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Rise of the Dark Overlord Emperor

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Haxorusknight75, Dec 16, 2020.

  1. Haxorusknight75

    Haxorusknight75 Haxorusknight

    Sep 6, 2020
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    When men forged metal, wait long before that, war comes and goes like a storm, many villains and heroes earned their titles and reputations on battlefield with red rivers flowing from the fallen warriors from both sides. Some like the Overlords, dark warriors of great unholy power, conquered their world with dark iron fists. Others like the Skylanders are great heros with great courage and honor. However all legends, they fade to dust and myths of time but both evil and good can find a way to battle again and again against each other until the final battle. For heroes can be corrupted, villains can be purified, and new factions can be added to the battlefield.

    This is legend of a Darkheart overlord emperor who is going to be one of greatest of all of evil who will be one of the greatest villain ever known in the universe.

    Darkness's keep (Rökkr Darkheart Fortress) in the realm of darkness.
    Rökkr is reading some tales of evil lords in his walking Darkheart fortress dragon. "Too Lame, Too Weak, and not dark enough. come on where is a truly successful evil- oh what do we have here?" As he was done reading, he saw a hidden book, an old dusty one at that, laying on the bookshelf. Rökkr walked up and grabbed the book, brushed it off, and read the title of the book: Life of the First Overlord. As Rökkr read the book, his grin started to grow and his wicked laughter emerged from his throat and filled the room. Quite a bit chilling in person, an ill omen to the worlds at large. A sinister roar to the worlds shall herald his arrival.

    "Soon the worlds shall know the Darkheart Overlord Rökkr!"

    As soon as he left to the hanger with black smoke behind him, a smoky form of shadows holding rocks and stones together to appeared in a shape of beautiful young woman with no face but a smooth mask with only two eyes. This young Darkheart is rare bred, a Puppeteer possessor that possess many hosts at once like a master puppeteer with puppets. However their main body is mostly gas/shadow form, making them immune to both pain and pleasure, both a boon and a curse. To never feel harm nor comfort, twisted twilight existence thus why they desire to possess people and other materials to have bodies of their own and to feel. They can use their own puppets as spies for they can use their puppets senses to spy. And she is a newborn Darkheart yet she is like a sucmbus, always ready to mate. She then follows him with child's admiration but lady's lust.

    Hangman hanger

    Rökkr is running to hanger bay of his fortress, Darkheart pilots awaken to their leader's call. "Let's get ready to move." Soon one by one, Darkhearts ships flew the sky of their dark world. Rökkr leads the front of formation to a big portal of power which is powering up when Rökkr got closer to it. When they enter the portal, they enter a dark part of space to a new world that has darkness flowing from it, covering it from prying eyes. Suddenly a storm appeared and a big black violent storm too. The fleet flew back to home base while Rökkr flew right into that storm, determined to get to the home world of the Overlord. Then suddenly a bolt hit his ship, causing him to crash-land to the world that he seeks. The dark and lost realm of the Overlord.

    The Dark tower ruins

    The Dark Tower is a massive tower located between the mountain range that divides the barren land around it. No life in the trees or in land only their remains from long ago.
    It is now a ruins of an tower of the Overlord, evil in body of a man enchanted in darkness, surrounded by goblins that are the minions of the Overlord. The overlord was overthrown by a band of 8 warriors (not heroes expect maybe two) but the overlord took one down with him (or was it the other way around). The abandoned body of who was taken down was now being resurrected and corrupted to become a new overlord in his place no less by his own minions. Suddenly a dark and poisonous Darkheart spirit got in unnoticed. This spirit is none other than Rökkr in spirit form who ditched his body during the crash of his jet for a new one, this one will pay the bill. Rökkr got to work on upgrading his new body to suit his needs, kicking out the original soul out in the afterlife in peace; turning the eyes dark purple, his new skin black with violet veins, and filled the mouth with sharp teeth and fangs. This is start of a new overlord: the swift and cunnung Rökkr the Dark-hearted one!

    When Rökkr woke up, he saw darkness but heard voices. "Here! This one!" Then he heard grinding sounds of stone, grunts of some kind of creatures, then see orange light and brown orange 3-feet high creatures wearing brown loincloths that looked like goblins. One of them spoke "It's him! Rub some acid in his eyes! That'll freshen him up!"

