders of wonders, Uchiha Sasuke and I have something in common.

    We both hate politics.

    The difference being that Sasuke saw politics as something distinctly other. Something which he could avoid having an impact on his life simply by ignoring it and the people who used it. He mistook political savvy for weakness instead of a different kind of strength. He based this on a completely understandable distaste of the institution born from a half-dozen jockeying clans attempting to absorb him into their own families, to abscond with and destroy the Uchiha clan's very name. It was the ultimate insult to injury as his own home attempted to do what Itachi, just barely, hadn't.

    I take a calming breath.

    I'd like to portray myself as some all-knowing Buddha on the subject, an enlightened intellect which knows the feints and foils of the system, but...

    While I am wiser than Sasuke... I'm not entirely sure I'm more knowledgeable on the subject. At least, it's a very different kind of knowledge that each of 'us' possess. That 'I' have inherited.

    Honestly, it's a little galling to have to look to a young teen, no matter how insubstantial, for advice.

    The naivette in Sasuke's impressions and memories soothe my wounded pride a bit.

    But... despite Sasuke's conclusions on the art of politics, the truth of the matter is that politics is everything. It's who you talk to, it's how you talk to them, it's what you say and when you say it, what you ask for and what you get. If he'd understood that, he'd have had a much easier time in school. Playing up the 'mysterious loner' all those years only drew more attention to him. By abstaining from schoolyard politics entirely, he'd unknowingly won a game he'd never known he was playing. It'd be ironic if the solitude wasn't so painful. Still... I can see a lot more in the memories I see through my mind's eye than Sasuke ever cared to.

    As Baki leads me down the dark and winding sandstone passages, I choose my course of action.

    A smile plays at my lips as I consider that this is irony. That instead of doing something different than Sasuke's normal attitude... instead of getting angry, raging against my captivity, and insulting everyone by acting like the child he physically is...

    I simply cease caring.

    I exhale slowly and deeply, allowing my face to relax into it's usual expression, that of a self-assured smir-smile. Confident, but not quite arrogant. Just a hint of myself in it, though, a pinch of humility that Sasuke wouldn't have. Uchiha expressive at it's best. I go further, though, as I take in the Kazekage himself, divorcing myself from the situation even more. I see, I know what's happening, but understand it in the abstract. Clinical, not personal. It's almost something happening to someone else.

    He waves a hand at the tray, offering food and drink.

    "Thank you, now that you mention it I'm quite famished. My compliments on the hospitality I've been shown, Kazekage-sama." Bow as I finish. Not even approaching sarcasm. Miles away, not even on the same continent.

    Absolute sincerity is the name of the game as I pour a cup of tea for him then myself, because it would be rude not to offer my host refreshment while partaking myself.

    He's staring. Come to think of it I can feel Baki's eyes on me as well even as I don't quite devour a series of snacks. Which is a good cover for my inward thoughts on whether I'm talking to Rasa or Orochimaru... and I'm leaning towards Rasa. Orochimaru had problems with delayed satisfaction, in my opinion. It was one of the reasons he went rogue in the first place. There had to have been plenty of ways to acquire the 'test subjects' he needed, but Orochimaru hadn't wanted to deal with the red tape, hadn't wanted to share or report his findings. It was the same reason he'd wanted the hat: he'd wanted to report to no one. To be answerable to no one. Pretending to be Rasa... an extended con like this... it's simply not in character for Orochimaru if there weren't a sizable reward for doing so. Given that I'm his reward... no, this it's a farce to believe that Orochimaru is hiding behind that mask.

    So I take the time to enjoy the slight spread laid out for me, which as at once both familiar to Sasuke and foreign, if not alien, to me. Still, it's good food.

    Because really? If they'd wanted to poison me, they'd have had ample time to do so.

    Paranoia is all well and good, but there's a point where it does more harm than good to see daggers in harmless shadows.

    "Knowing as I do that the time of a kage is quite valuable," I begin cautiously as I take another sip of the tea. I suppose it's a good thing that I actually like green tea... "If it's not too presumptuous of me, I believe you'd like to move ahead to discuss the Uchiha clan's joining of the Village Hidden in the Sands. May I inquire as to the opening offer on the table at the moment?"

