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Rise of the planet of the Friends (Worm/Kemono Friends)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by JeckJack, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Threadmarks: Forest 1.0

    JeckJack Mask seller

    Nov 26, 2017
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    Taylor triggers with the power to transform samples of DNA into girls with the powers of the animal their DNA came from. With the power to simply make Capes, she finds herself in a very awkward and potentially powerful position. And by god she's gonna make the most of it.

    (This is silly and self-indulgent.)

    "If we want money, aren't there places we can get it easier?" Gull asked, kicking her legs out from where she was sitting. The wings attached to the sides of her head occasionally shifting as the wind changes bit by bit, "I mean, Salty could just waltz into the bank, rip the vault door off its hinges, and we could have as much as we want, without needing to do this kind of thing so often."

    "We aren't going to do that because stealing is wrong." I reply, looking out through the binoculars on the meeting spot Chameleon picked up on.

    "...you lost me."

    I sigh, "Look, just... trust me." I say, "Stealing from people will get you labeled as being just like the people we're tracking down."

    "People we are tracking down, in order to take things from them." she says slowly, "Things we will be using for ourselves, and not giving back."

    I sigh, "Its- its different when stealing from bad guys." although even as I say it I know the logic doesn't really hold.

    "Suuuuuuure Taylor." she says, grinning.

    "I could go get Corvus to do this instead." I mutter, "Just saying."

    "Y'know, you'd think that by now we'd have gotten some birds that are really good at fighting. Crow, woodpecker, seagull, pigeon, chicken- One of these days we should really get around to scoping out a bald eagle nest. I'm sure I could snatch a feather or something. They're like, the biggest baddest bird in the state." she said casually, "Now that would be a superhero! Unless she actually ended up being bald. You don't think a bald eagle Friend would actually end up bald, do you?"

    "Probably not. Besides, messing with bald eagles is a federal crime." I mutter. Ever since figuring out and really coming to terms with my power, I had been running into a lot of laws about what animal parts can and can't be sold or pass over state lines. I consider it, "Maybe a golden eagle."

    I see movement. Finally. "They're making the trade."

    "Cool." she stands up, and takes a step off the building, before spreading the tiny wings on her head, and flaring the feathers poking out from her skirt, she somehow catches the air, and soars down at speed towards the Merchants and their suppliers a few streets away.

    Species: Common Seagull
    Source: Roadkill

    She lets out a cackling laugh that's audible even from here, and kicks one of the Merchants in the head. She snatches up the briefcase of money, cracking it open, making sure it's actually there, before flapping up to the nearest roof, and setting it down. Then, she leaps back down, and begins to lash out with more swooping kicks, even summoning her weapon- a long pole with a small yellow hook in the shape of a seagull beak.

    Meanwhile, I take care of my side of things. "This is Anima." I say over the specialist line, "I've got a group of Merchants and some suppliers trying to make a deal." I glance down at the street sign, and chatter off the approximate location, "They shouldn't be especially injured."

    Gull lets out another cackle as she picks up one of them, before throwing him into one of his compatriots.

    "Besides some bruising." I amend.

    "We'll be on our way."

    I close the cell phone- its still weird having one of these -and turn to watch Gull have her fun.

    There's surprisingly not a lot someone can do against someone who can fly and is way stronger than you. Probably why Glory Girl is considered one of the stronger Capes in the bay, despite her age and position on her team.

    They try to get a few shots off, but when the gun comes out, Gull gets a bit nastier, lashing out with her weapon with sharper, more precise strikes. She's gotten to the point where she's practically an expert of getting anyone in range to let go of anything they're holding. She scoops up their weapons, and flings them towards the roof with the money.

    Its not long before the police show up, and Gull assists the officers in bringing down each one.

    Unfortunately, quick, easy, painless takedowns, or even holding people in place, is something that none of the Friends are good at yet. It would be so much easier if some types of animals weren't simply off-limits. The material my body produces, the Sandstar, just doesn't have any effect on arthropods. No fish either. The only things that work are reptiles, birds (which, technically, are also reptiles), and mammals. But for the most part, there aren't any reptiles or mammals that produce natural thread for easy capture and containment like a spider-girl might have been able to.