    That made him snapped, grabbing the unlucky goblin who said that and fling him across room. The goblins either snicker at poor goblin's misfortune or whimper backing away from the dark overlord whose fits the picture of a livid boss. An old grey goblin with a yellow glowing crystal hanging from a wooden stick, strapped to his back replied, "Nicely thrown sire, he never seen that coming." Rökkr spoke "Who are you?"
    The goblin spoke, "I am Gnarl, Minion master and devoted Servant of Darkness. Follow me for more answers after you get your new armor, young Darkheart." Rökkr showed no outside emotion but inside he was a little bit surprised even though he was not what you call human but to actually know he truly is.
    Rökkr followed the old minion master and spoke "You know of my kind?" The goblin replied while Rökkr got dressed in pitch black grab and armor. "Yes old legends told of a species that have complete control of their own darkness, Your darkness flows out of you like a fifthly waste water out of a swamp, easing the weakness and haziness in the body. Evilness suits you. Lets go, there are evil deeds to be done, I feel the land trembling in fear already." The caves that they are in are dark, wet, and had torches on the earthen walls.

    Those touches reflects Rökkr's new overlord black armor with monstrous designs on them with a black cape with a purple monstrous heart. A large carven that is the Spawning pit appeared in front of the ani-heroic villain and his new minions, a place that is birthplace and home to the minions. A ring mounds around a pit which a minion jumped in is what Gnarl called a Minion gate which where is the minions are lurking, ready to fight, pillage and loot at his command. The new Overlord notes it for later while Gnarl is still talking, "-follow me if you wish to study the finer points of combat and minion control. Of course, if you want to get right to smiting and slaying, go upstairs in the throne room, I will meet you there."
    Rokkr nodded before he stops and turns to his minions as he feel the need to sing.
    {OST: Be Prepared}
    Rökkr mused, "I never thought minions essential
    They're crude and unspeakably plain
    But maybe they've a glimmer of potential
    If allied to my vision and brain...
    I know that your powers of retention
    Are as wet as a warthog's backside"
    Rökkr whacked a non-listening minion on the head as he saluted in reflex and respect to his overlord.
    "But thick as you are, pay attention
    My words are a matter of pride
    It's clear from your vacant expressions
    The lights are not all on upstairs
    But we're talking conquests and successions."
    Then Rökkr heard some minions sniggering before he appeared in front of them, startled them as they fall on tops of geysers before they were launched into the air, screaming as they falling down.
    "Even you can't be caught unawares
    So prepare for a chance of a lifetime
    Be prepared for sensational news
    A shining new era
    Is tiptoeing nearer."
    "And where do we feature?" said a minion curiously.
    "Just listen to teacher" Rökkr replies, pinching the minion's cheek like a child. He then moves away as the pouting minion rubs his sore cheek.
    "I know it sounds sordid
    But you'll be rewarded
    When at last I am given my dues
    And injustice deliciously squared
    Be prepared!"
    "For what?" a minion asked and Rökkr answers with a mix of glee and distain, "For the fall of the so called 'heroes'."
    "For We are going to kill so called heroes!" Gnarl cheers. This made the minions eager as they cheer, "Long live the Overlord!" Then the minion army march like a well oiled machine as they sing,
    "It's great that we'll soon be connected
    With a lord who'll be all-time feared n' adored!"
    Rökkr then spoke "Of course, quid pro quo, you're expected
    To take certain duties on board
    The future is littered with prizes
    And though I'm the main addressee
    The point that I must emphasize is..."
    Then Rökkr landed among the minions as he leers at a minion before the unfortunate minion falls into a portal screaming, right in the minion forge.
    "You won't get a sniff without me!
    So prepare for the coup of the century!
    Be prepared for the murkiest scam!
    ("La! La! La!")
    Meticulous planning...
    (" WE'LL HAVE GOLD!")
    Tenacity spanning...
    (" LOTS OF LOOT!")
    Decades of denial...
    (" WE REPEAT!")
    Is simply why I'll
    Be overlord undisputed,
    Respected, saluted,
    And seen for the wonder I am
    Yes, my weapon and ambitions are bared
    Be prepared!
    The minions grins with their fang shown as they sing, "Yes, our weapons and ambitions are bared!"
    "Be prepared!" Rökkr laughs with his minions as darkness falls.

