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Rush for Greatness (DBZ SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by JBukharin, Apr 29, 2020.


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  1. Akuma-Heika

    Akuma-Heika The Devil Exists Within

    Nov 7, 2016
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  2. Extras: My first attempt with Krita

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Recently my sister got herself a digital drawing board and I learned about this fun program. I decided to make another attempt at drawing the MC.

    Here's the result: Link

    My opinion on this first try: Krita is 10 times better than PS for drawing. Perhaps I should've been browsing for this kind of programs earlier on instead of suffering with the clunky mechanics of Photoshop. I will surely make more drawings with Krita! :)

    A quick explanation as to why I'm trying to do this on my own: I've already tried to get hold of someone that could draw stuff for me but surprisingly enough it's very difficult (read as 'impossible) when my 'income' doesn't allow me to pay for any. I don't blame anyone except the fact I can't afford that kind of staff.
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  3. Threadmarks: The Way of the Turtle

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Chapter 7: The Way of the Turtle

    Four hours after I was done with Wheelo, I found myself back on track to reach the Kame House.

    The reason why so much time had been taken out from my main objective was correlated to three very important reasons.

    The first one was about me informing Bulma that the situation was under control and that the threat had been repealed. The scientist felt rather happy by this, and she gave me some good news by saying that Vegeta hadn’t mentioned anything about me.

    Which was good considering that I had to still make plenty of road before I started to train up. I was but a small speck of dust before the current power level of the Prince, and I wasn’t going to allow any ‘spar’ to happen before I had some more power to back myself up with.

    I also talked with Bara about patenting the last inventions created by Doctor Wheelo under his name and… the woman almost vibrated at the ‘prodigious technology’ that I had brought to her attention.

    It would seem like the now-deceased man had experimented in creating suits and building materials that were meant to best resist cold temperatures while also preserving warmth.

    Since the world had yet to make steps in ‘colonizing’ the colder sections of the planet, this was something of an interesting path to take for an old-style scientist, but a road that was going to surely going to make gold out of the scientific community.

    At the question correlated to the money produced by the patents, I merely asked her if she was capable of splitting the income between a bank account meant for charities, another one meant for another project of mine, and one that I was going to use frugally and sparsely for my own stuff.

    Bara was rightfully irked at the sudden avalanche of job I was putting on her shoulders, but she seemed to grow giddier at the promise that I was going to visit for the weekend and take her wherever she wanted. The alluring bit? I was going to pay for anything she wanted.

    I had yet to gain some money, but I could already feel the distinct cries of my non-existing wallet at the prospect of getting ‘emptied’ so suddenly and brutally.

    The second thing was contacting Silver. The man gave a grateful smile the moment I told him about what had happened, showing genuine relief over the fact that his group wasn’t going to be threatened once again.

    I ultimately decided to spare his project, but my choice wasn’t one done without some proper pondering. While I was uncertain over the truthfulness of their motivations, I was going to let go them for a short time.

    It was a risk since it was possibly going to endanger people, but I had this strong gut feeling that they weren’t out to make anything bad with their current plants.

    I also decided to put a little more faith by offering him a proper source of income through the ‘special’ bank account that was going to be set up at his name.

    And if Silver had been grateful early on, at the end of the call he sounded in the verge of actually crying at the fact that his endeavor wasn’t going to end in a massive fiasco.

    Hopefully this doesn’t come to bite me back in the ass.

    The third and final obstacle was one connected to… giving the Dragon Balls I had recovered to Kami. While the summarized task doesn’t seem much problematic, the real issue manifested in the way I was meant to give the spheres to Earth’s Guardian.

    Mr. Popo was sent with his ultra-fast carpet and… he looked relatively amused. And I knew that it was somehow connected to me… but not at what I’ve done. It didn’t help my nerves of being around the enigmatic individual the fact that I felt something outright malicious when I closed up to him to give him the Dragon Balls.

    I didn’t touch him, but I ended up just grazing at his fingers and… I panicked almost instantly when I felt hell hiding behind such a ‘simple character’.

    The Demon God didn’t make much of a comment, merely letting out a mere ‘later’ before going back to the lookout.

    The encounter reminded me once again that the balances of the universe was far more different than I hoped for it to be. If it had been Beerus the strongest in Universe 7, then maybe some appeasement could’ve been achieved with the God of Destruction by providing him with sweet food.

    But with Popo? I wasn’t going to even investigate for what he truly liked, as I valued my life much more than wasting it on mere curiosity and minor interest over the matter.

    With these obstacles dealt with, the only thing that remained to do was to resume my little trip to the Kame House.

    It was an uneventful flight across the continent, one that allowed me to glance around for any interesting places I could visit later on. This world was filled to the brim with amazing locations that made this Earth one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

    So many animals, the coexistence of humanity and nature… the fact that the King was a Dog called Furry.

    Yes, I wasn’t going to forget that detail. And I wasn’t going to forget that the man I was supposed to train under was a renowned pervert.

    Which is why, when I first spotted the tiny island where Roshi’s pink and red house closing up, I decided to take a few precautions to avoid any distractions. And hopefully I was going to go through with some training without having to face other obstacles along the way.

    Once I had landed by the sandy edge of the island, I paused a moment to glance around to see if there was anyone else other than the old man and his turtle friend on the island.

    I could only hear noises of the TV coming from inside the small building and… the noticeable pressure of something rushing quickly towards me by my left.

    I turned just in time to back my head away from the approaching fist, dodging the first punch early on- only to be slammed away by a followup kick landing on my ribs.

    Rolling onto the sand, I took a brief moment to cough at the sudden cloud of yellow that had emerged from that impact. Irritation swelled at the sneak attack as I was incredibly pissed by the fact I hadn’t perceived the attacker early on.

    But just as the cloud settled, I got a full sight of my current opponent and… I had to resist from facepalming at the circumstance.

    Krillin looked positively serious as his eyes were locked onto my figure. The small guy seemed fairly unnerved by the fact I was here and… I had reason to believe it was somehow connected to the tail attached at my butt.

    “Look, I’m not here to-”

    I didn’t have time to finish the explanation that I saw the bald man rush at me with renewed aggression, forcing me to step up my game by pushing my current power level at 60% of my full might.