    Gull does her best, basically herding each of the criminals to the police, and knocking them over and holding them down for the officers to get a grip of. She does it quickly, though, and is good at keeping the other criminals in the same general area even as she takes them down.

    And then, when all the Merchants are away, and she gives her report- something we always rehearse ahead of time, she flies up to the roof she stashed the weapons and money at, and we wait for the police to leave. Only then does she carry the items over to me, letting me stuff the weapons in my own carrying case, and carry the money in a free hand. Then, she wraps her arms around me, sticking her arms under my own, and lifting me up into the air.

    We soar over the buildings of Brockton Bay, and glide inland, towards the mountains, and the forests that surround them. Our territory.

    We sink below the canopy, and Friends are waiting for us.

    I pass the money on to Percy who gives a whistle of appreciation when she opens it. "Good going, boss." she says happily, "This'll go a long way towards our food budget."

    Species: Homo Sapien
    Source: One of Taylor's hairs.

    "How has the gardening stuff been going, by the way?" I ask, following her deeper into the woods. Soon, wooden dwellings start popping up among the trees. All of them built by Beaver and Woodpecker, over the course of several days.

    "The Farm Trio has really taken command on that end. Mostly Pig and Chicken, but Holstein definitely makes things go by faster as an extra pair of hands." Percy reports, amused, "And Chipmunk's been doing a lot of general foraging, which has been turning up some results."

    "Taylor! Welcome back!" Husky shouts, rushing out to me as we approach my own dwelling. She half-collides with me, holding back just enough so I'm not bowled over, and quickly begins sniffing at my hair, "Did you do any of the fighting today?"

    Species: Domestic Dog (Siberian Husky)
    Source: Shed hair.

    "That was all me." Gull said casually.

    As we went inside, I greeted more of my Friends. Its one of the largest dwellings, and one of the only ones we've rigged up with electricity, so it's kind of become a general meeting spot. But even with everyone here, it isn't too crowded. There's only eighteen Friends, nineteen counting myself.

    I tussle the hair on Husky's head, and her tail rapidly wags back and forth, "Gull's really been pulling her weight lately. How have things been while I was gone?"

    She pulled away, looking serious, "The border patrol hasn't reported any human intruders, or even people toeing the line today, although Coyote told me she's gotten the scent of a bobcat in the woods."

    I grin, "We'll have to grab a few hairs. Could you get her on that? Maybe help her out?" more predators was never a bad thing, since they tended towards more offensive-based powers.

    "Right away!" she said, before rushing off for the woods.

    "Speaking of potential new Friends," I say, "Gull brought up that there are eagles in these woods. I was thinking of asking her and Corvus to try and find some feathers for me. What do you think?"

    "...Our numbers are honestly getting a little big." Percy said, frowning, "It's a lot of work, feeding so many girls. Especially considering just how much Friends eat. I mean, we could get by with less money, feed a couple more people, if we sacrificed some nutrition and variety, but that won't make too many people happy."

    "There's always my bank idea." Gull said with a shrug.

    Percy frowned, "Bank idea?"

    "She means robbing one." I say, "I know you're only half-serious about this, but we're under enough pressure as it is as a vigilante group. If we become outright villains, Director Piggot is going to pull out all the stops to try and get rid of us."

    "You're probably right." Percy admitted, "But that doesn't change things. We still only have three options: we stop creating new Friends, we tighten our belts, or we find new ways to get more money."

    I sit down in a chair, closing my eyes. It's not like this is something new. Percy's been keeping track of our budget since the beginning. And in fact, our current strategy of having Chameleon spy on the merchants to find out when and where they'll be doing their drug exchanges was our last big innovation in making money as Parahumans.

    "Why not bring everyone in together? We could all discuss our ideas." a new voice says, stepping inside.

    "Aries!" I say, smiling wide.

    Species: Domestic Sheep
    Source: Wool Sock

    "How did being a super-hero treat you today, Taylor?" she asked, sitting down next to me and leaning into me. I begin softly stroking her head as well, the sheer fluffiness of her hair almost addicting.

