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Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by SultanAsilArslan, Mar 26, 2021.

  1. Threadmarks: PROLOGUE

    SultanAsilArslan Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Mar 20, 2020
    Likes Received:

    "Okay you are ready to go!"


    Truly did they see me as a moron that would jump without looking down. No sir I am the kind of moron that would look down and not jump down the cliff.

    "Explain again. Who the hell are you three and why the hell do I have to do that again."

    Three people around me looked amused at my little outburst. Two men and one woman. The woman was white. Not as a racist remark, she was chalk white! Her hair was darker than the darkest of nights and her clothes were only a bit of a lighter shade of the same black. The younger looking man was the most normal out of the three of them as he simply wore a suit and looked like a blonder version of Thomas John 'Tom' Ellis. The last man was the most bizarre as he always changed. For a moment he looked like an ordinary old man and then he looked like a homeless one just before he looked like Morgan Freeman and then Stan Lee. He always changed exactly how he looked like but those four were the ones he became the most.

    "Well I guess you are right, we were a bit too hasty." The old man laughed lightly. "My name is Presence. Tom Ellis look alike over there is my son, Lucifer and this lovely lady here is the one your people dubbed as Death."

    One could hear the drop of a straw in the silence.

    "Are you telling me that you are the three most overpowered monsters from the DC universe? Being the biblical God, the devil and the personification of the concept of death?"

    The mentioned three just smiled and nodded. This wasn't my day, was it.

    "What exactly do you guys need then? And what exactly could you need from me?"

    Seriously these three weren't weak. One could probably hit them with power of thousand nukes in their eyes and they would simply complain about the smell and the wind before using their powers to stop all winds in creation.

    "You see there is a world. Harry Potter and DC crossover with some minor crossovers from other universes." The Lady Death started gently before she was interrupted by Lucifer "We need you to become Harry Potter of this universe."

    "And why do you need that?" Harry was a nice kid sure. But people didn't want to be him because you know, ten years sleeping in a fucking cupboard under the fucking stairs! The kid had been felt with a bad hand, especially with the prophecy of the drunkard. Though it could have been worse. Like being Kratos or Wolverine. Being either of those two would have sucked way worse than being Harry Potter. Though that was like saying minus thousand was lower than minus nine hundred ninety nine. Traumatic bullshits are always traumatic bullshits after all.

    The Presence more than likely knowing his son would cause a mess out of the explanation and the Death would take too long, started to explain.

    "The world where we need you to take the mantle of Harry Potter is more or less a DC crossover alternate universe with some minor amount of other worlds in it."

    "How alternate are we talking about here?"

    The Presence looks pleased by the question. After all he was the one who gave people free will. No use in it if they weren't going to use it.

    "Certain things are still same. Dumbledore has risen in power through defeating his old lover Grindelwald and the self styled Lord Voldemort risen up after him. Though the timeline is a bit skewed. Everything is happening a few years after it had happened in canon. And all horcruxes are still the same and in the same places they used to be." These were all good. Just think how long it would have taken to find those stupid things.

    "But certain things are more what you would call fanon. Certain characters that had no personality in original novels actually do have personalities here. Harry's grandparents are Charlus Potter and Dorea Black, sister of Arcturus. And the timeline is a bit skewed forward with the death of the dark lord being in 1990."

    "Does that mean I will be 10 when it happens?" That sounded like a long wait. Not to mention it would be just before starting the Hogwarts, where my/Harry's fame would be too new and even more ridiculous.

    "No you and your sister will be one year old again, just like all of your generation."

    "My what?!"

    "Your sister."

    "Is that why I need to be Harry?! Is this some kind of 'Wrong-Child-Who-Lived' universe, where I was sent to abusive Dursley's and died?!"

    My questions of distress were cut by the laughter of Tom Ellis lookalike Lucifer. Who actually seemed to have trouble breathing, his face was turning into a rather interesting shade of red purple mixture.

    "Sent to Dursleys while Lily Potter is alive! Hah! You mortals always have such funny and stupid ideas!"

    Even the Death was giggling at him!

    "No, no you weren't sent to Dursleys. Lily is not the kind of woman who would leave her children. And contrary to belief of your fandom not even a manipulative 'for-the-greater-good' Dumbledore can change that. She would choke him with his own beard if he had tried."

    That was a surprisingly funny image.

    "The reason you have died is because Lily didn't die. So her ritual could only protect your sister."


    "The ritual Lily Potter created used her will to sacrifice herself for her children to create one time block against any kind of curse from her killer towards her children. If she died, in other words actually sacrificed herself, then the rituals power would be multiplied and protect both of her children. But Voldemort stunned her instead so it was only her will to sacrifice herself. Which was enough to protect the female Potter but not young Harry."

    "Ok. But what does that have to do with me becoming Harry. It seems like the girl is prophesied one." The Presence shaked his head at him.

    "While she was the one who was marked by him, it was you who was supposed to defeat the moron lord once and for all.
    You were her 'power he knows not'. A family." He seemed rather happy at such thoughts along with Death. While Lucifer simply made some fake gagging noises of disgust at them.

    "So what's stopping you guys from sending back the soul of the original Harry?" That seemed like a better idea. Instead of dealing with me and my pesky mortal soul.

    "Unfortunately the originals soul is completely mangled from the killing curse. All we can do for it is to send it back to the reincarnation cycle and wait for it to heal itself before it can start a new life." The Death explained their reasoning. "And that would completely destroy the point of reviving him."

    The Presence started talking again. "And with the fact that this world contains what you know as DC universe, we decided that using a soul like yours would be a better idea."

    "So what will happen after I defeat Voldemort?"

    Lucifer simply chuckled at that. "Whatever you want kid. I know what kind of man you are. Do whatever you want."
    Whatever I wanted. Well, sending an MCU fan with dubious morales to a DC world with his own magic. While I was no monster, my actions would still ruffle a few feathers. Especially things like black and white morality of heroes and the general stupidity of the wizards.

    "So… any chances that I can get some bonuses to complete the job."

    The Death sighed like she expected that, while Presence simply looked at me akin to a disappointed father. And Lucifer… he was grinning like a loon.

    "Then wish from us whatever you wish for. Oh great champion." The devil gave him a mock bow.

    "You guys are all powerful. I don't think you would give me something that would hinder me, since that goes against your own goals as well. And you wouldn't choose me to do this without knowing about me more than myself. So please, whatever you deem to fit."

    At that Presence finally seemed to approve of my words. "Then all of us shall give you one boon that will cause effect after a while or needs to be trained. In other words something that will make you strong in the long run."

    "I have no problem as long as you allow me to wake up as a four or five years old. Not too old to start training with what you give me, make some plans and not waste any time. While also not too young that I would have to deal with diapers and breast feeding."

    Lucifer laughed at that "Fair enough."

    The Presence started out first "I will connect you to the 'Sage Force'."

    "You mean the knock off of the 'Speed Force' that was basically useless in the comics?"

    The Presence frowned at the rude remark towards his gift and the fact that he was interrupted.

    "No. The Sage Force that the Flash knock off used wasn't even the one percent of that power."

    Say what now?

    "The 'Sage', 'Strength' and 'Speed' forces might be believed to be brother forces because of how Zoom used them but the truth is that they are poisonous to each other. If you try to connect yourself to one while already being connected to another, it would not only be extremely weak, it might even damage the already existing connection you have."

    "So it is actually more powerful?"

    Lucifer interjected at that moment. "Of course it is. A bunch of gorillas managed to build a futuristic city simply by being expose to it. Think what kind of intelligence you would have with an actual connection."

    Well, when you put it like that. It really sounds sweet. My knowledge on the Gorilla City was limited but I knew that the average IQ of those gorillas were much higher than the worlds average IQ.

    Then the Death came in smiling like she was about to ruin my whole day. "Though at first you will only be a genius. The higher functions like accelerated thought process, telepathy and telekinesis will come after you reach a certain age."

    That… was not so bad. And quite reasonable.

    "Then what will you give me, lady Death?"