    And I ended up getting manhandled by the smaller fighter once more.

    Considering the experience and the agility the former monk was known for, I wasn’t surprised that I was getting blitzed so easily and so brutally… but I was more shocked when I realized that he was hitting me much harder than I was trying to hit him.

    As he managed to punch me away again, I took the brief break from the close encounters to use the Scouter and…


    I needed to bring up my full power!

    Switching to 100%, I suddenly found some relief in the fact that his punches and kicks were getting easier to manage now that I had more energy softening the blows, but I was still getting beaten on the speed part of this match.

    “Look-” I paused a moment to bring my arms up and block a flurry of punches. “I’m not here to cause any problem.”

    “You’re a Saiyan and I know from Vegeta that any survivors of his race worked for Frieza,” The bald guy pointed out sternly. “Sorry, but I just don’t believe you.”

    “How about the fact I’m not wearing the standard uniform?” I pointed out with an irritated tone. “Come on, Krillin, I thought you smarter than this-”

    I may have made a mistake by insulting him as I saw him swiftly return the insult with some ki-based injuries. My body sponged the various ki blasts exploding around me, with some ending up shredding at my clothes and… I started to get angry at the fact that I might end up not only losing to the Earthling (which wasn’t as bad as losing to Yamcha, but it was still enough to leave a bitter humiliation in my head), but that I was going to lose these magicked clothes.

    And that wouldn’t certainly do considering how much important those were to me.

    My irritation didn’t offer me any energy boost, but it did help my mind in beating back the dizziness caused by the beating I was being subjected to.

    With a yell, I proceeded to use my ‘Power Clap’ to repel the continuous barrage of light beams and… it worked. The small blasts exploded mid-air, with a couple of those ending up damaging Krillin in the process from the way as I could tell from the way he yelped at the sudden pain.

    I didn’t pause at his recoiling form, slamming a punch right in his guts before kicking him up and-


    I got blinded by the ‘flashbang effect’ of the technique.

    Snarling at the little trick, I tried to still move onto him, only ending up grasping at nothing as something rushed all around me and… I heard it.

    The familiar noise of the Kamehameha getting charged up right behind me and, as the blinding effect came to an end, I turned to find myself in the trajectory of a half-cooked beam.

    It was too close to dodge, and I felt dread as I saw the familiar blue blast rushing at me. Knowing that I wouldn’t have been able to tank a full-force Kamehameha, I decided to try something else.


    The golden beam was quick to conjure and throw at the approaching beam of doom. Both ki-based techniques clashed one against the other, but it was easy for me to see that the blue one was far stronger and denser to be repelled with a single Masenko.

    The real purpose of this clash was to get a window of opportunity to jump away from the attack, which ended up working since the leftover energy of the Masenko pushed the Kamehameha back just enough for me to jump up over the blast’s trajectory.

    But just as I started to plan what I was supposed to go from this awkward development, I noticed something odd happen with Krillin’s Kamehameha.

    The guy lifted his hands away from the beam and up in the sky… and the beam followed the direction of his palms right up to where I was. Eyes widening in shock, I managed to bring up my arms to guard my chest just in time as the beam fully collided on me.

    I had forgot that Krillin was capable of pulling such a devastating attack, and I half-recognized it as the very one he had used on the Saibamen when Yamcha died the meme way.

    Tanking such a hit proved to be quite painful and detrimental. I found myself soaring up in the sky without any means to control my flight… and the only way I managed to ‘stabilize’ was when Krillin caught up with me and slammed an upward kick down on my head.

    My sight went blank momentarily, but I saw the world turn in a blur as I was flung down to the ground. The larger crater created by my impact on the sand dignified the world of pain I was going through as I tried to get up.

    The sand had managed to get in my clothes, and my hands had gotten some minor cuts on them because of the speed which saw my palms reaching the particles of yellow.

    Groaning, I could barely stand up as Krillin finally came down and started to walk towards me.

    “Was that Gohan’s technique?” The bald guy inquired with incredible surprise plastered on his face. “Who are you?”

    I coughed, the sand and the pain making it somewhat difficult to think straight.

    “Kami’s apprentice- and you are a prick.”

    He frowned at my comment, but before he had the chance to speak up we both turned to look as a figure was approaching us both.

    “I think that’s enough,” Roshi muttered with a sigh. “I swear, one would think that trying to live my life in a small island would avoid this kind of confrontations… and yet now there is a large hole in my own property.”

    I flinched at the surprisingly stern tone, prompting me to gave a meek book at the elder. “Apologies, Master Roshi.”

    He huffed. “Don’t bow, you’re wounded. I suppose you have Senzu Beans since you’re Kami’s apprentice.”

    I nodded at his implicit request, and I took one of the beans out of my bag. As I was quickly healed up by the magical thing, I still found it troublesome that my clothes had suffered quite the damage in that brawl.

    “Now that you’re patched up and well, I suppose you can state your business,” Roshi continued with a tired look. “I was watching my favorite program when you two started to make a ruckus outside.”

    “Master Roshi, I was just trying to reach you so that I could ask if I could become a student under you,” I bowed again, this time properly since my body had recovered from the painful loss. “If I caused you this much trouble, then I will leave and make sure to pay for the damage caused here-”

    “Nonsense!” The bald old man interjected fiercely. “What do you think I will do with the money? Call someone to fix the hole in the ground? Do you know how difficult it is to get some specialists to come here in the middle of nowhere to fix this kind of stuff?”

    To be fair, now that he was explaining this in this manner…

    I bowed my head a little. “I’m sorry-”

    “If you’re sorry, then you will not mind taking on the burden of fixing this mess,” He muttered with a huff. “Consider this your first test as my apprentice.”


    Roshi paused for a moment… but then sighed. “I’ve heard from my sister that you got selected by Kami. I know that you’re not from ‘around’, John, but I’ve heard from Kami that you’re a good kid. So I will see for myself if you’re truly that much worth to train.”

    With my eyes wide open, I offered another nod at the explanation.

    Soon I was directed by the elder to pick two objects that had been left inside the house that were meant to be helping me in this first challenge under his mentoring.