    "Good. It was pretty textbook. Gull did wonderfully."

    "You feel like you did some good?" she asks.


    She smiles warmly, "That's good, Taylor."

    Percy grins at the two of us, before going into her pack, and drawing out a megaphone. She marched out of the door way, and held it up to her mouth, "Calling all Friends not on patrol! Team meeting time!"

    A few months ago, I had none of this. No base, no money, and, most importantly, no friends. With or without the capitalization.

    I had a realization, coming to an empty home after school one day where Emma had been particularly vicious. It was that besides Dad, I had nobody. And more than that, I barely even had him. There was nothing tying me to the city, and no way for me to improve within it.

    So I ran away from home. I ran, and ran, and ran, until I was through the train yards, and through the suburbs, and well into the woods. And there, I sat, having no idea what to do next, or what to try, or whether to go back, when suddenly, I was more than just Taylor Hebert.

    Suddenly, I was a Parahuman.

    I had the power to grow crystals from my hands at will. At first, I didn't understand anything about them, except that they were alive, and needed to get into contact with more life.

    I tried touching plants, bugs, myself, without any effects.

    But then, I touched my wool sock, and in a burst of light, there was Aries. She was kind, patient, and warm. She didn't hate me, didn't judge me, she was simply grateful to me for existence, and had enough empathy that she wasn't about to abandon a child alone in the dark woods.

    I spent two days in the woods with her, before the need for food drove us back towards Brockton Bay. We went shopping with what little money I had taken with me, and from that, I expanded my circle of friends. Pig, Chicken, and Holstein came next, from me using my power on some bacon, chicken breast, and milk respectively.

    Since then, our numbers have only grown. We're not an insignificant force any more. Almost every Friend has some kind of super-strength and the ability to summon weapons based on their animal's natural weapons, and a few have other, more exotic abilities. Gull, Dove, Woodpecker and Corvus can fly. A bunch of the Friends have super-smell or super-hearing. Chameleon can just flat-out turn invisible.

    With eighteen Cape-equivalents hanging around, we're also technically the group with the largest number of Parahumans in the Brockton Bay area. And our numbers can keep on growing.

    Most of what we need, we can just get from the forest. A lot of their animal instincts passed over, making them excellent foragers, hunters, and general wildlife survivalists. Beaver and Woodpecker were almost supernaturally skilled and speedy carpenters, and their handiwork has probably quintupled the quality of life here in our base.

    When we decided we couldn't do without money, though, we ventured back into the city, and began our current strategy of preying on criminals.

    Which leads us back to now...

    "Fools!" she roared, jumping up to stand on the table, "Fools, all of you! Security guards? Selling arts and crafts by the boardwalk? Running a cafe? Joining the Wards? Conquering the city? Opening a theme park? These ideas are all not only stupid, but also dumb!"

    "Kitty, please get off the table." I ask.

    Species: Domestic Cat
    Source: Stray feral cat.

    "Nyo! I have a point to make!"

    "Then make it." Salty said, kicking the table, sending it shaking, although Kitty kept her balance well enough.

    Species: Saltwater Crocodile
    Source: Crocodile-leather wallet bought at antique shop.

    "H-hey! No kicking! I worked hard on this." Beaver complains.

    Species: North American Beaver
    Source: Wild North American Beaver

    "Shit, sorry." Salty mutters.

    "Anyway!" Kitty continues, "What we should be doing- is selling pictures of ourselves on the internet!" she exclaimed, "We are adorable, and more than that, the internet exists primarily for exactly that purpose!"

    "Kitty?" Aries asked.


    "Get off the table please."

    "Fine." she took a careful leap back into her own chair.

    Percy began to noisily clack at the keys on the computer, "Actually... a market does exist." she says, "And its a pretty lucrative one too. We could probably sell to Cape groupies, cosplayers, and even the more mild furries."

    "Is... that really the best idea?" I ask.

    "Its probably the safest and easiest option, with the largest immediate benefit." Percy admitted, "So... we might as well?"

    "See!" Kitty says triumphantly.