    "Technically, nothing."

    Say what now?

    "I will place several items in the Peverell vault of the Gringotts. You can open it if you have two out of the three Deathly Hallows. And I assure you they are good."

    Not so bad. Sure I had no way of beating Dumbledore to get the Elder wand soon but as a Potter I would have access to the cloak. And after learning enough magic I should be able to get the ring horcrux which housed the resurrection stone.

    So I probably would be able to get the vault opened after fourth or fifth year.

    And lastly, Lucifer went in. "I am giving you 'Haki' from One Piece. Train it for it to become useful."

    I know I have been saying this a bit too much but, say what now?

    "I know I am stealing from another universe. But I am the devil. And since my old man here is not going to stop me, don't think anyone can."

    He wasn't wrong. This guy could bend reality over his knee and make it his bitch. Such power came with being the strongest and greatest son of the God. Even if he ended up trying to destroy said God for a few centuries before deciding to say 'fuck it all!' and retiring from hell.

    "Though you will need to be careful with it. Especially with the 'Armament'. It is not simply will power turned into black alloy after all. It holds the power to hurt what you should not be able to hurt. With enough Haki you can hurt anyone and it will bypass their natural defenses. Even a new gods metaphysical toughness."

    When he put it like that, Haki might cause some serious problems. Best not to use it on anyone without thinking.

    "You are ready now." The Presence announced as his eyes started to glow white. And the other two started to do whatever he was doing, Lucifer's eyes glowing a golden yellow while the Death's eyes seem to absorb the light into a
    eternal black.

    "Go forth. Young Harry!"
  2. Gigant

    Gigant The Jackal Of Tsagualsa

    Aug 2, 2019
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  3. mrttao

    mrttao Connoisseur.

    Jan 10, 2015
    Likes Received:
    conversation with ROBs is one of the worst possible ways to start a story.
  4. SbA

    SbA Know what you're doing yet?

    Jan 19, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Shield soo... will the MC create his own SHILD organisation from Marvel...?
    Will the MC be able to protect his older sister from Voldy's influence?
    What ther crossovers have to you plan to include...
  5. Alchto

    Alchto Like to play with pussy(cat)

    Nov 22, 2019
    Likes Received:
    I disagree
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  6. Wednesday's Jest

    Wednesday's Jest Know what you're doing yet?

    Mar 10, 2015
    Likes Received:
    The issue is that almost everything we learned here could have been conveyed with the story's summary and tags. Or, if the author wanted a more gradual and nuanced exposure, through the opening chapters. We still don't have much of an idea about the character's personality save that they are a bit arrogant, a bit shot sighted, and a bit greedy. Even that might not be true, however, since the "asking for extra gifts on top of the free transmigration and super powers" is an established trope for stories like these.

    So we're left with a decent amount of words which haven't accomplished much. More than one reader likely got to the end and decided to just wait to for the story to actually start before commenting, but I also imagine a few checked out because of the lack of movement. And while the writing was technically proficient I can't say that we have much of a hook here outside of the premise. Not the best way to open a story.

    Then we have the fact that by using The Presence, Lucifer, and Death the author is tackling a huge challenge off of the bat since characters like that are superhuman in many respects and yet the character they are engaged with isn't. Any sort of exchange where these characters come off as peers with the insert is going to feel unearned and like the author is being too indulgent. Yet the very premise of this opening conversation is the MC doing that very thing without consequence and, in doing so, obtains fantastic powers.

    You know, beyond the whole transmigration and magic bits which are themselves a huge boon.

    Now this isn't the first, and won't be the last, story to indulge in that kind of self-indulgence. That doesn't make it a bad story, but where there is no other substance it does make for a rocky start. This is only compounded by how unnecessary the entire scene is. If it is absolutely critical to the narrative that the character have these additional advantages, and that these three characters be there to bestow them, then that information can be covered in a couple of paragraphs in the opening of the story as the MC muses on how the came to be there.

    Honestly it might be better to just start the story with Harry getting ready to go to Hogwarts and fill in this stuff then.

    I'll follow this for now, but I'm a bit skeptical about how this is going to go. The writing is decent as far as spelling and grammar go which is a good sign, but there is a part of me that's waiting for Harry to develop the Sharingan and use it to unlock his Zanpakuto.
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  7. islamy96

    islamy96 Not too sore, are you?

    Jul 14, 2017
    Likes Received:
    At least this is not started with MC filling CYOA. That cringe and meta in my opinion. Meeting ROB is a flag, but the author tries to sidestep few problems SI fic with this start.
    I don't see why a lot of authors must write their babyhood, either to see their disgust to breastfeed or their other abnormal baby behavior. We don't remember ours toddler day, why want authors to write that?
    Unless it's rugrats, I think toddler days is best to be from third POV and just plot-relevant or just cute thing doing cute things.
    foodinfamous likes this.
  8. RThomas

    RThomas Know what you're doing yet?

    Aug 25, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Yessssss Haki is my favorite power system, it’s so simple yet fleshed out and it just bypasses everything else. Oh you’re a god that can’t be harmed except by the sword forged by that guy from that place? NOPE FIST OF LOVE. Oh you wanna fight me? You gotta stay awake for that hopefully your willpower is strong enough to match someone who can literally endlessly train their willpower to be stronger, CONQUERORS DOME OF SLEEPY BYE. Hmmm that guy wants to kill me, that chick digs me, that person on the other side of the city is going to try and steal from a bank, oh I’m going to be shot in 3 seconds? NOPE, I SEE ALL BITCHES. Plus all the other benefits like the voice of all things letting you be an actual universal translator, and observational Haki potentially letting you read minds in the future, and conquerors being capable of destroying shit with just a flex of will. Not to mention it makes everyone who has it super strong, like go from a normal guy to destroy mountains with a punch, or lifting enormous weights like zero.
  9. Threadmarks: CHAPTER_1

    SultanAsilArslan Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Mar 20, 2020
    Likes Received:

    Chapter 1

    The Alexander Luthor was not an ordinary man. He was born in the slums of the Metropolis, to abusive parents. His childhood wasn’t nice, not with the drunkards in a place that was literally called the ‘Suicide Slum’. But while most would’ve broken under such circumstances, Lex had managed to rise above it. Every blow to him simply became another hammer strike that would one day perfect the great sword that was himself. In the lowest parts of the city he had managed to become ruthless, manipulative, cunning and ambitious.

    Through the money he got from the life insurances of his parents, he had created Lexcorp. Originally an aerospace engineering firm, now one of -if not the- biggest multinational corporations in the world. Through his genius he had managed to turn Metropolis into the City of Tomorrow. And for a while, Lex was happy. Happy with what he created and the brighter future he could create, the next advancements of humanity.

    And then he appeared.

    Man of Steel.

    An alien with powers surpassing any being on earth. Someone who had outshined him not with advancements in numerous field but because the spandex wearing alien could fly and lift heavy objects!

    It was like everything he had ever done was meaningless. Medicine, technology, psychology, economies and even sociology. None of it mattered because some alien was flying around.

    And the worst part. Everything had stopped. No one was trying to better themselves anymore. No more advancements from anyone except Lexcorp. Such an opportunity should have made him happy. But all it did was making him feel sick. The alien was not truly helping them. He was someone giving fish to the hungry but never letting them learn how to hunt for themselves.

    For that Lex Luthor had decided that the alien had to go.

    His first few attempts were quite honestly a bit stupid. He blamed it on the alien making him too paranoid for a while. It was much better than admitting that he was acting like some savage from Arkham of all places.

    So after that he simply decided to use subtle methods. Any moron could try to go into a brawl with the Man of Steel but that was not the way. Humanity hadn’t risen to the top through trying to beat animals in their own field. No, they had found ways to outthink and outmaneuver them.

    And he had managed to find some like minded individuals in the next years. Admittedly they weren’t saints and had some plans of their own for humanity, most which were quite honestly ridiculous, but they still had managed to band together for a common cause.