    Polite question and the ball is in his court, because that's lesson one of politics.

    Talk less, smile more.
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  8. Toxinvictory

    Toxinvictory Know what you're doing yet?

    Jan 18, 2016
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    The stare doesn't last which is its own brand of worrying. Your not acting like what anyone who profiled Sasule would expect, hell your not acting like a Leaf Genin taken captive by a hostile Hidden Village would be expected to act and that should throw someone off. Not Rasa.

    Surprise, incredulity or maybe just a raised eyebrow are what the Sasuke in you would expect to cross the Kazekage's face in the face of your response. Instead his eyes only narrow slightly and he forges on rewriting a no doubt pre-prepared mental script.

    "You are correct as to what the Village wants." It's the only concession he gives the only acknowledgment that you've done something unexpected. "The opening offer is this."

    Rasa's eye bore into yours.

    "If you agree to the cooperate a succession of Kunoichi will be directed to you. You will work to give them children so that a viable breeding population of Sharigan bearing Shinobi will one day exist within Suna. You will provide what information you can on the manifestation and development of your dojutsu for our records.You will share what Uchiha Clan secrets you know with a chosen few. When the children are old enough you will teach them everything you can about the Sharigan, its uses, its costs and its development. You will not attempt to contact your former village or stray beyond the boundaries set. You will be watched and there will be consequences if you attempt to breach the agreement. You will swear yourself and your line to the Village Hidden in the Sands. This is the cost."

    Rasa raises one hand and speaks on his words almost hypnotic.

    "If work with us and agree to these terms a cover identity will be created for you. A home and estate will be provided as part of the cover. You will receive a income sufficient to handle expenses. You will be considered a citizen of Suna with all the rights and privileges that allows. If you wish it when the children are old enough you may gather them together under the banner of a resurrected Uchiha clan with yourself as Clan Head. If you desire it you can take a woman as your wife, though their are some among the candidates used who are too politically sensitive for that and as such are out of your reach. One day you if you play your cards right you could have a say in the running of this Village. Perhaps one day a descendant of yours could even wear this hat. The Uchiha bloodline will survive. This is the profit."

    Rasa lowers his hand and concludes.

    "This is the offer. If you have suggestions as to how the cost and profit can be tailored to your liking I will hear them."
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    "A generous and balanced proposal," I nod, then take the time for a sip of my tea as I contemplate.

    Looking skyward, watching the clear and painfully blue expanse above us, I consider.

    This choice will affect the rest of my life, the rest of Sasuke's life. There is the fleeting possibility that this is all a dream, although my dreams usually haven't consisted of such a linear series of events. I'm more prone to falling or flying dreams myself and what I can remember of the goings-on in them aren't usually internally-consistent either.

    Such extreme disloyalty, though, grates at the part of 'me' which is still mostly Sasuke. Even with, especially with, the knowledge of what the village hidden in the leaves did to me, to the clan, to Itachi... There is a pull to return, to demand answers and retribution, to tear open the wounds that never healed and display the rotting viscera hidden beneath their superficial beauty.

    The traditional Red Oni and Blue Oni roles in Japanese media: myself and Naruto. But... I've always disagree with the interpretation that Naruto is the hothead...

    ...and look where that got Sasuke in canon. No, I think we'll be doing this my way. Cold, cautious, and clinical.

    Enlightened Self-Interest.

    "I accept," I state, still smiling as I sigh where Rasa should, but Kage are not so mere as to fall to the habits of us mortals. "Though if I may be so bold, I would like to add an addendum for further information which I have, which you may find of immediate use. If it is appealing enough, I would ask for a further exchange based on that value."

    The Kazekage hummed vaguely in his throat, a sound I took as his concession to giving me just enough rope to hang myself with.

    "The last known location of Momochi Zabuza's corpse in addition to his sword, and the body of his apprentice, a boy who went by the name of 'Haku' who possessed the Hyoton bloodline," I could feel Rasa's gaze sharpen as the weight of the air in the room increased ever-so-slightly. "As they were slain..." I probe Sasuke's memories, "two months ago, the genetic material may be degraded beyond use, but the area has a cold climate, so it could be salvageable. In addition, the location of a storehouse of Uchiha goods outside of Konoha containing weapons, armor, equipment, a small library of techniques, a copy of the clan histories, and at least one summoning scroll I am aware of."