    "I'm going to buy a good camera online." Percy says, "Now, just because we're doing that on the side doesn't mean we can't do a bunch of other stuff too! Lets keep the ideas coming!"

    I mostly just stay back as they discuss things. Percy has stuff well in hand, in fact, she has a natural talent for leadership when it comes to the other Friends. Its part of the powers she got, I suppose. She's a Friend as well, someone I created, but rather than from a bit of animal DNA, I made her from one of my own loose hairs, just as an experiment.

    The result? A Human Friend with human-based powers. Which mostly meant that she was really smart, good at organizing things, and good at wrangling the other Friends into doing what she wanted.

    My attention not on the conversation, I'm the first to notice as Husky leans into the doorway. She notices me looking, and gestures for me to come over, before leaning out of the doorway. Sliding out of my chair quietly, I walk out of my hut, and look over at her, "What's wrong?"

    "There was somebody waiting by the edge of our territory." she reported, "But she didn't cross it. She said she wanted to talk to you. I tried to tell her no, and even threaten her, like you said, but she wasn't scared! And then, she gave me something!"

    I frowned as Husky reached into her jacket's pocket, bringing out what looked kind of like a metal pencil case. She passed it over, and I opened it.

    My eyes shot wide open, staring down at the four glass vials inside. Each was labeled.

    "Peregrine Falcon", the bottle held a talon. "Jaguar" a single, sharp, tooth. "Polar Bear" a small strip of pelt, with yellow-white fur attached to it. "Orca" another tooth, larger this time.

    These... these were all certainly powerful animals. Powerful predators, too. The fastest flier, the biggest of the big cats, the largest land predator period, and to top it off, probably the most skilled sea hunter. I haven't even considered trying to make Friends out of aquatic animals before now.

    Of course, this gift implies that whoever gave it has a pretty damn good idea of how my power works. And that, even knowing that, they aren't afraid to give me reinforcements like this.

    "What did she want?"

    "To talk to you." Husky said again.

    I take a closer look at the letter. A few words of greeting from someone who wished to remain anonymous, expressing a desire for cooperation, and a promise of funding, as well as a continued supply of more 'samples' for me to work with.

    All of this sounds extremely shady, honestly.

    Whoever this anonymous is, he's obviously been spying on me, something I don't like in the least. To the point where he knows how I create Friends, and that we're having money problems. Maybe he even timed this letter to arrive just as we hit the thick of our meeting.

    But the letter does say something that at least makes me want to hear him out. It promises that by working together, he has a plan to remove the Empire, the Bad Boys, and the Merchants from Brockton Bay entirely.

    That... at least warrants a single meeting.

    Of course, I'm not stupid.

    I poke back into the room, "There's someone at the border who I'm going to talk with." I announce, grabbing the attention of just about everyone, "Slider, Salty, you're with me. Corvus, keep an eye on things from above. Husky's going to be leading us there, so she's with us too. Sound good?"

    Species: Red-Eared Slider Turtle
    Source: Pet Store

    "Got it." Slider said, summoning her shell, "Don't worry everyone. We won't let anything happen."

    "Of course we won't." Salty said, standing up, "This meeting was getting annoying anyway."

    "Be careful!" Percy said.

    "Seems like a bit much for one intruder." said Corvus as she followed us back out.

    Species: American Crow
    Source: Discarded feather

    "They work for someone who's been spying on us." I say, frowning, "I want my big guns ready if this turns out to be a trap." I look over to Husky, "Who do you have keeping watch?"

    "Shiba." Husky said.

    "Nobody else?" I ask.

    "I was with her, but then I ran right over here. Although I did call for Coyote before I left, so they should both be there."


    Corvus flaps the little black wings attached to her head, and lifted up into the air, reaching down to scoop me up.

    "Full speed ahead." I tell Husky, and she grins ferally as she takes off running into the woods as fast as she can, Slider and Salty pushing themselves to keep up, as Corvus flies me after them.
  2. firedragonboy20

    firedragonboy20 Kaiju

    Dec 23, 2014
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    This is fun. I look forward to go seeing where it goes.
  3. linkjames24

    linkjames24 Versed in the lewd.