    Even with the loss of CADMUS and the project Kr, he still had some cards to play. And there were few who would be courageous, or stupid, enough to come to him. Well except for the League.

    So he was quite surprised when he saw a man looking out of his window from his office.

    “Mister, I would like to ask you to-“

    “This tower is in the east side of the city.” The young man in black trench coat started talking without even looking back at him.

    “As the sun rises people would see this tower just under it. A message, a way to show them you are at the top. The closest one to the heavens. I don’t dislike it, this geographical show of power.”

    Now this had stumped the CEO. While what the man said was true, it was also something very subtle. Something very few people would pay attention to.

    “Who are you and what do you want?” And then the man turned around. Someone probably in their early twenties, maybe twenty three. His long black hair hanging loose in a way that didn’t look too formal but still having a regality to it. His face was a bit above the average but what truly get attention was the scar on his right side of forehead. Looking like a crude lightning bolt.

    “Apologies, my name is Harry Black. And I want to talk business with you and if possible come to a certain arrangements with you in a way you can push humanity forward in a better and smarter way, Alexander Luthor.”

    In the Happy Harbor of the Rhode Island was the old base of the Justice League, the Mount Justice. Since it was abandoned after its location was compromised in the early years of the League, it currently housed a team of young heroes, most of them rather well known for their partnership to the well known members of the League.

    The mountains current residents were Aqualad, Robin, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Superboy and Artemis, the sidekicks. Or as they called themselves: The Team. Not very imaginative, but not wrong.

    The Team was founded after Kid Flash, Robin and Aqualad had infiltrated Cadmus and learned about Project Kr. their new team mate and the genetical clone of Superman, Superboy. A few days later their mentors had organized the Mount Justice for them and introduced their fifth member, M’gann M’orzz aka Miss Martian. Martian Manhunters niece.

    After a few missions they had even gotten their last member, Artemis, just after another mission. And what a mission that was. Going against Ivo and his creation, Amazo, an android that could copy the powers of the entire Justice League. And then they had went to their first mission with Artemis, protecting Dr. Roquette from the League of Shadows and destroying their nanotech weapon.

    Now they were back in the cave, front of Batman and Black Canary, ready for their next mission.

    “This is Harry Black.” Batman showed them a hologram with a photo of the said mans face.

    “The founder and the CEO of Black Industries. One of the youngest CEOs in the world and the foremost expert of the world in the studies of clear energy.” Nothing that would warrant the attention of the League, being smart and successful wasn’t a crime.

    “In two days, he will be hosting a party where he will be showcasing his newest invention.”

    “Yeah, I don’t really see anything suspicious yet.” Wally interrupted Batman, only to receive the patented Bat-Glare.

    “Shutting up now.”

    “What causes us to be wary is ,some of the guests he invited.” Black Canary started explaining.

    “The list includes but is not limited to: Lois Lane, Oliver Queen, Ted Kord, Serling Roquette and Lex Luthor.”

    And that last name got each members attention. None of them were unaware of the Lexcorp’s owner and his shady dealings. Not to mention the times he had tried to destroy Superman. Knowing that such a man would be there made sure they were all serious for the mission.

    “What is the mission?” Kaldur, the leader of the team, asked.

    “The team will infiltrate the party and try to learn everything they can about why exactly is Luthor invited.” Batman told, ordered, them.

    “Fortunately, another one of the invited will help you by getting the attention on herself.” Black Canary smirked at their confused expressions.

    “Who is this invited?” Superboy asked what the team was thinking, not caring much about subtlety.

    “I am.” Someone voiced out from behind them, causing them to turn around to see…

    The party had started half an hour ago, most of the guest being already in the building. Harry was happy with how things were going. He also wondered if the Justice League had took his bait. He could see Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, mingling with other guests. Ted Kord and Serling Roquette seemed to be getting along very well. His own minion-cough cough-colleagues were also seemingly doing their work, keeping tabs on more important guests. One can never have enough information and some of them had telephonic friends, so he had to use old fashioned ways to gather information. Instead of the fun way.

    Though he could clearly see what most people in the hall were thinking. It was mostly those who had certain activities with masks he had trouble reading. Others were either simply curious or greedy curious. Though all of their thoughts changed to shock when the last invited entered the building.

    Wearing a red greek tunic with matching heels and her tiara over her head, Diana aka Wonder Woman shocked many with her appearance. Except for the one who had invited her.

    “Miss Diana.” Harry offered his hand for a shake to arguably the worlds greatest heroine.

    “Mister Black.” She accepted it, even if she put a bit more strength than necessary.

    “I am rather surprised that I was invited.” Wonder Woman’s question was easy to understand. ‘Why was I invited?’

    “You are an ambassador from Themyscira. I simply thought that it would be nice to show them our world was getting better, even if slowly. Your islands first contact with our world after over a thousand years was not exactly under the best circumstances after all.” And wasn’t that an understatement. Considering that Wonder Woman had first ventured out of her island during the times of the World War II.

    “It is nice to see advancements of your world.” Wonder Woman admitted.

    “Then please, enjoy the party.” With those last words, the young CEO went back into the party. Not paying any attention to some of the younger and uninvited guests.

    ‘Anything suspicious?’ Aqualad asked his team and Wonder Woman through Miss Martian’s telephonic link, while trying to blend in with the guests.

    ‘Outside of how he didn’t flinch when I put some strength in his hand, nothing.’ Wonder Woman answered, somewhat miffed that the young Black had given no reaction.

    ‘Nothing here.’

    ‘Same here.’


    ‘Same here.’

    ‘Nope, still whelmed.’

    Before they could continue, a young women with short brown hair in a black tuxedo spoke the words every reporter wants to hear.

    “Mister Black will accept questions now.”

    Akin to piranhas ganging up on their prey, every reporter in the building swiftly grouped around the stage, where Harry Black was standing. It was amusing to him. People acting like hungry vultures in this so called civilized societies.

    “Mister Black, Cat Grant of Daily Planet. What do you have to say about the public calling you the Da Vinci of this era?!”

    “Absolutely ridiculous. It is a bit embarrassing to admit but I can’t paint to save my life.” This reply got some laughs from the audience.

    ‘Rich, smart, handsome and funny. This guy outclasses you every way, Wall-Man.’

    ‘Who asked you newbie?’


    “Mister Black.” Another reporter immediately took over Grant’s right for questions. “Some people have claimed that the only reason your company has been so successful so far is only because of the money you already possessed. Do you have any words to that?” That silenced everyone in the audience. Not expecting someone to ask that question this early. Though if the young CEO was concerned, he didn’t show it.

    “What’s your name miss?”

    “Iris West, Central City Citizen.”

    “Well Miss West, it is right that I created this company with my family’s money and they were old money, that is true. But what was I supposed to do with that money?” He asked not only to the reporter but to everyone in the building “Should I have converted it all to a golden block, hide it in the cave and live the rest of my days in that cave, occasionally calling the golden block ‘my precious’?” He could only laugh at that thought. “No, my money might be from the family but in the end, it was just an asset. What we sell in my company are inventions to make this world better. So without further ado, I present you, the Arc Reactor!” With that last shout the curtains opened to reveal a giant circle shaped machine, it’s insides glowing with an electrical blue.

    “Arc Reactor, the current masterpiece of my company. A fusion reactor that can create five hundred Megawatt worth of clean energy!”

    ‘Did I just heard him correctly?’ Kid Flash’s shock wasn’t unwarranted. Considering an average house used eight hundred and sixty seven Kilowatt in a month and that one Megawatt was equal to a thousand Kilowatt, that meant the Arc Reactor could power a whole city by itself for at least a week. This meant that the Black Industries had just revealed their creation could destroy anything else in energy related business in their world.

    ‘I think you did KF, but I’m having problems believing it too.’ Among all the members of their team only robin had any kind of experience with business world through his life as the adopted son of Bruce Wayne. So he knew better than anyone else how much this invention could change the current field of energy business. Through destroying it. And that is without thinking about the fact how incompetent it made Star Labs look. Black Industries didn’t have access to the alien technology like they did but they have just revealed themselves to be their superior. One didn’t have to be a prophet to know that the League’s scientific partners were going to deal with some questions in the near future.