    Rökkr followed Gnarl outside in a clearing around the crumbing tower of the Overlord, a old symbol of true evil and darkness unleashed. On a old tree, lies minion fit and dressed like a jester. While he laying around, he heard Gnarl teaching to the new Overlord, "Being the Overlord is more than throwing a few fireballs and causing trouble!" At this the minion jester crashed to the ground like a bag of rocks, hard. Gnarl keeps talking, "Proper Evil, takes skills, wicked cunning, intelligence and talent for chaotic mayhem! Bwea ahahaha!"

    "I think the sleeping beauty's a little rusty." The dancing jester insulting overlord Rökkr who did not take it kindly. He asked, "Who is this buffoon?" The old minion master signed, "Our Jester, sire. I really should nail out of the crows long ago!" Rökkr jested in black humor, "Nah they will throw him back, try throwing him in a pit of no return?"

    "Perhaps you should teach him to respect his Overlord!" Gnarl suggested with a smirk. The dark Overlord smirks and unleashes his Keyblade in a black flash of shadows, black smog, and darkness, Black death's venom. A black and dark purple Keyblade With the hilt guard comprised of two demonic wings extending downward and black bladed angel wings upward. The teeth are in the shape of the Kanji for "darkness" (闇) and death (死) with black axe and scythe blade stained with purple venom on the end of each Kanji, on the opposites side of each other, Axe blade side and it's poison for darkness and scythe blade side and it's poison for death. The shaft is covered in thorns of tiny but venomously nasty draggers. The keychain is a monstrous image of a dark glowing purple heart with black glaring eyes in black purple sun.
    Gnarl raised his eyebrows up and smirk even more at suddenly fearful face on the jester at the sight of the keyblade of darkness. 'I think we hit jackpot of evil! Those so called heroes better run to the pits of hell now! For we got a true dark overlord at hand, with a keyblade of darkness! This is going to be one of my best times of my career.' At this thought, Gnarl dreamed of the terror that Rökkr will cause, the people screaming, towns and cities drowning in blood and darkness, and anyone in their way turns into shadows, serve him, or die at his Overlord's feet. As long the Overlord does not kills himself first which is not likely. A terrified scream of fear interrupted Gnarls thoughts, when he looked up, a sadist fun fest for the eyes awaits him, the panicing jester running and dodge dancing for his life while a laughing Rökkr is blasting him with a lot of dark spells that flew faster than arrows that look ice, fire, and lighting. The jester amazing had no marks on him... yet. Gnarl cheered sadisticly, "That's it! Don't hold back sire! Give it to him! Evil is not easily forgotten!"

    Then the jester fled across the bridge to hide behind cover of trees and rocks. Gnarl advised his lord, "He is out of your reach, Sire, use your minions to shut his flapping mouth!" Rökkr begins to summon them and extra support, Darkheart Slay-liners, short black shadow like beasts covered with armor to block sunlight and bladed hands at each end of the limbs. They wear a knight's helmet and small armor but they are far from noble, in fact they are savage beasts built to hunt. Gnarl coos, "Ooo, it just warms my black heart, the minions running around, trying to tear each other part and with new friends too!"

    The minions jumped on the Slay-liners and ride them like horses after the jester who flee for his life and safety. Jester screams, "Please Stop, Ahhhhh! I get it, You are Evil!" Which led him up a tree like a cat chased by a brutes of dogs. A target practice for spell shooting just waiting to happen, Rökkr took aim and fire a new spell while during the years of training in the realm of darkness. "Dark Flare Aero!" a black gust of wind crackling with dark hot energy blew the jester out of the tree, into the air, and dropped him to the ground with a heavy thud.

    Gnarl, impressed, said, "Well done, sire, I never seen any anything like that!, truly evil! Truly you're ready master. Accompany me to the throne room. Evil deeds won't do themselves!" The minion master walked back to the tower with the Overlord and all of his minions behind him except maybe the jester who is a little dizzy and feeling a bit smoky, burping and coughing smoke.