    Jan 3, 2016
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    Nice. Looking forward to more.
  4. nick012000

    nick012000 Experienced.

    Feb 26, 2013
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    Technically, they wouldn't be classed as Parahumans, but Constructs. It'd be analogous to Bitch's dogs, or that sapient Tinker construct made of water from Wildbow's PRT Quest. Sounds like they'd each be classified as Brute/Strikers, with the fliers having Mover classifications, and Percy probably having a low Thinker rating.

    Also, wondering about what'd happen if Bitch tried using her power on one of the Canine Friends.
    NuclearBirb likes this.
  5. Ryven Razgriz

    Ryven Razgriz Know what you're doing yet?

    Oct 30, 2016
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    You might wanna create a marked page with all the characters innit, there's going to be so many that people will have a hard time associating who's who with who, having a separate page can help with that.
  6. JeckJack

    JeckJack Mask seller

    Nov 26, 2017
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    Good idea.
    Ryven Razgriz likes this.
  7. 94000130 FFF70000

    94000130 FFF70000 Getting some practice in, huh?

    May 19, 2018
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    Huh, wonder where this is going. I hope Coil gets memed on by the chameleon, though, because he exists for the sole purpose of ruining everything because he couldn't not be an asshole if his life depended on it.

    You've got a lot of tense issues throughout; the narration keeps jumping from past-tense to present-tense and back again in a strange way.

    As for other animals with powers... it would be interesting to see her somehow get her hands on feathers from a Pitohui. They're birds that secrete neurotoxin (from something they eat) out of their skin and feathers (it has a numbing effect). That would lend itself well to power shenanigans. Of course, they only live in the middle of the fucking jungle so no clue how she'd actually get such a feather.

    Get a Superb Lyrebird feather or some shit from Australia and you've got a sapient being that can mimic basically any sound it hears, that's insanely ripe for abuse. Cassowary (also from Australia) for flightless bird that will kick the SHIT out of everything. Vampire Bat for some kind of draining power, albeit hopefully just draining a target's general energy as opposed to blood. An Axolotl, though they basically only live in a lake in Mexico, they have insane regen. For more common species, maybe an iguana for someone with some kind of weak regen because of the whole tail-regrowing thing. A Horned Lizard for a blaster power, what with the whole spray-blood-from-eyes last-ditch defense? Get a Honey Badger for the memetically gives-no-fucks Brute, a Hippopotamus for insane durability?

    From the looks of things, Taylor's power might even work on extinct animals. Go on, summon "Clever Girl", what could possibly go wrong?
  8. Index: List of Friends

    JeckJack Mask seller

    Nov 26, 2017
    Likes Received:
    First Friends: Made soon after Triggering
    Species: Merino Sheep
    Source: Wool sock
    Personality: She's kind, calm, and caring. As the eldest of the Friends, she takes a kind of den-mother role. In particular, she keeps a careful eye on Taylor, and tries to reassure her as often as she can, and make sure that Taylor's needs are met.
    Powers: Enhanced strength, speed, and durability, super-agility. Her fluffiness has the supernatural ability of calming people down. She can summon a staff with a curled horn on the end.
    Species: Human
    Source: Taylor's hair
    Personality: Intelligent and a problem-solver, she's Taylor's second-in-command, and is good at wrangling the other girls. One of the Friends who are least-dependent on Taylor, treating her more like an actual friend than an all-important figure in their lives.
    Powers: Was born knowing information related to humanity: such as how to read in any language, and how to use technology. Her 'summoned weapon' seems to be her bag.

    Farm Trio: Made from food gotten on a shopping trip.
    Species: Holstein Friesian Cattle
    Source: Milk
    Personality: Curious and friendly, but a little airheaded. She spends much of her time with the other two members of the 'Farm Trio' in the gardens.
    Powers: Enhanced strength and durability, and the ability to summon milk that can restore stamina and heal small wounds.
    Species: Domestic Pig
    Source: Strip of bacon
    Personality:The leader of the 'Farm Trio', Pig is serious and decisive, disliking waffling or wasting time. When she has an idea, she'll go right ahead and do it. When the other Friends were wondering what they should do for food, she simply went out and started the gardens.
    Powers: Super-smell, enhanced strength. She can summon a shovel-like weapon tipped with a cloven hoof on the end.
    Species: Domestic chicken.
    Source: Frozen chicken.
    Personality: Exuberant and enthusiastic, she's the middle ground between the lost-in-the-clouds Holstein and the too-serious Pig.
    Power: Enhanced agility, speed, and strength. She can also let out a cry that can be heard over long distances. She can summon small hooked daggers shaped like beaks.