    The first was a large net with no holes in it. Seeing the curious tool, I had the distinct suspicion that this wasn’t the first time the island was damaged the way Krillin and I did.

    The final ‘tool’ meant to help me ended up being a large turtle shell. I remembered this right from the time that both Goku and Krillin had started to train together with the weighted piece.

    I slowly lifted it up to test its weight and I almost tripped as I felt it being unfairly heavy quite suddenly as I had it near my chest. How was it possible that the thing weighted so much!?

    Tensing up a little as I carefully put it on me, I tried to lessen my power level and see if a suspicion of mine was correct or not. I blinked as the pressure weakened as much as my ki did thanks to the limiter.

    Another gift from Baba?

    Just as I pondered this, Roshi walked inside and chuckled. “Having some trouble with that little thing?”

    I turned around with a minor frown. “A little bit. But it’s manageable.”

    He nodded eagerly as he took more steps inside and made way for Krillin to join us. The younger bald man looked embarrassed at me before turning his attention to… another pair of the objects I was meant to use right now.

    “Krillin will join you for this effort. Consider it an exercise to build up each other’s trust after that silly scuffle you two had moments ago,” Roshi continued with a tone that left no space for protests. “The fault behind this mess is shared between you two, and I will not train any of my students if they are this antagonistic with each other.”

    “I will… moderate myself,” I quickly replied, getting a quick nod from Roshi as we both walked outside while donning the heavy shells.

    Krillin had some issues himself, but he managed to get a grip over the surprising development quite swiftly considering that he had trained in this conditions when he was younger.

    The sun was still high and there was plenty of time left from today to go through the simple task. Walking was already proving to be cumbersome because of how slow I was, but the draining efforts were ignored out of the perception that this was meant to improve my current abilities.

    The stronger I would get, the easier it will be for me to deal with any unexpected developments as the one caused by Dr. Korchin. Arctic had been a surprise I hadn’t been prepared to fight, and one that I had managed to beat only thanks to… the Wrathful state.

    The comment from Wheelo about my eyes going yellow and the fact that my aura turned a clear green were enough to prove that I had indeed tapped in the pseudo-form available to those capable of using the power of the Oozaru Form without turning in a giant monkey.

    Pain was the catalyst, but the real issue of this form was that… I couldn’t make use of it in a serious fight even if I ended up learning how to use it in combat.

    The 10x multiplier was delicious, but the fact I was meant to be in constant pain as the energy wasn’t meant to be used by a Saiyan’s normal body was more than enough to dissuade me from testing it too much at this point.

    People had tried to use it in the past, but up until Broly it was always used in a diluted way.

    Goku used something ‘close’ to it while fighting King Piccolo. The final move, albeit having just a minor fraction of the Oozaru’s power, was still enough to bring Goku to win the struggle against the Namekian.

    Trunks was also going to use something ‘similar’ to it while fighting Zamasu, but I was unsure whenever or not he was tapping in the Oozaru’s form or if he was using diluted God Ki.

    There were so many questions about the Time-Traveling Saiyan, but I was going to limit myself from making it a priority now that I had other troubles to go through with.

    The task at hand wasn’t by any mean an easy feat to manage. The process was simple, but the practice rendered things more messy and troublesome to go through alone.

    The net was meant to be used to pick any ‘hills’ of sand created by the clouds of yellow grains that had ended up settling back on floor, and then fill up the large gap created within part of the island.

    Krillin started swiftly with his steps, and I noticed a certain confidence in his activity that cemented the fact he had indeed done duties like this one in the past.

    Silence reigned for several minutes as we both went through with the task while Master Roshi returned to watch his favorite program, which I was pretty sure was women-only Yoga.

    Perverts gonna do something in their loneliness, even if said something was just watching this kind of stuff without doing much about it.

    While I was glad that there was no comment coming from Krillin and that the bald guy just looked more frustrated about the fix-up work than else, I still felt the need to speak up. It wouldn’t just do if I was going to spend lots of time there and keep this unfriendly approach towards the former monk.

    “Krillin,” I muttered calmly, my eyes still locking onto the ground as I fished another batch of sand ready to be used to fill up the hole in the ground. I noticed the short martial artist stop to glance at me and I continued. “I’m sorry for… insulting you.”

    The man sighed. “It’s alright. I should… I should’ve been a little less trigger-happy about the matter.”

    “I mean, after you guys faced Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta, I guess it’s just a natural reaction to be distrustful of other Saiyans,” I commented with a nod. “Maybe I should’ve tried to get hold of the phone and make a call instead of-”

    “It’s fine,” Krillin interjected calmly. “I actually think you did nothing to warrant this much aggression from my part but… yeah, that was quite odd.”

    I frowned at the last comment. “What was odd?”

    He stopped for a moment, looking nervous as his right hand reached up for his bald scalp and gave a scratch to complete the sheepish look.

    “I never expected to fight a Saiyan and… win.”

    Blinking at the humiliating words offered in such a humble way, I couldn’t help but sigh frustratingly.

    “The thing is… that I wasn’t even a Saiyan before I was picked out from my world for the job,” I answered with a tense tone. “I was the average human that ended up… drinking something like the Ultra Divine Water and got turned like this.”

    Instead of just nodding at my explanation, the bald guy frowned.

    “You’re from another world?” He blurted out with some confusion. “Sure, I know that there is life in other planets but… if you were a human-”

    “Different dimension,” I interrupted calmly. “I came from a dimension where this degree of power in martial arts, powerful aliens, and power levels don’t exist.”

    “So there is no huge threats on a daily basis? It sounds quite peaceful.”

    “My Earth is splintered in various nations with numerous different cultures,” I commented dryly. “The threats happen in the planet, but I would say that… it’s less worrisome with what you got happening everyday.”

    “Still, things have been calm ever since Frieza got killed by that other Saiyan guy,” Krillin commented with a nod. “In fact, it’s quite odd that nothing had happened just yet.”

    I paused as I dropped the umpteenth load of sand over the hole, the thing now filling up nicely and evenly the more we went through with the activity. I was starting to sweat a little bit, but I could only wonder happily what kind of improvement these intense weights were going to bring to me.

    “Maybe it has to do with the fact that… I may have prevented a villain to get Goku’s body through the Dragon Balls.”