    "In exchange, what would you bargain for?" Rasa asked shortly.

    "Personal access to the materials retrieved," I stated as an opening play, "and first right of refusal on any summoning scrolls found. However, due to the fact that the site is guarded by a summon clan allied with the Uchiha, the cat clan, I would need to retrieve the materials personally. Obviously under heavy escort by Suna jounin. My second request would be further education in the ninja arts. Particularly Sealing and Medical specialties, but learning Puppetry would give me a better cover for my skills in the event I am given field duty as a Suna ninja. As I can understand possible reluctance to educate me in arts which I may use to escape Suna's custody before I've bonded adequately with any children or wives I have and to demonstrate my good faith in this agreement, I'm certain your subordinates noticed..."

    I slowly pull up a hand and drag my collar down to reveal the Cursed Seal within Kakashi's restraining seal.

    Rasa's gaze is inscrutable.

    "...this. Orochimaru placed it on me during the exams with the intent of using it to... either tempt me into his grasp or corrupt me using the inhibition-reducing chakra it leaks into my system when I pull at it." I don't quite touch Kakashi's seal as I point it out. "My former sensei, Kakashi Hatake, placed a restraining seal on it powered by my own will and resolve not to use it. As I'm not aware of the full effects of it, I can't rule out the fact that, should it become more active, Orochimaru could track me down using it. As much I do not want that, feelings of powerlessness or helplessness may induce a subconscious draw on it. Keeping me training and progressing in the shinobi arts is likely the easiest solution to both prevent draw upon it and keep you appraised of my current skill level and abilities so that I might be of the most use possible to Suna."

    ...and if he doesn't take that offer, I guess I can throw in the steps to the Rasengan.

    "I understand that the claims of a cache of Uchiha artifacts outside of Konoha is not something that can be easily believed as well, especially given that it could be contrived as a means to escape, so if it's more acceptable, I'll offer a... 'down payment' of whichever and however many women you feel justifies such a risk and the last known location of Zabuza and his apprentice's bodies and the sword as proof of good faith." I bow, because you bow to Kage-level ninja and leave the offer there for his consideration.

    Rule Number Two: If you must talk, talk at length and on nothing in particular.
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    "The location of the Demon of Mist's body, his Blade, the body of his apprentice and your immediate cooperation in ensuring the Uchiha will one day serve Suna in exchange for a degree of training is an acceptable transaction." The Kazekage's voice is smooth and without inflection. "Once the seed is planted and your information is confirmed an expedition to the Uchiha Outpost can be arranged."

    You provide the necessary information writing it down on a blank page of paper provided by and then whisked off by an ANBU operative. Within you, the echo of Sasuke feels briefly uncomfortable with this, with bartering the Uchiha bloodline and leaving the Leaf behind but that feeling is small and faint. It's dwarfed by the pulse of rage/betrayal/pain that flashes through you when your thoughts touch on the truth of Massacre.

    The image of the Third Hokage ruffling your/Sasuke's hair https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net...ision/latest?cb=20140825164730&path-prefix=de like a paternal grandfather lingers and the thought echoes that this was the man who responsible for the Uchiha's death. At the very least he didn't stop it and at worst had gave the order. That knowledge taint's the memory and others. What had Sasuke said after killing Danzo in canon when Kakashi had tried to reach him?

    Something about when he looked back at his life in the Leaf it felt like everyone was laughing at him. You feel a little of that when you think about the truth. Though Sasuke is you and the massacre's hidden reality doesn't have the same sanity breaking betrayal for you as it did him you can feel it all the sane.

    So leaving the Leaf behind, throwing your lot in with Suna willingly doesn't prompt more than a fleeting emotional reaction. It's not like you have much of a choice anyway, if you don't cooperate the Kazekage is perfectly willing to take what he wants.