    “Miss Diana!”

    They couldn’t communicate more as the CEO was approaching their current leader.

    “Advanced enough?” Young adult asked the heroine cheekily.

    “More than I was expecting, to be honest.” And wasn’t that an understatement.

    “To be honest, I can’t take all the credit. I wouldn’t be able to complete it this soon without help from Mister Nelson.”

    The last name that left his lips had caused Diana to freeze. Out of everything she had been expecting, the name of her old comrade from her time in the All Star Squadron wasn’t one of them. And the way that the young Black was smiling at her…

    “How do you know Kent Nelson?” Her gaze was hardened. Expecting the worst from the young CEO.

    “He’s only an old friend of friend of my grandfather.” The young adult told her as he spotted a familiar bald man and his bodyguard approaching them.

    “If you’ll excuse me, I have some private matters to discuss with a friend.” Harry walked past her, towards Luthor before stopping.

    “By the way, grandfather sent a message to you.” Diana was still looking at him warily as he smiled like a loon.

    “'The one who ate that ice cream before the mission was Arcturus, not Wesley Dodds’.”

    All Wonder Woman could do at that moment was stare at his back as she fully processed what he just said. And in the end all she could think was…


    “Well I guess you have decided to listen to my advice, Mister Luthor.”

    Both CEOs were seated front of each other, and they both had one bodyguard behind them. Mercy Graves behind Lex Luthor and the same brunette that allowed reporters questions behind Harry Black.

    “I was quite surprised when you started badmouthing my colleagues. Especially since no one is supposed to know we are colleagues.”

    “You people of the Light may be impressive and smart. But none are as smart as they liked to believe they are.” Harry smirked at Luthor’s frowning face. “Don’t make such a face, when I say none, I mean no one. Not even me.” The young Black chuckled. “But I believe that I’m at least smart enough to give you a better option.”

    “What would be better than what I have now?” Luthor challenged him, even if he was actually curious about it.

    “As planners, very few. But for the progress of humanity, then the options get much more varied.” Luthor didn’t seem like he believed the young adult and waited for him to elaborate. “Brain might help you scientifically advance, but he’s just as likely to dissect something that would end humanity, not caring about consequences but only about his own curiosity. Ocean Master doesn’t truly want humanity to advance but for them to become vassals of Atlantis. Ra’s al Ghul is so senile that he is just as likely to start bombing in order for us to ‘evolve’.” He couldn’t stop himself from leaking some venom at that last word, mocking the Demon’s Head. “Savage and Queen Bee might want humanity to advance, but only so that it could serve them better. And lastly we have Klarion… Honestly I have no idea what you people were smoking while making him a member.” Seriously, that little thing with the manners of a brat with an attitude should not be considered as a leader of anything but a little boat. One that was about to sink that is.

    Lex Luthor could not argue that Klarion wasn’t exactly a prime material for someone to advance humanity, but their group needed at least one heavy hitter if the things went south. So when Savage brought Klarion, they were beggars not choosers.

    “And then what am I in that group?”

    “The only one that has any actual interest in humanities advancement.” Harry replied honestly. “If you want to actually accomplish that, you know my number.” And that was Luthor’s cue to leave. He already had been given too much to think about. All he could do right now was to review his memory to make sure that young Black was right about the other members of the Light as Mercy closed the door behind him.

    “Do you think he will accept, sir?” The woman asked the young CEO, who could only sigh.

    “Not anytime soon. We’re currently his backup plan if the Light keep being idiots. Then he might come to us. But until then, we’ll need to deal with them ourselves.” Which wasn’t exactly easy. Even if none of them except Klarion were true threats to him in single combat, they were still smart enough to cover their tracks. Even from magical means.

    “As long as we can deal with the caveman, I am happy sir.”

    “Of course you are.” Harry muttered, already knowing how much the women beside him hated the first immortal of earth. It was one of the reasons he had managed to get her on his side after all.

    “But what about the Martian sir?” That made him smirk, happy that she was asking right questions.

    “Unfortunately for her and her team, miss Diana’s distraction cost them a few minutes before they could try to start their telephonic spying. Which was more than enough for me to create a barrier she couldn’t get through.” Miss Martian might technically be the strongest telepaths on Justice League’s ally list, but she was still inexperienced. She never had a chance against the user of the Sage Force.

    “Now, I believe we must go home. She must be already waiting for us. The gears have started moving, isn’t that exhilarating, Scandal?”

    “Very much, sir.”
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    Haha good start ^^ I hope we see a lot of scenes where the SI is working to advance the world as a whole and the heroes collectively suspect a bad plot! And in the end the heroes stand there confused because he actually did something good.
    In a fan fiction, Lex Luthor has once been described as the best example of the embodiment of humanity.
    How he can either be Humanities greatest brain and hero, or personifying her worst sides.
    Hope we see a change from the latter to the former in this fiction

    There are many other Villian Tinkers that could be recruited, e.g. Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy
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    interesting start of the story will be fun to see where it leads to
    and what changes the crossover will bring to cannon
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    SultanAsilArslan great chapter but your story isn't threaded. It would he difficult to go back to previous chapter with alot of comments in between...
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    Awesome idea... Waiting to see you develop it...though on the god side u might change the idea to entertainment rather than inability to save the young and dead Potter...
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    Why is this name shield so confused by that I mean are you going to make your own shield organization or what I mean that would be interesting and I would definitely watch it I'm watching this anyway but I'm like WHY. Anyway for some reason I'm totally fine with you not having a Hogwarts thing chapters totally fine with you doing that to be fair you would have been broken there I like to think instead of doing that you could have gone under apprenticeship with Nelson Dr Fate or your grandfather cuz let's face it Hogwarts is a s*** School the only good thing about it is the size of it is perhaps the biggest school of magic on a continent
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    Harry was in a good mood. Say whatever you wanted about him but the showing of Arc Reactor had went well, and he even got to plant the seeds of doubt in Luthor's shiny bald head. And now his monthly scavenging of Peverell vault had been fruitful with more than a few useful objects.

    When Death had told him she had filled the Peverell vault, she wasn't joking. The Peverell vault contained more than any other vault in any branch of Gringotts. Though that didn't mean much since there were no Galleons, Sickles or even Knuts. No, the vault was filled with items. The problem was that while some of those items could be legendary magical grimoires or weapons, there would be ten times of useless junk. Worst part was that the vault would throw out anyone that wasn't the owner of the vault and it disturbed magic. So the search for items had to be done by himself and by hand.
    Even so the search was fruitful. Sure there were more than a few times where he found nothing but trash items and sometimes even modern porn magazines, which he would hide for Sirius' birthdays, he had more than a few items that made it all worth it.

    With a though, the golden ring on his middle finger liquified and started expanding along with changing shaped until it turned into a curved and jagged golden sword as long his arm with many magical letters on it.
    God Killer. One of the greatest weapons created by Hephaustus, the god of blacksmiths. It held many abilities the most famous of them giving it, it's name. Ability to kill immortals. To be honest that was the one ability Harry didn't care about, since his Haki allowed him to do that with enough power behind anyway. The swords shape shifting abilities were useful but what he truly wanted from it was the fact that the sword was a magical foci even greater than Elder Wand, not to mention close to indestructible. If he could blow up a room with a single curse using the Elder Wand, then he could blow up a house using the God Killer in a ring mode. And he didn't even try to see how much power he could use with it in the form of an actual weapon like a sword of spear.

    Not that he actually used his magic in such a blunt way. After all, why use one explosion while you could turn the very terrain around someone into a death trap or command the very forces of nature. Magic was more than glorified fireworks.

    Though simply exploding things was fun too.

    "Thank you for your patronage tonight, Lord Peverell." A rather small humanoid bowed to Harry.

    "And thank you for your help today as well, Ragnok." Harry offered his hand to the goblin, which he shook it with strength surpassing most humans.