    I flinched a little bit at the sudden outburst. “There was a situation where this scientist was trying to collect the spheres to switch Goku’s mind with his boss’. The guy was literally unwilling to go through with this but… things had made him unable to deny the plans.”

    “And you dealt with it?” The former monk inquired and I nodded.

    “Had to face some mutations created with what remained of Frieza’s soldiers and...” Should I tell Krillin that I fought a demented version of the bastard that killed him on Namek? “Some super-strong monster.”

    Another pause, and the bald guy frowned. “Super-strong what?”

    “Some mutation born from an amalgamation of various soldiers. It was quite powerful and I got almost overwhelmed but… I tapped in more energy.”

    “Super Saiyan?”

    I glanced at him and… shook my head. “Something about the Great Ape thingy Saiyans can use under the Moon’s influence, but without turning into one.”


    To be fair, it had to sound incredibly concerning the way I was explaining it to him.

    “It’s just the power being attained while keeping the normal body. It’s not a form I think I will train to master or ever use since… it causes lots of pain to the body while using it,” I reiterated in a better light. “Which is why I think I will dodge it and wait to unlock the Super Saiyan.”

    He gave a slow nod and… then sighed.

    “Kind of annoying that it… exist.”

    I blinked, staring up at him with a frown.

    “You mean how humans don’t have a counterpart to it?” I guessed quietly, getting a nod out of him. “Well, that’s because the transformations are more of a way to tap into a Saiyan’s potential. Technically speaking, a Saiyan could be able to use that very power without turning Super.”

    “So it’s like unlocking one’s potential… but that whole ‘hair turning blond’?”

    “Kind of,” I said while nodding, but before I had the chance of explaining a little better, Krillin seemed to realize a detail I had unconsciously left out.

    “And- Transformations? There is more than just the Super Saiyan?”

    I paused again, this time to tense up at the unexpected query as I really was unsure whenever I should tell some more or not.

    “Can you please promise me to not divulge this to Goku?” I asked with a nervous tone. “It’s kind of important that he doesn’t know about this just yet.”

    He frowned. “What? But… why?”

    “Let’s just say that it’s connected to the Androids’ threat,” I answered curtly. “I can tell the other some more about it, but it has to be in private and indoor.”

    Krillin’s confused look deepened and I sighed as I knew I had to at least take a risk and hope that one of Gero’s spy bots wasn’t around to look at us.

    “You’re all getting recorded by the Androids’ creator on an irregular schedule,” I blurted out quickly. “So anything important I might say that would be normally a needed advantage, would become a troublesome issue because it would change things up and… make my knowledge about the Androids worthless.”

    “Couldn’t be that bad,” The former monk pointed out. “Also, wouldn’t it be easy to spot on anyone spying on us?”

    I shook my head. “Machines aren’t alive and… they don’t have Ki.”

    It took him a couple of seconds to realize what I was talking about. “You mean that this guy is using our recording to create androids capable of countering everything we got?”

    “Not everything… and not multiple androids. It’s complicated, and I will explain indoor,” I pointed out tensely. “But I can say for sure that they are not prepared for anything that happened beyond Earth.”

    “You mean that Gero doesn’t know what happened in Namek-”

    “And that he only knows Frieza by name and image, but not by proper biological data,” I interjected fiercely. “Let’s continue this after we’re done here. I’m not planning to lie about it but… I prefer to be in a safer spot rather than risk everyone’s lives because of something I could say about the matter.”

    He gave me a long look and he nodded. “I will trust you to say all that is important about the androids.”

    I gave him a nod in return and resumed my activity with a lighter mind.

    But just as we were half-done with the task, I started to notice something was off about the Kame House.

    “Krillin, I don’t want to make an issue out of it but...” I took a pause as I looked at the building, frowning at the fact that someone was missing by the place. “But wasn’t Oolong supposed to be here too?”

    The former monk blinked and… then sighed tiredly. “The dumbass went on a trip to the arctic. I think he brought Gohan with him and I think he said something about returning in about a hour or two from now.”

    …Does this mean that- but then why didn’t I feel anything that I could connect to the two-

    Gohan could hide his power level.

    If things were ‘close’ to how the movie had started, then I fought Arctic right while Gohan and Oolong were in the area.

    And that means that Gohan, and Goku by indirect connection, were now aware about me- or that another Saiyan existed.

    Maybe I will train with the lowest percentage possible until I’m sure that I wasn’t going to be pulled in some unexpected sparring.



    Let’s just ignore the fact that the MC got wrecked by Krillin, and think that I’ve in plan a fun Arc coming soon.

    Let’s just say that a character from the Abridgeverse might come and make a lasting cameo in this show and… said individual is not a fighter. I will leave people to think about it and… it will be a surprise to introduce them to the world.

    Lastly, next chapter will be a timeskip. Just the time to skip the training and move on the adventure bit. I will not linger much on training, and the few scenes that I will introduce are either those that can be ‘unique’ compared to the usual routine, or are new training forms that Dragon Ball didn’t use.

    Ha, I can almost feel my writing level reach beyond the infinity!

    Current Power Levels:
    John Bukharin
    189.000 (100%);
    37.000 (After getting beaten by Krillin);
    234.000 (100% After Zenkai);
    97.000 (After putting on Turtle Shell);
    165.000 (100%);
    84.000 (After putting on Turtle Shell);
    Master Roshi:
    120 (Suppressed);
    220 (Max Power);
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  4. Ayashi

    Ayashi Experienced.

    Aug 3, 2018
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    can someone explain to me how getting attacked means you share half the blame?

    You know what else is fun? Your little adventure in the Arctic gave Dr.Gero some extra saiyen DNA and combat data on a x10 transformation usable in battle.
    Which with any luck he'll think it's the same as the Kaioken (instead of something new, and stacking) but Goku had only shown it going up to iirc x4.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2020
  5. crazydave 3226

    crazydave 3226 Making the rounds.

    Apr 26, 2020
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    Don't mind me, just waiting for the moment when you decide to find the planet that Broly and his dad are stranded on
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  6. crazydave 3226

    crazydave 3226 Making the rounds.