    Your audience over you are escorted from the the Kazekage's presence by Baki and lead to a different room in the complex. It's not the cell like one cot, one toilet and one tiny barred widow hospital setup you awoke in. This one is more like a proper bedroom at-least to Sasuke's sensibilities. Tatami floor mats cover stone, their are fitted wall closets that contain clothes (all plain and uniform) and a futon made up for your use. There's an attached bathroom more extensive than the last one.

    There's no widow's but some form of ventilation circulates cool air and freshly lit lanterns illuminate the room. Baki advises you in clipped tones that you'll have a some time to prepare. You can't quite say whats in his eyes when he says it. Sympathy, apathy, curiosity you don't think its hostility. He leaves you to room and what thoughts you may have. Still you don't think for a second your not being watched. This is confirmed shorty afterwards when an Anbu Operative appears next to your door and stands silent guard.

    As the time passes you familiarize yourself with the Sharigan, its central to your situation after all along with being a powerful tool in its own right. Thankfully it activates easily at your call and you observe the room though the Uchiha Clan infamous eyes.The clarity is incredible its like you switched the world to high definition, but more than what you see lingers in your mind. You can recall what you see with the Sharigan with an artificial clarity that doesn't dim with time.

    You can't see Nature Chakra but you can see the faint residue of human chakra where others have been in room.and when looking at both your Anbu guard and new body you can see the chakra radiating out from flesh like smoke rising from a fire.

    Eventually you fall asleep. When you wake its to a prepared breakfast that you swiftly consume. You must have slept a fair while.

    Not to much longer after your breakfast has been cleared away by silent and uniformly dressed staff a knock comes at the door. When you open it a teenage girl is waiting outside with a an older man a half step behind her. She's about Sasuke's age, with fair skin, long brown hair that frames her face and is done up in ponytail. She's a kunochi you can read that even without the Sharigan active. Its clear from the little details like her toned muscles, the faint but telltale weapon callus on her hands and the assessing way her light brown eyes flick over you.

    She's dressed in a loose fitting, white sleeveless outfit. that shows off her body pretty well. She's still developing but something about her build says she's going to be real head turner down the line. Her face is impassive whatever she really feels about this she's doing a good job of hiding it. The older man behind her, escort/bodyguard you decide, is not so skilled at hiding how he feels. The glare he's sporting: at you, the Anbu and everything in general conveys pretty clearly that he isn't happy about this.

    "Ameno, daughter of the honorable Inoue Clan," the escort announces his charge perhaps a fraction to loudly. The girl, Ameno, gives a polite half bow and speaks.

    "Greetings Uchiha-san, I understand that you are expecting me."

    (Encounter with Ameno Inoue, Genin of Suna has begun)
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    "It is a pleasure to greet both of you," I state formally, bowing slightly and then stepping away from the door to extend an arm. "If you would like, I can prepare tea while we sit and talk."

    The man gave a grunt, but acceded to my offer with a bow so brief it was more of a nod. The girl, Ameno Inoue, shot him a look as she gave a more proper bow. "That would be enjoyable, thank you for the offer of hospitality."

    "I'm afraid I can only offer so much, new to the village as I am, but what paltry skills I have are at your disposal," I stated as I showed them to the low table and cushions, relying on Sasuke's political savvy to see me through.

    "Uchiha-san is much too humble for a personage of such import as yourself," Ameno stated as she seated herself, her face neutral.

    I smiled benignly. "As I am soon to be merely a ward of Sunagakura and not an illustrious Uchiha, I think humility should be among my more practiced traits, don't you think?"

    Her mask cracked slightly as she gained a thoughtful air about her. "You are to be well-appointed, though, are you not? Lowering your dignity too far would be as much of a mistake as maintaining too much."

    "Any dignity at all might be overreaching," the man cut in, his comment vague enough that it could be taken any number of ways.

    Most, if not all, of them insulting, but still... I suppose it was hard to be offended until one chose a specific way to take offense.

    "Otou-sama," Ameno reproached sharply, frowning.

    Her father shook his head in dismissal of the chastisement. "Ameno-chan, while his legacy may have been worth something in Konoha, the boy is no longer there. Here in Suna, he must come to understand the established power structure before he pretends to political status he does not possess."