    Harry liked goblins. They were strong, they were mean and they never gave their respect for free. Giving away the Sword of Gryffindor was a small price for getting them on his side. He would rather have a drink or two with Ragnok but unfortunately, she should be waiting with others and since he sent Scandal ahead; they all would know that he was fooling around if he got there late. So he simply apparated to his destination. Twelfth Grimmauld Place.

    The 'Grim' in 'Grimmauld' was an apt description for the house. It looked dead and gloomy, smelled dead and gloomy and for those who could sense it, it felt dead and gloomy. And this was after he and Sirius spent months cleaning every shit place in and around the place by that shrieking whore Walburga. The memory of burning her portrait had fueled his and Sirius' Patronuses for a long time. And Sirius still hadn't stopped looking at anyone calling him 'son of a bitch' in the eye and ask why the hell were they saying nice things about his mother.

    Though now that all the unnecessary curses left behind by other Blacks and all the cursed objects left behind by Walburga was cleaned out of it, the house had been a perfect place for being one of the many hideouts of his 'Strategic Homeland Intelligence Lookout and Envelopment Division' aka SHIELD. The name still made him smile and his mother along with Cassy still weren't over the fact that he actually named his group that.

    As soon as I walked in I was greeted by who was likely one of the most important members of our group.

    "Hello, Hermione."

    "Hello, sir." The young adult gritted out the last word. It was funny as hell being her superior. She might have been his sisters friend in their Hogwarts years but she was still annoying. Having her call him 'sir' made him laugh at those years. Even if Cassy didn't like me abusing my position. Well, more like she was pouting because her position didn't have enough power to abuse yet.

    "Is your teacher and the others here yet?" Seeing that he wasn't going to make her do something stupid through pulling rank, Hermione calmed down and entered her business persona.

    "Yes, Mister Nelson is here. So is Mister Scott, Mister Miloai, Mister Blood, Mister and Miss Free and Greengrass. Though she is not here yet." Her face scrunched up when she mentioned her. Not surprising when one considered that he was the only one that seemed to be comfortable around her. Even though she was the one who helped him create the organization along with his grandfather Charlus and old man Arcturus when he was still a kid.

    "Weird. Thought that she would be here already." That meant he could've goofed around a bit damn it!

    "What about Cassy?" While not a high ranked member like those who had been mentioned, she still would join the meetings in order to 'make sure her brother wasn't doing something stupid'. Which was just an excuse for her to bother Jason and Barda. One day she would get too annoying and Barda will punch her through the house, he was sure. Even if the ex-fury loved her like a little sister, not that she would ever admit it.

    "Young Cassy is with young Neville and Miss Isley, looking for Mister Holland." A voice answered his questions from the stairs.

    Even after three years, Harry still had hard time with comprehending the man standing in front of him. Harry wasn't small but the man towered over him like a giant. Unlike his usual attire, he was dressed in a pair of jeans and a white shirt, though his shark tooth necklace was still around his neck. This was Kane Milohai, the Hawaiian god of heavens. And arguably the strongest member of their organization.

    "Good, please tell me if they sent any reports about it." Kane nodded at him and gestured towards the room, where everyone was waiting.

    As he entered the room he couldn't help but look at everyone once again.

    In the corner of the room was Jason Blood, one of worlds greatest experts on occult and the host of the son of Belial, the demon Etrigan.

    Standing on the opposite corner was an old man that looked to be around his eighties, wearing a suit and holding a cane. Kent Nelson, Hermione's teacher and the last user of the Helmet of Fate. Once worked as Dr. Fate in the All Star Squadron of the Justice Society.

    Standing right next to him was a blonde man that looked to be around his early forties, with a rather big green ring on his finger. Alan Scott, the Green Lanter of the Justice Society. Though his powers were connected to the Green, the elemental force that connected all plant life, not to the Emotional Spectrum.

    Standing in the middle of the room were the last three occupants. A young man with a beard standing next to two women. One of them blond and around his height and the other a black haired one around seven feet tall. These people were Daphne Greengrass, an old friend, along with Scott and Barda Free. Also known as Mister Miracle and Big Barda.

    Together with Harry, these people made up most of the higher ups of the SHIELD, only her not being here.

    "My friends…" Harry couldn't help but grin at the sheer power in the room. "…Shall we start?"

    "Not without me I hope." A voice cam from behind them as someone else came out of the floo. Her most striking feature being her grayish skin and red glowing eyes. While most members looked a bit uncomfortable, Harry grin couldn't get bigger.

    "Not at all, Grail."

    Members of the Justice League were currently analyzing the Team's report on their last mission. Though the more important information came from Wonder Woman…

    "What do you mean he's magical?!" Giovanni Zatanna wasn't someone that would raise his voice in most situations, so most members were a little more than shocked to see him so hysteric.

    "She means that he can do magic. You know, your speciality." Flash quipped from the other side of the table. It wasn't exactly nice but this was also the first time they were seeing Giovanni panicked about something that wasn't his daughter. Though from Diana's frown, he guessed that she didn't agree with him.

    "Do not mind Flash, Zatanna. I understand your surprise." After all, she was the one who had interacted with magic most after Giovanni and the only one other than him that had true knowledge in it.

    "Can you help us understand his surprise as well." Green Arrow said. He was, along with Batman, the only one who didn't have any powers. So someone other than him freaking out about powers was a bit annoying to him.

    "Magic users are supposed to have an aura of magic around them, a something other magicals should be able to sense. Harry Black felt completely normal, not a drop of magic around him." Giovanni frowned, at his dilemma and the way he had freaked out. He had been raising Zatara alone for fourteen years and was a member of the Justice League, he should be better than that.

    "There is an exception to that rule Zatanna. A group who don't have auras as long as they don't use their magic." Diana hinted at the Leagues magic user.

    "You mean the ICW, the wand wavers?" Giovanni was shocked. As far as he knew those people would normally never stay around anyone that wasn't magical more than a few minutes.

    "How do you know this?" Batman interjected into the conversation, which in his opinion was getting off of their topic.

    "He talked about Charlus and Arcturus. Red Tornado should remember them." The android nodded at that.

    "I do. Charlus Potter and Arcturus Black had once helped the All Star Squadron against the Axis Forces."

    "But why?" Flash asked the mechanical member of the League. "From how Zatanna reacted, these guys don't seem to associate themselves with the world anymore than they need."

    "That is right." Diana answered in Tornado's stead. "Wand wavers, as they are known by the other magicals, do not tend to associate with anyone outside of their members. But one of their criminals named Gellert Grindelwald was a part of the Axis forces. Arcturus and Charlus were trying to capture his followers while another group of wizards were trying to deal with Grindelwald. Since Grindelwald's forces were targeting us, they decided to stay by our side and help us. Though both of them denied any form of acknowledgment from governments in order to keep their world a secret from ordinary people." Diana explained as she smiled at the good memories of their time together with brooding but mischievous Arcturus along with boisterous and prankster Charlus. Then her smile turned to a frown when she realized that it had been Arcturus who had eaten her ice cream. She shall strike down upon him with great vengeance!

    "From how he spoke, I believe Harry Black is the grandson of Charlus."

    "Umm…" Everyone turned to Captain Marvel, who had a rather confused look on his face "Shouldn't he be the grandson of the other guy? Since his name is Black."

    "Close but no." Diana shook her head. "Charlus and Arcturus weren't simply good friends. They were also brothers-in-law. Arctrus' sister Dorea married Charlus."

    Captain Marvel nodded at that. That made sense.

    "What is more important…" Superman's voice completely took over the room. "…Is the fact that he has some connection to Kent Nelson, who we haven't seen for a long time." Other members could only nod at that. Retired or not, Kent Nelson was still the Doctor Fate, the strongest sorcerer on the world.

    "I am planning to send the team to the Black tower in order to gain intel." Batman started to explain his plans to the League.

    "So Theo, what is the verdict?" Harry asked his school friend while trying to hide his excitement. Who could only sigh at his superiors rather childish act.