    Apr 26, 2020
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    I mean not exactly, Even though trunks came 3 years b4 the whole android-cell debacle, cell did not have Trunks DNA (both in canon and abridged versions) and yet he obtained Frieza's DNA when he landed on Earth so yeah.
    Edit: actually nevermind in DBZA, it's stated that he has everybody's cells except for Yamcha
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2020
  7. Threadmarks: The Peacekeeper and the NEET

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Chapter 8: The Peacekeeper and the NEET

    It was early in the morning.

    The sun had just finished setting up in the sky and I was concluding some stretching with Krillin before going for our usual sparring session.

    Three months had gone by quickly and uneventfully as I dived my entire being in the training.

    Differently from what I had learned from Kami, the Kame Kata was stricter and much more difficult to get hang of it. It was standard martial arts with the same rigorous regiment, if not harsher.

    With Roshi being over 100 years old, I wasn’t much surprised with the rich list of moves the Turtle School offered and I was eager to sponge all that I could through the period of peace allowed by the lack of major baddies coming around and making any issues worth of serious attention.

    But while I focused mostly on training, by going through the same tasks the old master would offer to a younger Goku and Krillin, I would still make some trips away from the island to visit West City and check on Bara or Bulma.

    It was right during the first few days of training that I ended up arriving at the Capsule Corporation to finally met up with the heiress to company.

    Bulma was happy to finally get to know the ‘newcomer’, and she was interested to inquire more about my origins and my own discretion over a certain degree of stuff.

    She didn’t go too personal, but she proved to be incredibly pushy when she wanted a genuine answer out of it. It was surprising how someone like her could easily be this confident while speaking with someone as strong as I was without even flinching at the few times I would get irritated by her queries.

    Bara was there when it happened, and she offered her own input and interrogation. The brunette was curious, but compared to someone that had been around Goku and other fierce warriors for years now, her momentum was weaker early on.

    Then I started to hang a lot around her, to try and get her distracted from trying to bury herself in her work. The efforts were half-successful with the researcher finding minor annoyance each time I would try to get some of her ‘precious time that should be spent in her projects’.

    Easy to irk when she was close to a breakthrough, I would learn that she had the means to ‘retaliate’ at my insistence by suddenly increasing the difficulty of the simulations.

    And I wasn’t particularly happy to be trashed out quickly by an overpower and smug Space-Australian after having dominated the match for several minutes. It was an easy way to kill out my fun during these instances.

    But despite her best efforts to appear unwilling to go around town, even at the promise I was going to pay for the expenses, she was quick to jump at the chance of trying out anything at the local Arcade.

    It was impressive how someone could pull a sudden 180 all because of the ‘Lair of Gamez’, the modest-sized building housing multiple arcades and modern consoles for people of various ages to use after paying the proper costs.

    Maybe it was the fact that it was entertaining and it had to do with technology, but I was also sure that it was mostly about entertainment. Especially when she took the habit of inquiring whenever we were out of her workplace if we were going to visit the bowling alley.

    Bara was decent in the first times she visited the place, but then she picked up some ‘training’ by researching from books describing the ‘sublime art of bowling’. I joked about it when she mentioned it, but then I realized that her pattern was improving each time.

    She was making several strikes and while I should’ve been feeling glad of how pumped up and happy she would get by winning against me, my own plight of her demanding as reward the chance of touching my tail proved to be a good dampener of m good mood.

    It didn’t help that she looked so adorable while trying to approach my poor tail without squeezing at it too harshly. It was still unpleasant no matter how careful she was with her strength, but I decided to not back away from those bets as I knew those were a major factor in getting her out of the labs.

    And while I was making progress in opening up and learning more about the mysterious researcher, I was also paying attention over Silver’s endeavor with his organization.

    They proved true to their words when they started to appear more and more on the news with the way they were handling situations within the boundaries imposed by the laws. Weapons were registered if needed, injured people from artificial or natural disasters were stabilized before being sent to professional doctors, and King Furry himself had spoken favorably about the development.

    It was still a strange thing to know that the world was ruled by a dog. But I was glad said doggo was good at this job. Most of the time. (Ignoring the complete waste of human lives by employing the Royal Army against monsters beyond Earth’s own means to defend itself.)

    Three months had gone by and… I felt ready to finally interrupt training and resume my trip around the world.

    This spar with Krillin was going to be the last one for a long time, but I was glad that things had gone the way they did. The short human had improved immensely by having someone strong to spar against, just like I did, and I was fairly sure that I took him a step beyond what his current self should’ve managed in the original timeline.

    Giving each other a quick nod, we flew up several meters away from the Kame House.

    After the first ‘unofficial’ spar, we had learned from trying to fight within the limited space of the island, especially with Roshi being quite easy to irk if anything happened to his property.

    So we reached up and stopped once we were both enough distant from the small building.

    “It’s been fun,” The bald martial artist commented happily. “I hope you’re ready.”

    I smirked. “I think we both know the answer to that already.”

    Quick banter, there wasn’t much need of talking as we both took the Kame stance.

    A single moment of quiet and peace… before the world exploded in a gust as we rushed at each other.

    Krillin adopted a more aggressive pace, a complete change from the usual balanced attitude he would keep early on during our spars. He really wanted to prove a point and… he already did by breaking the 300.000 milestone two days earlier.

    Still, I wasn’t going to refuse his silent request, and I returned his aggression with my own.

    Gone was my previous understanding of combat that would rely on quick-paced planning of combos. Now I favored something a little less orthodox and more convenient from the way these fights were meant to be really fast.

    With my body growing more accustomed to the specific moves disciplined by the intense training, I could allow myself to divert most of my attention in switching more elaborate patterns instead of settling for brief results.

    After exchanging some blows, I decided to back away and use a swift ‘Solar Flare’. My distraction worked half-decently, and I almost forgot that the short warrior was quite accustomed to the technique itself to know some ways to counter it and remain mostly untouched by it.

    But despite this little advantage Krillin had, I managed to get the distraction I really needed, allowing myself to gain enough distance from my opponent to shoot him with a rapid Masenko.

    It was low-powered, but the speed and the intensity were enough to get some damage in as the yellow beam struck his arm.

    The former monk yelped in surprise at the swift beam, but he recovered quickly despite the bruises appearing on the damaged limb.