    Fighters: Friends made from DNA samples that Taylor looked for in order to make Friends good at fighting.
    Species: Common Seagull
    Source: Roadkill
    Personality: Opportunistic, prideful, and antagonistic. She's nearly fearless, and enjoys teasing others. She's a bit of a kleptomaniac, especially when it comes to food. Her personal semi-serious goal is to convert the Friends to a life of petty crime, and is always the first to advocate for kicking the law to the side. She's occasionally sarcastic, and works well with Taylor due to not being very dependent on her. She's best friends with Corvus.
    Power: Flight, enhanced sight, agility and speed. Can summon a pole with a hooked beak on the end.
    Species: Saltwater Crocodile
    Source: Crocodile-leather wallet.
    Personality: Ambitious, confident, and has a temper. Until the arrival of the Aces, she reveled in her position of as the strongest Friend in the group. The most inclined to violence in the whole group, but she has a deep-seated protective streak for the group as a whole, and Taylor and Slider in particular. She often jabs at the other Friends, only really treating Slider with respect.
    Power: Enhanced strength, smell, and swimming ability, super-durability. She has the power to summon a staff with a crocodile's jaws on the end.

    When using her weapon, she's even stronger than normal, able to strike with more raw power in one hit than any other Friend, able to shred through steel. But if her weapon gets stuck, is caught, or is pulled away from her, her strength isn't that much more impressive than the other Friends, although this still makes her significantly stronger than humans.
    Species: American Crow
    Source: Discarded feather
    Personality: Despite her cool exterior and calm tone of voice, inside she is fun-loving and silly, urging others to cause chaos and then pretending like she's above it all. She's probably the smartest Friend after Percy, and has good strategic sense during battle. She has a weakness for jewelry and shiny things. She's best friends with Gull.
    Power: Flight, enhanced strength, agility, sight, and speed. Able to summon a pole with a crow's foot on the end, which is able to grasp onto things, or hold in place to use as a slashing weapon. Excellent combat instincts.
    Species: Domestic dog (Siberian Husky)
    Source: Dog fur
    Personality: Loyal, energetic, and observant. She's utterly dedicated to her duties, and has become a kind of natural leader out of the canines. Her emotions are completely obvious at all times, and she's very aware of others as well. Extremely affectionate.
    Power: Enhanced strength, speed, agility, hearing, and smell. Can summon a spear tipped with a fang. Excellent combat instincts.
    Species: Domestic dog (Shiba Inu)
    Source: Dog fur
    Personality: Haughty and easily offended, but a hard worker and completely dependable once you've earned her trust. She's Husky's loyal second in command, and acting as a calming force when her leader lets herself get too wild.
    Power: Enhanced strength, speed, agility, hearing and smell. Can summon a spear tipped with a fang.
    Species: Domestic cat (mixed breed)
    Source: Stray cat.
    Personality: Smug, loud, and sure of herself, she makes herself the center of attention whenever possible. While she can be very kind and affectionate, she's just as likely to be mischievous and chaos-causing. She especially enjoys teasing the canine Friends, although they all basically tolerate her. In a fight, however, that all melts away leaving behind a ruthless fighter. She's got a rivalry going with Salty, as they both have very strong personalities, and tend to be on a hair-trigger.
    Power: Enhanced strength, speed, sight, hearing, and smell. Super-agility. Has the ability to summon claws onto her fingers.
    Species: Red-eared Slider
    Source: Pet store
    Personality: Even-headed and calm, and more than a little passive. She's a follower rather than a leader. She often hangs out with Salty, who is extremely protective of her. That said, when push comes to shove, she's resolute and unflinching, even when afraid.
    Power: Enhanced strength and swimming ability, super-durability. Able to summon a turtle-shell shield that is far more durable than the real thing, able to withstand small arms fire without a scratch, although it isn't invincible.
    Species: Panther Chameleon
    Source: Pet store
    Personality: Nervous and quiet, she's filled with a desperate feeling of wanting to be useful and respected, but tends to turn invisible in the presence of conflict. Taylor's decided to use that invisibility to make Chameleon the perfect spy. She spends the most time in the city out of all the Friends because of this, but she often has Dove for company, and feels a deep satisfaction from her work in helping Dove and Taylor in their crime-fighting endeavors.
    Power: Enhanced strength and sight. super-agility. Able to not only alter her body's coloring, but turn completely invisible, although she still makes sound and produces scents. She can summon a long pink whip with a sticky end.