    "The Blockbuster-Venom has helped us quite a bit. We managed to create something similar to it. The 'Shatter' formula is permanent and as far as we've seen, has no side effects on body or mind. Unfortunately the formula is quite a bit weaker than the Blockbuster-Venom. It can make someone maybe twice as strong , fast and durable as a normal human but that is the end. That's the only mass producible serum we can make. Anything else would have negative side effects."

    That brought a frown on Harry's face. Sure he wasn't expecting to be able to mass produce Superman level soldiers but he had hoped that it would have been better than this. But he trusted Theodore, the young Nott had come a long way since his Hogwarts days. From that supremacy moron to a real bio scientist and a doctor. The only scientist and the best medic among his friends from Hogwarts.

    "What about the project 'Potentia'?" Grail asked from beside him. He still had problems with believing that he had managed to convince the daughter of universes most evil being. Sure she wanted to kill the bastard, which helped, but still.

    Her question brought a frown to Nott's face. Grail hoped it wasn't too bad. Potentia could, theoretically, make someone strong enough to face with the likes of Superman after all. "That is a bit more complicated. Venom completely messes up with new formulas, so we had to use the original Blockbuster and our newly created Shatter formulas. We tried to fuse them with Dinner formula and finally managed to stabilize it."

    The last words brought a rather nasty look at his face. Though Harry did not understood why.

    "Isn't that a good thing?" Nott could only laugh at that, though his laugh had some despair in it.

    "When I say we stabilized it, I mean it literally. Any combination before this one had exploded!" At that Nott finally lost his cool and punched the table in front of him.

    "We needed to use Hungarian Horntail and Re'em blood along with powdered Graphorn and Erumpent horn and Runespoor venom and Ashwinder eggs! It is stabilized but it is too toxic to put into anyones blood!" Grail could only wince at that. Ever since she had allied herself with Harry, she made sure to know as much as his world as possible. So she knew that for humans Hungarian Horntail blood would have been poisonous enough to send them to their 'next great adventure' adding Erumpent horn and Runespoor venom would be overkill even by the standards of overkill.

    "It is useless then." Grail asked, disappointed. Before Nott could confirm it, Harry spoke "No it's not."

    Nott clearly didn't believe him while Grail was interested in what he had in mind. "It's not useless for me." Understanding dawned on their faces and Nott made his displeasure known.

    "Absolutely not! I allowed you to make some stupid choices in the past but not with this! This formula will kill you!"

    "You are neglecting the Basilisk venom and Phoenix tears." Harry's calm words stopped Nott on his tracks. He didn't want to accept it but Harry actually had a point. The immunity he had with Basilisk venom could lower the fatality rate from a hundred percent to a sixty percent, while the regenerative factor from the Phoenix tears could lower it to a thirty percent. Just high enough to be dangerous enough to turn away any sane person but safe enough for someone like Harry to use it.

    "Give me at least a week to find some ways to lessen the chances of you dying during the operation." Nott put his condition down and had no intention of backing down. These two before him might be some of the most dangerous beings on the planet but he was their doctor and he had no intention of allowing them to kill themselves.

    "It is no problem Theo." Harry accepted with an easy going grin, happy to have his friend accept his request. Though their talk was cut short as a white glowing panther patronus came into the room and relayed its message in a very familiar voice. 'Brat, come to the house right now, almost everyone is already here! Even your sister!'

    Harry could only sigh at his old mentors way of addressing him while Grail and Theodore laughed at it, traitors.

    "You heard the old geezer Theo. We gotta go."

    "Don't get yourself killed."

    Harry was once again in the Twelfth Grimmauld Place, but this time he came through the floo with Grail network instead of walking alone. Only to come face to face with a man that looked simply ancient. He was almost as old as Dumbledore but instead of the headmasters twinkles, his eyes held cold logic. He gave off the feeling of a man who had been part of many things in his life. This man was Arcturus Black and he did not look pleased.

    "You are late, brat." He grunted at his grandnephew. Who simply smiled at him.

    "And you are a true ray of sunshine once again, old geezer." Arcturus had to fight hard to keep himself from smiling. This was what he wanted from his heir, having respect but not lacking the will to challenge him. It was a miracle he had this kid cause all of his other relatives were unsuited for the honor of being lord Black with the exception of his sister, but even she did not had the steel Harry did. Speaking of sister…

    "Harry!" A red human missile launched itself from the wall to Harry Black and dealt him critical damage as it squeezed him.

    "Finally here you prat!" This pouting redhead of Harry's age was Cassia 'Cassy' Euphamia Potter. Harry's twin sister.

    "Yes, I am here you dull creature." Harry replied only to get another hit to his stomach. His sister being too willing to use violence against him as usual.

    "Please stop fighting you two." A woman with red hair similar to Cassy but with smallest bit of gray in it smiled down at them. Lily Potter in her children's mind was as beautiful as she had been twenty years ago. And this thought had no bias because she had managed to raise them both with love as a single mother even after her husband had been killed by Voldemort at that Halloween night.

    Harry couldn't help but hug his mother. He wouldn't admit to anyone but he was more than a bit guilty over the fact he hadn't been spending enough time with his mother ever since he had built his company to financially support his organization, SHIELD.

    "Is everyone here?"

    "Not everyone." His answer came from the door, where Scott and Barda were standing. Cassie simply ran to Barda who looked like she wasn't sure what to do. Much to her husbands amusement.

    "I still am not sure we should be here. This is your family dinner after all."

    "Nonsense Scott." Harry waved his hand before resting it in Grail's grip. "Cassie adores Barda and you are the only sibling Grail can stand. You two are part of this family now." Even Grail offered a rather awkward smile to her adopted brother, who looked very happy.

    Family wasn't something he truly experienced, what with High-Father trading him with Darkseid while getting Orion so that New Genesis and Apokolips could have a peace treaty. His years after that had been spent under Granny Goodness' care, a fate he wouldn't wish on anyone. Only one he had any kind of positive relationship was his wife, Barda. And then Harry, Cassie and Grail entered their lives. He truly was grateful.

    Harry simply patted the worlds greatest escape artist on shoulder as he entered the dining room with everyone to see the remaining family.

    Sirius was at the table laughing by his wife's, Amelia Bones, side while Andromeda could only shake her head at her daughter Nymphadora Tonks, who was laughing at Sirius' horrible jokes. A rather old Cassiope Black was talking with his grandparents, Charlus and Dorea Potter. Some pseudo family, consisting of Neville, Hermione, Blaise and Luna were standing at the corner, before the petite blond saw them and ran towards Grail.

    "Oh great goddess of change, the daughter of moon wishes to have your blessings once again." Grail only laughed at Luna's adorable talk and gave her, her 'blessing'. Which was simply patting her head. While Myrina, Grail's mother, could only smile at them, happy to see her daughter smile.

    Arcturus could only smile at this sight before him. Finally, after all these years, the Black family was big and strong again. The best was the fact they weren't even screaming about 'blood supremacy' like morons. Though he frowned when he realized there were still two missing members.

    "Where are Marius' grandkids?" The floo came to life at that very moment and a blond girl with a buzz hair cut and a man with purple hair holding a cigarette in his mouth and wearing a shirt with British flag on it.

    "Sorry we're late. There was this slag trying to revive the Caligula Club, had to put her and that stupid idea ten feet under."

    While most of the room were frowning at the man, Harry couldn't help but smile at his cousin and at the fact that there was one less moron to deal with.

    "Don't worry. You two are just on time. Vera, Chester."
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    It's good but it seems a bit bloaty and too name droopy.

    It's suffering from character bloat, which is to be expected from a world merge, but half way through the Black family portion I wasn't sure who was who anymore, and only memory of some characters helped.
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    I like the premise but name dropping only works if we know who the person is. I'd recommend linking some pictures at least. Tho I do love a good hp in DC fic.
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    Manchester Black did not exactly had the best childhood. His father was a bastard to highest degree, always claiming that he was supposed to be better than the others, and he proved that by beating up his defenseless children. His mother on the other hand, while gentler then his father, was a real bitch and a member of the world's oldest profession. In the end all he had was himself and his sister, and he was okay with that. Until that day.