    His untouched hand lifted up above his head as a familiar disc-like ki-construct formed above his head.


    Smiling as his trademark technique rushed towards me, I decided to give him a fright and… react dangerously at the approaching attacks.

    I rushed at the ‘Destructo Disc’, and Krillin looked incredibly shocked as I nimbly dodged it last minute. He decided to test my capacity to dodge by throwing more Kiezans, but I continued to increase the surprise factor by easily dodge them while keeping up with my approach of the ki user.

    A kick drove on his stomach, staggering him a little. And it was more than enough for me to exploit the various openings left there by the mix of shock and pain.

    I wasn’t paying attention if I was either punching or kicking, only that I was keeping him busy with a strict barrage of moves that I had learned during the two months. It took him a couple of moments to recover, but soon we found each other engaging in an intense stalemate.

    Some of our attacks matched, nullified most of the power created with each strike.

    I felt rather confident that I was going to end that close encounter, mostly because I knew that I had greater stamina than Krillin.

    But then I was reminded that there wasn’t much fairness in this kind of battles, and soon the former monk proved me that I wasn’t 100% prepared for the things he was holding onto.

    “Gyah!” The single yell was accompanied by a quick burst of ki-enchanted gust of air that pushed me away.

    I felt my entire body vibrating at the attack, but there wasn’t true damage behind such an attempt and…

    It was all a distraction.

    Instead of resuming the brawl, Krillin brought his hands to the side as he prepared a Kamehameha.

    Grinning at the chance of clashing against the technique, I decided to try out a variant of the technique I had learned after seeing Roshi use it before my eyes.

    While one could easily disdain the original ‘posture’ adopted to form the energy beam, I quickly found out after seeing that version of the Kamehameha that… it was actually better.

    There is a reason why it was called Max. Power Kamehameha after all.

    With my right arm arching upward and my left arm reaching from downward, I finally cupped both palms in front of me before pushing them back.


    I felt the energy surging already in one of the densest ball of ki I had ever created, but I waited for it to stabilize and concentrate even more.

    Krillin shot his own Kamehameha, looking determined to conclude this spar at once.

    And I was more than happy to oblige by unleashing my full power beam of destruction.

    Another strange detail about this version of the Kamehameha was that it was a darker blue compared to the original one.

    It was easier to distinguish which of the beams was right and, just as I had expected while I was preparing the technique, my opponent’s attack was suddenly pushed back the moment it clashed against my own.

    I didn’t put too much strength behind it, but I knew that if Krillin got hit by my beam it would’ve seen him defeated and with a couple more of cuts all over his body.

    A bright light ensued as the former monk was struck by my Max. Power Kamehameha, only for the brightness to cease as quickly as it came.

    Blinking at the tired-looking guy, I approached him calmly and with a small smile settled on my face.

    He couldn’t continue with these conditions and I gave him a Senzu bean to recover from the wounds.

    Krillin sighed, but he seemed particularly satisfied with how things went considering his extreme disadvantage.

    While he was fighting at his best, I was holding back at 30% and still beating him by a fair lot.

    It was incredibly unfair how the power growth between a human and a Saiyan was this much different, especially when said Saiyan knew how to properly train at the maximum effort and to the very limit.

    I really devoted myself in the harshness of the training, and for a couple of moments each day I would understand why Goku found it incredibly satisfying.

    It was like stress-relieving. The chances of burning up energy and strength in a couple of seconds to properly gain major boosts in the long-term process.

    My muscles were more refined, my control over my Ki had increased immensely, and I could now lower or rise my power level at my own leisure instead of relying only on the limiter in my tracksuit.

    Once we were back on the island where the Kame House was, we were greeted with pleased nods from Roshi. The elder had watched the fight unfolding, seeming rather glad that it hadn’t escalated enough to inflict any damage at his house.

    “I can see that you two decided to go for one last spar before you had to leave, John,” The old man pointed out mirthfully. “Still, I hope you know that the Kame House will always take you in the eventuality that you might need help.”

    “I’m glad to hear that, Master Roshi,” I replied with a bow. “And I will be paying visits once in a while. I know it might get lonely in here.”

    “Nonsense! I’m not some elder in need of company,” He huffed tiredly, but then looked a little bit embarrassed. “Now, if you were a lovely lady-”

    “And the moment is gone,” I interjected dryly… before letting out an amused sigh. “But I will still visit.”

    “Just keep focusing on dealing with this ‘Cell’ and help us with the Androids when they strike,” Krillin suggested. “We will be fine. Plus, I wouldn’t have to deal with Maron’s… strange comments.”

    “I think we can agree on that.”

    I had completely forgotten about the airheaded woman. Maron was one of the few characters in the series that one can’t help but forget for obvious reasons. She was still engaged with Krillin, and I had the ‘pleasure’ to meet her… only to be barraged with flirting from her part.

    I didn’t do anything on that as I was perfectly aware that the short martial artist was already having trouble making this relationship work. It didn’t help that the naive woman was unable to restrain some of her comments during lunch and dinner.

    Even Roshi seemed to completely ditch the hopes of actually get ‘something’ lewd out of the opportunity, and I was glad that Krillin had mentioned his own intentions to break up with her earlier than in canon.

    It was going to be tough, but he was going to get someone far better. And I really love that ship, so there is no ‘hopefully’ or ‘maybe’. I was going to see that romance happen, one way or another.

    “Actually, before you go, I have something that I wish for you to keep,” The old man stated as he pulled out a capsule from his orange jacket. I took it out of his hand and he continued to speak. “As of now, you’ve officially graduated from the Turtle school. This is the training gi you’ve been using until today. Wear it proudly in the battlefield and defend the honor of the Turtle Way.”

    My eyes widened in surprise at the gift and I bowed my head again. “Master Roshi, I- I was there just for a couple of months and-”

    “You had the basis to martial arts when you first came to my island, and now you’ve attained a proper understanding of the Kame taka,” He rebuked sternly. “Don’t think that you’re receiving this out of how strong you are or because of your state as a Saiyan. You trained as my disciple, you never strayed away from the just road of learning, and now you can go around and be proud of what you achieved in these three months.”