    Builders: Friends whose DNA she sought out in order to help them build their shelters.
    Species: North American Beaver
    Source: Old beaver-fur-lined gloves
    Personality: Industrious, creative, and hard-working. She loves creating new things, especially buildings, and is always on the search for new ideas. Her best friend is Woodpecker.
    Power: Enhanced strength, swimming ability, smell. The ability to quickly shape wood, and come up with sound architectural designs on the fly. Can summon carving and carpentry tools that appear to be made out of bone.
    Species: Red-billed Woodpecker
    Source: Feather
    Personality: Dedicated and extremely focused, she's an artist first, and a craftsmen second. That said, she's willing to work on just about anything alongside Beaver, as long as she can add a creative flourish to whatever it is.
    Power: Flight, super-speed, enhanced agility, sight, and hearing. The ability to come up with and carve designs at super-speed. She can create a small dagger made of a beak and a handle, but she's extremely deft at using it to carve wood, able to move at truly superhuman speeds when she's working.

    Wild: Friends that were made simply out of opportunity, when a potentially useful animal came nearby.
    Species: Rock Dove (Pigeon)
    Source: Wild bird.
    Personality: Inquisitive and curious, she's always on the search for new things: New places, new information, new experiences. She also has a sense of justice, and visits the city often, and is something of an acknowledged solo-hero in her own right separate from the rest of the Friends. She has excellent navigational abilities and danger-sense, so Taylor more-or-less lets her have free reign. Because they both spend so much in the city, she's best friends with Chameleon. She has a deep-seated dislike of Gull, but hides it well enough that Gull is unaware of it.
    Power: Flight, enhanced speed, hearing, sight, and agility. Excellent danger-sense. Able to summon a spear tipped with a giant pigeon beak.
    Species: Coyote
    Source: Wild coyote
    Personality: Quiet, introverted, and thoughtful, she's extremely friendly and good-natured once she opens up to someone. The 'rookie' of the canine team of Friends, Husky and Shiba try to include her in things, but while she appreciates it, she prefers to operate on her own, or with the similarly quiet Bobcat, who she's started a relationship with.
    Power: Enhanced strength, speed, agility, smell, hearing. Able to summon a spear tipped with a fang. Excellent combat instincts.
    Species: Chipmunk
    Source: Wild chipmunk.
    Personality: Chipper, extroverted, and high-energy, she's an especially friendly Friend. Her favorite things are foraging for food, and eating. Very simple in her wants and desires, and very earnest about everything she does. She does her best to get to know all the Friends, but finds herself nervous around canines, cats, and birds. Which is to say... most of the Friends. Her tail is especially fluffy, and is her proudest trait.
    Power: Super-agility. Enhanced speed, smell, and sight. She can't summon a weapon, but is able to store items in her her hair and fur, even items larger than could possibly fit, and pull them out later.
    Species: Bobcat
    Source: Wild bobcat hairs.
    Personality: Quiet, refined, and precise. She is a woman of few words, preferring to let her actions speak for themselves, and prefers when things are relaxed. For this reason, she greatly enjoys the companionship of Coyote, who she's formed a relationship with. However, despite her relaxed and prim-and-proper personality, when something really gets on her nerves, she responds with sudden, swift, and harsh violence, before going back to acting as if nothing is wrong.
    Power: Enhanced strength, agility, speed, sight, hearing, and smell. Super-durability. Has the ability to summon claws onto her fingers.