    A simple car accident. Something that happens everyday. Nothing that he had ever been concerned about. So he was not prepared when one such accident had almost killed Vera. The doctors were barely able to save her life, but they were unable to save her arms.

    When Vera needed support, he was ready to be there for her but same could not be said about their father. The bastard actually had the gall to mock Vera about what happened. To call her a disgrace to his name. That was when Manchester Black awakened his powers, with rage. His father's arms were both crushed under his power, just before he did the same to his head. That day, all of his innocence and admiration for heroes vanished. It was replaced by cynicism and hatred towards the world.

    But then Harry came into their life.

    Manchester was wary at first. Who wouldn't be when some random guy appeared and told them that they were cousins and that his grandfather Marius had been thrown out of a big shot family for stupid reasons and that he wanted to help them.

    Manchester had simply called bollocks and tried to push him away with a wave of telekinetic force. Only for his powers to meet their match for the first time. Harry actually had the gall to laugh at his attempt before once again telling him that they were family and that he wanted to help. Manchester followed him after that, if only to learn how the hell did this get so powerful while being younger.

    So at the age of sixteen, Manchester Black met his grandfather's estranged family. He was pretty sure the only reason Cassiope tolerated him was because he had power, something he had been familiarized with during his time on the streets. Arcturus was strictly neutral and had no intention of disturbing him as long as he didn't disturbed the head of the family, again something that was familiar to him and Vera. Lastly Dorea… that one didn't react in a familiar way. She had been friendly to him and Vera every time they met and tried to make sure that they were getting better. More than once Chester thought that she was laying some kind of trap, that her kindness was fake. Only to meet more kindness, until it chipped his walls away and made herself a part of his family. Something that had caused the other two Blacks to become somewhat friendly with them.

    Now Arcturus was actually a mentor that would teach him about how to deal with the stupid politicians and other snobs. Cassiope had developed a different relationship with him. They didn't exactly like each other but they loved making fun of others together, like real friends. She did seem to adore Vera and her attitude. From a street rat born to a bastard to where he was now. All of these made possible by his cousin Harry.

    That's why he wanted to help the kid as much as he could. For giving him a better life.

    That's also why he had no problems with his cousin hugging him, not that he would admit it even under the threat of death.

    "Ok, we hugged enough. Now get off me." He lightly shoved Harry off of himself, much to the amusement of the rest of the family.

    "So, what were you guys discussing?" Vera interjected, more than a bit curious about what will happen, as she waved her cybernetic arms around.

    "I'm not sure if this is a good idea Bruce." Clark told his long time friend in their hero personas as they both looked to the earth from the Watch Tower.

    "I know he's suspicious but we have no idea how strong he actually is or what he could do with his current political power. Sending the children to infiltrate his building is a bad idea." Superman made his point, though if it affected Batman was anyones guess, no one could actually understand what he was thinking with his stoic persona.

    "I admit there are risks, but it's also risky to leave him alone. All we know is the things we have learned from Diana's stories about Arcturus Black and Charlus Potter. We need to know more." Superman thought that it was more like he wanted to know rather than the League needing it to. Not that he would ever tell his obsessive friend that.

    "I still don't think that sending the team is a good idea."

    "Unfortunately, this isn't something we can stop." Batman sighed which for him might as well be screaming in frustration. "This was the first mission they have actually failed. In Santa Prince they at least stopped the production of Blockbuster-Venom, they managed to come out on top against Amazo and not only they managed to destroy the Fog but they also captured several member of the League of Shadows. Last mission was their first failure." Batman looked Superman in the eye, hoping his friend understood what he was saying.

    "So they want to make up for it." Superman guessed, to which Batman shook his head.

    "It's not simply that. They are agitated; just like Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad were before breaking into CADMUS." Batman explained to the face of the Justice League who could only grimace at what Dark Knight was implying.

    "So there is a chance they will try to do something without telling us and run off if we don't give them this mission." Superman understood how bad the situation was. The team was consisted of teenagers, Superboy was technically still a baby by chronological age though, and just like any other teenagers they were likely to do something stupid without realizing how stupid it was.

    "So no chance of stopping them huh?" Superman asked his friend, hoping that the world's greatest detective actually had a solution.

    "There are ways but they all would end up alienating them from the League. Sending them to this mission is the best choice we can make." Batman told his friend. Who could only sigh at their situation.

    "So what exactly are we doing here?" Vera asked her cousin as she looked around in his office. Strangely, this was actually the first time she was in this place.

    "I wanted to talk with you two. To learn what you've been doing."

    "More like you want to know if we got any good recruits for you." Chester deadpanned at his cousin, who could only rub the back of his head sheepishly.

    "Well, you two have been looking for potential recruits so it technically is learning what you two have been doing." Harry nodded to himself, proud of his perfectly rational logic. Chester and Vera could only look at each other in mock despair as they sighed and sat down.

    "We got two potential members for the little black ops squad you want to make."

    "Yes, the Black Order. The one you two are a part of along with John. Please use the names." Harry reprimanded his cousin for not using the awesome names that were original and that he definitely had not stolen from somewhere else.

    "Yes that. Floyd Lawton and Chato Santana. They can work." Chester said as he gave his cousin slash superior the files about the men mentioned.

    Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot. A man that contended with Deathstroke the Terminator for the first place as the world's greatest assassin, with Deathstroke being deadlier in combat and Deadshot being the better sniper. They were both stupidly expensive to hire though. Funnily enough Lawton stashed most of his money away in order to use it for his daughter. A gun for hire he might be, but he was a good father.
    Next Chato Santana. An old gang leader known as El Diablo. He had pyrokinesis and from the reports, some kind of transformation ability implying that his powers might be magic based. He was strong enough to be a danger to the high tiers of the Justice League and potential to go against top tiers. There was only one problem.

    "I am not sure I can convince him to work with us." Harry admitted with a grimace. The problem wasn't the fact that he was in Belle Reve, no. He could get him out no problem in no time without any real consequences. The problem was the fact that Santana had surrendered to the authorities.

    As a gangster Santana was closer to the old Yakuza of Japan. Criminal but there was some kind of honor, morals and principles. Burning down a house filled with people from enemy gangs who had owned him money wasn't a big deal for him, finding out that the house was filled with innocent women and children was a different tale. Diablo had not intention of going back to the streets, he was filled with guilt and shame.

    "I'm pretty sure you can convince him." Vera shrugged, her cousin had done impressive things before so she did not see any reason he couldn't do this now, much to Harry's despair.

    "I don't even want to know what you are thinking. Are there any other potential recruits." Harry massaged his temples as he hoped that the next one wouldn't bring much headache to him.

    "Yeah, this one is for that junior squad you were thinking about."

    "Alexanders! Christ Chester, I give names for a reason. Use them!" He ended up snapping at the purple haired man who simply grinned at his cousin.

    "Yeah yeah whatever. Her name is Frances Kane. She's young, fifteen or sixteen, not sure which." Chester shrugged, he didn't really care about small things.

    "Well what does she do?" Harry asked them. To which Vera answered.

    "Her powers are magnetic in nature, but she can't completely control them so she suppresses them." She ended with a grimace which was shared with Harry. Suppressing powers never ended well, Newt Scamander could attest to that. Obscurals were simply the magical result, powers that were more psychic in nature might not end up the same way but they did end up just as dangerous.

    "I'll try to talk to her, anything else I'm supposed to know about her?" At that Vera smiled, it wasn't a pretty sight and it reminded him too much of aunt Cassiope.

    "Yeah, apparently she's childhood friends with Flash's brat, and she doesn't even know!" Vera laughed at the end of it as Harry just slammed his head on his desk in hopes that pain would make him forgot about the cluster fuck he'd have deal with.

    The air in the Mount Justice was for a lack of better term, tense. None of them had been happy ever since their last mission of spying on Black's public show of power. They had failed.