    “I understand,” I muttered, a smile returning to my face. “I shall wear those with pride when the greatest fight shall come.”

    He offered a smile of his own and I spared one last farewell before taking off from the place.

    Flying away from the place that had been my home for so long, I prepared for what was going to be a lengthy period of peace-keeping.

    One that will have to start by West City since Bara had mentioned that she was going close to finish the latest update to the Scouter.


    Once I was close enough to the large metropolis, I went through my usual routine of entering the urban settlement by foot. It would’ve been awkward to just fly around and expect people to ignore the ‘flying being’.

    While strange circumstances like Dragons, dinosaurs and other unusual creatures were well-accepted, there was no ‘properly-documented’ human that could exactly fly around without either a jetpack or a flying car.

    Plus, I kind of enjoyed wandering around West City and see how vast and densely populated it was. There was never a time where I would get bored of strolling around and checking for the few shops occupying large sections of the quarters in there.

    But today was going to be different. Instead of wandering around to explore some more, I had plans to check on a comic shop in the city that I had already visited with Bara.

    I had heard the brunette mention that the newest update to magazine she liked would be released on a monthly basis and I knew that she had yet to get the chance to check for this month’s release.

    Deciding to bring her that as a gift, I made my way toward the small building that housed the shop, blissfully unaware that things weren’t going that well in that section of the city.

    My simple ignorance would soon be shattered when, as I turned the corner for the road that directly led to my destination, I found myself pushed back by a wave of… something.

    I tensed up, my eyes widening in utter confusion and seriousness as I could relate the strange feeling to the very one I would get when someone would unleash the full might of their ki.

    It was powerful, but it wasn’t Ki that I felt. I continued to walk towards the shop, only to pause again when I felt another burst and several windows within the building cracking in fine pieces of glass.

    Dread filled my chest as I rushed to check what was happening inside the shop and… I was greeted with the most unusual and unexpected of sights.

    “What do you mean you’ve never heard of it?!” The girl standing by the counter yelled fiercely as she stared at the shivering shopkeeper. “I’ve been coming here for months now, and you’re going to tell me that you never heard of Naruto? What kind of comic shop is this?!”

    The girl was wearing a blue hoodie with its white hood raised up to hide her face, a pair of white short pants that reached her knees, and blue sandals.

    I frowned in disbelief when I noticed the Uchiha fan symbol embed on the back of her hoodie.

    I didn’t need to think twice about it to realize that this wasn’t a normal situation for this dimension and… I sighed as the familiar girl seemed hardly able to restrain her frustration.

    Knowing that letting her get angrier would erase the entire city, I merely approached and hummed.

    “You know that this isn’t Toki Toki City, right?” I questioned calmly and her reaction at these words was instantaneous. Her head swiftly turned to glance at me in a moment of shock and confusion and there I saw her black sclera and dark-blue eyes.


    “This is West City, Age 764,” I replied calmly. “I think you got the wrong shop, miss.”

    She stood silent and tense for a while, and I was half-convinced that I had somehow turned her in a statue… but then she groaned and facepalmed.

    That’s why this city is so small...” The Majin turned to spare a sheepish look at the confused shopkeeper. “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make this much of a ruckus when-”

    “It’s alright,” I interjected calmly as I turned at the frowning man with a small smile. “I will pay for the reparations.”

    Just as the guy nodded at my offer, the girl returned to glance at me with renewed confusion and irritation.

    “I did the damage. I’m supposed to pay.”

    Not when your father is Mr. Popo, my dear.

    “I will pay for it,” I pressed firmly, ignoring the sterner glare I was getting from the girl. “Also, I suppose this month’s release of ‘High Minds’ is already out.”

    The owner of the shop nodded.

    “Then I would like to buy a copy.”

    As the man retreated on the small warehouse behind the counter, the Majin resumed with her unwillingness to let this matter settle.

    “I will pay for the damage,” She admitted fiercely and I blinked, narrowing my eyes back at her.

    There were a couple of things I knew about her, but if there was something that I knew would work to get her to shut up, it was her greatest passion.

    “You bear the Uchiha clan garments, and yet you behave like a foolish brat that can’t accept a rightful compensation for the lost time,” I sternly rebuked. “Where is your pride as Uchiha? Where is your acceptance of something that should be just natural to the Clan, Flanny?”

    Her eyes widened at the lengthy speech, and her surprised state extended long enough for me to pay for the reparations and the magazine. I really expected it to last well beyond I was gone from the shop, but just as I vaulted the doorstep I found a sudden weight latch onto my back, with a pair of blue sleeves wrapping around my neck.

    “How do you know my name?” Flanny inquired with a surprised tone. “Actually, how do you even know about Naruto?”

    I tensed up at that situation. I hadn’t expected for the girl to literally pull a move that would’ve made Baki Hanma proud.

    Goddammit, why am I dealing with this senselessly overpowered being now of all times?

    “I just know,” I replied curtly, only to get a huff out of the girl as she continued to hang on me worse than a leech. “Please, let me go.”

    “First you tell me how you know who I am, and then maybe I will let go of you.2

    “I know your father.”

    I really hoped that was enough-

    “Yeah, what about it? I know he never talks about me to anyone.”

    Fair point, I kind of forgot that Flanny was neglected by the large majority of her family. Especially her pops and her big sister. Which is why she got endeared by the edginess owned by a certain Uchiha avenger in Naruto.

    Instead of offering another excuse, I just started to walk and… wander off towards Capsule Corporation.

    “H-Hey, you can’t just ignore me!” She exclaimed, tightening her hold over my neck.

    “That’s just rude. I mean, I’m being rude by doing this but- that’s not the point, how do you know who am I?” The Majin pressed on, unwilling to submit to silence much to my growing irritation. “You know that I’m not getting off until you talk, buddy.”

    “Come on, don’t be a stranger- actually, you kind of are,” Flanny resumed once again, this time switching the topic. “I don’t know your name.”

    I sighed. “John. John Bukharin.”

    “That’s an odd name,” She replied dryly. “Are you sure your parents loved you at birth?”

    I frowned at that. While that was supposed to be an insult I should’ve been offended by, I could also taste a deep degree of irony in that line.


    She hummed. “Yes?”