    "Otou-sama," Ameno stated again, more forcefully even as her eyes cut across to me to see how offended I was. "You mustn't-"

    Instead of giving into the immature teenager known as Sasuke within me, I finished making the tea and began to pour it for my guests, my polite smile never leaving my face.

    "Your father is precisely correct, Inoue-chan," I stated, nodding at the man in deference. "Moreover, he does not like me and intends to make no secret of it, as is his right. He would do me no favors by pretending my standing is significant enough that I need be kowtowed to. There is also the fact that given the orders of the Honorable Kazekage, you have been placed in a position which any parent worth such station would be offended and angered by. The fact that you are the daughter of a clan only makes the perceived insult more stinging as, while arranged marriages within clans are a matter of course, clan members are rarely given seduction missions."

    The daughter's eyes widened a bit, her surprise at both my easygoing nature and at the way I'd approached the outburst.

    Her father snorted, a quick huff of hot air. "Think you're clever, do you, Uchiha? You'll find the situation here in Suna much different than the one in your prosperous Konoha."

    "Of that I have no doubt," I nodded seriously and took a sip of my tea while he let his sit even as his daughter glared at him over her own cup. Another petty insult, but one which I would allow him freely for two key reasons...

    First, it was probably all the man had left. After all, he wouldn't be here if he had other avenues to exploit other than angering me and tricking me into refusing his daughter to spite him. That, of course, would be punished, but it would be a punishment he would happily accept if it meant sparing his daughter the indignity of a broodmare.

    Second, of course, was the fact that I couldn't exactly do anything in response, could I? Oh sure, I could complain to my handlers and it would probably get put down in a report that would eventually cross the Kazekage's desk, but unless the man actually tried to physically injure me beyond a push or shove, I didn't exactly have the kind of pull to force any repercussions.

    The combination of these two facts meant that getting angry would be stupidly counterproductive, so I'd resolved not to. Which was hard, but reminding myself that it would accomplish less than nothing was doing the trick.

    "If we were in Konoha, the mission given to your daughter, much less this conversation, would never happen." I stated bluntly as I put my cup down. "Konoha must, after all, present itself as the 'kinder and softer' of the villages. 'Breeding Programs' are below them so long as their superiority is not overly challenged as they have to come to terms with the reality of the world."

    He snorted again, this time in what appeared to be amusement. "And I suppose you think that's valid enough reason to betray your entire village?"

    I raised an eyebrow. "For the continued survival of my clan? Of my bloodline and the true legacy of my ancestors? Yes, I do believe that reasoning is valid enough. Would you not do the same, in my circumstances, if it meant the survival of your clan?"

    Ameno's father crossed his arms over his torso. "I would petition my kage before resorting to treason."

    I smiled wider, disregarding the glint of frustration on his face. "And if that was the stance of your kage?"

    I ignored the glimmer of understanding on Ameno's own visage as her father replied with a continued frown. "Then I would appeal to an allied clan. Let us not pretend your clan existed in a vacuum, boy."

    I knew I was positively grinning at this point, but I couldn't help myself. "There were a number of clans which offered to absorb the last Uchiha into them. The Sandaime Hokage, in his infinite wisdom, saw that allowing such to happen would mean a given clan accruing too much power for themselves over the others and upsetting the political balance of the village." Although, looking back on it, I would have personally petitioned to join the Kurama clan. Synergy is a wonderful thing. "As such, he forbade any adoption by another clan and ruled that the affairs of the Uchiha would stay an internal clan matter."

    The man sniffed disgustedly. "Vultures that they are, boy, my point was to seek the aid of another clan in-" he grimaced as his eyes flickered towards his daughter, "-repopulating your clan, not..." He made a vague gesture, ostensibly towards my previous explanation.

    "And as I stated, the Lord Hokage's ruling was that the affairs of the Uchiha would stay the affairs of the Uchiha. Coercion of women, outside of internal clan matters, in such a way would be in direct contravention of his orders and a criminal violation of the laws of Konoha in addition to that." I stated obliquely, my cheeks finally relaxing as I took another sip of my tea.

    With a seeming absent-mindedness to the motion, he took one as well from his own cup, frowning at the cool tea but giving the traditional compliment all the same. All the while, though, his eyes lingered on me, puzzling out my words.