    They had failed!

    None of them could truly accept that!

    They had faced Mister Twister, a robot that was arguably as strong as Red Tornado with basically no teamwork and ended up winning. They hadn't failed.

    They faced the cult of Cobra and Bane in Santa Prisca with lackluster teamwork and made sure their Kobra-Venom wouldn't reach the market. They hadn't failed.

    They had fought Amazo, an android with powers of several members of the Justice League including but not limited to Superman and they had defeated the android. They hadn't failed!

    They had protected Serling from the League of Shadows and destroyed their secret weapon, the Fog, which they could have used to get information from almost every database in the world if they had not destroyed it. Not to mention they had apprehended several members of the Shadows. THEY HADN'T FAILED!

    So how?! How did they fail at a simple information gathering mission of all things?!

    And now they were all in bad moods.

    Kaldur believed that as their leader he was responsible for the failure and was training.

    M'gann believed that it was her fault because her telepathy could not reach Black so she was sulking.

    Superboy, already did not like their mission and since they failed and that made M'gann sad, not that he would ever admit that was a reason, he was brooding while watching the static of TV.

    Wally and Robin did not show much reactions but they also there themselves at any kind of danger during their patrols with their mentors in order to get the stress out. Much to Flash's and Batman's worry about to their health.

    Artemis took it somewhat better than others since she had been accustomed to failures because of her training with her so called father but the fact that her second mission was a failure still grated on her nerves.

    Their activities, aka sulking, was interrupted as the Zeta Tube activated with a flash and Batman walked into the cave.

    "Gather around." The dark knight's voice was commanding and yeah member of the team were walking towards him before they even noticed. As they lined up before the dark hero, Batman pressed a button on the remote on his hand and a three dimensional holographic image of a building showed up before them.

    "I do not truly want to do this and neither does the League." Batman started talking and the younger members' faces soured even further. "But we also know that this is necessary." Batman admitted reluctantly and the members' determinations were back in place.

    "The team will infiltrate the Black Corporation building…" Batman started to explain them their mission.

    "Anything I should know about before this." Harry asked Theodore as he pulled off his shirt and and handed it to Scandal.

    "Normally I would say there is a very big chance of this turning you into a hideous and grotesque monster." The head of the Nott family droned with a bored look in his eyes. "But since there is no way you can become a more hideous or grotesque monster, I'd say that you're fine." He ended his explanation with a taunting smirk which Harry answered with one of his own.

    "Remind me Theo, which one of is still single and which one of is banging a literal goddess from space." This wiped Nott's smirk off his face and the scientist scowled at his boss slash friend.

    "I am not single." Harry simply snorted at that.

    "Yeah? Who are you with then, Millicent Bulstrode?" Harry laughed at his friend before stopping as he realized that Nott was looking away with his ears looking pinker than usual.
    "Fuck, you are serious?" Harry asked as even Scandal looked interested.

    "After Hogwarts she lost weight and replaced the fat on her face and around her stomach and legs with muscles. She wouldn't look out of place in a place like Themyscira now." Nott relented and told them with a stupidly happy smile on his face.

    "Why haven't we seen her then?" The CEO of the Black Industries asked, genuinely curious about the reasons of his friend.

    "I might like you Harry." Nott admitted while scowling, "But I don't want her anywhere near the kind of crazy we're dealing with." The scientist sighed and continued before his boss could say anything. "And unlike you with your mother and Cassy, I can make that choice." Nott ended and left his boss with his mouth left hanging open.

    He didn't like admitting it but Nott was right. If he could take his mother and sister out of the dangerous life, then he would faster then Dumbledore could eat a sherbet lemon, which was pretty darn fast. But the only way to do that was to mess with their minds and that was one thing he never wanted to do to anyone. Quick suggestions to send people away or overloading their mind to make them pass out was one thing. Even using it to get information or turning people like Victor Zsasz and Joker into vegetable was fine by him. But changing the way one thinks or messing with their memories? No, that wasn't something he could forgive himself for doing it. Not after the likes of Voldemort or Dr. Edgar 'Psycho' Cizko.

    "Please stop making that face." Harry turned to the directions of the voice and saw his mother walking towards them from the door. Even after all these years he still felt guilty about her. Her once flower like red hair had grayed with stress because of taking care of Cassy and trying to understand him. Which got worsened as he grew up, as she never could understand what he was thinking. Seeing her son, looking so much like her goofy husband, doing experiments and planning the deaths of the most dangerous people she knew, Harry had caused too much pain to Lily Potter without realizing it.

    "I know that I was not exactly the best mother for you but," Lily started speaking before she was interrupted as Harry appeared right in front of her in an instant and put his hands on her shoulders.

    "Never utter such a lie again mother." He said, no, begged of his mother.

    "All this time I have been able to freely move and achieve everything I've achieved because of you. The only reason that I want this world protected is because you are a part of it, because Cassy is a part of it. The one thing that pushed me toward all of this is to protect family. A value that you taught me. So please, never ever think that you were anything but the best mother a child could ask for." Harry put his mother's head on his shoulder as she let silent tears fall down from her face.

    "I don't want you to modify yourself like this. But I also know that there is nothing I can do to change your mind." Lily softly said, though Harry knew that she was wrong. If she truly told him to, then he would stop. It was simply that his mother also knew that they needed power and that subconsciously made her think that he wouldn't listen to her, it was better to think that it was inevitable rather than admit that she was agreeing with his course of action.

    "Tell me, is there anything I can do?" Lily once more whispered and Harry could only smile at his mother.

    "As long as you think me as your child, give me your blessings and pray for me, there is nothing that can make me happier." Lily could only let out a watery laugh as she listened to the rather corny lines of her son.

    "Okay enough waterworks." They turned behind to the source of the voice and met Grail and her mother Myrina were walking towards them. Grail smiling shamelessly and her mother giving her a disapproving frown.

    "Please do not mind my daughter Lily. I think it is very nice that one of our children is not afraid of showing some love to their mothers." Myrina said as she looked at the burning red eyes of his daughter, who did the mature thing and stuck her tongue out to her mother.

    Harry couldn't help but shake his head at the childishness of his lover as she walked towards him, leaving her mother to talk with his.

    "Are you gonna try to stop me as well?" Harry asked as he pulled off his shirt and started to walk up to the coffin like structure where the serum would be injected into him.

    "Nope." Grail shook her head, her midnight black hair swaying from one side to another.

    "No comments on how this might kill me?" He smiled as he enter the coffin and it started to close itself.

    "You won't die. You are mine and you do not have the right to die until I permit you to do so." Grail lifted her chin up with a smug smile, as if challenging him to refute her statement. Harry could only chuckle at that as the coffin finally closed itself.

    Seeing that his boss was in the tank slash coffin, Theodore walked up to the compartment and tapped the glass that showed Harry's face.

    "Everything good there?"

    "I guess it's too late to go to the bathroom, right?" Harry smiled at the doctor as Grail laughed at them.

    "He's good." Theodore shook his head as he went back to the controls. Ready to start the operation.

    "How long will this take?" Harry's voice came from the coffin, causing Theodore and Grail to look at him like he was some kind of space alien. Even though Grail was already one herself.

    "Five minutes at most. Why, you got an appointment?" Theodore scoffed at his boss who, unseen to them, simply smiled.

    "If I'm not wrong the Junior League has been restless ever since they failed to get some info about me during the party. So in order to make sure they don't do anything stupid, the Justice League will send them here either today or tomorrow." If he could see the look on everyones faces in the room, Harry could have used it as a Patronus memory.

    "And didn't you tell us this before, why?" Grail growled at her lover and Harry laughed.

    "Kinda forgot about it. Just give Scandal a psy head band and send her to patrol the building. But she shouldn't hurt the kids too much. I have plans." Harry laughed in a way that would make the house of Black proud. Which was cut short with pain and lights as Grail pulled a lever down and started the operation in anger, much to Theodore's bemusement.

    "I am not getting paid enough to deal with you people."
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