    Aces: Friends with exceptional combat ability whose DNA was provided by a mysterious backer.
    Species: Peregrine Falcon
    Source: Talon provided by the mysterious backer.
    Personality: Highly serious and disciplined, she acts like a soldier, and respects Taylor, Aries, and Husky as her direct superiors. High-strung, she finds it difficult to get relaxed, and prefers to stay active. Although when she does finally get relaxed, she's very easy to get along with.
    Power: Extremely fast flight. Super-speed, super-agility, enhanced strength, sight, hearing, and durability. Able to summon a scythe with the blade shaped like a falcon's talon. Excellent combat instincts. The fastest among all the Friends, and one of the fastest fliers in the Cape world in general, able to keep up with Alexandria.
    Species: Jaguar.
    Source: Fang provided by mysterious backer.
    Personality: Fairly reserved and generally kind, she likes to swim and keep active, and enjoys helping others with whatever they need, rarely saying no to any request for aid. Despite being the strongest of the felines, she doesn't care or like fighting that much, preferring to spend her time fishing. Although she will fight without hesitation when she has to. Very dependable and reliable.
    Power: Super-strength, super-agility, super-durability, super-speed, sight, hearing, smell, and swimming ability. Able to summon a trident tipped with two fangs.
    Species: Polar Bear
    Source: Fur received from mysterious backer.
    Personality: Stand-offish and grumpy for the most part, she likes being around others, but doesn't really like interacting with them. She tends to throw her weight around in order to get what she wants, and then sulk when others call her out on the bullying. Gull, who also likes to tease and rib the others, but is a bit nicer about it, has subtly taken her under her wing to try and teach her to be nicer.
    Power: Super-strength, super-durability, super-speed enhanced swimming ability, hearing, and smell.
    Species: Killer Whale (Orca)
    Source: Fang offered by mysterious backer.
    Personality: Very playful and easy-going, she tends to avoid conflict and simply try her best to have a good time. As the biggest and strongest Friend, the others tend to give her her space and avoid conflict from their ends as well, even diffusing their own conflicts when Orca comes near. She really shines when given a mission, as she's very pragmatic, focused, and ruthless when the time calls for it. She's the tallest Friend, at eight feet tall.
    Power: Super-strength, super-speed, super-agility, super-durability, super-hearing, super-swimming ability, enhanced sight and smell. Excellent combat instincts.
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    Unless she's going to the doctor's office to get a shot or something, in which case she'll start screaming like she's being murdered?
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    Amusing alt-power ;). It provides lots of fun options.

    Well... I think it could be possible to turn their group into corporate team based on some contract. Those animal girls are cute, so they are marketable, which is kind of suggested in the story, but in this case it would be more official with potential greater money income.

    Just find big sponsor, who would be willing to pay like Coca-Cola and participate in some of their commercials or directly wear some of their products like clothes with their logo on. It should fix up potential main problem, which is lack of money to feed them all. Also this way she may have free access for example to some zoos, which could provide all potential animal parts she may need.

    Also at this point if I were Taylor I would try to pick up hairs of more talented humans or other parahumans. Would it copy their powers? If yes, this is even more of a gamechanger. Panacea alone would fix up main food problems.

    Also I think she has yet to test her power on amphibians as it's not mentioned in this chapter.
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    Minor nitpick, I think you meant Beaver and flourish. Great powerset thus far! Can't wait to see how Bitch interacts with the canine friends, or how the Cape Scene treats the Friends in general.
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    Huh, I wasn't quite sure what I was expecting when I read this, but this it looking like it has some potential! It's a bit of a refreshing spin on the master-cape.
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    Oh I love this! I love stories where Taylor makes Friends and there isn't a lot of drama about it :D
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    Ive actual tossed this Idea around in my head a bit, but got no where with it, Glad to see someone had some similar Inspiration.
    Stay Tanoshi.

    A trip to the pet store might be in order to bolster ranks if needed. Could get a couple birds that way, Maybe a Snake, Ferret or depending on the store a Bearded dragon.