    “Don’t go down that route. I’m trying to be polite- get off.”


    Oh for fuck’s sake!

    “Look, don’t you have to buy a volume of Naruto? Why don’t you go and get that stuff done instead of pestering me?”

    A sigh came from beside my right cheek. “That’s why I want you to tell me the truth now. I really want to buy that volume.”

    “Then...” I tried to come up with a way to get myself away from being annoyed even more by this circumstance but… I sighed, opting to return to full silence.

    “Then? Don’t just end that like… like that,” She said before letting out a quiet yawn. “I swear, you’re being boring on purpose.”

    “I really, really want the truth… but-” Another yawn. “But your shoulder is really, really soft.

    Blinking at those words, I kept quiet for a little longer and… I was greeted with silence.

    Did she just-

    I glanced to the side and saw her head resting on my shoulder, her lips slightly parted as she softly snored.

    It was in that very moment that I noticed the sleeps bags underneath her closed eyes. I forgot that I was dealing with a NEET.

    I arrived at the Capsule Corporation quietly, ignoring the various stares I was getting from scientists and workers alike. I bet this entire situation I had with Flanny was quite ridiculous, but then again… I was already strange enough to steal glances on a normal basis because of my tail.

    Bara was immensely amused when she first noticed the ‘utterly adorable’ scene I was part of. The brunette allowed me to carefully let the Majin take some rest by one of the couches that were there in the lab. A blanket was fished out by the living quarters nearby and settled over the sleeping girl’s body.

    “So, what’s her story?” The young researcher inquired while glancing briefly at the first pages of the magazine I’ve given her. “She doesn’t look anything of what I’ve seen until now.”

    “She is… the daughter of someone I respect and fear at the same time,” I replied with some nervousness. “I can’t say more without bringing you in an unpleasant situation.”

    She adjusted her glasses. “How much ‘unpleasant’?”

    “Hellish pocket dimension kind of unpleasant.”

    A soft whistle left her lips. “That sounds rough. Were you subjected to it?”

    “No, but… I’m aware it exists,” I explained with a sigh. “And that he can and probably will send me there if anything bad happens to her.”

    Bara allowed just a nod in my direction before she returned to glance at the sleeping Flanny.

    I was about to ask her about the update planned for the scouter… but then I froze as I felt a chilling power level starting to approach the room. I turned to stare at the currently shut door, eyes widening the more I felt it approach and… soon the door opened.

    His steps were quiet, he was silent, but the arms crossed closed to his chest and the familiar shirt were enough to confirm his identity.

    Vegeta glanced at me and only me, ignoring the other occupants in the room.

    “Follow me.”

    Gulping nervously, I offered a quick nod at the confused-looking Bara before I rushed out to follow the Prince of All Saiyan (which were just a handful, really) around the building.

    He didn’t say anything, only leading me left and right… until we arrived to a room I was partly familiar with. It was the training room that he was using to adapt to higher gravity pressure.

    “Your name,” He demanded quietly, making me frown for a while before he had to turn around and scowl at me. “I will not repeat myself.

    “John. John B-”

    “Is that an Earthling name? What is your Saiyan Name?”

    “My name is John Bukharin. I was born on Earth,” I replied calmly, drawing even more irritation out of the proud alien.

    “You think you can just spite over Saiyan traditions? Do you think I will allow you to be like Kakarot and just disgrace our race even further.”

    “Yes,” I commented carefully, trying to be as sassy as I could without getting killed. “By the way, nice shirt.”

    Maybe I should’ve restrained myself over that from the way he was now growling at me.

    “If you think you can do that, then you will have no problem in showing me that you can just come here and bring shame to the Saiyan race,” Vegeta said while pointing at the large room. “Prove it.”

    Is he challenging me?

    I think he is.

    Holding back a chill, I proceeded to walk inside the room, with the older Saiyan following shortly after. The door closed behind us and I was allowed to pick the furthest spot of the arena from the entrance as my starting point.

    He prepared his stance, smiling at the fact that he was twice as strong as I was in terms of raw power. Even more considering he might be holding back on me to humiliate me even more.

    I took my own stance, which was a variant similar to Goku’s own when he first fought the Prince.

    He seemed to realize. He looked even more pissed and… I prepared to tap at my unpleasant transformation in case things turned badly for me.

    There was silence… and then the world broke in a gust of wind as we rushed at each other.



    Citing Mr. Popo to explain John’s situation: “He’s ded!”

    But yes, three months have gone by, and now we have a new permanent member to the team.

    She was one of the main heroines in the TFS Dating Sim game, she made a cameo in a couple of videos in the TFS channel… here is Flanny! (And not Flambé as a certain Puddin would say.)

    Current Power Levels:
    John Bukharin
    360.000 (Post-Timeskip 30%);
    1.200.000 (Post- Timeskip 100%);
    320.000 (Post-Timeskip 100%);
    1.000.000 (Suppressed - Untrained);
    3.000.000 (100%)

    Gero's capacity to recover DNA and knowledge of transformations is related to drones he uses to spy on Goku & Co. He didn't have anything to spy onto the MC since the MC isn't close to Goku or any of the other warriors up until he reached the Kame House.
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    i guess we're safe then, so long as he doesn't try to get whatever is left, both DNA or simply camera records don't really need to be "fresh" to be usable.
    On the upside, assuming Gero actually bothers to track our protag while he's training at Kame House, he'll still have a massive disparency between what can be extrapolated from normal training gains and what they end up gaining on top of that due to Zenkai ( i doubt the simulacrums count), Kaioken or even Super Saiyen boosts.
    Heck, with an additional data point to lower the uncertainty range for Goku (and Co) strength, the Androids might end up being weaker than in canon... though that might imply they pop up sooner.
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    So basically, the important point of the last part of this chapter is that don't be like Tien where he likes to aggravate Vegeta. One is a weak human, the other is a Saiyan. One can die in a punch, the other can take the punishment.
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    This is not DBZ popo, this is the DBZ abridged version. That version of popo is essentially nightmare given form. TFS canon essentially puts Mr. Popo as a time-travelling Majin and believe me that the powers he has obtained basically makes the entire DBZ villains look like a bunch of toddlers.
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