    "There was someone using political leverage against you, Uchiha-san?" Ameno asked, breaking her silence in her curiosity as she stepped into the 'discussion' her father and I were having.

    "The answer to that, I am afraid, is quite complicated," I replied after a moment's thought. "Though I would be willing to explain the matter in more depth in exchange for your father's personal support."

    The man's scowl returned in earnest now, looking nearly offended by the thought of such. "And what do you hope to gain by that, boy? If you're half as clever as you're pretending you are, then you should already know neither Ameno nor I are in direct line of succession for leadership of the clan."

    "I'd guessed as much," I nodded, refraining from explaining how an 'experimental' inter-breeding would want to be tested first before being incorporated into the main branch of a clan's inheritance. Besides that, if Ameno's father was the clan head and disapproved so strongly of using his daughter for the assignment, he probably could have coerced any elders into using a different girl. As it was, he was obviously lower in the pecking order than that. Also, clan heirs simply weren't used in this fashion, as it would mean putting an outsider as defacto co-leader of the clan.

    Sasuke's memories flashed back to Ino.

    Usually, at least.

    "Still, I did say I wished for your personal support, not political." I stated pointedly, setting down my cup. "Speaking bluntly, your daughter has been assigned the mission of bearing at least one of my children." His fists clenched at the statement as Ameno's face went blank of emotion again. "That would make you their grandfather." I paused for a moment to let that obvious fact sink into his suddenly-startled expression "Beyond my desire for any children I sire to have the affection of their only extended family, there's also the matter that continued bad relations between ourselves would tax your relationship with your daughter. In addition to creating unnecessary stress during her pregnancy and thus creating a health risk to mother and child, I do not wish to add fuel to any arguments which might, in turn, damage your own relationship with her."

    Ameno was blushing slightly, but I ignored that in favor of her father's increasingly thoughtful expression.

    Even if he ultimately rejected my offer, though, having moved him away from his anger, even momentarily, was an achievement.

    "Ignoring the reasons you've given for my agreement already," he stated slowly, "you're placing an inordinately high value on the answer to a question which, ultimately, is merely curiosity on my part."

    Okay, bravo, because that wasn't even a question. That was an invitation to talk. Which meant he was taking me seriously and pulling out the more advanced 'adult' moves, such as allowing me incriminate myself instead of blatantly probing for information. Even if it hadn't been willingly, he'd bumped up the level of respect he'd given me.

    "I merely thought that providing you part of the information behind my decision to join Sunagakure so readily would allow you and your daughter to complete the Kazekage's request for further information on my goals and personality," I smiled once again.

    His face went flat and blank, so I continued. It was as good as an admission anyway.

    Possibly a mistake, but I'd been doing okay so far... I thought, at least.

    "Because as readily as I agreed to his offer, as eager as I was to abandon my former village, I can't be trusted without more proof than mere words. The Honorable Kazekage needs verifiable evidence behind my decision-making, such as the political schema of Konoha towards the Uchiha in the last decade. Presenting him with this information will further substantiate my claims of loyalty whereas I could instead merely be biding my time with my current tactics in order to create an opening for me to retreat back to Konoha. In such a hypothetical instance I would have already created offspring here in Suna and could use that as a viable leverage to militarily motivate enough allies to implement a similar program in Konoha. An Uchiha 'arms-race' so to speak."

    His eyes were cold and calculating as he looked me over, now.

    Of course, I had more ways to advertise the advantages of my bargain, but I didn't want to 'oversell' the deal.

    "You said 'part of,'" Ameno's father stated, sipping his tea as he stared at me. "'Part of' the information behind your decision."

    I kept smiling, because no question again. I think I'd crossed the line into actual 'threat' now. "Because handing over all of it to the Honorable Inoue clan before I have taken the measure of the political schema of Suna and decided who most-closely to ally myself with would simply be bad sense, Inoue-san." I smiled wider. "As you noted, I am in an unenviable political position."

    I like to think his lips twitched in a humorless smirk rather than a subdued snarl as I threw his earlier assertion back at him.

    Now to see what he would do...
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