    The throne had seen better days that is for sure. It branches out into four main rooms that contain smaller rooms with worn banners on walls of the hall and there were used to be some statures there. Now what remains are ruins, smashed rocks what used to be the floor, plants, weeds, and a ripped up blood red rug. To describe what happened here, it looks like a hurricane of battle blew though here.
    The once mighty symbol of power and evil is now in a sorry state. The throne of the Overlord has scars on it and clunk of it wrecked off along with the walls and pillars of the tower. Rökkr knows that he needs more than just minions and scrap to fix this up.

    Gnarl announces, "This is your throne, sir. Atlas, one can't be bastion of evil these days without wretched heroes lining up to prove themselves." Rökkr nodded as he recalls the times that heroes like Kyle come to foil his and other villain's plans. "Last lot was particularly bothersome, killing your predecessor like that." Rökkr asks, "Did he lets his guard down?" Gnarl answers, "Yes he did, never bother finish them off when they first came about! Still you're here now sire, Evil aways find a way." Then Gnarl walks to the dull pool, talking, "They also looted and destroyed much of the tower." Rökkr remarks, "Looks they were more like raiders than heroes if they looted the place. But destruction is oblivious as they want this forgotten." Gnarl nodded as he replies, "They will see the return of the overlord before they die. At your hands!" Then they walk to a murky pool that honesty seems not much. "This is the Tower portal, sire. Sadly it's missing its power source, the Tower Heart." "Are you saying this Tower is alive?" Asks Rökkr. Gnarl thought for a moment and then reply, "Somewhat due to the magic in tower being created by the first Overlord to serve the current Overlord." Rökkr nodded in understanding as he walks to the portal. Gnarl added, "There's still a bit power left in the portal to the last known location of the Tower Heart."

    Thunder roared across the stormy skies around the tower of the Overlord as the 'fallen' seven hero who betrayed their friend (and each other) feel a sense of dread upon them, that their time is about up. That their days are numbered and an new threat has come to take them down one by one.
    The era of 'heroes' is going to be short lived as a new age stalks it. Age of evil, Age of terror, Age of the Darkheart Overlord!

    The meadows are green and filled with life as sleep gaze the grass yet all of this place is ready to be razed in a cruel cycle of death and chaos by evil and darkness. Then a dark glow appeared in the ruins in the meadow as Rökkr step forward from the dark tower's portal. Rökkr enjoys the sight but he feels the place needs something to spice it up.
    Something wicked
    Something twisted
    Something... completely EVIL.
    "Ah, you made it though the Gates sire. This tranquil wildness... so rural and idyllic. Hideous isn't it? Try not to inhale it, my lord." Gnarl spoke before Rökkr replies, "Eh, it not bad (Gnarl face faulted) but it needs more toxic flowers, thorny brambles, and some savage beasts to get rid of those noisy walling balls of wool (Gnarl gets a nasty grin), we have a wicked zen garden in mine hands."
    Then Gnarl asks with confusion written all over his face, "Zen garden?" Rökkr answers, "Someplace to relax the mind after a stressful day." Then Gnarl nodded in understanding, those minions and raids can get a handful.

    Then a small portal of stone and rock appears from the ground. Gnarl explains, "You can summon your minions from these gates. They are ancient arcane links between your tower and this land. Currently you can summon only Browns. You must find the other lost minions tribes before you can summon them." Rökkr nodded as he walks ahead as Gnarl added, "Perhaps we may recover some of our looted Tower objects in this... lust, verdant abomination." Gnarl snarled those words in disgust and loathing. Rökkr noted this as he summons his minions from the minion gate. "Browns are your main fighters." Gnarl explains as Rökkr finishes with understanding, "They will die for me willingly like my darkhearts grunts."

    Rökkr leaves a trail of corruption in his wakes as the plants become twisted and toxic in his poisonous presence. When he came across some sheep, he could feel their life force like a weak flame as he lets his minions loose on them. The sheep scream before they are torn apart and eaten before their life force given to the dark overlord. What he learned from Gnarl, that the life force makes a minion, some unique life force brings a unique minion. Then Rökkr returns to the minion gate to summon more of his troops. When he is done killing the sheep, he goes to a path that has a pillar blocking the way. He summoned his minions (not the Darkhearts) to do the heavy lifting as he learns summoning Darkhearts brings a temporary strain on the new body.

