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Red Ribbon Galaxy

Discussion in 'CW Index' started by Vashon, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Vashon

    Vashon Earnest Voice Gone for Good

    Jul 29, 2016
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    >Post Namek Arc
    >Dr.Briefs reveals to Bulma that the public knowledge of aliens and ftl has had consequences
    >shows pictures of influential leaders behind a massive program of interstellar exploration
    >nearly all of them are older versions of Red Ribbon Army upper leadership that were never confirmed dead
    >cue explaination montage
    >Vegeta begins laughing, yelling about how history is about to repeat itself
    >cue explaination of truly ancient Saiyan history, measured in homeworlds ago
    >Bulma plans to protest another rise of the Red Ribbon Army, but her father tells her they were all pardoned or finished their sentences years ago
    >Vegeta ask for a ship of his own, another Saiyan pod would be enough, he plans to find a world with a moon, and stay a few moon cycles to regrow his tail(Alzheimer's Toriyama forgot and retconned so much fuckingdamn), tells everyone to calm down, hes not going to blow it up and kill them all. Its gotten old.
    >Gohan asks about the training to control the transformation...
    >years later, interstellar trade has become a thing, along with rumors and stories regarding the PTO and its undemise
    >Earth is getting blamed for some destruction here and there
    >Then King Cold and ZombieCyborg Frieza shows up, as does Future Trunks.
    >The entire episode is interrupted by a teenage boy and girl, making Trunks crap himself.
    >17 and 18 toss Dr.Gero's head down, demanding that both Trunks and the Colds just leave
    >Frieza doesnt care and just wants his Daddy to kill the one and only Supersaiyan and laughs at the silly humans.
    >cue a dead Frieza and dead King Cold and a shitwrecked Trunks who warns everyone about the "Bio-Android" and is spared for now.

    >Cell is more robotic in personality like 16, and more ordinary in appearance
    >After he succesfully kills Goku he returns
    >Reveals he got stronger
    >he doesnt understand why
    >he doesnt care
    >he demands the son of Goku and all other aliens must leave
    >he demands everyone surrender to the Red Ribbon Army
    >fight commences again, with Gohan winning at first, but Cell keeps forcing regeneration and healing, and catching up
    >Gohan gets desperate, and uses the Fake Moon Energy ball, transforming himself Vegeta and Future!Trunks, and unintentionally transforming Cell
    >the fight wrecks the planet, with a Dragonball wish used to evacuate everyone
    >Cell prevails, but then doesnt know what to do other than report to his Red Ribbon Army superior
    >the new namekian set of dragonballs are used to repair the damage to Earth.
    >years later

    >the Red Ribbon Army has went intergalactic, and after building bases across multiple galaxies, begins waging war using an army of Cyborg/Androids
    >Babidi uses the chaos and fighting to awaken Buu, forcing Supreme Kai to contact Cell and ask for assistance
    >afterwards, the Red Ribbon Army begins exploring other galaxies
    >in which they find and meet with Star Trek and Star Wars

    Thoughts and suggestions?
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  2. NinjaMAster

    NinjaMAster Making the rounds.

    Oct 6, 2015
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    Cell would either need to lose some of his absorption abilities, or have his new, more robotic, personality have difficulty adapting his fighting style to account for the increase in weird alien superpowers he would pick up in an Earth with access to the greater universe, or he would curbstomp from the start. Maybe have him moved to later in the timeline, so that he could still be a threat?