    Gnarl encourages (read: insults) the minions as Rökkr enters a pumpkin farm, where there is a man tied to a scarecrow post in worn farmer's clothes with a little crazed look in his eyes, madden by fear and suspicion, mixed with days forced to be awake all day.

    The mid-aged farmer explains, "Halflings took over my farm, tied me up in the sun, to scare the birds!" Rökkr snickers quietly before really hold back his wicked laughter due to what the whacky farmer said next, "Now, those pumpkins are plotting against poor Bob. They want revenge for all pies i made (This made Rökkr drool as he has a sweet tooth) and the soups, the jelly, and the ice cream!" Rökkr gave him a interested look. Then Bob added with paranoia, "I can hear the pumpkins whispering in the night. But I won't leave my farm to the halflings... Oh no they are worst than pumkins! Please help get Bob's farm back." Rökkr had a idea as he carefully spoke, choosing the words as he spoke, "Do you want to be free and fight back against the Halflings and pumpkins who plot against you?" Rökkr subtly raises Bob's inner darkness which the pumpkin farmer had no experience with while Rökkr offers a scythe for Bob to cut his ropes off.

    Bob, after thinking for a moment, grabs the scythe and the darkness within the farmer tool turns Bob into a reaper Darkheart called Pumpkin Reaper as his skin turns black with orange veins. His features become more thin like a skeleton as all of his fat is withered away. The reaper grabbed a pumpkin and cut the orange veggie cut up to 1: gain strength and 2: make a mask from the husk of the pumpkin. Pumpkin mask looks like a jack-a-lantern as orange eyes look at purple ones. Then the former pumpkin farmer spoke in a whisper, "What are your orders, Commanding Conquer?" The Overlord spoke, "Take down the Halflings down with no survivors!"

    The orange reaper nodded as he leads the charge to halflings who do not recognize their former victim, they only see their future executor and reaper as the orange wraith dashes at them with madness in his orange eyes. Pumpkin Reaper lives up to his new name as he reaps all of the pumpkins that he grows with glee and any unfortunate Halfling who got too close before he summons a fireball at them but he hits his own farm and burns it to the ground.

    Pumpkin Reaper took it well as he sighs. "Village of Spree is beyond this house. Better harvest those fat demons." Rökkr nodded as he lead his minion, some of them wearing pumpkins for war masks and holding their wooden clubs eagerly.

    When Rökkr sees a island, he makes his minions go there on a log bridge while Rökkr asks Gnarl a few questions, "Do minion pick up anything in their grasp?" Gnarl answered, "Minions will automatically equip any useful items they can find... and often, oh, any useless item too!" Rökkr frowns at the old minion master before Gnarl added. "Do not worry, any of your additions weapons and armor will be custom forged at the Tower. We wouldn't dream of giving you any old steal-me-downs. No no no." Rökkr answered, "Good, because I think you minions will hog their possessions." Gnarl sheepishly chuckles at that true fact about his kind.

    The Dark Overlord came across a draw bridge being up as he sees some halflings sleeping on the job. Rökkr commands his minions to silently kill them, when they did the deed, a dark cloud floated up and Darkheart Overlord absorbs it as he feels the wicked energy flow into him. "See that dark cloud? That's evil energy."
    "You mean dark energy." Rökkr added.
    "No, it's evil energy." Gnarly argued.
    Rökkr barked back, "Dark energy!"
    Gnarl snarled, "Evil!"
    Meanwhile the minions watch their master and his right hand argue like they are watching a tennis match. And already they are taking bets on who would win. Rökkr roared as he starts chasing after Gnarl when the minion master insulted him (I would be kicked out if I did write it) When Rökkr has his hands on Gnarl, the little gremlin squeal, "Okay, it's dark energy Master! Help!"
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2020
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  2. Gigant

    Gigant The Jackal Of Tsagualsa

    Aug 2, 2019
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    A little tip don’t make it a wall of words space out a little
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  3. Haxorusknight75

    Haxorusknight75 Haxorusknight

    Sep 6, 2020
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    Then Rökkr threw him at a impressive distance.... and right in a pumpkin patch, wrecking havoc on halfling and pumpkin like.Three minions held up signs that had the number 10 on them.